Torrid Zone (1940) Movie Script

Haven't I told you this guy's in jail,
waiting to be shot?
Certainly. I, myself,
locked the cell door on him.
Well, then, tear down these posters.
Tourists will think
they stopped off in a crime wave.
Si, Seor Case.
Buenos dias, Seor Case.
When did you pick her up?
Seorita Donley.
She arrived from the States this morning.
She's good, no?
Five encores she's had.
- They love her.
- Fire her.
Fire her? Porqu, seor? Five encores.
Garcia, Seor Case says fire her.
Even with the encores.
You want to lose your license?
- No.
- Go, fire her.
- Too bad. I liked her too.
- Don't let it get you.
Come in.
Hi, Mr. Garcia.
It went over big, didn't it?
You were wonderful, seorita,
but you're fired.
Fired? What's the big idea?
- Mr. Case's orders.
- Who's Mr. Case?
- General manager of the banana company.
- Well, he's not running me.
- Where is that birdbrain?
- No, no, seorita.
At the bar with the chief of police.
Seorita, I would not recommend...
Are you Case?
- I'm Mr. Case.
- What's the idea of giving me the hustle?
We don't want American girls entertaining
in Puerto Aguilar. Causes trouble.
Look, mister, you got me wrong.
I can handle these sun-kissed Romeos.
I wanna earn a few bucks
and I'll be on my way.
- You're on your way.
- I told you I'm broke.
- I counted on a couple of weeks salary.
- Stop counting.
There's a boat leaving
for the States tomorrow night.
Rodriguez, see that she's on that boat.
I don't want to go back to the States.
I came from there...
You better be on that boat.
I know you. You're the kid who used
to tie firecrackers on dog's tails.
Yeah, and I just did it again.
In six points.
This finishes me.
Do you mind if I take a hand?
Sit down, seorita. Sit down.
Two bucks.
Kings full. Pay me, boys.
- Well, you are very lucky, seorita.
- Better luck next time.
- All right, boys, fold it up.
- What is the matter, Mr. Case?
Can't figure when a dame
is giving you a fast shuffle?
- I better tip you off. Break it up, I said.
- Prove it.
I don't have to. Every time your hand's
on the deck, you win. Now get out.
- Wait till I cash in.
- You're not cashing in.
Go on to your room.
Be on that boat tomorrow.
Stop shoving me around.
I'll leave when I'm ready.
You're ready right now.
- Arrest her, Rodriguez.
- Si, seor. On what charge, seor?
Vagrancy, cheating at cards,
passing a red light, I don't care.
Throw her in the clink
till you put her on the boat. Get out.
Mister, the stork that brought you
must have been a vulture.
What's the weather?
- Hurricane headed this way.
- That's all I need.
- Notified the plantations?
- Yes.
Arturo has docked. What about that train?
- Left the plantation six hours ago.
- Six hours?
Seventy-eight miles, left six hours ago?
Better time with a pogo stick.
- Sam, get me Anderson on number seven.
- Sir.
Gardner, tell Lopez to be ready
to drive those men at top speed.
Yes, sir.
By the time that fruit gets to New Orleans,
they'll have to use it for fertilizer.
Mr. Case, number 7 on the phone.
Next time you accept a collect radiogram
from Butler, you'll pay for it.
When I accept, I don't know they're
from Mr. Butler. Might be important.
Collect radiograms are not.
They're all sent by chisellers like Butler.
Yes, sir. Number seven's on the phone.
Why didn't you say so?
Hello. Anderson?
Are you shipping that fruit by oxcart?
Where's that train?
Mr. Case, I got it out as soon as I could.
Why don't you tell him
you're not man enough to handle the job?
Shut up.
But it took the natives that long
to load the train. I tried to hurry them...
Well, stop drooling.
Nick Butler used to hurry them.
Kick them around
or they'll kick you around.
Nick Butler used...
Well, if you can't get that fruit moving,
we'll get somebody that can.
- Radiogram, Seor Case.
- All right. Sign for it, Sam.
That train left number seven four hours ago.
It ought to be here soon.
That radiogram was collect, Mr. Case.
- What did I tell you about collect radiogram?
- You accepted it.
"Darling, you must come down to the boat
and see me not get off.
Your loving baby, Nick Butler."
- Funny, isn't it?
- Yes, sir... No, sir.
Why, that flea-bitten Casanova
and his corny gags. Here, file that.
- Yes, sir.
- In the wastebasket.
Hello? Yes, he is. Mr. Case, telephone.
- Who is it?
- The chief of police.
Somebody probably stole his gun.
All right, what's wrong now?
Seor Case, I am having trouble
with Rosario.
Don't take any from that monkey.
What's he up to?
- He's on a hunger strike. He will not eat.
- Feed him through a tube.
I am afraid Rosario will die from not eating
before we've time to shoot him next week.
Now, listen, Rodriguez.
Quit pampering that hoodlum.
Take him out and shoot him today.
But, seor, it is not sunrise.
Si, seor, there is no law about sunrise.
It is just a custom.
After a good night's sleep,
a man doesn't mind being shot.
But during siesta...
All right, all right, si, seor.
We give him a permanent siesta.
We shoot him right away.
Get out the firing squad.
We shoot Rosario right away.
But why? No one wants to shoot Rosario
but your Seor Case.
Do we work for the people
or Seor Case?
- But...
- It is orders.
Get out the firing squad.
Lucky for you we are not playing for money
or I would have everything you've got.
Not quite everything.
If you want to,
I'll risk a couple of bucks. My last.
No, no. We play for matches.
Rosario does not take money from women,
if they are beautiful.
Why have they got you in here, Canfield?
They say I am a revolutionist.
What did you want,
30 pesos every Thursday?
We don't use pesos in this country.
Just because I don't like the fruit company,
they think I am a revolutionist.
All I want is to take back
what belongs to me and my friends.
Then they arrest me,
just because I shoot a man.
Out of season, huh?
Hey, when do I get out of this
lost and found department?
I'm busy now. Bother me later.
If you don't let me out of this,
I'll tear it apart and you with it.
Shut up, you card-cheater.
Rosario, you do not have to stay in jail
any longer.
You cannot make me eat
by taking me out of jail.
If that Spanish Jesse James
can get out of here, so can I.
Rosario, you no longer have to worry
about eating.
We're going to shoot you.
I was only kidding, general.
I like it in here.
I am not supposed to be shot
until next week.
- Seor Case has ordered.
- Oh, Case.
You have the brains of a banana,
Why don't you say,
"I shoot Rosario when I please"?
Who am I to tell Seor Case
what to do?
Besides, what's the difference
when you are shot?
Maybe, perhaps it is better this way.
I was getting hungry.
- Too bad, palsy.
- Thank you, seorita.
You have been very charming company
on my last day.
I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner.
Seorita, I give this to you.
Where I am going, I will not need it.
Afraid it'll melt?
Maybe, perhaps.
I'll try and keep it out of hock.
Best of luck to you.
We go. We go.
I am sorry, Rosario.
Sooner or later, everybody dies.
It's too bad I am sooner.
Before you get shot,
is there anything I can do for you?
Maybe, perhaps a cigarette.
Maybe, perhaps a match, huh?
Drop your guns or I shoot your chief.
Drop the guns, quick!
Drop the guns.
Go after him.
We must catch him immediately.
Gonzales, cut off the main road
with three men.
And you go too.
I go over the wall myself after Rosario.
- But Rosario took your gun.
- He took my gun.
I better go tell Mr. Case.
Hey, Lopez, get those beezarks
off their siesta.
How'd you come, by way of Jersey City?
- Where's Wally?
- He's back in one of those cars.
Never mind the recital!
Hello, Steve.
What do you do down there all day,
take sunbaths?
Couldn't help it, Steve.
You ought to know Anderson by now.
Or shouldn't I talk that way
about my immediate superior?
- No, you shouldn't.
- All right, I won't.
But you ought to get a load of those fancies
he sent you in the second car.
Oh, confidentially, Steve,
that guy Anderson's an awful jerk.
He can't even run his own life,
let alone the plantation.
- You take Nick Butler...
- Don't mention that conniving tramp.
- Nick's the...
- He's through with the company.
He's on the Arturo, bound for the States
with my dough. I hope he goes to hell.
- Didn't you grade this fruit at all?
- We were lucky to get it on the train.
From its condition,
it'll ripen before it gets to New Orleans.
- Why wasn't it picked a week ago? Lopez!
- Don't ask me. I'm just the hired help.
If the rest of the cars are like this,
half will be rejected. Lopez!
- Seor?
- This fruit hasn't been graded at all.
- Check it carefully.
- Radiogram, Mr. Case.
Yeah? If this is a collect from Nick Butler,
it's gonna come out of your salary.
Someone else signed for it.
"Expect you at the dock, sweetheart,
to kiss me goodbye.
Don't bring a present.
Your lovely face will be enough.
I need a good laugh. Love, Nick Butler."
- I'll give that hooligan a present.
- Nick's silly, going back to the States.
I hear it's so tough, you gotta support
yourself and the government on one income.
Mr. Case. Mr. Case.
- Everything go off all right?
- There is something I have to report.
Yeah, I know.
Don't give me the gory details.
I'm a sensitive man.
You shot him and that's that.
That guy cost us plenty of dough
in his day.
Mr. Case, we did not shoot Rosario.
You didn't shoot him? Why not?
Because he escaped.
Well, that's a good reason.
Whoever made you chief of police?
Can't handle a job like shooting a man?
Mr. Case, we were overwhelmed.
Rosario's men stormed the jail yard.
Eighteen, maybe 20 of them.
What could we do, Mr. Case?
But don't worry. I have clues.
I shall capture him again easily
within several months.
Why don't you wait
till he dies of old age?
Don't tell me that Donley
had her mob there and rescued her too.
She's safe under key and lock.
She better be, and she's out of town
on that boat or you'll be on the next.
Mr. Case, I must remind you
that I was elected by the people.
Yes, and they're finally wise to you.
Bet those brass buttons, the next time
they go to the polls, they'll throw you out.
Mr. Case, I do not believe in a third term.
Oh, Mr. Case, that hurricane turned
in and hit north. It won't bother us.
First good news I've heard today.
Get me Anderson.
Why can't I take it easy and have a life?
Why do I have to work like this?
Your salary might have something
to do with it.
Mr. Anderson on the phone.
Hello, Anderson.
What were those things
you sent up on the train?
Those weren't bananas, by any chance,
were they?
If you don't know we can't ship that
kind of fruit, you don't belong on the job.
Place a guard around the plantation.
Rosario waltzed out of jail today.
But the company brought me down here
to grow bananas, not to fight desperados.
Quit the bellyaching.
I can see that yellow of your collar.
Do as you're told and shut up.
Save that until later, will you?
Get a load of this.
"What's wrong with shipments?
Why waste valuable hold space on junk?
Thirty percent of last shipment total loss.
Expect great improvement immediately.
R.J. Baldwin."
- Know where that came from?
- Couldn't be number seven.
Yeah, it used to be our best producer.
You mean when Nick Butler
was down there?
That gilt-edged chiseller.
Well, maybe so.
He's the best man we ever had around here.
Well, that's no recommendation.
Oh, it wasn't Nick's fault
about that ex-wife of yours.
- He kept telling you she was no good.
- He didn't have to prove it personally.
- Oh, but he did it for your sake, Steve.
- He did it...
Well, I've heard everything.
The Arturo's been sighted.
It should dock in a couple of hours.
Steve, it wouldn't hurt to talk to Nick, as
long as he's gonna be here for a few hours.
No! I wouldn't talk to the...
Well, it might not hurt to go down
and wish the heel bon voyage.
- I don't see Nick.
- Probably playing tag with some dame.
- There ain't no law against that, is there?
- The way he plays it, there is.
Lopez, hurry those men.
Get that fruit moving.
Yes, Seor Boss.
- She did not get away.
- That's great. We'll build you a statue.
Tell these guys to let me go.
You're gonna go,
right back to the States.
Won't you do me a favor? Let me stay on
here until the next boat south.
- Hey, Daniels.
- Hi, Case.
- Is that the little number we're escorting?
- Yeah, see that she gets the royal suite.
- I'll give it to her personally.
- Looks like you're on your way, sister.
All right, Case.
This time, you have the winning hand.
But don't forget, comes a new deal
and I might have the cards.
Sure, if you deal them, you will.
So long, babe.
Come on, boys. We're in bad company.
Seor Daniels,
I deliver the prisoner to you.
Okay, boys. I'll take care of little Nell.
Migrate, sister.
Pick up my luggage, porter,
and go easy with it or you don't get a tip.
Tote them yourself, lady.
Once a gentleman, always a gentleman.
Say, wise guy, stop trying to prove
the hand's quicker than the eye.
Don't get the idea you can kick me around.
I'll let you have one.
You push me one more time,
you'll wear this suitcase as a necklace.
That'll land you right in the brig.
Now, come on, this ain't no tea party.
Man overboard.
Hello. I'm Nick Butler,
chairman of the entertainment committee.
Can we depend upon you
for our shuffleboard tournament?
- I'm afraid you play a little rough.
- I can ease off for the ladies, Miss...
Donley, Lee Donley.
Thanks for taking care
of my centipede friend.
There's a guy on the pier
I'd like you to meet.
So you throw Seor Daniels overboard.
Take those fish hooks off me.
I told you...
Stop manhandling this lady.
Apologize to her.
Seorita, I am sorry.
Now pick up her bags.
Thanks, mister.
Take it easy, boys. Take it easy.
There's plenty of time.
The boat doesn't leave for hours.
- I'll be seeing you later.
- Going all the way?
Right to the end of the line.
I don't think the trip
will seem so long now.
- Have a drink with me?
- Sure, right now.
- No, no, no.
- No, no, no.
I tried.
I'll see you after the boat sails.
It's a date.
Hey, there he is.
And there ain't no dame with him.
It's a mirage.
Hi, Nicky!
- Well, Wally.
- Gee, it's good to see you.
Certainly is, fellow.
Still on your diet, huh, kid?
- Nick, you're looking swell.
- Captain of the all-American rat team.
I ought to belt you right in the puss
for sending me down that swamp.
How can you talk like that?
I did it for the company.
Don't give me that. You sent me down
that death trap hoping I'd kick off.
Oh, how can you say that?
I'll admit I was a little sore
about the former Mrs. Case.
But that's all over with.
Let's go to the office and have a drink, huh?
- Sure, why not?
- You know the rules about drinking.
- But just this once...
- Stay onboard and watch the men.
That fruit will rot before
it gets into the hold.
- Come on, Nick.
- I'll see you before I go, Wally.
You dirty bilge-driver.
Man overboard!
- How's my successor in number seven?
- Who, Anderson?
Oh, he turned out great.
A real scientific fruit-grower.
Scientific, huh?
I suppose by now, he's growing bananas
with zippers on them.
The same old Nick,
always gagging, huh?
Nick, what are you gonna do
back there in the States?
Got a job with the Coast to Coast stores.
Assistant to the superintendent.
Plenty of dough too.
Are you kidding?
An inside job with a grocery chain?
Inside, yes. So what?
Lots of people work inside and love it.
You'll never go for it, Nick. Never.
Imagine you, cooped up in a room,
no sun, no air.
Punching a clock, half an hour for lunch.
Sounds great to me.
No siestas in the afternoon.
Married to a buzzer on a desk, no freedom.
Nick Butler, choked to death
by a white collar and a tangle of red tape.
Nope, never figured you
for a setup like that.
You don't know it,
but you've been describing paradise to me.
But, Nick, you're not up
to the States physically.
It's gonna be cold there
in another month.
- Where is this lace-panty job of yours?
- Chicago.
- Chicago?
- I didn't say Guatemala.
Chicago. Imagine those icy winter winds
from the lake blasting you in the kisser.
The snow oozing down your collar,
the slush packing in your shoes...
...running up your pants' leg.
I am imagining it.
Sweetheart, to me, it sounds like heaven.
Now, look, Nick. Nick, why kid yourself?
The fruit company needs you
and you need the company.
And, Nick, I need you.
Oh, no kidding, I really do.
Oh, sure, I got sore at you...
...but you're not gonna let a thing like
a wife stand between our friendship?
What's this valentine leading up to?
Well, I'll level with you
and tell you the truth.
Anderson hasn't worked out.
No, he's been ruining things
up at the plantation.
Nick, he just hasn't got your understanding,
your diplomacy, your tact.
He hasn't got your knowledge.
And, Nick, that wife of his,
oh, she's turned out to be a beautiful girl.
I guess maybe the tropics
thawed her out.
She's been thinking
of divorcing Anderson.
You sure get them, don't you?
I see her, she wants to know
where you are, what you're doing...
...and when you're coming back.
- Is that so?
Well, now, Nick, would I lie to you?
Can you figure a beautiful girl like her
staying married to a dope like that?
She's only living for the day
when she sees you again.
What's the matter?
Oh, Jocko,
save that bait for the college boys.
Mrs. Anderson's a very lovely lady,
but she has a husband.
The boat goes at midnight
and Nicky goes with it.
There's a number onboard
keeping me from getting lonesome.
Oh, yeah? Donley, huh?
I might have known you wouldn't miss that.
- Wouldn't throw rocks at her.
- I hope you get her. Serve you both right.
Look out!
Nice work.
Somebody must know you as well as I do.
I was afraid of this. Your pal, Rosario.
Thought he'd be parked under
a hunk of granite.
Should have been,
but he escaped this afternoon. Look.
"I kill you, Case.
Maybe perhaps that Butler too. Rosario."
- Same sweet kid, huh?
- No, Nick, I'm worried.
That butcher's gonna cause trouble.
Anderson up at number seven.
Nick, I got an idea.
- When do you start on this job of yours?
- Four weeks.
That'd give you two weeks to spare.
I got a man coming from New Orleans...
Grab yourself an aspirin and go lie down.
I'm offering you a thousand-dollar bonus
to get that fruit moving off of number 7.
- It's only until the new man comes.
- Save your breath. It's not for me.
Nick, Nick, when you get back to the States,
you're gonna wanna have a good time.
I know you haven't got a quarter.
This is a cinch.
Can go north with a hat full of dough.
What do you say?
I could use the money
and it wouldn't take long.
- When do I get it?
- Tomorrow on the line.
- Cash?
- Cash, American dollars. How about it?
I know I'm letting myself in
for a 14-carat massage.
- But all right, it's a deal.
- Now you're talking.
Well, remember, sweetheart. Two weeks.
I'll put you on the ship personally.
I have to get my junk off the boat.
- You won't have to.
- What?
It's already here.
- Work fast, don't you?
- In this case, I had to.
See that you get that dough as quickly.
Send them to the hotel.
Okay, sweetheart.
What are you trying to do,
carve me up?
I'm sorry, but that note you had me
stick on the blade sort of spoiled my aim.
- Be careful next time. Take a radiogram.
- Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
R.J. Baldwin, Baldwin Fruit Company.
New Orleans.
Never mind sending that new man
for number 7.
Nick Butler back on the job to stay.
Sign, Case.
Lovely, eh, seor? Very much home-like.
You've been in the wrong homes.
- lf I owned this, know what I'd do with it?
- What, Seor Butler? I'm anxious to serve.
- Burn it to the ground.
- Oh, yes, indeed, seor. That's what l...
Suppose if you cleaned the mosquito can,
your guests would move out?
Such carelessness
on the part of my help.
Seor, I will see that this room
is cleaned totally next Wednesday.
Look, maybe I should let the mosquitoes
use the bed and I'll sleep on the floor, huh?
Oh, no, seor, we don't allow our guests
to sleep on the floor.
I shall have it fixed next Wednesday.
I want new netting
and I don't want it next Wednesday.
I gotta sleep and I don't wanna
shadow-box mosquitoes.
But it's very late.
The mosquito department is closed.
Open it. I want new netting.
Don't care if you rip out of the bridal suite.
But, seor, what about the bride?
Tell her to use her veil.
Search every building.
Look in the alleys. Look in the alleys.
Catch her or everyone
is gonna be discharged.
Rodriguez, what are you selling?
That girl. She escaped from the boat.
This is a bad day, Mr. Butler, bad day.
Have you seen her?
If I had, do you think
I'd turn her over to you?
I'd keep her for myself.
Mr. Butler, other days,
I might laugh at bad jokes, but tonight, no.
"Keep her for myself."
Step into my office?
Glad you stopped in.
I was getting lonesome.
- We had a date, didn't we?
- You want that drink?
I need it.
I think I just broke the world's record
for the 100-yard dash.
How'd you get off the boat?
Baggage gangplank.
Was it that easy?
Well, Daniels got a little tough about it.
I had to trip him, sort of.
I hope you stepped on his face
just once for me.
Say, why are you breaking your neck
to stay in this sweatbox?
What's the matter with the States?
Nothing's the matter with them.
Just got tired starving there.
I thought I might try it somewhere else.
Any objection if I use your powder room?
No, help yourself.
You haven't gained anything
by jumping the ship.
- They're gonna nail you anyway.
- That's all right.
The next boat's going my way.
Panama, Rio, Buenos Aires.
All I have to do is duck Case
and his boys until it sails...
...and get pinched just in time
to be thrown aboard.
Well, everyone to his own taste.
Personally, I'll take Chicago.
Well, I just figured maybe redheads
were more of a novelty down this way.
Hey, if you're in such a rush to get
back home, why'd you hop off the boat?
Oh, I can always slow up
for enough dough.
Two weeks, 1000 bucks,
then I'm off in a shower of banana oil.
Staying in town?
Tonight. Going to the plantation
in the morning.
Any chance of me going?
No. I'd like to take you along, honey,
but the plantation's no place for a woman.
It's pretty bad down there, you know.
The heat, the dirt, the food's no good.
Be much better off in jail.
I'll speak to Case personally
and you'll be treated all right.
- I'll tell him I'm an old friend of yours.
- How old?
Old enough to know you well enough.
Oh, pardon me, wrong room.
Nick. Well, this is like old times.
I smell a drink.
- I smell two drinks.
- You smell.
- Nick and I always used to room together...
- Used to, used to.
That's no way to treat an old friend.
Come, have a drink.
Madame, I thank you.
You know,
Nick's manners always were a bit trivial.
And it's a pleasure to meet a real lady.
- Hey, ain't you...
- No, she isn't. Go, take the bottle with you.
- I never drink alone.
- You'll find somebody in the lobby.
- But it's so much homier up here.
- Go on. We're talking business.
Oh, I get it, I get it.
A house don't have to fall on me.
No, but it might help.
I don't treat my friends that way.
Well, that's good to know.
Now, let's see, where were we? Oh, yes.
I was standing right about here
and you were there.
And if I remember rightly,
my right hand was there and we were so.
Seor, I have the netting.
They're always closed for repair
and they're detouring through here.
Well, thanks very much for the netting.
I hope you didn't disturb the bride.
- Seor...
- It's a woman.
Well, thanks for the netting.
But, seor, the police.
Forget you ever saw her, huh?
- Who, seor?
- That's the idea.
- How's chances of getting a bite to eat?
- In this joint? You'll get ptomaine.
So sorry, seor,
but tonight we're not serving ptomaine.
Seorita, we have ready a beautiful dinner,
from soup to nuts, also some meat.
If that's that blue-plate special,
shoot it up here.
And take Pinocchio with you.
Oh, I give up.
Oh, cheer up. You're a big boy now.
Hey, that's a good-looking ring.
Yeah. It's gonna be pretty hard to digest.
By tomorrow, I'll be willing to trade it
for a loaf of bread.
I used to have one like that.
I lost it in a brawl to a guy named Rosario.
I'll tell you what I'll do.
I'll cut you cards for it.
- I win, the ring is mine. I lose, 20 bucks.
- lf you want it, you can have it.
Oh, if I wanna cut you cards for it,
who are you to argue?
Help yourself.
Red lady.
A black gent.
Let's double it.
Forty against 20 and the ring.
Now, wait, haven't you heard
about throwing good money after bad?
My money is up. How about yours?
- Well?
- They're all yours.
Got you this time.
Well, well, shot the gent
right through the heart with a pink bullet.
- Rebuilding the house?
- I'm completed.
Well, what are you waiting for,
a laurel wreath?
Well, cleans me out.
Three hundred bucks. Here.
You might need that for tips or something.
Oh, you keep it, you won it.
I've never seen such luck.
Lucky at cards, unlucky in love.
Well, it might work the other way,
do you suppose?
I've got about as much privacy here
as I'd have in the Grand Central Station.
- Who's there?
- Chief of police.
This is where I came in.
Come in.
- What do you want?
- The girl, Seorita Donley.
What girl? I haven't seen any girl.
But I see her, right here in this room.
After this, when you see things, make sure
that you are right before you are wrong.
Seor, if you do see the girl,
please call me.
- No jokes, please.
- Why don't you leave her alone?
Is that all you guys do,
chase a girl around?
- But, seor, she's a card cheat.
- What's that got...?
- Did you say card cheat?
- Si, seor.
This time, she will not be deported.
She will be shot.
Here we are, seor. From soup to nuts.
What's the idea? It's 5:10.
What are you waiting for, a brass band?
Get that train moving.
Hold it, hold it, hold it.
- Where's my 1000 bucks?
- Got a train with a head of steam up...
...wasting company coal,
and you're squawking about $ 1000?
- The company's good for it.
- It is, but you aren't.
Nick, what would you do with
$ 1000 on a plantation?
You'd blow it in a game.
The dough is safer with me.
Will you let me worry
about that, huh, will you?
Now, look, Nick, I didn't have a chance
to get to the bank, see.
There's 100 bucks on account.
I'll send you the rest
in a couple of days, all right?
Okay, get that train going.
Giving you just two days. No more, no less.
If that dough isn't there, I'll be back.
All you've got to worry about is bananas.
Hurricane destroyed the crop.
Prices are gonna by sky-high, extra ships
will be put in here. Get that fruit moving.
I still say get that dough, Fagin,
do you hear?
I never thought
I'd see this banana garden again.
Well, for the dough you're getting,
I could look at it the rest of my life.
- Hey, Charlie. Take Mr. Butler's bags.
- Si, seor.
- Hello, Shaffer.
- Nick. I thought you kissed this joint off.
- Yeah, so did I. Where are the men?
- We're short-handed.
- Twenty took a run-out powder this morning.
- Rosario?
- Yeah. And things aren't gonna be better.
- They will be.
I'll take some of the men
out of the groves and have them help load.
- Where's Anderson?
- House, I guess.
I'll see you later.
I suppose Anderson is roughing it
in a hammock.
I don't think so.
I broke the last one Tuesday.
- How long did it take us to get down here?
- Six hours and 31 minutes.
Hey, that's what I thought. You know...
We got company. Hello, friend.
- Pulled a hitch, huh?
- Yeah, the conductor was going my way.
Nice little park you got here,
if you like bananas.
Come on, vamos, vamos. Get to work.
- You sure cover a lot of ground.
- Too bad it's not vice versa.
Come on, hand over that dough.
- What are you talking about?
- The 300 bucks you clipped me for.
- I never tagged you for a bad loser.
- I never tagged you for a phony shuffle.
You've got yours all off the top.
I just had the run of luck.
I know that kind of house luck.
Hand it over.
I haven't got it.
Haven't got it? Want me to turn
you upside down and shake it out?
Can I stand here and watch?
I haven't got it.
I hid it in town last night.
All right, all right, Samson, put me down.
I'll give it to you!
Needn't strain your mathematics,
it's all there.
You're not gonna use this plantation
for a hideout.
- You're going to town on the next train.
- That's tomorrow.
It's your job to pack her with the bananas
and unload her at Puerto Aguilar.
Well, have you got any more jobs
like that?
What are you gonna do
with me now that I'm here?
If there's a room, you can have it.
If there isn't, sleep outside.
- Done that before. I was a Girl Scout too.
- And remember, no nonsense.
Let the boys alone. If you behave yourself,
maybe we'll feed you once in a while.
I don't wanna put you out.
I'll take in washing for my room and board.
Well, I got a couple of loose buttons
that could stand sewing.
Shirts, I suppose?
Got a picture of that.
Mother busy with her needle and thread.
- See the job I can do sewing up big mouths.
- Wait here.
Nick. How are you?
Fine. Well, tropics don't seem
to be getting you down.
Appearances are deceiving.
I'm way down. Going deeper every day.
Nothing that your first day
back in the States won't fix.
The patient would love
to take Doctor Butler's prescription.
I thought you were on your way
back there.
I'm off on a two-week detour.
Maybe it won't be so rough as I thought.
Detours can be very interesting.
Hey, somebody forgot
to turn on the cooling system.
- Mind if I come in out of the sun?
- It's nice and cool in my cabin.
No, I'm afraid that'd be too tight a squeeze.
This will do.
This is Mrs. Anderson, Miss...
I understand.
The name is Lee Donley.
And I don't think you do understand.
- Possibly not.
- She got on the wrong train.
I suppose you meant to take
the Philadelphia local.
Oh, you know how those
going-away parties are.
Many cocktails and my friends
brought me at the wrong station.
Come on, come on, cut the comedy.
She goes to Puerto Aguilar with the
next shipment. Can you put her up?
Oh, I suppose we can find
room for her somewhere.
Oh, don't strain yourself, Mrs. Anderson.
- I can always sleep in a tree.
- Hereditary?
- You can stay in the spare bedroom.
- Can you get in this hotel without luggage?
I'll lend you some night clothes.
I think we have an old cot,
I'll have it put up.
If you don't mind
primitive accommodations.
No, I don't mind. Up in San Antonio,
I slept on a cot all the time.
The army, I presume.
You should know.
Hello, Nick.
- How are you? Glad to see you.
- Thanks.
- How long are you gonna stay?
- Not enough to worry about.
- You can relax in a couple of weeks.
- Hi, Butler.
- See you at lunch.
- Fine.
- Hey, Case phone you I was coming?
- Yes.
What's the idea,
cutting that fruit you can't load?
- Men are doing the jobs they always do.
- Change some of the jobs.
Take men out of the groves,
put them in the sheds.
I did things as I thought best.
Can't help it if I lose workers.
- Where were you?
- Getting the fruit.
Can't get out fruit without men.
- Should have kept them nailed down.
- I'm not paid as a platform speaker.
- lf they follow Rosario, nothing I can do.
- There's something I can do about it.
Hello, hello, Butler speaking.
I want to talk to Case.
No sense being polite with a guy
like Rosario, he doesn't understand it.
Hello, Steve? Yeah.
Look, Rosario's on the job again.
He's stealing some of our athletes
for his team, 20 of them.
Only one thing to do, go and get him.
Never mind Rosario.
Army will take care of him.
I'm paying you to get out those stems.
But I can't get out fruit
with that guy on the loose.
If we don't stop him, he'll have all the men.
I'm after him.
Listen, I'm still running this company.
Stay on the job and get that fruit moving.
What's it gonna be, Rosario or fruit?
Chico, I think I see an old friend.
Seor Butler.
Jose, what are you doing?
Maybe you would like to call him up on
the telephone and tell him we are coming?
Besides, you could never
hit him from here.
To kill one man is no good.
This is what we do.
We make things so bad, they can't move
a banana off the plantation.
Then maybe, perhaps they get tired.
And they move away.
- Then we get our land back again, huh?
- Si, Rosario.
- But when do we eat?
- Eat, eat.
I think when they put you together...
...instead to give you a brain,
they give you a double stomach.
I'm sorry this is the best we can do.
We're very cramped.
I wouldn't be surprised.
Rita will clean up in here a little.
Don't bother, this looks like a Park Avenue
penthouse alongside that Puerto Aguilar jail.
Well, I wouldn't know about that.
Do you spend much time there?
Oh, just off and on.
I find the people there so much nicer
than some places I get into.
Really? Well, I hope you like it here.
- What's the matter? What happened?
- Get away.
- What you got, a water pistol?
- It happened too fast.
- Somebody acts fast, you gotta act faster.
- Company didn't engage me as a gunman.
What did they hire you for?
The next time you get in my way,
I'll shoot right through you.
That's one way you might hit someone.
- Twelve cases of tomatoes.
- Check.
- Six of beans.
- What'd they grab?
Well, as near as I can figure, twelve rifles,
about 1000 rounds of ammunition...
...a case of dynamite,
and a sack of potatoes.
I'll deliver Rosario to Case
in that same sack.
Took us six years to nail him the first time.
We ought to have him back here in 1946.
Have the guns brought into the main house.
Put your best men on guard, day and night.
- Well, I had my two best men here.
- Where are they?
They helped Rosario pack the stuff off.
Wait till Case hears about this.
You boys know this county around here
pretty well?
- Oh, si, si, seor.
- Sure, sure, we know okay.
Well, then you'd have a fair idea
of where Rosario would be hiding out.
- It's a big country, seor.
- Rosario might be many place.
- He headed for the hills.
- There are many hills, seor.
Come on, come on, quit stalling.
There are only a few places where Rosario
and his gang would hole up.
Now, 25 bucks apiece in it for you
if you locate him.
Rosario is very smart man.
Maybe he knows place
even we do not know about.
Fifty bucks.
It's very dangerous, seor.
If we are caught by Rosario:
Maybe for $50,
you could think of a couple of places?
- Si, seor.
- That's more like it.
- Wally, get the boys a couple of horses.
- I gotcha.
I'll expect you back tomorrow.
- Maybe sooner.
- Maybe later.
- Hello, Nick.
- Hello.
Alone, for a change?
What's on your mind?
You, me.
Nick, I can't stand it here another day.
- What about your husband?
- What about him?
He's practically
in a divorce court right now.
- Soon as I get back to the States...
- "Practically" means two strikes.
Didn't you know what you were letting
yourself in for when you came here?
All I know
is what I read in the travel folder.
"Soft tropical breezes."
Gay romantic couples
finding ecstatic happiness...
...under the silvery Caribbean moonlight.
A green paradise, where idyllic romance
and lazy comfort walk hand in hand."
I wonder if the gentleman
who wrote that folder ever lived down here.
How come
you ever tied up with Anderson?
He was always begging me to marry him.
Finally, he landed this job, so I did.
I was on the rebound at the time.
Seemed a good idea. It wasn't.
Nick, why should I draw a blank
like Anderson?
Oh, like a lot of good-looking gals,
you think the right guys are like streetcars.
Miss one, another one will be along
in five minutes.
Always waiting for Prince Charming
on that white horse.
Well, there aren't enough of them
to go around.
Most guys are just like me, plain mugs.
If a mug like you had been around,
I wouldn't be here.
- I mean it, Nick. I do.
- I believe you.
- Come on, let's have a drink.
- You don't believe me.
Now do you?
Yeah, I guess so.
Will you take me back
to the States with you?
Well, we'll talk about that later, huh?
Let's have a drink...
I understand the Chicago fire
started from something like that.
- The Chicago fire was started by a cow.
- History repeats itself.
Why don't you learn
to mind your own business?
I was only trying to cool off,
but I see it's much hotter out here.
I think I'll get myself
a drink of water instead.
Oh, could I get you some?
Go to bed, we don't want anything.
If you don't watch out,
you're gonna get it anyway.
You're gonna look awfully silly with one of
Anderson's bullets nailed to your back porch.
Does she try to be offensive?
Just one of those gals,
doesn't know any different.
In this case, she's right. It's not smart,
cuddling on the front porch.
I don't care. Nick, you have to take me
back to the States with you.
We'll talk about that later.
- Bill?
- Yes?
- How's it going?
- Ten more cars to load.
Train will be ready around 8 in the morning.
Case won't find any fault about that.
Case can find fault with anything.
I'm not intruding
on anything private, I hope.
Not at all. Good night, Mr. Butler.
- Have a drink?
- Yeah, I could stand one.
- You have scotch or bourbon?
- Bourbon, and toss in a little soda, huh?
You always use that shade of lipstick?
- Comes off easy, doesn't it?
- Goes on easy too.
I tell Gloria she always uses too much.
That's my lipstick
and I don't use too much.
Well, Nick, here's the food.
We can really get our little party going.
Get some drinks.
- Like a sandwich?
- No, thank you.
Well, that was almost a fatal slip, sonny.
You're old enough to know about lipstick.
No, thanks.
Why don't you get into your cracker box
and go to bed?
Look, I just saved you from being
the heavy in a nasty little bedtime story.
I don't know why I bothered.
Please stop pushing me around.
I don't like it.
What do you think I've got, chickenpox?
I don't know.
But whatever it is, I don't wanna catch it.
Well, see if you can catch this.
Next time, a little more mustard.
- Well, here's your pullman, sister. Hop in.
- I'd just soon get on a rollercoaster.
Come on, get on.
Wait a second, wait a second.
What's this?
The governor rushing up a reprieve?
No, stop dreaming.
I'm here to make sure you go.
I suppose you told Case I was coming so
he could prepare a welcome party for me.
Haven't told Case anything.
You're not important.
You can duck away from Case.
It's no skin off my nose.
You know, even when you do
anything human, you make it sound nasty.
Well, here's 100. You may need it.
When you get going again,
you can send it to me... of the Coast to Coast
grocery store, Chicago.
It's been so long since anyone trusted me,
I might send this back to you.
Don't worry about it.
All right, come on, up you go.
- See you tomorrow, Nick.
- Tell that chiseler to send me my dough.
- All right.
- Oh, Lee?
If you see Case, give him a kiss for me.
Not even a foreign general
would kiss that guy.
Go ahead.
Hurry up there, Pancho.
Charlie. Who let that irrigation ditch
get in that condition?
Find where it's clogged, clean it.
- But, seor...
- Clean it out!
I should have brought my spurs.
You needn't take it personally.
I was only kidding.
- What's the matter?
- It looks bad.
Well, what do we do now,
walk the rest of the way?
Someday, I'm gonna get mad
at that Rosario.
Back her up.
It'll take two days to fix that track.
And it was such
a beautiful load of fruit too.
Wait till Case hears about this.
And when Nick sees you,
he'll sure welcome you back.
Yeah, with a club in each hand.
- Jose.
- Si, seor.
Watch those men. They're leaving
too many young plants.
Clean them out or
the mature trees will choke to death.
- What happened?
- Track's blown...
...compliments of Rosario
and with our dynamite.
That settles it. I'm going after him.
Few things I wanna tell Case too.
You can't tell Case anything.
The wires are down.
Keep up that steam.
Can the tracks be fixed?
- Some of the rails look like pretzels.
- We have some rails here.
Well, you go on, get a bunch of the boys
down to the break. Go ahead.
Well, it's good to be home again.
Same scenery, same sourpusses.
How are the crops, Zeke?
Keep your mouth shut and your nose clean.
Step out of line, I'm gonna lock you up.
I may as well go have tea with the duchess.
By the way, how are you doing?
Send that mind of yours out
and have it cleaned.
- Look at the company I'm in.
- Won't be for long.
Carlos and Sancho get back yet?
They haven't shown. If they don't
get here in an hour, we'll go into the hills.
- Oh, Lee?
- Yeah?
Give me back that hundred.
Hey, Brannigan, get off that scooter!
- Give me a push, boys. A little help.
- Okay.
Keep trying number seven.
I can't depend on any tramp
around here except myself.
Yes, sir.
Have a patata.
Patatas, bananas, bananas, patatas.
Jose, is all your fault.
I told you when you was in the storehouse
to steal some salmon and beans.
You make me sick.
I steal two guns, more better.
Maybe, perhaps you would eat the guns.
More better.
Chico, what time is it?
Eight and 25.
It is 8:30, you are slow.
Carlos, Sancho, vengo.
I think maybe, perhaps
you better go back now to Seor Butler.
Tell him you spent a long night
looking for Rosario.
You finally find him.
Remember, Seor Butler
attacks us through the little gully.
And make sure you collect
your $50 first...
...because Seor Butler
will not be able to pay you afterwards.
Good, we attack you later.
- Don't forget to not shoot us, hey, jefe?
- Don't forget to not be in the way.
- Any luck?
- Si, seor.
There are many hills,
but we find Rosario's camp.
- How far?
- Oh, three, maybe four hour.
- Fifty dollar, please.
- You'll get it.
Get McManus, Shaffer
and Hernandez...
How many men has Rosario got?
- Maybe saw 15.
- Maybe saw 20.
- Fifty dollar, please?
- You'll get it.
Pick out 30 of the natives,
boys who know about guns.
Tell them they'll get 10 bucks apiece.
We won't fool around with Rosario.
- Fifty dollar, please?
- Si, seor.
Don't you guys understand English?
When you've finished your job and taken us
to Rosario, then you'll get paid, savvy?
No, seor, we don't see money,
we don't see Rosario.
Look, Jocko,
you've got things all tangled up.
I'm the one who tells people
what to do around here. They don't tell me.
Now, when you take us to Rosario,
then you'll get your dough...
...when I'm ready to pay it to you.
Wait here.
- What's wrong?
- We've got Rosario ripe for plucking.
- Then back to the States?
- Sooner the better.
- What about me?
- We'll figure it out.
- When?
- Anytime but now.
You all set?
The natives are lined up,
but I can't find the overseers.
You can't find...? Where's that dame?
You might try Shaffer's cabin. I saw her
about 20 minutes ago heading that way.
Twenty minutes ago.
Maybe we still have time, come on.
Can you beat three 10's?
Three ladies, all dressed up
and going places. Loser's push.
Oh, you guys are suckers.
You're getting a fast shuffle.
Here, pick up your money. I thought
I told you to keep your nose clean.
Didn't think you'd mind
me having a little recreation.
Amuse yourself with solitaire,
cheat all you like.
Shaffer, move in with McNamara
a few days.
This is your cabin till we can get rid of you.
Stay in it. We'll send in your meals.
Get organized, we're going after Rosario.
Get guns and bring plenty of ammunition.
Go on.
- Here comes malicious.
- Can that talk.
- Well, some days, a girl can't make a cent.
- I don't imagine you have any trouble.
Why do you walk around
making noises like a lady?
All a guy has to do is wink at you
and he hits the jackpot.
Wait, wait.
How is Rosario's camp located?
In the ravine, sides very straight up.
- Si, seor, this is the only way.
- Not the only way for us.
We're not targets for that monkey.
We'll come from above.
That is wrong, you can't do that.
- Why not?
- Oh, seor, this is not the good way.
There's been a deal here.
Here, take these guns.
Now, come on.
Come here.
You want to take us up this way?
And you better find Rosario, or you and
your pal have a permanent camp right here.
Now, get going.
Seor Butler, he comes.
Good, I will shoot off his sombrero
and coat.
Chico. Get your men to the place.
Remember, Manuel,
no one shoots at Seor Butler but me.
You went to school. Should I shoot off first
his sombrero or his coat? What is polite?
His sombrero. That way,
his head comes off with the sombrero.
Oh, thank you, Manuel,
because I want to do the right thing.
All right, rats, join your friends.
Seor Butler.
- Okay?
- Yeah, okay.
You do bull's eye.
We hear no more from Seor Butler.
That ain't Rosario. It's his stooge.
Dr. Rosario, I presume.
Seor Butler, I congratulate myself
on your bad shooting.
You better not give me another time at bat.
I'm due for a home run.
Come on, get going.
Mr. Butler's coming.
He got Rosario.
Butler looks half dead.
That still leaves him
50 percent up on you.
- Nick, are you all right?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
You look like you're ready
for a fast trade-in to me.
- Mosquito?
- Yeah.
Rosario tried to knock it off with a bullet.
Boys, get yourself some food and go to bed.
Lock our friend here up
in the storehouse and stand guard yourself.
- I don't trust the rest of these guys.
- Well, I do.
Do as you're told.
Hi, Rosie.
Once more, they lock me up.
Maybe, perhaps
you keep me company again.
Don't give him any ideas.
Come on, come on, 4:00 in the morning
ain't no time for a class reunion.
- Phone wire's up?
- Yes.
- How did you catch Rosario?
- Sprinkled a little salt on his tail.
- I'll phone Case.
- You won't get him. He's on his way here.
- What for?
- Left yesterday.
Started down on his scooter
and got stuck at the broken track.
His rails ought to be late by now.
Nick, come into the house
and let me fix your shoulder.
Touching little drama entitled
The Nurse's Curse...
...or Florence Nightingale
Among the Bananas.
Rita, bring us some hot water quickly.
Nick, you sit here
and I'll get the first aid kit.
I'll be more practical
and get you a drink.
I could stand one myself.
I didn't sleep any too well.
- Why not?
- I was worried about you.
What are you worrying about me for?
I've been trying to figure
that one out myself.
You'd be a pretty nice guy, if you weren't
around so much at the wrong time.
- Is this one of the wrong times?
- Yeah.
What would be your idea of a right one?
Anytime after I get back to the States.
Look me up in Chicago.
Where did you dream up the idea
of going back to the States?
You belong down here. You love it.
You wouldn't be happy anywhere else.
Who do you think you're kidding?
That's Case's line. It doesn't sound
any better coming from you.
Have it your own way.
Look, Case is going to be here any minute.
You wouldn't want him to see you here.
That is the understatement of the week.
I don't want him to see me anywhere.
Then get into your wigwam
and stay there.
I'll try not to hurt.
Here, I never could
stand amputations. Let me at him.
- I'm quite competent.
- Maybe, but not at this kind of first aid.
- Crawl off and practice on your fingernails.
- I didn't know you had a medical degree.
I know the difference
between shirt and skin.
Forgive my mentioning it, but while
you're arguing, gangrene is setting in.
Now, do as I told you.
Gloria will take care of the arm.
All right, if that's all you wanted.
Oh, did I hurt you?
Oh, no. How could you hurt me
by sticking a scissors in my arm?
What are you walking around for?
Why don't you go to bed?
- What's the use? I don't feel like sleeping.
- What's the matter?
Oh, I don't know.
Wally, do I look like the little sister type?
Somebody else's sister.
Good, I'm glad somebody feels like that.
- How's my friend Rosie getting on?
- Well, he's more comfortable than I am.
Is he seeing any visitors?
Now, if you're thinking
of going in there, you can't.
Why not?
Well, if you put it that way, all right.
Lady to see you.
Hi, Rosie.
Seorita, always, before I am killed,
you come into my life.
It must be fate.
No, I just wanted to take a look
at a guy who should feel worse than I do.
Who me? I feel fine. Except one thing.
Never in my life do I see so much food,
and what happened?
No can opener.
Two days ago, I have a can opener
and what happened?
Nothing to open.
- Seorita, you are sick?
- No, I'm all right.
It's too bad I am locked up
or you could come away with me, huh?
I teach you to forget your troubles,
and that's not all.
What else did you have in mind?
Maybe, perhaps a little love, no?
Oh, Rosie, let's don't spoil
our beautiful friendship.
Oh, that would not spoil it.
That would make it better, much better.
Confidentially, as a lover, I have not
had a complaint in all this territory.
Well, you just keep pitching and maybe
you'll get a tryout in one of the big leagues.
- I should be giving advice to the lovelorn.
- Oh, some man has jilted you.
Not exactly, Rosie. You can't be jilted
when you haven't been given a tumble.
You mean Seor Butler, maybe, perhaps?
Seor Butler,
no "maybe, perhaps" about it.
Seorita, I cannot understand it.
There is an old native proverb,
"Beautiful horses always love mules."
Hey, Lee, day's beginning to break.
You better duck.
Case will be here in a minute
and he'll probably have Rodriguez with him.
That's all I need. Lovely guy, that Case.
If you like to go around shooting people up,
there's a subject for you.
Nick? Nick!
Nick! Where's Butler? Where's Butler?
He's in there. He's in bed.
Bed, at this time of the morning?
What are you doing, tucking him in?
Earthquake, earthquake, earthquake.
Good morning, sweetheart.
Would you like your breakfast served in bed?
Get out of here.
Nick Butler in bed at 5:00 in the morning.
Are you rehearsing for that Chicago job?
I just got to bed!
- Out boozing all night, I suppose.
- Boozing? How do you think I got that?
- Somebody hit you with a bottle.
- I was shot, you lunatic.
- I went out after Rosario and I found him.
- You did?
Take him and get out
before I throw you out.
Told you not to go. Might have been killed.
All I want is fruit.
Train is loaded.
When you get it back, it will be again.
I don't know why I put up with a guy
that spends all his life in bed!
Oh, that does it.
I'm going into town to sleep
for the next 48 hours.
You can get your bananas out your way.
Shove them in your hope chest.
Take it easy. You're talking wild.
Now, look, we're both excited.
All you need is a little sleep.
Sleep? What do you think I was trying to do
when you tiptoed in here?
Okay, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry and I apologize.
Now, look, you go on back to bed, see?
Get a nice sleep, and after you wake up,
we talk over all our plans.
Look, you and I were made
to work with each other.
You've been underpaid, but I talked
to the home office and got it fixed.
- Now, next year...
- What next year?
When a man doesn't do what's best for him,
his friend steps in.
I called home office,
got the boss and said:
"Look, Baldwin, taking Butler away from me
is like cutting off my right arm."
He said, "Stevie,
if there's that much trouble...
...and he's so valuable, I won't send
the new man to replace Anderson.
- Butler can stay on!"
- Oh, he can, can he?
Well, look here, you lying maniac,
I wouldn't work for you if I never had a job.
But luckily, I've got one,
and I'm getting to it fast.
I'm tearing into town, hopping the first boat.
You can file that among your souvenirs.
- Hope nothing happened to that job.
- What?
To save you the trouble,
boss got in touch with Coast to Coast.
- What for?
- To tell them you wouldn't be there.
Look here, Jocko,
if I get to Chicago and my job isn't there...
...I personally will fly back here
and take you apart, bone for bone.
- Nicky...
- I don't believe you ever talk to Baldwin.
He wouldn't put up
with the stuff you pull here.
If the company ever gets wise,
you won't have to take the boat.
- They'll shoot you out on a rocket.
- You talk like a foolish boy.
Maybe so. Maybe so.
But not so foolish to forget my money.
Give me my 900 bucks.
What a crust.
You quit me, I owe you nothing.
I could knock it out of you, but it's worth
900 bucks not to lay my hands on you.
You get a crease in your arm,
get scared, run home to mama.
Picked you out of the gutter.
I teach you things...
...raise you as a father would, pamper you,
proud of you, build you up.
- Why do I do it?
- Why do you do it?
Because I'm the only chump around who'll
put up with your double-crossing tactics.
But even a silly sissabel like me
will finally catch on.
So, Jocko, you can get yourself
another whipping boy. I'm checking out.
Nick, you ought to be resting.
Where are you going?
- The States.
- What about me?
Meet me in Chicago.
Gotta get that train before he sends it off.
Oh, Nick, please.
When the husband's away,
the rats will play.
Don't listen to him.
What about our plans?
We'll make new ones in Chicago.
Charlie, throw these bags into the cab
and tell the engineer to wait for me.
- I'm going with him.
- Oh, yes, seor.
Where's he going now?
He couldn't leave, of course,
without seeing his little lady first.
Little lady? What little lady?
That redhead he brought down here.
Oh, the redhead, huh?
What's the idea of all the gloom?
I hear the mighty emperor has arrived.
Yeah, don't let him see you.
Crawl into the woodwork until he's gone.
- Not me. I'd be sure to find him there.
- Well, I'm blowing. May not see you again.
Too bad you couldn't hear me
tell him off.
Here, you'll need this.
Wally will take care of you.
Thanks. I'll send it to you sometime
from Rio or somewhere.
Forget it.
Now, why do you wanna be
doing that for?
Oh, I don't know.
Must be a sign of something or other.
Weak eyes, maybe.
The trouble with you dames is you build
castles and move into them.
Well, you can't blame a girl
for trying, can you?
No, well, ever you're around Chicago...
Yeah, I know, Coast to Coast stores.
Bye, Nick.
What are you doing, making the rounds?
What is it about us
that always attracts a crowd?
- Necking like high school kids.
- You interrupted a post-graduate course.
Seorita Donley, but this is impossible.
My clues say that you are in Panama.
Then why don't you look there?
- Swimming?
- No wonder everything's gone wrong.
How can a man concentrate on business
and a dame at the same time?
Arrest Butler for harboring
a fugitive from justice.
Dig up a new routine.
You can't hold me with that one.
Oh, well, maybe you're right, Nick.
I did my best to hold you,
but I know when I'm licked.
I'll get by the best I can.
You go on back to Chicago
and lots of luck to you.
Touching. I'll think about it on the boat.
- Sorry, you're not gonna be on any boat.
- What are you pulling now?
That sailor she tripped
when she tried to jump the boat?
Got a crack in his skull,
liable to pass out of the picture.
- But all I did was trip...
- I realize it wasn't your fault...
...but you can't laugh off
a cracked head. Sorry.
All this girl did was get off a boat
she didn't want to sail on.
- Wasn't her fault the sailor got in the way.
- None of your business. Go to the States.
I'll figure out this thing the best way I can.
Where they got Rosario parked?
- In the storehouse. This girl...
- What's the use of talking about it?
If the fella pulls through,
I'll do the best I can for Miss Donley.
But if he dies...
Well, we gotta get moving.
Go on, pick up Rosario.
And don't lose him this time.
Seor Case, you don't have to worry.
If I was only a goat.
Rosario, this time, you will not escape.
Put out your hands.
They grow beautiful tomatoes and put them
in the can so nobody can get at them.
Now, I can hang my head again.
You did a good job, Rodriguez.
And now, one last favor, please.
Maybe, perhaps I could have a cigarette.
You are the most expensive prisoner
I ever had. All the time, borrowing.
But from now on,
you don't want any more smokes.
Maybe, perhaps a match, huh?
Hold your hands up.
Seor, seor.
- What do you want?
- I want the hands up, thank you, please.
- Mind if I have one for the road?
- No, not at all, Miss Donley.
- Not at all. How about you, Nick?
- No.
- Well, here's one for Uncle Stevie.
- Make that a double mickey.
- He'd make the mickey sick.
- Hey, Nick.
- There may be a way out for this gal.
- What is it now?
You know that thought you mentioned
to me outside, "Forget I ever saw her"?
- lf you wanna make a deal with me...
- Kiss an alligator, not gonna hook me.
Forget I mentioned it.
Probably couldn't be arranged anyway.
- Where do you think you're going?
- New York, maybe Chicago.
Make it New York.
- But, Nick, aren't you going to Chicago?
- Sure.
Oh, I get it, you finally stepped down
to your own level.
That's still three floors above you.
You be quiet.
Nick, please, you promised.
Going on a trip?
Yes, a long one.
I'm going back to the States with Nick.
You're going back to the States,
but not with me.
- Nick, please.
- He got wise to you quicker than I did.
I don't have to take insults from you.
You'll take anything I wanna give you.
You stay until I'm ready to leave.
As a matter of fact, you're ready right now.
You're fired.
I have a contract.
- You had a contract. I'm paying you in full.
- You won't have anybody here...
Wally will take over. Fine young fellow.
Conscientious, loyal and hard worker.
- Wally can't...
- What are you worried about?
That's all behind you now.
Hello, Sam, have two cops at the train.
We're leaving, got Rosario and the girl.
Have a check for Anderson, he's through.
Book passage for Butler
on the Arcadia, he's through too.
Oh, and listen, Sam, how about Daniels?
Fellow with the cracked head, how is he?
Oh, he's fine, he's right here.
You wanna talk to him?
Sinking fast, huh?
Well, that's too bad.
Well, if anything happens before I get there,
just send flowers.
Too bad, kid, you're in a tough spot.
Anderson, why aren't you packing?
Throw a few things in a bag,
we'll send the rest down.
Where's Rodriguez?
He's supposed to have Rosario here.
But Rosario is here, seor.
- What is this?
- This is a putting up of the hands.
Up, everybody.
Now, seor,
you see the tables are inside out.
Hey, Nick.
Here's that 900 bucks I owe you.
I knew it would take something like this
to get it out of you.
Very nice. I save this for a rainstorm.
- Don't say I never paid you.
- What do you think you're gonna do?
To you, Seor Butler, nothing.
And you know why?
Because this beautiful girl,
she love you.
Why, I don't know, but she says she do.
- Let's get to business. What do you want?
- I wanna do the right thing for this girl.
You, Seor Case,
want to put her in jail, so I shoot you.
You, seora, are fooling around
with the wrong man.
You make my beautiful friend
very unhappy.
I shoot you too.
You, I shoot on general convenience.
- You can't bluff me, Rosario.
- I don't bluff you, I only shoot you.
Rosie, you'll never get
your land back this way.
I'll never get it back anyway.
Maybe, perhaps you can get it.
Yes, seorita, I give the land to you
for a wedding present.
And if Seor Butler don't treat you right,
I come back and I put him in it.
Seor Case, seor, Seora Anderson,
line up there, quick.
- You'll be shot for this, Rosario.
- Somebody's always shooting at me.
Now I shoot at somebody else.
- You can't pull this stuff, Rosario.
- Careful, Seor Butler.
Don't stretch our new friendship
out of shape.
Let him have it, Rodriguez!
- There's a horse. Beat it. Give me a show.
- Thank you, seor.
I'll see you again, maybe, perhaps.
- Nick.
- You're shot.
- What?
- You're shot.
- What's the big idea?
- Shut up and start groaning.
- What happened to her?
- A bullet got her.
I don't know. We can't leave her like this.
You'll have to stay till I can move her to jail.
- Is that deal you mentioned good?
- Stop getting sentimental.
Stay till I get a doctor,
then move her to jail.
Answer my question. Is it still on?
Well, if that's the way you feel about it.
Maybe I can cover up for her.
- I'll stay.
- Thattaboy, Nick, I knew you'd see it right.
I'll send a doctor
as soon as I get to town.
Seor, he escaped.
- Is that so?
- Well, didn't you understand?
- He said Rosario escaped.
- We'll have to get him sometime.
Quit bothering me, go to the train.
Can't hold up everything for you.
Go on, go ahead, you too, Mrs. Anderson.
Get going, move, you heard me, move.
- Well, listen, Rosario escaped.
- Yeah, you said that, go ahead.
All right, kid. I'll get the doctor right away
and you'll feel better.
I'm sure I will,
with Dr. Butler's treatment.
- How do you feel?
- It hurts.
Yeah, it must. You better let me at it.
- Oh, not now, Nick.
- Why not?
It's too serious for first aid.
The doctor has to fix it.
Thanks for staying, Nick.
It'd be terrible to be sick here without you.
It would, huh?
Get up off there, you phony.
Hey, what's the idea?
There was only one bullet fired
and I caught it.
Oh, Nick.
You and your 14-carat: