Toscana (2022) Movie Script

Brothers and sisters.
We are all gathered together today,
to say our last farewell
to our dear, departed brother, Geo
and to pray for him to Our Lord.
Merciful God, I look to you,
praying you will forgive
the sins of this humble servant today,
and you greet his soul
in the highest of the Heaven.
With the glory of all your saints
and of your blessed.
And may he rest
In the name
of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
- Amen.
- Amen.
You shouldn't be sending this letter.
Look, I have to. It's my duty. You know?
He requested in his will
and I have to do it.
I'm sorry.
This place will never be the same again.
- Yes, chef.
- Yes, chef.
Hopefully you've all
learned from all of your mistakes.
It's an important night.
We have a potential investor.
He stands between us
and our new restaurant.
Theo, let's talk for a minute.
Lai, blackberry, and beets
- Yes, chef.
- Melanie, doves.
Yes, chef.
- Svend, redwood sorrel.
- Got it.
Come on.
What's up?
Well, we got mail.
Are you sure we shouldn't
reschedule with Zeuten?
- Why the hell should we do that?
- Just asking.
It's important.
You know?
If this evening is a failure
then our financing is back to nothing.
Tell us when he gets here.
You're looking good.
Dear Mr. Theo Dahl.
It is with great sadness that I inform you
that your father, George Dahl,
has passed three weeks ago.
Your father leaves behind
a rather large estate,
amongst it theCastello Ristonchi.
He appointed me
as the executor of his estate.
Can I show you something?
Feel free to contact me.
Yours truly, Pino Conti.
What is it?
I know that
it wasn't on our list, but...
I made a panna cotta withrosemary.
How is it?Any good?
Are we chasing fads?
This is nothing.
Just do your mis en place, hmm.
Yes, chef.
Yes, chef.
Okay, everybody.
No room for any bull today. Okay?
Yes, chef.
- New sauce. Two new doves.
- On it.
- Come on.
- Yes, chef.
Where the hell is my food?
I can't wait all night, man.
Time's money, right?
- Yeah.
- Got it?
- I got it.
- Yeah?
- This here, this is Lila.
- Hi, Theo.
Shit, man. Place is on fire.
We should discuss
all this after dinner, shouldn't we?
Hey. Hey, you. How we doing?
Jonas Zeuten. And you are?
Very cool. Hello, everyone.
What's up?Killing it?
Looking good.
The look out there,
it is a beauty right now,
but you had a whole Bauhaus-thing
going on before, didn't you?
Yeah. Golden Age.
It was very cool,
very cool, but this is really just... level.
Theo, look at me. Let's hammer this out.
Merle, she calls this place
the wildest adventure.
And I want to be part of it.
You know?
- Well, it really all starts with the food.
- That's right.
- Hey, big guy! Hi!
- Lai. Hi.
Can you shut up
and sample the food? You fucking ass!
- Sorry.
- Do you wanna know something?
All of us are working
to give you a fantastic meal tonight.
- And you come in here to impress your...
- What's going on?
I think I...
somehow offended Theo Dahl.
- No, but...
- Yeah, yeah.
- Jonas.
- Theo, it's fine. I get it.
- So long.Enjoy your work.
- Yeah, I'm very sorry for that.
These doves are going to table two.
They left.
Hello! Are you gonna
take these to table two?
- Theo.
- Goddamn fucking shit!
Have you called them?
Go do it.
It says you're inheriting Ristonchi.
Yeah, I really don't care that I am.
Come have a seat
I had a talk with Merle.
I think you talk too much, Ma.
She said that you
just turned totally ballistic.
I'm just stressed out.
Because of the new restaurant?
I wonder about this then.
Does this latest restaurant
do anything for you
that the old one didn't do?
Look, Ma,
this is just something totally new and...
This is my dream.
Make an escape that will just...
A restaurant that will totally change
the way of appreciating meals.
- That'll make history.
- Then that'll satisfy you?
You don't get it.
You aresimply so...
- Simply so...
- You're so satisfied with the ordinary.
And you are exceptional.
But even exceptional people
need to be happy too.
Yeah, I feel good.
You're so angry.
I think we should fix that thing.
Okay. I can fix it for you next week.
And we can talk more then.
I love you.
I love you too.
Are the rest around?
I let them go.
They don't clean up after me.
I heard you're being stupid.
You know that land, villa, or castle
your mom says you just inherited.
I really don't care.
Zeuten's out.
We lost nine million euro.
A lot.
And, yeah, that castle isn't worth
anything more than five or seven hundred.
But that's enough money to get it started.
It gives time to look for more funds
or to cut back on the restaurant.
It's only one or two days,
you get set up with a lawyer
and a real estate agent,
and then you have control of your future.
Merle, I really can't be bothered.
Not for yourself.For your crew.
I thought you said
they don't clean up after you.
Shit. Okay...
Good morning, you have reached Pino Conti.
I cannot take your call now.
Please try again later, thanks.
- Whatever you recommend.
- Good. Okay. Perfecto.
But water from the bottle, please.
And no one's helping as usual.
No, ah, no, no. What are you doing?
- You said water.
- Yeah, from the bottle.
- This is a bottle. What do you think?
- But then you pour into the ice cubes...
Then whatever shit water the ice cube is
made from is mixed with the bottled water
- Are you kidding me!
- Are you kidding me?
- I don't understand...
- You get sick from this.
Crazy. God, he's convinced
that I'm poisoning him.
- Listen, I know what we should do.
- Please relax, Sophia.
No problem.
We'll solve this right now.
- There you go.
- Oh. That's very nice.
A bottle of water. Just for you.
I'm terribly sorry, sir.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Here you go.
Buon appetito.
Okay, any decisions made?
How about an entree?
You wanna start there?
I'll get you bruschettas,
cheese, a couple cold cuts...
Then I suggest some wine too. Okay?
Sounds perfect.
- Ah, fantastic.
- Thank you.
- It's good, huh?
- Mm.
Excuse me, is Pino Conte here?
- What do you want with him?
- Nothing. Private matter.
Well, he's not here.
His office is in town.
Okay, can I have the cheque then, please?
Finally, he's leaving.
It's about time...
Get this over with. Okay.
You're Theo Dahl.
It's on the house.
Thank you.
Hello, Mr. Theo Dahl. I'm Pino.
Sorry I didn't take your call.
I am at the Ristonchi
olive tree area rightnow.
You can meet me here later today.
Otherwise, I'll see you
at the office tomorrow.
Welcome to Tuscany, my friend.
Okay. Thank you very much.
You have any idea?
I don't know what's wrong with this.
I don't know.
- Pino?
- Oh. Mr. Dahl.
Uh, Theo.
- Theo. Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- It's a good thing I found you.
- I am sorry about your father.
Yeah, well, thanks.
I really need
to sell this place, Pino.
Oh, okay.
So can you explain me the procedure?
I want to do this as quick as possible.
Yeah, yeah. I know you have an expensive
restaurant back in Denmark, right?
I don't know if it's expensive.
It's quality food.
That's the same, my friend.
Okay. I tell you what.
Why don't I draw up the paperwork
and bring it to you tomorrow?
How much do you think you can sell it for?
Well, I'm just a lawyer.
I facilitate the sale.
But I will also ask around
and I know there was
some interest for the property before...
I know it was valued for around 700,000
euros last time I spoke with your father.
- Okay.
- Oh. Wait.
Uh, not like that.
You need to move this first, okay.
Can we speed it up?
I don't want to stay another day.
Theo! You are selling a property,
my friend. This is not a bicycle.
These are complicated matters.
This is Italy, my friend.
- Yeah. No shit.
- Look around. Enjoy!
Goddamn, what a mess.
It's a word your father used to,
um, describe this place.
It means effortless grace.
- Yeah.
- He used to sit here every night.
With a glass of wine.
That's my father's specialty, I guess.
Effortlessness, right?
Um, vin?
You know Danish?
I understand, but I can say little.
Ah, that's good.
Don't you ever go home?
This is my home.
I have done all the greens in the fields.
- From the workshop behind you.
- A farmer.
Oh, no. What's the word? Um, botanist.
- Mmm.
- That's what I always dreamed to study.
So, why didn't you?
Too much to do here.
So, what would happen if...
If you didn't sell this place?
Sophia, no one tells you
the truth about this place.
It is useless.
It's a waste.
It's worthless.
Nothing to build on.
A waste?
But you don't know what we do here.
You don't understand
the history of this place.
The soul. What your father put in it.
I just spent three hours
wiping the kitchen clean
so that I could make a fucking sandwich.
And your sales numbers,
your paperwork is full of debt.
There is no value.
Your name is on a piece of paper
doesn't mean that
the world belongs to you. You know?
You look like you're having fun
Sophia, catch me!
What's going on?
- We're getting ready for a wedding event.
- Okay.
We're busy here, you know.
Sophia. Would it be okay
to go to the pool today?
You know it's still dirty.
Instead, how aboutyou grab Pino,
there's a lot to do. Go.
What, uh, what does it say on the statue?
come tutti gli altri."
"As extraordinary as everybody else."
It's a bit hypocritical, isn't it?
To saythat you are just like everybody
else and then make a statue of yourself.
It breaks down over time.
There are seeds insidefor whatever
your father wanted to leave behind.
- Theo.
- Much cleaner, huh?
- Yes, it is.
- Where's your gloves?
What's this for?
It's, uh, food for the wedding.
Why does he want to try the food?
What are you doing here?
This is the food for your wedding event?
Why do you care?
Because it's shit.
You can't serve this to your guests.
You're just angry.
No, this is fine for lunch or something
like that, but a wedding?
Are you fucking kidding me?
That's all the budget we can afford.
Just look in your garden.
You have the most fantastic
fresh tomatoes right out there.
Herbs and oranges, right there!
Your neighbor is a dairy farmer,
and you got old garbage at the market?
Cooking like we're all in a cafeteria.
We don't have enough people
to cook for 50 guests.
- I promised your father...
- Yeah. Fuck my father.
If you choose to serve this shit,
the party
will be terrible for those people.
I'm glad you came.
I always dreamed
I'd cook with you someday.
Because you...
He would always talk about you.
Uh, can I ask you about something?
- Yes.
- Sophia?
Her parents were like Roma.
You know, she ran away,
when they were traveling through.
She basically grew up in the Castello.
Have you ever tried to sell it?
The place, um, it is old.
The electricity, it'srun down.
she spent all her moneyon Ristonchi.
She can't even afford her own wedding now.
It's bad.
- Her wedding?
- Yes, with Pino.
- It's her wedding?
- Yes. It's her wedding.
They got one. Hmm?
You haveto remember you lost a father
when you were bambino, a kid.
She lost one just a few weeks ago.
Yeah, okay.
- Have you seen Pino?
- No, I haven't.
Have you seen Pino?
What an idiot.
He knew we had plans.
Anything I can help with?
Please don't make fun of me.
I really have no time for this.
No, I have nothing on my schedule.
- I need a ride. I don't drive.
- Sure.
This one is Pina.
- That one?
- Yes. Don't get close to her. She bites.
I pick up shifts when there isn't much
to do at the Ristonchi in winter.
I've been doing it
since I was a little girl.
And I love it.
I could do it for free.
This is you. So this is your town?
Have you ever been outside of Tuscany?
- Why? Is it weird?
- No, no, it's fine.
go pick an aged one for us. Thank you.
Oh no, you really don't have to.
No, no.It's my pleasure.
Livio, I'm heartbroken, but I...
I'm afraid that I have to
permanently cancel our account.
Please, don't feel bad,
it will get better soon.
I really wish I had faith in that.
Don't worry.
And listen, you know that you
can always come and work here.
Thank you.
- This is amazing.
- Fantastic.
Luciano, could you cut a piece off
so they can bring it along.
No, Livio, it's just...
- It's too much.
- It's okay.
We can't make you give that though.
I want to do it. Yeah, go ahead.
That's it.It's okay.
Thank you for this.
You're welcome!
Okay, you, um, wait out here.
Uh, maybe you check the area,
I don't know,while I do this, okay?
This is?
Nothing. Just wedding preparation.
- What is it?
- It's nothing.
One hour!
Let me just get my key.
This way.
This is my room.
But you don't live here.
This is my old room.
I use it when I want to escape from home.
What is that?
I've seen this picture before.
It's you and me.
It's us when we were kids.
Are you kidding?
Why haven't...
Why didn't you talk about this, huh?
You wouldn't remember anyway,
so why would I say?
- I'll see you later.
- Okay.
- Theo! Good hunt, huh?
- Yeah.
- Hey, I want you to meet someone.
- Hello.
Lucca, Theo.
Theo, Lucca.
Theo Dahl!
Mamma mia! I am your fan.
Really? Oh, thanks.
Lucca and his family basically
own Galatina near Lecce.
- Uh, is that the south? Right?
- Yes. The south of Italy.
The best part of the country.
I was telling him that you might
be interested in selling Ristonchi.
Tell me, Theo. Why would you sell it?
I need money.
I want to build my dream restaurant.
And youcan't do that here?
This place is a different kind of place
from what I usually do.
- So...
- Mm-hmm.
The building is
not so much, yeah?
Yeah, it's old and, uh, not in a good way.
Actually, it's been renovated quite a bit.
I think that place
should be good to make money,
but it needs soul.
And, my friend, you know that
soul is the only thing you can't buy.
The kitchen is solid,
the whole surroundings
they're... they're amazing, right.
Lots of vegetation.
I think it could be a perfect spot
to build both a hotel and a restaurant.
- I say four.
- No. No, no, no, my friend. No way.
- No, no, no, it's impossible. I told you.
- But it's an honest offer.
That's not an honest offer.
You're playing tricks on him.
Why do you have to play tricks on him?
We're Italians, come on, treat him fairly!
All right.All right.
Okay, okay, okay.
I say five hundred right now.
We shake the hands,
and I transfer the money on my phone.
I think a fair offer
should be 700,000 as I told you.
Bah? Come on,
what do you mean! You're crazy.
- That's insane.
- It's a unique castle.
- He's crazy.
- You can't find anything like this!
It's theRistonchi Castle.
Look, Tuscany has
plenty of beautiful castles.
- But this is unique!
- Any idea how many I've seen?
There isn't another like it.
- What if I show you?
- Show me what?
I show you what this place
could be if it's managed the right way.
These people, they're sweet people.
But they are not
business people like you and me.
So, let me cater the wedding.
I'll make the food,
and then I'll show youRistonchi
has everything it takes
to be a profitable business,
if it's run the right way.
Well, in that case, I...
I will pay 700, okay?
Nine hundred.
- No! No!
- Didn't you just spend way more
on that brand new car
at your house, right?
- But 900 is too much, no!
- You just got a car you haven't driven.
It's too much. I can't.
For once, investin something
that actually makes sense?
- This is smart. Listen.
- My wife will kill me!
- Why are you using your wife?
- My wife will kill me.
When you come to Denmark,
you bring your wife to my restaurant.
And then we'll show you
a wonderful time, okay?
Who is this man that try to shake my hand?
No, no, no. And if this place is still
a farmer house after the wedding? Huh?
Then you get it for 500.
- Okay?
- Okay. Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Oh, make sure
we're prepared to sign everything.
- Don't give any surprises. Got it?
- Yeah, of course, I'll do it.
I'll do the paperwork, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay. 500, don't forget 500.
- Thank you, Lucca!
- Okay.
- All right. Thanks. Whoa.
- You tricked me. Huh?
- This will be a fun one to watch.
- Is he for real?
If you keep your word, so will he.
You disappeared.
Too Italian.
Now what are you doing here?
Just processing.
I want to show you something.
Show me what?
His old books of recipes.
You were his inspiration.
Every time he cooked.
There isn't one single recipe
in this bookthat can be done without
what we grow here in Pelago.
You want to make one?
This one.
Risotto Ristonchi.
This was his signature dish.
What are you trying to do? Scrub them off?
We have that wine
from the other night?
Red wine?
We used white wine in this recipe.
Yeah, trust me.
Just bring me
exactly one deciliter of that.
No, not yet. Ugh.
- What are you doing?
- Come on. You can't measure life.
Okay. Stop.
- Here.
- Thanks.
Did you ever cook with him?
Honestly, I don't know if...
Thinking back, I...
He had me cook a thousand eggs.
I was five or six years old then.
First, uh, boiled eggs, thenscrambled,
then poached eggs.
Uh, it took me a year
to get the eggs perfect,
but then they've been perfect ever since.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
Looks good.
Why didn't you say
that you're getting married?
You never said it was your wedding.
No, I did. I told you.
No, you didn't. You said "a wedding."
I don't know.
Maybe just a fluke.
How about you let me and my restaurant
cook all the meals then?
For your wedding.
I'm pretty sure we can not afford you.
No, as a gift.
As a thank you for all you've done,
all the money
you've paid to help Ristonchi.
- Oh...
- We make the food, and then we...
Call it even.
A deal?
This is what I do.
- What are you? A botanist?
- What?
Now let me.
Ah. What are you doing?
I will make very little adjustment, okay?
This looks like Geo's food.
No, uh...
Tiny bit more.
This tastes great.
- Mmm.
- Okay.
You're a very good cook.
It's very good.
Oh, come on. What are you doing?
I am analyzing.
This is not for analyzing.
This is for feeling.
The most important ingredient.
Do you know what that is?
It's love.
It's love.
Well done.
Thank you.
Okay, where are we going?
Um, that way.
- Okay...
- Thank you so much.
Yeah. Of course.
No problem.
- Be back in a minute.
- Bye.
- See you, Vincent.
- Bye, Theo.
- Theo, it's rotten.
- No, it's flavor.
It's rotten cheese.
It has to be.
Most of it has no flavor.
- Is it fine here?
- Yes.
- Thanks.
- Yeah? You're welcome.
I'm very tired.
You have a big day tomorrow.
Are you ready?
I think so.
It's going to be fine. Well, goodnight.
- Sorry.
- Wait.
- I...
- Why did you do that?
I know.
I shouldn't have done that.
Sorry, Sophia.
I, um...
Help. Fuck.
Nothing happened, okay? Sorry.
- Hi. Have you seen Sophia?
- No.
- Theo.
- Hey, Vincent.
- Hey.
- You know where Sophia is?
Yeah, sure. Sophia is upstairs.
- Thank you.
- You okay?
Yeah, yeah.
Can we have just a second to speak?
- You look beautiful.
- Thank you.
You look like shit.
Yeah, well, I...
I didn't sleep that much last night.
- You got into that dress pretty quick.
- Theo.
It's probably not true,
but Pino told me something.
That you agreed to stay and cook
just to sell the place.
Okay, yeah, I might've talked
with Pino and Lucca about it.
It wasn't...
Because you told me you did it for me.
It was...
It just... it also made sense with Lucca.
Which one was first?
- Sophia.
- What one was first?
Does it matter?
Yes, it matters.
Because now I have this creepyfeeling
that you're using my wedding
to make my worst nightmare come true.
No. No.
That's not at all what's happening.
Then what was last night?
I don't know. What was it to you?
You called your wedding an event.
When Imet you first,
you called your wedding an event.
- Why did you do that?
- I don't know.
So, is this what you want?
Do you want to be married to him?
Or do you just desperately need
someone or someplace to call your home?
You don't know me.
You say these things about me
like you are any better.
Yes, you had a shitty father.
And now you're trying
to be the opposite of him.
But you want to know what?
This is just as shitty.
Going around life,
clinging to what others expect from you.
Afraid of failing.Maybe leaving.
This is what cowards do.
So that's what I should be doing?
Staying here and failing with you?
What are you doing here?
You just took everyone over here?
Are you crazy?
Did you get a contract
on this drunken deal?
Not now. Okay?
Welcome all my parishioners.
Oh, today is a day
of endless joy for us all
because Sophia and Pino,
whom we have all watched grow,
healthy and beautiful,
united in the holy sacrament of matrimony.
Let us all give thanksto our Lord.
Do you,Pino Conti Trevisano,
take this woman, Sophia Gennera
to be your lawfully wedded wife?
Through all good times and the bad,
until death do you part?
Yes, I do.
With all my heart.
And now do you, Sophia Gennera,
choose to take this man right here,
Pino Conti Trevisano
to be your lawfully wedded husband?
Through all the good times
and the bad, until death do you part?
My love?
Yes. Yes, I do.
I pronounce you husband and wife.
And now, you may kiss the bride.
Kiss her! Kiss her!
Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her!
Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her!
I don't know...
Thank you.
- This is not food.
- No?
No. This is material for dreaming.
Thank you.
I think we'll have
an agreement about Ristonchi.
So glad to hear. Thank you.
Theo. Theo!
Go. Go.
I haven't seen you all day.
I've been in the kitchen.
That's what I do.
Theo, come here. Come.
- Here.
- What's up?
Why don't you go in,
just change and come celebrate with us?
And then we drink, okay?
Yeah, well, the kitchen needs cleaning.
- And also I'm going pack and I'm...
- Theo.
Theo. No. Please.
- It would mean a lot to me. To Sophia.
- Yeah.
And to this memory.
Okay. I guess.
Thank you.
So, are you cozy over here?
Come on, let's join the rest.
It's fine here.
It's good that you're here.
That you've opened
your mind to the idea now.
I haven't forgotten, you know...
Our lousy fling.
That was a shit show.
But you're different now.
I see it's painful.
It should feel like that.
You okay?
Hey, Theo. Don't do it.
Hi, everyone.
My name is Theo
and I am the caterer of this evening.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Uh, some of you
might know me as, uh, Geo's son.
As the owner of this place,
I just feel maybe I...
I owe you some kind of speech.
I've been meeting
a lot of you wonderful people.
Everyone seems to have this close and...
and private relationship
with my father, which is nice.
I used to think he was just an asshole.
Didn't care about anyone.
But as it turns out
he is a very, very sweet and nice guy,
who just didn't give
a fuck about me or my mother.
I guess if you make
your world small and relevant
then it's no problem to be nice, huh?
And maybe that's
what you people all here is doing.
Except for you, Sophia.
You don't seem to have
the need to be nice to anybody.
To Pino and Sophia.
Are you okay? Are you all right? Huh?
How much more red wine should I add?
How much more you think for the gravy?
Mm. It's good.
Might add just a bit there.
You can make
your adjustments later on too, okay?
- Your call.
- Thanks, chef.
Hey, guys.It smells great.
Looks really good, Svend.
- The money arrived from Italy.
- Great.
We need to talk to Friis
about the construction plans later.
- Mm?
- Sounds good.
- Our shipment just came in, Lai.
- It's good.
Get that food plated!
That's a smart change with the honey.
Thanks. Thank you.
I recall taking that picture.
- Can you?
- Yeah.
I took that right before
returning to Aarhus.
You two stayed a pair all summer.
Running, having fun, and...
I only just barely
got that photo of your hands.
- It's a good picture, though.Isn't it?
- Uh-huh.
It's a good picture because of that.
Do you miss him?
I think of...
how he'd see me.
So wowed like I'm just...
I mean...
You blame just him.
You always only blamed your father.
And you're right to do that.
He deserves all that.
But you should consider
blaming your mother for her part.
You know what?
You... You possess a...
You possess
an amazing drive that guides your life.
Drives you more than... love.
Might be hard to hear it.
No one is special.
But everyone can become special
if the right eyes are looking your way.
It looks great.
And the entryway right here...
- It faces us, yeah?
- Yeah.
That's not what you do normally, but
I think it will look good.
I also think that.
Only thing we need to pay attention to
is that we have to deal
with building height limitations here.
Ah, let's see.
We can go the safe route,
waiting for approval of it,
or just go on ahead, take a chance,
and hope for the best.
No, I really don't want
to just rebuild it all. Well?
Are you kidding me?
Go on then!
Well, uh... now what?
Yeah, but look at the pool too, though.
- A bit...
- It's ridiculous.
A bit bad,
but you work on it a little, right?
- Well, yeah.
- I think you put new tile over there.
Come on, this will all get pitched
and then built completely from nothing,
new cover and tile work,
and with this view will look amazing.
- But if you...
- Hey, Pino!
Hello, my friend. I...
Ah! What the hell!
Are you crazy, man? Huh?
Pino, stop fighting!
- Have both of you lost your minds?
- No, no!
No! Pino, stop!
Pino! Theo!
How could you do that, man? How could you?
- I'm so sorry.
- I thought we were friends.
I know, I know.
I don't have any excuse. I'm sorry. Pino.
- She left me, man.
- Okay. I'm sorry, Pino.
So, I'm willing
to throw about a million euros.
It will of course be subject
to some benchmarks,
but I'll discuss that further with Theo.
Thanks, Jonas.
Sounds good. I have to go now.
Okay, talk to you soon, Theo.
Okay, so that's one million from him
plus 500,000 from me.
You'll have doubled your money in a week.
I promisethis is going to be
the best investment you ever made.
And zero work that you have done.
I... I don't want to stand
in the way of family heritage.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Okay! Another order.
Vincenzo, moreParmigiano.
- I need three more, Lai.
- Got it.
Thank you.
Come on.
- Ah, that looks nice.
- Yeah, nice, right?
- How do they look so good?
- Yeah, it's crazy.
Look at you.
Look at you.
You learned to drive.
- So you kept it?
- Yeah.
- Someone told me this place had potential.
- Hmm.
Sounds like a great person.
The best.
I did call you. I tried.
I... I needed to seewho I am.
Without this place.
- I started university.
- Yeah, I heard.
Good. That's great.
Of course.
- You want to help?
- Now?
Yeah, yeah. Merle is terrible at service.
Not like you.
- Okay.
- Really?
- Sure.
- Great.
I... I was hoping you had a room
for the summer vacation.
Yeah. Actually, you're in luck.
We were about
to dust off an old empty room
but we haven't
been in there in a whole year, so...
- Seriously?
- Yeah.
Once it's all cleaned up,
we'll get you moved in, if you want.