Tosun Pasa (1976) Movie Script

I'm coming brother!
Adile, where are you?
I'm here brother...
Here, I brought your coffee.
Look at me, what time is it?
It is eight brother.
What a shame!
Didn't they get up yet?
Well...They're still sleeping brother...
Yow! After all these years, I still couldn't teach my son-in-laws and my daughters
that breakfast is eaten on time in this home.
Yes, brother.
How many times have I said, "Tellioullari" don't get up late!
Perhaps, even our enemies "Seferoullari" already got up!
You're right brother.
Good morning Dad!
Where have you been?
Did you also get up late?
Far from it Dad!
A Telliolu never gets up late!
Bravo son!
Adile! Go and make those lazies wake up!
Right now brother, right now!
Bekir! Uur!
Come on, hurry up, get up!
Come on!
What is this rush aunt? For God's sake, what's happening to you ?
Jeez! Your father is downstairs and furious, you're still here!
Come on, hurry up!
Aw, why are you shouting aunt? It is all his fault!
Come on Mlayim, come on!
Jeez! What's going on again, is there something?
Come on son! Come on!
Ruhi! Emine!
Come on Ruhi! Come on!
We're late for breakfast!
I'm coming my love!
A aa! What a shame daughter! Hurry up!
Alla! Alla!
Fatma! Vehbi!
Oh my! You didn't get dress yet!
Didn't you guys get used to your Dad's character yet?
Okay aunt, okay!
He's downstairs and furious!
Come on, come on! Hurry up!
If you guys make me wait at the table once again, I'll break your legs!
Discipline comes first for the "Telliolu Family"!
Do you want us to be material for our enemies Seferoullari?
Is that alright Hatice?
Is it okay my son in-law?
Is it okay Fatma?
Yes Dad.
Is it okay my son-in-law Vehbi?
You tell me Emine.
Yes Dad.
Is it clear my son-in-law Ruhi?
It is clear sir.
Is it clear my older daughter Zekiye?
It is clear Dad.
Where's your husband?
He got up very early and went out to spy on Seferoullari, Dad.
You guys, look and learn something from the little son-in-law.
What is this?
Why are you serving?
Isn't there a servant in this house?
Where's that aban?
He's here around.
What he should do? Poor him,
how he'll catch up all the tasks?
Allah Allah!
He runs for everything!
Of course, he has to run! Isn't he the servant of this house?
Don't get angry Dad, I'll find that dog now!
Where's this animal?
You're lying down eh?
No my dear!
Yes, you're lying down.
Is it something wrong about how I'm lying down?
And even in my Dad's bed eh?
Is there any problem with that?
My Dad's bed?!
I didn't say that is your mum's bed either!
Goddamn you!...My father's bed!
I saw Seferoullari...
In my dream...
I saw a dream, hopefully God's good sign inshallah...
Tell me, tell me!
Sir, you were in a green meadow,
on a white horse,
had pulled your sword,
were attacking to Seferoullari.
Oh yeah? Tell me son...
You know...
The horse means wishes in dreams
and the green means...
I know son, tell me more...
Then, one of Seferoullari caught you
and shoved your head into grass.
No dear...
After that sir, you started to eat grass...
And suddenly started to whinny like "aban! aban!".
You idiot!
What kind of dream is this?
You don't like anything either yow!
You imbecile!
(door bell rings)
Yours arrived I think...
Go open the door.
Preparing the table is not one of your job?
Look! Aunt have prepared it!
What is wrong with it? It looks very nice!
Health to your hands...
Look at him!
Look at him! What did they do my hubby?
Oh my gosh, who did this to you?
What? Seferoullari?
Goddamn all of them!
I hope they all die!
I should have known that, the water sleeps but Seferoullari never sleep...
Yes...pot calls kettle...
yours is darker than mine...
We should call them to account for Dad!
Yow, it seems that they smashed up the little brother-in-law...
You, look at me and be honest!
I never beaten by someone!
Obviously you never, but...
Your 5 teeth are missing...
Your right eye got swallow a little bit...
Have you seen his eye?
No, what color is it?
Damn you! Now I'm gonna!...
Bekir, please don't do! Please!
Don't get angry little bro-in-law, don't!
Stop the noise!
Eee, tell the story!
I was passing by the cafe...
and then suddenly, Kasim from Seferoullari popped up in my face...
Little bro-in-law, how is Kasim is doing? Is he fine?
I don't know, how it happened,
suddenly we clashed into each other !
Why did you guys clash? You guys didn't see each other?
Stop it!
Clean the table!
Okay senior.
We're gonna get revenge of this one from Seferoullari!
We will!
We will!..
Come on! Don't poke around ! Hurry up!
Don't poke around! Hurry up!
Give that to me!
Okay? We got it!
God gives health to your hands my brave son!
Brother, I wish you had put that Telliolu into pieces.
I have done worse than this.
My brave son!
Scoundrels Tellioullari!
With no awareness of his tiny body,
he dared to say that "The Green Valley" belongs to Tellioullari!
I jumped on him!
The guys hardly taken him from my hands!
Whaat? Did he say "The Green Valley is ours"?
Yes, Dad.
While I was beating him,
he was shouting like " We won't let The Green Valley be yours!"
I see...
They still couldn't understand who's gonna have The Green Valley!
It's the time solving this problem from the root..
You're right Dad.
We're even late!
What are we gonna do?
Get ready!
We are going to capture The Green Valley!
Hurry up!
I heard that Seferoullari are getting ready to get The Green Valley!
You guys, hurry up!
How can they?
It can't be!
This is despotism!
Get ready, we're going right now!
Death to Sefeoullari!
...Death to Seferoullari!
What's happening you man?
Why? ...Am I not the bodyguard of Tellioullari?
You're the black sheep of Tellioullari!
Alla Alla?
Are you sure that we're on the right way?
I'm sorry to hear that,
I'm asked for all the desert!
After we advance that hill,
we're almost in The Green Valley.
Hi hi hi!
Alla Alla?
Where's The Green Valley you fool?
You imbecile!
You said that you took the short cut,
you made us lost the way!
Aw brother, why you've listened to aban?
Yow, I wonder, have they moved that Green Valley somewhere else? Heh-heh!
Oh, I really got very tired...
Guys, let's start...
you take this one...
you too...
Where the hell are you?
I'm waiting next to camels!
Bring that water pot!
I'm dying because of dehydration!
Yes sir.
Come on guys, action!
We wasted a lot of time!
We need to rest a little bit more, Dad.
Where's the water jerk?
Didn't I say to you to take the water pot in home?
You said me to take the pot and I did!
But, you didn't say me to fill it with water...
You idiot! Now, I am gonna (bleep) your mother and your father...
Stop the noise!
Let's gather!
Go bring the camels!
Okay senior.
Hurry up!!
Hey camels?
Alla? Alla?
Where are they yow?
Come quick!
I'm coming.
Load those boxes on the camels!
Master Ltf!
What now son?
You remember there were camels...
I'm exactly asking the same question. Where?
Otherwise...they escaped?
If they listened my donkey, probably have escaped!
You Motherfker!
I can't keep on...
It happens when we follow this imbecile...
I never accept the word imbecile,
It's all donkey's fault!
I'll shoot who stops until we arrive the Green Valley.
There's no turn back but death!
You guys walk!
Here it is!
Here it is The Green Valley!
The Green Valley!
It's not a valley, it is a heaven!
It's our Valley!
Here, our new land!
Didn't I say that I'd bring you guys from a short cut?
Live long! Heh-heh-hee!
Now, let's start working!
Let's fence our land!
Slow down Tellioullari!
Aren't you in a bit hurry to own The Green Valley?
God damn all of you!
They popped up here too...
A kind of tragedy may happen very soon...
Get out from our land!
You get out from our land!
Seferoullari, my grandfather discovered this land first!
Your grandfather wasn't able to discover.
Because he was a senile!
Hey, watch your mouth!
You shut up fatso!
I'd punch in the mouth the one who's calling my husband as fatso!
Honey, calm down!
I see thatTellioullari's men hide behind their women.
Hey Men! Come to middle!
Bekir, show me that asshole who had beaten you!
Why? You wanna make your husband beaten again?
Let me go! Let me go! Don't hold me!
Don't hold little bro-in-law!
Let him go!
Oh my! They think that they found an opportunity!
Let's walk, are we afraid of these dogs?
You guys too..Walk!
Come on, don't afraid!
Who scares my dear?
Attack Seferogullari!
Go on Tellioullari!
Heeey! Stop!
Stop fighting!
Don't put your nose into this, Commander!
Don't get into this!
Nobody can take The Green Valley from us!
I said "stop"! Otherwise I will stop by force!
Listen to me!
Only one person can solve you guy's land fight,
who's Alexandria's governor Mr. Daver.
Let's go and you confront next to him!
How many times did you guys fight?
Didn't you guys fed up fighting each other?
Didn't you guys fed up arguing each other?
They started the fight!
No, you guys!
They've attacked my son-in-low.
Stop the noise!
They wanna get The Green Valley by force.
The despotism is your business!
We won't let anybody take The Green Valley from us!
I said stop!
Is the fighting fitting on two respectful families of Alexandria?
I'm confused, how am I gonna handle these people?
If I spit upword, there is mustache...
If I spit downward, there is beard...
That's right, you're right sir.
What's going on nanny?
Have they fought again?
They do nothing but fight...
Hi hi hiii!
That handsome one, which family he's from?
Which one?
That's one dear,
the one who's no mustache.
Hmm, Suphi from Seferoullari...
Daver bey, you must give The Green Valley us!
You know, my grandfather saw that land first!
Your grandfather wasn't able to see front of his nose,
because he was a senile!
Watch your mouth!
Gentlemen's! Gentlemen's!
I'm the only one who can decide which family is gonna get The Green Valley.
I'm gonna solve this issue by following the laws.
Is this clear?
Now, make a peace and wait for my decision...
Haaah, like that!
Don't waste your time Tellioglu,
sooner or later, The Green Valley is gonna be ours.
Don't push me! Don't!
Get out my way!
Here, you first Mr. Bekir...
You motherker, I'm gonna (bleep) your mother, your wife...!
Gentlemen's, what's going on?
Goodbye Mr. Kasim.
Damn Vehbi, one day you're gonna be in my hands...
Huh! Ah!
You asshole! I'm gonna (bleep)!...
Have a good day Mr. treasurer!
We'll you soon Vehbi...
Why did you trip me up, eh?
Are you gonna try again fatso Vehbi, eh?
Don't push me!
You've said my grandfather was a senile, eh?
What? You slapped my Dad, eh?
Ehheeeyt! I'll eat all of you!
Where are they?
Oh God! I hope nothing bad happened...
Don't call the evil girl...
Believe me I'm gonna die because of worrying...
Heh! They're coming!
Here they arrived!
What happened?
Something happen to my Dad?
Stop chitchatting! Hurry up, open the door!
What happened to my brother?
Oh Daddy!
Come here Dad!
What happened to my Dad?
Oh Daddy, oh my!
Please tell me Ltf, what happened to my brother?
Don't ask...My Dad...
I think, he lost his mind...
Help him to sit here, hurry!
Help him!
How are you feeling Dad?
I hope you're okay?
Seferoullari scoundrels hit my Dad's head with a piece of wood!
Goddamn sleazebags !
Goddamn scoundrels!
Nobody can talk about Seferoullari that they're scoundrels...
What are you saying Dad? They're our enemies!
I'd punch in the mouth the one who says Seferoullari are the enemy!
What are you saying brother?
Ignore what he says aunt.
He kissed me on the way to home by thinking that I'm one of Seferoullari.
Welcome senior!
slow dramatic
Sir, excuse me sir?
What's going on?
Daddy, let me kiss your hand...
God bless you child!
I think, he's mixing me with someone else...
Daddy, they beat us!
Oh really son? Poor you...
Hssht, I think, he's thinking that I'm his father yow?
They hit my head Dad!
It's obvious, it is !
I'll go and break those brats' hands now!
Yow, he's still mixing me...
Dad, this is aban! aban!
aban! aban!
You're liar! He's my Dad! My Dad!
What happened to senior master, Mlayim bro-in-law?
Sssh, he lost his mind! Lost his mind!
Here are our enemies!
He has a knife!
God damn enemies!
Stop brother!
He's attacking!
Stop Dad! Don't do!
Dad, I'm your son Ltf!
Go and fool your Dad!
Don't do!
He's still attacking!
Don't hold me!
You guys hold him!
aban, do something!
What should I do?
Akil! Akil!
slow dramatic
Yes Daddy?
Come to your Daddy son...Come on...
Okay, okay Daddy.
Why are you being so naughty, eh?
Sit here and behave, ok?
Sit here...
What's it in your hand?
Put that back...
Bravo son!
Oh my God! Look at this situation...
We should immediately consult the doctor...
Yes, we should do this.
Are you guys crazy, what doctor?
No doctor!
Why not?
We'll be a material for everybody...
In fact, we'd be especially a material for Seferoullari!
He's right...
Alright, what we are gonna do now?
There's only one solution,
What is it?
We're gonna close him into his room until he recovers. Okay?
Who told you to sit? Stand up!
Stand up!
It's time for you to go to sleep son...
Go to your bed!
Come on, rock-a-bye baby...Come on my child...
Alla Alla?
We've gathered for a very important matter of Telliolu family!
We gathered...
Unfortunately, I don't think so my Dad is gonna recover.
Neither do I!
(clearing the throat)
However we've been passing through very hard days...
Yes, we're having a hard time...
Alright, what's gonna happen?
Is Telliolu family gonna be headless?
(clearing the throat)
We need a new leader for our family!
Totally right, it is necessary!
This leader has to be as brave and clever as my Dad!
Death to Tellioullari! Live long Seferoullari!
Don't do son, don't do child! Don't do!
Yow, our brat is misbehaving again...Heh-heh...
He has to be trustable, brave and courageous as my Dad!
That's so right!
Mr. Ltf, I have all these qualifications that you've mentioned...
You exactly described me!
That means, I'm the new leader of the family.
I will try to deserve you guys.
God bless you, God saves you, thank you very much...
No need to cheer....
Hoost! You idiot!
Who the hell are you whose thinking to be a leader of Telliolu family?
You've said yourself a minutes ago "You are the leader".
Only one person has all these qualifications here.
This is me!
I'm the leader of this family from now! Okay?
Is it clear?
Death to Tellioullari! Long live Seferoullari!
aban, I think, my brother escaped from the room...
Yow, I'm in trouble with this kid...
Death to enemies! Long live Seferoullari!
I'm gonna chop all Tellioullari!
My uncle...
When did you arrive?
Yow, wasn't I your father?
Where the uncle came from son?
Make a decision, otherwise I'll punish you.
What's that sword doing in your hand? Eh?
You naughty brat, you!
Go upstairs, go!
I'll punish you...Go!
Okay my uncle...
Now...As being a new leader of Telliolu family,
I'm declaring my decisions!
The war between us and our enemies Seferoullari is gonna continue!
What's gonna happen to The Green Valley?
We're not gonna leave it to Seferogullari! Eh?
Of course, we're not gonna leave it!
There is only way to get The Green Valley!
What is it?
I'm gonna get marry with Mr. Daver's daughter Leyla!
By this way, he's gonna give The Green Valley us...
For this one, you girls are gonna go to Hammam for seeing her.
Come on girls, hurry up!
He he he!
Oh my! It's difficult to walk with these clogs.
You guys, dont forget to complement Ms. Leyla.
Hopefully, she'll accept to marry with my brother.
slow cheerful
Seferogullari's women!
Goddamn all! How quick they heard it?
Aw! They go after Miss Leyla too!
What we gonna do now?
What do you mean what we gonna do?
We're not gonna leave her to them!
Come on, go girls!
Place the trays over there very well...
Oh my!
Look at them!
Hammam's atmosphere got pollution!
Daughter, their dirt won't be removed by having a bath.
I hope, the beauty of the world Ms. Leyla is feeling good.
Thank you.
May God preserve her from evil! Maashallah!
Oh, be careful about the evil eyes around!
Right! Heh-heh-hee!
Daughter, serve some stuffed leaves to Ms. Leyla.
Would you like to have some stuffed leaves Miss Leyla?
Prepared according to your taste, bon appetite!
Girl, these have being so shameless!
The delicious ones are here Miss. Leyla, here...
Bon appetit!
What do you think about this pastry?
Would you like to have some meatballs?
Ehm, thank you very much.
Daughter, in fact, they're gonna eat you up.
Our meatballs are better!
Our pastries were prepared according to your taste...
Oh my dear, be careful about Telliogullari's food...
you stomach may get sick...
Shoo! You first fill your empty stomach!
Daughter,don't get angry, let the dogs bark! Huh!
We came here for having fun and entertaining Ms.Leyla.
That's right indeed!
Come on, play the instruments girls!
I got into vineyard, the vineyard was pruned
The vineyard was haunted by the nightingale
I got into vineyard, the vineyard was pruned
The vineyard was haunted by the nightingale
18 years old Ms.Leyla was mislead by who one else?
...18 years old Miss Leyla was mislead by who one else?
Come on, come on!
Filthy water has splashed from that basin to this one
Filthy water has splashed from that basin to this one...
45 years old Ms. looking very old!
45 years old Miss looking very old!...
There's no filthy water worse than you guys...
Sir's daughter won't be mislead by you...
There's no filthy water worse than you guys...
Sir's daughter won't be mislead by you...
Hey, fk you off, Ms. Rukiye! I'll punch you in the mouth! Hop-hop-hop!
Hey, fk you off, Ms.Rukiye! I'll punch you in the mouth! Haaaeeeey!
Leave Miss Leyla alone!
You leave!
Please don't do!
Don't pull!
Aaaa! You deserved this!
You are shameless!
Aaa! Get off me!
Get off me!
(birds are chirping)
God damn, they popped up here again!
Oh my, how they are in a hurry for asking the girl's hand!
I hope they'll become speechless before they ask it!
Damn, there is no way to get rid of them!
Come on, hurry up!
cheerful music
Let us pass first!
You stop and let us pass first!
Our job is urgent!
Our job is more urgent than yours man!
You should thank to God we're in Mr. Daver's pavilion, otherwise I'd show you!
Hey!Get out my way!
Mr. Daver!
What's up? What's going on again?
The command of God...
And the word of Prophet...
I'm asking your daughter's hand...
for myself!
No! For my son Suphi!
Wait gentelemen's, what is this rush?
Rest a little bit!
You surprised me very much.
Mr. Ltf?
Why didn't your Dad come for asking my daughter's hand for you?
Well...That's right...He's sick little bit...
Oh yeah? I hope he'll get well soon.
Mr. Daver, could you do a favor by saying your decision?
It made me very emotional to hear
that two good families were asking for my daughter's hand.
However, I have to think about it.
Oh yeah?
I have somethings to take care...
Now,with your permission...I'll be back...
Permission is yours...
Here, please have a sit gentlemen's.
Thank you, Mr. treasurer.
Agh! Don't push me!
Agh! Don't hit my leg!
Oh, may God preserve our new daughter-in-law from evil eye!
Com'on! When did she become your daughter-in-law?
We won't let anybody take our Leyla from us!
Stop guys, don't pull my daughter's arm!
Come daughter...
Okay Dad.
You know what's happening, do you?
Yes Dad.
We have to chose one of these family.
Do you have any preference?
Not at all Dad.
Don't be shy daughter.
You are the one who's gonna get marry.
Come with me.
Tell me honestly, who's in your hearth?
But, Dad...
Come on, don't hide it from me, tell me...
Which one?
So, you liked Suphi from Seferogullari...
Jelous bastards...
You popped up here in our face too...
Not actually, you popped up!
Now, you guys hold the bag!
Hey you, watch your mouth!
Sorry Mr. Sitki, I made you wait.
Oh, no sir, not a problem...
I'm gonna declare our decision very soon, don't worry!
Thank you sir.
You guys can go Mr. Ltf.
We also would like to leave by your permission...
If you don't have any other plan, we'll have dinner together?
Heh-heh, it is a pleasure for us.
Shall we stay too sir?
Hopefully, we'll have dinner another time with you guys.
Oh yeah? Really?
We'll go then...
You guys walk...
Oh my, what was missing on us which they have ?
Probably, they cast a spell on her!
Of course !
Look at our son!
Look at those eyes!
Look at those eyebrows!
He has everything in place!
It's over! It's all over!
Stop you guys!
Tellioglu family never accepts the defeat easily.
What they'll do if they don't accept?
I'm gonna find a solution now! I did!
Whom Mr. Daver afraid of?
From Cairo Palace!
If someone had a back up who's like Tosun Pasha,
there'd be nothing that he can't get.
Who the hell is Tosun Pasha?
The most powerful pasha in Cairo!
And... nobody recognizes him here...
Are we gonna bring Tosun Pasha here?
We're gonna create a fake Tosun Pasha!
But, our fake Tosun Pasha should be someone who Mr. Daver has never seen before,
so our dirty game won't be discovered.
But, who will be?
Who is this fake...?
Yow, senior has just mixed me again. Heh-heh!
Now, he's thinking that I'm his bro-in-law. Heh-heh-he!
Your father is a big douche bag yaw! Heh-heh-he!
Man, how can you say my father is a douche bag!
Can't I? Agh!
Come my son...
Come my child...
My Pasha!
My Tosun!
My Pasha!
My Tosun Pasha!
Look at me...
I'm aban.
You're Tosun Pasha!
Yow, he started to mix me too...Heh!
I found the Pasha!
I found Tosun Pasha!
Of course, I'm a pasha, you're a pasha too...
Come, I'll kiss you!
Mwah! My dear!
Come on, you guys are pasha too...
Everybody is pasha!
We're all pashas!
Poor guy, he's gone crazy...
You guys be careful,
his situation is going bad...
He's dangerous, he may bite...
Yes sir.
Son, now you're Tosun Pasha, okay?
I'm pasha, am I? Heh-heh!
But, don't change your mind again, okay?
I should know what am I.
Once I was a father, then uncle, after that bro-in-law...
No son,
you're Tosun Pasha from now on!
It's nice to be a pasha,
however I didn't like the name Tosun.
Look at me,
Can it be "Kasim Pasha" instead of "Tosun Pasha"?
No, it cannot be!
You're Tosun Pasha.
(clearing the throat)
However, being a pasha is not that easy.
Not really?
If we talk about a pasha...
He's scowl...
He stands straight!
He's proud!
He's brave!
He's courage!
He has fire in his eyes!
Mr. Ltf,
I can do all these but,
there is one thing that I cannot is having fire in my eyes...
How do they do this?
Stand up!
Which kind of standing is this?
Suck in your stomach!
Take a deep breath!
Keep it!
Keep it, don't open your mouth!
Did you see guys? Look...
Keep it! Don't exhale!
Look you guys...
You cannot do this well...
Come over here.
Come here!
Look now!
I'm Tosun Pasha.
Yow, did you change your mind again? I thought that I was Tosun Pasha?
Now, I'm.
No my friend,
I didn't like this "Pasha Game"!
I decided to be aban again.
No, it's impossible! There's no more aban!
has died...
No dear...
When did I die?
I was a very good man, yow...
Look son, this is the ceremony sword.
When we arrive to Mr. Daver's pavilion,
you're gonna be greeted by the Ceremony Battalion.
For example, the bro-in-laws are the Ceremony Battalion.
Oh yeah?
Now, you're gonna greet the Ceremony Battalion.
Peace be with you! Heh-heh!
Not like that son, you should draw your sword at the same time.
Like that!
Hello Battalion!
Thank you!
Go ahead.
I can't draw it!
Hello Battalion!
Thank you!
Thank you, God bless you too...But...
It can't be drawn!
Pay attention, come on do it!
I'm trying but I can't do...
Hello Battalion!
Thank you!
Come on! Pull that!
If I could...
Are you fine Battalion?
Thank you!
May God gives you appetite!
It doesn't work!
It doesn't work!!
It doesn't work!!!
It worked, it worked very well!
Alright, very good. I managed everything!
Here you guys, this is Tosun Pasha!
(clearing the throat)
Come son!
I'm shy...
Son, come here!
Shall I come?
Idiot! Come here!
(applauses and cheers)
Mr. Ltf, I still couldn't understand the reason you to call me here.
Oh, didn't I say?
Well, maybe...Heh-heh!
You'll understand everything soon...
He's coming! He's coming!
Who's coming?
aban!...Well... I mean...
Tosun Pasha sir.
What? Did you say Tosun Pasha?
Aaa, our Tosun Pasha...
Come on, let's greet him!
Hi Ltf!
Tosun Pasha!
I cannot believe my eyes...
Welcome sir!
We're honored by your visit!
How are you Ltf?
What wind brought you here sir?
With your permission sir...
No, I'm gonna kiss...
Let me sir...
You let me!
What are you doing idiot?
Have you ever seen a pasha kiss a hand?
Ahem, welcome here sir.
Here sir...
Ltf, who is this?
Mr. Daver's commander.
Is he also a pasha?
Oh my dear, come, let me kiss you...
(clearing the throat)
Pasha, I hope you're fine?
How is Cairo?
How is the palace?
How are our family elders?
Believe me, Cairo is always very good...
The whether is very good...
Our business is also good...
You know man, sweep and mop the floors, eh?
(clearing the throat)
He's a bit witty, isn't he?
Ltf son...
Yes sir, pasha...
How is your Dad?
He prays for your health sir.
No, I'm not asking that,
remember, he was thinking that I'm his father?
Hmm? I couldn't understand.
Oh my, today you're acting so stupid Ltf!
Dear understand this, your Dad lost his mind, eh?
Oh...Dear Pasha...
Alla Alla??
you're very witty.
Here, your coffee sir.
Yes sir.
What is this girl?
I'm very sorry...
Have I ever prepared so bad coffee for you guys?
Where is it's foam?
Go and bring a new one! Come on!
Alright sir.
You put a cushion to my back!
This house is so uncomfortable!
Ay! Be be careful man!
You hurt my back!
You're so stupid my dear!
You're very stupid!!
Forgive me sir.
Middle bro-in-law!
Are you talking with me sir?
You come and remove my boots. They're very tight!
You...Now I am gonna (bleep) your mother and your father...
Aye sir!
Pasha, can I leave with your kind permission?
But we were having a nice time...Alright go!
Ha,tell to your master that tomorrow I'm gonna go there
and hang him on the wall from the ears...
Aye sir!
Ltf !
You go and bring my sleepers!
Fiyuu! Fiyuu!
Hooosstt! You asshole!
Don't do! I am the Pasha!
Tosun Pasha, eh?
Yes, Tosun Pasha.
Are you sure?
I swear he was Tosun Pasha.
What his business with them?
They said that he's their relative sir.
He said he's gonna come for
hanging you on the wall from the ears sir.
It looks like there is something behind this, but...
What is it?
I really don't know sir.
I heard about him a lot, however I never met in person.
What's he looking like?
Believe me sir, he's looking like you or me...
What do you mean by you or me?
He is a very powerful pasha!
He's brave and courageous!
He wrestles with two wrestler at the same time, you never heard that?
Yes, I heard it but I have just met him in person.
Mr. Daver,
What is it Seferoglu?
How about deciding the wedding day?
Is it the time for the wedding day now?
A very important pasha just arrived to our door,
and you're talking about the wedding!
Yes sir!
Hurry up, inform all the pavilion, you guys get ready quick!
Aye sir!
You understood what I said to you, did you?
I understood very well.
You are an idiot, you don't understand.
Look, I'm repeating again, whenever we arrive to Mr. Daver's pavilion,
you're gonna ask Ms.Leyla's hand for me.
Okay, I know.
Whom you're gonna ask The Green Valley for?
For Seferoullari.
You're gonna as The Green Valley for us too!
Yes, I'm gonna ask it for you too...
Welcome sir...
How are you Daver?
Eer...Sir, he is not Daver.
I'm Daver sir.
Aha! I know!
I made a joke dear!
Your visit made us very happy, Pasha.
Oh yeah?
What happened to him? Why he got angry?
Protect me from this man Ltf, he's gonna kill me.
Commander, I'm Tosun Pasha, didn't you recognize?
Ceremony troop, ready!
Stand and salute!
(clearing the throat)
The ceremony troop is ready for your supervise Pasha!
Go and greet them...greet them...
Am I gonna greet?
Peace be with you!
Not like that...Like we did home, draw your sword...
It's not coming out...
It's not coming out again...
Can't it be without sword?
No, it cannot be, draw it!
I could finally draw it!
Alla Alla?
Handle stayed in my hand. Heh-heh!
What am I gonna suppose to say?
Hello dear Ltf...
How are you my dear?
but, what I suppose to say the soldiers?
Hello idiot, hello!
Aha, I got it.
Hello idiot soldiers!
Thank you!
Thank you too!
Eee...How are you Daver?
I pray for your health Pasha.
Bravo man! Heh-heh!
What is the purpose of your Alexandria visit?
Believe me, everything has hatched out in his head.
(clearing the throat)
Isn't it right, Ltf?
It's right, right...
It's been a while, we've been asking insistently Pasha to visit us...
You honored us by your visit sir.
Yes, I did like that... Heh-heh!
Say it...
What valley yow?
The Green Valley.
Aha! I understood!
Mr. Daver!
I'm ready for your order Pasha.
You have a valley which is called The Green Valley...
Yes sir.
Now...The Green Valley is good...
Ltf is also good.
The Green Valley's green color...
is grass...
Yow, what was I gonna say, Ltf?
It seems that I mixed it a little bit...
Here your coffee Pasha.
Oh my dear...
Who are you?
My daughter Leyla, Pasha.
Oh really?
Alla alla?
look, she is Leyla.
You're a little bit foxy eh?
(clearing the throat)
What is it? You have a soar throat?
Pasha, you probably very tired because of the long trip,
you can go to rest.
I should go, eh?
So, you'll be rested until dinner.
Ahem, with your kind permission...
Mr. Ltf, no way, I won't let you go.
You're my guest too...
No, no...We shouldn't disturb you guys...
No way, otherwise I'll be very upset.
So, we'll stay then...
Stay stay! Come on!
Why don't you ladies start to eat?
Don't make the meal get cold. Please...
It is impossible us to start before you start.
The food cannot pass from our throat believe me...
I hope it cannot pass and you choke!
Yes, aunt.
Look, isn't this soup our Tosun Pasha's most favorite one?
Yes, it is.
When a person has a relative like Tosun Pasha, everything is becoming different! Hah!
Look at them, they're gonna die because of swaggering.
Ah my Tosun!... He never stops obey my words...
He does everything we ask for...
I'm holding my glass up to our saintly and worshipful guest Tosun Pasha's honor!
aban, stand up, you have to talk in return.
What am I gonna say?
Repeat the words that I'll say...
Okay Ltf. Heh-heh!
For showing me...
For showing me...!
What did they show?
Not like that...
Not like that!...
You imbecile!
For showing me your kind interest...
You imbeciles! For showing me your kind interest!...
Stop! Enough! We've been disgraced!
You stop it! Enough! You've been disgraced!
God damn you!
God damn you all!
You're a bunch of rottens and rapists!
Of, this is enough!
Let's drink now!
But I talked very well...
What the hell are you doing?
I'm serving the food Pasha.
Is the food served like that idiot?
Give me that spoon.
Look now, You're gonna hold the spoon like that, gonna hand it...
You're gonna dip it in rice, like that...
I always do like that in home.
Ltf, never likes how I do, but who likes him...
Pasha is always witty.
Daver, here have it...
Look, I'm very generous for you.
Have that big piece of meat too...
Oh Pasha, please don't make yourself tired...
Don't worry Daver,
I'm get used to it.
This asshole Ltf, never let me sit in home...
You idiot, be yourself, be a pasha, be a pasha...
The pasha orders...
Does he?
That's right, he orders...
Hey Daver!
Yes Pasha.
Pour my wine!
Ltf, look, there is an apple on the other end of the table,
run and bring it to me!
Come on, hurry up!
You, middle bro-in-law, bring me the shaker!
Little son-in-law, bring me an orange!
Can you see , how am I giving orders commander?
Put that orange!
Add some salt! Get out!
You fk, put that apple!
Commander, stand up!
Draw your sword!
Put it down!
Draw your sword fk!
You fk, you're drawing and putting down it very well.Heh-he!
Put it down and sit!
Something happening to me...
Ayyy...I think I have to pee...
I'm going to pee...
(music stops)
music starts
(music stops)
music starts
very slow
(music stops)
Yow Ltf...
Here they go to pee all together?
I cannot go...
Ltf, a naked dancer came here! Heh-heh-hee!
Girls, come! The belly dancer is here!
Have a good night sir!
Have a good night!
Commander, do you know, this jerk who's name "Ltf",
made me suffer a lot.
He's one of the fraud..
But Pasha...
Aren't you Ltf?
How you like Pasha.Heh-heh!
Am I not Tosun Pasha?
Of course, Pasha...
So, shout like " Live long Tosun Pasha"!
Live long Tosun Pasha!
It didn't work, again!
All together, come on!
Live long Tosun Pasha!
That's all! Bravo!
Oh my! Pasha, your room...
Fk you let me go!
You, don't push me! Let me go!
Yow, where the hell this Tosun Pasha popped up now?
I hope, he'll not be trouble for us...
Have a good night!
Good morning miss...
Good morning.
Get up!
Don't do girl!
Get up you fk!
I said don't do...
God damn you! Get up!
Jeez! What's happening?
Get up! Hurry up!
Leyla is going!
Where's she going?
She's going from my hands...
While you were sleeping here, Suphi was stealing Leyla's heart!
The girl is going!
Thief Suphi!
Hurry up go and do something!
Fine, I'll go...
I'll go but what I'm gonna do?
Talk with Leyla, complement about me...
say some of the things that she'll fall for me.
For you?
Let me look at you...
Stand up.
Stand up...
Let me look at you as a genuine buyer.
Yow! It's very hard to make this girl fall for this stupid face, but...
I'm gonna try it anyway.
You motherfker!
No, you're the one!
You're the one!
Forgive me aban!
(birds are chirping)
I wish the minutes would lead all along the life that we've been spending miss Leyla...
You're talking so nice Mr. Suphi...
Hey you scoundrel, despicable Suphi!
You're a shameless! Asshole!
Oh! But Pasha, what happened?
Fk your Pasha!
What is your business with Ms. Leyla?
Go away! Get the fk out of here!
Ms. Leyla, you know our Ltf...
Yes Pasha...
I think he wanna do something to you...
Wait, what he was gonna do?
Let's forget about that pooch...
and also I never like him.
He is one of douche bag...
Were you swinging the swing?
Yes Pasha.
Come on, sit on the swing, so I'll swing you...
But, is it proper?
Yes, it is..
I'll swing very well...
C'mon, sit on it...
Come here...
Ohh my nice she's sitting...
Wait, what I was talking about?
Yes, it was about a love subject.
I didn't understand.
Believe me, I didn't understand either.
However, when I see you, my heart is beating like 'thump thump'...
Oh sir?
You think, is it love?
Well...I don't know...
Yes, it's a love.
And it's a very big love...
He's an asshole, he's hitting on the girl...
Yes, he's hitting on her.
He's a scoundrel...
He's a despicable man!
Yaaay! I won't able to keep it anymore,
I'm gonna read one of my poem that I wrote for you...
Read it Pasha.
Shall I read?
Read it.
The love is a kind of volcano which burns my hearth,
My most favorite dessert is caramelized pouding.
Oh, what a nice one!
The rest is nicer...
Leyla, love me, don't put me in trouble...
Let's dip the spoons in two dish of almond pudding...
Uh! Sniff...sniff...
She's gone..
She's gone...
Leyla has gone...Boo-hoo...
Now, the women egg contest in between is starting!!!
cheerful music
And now, the women sack contest is starting!!!
cheerful music
Yoo hoo! Start!
cheerful music
Now, the contest of finding the gold in yogurt is starting!
cheerful music
All brave men have appeared in the arena!
All of them are braver than each other!
Don't be sad if you remain under!
Don't rejoice if you're at the top!
Don't brag if you win!
I love these type of wrestling...
This arena is for the brave men!
Here is to be defeated as to win !
Allah, Allah! With God's permisson! Yallaaa!
He's my favorite...
Which one is yours?
Tosun Pasha!
Give me a permisson,
that I'll wrestle with one of these Telliolu.
Com'on Ltf, let me see how you're wrestling!
Oh my! Pasha, I have an injury from my lower back.
Com'on undress!
What are you doing idiot?
You fk, you're the black sheep of Telliogullari!
Tosun Pasha...
What is it Daver?
Your success and power on wrestling has been a legend.
Oh yeah? Really? Heh-heh!
Pasha, I wish you've wrestle in this arena, so the arena would shake...
Isn't it okay, if I don't shake it?
Please, wrestle Tosun Pasha.
Okay Leyla.
Yow, this guy will eat me.
Don't afraid.
Just focus on his goose wing.
What am I gonna focus on?
On the goose wing son.
Aa? Does Suphi have a wing?
Suphi, my son! Where's your wing?
Two brave men are in the arena!
They are both braver than each other!
On this side, The World's wrestler Tosun Pasha!
and on the other side, Alexandria's best wrestler Seferolu Suphi !
Stop! Stop you fk!
Don't do! I'm being dizzy!
What's your intention my son yow?
Leave me! Leave me fk!
Suphi, my dear! Can't you be careful, jeez you hurt my back yow!
Leave my legs!
I said leave it fk!
I'm escaping this time...
Whew! Yow, I've been caught again!
Jeez! My friend, are you gonna break my bones?
What's happening yow?
Suphi, my friend, if you continiue to turn me...
Aah! Aaah!
Mr. Sitki, if Tosun Pasha defeats, he'll get the revenge of this badly,
all of ours head's gonna be chopped off!
That's right...Oh my God!
Do something!
Hey, be defeated, be defeated by Pasha!
All of our's head's gonna be chopped off! You pooch!
Leave my arm, you're hurting!
Be defeated!
Otherwise it maybe very bad for you!
Hold one of my arm Pasha.
Which one, I can't find it?
This one...
And now, his leg...
I can't pull it off!
Please, do it, very easy!
Hop! Okay!
What am I gonna do now?
Now, push my shoulder down.
Woo-hoo! Thank God!
Woo! You sir won!
I won, eh?
Yes, congratulation!
Yes, I won!
(water splashes)
The oil wrestling is too greasy dear...Heh-heh!
Stop the wrestling now!
What did I say to you?
Aah! I burned!
What did you say?
Remember, you were gonna ask Ms. Leyla's hand for me?
Allaah! Aah!
Why are you hitting my head with the bowl fk?
No! I changed my mind...
What does it mean "I changed my mind"?
Believe me Ltf...
I thought about it...
You cannot think!
I decided to get marry with Leyla. Heh-heh!
Tlick! Tlock!
What are you talking about fk?
Why are you throwing the bowl yow?
Yes, I love Leyla like a crazy.
Lie down jerk!
Lie down!
It's impossible!
It's not possible!
You're a backstabber!
How you can do this?
I'm Tosun Pasha, I do as I please!
I made you Pasha heartless mother fker!
Oh yeah?
Dear Ltf, okay! I'm giving up being Pasha!
No way!
You can't give up...
No my friend, I gave up!
I'll also go to Mr. Daver, tell him everything...
How can you this to me?
Sure I'll do it!
What but?
If you ask Leyla's hand for me, I may think about it...
Lie down there...
You're shameless...
You're heartless... alright, okay...
What we can do?
Mother fker!
If you try a little bit more, you can break my neck.
Don't be frustrated like that my dear...
It seems that we were sleeping with the devil.
What are we gonna do now? My God!
I've told that I will ask Leyla's hand for aban!
How can it be?
Did aban tell you all these brother?
We held him in esteem, trusted, made him Pasha!
Whose idea was this Pasha?
You guys, tell me, whose idea was it?
That's right, really, whose idea was it?
It's certain that wasn't my idea!
Even Seferogullari didn't harm us like that...
In fact, they're good people.
They all are not human but angels...
aban is an evil!
Collect yourself Ltf.
I won't!
Fk I won't!..
Death to aban! Live long Seferogullari!
Alas! My brother's lost too...
Not him, in fact, aban is lost...aban...
Tosun Pasha eh? In Alexandria eh?
Damn! Is there any Tosun Pasha in Egypt other than me?
God forbid! Never, Pasha!
So, who's this scoundrel walking in disguise of Tosun Pasha in Alexandria?
Who's this man who dares using my name?
We couldn't learn it yet, Pasha!
Go and bring his head immediately!
Aye sir!
No, wait...
I'm gonna go and...
chop that scoundrel's head off myself!
We're leaving!
We came here for a good reason...Boo-hoo...
What's up Mr.Ltf, why are you crying? Has Something happened bad?
He's crying because of happiness sir...happiness...
Come on, say it! Say it!
I'm not gonna able to
Sir, with the God's command and the Prophet's word...Boo-hoo...
Say it!
We're asking your daughter Leyla's hand...for our Tosun Pasha!... Boo-hoo!
Phew, finally said it!
But, it is impossible...
Yes, I said the same but he didn't listen!
Tosun Pasha is asking my daughter's hand...
Oh my God! What a honor for me!
Errr...But Mr. Daver,
Tosun Pasha is a little bit alcoholic.
Oh sir, it's not even worth to talk.
Of course, it's not...Heh-heh!
However, it's between you and me, he's indulge in women very much.
Real man is a little bit womanizer.
Yes, it is...Yes, but...
You didn't hear from me, however, he is a little bit nut...Nut!
Oh, Mr. Ltf, every human is a little bit nut.
This is well done.
What a glory for us giving my daughter's hand to Tosun Pasha!
I didn't understand...
Is Leyla getting marry with Tosun Pasha?
No way!
It's already done!
Damn scoundrels Tellioullari! Look at the game that they're playing!
Tosun Pasha's gonna get the girl and Tellioullari are gonna get The Green Valley!
This cannot happen!
What can we do Dad?
I don't know but...
We're gonna neither the girl nor the Valley let taken by our enemies!
We have to find a solution.
Yes, a solution...But, which kinds of solution?
(birds are chirping)
Leyla, you're swinging me very well my dear...
keep going...keep going...
Tosun Pasha!.... Tosun Pasha!....
What Ltf?
I have a very important information Pasha!
Oh my, you see I am busy.
You're real douche bag Ltf!
It's an highly important situation Pasha!
Okay, okay.
Leyla, sorry for this pooch.
I'm gonna be right back my dear...
Don't pull me jerk!
Look at me, we have to escape very fast...Walk!
We fked up! The real Tosun Pasha is coming!
No, really?...
We're leaving Alexandria right now!
I think, you're bullshitting!
I'm not saying lie, we have a limited time...
I said walk!
No! You're in jealous about the love in between Leyla and I, aren't you?
Damn, are you coming or not?
To me eh? To Tosun Pasha eh?
The guards! Bodyguards!
Isn't there anybody?
Throw him out!
Let me go!
Never come back here!
Don't do!
You're gonna regret aban! Well...Tosun Pasha!
Come on, hurry up!
Wait, I'm coming!
Look at what happened to us!
The genuine Tosun Pasha won't listen and hang all of us!
Sure, he'll hang us!
We have to escape quickly!
What are you doing?
I was taking the clock, it's a father's memorial.
Fk your father! Come on, Let's escape here as soon as possible!
What is it son?
Leave it imbecile!
Couldn't you find something different to take with you?
Goddamn right!
All you guys come here!
Something has just crossed my mind!
Why are we escaping instead of kidnapping aban?
Yes! We're gonna kidnap our idiot before Tosun Pasha arrives!
There is only one way guys...
What's it Dad?
We're gonna make Tosun Pasha go away!
I didn't understand.
This would be our end!
In fact, Seferoullari will be coming to an end if Tosun Pasha lives.
Alright, but how we're gonna make him disappear?
This cannot be in Mr.'s pavilion.
First, we're gonna kidnap Tosun Pasha, then we're get rid of him.
Come on daughter.
Welcome ladies, thank you very much,you shouldn't have.
May God preserve her from evil!
I hope our guys would hurry up...
My God, what a beauty!
I hope, nothing happens bad!
May God give them happiness!
She's a perfect match for our Tosun Pasha!
Jeez, what should I say for you I don't know aban...
Is it okay?
So, let's take him out and kidnap quickly...
Pasha, I have a subject to talk with you.
Can we talk a little bit at the outside?
Well, I was gonna ask the same thing because I have a subject too...
Mine is important!
Mine is more important!
I'm looking for Tosun Pasha!
Is he here?
Where is this Tosun Pasha?
Sir, he's asking for you!
Oh yeah?
Yes, he's asking for me.
Tosun is me!
I'm at your orders Tosun Pasha!
Who the hell are you yow?
I'm Ibrahim Pasha.
I'm coming from Cairo.
When I heard that you're here, I wanted to visit you.
Aww, thank you my dear...
Look, Ltf, have you seen? He also knows that I'm Tosun Pasha!
Nice to meet to worshipful Ibrahim Pasha, you're highness!
Thank you Pasha!
Who appointed you as pasha Mr. Ibrahim?
With your kind help Pasha.
I wonder, if you're Seferoullari's pasha?
I didn't understand sir.
Stop pretending Ibo!... Heh-heh!...
Anyway, you're probably very tired because of the long trip,
go upstairs and rest a little bit, okay?
Yes Pasha.
Yow, prepare a beautiful room for my Ibo, okay? Come on, hurry up!
Aye Pasha!
You too, rest my Ibo.
Thank you Pasha.
Listen to me, Ibrahim Pasha came from Cairo, this means Tosun Pasha is on the way...
We have to hurry and kidnap aban quickly! Let's go!
Tosun Pasha, why did you hide yourself?
Because,there is something inside the job here!
In fact, the idiot who's called himself as Tosun Pasha is possibly used by someone else.
Who can dare to it, Pasha?
Someone who wants my chair.
However, I figured out who is this treacherous.
Who is he Pasha?
Mr. Daver...
I'm gonna show him...
Listen to me, we're gonna continue this game for a while...
We' should figure out the reason of the betrayal well...
Welcome sir.
Tosun Pasha...
Yes, Ibo.
What kind of person is Mr. Daver ?
Believe me, it seems that he's a little bit douche bag...
You think, his eyes are on the higher levels?
Noo, his eyes are utterly normal.
With your permisson Pasha...
Sure, dear Ibo.
All the arrangements ready, right?
Mr. Daver...
I know who planned this game.
Which game, Ibrahim Pasha?
Stop acting Daver!
A lot of heads are gonna chop off!... A lot!...
Yes, you!
Means...You understood...
Have I ever miss out on something?
It happened unintended Pasha...
No, Daver did everything by intended.
What were you thinking?
He's the head of the sneak.
Oh yeah?
Why am I saying all these to you?
Uhm, why Pasha?
Because, I know Tellioullari. They're virtuous and honest people.
Here, you're the only person who I trust.
Thank you.
That's why, there is no problem you to know...
The genuine Tosun Pasha is me!
Oh my God!
Look at me Daver, get out my way!
Don't worry Pasha, everything's ready for the wedding. The party is starting now...
When are we gonna kidnap aban?
We're gonna wait him to go out, we have no chose...
Yow! My problem is different!
Don't worry about any problem Pasha, relax and rest.
Shall I pee here dumb ass?
I can't hold it anymore!...I have pee!...
Let me go pee!
Yow! Will I ever able to pee in this house?
Alla Alla!
It's the time, let's kidnap him while he's in the toilet...
Oh my God! Soldiers!
Let's hide!
Omg! Soldiers! Let's walk that side!
Where is this Tosun Pasha yow?
Hurry up, go and find him quick!
Where the hell this Tosun Pasha disappeared yow?
Tosun Pasha is coming, hide!
Be careful, we shouldn't miss him this time.
Hold him tight!...Don't let him go...
Okay! We found aban!
Ayhh! I've been keep peeing continuously yow?
Here you go!
Does it mean that you're leaving?...
Especially at Tosun Pasha's wedding day?
Come on, go to living room, go inside...what a shame...
I think, we mixed the corridors...
No, we're on the right way.
The important thing is to find the garden.
Yes. When we pass here, we'll be out.
Let's go!
Oh! Huh!
Hurry, you girls cover! Tellioullari!
What are our guys are they doing here?
God damn! We're on wrong way!
You brought us to Harem...
Fk, didn't you say the door was gonna open to the garden?!
Believe me, I was remembering like that!
Okay,okay, I just remembered, we go out from this door!
Yes, I also remembered now.
Man, wasn't this door suppose to open to the garden?
It seems, it's living room's door.
Let's hurry up, escape!
It won't work, they'll be in suspicious...
Walk, try to not to get attention!...Let's go outside from another door...
No rush..No excitement...Smile...
Come on, come on, get in...
You guys, enjoy! Hah-hah!
Ay!...Alla Alla?
How it can be?
He's really sticking it in...
It's very easy, you can also do it.
Here sir.
No dear, thank stick it...
Alla Alla?
Idiot, smile! They're gonna understand...
What smile man, I 'm gonna cry now!
What are we gonna do now?
Don't worry, we're gonna leave from the door ahead...
Alla Alla?
I think, they're getting suspicious about us...
Not at all, is there something wrong about us?
No excitement...
No rush!
Oh my God!
I think, the genuine Tosun Pasha saw the sack!
Hide it,hide!...
Where that big sack can be hid?
No fuss...Keep going...
God damn! He saw it!
Act like we didn't hear him.
I said stop!
You too!
You guys are carrying something.
Far from it...
Yes, I saw, you're carrying.
Aaa? Yes, It looks like that we're carrying...
There are something in these.
Heh...It's not something important Pasha.
But it's moving.
Yours too...
Aren't they Mr. Daver?
Yes sir, they're moving.
I'm surprise, it's moving!
You open too!
Hey Ibo, there's one man who's been eating fire!
Tosun Pasha!
Yes, I'm Tosun aban Pasha!
Who's he?
Who's he yow?
What happened to me?
Alla Alla?
How should I know?
Alla Alla? What happened to me yow?
Man, what's Seferoglu Sitki's doing in our sack?
Tellioullari kidnapped our Dad!
They're despicable!
Stop the noise!...
Stop the noise!
Listen to me!
Listen to Ibraham!
Look at me, all of you! Everybody should hear and know!...
The genuine Tosun Pasha is me!
Tosun Pasha?
Okay,but...Who's he?
Really, who am I dear Tosun?
So now, did I turn into Ibo Pasha?
You're an idiot who's been in disguise of me!
I'm sorry to hear that dear Tosun...
We were deceived!
This a betrayal!
Tosun Pasha, forgive me...I should've understood that I was deceived.
Tell the story! Why did you guys play this game?
For the Green Valley...
These are fraud Pasha, you should give The Green Valley us!
Leyla hanim too...
Who the hell are you guys!
Dear Tosun Pasha, The valley and Leyla are our rights!
No, ours!
Enough! Let's walk on Seferogullari!
Let's walk on Telliogullari!
We're gonna walk but where?
Stop Telliogullari!...Stop Seferogullari!
Please don't do!
What are you doing under the feet?
Why are you pushing me ?
Please don't do!
Stand still, I'm coming!...
Yow, there's something wrong here, eh?!
Wait bro-in-law, I'm coming!
Arrange him, turn! Good!...Chtong!
What?...You, asshole!
Why are you slapping man?... Come, let me kiss you...
Chaaa!.. Choot!..
Bekir!...Bekir!...what did they do to you?
Nobody can do something to me, okay! Let me go!
Go girls!..
Ugh! Ah!
Meh! The girls were missing, now it's complete!
Yes Pasha...
Who's this lady?
My daughter Pasha.
Oh yeah?...Why don't you bring her here?
Come my daughter, dear Pasha wants to see you.
This is my daughter Leyla, Pasha.
How are you my young lady?
I pray for your health sir.
Thank you.
Don't squeeze my noise!
I got him!
Aaa!.. You're Ltf?!
You dumb ass!.. To me eh?!
Wait, don't get angry!...Don't do!...Aghh!
Aaaah! Uhhh!
Turn your head!...Chtong!...
I'm sorry, Ltf my dear...
Aah! Uhh!
One second, take a bow...I'm gonna pour syrup...Okay...
Stop moving! Okaay!...
You fk! You again!...
I'm sorry my dear Ltf...Come, I'll kiss you...
Hey,don't do!
Don't slap!
Man, I'm gonna punch you in the mouth...
Leyla, what are you doing here?
Tosun, where did you popped up now?
You idiot! Here!
(music stops)
(wind blows)
Walk Telliogullari!
Just a little bit more on the way to The green Valley...
Aghh!...I'm dying!...
Try to stand son...
Stand my child!
We're almost there...
Get out our way!
You cannot step in The Green Valley without running over our bodies!
So, we'll run over them and go!
Telliogullari, prepare for the war of death or alive!
Attack Seferogullari!
This will be ended here!
Oh my God!...
Heyyy!...Look at The Green Valley!...
There are some people...
They're fencing The Green Valley...
Look at there, this is Tosun Pasha...
Tosun Pasha eh?
And Ms. Leyla's next to him!
Tosun Pasha's holding Ms. Leyla's hand...
He cannot!
Yes!..He cannot hold!
Oh my!..He hug her!...
No way!...
Motherfker Tosun!
My dear fiance,..from now on... The Green Valley's gonna be our love garden...
And you're gonna be the most beautiful flower which is decorating this garden...
It's your kindness sir.
It's a honour to be your wife.
Yow, he's kissing...
Despicable man!
If you're Tosun, act like a Tosun!
Tellioglu and Seferoglu families are not ever gonna step in The Green Valley!
Aye Pasha, you highness!
The Green Valley has gone...
Leyla has gone...
Mr. Ltf!
Something's crossing my mind...
What's crossing son?
It may possible us to get The Green Valley...
Oh yeah?
Live long my brave son...
But how?
First...We're gonna kidnap Tosun Pasha.
Then, I'm gonna be Tosun Pasha again and get marry with Leyla.
What are you saying you fool?!...
These are all already happened because of you!
You're the black sheep of the family!...
Argh! Huh!