Total Dhamaal (2019) Movie Script

"It's all about the money."
"It's all about the.."
"It's all about the money."
"The pink lips of a girl that look
like currency look amazing."
"The phones of rich people
ring all day."
"The swag of money is amazing.
Nothing is above it."
"It causes total chaos."
"Two! Three! Four!"
"Five! Six!"
"Seven! Eight!"
"Money, this money..
Two! What is this money?"
"Three! Nothing like it. Four!
Nothing like money. Five!"
"There's problems if you have it.
"There's problems if
you don't have it."
"Having it is a problem,
not having it is a problem."
"Seven, eight, nine, ten."
"Money, this money..
Two! What is this money?"
"Three! Nothing like it. Four!
Nothing like money. Five!"
"There's problems if you have it.
"There's problems if
you don't have it."
"Having it is a problem,
not having it is a problem."
"Seven, eight, nine, ten."
"It's all about the money."
"It's all about the.."
"It's all about the money."
"It's all about the.."
"I saw love and affection.
I saw friendship and friends."
"I saw love and affection.
I saw friendship and friends."
"I saw through the heart.
I saw the entire world."
"The swag of money is amazing.
Nothing is above it."
"It causes total chaos."
"Seven! Eight!"
"One! "Money, this money.."
"Two! What is this money?"
"Three! Nothing like it. Four!
Nothing like money. Five!"
"There's problems if you have it.
"There's problems if
you don't have it."
"Having it is a problem,
not having it is a problem."
"Seven, eight, nine, ten."
"Money, this money..
Two! What is this money?"
"Three! Nothing like it. Four!
Nothing like money. Five!"
"There's problems if you have it.
"There's problems if
you don't have it."
"Having it is a problem,
not having it is a problem."
"Seven, eight, nine, ten."
"One! Two! Three! Four!"
"Five! Six! Seven! Eight!"
Good evening, sir!
The information is correct, Bro.
There is a big deal going
down on the 16th floor.
My dear friend.
500 million in new currency,
in exchange
of 1 billion in old
unusable currency.
Happy, Mr. Mehta?
Mr. Commissioner! 500 million in
for my 1 billion?
That's not fair.
50 per cent commission?
I am a Police Commissioner,
Mr. Mehta.
50 per cent commission is the
least I deserve.
He's absolutely right.
But there is tight security
outside the room, Bro!
How will we get through?
We won't go that way.
What are we going to do now,
We will go down this way.
This way leads
straight to heaven.
Forget it..
I am done stealing peanuts.
It is time to hit the jackpot.
Don't you want to be rich? Yes.
Then, take off your jacket.
But how are we going
to get down there?
Bro.. Bro.. Careful..
Or I might never get married.
Are you still unmarried?
No, not yet, Bro.
What about family?
I only have one maid.
She takes care of everything.
Bro.. Bro..
Take out your phone. Why, Bro?
Let's take a selfie.
Great idea.
Great idea!
It will come in
handy for the funeral.
Go! Go fast!
Why do you always come
up with such ideas?
Oh my, God!
The PM implemented demonetization
in order to stop corruption.
But you lot are incorrigible!
How dare you slap my boss?
Do you want one?
No, continue.
Who are you?
We are from the RBI.
Reserve Bank of India?
How dare you..
Officers like you are in my pocket.
Let's see how many
officers are in your..
Commissioner of Police.
Damn! We are in trouble!
Big trouble!
Not yet!
But you will be now.
Look behind you. Who is it?
Sorry, sorry.
My wife. Very angry.
Excuse me.
Sir, what's wrong?
What's wrong, sir? Where am I?
I can't see anything.
You will soon.
Better now?
Thank you.
You got rid of the bags.
But there is security
outside this door.
And we are on the 16th floor.
How do you plan to make it
alive out of here?
With your help, sir.
God Bless.. No!
Respected, Commissioner sir.
We are grateful to you.
Yes.. Security!
Security! Here they come!
Hold on to your Boss.
Catch them!
Catch them!
Catch me!
Sir, please make up your mind!
Do we catch them first or get you?
Catch me, you idiots!
Come on. Catch me.
Heave.. Ho..
Heave.. Ho..
Heave.. Ho..
You imbeciles! Come here.
Catch the Boss.
Come! Help me!
Let go of my pants.
I am not wearing
anything underneath.
I will not spare you.
There is no escaping from me.
Hasta La Vista!
Say it in Hindi, rascal.
See you later!
My 500 million!
My 500 million!
Pinto's coming.
Pinto's coming.
Pinto's coming.
Pinto's coming?
Pinto's coming! Pinto's coming!
Pinto's coming!
Pinto's coming! Pinto..
That rascal double-crossed us.
Coming. Going.
Coming. Going.
You seem to make a great couple!
Married for 17 years.
Why get divorced now?
You have maintained yourself
so well in the last 17 years.
Thank you. Exactly, sir.
The only thing he has done
these last 17 years is "maintain".
Post our wedding we moved
into a 1-bedroom apartment.
It is still maintained.
We bought a second-hand jalopy.
It is still maintained.
Back then,
we were not very well to do.
And we are still not.
The problem has
been since the beginning.
You did not think about
divorcing her earlier?
Not at all, Sir. Not at all.
But I did contemplate
killing her.
See.. This is how
his mind works!
He made so many promises
before the wedding.
He said he would start a garment
factory and become a millionaire!
Forget about the factory
or being a millionaire.
He has ruined my life.
I had so many dreams.
I wanted to be an achiever.
Become a Dance Director.
What Dance Director?
She was an extra
in a dance group.
She would stand all the way
at the back and just sway.
At least, I had an identity.
But he made me a housewife
But you are not a
homemaker either, Bindu.
We have only one son.
But she sent him to the hostel.
The only one left
in the house is me.
Once when I fell sick,
do you know what she did?
She called a Vet!
I mean, who does that?
Not at all.
I did nothing wrong, sir.
You know..
This man gets up early
every morning like a rooster
bathes like a crow,
eats breakfast like an Ape
then, gallops away
to his office like a horse
slogs all day like a donkey,
comes home, drinks like a fish.
And barks at me like a dog
eats like an alligator and then falls
flat on his bed like a buffalo.
Now he is staring
at me like an owl.
You tell me, sir.
Was I wrong in calling
a Vet for him?
Tell me. Please tell me. Yes..
He gets upset
over every trivial thing.
That's how men are.
What do you mean by that?
Being a man is a tragedy.
If you talk to your wife politely,
you are a henpecked husband.
If you talk to your mother
politely, you are a mama's boy.
If you raise a hand on your kids,
you are heartless.
If you do nothing,
you are careless.
If you stay out the whole day,
you are a vagabond.
If you stay at home,
you are useless.
If you make your wife sit at home,
you are a skeptic.
If you let her work, you are
a freeloader who lives off his wife.
If we even lay a finger on them,
then we are cruel.
But, if they beat us,
we are cowards.
Yes, you are a coward and
so is your entire family.
Don't you dare say
anything about my family.
I will.. What are you going to do?
Divorce granted!
Wait a minute.
First, you must ask
your 14 year-old son
who does he want to live with.
And yes
you must speak
with him together.
Otherwise, you might accuse
each other of influencing your son.
Yes. Okay, sir.
No need to thank, aunty.
I have saved you.
Now for them.
Get the net. Right away.
Jhingur. Who do we save first?
Save me first.
I'll pay you Rs. 1 lakh.
Jhingur, bring the net on this side.
Bring the net here.
No, save me first.
I will pay Rs. 1.50 lakhs.
bring the net on this side.
Why aren't you bidding?
I don't have money.
Your life is meaningless.
Enjoy the heat man. What?
150,000 going once!
150,000 going once!
150,000 going twice!
150,000 going twice!
150,000 going thrice!
150,000 going thrice!
Jump down. Yes, jump down.
Here I come.
Lord. Have mercy on me.
Move. Move.
I'll pay 200,000.
Jhingur, bring the net on this side.
Bring the net here.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
Enough with your 'thank you'.
Now pay up!
Both of you are fired
for your disgraceful actions!
Why did we come here
looking for a job?
it's high time we settle down.
When we find a job,
we will also find a girl.
What on earth are we
going to do with a girl?
Not 'we'.. Just me.
Marry her.
Throw away the lollypop.
Stay there.
Zip it!
is this car coming or going?
No idea, Manav.
Looks like it moves both ways.
Mr. Altaf..
"You're still so beautiful.."
"and I am still young.."
Mr. Altaf, you got a pretty
incredible car.
Isn't it? It's fantastic!
This car comes equipped with
the latest Japanese technology.
Really? Yes..
With human sensor.
Remote control operated.
I.. I can't believe this.
You don't believe it.
No, I don't.
Let me show you. Now watch..
Watch my arm..
And now, shut this door hard.
The door will stop
before it hits my arm.
Please, please.. Just a minute.
Please. Really?
No, no, it's not your fault.
The sensor didn't work this time.
Now you try.
Come on, Manav. Come on.
Come on, Manav. Go for it.
Adi, he's not so smart. No.
Did you come here to see
the car or to get a job?
Let's go inside.. Come on.
Come on.
Of course.
Now look, this job comes
with a lot of responsibility.
We are very responsible people, sir.
Yes, sir.
Whenever something goes
wrong in our neighborhood
they all say that
we are responsible.
What? He talks rubbish.
That vase is 300-years-old.
And you were screaming
as if it was brand new.
I mean, it is an antique.
It's worth 5 million.
5 million?
Yes, all the items around
here are worth millions.
So please clean them properly.
Of course.
You clean there,
and I will start here.
Okay. Okay.
"1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8.. 9..
Adi. What!
We are in so much trouble!
I am not so smart.
Zip it!
What have you done, you rascals?
We did exactly as you asked.
We cleaned up the place.
Look at what you did
to my Altaf Art Gallery.
Ohh oh..
Fart Gallery.
I am not going to spare you.
Wait. Where is he going?
Where is he going, Adi?
I will kill you!
I will kill you!
Don't shoot. Please..
Don't shoot. Please..
What is he doing?
Take the safety off.
Idiot, why did you
have to tell him that?
Adi, where did uncle go?
To hell with him.
Get the remote. Get the remote.
But there is no television around.
Not the TV remote, the car remote.
Okay. Okay.
Are you blind?
That way. Adi!
Tony, you've been
fooling me for a month.
I want to leave India
as soon as I can.
When will I get my passport?
Soon.. In fact,
it will arrive today evening.
Definitely. Promise.
"I'm intoxicated.."
"There is smoke everywhere."
"I'm intoxicated."
"There is smoke everywhere."
"I have lovers everywhere."
"I'm so beautiful."
"O ant! O ant!
I am a piece of jaggery."
"If You want some
nectar come to me"
"or else, I'll walk away."
"If You want some
nectar come to me"
"or else, I'll walk away."
"O ant! O ant!
I am a piece of jaggery."
"If You want some.."
"If You want some
nectar come to me"
"or else, I'll walk away."
"If You want some
nectar come to me"
"or else, I'll walk away."
"Look at me, baby.
You driving me crazy."
"I'm going so lazy without you."
"Whatever the weather
together forever."
"'Cause you know I love
you and that's true."
"Catch hold of my arms,
they are white and rosy."
"Leave the bottle of alcohol,
O immature."
"Leave the bottle of alcohol,
O immature."
"Oh, drunkard!"
"O ant! O ant!
I am a piece of jaggery."
"Let me get a little taste
of your intoxication."
"I am coming to your street."
"Let me get a little taste
of your intoxication."
"I am coming to your street."
"Look at me, baby.
You driving me crazy."
"I'm going so lazy without you."
"Whatever the weather
together forever."
"'Cause you know I love
you and that's true."
"Look at me, baby.
You driving me crazy."
"I'm going so lazy without you."
"Whatever the weather
together forever."
"'Cause you know I love
you and that's true."
"O ant! O ant!
I am a piece of jaggery."
"If You want some.."
"If You want some
nectar come to me"
"or else, I'll walk away."
"If You want some
nectar come to me"
"or else, I'll walk away."
Bloody, Casanova! Bro's been
trying to sniff you out like a dog.
You were, weren't you, Bro?
You use to train wild animals,
didn't you?
Now I will show you how
to train animals like you.
Tell me.. I will..
Tell me where is my money.
I will.. I will..
Hurry up, otherwise, I will..
Tell me where is my money.
You can't get away
with snatching a wolf's prey.
Where is my money?
Sir, behind you. Behind me?
Behind you.
My money's behind me?
Where did those rascals go?
They escaped.
Who are you?
Pilot. Great. Now get in.
Stop stammering. Let's go.
Come on, boys, run.
He's gone.
No more stealing cars.
Pintu. Stop, you rascal.
For heaven's sake.
What do you think you are doing?
You said you are a pilot.
Well, actually,
my surname is pilot.
Myself, Tinu Pilot.
I clean the airplanes,
not fly them.
Not funny!
Don't try to act smart with me.
We took off in this plane,
didn't we?
Well, I watched and
learned while on the job.
I honestly don't know
how to fly an airplane.
How are you going to
land this airplane now?
I haven't the slightest clue.
But I know how I am
going to land to safety.
Like this.
Don't leave me here alone. Bye!
This was a pretty good heist, Lallan.
We won't have to worry
for the next one month.
Who gave you the license to fly?
Wow Adi, look at all these buttons.
What are you doing?
I am getting thrashed.
Stop fidgeting.
Why is he flying
like it's his backyard?
Bloody basket.
Can't tell the difference
between an airplane and a kite.
I know. He's not so smart.
Look.. I will tell Bittu
about this situation.
You never let me speak anyway.
You talk to your son.
Look out..
Stupid. Idiot.
Why he is flying like a crazy man?
I guess even he is
fed up with his wife.
He's going to die.
He's definitely going to die.
Oh, no!
That's a pretty bad accident.
The way he was flying, it had to
He must be flying under influence.
Not everyone's like you.
Let's get down there and take a look.
Forget it.
Who's going to handle the Police?
You are right! This smell
like trouble. Let's get out of here.
You should be ashamed.
Let's get down there.
Let's not interfere, Bindu.
Be quiet.
You would,
if it were someone you knew.
Come on.
You as well. Coming.
What kind of a woman
have you married?
They are all the same.
Come on, Adi. I have never
seen a dying man before.
You will get me killed someday.
Let's go.
Hurry up.
Looks like he was a rich man.
There he is.
Look, there he is. Come quickly.
Oh no.
Is he dead?
He's still alive.
Let's call the ambulance.
Why ambulance?
Let's pick him up and
take him to the hospital.
Yes, pick him up. Let's go.
He's refusing.
What's this?
Say something.
He must be thinking of God.
But why make the effort now?
Soon he'll be seeing
Him in person.'re just bad luck.
Poor man is dying.
But you are still alive.
Say something, man.
Say something. Speak up.
I think, he's lost his voice.
Thank you, mister.
He spoke.
But how did you know
that he'll start
speaking immediately
after you punch him?
It's pretty simple.
Back in my hometown, when
somebody's radio stopped working..
I punch it one time
and it would come alive.
Amazing. He's smart.
Enough of this.
I want to tell you something. stole 500 million.
Not nice.
Uncle. You're a cheat.
I got greedy.
But now that money
is of no use to me
because my end is near
which is why, I am going
to let you in on the secret.
You must be wondering why
I am telling you this secret?
Because I can see
the same greed
on each of your faces.
I stashed that money at a secret
location inside Janakpur Zoo.
Janakpur Zoo. Right?
You mean amidst dangerous animals?
It must sound dangerous to you
but to me, they were
like my children.
Because I was an animal
trainer at that Zoo.
There is a very big
and beautiful 'OK' at the Zoo.
'OK'. Okay, okay, what next?
The secret of the money
is hidden in that 'OK'.
Find that 'OK'
and 500 million will be yours.
500 million rupees.
That money belongs to me.
Jhingur. Find out who that guy is.
Right away.
Who do you think you are?
The Finance Minister?
Still curious?
Not at all
but you must explain
to Lallan as well.
I get it, I get it now. Relax.
And for the rest of you.
I am the guy he cheated.
Pintu, this is not
your birthday cake
which you are distributing
to everyone.
Now you are going to tell
me the secret of that 'OK'.
Tell him, Pintu.
Bro's asking you.
Then, we can all go home.
Come closer.
He's calling you closer.
He wants to whisper it in your ears.
Closer, please.
Stop laughing and
get lost all of you.
I'll decide what to
do with the money.
What do you mean?
We mean that the
money belongs to us.
It's not yours.
You stole that money.
Exactly. You stole it.
Yes, you stole that money.
You stole it.
But I took all the risk.
So, you guys need to get lost.
Fine..we'll leave.
And head straight to
the Police Station, right?
And tell them everything
about the Janakpur Zoo.
Yes and the Commissioner will
be very pleased to hear about it.
Let's go. Let's go.
Come on. Okay.
See you then.
Nice to meet you.
Come on. Come on. Let's go.
Bro, what now?
Wait a minute.
The Police will be
arriving here any second.
Why don't we have this
conversation somewhere else?
Good idea. Let's go.
At least cover that
poor man's body.
Now look, Janakpur is
450 kilometers from here.
We'll split the money amongst
ourselves once we get there.
But what about the 'OK'?
We will find that 'OK'
once we get to the zoo.
Correct. He's right. He's right.
I've decided.
I will take 60% and you
can split the remaining 40%
yourselves in any way you like.
Hey.. Are you crazy?
We don't accept this proposal.
It is not a proposal.
I am just telling you.
Fine. Even we won't ask,
but tell the Police.
I will take 50% and the
rest of you can split 50%.
We get to keep 250 million.
And you poor lot can split
the remaining 250 million
amongst yourselves.
Because I took all the risk.
In that case, it was me who insisted
on climbing down to the crash site.
So, I deserve 50%.
Fine, then you keep 50%. Yes.
If I hadn't punched him,
he would have never
told us about the money.
Which means, even I deserve 50%.
Yes. Fine, then you keep 50%.
Then what about us?
Adi, you are forgetting.
We never came here
for the money.
We came to see a dying man.
Zip it. Zip it.
Shut up.
Hello. I have a suggestion.
Let's split it equally.
We must split 500 million
into 8 equal shares.
This sweet and gentle
lady is absolutely right.
Try living with her for a week.
And you'll know how sweet
and gentle she really is.
You say. Excuse me..
There won't be any equal shares.
We can't compare
donkeys with horses.
I'll keep 50%.
Yes and Bro is absolutely right.
Is your Bro going to just
yap away or pay heed to us?
Bro charges money for that.
But he must listen.
Bro, come on, Bro. Please.
Bro's hurt.
Bro's hurt.
Inspector Yadav, who do
you think covered the dead body?
Sir, my guess is he
knew he was going to die
and he was carrying
his shroud with him.
Shut up. Check his pocket.
Yes, sir.
Sir. Purse. he used to train lions. he used to
train wolves as well.
He's an accomplice to those rascals.
I want them arrested.
Set up barricades everywhere.
Note it down.
Airport, Ferry, Railway Station, Bus
depot, taxi stand, rickshaw stand
toll booth, checkpoints, eastern
western highway, express highway
old highway,
the new highway, subway.
No way those two goons can
escape from my clutches now.
I want everything blocked.
Did you write that down?
Sir, may I borrow your pen?
How about this one?
It will make you bleed.
One final offer.
Last offer.
Yes. Okay.
Whoever gets to Janakpur first,
gets the loot.
You mean each man for himself.
That's great.
Winner takes all. Yes.
May the best man win.
But you are a woman.
Fine, we accept.
Where did he go?
You are too good.. Too good.
What the.. He's getting away.
Bro.. Let's go. Let's go.
Let's go.
Manav, this way.
Bindu, hurry up. Coming.
Drive. Drive.
Manav. Get in the car.
What do you say, Bro?
What morons!
I was offering them 50%,
but now I won't give them a penny.
I am going to be rich.
Yes, Bro.
I look innocent, but, they don't
know what a rascal I am.
I do.
Drive faster.
Faster. Faster.
They think they can
take 500 million from me?
I will set their
backside on fire..
And even 50 fire trucks
won't be enough to douse it.
Swear on your mother.
Why drag my mother in all this?
I am not letting go of that money.
Adi, if we want to hold on to it,
why will we let it go?
Quiet! Look ahead. Okay.
Bro. Bro. Bro.
You should know the
ride before you steal it!
Make sure the engine's working.
You want me to test every
engine before stealing, Really?
Lallan, why did you take
a diversion on this dirt road.
Look there. What?
Fantastic. Fantastic, Lallan.
What an idea.
Now hurry up. Hurry up.
Bindu, let's ditch
the car and take a flight.
You know that I am scared of flying.
Then, I'll go alone
and get the money.
If you go alone,
I'll go straight to the Police.
I'll go straight to the Police.
I know a shortcut
through the jungle.
Let's go that way.
I remember you took
a short cut three years ago
and it took us two
days to get to the city.
Darling, you must not fear,
when I am near.
Adi, everyone else has given up.
Now we are alone in this race.
Manav, they didn't give up.
I am sure they are
all looking for a shortcut.
It's a good thing, they don't know
we have a turbo charged car
I'll switch on the turbo and..
What the..
No focus on the job, Bro.
That's no way to hitch a ride!
The position you are
in is pretty unyielding.
You can't even hitch a ride,
how are you going to get rich?
What a guy!
Guddu Bro, where are you?
I asked you to stop a car.
But you crashed a dozen instead.
Guddu Bro?
You made those cars pile up.
Bro.. See, I stopped the car.
This is not 'stopping' a car,
it's literally 'crashing' them.
Bloody fool.
Do you think you own the road?
Have you lost your mind?
Bloody junk food.
My car. My car.
What are you staring at me for?
I am wondering who came up
with the idea of calling you Avinash.
They should've called
you rotten luck instead.
Mind your tongue.
I am your husband.
Oh dear! We've been wandering
in this jungle for two hours.
Where's the damn highway?
We'll find it. We'll find it.
Really? How?
Can't depend on you
for any damn thing.
Anybody there
who can take us to the highway.
Come on.
Anna, do you know? Highway?
He knows the way.
Fine, then let's take him along.
Where did he go?
Come on. Come on.
Let's go. Let's go.
"When no one returns your call,
walk alone."
Mister. Mister.
Can we get a helicopter?
Of course.
Of course, you can get one.
Where to?
Which way are you headed?
Of course. Of course.
But it will cost you 2 million.
What a coincidence.
That's exactly what we have.
Keep it.
Very good.
Moon Moon.
Moon Moon. What happened?
Go inside and get
the kerosene canister.
Right away. Kerosene?
You can't seriously be running
this chopper on kerosene.
We store helicopter
fuel in kerosene canister.
Don't be scared, let's go.
Hey..where do you think we are going?
Are we going to fly in this?
Do you own that thing?
We will go in that.
But the picture on the
hoarding is of this one.
So, what?
When you see a celebrity
in a beauty soap commercial.
Do you think you would get
them along with the soap.
That's the celebrity,
and that's the beauty soap.
It's a little worn out,
but that's fine.
A "little" worn out?
Does it even take off?
Well, that's what you'll
get for the money you paid.
Either we go,
or you're welcome to leave.
"Walk Alone.."
"Walk Alone.."
We will take our chances.
Hang on.
The rear blades are broken.
I have informed the company.
They will arrive in two hours and
you'll just have to wait till then.
That's all.
Two hours?
What do you think you are doing?
Installing a ceiling
fan in the helicopter.
You' know it is a ceiling fan.
I' know it is a ceiling fan.
But the helicopter doesn't
know it is a ceiling fan.
Oh, God!
You should get yourself examined.
You are not a human being,
You are definitely a scientist.
Oh my
here's the kerosene
canister and mufflers.
Why the mufflers?
You fool,
because it's really cold up there.
Not so smart after all!
This muffler makes it easy
to recognize the dead bodies.
Here you go. You take
yellow and you take red.
I will fuel her up, okay?
Brother, We are going to die.
We have risked our lives,
day after day, for chump change.
Now we are talking about
500 million. You can't
be serious about being
scared of a helicopter ride.
I am not scared of the helicopter,
man, I am scared of crashing.
Are you trying to scare me too?
Three more hours and we will be in
Janakpur. The money will be ours.
Wow, Adi, you're so smart.
Mom will be so proud of you.
Adi, drive faster.
We've got to get the
money from Janakpur zoo.
Sonny boy,
the money will be ours.
But we'll need someone
to splurge all that money.
And there she is.
Your sister-in-law.
Adi, she does not fit the bill.
What do you know?
Ask me.
Adi. Adi. Adi.
Adi! What?
Oh no.
What the..
Oh no.
I am not able to stop the car!
I am not able to stop the car!
Do something.
I mean press a button.
Oh yes..
Einie Meanie Maina Moe..
What did you do?
I did'nt do anything.
Manav, what did you do?
Where is the steering wheel?
Who is going to drive the car?
Where is the steering wheel?
Adi.. What is happening?
I don't have a license, Adi.
I don't have a license, Adi.
Do something.
Oh no.
Oh no.
We are safe.
Adi, that so-called sister-in-law
almost got us killed.
Shut up and listen to me.
I said just listen
to what I am saying.
What? What is the issue?
No issue. Tissue.
Fine, Hand me one.
Listen to me.
Don't let the rascals get away.
I want them alive.
Did you hear?
Yes.. Very good.
You shut up and listen to me.
This is frustrating Bro,
All of them are miles
ahead of us, Bro.
Don't worry,
we'll get to Janakpur first.
Keep the gun inside. Look..
Keep the gun inside.
Now if anyone tries to come
between us and our money, bro.
I swear I will shoot them. No!
It's those rascals.
They tried to kill me.
Follow them.
Come on.
Follow them.
Do you expect me to
get down and push?
It's auto-start.
It was an Auto Rickshaw first, which
I later converted to a helicopter.
I, too, am a scientist
of sorts but don't like to brag.
Come on, now let's fly.
"Fly away.. Fly away.. Fly away.."
This guy seems dubious.
What do you say?
If I could understand men.
I would never have married you.
My sixth sense says
there's something strange.
Your five main senses
hardly seem to be active.
And you are talking
about your sixth sense.
Hey you! Where's the highway?
See.. Highway.
Take a right.
Highway. Left-Left.
Highway. Right-Right-Right.
Left-Left. Bindu.
Adi, this car is not going anywhere.
What do we do now?
What do we do? What do we do?
Hi-tech car.
Adi, this is a violent car.
We should use the remote
control to turn it on.
Give it to me.
Adi, you pressed the wrong button.
And you know all about this thing,
don't you?
Go ahead, you press the button.
Now press the button. Okay.
Einie Meanie Maina Moe.
You did it Manav.
Well done. Come on.
Get in. Adi.. Where is it going?
Adi, I think this
car is too hi-tech.
Where did it go?
Oh no!
Adi, you really did it this time.
Hi-tech car, my foot!
We lost the 500 million.
Actually, Adi,
it was all your fault.
You shouldn't have
looked at that girl.
I mean you got distracted.
It was my fault?
My fault?
You know what,
you don't want to see me get married.
I am dying to get married.
I want to raise kids,
but instead, I am raising you.
Adi. Adi. Zip it.
Adi. Lock.
Adi. Key..Lock.
Okay, bye.
Where are you going?
Adi. Run. Run.
"Fly away.. Fly away.."
"Fly away.. Fly away.."
"Fly away.. Fly away.."
Even that parrot is flying
faster than this helicopter.
We should have hired
that parrot instead.
Lallan, I think this
man is taking us for a ride.
Speed up, man.
What have you done?
We lost the rear fan!
We lost the rear fan!
You know we lost the rear fan.
I know we lost the rear fan.
But the helicopter doesn't
know we lost the rear fan.
The helicopter knows.
Why are you shivering?
I think, he's feeling cold.
Should I turn off the main fan?
I was joking.
Humor helps in overcoming
one's fear.
Lallan, there's smoke
coming from the back.
Didn't you get your engine checked?
Fire! Fire! Fire!
Stop screaming.
We have spent our entire lives,
putting out fire.
And we will put out
this one as well.
I will use this to
put out the fire.
What are you doing?
Hey! Listen to me.
And this is how it is done.
Listen to me.
What was it? Kerosene!
Helicopter fuel in
a kerosene can?
Kerosene in a water bottle.
Who does that?
I was saving it to light a torch.
If I were to get stuck in the dark.
But you poured it
on the fire instead.
I thought you were a scientist
but you are a terrorist.
Have you lost your mind?
Are you going to
take such a big risk?
I took a big risk
for one million in dowry.
And this is 500 million.
Praise the Lord.
Oh, God.
Oh no!
Lord! Be quiet.
Let me drive.
We are going to die.
We are going to die.
Let me concentrate.
Bindu, don't panic!
Lord, save me.
Don't panic!
Save us, Lord.
Bindu, I said don't panic.
Don't panic. Lord!
Don't panic. We're going to die.
Somebody help!
We're nearing Wada
Railway crossing.
Block them before they cross over.
Don't let them escape.
That's it.
Oh no..
Something is coming.
I don't think so.
It's coming. Back up the car.
Back up the car.
But the Commissioner...?
To hell with the Commissioner
Back up the car.
I told you
now we are stuck in the tunnel.
Hey..where is everyone going?
Back it up..
Oh no!
What the heck?
I should whack you.
What did you think?
You could escape with my money?
How long did you think,
you could evade death?
Death eventually catches up.
Sir, look behind you.
I won't look behind today,
but you will.
In the face of your death.
Look behind you.
Whether you like it or not,
death is inevitable.
Look behind you.
You have nowhere to go.
Look behind you.
Help! Help!
Don't panic! Don't panic!
You're stupid, Bro.
Bro, these train tracks
are not built for cars.
They are built for trains.
Don't you want to be rich?
I want to be rich,
but not a cripple, Bro!
Then we need to steal a car.
I can't do this anymore, Bro.
Bro, where's the car?
Come on.
Jhingur. What?
There's only one way to escape now.
We will have to jump. Where?
On that building.
But that building is still incomplete.
Are you planning to wait
till it gets completed?
You guys will jump, but what about me?
Wear this muffler.
Here. Why?
It'll be easier for your
wife to recognize your dead body.
Using my words on me, are you?
What do I do now?
Continue on your own.
Jump quickly.
What's happening to me?
Oh no..
Moon Moon. Moon Moon.
Saved. We are saved.
God saved us Brother.
God saved my cap too.
Shut up.
What burns turns to ashes.
What burns bright is fire.
And what saved your life today
is Lallan's brain.
Don't panic! Help!
What do I do?
Step on the Accelerator.
Step on it.
Faster. I am.
Faster. Drive faster.
Praise the Lord.
The bridge is falling.
Praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord.
Save me, Lord.
Praise the Lord. Faster.
I will..tear this guy apart.
Hotel Highway?
Best South Indian food?
Have you been telling us about
this 'Highway' all this while?
Pancakes, rice-cakes, fritters
with lip-smacking curry.
I am going to break your bones.
Do it.
Mutappa, Karyappa..
Even if you call Kattappa.
I am not going to spare you.
Don't spare him.
Take this.
Wow, Bro, what a car!
We are going to be ahead of everyone.
It has a GPS system.
GPS is useless.
No, Bro, it's not useless,
everybody uses it, Bro.
Watch me find a shorter route.
Welcome to the most
advanced GPS in the world.
Please choose your language.
Press 1 for English.
Press 2 for Hindi..
And press 3 for Chindi.
What's that? What is Chindi?
It's the street language.
Bro, Chindi sounds
fantastic just like you.
Let's choose Chindi instead.
Hey, man.
Where to?
What a boring place to go to.
No beaches or babes.
Just one boring little zoo.
You know what,
let's go to Goa instead.
It's an awesome place.
"Drink all you want,
and dance all night."
Show us a shortcut to Janakpur.
Stop yelling.
Fine, I'll tell you.
Take a left.
And you'll save 300
kilometers worth of drive.
I've shown the way to many people.
Look, dude, you've got the steering,
while I have the brains.
You focus on the steering,
while I'll focus on my brains.
Change gears.
What are you looking up there for?
There is no way up there.
He's showing us a shortcut,
Bro, shortcut.
Listen to him. He sounds smarter.
But there is sea ahead.
So? You will just have to swim,
It will save you 300
kilometers of driving.
You bloody.. No abusing.
I know bigger swear words than you.
Johnny, throw a brick at him.
Throw a brick.
But where will I find
a brick in this jungle, Bro?
Go left and you'll
find a brick at 100 meters.
He's showing us everything
except for the route to Janakpur.
This bloody.. No abusing.
Now listen to me, switch to reverse.
Hey wise guy! Tell him.
Go in reverse.
Calm down. For my sake.
Come on. We are going.
And keep going until I don't tell you.
This is all your fault.
We've lost the car and the money.
And we're stuck in
this godforsaken place..
Where there is no sign of life.
Look, a bird.
It's not a bird,
It's a scavenger.
No Adi, it's so cute.
Like the one in Jungle Book.
We are friends.
Look, Adi, I made a friend.
Adi! Adi, it bit me.
Bloody basket.
That's not a bite,
it was only tasting it's lunch.
Now the entire family will follow.
Look! Here they come.
Adi, they have a strong network.
They also have a strong beak..
And they will tear us apart.
Run. Run.
Adi. Run.
Come on, son. Come on.
Climb up. Climb up.
That's it.
Bro, out of the frying
pan and into the fire.
But at least I saved your life.
Look there. What do you see?
Not down there, Look there.
Do you see that ladder?
We just have to get to that ladder..
And climb down using it.
Shut up!
It's pretty simple.
First, Stand up on
your legs with confidence.
You call this confidence?
It's not down there,
Confidence is up here.
Shut up, you Lilly livered buffoon.
Step up with full confidence.
And hold on to this pillar..
Help! Help! Hey, Lallan brother.
Lallan brother.
Look. I can see the road.
Look. Can you see the river?
Look closely.
It's nothing.
It's not a river, just a canal.
Check for snakes.
There are no snakes in a canal.
But I can see a giant anaconda.
Was that a joke? Yes..
Was it funny? Yes..
Get in the car.
Release the water.
The dam is overflowing.
Yes, sir.
Once we cross this river,
Bindu, the money..
Tsunami. Yes.
We'll be wading in the money.
It's a real Tsunami.
No you idiot,
we'll be wading in the pool of money.
It's a Tsunami.
What the..
Bindu! Bindu!
We're dead.
We're dead.
We are dead.
"These valleys.."
Someone, please play a
song for these beautiful valleys
you guys are so boring.
I swear.
And your insistence
on going to Janakpur
we could've gone to Goa instead.
Booze and babes.
Look straight.
Take your eyes off,
and accident happens.
The road up ahead is pretty narrow.
There can be a bus or a
truck approaching. Look carefully.
Keep going. Keep going.
What's with all the jerks?
Switch to 4-wheel drive.
Yes..that's better.
Keep driving straight.
Keep going. Keep going.
Don't stop until I tell you to.
Keep going. Keep going.
Are we there?
Why did you stop?
Are you scared?
You bloody..
I said no swear words.
Go down this hill and you
will save 300 kilometers driving.
But this..
Don't you want to be rich?
Yes, we do.
Then tell the driver
to start driving downhill.
Driver, take the car down. You..
Come on, Bro. Please.
Do I have to switch
gears for you as well?
Now drive slowly.
I said drive slowly.
The road is very bumpy.
If the car catches fire, then your
parents will come looking for you.
Do you get it?
Bravo. Keep going, keep going, dude.
The real fun will begin
when we reach our destination.
Enjoy the ride for now.
Slow down. Slow down.
There's a boulder up ahead.
I said there's a boulder..
Do you think you are Rohit Shetty?
Trying to make the car fly.
What the..
Water please.
Have some water.
Bro.. Bro.. Bro..
Look, dude,
this stupid driver has rammed the car.
He doesn't know how to drive.
My advice to you is
that carry on ahead on foot
and get on with your life.
Stop staring with
that ugly face of yours.
Take your driver and get lost.
You bloody..
Not the face. Not the face.
If we ever meet, I won't spare you.
Brother Lallan, help!
Brother Lallan?
Are you a man or an ape? What?
You're always hanging in the middle.
Only God can save you now.
God! Save me.
I promise I will offer
500 kilos of sweet.
I am safe.
Brother, it's a good
thing you promised God
to offer 250,000
worth of sweets.
That's why He saved you.
How can it be 250,000?
Judging by 500 per kilo..
500 kilos are worth 250,000.
You are mistaken.
I said 500 grams and not kilos.
What happening?
Anybody there?
Brother. Yes.
You have made the Gods angry by
going back on your word.
And now I am in this predicament too.
Sorry, God. I made a mistake.
I promise to offer
1000 kilos of sweets.
Save us.
Yes, save us.
We are safe.
God saved us, brother.
Now you must offer 1000
kilos of sweets very soon.
We are safe, aren't we?
So forget about the offering.
Leave me.
Do something.
Move your arms and legs.
Do something.
How is the steering going to help?
Hit the brakes.
When the steering isn't working,
then what use are the brakes?
What use are the brakes?
The car is sinking.
The car is sinking.
I knew it. The car is sinking.
Just like you sunk our marriage,
you are going to sink this car.
My entire life is ruined.
Bindu, get on the roof.
Give me your hand.
Catch my Hand.
Catch me.
Hold tight.
Bindu. Yes?
I think I've got indigestion.
My stomach is rumbling.
That's not your stomach.
Look ahead.
Now we are definitely going to die.
Save us!
Oh God save us!
Lord save us.
Bro..are you crazy?
Where will we go?
How are we going to get there?
Bro, we have no cash.
How are we going to travel?
Okay, team.
Buck up, Buck up, Come on.
The flight for Janakpur is ready.
Come on move in.
I know how.
Are you going to
steal an airplane now?
Excuse me. Yup.
We are coming to Janakpur with you.
But we can't take you with us.
You have to. National Emergency!
The country is under threat.
The country is under threat!
What? The country is under..
Are you deaf?
We have already said it twice.
I am simply reacting.
This is a time for action,
not for reaction.
We are not allowed to break the rules.
Then I'll have to
break the rules instead.
I'll have to tell you our identities.
We are secret agents.
Listen, call on this number
and deliver a message for us.
Message? What's the message, sir?
"Reshma has become an adult."
"Reshma has become an adult."
It's a code-word.
"Reshma has become an adult."
Now go.
Actually, sir, he can't go.
But he has to go.
The country is under threat!
He can't go, sir.
Let him go, dude,
The country needs him.
But if he goes,
then how will we go?
He's the pilot.
Then Reshma will have
to adjust on her own.
Message canceled.
Thank God.
Do you know how to dive?
Who doesn't know diving, idiot?
Twice in the Ganga, daily.
Welcome aboard.
Thank God! We are safe.
Why did I have to provoke it?
Let me say it.
Thank God! We are safe.
Why did I have to provoke it?
I was just showing some love..
Did it look like Madhuri Dixit
that you were showing love?
I was just.. Zip it.
I was.. Zip..
I was only trying to help you.
Don't help me.
Even if I am on fire,
don't throw any water on me.
You Get it?
Even if I am sinking in the earth..
All the way in don't get me out.
Correct. Not even this.
Don't do anything.
Even if I am begging you for help
like "Manav, help me".
But you are not going to help me.
Do you understand?
And where are you going?
I regret to inform you, Adi,
but it's you, who is going down.
Quick Sand!
Manav, please help me!
Don't just stand there, Help me!
I am sorry, Adi.
I can't help you,
I will die, Manav. Please..
As you said, I shouldn't
help you even if you're dying.
Forget it.
Forget everything I said.
For mom's sake, please help.
Oh no.
Only for mom's sake
We are friends again.
I'll have to help you.
But what do I do? What do I do?
Find a rope.
Yes.. Okay. Rope?
This quicksand is getting
too quick for comfort.
Manav! Manav, hurry up.
Please hurry up!
Adi. Adi, catch.
What on earth is that?
Adi, you told me to
get a rope or something.
Hold on to it and come up.
That's not a rope, it's a snake.
It's a snake.
Don't think of it as a snake,
think of it as a rope.
This is your last hope.
Adi, come on,
Hold on!
Very good. Adi, you can do it.
Okay.. Pull! Pull!
Heave ho..
Come on, Adi. Keep it up.
Throw it away.
Adi. Adi! Are you okay?
Thank you, Manav.
You are welcome, Adi.
Thank you. Thank you.
Didn't you see that rope?
I did..
But there are clothes on it.
Adi, no!
Adi. Adi.
No violence.
That was a neat trick, Bro.
The country's under
threat and all that.
You have really matured.
in order to be rich,
one needs to have focus.
Focus. Yes, of course, Bro.
You are the only diving team.
I know who has their own private airplane.
Actually, airplane is the
most important thing for us.
Why an airplane?
Our neighbor's swimming
pool is practically empty.
Fill it up with water,
put in a plank and dive all day.
Right, Bro?
In fact, it's cheaper.
we don't dive in a pool.
You don't?
Then what kind of diving do you do?
Sky diving!
And here I was saying
that you have matured, Bro.
Yes. Yes. Yes.
You mean we are not
going to land here?
We are going to land here,
but this airplane won't.
The plane is not going to land.
Good luck, Shalini. Thank you.
She jumped, Bro.
He jumped, Bro.
Please make the
airplane land here for a minute.
It needs a short break.
I am sorry sir, but we don't have
permission to land this airplane.
And what about Reshma
Who has turned into an adult..
To hell with Reshma.
What about us?
No! No, sir.
I am sorry. You have to jump.
The country is under threat.
But currently,
we are under threat.,
listen to me very carefully.
You've got to pull this
rope 10 seconds after you jump.
Do you understand? No.
That will open the parachute.
Do you understand? No.
Now I will count to three.
And you must jump on three.
Do you understand? No.
Brother, Janakpur has arrived.
Janakpur is where it always was.
We have arrived at Janakpur.
Thanks to the God who saved
us from dying in that waterfall.
I deserve all the credit.
I have been fasting for your longevity
for so very long
that you won't die
for another 100 years.
If you observe silence instead,
I will live for 200 years.
Driver, drive faster.
I am, sir.
I said faster.
The gate is closed.
Look, there is another door.
Come soon.
Avi, keypad.
Bindu. Yes.
This is not a payphone where you
press a few buttons and insert a coin.
We will have to scale this wall.
It's a man's job.
It requires strength.
You need guts of steel.
I am a man!
A man!
I can even scale Mt. Everest.
I've grown up drinking
the water of Narmada.
Oh, God.
Guts of steel.
People show off their brawn
when they don't have a brain.
What was the code?
My name is.. Idiot.
Now get up and let's go.
Oh, God.
My back's broken.
Jhingur, can you spot the 'Ok'?
Bindu. Yes..
Where do we look for this 'OK'?
Don't worry, we'll find it.
We reached the zoo first. Yes!
Which means someone up there
is watching over us.
Someone up there is
watching over us, too.
Someone up there is
watching over us as well.
Yes.. Let go.
Omkar Zoo.
Bro, Omkar Zoo.
Omkar Zoo.
Yes, Bro.
We are going to land in Omkar Zoo.
Someone up there is watching over us,
and he's coming down really fast.
Who on earth is that?
Someone up there is watching over us.
Yes, Bro.
Where did this bad luck come from?
He's not just bad luck,
but a jinx too.
Forget those up there,
and focus on the ones down here.
Now no one can come between us
and the 500 million, Bro.
It has.
Forget the Rhino
and look at his horns.
I've seen arrows taking an aim
at the backside
but never a backside taking an aim
at the arrow.
Move! Don't move!
Rip them apart. Rip them apart.
Spread your legs. Spread your legs.
Bro. Spread your legs!
Rhino horns..
He escaped again.
Where are we, Bro?
Bro, what brings you here?
You guys made it here too?
You guys were praying that..
No. No. Yes.
We could never think
of such a thing, Bro.
Don't lie.
You were saying, "Rip them apart,
Rip them apart"!
Shut up.
I know. I know.
We are all rascals.
And we cannot take that
money out of here alone.
Let's all look for the
money and divide it equally.
Correct. That's more like it.
Simba stop.
Simba, come.
Simba, stop.
Simba. Simba.
Bro, do you want to be rich,
or do you want to be a cow?
You are eating leaves.
Security, open the gate.
How cute.
This is my introduction, not yours!
Myself, Chinappa Swami.
Nice to see you, Prachi!
How are you, Prachi?
Mr. Chinappa Swami,
what are you doing here at this hour?
We've got to begin work on
my 'Chinappa Housing Colony' today.
That's why I am here.
Chinappa Housing Colony? Yes.
Here? Yes.
But this is our Zoo.
Was. But now it's mine.
Hey you fools!,
give me the agreement.
See..and read carefully.
Your father, Omkar,
sold this Zoo to me for 50 million.
Sold? Yes.
No. Father only mortgaged
this land to borrow 50 million.
And I cheated him.
I tricked him into signing
the sale deed instead.
And got this land worth
500 million for just 50 million.
The Three Secrets to my Success..
And cheating!
I've never seen a
bigger rascal than him.
Look at, Bro.
This is fraud.
You are a criminal.
But who is going to prove it?
Don't do it, please.
What about these animals?
I know, you are trying to make
me sentimental.
But don't worry.
I'll arrange for a
farewell dinner tonight
and send all the animals
to a better place.
Upstairs! To Heaven!
Hey you fools! Bring the food.
, what do you think you're doing?
Are you spraying a perfume?
Pour it properly. What is this?
What is he pouring?
World's best poison.
Look..even the poison is past
it's expiry date.
And your animals will immediately
expire after eating this.
But sir, if we poison them..
We can get into legal trouble, sir.
Oh, God. Why didn't I think of that?
Oh my, God, Jaisurya.
You are a genius.
Never correct me.
Reddy. Tell him.
Sir, all the animals of the zoo
died last night due to an epidemic.
We have already got a report
from the Chief Medical Officer.
Idiot. I've to explain
them every little detail.
Oh my, God. Only 8 hours to go.
And I have to kill the animals,
dispose off their bodies,
then raze down this huge zoo..
Very difficult task.
You cheater! You crook!
I won't let you
kill the animals.
Take her away.
And lock her up.
Leave me.
Open. Open the door.
Only 8 hours to go.
We have to find the
'OK' and get the money.
Come on.
Come on.
We have only 8 hours,
to find 'Ok' and get the money.
You heard that the Zoo
will be razed down in 8 hours.
But didn't you hear that these animals
are going to die in next 8 minutes?
Forget your greed for the next 8
And please save these animals.
Don't change sides now.
We came here for the money,
not to save the animals.
He's right.
If we don't find the money
then our condition will be worse
than animals.
Don't awaken the animal inside me.
Let's go and look for the 'OK'.
Let's Go Jhingur. But..
Come on.
That's great, man.
Come on. Hurry up.
Why can't I find this 'OK'?
Van! Hide quickly.
They are gone.
Adi, Yes.
They will die if
they eat that sugarcane.
I know. So sad, isn't it?
But we've got to find 'OK'.
Mom won't be proud of you.
I am going to save them.
Manav. Manav.
Where is that 'OK'?
Did you find 'OK'? No.
We must get that meat out of there.
But who's going to get that meat?
The lion will die
if he eats that meat, Bro.
Shut up.
Let's find 'OK'.
Look, he's requesting you, Bro.
He's begging you.
Do you want me to
risk my life for him?
Lion, Bro.
The lion will eat that meat, Bro.
Please do something.
that chimp will eat the bananas.
Do you want to eat it instead?
What has gotten into you?
No sympathy left in you at all.
Remember the day when
you risked your life
just to save a kitten.
Stop it. No, brother.
You must listen to me this time.
Shut up.
Let's go save him.
We are running out of time.
Leave these bananas alone.
These are not for you.
Stop chattering your teeth.
One blow is all it will take
to break your jaw.
Brother.. Let go.
Let me explain to him properly.
Pay attention!
You are looking at your daddy.
Get lost.
And Kiddo, one more thing..
I think you need to
be taught a lesson first.
What's up, uncle?
Blessings, uncle.
Actually, I was trying to tell your
son that the bananas are poisoned.
Poor kid would have died.
But you are so smart.
No one can stop you from
becoming a human being one day.
Swear on my mother.
Let's shake on that.
Come on, let's shake.
You bloody uncouth animal.
Pull. Adi..tug-of-war..
Leave it..
Please understand.
Please leave.
Well done.
Adi, he ate the sugarcane.
Adi, he's going to die.
Save him, Adi.
Save him.
Stop crying like a child.
Go and get that meat.
Women always land us in trouble.
Oh, Lord.
Bindu, I was giving you
a divorce, willingly.
Then why do you have
to get me killed like this?
Throw that piece
of meat this way.
Run, Bindu.
Oh, Lord. Oh, Lord.
Run straight ahead.
Save me.
Climb up the tree. Climb up the tree.
Climb up.
Higher. Go higher.
Yes! Perfect.
I told you to climb up the tree..
But, you're bringing
the entire tree down instead.
You always do
opposite of what I ask.
Please don't eat me.
Help us, Lord.
Saved! Saved!
Bro? Are you all right, Bro?
Do something, Lord Hanuman!
I saved you.
Mr. Lion..
Poison. Poison.
Please, sir, explain to him.
Sir, help him.
I can't help it, sorry.
He's saying sorry.
Bloody donkey.
He's a monkey, Bro.
I was talking to you.
Bro..the monkey has disappeared
faster than lightning.
I am going to die.
Look.. Look..
The bananas are poisoned.
Even the flies are dead.
Your son is alive, thanks to me.
he would be dead like those flies.
Look, what have you done to my arm.
No, uncle.
Sorry. I am sorry. Lord..
Save brother Lallan. No. No..
Jhingur, my arm is fixed.
It's fixed again.
Why are you shouting now?
He's hugging you out of joy.
If he hugs me any tighter,
I'll poop right here.
Come on. Come on.
What do I do?
What do I do?
Stick your hand
inside the mouth.
Not your mouth..
Stick your hand inside his mouth
and make him puke
so that the poison comes out.
You know what, come on this side
and put pressure on his stomach.
Pressure on his stomach. Okay.
Come on, baby. Please, come on.
Come on.
Mom, please do something.
Come on, baby. Throw up!
Yes.. Yes..
Come on..
Oh no.
Adi, he puked right on your face.
Adi, he opened his eyes.
Adi, he's getting up.
He's getting up.
Adi, you did it.
You did it.
Yes, I saved his life.
But you are stinking, Adi.
I know.
Adi, complimentary dry cleaning.
Thank you.
Oh, Lord..
Oh, Lord.. Save us.
Hey you.. Tiger!
Stop chasing a woman.
Come on, man up and
come get me instead!
What the..
He has taken it seriously.
Run, Patel, Run!
Avi, run.
Run, Avi.
Avi, run faster.
Faster, Avi.
Lord save him.
Stop growling at me.
You think you can
devour a Gujarati.
Decades ago the British
locked horns with a Gujarati..
And they had to
quit the country.
And more recently..
A Gujarati was denied
an American visa..
And now they invite him
to dinner every fortnight.
Only 1411 of you are left,
isn't it?
But if you lock horns
with a Gujarati.
You will perish!
And look.. Look there..
I threw away that poisoned meat.
That's why, this
Tiger is still alive.
Otherwise, you would be dead!
Gujju dude, fantastic!
Security, thank you.
Not fair.
No! No! No!
Say sorry to him, Bro.
Tommy.. Tommy..
Friends.. Friends.. Friends.
Thank you, friend.
Bro, where are you going?
How do I say it? Run.
What is he doing? He's selfish.
Thank you.
Have you seen an 'OK' around here?
How far will Bro land, buddy?
At least 50 feet.
46.. 47.. 48.. 50!
Guddu Bro, look who's here.
New friend.
Guddu Bro, where are you?
Look up.
I am not okay.
Now who is dying?
Jhingur, look.
Adi. Manav.
Adi. Manav.
Bindu. Avi.
Look there.
'Ok'. 'Ok'.
Everybody is here.
We found it.
Yes.. Yes.. We found it.
We have found 'OK'!
Bro, did you find the money?
Bro, are you okay?
Adi! Oh, God.
Is he dead? Yes, even I think..
Are you okay?
I am very-very 'okay'!
Two bags. Give me a hand.
Thank you, mom.
That's our money.
This money?
Our friend Pinto betrayed
us and ran away with the money.
Pinto uncle!
Hi! Pinto uncle. Hi!
What brings you here?
I was missing my children.
And here I am.
You are most welcome.
Come inside.
Let's go.
Oh.. So this is why
Pinto uncle was here?
We found the money.
We found the money.
Someone hug me too.
Bro, if only our mother was alive..
She would've died all over again.
Bro! Bro!
we found the 500 million.
Who on Earth is this man?
Commissioner of Police.
Where will you go now?
They are not loaded. Why?
Makes the gun heavier to carry.
This one's loaded.
On guard.
Did you really think you
can get away with my money?
But this isn't yours.
It's illegal money.
Yes, this money is unaccounted for.
Yes.. Yes, it's illegal.
We will expose you.
Do you understand?
Yes, we will expose you.
The Law needs evidence.
How are you going to
prove that I took this money?
How nice, uncle pout.
Pout. Yes, pout.
Raise the currency a little
higher. Higher please.
Go on.. Go on.. Show them
some more of your antics.
You just gave them proof.
What now?
What's there to say?
You keep 50% and I'll keep 50%.
Dammit Adi, we'll have to
start the race all over again.
Bloody cheater.
we will all get an equal share!
Right. Right. Equal share.
Yes, equal.
There is going to be
no sharing of this money.
I am going to keep it all.
You saved all the animals.
In a fit of rage,
I decided to kill you.
But then you found 500 million
and made me happy.
Now I will kill all of you happily.
All of you will get
one bullet each.
One bullet per head.
I am the Commissioner of Police.
Extremely sorry, sir.
You'll get two bullets.
Now watch him in action.
I'll count to three.
And you will all go to Heaven.
What comes after one?
Two, sir.
And three..
Kill him. What are you doing?
I will give you a banana,
just shoot him.
Prachi dear, what's he saying?
He's saying tell your men
to hand over their guns to us.
Hey morons, hand over your guns.
Guns are pretty expensive stuff.
Manav, go get all their guns.
Come on. Okay.
Give me your gun!
Give me your gun!
Dear, what is he saying now?
He is saying we should
snatch the Zoo papers from you.
You tore it up.
What is he saying now?
He says 'Get out'.
Tell him we're ready.
Stupid, he's telling us to leave.
With the money.
Come on, Guys. Come, Bindu.
Loaded, let's go.
I'll be back!
what did you have for dinner?
Nothing sir.
But we will be dinner soon.
Look there. Lion!
Thank you so much.
You saved my animals.
You saved my Zoo.
Thank you so much.
We saved them too!
Thank you all of you.
We should thank these animals.
This money turned us into animals.
These animals made
us human again.
And that's why money
will be split in 6 parts.
The 6th part is for..
These animals.
What say? Right.
Wow! Bro! You read my mind, Bro.
You have become a rich man today.
You get half of my share.
Sir, my mother was wrong.
She used to say "you can't
teach an old dog a new trick".
Your share's canceled.
Mother can never be wrong.
She was my stepmother. Sir..
With this money,
we can give Bittu a better future.
Bittu's future will get better
when our relationship gets better.
I did a good job today,
didn't I, Manav?
Mom will be proud of me?
No, Adi.
Today, I am proud of you.
Hey, somebody save me.
Brother, we got the money.
Now you must offer
1000 sweets to God.
We got the money, didn't we?
Who cares about the sweets now?
Stop scaring me.
I am coming.
Stop staring at me.
Call the sweet shop right now.
Can I be a part of your life..
I mean, can I be
a partner in your Zoo?
You have so many animals here,
one more won't hurt.
Bro..she has stolen your heart.
Now all you have to do,
is say, 'I do'.
You are made for each other.
In case you have a distant aunt
then remember me.
"You're my Lady Gaga.
I have falled for you."
"I couldn't sleep nor be awake."
"Love is fresh.
Come in my arms."
"Dance with me."
"Let's dance all night."
"Play a song that would make
the speakers explode."
"Play a song that would make
the speakers explode."
"We'll make chaos.
The speakers will explode."
"The speakers will explode."
"You have an Indian feeling.
You have bad intentions."
"I can see in your eyes
even if you wear glasses."
"You seem like you have
bad intention."
"You seem like a liar."
"You touch and dance me.
You fulfil my dreams."
"Let's dance all night."
"Play a song that would make
the speakers explode."
"Play a song that would make
the speakers explode."
"We'll make chaos.
The speakers will explode."
"The speakers will explode."
"Those who don't want to dance
can go away."
"The people who want to dance
should dance."
"Those who don't want to dance
can go away."
"The people who want to dance
should dance."
"Let's dance all night."
"Play a song that would make
the speakers explode."
"Play a song that would make
the speakers explode."
"We'll make chaos.
The speakers will explode."
"The speakers will explode."
"The speakers will explode."