Total Trust (2023) Movie Script

[Party's 100th Anniversary]
The Chinese Communist Party '
has developed socialism with Chinese characteristics.
They created a miracle,
turning China into the world's second largest economy.
After much suffering I realised
only the Chinese Communist Party can build a new China.
The government strives to create . . a safe political environment.
a stable society, fair legal system, and quality services
to ensure the fulfillment, happiness, and security of its people.
Danger doesn't only come from enemies overseas,
it also comes from within our nation.
we must mobilise the public...
to actively participate in security matters.
Look, President Xi is waving at us.
So honoured.
He watches over us.
Another one here.
Some people just don't obey the rules.
Hello, is this your car?
You forgot to close the window.
Here... We put this slip here
to notify the owner.
How's it going?
Did you spot any violations?
Nothing so far.
Just some illegal parking.
We must stay alert to risks...
and be prepared...
to defend our political safety.
The waves are rough!
What are you writing?
"Daddy, come back soon!"
Last summer.
he played football with me.
My husband is a lawyer.
The police arrested him on January 12th, 2020.
on suspicion of
"inciting subversion of state power".
I haven't seen him since.
I am innocent.
I am doing what every citizen and lawyer should do.
Everything I do is to redress the grievances
of the wrongly convicted.
I hope I can still fulfill the promises I made to you...
when I'm free again.
You'll be like him when you grow up.
Remember his mustache?
What about who he is?
Did you know he helped people before he was arrested?
Not really.
You didn't know?
I only knew he was a lawyer.
Can you tell me about Dad's cases?
His clients were usually petitioners.
The government wanted to suppress them.
Your dad tried to defend them.
But they have rights. Why suppress them?
Some people petition because
they've lost their homes in forced demolitions.
It's like, overnight they lost their...
Home and family.
So the government sees defense lawyers as obstacles?
Since the police came, he doesn't want to sleep alone.
He has to sleep with me.
Sometimes he asks me, "What would Dad think about this?"
"What would he do?"
He started asking questions like these.
I think he misses his dad.
Weiping Chang and I have been friends
since the #MeToo movement.
I reported on the sexual harassment scandals of
some of the most influential and powerful people,
especially in universities.
They sued me for libel.
Weiping Chang reached out to me
and offered to be my lawyer pro bono.
I can't just watch him being persecuted.
So I wrote an article.
In December 2019,
Weiping Chang met with a dozen lawyers and friends in Xiamen.
They discussed politics, China's future, career obstacles,
and paths to a civil society.
Soon after the meeting, they were arrested.
Weiping Chang was put under "designated residential surveillance" for over ten days,
later, under house arrest in his hometown of Shaanxi.
During the ten months he waited for his trial,
Chang recorded over 200 video diaries.
The walnut trees have bloomed.
Th grape vines have sprouted and climbed up the roof.
This bougainvillea is out. but see...
new leaves are coming out.
Look at the big walnut tree.
Today. I want to show you more.
In his video diary on October 16th, 2020,
he talked about being tortured
while under arrest.
They held me at the Baotai Hotel...
on a torture rack
all day, for ten days.
This extreme torture
has left me with permanent injuries.
I still can't feel my right index and ring finger.
4 few days later, he was arrested again
on suspicion of
"inciting subversion of state power".
If a country can't tolerate someone like him,
the country is the problem.
Let me introduce the LLVision AR glasses.
In a large crowd, these glasses can
identify a suspicious person fast.
Facial recognition cameras are installed
on the front and back doors of the bus.
This helps police monitor fugitives

and blacklisted people.
If an employee looks stressed.
our facial recognition feature can pick up on that
and alert their supervisor to get ahead of the problem.
It's my first time using facial recognition.
I find it really convenient.
It's great during rush hour.
It only takes two or three seconds
to process a payment.
It's fast and convenient.
I think it shows how society is progressing.
I think it shows how society is progressing.
We saw the neighbour install a peephole camera.
Two professional handymen came with toolboxes.
Maybe I'm over-thinking.
but it looks like it's for surveillance.
Their equipment looked complicated.
A peephole camera like ours
only needs a simple screw to install.
In the past.
the police spread rumours about us around the neighbourhood.
They said, we are a family of traitors.
They want our neighbours to isolate us.
China is often referred to as a surveillance state
by Western countries.
What do you think about that?
It's the truth.
Our phones and apps are monitored,
they make changes to our profiles.
We had a family dinner one day.
My sister took a video and posted it online.
Later, her account was banned
for violating Douyin's (TikTok in China) regulations.
I wanted to find out whether my face was the problem.
I opened an account and uploaded random videos without being in them.
It worked.
But when I tried to upload anything with my face in it.
I got a violation notice and my account was banned.
When I was first released last year,
it didn't bother me that much.
After all, I just got out of jail.
We were jailed
only because we fought hard for human rights.
Many victims of wrongful convictions came to us.
When the 709 Crackdown started on July 9th. 2015,
China's state media news channel reported on it constantly.
They manipulated various legal cases

to draw public attention.
20:25 They politically manipulated sensitive legal cases.
deceived the public.
20:;and directed their dissatisfaction2 to the government.
During the massive crackdown, nearly 300 lawyers were taken away.
interrogated and temporarily restricted in personal freedom.
Some were forced to write a confession.
The total number of people ultimately arrested was about 27.
Only a handful were taken to trial.
They received overseas training to stir up trouble in China.
They accepted foreign funding
with the hidden agenda of destabilising China.
"After contacting some overseas organisations that are hostile to China,
I received training and funding."
Lawyers were forced to plead guilty on TV.
I refused.
So they shamelessly imprisoned me for a long time.
Why did you send those people to follow me?
[police on the phone] Take care of yourself.
I told you,
it's for your own good.
You are a lawyer, you should know better.
Regarding the Japanese documentarian that filmed you,
you just need to handle it well.
Who are you :
Can't we volunteers ask you to provide identification?
But I'm leaving, not coming in.
But did you register when you came in
I scanned the code.
What about your guest?
The system uses big data and human surveillance.
It divides every community into grids
and assigns an officer to each one.
\Ne manage all kinds of residential matters and complaints.
Each grid officer is in charge of about 400 households or 1,000 residents.
Watch out for the car!
Where have you been?
I was taking out the trash.
The recycling station is a bit far away.
- There are special residents we keep an eye on.
They have grievances and are likely to petition to the government.
We keep a close eye on them.
Hi Auntie. I work for the commun
Is that your electric scooter downstairs?
The one with the charging cord?
\Ne are given a watch list by a higher level of government.
People with improper past behavior...
are put on the list.
We record their daily activities and report them to upper government.
We still need to monitor residents in person.
It causes us a lot of stress.
The development of technologies, like facial recognition.
will make our work easier.
To resolve conflicts at the grassroots level,
we rely on the nation's 4.5 million grid officers.
The "Sharp Eyes Project" is another essential national project

launched to promote public safety.
We are building,
"Sharp Eye" neighbourhoods.
With upgraded TV cable,
public surveillance footage is now only a click away at home.
Everybody can be vigilant.
China's Sky net Project is the world's largest video surveillance network
with over 170 million cameras.
Another 400 million cameras are expected to be installed in the next three years.
Last week, the police told me they saw my article.
They said. "The way it's written
feels like you."
I think they must have been analysing my behaviours,
habits, and language patterns.
In 2019.1 witnessed and wrote articles about
the Anti-Extradition Bill Protests in Hong Kong.
I was later taken in for interrogation
because of my reporting.
They detained me and took all my biometrics:
iris, voiceprint.
fingerprints, handprints.
S even if I wear ajnask,
they are still able to identify me.
When I talk in public, if the big data system is in place,
they can identify me by my voice.
- Should I bring in my luggage? - Sure, come in.
It's scary if Chang is charged with "inciting subversion of state power" like me
We are by no means violent.
Even in countries like the US,
subversion of state power is prosecuted.
But in China there's no clear legal definition of it,
the police manipulate its definition.
My plan now is to petition to government branches in Beijing.
Will that be a problem?
It's legal and logical.
But your personal safety cannot be guaranteed.
The authorities have no shame.
^They can easily escort me back to my hometown and lock me up.
But I still want to try.
How will I know if I don't?
-- Our son was only two-and-a-half years old when his father was arrested.
Before that, I was a housewife.
I took care of my family.
I had a simple and happy life.
After my husband disappeared in 2015.
I felt like the sky was falling.
That was a turning point for me.
I became very close with other wives
victimised by the 709 Crackdown.
Quanzhang Wang!
I had to face this new life
and figure out how to find my husband.
No attorney-client meeting for Quanzhang Wang.
Which department gave this order?
- Doesn't specify.
- Doesn't specify?
Daddy, have you become an old man
Bad monster, release my dad!
Quanzhang Wang has disappeared since 987 days.
This is our 27th attempt at filing a mandate.
We try to hold out. We won't give up.
We can be hairless, but you can't break the law.
We're fighting for you too!
What are you doing?!
Do you want your children to live a life without freedom too?!
Do you think your comfortable life will be guaranteed forever?
We're also fighting for you!
F you. You're a disgrace to the Chinese people.
What are you doing?
Get your hands off me.
Let us out.
Did you hear that?
We are here to petition.
Why are you illegally detaining us?
You need to follow the law.
This camera is to watch my mum.
The police followed me to the park.
I'm not opening the door.
not unless you have proper paperwork.
'm your friend.
What are you doing?
They're my guests.
Why are you hitting them!
Bastards! Stop!
The police are beating people!
You are polluting the whole community.
I'm sorry.
A lot of people said they cried when they saw the video of my return.
But the truth is.
I felt completely numb.
I didn't feel anything.
When I was in secret detention.
everything I did required approval.
During that time,
the word that most frequently comes to mind... "report".
"Report, I need to drink water."
"Report, I need to use the bathroom."
"Report, I need to raise my hand."
"Report, I need to blink."
"Report, I need to eat."
Even the slightest movement needed approval.
No approval.
no movement.
It is the ultimate deprivation of freedom.
At one point,
I wasn't even allowed to turn my body when I slept.
Do you know what that feels like?
was lying in bed like a dead body.
If I moved even a little bit,
would get punished.
Beijing-Tibet Highway.
This is Fengxian County.
This is where dad is now.
Fengxian County Detention Center.
Hi everyone.
I - - ''t
I'm Zijuan Chen, wife of Chinese human rights lawyer Weiping Chang.
this is our son.
In some places, it's a crime for fireflies to glow
Weiping Chang is the innocent firefly I'm speaking of.
I believe he's innocent.
Please release Weiping Chang.
Don't act like that.
When I say, "Please release Weiping Chang,"
join me by saying. "Release my dad."
"Free my dad."
Sure, either Chinese or English is okay.
- Don't hold it like a memorial portrait!
- I'm not!
Stop wasting time! I'm getting angry.
I'm going to get mad.
In some dark places.
it's a crime for fireflies to glow.
I think Weiping Chang is like these fireflies.
I believe he's innocent.
I demand the Chinese government release Weiping Chang immediately.
Release my dad!
Is it good enough?
Let's try again.
Don't break it!
I won't!
I'm very anxious.
I feel like the future is...
full of danger.
People who stand up are targeted, right?
But if nobody comes forward, things will never change.
That's why I can totally relate to Weiping Chang.
We know this is dangerous, but we still do it.
When you were detained, did the police abuse you?
Not physically...
but psychologically.
-They didn't let you sleep?
They tried that a few times.
Apart from that.
they forced me to drink alcohol.
- Alcohol?
- To get me drunk.
They knew I like red wine,
so they gave me a lot of wine.
They wanted me drunk.
They wanted me to sign away my rights while drunk.
I said I'd never sign anything like that.
When I asked them why they chose this strategy,
they said in the past they had been too straightforward.
Now, they take a more individualised approach.
They use big data against you.
One of them said, "I know your period is close."
"I cooked this broth for you. Drink it while it's still warm."
And later, "Let me warm it up for you.
It helps with cramps."
In that situation, even though I knew they had an agenda.
-1 couldn't help feeling...
- Moved.
Have you brushed your teeth?
-Not yet
- Hurry up, we need to go
It's too late to brush my teeth.J, 4
Let's go. let's go!
Your jacket.
- Bye. Don't forget your laptop. - And face mask.
- What's wrong?
- Somebody's outside.
Let's go.
- You can't leave.
- Why not?
We can't tell you.
- Who are you?
- You don't need to know that.
- But I have to take my kid to school. - No worries. I can do that.
You're a stranger.
You're being ridiculous!
Are you crazy?
Leave my son with you?! I don't even know you!
Don't overreact.
You asked me to give you my child.
Would you hand your child over to a stranger?
Someone will come and answer your questions.
Well, this person in charge should hurry up then.
Do you really need to ask who we are?
We've known each other for a long time.
I don't know you. When did you see me?
At the hospital your father went to last year.
I accompanied him to his physical exam.
- You don't remember? - No, I don't remember.
If you're with law enforcement, show me your ID.
They are violating our freedom,
but there isn't any danger.
Why won't they let us out?
Foreign embassies have invited us to participate in events for Human Rights Day.
The police are trying to stop us from going.
but they couldn't find a legal excuse.
Police restricting our freedom without legal excuse is a violation of human rights.
After I was arrested.
I wasn't allowed to see a lawyer for over half a year.
I didn't know where I was being held.
This is a clear violation of human rights. This needs to be changed.
On days they consider to be politically sensitive,
they barricade our door so we can't leave our home.
They do this so often
that it seems almost normal.
But no...
Whenever they come to restrict us.
I feel oppressed... and distressed.
We need to break this pattern using the law.
.Thats his way: using the law to demand state compensation.
My way is to cook delicious food for you all.
Eat well first.
I can do something as well.
He'll do it his way. I'll do it my way.
I plan to file formal administrative complaints.
But I have to take care of myself first.
Dealing with the police now...
makes my whole body feel tight, even my skin.
Lawyer Quanzhang Wang, can you hear me?
can hear you.
I am delighted to be a part of the European Union's Human Rights Day.
I appreciate the EU for its strong support during my imprisonment.
At the same time.
I can't help but think of the many other lawyers and human rights activists
who have lost their freedom.
They need more coverage.
People like lawyer Jiaxi Ding, Dr. Zhiyong Xu and lawyer Weiping Chang.
Everyone prefers to stick their head in the sand like an ostrich,
means living a comfortable life.
Generations of control.
have made people internalise censorship,
just like the media.
You don't need the government to censor anymore, people self-censor.
First, the regime takes away little freedoms, and we accept it.
we give in, they take more...
"I will uphold the Party's programme,
observe the provisions of the Party Constitution.
and never betray the Party."
They will never say. "that's enough."
We don't know how much more control they want.
Volunteer activities are registered in the Rongcheng Community app.
We publish community events here.
Like night patrols, home cleaning, recycling, and many other activities.
On this app, there is also a ranking system.
It creates a nice competitive atmosphere.
Make sure people wear masks.
If they don't, remind them.
Please keep an eye out for improper parking and notify the owners.
Also look out for dogs that aren't on a leash.
Last night, I volunteered to patrol for two hours.
Today I'm volunteering at the community charity dining hall,
cooking for the elderly.
Over the past two days, I spent ten hours volunteering.
Volunteering for ten hours gets you two points.
Two points can get you gifts from the government
Five points can get you things like gift boxes and chopstick holders.
We need to thank the Party
and be grateful to live in this country.
The older generation never enjoyed this.
The score runs on scale of 1,000 points,
they are categorised into AAA, AA, A, B, C, and D.
Your social credit score rating drops to B if you are caught drunk driving
or petitioning to a higher authority
Only after correcting bad behavior,
showing remorse, and studying moral lessons
can individuals repair their damaged social credit score.
Take myself as an example.
If I were to violate a traffic law, it would be recorded
in the city's big data system.
Or if I were to vouch for another person's loan
and they defaulted on it,
that would be reflected in my score history too.
A person's low social credit score impacts their family.
it can affect which schools your children can attend.
It can also limit travel
by high-speed trains or by plane.
x Businesses can be vetoed from I bidding on government projects
if they have a low score.
If you're a Party member and want to get promoted
but have a low social credit score.
you don't stand a chance.
There's no doubt about that.
Rongcheng City has developed
a pioneering social management programme
that should be implemented by other cities.
Experts and officials from across China
are gathering in Rongcheng City to discuss a new governance model...
The public seems to accept and participate in these programs
The public seems to accept and participate in these programs
like kids playing a game.
Their complacency makes critical thinkers like us stand out more.
How many petition letters did you send to each government branch?
We sent each major officer a petition letter.
But did those letters help?
I don't think so.
We sent a lot of letters.
we didn't get any responses though.
But what matters is that you keep doing it.
There's nothing better I can do.
Hello everyone, I am Zijuan Chen.
We wrote a total of 52 petition letters this weekend.
We hope someone will respond soon.
Wow. he's taller than the sofa! )
Yeah, he's that tall.
Let me see where my leg reaches him.
The oranges are sweet...
It's getting cold...
Let's see how long it takes them to delete this post.
The one I posted last night disappeared this morning.
"Video uploaded".
at least that's what the system tells me.
Chang's village is a bit further ahead.
The houses all look the same.
Yes. that's the typical style here.
This is it!
This is Chang's parents' house.
You're back!
Yes. I just got back!
There are three cameras here.
I took a photo of Chang's parents protesting and posted it online.
Now, I have a camera pointing at my house.
They want to monitor you.
The more I think about it, the more upset I get.
What law did I break?
When Weiping Chang was under house arrest here,
he didn't have much to do but grow plants.
It's dried.
Completely dead.
I'll make you want to die rather than live!
I'll make you jump into a river!
One day, your children and all your descendants,
will pay the price for what you're doing now!
If it gets worse, your son may have trouble going to school, too.
You need to be prepared for that.
You have a long road ahead.
Weiping's case will last for years.
Even before the 709 Crackdown, police often came to my house
in the middle of the night.
My son witnessed all of that.
He was depressed.
He often locked himself in his room with the curtains drawn.
We can continue to file for mandate...
Who is that?
Who is that?
No one?
Oh. it's you. Jong-an.
When did you come back?
We just got here.
What are you doing here?
How did you know we were here? Nobody's been home for months.
I was thinking...
You haven't been back for so long...
I saw your door was open, and was wondering if you'd
stop by later?
If you get a chance...
Oh, I can't make it.
I have something to do later.
High speed cameras will capture photos of pedestrians jaywalking,

which will be displayed on a big LED screen.
In the future.
fare evasion, soliciting, eating and drinking on the subway,
all will be recorded
in personal social credit histories.
Our country will establish
a national "Social Credit Code" system.
Smart Neighbourhood,
Smart Transportation,
Smart Logistics,
Smart Dining.
Smart Life.
- Jong-an...
- Jong-an?
She came by out of the blue.
Someone must have sent her to check on us.
I'm going to my room.
At first, the officers spoke nicely to me,
but after the protest.
they immediately installed surveillance cameras to watch us.
This is the Communist Party warning us.
We should rethink our behaviour.
You asked me to protest, I did.
I don't know if the protest helped my son.
or put him in more danger.
Just because of some surveillance cameras,
and some guys following you,
you chicken out?
You immediately give up!
Don't blame everything on me!
Other families of the victims
are working hard to demand justice.
- What do you want me to do?
- You devoted your whole life to the Party!
You know their strategy is to harass the families until they give up!
What does that have to do with the Communist Party?
You said it yourself!
You said you are a Party member, so you won't protest!
Yes. I said that!
I said I won't protest again.
You are a Communist Party member for life.
I'm old.
To be honest. I'm scared.
You are a Communist Party member. Go ahead and be loyal.
Devote this life and even the next one to the Party.
Hello, Kitten Wang.
You hid your treat there?
Can't reach it?
How do you write the character "all"?
"All" as in "all in all."
Can't you look it up yourself?
That pen is mine.
So...what if I borrow it?
You just want me to look it up in the dictionary.
Your teacher would tell you the same thing.
My teacher has never said that.
Then why wouldn't your teacher just have you spell it out?
How can I even look it up
if I don't know what the character looks like?
You've got your dictionary?
You know how to pronounce it,
so you can look it up.
Why do you have to talk like that?
Everything you do is annoying.
Okay, if you find it annoying.
I won't say anything.
When I was arrested,
my son was two years and seven months old.
By the time I was released, he was almost eight years old.
Whenever I argue with him,
he says things like. "Go back to prison."
Since Quanzhang's return.
our biggest conflicts have been about our son.
Since he was absent for five years
he feels a lot of guilt towards our son.
So he wants to pour all his love onto him at once.
The love that was missing for the past five years.
He pays attention and comments on everything
from big things to tiny everyday things.
Because he's actually anxious...
We go through so many challenges every day.
so I need an escape.
I need to find a way out.
Believing in God is my way out.
Now, because my legal licence has been revoked,
I am restricted in my work.
But there are still some cases I can take on.
For example, land acquisitions in rural areas,
demolition of urban houses.
How did you get here?
I drove, but I went the wrong way at first.
So they told you it was for building a research facility.
but now they're saying it's for commercial purposes?
They plan to remove over 2,000 families.
- 2.000? In the downtown area?
- Yeah.
If they want me to move, at least trade my land with another.
~ ' If they want me to move. at least trade my land with another.
When people from other areas come to buy houses in our villages.
they have., a certificate... what's it called?
"Real Estate Certificate"?
Or are you talking about the previous Property Ownership Certificate?
The houses are built on the land of the village.
So they're commodity houses.
Yes. commodity houses.
Before you hire me as your lawyer, I have something to tell you.
In 2015. hundreds of human rights lawyers were arrested.
was one of them.
The government accused us of inciting petitioners to "cause trouble",
but in fact, we were helping petitioners.
The news broadcast this crackdown.
However, I never pled guilty.
I think she has some concerns because of my past.
They still need my help,
but can't deal with the pressure from the government.
Personally, I want to work with you.
But I can't speak for my son.
I can't force my ideas on him.
Turn right.
Hi Dad. I'm doing my homework.
- How are you?
- I'm okay, how are you?
Talk to your dad.
I'm going to do my homework now.
Look at the smile on your dad's face, it's because of you.
Sometimes I feel trapped in a dream.
I can't go out.
I can't speak.
scream, but no one can hear me.
[checking in at noodle restaurant]
Even the bravest ones have been restrained.
others are taking a step back.
People like us who hold the middle ground
stand out to the authorities now.
All of this was unimaginable before, f
In the past, journalists could write reports and change an evil law.
But now. it's a crime to write.
I was arrested and put under "residential surveillance"
because I wrote about Hong Kong's anti-extradition campaign.
Twenty policemen took turns bombarding me with questions.
intimidating me, or trying to be my friend.
Anything they could do to break me.
I pushed back quoting actual laws as my rebuttals.
They slammed the table, and I slammed the table back.
They wanted to record a video of me pleading guilty.
I told them, over my dead body.
After I was released, they installed a camera facing my apartment
I called the police station, ' asking whether they had installed it.
They said no.
I said ok. that's fine.
Every day, I read chapters from the book 1984 to the camera
and sang this song:
"Do you hear the people sing,
sing the song of angry men
On the fourth day. I went to the camera and prepared to read 1984 again,
but it was gone.
Are we near Baoji City?
One of our phones isn't safe.
The signal is being affected by unknown interference.
I didn't call anyone.
- Are you on flight mode?
- Is your phone an iPhone?
We're here to visit a detainee.
Nobody is allowed to visit during the pandemic except case handlers.
What about relatives depositing money?
He doesn't need a deposit.
He still has a lot of money.
How do you know who we want to visit?
- Do you know?
-1 don't know.
Then how do you know he has enough money?
We work here so we know.
We will notify you if he has low balance.
We must have been tracked via our phone signals.
and they were notified. '
Let's go.
I want to beat that scumbag to death.
We are here.
We travelled all the way here from Shenzhen.
It was over 2,000 kilometers.
I wanted to bring him some money.
I want to know if he's safe.
I want to know how he's doing.
Weiping Chang!
I don't know if you're here or if you're alive.
Our son and I came to see you all the way from Shenzhen.
Come back quickly!
'After several months of torture in a designated location,
'he had blood in his stool....
swollen shoulders, arms, and legs.
I think it was because of the torture.
They made him sit on the torture rack for six days and nights in a row.
- Mum!
Give me a bowl!
Go get it from the kitchen.
Write the name in the space below the address.
In the case of Weiping Chang's subversion of state power,
Shaanxi Provincial Prosecution Department failed to perform
its statutory duties...
am Wei pi ng Chang's father.
My son was born into a modern society and grew up under the red flag.
He loves and is loyal to his motherland.
We hope someone will respond soon.
It's my 36th birthday today.
I can't believe it.
These little kids still call me "big brother".
I feel flattered and very happy.
I should have been called "uncle"....
I hope I get the old Weiping back.
The man who was always smiling and eager to see me.
His trial date is finally set.
I hope to see him then.
Find out how he's doing.
Please keep your distance and stand in line to get tested.
You must wear a mask.
You must have your temperature checked.
You must show your ID.
You must show your health code
upon entering public areas.
It was Weiping Chang's birthday.
I wanted to buy a flower bouquet and take a photo
in front of the provincial police department.
When I tried to enter the flower shop.
my health code turned yellow.
I did not test positive for Covid,
nor was I exposed to anyone who tested positive.
1 Please scan your health code.
Not approved.
1 I called the police, and they said.
"I don't know which department turned your code yellow."
"It's not our business."
"But if you don't stay where you are, we will arrest you."
Please scan your health code or ID.
So annoying!
I wonder if I was marked as a person of "special interest"
because I'm married to Chang,
and they're now using the health code to limit my movements.
You can't even leave your compound.
After Covid, people's trust in the government
has increased to 98%.

We must absolutely uphold the zero-Covid strategy.
Henan Bank! Return my deposits!
Recently, in the Henan province
bank depositors petitioned as a group
and their health codes all turned red.
You have broken the law.
If you don't leave, the police will take action.
Big data knows all your activities.
It can take total control of the people.
Big data makes totalitarianism easier.
Living in an environment like this.
makes me feel like an animal in a cage.
My life is controlled by someone else.
Every code must be scanned.
Everyone should be checked.
No one should be left unscanned.
April 1st. 2022.
Everyone is shouting, "We're out of food."
The police are beating us!
What are you doing?!
I dreamed that I was dead.
My soul was out of my body. I saw my dog coming in.
Someone was wrapping up my body.
I recognised that person.
He was a member of the secret police.
He said. "Sophia.
There's only one Sophia Huang in China."
"But there are 80 million Party members."
When I woke up, I felt hopeless and I broke down. I kept crying.
The police were like, "This woman finally broke."
Later, I thought.
"Really? Do people really want to
ive like slaves forever?"
My plan for the future is
to study in the United Kingdom and then return to China.
It's true that the country is getting more authoritarian.
But. I also see rebellion among the younger generations.
I want to be part of that, to preserve some seeds of hope.
Let the seeds sprout.
Take the next exit on the right in 500 metres to go to Fengxian.
You're approaching a COVID check point.
Please slow down and cooperate.
There's a CCTV camera
700 metres ahead of you.
Hopefully we can see your dad at his trial.
According to local CDC policy, you came from a high-risk area.
So you're not allowed to enter Fengxian. We ask you to return.
Hi Mr. Zhao.
I'm on my way to Fengxian for Chang's trial tomorrow.
but the local police stopped me at the highway exit.
You mean I should film and document?
It's 6:50 p.m.
and I'm still stuck at the highway exit.
In front of me is the SWAT team.
Behind me is another police car.
This guy is staring at me.
- What's up?
I already informed you.
you're not allowed to film police on active duty.
- You're wrong.
-1 need to confiscate your phone.
Good morning.
It's 6:57 a.m. on July 26th.
It's two hours until Chang's trial.
How much longer?
Stop asking.
We're here now and there's no turning back.
- What do you want?
-1 want to eat.
What's the big deal with missing one meal?
These bastards.
Quanquan asked me, "What's wrong, mum?"
I said, "I'm just thinking of how Tutu and his mum
are experiencing what we did."
Take Quanquan out for a walk.
Stop thinking about us.
We'll survive.
His trial started an hour ago.
The lawyer says he wants to see Chang's car off
before he leaves the court and comes to meet us.
No wonder there's nobody outside now, the trial is over.
Dear Weiping Chang.
I'm standing at the exit of the highway.
I present you these flowers.
Today is your day of suffering,
but also a day of glory.
I'm sorry that I couldn't be there to support you in person.
You're not the one who's really on trial today.
Today, they are the ones committing a crime.
Tutu and I will always support you.
The sun sets over the ocean and it looks like a child's painting.
The sun is waiting for the seagull to take it away.
Time is like a tender hand, caressing our scarred faces.
A person who keeps chasing his dreams
will never be afraid.
Weiping Chang remains in prison.
Wang and Li continue their work as human rights activists.
Due to persistent police harassment, their son Quanquan has been forced to change schools almost every semester.
Sophia Xueqin Huang was planning to study in the UK, she was arrested on her way to the airport in September 2021.
After being covertly detained for a year, she was charged with inciting subversion of state power.
She is now awaiting trial.