Total western (2000) Movie Script

Hi, Bdcarrax!
Why you think I'm here?
Come on...
Why you think I'm here?
Don't know. Why?
You still havent got the cell?
Would be easier to catch you
You were looking for me? -Bergosa
wants to meet you tomorrow
Don't be late. He'll be
playing golf after that
Wake up, it's not night,
work is waiting..
It's too early. - Not too early for
the cock so not for us either
The last one cleans the toilet
Show that damn cock a few
tricks so it will sing less
Kamel, last one down cleans the...
Shut up. I warned you not to
irritate me in the mornings
At least that one is a rule
I won't be the last
Kristelle has been excused.
- Why? Me too...
I can take heroin too if I get
excused that way
My brother been a narc allready
ten years...
Live him alone and do what u
were told
You should be in North Africa
dressed up like a arab
C'mon, make me wear that one.
- What you think you doing?
Ah, The Addams family coming
Kristelle, Kamel wants to talk
You whining? - Shut up and
stop acting gay
C'mon, say it aloud
Gonna go clean your shit
If u peed to the floor, I make
you lick it clean, gotcha?
You can eat shit if you want.
Shut up!
Francis! Slience, Jean-Pierre!
They start barking when they hear
the doorbell or the phone
How are you, Grard?
Think you know my cousin Jos?
Yes, we have met.
- Nice jacket
In the beginning I was very happy
with your way of working
Are you happy yourself?
You trusted me allready in the
beginning, thanks for that
I hear you have been in contact
with the Ludo Daes' gang?
Yes, true
Heard you have done them
a few favors
And that they trust you fully
They don't trust me but they
trust you
This little kid gang that denied
business with me
And now they are doing well.
Guess, why...
Because you are in.
Can you believe it?
Go pay that house a small visit, -
You contact them and organize
us a little party
Smells too much like corpses here.
- Like the leaders ass?
I was just joking, nothing more
I respect you. You respect me and
my buddies, you hear, Aziz?
Yea, I hear. It was just a joke.
- Jean Mi said he will stop
Because I don't respect you guys?
- No, never
You gotta turn the cheese around
and prevent them from drying
This is a woman... not yours,
not his, a woman
It doesn't matter whose.
- Not even mine
You looking for a fight?
- Are you naked under your pants?
Are you coming over to my place?
Don't u feel like fucking a bit?
- Are you really somekinda man?
Yes, I know you want Moussa
You like to lock up in your apartment...
- Go play with your friends
Are you pissed?
- Maybe
C'mon now
Buzz off or loose your balls...
You're great, I like you.
- Thanks. Go fuck yourself
Fuck yourself. No-one has ever
spoken to me like that.
His stepfather raped her as a
kid and now she hates all men
She has turned you down too.
- No she hasn't
She is just so thin.
That's why let her be
Guess what, I owe you an apology
In the beginning when papa told that
I must take you with me, I was pissed
But now I'm happy that you are here,
it makes me feel alot more calm
If everything goes, fine and if we
want to organize -
fucking competition? Good to know
that we have a pro here among us, -
one that allways carries a tissue
paper with him
Mr. Bergosa?
- Francis, stop nagging
It's not possible
I said, no weapons. Jos has a gun
Give him the phone
Do you have a gun?
Put it away you pisshead
What hse said?
- I gotta change
Do they want group sex with us?
Nice underwear
You must all be insane
- They know that I'm clean
No gun, no wires. They don't know
you. So wait there
Can't do... ok...
Grard Bdcarrax, my son,
Have you been promoted?
How are you, Georges?
- I'm fine. Talk to you later
Wait. Have you been checked?
I have been, and you?
Ok, all of you undress. If I find
even the smallest weapon, so no deal
Madame wants to know if you found
any weapons
Put everything overthere
Now that you shut up so let's stay
like that. Want something to drink?
Diet version, thanks
Damn what manners that guy's got
All of you undress. Show me your ass.
Now it's your turn
You too, faggot
Give it all to me.
What's taking so long?
Don't move or you bite the bullet
You are really starting to irritate
I don't mean the trouble that I can
get by you entering here
The money ain't mine. I hand em over.
- Yeah, that won't be a problem
How can you come to me with a
bullet in the leg?
I have been nursing you since you
were ten yeas old
Sometimes you woke me three o'clockin
the morning with your face in blood
And now a gun
Hear that mother...
- Your mother?
Can I call?
- There's a phone
Mr. Bergosa?
Everything went wrong.
- Do you have the cash?
- Come right over
I couldn't help Jos.
- I told you to come back
Mr. Bergosa?
- Still there?
Your dogs... they sleeping?
- Yes, sleeping
Do you know a quiet place where
i could hide for a while
Three, six months, only till the
situation settles a bit
Wake up all, work waiting
Fuck, that's abuse.
- Last one down cleans
I will clean u'r face in a bit fucker
All wake up...
You coming up there for the first time?
You will see that it's quiet there
I'll jump off there
But you won't make it for dinner.
- I bet your underwear for that, Gisle
There you are, fucking.
Be nice now or...
We are serving rabbit on syrrup sauce.
Come on buddy...
Damn thing, you bit me
Gonna cut your head off.
Don't try pressuring me
I didn't make up the jungle law
Stop it allready...
Those fuckers!
Do you know them? - The towns idiots
that are come here to play war games
They did that deliberately cause
we are from The Farm
Welcome to Hope, known as The Farm
I'm Jean-Mi, the leader of the center.
- Grard Bdcarrax...
It's a Basque name.
So we are allmost neighbours
Claude is a trainer just like you.
Little Kevin is one of our residents
Those madmen returned and allmost
pushed us to the ridge
I'll talk to the colonel tomorrow. I don't
want it to start like it did last year
When u see then fight, you will feel like
wanting to send them to the real war -
so you see if they are as happy then.
Show me your room
Hae kani, kuten oli mr.
- Get it yourself, butcher
Kevin, help me.
- Coming, Gisle
Have you worked in the center before?
- No, never
Here they must respect you or they kill you
This is Farida. Where is Kristelle?
- She went to sleep
And this is Grard, your new teacher
Don't think that the kitchen is for ladies.
We don't play macho here
But it happens to be your turn today
Kristelle is a different issue.
She is trying to get rid of heroine
They have allready reduced her medicines
and she is returning into shape
Excuse me but we haven't had time to
install the curtains or the color TV
This suits me fine
The locker is ok for your stuff?
-Yes, perfectly
Gilbert is e great guy. Have you known
him for a long time?
Since childhood.
- I met Gilbert in the criminal police
Have you worked with him for a long time?
- Yes, long time back
Allready before he became a teacher?
He didn't explain it to me exactly...
And he didn't tell me that I would
be interrogated
You have to relax: I don't need more overduty
Yea, I'm relaxed. - I leave you to settle
down, I will be downstairs
Only thing I'm affraid of is that I get
caught and will be put into the prison
The big guys serving hundred years know that
they won't be getting out
You are young and pretty, you come there and
they attack you right away
Do you want me to rearrange your face?
But I'm serious. Why are u pressing me?
When you go into the prison, they give you soap
You put it into a sock and just think what
comes out of it...
A weapon
When you go into the shower, take it with you
Cause the old residents will try to beat you
So you take it out and whirl it around
like a nut sack
You hit with it till he is red from blood,
but stop before the guy dies
After that you will never fight in the jail
again. Guess, why?
Cause everyone will respect you.
No-one will fuck around with you
Vanish. The boss is looking for us.
-Are you serious?
What's it again?
- A new teacher coming...
You mean what?
- The educator
Anna tnne. Sin imppasit jo.
- What do you want?
Shut up.- Hand it over
Give it to me allready
- I'll showe it up your ass
Keep the cig...
So where were you?
- We saw a rat, Jean-Mi
No rats here.
- Yes there are!
A huge rat. - This big.
- It's come for the cheese
Continuous mytomanics. This is your
new instructor Grard Bdcarrax
You have never been in a situation like this?
- No, never
Tykktks tmyksest?
- As a little doze
Little doze?
Here they overdoze it
You will be better off here
than in the prison
I suppose that you have some special
program for kids?
You didn't come emptyhanded,
something usefull
What do you mean?
The roof. We will repair the roof
Idea is to provide new ideas
to these kids
I've had enough of teaching. I
stopped befor you, that's all
Isn't Kristelle eating at all?
No, she don't have the apetite
She has been anorectic since 10 years
of age, it's all in her health report
And who is the colonel?
- My neighbour, retired from the military
He has a farm 4 miles from here.
He is that calls those guys over
He has hated us since Jean-Mi sent
there the Hebdo's men
He got scared. Think of those guys
on SS uniform?
And guess what Moussa told? Truth...
Those guns are just toys, they
shoot the pictures with them...
Water pistols.
I have shot with real weapons
How much so you know about weapons.
Does your sister have a weapon?
Can't we speak of something else?
- I have shot allready
I have tested a Smith 22, a 9 mm
Beretta, and even a Mag 45
Yeah, that's a real peacekeeper.
- Very few of us have shot with a Mag 45
You should have taken a picture.
- Bullshit. Mag 45 doesn't exist
When i blow your head off, you won't be
questioning anymore, what caliber it is
Let's stop speaking about guns.
Clear the table
Grard, come and taste my Peach liquour
You made two mistakes tonight. You made
one of the kids look like an idiot
Trust me, he will remember it
Second, you spoke of a matter that you
should avoid, that is...firearms
Pretty weird from a trainer
Gilbert told that he was on
Rue aux Sablon in '83. - Yes
He must have mistaken, cause the
institute didn't exist at that time
Are you trying to avoid the prison? - No,
if I were so Gilbert wouldn't have helped
True. Gilbert is a superb dude.
So what you looking for here?
Just a little bit of peace so I can
relax and think the situation over
You are nice. But this is no hostel
I wanted to know, know long you
have known Gilbert?
I met when I was a kid. I was 10 years
old and he was a trainee
He was the only one that visited me
there and also in the prison
Trust me, I have seen criminals
and I know them
For all the others, you are a
experienced trainer
So don't speak about guns.
Clear. Thanks
We have been working for 10 years
and never had any trouble
No need for it to change?
- Nope
Pederasti... Listen careful,
this is important
If you continue ducking on me, I'll
make you very unhappy. Gotscha?
Yea, understood.
- Good, I hope so too, -
cause I'm not going to repeat it.
You got what I mean?
You won't be repeating
Can't you take me to the hospital? They
would probably give me something there
Maybe it's best to wait till morning?
I'm dying. - No you aren't.
You will make it, trust me
Can't you give me something?
Sleeping pills, relaxants, something?
No, i don't have any of those
Can't you go ask Claude?
He won't give me, but will give
to you for sure
Stop it...
Watch out for him
Try make her eat something
They start to irritate me
We have a precise daily rythm.
All changes interrupt us
You are late Aziz. Get the brush.
- It's not me
Bd hasn't come yet.
I'm not the last one
Grard, you are early.
- I wanted to see the sunrise
Time for toilet work today
- No problem
Ok, I go to the toilet then so
you have the best smells
Also, Farida made some bean soup
yesterday, you will be bathing in shit
All this is put around the flowers
The ground has to be fertile.
Then you just water it
Get the water can
The roof bricks break easily.
- Shut the door, damn it
Marie-Jo Prec, will you help me?
- This is Arab's work
Just buzz off there. Even worse
then when you have to clean
Is this some professional thing?
- A new thing being tried out
A new building. - Did you ask
the boss about insurance?
Are you sure about your insurance?
- Trust me, it's just a new test
Can we take that thing with us
to work? - What thing?
The Walkman.
- I don't have a Walkmania
You are starving, I vanish. - I
just wonder how he talks to me
Kevin, you happy with the catch?
- I just wanted to inspect it
Why? -Dunno. To get familar with it.
I think he is a strange fella
Vanish. Do you know what is waiting for
you if I catch you from stealing again?
Trust me, I wasn't stealing.
- Go to the others
What do you oput to the sock in the
prison if the soap is liquid? - What?
If they have liquid soap in the shower
room? - Should I tell you?
On the first day they dress you
up like a woman
Just give them your mothers underwear
Don't speak about my mother in that manner.
- Wait, I didn't speak of your sister yet
You two, you can pack up. You will
be fetched tomorrow
- They take you to the court
Where are you going?
- Going to report to Jean-Mi
No-one died. - I know what to do.
I know the rules
If you want to play the tourist office,
so order one more ticket then as well
Why? - If Jean-Mi hear that you fucked
the Tranxnen girl, -
you will be packing up together
with these guys
Kristelle! I feel sorry for you
if you believe everything she says
She hasn't told me anything
You will get fucked up if you do that.
- What about continuing to pack up?
Come and have a look
Look how he's pulling. Unbelievable
97 frangs a kilo.
- Don't touch the goods
That other one is selling for a half
price and that thief asks 97 frangs
Buying it? No?
Put it away then
Never in my dreams for that price.
- I'm not gonna be threated as a thief
Is he asking for trouble?
What do you little shithead know
about prices? You paying?
Look how tthat dog talks to me.
- i speak like I want
You threat us like thieves.
Gypsies preaching for us?
You gonna get beaten by these
"gypsies". Motherfucker!
I wonna see it happen.
- I've had enough. Let's go
Get into the car.
- What now? Stop!
Don't touch me or I kill them
If you come back, I call the cops.
- Get back in the car
Let me go...
I'm dreaming of how he beat us
You are all little pissheads. Do you
think you are somekinda big actor?
You were on their side?
- Stop screaming into my ear
I should have handled them alone.
I stopped you from getting into shit.
- Yea, yea, allways the same sentence
We better shut up.
But I'll close your mouth
You will?
- I'll give you a real good beating
I see that you have a knife too...
- You want it?
C'mon motherfucka.
- Go ahead
Let me go
Now, listen carefully
You really think that you can
handle me?
Unlike he should, he is teaching
us to kill
True, he should teach us a profession
but he is talking only of violence
Please explain
In the morning he forced Kamel
to fight with a knife
Instead of repairing the roof, he
is telling us about street fights
We don't need anything such, we
need just normal teachers
He isn't normal. He is bad, sadistic
Thanks, Aziz. Good that we talked
Grard thought that he was doing a
good job, I'll have a talk with him
He will change his manners fast
He listens to you
You have to understand, what I'm
like and I ask once more:
Where is Bdcarrax?
I have no idea.
- Too bad for you
Go get a boy
As young as possible
Damn, I never thought of this
Hurry up, cops coming
He don't want to talk even
though he knows
Search everywhere for clues
Act with more thinking next time
Gilbert, it's Jean-Mi. I want to talk
to you about this strange guy of yours
You didn't tell me that he has been in
the prison. He teaches the kids to kill
You should have warned me.
Try to call me back
- Gilbert?
No, Daniel. Gilbert left with
the kids. Can I help you?
Just ask him to call Jean-Mi.
- Does he have your number?
Of course he has.
- Let me have it again still
He has it. Just tell him that
Jean-Mi from Hope called
Is it in Bondy? - I would wonder if
there was a somekinda Hope in Bondy
There is a name with that name in Bondy.
- Ok, go and have a lunch there then
This one is a hostel Millau.
Just tell Gilbert -
that Jean-Mi called and that
everything is fine
Can't be true. I don't know who
that guy is, but he is a idiot
Where is Aziz?
- Upstairs, cleaning
They're allways fucking on me.
Some day I just vanish
Aziz, Aziz, Aziz...
Did Gilbert tell you that he is
going on a trip with the boys?
No. How come? - There is
never anyone in the office
I once caught his secretary.
- What did he tell you?
He said that Gilbert has gone.
Apparently hasn't come back yet
Come and have a look. Think that
Kristelle has committed a suicide
- She is dead
Cut her wrists with the scisors.
- She is still breathing
Act like normal. I don't know
when we will be back
Can't Grard go?
- No, I'll have to explain
It's not your fault in any way
Not his fault? Of course it is.
- You don't die just like that
My brother was once in the hospital
and guess what they did to him?
It's my fault
Are you a nurse?
It wasn't your fault
She has to lay down.
- But she is feeling bad
Do you want to kill us?
Do it now, right away
Where are they going?
- No, it's Grard here
We just passed a car that is
apparently on it's way there
They're maybe inspectors from
the Educational Ministry
We don't want more harm
for today
What kind of a car? - What does it
matter? Big, not from the village
Mmm, not from the village...
I gotta go.
- What?
Let's vanish. A car-full of men
coming here to cause trouble here
Aziz, Kamel, gather the guys
How do you know?
- Let's beat the hunters up
Can't be them, it must be the
gansters coming for me
You flee because they are coming?
- We flee. You can be in danger
What danger? Who are they?
- No time for explaining
Go to the police and tell them
that Ludo Daes is here. - Who?
Go, go, go. Step in the car.
- Don't move
Why do we get trouble only
cause of you? - Let me go
I said, get in the car.
Give me the motorcycle keys
If it was up to me, you can die.
- You will die if you don't act
Give me the keys and tell the cops
about Ludo Daes. They'll understand
Noise is no problem here
How much you paid for the bike?
- Why do you ask?
Just answer me.
- None of your business
Soon he'll have to pay for it
You're a great idiot...
He stole your bike
Damn, you let him cheat you
Stop right there!
Stop! Turn around!
You sporting too?
- Come with me
You're crazy. I jogged a
long way, i'm half dead
Problems on The Farm.
- What trouble?
No-one here
This is a real youth house
They don't look like postmen
What do you want?
- Afternoon
Can I help you?
- I hope so
We are looking for a friend
of ours...Grard Bdcarrax
He just stole my motorcycle
He isn't exactly my friend.
He stole something from me too
- My stamp collection
Where did he go with you bike?
- There, he won't get far
He'll break it up
Gonna go search for him.
Vladimir, Aliocha
We'll wait for him here.
You'll get your bike back
Wouldn't it be best to call
the cops? - Not worth it
We'll solve this as friends
between ourselves
If he really stole from you, you
better tell the cops. I'll do it...
The cell not working too well.
Are you still there?
Do what you want, I'm going to
the village. - No, wait with us
You are in a training center.
I reside with the kids...
But you are staying here.
- You didn't get what I said
What was that?
Get to the road and try get a
lift to the village
Remember to tell the cops: Ludo Daes
He's dead.
- Can see the brains
I didn't order to kill him.
- He wanted to be an example
What are they? Witnesses?
Damn what a fuckup!
Get into the house
That can be him
Think you allready got what this
is all about, so don't be heroic
We will sit here waiting for news.
Hey you turkish, make us some coffee
I'm not turkish.
- Sorry, for that guy -
all moslems are turkish. I mean,
turkish bithces
Make us coffee or I kick your ass.
- Go fuck yourself
Ahh, a brave lady. Let's
remind her of her sex
Yohan, go fuck her
Don't move kids
Allright, cutie. Time for you to
give me something with your body
You give the message to our
friend Grard
I'm here. Let's handle this between
us. - Fucker, you killed my bro!
Ange... Forgot our deal?
After he has spoken...
Fucker, now you're going to die...
No, Dead don't speak. You have
alot to tell. Where is my money?
Where is my money?
- Release the kids
Where is my money?
Release the kids
Where is my money?
Where should we start slicing from?
Ok, I speak.
- Go ahead
I didn't kill your brother.
Bergosas' cousin fucked it up
They shot each other. I couldn't
do anything. - Too bad for you
Ludo, if you want your money,
so just do one thing
Release the kids or nothing
will happen
I'm not a part of your
sadomasochist plans
Training the kids here, ehh?
We'll teach them some biology
It's a different thing to
steal cars
We are wasting our time.
He won't talk
Maybe not
Even if I sliced his balls,
he wouldn't talk
Turkish, so we continue from
where we just stopped
Johan, go fuck this bitch
You want to say something?
Go upstairs and fuck her
You can then blame him for
Why don't you talk?
- Tell them where the money is
Right, tell them to find the cash
You'll hear every scream from the girl
Johan will be disappointed, he
likes to hear the girls scream
I like screaming too
That's how you know that the
guy got the message...
Ange, go and have a look
What did you do?
- I fucked her, nothing else
What could make you talk?
Torture? Pressuring?
What could make you change
your mind?
You could make me talk?
- I'm just like you, Ludo
Maybe, but nothing is ever certain.
I'll kill you one by one -
and then we see
One, two, three!
Soldiers arriving?
- What soldiers?
Pickup full of soldiers
We should have called the police.
- They would come only in the evening
Maybe it's allready too late.
It's time for us to take action
With the paints?
- Paints?
My friend, this isn't a paint gun
And this isn't a pen
May I have one?
- You don't have the necessary training
Years of practise will help us today.
Do you want to see some action?
You get what you want. This is like a
war game. Just that the blood is red
If I speak, they will kill us all.
- You're mad
They killed Claude. Do you think
they let us go talk to the cops?
Shut your mouth
Stay here, if anyone moves so kill
them all
Watch them
We can escape from here.
They are two and we are four
Farida, when I signal...
- Shut up!
You shut up!
Go ahead, kill me
Farida, when I signal, you draw the
attention of that other pig
Kevin, then you push him towards me
Kamel, cut the rope that's keeping
my hands tied
Aziz, you...
- Shut up or I kill you all!
Aziz, Take that pan and hit
that fat pig with it...
Loaded, not triggered
You stay here till it's over
No helmets, nothing.
They aren't any soldiers
Just a band of clowns
Farida, action please...
You are our only chance
Guess what?
That fat pig couldn't take me
He couldn't do it. I was lying on the
bed and told him to go ahead...
His dick wouldn't stand
Looks like a abandoned place.
- They are hiding
They weren't expecting us
Let's put my neighbourhood cleaning
program into action
We aren't in any neighbourhood
They are shooting at us
Stay still. They are there on
the right
Quick! Damn it!
Go and get the pickup
Take their car and vanish
We need the code. It won't start
Go for the forest. They're coming back
Damn, no keys
Claude has them
Everything fine?
Go with the others
- No
Stay there
Lets show the bastards.
- Of course...
Kevin! You can get up.
- Isn't he here?
What are you trying?
Fucking hell...
They've vanished
Gotta do something, quick
Go back there
Quick, get the grenades from the car
Should we vanish?
Go up there
Window! Jump!
The local Fondue smelling
Drive over him!
Come and fuck my ass...
Fuck me, fuck...
And wash your face
Get up, damn it
What are you doing? Not the
time for a Siesta now
Go there.
- How? They can shoot
Run for the car
You come with me
Can't you see, I'm wounded?
You come with me
Surprise, surprise
You are a real thunder bird
You spread dead to every direction
Your boss is dead, Gilbert.
Did you know he was stealing?
He is dead. You are worse
than a virus
The kids.. all dead?
Only that turkish bitch, didn't
see her die
Don't worry, I'll handle it
He left
Did he leave?
He left
He left.
- Yes, he left
Did the fuckers leave?
- It's over
What are you doing?
I'm not dead
They aren't humans
Can say that we were lucky
I've been across all kinds of shit
Was a tough situation there