Touch Chesi Chudu (2018) Movie Script

Fast... Hey, who is that fellow?
Hey, load the entire material in Police van
Time waste officer
It takes just one phone callto load it back from your vehicle to mine
Go on, call whomever you want to
Bhai, there is this new Police officer,he has caught our entire load
Bhai, hello Bhai
I am Bhai speaking
What is it at this time?
Wear your uniform and come out
Will you come or you want me to come?
Not that, at this time...Will you come or you want me to come?
Go straight
Stop the vehicle
There is a vehicle coming opposite, stop that
Shift all the material in that van to your car
Sir, you and at this time?
Shift all load from that van into my car
SirJust do as I say
Bring that Police man along with you
Mozamjahi market
Go to Chintalbasti
HeyI asked him to hit
HeyI said to hit
I said whatever you asked right? Why again after...Hey
I got a loss of six lakhs because of that fellow
If it is repeated again,I will collect all of that from you
It is respectable to get a bullet shot thanto get slapped by such a fellow sir
You are a role model to young officers like me
You, who never made any mistake in your entire career...I did a mistake Rishi
I did a mistake
Name of that mistake is Kartikeya
Colour splashed, at every foot the colour splashed
Colour splashed, heart is drenched in a new colour
Why do we need umbrella in either sun or rain?
There is love overflowing in the heart all along
Colour splashed, at every foot the colour splashed
Colour splashed, heart is drenched in a new colour
Why umbrella in either sun or rain?
There is love overflowing in the heart all along
Feel it is fine, any path opposite is ok
Think it is ok and everything becomes a friend of you
Catch just this moment
Fill it in your eyes
Colour splashed, at every foot the colour splashed
Colour splashed, heart is drenched in a new colour
You are appointed- Thank you sir!
You have not said about your family- My family is in Vizag sir
In Vizag?
You are here and your family is at Vizag,Is there no problem?
I send half of my salary to them.They are happy there and I am happy here
Is it? Come I will show you what is a family
Boss, I think he is gone
Heart is a moving river and let that flow smoothly
Let the dream come true every minute
Who does not know that life is very small but
Do not let go of any minutethinking it is not enough for fun.
Come on! Ride with the time,Hurray! Live heartfully
Once is just for once and there is no one more
Catch just this moment
Sir, client sir
Ok, ok
Colour splashed, at every foot the colour splashed
Colour splashed, heart is drenched in a new colour
Why umbrella in either Sun or rain?
There is love overflowing in the heart all along
What happened?
That Selvam came with his men,
Hit our watchman and took awaythe whole load from our factory sir
Give him first aid immediately
Sir.. Karthikeya is coming
God, he is a big nuisance
He speaks rules, do somethingand stretch it a bit
CI sir,
CI sir
This is too much
That fellow came againand took away material from our godown
Who?That Selvam fellow
I am Selvam, understand man.
I am habituated to live doing these loots and grabbing.
How can you ask me to stop?
Catching idiots like you has become a habit to me toohow can you ask me to stop?
Selvam is not such a guy
It is him for sure sir, even our watchman saw him
Hey, come here
What will you get by talking?
Understand sir, it is 20 Lakhs worth of material
20 Lakhs?
What is it CI?
Karthikeya industries owner gave a complaint on you here
You recieved 2 Lakhs right?
He claims the value of the material is 20 Lakhs
Oh, has he informed? I will send 2 more lakhs
Oh, is it?
tell him some story and send him away
It is not him it seems..
Sir, will sugarcane give jiggery when asked softly?
Once we squeeze it strongly...
Brother in lawWhat?
Come onceWhy?
Come here once, brother in law...One minute sir
Tell me what is it?
It seems CI sir needs some moneyIf we give him, the case will be solved
We will give it
Ask how much does he need?
Brother in law, is it you?
Hello Mr. Constable
How much does your CI need?
Sir, two?
Three and half?Hey just stop it!
what 2, 3, 3.5? Make it 4
What is that look?
Write 10000 for that
I settled it brother in law, 4 Lakhs and 10000
Is a cheque ok?
Ok it seems
Ask him on whose name?
M. Murugeshan, circle inspector
M. Murugeshan
No Circle inspector, just M. Murugeshan.
Ok, take a signature on this note
Why signature bro?
Why? We are giving a debt right?
Why, is it wrong?
CI sir, I am not commercial like all,just one rupee interest.
Give an autograph hereNo man..
No problem even if late by a month. It is your comfort.Hey, what is it?
Your comfort CI sirHey listen to me
What is this nuisance?- CI sir, listen to me
I do not need your moneyJust put one signature sir.
Just sign sirListen... Hey, say him
You and your hesitaton, at least give a thumb impression
Do you not understand? Leave me.- Just one thumb impression!
Hey, what are you looking at..?
Hey, I am saying leave it
What is this man?Our sir does not accept money on Friday.
Ok, will he accept complaints then?
Thank you sir
Hey, bring the bag
What dude, is it any funny?
Will he mess with a Police?That fellow Selvam is right for him
Mustafa CollegeDown down
Mustafa CollegeDown down
We wantJustice
We wantJustice
We wantJustice
We wantJustice
We wantJustice
Public is suffering a lot because of youblocking the roads like this.
Is this correct?
You are saying all these are suffering justfor blocking for half an hour
How much are all of them suffering sincean year and what do you say
What do you say about that?
Medical council should react immediately on this
and get seats for merit students ina different college
You should monitor every collegeunder Mustafa in India,
You should put an enquiry commissionand bring out all the truths
Till then our movement will not stop
Mustafa CollegeDown down
Mustafa CollegeDown down
Hey clear, give way to Ambulance. Clear all the traffic
Come on, come on
Come on please
Shall we take him to the hospital?
No problem, do not worry about himWhat happened?
Daddy fainted bro
Nothing to worry Karthik,
all the reports are normal, still if he hasfainted, it might be due to some stress
Madam, bring some juice
Grandma, I will bring it.I will bring it.
What dude, are you thinking anythingabout the wedding of Karthik?
Do not worry will happen when the time comes
Get the application andsubmit it immediately
Mom, grandma come here once
What is it dear?
Why stress about my marriage, dad?
I am ready for marriage, as and when you say
Why anytime, look from todaySuper brother in law
No way to escape for a donkeyto carry load and a man to marry
This girl should not be missed
You?Yes me!
Please come
Hello madamHello, hello baby
Matches are tomorrow right madam?
That is tomorrow and this is foresight
Huh, foresight?
Tell that your daughter cookedall these sweets tomorrow
House is very good, is it your own?
Own house is in the village
Say it is you own man..
Hey girl, wear a saffron colour sari tomorrow.My boy likes that colour very much
Hello sir.
Hey! Karthik.What is it darling?
Do not say you like her as soon as you see.
There should be an upper hand
Do you say so?Yes
Hello grandma, are you fine?
Who are you?Are you the father of the bride?
Yes, come in
Ok, move.
House is very good, what boy?
Is it your own house?Yes, own house
Own it seemsWhy do you need everything?
You do not let me ask anything
My daughter Pushpa
Hello auntyHello
Wow! Saffron!
My boy likes this color very much,Do you not?
Is it required now?
All the tastes have matched well
Be seated baby
Have you prepared all these sweets dear?
My boy eats less, but comments a lot
When cook so many dishes,what is the problem? He would like you
Did you like?
Hey, you stop murmuring
Please have it son
Where are the savories?
Oh no, I forgot. I will bring it right away
How do you know about the savories?
I asked to bring them as they are customary
It sounded like you asked them to bringas they have than if they have.
Did I say so?Yes
No, no... There
Please take them...Take them madam
It is just like you prepared
You will say...
Today you will say it is like i made it,tomorrow you will say it is better than mine
Why not say it when you like the girl?
These two will talk separatelyOh god!
Oh my god! This fellow will ruin it.
Brother in law, waitWhat?
First listen to what she says. Give an advice if you can.
But do not get into family topic and takeclasses saying family is divine and so on
Talk a bit romantic brother in law
You are underestimating meI will chew it up
Keep watching..Have a blast!
As this is the first time, he is giving me tipsOh..
I enjoyed very less number of girls in my life.
No... Sorry,
I mean my experience with girls is less
Oh... What is this again?
I am saying frankly.The only girlfriend I have is my grandma
It is really a cute thing.
The relationship you share with grandma and your familyWow
Family? family...
He adjusted his tone.. it meanshe will now start the cow story
I give utmost importance for family.
Family is an ocean of emotions.
A family means...Stop it man, stop it.
Why do you talk rubbish even after giving the notice?Disconnect the phone
Oh sorry if I disturbed,Ok...
Only I am talking everything, you talk something too.
Else, it may become a mess- What?
I mean it may be an hour if I just go on talking
Actually I agreed due to the force at home,but I am still not prepared for the marriage
Is it not delayed already?
I mean, even for me
Otherwise.. what preparation do you need?Tell me, no problem
Travel for some time, understand each otherand then decide
Are we in teen age to travel?
I like you and you like me. Simple, it is done
Still, if you get into teen age dreams in this age,life will become a garage
What is this romance bro?
You touched the age topicwhich should not be touched at all
It is ruined, completely ruined
If it gets more delayed, they would call you an aunty
no one would call me an aunty
Aunty, uncle...They asked to give this sweet to you both
See, they are calling me too an unclewhen I am beside you
Will they call me an aunty?Will they call me an aunty?
You started thinking?You started thinking right?
Bro, enough now
Come, they are calling you downIt is still not done here
Come, they are calling you downOk, ok
Ok, ok....I think everything went well.
Please come
I liked her a lot dude.I was never so open with a girl.
The flow was not just normal
I too heard that dirty thingHave you?
I just cannot believe this
What boy, is it ok?Ok
It is not ok for me
I hate Saffron colour very much
You take away your sweets
Not own house, but a rented house
I took so many precautionsfor you not to reject that girl
and you got rejected by her, crazy fellow
Your couple would have been very good brother
Is it?Yes.
The girl is very good son,we all liked her a lot
Is she not?
Poor girl, this fellow said she islooking like aunty and she felt very bad
Stop it.
I too liked her very much. I will say sorryto her and make her agree for marriage.
See you
Move on
Hey, you think she would say ok if I say sorry
Hey.. to pinch and pacify, to scoldand say sorry is the birth right of a man bro
She would say ok you goThank bro
The charm of these eyes...
There are thousands of fans for the charm of these eyes
There are thousands of fans
Related to these eyes...
There are thousands of stories related to these eyes
There are thousands of stories
The charm of these eyes...
Related to these eyes...
Why did you come?
I am extremely sorry Pushpa
I blabbered something not knowing what to talk
Even my family shunted me badlysaying it was my mistake
You were correct.
We think a lot even to sip a cup of coffee with someone
And this is life and we should be that careful
Actually Pushpa, I liked your travel concept a lot
If you are ok, we will start our travel with a cup of coffee
It is not possible
Hey, not possible means not possible now.It is ok after one hour
Pushpa, I will ask you a puzzle.Will you solve it?
Ask me
What do you call a laughing Muslim?
What do they say?
You cannot say it right?
Huh, he started
Very bad joke
Yes, very badThank God, you smiled
Bro-in-law is tickling her
I am thinking to tell something to you since long
What is it?
Wow, what was that Salsa dance inside?
It is not Salsa dance..It is Western dance
Still, I felt you were ok seeing in saribut you were so hot in modern dress
By hot... I mean
No problem, you can say. I am hot
Not just hot, super hot.
Still when observed, there are a lot of"the best" things in you
Your height is an advantagealong with your grace.
Physique flexible, face fantastic, eyes attractive,
smile sensuous,
on the are the statue of Liberty
What is statue of Liberty?
I mean, it is world famous
Just oneWhat?
White hair, one is there
White hair on me?
Do you not believe?No
Will you not believe?No way
Just a minute
Hello excuse meKarthik
One second, hello excuse meNo..
What?- Can you see one grey hair over there?
Yes, it is there
It is there Pushpa, that is what I am telling.
Thank you, thank you..Please
You ruined it bro
If you pluck one, they grow groupsand no medicine would work later
Do not be tensed Pushpa,
people like us have Godrej 4.2natural black colour ammonia free is available
Just 99 rupees inclusive of all the taxesand I too use the same
Just use it
I do not need any of your suggestions
Pushpa, you are misunderstanding.
If you apply once,you need not bother the whole month
Pushpa..Go to hell
Is she crazy?
when I said as that was of good quality,she got irritated and left
It is you who is crazy, you...
Hey bro...Pushpa..
15 years kids too get grey hair in thisgeneration with Vitamin deficiency
Should you make so much mess for that?
What are those jokes dude?Do they call a smiling Muslim Ismail?
You do not know how to impress a girl anyway.Do you not know at least to say sorry?
Sir can make even Mother Theresaget a high BP with sorry
Stop it
She enjoyed 29 minutes of our 30 minutes meet.
It got reversed just in the last minute.
She should this time get flat for my sorry.
Not that side but this side
Hey Pushpa, Pushpa...
What is that Pushpa Pushpa dude?
Are you selling black in the theater?
Go and sell snacks at the beach.
Saying Pushpa, Pushpa...
I am extremely sorry.
Is she your cousin, pampering so much?
Do not pamper so much.
Sorry.. say you are sorry
Pushpa, I am extremely sorry
Hey, what is that screaming?Is it a command or demand?
Request, you came to request you idiot.
Pushpa, Pushpa please sorry...
This is correct
Pushpa, just five minutes.
Please Pushpa, please
I said that by mistake Pushpa
It seems that is some Vitamin deficiency Pushpa
I am extremely sorry PushpaI do not need your waste sorry
Oh no
Oh no, it is ok. It is ok. Please listen to mePushpa, two minutes
Get lostPushpa...Please.
Hello Karthik, it is me Pushpa
Hey, hi.. Yo! say..
I need to meet you once. Where are you?
At home
My dear family members,
an important person is coming for me.I will be in the reading room
Come dear
What dear, are you fine?
Where is Karthik?
What wizardry have you done?What spell did you cast on me?
Actually you did some magic...
You wrapped me with your looksand made me fall for your smiles
You trapped me with your words
Hey Pushpa, you are a cutie pie
It is a storm if you touch
Being stubborn, coming over me,you make me lose my tradition
It is a sin, what rights do you have on me?
Hey Pushpa, I became a slave to you
Do not raise the lust on you
Hey teasing beauty, young flowing riverLooks like I might be drowned in this
Your burden, what is this right for you on me?
What wizardry have you done?What spell did you cast on me?
Actually you did some magic...
You wrapped me with your looksand made me fall for your smiles
You trapped me with your words
Look here, pleasure grewwhen your hand touched me
Just wait, there is no chance tostop the magic if this pleasure increases
Great magic...
My life which swings when your breeze touches me,
...says it will not leave you girl
When your cute face is dragging me towards you
How do I stop Oh! ethereal beauty?
Hey Pushpa, your hint isa message from the sky
I will come crossing over the sky
Like a kite and a rocketas you became the base
A thread and what is your right on me?
What wizardry have you done?What spell did you cast on me?
Actually you did some magic...
You wrapped me with your looksand made me fall for your smiles
You trapped me with your words
What dear, shall I give you some coffee?
Give him, he is very tired
I think it is okYes hubby
Bro, bro...
Bro, bro... What Bro?
The girl who split with you on the roadhas directly come to your room?
What a magic bro?
I mean, just beforeJust before
I told you she dashed a carYes, you did
I sent that car owner to the house of Pushpa
What do you need sir?I need justice
Who is Pushpa here?
It is me and who are you?
What a worst driver you must be tohave dashed the car which was parked
Oh, is it yours? Sorry
You dash without any senseand is it ok if you say sorry?
Hey, mind your wordsDo not talk
If my personality had cooperated,I would have killed you by now and become a criminal
Hey, I will break your finger
That was a car bought saving everypenny of my hard earned money
Do not talk too much and say how much doyou need and I will give it
Ten thousand cash and half an hour of mental torture
Here...Take it
You gave the cash,but what about mental torture?
Huh, you...Here get it repaired
You dashed and again put a slip sayingit was you who did it?
She feels I am a short fellow socannot do anything
I knew that you would come
Is it a love letter?
You felt shy to say?
My foot idiot,why did you give my address to him?
You somehow dashed a new car.
That guilt would stay within you.
That guilt will be gone if a chance to correct is given, right?
My foot!
You know what all he said coming home?
Pushpa, cool
Though he did a mess in anger, someday he wouldrealize your greatness and bring you great recognition
No need
It is enough that I do not lose what I have
Thank God, I did not marryas you are good in height and weight.
My life would have been ruined.
If you messwith me again, I will give a Police complaint
You naughty, you first get angrybut will later follow
You are using right?
Using what?
Godrej 4.2 natural black,
You will not change idiotHey, look Pushpa...
You took it to Police station from the matches...
Hey broGo damn
Why is it happening so?
Musthafa group of institutionsplaying with lives of the students
Popular social activist Satyadev disclosedthat Musthafa group is a bogus and a Mafia
I do not know what you get whensuch news is given to your channel
But I get mad
the guy in those photos gavea complaint to Medical council on our colleges
Issue has become serious
Is it?
He should be finished before the 26th of December
December 26th, a very important date for our company.
A date which will take our companyto the next level.
We should prove our capability to Audi company and
Prepare to get the contract to our company anyhow
Mr. SrinivasSir
Complete all bank formalities by 25th andsee to it that we get the new machinery carefully
Ok sirOk, now go
I told you I am not interested, right dad?
How long would you be idle this way?
I cannot do it dad, I cannot do
Listen to me son
What Mr. Swamy, any problem?Hello sir
What can i say sir?
he is my son Sathya
Oh, hello SathyaHello sir
I saw him doing a protest at the beach
That is the problem with him sir
He is a gold medalist in MA Economics sir.
When asked to get into some job,
he is getting into protest and bringingall problems in the city over his head sir
Mr. Swamy, you go in and look into your work.I will talk to him.
Ok sirYou go
Sathya, it is good to help others.
But family should not suffer because of that.
Family comes first.
Why not listen to what dad says?
I respect the words of my father sir.
But thinking what is there in betweenfour walls is a family, that is different sir
This whole society is my family sir
By the way tomorrow evening at 5,
we are doing an elaborate awarenessabout Medical college mafia in Bharati park sir
Please be there and support us
Yes, sure
5000 shares and 20000 comments.Madam bill
One Lakh likes...
Wow, you became a celebrity Swapna
Whatever people might think,but you are great
We all should see her and learn
What do you say Pushapa?
I get the bill and she gets the fame?
She is giving build up like mother Teresadistributing rotten apples and used blankets.
I am unable to see.
Why is this fellow coming here?
My prestige would be ruinedif he opens his mouth
One minute, I will just be back
Why did you come?
I came here to say sorry madam
Today, a guy dashed my car at the same spotand left writing "do whatever you can"
I then understood
your greatness to have written tocome home and take money
People like you..Wait,
Not here, please come there andsay these words.
Please comeOk
Hey, he is Mr. Sudarshan.
Day before a small dash to his carSmall?
She took me home and gave 10000 rupeesas a there was a small scratch.
In these days when they give few fruits,upload photos in Face book and boast,
doing such a great job andhas not shared even with you means...
You are greater than the Face book madam
Why use such big words sir?
Cool breezes still exist inPondichery because of people like you
Your greatnessEnough now Sudarshan sir
Please do not stop me madam.
You, you, you and again you...
We all should learn from her.
Sudarshan sir, pleaseJust one more
By luck this coffee shop is mine
and if you give me the chance to pay this bill,my happiness grows by four more minutes
What do you say madam?
Ok Sudarshan sir, okThank you
Someday, he would get to know your greatnessand he would bring you a great recognition
What baby, came this way?
You offered me coffee the day before,so came to have it now
No chance dear, our idiot has got a great match.
We are going to see the girlhave it at your house for now
Where are your mom and dad?They are coming grandma
Bro, talk carefully with that girl this timeatleast and see that the wedding happens
Not ruining it like last time talking to Pushpa
Bro, Pushpa was like a practice match
The girl I am going to see now is the real tournament
I got a grip on pitch because of Pushpa.
See how I play now
Hey Pushpa, when did you come?
When you said I was a practice match
Pushpa, you said not to me and left asI do not know how to talk right?
Just forget it
Why did you come this way?
Will you come aside?
To a side?
Oh no,
While going to see a girl, going to a side withanother girl was never in my family tradition.
What do you say bro?Yes
It is wrong Pushpa, whatever you should talk right here
I am sorry, I talked a bit too much that day.
I came to say the same
Pushpa, should you come so far just for this? Take it easy.
Bye Pushpa
That girl would be waiting there.
Shall we go dude?Come on
Come on
Move, it is getting late
Oh no, it is not even four daysand he has already left to see another girl.
Why so much of urgency?
Is Sir unable to stay without a girl?Are his nerves getting cut?
We cannot control a man coming of ageand a barrage at the time of floods
We got to lift the gates
Whole man breed are slaves of a lady
It is like waking up and running for lady
Do not use quotations whenyou do not know them correctly, please
You know how much did he overactwhen I asked him to come aside?
To a side? It is wrong
I asked that for talking sirand not to drown him in kisses
Then no problem
My stomach is burning from the morning
Hey, bring a puff and cool juice for the girl
Ok sir
Oh no Sudarshan, not because of food but with the feeling.
Please understand.Hey, Wait.
I understood dear. You forget him.
He is not correct for you.
Oh no Sudarshan, he isthe correct one for me.
I like that fellow Sudarshan
He talks straight but he is a good fellow
I should become both his practice and the tournament
Will you do one thing for me?
Shall I die for you dear?
Say the dialogue suitable for your personality, Sudarshan
Do what I say and that is enough
He is starting the bike. Follow him, do not leave him
Go on, go on
Go faster
Hey, look and drive
Damn it, where... Where is that fellow?
Go this way, this way
Where did he miss?Auto came in the middle bro
Brother, he is there
He is making too much mess
Bro, we shall finish him- Hey!
This is a public place, let us wait for the time and finish
Hi SathyaHi sir
How are you?Fine sir
Bro, he is the owner of Karthikeya Industries
All the fish are revolving around the nest. Come on
Hello bro, hello
You are doing good works bro,really very good
Thank you sir,
if you can please come for sure on 26th
Sure brother, 26th is a very important date right?
It is to you too right bro?
It seems new machinery is coming right?
All the best
See you... See you brother
It seems new machinery is coming right?
New machinery?
Why is this short fellow not coming still?
Oh my God!
What happened?
It seems he okayed that girl.
Name is Sandhya and dentist by profession.
The details are in this, have a look
You said you wanted to saya very important matter.
Regarding what?
About my cancelled wedding andyour wedding which is about to happen
What is the relation between your marriage and mine?
The bride groom is the same, Karthik
Huh? Karthikeya?
I mean, I know him as a lover of my friend
My friend broke up after three yearsand she married someone else and then left to US
I used to console him feeling pity as he was in pain
He took me for a trip saying one weekand got me committed in a weak moment.
We cannot control a man in moodand a barrage at the time of flood.
Gates should be opened
He made me believe that would marry me and
After a few days he said thathe did not have that intention
Then I came to know that he left my friend to catch me
and now to catch you, he left me
I do not have the intention to marry him
but I am wishing that the life of a girlshould not be ruined
I am saying in advance that you should notbe in a position to bow down your head like me
Excuse me, bill 300
Celebrate today
Thank you madam
Hi Karthik
My friends are partying here- Oh..
I saw you and came here
When is your marriage?
It is cancelled
Is it cancelled?
Is it cancelled? Is it cancelled?
Shock.. could not withstand the shock and...
What happened Karthik?
Leave it Pushpa
Not this way..
What is this?
For the pain to flow out, this should go in
You say so?
Has it gone in?
Everything, total pain should come out. Come on
I booked even two business class ticketsto Switzerland for honeymoon
What, did you book right in this gap?
I mean, I am saying it is her bad luckto have missed out a guy like you
I will not let those tickets get wasted Karthik
I am there for you.
Do you understand?
I do not understand anything.
The day before you rejected,now Sandhya and then it was her.
Is there any reject board written here?
Any reject board here?
Forget about everything that is happened.
I am there for you
Did you understand what I said?
I completely understood now
Like an Abdul Kalam, like a Vajpayee
and like a John Jacob Paul- Who is that guy?
I will be a bachelor for lifelong.
What is them rejecting me? I am rejecting all the girls
Karthik listen to me.This is fix..
Fix... Fix
Did he understand what I saidin this way?
Hello Pushpa..Yes, say
Did I over act in the night?
I do not remember at all about what happenedand how did I come home
Do you not rememberNo
You do not remember anything?Nothing
After doing everything,you you do not remember anything now?
what have I done?
As a girl, I cannot say it out
Tell me what actually happened Pushpa?
Stop crying and say what happened Pushpa?I am dying in tension
You were in pain, right?- Ya..
I came to console you andSo...
Drank the full bottle, caught me tight and kissed me
Kiss and me?
Oh God
I am unable to believe itMe and kissing, Oh no
Even to hide it in the heart,this mistake would haunt lifelong
It is like cheating the guy I am going to marry, right?I just cannot believe
I just saw in films but what is me kissing?
How did i kiss, oh God? How, how Pushpa?
Like this
If it is like this, I may have kissed
What is my situation now?
Pushpa, I will marry you if you agree
No need, do not marry me showing pity?
What pity Pushpa, I like you very much.
It is my luck to get a girl like you
How do I make you believe, how do I convince? How, how?
You are my statue of Liberty, Pushpa
Oh my heart, I heard your music
Do you know, you are my first trance
Crossing your lips and ringing my heart,your smile entwined me
Crores of dreams about you cameto my eyes and you are my world
It is you, I too am you
Spread your hands and hug me my dear
Show me another world with no humans
Hold the lip and kiss me, my dear
Some fire ignited in my small life, how to stop it?
Some danger is hidden in your naughty look,how to stop?
You have a beauty as much as the sky
It is shaking me like the earth quake
It is pushing the distance away
It is pulling me sharply close
Tell me fast what am I to do now?
Spread your hands and hug me my dear
Show me another world with no humans
Hold the lip and kiss me, my dear
Pushpa, keys are inside. You be at the car
I am unable to believe.
You felt so bad then and again with him now
You made me feel high in prideand are you bowing the head down?
Hey Sandhya
Even after knowing that he is a big cheater,what is this Pushpa?
Why am I cheater? What are you talking?
Shut up, I am not talking to you
It is not wrong to be cheated,
but believing that cheat again is wrong.
Think about it
What is she talking Pushpa?
She rejected me without any reasonand why is she calling me a cheater?
I am so sorry Karthik, I should tell you a fact.
He took me for a trip saying one week andmade me commit in a weak moment
We cannot stop a man in mood and a barrage in floods
He left my friend to catch me and now me to catch you
Oh my god!
so many lies and so many plans
What else should I do?
You said we shall travel.
Without even giving time to say thatI like you, you fixed Sandhya
Everything is fair in love and war
Shut up
You did not fool me but my family
When my dad went to their houseto ask why the match failed,
they insulted closing the door on his face
I am marrying for the happiness of my family.
Never again show your face in life
It not Selvam and he is not in town it seems.
Someone gave you wrong information
He hit my people and then took away the machinery
Being a police officer, you are believing the wordsof a rowdy sheeter without even enquiring
The guy to be in bind over is moving outside
You can solve the case exactly in two minutes,if you do the duty correctly
What, two minutes?
Will you solve in two minutes?
Not like that sir
Now, you are the CI
No, you think being a Police is a comedy?
Not like that sir
You said can solve right?Come, you are the CI today
You can solve it.
It seems would solve in two minutes
Please come sir
What CI sir,
why did you come this way?
Hey, I am not the CI today, it is him.
It seems you took away his machinery.
It seems he would find out where it isand solve the case in two minutes.
CI sir, solve it
Hello CI sir,
public is talking all wrong about me
I am a good man sir,
I am saying the truth I have not done anything.
I am working very hard and doing duty sir.
There are many families believing in me Sir
Oh no, one minute is over sir.
Just one minute is left sir
Sir, do something sir.
Solve the case sir
Sir has no Police feel.
Sir, give the cap.
Give the belt sir
Hey, all of you look here.
Hey, I is me that hit your peopleand took away the machinery Lorries.
This is Selvam, original
Sir, I am frightened. Feel has come, superbly
Hey look, sir has got the feel.
Sir.. the feel has come sir
Will you hit now sir?
Sir, I am frightened.
Oh no...
Sir, it would get cut sir...
Hey car guys, new car
This is karthikeya, original
You took my materials, I left.
You would have taken my machineryand I would have left
You manhandled my people.
I would forgive a hundred times, if I get a loss
But if my people are into troubles,I will finish you rascal
Hey Aku Seenu,
you turned the board runninga Chit Fund Company in Nellore
You kidnapped kids in Vizag and looted money
Supplying drugs in Hyderabad, escaping from Police
and coming to Pondichery changing name as Selvamand if you talk in Tamil, you become a Tamilian?
If you fall in my eyes once again,you will be dead right there
My Lorries should cross me before I cross the gate
I will go to second thought if delayed even by a second.
Game over!
Brutal murder of popular social activist Satyadev
Solid information is that he was murderedby some unidentified yesterday night
Son of Our Swamy sir, dad
Commissioner stated to catch the murderer soon
Ok dear, bye
Why did you not got to class dear,are you not feeling well?
I saw him being killed brother
Whom dear?
Satya whom they showed on TV
You know I went to the birthday partyof Varsha yesterday brother?
What is there to think in this, son?
She is an married girl
If we roam around the Police and courts,you would get into controversies.
Karthik, what mom said is correct
What do you think dear?
I will give the witness brother
Why would you give the witness?
You wait mom
Good dear, social responsibility is very important
Not like that Karthik, listen to me
Dad nothing would happen to sister,I will take care.
Trust me
Alert all check posts.Ok sir
I want resultsHey, who are you?
Why do you come in like that?Sir, I need to talk about the murder of Satyadev sir
You go out firstHey Parimal
I need to talk personally with you sir
Sir, if you do not mind
What happened, why are the mikes off?
I have two conditions sir.
Till the criminal is caught,none other than you should know who the witness is
Witness will not come hereand you should come to the witness
My sister sir
Hello sir..Hello.
Aradhya, tell Commissioner Sir aboutwhat you have seen
Sir, I will be waiting outside..Say bravely.
Would you identify if you see him child?
Yes, I will identify sir
Karthik, your sister needs to cometo the suspect parade
No need sir, record the videoof the suspect parade.
We can see live from here through face time
SirSay Parimal
These are the suspects in the local records sir
Are you sure?
Sure sir
None from the suspect parade is identified
Then get the sketch done sir
Good idea,
but he would see your sister right?I will take care sir
Sit dear
Carry on sirOk
Say child
Come on draw
How do I draw the sketch when she is in mask sir?
It is not sketch of girl to draw.But sketch of whom the girl says
Say child
Sir, it is done sir
He is the one sir, he is the one
Are you sure?
Yes sir, I am sure. He is the one who killed
Ok, fine.
Good morning sir
You fooled me right?
You should be ashamed of yourselfto have done so being a responsible citizen
What happened sir?
Is your sister thinking this as any time pass game?
She got the sketch of a guy dead beforefive years and says he killed
When she said friends, party and pub,
it should have struck me that she is givinga wrong statement being drunk
He is the one who killed brother,I saw and I can remember well
Hey, do not waste our time anymore
You kept so many conditions.
Thank God, I would have lost my prestigeif I had given that sketch to press
True brother, I sawCome on, do not talk any more
Sir, some mistake may have happenedNo more explanations
You fooled the whole departmentLet us see once again sir
Do not waste my timeOnce again please
I do not want any explanation
It is him, who killed, brother
Hey get in guys, go on...
Drive fast
Come on drive faster
No... Hey no
Come rascal, come on
Yes Karthikeya, how are you?
Is Irfan alive?
Is he alive?
Is he alive?
That is... let me explain... what happened was...
Is he alive?Yes, he is alive
I am coming
Sir, are you ok?
Sir... Sir
Alert everyone and ask all officers on leave to report.
Just do it. It is an emergency, God damn it
What happened sir, any threat?
Karthikeya, you said to have done a mistake?
Yes, that Karthikeya
We sent him out from departmentfour years back telling a lie
Now he came to know know about itand he is coming to bash us up
He is the most reckless and dangerous fellowI have seen in my life
He does not like to follow rules,does not listen to what senior officers say
and never cares about life
He never remembers that he has a family at all
He is an unemotional creature
Four years back exactly in the same way,
I was in a situation whereI did not know what to do
A gang with Mumbai mafia links kidnapped my daughter
and demanded to releasea notorious criminal in our custody
Fatima listen to me, nothing will happen to baby.
Trust me
I am the Commissioner of Police, God damn it.
I will handle it
What is the next step?
Did you get any message from the kidnappers?
I still did not get any call sir
It is correct to handover Bhikshu to themand bring the girl sir
Risk increases if it gets delayed
I think he is right sir
Do the arrangements to release Bhikshu.
I will speak to the Minister
Sir, kidnapper is on the line
What Commissioner, what did you decide?
We are releasing Bhikshu,say where should we come?
Brother knows very well where to come
But one condition,
instead of your Police,send him accompanied with some kid
Kid means...Line got cut sir
What common man?
How do we send with a common man sir?
How can we take such a risk sir?
All fear listening to just his name sir.I know, I know, I know it
At least give it a try, please goOkay sir
It seems this man will go
This fellow?
Move aside
This man sir
Hey, what is this?Scent, foul smell is coming
What is your profession?
Do you know orange sir?
I peel it into piece, squeeze juice and sell it.I also put ice sir
A juice seller?
We have no other option sir
Ok, did you say what to do?Yes sir, I said.
Did I say it?
If you give the money, I will bring sir
He says he will bring sir
We have no other option sir
Ok, say how much?
He is asking how much, say two Lakhs.
One for you and one for me
Two Lakhs it seems sirTwo Lakhs?
Four Lakhs?You have got no other option sir
He is right sir.
Ok, fix the mike
What sir, arranging mikes?Should I do any performance there?
I will blast it up
Hey, it is not required
This is a secret mike.
If you come across any risk,we will get to know and come immediately
It would not come till there sir.
They will not touch right?
I get irritated badly if anyone touches meI will bring sir
We have no other optionNo other option
I know..Genius
Come on, start
Let us go guys, come on
See you. See you sir
what is your profession?
Me, bro? I am into burning bro
Burning? What do you burn?
Maize bro, sweet corn..I apply chili very well too
He said Orange juice with us?
There is also a maize shop beside sir, I have seen
I am the witness
Which village dude?
Initially it was east bro and laterthey sent me to West
I came here as the demand was good here.
What is your profession bro?
I too shoot.. with a gun
Welcome bro,
Brother I shook the Commissionerand brought you out. Did you see?
Well done brother
Hey, open the lock
I will open the lock if you give the girl.Am I right brother?
Looks like the Police trained you well and sent you
Sir, sir...Yes
Some fax has come sir
This fellow...
What will you do if we do not give the girl now?
I will shoot you all and take away the girl
Hey, what are you talking idiot? Who are you?
Karthikeya, Assistant Commissioner of Police
Transferred from Cuddapah...
You are the opening in this city
Is it a joke?
Why would I joke with you, idiot?
Why does he say jokes?
I said right? I do not burn maize but shoot bullets
Did he really kill or what?
He looks like a mental fellow.That is sir
Why kill that fellow?That too risking the life of my daughter?
Come on let us go.Yes sir
Brother, get up brother. Brother
It has been long since he died.
It is a waste discussing about him
You will die the next moment you kill the girl.
Instead if you give me the girl and surrender,you will live getting a two year imprisonment
You decide whether you want to die or live
Two minutes time, I will be outside
You risked the life of girl, idiot
Are you a Police?Are you a police?
Do you not know thateven if 100 criminals escape...
..even a single innocent should not get into risk?
This is the basic fundamental, idiot
My basics are different sir
Not even one criminal should escape evenif ten innocent face the risk.
Nothing will happen to the girl sir.
A person with chills in his spinewill never even think of killing
He would bring her safely sir
Do not fear child, I am here right?
Make baby sit in the car safely
Ok sirGo child
Hey, why to kill a guy who is arrested?
Are you really mental?
If you arrest this idiot, feed thrice a day and releaseon Gandhi Jayanthi, will he do any social service?
I gave the ending thinking why to keep it pending.
File closed!
LaxmanI will write it as an encounter sir
Good, game over!
Game over?
I do solemnly declare upon my honor and conscious
that I will act at all times to the bestof my ability and knowledge
in a manner befitting a Police officer.
I will preserve the dignity andwill respect the rights of all individuals
and will act justly and impartially and withproprietary towards my fellow officers
I am Balram sir
What are these crap bouquets and introductions?
Do not waste time.
All the pending cases on my table, right now
He jumps sharply like the lightening in the sky
He pumps in bulk like the fire flood
If misbehaved, he puts shackles even to the air
He puts even the land in cell if it is taking wrong path
Anytime he is terror and he is the triggerto AK 47
Touch him and see...
Touch him and see...
Touch him and see...
Touch him and see...
Touch him and see...
His step is the police station,his look is a sting operation
I beg on your feet sir, I will say whatever you ask sir
What is A+B whole square?
A square + B square + 2 AB
Will he kill for not knowing that?That is what
Do you know?
I am weak in English sir
That is Mathematics dude?
Today is birthday of brother, right?
That is why this gift, sweet..Sir has already left
Touch him and see...
Touch him and see...
I do not know what you would do.
He should be here and look into everythingfor the function of baby on Sunday
Hey Karthik, I need to talk a matter with you
Important means, that isWe will talk in the evening
I said I will ask him today, right?
KarthikYes dad
I should talk an important matter with you
Is it so important?
Very important
I have an urgent work, why in a hurryand we shall talk in the evening
Ok, byeHey Karthik
ATP, Any Time Police!
Whichever problem you are in and wherever you are,it is enough to complain in this app
It connects to your nearest Policeand he will be in front of you within minutes
Sir, how is the first case sir?
I solved it dude. If I have a Sir
You also got the second case sir, congratulations
First case is just finished, right?
He says no to holiday, no to weekend,
no vacation, no picnic and says work is worship
He stays a workaholic, refreshesin work and gets relaxed
Though there are so many colors,he says Khaki color is great
He says color in the blood cells is KhakiHe keeps safeguarding
He keeps cop guarding
Balram, it is lunchtime anyways,we will start after lunch
Ok sir
Come on boys, eatLet sir come madam
He will come in five minutes and we shall then eat
Come on boys, time is up.We got an urgent case.
ComeWhat is this dear?
To hell with your formality
Total information, come on goYes sir
What, are you hungry?Very much
You give great importance for food right?
Hey peanut man, give a packet
You too want?
Yes sirShare it
Maybe they would be too much sirI will eat if left
When we all sleep, he wakes up
He is the guard for the dreams in us
If saved when asked, we call him God
He is greater if saved without asking for
Wife is calling sir. Newly married sir
Once Khaki is on the body, anything is only after the duty.
Make her understand that
Maybe she will not understand sir, newly married right?
Give a divorce then.
Mr. Murthy, a divorce case has come
Reason?It is blocking the constitution
No sir, not just the constitution butI will take care that it does not block anything else.
Touch him and see...
Touch him and see...
Touch him and see...
Touch him and see...
Touch him and see...
Touch him and see...
Touch him and see...
Touch him and see...
Hello, is Karthik in?
He just came from duty and slept
Where is the room?
Hey, why do you go like thatwhen I am asking who are you?
Where would you go idiot, where?
Your face will break if I hit?
Why are you trying to get lose?
Why?Hey, where? Where will you go?
Call the control room. Where will you go, where?
Where will you go, where?
Do not leave
I will not leave, no chance that I leave you
I will shoot you, rascalSir
Hey why are you screaming in the morning?
Who is that girl, grandson?
Girl, which girl?
She is on your bed...
Oh no...
What is this crap wishing? All of you go out first
Old lady, get out.
We have a lot of work
What works, rascal?You come
Sir!Shut up
We would have got her married long backif we had known she likes Karthik, right?
I asked to talk long back uncle,
but my old man said Karthik iswriting civil exams and do not disturb him
Then he said training and later posting
Posting came, promotion has comeand sir came even to Hyderabad
I am tired of waitingand I cannot wait anymore
You carry on with those talks and fix our marriage
Laxmi... Laxmi, did you see my phone?
Hi KarthikHi uncle, how are you?
I am fineBe seated
KarthikWhat dad?
Everyone knows that Divya likes you.
We wish to fix your marriage even if you say ok
Come on dad, who would marry her?
A marriage and with her?
Not like that son... Hey
Have you seen my phone?Do not know sir
Where did I keep?
I will give it. Come..
What? Who would marry me?
DivyaSay now
Is there anyone than me to die for you?
Give my phone, I have an urgent work
First say that you like meI like you
Say you will marry me
I will marry, move aside first
Say that so that they can hear you
Dad, this marriage is ok for me
Divya, please give my phone baby.I will not give.
My hands are not free, you take it
Where did you keep it?
Damn it, I am searching for my phone
Heard right? You be in the marriage arrangements.
We have to go to the coffee shop and talk a lot
Hello, what coffee? I have a work
Divya, give the phone
Coffee right?
Ok, give my phone first
Take itYou have no shame at all, right?
SirGood morning sir
Report says murder took place at 3:30we sent the body to post mortem
Sir, the girl
Yes Divya, come come
This is my team. Balram, Mallesh and LakshmanWho sir, witness?
The sheep is dead
Come on madamCome
Definitely from outsideKarthik, you said coffee
Oh, I am sorry.
Say coffee
One by two sir?
Two full
Come MalleshComing sir
If he has brought her here for outing before marriage,
Then where would he take her for honeymoon?
Maybe he will take her to the graveyard sir
I pity her, dudea Sir, poor girl sir
I said the same
Thank God, is it done?
Where is Karthik?
He just went out madam
He went as some urgent call had come madam
Oh, okOk madam
These are all fake riots.
They created all these for rally of CM sir not to take place
You all are aware about who is behind all this, Rauf Lala
MP for six times from the same area.
Anyone wins with values or the differences
But Lala wins with destruction
Now to make his elder son Irfan Lala an MLA,
he made the sitting MLA there resignand planned for a bi-election to come
Lala does some destruction only for his need
but Irfan, his life itself is a destruction
To stop them
I should do a rally in that area at any cost
Looking at the last election polling reports,just 33% voting has happened
Public are not voting either fearing to themor left with no other option
By doing this rally, we shall givean assurance of a new leader coming for them
We would get law and order problem if rally takes place sir
Innocent public will be dead if something goes wrong sir
I am the CM of this state.
Should I fear to visit a constituency in this state?
I have to go
Sorry sir, but there would be so many security issues
It is practically impossiblePossible sir
100% smooth rally is possible sir
Hey, be quiet
Sir, he is a very reckless and risky fellow
There will be risk in making the impossible into possible sir
A Police is the one running into the risk
Then you run into that risk and why do you involve him?
Commissioner, stop.
Officer- Sir
What is your plan?
Seeing whom did he get this courage?
His name is Karthikeya, newly joined ACP
Instead of fighting with him,I think better to compromise...
I mean the outside people are saying
It is been many years since strengthof Lala is shown in Muzaffarpet
Let him start the rally
Call the boys and run the competition
5000 for killing one,10000 for killing a Police
and announce five Lakhs for the guykilling most of the people.
Smell of the blood should last at least for a week
That CM should lose his post with one shotand my son should win
Tell them to start the rally sir.
I will say when CM sir should start. Over!
Hey, Moula! Rally has started
Where are you idiots? Rally has started there
None should be left alive
Team A
Team B
Team C
Hey, give the binocular
Hey, all of them are coming. Where are our guys?
Let them come sir, let them come
There should be 3000 Police here as per the plan right?Where are they?
I changed the plan sir
Have you changed the plan?
Has he planned to kill us or to stop them?
They have come
Be cool sir. Have some tea
He is a mental fellow. I already said this mental fellow...
Jammers on
Why did the TV get off?
Why did it go off, check? Come on see
Network problem BhaiCall our men
Bhai, cell signal is not comingNot coming?
Dad...Tablet.Even network is unreachable
Hey, who are you? Who are you?
Idiot, anybody coming here from30 years has even gone with my permission
Dirty Police rascal, I will chop you
What? What is good, idiot?
Joke is good, say another one
Is it like a joke for you? You feel it a joke?
See, see carefully.
This is not a city, not street or lane.This is a forest, a forest
And I am the lion of this forest, a Lion
You dirty mosquito, I will squash you down
Comedy ends
If you are a lion, I am global warming
All clear, ask CM sir to start.
Order one tea
Sir, I think global warming is a bit bad example
Who said good? I tried as the sounding felt fine
Ask whether he would have a tea?
Lala sir, will have a tea?
Bhai, do not hit
Bhai, do not hit
Lion of Muzaffarpet, Lala.
This rascal is made me into a dog...
I will show that Police
No, no Lala. This is not the correct time
Courage grew in public with the rally.
It gets difficult for us to winif even the polling percentage grows.
It gets difficult
We shall kill that Police, but not in the present anger Lala
Hey mental, what are you doing?
Hey, who gave gun to this mental rascal?
I did not do anything
If you call my son as mental...
Lala, you have two sons
Only one of them is useful to you
Concentrate on his elections, concentrate
Hello, ask them all.Hey, take out the vehicle
Come on take out the vehiclemove idiot
Yes dad
Its is time for then ritual son
Yes, I will come in time. I will comeAll are waiting for you
Is he coming?Yes he is it seems
It is time now and where is the boy, sir?
Give only if our guys call. Only important calls,
Is everything ok?
It is all ok here sir. Rest is all being taken care by Sir
Do you want to do rigging?
Hey, ask him to be coolI mean, like us normal
Madam, it is time now and all of you be seated here
Where is Karthik sir?
He would be on the way
This was the time fixed long backand he should have taken one day leave
We never know when and what dutya Police will have, right dad?
What is the issue now? You exchange the formalitiesUncle.. You please come here.
( Chants)
It is lunch time and have you ordered for any lunch?
Sir has not said anything.I have not eaten even breakfast from morning sir
It is like I may get an ulcerThat fellow is like that
He forgets everything when in dutyHe forgets
Go and ask what he would eat.
We will get it at once for all. Go
Shall I say you asked, sir?
What is there in that? Tell him.Who has the fear?
What fear?
Sir.. lunch..- What?
I will shoot you all.
How do you feel hungry in such a great tension?
Sir said to ask
Sir, see here
Will he die not eating for once?
Added he says you asked to enquire
Me, no I am not hungry. Damn it, why for me?When did I say?
Come here
Go, he is calling
Always foodWhat?
Are you too feeling hungry?Not at all sir
You said to ask, right sir?And again you say I am not hungry
See him and learn a bit.
What is there in food? We eat daily, right?
Come on, lift the phone
Phone belongs to Sir, he saidanswer only when our team calls
Will you lift?Oh no, not needed.
A mess again for that
You seem to be hungry, go and get some biscuits
I am not hungry sir
I am not hungry
I am learning sincerity
Fiancee of Sir and is calling many times.
Will you talk once sir?Oh no, why for me?
Sir, there is a meaning in me fearing.
You being such a senior and still you fear.
Hey, who fears? Do I fear? Give the phone here
Come on talkGive
Do you have no sense?
What work do you have to skip even the engagement?
You are selfish, careless, egoistic
She is scolding
Maybe is scolding feeling it is Sir.
You say you are boss and she would be calm
Hello, I am not Karthik but his boss
Then I should scold you first
Look dear
Do you put duty for my man on the engagement day?
I do not know dear
Who gave you the job?
It is wrong dearShut up
Not eating thrice a day
Time is three and no food today, No lunchMe too sir
You are like a stone.
What matters either you eat or not?
You did injustice to a girl and you will face the bad results.
She got calm as you said to be the boss right sir?
Hey Karthik
SirCome here
When I lifted the phone thinking maybe someimportant matter, your fiancee scolded me badly
How would we knowwhen you did not say it is your engagement?
Sorry sir, I am extremely sorry sir. I forgot
Not to me, but call her and say sorry
Sir, EVM vans are ready to start
Oh no
You know Divya right?Yes sir
Put a sorry message for every ten minutes, ok?
Okay sir.Come, let us go
Family emotions means zero
Officials are informing that pollingtoday has taken place in record state.
Either Peoples party wins or IPP wins like always...
Everything under control sir
We got to know how is Mehdipatnam area
Hi DivyaHi
Sir, my Fiancee
Commissioner sir, Divya
Looks like a very mannered girl
But you know what, you are definitely a lucky fellow
Thank you Sir, thank you
It is really my luck to get a girl like Divya, Sir
You say so?
I am extremely sorry Divya
How many times will you say?
That is, I should at least say fourto five times for what I did today right?
You said 92 times till now
92 times?92 times
92 times
No idea where is our Balram
Again sorry?
Why so many sorries?
Where is your phone?
You kept it for charging right?Yes, charging
In my cabin
Yes, charging
I will send it with Balram, you keep talking with her.
See you dear, God bless you
Just watch, whether he messes again.You escaped well
What escape?
Explanation, he is saying explanation
What is this nonsense, idiot?
Sir said to keep sorry message, so
It is ruining there.
Still, what is your romance with his Fiancee?
That is..Go and give his phone first
Yes sir
Say once again please
What Divya?
You just said to your boss right?
Oh, it is really my luck to get you
This luck will stay with you for life long
Decorate bindi to your cheek, hey beauty
I will take you as you are to Bellary
Decorate bindi to your cheek, hey beauty
I will take you as you are to Bellary
You dress up as groom dear, I will come with you
Let us break all shackles and go for a ride
Hey beautiful, we became selfie for each other
You taught me sweet dance and framed a sufie
Stop doing fun, order for the band
Happy if you make way for the marriage
Hey come here dear, weave the love loom
Hey come here dear, marry me
Hey come here dear, weave the love loom
Hey come here dear, marry me
You smiled like cool breeze in the morningand pulled the heart
You are my destination and my life is yours
Like the fragrance of Jasmines,you brought trance over me
I turned like the perfume on your dress
Hey smiling beauty, you are my golden cutie
I will run behind you for celebrations
Your sharp look has touched my waist
I cannot wait will come to the in laws house
Hey come here dear, weave the love loom
Hey come here dear, marry me
Hey come here dear, weave the love loom
Hey come here dear, marry me
Hey come here dear, weave the love loom
Hey come here dear, marry me
Unexpected resultshave shown up in Muzaffarpet bi elections
The strong fort of Lala from the past 30 years
Peoples party has zoomed in with successin Muzaffarpet elections,
Irfan Lala son of Rauf Lala,the sitting MP lost his deposits
tell them to shut down the music
Bhai, party of son of home Minister is going on
So... So what?
I will get it closed.
Stop Bhai
Hey DJ, shut the music.
Today is a black day for me and are you partying?
Hey Irfan, do not make a nuisance unnecessarily
Come on, get away from here
Hey, there is no one here to be frightened
I am the son of Home Minister
If I make a call, you will havea black day for life long, leave now.
Come on, we shall look into later. Come on
DJ start...
Let us begin the party
Some new ACP Karthikeya entered intotheir area and made dad and son pee it seems
Happy birthday to you
Shalini... Hey!
You said you would make a call right idiot?Come on call.
You lose fear if i just lose in one election?
Rascal, you should fear.
Irfan Lala here and you have to get frightened
She is my close friend dad,he shot her before my eyes
We should see his endOk,
I will use all my powers as the Home Minister
You do not worryMen of Lala have come sir
Boy has done in anger.
Cost of witness of your son is 100 crores
Ask him to leave the matter herewithout getting too much emotional
They killed cruelly in front of my eyes
Hey, he will die guys
Dad... Hey, why are you hitting
Hey, save me
Daddy... Stop hitting guys, why are you hitting?
Just two minutes..Dad, they are hitting and killing there
Hey, tell all your friends.
If anyone gives the witness, they will be inthe same position as this fellow
Dubai... 10:30 Flight...
Holiday... Enjoy
University student Shalini celebrating birthdayparty with friends in Mayuri resort is brutally murdered
Police are searching for the murderers
We appointed a dynamic officer to investigate this case
Whoever the criminal is and however powerfulhe is, there is no chance of leaving him
We will catch the criminal for sure
There are rumors heard of Irfan Lala son of Rauf Lalato have created nuisance in the party
What do you say about that?
About rumors.. there will be so many.
That girl had multiple boyfriends
Some Ex boyfriend may have got angry and murdered
This too is a rumor.
I said investigation is on, right?
I call it a day
We shall meet againSir..Sir.
Sir, please answer.One question
Sujatha madam is the teacherwho says which is good and bad to our kids
And today, she is having to protest for justice
This department is insulting the character of my daughteras they are unable to catch the criminal
Have they appointed that Police man afterknowing what his character is in advance?
I want justice
We want justice
What is the guarantee that the injustice happenedto Shalini will not repeat even in our case?
We cannot control even when in classand what if they get onto the roads?
Incapability of the Government is making it big
We want justice
Murderer should be punished hard
Police officers protecting them to be suspended immediately
We will show the power of students to the Government
We want justice
This protest will not stop till Shalini gets a justice
Home Minister down, down
Dirty kids, have ruined it
Not understanding what to do...
Rauf on one side is threatening to suck my blood
And pressure on the other hand from the Central
Those college guys instead of studying
They are making this issue big throughsocial media posting in Face book and Twitter
Sir, we shall immediately take action.Otherwise department will get a bad name
My foot department, fit for nothing
Sir, I am sorry to say this.
If you had given us powers before..I am giving powers right now
What will your department do?
My head is bursting.
First get him out.
Push this dynamic guy out.
Appoint another and the issue will cool down
What is this sir?
Lemon soup! I will kick you hard if you talk again
All this has actually come because of your loose tongue
I will appoint, I will appoint an officerwho will teach you all a lesson
Police... down, down.Police... down, down.
Police... down, down.Police... down, down.
Police... down, down.Police... down, down.
Students down, downStudents down, down
There were 50 guys on the spot.
If you had caught him then and handed overto us, will this come to this state?
There is a meaning in one fearing seeing ten guys.
If 50 have feared seeing one guy,that is your incapability and timidity
Down, down it seems... My foot!
My name is Karthikeya madam,
I am the new officer coming to deal this case
You should have this juice at leastto see the justice you would get
I can understand your anger for justice.
As a mother, injustice may have happened to you
But as a teacher, I will not let you get an injustice
You may not remember every student who studied at you
but every student will remember teachers like you
This IPS was once your student, madam
I promise you as your student madam
Whoever may be the killer and how manyever may come in my way, I will catch him
How will you catch without an evidence sir?
Who said there is no witness? There is a evidence
The guy who killed is the witness.
Not in months or days but will catch him within hours
My teacher who stood behind me makingme not fail is now writing the exam
I will not let her fail, it is my word
Thank you madam,
Thank you
Hail KarthikeyaHail Karthikeya
Hail Karthikeya
Hail to the PoliceHail to the Police
Hail to the PolicePerfect
Hail to the Police
All the Police with us, divide into two teams
All the details about this case should beon my table within two hours
I do not want any negligence,do not leave out even a small clue
Now moveYes sir
They deleted all the cctv footage sir
All the 50 members who went to the party,are saying not to have been to the party sir
When the waiters and bouncers there were asked,
they are saying power was off thenand they do not know anything sir
There is a report that car of Irfanentered night club road at 9 and left at 11 sir
And there are rumors that Irfan has killed that girl sir
Collect all the call data and WhatsAppdata of all friends of that girl
Do not leave any one
Sir, details of all attending the party are in this pen drive
Good, enquire one to one
The boyfriend of the girl toowas in that party sir
What is his name?
Dheeraj, sir
I know that you like Shalini very much.
I checked your entire WhatsApp
Do not lie that you were not there in the party that day
I never said I was not there
You were there right?
It was Irfan who killed, right? Say
Actually I had been to wash room at that time
Hey, damn it...
Timid idiot...
Timid idiot...
give the phone to Karthik
Ok madam, ok. One minute
Divya madam is on line
Can you not see me in duty?
Switch off that phone first. Switch it off
Sir... Sorry
Start the vehicleYes sir
Have you written the name ofMr. Vizag Prasad
Yes daddy
Yes, send a card to his son in law Ramesh
Send a card even to your son along with them, uncle
Why child? why card to him for his marriage?
You and I are thinking this is his marriage,but he is not feeling it uncle
What happened child?
Did you and Karthik have a fight?
I wish we could fight uncle.
At least then, there would be a chanceto speak a few words
I knew that he is mad about his duty
but did not know that he is so mad thathe does not care about the girl in love
I have seen how bad you feltthat day when he did not come,uncle
I cannot bear that pain for life long
Let us stop this marriage uncle
Everything would set right oncethe marriage takes place dear
No aunty, your son is already married to the police job
Forget even about that thought.
If not, you will be the reason to ruin life of a girl
See you uncle
What dad, you have not slept yet?
I am not getting sleep, son
Earlier I was sleepless in a fear about whereand how you were
Nowadays strangely,
If I am not there,
The thought of my wife living with two daughersis making me lose sleep with fear
Do you remember that yourmarriage is in four days?
Do you know that the marriage is cancelled?
She is a girl who was behind you being crazy for you.She left saying she does not want you.
Is she gone?
What is the problem dad?
You are the problem
Have you spoken at least once withher after marriage is fixed?
Have you at least once asked on thephone about what she likes and how she is?
To see you, one should forget sleep and wait
To speak with you, it should be very important matter
What in your opinion is important?
I feel to have a cup of coffee with youand that is important for me
Your mom wishes to feed you with herown hands and that too is important
Your sisters want to go for a movieand outing with you and that is important for them
But none of these are important for you, son
We are thinking about youcompulsively being parents and sisters,
but have you ever been as a son to usor brother to them for at least one day?
I am not asking to keep us on your headas we carried you on the shoulders
I am asking to take just a bit of care
What is it dad?
You know what my job is and why do you say so?
Everyone has a job butno one are leaving their family like you
Even before you were a Police officer,you are the elder son of this family
What duty have you done as a son?
For the food and tablets consumed to digest in this age,
we need a bit of love
Only the job is lost if responsibility is forgotten.
But if you forget the bonding, whole life is lost...
Sorry son,
I spoke some rubbish and wasted your time
Children, go and sleep. You too go and sleep
Sorry son, go and sleep
Sir, ACP Karthikeya?
Yes, who is it?
I saw Shalini being killed sir,
I will give witness if you provide protection
Where are you now?
Birla Planetarium sir
Be right there and I will come right away.
You have no need to fear
Where are you?
I left as i feared I was being followed sir
Where are you now?I am at the IMAX sir
I will be there in five minutes , be right there
Hey, who parked the water tank here? Hey
Hey stop, give the vehicle
Excuse me Sandeep
Not me sirOh, sorry
Where are you?
What rascal, you are running so much?
Who are you, idiot?
Did you not get the witness?
Do not waste your time, you will not get
No one would say becauseThe fear Irfan
Yes, what you said true.
No one is giving witness fearing you
I will kill that fear first
Hey, what are you talking?
Even the fear dies along with you when you die, right?
They would then give witness right?
HeyI will kill you
I will kill you right today. Confirmed!hey!
It seems you threatened to kill Irfan?
I did not threaten sir,
I said to i would kill him confirmedly
Looks like he did not understand.Call and tell that Lala fellow
Being a Home Minister and by supporting a criminal,what message do you want to give?
Crazy cabbage...
What, what did you say?
Do not pretend not to have heard
How do you think he would be aliveif your son is sent abroad, idiot?
Are you so foolish?You dirty...
You insult the home minister, idiot?I will suspend you
Hey, he is coming. Drive on
Is he mad or what?
Will you suspend me? Will you suspend?
Stop right there!
When I am in uniform,there are just six bullets in the gun.
If I take off the uniform, no idea whetherI would kill with a stone or rod
Whatever I get into the hands, that is the weapon
I will not even leave the one who obstructs
Lala, is your younger son mad or is it the elder one?
Hey, what are you saying?
Why have you messed with this fellow?Send Irfan somewhere if he has to be alive
Hey, come hereBhai
You guys move
Take him urgently to the airport
You are going to Dubai right away. Now means right now.
Move fastAnd you take care
Kill him on
He is out of danger now. But he needs complete rest
Sir, what are you doing sir?
Sir, you cannot do like this.
Please listen to usWhere is my shirt?
Where is my shirt?
That Irfan is escaping and running away sirPlease do not get emotional
Please listen to us and cooperateHe is running away sir
My gun!That Irfan is escaping and running away sir
Commissioner sir, at least you tell him
Karthikeya please.Sir.
Sister, give him sedation
That Irfan escaped and is running away sirRelax.
That Irfan should not escape away sir
Sir, pleaseHe should not escape away sir
Sir say atleast you..
Son, listen to usWhere is my shirt?
Where is my gun?
Karthikeya, listen to the Doctor
That Irfan escaped and is running away sir
That fellow is dead
Are you sure sir?
Yes, Irfan is dead in that shootout
Get the sedation
Ok DoctorAre you sure?
Are you sure sir?
If he comes to know the truth...You saw his anger, right sir?
See, how he is shivering saying dutyeven in such a condition
He was never my son even fora day after he wore the uniform
Many like Karthikeya can be foundif your Police department needs
But, he is the only son for my family sir
Please sir, do something sir
Please sirSir, please...
What are you doing? Please...
But he is the only son for my family.
Please sir, do something sir
have you come for a compromise?
Total family of the guy who broughtin such a situation for my son...
Have you heard the story of a tiger hunting down the deer?
I will kill so cruelly
Your story is good Lala.
But it is enough if you understandthat Karthikeya is the tiger in this story
Your son went into coma when just a 4 MM bullet hit him
4 Bullets of 9 MM metal went in there.
Doctor said few months are required to recoverBut he woke up and sat in just 5 minutes.
You know what he asked after waking up?
He asked where my deer is
He asked is that Irfan is dead or alive
Are you giving him a warning?
If he hears the name Irfan, it is enough.
Being under sedation, still he would wake up and kill him
He is a fool when it comes to duty Lala.
I am saying this with experience
I did not come for a compromise as you thought.
I came to give an advice
There is just one way to save your son
You kill your son
Hey, what are you talking?
Make this world believe that yourson is dead in that shootout.
Even Karthikeya should believe that.
Your son will be alive at least on thisearth even if he is not in the census count
Think well
One more thing.
On the record and off the record,there is no single pending case in his career
Public and fans came in large for the final rites ofIrfan Lala son of Rauf Lala and expressed their support
We made the whole world believe that lie.
Karthikeya was suspended to have killedIrfan in anger under disciplinary action
Though department lost a great officer,
satisfaction that Karthikeya got closeto his family remained
I did not find another way that day to save you, son
you said only family is important.
I lived saying only duty is important.
But, I now understand that life isto balance both and live dad
I do not have a worry to have left the department
But I gave a word to my teacher.
I gave my word to a mother that she will get justice.
It did not happen.
I will complete the work I left in the middle dad.
Do not worry that I will go away again from you.
I changed.
Go son
What, is Karthikeya coming?
Dear, stop all these prayers, moviesand outing for some days.
Forget the fact that you have a husband.
I am Back..
How many times should I say?
Welcome sir!What is this?
When I returned after so many years, no welcome,no bouquet, no garland and no shawl?
Whatever Balram, affection on me is down dude.
No, nothing so sir
Who was on the phone?
That was a call from wife sir
There seems to be a ritual tomorrowand is asking to take a leave
I said will give a divorce if she again callsand disturbs while on duty sir.
Shut up...
Do you have no sentiments?
When they call with love, you talk crazily?
Family is an ocean of emotions...
Nothing goes wrong by taking one day leave.
Your leave letter should beon my table in five minutes, ok?
There should be balance in life
Did you not understand?
Day and night balance,
male and female balance,
duty and family...
60 murder cases, 150 cheating casesand 440 theft cases..
Total 650 pending cases sir
We shall finish in one week sir
Rishi, justice should be done correctly.
Nothing should be done in a hurry
Right sir.
Law and relation should be done in balance.
We shall do
Rishi....Bring the file of that Irfan first
Ok sir
Who would that Lala believe strongly?
Moula sir
Is it? Move
Hey, All of you don't move..otherwise I will shoot you. also..don't move..
Mr. Maula
Mr. Maula
Why did you come?
I do not know anything.
I still did not ask anything.
Let us sit and talk
Say what the matter is
Mr. Maula keeping aside our fights,
I will ask you one thing and you should not say no
What is that?
I came here on some other work.
When asked about a matter at the centre,everyone said your name.
What have you asked?
I asked where would tea be good in this area.
Everyone said tea would begreat in the house of Maula
Yes Mr. Maula, if you give me one tea,I will happily drink and leave.
Oh, tea?
Yes, Mr. Maula
Hey, bring two tea
That Police has come Bhai
Wow Mr. Maula
What a tea,
Is this Tea..?
What they said is 100% correct
Thank you Maula sir.
Come on Balram.Thank you
Mr. Maula has given super energy,
shall we leave?
See you..Thank you
Did Karthikeya come?
Yes, he came
Why did he come?
It seems there is a talk in my area that teaat my house is great and he came to drink
What talk about the tea?
I came to know that right now Lala
Did he ask anything about Irfan?
He did not take that name at all
Then why did he come?
I said right Lala, tea in my house...Shut up
You do not open your mouth whatever he asks
You know right, Irfan is deadIs he dead
Maula, understand dude
Yes, understood Lala. I understood
Why did he come again?
Mr. Maula, you are saying the secrets todayand I am listening.
I am not saying any secretsand you are not going to listen
You turn that way and close your ears
Ok sir
Ok, at least tell that just to me
Once I say something, that is it
I do not like daily to comeand have tea like this at your home,
Just one secret
Tell me where do you get that Tea leaf?
Tea leaf?
He will listen, slowly
Tea leaf?
Yes Mr. MaulaIs that the secret?
Sultan BazarIs it?
450 per Kilo for outsidersand 400 for men of Maula
Thank you so much Mr. Maula.
Oh no.
One selfie please
Why did he come again?
He got addicted greatly to my tea Lala
Shut up
You have not given any secret information to him, right?
He asked about the tea leaf and I said
I did not say a word more, believe me Lala.
I promise on IrfanShut up, idiot
Why Irfan in the middle?
He is dead right?
What, is he dead again?
When will you understand?
Did you forget the plan?
Yes, I understood. I understood
Stay away from that Police manand do not say whatever he asks
Ok, see now
I am here
Mr. Maula
Mr. Maula!
Mr. Maula!
Thank God, nobody saw me.
Why does he say none saw? I saw him, right?
Mr. Maula..Stop, stop right there.
One tea Mr. Maula
No more tea
All the tea in my house is overand you have no need to come now
Hey stop, stop thereYou come here
Mr. Maula, say milk is over andI will arrange in drums.
Say tea powder is over and I will arrange in sacks
But do not say tea is over, I get hurt
Taste is not in the tea leaf
I came to know that it is in the house of Mr. Maula
Keep this 100
Get the materials
I will come in an hourNo..
Mr. Maula, how much ever I give is lessfor the information you gave
You heard right?Yes
Make the call then!
Yes, I will call
Has he given moneyYes, he gave
Why did he give?
To bring the materials
What materials?
Tea leaf and milk
Hey Lala, what are you doing?
Do I look like a mad guy for you, rascal?
Should I believe whatever you say?
Why will he give you money withoutyou giving the information?
Hey Lala, believe me.Move rascal, you are sold out
You sold out.
Yes, I am sold out
I am sold out for the bloody 100 rupees he gave.I am sold out.
Bhai, Hawala
It would be a big amount
Hey idiot, you...
You rascal, what hawala?Take this fellow away from me
Listen to me Lala,Take him away
you are making haste LalaTake him away
You are making haste!
You too leave
Hey, come on guys
Sir, Lala is calling to an unknown number
Yes Irfan
Tell me dad
We cannot believe that Maula.
You immediately shift to Binny Mills from there
No one should know that you are there
Sir, we got information about Irfan.
He is shifting to Binny mills
Comedy ends...
What idiot, you gained good color?
There was a long gap right?
Look, I do not know who you are.
If you move, I will finish him and leave
You should first cross me to reach Bhai.
Routine dialogue
We should not get tempted at all for such dialogues.
Is a fight required with him having a gun in hands?
Is it required?
No sir
Though your dialogue just now was so routine,my ego got hurt somewhere
There is a chance for him to live,if taken in half an hour to the hospital.
Can you cross me and take?
Touch me and see..
Touch me and see..
Hey, he is still alive. There is a chance,come on try
Hey Balram, you said you are feeling hungry.Shall we go?
He is still alive sir
That is called the last breath
Apply strong impact
Counter attack
Kick his right jaw..
Dislocate jaw
Body Shock.
Ears ringing, jaw fractured, three ribs cracked,four broken, total collapse.
Hey Lala,
You did the final rites to an orphan bodysaying as your son earlier
Now, your own son has become the property of Municipality
Game over
Daddy... Daddy
Daddy... Daddy...
You will be alright,
you will be alright.
He slept
By the time we complete our duty and go home,
If someone is waiting for us..
Hey Mallesh, stop the vehicle.
Sorry sir.
I was just in a emotion..
I forgot this angle completely.
Go to Airport..
Why did you ask me to come?
Pushpa, that is
I did a mistake Pushpa.
Immediately after I saw, that is...Hey, stop..
Come on, say stright..
It does not suit at all for you, come to the point
that is correct...
Pushpa, I am extremely sorry
What is that screaming, idiot?
is it a command or demand?You came to request and do it properly
Pushpa, PushpaDamn idiot, what Pushpa, Pushpa?
Are you selling black tickets in theateror peanuts in the beach?
Pushpa, I am extremely sorry
You think, I am your sister in law?
Don't start pampering..come to the point
Oh, to the point...
Hey, pushpa.. No..
Hey, Pushpa..
Come forward
Come forward
This is correct