Toxic Parents (2023) Movie Script

Hey, mom.
It's lunch time now.
I stumbled a bit on
non-literary section
but I think I still aced it.
Except for that single 4-point question,
Math was easier than March's test.
English? You know how that's like.
All usual suspects showed up.
Fine, I'll double check before
submitting the bubble sheet.
Yes, don't worry too much.
Do you need help?
It's almost done.
I was just on the phone...
It's okay.
Let's dig in.
Nothing like Iced
Americanos for hangover.
The caf was quite far.
- Kudos.
- My pleasure.
It is a strawberry cake.
Isn't that a random chat app?
Is it fun?
It's like this half the time.
What are they, flashers?
Shall we get started?
- Stranger: Waiting room?
- Me: To play a game.
Stranger: A game?
Stranger: All of sudden?
Stranger: What is it?
Me: TP.
Our membership grading strictly
follows the company's policies...
you have children?
Do you have kids?
I have a high school daughter
and a kindergarten son.
If your daughter has a big
corporate job with $200K salary,
would you let her marry
an old elementary teacher?
I mean, how can one be so
vulgar and yet grade others?
Not all civil servants are the same.
Could you either mute or
answer the phone, please?
My apologies, I'm getting
a lot of spam calls today.
Mr. Kim (Yuri's Homeroom teacher)
She called me as soon
as the lunch began.
She said she stumbled on Non-literary
and a 4-point math question.
How can she lie like that when
she didn't even take the exam?
But Yuri definitely wasn't
here in the morning...
All right,
let's just say she didn't
even come to school,
And now you're telling me this?
I'm really sorry about that.
We skipped attendance
because of the mock test,
I didn't even have the
time to check in with her...
What's really going on?
You texted my child last night.
You wanted to talk to
her after the mock test.
Yuri told you that.
Is there a reason why
she shouldn't tell me?
No, no, that's not what I meant.
Why would she be so scared
that she would skip school?
I think there's some misunderstanding.
Recently, it seemed she was very
much stressed out due to her studies.
You figured that after seeing
her just a few minutes a day?
She was perfectly fine this morning!
'Finally, there was no single kid'
'left looking at Jo-young.'
'Jo-young could conjure up her courage.'
'The courage to shake her head.'
'As Jo-young watched...'
Be quiet, Min-jun!
Your sister's studying.
You sound at least 10 times louder.
What an ungrateful brat you are.
Did you just call your daughter a brat?
I told you not to mess with your nails!
These just peel off
once I scratch them!
You can do whatever you
want once you get into college.
You say that all the time.
As if getting into college will
solve all the problems on earth.
You little brat.
Let's go, I'm going to be late.
- All right.
- Hurry, hurry.
Yuri, don't make any marking mistakes!
Okay, bye.
One of our students who saw
Yuri in the morning said that
she went somewhere else
instead of going into the school.
Kids, do you happen to
know where Ju Ye-na is?
Ye-na? Why?
I have something to ask her.
She went to her agency after lunch.
As an pop idol trainee, she
is contracted with an agency.
Yes, this is Kang Hye-young.
Yes, ma'am.
You may check her body at
the morgue before the autopsy.
Yes, yes.
I'll send you the address.
Lee Yuri's mom?
Anything yet?
Not yet.
I talked to the mother
of the backseat girl.
Families of other
victims can't be reached.
And their phones do
not have any contacts.
What a lonesome way to go.
By the way, how did the
girl end up joining them?
There's something off with the trio.
I can see a 28-year-old woman
and a 32-year-old man meeting up...
She was either a runaway,
or she was a partygoer.
Welcome home, hungry?
I'm home.
Saury again?
You know I don't eat saury.
I only feed you things
that are good for you.
You know how much DHA
is in a blue-backed fish?
So annoying.
Would you like something else then?
What's with you all of a sudden?
I actually had a weird dream.
Weird dream? Like what?
It's nothing, let's eat.
What's wrong?
Yuri, what's wrong?!
Yuri, my sweetie!
Where are you?
Sis, mom's not home.
why are you sleeping here?
Just because.
Where's sis? She didn't
come home last night?
Hi, Mom.
- Hello, Min-jun.
- Hello!
Toxic bitch, pissy bitch?
You know that girl named Ju Ye-na?
The pop idol trainee who witnessed
Yuri in the morning of the incident.
They texted each
other for a few months...
But Ju always had a foul mouth.
I watched her since she
was on the singing show.
So, I was looking at
forensic report of Yuri's phone
and I find her exchange with Ju
Ye-na two months ago quite notable.
Take a look.
'Try leaving her, she's TP.'
To which Yuri replied,
'Is TP for toxic bitch, pissy bitch?'
'Get out of her reach,
toxic bitch, pissy bitch.'
I wonder if she took her
own life for after being bullied.
The last person she talked to
was also happens to be Ju Ye-na.
- Is that so?
- Yes.
For about 2 minutes the night before,
Yuri deleted an auto recording,
and it's quite disturbing.
They must have had a fight.
Reasons for a teenager
committing suicide are
either friends or family.
Personal Registration
Form Family members: 4.
Lee Yuri's mother is here.
Where's your husband?
I found out today that
he's on a business trip overseas.
We're actually separated.
He said he'll get
on the earliest flight.
He wanted to at least be there
for her one last time.
I'm sorry to have you come in.
We'll receive the autopsy
permission later today.
The body is usually transferred
to forensics the next morning.
With evidence found at the scene,
we're looking at potential murder.
There's no way it was a suicide.
Two days before her death,
she downloaded an app,
called 'Random Chat-Chat'.
It didn't seem like
she met anyone offline,
but she was chatting
even as she was at the lake.
Fill her in.
'What are you up to?'
Her chat partner asked first.
Then Yuri replied, 'Going
into the waiting room.'
Then, 'Waiting room?'
'To play a game.'
'A game? All of sudden?'
'What is it?'
- 'Question mark, question mark...'
- Wait a minute!
what are you talking about?
Obviously, We weren't tracking
her whereabouts on her phone alone,
it's not an app commonly
used by high school students,
so we're just letting you know
that we're looking at all avenues.
We're also looking into her
relations with other deceased.
Looking into?! When
will you finish looking?
I said I'll kill you next
time you're on my radar.
Why are you keep being so annoying?
Ju Ye-na!
You got your teacher
under your fingers?
What would your mom do if she knew?
- Homeroom teacher, Kim Ki-beom!
- Ma'am,
I think there's some
misunderstanding. I'm just...
How did you get these recordings?
Files were deleted, we
had to get it from forensics.
She was using
my old work phone,
but it was unknowingly
synced with my tablet.
After the incident, I looked
around and found this.
These people kept her
from attending school
and get caught up with weirdos.
We'll do our best to investigate
and bring justice to
your daughter's case.
There were four people
at the scene and one fled!
Based on forensic results
and witnesses, There
were four people at
the scene and one fled!
2. Crime Scene
we were looking into the
possibility of a group suicide.
3. Deceased Profiles.
Unlike Park and Ahn,
Lee Yuri, seen on the right,
didn't contact any of
the deceased before,
nor searched suicide-related
keywords online.
The other two hooked
up on a suicide website?
Not everyone who
group up on these sites,
end up committing actual suicides.
They may meet up to commit suicide
but they can have a change of heart.
But the runner could've
killed the other two?
Certainly plausible.
We found DNA under
the student's fingernails,
and it doesn't match with
any of the two deceased.
It may be the third person I spoke of.
Lee Yuri's family is suing her
teacher and another student
for school bullying and
their involvement in murder.
What a cluster fuck.
Apart from the lawsuit, I'll
file it under a murder case.
The runner from the scene is
our prime suspect.
It's perfect, this is like a photo.
You're really good at this.
Try running an empty
caf for 15 years by the lake
where the only customers
are cheaters and swingers.
And before you know it,
you are a master painter.
You must've thought it was bit weird.
When he bought four cups of coffee.
Yeah, that was one thing,
but he had a cake. So, I asked,
Are you here to celebrate
someone's birthday?
Then what did he say?
he just smiled.
Hong-in Lake Group Suicide Case.
Used other victim's credit card
Hong-in Lake Group Suicide Case.
(Unemployed) Kim Jun-tae (28)
Suicide? Murder? Purchased tool.
He was the one who
bought food and charcoal.
Hard to confirm since
he used Park's credit card.
(Unemployed) Kim Jun-tae (28)
Suicide? Murder? Purchased tool.
He got them drunk, killed
them with smoke and ran?
Forensics got DNA sample
from the vomit by the car.
Looks like he vomited
while getting out of the car.
I doubt they extracted DNA
from it due to stomach acid.
There are too many
ways in and out of the lake.
Only one had security camera coverage.
We can't track someone on foot
with only assumed time of flight.
We should try public
transportation like taxi or bus.
And interview potential witnesses.
You get on that.
I'll look for clues
with the 3 deceased.
I already tracked Lee Yuri's movements.
She's the only one with solid
starting point among the deceased.
There's no way Yuri committed suicide.
I sometimes ask students to
write their own performance review.
You can tell a lot by reading it.
Whether they have problems at home, or
how they are with friends and studies.
Can I
talk about this interview on YouTube?
Yuri was our class rep last year.
Her mom really took care for her.
I heard she drove her to Gang-nam
on weekends for extra classes.
She was a decent, straight
student who had no problems.
How can such a tragic thing
happen to such a beloved girl?
Ju Ye-na?
They seemed to get
along in the beginning.
They didn't quarrel...
I heard they just grew apart.
There was no school violence.
She's not a bad apple,
It's just her appearance.
She's close to debuting,
why'd she risk it with bullying?
June 18th
June 18th
About 15 hours before the incident.
Sorry, did I surprise you?
Family Registry Certificate Ju Ye-na
I Mother (only parent) - deceased.
I'm the lawyer representing
DY Entertainment.
You're not her mother?
It's only a witness interview,
you didn't have to come.
I came as her guardian,
please finish in 30 minutes.
it won't take long.
Did you text with Lee Yuri last April?
Probably did.
What's a 'TP'?
- It was a typo.
- A typo?
Toxic Poison.
Pew, pew.
'get away', 'it's TP' means...
I'll shoot poison, so watch out.
Ju Ye-na.
You think I killed
her by sending poison
via text 2 months ago?
Did you see Yuri
having dinner with her
parents at 'Chelsea restaurant'?
You called
her then.
You got your teacher under your finger?
What would your mom do if she knew?
What does it mean,
teacher under her finger?
It's figure of speech.
Why would you say it?
She's abusing her class rep title.
2 weeks ago,
I hit her with a ball during class.
Of course.
I got called to the office
for school violence.
You must be in trouble?
June 1st, About 20 days before the
incident Mr.Kim suddenly got all worked up.
Is that what you'll
say after your debut?
Hello, sir.
Hi, Yuri.
- Hey, Yuri.
- Yes.
Aren't you drinking too much water?
Can I help you?
- Oh, here this...
- No...
My agency will scold me
if I don't drink 2L a day.
Water is good for you, but
too much can be harmful.
People die from water intoxication.
Too much of a good
thing can be poisonous.
Good thing can be bad?
If there's too much of it.
- What about love?
- Of course.
Are you okay?
Sorry, sorry.
Don't worry, you okay?
- Yes.
- Are you hurt?
You're bleeding.
I'm fine, I'll go to the bathroom.
Not the bathroom, go see the nurse.
I'm so jealous.
Everyone seems to be on your side.
How dare I hit you with a
ball and make you nosebleed,
and even cut your
hand by surprising you.
Life must be so fucking easy.
That's what she said.
That's why you suspected
her of school violence?
School violence doesn't
only mean bullying.
Being secretly pressured by
someone can count as well.
but can you leave out
the school violence part?
It may sound like I'm
accusing Ye-na of murder.
I can't arbitrarily
change your statement.
We'll keep that in mind, don't worry.
All right, thank you.
Tell me about animosity
towards Lee Yuri's mom.
My animosity?
No, Ye-na's animosity
towards Yuri's mom.
What animosity would
she have against her?
All students liked her because
she was elegant and sweet.
She came in early
semester to hand out treats.
You could tell Yuri
grew up in a loving home.
Then why did you feel that
her studies stressed her?
I felt it for the first time
during class decoration prep.
April 1st, About 80
days before the incident.
Sounds like a lot of ideas.
Why are we decorating
classrooms in high school?
Yeah, we're always
switching classes anyways.
As important as first impression is to
people, Idea Box for Classroom Decorating.
Wouldn't a well decorated classroom
put you in a mood to study?
I'll go take a look at these now.
Let's see.
Are you really single? Marry me!
Lunch here really sucks...
Hey, Yuri.
I couldn't put it in the box.
You have an idea for me?
One sec.
Sorry for being late.
Don't be. I'm glad you're contributing.
- I'll head back then.
- Thanks.
- See you.
- Okay.
Psychiatric Clinic.
These are antidepressant.
They're my mom's.
Your mom's?
I must've mistaken it for my flu pills.
- Yeah?
- Yes.
For real?
Sir, please don't tell my mom.
She's sensitive about others
knowing about it.
Okay, sure.
I'll keep it to myself.
It's nothing to be ashamed of,
but it can put you in an awkward spot.
By the way, I'm really glad.
I was worried for nothing.
I'm sure girls like you
don't get depressed,
but kids nowadays are mentally fragile.
Being depressed...
Means I'm mentally fragile?
It probably means...
higher chance of being so?
If I was really depressed,
it'd be my fault then?
I was bothered by what she said,
and when I saw her at the restaurant,
she looked really down.
- why are you alone?
- I came with my dad.
Dad, this is my teacher.
Hello, I'm Yuri's dad.
I'm her homeroom teacher, Kim Ki-beom.
- I'm glad to meet you.
- Hello, Mr. Kim!
- Evening.
- Evening, ma'am.
I haven't seen you since the
last parent-teacher meeting.
- You're right, how have you been?
- Good, but Yuri...
We're keeping you from your dinner.
Right, sorry.
It's not a problem, I'm
the one who came by.
I'll be off then, please
enjoy your meal.
Thank you.
- Yuri, see you in class.
- Okay.
- I'll do my best.
- I'm back.
What took you so long?
Weren't you just stepping out?
I met my student and
her parents over there.
You must be so disrespected at school
for them to hold you so
long knowing why you're here.
They must be glad to
see him outside the school.
You're getting old but soft as ever.
Isn't it your first time
as a homeroom teacher?
- How is it?
- Well, I'm going...
What happened with the contract?
It's the least I can do to
become a board member.
- You got it? Good job.
- I knew you could do it.
- I really thought I wouldn't get it.
- Yeah?
I kept remembering Yuri
looking out the window.
I was worried if she was
bothered by something.
Shouldn't we make a toast?
- Eat up.
- Okay.
Yuri, let's have a chat
after the mock test.
Couldn't her homeroom
teacher worry that much at least?
Unlike her mom's insinuation,
they've never met in secret.
But it can feel off from
the mom's perspective.
She threatened her to
kill her over the phone,
having teacher under her finger,
and that crap about the mom.
Then next day...
Yeah, her.
The blue streaked trainee.
Ju Ye-na? Why?
You know, the other two victims,
the deceased female Park Eun-seo.
Just got a hit on her phone log...
Ye-na was on it?
Only in the female's
phone, not the male's.
Thank you.
Looks so good.
- Enjoy.
- Thank you.
another victim had a link
to DY Entertainment trainee, Ye-na?
Then Ye-na could've brought
Yuri to the suicide club...
Don't get too excited.
Moving on to next news,
while police investigation
on the three dead bodies.
- Set up a meeting with Ju Ye-na,
- found within a sedan parked near
- we'll find her if she won't come.
- A camping lake on the 19th continues,
the family of the deceased Lee
has filed a murder charge against
their homeroom teacher and classmate.
They are the accused.
Hey, this was Ki-beom's profile picture.
If it's J, Y and N, isn't it Ju Ye-na?
That classmate is JYN, right?
It's Ju Ye-na.
I think you're right.
- Is that why the detectives asked?
- Asked what?
He questioned how they got along.
I heard that Ye-na went to
Yuri and cursed and hit her.
I can't do a live broadcast
because they told me not to say that.
You fool, is that important?
Hey, but the homeroom teacher
and Ye-na are completely screwed.
I don't think Ye-na can debut now.
- What if Kim gets fired?
- Oh, I feel so sorry for him.
Seoul, Yeongdeungpo-go,
Puru Green 207-dong, #771...
You heading out?
You're going out for lunch?
I have a matter to attend to.
I see.
Sir, can we
go out for lunch?
We asked for permission.
- Let's go.
- Go.
What is it?
Why are you here?
First of all,
my deepest sympathy for your loss...
I wouldn't have any idea what
you might be going through.
I'm sorry to say this now...
Although I didn't receive
the form, formal lawsuit...
But I saw the news and,
I think there is a big
'Kim said, someone like
me can't get depressed, '
is what she wrote in her
phone after a meeting with you.
You treated her like a lunatic!
You scared her enough
to skip school like that...
Ma'am, what are you talking about?
And how do I know you
kept your hands to yourself
after summoning her
to an empty office?!
Ma'am! I would never...
I'd never do anything like that!
Don't cry, it's all right.
Let's go.
Honestly, I don't know what issues
Ye-na and homeroom teacher had.
- These are so good.
- Glad I skipped school lunch.
You told us to call you
if we remembered anything about Yuri.
Thanks for calling me.
I think there's something
about her mom.
You mean, Yuri's mom?
How so?
It was the classroom decoration day...
Teacher's Office
I saw them having a
serious conversation,
when I went to the office
to tell him we were leaving.
It was too far to hear everything...
Sir, please don't tell my mom.
But I definitely heard that part.
Now that we're in this situation,
I remember her sleep talk.
What sleep talk?
I was in her class last year too.
I sat near her at the
end of the semester.
Yuri, what's wrong?
- So itchy.
- Itchy?
Is this a skin rash?
I don't want to eat it.
Is it something you ate?
- Kang Hye-young...
- What?
Kang Hye-young.
Kang, who?
I'll kill her...
So scary.
Kill who?
I couldn't say anything
since everyone was so sad.
Honestly, she was weird,
although she looked
like a model student.
Weird how?
she was cold in a subtle way.
I told you to go to the office, Ye-na.
Ju Ye-na!
- Are you hurt?
- Mind your fucking business!
What's with you?
I'm sorry.
I'm just so...
She looked like a total psycho.
I remembered something
after hearing that too.
I saw her on the way to a class.
She was poking the fish
cake, Into her mouth like this.
Maybe she was starving.
It really felt weird.
But you know what was even weirder?
She had another cell phone.
Well hidden inside a
bag, inside another bag.
She had two phones?
- For sure?
- For sure,
I saw it with my own eyes.
Kids, we have to get back to work.
Can I
- say something too?
- Sure, go ahead.
She would bring milk
to school sometimes.
White milk.
Yes, but I've never saw her drink it.
So, what about it?
As seen in 'No Country for
Old Men', 'Lon' and 'Elephant',
if you're not a kid
but drink white milk,
you're a psycho.
You know a lot about old movies.
I'm applying to major in film making.
I see.
I hope you get in.
We'll be off, enjoy your meal.
- Thank you. Bye bye.
- Enjoy.
Just go and deal with it.
What's wrong? Didn't
you hear the manager?
Investigation or not, she
can't bring harm to others.
We can't practice because
of Ye-na and the detective.
Since you and I are both busy,
why don't we just get to the point?
Your name was on one of
the deceased's phone records.
Did you help Yuri get a second phone?
Why did you do it?
- She asked me to.
- So, why?
How would I know?
Holy cow, are you swatting
a mosquito or something?
Ju Ye-na.
You really think you
can mess with the adults?
Adults let it slide if
kids are cute enough.
You want to get punished
for falsely setting up a phone?
Who are you to call me cute?
Who are you to call someone
cute, or let things slide?
Are we filming a teen drama?
Why do people misconstrue and lash
out if things aren't as they expected?
You think she was a delinquent
because she had a 2nd phone?
Shit, she was miss little
perfect model student
and now you think she was a
thug hanging out in the back alley?
Shit, you created this persona,
what's it got to do with me?!
Why the fuck would that
psycho bitch sue me?!
Where did you get the phone recordings
that you played to me at the station?
I can't reveal details of
an ongoing investigation.
It probably wasn't from Yuri's phone.
Evidence Locker.
Auto Sync Data.
This wasn't synced.
But what's this missed call number?
It's her mom's.
Her mom? Why isn't it saved?
Yeah, come to think
of it that's pretty weird.
We were too busy trying to link
her with other victims at first...
I looked into it on a hunch.
Her mom never got a
psychiatric treatment.
Then the antidepressants were Yuri's?
Are we overthinking
a simple suicide case?
Mrs. Kang, we urgently...
- That.
- Sorry?
Can you take that off?
It looked like Yuri had a second phone.
Not the phone you know
about, but a different...
You were rambling about
some chat app last time,
and what now? A second phone?
She would never have
made it behind my back.
We have solid evidence
to back up that claim.
The phone was last turned off
at the cell tower near here.
We were wondering if she
kept the phone her room.
There's nothing in here.
you keep reacting as if we
have some ulterior motive,
I never said it's in here, it's just...
Go easy, man.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
I am become a perfect
child, please don't hit me.
TP / Toxic Parent: An obsessive,
overbearing parent who ruins their child.
Bam, bam, bam!
Bam, bam!
Min-jun, be quiet!
- Thank you.
- Thank you, ma'am.
What is it that you want to say?
I don't know how to explain this.
We got an image of a suspect
via terminal security cam.
- We're looking into it...
- So, you got something?
He exposed himself too
much while on the run,
as if he's not interested
in hiding his identity.
Devil like him wouldn't be so dumb.
a suspect's actions
following the crime are crucial.
It can determine if the crime
was accidental or pre-meditated.
It also tells us the
existence of the crime itself.
In this context,
I don't know if calling
him a suspect is right...
What do you mean?
The person of interest
we've been tracking so far
could merely be a companion
or a witness for joint suicide.
Are you saying my
child took her own life?
- Please calm down.
- How could I calm down?!
There are things you may
not know about your child.
A parent can't know
everything about their kids.
No way.
Her second phone, for
example, you didn't know about it.
- No way!
- Ma'am.
How did you obtain
the call recording files?
I told you her phone and my tablet...
They weren't synced.
Did you
wiretap your kid's phone?
Sure, why not?
Excuse me?
I'm her mom,
I'm her mom, I can do anything.
Why didn't you location
track her too then?
You would've known
she was skipping school.
- Hey.
- Think about it.
I would've kept the location
track on if she didn't catch it.
I was worried.
I was worried enough to do it.
Even if so, you violated her privacy...
She's mine, how dare she...
Do you know how much she
hurt me by making a bad friend?
She deceived me by
hanging out with that punk!
I went through hell to raise her.
Married into a poor family,
suffered through terrible in-laws,
how can she betray
me, she was all I had!
You don't need to tell us that.
Either turn that
phone off or answer it!
My apologies.
Why aren't you picking up?
Excuse me,
I really didn't kill them.
How did you connect with other members?
We never had a deep connection.
No, how did you interact?
Via text, or comments on the website?
You should've said so then.
Damn it.
A week ago, I shared the date
and location over the phone.
I called 4 members, but
only Park and Ahn came.
I may have aided and abetted suicides,
but I'm not a murderer.
You can confirm with
other two no-show members.
What about Lee Yuri?
Oh, her.
Park brought her personally.
How did they meet?
Who knows?
They're too dead to find out how.
Don't know how she found out
about the lake or how she got there?
Park would also...
Right, she had two phones.
She used it to contact
Park, so look for it.
June 19th, About 2
hours before the incident.
One night stand?
Excuse me?
Isn't that an app for one night stand?
It's not.
Give me a break.
Why would a class rep
model student use this?
Because I'm a model student.
What's your other phone for?
Oh, this one?
Battery died after
talking with her last week.
I haven't used it either
after telling you the location.
You don't seem like a
girl from a poor family,
Why use this?
It's a good size to hide it.
She threw it in the water?
We'll need to call the divers.
Why did you buy coffee?
To drink it.
Why else, if not to drink it?
Did you have a tea time before dying?
Wow, a tea time?
Seems like a fitting description.
We chatted about
random things over coffee.
We weren't going to see each other
and it was the end.
Where did you get it?
I told you it was from a caf.
- Are you sure?
- Not from convenience store?
It's a bit suspicious.
Was it obvious?
- I knew it.
- This feels like a game.
It's like a game.
A game?
A game ends when the final
boss is killed, but that can't happen.
Then the final boss should
force the game to end.
It's too sad to leave a
toddler newbie alone.
A newbie?
Beginner gamer.
I see.
Who's the boss?
Kang Hye-young.
- Friend?
- Kang Hye-young.
Did you get bullied at school?
Ye-na found an interesting word one day.
Probably found online.
a toxic
You must be talking about your mom.
That fucking bitch.
She'd take me to salon to dye her hair.
She desperately
wanted me to cut my hair,
so that I could save time washing it,
allowing me to sleep just a little longer.
I'll eat saury soup
but I can't let her chop my hair off.
We paid for 30 minutes because
we went there behind her back.
It was my first time going to
an internet caf with Ye-na.
You can pay for
30 minutes or an hour.
Since I was a newbie,
there were so many quests.
She was babbling
so I didn't understand,
But one thing for sure. She had piled
up so much anger towards her mom.
Looked happy.
That girl.
While I was losing consciousness
when I saw her face.
Seeing her so happy scared me.
I wanted to get out and live.
But she grabbed me
and wouldn't let go.
I changed my mind and tried to run,
but I thought
she believed that she
was going to a better place.
- We found the phone!
- They found it!
Is it black flip phone?
Yes, it is!
Autopsy Report.
Cause of death is carbon
monoxide inhalation, all three.
No external wounds,
only Yuri didn't have
alcohol in her system.
She was clear-headed.
She's a tough one.
The phone is being analyzed
and they can save most files.
That's a good news.
If we find evidence of
suicide as Kim Jun-tae said,
we should find the two
that were supposed to show
and close the case after
hearing what they have to say.
How can we close when
her mom has an open lawsuit?
That's that, and this should
be closed under suicide.
Do you really think so?
- About what?
- Suicide.
Do you think her mom led her
to commit suicide?
She's a TP, apparently.
They say it's short for a toxic parent.
Neither a toxic bitch pissy
bitch, Nor a toxic poison pew pew.
I am become a perfect
child, please don't hit me.
I thought I could see
her body if I came here.
Autopsy was completed today.
When the coroner's report comes
out, the body will be handed to you.
- Then, you can cremate her...
- Okay.
I understand...
I know you're in a lot of pain,
but if she did commit suicide,
it might be best to find out why.
Please tell me if there
was anything off about her.
April 9th, About 70
days before the incident.
He fell asleep while
waiting, I'm starving...
Couldn't you let her skip
extra class on a day like today?
What's a day like today?
What's so special about you coming by?
Well, with the whole family together...
Studying is more important
to her than a shell of a dad.
See if I ever come back here again.
- Dad, You're home?
- Hey, sweetie.
It's been a while.
What's with the greeting?
That's too heartless.
You were late for the English class.
Only by 5 minutes,
they sent you a text?
5 minutes is still late.
Why should a high school student
put so much effort into cleaning?
I had to talk with the
teacher afterwards.
- Interview?
- Just a chat.
So, an interview!
Let's have dinner, I'm hungry.
You were waiting for me?
- What did your teacher want?
- Honey,
can you let her eat first?
What was the interview about?
It wasn't about anything, he
asked if school life was okay.
You must've done something
for him to ask you that.
I didn't.
- Did he scold you?
- No!
Why are you shouting?
That punk you hang around with
is causing bad influence on you!
Be quiet!
What is wrong with you?!
My wife found out she
was on antidepressants.
Her friend who is training to
become a singer got it for her.
I got it a few months ago.
So, don't go see her again.
Why are you making
her get on her knees?
What would you know?
It's the same as taking
antibiotics for a cold.
It's my fault.
And yet, you leave
a trace of that bitch.
I'm so sorry.
Then why would you do this?
Mom, I'll ace the mock test in June.
It'll be proof that I
don't hang with Ye-na.
So, please don't go see her.
Please, don't...
Please, don't...
All right.
Please, don't go see her...
I won't.
Please, don't go see her...
ace the mock test
in June as proof.
Five, six, seven, eight!
Ye-na, where's your mind at.
I'm sorry.
How many times have you said that?
I'm sorry.
It's not as if her parents died.
What the hell did you say?
I mean, we're not making progress.
Is that what you said?
We're not making progress?
Fucking bitch.
I asked if it was your
fucking parents who died!
- You bitch!
- You're the fucking bitch!
March 9th, About 100
days before the incident.
- What is it?
- Gym class is over.
- Everyone's gone?
- Yeah, you should get up.
It's raining.
Why didn't anyone wake me up?
You don't even eat lunch though.
I use it to curl my lashes,
don't misunderstand.
Misunderstand? How?
Forget it, it's not like
you'll tell anyone anyway.
You know me?
you were a class rep last year.
Want some ice cream?
I thought you meant both of us.
I asked if you wanted, not me.
You're messing with me.
Hey, just get in
there, take a big bites.
Stop looking at me like that.
Think you're filming mukbang.
Oh yeah.
You didn't take this earlier.
You can keep it.
I don't do make up.
Then roast marshmallows.
With this?
My mom will freak out if she finds it.
What, roasting marshmallows?
She might think you took up smoking?
I hear moms freak out about everything.
Eat, come home early,
this, that, constant nagging.
Why do you speak in third person?
It's melting, eat quickly.
March 25th, About 85 days before the
incident This is a lighter, and tampon.
You know tampon?
An 'insertion' type.
These were in my daughter's bag.
She used to be too
pure to know about these,
she changed after
hanging out with this punk.
All my trainees work hard
to achieve their dreams.
Dreams? Work?
They still won't be graded.
Ye-na, go back to the studio.
Hey, I'm talking to you!
Promise me!
That you won't get in
the way of her future!
- You little...
- Ma'am!
Shall I make a prediction?
You'll be her biggest roadblock!
Did Yuri
find out what happened that day?
She must have heard
from Ye-na's friends.
Yuri rebelled strongly
after that incident.
My wife even called me because of it.
April 5th, About 75
days before the incident
- I said no.
- Apologize.
- What's gotten...
- Apologize.
- What's gotten into you?
- Apologize.
Yuri, stop it.
What are you saying to your mom?
Have you gone mad?
this is the last time
I'll say this to you.
Are you threatening me?
I won't.
Fine then.
Although that day itself was terrible,
I thought Yuri found
some comfort since then.
Isn't this close from
that punk's agency?
June 18th, About 16
hours before the incident.
What do you mean, no?
That's the agency right there.
- No.
- Honey.
I'm just worried that
Yuri might hang out with her again.
Yuri, go on and eat.
Why did you two meet
up out of the blue?
What's wrong with
dining with my daughter?
Since when did you
start thinking about her?
I always have,
you're just overboard.
I'm overboard?
Both of you will thank me when she graduates
from a prestigious school and gets a good job.
Do you know how cruel this world is?
Like grading meat,
people grade each other.
I'm going to use the lady's room.
It's better to not
have a parent like that.
Why don't you tell the cops
that her mom was weird?
I thought...
It'd still be nice to have
a mom, even if it's her.
But once I admit she died
because of her mom,
it'll feel like I also murdered her.
Kids probably were worried about you.
Don't let the chatter
around you get to your nerve.
Someone always talks
when something happens.
plenty of students care about you.
Principal is just mad that
the school is in a shamble.
Sir, what brings you here?
Am I being arrested?
Will you take me away?
But I did nothing wrong,
it's all so unfair.
Sir, let's calm down a minute.
Her mom is strange.
I told you she was getting
psychiatric treatment!
You also said she
was elegant and sweet.
When did I say that?
You said Yuri grew up in a loving home.
Yeah, when did I say that?
please watch your words.
That lady is crazy!
She even slapped me out of nowhere!
the lawsuit will be dropped soon.
I can't share the details
with you at the moment.
I think it's best if you go
home and get some rest.
Bitch. All thanks to that bitch.
Compared to last time, grades have...
Are you listening?
Of course, I am.
It's easier to think that you're
choosing a man for your child.
Didn't you say your
daughter was in high school?
She'll soon introduce
you to her boyfriend,
you'll understand then
why I'm so selective...
Did you catch him?
Do you want to accept a visitation?
Why did you kill my daughter?
I didn't kill her.
Tell me now, why did you kill her?
Why did you kill her?
I said I didn't kill her.
Why did you kill my baby?!
Now people want to listen me.
Did you just laugh?
Finally, people are listening to me
and about your daughter's story.
What are you talking about?
Do you know what food
she hated the most?
Milk and saury.
Didn't you force milk
on her every morning?
And gave her milk carton
on days she slept in.
Where did you hear that?
Why are you telling me this?
Let's talk about saury.
Did you know she was allergic to fish?
The days you fed her
brain-developing blue-backed fish soup,
she'd be so itchy,
she couldn't fall asleep.
I guess you don't believe me,
no, you don't want to believe me.
Don't look at me like
that, she told me herself.
We were about to die, there
was no reason to hold back.
She said something over a cake.
She went to her
grandpa's birthday party
and saw mom's childhood picture diary.
It was a drawing of her
begging her mom for mercy.
The diary said
she'd never do it again and she's sorry.
Looking at it made her realize,
'If I grow up like this, I'll just
turn into a monster like her.'
'One of us has to die
for this fight to end.'
She took her own life
because she couldn't kill you!
She would've believed it was
because she hated her mom so much,
but it was actually
because she loved her mom.
I can relate as I have
a similar experience.
To kill yourself rather
than to kill the person
because you love that person so much.
Are you all right?
What did you conspire
with that murderer?
Are you trying to make
me look like a murderer?!
No, it's not that...
Give me my daughter's
second phone you found!
If you refuse to
investigate properly, I will!
For evidence integrity, I
can only give you a copy.
If you like,
we can compare it with
the original one by one.
Mom, where's the towel?
Here it is!
I told you.
I was worried about her
hanging out with the wrong kinds.
Even as a parent, there
are lines you mustn't cross.
Are you implying I've
caused harm to my child?
You have no idea how I raised her!
No one loved their
kids as much as I did!
- Please calm down.
- Get out of the way!
I won't let you be.
I'll sue you all for
improper investigation!
Unlike your mother, I know
you genuinely loved your child.
Everything you did
was for her own goods.
Stop your nonsense.
I don't care if you sue us!
You have to change for the
sake of your remaining child.
I'm saying this not as a
detective, but as another parent.
I have a child who is similar age
as the one in the drawing.
Hey, the teacher is
coming. Sit, sit, sit.
Let's finish up.
I saw Ju Ye-na still in your classroom.
- My classroom?
- Yes.
She always went to practice
at lunch, what's gotten into her?
I told her either go to the study
hall to study or pack up and go home,
but she's just hunched over her desk.
I'll go see her.
Yuri, I miss you so much.
I'm leaving, I'll clear out.
I'm not
here to kick you out,
just worried about you.
About what?
What are you worried about?
you being too sad.
Although it was short-lived,
you two were close friends.
Aren't you sad, Mr. Kim?
Although it was short-lived,
she was once your student.
What do you mean?
I'm sad too.
But happy that lawsuit got dropped,
Not happy, but relieved.
I thought so.
Aren't you?
You don't feel the same?
Same what?
You're not relieved as well?
Not even a little bit?
We have to separate
sorrow we feel for Yuri
and how we were victimized by her mom.
I heard from your friends afterwards
what her mom did at your agency.
You almost couldn't debut
because of the lawsuit.
My teaching career totally...
It's not something I
should have to say to you,
but you and I are both
victims of that woman.
But Mr. Kim,
we first believed it too,
that she was well-loved
and had no problems.
Someone who believed
that can be victims?
Take a sip of the soup.
I did.
Mussels and seaweed as well.
- I did.
- Mussels too.
I did.
I didn't see you eat it.
No way.
Why do you lie to me?
I don't want to eat it.
No, eat it.
What do you mean no?
It's slimy and weird!
It's not weird, it's
really good for you.
I only prepare the best food for you.
You'll grow tall if you
have a balanced diet.
You even said you wanted to
grow up like the tall kids you saw.
Do you know how far I
went to pick these up?
How dare you ignore my sincerity?
Bring Yuri back.
- What?
- I said bring my sister back.
- What did you just say?
- Bring her back!
Lee Min-jun!
Now that she's gone,
I'm the next target!
Bring her back and bother her instead!
My boy...
My boy...
Belief brings
illusion and prejudice.
Illusion that the love you provide will
also feel like love for one receiving it.
Prejudice that someone
being loved is happy.
- It looks great on you.
- Oh, really? Thank you.
- Because he's so cool.
- I made an excellent choice.
I think you two look alike.
- Where did you get such a beautiful girl?
- Be nice to her.
- He is.
- Really?
Of course.
- Welcome, Ki-beom.
- Hey man.
- Did you summon him?
- Yes.
He needs to have more
face time with my fianc.
Why bother?
It's the least I can do since
my eldest is getting married.
Thank you, father.
Didn't you have something
to ask my brother?
That's right. I'm making
a marriage gift list.
Please tell me if there's
anything you need or want.
No need to get him anything.
Father, please don't say
that especially in front of her.
She needs to know as
a member of this family.
He has no right to
leech anything off you.
If one goes against our wishes
and does whatever he wants,
he should not depend on
his family and live on his own.
I fed him expensive food
but still became a dimwit.
Even managed to get sued.
I'm so ashamed of him,
I can't keep my head up.
I wanted to become a good teacher.
My class rep died.
I wanted to love all
my students without prejudice.
Without comparing them to others
and scolding them for failing an exam.
Not getting angry
if they cry for being weak,
and listen to them
if they get into fights.
- Ki-beom.
- I
still have a lot to offer them,
but I'm just scared
if I get fired like this,
it'll all be over.
Why are you talking gibberish
in front of your sister-in-law?
What are you doing?
What are you looking at?
It's nothing.
Mom will join us here in a bit.
Probably to see if we're
talking behind her back.
can I order dessert after?
Cake with ice cream
topping is great here.
Wow, must be yummy!
- Cheese.
- We came to eat this cake.
We're here.
Do you dream of being
the best singer in the world?
Do I have to become the best singer?
I just want to continue
doing what I like.
Who interviews like that, huh?
Give it to me, it's your turn.
- Me?
- Yes.
Come on, I don't do interviews!
- You never know what will happen.
- You're so annoying.
Lee Yuri, what's your dream?
To be a good wife.
- Stop joking.
- For real!
- Really?
- Yeah.
I want to be a mom.
What kind of mom do you want to be?
My mom's mom.
So, your grandma?
No, I want to be born as my mom's mom.
To harass her the same way?
To love her.
I see.
I want to teach her how to love.
Shall we get started?
Written & Director Kim Su-in