Toxic Shark (2017) Movie Script

Come on, slowpoke!
-Is that all you've got?
-Hey, hey!
-Come on.
I told you,
you have to master one.
Yeah, blame it
on the engine...
Hey, wait up!
Alright, alright, you win.
I'm sorry. What? I didn't hear.
I said, you win.
-This is a bad idea.
-Yes, it is.
No, really.
We've been gone too long.
What are you worried about?
Your sister isn't going to think
anything is going on.
Look, this has been fun
but this karma
is going to come back
and bite us in the ass, man.
Fine, we'll head back, but...
One more time?
And that's it.
Yeah. Let's do it.
Hey, Maggie, watch this! Yeah!
Vince! Vince!
-Help, Maggie, help!
My God. What happened?
-You okay?
Here, take my arm. Here.!
Hola, mamacita.
And you thought
this was gonna be a bad idea.
No, this is a bad idea.
This place looks like
the first episode
of one of those
horrible dating shows.
Come on, man, you said
you wanted to do something
to get your mind off your ex.
Plus, none of us
ever liked her, anyway.
-She was toxic.
-A singles' retreat though, man?
I was thinking, like,
Vegas or Tijuana even.
Vegas is where you met Eden,
No! No Vegas trip.
This is Puerto Rico, baby!
I can't believe
you're bitchin' about this.
Do you know how long it took me
to save up for this trip?
The phone company does not
give out Christmas bonuses.
this coming from the guy
who hasn't paid a phone bill in,
what, eight years?
Well, you fix the lines,
you don't pay the fines.
-I've never heard that before.
-What're you guys talking about?
I mean, look at this place.
This place is beautiful!
Yo, anyway, let's unload.
Yeah, I need to hit the gym.
My pecs are feeling kinda soft
from the travel?
There's no gym, dum-dum.
The only thing soft
on this island is your brain.
Wait, what? You said
this was a fitness retreat.
It's a off-the-grid,
rugged, campsite thingy, man
just like we did
when we were Boy Scouts
but with girls,
snorkels and girls.
How'd I get
talked into this again?
Look, brah, girls and boats,
your two favorite things.
And if you're lucky, you're
bound to go down on one of 'em.
Yeah, bro!
Whatever. Let's check in.
It's reality-show time.
Hey, think of it this way?
It's a way to get your mind off
of, what's her name?
Eden. My ex-girlfriend's name
is Eden, Ryan.
-Good job.
Hi there.
Watch your step.
This place is beautiful!
-I like your shirt.
-Thanks. We sell them.
-Did you get the catalog?
You know, the guys in here
just got lucky
now that you girls arrived.
Great line.
Come on, Eden, he's charming.
Yeah, yeah. Charming.
Alright. You girls
are in the Gutanna group.
Your cabin is just north
over the hill.
Gutanna group? Do we get
color-coded buffs, too?
Like, on "Survivor?" No?
Am I the only one
that still watches that show?
You know, this place
is run by Reese.
He's like a fitness superstar.
Yeah, we read about that
on the website.
When are we gonna eat?
-I don't know.
-I'm hungry.
But we got a chef
from New York.
He's really good.
-Yeah, here.
Just settle in, and in an hour
there's gonna be lunch.
It's gonna be, like, fresh crab,
mango kale salad
and something else.
I don't know.
What else is on the menu?
I think this might be
a good time to mention
that I'm allergic to shellfish
and pretty much anything else
from the sea.
Hey, you sure
I can't convince you
to hang out
for a couple of days?
Listen, you like golf, right?
Puerto Rico's got
some of the most gorgeous
golf courses in all the country.
You know, another inspector
might think
you were trying to bribe me,
That would mean
I have something to hide
but I passed, right? I passed.
So what's the problem?
The problem is the numerous
complaints by former guests
reporting sudden illnesses
after staying at your...
Come on, that's a bunch of BS.
Listen, like I said, we offer
a highly intensive
physical and spiritual package.
Sometimes the body is
not used to a jolt like that.
Listen, getting sick for
a few days is just part of it.
-Whatever you say.
-They'll recover.
Here. Take this.
-What's this for?
-Water-testing kit.
Better for you to be prepared
when you start hearing
from the lawyers,
I'd test the seawater
every morning if I was you,
before anyone goes swimming.
Let's go.
Have a nice trip.
-Reese, come in. You there?
You got the lunch figured out
for today?
No, Damiano and Gregory
are supposed to be
working on that.
-If you say so.
Look at this, man. You see this?
All my nets
are ripped to shreds.
I'm just gonna try it
over there one more time.
I don't get it.
This is the third net
today already.
-That's messed up.
-Yeah, this ocean stinks, man.
I'm telling you, man, it's
the same thing all over again.
And what's the smell?
I mean, is it you, me?
I can't even tell anymore
if it's a fish.
-Well, it's not me.
I mean, if you showered
more than once, maybe...
Come on, Greg. Shut up.
I used to be a chef in New York,
you know?
This is useless, man. We're
not gonna catch anything here.
I cook the fish,
I'm not supposed to be, like
ass-deep in this ocean
tryin' to catch them.
A week ago,
all this area was full of fish
and right now, what,
they flew south or something?
-I don't know.
-You know, it's just like...
-What the hell?
I stepped on a sea urchin
or something.
I'm done with this.
You know what? I'm done!
-What the hell, man? That's it!
-Dude, what are we cooking?
You know what?
Make some tuna salad.
I'm done. I'm not getting
paid enough for this crap.
You know? That's it. I'm going.
Come on, help me! Greg!
Hey, come on! Help!
My eyes! It burns!
Come on, help!
Do your phones work?
I have no signal.
It was working fine in San Juan.
Well, we are on a small island
in the middle of nowhere.
Bummer, you won't get
to read your nerd books
on your Kindle app
while we're on vacation.
I wouldn't mind being able
to post selfies, though.
Books, I downloaded earlier.
You should try reading sometime.
-Hey, city girls.
-You guys wanted to disconnect.
We are disconnected.
I wanted you
to stop checking to see
if he texted every ten seconds.
No, it's, it's,
it's over this time.
-It's done. Over.
-It's fine.
We were just making sure.
Yeah, and anyway,
you're like a crazy nature girl.
You should love this place.
Take a hike in the rain forest
get some samples
for your whatever.
I study environmental science.
This place is like
a tropical Tinder island.
Like the saying goes,
"The best way to get over a guy
is to get under another one."
Seriously? Who says that?
And that's exactly
what we're gonna do.
By the end of the week,
you'll have completely
forgotten about that loser.
You didn't even like him anyway.
Okay, well, you constantly
bringing him up
isn't helping anything.
So how about you, Audra? You
could use a little loosening up.
I'm loose, so loose and...
I'm super-loose, guys...
Okay, you should probably
stop saying that.
-Those guys look so...
-Fab and...
It's not like you have to start
a book club with them.
Domino, Gregory.
Domino, Gregory, come in.
Hello, where are you?
Domino, Gregory!
Have you seen Domino or Gregory?
-What'd I say?
Yeah, Domino. Damiano, yeah.
I saw them head out to the dock,
like, an hour ago.
-What about you, Jesse?
-No. Why? What's up?
Hey, you, look at me.
Look at me.
What? What?
Go ahead, spit it out.
Damiano hasn't been happy
in a while.
Damiano's not happy.
Well, those idiots better not
have walked off like Neil did.
Unsafe conditions,
lousy accommodations.
What do they think this is,
a luxury resort?
I mean, whatever happened
to two-week notice?
Those damn millennials.
Pretty sure
Damiano is, like, 40.
-Hey, you're not helping.
Listen... we've got
that meet-and-greet coming up.
We've got nothing to eat.
I got it.
Why don't you two
jump back here
open up the fridge
and see if you guys
can throw something together,
-You got a problem with that?
Where's your T-shirt? Where's
your Bodies By Reese T-shirt?
It's in my locker. I'll grab it.
Yeah, I want you to wear that.
You know what?
Actually, scratch that.
Why don't you go fix my boat?
I was trying to start it
this morning, wasn't working.
I know nothing about boats...
But you're a medic, right?
-Medics fix things.
-Exactly. People.
-And you're a lifeguard.
Which means you deal with things
in the water.
-What are you getting at?
Broken boat
in the water. Go fix it.
-Just go fix the boat.
-Right on it, Reese.
Listen, Erin, I was gonna do
the "Puerto Rico!"
or do you think I should do
"Reese! Reese! Reese"?
-You know what?
Don't worry about it.
I'll decide and...
-What's the name of this island?
-Culebrita Island.
-Curberi, Curbi...
-You say it.
-Right. Okay.
Okay. It's the one
on the north shore.
-Gotta learn some Spanish, man.
-Positive attitude, guys.
-Positive attitude.
-I hate you.
The guy wearing a scarf
in 90-degree weather
is telling the medic
to go fix the boat.
-Makes a lot of sense.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Welcome to Bodies by that guy.
Right now he's got the cook out
looking for stuff to cook.
-Do you see how this works?
-Sadly, I do.
-I'm not doing it.
-I'll be back.
Yup, you do that.
You've got a workout at 3:30.
Safety check.
Fun stuff.
Hey, mami.
Think this shirt's too tight?
Is that a shirt
or a sausage casing?
Okay, good.
Hey, what do you think?
It looks great, Ryan, yeah.
You know, just don't, like,
flex or bend over
or probably breathe.
Hey, bogies coming in.
Hottie at three.
Maverick is engaging.
I'm pretty sure that's 6 p.m.
Yeah, he can't tell time.
Wait, where'd you get
that drink from?
Cabana out front, man. Grab one.
I'll see you at the beach.
My God.
I'm so sorry.
I know, it's totally okay.
I'm so sorry.
And it's totally my fault.
-You've gotta be kidding me.
Did you follow me here?
Why the hell
would I follow you here?
I came here
to get away from you.
I can't even believe this.
I mean, what-what are you
doing here?
-Did somebody set this up?
-Who would set this up?
I don't know, maybe
one of your dumb-ass friends.
Okay, Calm down.
They are not...
Yeah, okay,
you got a small point there.
Yeah, but I don't think
they would do this.
I mean, you are literally
the last person on Earth
that I wanna see right now.
Yeah? Yeah.
'Cause I was really hoping
I'd bump into
my crazy ex-girlfriend
on a deserted island.
-I mean, this is just crazy.
-I'm crazy? Are you kidding?
I'm sorry, Sam,
that I have emotions
something that you don't know
anything about!
Yeah, right. Emotional, crazy.
Tomato, tomahto.
-Right, Eden?
We're leaving, we're leaving.
-We have to go. We have to go.
-We have to go.
-Did you forget?
We're stuck here for a week.
We have to kayak back alone.
We can't just go, Eden.
Plus, there's this guy, Mark.
He's really cute.
And we spent so much money
to be here.
Gross, right?
Well, I'm not leaving.
Well, then I'm not leaving.
I'm not gonna let you ruin
another vacation
like you ruined Cancun.
Cancun? And there it is.
I got food poisoning,
you psycho.
How is that my fault?
-I'm a psycho?
Are you kidding? I'm the psycho?
I told you not to eat
that octopus, but you had
to get that stupid picture
with the tentacles...
Yeah, and you said you loved
that picture...
Alright, alright. Just everyone
just calm down, please.
Just calm down.
Listen, if we all just realize
the basic fundamentals
of guys and girls,
we'll all be okay.
What are the basic fundamentals
of guys and girls?
This should be enlightening.
Well, that's easy. Guys are dumb
and girls are crazy.
And if you guys would figure
that out when you were dating...
You guys are all idiots.
Yes, girl, that's exactly
what I'm sayin'.
Okay. How 'bout this?
Why don't we just stay
and you guys
just keep your distance?
-And that's crazy.
-See? You're gettin' it.
-This is not gonna work.
-Surprise, surprise.
-What is that supposed to mean?
You know what it means,
Eden. Shut up.
Don't tell me to shut up, okay?
. Du.
Yeah. Yeah, easy. Bye.
Are you kiddin' me, man?
-Dude, what...
Reese, Reese, Reese!
Reese, Reese, Reese!
Thank you!
Let me hear you say,
"I'm single!"
I'm single!
Let me hear you say, "I'm sexy."
I'm sexy!
Yes, you are!
Did you know, when a man
and woman sweat together
it opens up their minds?
When a man and woman
exert together
it increases their sexuality
their libido Latino.
You swear you had nothing
to do with that?
-Dude, seriously?
-I had to ask, man, just...
Dude, I think Eden's here.
-You can't get that at a bar.
-You can't get that...
-Yeah, don't point, Ryan.
Right here.
Open up your mind
to the positive possibilities
and let's shift out
the negative ones.
You right there
in the girl's shirt.
Shift it out.
-Who is that guy?
-Shift it out.
I've modeled with models
from all over the world
and I've competed
with the greatest athletes
of all time.
And I've taken that information
and mixed it up
with social media, spirituality
physical therapy,
and I created this place.
-Bodies By Reese.
-Can I get a sip of that?
-A singles' retreat.
For you.
You, you, you,
you, you and you.
-Stop looking over there.
-What? I don't know, man.
I, I just had a premonition.
I mean, I'm always right, right?
Reese, Reese...
Someone here...
is gonna find
that special someone...
that they're gonna spend
the rest of their lives with.
-Let's get some. Yeah!
My name's Reese.
If you need anything,
anything at all
you come to me... through there.
Mi casa su casa. Goodbye.
-Thank you, Reese.
welcome to Bodies By Reese...
where we will turn you
into a piece
in Culebrita, Puerto Rico!
Thank you!
My name is Erin.
Geez, is every boat
on this island broken?
"My boat won't work."
What the...
What the hell was that?
Yeah, you know what? No.
Yeah, man. That's what
it's all about, you know?
Wait a...
Yo, I think that was Eden, bro.
It's kind of funny, man.
You okay? Because you seem not.
-No, I'm fine.
Because if you're upset,
you should talk about it.
-I know you shut down...
-No, I said I'm okay.
Can we please stop talking
about this?
I'm just sayin'.
It's uncomfortable.
Yeah, I don't think
I can get this off.
What's that?
It's a shark band.
I'm terrified of sharks.
Let me ask you a question, Zane.
How'd you find out
about this place?
I read it in a magazine
on your toilet tank.
Yeah, you did? Yeah?
Those are Eden's women's
health magazines, you idiot.
Dude. No wonder she's here.
A shark band, like, one of those
British spy things
that tells time and sprays
poison out of the base of it?
No, no,
it just has magnets in it.
When magnets
mix with the saltwater
it creates
this electromagnetic pulse.
The sharks hate it
and they swim away from it.
You think it'll work
on ex-boyfriends?
You guys are not gonna
let this go, are you?
I'm not, but...
Yes, I am because...
This is all your fault.
Thank you. Seriously, thank you.
Dude, let me...
Give me, give me.
Just keep it on.
My God, look at her,
pretending to be injured
so that two guys
will carry her in.
It's not the worst plan.
I don't, I don't think
she's pretending.
What's wrong? God.
Gabriella, what's happening?
I don't know.
Something grazed up against me.
-What's going on?
-Something in the water.
I don't know, it was just
so near. I looked at it.
I thought it was the guys
just messing around.
Well, this looks really bad.
We have to get her to a medic.
-What could have done that?
-Maybe some big jellyfish.
Like one of those, those,
carton things, you know?
Carton things?
You mean, box jellyfish?
Yeah, whatever.
I'm not a zoologist.
-Neither am I.
-Okay, I don't care what it is.
-But it really hurts. Let's go.
-Alright, alright.
-Let's go.
-Let's get her a medic, come on.
Easy, girl.
It's okay, girl.
You'll love the water.
What's with you today?
It's okay, girl.
What's going on? What's wrong?
It's okay.
What's happening?
Careful. Are, are you okay?
-I'm fine. It's fine.
I mean, what do you think
has caused that?
You said you brushed up
against something?
It could be a reef burn, we have
a bunch of fire coral out there.
She said it could be
a jellyfish.
No, it's definitely
not a jelly sting.
Okay, well, do you think
that she's gonna be okay?
I mean, I mean, maybe we should
think about canceling the trip.
Going back you can go
to a real hospital...
Eden, I know what you're doing.
We're not leaving.
Well, what if it gets infected?
I mean, I'm online all the time.
One minute, you have a scratch
the next you're down four limbs
and a spleen.
Gee, thanks, Audra.
I've seen crazier things happen.
Maybe if you spend less time
on the Internet.
Yeah, you're not really helping
the situation here.
Relax, ladies.
Just a minor burn.
So when can I get outta here?
I'd like to thank the guys
that saved me.
Well, I just need to wrap it up.
It's still an open wound.
Maybe some antibiotics.
And stay out of the water.
-Okay. I'll stay here with you.
-You go, have fun.
-I'm not having fun anyway.
Audra, can you go
take her somewhere?
I thought I came here
with my friends, not my mother.
I think there's a yoga class
going on.
Okay, I will go do yoga.
Good. See you, guys.
Hey, do you know
where the yoga is happening?
You missed it.
They just left.
But I have a high-intensity
workout starting soon.
-How's your friend doing?
-She's fine.
The medic said it was
a abrasion wound or something?
-Reef burn.
She's gonna be just fine.
You got a second?
Why don't you guys go down
to the beach
and I'll meet you there
in a second?
-What's up?
-Walk with me.
Did you see Gwen anywhere?
She never came back from
her horse ride for her meds
and she's like
with those things.
We're on an island.
I'm sure she'll pop up.
Or she walked?
-Stop it, come on.
So what? What are you thinking?
Maybe I'm just being paranoid
but when Reese the genius
sent me to fix his boat
there was something in the water
and it almost tipped me over.
Don't be stupid. You...
We both know
that Reese hasn't been
making a lot of friends
on the staff lately.
Maybe they've been planning
a walkout.
A walkout? Really, though?
There's only a few boats
on the island
one of 'em's broken.
Where's everybody walking to?
I don't know.
-What do you think?
-I don't know.
I don't know either.
But I do know if they were
planning a walkout
I'm a little bummed
they didn't tell us about it
'cause now we're stuck here
with Reese...
Alright, alright.
Let's not panic.
-I'm panicking.
-And let's not tell Reese yet.
Until we have a better idea
of what's happening here.
It needs to be business
as usual for now.
Why don't you go out and see
if you can track them down?
Maybe they went out
for a nature walk or something.
And exhale.
Hands to the sky.
Let the oxygen cleanse you.
Namaste. Nice workout, everyone.
Come, follow me.
-Let's cool down.
Come on.
This water's great.
Nothing better than this water.
Alright, guys!
Let's get started!
We're gonna work up some sweat
and those endorphins
by doing
a high-intensity workout
with partners. Alright,
so this is a pair exercise.
So, everybody,
reach in and grab a partner.
Alright. Come on.
-I got...
Find your collar match.
Come on, pair up. Come on, guys.
Hurry up. Come on. Pair up.
Of course.
Does anyone wanna
switch partners?
No trades. That defeats
the point of this exercise.
What is the point
of this exercise?
Okay, so we're gonna start
with some ball squats.
Everyone, grab their partner,
place the ball on your back...
-No chatter.
Social hour is in half an hour.
Come on.
-I'm not causing a scene.
-Yes, you are causing a scene.
-No one is freaking out.
-Just do it.
Right, so keep a straight back
and do some squats.
Would you go down
at the same time?
Can you hold on for two seconds?
Give me...
You know, when you're ready.
I don't wanna rush you, Eden.
We need to get on the same page.
This is just like
the time we tried
to do that workout you did.
"Can you please
just slow down?"
-Okay, first off, that's...
-"You're going so fast."
That's not how I sound.
I'm sorry, that's just
not how I sound.
That's exactly how you sound.
No, that's pretty accurate.
-Okay? You ready?
-You're so sweet. Thank you.
-Are you ready?
-I'm ready.
Okay, let's go. One, two, three.
-You didn't even go.
-I... No, I did, too. I went.
-I totally went.
-I'm not gonna if you don't go.
-Well, okay.
-One, two, go.
-Come on, guys.
-Okay, see, look. This is easy.
Could you please stop
being a jerk for two seconds?
-Are you ready?
You didn't even ask about
Gabriella, by the way.
Why would I ask about Gabriella?
Because she got really hurt
in the water.
I wasn't in the water.
Why would I know that?
Exactly, you were
too busy flirting
with all the girls on the island
to notice anything else.
Yeah, I was, actually,
'cause I'm a single guy.
My God.
And I'm on a singles' retreat!
-It's kind of the point, Eden.
-You're such a jerk.
-Have fun being single.
-Come on, guys. Hey, hey, hey.
Come on, guys.
No. This is done.
I'm not doing this.
Hey, bye, thank you.
This is stupid.
Once again.
Keep your head in the game.
Come on, guys. Good job.
Gwen and Damiano
just straight up disappeared.
Where could they
have possibly gone?
-And Gregory.
-They couldn't have gone far.
Reese's boat is right there.
-Just try her on the walkie.
-She doesn't have one.
What is this?
I don't know.
-What is this doing here?
-Don't ask me.
-What is that thing?
-I don't know.
I have no idea.
Let's get outta here.
-What is that?
-That's a relay buoy.
That's a ways away from
where it's supposed to be.
Can I get some help?
This is the main phone cable
that connects us
to the mainland.
Geez, Liam!
I hate seaweed. Okay?
Damn, that looks heavy.
Well, this isn't good.
No wonder we've been getting
shoddy phone service.
No kidding. Now we have none.
That's great.
How does that happen?
Aren't they supposed to be
Apparently not.
Let's just go
look for the others.
We'll come back and deal
with this crap later.
You gotta just, like,
forget about it.
Pretend he's not here, you know?
Yeah, easier said than done.
-Hey. Let me see it.
God, don't be gross. Audra.
That looks awful.
Good luck getting any actual pus
coming down your leg.
You're even more disgusting
than she is.
Do you want a drink
or something?
You know what,
I think I'm just gonna
chill for a little bit.
-I'll meet you fools later.
Do you want me
to walk back with you?
No, it's okay. I'll be fine.
-Well, get some rest.
-Yeah, feel better.
Gabriella leaving the bar?
Not good.
-I feel bad.
-Me, too.
I can't believe
we can't find anyone.
This is literally insane.
I've no idea where else to look.
I wonder how many others
are missing. What's that?
That's one of our shirts.
What the hell, man?
That's Damiano's arm.
Let's go back, guys.
My God! Are you okay?
-I don't feel so good.
Okay, okay, okay.
Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
God. Okay, that's it.
We need some real help here.
Hey, Reese! Reese!
Hey, excuse me.
Everything'll be alright.
You guys go have a good time,
Hey, we need to take her
to medical.
Hey, hey. Are you alright?
-Come on, get up.
-Take it easy, take it easy.
Walk her in, walk her inside.
Hey, look at me.
Look at me. Take it easy. What?
We have a serious problem.
Alright! Waves!
Come on, let's go catch a wave!
Do it, do it, do it!
-Come on.
-Yeah. Lookie.
Yeah, man.
-Come on, matey.
-Let's go, go, go.
Come on, dude!
-Get up, get up, get up, get up.
-Get out there, dude.
Yeah. Get, get this one.
-Come on the board!
-Get on the board. Go, go, go.
-Come down.
-Something's got my leg!
Hey, dudes, dudes!
It was Damiano's.
I swear it was him.
I saw the tattoo on his hand.
And I also found this
marine test kit on the dock.
You ever seen it before?
-I'll look into it. Thanks.
-God, Damiano.
I'm telling you, guys,
there's something
not quite right
going on out there.
So what are you saying?
It's a shark?
-Well, I don't know.
-We need to evacuate everyone.
-Over a shark?
Come on,
sharks live in the ocean
they have rights, too, besides
I can't afford
that bad publicity right now.
-Look at her, Reese!
-She looks fine to me.
-She's sleeping like a baby.
-What? My God.
She needs to be airlifted
out of here ASAP.
Who could afford that?
There must be
some poison component
in whatever scraped her,
because she's having
a really bad reaction to it.
And I don't have the resources
to diagnose
or deal with it here.
Yeah, and I can't make
any calls. My phone won't work.
Look, that's just
a temporary outage.
It happens all the time
here on the island.
It's not temporary, Reese.
I saw the relay buoy
washed ashore.
The entire main line
was corroded.
-Are you joking?
-This not a joke!
We have a dead employee,
others are missing
and we have a girl
with some inexplicable injury
caused by something
in the water.
We need to get her
to a hospital.
Will you settle down?
Just settle down.
Can you start thinking
of the positive
possibilities that shift
all the negative ones...
-Okay, okay, so what's next?
-You breathe, breathe.
I want you to breathe.
Breathe. You ready?
I got it, we'll remove everyone
from the ocean
and we'll get everyone started
on land activities, okay?
Okay, that's genius, but we're
on a beach retreat, Reese.
So how are we gonna
get everybody out of the water
without telling them
what's going on?
Tell 'em it's,
some kind of toxic algae bloom.
-Tell 'em it's organic.
-My God.
You both know that there's
tug of war in the water
right now. We need
to get everyone out!
Can you just listen?
Let's go.
Open your eyes, man.
Just don't say shark.
You can't beat me at this, bro
just like you never could
in grade school!
I am and always will be stronger
and better than you, bro,
every time.
He must have eaten a lot
of paste when he was a kid.
Yeah, I think the steroids are
shrinking more than his nuts.
Come on, Ryan! Come on, big man!
I'm a beast!
You can't beat a beast, brah.
-Yeah, you can.
-He's like a cartoon character.
Come on, beast!
Three, two, one...
Poor baby.
-Audra, you're worthless.
-Sorry, Audra!
Sam, what happened
to your muscles, Sam?
Everybody get out of the water!
Hey, everyone,
get out of the water!
-I said, get out of the water!
Hey, calm down, calm down!
Please come out
of the water calmly
we have an announcement to make.
Shark! Get out of the water!
-Get out of the water!
Take her!
Come on, come on.
-Guys, where's Ryan?
I'm chained
to this boat, bro.
Ryan, come on,
get out of the water!
-I can't!
-I can't!
-Ryan? Ryan!
Reese, go. Go, go, go!
Sharks? This isn't
what I signed up for.
Hey, just give me 24 hours,
Hey, I need more towels.
More towels. There's some
in the medical cabin.
Keep pressure on that.
I'll be right back.
-How are you doing?
-What the hell, guys?
-What the hell? What the hell?
-I mean, what was that?
It was a shark! What the hell
do you think it was?
I've seen sharks.
That wasn't a shark.
Well, it sure as hell
was acting like a shark.
Well, who cares what it was?
We need to get off
of this island.
And I don't think
that idiot's gonna do
anything to help us, okay?
-I'm gonna go check on Gabby.
Hello? Hello? Yeah. I...
Please, can you...
No, I...
Damn it, I can't
stay connected to anyone!
Just keep trying,
it's a temporary outage.
Maybe it's time to rethink this
whole off-the-grid strategy.
What do you mean,
"This off-the-grid..."
Can we start
thinking positive, please?
I mean, let's get these people
off the island.
Look around here, Reese,
and help me help you.
-At least act like you care!
-What? You think I don't care?
Of course, I care!
You don't think I care? Hey.
Don't I care? You're having
a good time, right? I care.
Don't I? Of course I care!
You're having a great time.
Really hope that these guys
are coming up
with a plan to get us
out of here.
-I doubt it.
-Don't I care? Of course I care.
I want to put this thing
I can't find Gabby.
-Stay back.
How long has she been here?
-Wait. W-what is she saying?
-What's wrong with her?
-She broke out in a fever.
She keeps rambling on like
she's tripping out or something.
No! No!
-Stay down.
-You guys suck!
I get to be the lead dancer.
What? Gabriella? What is she
talking about? Lead dancer?
We haven't danced since we were,
like, nine. What's happening?
She's showing signs
of a really bad infection.
What kind
of really bad infection?
I don't know, but it's clearly
infecting her brain?
You don't know?
Are you even a real doctor?
I'm a medic!
For a retreat that just had
a massive shark attack, okay
I'm a little stressed
and-and a little overwhelmed!
Well, that's our best friend,
Okay, is it possible
that that shark
or whatever grazed her leg, it
maybe it had some kind of poison
or-or toxins that got
into her bloodstream?
So wait. What,
it's like a toxic shark, Eden?
-I don't know.
-Maybe, I don't know.
It sure looked toxic to me.
However, we need to get her
to a real hospital.
-Yes, we do.
We're trying to figure out
how to do that.
I can't get through
to call for help.
We can't just
bring her ourselves?
We need to get the hell
off this island, man.
-I know.
-All of us.
It was all those years
of polluting the ocean,
it's finally
come back to bite us. Literally.
Let's just focus on the shark
and our injured friend here,
Zane is right.
We can't just stay here.
We can't just kayak back,
not with that thing out there.
Alright, settle down.
Settle down, let me take a look.
She looks alright,
can't we just wait
till after the weekend?
Get her off me!
Get her off me, get her off me!
Okay, okay, okay.
This is gonna ruin me.
Okay, okay, I got, I got
two working boats.
One working boat.
You didn't fix the boat?
Alright, I got, I got,
I got one boat.
I can take her
and a few of the others
and then I'll come back
and get the rest of you
if you wanna get back
to the mainland.
We gotta make it quick.
It's low tide right now.
I'll push the boat out, you get
the girl ready, meet me there.
It'll take about 30 minutes
to get there and back.
-Alright, hurry up.
-Come on.
-It's okay, Gabby. Come on.
-You're gonna be okay.
Come on, let's go.
-It's too shallow. Just hurry.
-Give me your hand.
-Come on, let's go.
-You should go, you and Audra.
-What about you?
-I'll be okay.
-Just make sure Gabby's okay.
-Get 'em the boat.
-What is she doing?
-What the hell?
Dang it!
-My God! She bit him!
-Come back.
This is some crazy stuff.
What's going on?
-Gabby? Gabby, no!
-You alright?
-G-get him in the boat.
-You okay?
Gabby, what are you doing?
Stop. It's me, it's Sam.
-Look at me, stop.
Please, Gabby, stop it.
Come on.
Get him in the boat.
Please, please, stop,
please, Gabby.
Look at me. Stop.
-What are you doing?
-Get off the water.
-Stop playing.
-Come on.
-Get off the water!
Go up! Eden, give me
your hand! Get off the water!
-Hurry up!
I'll shoot it
with a flare gun. No.
What do you mean,
shoot it with a flare gun?
Come on, come on. Come on.
-What's he doing? He's leaving.
-Reese! Reese!
-Where's he going?
-Where is he going?
-Dang it! Reese!
We should be taking 'em with us.
Come on. I'm trying
to get us outta here.
Hey, shut up! Will you?
What's-what's going on?
-Come on!
-Come on!
-I'm trying! I'm trying!
-Here, take the controls.
-Take the controls?
I don't know anything
about boats.
-What do you want me to do?
-Hold the wheel.
-Are they coming back?
-Yeah, come on!
-Come on, come on, come on!
-What are they doing?
Alright, on three,
turn the gas. Pull the switch.
I'm trying.
. Not now!
-No. No.
-No. No.
-My God.
Eden? Eden?
Wait. This is Sam.
What are we gonna do?
Audra was on that boat.
Eden, what?
What? Eden, spit it out.
-Spit it out. What?
-No, no, no, no! Stop!
-Eden, Eden, Eden, come on now!
-Stop, stop!
-Eden, Eden!
-Eden, come here!
-No, stop it!
Don't be crazy!
Don't be stupid, Eden.
Audra! She's right there!
Audra! Audra!
-Come on.
-I got you, I got you.
Come on, come on.
I got you. Let's go.
Come on. Let's go.
Come on, come on, come on.
-It's okay.
-Lay her down flat.
Sit, sit, sit, sit,
sit, sit down.
It's okay.
Push this button
until I say stop.
Okay, okay.
I'm gonna go and get everything
under control and get
everyone back to their cabins.
Good idea.
Go find Liam and Hayden.
-Please use your walkie.
Will she be okay?
She's not okay, she's infected.
-It's-it's not good.
-What, infected? That fast?
-How do you know that?
-See where it is?
It's closer to the brain
it moves really fast,
just like rabies.
-We're so screwed, man.
-That's good.
-What the hell are we gonna do?
-Dude, calm down.
You're not helping anything.
You're the girl devil.
-You're the devil!
-No, Audra, Audra, calm down!
I'm Eden. I'm Eden, okay?
You're Audra.
You're gonna be okay, alright?
Yeah, yeah, Eden.
-Okay, Eden. Yeah.
-What the hell was that thing?
I've never seen a shark
like that, man.
Yeah, great,
'cause there's more where
the great white shark
spits toxic waste!
Hey, listen.
Of course, it matters, okay?
But you need to calm down 'cause
we need to get outta here.
Calm down? Calm down?
What are you talking about?
-People are dying, man!
-Will you stop yelling, please?
Stop it.
-It's okay.
-It's okay.
You will be fine.
Liam, Hayden, you got them?
Everyone who is not here,
back in their cabins. Okay?
Alright, everybody, listen up.
We are working
on an evacuation plan
so everything's gonna be fine.
We just need you guys
to stay inside your cabins
at all times
until further notice.
I'm gonna go back upstairs.
Hayden, I got an idea.
The thing is, guys,
there's only one boat left
and it's not working.
It's leaking and something...
So why don't we just fix it?
I have no idea
'cause I am not a boat guy.
Even if we did, getting on that
boat would be a suicide mission.
We all saw what happened
to the other one.
That's true
but what if we're prepared?
-That could work.
-Okay, so we get the boat going.
We weapon up
and we fight our way to shore.
Yeah. Who's volunteering
for that?
I will.
What? Sam, no.
W-what if it doesn't work?
It probably won't. Okay?
We need to focus on
getting the communication fixed.
That would be great, except
the emergency landline is fried.
Yeah, the cable washed up.
It's a mess.
If you fix the lines,
you don't pay the fines.
What's that supposed to mean?
Phone company lineman.
It's, like, my day job, dude.
Wait, you do underwater
landline wiring?
Hell no, not underwater.
But I guess,
it's the same principle, right?
Alright, Zane, why don't you
go with them,
see if you can fix that line.
-And I'll grab the scuba gear.
-The what-a gear?
-Calm down, he's joking.
-It's not that deep.
-Okay, we have walkies.
Make sure you use them.
Thanks, bruh.
It's alright, man.
Hey, you don't look so good.
-Hey! You alright?
-I'm okay, I'm...
I don't think I'm infected.
Hey, Jesse, can you
show me that other boat?
Yeah, let's do it.
Yeah, I'll go with you guys.
Hey, stay with Audra,
make sure she's okay.
Yeah, okay.
Hey, what do you know
about boats?
My parents have a house
in Cape Cod.
I grew up on boats.
Okay, can you guys
just please hurry?
You keep this prick on her side
of the room.
That's not good.
Actually, it's an easy fix.
The engine looks fine.
We just gotta patch up that hole
and pump out the water.
Hey, Jesse, you can get me
a water pump?
What's it look like?
It looks like a pump, dude.
-I got it.
-Yeah, that's it.
Now we just gotta find something
to patch up that hole.
Yeah, we need a repair kit.
Wait. What in the hell?
What? What is it?
The hull.
Looks like something
ate through the bottom.
This boat isn't that old,
doesn't make any sense.
Not that anything does today.
That shark.
It's spewing out some kind of
toxin into the water.
Something that can eat away
at the hull of a boat?
It drifted pretty far.
I thought you guys pulled it in.
We did, it must have
drifted back out.
Must have?
Well, I guess that's that.
-Let's go back.
-Come on, man.
We got these,
and the water is clear.
What are you smoking? I'm not
going back in that water.
Hayden, just keep an eye on me.
I got you.
My God,
you guys are so dumb.
Here you go.
Damn it! God!
Come on, Zane,
you can do this.
You can do this. Don't let
no fish destroy you, man.
Come on, you gotta get out
of this island.
Alright, alright, okay, alright.
Alright. You got this.
Alright. Just so you guys know,
this is stupid.
Even for me.
Let's go.
You guys know there's a shark
out there killing people, right?
This water's cold.
Every boat should
have one somewhere.
Jesse, check in the back.
You know what?
Let me radio Eden.
Eden, come in.
Hey, I-I-I'm here. Are you okay?
Yeah, we're fine.
Can you find a repair kit?
A boat repair kit?
That shark is corroding anything
that sits in the water
long enough.
I'll try.
There might be something here.
-I don't know.
-I'm not going back there.
And you can't make me.
Sam, I gotta go.
Jesse, any luck?
It's okay, it's okay.
I have to find something
to help you sleep.
It's not fair that
we need to share a room.
No! You clean the damn room!
I'm not covering for you again.
What's this?
I'll be right back.
Keep a lookout
for that shark, man.
Is that a jellyfish?
Let's go under.
Over here.
-You got it?
-Yeah, I got it.
But this thing
is beyond repair, guys.
Let's get out of the water,
If you wanna bring it back,
come on.
Let's go!
-Help me!
-Liam! Liam!
No, no!
Let go of it!
Man! We're going.
My God, your leg.
I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
God! God!
Come on, hold on.
This is so...
This is crazy, man.
-What... Come on, hold on.
Liam! Liam!
Liam, forget him!
Of course not.
Where are you?
Where were you?
Hey, man, you okay?
Jesse, hey.
-That girl bit him, but...
-Who are you to judge me?
I don't need you to judge...
No. No!
Good news is that
it's temporary.
You're too stupid
to go to medical school.
No, you're too lazy.
He was bit by your friend.
So that's the thing now.
If it's anything like rabies,
it would explain their behavior.
-What are you doing?
-I'm tying him up.
We don't have time on the water.
We'll leave him on the land.
Let's just get him back
to medical.
-Where are they?
-I don't know.
-Come on.
-Here, help him down.
Pride goes before the fall.
I was taking a bush pee
and a humdinger
of a horse fight.
Dinged on my dinger!
Eden, come in.
She forgot her walkie.
-Alright, what do we do with...
I don't know, he's the medic.
No, Bobby.
It's your turn to give
Grandma her sitz bath.
-Was that necessary?
-Yeah, I think so.
What happened to her?
I was aiming for the shark.
It was right there.
-I don't know what to do.
-Wh-where's Liam?
That thing, it got him.
There's so much happening.
Something that happened again.
Yeah, I don't really know.
This is so bad!
-This is so freaking bad!
-Hold it, come on.
-I didn't mean this.
"Minor cuts."
"Burns stay through..."
Can someone
please help me with this?
-Alright. Hold it.
-I'm gonna find Eden.
Hey, come on, be here.
Calm down!
-Help me. The dog is tied up.
-So much blood.
-Do you, you wanna...
-Nope. You got it.
Hayden, Hayden, listen to me.
The, the harpoon is barbed.
-I can't just pull it out.
-What does that mean?
It means that I, I have to...
No, no, no.
No, no, no. It's not that bad.
It's not... No!
-Be brave, alright?
Okay. Three, two!
Come on!
I'll show those bitches.
Go, go, go! Go.
Why the hell did it turn around?
My bracelet, I think
i-it doesn't like the magnets.
What the hell is wrong with you?
No, Sam, I was just
trying to test it...
You were just trying to what?
You went in the water!
No, I needed
to get by the wreckage.
-Why, why?
-Stop, Sam.
You always interrupt me.
You never let me finish.
It's like you hate me
or something.
I don't hate you, Eden.
If I hated you, I wouldn't be
in the water
trying to save you.
Is that from the explosion?
No, they're-they're
chemical burns.
There's something different.
Like, the other boat?
No, that was,
that was just erosion.
This is something more violent.
It's like chemical spraying
or something.
You even bring your work
on vacation, Eden.
No, it's-it's not mine. I got
it from the equipment shed.
-What is it? A pool kit?
-It's not a swimming pool kit.
You don't test for arsenic
in a swimming pool.
I'm sorry.
-I'm sorry we didn't...
-No, no, it's-it's-it's okay.
I'm sorry, too.
I still just can't believe
this whole thing.
I know, we just need to focus
on the source.
And how long
has Audra been missing?
I don't know. She was gone
when I got back with Jesse.
What happened here?
Don't ask.
-How you doing?
-I'll be fine.
-You found her?
I didn't see her. She's probably
gone full Gabby by now.
-And him.
-Zane, can he talk?
-Yeah, but it's all crazy talk.
And I'm not taking the tape
off his mouth. He bites.
-Yeah, I wouldn't get too close.
-This is so screwed up.
I don't understand
what the hell is going on.
-Go ahead, tell 'em.
-Tell us what?
Okay, so, we found
this water-testing kit.
And it's the same type of kit
they use after there's been
an oil spill or some kind
of bio-hazardous leak
from a chemical plant.
Yeah, we found that at the dock.
I knew it was too good
to be true.
Singles' retreat.
All-inclusive hot girls?
Pfft. Please.
Okay, so it's just a theory
but I think
it's whatever's in the water
that's making that shark toxic.
Wait, we've been swimming
on this beach
for a really long time. How come
we've never gotten sick?
But we haven't been
in the water long enough
for the chemicals to have
any long-lasting effect
but i-if the shark bites us
it's gonna get
in our blood stream
and then, well...
-Then Audra.
So this shark is oozing
some concentration of arsenic.
I don't know how
it's immune to it
but if it grazes anything, that
thing becomes violent and crazy.
And the first sign
of arsenic poisoning,
it's confusion and convulsion.
So we need to get off
this damn island.
Is there any chance that Reese
had a boat-repair kit somewhere?
Yeah. There should be one
around back by the tool shed.
Okay. Sam, Zane,
you guys get the boat fixed.
-Eden and I will go find Audra.
Let's go, guys.
Hayden, we'll be back for you.
-What's takin' so long, man?
-I'm almost done.
-Doing a two-man job here.
-I'm keeping lookout.
Yeah, you could get
your ass down here and help me.
To hell with that. I ain't
gettin' in this water again.
Dude, I'm not staying on this
island and getting that disease.
I'm sure as hell not getting
killed by that shark.
We are leaving on this boat,
so you get down here...
Fine! God!
You and your dumb girl problems.
Give me that stupid paintbrush.
Shit! What the hell!
It's coming for us. Hold on.
Zane! Zane!
Come on, man.
Zane! Zane, come on!
Come on, man.
Help me! No!
No! I don't wanna die!
Can't swim fast.
Come on, give me your hand.
Come on! Come on! Zane, come on!
Come on! Come on.
Come out.
Sam, it bit my leg.
Man, I'm bleeding.
Come on, get this thing started.
Come on. Come on, let's go.
This is what
you've been waiting for.
It's okay, man, hang on.
Where are we goin'?
I'm gettin' us
away from the shark, man.
But what about Eden
and everyone?
-I know, man.
Let me just figure it out.
Audra, it's Eden!
-Where the hell is she?
-I don't know.
But it's a small island,
she couldn't have gone that far.
Well, if it's really arsenic
poisoning, we don't really...
-No, stop.
Well, I know
what you're gonna say.
And, no, I don't give up
on my friends.
Okay, that's really admirable,
Eden, but you're wrong.
What I was going to say is that
maybe instead of burning
daylight looking for Audra
we should go to the boat
and come back with the cavalry.
Okay, but let's just
check the cabins first
and then we can double-back
to the boats.
I just really hope
they get that boat fixed.
No, Sam grew up on boats.
He knows what he's doing.
Even if he does,
with that shark out there,
we might as well be
in an inflatable pool toy.
Where do you guys
keep your yoga equipment?
So, what are we looking for?
-Therapy magnets?
The ionization of the salt water
with these magnets
will send out
an electromagnetic pulse
that will drive the shark crazy.
-Even a toxic one.
-Are you sure?
Well, all these small magnets,
they saved my life.
So, maybe with these
big magnets,
we'll have a shot.
Can't this thing go any faster?
-God. Zane, your leg.
-I know, I know!
Just keep going.
Don't worry about my leg.
-Here, just use this rag, man.
-What the hell is this?
This is disgusting.
I don't care. Just tie it up.
Come on, man, go faster.
I know, dude.
-This is crazy.
-I don't know.
-It could work.
-I don't know, I just...
Audra? Audra?
Run! Run!
My God, they're all
in a frenzy!
-Come on!
-Zane, keep your eyes out.
Do you see him?
-I don't know, man.
-No. Where did he go?
-Damn, this shark is fast.
-Go faster!
Man, this is as fast as this
little skiff will go. Come on.
Well, there he is!
Hold on, Sam.
No. Are you kidding me?
Did you date the shark, too?
Come on, get it started!
Man, I'm trying.
This is a process.
Hurry up that process, man!
No, no, no. Come on, Sam.
Come on, man. Hurry up!
He's coming. He's coming.
He's coming.
Hold on!
Get down!
Where'd he go?
Sam! Sam, come in! Sam!
-Zane, where did he go, man?
-Who the hell cares, man?
Just get it started so we can...
Sam... Alright?
What's that?
-Eden, is that you?
-Are you okay? Where are you?
-Look! We're back at the beach!
Eden, run. Run, Eden.
Come on!
Run! I mean, they're right
behind you!
Come on!
-Keep your eyes on 'em, Zane.
What else was I to do,
take selfies?
Run! Run!
-You did this!
Come on! Swim!
My God.
Come on. Come on.
-Come on, swim.
-Come on.
-Swim faster!
-Come on, come on.
-Come on.
-They're right behind you.
Come on!
Give me the bag!
I hope you're right about those.
Yeah, me too.
Did it work?
I don't know. I don't see him.
Guys, he's coming back.
-Everyone, duck!
-Watch out!
Is it gone?
-Anyone see it?
-I don't.
I think it's gone.
But where'd it go?
-Come on.
-Come on, Sam.
-Get this thing started.
-I'm trying, man.
-Try harder.
-Come on, please start. Come on!
Yes! Finally!
Let's get out of here, dude.
Everyone, keep an eye out.
No, it's smoking.
Yo, ease on the engine,
or you'll blow it out.
Man, we're running on fumes,
so if we stall out
we're dead in the water.
The mainland's that way.
I told you, dude.
It's that shark goo, it's...
Fire! Fire!
-Alright, come on!
-Come on.
-It's not going out, guys.
Throw out the water!
Come on, keep throwing!
That's just great.
What are we supposed to do now?
It's gonna start
getting dark soon.
Well, we're shark bait floating
in the water like this.
-What about the magnets?
They might buy us some time
but the shark's just gonna get
more pissed off.
-Yeah, swimming for it's out.
-We're gonna end up like that.
-That's Reese's boat.
-Was Reese's boat.
That doesn't inspire confidence,
Do you think that flare gun
is still down there?
Down there? Maybe.
God. What are you thinkin'?
Whatever's in that shark,
it has a ton of arsenic in it.
-Who the hell cares?
-Arsenic is highly flammable.
-Will that work?
Yeah. I mean, it lit up
that shark pus, so...
-Yeah, why not?
-What do we do now?
We dive down there
and hope to God it works.
Right. What happens when our
friend decides to swim back up?
You guys think this
is a good idea?
No, but it's all we got.
Come on.
Are we ready?
One, two, three.
Okay, but just go slow, Sam.
God, it's back.
Zane, it's back.
God. Zane.
Get off!
Give us your hand!
What happened to Zane?
I'm sorry, I...
He tried to bite me.
Look, Sam,
okay, we need to focus.
Okay? Because that thing
is in a frenzy.
Once it's done with Zane, it's
gonna come right back for us.
Come on!
-There's only three?
Yeah! Make 'em count.
Come on. Hurry, Sam.
No! Shit!
Come on.
Come on.
Here it comes!
Load the gun Sam, hurry!
Okay, wait till it gets closer.
Hold... Now!
No, he's coming back.
Come on.
Come on, Sam.
This is our last flare.
Take this shot, Sam.
Where'd she go?
We're out of flares.
Here! Take the magnet.
-Come on.
-Come on.
Come on.
Where's he?
One, two, go!
-I found the shell!
-Come here!
Give it!
Smile, you toxic son of a...
We got it, guys!
-My God.
-Is everybody okay?
Good shot!
Somebody had to do it.
-Grab on to something.
-Have to swim for it.
Let's just take it slow
this time, okay?
Okay. Okay.
-I'm just glad we're alive.