Toy Gun (2018) Movie Script

- The wine makes your
lips look even redder.
Like cherries.
Our coats please, thank you.
We should go.
- Yes, let's go.
- You wanted me to take risks?
I'll show you taking risks.
Give me the money.
Give me all your money.
- With the weather.
Rachel what's
going on out there?
- Thanks Dave, well--
- Late again last night?
- Just a few drinks after work.
- You better dress warm,
it's an ice rink outside.
- Yeah well.
- Good
morning Mr. Sironi.
- Good morning Mr. Sironi.
- Good morning sir.
- Turn that heater off.
- It's
keeping us warm sir.
- Turn it off.
- Open!
- Good
morning Mrs. Bianchini!
Delighted to see you!
We'll have you
inside in no time!
- Someone call the
police and tell them
it's a false alarm!
Franklin, where the
hell's Franklin?
- He's gone to turn
the power back on.
- Tell him to turn
the alarm off!
And hurry the hell up!
In a minute Mrs. Bianchini.
Ah, voila!
- The alarm goes off
as if I was a criminal.
Here, shove this through
your security system.
- Certainly.
- That's one week alone.
- Looks like you had a very
successful week Mrs. Bianchini.
Franklin here will have
it counted in no time.
- So, correct me if I'm wrong,
your total is $143,500 euros.
- Yes.
They do well on vacation,
we have every right
haven't we Mr. Sironi?
- Of course you
do Mrs. Bianchini,
of course you do.
Lawrence and Katie would
you go to the backroom
and file what you have
to file in the backroom.
Make sure Mrs.
Bianchini has everything
that she desires.
You're in very good
hands Mrs. Bianchini,
very good hands.
- Detective Jonta sir,
there's been a robbery
at the B.E. Bank.
- Have hostages been taken?
- No, the robber was long gone.
It happened half an hour ago.
- Giustino, I've
told you before,
unless there's civil
war going on out there,
that door needs to be knocked on
before coming in here.
- Yes sir.
- Yes sir my ass.
That's the third time
they've held up that bank.
Now go and take the
oldest car in the lot
and wait for me with
the engine running.
- Okay.
- It's days like this
that I need to be reminded
why I thought becoming
a cop would be the
best job in the world.
My office is a dump,
my area of
responsibility is a dump.
The future of my
department, a dump.
Honest people out there
who think they can
do wrong and get away with it,
that's what made me
want to be a cop.
And today, this city is
getting away with nothing.
- Good
morning detective.
- Chief.
- Clearly you heard
about B.E. Bank.
- That place is cursed.
- I wouldn't be putting
my savings in there.
- I'm on the case,
I'm heading over
there now with Giustino.
- Giustino?
You're sure?
- You have a better idea?
- Dear Giulia, you're
my world, my everything,
and I cannot bear to
imagine a life without
you by my side.
I did this for you.
I assure you I'd do
anything for your love.
I'm waiting for you.
- Yo man, I haven't
seen you here in ages.
What can I get you?
- Drunk.
- From my peripheral,
I thought the customer
had a big scarf around his neck.
But I was too cold to
move so I just figured
I would find out when
he got to the counter.
The first time I got
caught in a bank holdup
I took a slap to the face.
Robber didn't
appreciate my arms up
because the bank was made
up of nothing but windows.
The second time, I
took a slap because
I looked the robber in the face.
- Put your head down!
- What?!
That is a hold up no no.
This time, I knew
exactly how to avoid
getting slapped
for a third time.
- So you don't know what
this guy looked like?
I mean you have no
idea whatsoever?
So the criminal could be a man,
or woman, or a
gorilla at this stage,
strolls in here and is casually
handed, how much was it?
- 140,000 euros sir.
- 143,500.
- And due to your surveillance
system being down,
the suspect looks like snow.
- Katia told me to
turn the alarm off
because we were all going
deaf in here, so I did.
- Katia!
Did I tell you to
turn the alarm off?
- Yes sir.
I believe so sir.
- Are you absolutely positive?
- Well, I think so.
- So you think so.
- It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter who told who
to turn the alarm off.
Now let me see if I've
got this story straight.
There are six.
Six cameras in this bank.
But because the security
system was turned off,
none of them recorded
anything that took place here.
To cut a long story short,
our criminal takes the money,
walks out of the bank
the same way he walks in
without ever being noticed.
Well can somebody explain to me
in language that
I can understand,
what the hell just
happened here today?
- Details please.
- I don't have any.
- You serious?
- Yup.
- Well,
thanks for coming home
early for a change.
Reminds me what I'm missing.
- Hi this is Giulia,
I'm not here for the moment but,
just leave me a message
and I'll call you back.
- I can't really talk right now.
The banks been robbed,
I won't be in tonight.
I'll call you tomorrow.
- 143,500 euro.
143,500 euro.
143,500 euro!
Bank account overdrawn.
Mortgage overdue.
Park and fine, penalty fine,
Let's do this.
Oh keys, keys, keys, keys.
- Are you gonna explain
to me who you work for?
- What?
- Who do you work for?
- Tony Di Lorenzo.
- Tony Di Lorenzo?
Never heard of him.
- He's the owner of the company.
- What company?
- The Lorenzo Transport, I
used to work in accounting.
- You work in accounting?
They give you this
in accounting?
- Are you police?
- No I'm not the police.
- Are you arresting me?
- No I'm not arresting you.
- I robbed a bank.
- You robbed a bank with this?
- The money's on the
table, just take it,
just take it, take it all.
So are you gonna
arrest me or what?
- Did I give you
brain damage or do you
always ask the same questions?
- I don't know, maybe both.
This broccoli is
stinging my eye.
- Did I give you brain damage
or do you always ask
the same question?
- You just asked me that.
- Yeah, I know,
annoying isn't it?
Gaetano Lolli.
I'm your new neighbor.
- I don't know what
apartment you came from
but normally when someone
new moves into the building
we bake them a cake
not punch them in the--
- Where the building came from,
if you're holding a
gun they jump you.
I hope you feel better.
And I'd be careful flashing
these bills around money bags.
- Do you care to
tell me what's so funny?
Nothing's funny sir.
- Nothing's
funny, nothing at all.
Then why do you have a
funny look on your face?!
- I'm not sure, I--
- It's
there all the time!
Do you find that
we're all funny?
- I don't know.
My mother always said
that I was a happy baby.
- Come in!
- I brought you your coffee sir.
- What, were you grinding
the beans with your hands?
I asked for it an hour ago!
Throw it in the plants!
I don't wanna coffee,
I don't need a coffee!
Why am I surrounded
by such incompetence?!
If it's not funny boy Franklin,
it's Katia the
constant interference.
Don't even get me
started with that
shivering wreck at the counter!
If Mr. Fortis knew the habit--
- I was just wondering if
I could deal with this.
- I'll go see if he's available.
- Yes!
- Mr. Sironi.
There's someone here
who needs to see you.
- I agree it's cold outside
but is that really necessary?
You owe us a large sum of money.
Did you lose your job?
- Sorta.
I quit.
- What the hell did
you do to your eye?
- I didn't do it,
someone else did.
- Let me just pull up your file.
Levati, Ruggero.
Well you were employed in admin,
says your wife works
in hospitality.
- My wife left me.
- Well I'm very sorry
to hear about that.
I don't want to delve
into your private life.
I'm sure you both
had your motives.
However, that's no excuse for
not making your loan payments.
- She wanted to start a business
but I ran out of
money so she took
all that was left and somehow
managed to open a spa for men.
- Rugerro Levati and Giulia
- I mean let's be honest,
who wouldn't wanna
be massaged by a
beautiful young woman
rather than an old man.
I know I would.
- You owe a heck a lot
of money on your loan.
5,410 euros to be exact.
I'm going to need that
back tomorrow Mr. Levati.
Otherwise I'm afraid--
- Is that enough?
- You may want to
get yourself out of
the red in your
current account--
- How much in the red am I?
- 3,813 euros.
- Just take the lot.
That ought to cover it.
- Always a pleasant
surprise Mr. Levati.
An inheritance?
- No.
Let's just say I robbed a bank.
What are you doing here?
- Keeping warm.
How's your eye?
- Not bad.
How did you get in?
- I let myself in.
Why are you bringing this
garbage in the house?
- It's not garbage,
it's my lunch.
- Disgusting.
- That's my lunch,
what the hell...
- My Nona passed this
recipe down to me.
I perfected it
while I was in jail.
You learn to make something
out of nothing there.
- So what are you,
a good guy or a bad guy?
- I was an accountant
for some scumbags.
- A loan shark or the mafia?
- Ex loan shark.
Until my associates turned
me in and I went to jail.
- But you got out of jail so,
it means you didn't do
anything too bad right?
- Well, I did a deal with
the police on the inside.
So there's a lot of
people on the outside
who wanna see me dead.
- Don't they normally
send people like
you to another country?
- Yeah.
But I got some saving
from my accounting days
and I need to collect
before I leave.
It's in the bank.
- Which you can't get to
because you could get killed.
- Right.
- You're late.
I get it.
Your bank was robbed
then we needed
to move dinner to tonight,
I appreciate that.
But now it's on the
table, cold again!
- You know how yesterday sucked?
Well so did today.
- Well I'm sorry to hear that.
The salon was a mess today.
- Your ex-husband
paid me a visit today.
- Ruggero?
- Do you have any other husbands
that I don't know about?
- What did he want?
- He deposited 10
grand into his account.
I can't work out if
he's screwing with me
or if he really
doesn't know about us.
- Of course he
doesn't know about us.
And even if he did,
he wouldn't go telling your wife
if that's what
you're worried about.
- No, what I'm worried
about Giulia is the cash.
Where did he get it from?
- How the hell am
I supposed to know?
I left him the day
we got together.
Well I let go of my world,
but you still go home
to yours every night!
- Listen.
Yesterday my bank was robbed.
It was the perfect crime,
perfect timing, no clues.
Then your ex-husband
pays me a visit
the next day with 10,000
euros in his pocket.
And when I asked
him where he got it
he says he robbed a bank.
- Trust me, Ruggero isn't
capable of robbing a bank!
- The robbery happened right
after Mrs. Bianchini left.
You remember Mrs.
Bianchini don't you?
- The one you call a rich bitch
with the panel beating company.
- Yes.
The one that arrives
every Monday morning
at 10 o'clock on the dot.
- Do you think I told Ruggero?
I don't even speak to him!
- Whoever robbed my
bank did their homework
really really well.
And it's pointless you
stringing me along Giulia.
I know people, and if
someone's messing with me
I will use them.
Giulia I'm sorry--
- Get out!
- Giulia please,
- Get out!
- I'm sorry.
- Get out or I'll
call the police!
- I know my way out.
But I will get to
the bottom of this!
- So our favorite
banker has a mistress.
- Giulia Redondini sir.
Apparently she's a head turner.
Long legs, athletic.
- I didn't think you'd come
up with something useful.
- Thank my wife sir.
- Your wife?
- Yeah, we live in
the same building
where Giulia
Redondini used to live
and where her loser
husband is still holed up.
- Is that so?
- Yeah, one day my wife
caught me staring at her butt
when she was walking
down stairs and
what a butt sir.
Anyway, my wife was like,
you can look all
you want because
that's the most you'll get
from a woman like that.
This morning I remember
her saying that
she heard them fighting.
So I called and asked if
she knew the guys name.
She did.
Elio Sironi.
- Now go home, it's late.
- Yes sir!
- Hey, good job.
- Thank you sir.
- Thank your wife!
Elio Sironi.
- Hello.
- Hello?
- Giulia?
- I'm sorry,
did I wake you up?
- No, no, no, no, I mean,
yeah, you know I don't
really sleep that much.
- So how are you?
- I'm fine, I guess.
I miss you.
- Please Ruggero don't start,
I didn't call for that, please.
- Okay fine, I don't
miss you and I'm fine.
- I just called to see
what you were up to.
I know it's early
but I knew otherwise
I'd have to wait
until tonight to call
because you know we're
both working and--
- Yeah well, I'm
not working anymore.
- You're not working?
- I quit.
- When?
- When you left.
My head just wasn't
in it anymore.
I kept messing up
the figures and,
yeah I quit.
Now I just stay at home and
think about us.
- Ruggero you really have to
pull yourself together now.
It's been nearly six months.
- I know.
- Living like this
can't be healthy.
So how do you even pay bills?
How do you buy groceries?
- You really wanna know?
- Yeah of course I do.
I'm worried about you.
- Then why don't we meet up?
Giulia, you there?
- Where do you want to meet?
- Here.
At our home.
- No Ruggero not there.
I don't wanna bump
into that slob
on the second floor with
her pervert police husband
gawking all over me.
- Okay, okay, okay fine,
your house, wherever.
- Okay.
At my place.
On Sunday okay?
- Today would be better.
- No, but
today's Wednesday.
Wednesday's a
working day remember?
Remember how that felt like?
- Okay.
- On Sunday, 8 am okay?
We can have a coffee together.
- Sounds delicious.
- See you then.
- Yeah.
See ya then.
- So here's the deal.
A middle-aged banker
suffering a midlife crisis
falls for a girl half his age.
Thanks Tina, tell the
girls to be ready in five.
- Okay.
- The girl needs cash
for whatever reason
and the banker's so
head over heels for her
he finds a way to
make it happen.
Somehow he gets in
touch with a crook.
Gives him all the
information he needs
to rob his own branch.
Makes sure the surveillance
equipment isn't working
when the crime takes place.
The crook gets a cut,
in his mistresses
eyes, he's a hero.
It's a win-win-win.
It all makes sense.
Now I just have to prove it.
Tanner, Tessa, let's go!
- Things are looking
more positive out there.
Here's the latest weather.
Well it's still snowing
but it has eased.
Okay girls, see you later.
The thing with
Sironi is that he is
respected in the community.
A Lions Club member, on the
board of his local church
and of my own daughters school.
But what do ya know,
he cheats on his wife
and robs his own bank.
If I mess this one up,
it'll leave a permanent stain.
- Hello Mr. Fortis, what
can I do for you sir?
- Mr. Fortis what a
pleasant surprise.
Take a seat.
- Your third robbery
in six months.
What the hell is going on?
- Your guess is as good as mine.
- Well yes.
Let me guess.
This will be fun.
The surveillance
camera didn't work.
The alarm system was turned off.
I guess that robber is
one lucky son of a bitch.
- Let me save you the
Inspector Clueso act
and spell it out for you.
All eyes are on me.
- Come on Sironi.
With the amount
of money you make
you'd be an idiot to consider
robbing your own branch.
- Agreed.
- I want your resignation.
- On what basis?
Because my branch was robbed?
- Robbed three times.
Three inexplicable times.
Not to mention between the
10th and 20th of February
you were in
Sardaigne with a girl
who is not your wife.
- So you want me to resign
because of adultery?
What is this, the Vatican?
- No, I would ask you to resign
if I learned I went to an
exclusive resort in Sardaigne
priced at at least
10,000 euros a head.
But looking at your accounts,
not a cent came out of it.
- Well you have no right
to delve into my account!
- Yes you're right, I don't.
But I did.
And so my question to you is,
what side project
are you working on
to pay for your side project?
- It's an inheritance.
- If you inherited that money,
I'll walk out of here
with my head up my ass
but I doubt you did.
Sit down!
So here's my ultimatum to you.
Either you resign
or I'll put together
all these little pieces and
present them to the police.
- Okay, thinking
about this rationally,
if I resign, what happens?
- Who knows.
The police will carry on
with their investigation
without my help.
If you're guilty
they'll jail you.
But, for robbery not extortion.
That will be our little secret.
- A secret that can't be proven.
- Perhaps.
- How long do I have
to make up my mind?
- Until Monday.
- Did I come at a bad time?
- At least
you knocked this time.
- How you feeling?
- Higher...
- Oh, that good hey?
Yeah, no feel the
same way myself.
When are they turning
the heating back on?
- He said sometimes next week.
- Let's hope so.
Ooh, she's a stunner.
I can see why she ended it.
Let me guess, first
girlfriend right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah she'd been
with a few before you,
probably went with a few
during you as well right?
- She had this little red dress.
Whenever she put it on I
knew she was on the prowl.
- Mmm, serial adulterer.
That's bad news.
But, you took her
back every time right?
- She's my life.
Still is.
- Let me guess again,
she followed you
out here because she
thought she'd hit the lottery.
But when things went sour,
she put the red
dress back on again.
- You're good.
- Look.
I get that you robbed a bank
because you were
desperate for cash but,
I don't know, it just
feels like to me that,
you sorta wanted to
get caught didn't ya?
- I had a speech
prepared for 24 News.
I wanted her to know
how much I loved her.
How much she'd hurt me.
And if I didn't get caught,
I'd end up with
a bunch of money.
It was a kind of a win-win.
- Yeah, especially if
you were in prison.
That's a great holiday.
Look mate, the reason
I'm 55 years old
and I've never been shot
is because I know
how to read people.
It's a gift.
I know when to ask questions
and I know when to shut up.
- I can see that.
- Is that so?
So how did you get
into accounting?
- Actually, I studied
marine biology in Italy
and came out here
as a researcher.
- I would never have
picked you for an academic.
- Ahh, I hate payroll
and bookkeeping but,
well when I left my
research position
it was all I could find.
- Nah.
Would you ever go back?
I mean all that cash and
that horseshoe up your ass
ain't gonna last forever.
What would you say if I told you
that I had
a very well paying job for you?
- Okay, okay, okay.
- Next please.
- Hello sir, what can
I do for you today?
- I would like to
open my safe today.
- Thank you.
- Sir.
- Thank you, follow me please.
- Hello.
What can I do for you today?
- I'm looking for a haircut.
- I'm sorry sir, we
don't take hairstyle
walk-ins on a Wednesday.
- I'm embarrassed but
what about a back waxing?
- That's possible.
Just follow me please.
- Thank you.
- May I come in?
- Yes of course.
You work here don't you?
- Well actually I do
more than work here.
I own this place.
- That's terrific,
then I'm in good hands.
- I usually leave the
dirty work to my employees.
But today, I'll just
torture you myself.
- That's hot.
- And it will get
worse so prepare.
- So tell me, how does
a young person like you
come to own a place like this?
I mean you must have had
to take out quite a loan.
Or was it an inheritance
or a rich husband?
- Well I'm married,
but my husband
is definitely not
rich, not at all.
Is your wife rich?
- I found my wife
digging through
garbage bins in the street.
- So you're a romantic.
- Travesty of marrying for love.
I think that's enough.
I'm sure it looks great.
- Are you sure?
Because there's still
just a spot above--
- I'll get it later
with a razor, thank you.
- Okay.
- With all this business to run
you can't have any
time to yourself.
- And why do you ask
so many questions?
Are you spy with one
of my competitors?
- Close.
I'm a detective.
Like a spy without the travel.
Spies travel the world
looking for clues
to solve their mysteries.
But we detectives
know the best clues
are right in front of our eyes.
The most interesting
stuff is when
normal people get involved
with abnormal activities.
- Woo, what a rush!
There was no one around
as far as I could tell.
Nice fanny bag by the way.
- Pochete amigo.
Oh South America here I come.
Take a look at what I've
been doing for you today.
- Oh yeah.
- Feast your eyes on that.
Eggplant parmigiana lasagne
and I even made you
some handmade penne.
- Oh my God!
Can I take it out?
- Yes, go right ahead.
I'll get the other one.
This my friend is a work of art.
Look at this.
- You know, I can get used
to this gangster lifestyle.
- Is that so?
- Yeah, I mean all this
undercover smuggling,
the punches to the face, meals.
Man you guys eat amazing meals!
All it needs is some ketchup.
- What'd you say?
- I'm sorry.
- I'm not sure you
even deserve this.
- This, this is amazing.
- So you're not brain dead then.
- My god, thank you man.
Thanks for all this.
I mean if there's anything
else I can do for you just,
you know, get my
hands dirty, whatever.
- What about three more safes?
- Sure.
Like when do you
want me to start?
- After you eat.
The address is on the bottom.
And if you really wanna
get your hands dirty,
why don't you try
vacuuming under your bed
once in a while,
it's disgusting.
- Valentino, a double espresso.
- Yeah just one second.
- Now,
hurry up it's Casoria.
- Your double espresso sir.
I'll come back with your change.
- I don't need change.
- Yes sir, thank you sir.
Mr. Sironi.
- Mr. Casoria,
long time no talk.
Have I caught you at a bad time?
- Naw, you never catch
me at a bad time.
What can I do for you?
- Well I was just
wondering if perhaps
we could meet for
dinner this evening.
I have some affairs I'd
like to discuss with you.
- Alright, how does 9 o'clock
sound at Zia Teresa's?
- Yeah that sounds grand, grand.
Haven't a good meal
in a long while.
- Don't tell your wife
that, she'll kill ya.
- That's the least
of my worries.
- Alright, we'll
see you at nine.
- This
is amazing.
- You know when I
collect all my cash
I'm gonna open a
restaurant in Brazil.
I can't believe I'm
saying this but,
you're welcome to join.
- Awe, I appreciate
the offer but,
I'm not the one in hiding.
- What cave do you live in?!
You know robbing a bank
is a major offense.
So if I were you, I'd
be hiding that thing.
Look, listen to me.
There's beginners
luck and then there
horseshoe up your ass luck,
and there's whatever
magical land you live in.
But you don't think
there were surveillance
cameras that got a
shot of your face?
- If they haven't
noticed me by now
that's gotta be a
good thing right?
I mean I robbed my own bank.
- Sorry.
- Yeah I robbed my own bank
where I have my mortgage,
my account, everything.
- No you didn't.
- Yeah I did.
- Your own bank?
- And then I went back the next
day and deposited 10 grand.
- But no one said anything?
- Well the bank manager asked
me where I got the money.
- And you said?
- I told him I robbed a bank.
- You're messing with me.
- No I'm not.
- You are messing with me.
Well it's possible
that the surveillance
cameras were down that day.
I mean anything is
possible with you.
Somebody must have
recognized you.
- The employee there
didn't even look up at me.
- What about when you ran out?
- I didn't run out, I walked.
- Oh?
That's unbelievable.
Sing me a lullaby
- Mr. Casoria, what
brings you here today?
- Anto, what the hell
kind of question is that?
What do you think I come
here for, your face?
- Of course not, we'll
get your table ready.
The one with your name on it.
- I'm waiting for someone.
- Oh, table for two then.
Come have a seat.
- Mr. Casoria.
- Sironi, good to see you.
How are things?
- Well they could be better.
- Before we have a seat,
there's something that
could cheer you up.
A little business capital
from the newstand venture.
It's turning into a
real goldmine that one.
- I appreciate that.
- Hey, you a fan of fish?
- Yes, yes I am.
- Then you're in for a treat.
They serve the
best fish in town.
- Mr. Casoria is a
fish connoisseur.
But if you will, allow me to
take care of your needs today.
- Sounds good.
But just no scorpion fish.
I don't wanna lose
my life over dinner.
- No.
- Fucking idiot.
What's the matter Mr.
Sironi, you're not hungry?
You know that's a
sign you're in love.
- Yeah, well things aren't
going very well at the moment.
- You're telling me.
The first two robberies
we did at your
dump of a bank were
a piece of cake.
This time we got
beat to the punch.
- I was just wondering,
if a man in your line of work,
of your stature,
might be able to shed some light
on who the criminal might be?
- What am I a detective?
- No, I just think it would be a
really good idea to find
out who the culprit is.
- Now are you a detective?
- Mr. Casoria, there is
no trace of the robber
or of the 150 grand
he took off with.
I am just worried
that if the police
start asking too many questions,
rather than find out
who the robber is,
they might
pick up something about us.
- You and I Mr. Sironi are
nothing more than acquaintances.
In fact, we don't even call
each other by our first names.
So you tell me Mr. Sironi,
how the hell is
someone gonna find
something out about you and me?
- All I know if the
police ask me questions,
I don't know how
things will end up.
- Well that makes
the both of us.
- Sante--
- Elio.
- Consider this
a personal favor.
A favor I'm willing to pay for.
Take this as a down payment.
- Down payment for what?
Listen, I'd try
to find this guy,
but really it could've been
anyone that robbed your bank.
- What if I had a lead?
- Continue.
- Well there's this woman,
an ex fling of mine.
She might have tipped off
when and how to do it.
She'd know.
- Alright.
I'll need her name and address.
And I'll have my men
take care of the rest.
- Please don't hurt her.
- Hey, now why would we
wanna hurt an innocent woman?
Your girl will be fine.
Name and address please.
- Giulia it's Elio.
Listen, I won't be angry if
you set this whole thing up.
Just give me a ring.
Tell me what really
happened and it'll be okay.
Giulia, call me as soon
as you can, it's urgent.
I swear if you don't
come out with it
I'll get the truth myself.
Do you hear me?!
Giulia, Giulia.
I love you.
Giulia I love you.
- You can take your money!
And your gifts!
And leave me alone!
Oh Mrs. Landoni I'm sorry.
- You're sorry?
It sounds like a
bar fight in there.
Is everything alright?
- Yes everything's fine.
I just had a long day.
- Well, you know if
you need anything
you know who to call.
- Thank you Mrs.
Landoni, goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- Everything okay?
- Everything's fine.
I just have to make a call.
Hey John.
- Hi.
- Good morning Susan.
- Good morning.
Chief's in your office already.
- How are
you doing detective?
- I'm fine.
- Fine enough to be
making an urgent call
to the water operations
unit to scour
the river for any
suspicious objects
and the sketch team.
You've been a stallion
for the police force.
- With all due respect sir,
are you firing me?
- Of course not, I just think
maybe you should take
a couple of weeks off.
- I don't need a holiday.
- Sorry to interrupt sir.
- Giustino.
- Hello sir.
The boys found quite a
few things down there sir.
Even a toy gun,
nothing suspicious.
- Any leads on witnesses?
- None yet, but we are
definitely asking around.
It was a busy night,
someone's bound to pop up.
- Good job Giustino,
now get some rest,
you've had a long night.
- Yes sir.
- You should take
your own advice.
It'll do you good.
- What do you want from me?
Do you want my purse?
Do you want money,
what do you want?!
- You know why I'm here.
And it ain't for your money.
Let's go back to your
place for a little chat.
- Giulia!
What happened?
- Ahh, celebrate good times.
- These bank visits
are exhausting.
- Compare a bank to a bad woman.
Now they're exhausting.
- You ever had one?
- What?
- A broad I mean.
- Yeah a girlfriend
I've had 'em.
Look I was a gangster.
Women love that kind of thing.
But I'll tell you what.
None of thems worth it.
- Oh my, you gotta
be kidding me.
White and milk chocolate
in one cornetto?
- Oh yes.
- Swirled?
This is like a cure for racism!
- You know, I never
thought I'd say this,
but you're smarter
than you think.
I call that le pardo.
- I call it freaking awesome!
- Well you know half the
race in Brazil is mix.
So that's gonna be my
highest selling cornetti.
- Well not if I
eat them all first.
- Well you can't eat them all.
- Why not?!
- You know what?
You're not coming to Brazil.
- Just give me a couple
of hours, I'll be fine.
- Something wrong with you.
- Well?
- I'm really sorry Zio.
- No, no, I'm sorry.
And you know why?
Because I let a
girl go out there
and do a mans job.
- You said she left her
place every morning at 8:15.
She was early.
- Max, quit being a girl
and grow some balls.
- Here, go get yourself
some breakfast.
I'll deal with her myself.
- I'm sorry Zio.
- Go on.
Another fucking idiot.
- You have to
go see a doctor dear.
- Yeah, if it wasn't for me
and little Sparky
barking who knows
what would have happened.
- You just lie back there now.
That's a girl.
- Mrs. Landoni I
really, I shouldn't.
- Now should we
call your father?
- My father?
He's been dead for years.
- I thought I saw
him at your house
a couple of days ago?
- What?
- You see, you're not with it.
That thug knocked
your senses out.
Aldo, call Dr. Anderson
on the third floor.
Tell him it's an emergency.
- Mrs. Landoni, I really
appreciate your concern
but I have a business to run.
I'll just go and work it off.
- Work it off?!
Over my dead body you will.
And I have no intention
of dying any time soon.
- I'm sorry.
- Thank you kindly.
- You looking for someone?
- Yes ma'am.
Sorry to bother you.
I was just wondering if you knew
where the occupant of
that apartment was.
- The occupant of that apartment
left this morning on holidays.
She left me in charge
of watering her plants.
- Any idea when she'll be back?
- In about a month.
- A month?
It's a nice holiday.
- She had a rough morning and
just booked it last minute.
Can I pass on a message?
- Yes you can.
My message applies
to you too ma'am.
You ever think of
life after death?
- I'm sorry?
- Do you believe in god ma'am?
- Look, I'm not interested okay.
- Did you bring the pecorino?
There's nothing like full
bellies and full wallets.
- Have you been
trying to seduce me?
- Normally I'd kick
somebody in the ass
for saying something like that.
But tonight I'm
gonna let it slide.
Because tonight my friend,
we celebrate freedom.
Not too loudly, don't
wanna get killed.
- Cheers.
- And you said
you weren't tired.
- Well those pills
were terrific.
Think I haven't slept
like this in ages.
- I know he's not your father.
- Hello.
- Mr.
Sironi, wakey wakey.
- Mr. Casoria is that you?
- Surprise.
Now listen, we have
a little problem.
The girls gone, she
never showed up for work.
Sounds like she might
be away for a month.
Can you wait that long?
- A month, hell no.
This has to be done by Monday.
- Monday?
Any idea where we
could track her down?
- No, no.
Well maybe at he
ex-husbands place.
- Her ex-husband?!
You and I need to meet now!
- It's Saturday morning.
- Yeah, well when
do we have to have
this all cleared up by?
- By Monday.
- I'll meet you
at the restaurant.
- Hello?
- Hello,
is there any chance
I could speak with
Detective Jonta please?
- May I ask who's calling?
- Yes it's Giulia Redondini.
The woman who waxed his
back a few days ago.
- Waxed his back?
- Yes.
- One moment.
A woman who waxed your back
is calling for you
on a Saturday, in the morning.
She waxed your back?!
- Tina, what's wrong with you?
That's my work phone.
And I had my back waxed
to get information.
And it was very painful.
Detective Jonta speaking.
- Yes hello, it's
Giulia, I waxed your back
a few days ago.
- Yes, I remember.
- I'm really sorry to bother
you out of the blue but,
I wonder if we could meet today?
I need to talk to
you about something.
- Well I'll be in the
office this morning.
- Well I don't
think I can make it
to your office because I've had
a bit of an accident.
- An accident?!
- Yes, could you
come and visit me at my place?
- Yes.
- That would be great.
- I'll see you then.
- Thank you.
- Tina, what is your problem?
- Well, it's just that
you're never here.
When you are it's as if
you don't even want to be.
- Tina, you know what,
Tina, I've been
doing this for years.
You know what it's
like and right now
I'm in the middle of a really
complex case, that's all.
- I want to be
your complex case.
- Well you are.
What I mean is,
you're my most important case.
- They're just words.
- Look, I'll go to
the office and see if
I can't get a half day.
Something like that.
Would you like that?
- Yeah.
- Good.
Go on.
Read it.
- "Got a witness, just finishing
with the sketch artist now.
You're cheating on
me with Giustino.
- So how is it?
- Well, I'm certainly
gonna miss your breakfasts.
Tomorrow especially.
- Tomorrow,
you got plans?
- I sure do.
- Let me guess, you're gonna
go see that woman of yours?
- How do you know that?
- Oh I don't know.
Maybe watching you look
at yourself in the mirror
in those dishrags you
call clothes for an hour.
Maybe it was you
ironing your socks.
- You got any advice
you can give me?
- No.
- What, none?
- None.
If you was a normal
person I would say
stay the hell away from
her, she's bad news.
But you're not normal.
You rob banks without a plan
and you get away with it.
I mean if the earth
was to flood tomorrow
you wouldn't even get wet.
So no, I've got
no advice for you.
What are you trying to do?!
Scrub a hole through it?
- No, just--
- First of all,
they always work a lot better
if you use one of these.
Plug it in.
Get out me way.
- Good morning guys!
- Good
morning detective.
- Having a busy
Saturday Giustino?
- Yes sir.
- Where's the artwork I
asked for, I need it fast.
I have two appointments
in a half day.
- There it is sir.
They even did it
in color for you.
- Color aye, and it was night.
- The witness didn't have
much to say about the guy
except that he
looked pretty glum.
He looks sketchy doesn't he?
Sketchy, it's a sketch.
You get it sir?
Okay okay, I'll shut up.
- The coast is clear.
- Okay dear, you take
care of yourself huh?
And tell that detective
friend of yours
everything that happened.
- Yes I will.
Thank you.
- And remember--
- Yes, lunch is at
12 o'clock sharp.
Thank you.
- So do me a favor
and hang these up
because I ain't
doing them again.
You know I do have
some advice for you.
Something my grandfather
told me a long time ago.
Act as a sheep and
a wolf will eat you.
- What does that mean?
- I'll tell you but you
have to answer a question.
- Okay.
- Why'd you leave your job?
- I already told you,
I needed the money
and I couldn't be a
researcher all my life.
- So who needed the money more?
You or her?
- I thought you
said one question?
- Two part.
- Well I guess she did.
- Thank you.
- But she wasn't all wrong.
I mean, what if we
were to have kids?
Kids are expensive.
- Yeah but you didn't
have kids did ya?
- We decided to
leave it for a bit.
- Three part.
Who decided to wait?
You or her?
- We both did.
Maybe she did more than me.
- Act as a sheep and
the wolf will eat you.
- You're a man of little sleep.
- It's all about
quality not quantity.
It doesn't look like
you're getting much either.
- Can I get you something sir?
- No I'm fine thanks.
- Sit.
You've been screwing around
with a married woman.
- First of all she's
no longer married.
Second, she never ever puts out,
and with all due
respect I don't think
you're a man that can be
giving lessons on integrity.
- Nah ah ah, not
so fast bank man.
The one cheating
on his wife is you.
- And the criminal is you.
- Business man, and
you're a partner in crime.
If I remember correctly,
it was you who
opened up your bank
doors so we can
get some much needed funds.
So, seeing that you're
running out of time,
let's get the story straight.
Your girl has a husband.
- An ex-husband.
- Whatever.
She tells him about the
security system in the bank.
When the cash arrives
he robs the bank.
- Yeah I think so.
- You think so?!
- Well I'm not 100% sure but,
I just can't see
it any other way.
- Then it could
have been anybody.
- Yes.
What I need you to do
is go and visit the ex
and persuade him
to turn himself in.
- For what?
- For robbing my bank.
- You just told me
you weren't 100% sure.
- Does it matter?!
I mean does it matter
if I'm spot on or not?
That's what you're here for.
To turn the uncertainties
into certainties.
- I'm not gonna do it.
- You're not gonna do it?
Why not?
- What you want me to just
knock on every persons door
who might have robbed
your bank in the city?
I don't work on guesstimates.
- Well if you don't do it,
if you don't it then I...
I can take you to the cops.
- Excuse me?
- You heard me.
I can tell the cops who you
are and what you're about.
- Is that so?
- Yes, because I know
who robbed my bank.
I mean I think I know, but
it's more than I think.
And I think it's time people
stop messing me around
and started treating
me with some respect.
I put food on the tables
of a lot of families.
Yours included.
I deserve a lot of credit.
I mean think about it.
If he robbed my bank, then
he's got a lot of money on him.
Go and get him.
Then, I'll take you to a
proper fish restaurant.
- Thank you.
- My pleasure.
- So why did you call?
I can see you're going
somewhere special today.
- Oh no it was just you know,
with all this
bruising I just wanted
to wear something that
made me feel feminine.
I know it's crazy.
- Fair enough.
So, what happened?
- Well I was going down the
stairs heading to the spa
and this guy attacked me.
He didn't want my
money but he wanted
to talk to me about something.
Luckily the Landoni's across
were out spying as usual.
And they must have scared
him away when he saw them.
- Has anything gone on recently
which might have led
him to this incident?
- No, not really.
- Oh, I'm gonna ask
you some questions
so I can better understand
this entire situation.
- Okay.
- Do you mind?
- No, no, not at all.
- So what do you know
about Elio Sironi?
- Elio and I, we are,
I guess we are together.
- How long have
you been together?
- Ever since I started having
trouble with my husband.
- And is this spa business
yours or his Mrs. Redondini?
- Mine.
- Did he pay towards the
purchase of the business?
- Yes.
- How much did he invest?
- Everything.
He bought it for me.
- Wow, that's a
big diamond ring.
And did he give you any
indication where he got the money
to make that investment
Mrs. Redondini?
- No, but, he's a
banker so I just always
thought he made lots of money.
- And do you own this apartment?
- Elio bought it.
And he said we would
live here together.
- But you don't.
- No.
He's still with his wife.
- And you're aware that his
bank was robbed this week?
- Yes and he thinks I tipped
my ex-husband to do it.
- Why your ex-husband?
- Because my ex-husband
came into the bank
the next day to pay his
overdue payments or whatever.
But seriously, the guy
wouldn't go fishing
because he thought
bait was cruel.
He wouldn't hold up a
gun and much less a bank.
- Thank you Mrs. Redondini.
- Thank you.
- I assure you we'll get
to the bottom of this.
In the meantime, if you
see anything suspicious,
call us immediately.
- Okay.
Can I ask you a question?
- Of course.
- Am I safe?
- Cooperate with
me Mrs. Redondini
and I promise you'll be safe.
- Thank you.
I really appreciate that.
- Just out of curiosity,
might you have any
idea who this could be?
- Well that looks a
lot like my ex-husband Ruggero.
- Thank you.
You have been very helpful.
- Hello.
- Mr. Sironi,
Sante Casoria here.
- Yes, well.
- Yes well indeed.
I've thought about
our meeting and
I think I will take you
up on the offer after all.
- You made the right
decision Mr. Casoria.
- Oh I don't doubt that.
How 'bout we meet at 3 am
at the city park and ride?
- 3 am?
That's ridiculous.
- If you wanna be sure
to find the guy at home
there's no better
time than 3 am.
- What the hell am I
gonna tell my wife?
- Isn't lying to your
wife your strong point?
Tell her whatever
the hell you want.
Fucking idiot.
- Right, ready to go?
- I'm always ready.
But before we head out,
could you just explain
to me one more time
why we're heading
to this guys house?
- Are you serious?
Mr. Casoria please
pay close attention.
Tonight, we are going
to visit Ruggero Lavati.
The ex-husband of
my ex side project.
Because I am almost 100% sure
that he's the man
that robbed my bank.
We are simply going to get
him to turn himself in.
And in a gentle manner
that only you can provide.
- So we're going to convince him
to turn himself in?
- Yeah we're going to convince
him to turn himself in.
That way no one can claim
that I'm the one responsible
so I won't be forced to
tell the police a few things
that you're more than aware of.
- Sounds good.
Alright, get in the car.
- You wanna take mine?
- You don't wanna
leave a car like this
in a place like this do you?
- Good point.
Speaking of which,
why did you wanna
meet me here anyway?
What's wrong now?
- Just one more thing.
How did you get out
of it with your wife?
- I came up with a
really good excuse.
I said the alarm on
my mobile to ring
pretending it was
the police calling
to say that the alarm at
the bank was going off.
And I told her I had
to go in and disarm it.
- Perfect.
Fucking idiot.
- Casoria.
I hate goodbyes, they
always made me cry.
So instead, I thought
I'd leave you this note
and the money I promised
you for a job well done.
It'd be great to meet up again.
My offer always stands.
So all the best to
you and good luck.
Not like you need more of that.
- Yeah.
- Salina, Gaetano Lolli here.
- Gaetano?
Something wrong?
- For you maybe.
Had an old friend come
to pay me a visit.
Does the name Sante
Casoria ring a bell?
- Where did you see him?
- At my place.
- What the hell
is going on here?
- You tell me.
This is an inside
job on your end.
- There's no need to
make false accusations.
Just let me know where you are
and we'll come get you.
- Maybe you should
go pick Casoria up.
You don't need my testimony
against him anymore.
- Did you kill him?
- No I didn't kill him.
He committed suicide
down my stairwell.
- Alright, tell us where you are
and we'll clear this mess up.
- We will clear this mess
up the next time we meet.
- Lolli you tell me
right this instant where.
- Thanks.
Dear wolf, I'm
your sheep no more.
Regards, Ruggero.
P.S., I've known about you
and the banker all along.
- Yep.
- Detective Jonta.
- Hi detective.
- Chief, thank you.
- Why are you still working?
You should be on vacation.
- I know Chief but I just can't
get my head around this case.
- You've been on the
force for how long now?
- Going on 25 years.
- Because you're a man of
integrity and experience,
I'll tell you something.
But you can't
spread this around.
- Understood.
- For the last two years
we've been investigating
a large underground crime ring.
Extortion, drug
dealing, robbing banks.
- The dead guy on the stairs?
- The dead guy on the stairs
was involved in this ring.
And on Sunday
morning he showed up
at the building where
one of our pry man,
our protected
informants was staying.
Casoria got shot by our man.
Was furious because he thinks
there's a rat on our end.
The more I think about it,
the more I think
he might be right.
Casoria decides to
eliminate anyone
who could know about
his activities.
Starting with Sironi.
- So he shoots
Sironi because he had
his hands in the mix,
money laundering I suppose.
And he sees him as
the weakest link.
- He would've ratted them out.
I hope this makes
things a little clearer.
- So Chief, you
really think Sironi
asked the mob to rob
his bank three times?
- Yes.
It's the only
logical explanation.
- What about
Ruggero Levati?
- Who's Ruggero Levati?
- Ladies
and gentlemen,
this is your captain speaking.
We're about to start our
descent into Rio de Janeiro.
The temperature is
a balmy 32 degrees
or 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit.
- You couldn't wait 30 minutes?
- I'm sorry.
- 30 minutes, that was
a gift for our driver.
- I know I'm sorry.
I just, awe man they're so good.
Well, how many hours
we've been in the air now?
- Too long.
- I need some water.
- Look at you.
You're not gonna eat
the biscuits dry.
- No just rob us
another bank if I do.
- Sooner or later you're gonna
run out of luck my friend.
- Some call it luck
some call it destiny.
- I heard you coughing sir,
do you need some water?
- Thanks.
- Some would call it a
horseshoe up your ass.
- Girls take your bags
into the backseat,
there's no room in the boot.
- So they wanted a
logical explanation
to support their own
flawed conclusions.
But that doesn't put my
own thoughts to rest.
I guess there's no such
thing as a perfect holiday.