Toy Soldiers (1991) Movie Script

Hey, bring that back here!
Hey, Frank!
Frank, over here!
Frank, over here!
- Looking for this, Frank?
- Very funny.
The dean's waiting for you guys
back in your room.
A pleasure knowing you.
These two gentlemen are
deputy United States marshals.
They wish to have a word
with you, Mr. Donoghue.
- Me?
- Mm-hmm.
Let us have the room.
Close the door behind you.
It's just a precaution
we're taking...
with everyone involved
in the Enrique Cali case.
Especially with your father
since he's presiding in the case.
My father's been a federal judge
since I was five years old.
- What's he saying?
- You saw what happened.
They're talking about Phil's dad.
- He's a judge, right?
- Yeah.
It was on all three networks.
The boys are not allowed
to have TVs in their rooms.
Luis Cali, his son...
is passionately devoted
to his father.
He took over the Palace ofJustice down
there trying to get his father back.
The judge and two others
were killed.
- Is he in trouble?
- No.
- Something about Colombia.
- Good coffee.
Now, you know why they have to
take these precautions.
Your whole family will be put
in a very safe place.
They're taking him out today.
We can't tell you that, son, but it
will be a secure military installation.
You gentlemen may as well come in,
help your roommate pack.
- See you soon.
- We look forward to having you back.
- Thanks, sir. You too.
- All right.
- Billy.
- See you later, Phil. Rock 'n' roll.
Were you off campus yesterday?
I'm on probation, sir.
I'm not allowed off campus.
That's right. I forgot.
You know, somebody spray painted
the sheriff's car yesterday.
- Wrote the word "rejects" all over it.
- No kidding.
All right, you got away
with it this time.
But just remember,
I'm always gonna be watching you.
Lights out, boys.
Eat shit, Mr. Peterson.!
There go the dean
and the headmaster.
I can't go, man.
This paper's due in the morning.
Come on. They're ready.
Let's go, let's go. Come on.
Come on! Let's go.
Billy, this is your homework.
That's good. That's good.
Come on. Let's go.
Take it easy, man.
You're gonna break the window.
Am not.
- Shut up, Snuffy!
- Blow me.
Watch your head, man.
- That's like a spinal injury, man.
- Quiet.
I know you're mad, brother.
Nice hole, Billy.
Speaking of holes, anyone
have a sister? Call her up.
- I saw Joey's mom at the mall.
- You saw his mom?
With his sisters.
You guys better
leave my mom out of this.
- I love my mom.
- And you can, too, for 12 bucks.
As long as you're not talking
about my mother, everybody's cool.
Make yourselves comfortable.
The bar is open.
- Mr. Trotta, why don't you tend the bar?
- Mouthwash?
Yes, mouthwash. Or maybe not.
What's the deal, Billy?
You trying to tell me my breath stinks?
I wasn't saying your breath stinks.
Why do you take everything personally?
I don't think smoking when you
have asthma is such a good idea.
- Smoking isn't such a good idea, period.
- Gentlemen.
- Here's to Mr. Donoghue.
- Yes, to Phil.
- May he get laid while on the outside.
- Amen.
- This better not be mouthwash.
- Trust me.
"Trust me." Asshole.
This is mouthwash.
- No, it's not.
- Tastes like mouthwash. What is it?
Four parts 100 proof vodka...
two parts peppermint schnapps
for that mouthwash flavor...
and one part creme de menthe
to make it green.
You're a sick man.
I hope you know that.
That's the beauty of this concept.
It looks, smells, tastes like mouthwash.
We can keep liquor in plain sight
in our dorm rooms, right?
The best part, I sold 8 bottles
of this stuff for 35 bucks apiece.
We are rich.
You is a genius.
A lunatic, but a genius.
Mix me up another shot.
I'll work on the entertainment.
This stuff is great. It's opening up
my lungs, making me breathe easier.
- It's making you fart easier too.
- I didn't fart.
The first rule
of prep school etiquette:
When you're in a basement
with no windows, don't fart.
No, the first rule is to pretend you're
asleep when your roommate's beating off.
No, the first rule is to wait...
until your roommate falls asleep
before beating off.
Was that a remark
directed at me, roommate?
- You choke your chicken. It's yours.
- You slap your monkey all the time.
I can't sleep at night.
Speaking of beating off.
I'll do the talking.
This is Jennifer.
What's your name?
Well, hello, Steve.
Oh, I like that name.
Tell me what you look like.
Well, I got blond hair...
and I wear an earring
in my left ear.
About five-nine, 150 pounds.
Did I mention I'm black?
Sounds very sexy, Steve.
Oh, I like long, blond hair
on a black man.
Oh, I also got long, blonde hair.
I'm not black,
but I'm very, very tanned.
I'm wearing black lace bra and panties
that look really hot against my skin.
Would you like me
to take my bra off?
Yes, please.
My nipples are dark red.
Oh, very big, very hard.
I'm rubbing my breasts.
Oh, it feels so good.
Steve, I'm running my hands
down over my body now.
Slipping my thumbs
inside my panties.
Slip 'em in. Slip 'em in.
I'm completely naked except for
black stockings and high heels.
Would you like me to
leave them on or take them off?
Take them off. Now.
On. On. On. Leave them on.
Why don't you go ahead
and leave them on?
Steve, oh, you're so wicked.
I like it.
She likes that.
It's so soft, so big.
Oh, I just wanna touch it.
You want me to touch it,
don't you, Steve?
By all means, touch it.
- "Oh, Steve. Oh, my God.!"
- Touch it, baby, touch it.
- Outstanding!
- "Oh, Steve."
Hide it. Everybody move.
Mr. Tepper.
Why am I not surprised?
This is ingenious.
What's this?
- Mouthwash?
- Oh, come on, Mr. Tepper.
You expect me to believe you crawled
to the basement just to drink mouthwash?
I'm trying to fight plaque.
Gingivitis. Tartar buildup.
I got a little...
- Are you alone down here?
- Yes, sir.
- Where's your roommate?
- Up in his room, I guess.
- Shit.
- Watch your mouth.
Come on out, Mr. Bradberry.
You too, Mr. Trotta.
May as well come out.
He was bluffing.
- Gesundheit.
- Thank you.
Mr. Giles and Mr. Montoya,
come out now.
Or I'll place a guard on this basement,
have a bed check of the entire school.
Gentlemen, I want to see
you all in my office...
at 9:00 a.m. Sharp
tomorrow morning.
Go to your rooms now.
Not you, Billy.
You know, this is
really, really ingenious.
No, noth...
Just put the little...
- Where'd you get this stuff?
- Radio Shack.
Really? Was it expensive?
No, no, I picked it up on sale.
On sale. Good. Here.
- Break it.
- What?
Throw it on the floor.
Smash it.
Use your foot.
Come on, come on. Use your foot.
Make believe it's my foot. Smash it.
That's enough.
Let's go.
This is the U.S. Border Patrol!
You think you're the first kid
to put liquor in mouthwash bottles?
You think you're the first kid
to put liquor in mouthwash bottles?
It was done in my day.
I might have even done it myself.
Mr. Kouf, Mr. Greenwalt.
Mr. Tepper here sold you a bottle
of mouthwash with vodka in it?
You will not be punished if you
give it to me in five seconds.
Good. Good night.
Who's next?
If you're gonna kick me out, do it.
Don't make me look like a narc.
If we expelled you, that'd make
four prep schools in four years.
You trying for the "Guinness"
Book of Records?
No, sir.
Should we try this one?
How 'bout this one?
This one?
Mr. Burg, Mr. Zarpas.
Billy Tepper sold you
a bottle of vodka.
You have until the count of three
to hand it out here.
One, two...
Good. Good night.
Where to next?
You made your point.
I can't fake you out.
Fine. I admit it.
Don't put me through this anymore.
I'm sorry, but I will not have
alcohol in my dormitories.
Then I'll get it.
I'll bring it to you.
- How many more are there?
- Eight.
- You better not lie to me.
- Eight.
I believe you.
I'll be in my apartment.
You have ten minutes.
Do you think
we should expel you?
Do whatever you want. I'm not about
to beg to stay in this school.
If we threw you out, would you live
with your mother or your father?
I don't exactly have a burning desire
to live with either one of them.
Then what's behind this perverse desire
to risk getting thrown out of school?
You think I set out to get caught?
I don't think you do it
purely for fun.
I was having loads of fun
until you came along.
- Should I pack or what?
- Shut up and sit down.
Stop acting like such a tough guy.
It doesn't impress me.
I'm not going to expel you.
Three schools have done that...
and it's obviously done nothing
for your character.
- Are you listening to me?
- Yes, sir.
I'm gonna do much worse.
I am going to keep you here
until you graduate.
It will probably take years
at this rate.
I might wear you out before then.
Don't you worry about
wearing me out.
I'm gonna wear you out.
He wanted to know why
I have such a bad attitude.
Did he kick you out?
He put me on pots and pans
for the rest of the semester.
Could be worse.
He could have smashed my kneecaps
with a ball-peen hammer.
God, that fucker.
That asshole!
Get up. Get up!
We gotta strike back.
We have to do something
epic tonight...
or else I'm gonna look like
a douche bag to the entire school.
You were born looking
like a douche bag.
Come on, Joey. Get dressed!
I don't want to, man. I want to
go to sleep, dream aboutJennifer.
It was fucking humiliating, man.
See, they're up for it.
- You know me. I'm always up for it.
- Good.
What am I up for tonight?
I don't know.
I'm thinking about it.
- Fire hoses.
- That's been done.
Cherry bombs in the toilets.
It's too destructive. That would let
the dean know he got under our skin.
No, it's gotta be
cooler than that.
It's gotta be something witty,
something elegant.
Why don't you think about it
while I take a nap?
I got it. I got it. Come on.
You'll love this.
Come in.
Sir, Dr. Gould would like
to see you right away in the quad.
Check it out.
It's the headmaster's furniture.
Try not to laugh.
I'm trying.
I mean, just look at this.
The blotter, the pen,
the teacup on my desk.
Everything just
as I left it last night.
You know what
I'd really like to do?
That's to work out here all day.
I don't suppose that would be
too good for discipline, would it?
- I'm afraid not.
- Yes.
- Any idea who did it?
- Very good idea.
Don't be too hard on them.
It's much better than fire hoses in the
chapel or cherry bombs in the toilet.
- You!
- Yo, Billy!
And you.
And you two.
You gentlemen have the honor
of returning this furniture...
back to its original place.
Pick up that banana.
Are there any objections?
- No, sir.
- No, sir.
Yeah, sounds cool.
Hey, taste test. Well?
- Hi. Can I help you?
- How you doin'?
We don't want to hurt anybody.
Get in the truck.
Get down!
Stay on the floor where you are
until we tell you to move.
Don't get up.
Don't do anything.
Is that clear?
Stop! No! Don't hurt him!
They're looking for Donoghue.
You can threaten me
as much as you like.
The fact remains that officers from
the United States Marshal's Service...
took young Donoghue
out of school yesterday...
and they did not say
where they were taking him.
I have been under
a lot of strain lately...
and I don't have
a lot of patience.
If you're lying and he's here,
I will find him.
I'll kill you.
He's not here.
According to this,
you're telling the truth.
If you continue to do that,
you have nothing to fear from me.
These young men
have done nothing to you.
I realize that.
How could this happen? We pay a fortune
for this kind of information!
We were in transit.
They couldn't get to us.
But we might not have a problem.
I think you better
take a look at these.
Anderson, Robert.
- Anderson, Robert!
- Here.
Your father is president
of the Tex-Peet Oil Company.
Yes, sir.
Bradberry, Jonathan.
Your father is Stephen Bradberry?
Chairman of the First
Empire Bank of New York?
And vice chairman
of the Republican party?
- Giles, Henry the third.
- Yes.
Come here, Giles.
Your father is Representative
Henry Giles Jr.?
Chairman of
the Armed Services Committee.
Yes, sir.
Trotta, Joseph.
Your father is Albert Trotta
of New York City.
The Albert Trotta?
What's the matter?
Not proud of your father.
- Montoya, Ricardo.
- Yes, sir.
Your father is senior partner
atJohnson, Montoya and Epps?
Yes, sir.
And past president of
the California Bar Association.
Yes, sir.
So tell me, Ricardo.
Are you a Mexican?
Do you speak Spanish?
No, not really.
No, wait!
"Wait" what?
You don't speak Spanish.
I'm sorry.
I do speak a little Spanish.
Hey, don't!
Hey, don't do that!
Come on, man.
- Is he a friend of yours?
- Yes, he is.
Tell your friend he's lucky
I didn't shoot him.
What's your name?
- William Tepper.
- William Tepper.
What does your father do,
He's a contractor.
He owns the third largest
construction company in the world.
Yeah, he's a contractor.
You're not afraid?
- Yes, I'm afraid.
- Good.
Don't fuck with me.
You're right, Jack.
We don't need Donoghue.
We can play with this.
I want the slick little bastard
that spray painted my car!
I'm gonna arrest any of them damn
rejects that show their face in town!
I don't think so.
- Take a look at this.
- Mouthwash.
No. It's vodka.
- One-hundred proof vodka.
- So?
So you got an uncle that owns
that liquor store down the street.
- Wait just a damn minute.
- You wait just a damn minute, Sheriff.
We're gonna make ourselves
a little deal here.
You're gonna forget about
who spray painted your car...
- Sheriff!
- Listen, if you think...
Somebody's been shot
out at the Regis School!
Come on, Dean.
It's Frank Ingram.
- What's going on up at the school?
- We don't know.
We get fired on
if we try to get past the gate.
You two get your shotguns, get in the
back seat of my car, stay out of sight.
You don't want to do that. You want to
call the state police or the FBI.
Don't tell me what to do.
I'll call them myself.
Now hear this up at the school.
This is the King's County sheriff.
Hold your fire.
I'm coming up to talk to you.
I'm alone and unarmed.
Hold your fire.
Hold your fire.
Sheriff, Deputy Assistant
Director Otis Brown.
How you doin'?
Sheriff has agreed to
our assuming jurisdiction.
I've been briefed on the plane.
What's your assessment?
There's an unknown number of terrorists
with.50-caliber machine guns...
and antitank rockets.
There's about three miles
of perimeter around the campus...
and their weapons
can sweep the whole area.
We've got to get assistance
from the military.
I'll try to get it.
- No communication from the school?
- None.
Your father's well?
He's tired of being in prison.
He's ready to go home.
- I'm glad you could get here so quickly.
- My pleasure, Otis.
I have troops in observation positions
around the perimeter of the school...
and an assault force at a staging area
five minutes away.
Now, my orders are to assist you
with observation and surveillance...
and plan a joint assault
with your people.
That's it, Otis.
Anything else would require
specific orders from the president.
I understand.
Let's hope we never need to ask.
Is it armed?
It is now.
Oh, man!
This is disgusting. They expect us
to eat this? This is dog vomit.
The school is taken over by terrorists,
and I'm still on pots and pans.
Stop now.
Please come outside.
Anyone who leaves
this building will be shot.
We will take a head count now
and again in the morning.
If one person is missing...
five of you will be executed.
If two are missing,
ten will be shot.
And so on.
Tomorrow we will begin
a head count every hour...
on the hour.
If all goes well...
you will be allowed
out into the quad.
But every hour on the hour...
you must be in this room
to be counted.
Is that understood?
You have seen these orange wires running
throughout this building and outside.
These are wired to explosives.
If any one of these wires is cut...
the explosives
will go off automatically.
If any of the individual explosives
are tampered with...
they will explode!
don't touch the wires.
Don't touch the explosives.
- All right, all right.
- Just do what they say.
- Are you okay? Are you all right?
- What are you doing?
Ow. Man, stop.
Well, we managed
to stay together anyway.
Yeah, that's my ambition in life...
to die with you guys.
You're the kid they call Yogurt,
right? This is your room?
I'm Derek, and he's Ted,
and yes, this is our room.
Not anymore.
Ah, here we go.
- Put that down!
- I guess some things never change.
You have any sleeping bags,
any blankets?
Do you got any food here,
candy bars?
- Do you have any more magazines?
- No!
- This your plane, Yogurt?
- Yeah, I made it.
You understand all this
remote control stuff?
I do.
The thing the leader's got wrapped
around his wrist... think it'll work?
- Yeah.
- We're well and truly fucked.
They can't rescue us.
We'd all get killed.
- Then they'll pay the ransom.
- Maybe.
We're gonna do something, right?
We can't just sit by and let
these bastards fuck with our lives.
- Do we have a choice?
- Yes.
Could we change the subject?
I'd like to go to bed
without wetting my pants.
This is FBI Deputy
Assistant Director Otis Brown.
Who am I speaking to?
This is Dr. Robert Gould,
"the head"..."headmaster."
Look, all the boys are here.
They're all alive and in good health.
They're frightened, of course.
- Tell them about the explosives.
- What?
There are explosives
all over the campus.
He says that if the wires are cut,
they'll blow up.
And he has
a remote control device...
attached by tape
to the back of his hand.
He says he can blow the school up
by pressing a button.
It is true.
And I will not hesitate.
If you attack the school, my men will
begin shooting students until you stop.
But ifby some miracle,
you kill all of my men...
whatever happens, I will still
have time to press the button...
and every one of us will die.
I am releasing the faculty.
One of them will be carrying
a complete list of my demands.
These are nonnegotiable.
If you do not produce
my father unharmed...
I will begin executing
the hostages.
I'm sure by now you have discovered
who these students are...
and who their parents are.
I assume the students did this.
Over half the student body consists of
boys expelled from other prep schools.
- Hence the nickname.
- I see.
No, you don't see.
My boys, many of them have
a real problem with authority.
There's no telling what they might do
in a situation like this.
That could damn well
get 'em killed.
There's one boy in particular.
Here they come.
There's a body.
I think it's Jesse Miller...
the chemistry teacher.
Do you think it's true
about the explosives?
Would he be willing to blow himself up
along with everyone else?
I think he'd be willing to do anything
ifhe doesn't get his father back.
Can't sleep, huh?
Yeah, me neither.
None of us can sleep,
especially with you two yapping.
Billy, we gotta do something.
Yeah, we can be cool
and wait to be rescued.
Anybody know Morse code?
With that light and a mirror,
we could send signals back and forth.
No, Billy!
Nobody knows Morse code.
For Christ's sakes.
Well, we got the perfect number
for poker.
Anybody got a deck of cards?
You can't smoke in the dorms.
What are they gonna do,
kick me out?
Shut up, you guys.
Hey, Joey, shut the door.
Shut the door.
There's one of them
at the end of the hall.
So we make some noise
and we get him in here.
And then we jump him.
Then what?
Billy, he's got
a fuckin' machine gun.
With a fucking machine gun,
we could shred these fuckers!
This machine gun stuff
must run in Mafia families.
You son of a bitch!
- Come on, man.
- That was a joke, okay?
I'm your friend.
I can call you a wop if I want to.
- They're crazy.
- Kiss and make up.
I'm sorry.
Just don't call me a wop.
Sure. Is it okay
if I call you an asshole?
Sure. Asshole, dickhead.
Fuck face.
All right, enough of this
machine gun stuff, Joey.
Oh, okay, Mom.
You think of a better idea.
- You wanna know what we should do?
- No.
We need to find out everything
about these guys who are holding us.
How many there are, what kind of guns
they have, all that stuff.
Then we need to get that information
to the outside world.
Then they can get in
and rescue us.
It's a very cool idea.
Let's do it.
That sounds like a lot of effort
for a group of underachievers.
The difference is, if the dean
catches you, he doesn't kill you.
- Are you with me or not?
- What do you...
Of course we're with you, man.
But if you get us shot,
we're gonna be pissed.
Parents of hostages held at the Regis
School have been arriving all day...
and are being urged by FBI officials
to stay at a local motel.
We'll try and talk with some
of the parents. Excuse me.
Jerry, come on, man.
Bring that back.
Now, gentlemen, this object
I'm holding here is called...
Some of you may have seen one
of these before. It's called a book.
You may have seen one
on television.
Fellas, the ball's over here.
Thank you very much.
Don't pay any attention to them.
Sooner or later,
they'll all be gone.
Oh, yes, but this book...
will be important... forever.
Gube, heard you brought a breakfast tray
up to the lookouts in West Hall.
- Yeah.
- What room were they in?
- They were in the infirmary.
- How many?
- Two.
- What kind of stuff do they have?
What do you mean? What stuff?
- Guns, grenades. That kind of stuff.
- They had tons of it.
All kinds. A big machine gun.
Wait a minute. I'm not gonna get
in trouble for this, am I?
- Don't be a wuss.
- Describe the machine gun.
Why don't you send your troops in there
and shoot the sons of bitches?
You are crazy. Just shut up.
Did you realize that the head
of the New Jersey Mafia...
is here in this room?
I see him.
Knowing that...
you let him send his son
to your school?
Of course.
It's not the boy's fault
who his father is.
...the FBI advises parents
to pay the ransom.
Why don't you just
give the guy what he wants?
In the first place,
the FBI has no such policy.
But beyond that,
your sons haven't been kidnapped.
They're being held hostage
by a gang of terrorists.
As we know,
it's United States policy...
not to accede
to terrorist demands.
That policy
is gonna have to change.
We'll go to the White House
if we have to!
My family isn't rich. We don't
have influence at the White House.
My son is on a full scholarship
to the school.
- So is mine.
- We should talk to the press.
Why should our kids suffer
alongside the rich kids?
Nobody should go to the White House.
Nobody should talk to the press.
I know how much
of a strain this is...
but you could be putting your sons
in even greater danger.
So please,
let the experts handle this.
80, 81, 82...
83, 84, 85...
86, 87...
88, 89...
90, 91, 92.
Back outside now, please.
Beyond saying there is an adequate
number, I'm not prepared to comment.
Are the hostages safe
at this time?
The hostages are obviously
in a very dangerous situation...
and will be so
until they are released.
Everybody's accounted for.
Are negotiations in progress
now with the terrorists?
This administration has never
waivered from the policy...
that the United States must never
give in to the demands of terrorists.
To do so would only
encourage more hostage taking.
Well, we'll see.
- Hey, man, I'm supposed to...
- We know.
- Be careful, man.
- You bet.
I'm supposed to take this
to your guys upstairs.
We got two guards
in the bell tower...
two more in the attic
of Fisher Hall.
There's two in the infirmary
and two more on the roof of West Hall.
That's eight.
Three in the quad makes 11,
and the leader in the office is 12.
His name is Luis Cali.
And the three guys in the quad...
that's Jorge, Ruiz and Carlos.
That's right.
You speak Spanish.
Don't forget the American guy
with the glasses.
- That makes 13.
- This man.
You know Vinny?
The FBI's crawling all over me.
I didn't even wanna use a pay phone.
- You seen the news?
- Yeah, of course.
This Enrique Cali...
the old man who's in prison...
We've done business with him.
I know the Bars brothers
are in with him very big.
- So is Dino Frenetti and his boy Micky.
- All right.
I want you to
reach out to them fast.
Tell them to get to the old man
and explain about my son.
All right.
It's done, right away.
The kid hates me.
Albert, hey, hey.
Kids are kids.
They go through a stage.
They're ashamed of us.
Hey, it's just a phase.
No, it's different with Joey.
He really hates me.
But what can I do?
I love him
and I want him out of there.
- It's done. Right away, okay?
- Go ahead.
Billy, we've got enough to do
without you thinking up more ideas.
Excuse me. I'm having
a private conversation with Yogurt.
This is the chip that sends
radio signals to the plane?
And it's the same kind of chip that
he's got in the garage door opener...
the thing wrapped around his wrist,
the one that controls the explosives?
Well, it should be.
I mean, all chips aren't standardized.
Then if we could somehow
switch these chips...
then we'd control the bombs and he would
control the plane with his wrist deal.
- Right.
- Don't be ridiculous.
First, the guy's got the remote control
tied around his wrist all the time.
- How you gonna get it?
- I think he has a point.
He could be knocked out.
No way you could knock him out without
giving him time to press the button.
- And his men would shoot you if you did.
- Maybe.
Even if you could get it,
why switch the chips?
You can just take the thing
and flush it down the toilet.
We're getting the information out.
I guess we're doing all we can do.
- What do you think of this?
- Is it legible?
Only if you know
how to read.
I told you the searchlight
would be important.
That's great, Joey.
"If you know how to read."
Of course,
the reverse is also true.
What the hell do you mean,
"the reverse is also true"?
What I mean is if you
take the other chip...
the receiving chip
out of the plane...
then you can replace it with the
receiving chip from the detonator.
Oh, yeah,
that's wonderful.
Now all we have to do is get Cali
out of the headmaster's office...
which he hardly ever leaves,
sneak past the guard...
switch the chips
without setting off the bombs...
and then get out
without being seen.
That's right.
That's it exactly.
I was attempting to be sarcastic.
You shouldn't have been.
You should have been writing it down.
Stop it, Billy.
You're beginning to scare me.
84, 85, 86, 87, 88...
89, 90, 91, 92.
Take 'em out.
You may go outside now.
I'd like to see the sophomore class...
by the bench, please.
Over here, man. Come on.
You got till exactly 45 minutes
past the hour to get back to the trees.
- That's the big hand on the little nine.
- I'll be there.
- Wait until they look the other way.
- Okay.
- Ready?
- Ready.
- Watch yourself, man.
- Kick the ball!
All right.
Roosevelt represented
a profoundly different view...
of the role
of the federal government.
- Start it up.
- All right. Looks good to me.
All right, pick it up.
Get it ready.
Let her go.
A view that troubled
the government...
in economic life...
You really can fly it,
huh, Derek?
- Oh, shit.
- Oh, dear.
Be on the alert.
Shut it down now.
Man, come on!
Hands on your head!
Look, I'm from the school.
Here's the information you need
about the people holding us.
Be careful with it.
We're all fine so far.
- Nice outfit. I gotta run.
- You gotta wait for the boss.
I got to get back before
somebody knows I'm gone!
Kid, I'm sorry, but you're not
going anywhere until we check you out.
You have a student
named Tepper?
Yes. Billy Tepper. I've been
waiting for something from him.
- Just keep him there.
- What's he done?
There's a helicopter
on the pad outside.
If he is one of your boys,
go get him and bring him back here.
Roosevelt, by using the radio...
was able to speak
to the American people...
This is coffee.
Even if you are who you say you are, we
cannot let you go back. They'd kill you.
That's my problem. I can make it.
I've gotta go right now.
You gotta get me
out of here, sir.
- Are you all right?
- I'm fine.
- You know this kid?
- Of course.
They're gonna shoot five kids
if I don't go back.
- They'll shoot you if you do go back.
- I can make it.
You know I can't lie to you. You gotta
know I'm telling you the truth.
I believe you.
Let him go.
I cannot accept
that responsibility.
Let him go.
Get him! Stop the kid
before he gets himself killed.
Any second now.
Where the hell is he?
He'll be here.
He'll be here.
Oh, geez!
He's got a minute.
Oh, shit!
Please, God.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on, come on.
- What do we do?
- We wait.
Damn! It's already
too late, man.
71, 72, 73...
74, 75, 76, 77...
78, 79, 80, 81...
"82, 83, 84, 85, 86"...
"82, 83, 84, 85, 86"...
Get back in line!
I already counted you.
87, 88, 89, 90, 91.
- It's still 91.
- Count them again.
"One, two, three, four, five"...
86, 87, 88...
89, 90, 91.
We got one boy missing.
I told you what would happen
if one of you escaped.
Did you think I was kidding?
You first.
Let's go.
Face against the wall. Come on.
You too.
You! Get over there!
And you. Run.
Oh, Jesus. I'm sorry.
I was in the shower.
I didn't hear the bell ring.
He's wet.
- I'm sorry.
- So he is.
- Come with me. Come with me.
- I'm sorry.
Okay, let's go.
Get back in line. It's all over.
Come on! Go!
Okay, let's go.
Come on. Come on. Go.
My father sent me to a school
that looked a lot like this one.
A military academy
in Pennsylvania.
Perhaps you've heard of it...
the Armitage School?
Yeah, I think so.
You really have no sense
of discipline, do you?
Look, I'm sorry
about the shower thing. I promise...
Oh, shit.
- This is how I learned discipline...
- Oh, shit.
And believe you me...
I learned.
This basement the kid is talking about,
it's not on the plans.
It exists.
I've been in it.
There used to be a building
right here behind where the kitchen is.
That's a subbasement
in that building.
- There's no building above it then.
- That's right.
So if the hostages were
in the basement...
and the buildings blew up,
they'd probably survive.
That building was built in 1881.
They built to last back in those days.
What about the explosives?
It's interesting what the kid
says about switching the chips.
- Could it work?
- It's very possible.
I wouldn't wanna take the responsibility
for letting the kid try this...
but it could work.
Take it easy.
It's over.
Washington has authorized me
to make a deal.
What are we giving them?
Whatever it takes
to get the hostages free.
We have a shot
at a successful assault here.
We know the location
of every terrorist.
The kid can get the other students
out of the line of fire.
What kid? This kid has been
kicked out of two schools.
- No, three schools.
- Three schools.
Come on.
All of this is unreliable.
That's not really true. I may not rely
on Billy getting to class on time...
but I would rely on this.
- Why?
- Because he's got guts. He's a leader.
You can see that
he's thought this thing through.
Now, if Billy says he can do it,
I gotta believe he can.
If everything goes perfect...
could we guarantee no casualties
among the hostages?
No, of course not.
Then our orders are to cut a deal.
That's unacceptable.
The demands in my letter
must be followed exactly.
I'll have to go back
to my superiors.
- We'll need time to discuss this.
- "I understand."
In recognition of
your willingness to negotiate...
the execution scheduled
for 5:00 p.m. Today will be postponed.
However, if we have not concluded
a deal by 5:00 p.m. Tomorrow...
there will be no further delays.
We won.
We just got a message
from Albert Trotta.
Trotta's kid, Joey,
goes to the Regis School.
He, naturally, wants him out.
And he'd be a good guy
to have owe us a favor.
Give me something to write with.
Give this message to my son.
They're receiving another message.
It's the headmaster.
How you feeling?
Come to my office,
will you, Mr. Trotta?
- They want to see you.
- Why?
I don't think they mean you any harm.
I'll go with you.
- It's all right.
- Okay.
We're letting you go.
- What?
- You're free to go.
These men will take you
to the main entrance.
All you have to do
is walk down the driveway.
Why me?
Because we respect your father.
Fuck my father...
and fuck you.
I'm not going anywhere
without my friends.
Oh, yes, you are.
Don't fight him!
Just go!
Let go of me!
Okay, okay, all right.
Okay, okay, all right.
I'm going. I'm going.
Let me go!
Let me go!
Oh, you fucker!
- You son of a bitch!
- Okay!
Inside, let's go.
Please wait there.
It is very important
that you explain to them...
that we did not want
to kill this boy.
We were releasing him,
in fact.
But he suddenly attacked my men
and they were forced to shoot him.
I would like to see the headmaster
and the other students, please.
Not possible.
Then release the headmaster
and take me instead.
It is very important
that you tell them...
we did not intend
to kill this boy.
It was an accident.
It wouldn't have happened if you
hadn't come here in the first place.
It wouldn't have happened if the US
government hadn't kidnapped my father!
Now, we will leave as soon
as my father is returned to me.
You tell them that.
You tell them that this one was
an accident, but the next one won't be.
They're gonna hunt you down,
you know that, don't you?
They'll eventually find you,
and then they will kill you.
You Americans always say that...
but you never actually do it.
God, I am sorry.
It's a lie...
this stuff about an accident.
- I don't believe it.
- Well, it's what they claim.
How does a kid have an accident
that gets him shot with a machine gun?
I don't know.
These people are grown-ups...
not like my son.
It's time they found out
there's no such thing as an accident.
The president has waived
posse comitatus...
and we have orders to proceed
with the assault as planned.
Our assault teams are to move out
to the helicopters and stand by.
Cut the power to the campus and
jam everything... radio, TV, microwave.
- I want an absolute and total blackout.
- What's going on?
Yesterday your boy Billy Tepper suddenly
appeared on our side of the wire.
How'd he do that?
There's an old storm drain on
the east edge of the campus right there.
It's got bars on it, but the boys
always manage to get through.
- What's happening?
- Could you show our explosives expert...
how to get through that drain?
Of course.
What's happening?
Enrique Cali
was just murdered in prison.
When Luis Cali finds out about his
father's death, he'll kill hostages.
He could very well blow up the school.
We've got no choice. We have to go in.
"We're doing eve"ryt"hing we can,"
but I gotta tell you...
the casualties could be high unless
your boy does what he says he can do.
- "He'll try."
- "He better."
- Billy, wake up.
- I'm awake.
That's the signal. They're going
to attack and they want our help.
They're crazy. What do they think
we can do? We'll get everybody killed.
- This was your idea.
- It's too late to back out now.
- No, it isn't.
- They're depending on us.
They'll stop depending on us
when we don't answer them.
You asshole!
Give me that!
Get off me!
Maybe it was a mistake
to follow your plan...
but we did
because you wanted us to.
Now it's too late to back out.
We can't back out and neither can you.
I've been a major fuckup my whole life.
I'll get you all killed.
Come on, man.
I'm sorry.
The cuts on your back.
Forget about the cuts. That's the least
of our problems right now.
Your plan is just as good now as it was
yesterday when we thought it was great.
- We were wrong yesterday.
- Stop this, Billy! You got us into it.
- You gotta get us out.
- Say, "Do it forJoey," and I'll puke.
We don't have to tell you why.
You know why.
You're fucking morons.
You know that, don't you?
You're fucking morons.
That's why we hang
with you, Billy.
- We're really gonna do this?
- You bet.
All right, we got a lot of work
to do, especially you.
Are you there?
What are you trying to do?
You see, there's been a power failure
affecting the whole county.
- They're working on it.
- "I see."
You have exactly
one hour to fix the power.
Then I kill one hostage
every 15 minutes until it's back on.
All right now, just relax.
Try and act natural.
The next guy comes out of the bathroom,
you two go, all right?
When you come out of the storm drain,
stay to the right as you go up the hill.
You'll be under cover until
you get to this point right here.
It would be a lot easier
if I went along with you.
I'm sorry, sir.
We can't let you do that.
We'll be fine with the map.
Hey, you guys all set?
If there's any problem,
just turn off the water.
Come on.
You sure this goes
to the headmaster's office?
How do you think I broke in
to get the headmaster's furniture out?
How do you think I got
the algebra final?
Geez Louise, Yogurt, you'd think we were
going to defuse a bomb or something.
It was a joke, Yogurt.
Lighten up.
Hey, man, are you okay?
Get his medicine!
Come on, quick.
Out of the way.
- All right, now what?
- You see that box?
No, no, no!
That's the detonator.
Don't touch that box. The other box...
the blue box with the light on it.
That's the remote control receiver.
Take the casing off.
Do any of your men have medical
training? This boy's very sick.
What now?
All right, all right,
very, very carefully...
take the red chip out
of the receiver.
- There is no red chip.
- There must be.
Well, I'm sorry, there isn't.
There's a blue chip the same size as
the red chip, but there's no red chip.
That must be it then.
Well, is it or isn't it?
I don't know.
This boy has a history of medical
problems. You can see how sick he is.
You must call an ambulance.
Okay, it should just
slide in now.
Oh, shit!
Watch out.
I'm coming up.
Damn it.
I can't just wait here.
Prepare to engage targets.
Confirm target acquisition.
Targets are up.
He's got a history of asthma.
- I'm feeling a little better, sir.
- Good, good.
It's not gonna work.
They jammed the radios.
Okay, Jack.
Shh. Listen.
Do you hear water running?
Oh, good. I thought
we were in trouble. Move.
There. Now that
wasn't so hard, was it?
I got him. I got him.
I got him!
Hit him, Yogurt!
Come on, Yogurt.
Hit him!
Forget it.
We're jamming the radios.
Help me get to the headmaster's office...
to the detonator.
Let's go.
Are you supposed to be here?
Yeah, I'm on pots and pans.
What is "pozanpans?"
No, pots and pans.
When they wanna give a kid a terrible
punishment, they give him pots and pans.
I have to wash this shit
after every meal.
- Pots and pans.
- Yeah, pots and pans.
Come on! Let's go!
Everybody in the kitchen!
Everybody in the kitchen!
Move, move!
Come on, come on!
Move! Move, move, move, move!
Hurry it up! Get in here.
Get up!
Hold your fire.
He's got a hostage!
Oh, God.
I'm sorry.
What'll happen if he
pulls out the wires?
The bombs will go off.
Shoot him.
Are you all right?
I'm sorry I was such
an asshole to you.
I mean, now that you saved
my life and everything.
It's okay.
- I never took it personally.
- Good.
Hey, congratulations.
You came through.
You just might graduate
in this lifetime.
Does that mean
I'm off pots and pans?
Oh, no. You don't think you're
gonna get off that easy, do you?
Hey, have you guys
seen Billy?
Hey, have you seen Billy?
- Where could he be?
- Hey! Hey! Here's an ambulance.
Is Billy Tepper in there?
He's not in there.
No one's seen Billy?
- Where is he, man?
- Hey! Hey!