Toy Soldiers (1984) Movie Script

We were on our way to Panama.
With the right kind of luck, I figured...
we were only two days from the canal.
I was beat.
In fact, I was already wishing
I had never taken the job.
My crew always wanted to sail...
but the heavy demands
of nonstop partying...
had taken their toll, on all of us.
The only passenger I had
who knew their way...
around a sailboat was Amy,
the owner's daughter.
I used to call her Princess
and little rich bitch.
But she was actually a lot of help.
She even used to do the diving...
when there was any underwater work
to be done.
One of her friends said she was...
some kind of a swim champ in college.
Of course, she should've known better...
than to try to get the
drop on an old ex-marine.
Sarge, it's Mel!
But that was before I taught her...
anything about sneak attack.
You know I could have you fired for that?
Next time, don't make
so much noise, airhead.
Look Amy, sarge is just pissed off...
'cause we damn near lost the
boat last night in a storm.
Some of us were...
They weren't a
bad bunch of kids, really.
There was Jeff, he was Amy's main squeeze.
Boe, a baseball player, Larry the runt.
Amy's cousin Trevor had brought along...
his latest bombshell stewardess, Monique.
Buffy was a cute kid.
Big Tom was the clown.
Just a bunch of college kids having a ball...
on their summer vacation.
And yours truly getting paid
to babysit while they played.
I don't know to this day whether somebody...
left that dingy loose or it just drifted.
Everybody's memory seems a
little dim on that point.
The rope off.
I saw one in there a minute ago.
Yeah, it was a big white
one about the size...
Whichever it was, I got mad and ended up...
going after it myself.
And that was when they went and
did something really dumb.
What the hell do you
think you're doing? Hey!
We'll miss you!
Flood it.
Here's your rations, sarge!
Damn, his platoon gave
him that when he retired.
We'll miss you!
quit screwin' around!
Say cheese, sarge!
Jerk-offs, come on!
I'm warning you, if anything
happens to that boat.
Love you, sarge!
They made it back to anchor okay.
They were just screwin' around,
not a care in the world.
They had their little adventure.
I was working my way down the coast,
worried sick about the boat.
Must be nice to be so rich.
It has its advantages.
Land ho!
What they didn't
know, what nobody knew,
was that the fun was just about over.
Tom, are you okay?
Tom, Tom, are you okay?
- Ames, Buffy?
- Oh, god, he's bleeding.
Tom's hurt!
Hey, what happened?
You big jerk, you were fooling around,
now look what happened.
Look, just relax, relax, would ya?
I can handle this, the
airline taught me first aid.
Oh god, I'm sorry, this is all my fault,
I shouldn't have taken the boat.
Look, look, let's just see
what we got here, all right?
Oh, I don't know, man,
this cut's pretty deep.
Look at his eyes.
It looks like a concussion.
I've seen it too many times in football.
So what do we do?
Sarge would know.
Well sarge isn't here.
Well where is here, anyway?
Central America, that's all
I know, central America.
Well, I say we wait for sarge.
You know, put his feet up or something.
No, we gotta get him to a doctor.
Let's get the lifeboat out.
I think if I have this
right, there should be
a road about a mile in.
How many should go?
Boe and Larry are absolutely shitfaced.
I couldn't even wake 'em up.
My good old roommates.
Always there when you need 'em.
Well, this guy weights a
ton, and he's not exactly
gonna be tap dancing.
We'll all help.
Someone should stay with the boat.
Fine, then you stay, Trevor.
But you turn the running lights on
and make sure that you
tell sarge what happened.
Just don't get lost, okay?
Please help!
Do you speak English?
We're American, we had accident on boat.
S, s, he needs a doctor,
he's got a concussion.
I am father Esparza.
You can come with me, please.
There is a clinic, 20 kilometers maybe.
I can take you there,
it's near the mission.
Thank you so much.
Is that where you were going?
No, I'm just taking
these people behind you
to a place nearby.
They are something special.
They are farmers on their
way to their new land.
Their own country is
blocking land reform here.
These people are now entitled to make
a claim on their own land.
Such a perfect vacation.
My father me his yacht for two months.
We had a really great time.
We were heading toward the Panama canal.
And this had to happen.
Let us hope it is not serious.
No, don't shoot, we're Americans!
S, s.
Oh, god, Jeff.
Home, home on the range
Shut the hell up in there, okay?
Where is seldom is heard
You have a broken neck, huh?
Huh, you have a good time, huh?
Now, where are the others?
Larry and boe are down in the hole.
No, I can hear them a fuckin' mile away.
Where are the others?
Tom got hurt, they took him ashore.
- In there?
- Yeah.
Amy said she'd send
somebody back before dark.
Jesus H. Christ.
In there?
Come on, come on!
You piss off, buster.
You want your tits for yourself?
I will put them in a box for you.
Cut it out!
Amy, just shut up.
No, we're Americans, god damn you!
Shoot her.
You would like a cigarette?
I'd like for my friends and
I to please get outta here.
Seorita, you and your
friends, you're Americans?
Yes, and one of us is
in need of a doctor,
he's badly hurt.
Who knows you're here?
No one.
How badly do you want to
get your friend to a doctor?
Badly enough.
Don't worry.
I don't hit.
I merely give orders.
You will find there are
worse things than my bed.
Take it off.
Take it off, dammit.
It always amuses me.
You Americans act so big.
Yet you are nothing.
What did they do to you?
You must get away.
Or they will kill you.
Who are they?
Death squad.
Oh man.
Guard, please!
He's dead, for god's sakes,
please, please do something,
you can't leave him in here.
Don't go!
Please, come back!
Pedro, amigo!
Hey, hold it, will ya?
Can you give me a ride?
I just need a ride.
Please see it, sarge,
please, please, please,
please see it, sarge.
Thanks a lot, you scumbags.
All right, Amy.
All right.
Oh, yo.
Hey, ho, ho, ho.
Take her.
Welcome to banana land, Princess.
Can you still run?
I want you to go all the
way to that clearing.
Stand still, put your arms over your head
like you're gonna
surrender, you understand?
You want me to stand
there with my hands...
Do it or you're dead.
We gotta go back and get the others.
Hey, there is no going
back, Amy, you understand?
It's time to save your own ass, come on.
Look, it was an accident
that could happen to anybody.
Where were you while
all this was going on?
Why weren't you with them?
That was what he was
hired for, wasn't it, to...
Look, there was a lot of confusion.
Actually, we left him
behind kind of like a joke.
You don't have to cover for him.
The man's a coward.
Dad, he saved my life.
If he'd have been doing his job,
your life would never have been in danger.
You know, I pay you to be responsible
for that yacht and everyone on it.
I know what you pay me fore.
That all you got to say for yourself?
I'm gonna tell you what you
can do with your boat.
You can shove it up your rich ass, Jack.
You son of a bitch.
You know I've had it up to here with you.
You're fired!
Fine with me.
Well, before any more fireworks start,
let me tell you where
we stand at this point.
We don't know who's holding them,
but ambassador Bartholomew
should be meeting
with president Lopez today.
Thank you for coming.
I full understand your country's
concern over this matter.
I assure you that my own is no less.
As a mother, I think I know
what those poor parents
must be feeling.
These rebels must be stopped.
They undermine the trust between us.
Our two countries have
been friends ever since
my Juan brought democracy to Costa Verde.
We must help each other whenever we can.
Well, if you're hinting
about that request for aid,
we will do all we can, I can assure you.
I have put my best man in charge.
Ah, speak of the devil.
Mr. ambassador, this is my
chief of internal security,
colonel Perez.
Ah yes, you were Virginia
military, weren't you?
That is right, sir.
How did you know?
Oh, well I make it my
business to be familiar
with all the key people around here.
Is there any news?
Nothing yet, Seora Presidente.
Well let me know if I can
be of any further assistance.
Yes, certainly, Wade.
Thank you.
- Mr. ambassador.
- Very nice meeting you, sir.
As far as we can tell, the Americans
were taken by leftist elements.
Who we don't know yet.
Nor what they intend to do with them.
This is bad for us.
Very bad.
And the timing couldn't be worse.
Just when I'm courting the
American congress for more aid,
and the elections are upon us.
We must get those children back.
I understand, Seora Presidente.
You can rely on me.
In Los Angeles,
the outlook for today is clear skies.
The high for downtown will be in the 80s
and drop into the low 60s.
William's bringing you
some chicken broth.
Mother, really?
Now eat it.
One bowl of chicken broth, madam.
And one ultra bad Maui Zaui.
What do you say?
I think I'd only get paranoid.
But thanks anyways.
Hey, what did they do to you down there?
It was really awful.
It's okay.
You got the right to get
as crazy as anybody.
Whatever you decide to do,
I'm with you all the way.
Where is she, you son of a bitch?
Amy, och Amy, honey, oh.
It's all right, honey.
It's just another nightmare.
I was back in that hole.
I know, darling, I know,
it was just a bad dream.
Oh mom, they're gonna die.
I know they're gonna die,
we gotta do something.
Baby, there's nothing more we can do.
The state department's working on it,
your father's lawyer's looking into it,
and we've even spoken with
amnesty international.
Come on, out.
Come on.
Daddy, can I talk to you for a minute?
Oh, sure, honey.
I need to ask a big favor from you.
Well, I'll do my best.
Well, you know how I'm so concerned
about my friends and all?
Ah, yeah.
Well, we're all concerned, honey.
Yeah, but what's being done about it?
The rebels are demanding $3 million,
and the government refuses
to even negotiate.
Look baby, you've gotta understand.
The United States government would set
a very bad precedent if they
just give in like that.
Besides, I'll bet they're doing
a lot more than we know about.
I bet.
I think it's time for action.
What if I knew some,
you know, military types
who'd be willing to go down there
and get the kids for a price?
You'd pay for it, wouldn't you?
Absolutely not.
Why not?
It's illegal.
You can't take armed men
into some foreign country.
You oughta realize that.
- But daddy.
- No buts, young lady.
Now look, I'm putting my faith
in the United States government,
and you'd be well-advised to do the same.
I mean, they had 15 guys, heavily armed,
M16's, everything, the whole shit.
What did they expect me to do?
I got her out, didn't [?
You know, I knew this dude that drank
two bottles of whiskey in one
hour and was still standing.
Shit, I can do that.
I know, he was you.
Remember caisson and
you getting the chopper
to medivac me out?
And in the middle of a mortar barrage,
you get out of the chopper
and you take a piss.
Well, you had to show the
bastards that you ain't scared.
Thank you very much.
This is the little Princess that put me
back on the fishing boats.
Buck, Amy.
Sarge, the government's
not doing anything.
They're gonna stay down
there, I just know it.
Well, that doesn't surprise me.
But I feel responsible.
Yeah, that doesn't surprise me either.
So I'm willing to risk
my life and get them out.
Now that surprises me.
I mean, you're not thinking
what I think you're thinkin'.
I think she's thinkin' what
you think she's thinkin'.
Sarge, somebody's gotta
go down there and do it,
- it might as well be me.
- Are you crazy?
To go back down there to that country?
Got to admit the girl's got heart.
No brains.
Sarge look, I know that it was my fault.
No you don't know.
You don't know anything.
You got 50, $100,000 to
throw on this crapshoot?
- Do you have it?
- No.
You got trained men that you can trust?
In a life-death situation, do ya?
I don't.
You got weapons, you got
an airplane, you got ammo,
you got anything, got any kinda plan?
I don't have anything.
Can you kill another human being?
I don't know.
No, well then you're a little rich bitch
from Beverly hill...
She just slap me there?
Yeah, she just slapped you there.
I'm sorry.
Buck's got an airplane.
You get 15 men, and no less
than $50,000, can you do that?
Six men and $30,000.
Take a hike.
Look, it's all I have to offer.
You find two guys as crazy as me and him?
Caisson, caisson.
hills hotel, may I help you?
Yes, one moment, reservations
will be right with you.
Your drink, sir.
Waiter, over here, please.
Trevor, I have got the greatest idea.
We're gonna go down there
and get them out ourselves.
What, me go down there again?
No no, who do you think I
am, Clint fucking Eastwood?
Trevor, they're your friends.
- Well sure, but...
- Think about Monique.
Well, yeah, sure, but...
I'll give you half my inheritance.
The papers are already signed.
Half your inheritance.
Well, it's a damn dirty job
you're asking me to do, Amy.
But somebody's gotta teach
those bastards a lesson.
Let's get your rear in
gear, it's action time.
Hmm, the lord helps those
that help themselves.
Okay, head for boe and
Larry's apartment first.
You go down sunset past the freeway,
I'll tell you when to turn.
Ace is doing it, even Trevor's doing it.
I want you to pretend this is the guy
that held us hostage down there.
I gotta tell you, Amy.
My shrink doesn't like me doing psychodrama
with anybody but her.
This is a watermelon.
Would you just pretend, boe?
I want you to pretend that this is the guy
that humiliated me, that spit on Buffy,
that felt up Monique, that
hit Jeff over the head
with a rifle while you guys
were drunk outta your brains.
Whoa, time out, time out.
Welcome aboard, gentlemen.
All right, now we just gotta
get a chunk of cash quick.
How you gonna
do that without your dad?
Just take a ride in daddy's car.
Your dad's gonna kill you for this one.
Where do we find a good fence, Ace?
I suppose you think
that because I'm black,
I'm supposed to know where
all the good fences are
and that kinda stuff.
Well, don't you?
That's a typical
misconception of people of color.
I'm studying to be a surgeon.
We're not all born criminals.
Let's go, let's git.
All right, so where is he?
You had somebody fooling with that
left front Fender, didn't you?
That's gonna cost you.
Hey Amy, this is Freddie the...
Freddie the fence.
Listen, I want cash, I want $30,000.
What is it, April first or what?
Blue book's 20.
Freddie's book's 10.
Then we take off for the Bondo right front.
The spot things on the grill.
The bald rear tires.
The busted right rear shock.
I say five grand.
Look, maybe I can do 10, maybe.
Look, 15's bottom.
All right, all right, let's not quibble.
15 grand.
All counted.
Say, I'll give you $500 for the Rolex.
This is a $3000 watch!
Well, what can I tell ya, sweetheart?
You want it or not?
Hey, can I call you guys a cab?
Get the hell outta here.
I don't know.
If we don't get some help soon,
I'm afraid he ain't gonna
make it, you know?
It's gonna happen soon.
They're gonna make it.
Those bastards killed Amy.
Who's next?
Come on, you guys.
Take a break.
Where's the a-team when you need 'em?
We have the money, we
certainly have the will,
now what we need is sarge.
Let's go talk him into it.
Let's let him have the day to drink,
and then the idea of us being
his recruits won't seem so...
- Ridiculous?
- Inventive.
All right, good.
I need a couple pizzas and
a case of Bud anyway.
Yeah, excellent suggestion, you fat slob.
Best idea all day.
I'm gonna go ahead, I'm
gonna run an easy mile
and then I'll head home.
There's no such thing
as an easy mile, Ames.
Tell Ace he's gotta go
twice as far tomorrow.
(Solemn music
You killed a guy?
He would've killed me.
Look, I got five volunteers, I got $15,000,
we're in business.
No, we are not in business.
I told you 15 trained men, $50,000,
you bring me four boys and a chick.
All I got is a bunch of toy soldiers.
Sarge, I think you
better take a look at this.
Tom's body was found in a garbage can
outside the U.S. embassy.
Rebels are demanding $3 million,
or they're gonna kill
everyone else by July 4th.
That's a day and a half from now.
What we gonna do, sarge?
Look, one thing's for sure,
we have no time for training.
You know, they'll be dad in 36 hours.
What do you mean no training?
Just jump on a plane and go
down there and rescue them?
You got it, son.
Listen sarge, we got one
decisive advantage.
They don't expect you to return.
You're right, you snake.
Anybody want out, say it now.
We go.
Let's get busy, we leave in the morning.
Did you get it?
All right.
How do we turn that into
our ticket outta here?
Just watch.
Where's dipshit?
He had to run home for something.
He'll be back soon.
Thought you were down
on the beach with Amy.
You haven't seen that
crazy William, have you?
I think he stole my car.
Uncle Brad, I think there's
something you should know.
Come on, guys, let's go, come on.
Come on, easy.
Hey, what we gonna do, throw rocks at 'em?
What the he's in there anyway?
That's my secret weapon, Ace.
Give me the guns.
Hey, we go in five, whether
Trevor's here or not.
You got it, bro.
- They can't be serious.
- You don't know my daughter.
Or that goddamn sergeant Ford, either.
Okay, scratch Trevor, we're going, buck.
This is the 123 requesting
permission to take over.
123, clear for
immediate takeoff, runway one.
Hang on, gang, we're about to go.
I know where Trevor was.
123, abort takeoff.
Repeat, abort takeoff.
No way, Jose.
Here we go.
What's that damn fool trying to do?
, huh sarge?
I sure as hell hope not.
Dear madam president.
I regret to inform you we
expect several U.S. citizens
to attempt unauthorized
rescue of hostages tonight.
Please intercept and take
into protective custody.
Respectfully, Wilson Sumner,
department of state,
United States of America.
It arrived about an hour ago.
I thought you should know.
The last thing we need is to
have another American killed,
especially now that they've
agreed to pay the ransom.
Don't worry, Seora Presidente.
I'll place guards in all
potential landing strips.
We'll find them, and keep them safe
as babies in their mothers' arms.
I'm counting on you, Perez.
Those guys are no fools.
They gotta camp in the high
plateau, heavily guarded.
Mountains to the north, to the east.
They got a river here on
west, cliffs to the south.
And they got one road.
Only one road in here, and
you can bet your sweet ass
it is heavily guarded.
Now tomorrow, the executions begin at dawn.
So that means we got one chance,
only one chance to get in and out.
2400 hours is our drop time.
What time?
12:00 midnight to you.
When we go in there, buck
is gonna go very high.
Sarge, how high is high?
High is 10,000 feet.
And you freefall to about 1500 feet
and your chute'll open automatically.
8500 feet freefall, straight down?
Now you got it.
Look, just think of it as
riding on a roller coaster
smashed on acid.
I guess I can dig that.
You're gonna head here,
you're gonna regroup here,
then you're gonna move on into the camp,
and that is when our nutty professor here
- will create his...
- Diversion.
Now you got it, right.
And that's when you're gonna get in there
and you're gonna grab those kids and...
And blow those suckers away!
No no no no.
No, it's not about your people,
it's about getting away.
Let me tell you, you stop,
and five of these guys,
and they'll blow you away, believe me.
You gotta keep on moving,
you gotta keep on moving,
you never stop moving.
And that means if you have
to leave somebody behind,
you leave 'em behind, you keep on moving.
You got it?
'Cause we gotta be outta here
before sunrise, or we're dead.
And what are you gonna be doing?
Me and buck will be busy, okay?
If it should happen that
your parachute doesn't open,
which can happen, I want you
to save it and return it,
'cause we got a five-day guarantee.
Before things get too sticky,
we wanted to give you this to
replace the one that we lost.
It's full.
Enjoy, gringos.
It's your last meal.
You mean you're letting us go?
Suit yourself, gringo.
Hey Pedro.
There's no reason to kill us all, is there?
I mean, you open that
door and I'll take you
around the world, but it
won't be with pan am.
I mean let me outta here
and I'll toot your root
till your balls turn blue, huh, yeah?
Can't believe she's selling us out.
Let's go.
Three million U.S. dollars, as promised.
Now lieutenant Caden
will go with the colonel
to make the rendezvous.
I don't think that would be wise.
The rebels have put strict limits
on the number of men they
can bring to the exchange.
Nevertheless, we consider
it would be prudent
to have our representative
along, if only to observe.
- But...
- Colonel.
You will take the lieutenant with you.
I'm sure he can only be of help.
Of course, Seora Presidente.
Just pull out to fire.
And that for safety.
Not too difficult, huh?
Is that all there is to it?
I thought it was more
complicated than that.
They made killin' real simple.
It's dying they haven't
figured out how to make easy.
All set?
No heroics now.
We have to be back to the
plane by first light
or we're finished, you understand?
Drop zone comin' up.
What are we gonna do about Monique?
She may be dead already.
Amy never came back from the hole.
Look, just worry about
gettin' outta here first.
Then we'll find a way, okay?
Colonel, how long
before we reach the rendezvous?
15 to 20 minutes at the most.
In the middle of a goddamn village.
You see a village on the map?
Did you see a village on the map?
- Shh.
- No village on the map.
They're all blank.
Where's Amy?
Where's Amy?!
I don't know, I thought
she was following me!
Spread out, look for her
five minutes, then we go.
Let's go!
All right.
Hey, I'm gonna see if I
can find the bathroom.
Don't get lost.
Hurry back, I need help with this stuff.
Oh shit.
Where are the others?
Others, what others?
This is my solo flight, bro.
What kind of English is that?
That's not English, that's Chinese.
This is Chinese tea.
Would you like to have
a little tea with me?
Be my guest, huh?
This is your way of gettin'
back to the motherland,
- I don't like it.
- Shut up.
Where the hell are we, anyway?
We'll get there, don't worry.
Get me down from here.
Why didn't you say something?
Come on.
For the last time, where are the others?
For the last time, I don't
know where the others are.
Are you hit?
I peed in my pants, man.
Took you so long?
Out scoutin', lets' go.
Batter up?
You know how to put the
thing together, right?
Weren't you listening to sarge?
I was thinking about the
fact that pretty soon,
I'm gonna have to jump out of a plane
like some guy that's lost
his marbles or something.
This thing's made in
Japan, you realize that?
"Please to put piece eight inside plain,"
the rest must be in the next part.
Oh, shit.
Look, I'm gonna get started on the truck.
Don't blow yourself up.
I wanna go home.
Where we going?
Back to the plane.
I wanna get my secret weapon,
then we'll go huntin'.
You know how to hot-wire a car?
Do I know, you're the one who's
supposed to know about this.
Just because I'm black don't mean
I'm supposed to know how to hot-wire a car.
Hey look, I'm studying to be a surgeon.
So then you don't know how to do this.
I didn't say that.
I'll figure it out.
I'm smart.
Now if this little greasy
wire was a kidney,
and this little squiggly
wire was a pulmonary artery.
Open prison heart.
Damn, this man be dead.
Let's see if this damn thing works.
Hey buddy.
Anybody gonna say hi?
You're not dead.
Not quite.
But how...
Later, later.
Where's Monique?
They threw her in the rat hole.
Okay, we'll just wait
for Larry's diversion
and then we'll get her out, no sweat.
All set here.
Say what?
That was just a test run.
We're very close now.
I can feel it in my bones.
Damned if I know how you white boys
ever took America from the Indians.
Come on.
We're missing one of the parts.
Guards come back any second.
Where the hell's that diversion?
Hey, I think I found it.
Look, I'm telling you,
you're doing it wrong,
it goes like that, but no, backwards.
It says right here, "put gas
to reverse to fire on side."
That's what I said, look, these
are Japanese instructions,
they talk backwards.
Don't means do, it means
you're doing it wrong.
We can't wait for that
diversion any more.
Boe, you take Buffy to the garage.
Jeff and I will go get Monique.
You'll be right by the
barracks, they'll spot ya.
Just do it, boe.
It's our only chance.
All right.
Good luck.
Nice of them to provide
limousine service, huh?
Yeah, it sure is.
You in there?
Jeff, is that you?
Me and the whole damn cavalry.
Hi Monique.
Amy, you're alive.
Alive and kicking.
God, I can hug you.
Get me the hell outta here, Jeff.
Hurry up.
Can't get this damn thing open.
Japanese shit.
Show time.
You can't find real ammo, you improvise.
Holy hell, you
got enough shit in there
to blow up the whole place
and start world war ill.
Son of a bitch!
This one's for Tom!
Put your hands in the air.
Move slowly.
Watch 'em!
Hands up.
Watch that.
Put your guns down!
What's the car doing here?
Whoa, we're friends.
Please, allow me to introduce myself.
My name is colonel Carlos Perez.
I'm secretary of internal
security of this country.
We're only here to free you.
We came with the ransom.
There's even a marine from the
United States here with me.
No, lieutenant Caden.
You the real thing?
You bet I am.
Lieutenant, will you...
That's him!
That's the leader!
Drop it. I said drop it or I'll kill her.
You take the wire.
Hurry up.
So you have returned.
Then we shall try to keep
you properly entertained.
Keep on talkin', assholes.
Ready, you scumbag!
Head to the plane!
Come on, sarge.
He ain't comin'.
He's coming.
Come on!
We gotta get the hell outta here.
We stay on the ground, we sittin' ducks.
No, just two more minutes.
No, no, we gotta go.
- We gotta go.
- We gotta go!
Sarge said so himself.
Come on, sarge!
Come on, come on!
Hey, just like the
bad old days, hey buddy?
You would've thought
we learned our lesson.
Sarge, did anyone ever tell you
that you're wonderful?
All the time, Princess.
All the time.
It's the beginning of another day
We're finally on our way
There's nothin' better
than being with friends
We're leavin' our troubles behind
Gonna have a real good time
There's nothin' quite
like being together
Something that happens when
we're having a good time
Something special in
the way that we care
There's just something about
it when we're all together
You know it couldn't be better
Something that happens when
we're havin' a good time
Something special in
the way that we care
Something about it when
we're all together
You know it couldn't be better
I wanna go home.