Toys Are Not for Children (1972) Movie Script

What are you doing?
Give me that.
Where's your nightgown?
Put it on!
How long has this been going on?
Please, Momma...
This stuff you're doing...
You're just like your father.
Well, he's too busy with his women.
All he ever did was send you
these stinking toys,
and you take them to bed.
It's unnatural.
Do you hear me? Unnatural!
Please, Momma, stop using that word.
You're not real to him.
He still thinks you're a baby!
Do you hear me? A baby!
As far as he's concerned,
you're a nothing, a nobody!
Please, Momma, stop!
How come you love him so much?
Don't you think I need some?
All he ever wanted was a lot of women.
He's not a man. He's a snake.
Please, Momma, stop it.
All I ever wanted you to do
was love me.
Just a little.
You won't let me love you.
Your father is with his whores.
- May I help you, ma'am?
- I need a birthday present for my kid.
- A little boy or girl?
- A girl. She's gonna be nine.
Oh, I know the perfect thing.
It's sixteen dollars,
but she'll love it.
If it makes her happy,
I don't care what it costs.
It's an oven, and it really works.
It has a recipe book and everything.
She can cook for her friends.
Huh! She'll be doing that
for the rest of her life.
Oh, but when you're nine,
it's fun to play house.
As long as you only play house,
it's okay.
Would you like me to show you
something else?
No, no, I'll take your word for it.
You look like you know about these things.
- Oh, I know she'll love it.
- You know, I believe you.
- Your boyfriend?
- Absolutely not.
- Ooh, sorry.
- Oh, he's been grabbing at me all day.
You know, I can't stand
being grabbed at either.
Oh, here.
Here, you can charge it.
Oh, you live in New York!
I love going down there.
You know, when I lived around here,
I used to love going to the city, too.
Oh, I think it's wonderful
living in the city.
I'm gonna live there someday myself.
- What's your name?
- Jamie.
Well, Jamie, you have my number.
The next time you get to the city,
why don't you give me a call?
Maybe we can have lunch or something.
- Can I really?
- Sure. I'd love it.
- Hello. And who are you?
- Is Miss Valdi home?
- And who shall I say is calling?
- Jamie Godard.
Miss Valdi said I could come in
to see her when I was in town.
Hey, Pearl!
Somebody here to see you.
Well, whaddya know?
Come on in.
Lonely you'll be
In your toy balloon world
Oh, no one can have you
You're still his girl
Deep in your mind
And so close to your heart
He's always within you
Though far apart
No one
Who cares
How you...
How you run
from everyone but him
That world out there
There could no one else
If he never comes back
You'll be here by yourself
You'll cry lonely
How lonely
Am I?
I'll hear you cry
How lonely
Am I?
I'll hear you cry...
'With this ring, I thee wed.'
'With this ring, I thee wed.'
And all my worldly goods
I thee endow.
And all my worldly goods
I thee endow.
Inasmuch as Charles Belmond
and Jamie Godard
have now been joined together
in lawful wedlock,
and have witnessed the same
before this ceremony,
and there too have given and pledged
their troth each to the other,
have declared the same
by giving and receiving of a ring,
and by joining hands,
I, in accordance with the authorities in me
vested by the law of the state of New York,
pronounce that
they are man and wife.
They're like my own kids!
'How many times
do I have to tell you?'
They're no damn good!
'Take my word for it, Jamie,
they'll hurt you.'
They'll hurt you! They'll hurt you!
They'll hurt you!
Where should I put my things?
We'll take care of all that later
when we get back.
- Come on, get undressed.
- Couldn't we watch television?
- Television?
- Just for a little while.
I always do before I go to bed.
Didn't you forget something?
- We got married today.
- I didn't forget.
Who the hell watches
television on their wedding night?
- Where should I change?
- Right here.
OK, you can change in the john,
you silly goose.
- Here, let me do it for you.
- No, that's alright. I can do it.
Come on, what do you think
husbands are for?
I saved them ever since I was little.
I left more at my mother's.
We can pick them up later.
If we needed toys,
don't we have enough at the store?
But these are special.
They're mine.
Well, they are sort of cute. But we don't
have to play with them now, do we?
Just give me him.
- Him?
- Hm-mm. I sleep with him.
Oh, no, you don't.
- Charlie, please!
- Hey, listen...
Everybody's afraid the first time.
Come on, into bed.
I love you, Jamie.
Just relax, little goose.
I've heard so many awful things.
What could be awful about this?
Just don't think about anything.
You're right.
I won't.
You smell beautiful.
Beautiful all over.
I can't.
I can't.
- What is it? What happened?
- Oh, Charlie, I'm sorry.
I swear, I didn't know
I was gonna be like this, honest.
Look, Jamie, everything's gonna be OK.
Oh, I don't know. I don't know!
Well, what is it?
Look, it doesn't have to be tonight.
I can wait.
Go to sleep and I'll...
...I'll go to sleep too.
- Oh, it's so stupid.
- No, it's not.
Believe me,
we'll laugh about it someday.
Everything'll be alright once we get
away from here. You'll see.
- Isn't Pearl coming home soon?
- No. Not for a while.
Please don't do that.
I've been around a long time, honey,
and I got strong vibrations from you.
No! No, Eddie, please!
- Stop it! Stop it, please!
- Yeah, I know you want it.
- Stop it!
- So good I can taste it.
Stop it! Stop! Eddie!
You son of a bitch!
Get away.
Oh, come on, honey.
OK, come on.
It's gonna be OK.
I can't leave you alone
with anybody for a minute
without you slobbering all over them!
- She wanted it.
- It looked like she wanted it.
Why didn't you just knock her out
and rape her?
- Maybe next time I will.
- There's not gonna be a next time!
I'm warning you, Eddie. You better
leave her alone, or I swear I'll...
- You'll what?
- I'll kick you the hell out, that's what!
Try to do that, baby, and I'll put you
out of commission for a month.
If I'm out of commission,
where does that leave you?
I can take care of myself,
and come on top every time!
On top of what?
- Some kid you gotta force yourself on?
- I'm telling you, she wanted it!
- Who the hell is it?
- Nobody answers.
Who is this?
Listen, you, just who the hell
do you think you're talking to?
Listen, honey... it was your mother.
Oh, wow!
This damn place is turning
into a nursery now.
Oh, shut up, Eddie!
Come on,
let me get you out of here.
Here, let me button it for you.
Oh, shit.
Now you be careful going home.
- Sure you know which bus to take?
- Hm-mm.
OK. You better go now.
Pearl! Pearl Valdi!
I found this piece of paper
with her number on it.
I've tried so hard... you wouldn't end up like her,
a painted pig!
You stay away from her!
Do you hear me?
Why, Momma?
Because she knows Daddy?
Because she sees him?
Because she might bring us together?
Did she tell you about your father?
No, Momma!
You were the one that told me
what Daddy likes.
Pack your things and get out!
Jamie, wake up.
Must've had a nightmare.
No. I don't even think I was asleep.
- Wanna tell me about it?
- Oh, no.
We have to get up early.
...tuck me in.
- Hey, w-w-what are you doing here?
- Hi, Max.
I didn't expect to see you till Monday.
What are you doing back so soon?
Jamie wanted to come home.
You know how women are.
No. Tell me.
Hey, Charlie, when did you get back?
- How you doing, Roy?
- How's it feel to be an old married man?
Great. Just great.
- Here you go, Mr. Geunther.
- Thanks, Roy.
- Oh, and say hello to Jamie for me.
- Right. See you tomorrow.
Max, has that shipment from Martell's
come in yet?
Sure, but it can wait. Hey, tell me
about the honeymoon. How was it?
Like I said to the man, great.
I-I-I got your card.
It's a beautiful place, huh?
- Yeah, but it's good to be back.
- I bet.
No, I mean it, really. I missed you.
With a girl like Jamie?
How could you miss me?
You must be crazy!
Jamie missed you too.
Does that make her crazy?
Ha-ha! Hey, remember the first time
she came to the store?
Like a scared little rabbit
asking for a job.
Now, how could I say no to her?
I've never seen anyone
who loves toys like she does.
Maybe you can love toys too much, Max.
Never, Charlie. Never!
That's why I'm in this business.
Roy told me you were back.
I'm back.
Well what?
Well, how was it?
Great. Just great.
You know, for a guy who just got back
from his honeymoon, you look too rested.
Married life agrees with him.
Why don't you meet later for lunch,
and you'll tell me all about it?
- I can't...
- Oh, go ahead!
Good, good. So I'll see you later.
- It's on me.
- OK.
- They do a lot for us.
- What does a lot for us?
- The toys!
- The toys?
Charlie, you like toys, don't you?
- I love toys, Max.
- Sure, you do.
You love toys, I love toys,
Jamie loves toys.
- That's why we get along so well.
- That's why we're all nuts!
Everyone should be as nuts as Jamie.
No customer could resist her.
Why, she actually brings the toys to life.
As long as they don't become her life.
- They're my life, Charlie.
- But this is your business, Max.
- You don't shut everything else out.
- Charlie, tell me, is anything wrong?
Jamie, I don't wanna live like this.
Look at this place!
'Is that why you married me?
To get a housekeeper?'
Is that why you married me?
To get a housekeeper?
You know better than that.
- 'Then stop complaining!'
- Then stop complaining!
I'm not complaining.
OK, OK. Not again tonight.
Let's celebrate.
Celebrate what?
Anything. What do you wanna celebrate?
- My birthday!
- Hey, when is your birthday?
It was yesterday.
Oh, look what my father sent me.
- How did he know where you were?
- He doesn't.
My mother sent it over.
She walks and wets and everything.
- Why the hell does he send you a doll?
- Because he loves me.
I love you too, but I wouldn't send you
a doll on your twentieth birthday.
- But you didn't give me anything.
- I would rather forget it.
- But you did.
- Damn it, I know!
Well, that's alright, Charlie.
I don't want anything from you.
- I don't want anything from you!
- Why can't you be reasonable?
How many times have I told you,
I can't even stand to look at your face?
Edna, we have to settle this
once and for all.
- It already is settled!
- I want a divorce.
Never. Never. Never!
- Never!
- Why?
You said you can't stand me,
we're not living together,
we're not gonna get back together,
you have to give me a divorce!
Not a chance!
You just stay with your whores!
- Does that make you feel better?
- Yes!
Get out! I said get out!
I wanna take Jamie with me.
You're not fit to bring up a child.
I suppose you are?
You'd probably take her to a whorehouse!
At least I wouldn't fill her head
with all that crap about men being evil!
They are!
Please let me have her
before you ruin her.
- Never!
- Will you at least let me see her?
- No!
- But she can't grow up without a father.
With a father like you, it's better for her
if you were dead.
You'll live to regret this, Edna!
You're not only stubborn, you're stupid!
Who's the one that brought...
...that whore into your home?
Into your wife's bed?
Do you realize
Jamie could've seen you?
But you're never concerned
with anybody but yourself!
Now get out!
Get out!
Momma, please!
Please don't stop me!
I have to see him.
I don't even remember what he looks like.
- Stop that crying.
- I love him.
I love him!
Stop it!
After all these years,
he wanted to take you away.
Can't you see you're better off
without him?
Can't you see you're making yourself sick
over nothing?
It's not worth it.
It's not worth it. Half the time,
I don't even know you're here!
You just sit there
and you never say anything.
You never look at me.
It's like you were dead!
Aren't you gonna say anything?
I'm going out.
Do you hear me?
I'm leaving.
Unbelievable. What a family!
What an arsonist!
We drive by and like nothing's happening,
you know. No fire, nothing.
But we walk in and the smoke is so thick,
you could choke to death!
I should've pushed Benny in
and collected his insurance!
- What happened?
- What happened?
Nothing, that's what happened.
The damn stock was ruined.
We lost the 800 bucks we paid
the arsonist and went bankrupt.
- Where's Benny now?
- I don't know.
He ran off and left me
with his mother.
- Oh, man, you're beautiful!
- What are you laughing for?
Because you are beautiful
and I haven't laughed in a long time.
- Oh, get outta here!
- Come on, let's dance.
I thought you'd never ask.
It's a little late for you, isn't it, Max?
Huh! Business is good.
Maybe I should keep my place open late.
At this hour, you must be out
looking for a broad.
Don't be surprised if I find one.
Hey, Frankie.
What's Charlie doing there?
Are you kidding?
He's here almost every night.
He usually comes in pretty late.
- Is he drinking a lot?
- He's not here for the drinks, Max.
What is he doing?
I don't know, but as soon as he gets ahold
of a broad, he's full of the happies.
It's a shame.
I hear he's married to a real doll.
Guess who.
Gloria! When did you come in?
Just now.
- I hear you got married.
- Yeah.
How is it?
- You with anybody important?
- No.
- Gonna meet me later?
- Stay loose.
Is, er... she one of your steadies?
I don't have a steady, I'm married.
Oh, Jesus, is that direct?
What is it, she doesn't understand you
or something?
Would you believe I don't...?
Hi, Max.
What are you doing up so late?
Can I talk to you for a minute, Charlie?
- Oh, well...
- Where are you going?
Where do you think I'm going?
- Well, hurry back, will you?
- Sure.
- So, Charlie, how's Jamie?
- She couldn't be better.
- That's not what I mean.
- Then what do you mean?
I don't understand you.
We used to be able to talk.
- Do you come here often, Max?
- "Do you come here often, Max?"
Is that all you can say?
What are you pulling with these women?
What's wrong with you?
Max, I'm 23, and I'm normal,
and I need women.
OK, so what's Jamie,
Hungarian goulash?
I don't know. She could be anything.
- Come on, Jamie's a beautiful girl.
- That's what you say.
- That's what I know.
- You don't know!
- I've known her as long as you have.
- She's sick, Max. Sick.
You sound sick!
You don't even know me anymore,
and you don't know what I need.
- What do you need?
- I need to get laid!
Do you know what that means? Laid?
Come on, let's get outta here.
You stink from whisky.
Well, what do you expect from a guy
who can't make love to his own wife?
I'm human! Can't you understand that?
You won't even let me touch you!
All you do is watch television all day
and play with these goddamn toys at night!
No watching television until you do
the dishes and clean your room.
There's something wrong with you!
And you're not gonna find out
what it is by sitting around here
playing with toys
and watching television!
When I come home,
I expect to see everything done.
Bet you if I got rid of these things,
you'd be different.
I'm going to sleep.
Charlie, you're crazy!
Oh, who do I see about a job?
- You're hired.
- Just a minute...
Maybe I should come back
some other time.
Don't pay any attention to him,
I'm the boss.
Well, I would like a job.
- Tell me, do you like toys?
- Oh, I love toys!
Why can't you love me?
Charlie, please.
Don't start anything again.
Just go to sleep.
You're no different than your mother.
'Your mother is really something.
She's like the rest of that town.
'A population of small minds
and big mouths!
'After I had my kid,
I thought I'd get lynched.
'And your mother wasn't any help.
'I hardly knew the woman, and she was
blaming me for all of her problems.
'I'm glad you're out of that house.
'But just because you got married,
it doesn't mean you have to bury yourself.
'Just look around you.
There isn't anything you can't do.
'Jamie, you're a gorgeous doll.
Take advantage of it!
'Wear pretty things.
Put on a little make-up.
'Boy, have I gotta teach you
how to live!'
Now this is living.
Did you have a good time today?
- Do you know my father?
- Oh, I see him around once in a while.
Then my mother was right!
You are one of those women!
What are you looking for, trouble?
No, honest, Pearl.
It's just that I thought...
Listen, I work for a living
and I work damn hard.
I earn every buck I make. Twice.
Then you are one of those women!
Will you watch it,
before we get thrown outta here?
You don't know anything about it,
so just keep it to yourself.
But you are a whore, aren't you?
Will you keep your mouth shut?
It's not like being president
of the P.T.A., you know.
I think it's wonderful.
You gotta be nuts.
Pearl... tell me about my father.
- Would you believe it?
- But you have to tell me about him.
You want me to tell you
about your father?
Well, I haven't seen him since I was six.
I never saw mine,
I got along just fine.
- Where's the waiter?
- Please, Pearl, I have to find him.
Sometimes, what you don't know
don't hurt you.
He wouldn't hurt me, he loves me!
It's just that every time he tries
to see me, my mother stops him.
Oh, you gotta help me, Pearl, please.
But I don't have his number.
Once in a while he calls me.
Oh, well, like you say, I'm a working girl
and I gotta get back to business.
- Sure you don't mind about my business?
- Mind? I wanna know all about it.
Oh, I never met anyone like you.
- Waiter!
- Then you will tell me about him?
Yeah, someday I'll give you all the dirt.
- He's not dirty.
- I don't mean it like that.
It's just that... I'm not used
to talking to someone like you.
- How much do I owe?
- Don't be silly.
- Here. Keep the change.
- Thank you very much.
Pearl, when are you gonna tell me
about my father?
Come on, let's get outta here!
Now you can go home
and bother your husband.
- Hello? What the hell took you so long?
- What do you want?
I won't be coming home for supper,
so don't bother to cook me anything.
- What do you mean, there's nothing to eat?
- I figured you weren't coming home.
Well, why should tonight be
any different?
Look, Charlie, I have to go.
Wait a minute!
Well... what do you want?
- Is Pearl home?
- No.
Well... can't I wait for her?
Aren't you afraid to be alone with me?
Pearl said that
that wouldn't happen again.
- Oh, she did, huh?
- Yes, she did.
Come on.
- I hear you got married.
- Yes.
- How is it?
- What?
Sex, baby, sex!
I don't think that's any of your business.
That is my business!
Would you fix me a drink?
- What would you like?
- Anything.
You're becoming a big girl now.
You're heading for trouble
if you stick around here, you know that?
I can take care of myself.
Maybe I should take care of you.
Don't you think it's queer
that a girl like you wants
someone like Pearl for a friend?
- She's been good to me.
- She's a hooker, baby, don't forget that!
You got her playing so much
of the goody-goody stuff,
she's beginning to think she's straight.
- It's hot in here.
- Why are you so nervous?
Because I don't feel well.
Are you sure? Or is it me?
Well, if you'd stop staring at me...
- Would you like another drink?
- Please.
Are you still a virgin?
You know I'm married.
- Yeah...
- Did Pearl tell you anything?
She tells me everything.
Now, get the hell outta here!
Didn't Pearl tell you that
I have a thing for virgins?
I can't leave.
Well, then, what do you want?
I don't know.
Stop it, I can't.
You can't what, huh?
I can't.
I really can't!
Pearl might come back.
You're afraid of Pearl.
Me? Afraid of Pearl?
Don't be ridiculous.
Why do you think I live here, ah?
Because she needs me here.
I keep her busy and out of trouble.
It's just that I don't wanna be accused
of corrupting a virgin.
Why did she have to tell you?
- I thought I could trust her.
- Yeah, sure.
Well, haven't you ever had a friend
you could trust?
Don't want one.
- But there's other things I want.
- Don't start again, please.
What is it with you?
- Just don't touch me.
- Who's touching you?
Why don't you go home
to your husband?
I told you, I have to see Pearl.
No! You're hanging around
to see your father!
What's wrong with that?
This kind of life excites you,
doesn't it?
I mean, me and Pearl,
what we do...'s what your father likes.
That's not true!
Then why can't you look at me?
I think you are afraid of something.
You're looking for something.
I think you want something from me.
It's that simple.
You want me to make love to you.
So you can tell your father
it wasn't your fault.
You wanna be taken.
Your husband can't.
He wants to.
- But you know I will.
- Don't. Don't.
I'm not your husband...
you can't stop me.
Please, Eddie. It's true.
I am a virgin.
- You're turning me on, baby.
- I'm afraid.
I don't give a damn.
Do it.
For your daddy.
- What do you think it's gonna be like?
- I don't know.
Tell me you don't want it.
Force me.
- This is gonna be our little thing, huh?
- Yes, it is.
- Not a word to Pearl.
- No, I promise. Not a word.
Yes, I promise.
- Now come to Daddy.
- Daddy...
Oh, Daddy!
Do I look different to you?
Drink your coffee before it gets cold.
But do I look different?
No, you don't look different,
and I still think you're beautiful.
Is that all?
Jamie, I don't wanna hurt you,
but I can't help it.
You've got to grow up, that's all.
But maybe if I try...
What good does it do
if I can't get near you?
I wish you weren't going away.
This trip's a big break for us.
When I get back,
I think Max will make me store manager.
I hope it works out for you, Charlie.
- Just try and miss me while I'm gone.
- I'll be back.
In a couple of weeks.
When is Daddy coming home?
- He's not coming home.
- Why?
- He doesn't love us anymore.
- Why?
Because... he's a bad, bad man.
I don't want him to go away.
Oh, baby, don't cry.
You go play with your toys.
Come here, Pearl!
What the hell do you want?
Aren't you something else?
- Where'd you get all this stuff?
- Eddie got it for me, for my first job.
- For your first what?
- Remember to pick up the money first.
- Pick up the money?
- Don't worry about a thing.
You're putting me on.
It's a joke, right?
- Oh, no...
- Don't worry about it.
Eddie, please. She can't.
Why not? It's natural, ain't it?
Honey, baby, I don't want you to.
But I thought you'd be so happy.
My God, if I thought
anything like this would happen,
do you think I would've let you
move in with me?
- Oh, Pearl, please, please let me.
- You don't know the first thing about it.
But I do.
A customer's called a "john".
"Turning a trick" is making love
to a john.
And get the money first.
You are the lowest.
Come on, come on,
get outta here, you're gonna be late.
Jamie, don't.
Look, let's face it,
you've never even been...
Come on, let's go!
- What happened between you two?
- Don't worry about it, Pearl.
- I wanna know what happened!
- Don't worry about it!
I'm alright now.
You dirty bastard.
You lowlife.
Will you get the hell outta here?
Look, honey... why don't you go
back to your husband?
Maybe now it can work out.
Once in a while, you can come visit me.
Oh, Pearl, I can't go back to Charlie.
That's not what I want.
- You don't know what you want.
- I wanna be like you.
Like me?
You mean you wanna be a whore?
Oh, honey, I'm sorry.
It's just that...
Well, it's like you're my baby,
and I don't wanna see you get hurt.
- Because I love you so much.
- And I love you too.
Then listen to me. Believe me.
This is no good for you.
You don't need it.
All you have to do
is let me take care of you.
- But you won't have to.
- Wait a minute, wait a minute.
You wanna go to work
or you wanna forget about it?
- Oh, no!
- She's gonna forget about...
Shut up!
And get out.
And don't forget, get the money first.
Get outta here
before I break her arm!
You're a nice fella.
You're really terrific.
You're damn right.
What would you do without me, huh?
Come on, it's been a long time.
Keep away from me.
What's the matter with you?
Why the hell did you ask her here
in the first place?
I wish I hadn't.
- What do you want?
- I'm looking for Jamie.
- Well, she's not here.
- Have you heard from her?
Why should she call me?
I don't know where she is. I went away
and when I got back, she was gone.
What's so unusual about that?
- She did the same thing to me.
- Don't you care what happens to her?
- Not any more.
- Well, I do!
Well, you're a dope.
I love her, Mrs. Godard.
And you don't seem to understand that.
You must have quite a sex life.
Look, Mrs. Godard...
I don't know what your hang-ups are, but
you don't know what you're talking about.
I know. I wish I didn't,
but I know all about her.
Do you know where she is?
In a whorehouse, where she can do
all the unnatural things she wants.
You don't know what you're saying.
You're crazy!
I am?
Pearl Valdi, in New York.
Don't bother to call her,
she won't tell you she's there.
You go find out for yourself.
She's just like her father!
Where are you?
Here I am, Daddy.
- What are you doing?
- I'm coming to you.
Now, remember,
you have to tell me everything you do.
First, I'm gonna kiss you
on the forehead.
Oh, yes, yes! Good.
- Now what?
- Now, I'm taking off my jacket.
What's it like?
It's soft and it's lined with silk.
And I love the way it feels
against my body.
You have such nice things.
Now you have to take off
your jacket too.
What was that?
Don't be frightened, Daddy.
It was just my shoe.
You scared me.
Now remember how to play.
- You have to tell me everything you do.
- OK, Daddy.
Now I'm taking off the other shoe.
Go on!
Now I'm taking off the other stocking.
Yes, yes. Go on, go on.
I'm rolling it down my leg.
More and more flesh is showing.
It looks good and warm.
I've got a surprise for you!
I told you, no surprises.
My dress is off!
Come on.
You know what you have to do.
Alright, alright.
- Now what?
- Round and round you go!
- Round we go!
- What are you doing? Why?
Now you can catch me!
I caught you! I caught you!
Now you have to do whatever I say.
Yes, Daddy, yes.
Now, close your eyes tight.
- Don't peak.
- I won't, I won't.
You can open your eyes now.
Oh, Daddy! I love you, I love you!
You're mine, all mine.
Just a minute!
I'm coming!
For Christ's sakes, hold your horses!
What do you want?
- Where is she? I know she's here.
- Who the hell are you?
- Jamie's husband, that's who.
- Well, whaddya know? The he-man!
- Jamie?
- Oh, will you shut up? She's not here.
I know better.
Mrs. Godard told me.
- Crazy Edna!
- She wasn't so crazy this time.
Look, I gotta get outta here.
Come on, I'm late. I haven't got time
to look at you standing there!
I'm waiting for her.
She is out, turning a trick.
I don't believe it.
Then why did you believe Edna?
Come on, get outta here.
You did this to her!
Listen, I got news for you.
She could teach us both a few things!
She couldn't teach anybody anything.
I know.
You mean, just because
you can't make it with her,
that'll stop the rest of the world?
I'm not leaving here without her.
- She doesn't want you!
- I don't care.
- I want her.
- She wants her father!
Do you know where he is?
Will you get outta here so I can go?
If you do know where he is, why don't you
tell Jamie and put a stop to all of this?
Because Phillip Godard
is a no-good bastard!
He's a stinking drunk and a lousy john
who gets his kicks putting down women!
Believe me, he'd ruin her.
Now, will you get the hell outta here
so I can go?
- Not without Jamie.
- If I were you...
Hi, I'm home...
- Why did you let him in?
- He's too big to keep out.
Come on, goose, get your clothes
and let's get out of here.
What do we have to eat? I'm starved.
Where's your things? I'll help you pack.
What difference does it make to you
where I live?
It makes a lot of difference.
Why should it?
You were never home anyway.
I love you, Jamie.
Yes, Harry.
I'm sorry. I'm just leaving.
Yeah, OK.
OK... see you soon.
Well, that's how it is.
Call of the wild!
You know that I love you,
and I can take care of you.
Now you can leave too.
I'd like to get some rest.
I have to go out again.
- Don't tell me anything!
- Well, it's true.
- My back is killing me.
- I don't wanna hear it.
You're such a little boy.
I'll show you what a little boy I am.
I'm gonna take what's mine.
- Jamie, do you love me?
- I guess so.
Stop it, Charlie! Stop it!
You're rough!
I suppose your customers treat you
like a lady!
Get a divorce.
Do what you want.
Just leave me alone.
Charlie, I can't.
- Don't give me that virgin routine.
- I can't with you!
Why not? You can make it
with everyone else!
You better get dressed now.
Come on, let's go.
Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet,
eating her curds eating and whey.
Along came a spider
and sat down beside her,
and frightened Miss Muffet away!
Better go now, Charlie.
You got what you came after.
You mean you're still not
coming with me?
And I didn't get what I came after.
You better go now.
For the life of me, I just can't understand
what the hell it is with you!
Yes, this is Jamie.
Sure. I'd love it.
I love new games, Daddy.
Just a minute.
Please go now, Charlie.
Hello, Daddy? I'm sorry.
Sure, I can. I'll be right over.
- Jamie! What are you doing here?
- My mother threw me out.
Marvelous! Now you have to marry me!
You stay here tonight,
and I'll sleep at Max's place.
Let me get your things.
Have I ever asked for anything?
She's got a lot of customers.
Everybody wants her.
Well, I'm gonna put a stop to it.
- What's the matter? You jealous?
- Jealous?
Jealous of what?
- She's bringing in more bread than you.
- Oh, come off it, Eddie, will you?
- Then what's bugging you?
- You know goddamn well what's bugging me!
- I want Jamie to stop!
- Forget it.
Forget it?
Look, pimp...
I put a lot of shirts on your back,
and you owe me something.
I don't owe you a goddamn thing!
Without me,
you'd still be walking the streets!
Eddie, please.
Do this for me.
You can have anything you want.
There's not much I want from you.
I wanna see her when I get back.
You're not coming back!
You wanna bet?
- Good morning, Eddie.
- Morning.
Hey... don't listen to Pearl today.
She doesn't have her head straight.
- Where are you going?
- I'll be back about 11:00. Wait for me.
- You leave her alone!
- See what I mean?
- I'll see you later.
- Yeah. Wait a minute. The money.
You get your stinking hands off of her!
- She's been asking for it.
- Please!
You'll get yours, you bastard!
If you have to shout, at least
shout something clean. It's Sunday.
Then this is a perfect day
for you to drop dead!
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
- Didn't you get any sleep?
- No!
I didn't either.
I just love doing an all-night job.
Isn't that nice?
He was too much. I had to cook him
breakfast and call him "Sonny Boy".
How many times have I told you?
I don't wanna hear about it!
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with me?
What's wrong with you?
It's better than playing with toys.
You make it sound like
a goddamn social service!
I wonder when my father's going to call.
When your Dada calls, I'll let you know.
I don't know why you waste your time
thinking about him.
You know I'll take care of you.
But not like he could.
I don't wanna hear about him anymore!
Oh, Jamie, don't listen to me,
I'm all strung out.
Come on, I'll fix you some breakfast.
Just coffee.
I wanna get out of these clothes.
I'll bring it in.
Where did Eddie go?
He's out trying to make
his usual big deal.
He'll probably get killed some day
if he doesn't watch out.
I hope!
Hmm good.
You know just how I like it.
I told you I could take care of you.
Come on, lie down.
It's so good living with you, Pearl.
Wanna go to a movie this afternoon?
Nah, let's stay home.
We're never alone anymore.
- Do something for me.
- What?
No more tricks?
Eddie would kill me!
- I can take care of Eddie.
- How would I live?
I'll give you all the money you need.
You won't have to do a thing.
- You could watch television all day.
- It sounds wonderful.
I can't stand the idea
of all those sick pigs touching you.
I don't know what you mean.
Just relax, Jamie.
No, Pearl!
Oh, let's not fight, baby.
Just for a minute.
- Pearl!
- Just for a minute.
My God, Pearl.
I didn't know you were like that.
Like what?
Like... like everybody else!
Always trying to make me do things
I don't want to!
You ungrateful...
I want you out of here.
I don't wanna see you.
I don't wanna know what you're doing!
- You hear me?
- Where will I go?
To hell, for all I care!
- To your precious father, if you want!
- I don't know where he is.
I do!
I know where he is.
You told me you didn't know.
I lied.
Oh, Pearl, please tell me.
- I'll call him for you.
- Oh, Pearl...
Take your hands off me.
I'm sorry if I hurt you, Pearl.
Pull yourself together.
You have to look just right
when you meet your father.
It's gonna be a special occasion.
Give me Mr. Godard's room, please.
Hello, Phil?
Yeah, it's Pearl.
Hmm, it has been a long time.
Just call her...
She'll like that.
Tonight. At 8:00.
Come in!
Good evening, Mr. Godard.
It is a good evening.
Mr. Godard's room, please.
- He's my father.
- Pick up the phone.
Answer that, will you?
Yes, sir.
No, it isn't.
Just a minute.
It's a young lady for you, sir.
Tell her to come up.
He said to come up, Miss.
This is Phillip Godard in 2128.
I don't wanna be disturbed,
so no phone calls.
Hello, Daddy.
Hello... baby.
Give me Mr. Godard's room.
What do you mean, he's not there?
I know he's there.
Well, you'll just have to disturb him.
- Would you like a drink?
- Oh, I'd love one.
It's a celebration!
Am I what you wanted me to be, Daddy?
You're more than I could've hoped for.
I don't know why I'm so nervous.
Do you know what I do when I'm tense?
I take a nice hot bath.
- Could I?
- Go ahead.
OK. I wanna do everything
you want me to, Daddy.
That's a good girl.
Make it nice and hot so that
you're pink all over like a baby.
And, er... I'll make myself comfortable.
What do you mean, there's nothing you
can do about it? Ring the goddamn phone!
What kind of a stinking hotel...?
Don't you hang up on me, you...!
Daddy? Tuck me in.
Yes, baby. Daddy will tuck you in.
There you are, all tucked in.
It's so good.
I knew you were going to be wonderful.
You're such a lovely girl.
Kiss me goodnight, Daddy.
It's been so long.
'Daddy. Daddy.'
Phew! I'm still out of breath.
Pearl said you were new at the game.
It's hard to believe.
Oh, I swear I am, but I'll give it up
if you want me to, Daddy.
What a sweet girl you are.
I'm so glad you think so.
I want you to like me.
I want you to love me.
- Of course I do, my dear.
- I'm so glad.
I didn't think our first meeting
would be like this.
I can't think of a better way to meet!
Hey, I have a little present for you.
Oh, Daddy! Daddy!
- Now close your eyes.
- OK, Daddy.
It's just like it used to be.
You may not believe it, Daddy, but I still
have the toy soldier you gave me
before you went away.
I've kept all the toys you sent me.
What are you talking about?
I've taken care of them all these years.
Who are you?
I'm Jamie.
Oh, my God.
What are you getting so upset about?
- Oh, my God. What have we done?
- We haven't done anything.
I don't know who you are, young woman,
but you're not my daughter!
- Put on your clothes and get the hell out!
- Please, Daddy...
Don't be mad at me.
Hold me like you used to.
- Get away from me, you tramp!
- Please don't call me that. I'm Jamie.
- Tramp!
- Please don't scream at me.
That bitch Pearl...
I said where is she?
Do you love me, Eddie?
Look at me!
Please get out
and don't ever come back.
- No, Daddy, please, no!
- I don't wanna see you again!
- Get out of my sight!
- She turned you into this!
- You're a nobody.
- You're not my daughter.
You're not my daughter.
You're not my daughter!
I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!
You! You!
Does that make you feel clean?
O, daydreams
No one who cares
How you...
How you run from everyone
But him
That world out there
There could be no one else
If he never comes back
You'll be here by yourself
You'll cry lonely
How lonely am I?
I'll hear you cry,
How lonely am I?
I'll hear you cry, How lonely am I?