Toys in the Attic (1963) Movie Script

Mr Berniers?
Mr. Berniers?
Sorry, but it's been a long time.
Relax. Get me the bill.
Make it whole. I'm leaving today.
Julian? Julian?
Did you expect another person?
You've been gone all morning.
I was worried.
I had hundreds of things to do.
Something is wrong?
It's because of the type of reception.
What's up? Do I look poor?
You were away a long time last night
and you got up early this morning.
I had things to do.
Last night too?
Especially last night.
What's up, honey? What happen?
What happens to you?
If you have tired of me, if you already
do not want me, I will leave home.
Where did you get this idea?
What kind of talk is that?
Do not leave me again.
Stay with me like you did in Chicago.
Wait a moment. It's my last trip. The last.
After that no more.
We will have money,
but you will have to have
a little more patience.
I do not care about money,
I only care about you.
But to me yes, and you will have
jewels, necklaces and everything.
Nice ties for my little lady.
And you will not feel alone anymore.
Look what you've done when
tried to look good.
Do you like my new tie?
Eight dollars with fifty.
Can I go with you? No, stay.
I do not want you to leave.
Watch the TV.
I've been watching the same movie for a week.
I have to go. I can not screw it up.
I can not be late.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
Only today, okay?
Smile a little, a little smile.
Hello. Henry.
You've seen me?
I do not know why, I wanted to go
in but I could not.
One week. No, to your sisters' house today.
Tell Mom, okay?
Is it you, Carrie?
If I just arrived.
It's hot.
Have you had a bad day?
He let me out of the office.
She said, She's a little pale,
Miss Berniers, from the heat?
And I said, I've been a little
pale from the heat for years.
Now you're hot and you want to go home
, fuck you, I said...
Well, I thought about it.
We have had a sale in the store.
A coat on a day like this.
I left early and took some flowers to the cemetery.
Are they all still there?
No one is going to see it in summer.
Although the dead feel the same
of solos in summer than in winter.
We should not have buried
to dad and mom in Monte Olivos.
It would have been better to bury them in
Monte Esperanza, with the new rich.
How would you like to be buried
with dad and mom in Monte Olivos?
Any site is good.
I bought you a bottle of cologne
from the Alps.
Your weekly gift. What have you bought me
if you can ask?
A jar of oranges in syrup
Ah, how wonderful.
We will take them for dessert.
I called Mr. Shine
for the house.
He said he had not been asked
for her in months.
He said we had to lower the price.
I told her that we would, but
we can not lower it anymore.
I never liked this house,
nor when we were girls.
I know you liked it, but not me.
Do you know that I liked it?
I do not think she liked Julian.
That's why we always had dinner here,
on the stairs.
Even when I was little.
It's good that Mom and Dad leave us.
It should be a pain to have
to get the dishes out here.
Although Mom was very nice.
I took the dishes out.
Did you do it? If true!
Thank you, Anna, thank you.
Did you mind eating with dad and
mom in that horrible wooden tomb?
Yes, I cared.
It's not funny?
People can be very close
long time and not realize...
Is it a letter from Julian?
Leave her, leave her...!
But these are my letters!
Yes. I got them back! You can not do that!
Is there anyone?
We are here
It has never been a whole month.
Never. He has always written to us.
Julian is married.
You have to take care of your business.
It is busy. That is all.
You know you've never been too busy
to write or call us.
You know it.
Girls, you need a new fridge.
You have to treat yourself.
I'm gonna tell you something.
We are going to indulge ourselves.
We have just made a great offer
for the house. We will sell it.
So let's make a trip
for Europe for a year or five
If you had told me last year
would have left the trade.
If it had been two years ago,
when Julian left, he would have left it too.
When do I leave it, now?
Soon very soon.
If you do not believe me,
come to Mass on Sunday and hear
us swearing in the church.
We will not break a solemn oath in the church.
That's fine,
but a lot of people do.
Gus, how dare you? After all the
that Julian and I have done for you.
Tomorrow I will fix the garden.
Why did I say about Europe?
I have no idea.
We can still go to Europe this year.
Do you want Anna?
Have you made the deposit this week?
How much money do we have?
Yes, I did. We have $ 2843.
I will tell you something.
Let's take the travel books
and put the plans in writing.
I do not want to talk about it until
we are ready to leave.
We were ready last year,
after the wedding and you did not want to.
It was you, Carrie.
For good reason.
Could we have given them something
cheaper for your wedding?
If there is something that rich girls
know how to recognize is sterling silver.
And his mother gave them $ 10,000.
Although I have always thought that
there is something more than it seems.
What do you mean? Ah... nothing.
You have already hinted at something before.
Do not walk around with me.
Do not be sorry. It's just that...
Are we changing the subject?
Do you remember when Julian
told us that he was getting married?
We said Soon we will all go to Europe.
Well, if we can not go to Europe,
we could go on a trip to Chicago.
Bus tickets
are cheap.
I do not think we should chase
Julian and Lily and get into her life.
Who wants to do that?
What a horrible idea. My God...
Well, we do not have $ 2,800.
I took a thousand yesterday
and sent them to Chicago.
I did not know that he had moved and he returned it.
When signing I put Kisses, Carrie and Anna.
So you know it's on your side, too.
You should not have done it.
If you need the money!
He has a business.
Why do you think you need it?
Because he has always done it...
He did not want to say that.
We do not know anything about it and the
business people need money.
Do you think I did wrong?
Yes, I think so.
Julian will not be angry with me.
He never does, never.
I said two and a half
and it's three to twenty.
There it is.
Hey, taxi!
Who will be here tonight?
What's up? Is here?
No, no.
We do not know anything, Mrs. Prine.
Shut up?
Yes, sure. I'll tell you, Mrs. Prine. Yes thanks.
Julian is coming, come!
Yes. Lily's mother says that
they have been here for a week.
It is impossible, he would have called me...
They will be here tonight.
I knew it, I knew it! I have had
a weird feeling all day.
There is so much to do.
Well, we can still buy some wine.
Why did not you tell us? That crazy...
I do not believe it for a moment.
He would not have come to New Orleans
without telling us. He would have called us.
She must have bundled, sure.
Do we have enough food?
Good thing I brought lobsters.
We can cook them.
Julian can sleep in his old
room. And Lily can... You know what?
We take some of your photos
of the attic and we will surprise you.
Anna, what do you think?
I think it has happened again.
He feels bad.
And he does not want to tell us.
Well, that's natural.
Who wants to go home
and say that he has failed?
What do you mean, it has happened again?
You know what I mean.
Come on, we'll put you in the
room of dad and mom.
Many great men have taken their time to meet.
And many businessmen
do not deserve a greeting.
I know you will make your fortune someday.
It does not take a fortune,
but a job does.
All those selfsufficient men from
office, you know who I mean,
always mocking the opera, poetry and women.
They are evil. Ever since she tried
to get my hands on it years ago.
Well, things go wrong for a
time and then, suddenly,
Everything is cleared up.
Anna, do not be sad, I'm not. I'm happy.
People, the place and the time
make... things go wrong.
Do you remember that day?
It's like a dream.
It's here! Please, do not see
that you are sad.
It is your brother.
Welcome him as always should be received.
Where is my Carrie? Carrie?
Is that my Carrie
hidden in the attic?
Oh, Julian!
Come here!
Come with me!
Hello, how are you?
What a joy!
One year and six days!
We have lobster, we can take
jambalaya, prawns and...
Lily, Lily, I'm glad to see you.
I did not see you, forgive me.
One year and six days. I'm nervous.
That's it, sir.
There you go, my friend. Do not be so sneaky.
You deserve it.
There were no waitresses at the station
because the train arrived soon.
The train?
Buy a gift for your child.
I have no children. Take it, go.
Have one and get Julian.
Thanks thanks.
Do you still say that to
waiters and taxi drivers?
That means you've played
to poker. And which train was late?
Anna, go for the locusts.
We will leave for lobsters.
Anna, the same dress, huh?
If the same.
And the shoe factory?
That makes?
The one you bought in Chicago.
Oh, that. He's gone.
He is trying to explain himself.
I was just kidding.
I had forgotten that you worried
for the money that I lose.
The money was...
Of Lily.
No matter what the money.
I do not want money.
You should not worry about that, honey,
not worth it.
I do not worry about it anymore.
Rich people always do.
But people like us just
have to learn
That there are more important things.
I said I do not worry, Carrie.
The factory was a bad buy. The
machines were bad.
The one who sold me faked the books.
That is all.
It could happen to anyone.
Anyone, not me.
That's not true
and you should not believe it.
Carrie waiting for her to come back from
Chicago dressed gold and
= Oranges in syrup to hang on her
pretty hair. That's what I've done.
I do not like to draw topics that
you do not like, but this is uncomfortable.
Lily called your mother.
He told us that he had seen
you and left a message.
This is not your first night
in the city.
You do not have to justify yourself,
but I had to tell you.
We took a week in a hotel
of New Orleans,
It's been for good reason,
I have not wanted to disturb you.
We understand it. Let's fix your room.
It will only be a moment. Come on, Anna.
I have not seen my mother, Julian.
I just called her on the phone.
I knew we were coming.
I disobeyed you, have I done wrong?
Are you mad at me? Tell me.
Have I ever been? Why do you ask me so much?
Who was that lady
with whom you spoke on the train?
What lady?
I talk to everyone.
The one who was not young,
who was sad.
With which you have been today, yesterday
and the day before.
Where have you seen me?
In the park sitting on a bench.
Did you tell anyone?
So dont do it.
She would have serious problems
and us too.
And in a cafeteria last night,
on a table.
Julian, I did not mean to follow you, but
I felt so alone in the room.
Very well, do not follow me.
Never more. It's no way to treat your husband.
Come on, come on, help me with this.
I will not have that conversation.
It just will not happen.
What conversation? You know perfectly well.
It's a happy night. Julian is at
home and we do not need to know more.
You will not spoil it with your
comments. Do not you see the damage you do?
Why do you always make it look
stern and unloving?
I do not think that's true.
He's back home.
He needs us like he never has.
And we can not fail him.
Take, the savings book.
Give it to her.
Thanks, Anna. Thank you.
Thank you...
I'll give it to you when we're
alone and Lily will not see me.
It will be for a short time.
We'll get it back,
after all it's almost your money.
We lent it to him and he gave it back to us.
It's the same money you gave us back.
It's like it's yours.
Where are my girls?
Go down for gifts.
Thanks, Anna.
Download for gifts
Julian! Come out with me! Let's go, let's go!
I also have secrets.
Let's go outside!
You will sleep in the large room.
Maybe you want to refresh yourself.
Clear. Thank you.
Lily does not have to see them.
At the post office you have
thousand dollars waiting for you.
And with this there are more than 2,800
in total.
And if it was not enough, well,
we can do some more management.
God bless you both.
Well, my whole life has been like this.
You are our life.
We should thank you.
Anna, how many times...?
If you always give it back to us.
You know I did not give it back
to you, but this time I will.
Lily should not know, so...
Shut up and let's go inside.
Stop talking. Go there and sit down, come on.
What a surprise!
Sit there. Do me the favor.
Presto, the magic word and
what do we have here?
Here it is, for a dance,
is not it lovely?
This could be carried twice
to the opera and not in the same city.
Paris would talk and we do not want that.
What else do we have here?
Furs... No, it must be a mistake.
This is for something else.
Ah, these are for the dresses.
And these can be carried
What do you think? Here are
travel suits and casual dresses.
And this is just the beginning.
To flirt
on the Italian terraces.
Do you remember when the old Cells
went down the street swinging
your handbag and you wondered what was inside?
Well look at this, go ahead,
look inside.
What is this?
The only thing that could be is
the order of admission in an asylum.
No, it is the tickets of a boat
that departs the day after tomorrow.
And you have two cabins,
one of them with living room.
Come, look, look.
I know, we always plan to go together,
but I can not go. I have to stay.
I have business to attend to.
But we'll see you later.
Alright, now this.
Where did all this come from?
Of the whole city.
I entered the sites and told them to get the best.
You know what I mean.
I know what you are referring to.
But everything is bought with me
money. Mine, yours, our...
We are rich, Anna,
what do you think?
Would it look good if it were true.
Are we rich? OMG...
What are you doing?
Trying to pack it.
Leave it. This time we do not
return anything. We're rich.
Lily, do you tell them we're rich?
Come on, tell him.
We are rich... if he says so.
Is there anyone?
We are here. Show it all.
You will see something.
Where did you get the money?
Do not start. You know perfectly
well that he's been playing poker.
Do not know it and neither do you.
Put it here. That's.
Beware of the fingers. That's.
Put this there. That's.
My God, Julian.
Thanks thanks.
Take, buy something from your children.
Next to Julian.
Thanks, although there will not be a next one.
Thank you.
Very well, Carrie, touch it for me.
I know, honey. Everything went well.
I closed a deal at 3 and 3.15
I knocked on Maxwell Shine's door.
Here is the mortgage on the house.
For the first time in our life, in
the life of dad, we have a house,
without worrying that
the next payment arrives.
Remember when I was a child
and you took me to see Mr. Shine
And how did you make me tell
you that I would never have a house unless...?
God, how I hated him.
You remember?
Yes, I remember.
We will never have to say it again.
None of us ever again. Anna, look, $ 150,000.
75,000 for my partner and 75,000 for me.
Carrie, look, $ 150,000.
Last night I wrote a letter to your Mr. Barrett.
I said Caroline Berniers will not
return to work.
And as for you, I just said that
Ms. Berniers left the section
of coats because she was leaving
on a long journey through Europe.
Give me your ring. Give me your ring.
20 dollars on a lender. I did it
polish and I prayed so you would not mind.
Take. With this ring... I marry you forever.
Julian, give me the ring.
Look. Superstitious, eh?
Oh, honey.
Will be for me. Business call.
I'll pick it up and then we'll go to dinner.
Touch something, Carrie, come on.
Yes? Yes. I was waiting for your call.
Ah, did it work? No, everything was great.
Stop worrying. I have it here, in my pocket.
I do not believe it. I just do not believe it.
We do not have a job.
What do you think we are?
Respectable Ladies
with maids and secretaries who
can leave when they want?
Look, it's buscona clothes.
I would not wear this.
I do not want them to see me like this.
Oh, take that off. Outside.
What are you doing?
I try to understand.
Do you really put...?
Yes, it means that the house is ours.
This horrible house, do not you know
that we have always hated it?
Always, always, always!
You used to tell her how much we liked her.
It was just to keep
from being ashamed of the house.
Well, it has rewarded us.
Sorry, everything is ready.
Yes, at the same place at midnight.
Do not take chances. Bye.
Why, Lily? Why?
Forgive me, Julian,
has not been right.
What has not been right?
He was not respectful. Respectful.
Oh, forget it. Come on, darling,
hurry or we'll be late.
I hate caviar. I only ate it once but I hate it.
I do not like.
You will learn to love it, Carrie.
Waiter, another bottle of champagne.
Next, gentleman.
Julian, let's go home.
Um, we just got here.
The night is young. Madame, would you do
me the favor of giving me this dance?
Excuse me, I'll be right back.
What are you doing?
What are we doing here?
We are out of place.
What is this all about?
I want my wedding ring.
What is this all about?
Where did you get all the money?
I do not know. A lady came to Chicago
and called him. Went to see her
And then everything changed.
Calls her every evening at 6 o'clock.
The one she called was her.
I do not talk about women.
I'm talking about all this.
Anna, for God's sake,
take off that hat.
The number ten.
Very good. Taking.
Put Julian to your son.
Can I have this dance?
Sit down. People are watching you.
I do not care. I want to boast
of my two precious sisters.
We have to practice for the dances
on board. Come on, Carrie...
I told you to let me go!
What happens to you?
You can be ridiculous if
want, but you are not going to put me.
I did not want to. I am happy.
What happens to all of you?
Did not we have a good time?
What happens to you? We'd better go home.
Go ahead, I'll go later.
I have to deal with some matters.
At this time of night?
Yes, id. Elaine, 5121.
Lord, stop, please.
I'm going to get another taxi.
I am going to see my mother.
Come on, Lily. See you soon.
The best show in the Dream Room.
He has seen them on TV,
seen them in the movies.
The best show is this.
The best girls in the city,
there they are. Only for you.
Go ahead, pay a drink, a dollar
fiftyfive and stay two hours.
Lily, Lily...
Your mother has been asking
for you.
Hello, Lily.
Come in and sit down.
The Gardenwin has been cleaned for you.
Julian and you are welcome.
What detail you want
that we stay. Do not?
I'm telling you that you're welcome.
Come and sit down.
Mom, I have a problem.
I need your help.
I assumed. Julian has lost the factory.
Maybe I should not be
in a big city like Chicago.
You will find something else,
What is that?
It's a check. $ 5,000.
I do not want it. Julian is rich.
Have not you lost the factory?
Yes, he lost it.
We are rich otherwise.
What good news!
I must say I did not expect it.
What problem do you have?
There is another woman.
What makes you think that?
I've seen them talking. First
on the Chicago train and then here.
She has something to do with
that he is rich.
Do you expect me not to speak with another woman?
It has changed since then.
In Chicago, after losing the factory,
we spent the day together.
We read, we talked...
He was very happy.
He liked to come with me to bed,
did not know that, did he?
I have not read it in the newspaper, but
I am a shareholder of it.
If you want a detailed report
I will see what I can do.
Forgive me.
You never believed that nobody would love me
more than you wanted me.
Control yourself a little.
You've always been mean to me.
When you talked to him
was different.
Lily has gone to bed already?
What do we read tonight?
One night from above,
I heard you say to him,
God, make the time come for us to be together.
You would have paid anything for that.
Right? You paid Julian
to marry me.
I will not accept that neither you nor anybody
speak to me like this.
But I have to know.
What a shame.
Julian married you because he wanted you.
That was the only reason.
But I have seen him with another woman.
They spend together almost every night.
It does not matter what you've seen.
I do not think there's another woman.
In any case be ready, wait
and find out.
I do not want to be smart, Mom.
I'm in love.
Then rejoice that you have finally been lucky.
I would have hated your money.
That's what I feared with you.
Come, you will stay here tonight.
I'll take you in the morning.
I could not escape before.
I have it all here.
I can not take it, Julian,
would find out everything.
Has it got so bad?
I'm scared. If I found out this...
You will not find out. Do not worry.
Tomorrow will be over.
I'd better go.
On the other side of the pier
There is a cafe, next to the market,
you know which one.
We will meet there with the money
15 minutes before they leave.
I will be there. Watch out.
I'd do anything to get to you if I knew.
Do not worry.
Just hit the women.
You'd better go.
Good morning.
How's your headache?
I did not have a headache.
Last night you said yes.
Do not.
I think the world is going crazy, really.
No wonder you do not remember
what you said last night.
I wake up this morning and tell myself
that I've been dreaming it all.
And when going down where those things are,
that giant fridge, the piano,
those huge boxes...
Is Julian still sleeping?
Yes. I've been thinking about Lily.
I do not think she knows more than we do.
And that is not normal
in a marriage.
A man should not have
secrets with his wife.
Neither you nor I know anything
of good or bad marriages.
But I know of you and that you
are as worried as I am.
That's why you have the eye problem
and the headaches again.
I already told you that it did not hurt.
I'll give you something for that, coffee?
I have taken three.
Julian pampers Lily as if she were a little girl.
We have never been treated like this before.
He has always trusted our judgment.
But he did not marry us.
Nobody wants one girl per woman.
Nothing of our opinions
about that. I do not know about marriages.
What are you doing?
Order your clothes. Washing and ironing.
For what?
Europe? We're going to miss the bus at 8:15.
I know what Julian said,
but I can catch the mail before Mr. Barrett.
If I can find the letter that
wrote Julian I will throw it.
I advise you to go to the store
and do the same.
We have no job
and it is not easy to get it.
You said that if we could work
a time and save,
We could get sick when we were old
and take care of Julian,
And we would end up like Mom and Dad.
Julian has returned home rich.
We can get sick now.
Rich? Do you really believe it?
The Lord will know what he has gotten himself into.
Not true. Are not you worried about that?
Yes, I'm worried, but I think
we should go to Europe.
What will happen when the
problems arrive and we are not here?
Why do you think
that problems will arise?
Because it has always been like this
and you know what I mean.
If Mr. Barrett has seen the letter
I will apologize.
He likes people to apologize.
19 years of dedicated work
will have some weight.
I would like to see you in Europe
to you alone.
I hope you slept well.
That your number of
headache is getting old.
No longer useful. I'm sorry, Cyrus.
Leave the party early knowing
you could not leave those customers
until onethirty or two.
Sorry, Cyrus. Sorry, Cyrus.
You always say the same thing.
A sad imitation of a wife.
On this evening, I invited them
to the six to dinner, understood?
Yes, Cyrus.
Six, you and I make eight.
Understood? Yes, Cyrus.
Tell the cook that I want
to make the menu, not you.
Tell Leroy that I want
to get the best.
Good wine, good cigars, two girls
to serve and a waiter ready.
Is it clear? Yes. Tonight you will
laugh with the jokes of my clients
and you will accompany your women
to the service.
You will smile and if any one comes up to you
vomit the glasses on the table
You will still smile as if nothing.
Is it clear? Yes, Cyrus.
Yes, yes, very clear.
It's a great day, it's a good day,
it's a great day, Berniers.
It's a great Berniers day.
Gus, hey, Gus!
Hello, you scoundrel.
Are you here to stay?
Come, I want to show you something.
Come on, you'll do that later.
I have something to teach you.
You will not believe it.
Come in, I want to show you something.
Check it out.
Do you have it in Chicago?
Do you know that farm that you always wanted?
Then go ahead.
Find it and start with this.
This time I got it. Come on, take it.
Go ahead, take it.
No one will come for it this time.
Good boy.
Julian? Julian!
Hey, the bed
has been very lonely without you.
Did you think of me?
You know I do.
Still in costume?
I will change.
Good morning, Albertine.
Hello Henry.
Mrs. Prine, I'm glad to see you.
I think you already know Henry Simpson.
How is it?
What is for breakfast?
Wonderful. Take them out there.
Sit down here while I go
for something for you.
I have a beautiful little gift.
Well, this is for you.
Thank you.
How was everything? And the fishing?
Have you climbed the Bajou?
Yes, I have.
Nobody caught anything but crabs.
If someone asked me what I miss
more than less in Chicago
I would say the Bajou and
a bowl of crabs.
I will buy a house up there
and you will be welcome.
What is it for?
I do not know.
When will you wear it?
I'll take you to read in bed.
It's silly,
but it has cost me a lot.
It's okay to be silly.
Who wants something serious?
That's what I think. I think I
bought many nice things from my sisters.
But they do not look happy.
You know why?
They thought I would come back poor and were
ready to give me everything they had,
to tell me the same lies about
next time, but
I came home strolling around like a
rich, rich turkey...
I am now as good as you.
I'm not sure.
Do you know how well I spent last week
? Do you know what I did?
I have the feeling that everyone
thinks you've stolen a bank.
I went to see a man I've hated
the two times I've seen him.
One because she made fun of me when
was a boy and the other being a man.
I think he is the only man
whom I hated.
Then I went into his office and
said I have something you want
and you're going to pay me $ 150,000 for it.
After telling me to leave
there he said Go ask that money
your sisters or your wife,
for that you married her.
Do people really think so?
I do not know what you can think.
I have never believed it.
I said Maybe I'll crush you later, but
now let's stay in the $ 150,000.
Do you want to see them?
They are very nice...
And they also smell good.
I gave them cologne.
150,000 $. Do people like you
consider this a lot of money?
Not a fortune, but if you want
one serves you to start.
That's what I thought.
I like you but I can never talk quietly with you.
And that you are now like
any other.
Well sorry. I did not want it to sound like that.
You've always scared me, but not now.
Most people like you
scared me.
Now it's like a miracle and it's not just
for the money, you understand me.
Well, I do not understand it very well.
It's like when you do things right.
I did not get nervous, I sat quietly
While he was trying to figure out how
I had bought a hectare of
marshal before him and how could
know how much he needed her.
I left there being the happiest man
in the world.
I paid my life in one way or another.
Good morning, Carrie.
Where have you been?
In the middle.
Buying things, I hope.
My sisters are leaving for Europe tomorrow.
Your sisters do not...
Come with me, please.
What's wrong?
Come with me.
Stop talking to me like that.
You have a new man in front of you.
Treat me differently.
I am like a tycoon. What is a
tycoon? Well how much money?
Carrie can tell you,
works for one.
Barrett? Is a...?
Oh, I do not want to be like him.
Mr. Barrett knows what you think of him.
I had already read the letter
when I arrived.
I can not tell you how I felt.
I just thought to tell you
that it was a joke
And that you would go to apologize later.
For real? Did you really say that?
Do not do it again, Carrie.
Because I have no intention of doing so.
I would like to talk to you
alone, please.
See you later.
He said horrible things to me.
Terrible things, you can not imagine.
Julian, tell me something.
Tell you what?
Before, not long ago, you would
have known it when you looked me in the face.
You would have kissed me and you
would have told me What's wrong, Carrie?
What's wrong, my Carrie?
I just want to talk with you.
Let's go alone, as we used to.
I have to go downtown.
Do not you have time for me?
Are we distancing ourselves?
What are you talking about?
You come home mysterious and
You have not told me a word
When I take you to the ship tomorrow
I will tell you what the whole mystery is
But I want to talk to you now.
Have you always used that
tone with me?
Anna, say something so you can
hear how you talk to me.
That's a sensible talk.
I'd better bring it up
or I'll be late.
You always tell me no
when I need you.
I'm not saying no.
I'm telling you I'm in a hurry.
Anna, do you iron a shirt?
Right away.
You'd better prepare.
For what?
Last night while I was alone
I was thinking.
Would you like to go on a trip?
We could leave today.
You and I alone?
You and I. We can go to New York.
Will it be like when we were in Chicago?
When were we in Chicago?
Now you understand me.
I understand.
Will be like Chicago but better.
There is another woman.
There was another woman.
And he slept with her?
No, he will not, but he did.
Cyrus Warkins is the man
of whom he speaks.
I am not sure why I would want
both a hectare of marshes,
but if it is near the river
I can imagine.
Warkins owns 50% of the
values of the interstate agreement
to take the railroad
through the port.
If my assumption is true, it has been
due to surprise that Julian
Know the best secret of your life.
What a shame not to have been
there when he told her.
But who told you? Mrs. Warkins?
I'm not gossiping, you know.
She fell in love with Julian once.
Hates Warkins.
And it's been years trying to quit.
Maybe it's the money to leave him.
How do you know about Mrs. Warkins?
I do not know.
Before Yes. It's my cousin.
Did Warkins know when he was married?
You do not know now.
Are you writing a book?
It's our house, Mrs. Prine.
Of course.
I guess you heard it
and now you have to tell it.
But I've heard it said.
That's none of our business.
Warkins is a powerful man
and dangerous in this city.
Julian would be like a baby in his
hands and I have heard them say
that money has to do with the Warkins woman.
Julian had a mess with her ten years ago.
But it was over then.
And how do you know something like that?
How do you know?
He told me.
I do not believe you. Liar!
Carrie, shut up.
You have invented it.
You always invent things like that.
It did not happen.
He was an innocent boy.
Besides, if he had, he would have told me.
We got along better
and there you have it now:
Made a man who
is not our brother.
Lost after all these years
of work and affection.
Married to the daughter of a woman
crazy and rich that has
the nerve to bring
to your black driver here!
Surely he paid Julian
to marry that girl!
Was not it funny how he got the
money for your eye operation
Right after the wedding?
You know it's not true.
Or do you still believe that you won
that money by throwing bluffs?
Stop talking about Julian like that.
Let's go and ask him.
Let's go and ask your little boy...
The child for whom I lost my youth.
Shut up!
You used to tell us that when you love,
when you really do it,
You risk to be hated
for telling the truth.
Go up and do it now!
Very well, I'll risk it with you.
Do not you know what's going on?
You do not know?
You want to sleep with him.
It has always been like this.
I was scared years ago
you tried it and I saw it
And I suffered for you.
You did not mean that.
Tell me I have not heard those words.
Tell me, Anna.
You were everything I had.
I do not love you anymore.
It is the risk that ran.
Anna, and my shirt?
Right away
Yes, Carrie?
What's happening to you?
You know that all I want
in this world is the best for you.
And I for you, sweetheart.
Well, let's forget about Mr. Barrett.
Instead I will practice and tonight
I will give you a concert and sing
The songs that we liked.
We are going on a trip today.
Where are you going?
To New York.
A few weeks?
No, a couple of months.
A vacation,
but we will return, of course.
Just when you come back.
Do you want to go or does Lily want to go?
I have never been to New York.
Lily wants to go.
No. It was my idea.
I'm glad.
Well, you're going tomorrow.
Carrie, do not wear that face.
She's young,
I do not want her to want to come back here.
Should have thought of it before.
I think we should be alone.
This morning I put $ 20,000 here for you.
Do you think that will suffice?
For six months? Only six months.
I've never seen $ 20,000.
Julian, do not go.
But I can learn.
Or try.
When it's over I'll give you more.
And also for another good lady.
I will go to Pier 6,
I will enter the cafeteria
I will take her arm, we will sit down,
we will have coffee and I will thank her.
= No, not that. People always give
thanks for forgetting why you give them.
No, I'll just give you this envelope
and I'll say Have a good life.
And I will take it to the boat.
Then I will come back and enter our part.
I wish you good luck.
I will do it.
Is the lady going to New York?
I do not know where it will go, but everyone
passes through New York at some point.
Anna, do you know we're going to
New York alone? Julian and I?
Did you tell him?
Of course.
I tell Mom?
Call her and tell her.
Can I tell you that we are going alone?
Forever. Only the two.
Go up and pack.
Julian, go.
Are you leaving?
I have to close a deal.
Julian, do not leave me again.
I'll be back before you know it.
Do not wait, go.
I will be back.
Julian! Julian!
Julian, will you come back for me?
What are you talking about?
I told you so. Go up, pack
and do not forget my toothbrush.
I wanted to be here to see
grow your children.
I wanted to grow old with something good.
I clung to that and prayed for it.
But this time it's gone forever.
I do not think so.
This time it's gone forever.
You loved him and saw him.
He does not know that he has seen it
but he has done it.
And someday you will notice.
Like a night, years ago, when
I woke up and I knew I had seen it.
It will happen to him.
I told you I do not love you anymore.
And now I tell you that I hate you.
Will we have to learn to live with it?
I do not think so.
Are you going to start packing?
I'll keep this until I can return it.
I thought you were coming tomorrow.
I do not get it.
I'm sure there are many things
you do not understand.
Not that it has relevance.
You'll be leaving in an hour.
Do not be mean to me, Carrie.
I want to please you.
You do not have to worry about me anymore.
Of course I do and I do.
You scare me.
It's your favorite word, right?
Has it ever occurred to you that
other people may be afraid?
No, not you, Carrie. Of what?
Of my hair, which is no longer pretty,
of my work,
that I no longer have it,
to go through a mirror
that did not know it was there.
People say Berniers
are good girls.
That Carrie is beautiful,
but no longer is more.
Just work for your brother.
Why do not you come with us, Carrie?
You want to stop asking me
stupid questions.
Get up to that room and pack up.
Another woman
Do not make it to you.
There is another woman.
I have seen her, although nobody believes me.
I believe you.
Do you know who she is, Carrie?
Why do not you ask your mother?
She does not want to tell me because she does
not like me so she does not tell me things.
Do you know what I think?
That mother paid Julian to marry me.
Sometimes I think not,
who wants me.
You love it, Carrie
and I know that I trust you a lot.
Did you say if my mother paid
you to marry me?
Tell me, come!
I do not know what she did.
He just told me that he was in love
and that he wanted to marry you.
Did he say he was in love?
He said he was in love!
Did you really say that?
I remember asking myself why I had
chosen that Sunday in particular
to tell us. The next morning
Anna was going to the hospital
to operate on the eye and none had ever
been in the hospital.
And we did not know what it cost.
So when Julian came home
he told us yours and said that Anna
was going to have the best room
of the hospital and who had called
to the great Dr. Clash of Philadelphia
and that she was already on a plane
on the way here.
On the money of the operation he said
he had won it by playing poker.
Anna was more worried about
than her eyes.
Although Dr. Clash operated it
The first thing he told Julian when
left the operation was
My eyes were not made
to cause you so much trouble.
And Julian said something precious:
I would give both arms and a leg for you.
But not both. Maybe he will not
love you as much as I think.
We laughed a lot.
A few days later she brought you to
that we met you, remember?
I was so glad that Julian was married.
Yes, you said it. But I did not believe you.
Well, I could have canceled the wedding.
Even you can understand that.
But you did not.
Did you know that my mother had paid Julian
so that he would marry me and that
would pay more to keep me away.
And you did not have to worry about a
girl who meant no more
That a check for nobody.
I have not said that.
You want me to tell you
and you will believe that he has told
you even if you are told otherwise.
It is better to know. I'll go
with Julian anyway.
Is not that right, Carrie?
I do not know.
Why do not you go with your questions
to Mrs. De Cyrus Warkins?
It goes with you to New York.
You can spend many wonderful
evenings together.
Carrie, Carrie...
Are you coming with us?
Is she tall and dark?
I have never seen her.
But Henry is tall and darkand
his cousin. So you can.
Does Julian love her?
Why do not you ask your mother?
And his friend. I have heard you say that
Julian and that woman were together.
He once told me about someone.
In bed we always talked.
We had a good time doing
questions about other girls.
Everyone does, Julian said.
That's when she told me that
there was only one other woman in her life.
That it had been long ago
and that I should not worry.
And now it comes with us.
What are they going to do with me?
I will ask you not to come.
I'll tell him to give me another year!
Mrs. Warkins is not at home.
He's waiting for Julian.
He has gone to meet her.
I know Mr. Warkins,
is Mama's lawyer.
You are a good woman, Carrie,
you will hear.
Please call Mr. Warkins
now that there is time...
Throughout the morning
I have lost my brother,
My sister and my job. That's all I had.
So do not talk about time.
Make the call.
Will Mr. Warkins listen to me, Carrie?
What do you want of me?
It's the best thing for everyone.
What is the point of answering you?
You keep talking.
Please, give it a call.
His wife does not go to New York with me.
Do it.
Can you tell Mr. Warkins that
Lily Berniers, that Lily Prine
Do you want to talk to him immediately?
And I do not want her to keep me waiting.
That's what Mom would say.
Hello, Mr. Cyrus. I'm Lily.
Do not be angry at what I'm going to say.
Tell your wife
to give me another year with Julian.
I am not angry, but I would like to be
only one more year with him.
That's it.
Tell him, please.
I do not know, really.
Yes, Carrie listened to somebody...
A lady heard Henry say so.
Henry, my mother's.
I do not know how Henry knows.
Henry is Mrs. Warkins' cousin.
Cousins. Mr. Cyrus?
Mr. Cyrus?
I do not know. Do you want to know
where your wife is?
She wants to know everything
to tell her.
Pier six. He will meet her in the cafeteria.
Pier Six, you will meet
with her in the cafeteria.
Mr Cyrus?
You have hung up.
Have you packed, Lily?
Hurry up. Julian will not be late
and he'll want you to be ready.
Do you want me to call your mother?
No thanks.
It's the best for everyone, right?
Yes, but you'd better get ready.
Pack your bags, fast.
I have taken my ticket and left
yours inside the envelope.
You can explain it to Julian.
What are you talking about?
I'm going to Europe tomorrow.
I will spend the night in a hotel.
I will send someone to for the luggage.
You will feel alone.
Does not matter. I've always been.
You're going to look like a fool.
A lonely woman, scared to death,
Trying to have fun
You're presuming. It is what you do,
pure presumption.
You can not leave sooner
than Julian.
It would kill you to know that something
is wrong between us.
You hate me, but you want me to stay with you.
We will find the form.
You need me.
It has always been like this.
Everyone believes that
you are the strong, the tenacious.
And you the weak, the fragile, the tender.
That's what you wanted them to think.
But I know you. I loved you
and even if I did, it does not matter.
We had something together.
The words would have been forgotten
As we waited for Julian to return.
But our brother
no longer needs us.
And the poor house
is crumbling.
Anna? Anna.
Are you leaving?
Yes, Lily, I'm leaving. Bye.
I'm sorry you're leaving.
Why do not you come to New York with us?
I would like very much.
It would not be best. I will not go there.
But it's all good already.
I just fixed it, did not I, Carrie?
Lily, Julian will wonder why
you're not ready.
What do you mean?
What have you done?
I left a message for the
Mrs. Warkins. And I will keep my promise.
What did you leave a message for Mrs. Warkins?
I just talked to her husband.
I told him to tell you
to leave Julian for another year.
Did you tell him where they were?
Have I done something wrong?
It was very nice...
Did you tell him where they were?
In the cafe at Pier Six.
Have not I done well?
Have not I done well?
My God!
Back, please, back.
Stay away.
Where is Julian?
Please, let me through.
He's my brother.
Julian, my God!
I do not know who they were.
Ma'am, I'm trying...
Stay away. What do you think it does?
Bring me ice. He's my brother.
Get me some ice!
I'm... I'm fine.
If you do not tell us anything else
we can not do anything.
What would they do anyway?
A complaint?
What would a complaint be worth now?
God, I have to help her...
Quiet, please.
have you seen what they have done to you?
They cut the face, cut it!
He sent his men for us.
She just wanted to help and leave.
I swear I never mentioned his name.
He knows it was not your fault.
This is all
what's left of the money!
Let the police help.
For what? They would just laugh at me.
Julian Berniers, with $ 150,000 in
pocket, do you think they would swallow it?
They have taken everything.
Papers, receipts, everything.
I am a mess. She told me everything
what to do.
I would have done a child, but
who spoke, who told?
Forgive me. I did not know...
Do you love him? Listen out.
Yes. Go, sit by her side and shut up.
Do you love him enough like
not to kill him with the truth?
Do you want her to go to her side,
sit down and stay there with him?
Well do it.
He says he does not want
to go to the hospital.
We can not do anything about it.
He wants his sisters to take care of him.
Yes, let them decide.
You are, you will feel better.
This will lower the swelling.
Sorry, honey.
We are not going anywhere.
We have no money to leave.
Everything will be fine, Lily.
You have no fault. You could not know.
And you should not blame yourself.
You must not.
What are you talking about? Know what?
I do not want you to blame Lily.
What happened is not your fault.
And you should not think about it.
These things happen. That is all.
And there are no guilty in this.
Now let's forget about all this.
Let's go home, where you should be.
God, Julian, I did it.
You did it?
I called Mr. Warkins and I told him.
I do not understand... Did you call him?
I did not know I would do this.
He told me to talk to her.
I just wanted to be with you.
I never thought...
Never thought? You never thought?
Why did you have to think?
Could not you trust me? God!
Did you see her face stabbed?
Have you seen what a poor
woman has done to you?
I just wanted what's best for us?
Get out of my life!
Go away! Go away!
Carrie, take me home.
Take me Home.
Well, the Berniers are coming home.
Only today is for real.
Yesterday was a fantasy thing.
Everything will be fine. You will see.
I'll prepare you a hot bath.
So you can relax.
Then I'll get ice crushed and some
cold towels for the bruises.
And then I will fix your old room
with clean sheets.
And I'll make you some soup.
You always liked a good soup.
Of meat and marrow, as you like.
I have a lot of things to do.
I will sew first.
We will have to return all this.
Will have to get new jobs.
There is so much to do.
It can not be helped.
There is bad luck and good luck.
What did you say?
That there is bad luck and good luck.
I mean how to say it.
Say it like that again.
I do not know what you mean.
Why do not you go up and rest?
A hot bath...
Why do you start to coo me now
as if it had done something good?
You're smiling?
Why the hell are you smiling?
Do you like it that way?
Damn, there is no money.
The refrigerator, the piano...
Are these things so important?
Only things.
We have something much more valuable.
We did not want to go to Europe, did we?
You'll see. We will go someday,
Now there is much to do.
We should thank God
because nothing worse has happened.
We're all three together.
It's all that matters.
The three?
I knew you felt bad, it's normal.
Believe me, this has been the best.
For whom?
Well for all.
My poor child, I did not want
to say anything before
and I would not have said it except for
for this, but I love you too much.
Lily was a neurotic. It was wrong, really.
I guess it was normal having
to that woman as rare as mother.
But that is over
and everything will be better.
I have a feeling that
is gone bad luck
and that everything will be fine
for us, just like before.
You will see.
I see it now.
That's it, honey. Now go up
and I'll go and prepare the bathroom.
Where are you going?
Looking for it.
But he has betrayed you and will do it again!
I've already heard it on the phone! I heard it!
Did you hear it?
Yes, I'm sure you heard it.
I'm leaving, big sister.
Do you understand?
If I understand.
Are you crying?
I am happy.
Take. Half of this is yours.
The tickets are paid. Use them.
I will do that. You can not leave, Julian.
Not now. You are sick.
Let us take care of you.
Go. I'm fine, Carrie.
What are you going to do?
Going with your mother and living off her?
That would not be very different
to live on you, right?
You need us. How far have you come without us?
How far do you think you're going to get?
I'll get to my wife.
And then to the hospital, where there is
a woman who needs my help
much more than I need
yours. Then I do not know.
But I can not lower,
I can only go up.
How brave you are. Until
when do you think that will last?
Come on, go back with your crazy wife.
You will come back here by dragging you.
You always do, do you hear? You're a loser.
You always have been.
Why do you think it will be different now?
Do you hear me?
You are a braggart, a loser!
And you'll never be anything else!
Julian! Julian, do not go!
Julian! Julian, come!
Anna, she's gone, but she'll be back.
He will come back, will not he?
Bye, Carrie. He'll want you
here when he comes back.
You want everything to be as before.
You will also return, do not deceive me!
And he will come back too!
I know he will return,
as he has always done. Always.
When we do, we will pretend
this has not happened.
And then he will hold me in my arms
and tell me
Carrie, honey, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Carrie.