Traces of Love (2024) Movie Script

I won.
When I say
That I don't love you anymore
It's because I love you
When I say that I don't want
To see you anymore
It's because I love you
But I'm afraid
To give you all my heart
And confess that I'm your hands
I can't imagine
What will happen to me
No, no, no!
If I ever lost you
I see peace spreading everywhere
And I give it to you later
I need to tell the things I know
And then I refuse
And the truth is
That I'm crazy about you
And I'm afraid I might lose you some day
Say what?
I need to accept that it's impossible
Take you away from my life
Your turn, come on!
Go, go!
In this craziness to say
That I don't love you anymore
Denying appearances
Hiding the evidences
But why keep pretending
If I can't fool my own heart
I know that I love you
No more lies
No more denying my desire
I love you more than anything
I need your kiss
I give my life to you
To make wherever you want with me
I just want to hear you agreeing
Say it's true That you miss me
That you still think a lot about me
Say it's true That you miss me
That you still want to live for me
Say it's true That you miss me
That you still want to live...
For me
You can sing as many as you want.
I feel generous today.
Enough, Dina. I'm not in the mood.
- I can barely sing.
- Cut the drama.
Come on, let's go.
Same as usual. You sing,
the people love it and sing.
There are a lot of people today,
it makes me nervous.
Sing your favorite song.
It can't fail.
Just because I love you.
And because you're single.
- I love you!
- Give me the token.
- "Evidence", Jos Augusto.
- "Evidence", Chitozinho.
- Me first, Jos Augusto.
- I'm not Jos Augusto.
He is the author of the song.
You don't even know
whose song it is.
Jos Augusto would feel
terribly offended right now.
As a tribute to him,
I'll sing it in B flat major.
Or is it minor? Minor? Major.
You decide.
- Come on, lovebirds.
- We are not a couple.
Do you want to bet
it's by Jos Augusto?
- Do you want to be humiliated?
- I do.
Do you want to humiliate me?
Come on, humiliate me.
Humiliate me well, come on.
"Evidence" was composed
by Jos Augusto...
- How good it feels to be right!
- And it was recorded in 1989...
- Say it in slow motion: "Jos Augusto."
- By Chitozinho e Xoror.
The song belongs to whoever sings it.
Then sing it with me
and it will become ours.
He's cute!
I'd rather sing alone.
Heads or tails?
Head, you win and sing alone.
Tails, it's a duet.
You're scared, right?
"Evidence", by Jos Augusto. A duet.
You are a great singer!
Where are we going?
Where...? I don't know where we are.
I was walking behind you.
And I was walking behind you.
- Do you feel like eating?
- Yeah.
Any special desire?
I desire one thing
and want another.
- Is there a difference?
- Sure.
Wanting something
is immediate, momentary.
The desire remains.
- And the desire rules.
- I see.
Now I feel like eating potatoes.
But my desire is...
to know who Marco Antonio is.
I am an app developer.
Good. But what do you work with?
- You know, cellphone apps...
- I'm kidding.
I see.
To Marco, who sings
like a great programmer.
For your information,
singing badly at a karaoke is cool.
Singing well in karaoke is weird.
- I used to have a professional band.
- And what was the band's name?
- Never mind.
- Come on, now I want to know.
Is it because you were bad?
Was it a teenage name?
"Marshmallows on Fire,"
or something like that?
Ana Laura Vitria.
I left and they became Ana Vitria.
No no! You sang in Ana Vitria?
You're like the Beatle
who left the band!
And why did you quit?
I was at a crossroads
between medicine and music.
It's horrible to decide
when you're in doubt.
I ended up leaving the band out of fear,
pressure from my family,
and because I was terrified
of singing in public.
But I love medicine, okay?
I always wanted to become a doctor.
You desired something else, right?
Didn't you say that desire rules?
Not always.
Now, for example,
I'm just thinking of what I want.
We will remember
our first New Year together forever!
By the twenty-fifth
I won't remember this one anymore!
Nine! Eight!
In the couple,
do you love more,
or do you love better?
I am the one who loves more, definitely.
I am very loving,
very wholeheartedly.
- Want some?
- I feel dizzy, I can't eat.
This carousel rotates
at just one mile per hour.
Carousels can be quite treacherous.
Note to myself.
- Marco is...
- In love.
- Feeling sick.
- In love.
A car engine is measured in horsepower.
This is a pony! I swear!
I tell you!
"Baby's day." "Baby's day"!
"Baby's day off"!
"Baby's day out"!
If you wanted to speed up,
you can stick one foot out.
- And... It might work, right?
- Good idea, it might work.
Alexa, how does a record player
from the 18th century BC work?
You have to speak louder,
so he understands better!
Record player!
Seven! Six!
Five! Four!
Imagine when we are old.
We will remember this forever.
I have 365 reasons to love you,
and you have only written down two.
Easy, easy! There's no need!
My finger is in the wrong place.
A man who was walking on the shoulder
passed us very quickly
and started complaining.
He passed by and said, "Come on!"
I'm serious, I saw him
doing this gesture.
He winked at us,
because our speed is...
I love all this.
I didn't RSVP-ed
to my parents' 33rd wedding anniversary.
A wedding anniversary sounds great!
I really like that.
I love how you scratch your nose
when you're upset.
Let's get married!
Have I already said
that I love you today?
- No.
- I love you today.
- And tomorrow?
- We'll have to be together to know that.
Four! Three!
Two! One!
Happy New Year!
I love you a lot.
A lot.
Happy New Year, honey.
Happy New Year.
A thousand marriages!
On the lake's shore,
under the ancient tree,
on the balcony or in the hall.
Where is the most delayed bride
in the entire world?
I'm already here.
You're taking a shower,
and will say that you are
already arriving, I am sure.
Let me tell you,
I don't know if this is the place.
It's too fancy,
there will be people playing tennis.
And if it rains the lawn
will be super muddy.
It's not the right place.
Come. I have to go now
to taste the desserts.
Marco, I'm home.
I don't know,
I'm standing here, thinking...
Because I don't want to get married.
I think I fooled myself.
I stepped over a trillion Lauras,
I don't know.
Our relationship can't be
bigger than me, you understand?
It can't absorb me like that.
Excuse me for saying it this way.
I have to do what I have to do.
Damn, Laura! Answer, Laura!
Have I already told you
that I love you today?
No. And tomorrow?
We'll have to be together to know that.
Alexa, turn on the light.
Alexa, read my messages.
First message: Jorge.
Hello, Marquito, dear.
How are you?
I'm calling you regarding
a difficult topic: Dad's inventory.
We have to appraise the ranch.
I need your help, brother.
Go there this week, okay?
I love you.
Good morning, Marco!
It's 8 a.m. o'clock
and you have to get up.
Good morning, Marco!
Alexa, stop it.
- Hi, Marco.
- Shit!
What are you doing, Julia?
You look like a parrot!
You're scared because you owe me.
I owe you a drink
for Vasco's defeat, yes.
If I get paid when they lose,
I'll have your apartment.
Okay, Ponte Preta.
Congratulations on the championship.
When was that, in the year 1200?
- And your nephew?
- Godson!
- It has my face.
- Babies are ugly.
You feel funny today, I see.
Bye bye!
What a silly guy.
I'll get off here. Thank you.
It does look complicated there.
How's my favorite boss doing?
I'm sorry, I got stuck
behind a garbage truck.
I'm almost there, okay?
I'll be there in just a minute.
Good? I'm arriving.
Do you have anything for me?
Hey, come on!
Can anyone help me?
Please, would you help me?
You're finally here.
You have no excuses.
I didn't sleep all night
and I got here on time.
- Good morning for you too.
- Good morning.
- Do you know who I was with?
- Who?
- Natalia.
- Look at you!
- Look at this.
- What's that?
- Breasts, don't you see?
- I know.
- We're at work!
- Don't be so uptight.
You spend all day with your friends
on WhatsApp,
sharing pornography.
And you judge me for this?
I just didn't expect to have
that in my face on a Monday morning.
Wow, how old-fashioned!
- That's why you're single.
- For your information, I'm enjoying it.
- Enjoying?
- Yeah.
Enjoying, Marco?
God, what are you enjoying?
You go around saying, "I'm enjoying it".
You're not that kind of person, Marco.
- You need love.
- I know how to enjoy.
If feel as if I were
at a soccer stadium.
I advance like a roller
that cleans water and urine.
Good, boy.
- Shall we work?
- Come on.
- Ex-Commerce.
- What's wrong?
Nothing. They all loved selling
their ex-partners' things. Brilliant.
But now I need something new.
- Did you see the ideas I sent you?
- No.
Well, look at them.
I had a hard time getting here today.
You were great. You created
something unexpected.
Everyone creating dating apps,
and you create a breakup app.
But we need to innovate again.
And do you know how that is done?
- How?
- If I knew, I wouldn't ask.
Come on, Marco.
- Where's that creativity?
- I don't know, look for it.
If you achieve something
as good as Ex-Commerce,
you'll become partner.
Did you hear? Partner!
Make me a partner like this, look.
- Take a picture.
- Yes, enjoy it.
Today we'll start things
a different way,
with Jani Lima joining us.
How are you?
Hello! It's a pleasure to be with you!
Let the music begin,
let the show begin!
When I say
That I don't love you anymore
It's because I love you
What was that?
Where am I?
Am I dead?
I'm dead.
Look, I think I'm dead.
The elevator fell.
I'm at home.
Why am I at home?
What is this thing here?
What is this record player doing here?
What is happening?
What are you doing here?
I don't know, I think I'm dead.
- So are you?
- Talk to me, Marco.
I'm telling you.
- Talk to me, what are you doing here?
- I have no idea!
I was somewhere else and...
Can you see me? Do you hear me?
What's wrong? What's happening?
Tell me, Marco, why are you here?
- I live here.
- Jesus!
- I want to hear you.
- What am I doing there?
But we agreed not to see each other.
I told you I'd pick up my things.
You promised you wouldn't be here.
You promised me
we would get married and be happy.
And now?
- I'm dreaming, this is a dream.
- Come on, Marco.
Wake up, wake up.
Wake up. Can someone tell me
what is happening, please?
I just want you to explain
why you left me,
just when we were about to get married.
I'm torn to pieces.
I have been devastated for months,
thinking about what happened to us.
- Can't they see me?
- Tell me, what happened to us? Tell me.
You do your homework.
It's a memory, it's just that.
I am inside my own mind.
It's just a silly memory.
This is over, I don't want to go back.
I don't want to live this twice.
- It was very painful...
- Shit!
- You can't answer.
- Shit!
I spent a long time waiting
and you don't have an answer.
- Fuck!
- You never respect my own pace!
You planned a wedding
without even asking me.
Of course I asked you, Laura!
We were happy!
- I need to get out.
- This can't end like this!
- Three years, and you never listened.
- Help!
You decided for me, for us.
Someone get me out of here!
You never listen, Marco!
I don't want to hear this again,
I can't take it.
You know what? Relax.
You will never see me again.
- Pick up your things.
- I don't want them anymore.
- Sell them, do whatever you want!
- Okay, go!
Go, come on! Vanish again!
She can leave? It's not fair!
Now I will stay forever in this hell!
Living with me, you and her!
This is hell!
- What's this?
- Good morning to you.
Now, let's hear the news
- with Gabriela Neves.
- What's this?
My God!
That was crazy!
- Marco Antonio?
- That's me.
Yes, yes.
Me... Yes.
It's me. How's it going?
- I'm going to follow Waze, okay?
- Perfect, yes.
- Is the temperature is fine?
- Yes.
- Any station you'd like to hear?
- No, no.
You can put any station.
No, no...
Hey! What is this?
Who are you?
What is this? Where am I?
Why am I here?
Marco, it's me again.
Help me, Marco. Marco?
Am I no longer a ghost?
- Can we go, Marco?
- You touched me! Can you see me?
- Sure. Shall we go?
- Yes, let's go. Where to?
- To Dina's party, love.
- Dina?
- You said we would go.
- This is the yacht club party!
We are still here,
where you brought me. As usual.
Don't worry, we'll go.
I just want to say something.
This has already happened.
We've experienced this before, yes?
We've been through this before.
Now, we're living things again.
You've been here before.
What was that?
What was that? Turn that off!
That was insane!
What's going on here?
- We're in the car...
- In the car? No!
- You fell asleep.
- I wasn't asleep, no!
I wasn't dreaming!
I saw those people, I saw them all.
Where are we going?
- To your house, I think.
- My God...
Calm. Breathe.
I'll press play,
and nothing will happen.
That's it.
Don't worry.
Come on.
Where am I?
It wasn't that one, no.
That wasn't the song.
Tenth song. The tenth one, yes.
It has to be number ten.
Michelle, from college.
I remember her.
If I hadn't gone on exchange
with Tulio, we would still be together.
Come back here, let's go.
It's you. Here we go, okay.
That's it.
Let's see if this is real.
- What happened?
- Laura.
I became a kind of...
I am a time traveler.
Laura, it's true.
I'm telling you, I can prove it.
Today, for example,
is samba day.
- Samba? Really?
- No.
But Dina will show up
and we will argue.
- Of course not, love.
- Yes, we will.
Everything is great!
There's samba playing,
I've had a few drinks
and Dina is with her new crush,
doing what we'll do later.
But we won't,
and he'll turn out to be married.
Laura! I come from the future, Laura!
Listen to what I tell you.
Someone's going to bump into you.
Exactly when Dina arrives and says,
"Rodrigo is married."
Here it comes. You want to see?
He'll bump into you.
It will happen, I don't remember
the exact moment, but...
- You see?
- Wow!
- And there's Dina.
- Hi.
Rodrigo is married.
And now, for our next tune,
I would like to invite Laura!
I asked him to do it.
- I asked him to call you.
- I did nothing.
A nice surprise.
- It will be great.
- I can't believe you made this
- just to make me sing.
- No! This is going to be bad.
- How's it going?
- Good?
Are you coming, Laura?
- Let's sing.
- Give her a second, she will sing.
- I promise.
- Laura!
Laura! Laura! Laura!
- It'll be nice.
- Why did you do it?
You sang and everyone...
Well, it doesn't matter.
Don't you want to sing? I'll sing!
Leave her, I'll sing.
I'll sing.
"Cheia de manias",
the only thing I can sing.
You see? He loves you!
I deserve it.
Let me see you dance!
Don't stop!
What's happening?
- Marco?
- Dina! How are you, Dina?
It's Marco calling, at 2 a.m.
I'm fine, nothing's wrong.
I just need to know something.
Do you remember the samba?
Of course you do.
With the married guy, and...
Do you remember
I was with Laura that day?
I sang with the band, right?
- I sang "Cheia de manias", right?
- Calm down, Marco.
- What are you taking about?
- The day of the samba,
I sang with the band, right?
No, it was Laura.
She was great, as usual.
- Why are you asking me that?
- I can't change the past.
What are you talking about?
They're just memories, Dina.
It won't change anything.
I just go,
remember and come back.
Seriously, Marco?
Forget Laura. It's already in the past.
Stop chasing the past.
It's the past
that's haunting me, Dina.
My God...
What is this?
Julia, can you come to my house?
I have an emergency.
- Hello?
- You finally remember your brother!
- Will you go to the ranch tomorrow?
- I work tomorrow, I can't.
I know it's hard for you, Marco.
But we need to solve this.
Especially now, that your godson
was born. I would do it if I could.
- Come on, Marco.
- Well, well.
Then I will go...
I'll go tomorrow.
Tomorrow at 10 a.m., that's fine.
Maybe the ranch
will help me think of a new app.
You have to face the past, Marco.
Relax, relax!
There's an emergency
and you don't answer?
If you knock like that,
I'll need a new door.
Try a doorbell, yours doesn't work.
It works. I cut the power due to...
- Due to possible short circuits.
- There are no short circuits here!
But I have a leak.
I put a reinforcement here.
But I don't know
where the leak comes from.
I'll need to call someone else.
Call whoever you need.
- I'll go take a shower, okay?
- Yeah.
- No! Turn that off!
- What?
Let's turn the music off.
We'll be better without music.
That's it.
Silence, please!
I don't want to hear anything.
Come on, Julia!
What are you doing?
- What's going on?
- Nothing.
- Yeah?
- Everything's fine.
Doesn't seem like it.
Tell me.
A song won't leave my head
and it's tormenting me.
- Catchy music, that's hard.
- No, no.
This song takes me back to the past.
- You are not updated.
- "Evidence."
When "Evidence" starts playing,
it literally takes me back in time.
I go back to the past.
I told you weed was dangerous.
You smoke and then you see things.
- Focus, focus.
- Yeah.
When "Evidence" plays,
it's as if my body
were teleported to a memory
of me and Laura.
Bad shared memories.
Arguments and all.
It's as if I left this place,
went to that memory,
I live that memory,
and come back here. You understand?
Wow, it's curious. It happens to me too.
- With the song "Jump and be happy."
- Yeah.
My neck travels directly
to my ex's mouth, it's crazy.
"When I think about
how can I get rid from your claws."
Goodbye, Julia.
Stop, stop, okay?
Tell me, time traveler.
Let's talk seriously.
On those trips, does Laurita say
why she ended everything?
She doesn't even know.
I've already created lots of theories
in my head, and nothing.
The relationship was good,
I was an great boyfriend.
Come on, Marco.
Nobody breaks up
just like that after three years.
Look inside yourself, man.
- The reasons are in there.
- There's no explanation, Julia.
- Laura went crazy, that was it.
- And you are going crazy.
Today we will talk about
one of the most
intriguing topics in Science,
Or rather, time travel.
Since humanity exists,
there have been stories
and legends about time travels.
Since time immemorial...
Hey! You scared me!
God, it seems like you saw a ghost.
- Actually, I did.
- Here?
Was she hot?
The ghost?
Well, a ghost can be hot, too.
No sexy ghosts, no.
What do you want, Luana?
I want an app, I want ideas.
- I'll call someone to help you.
- I don't need help.
I'll come up with something.
Trust me.
Speaking about that...
I have a girlfriend.
- Who?
- Natalia. Yes, my friend.
Didn't you say
you were like a seagull
looking for sardines?
I was. It was my best moment,
dating everyone around.
And then, the siren started singing.
I fell in love. God, I'm screwed.
Look, she made me a video.
- No, I don't want to see it.
- Yes, take a look.
- Look at it.
- No, no, no!
No, no! "Evidence"! I'm at work!
Don't do this to me!
Laura, tell me
where we're going, please!
- It's a surprise.
- Is it a hotel, an inn?
If it's Airbnb,
I like to check the history first,
to know what I should expect.
You're so boring!
Give me a chance!
Okay, people. This is really boring.
Can someone get me out of here?
Help, for the love of God!
I can't stand these two anymore!
For the love of God,
will you get me out of here?
The chalet at the Campo Verde inn.
- No.
- Then it's the Valle Alto club.
- No.
- Then I don't know.
- I know the region.
- Marco, calm down.
But you see something and think,
"How beautiful."
You do everything quickly.
You don't spend time researching.
We arrived.
You can get out.
- Here? In the middle of nowhere?
- This is the surprise.
There's nothing here,
don't you realize? You are a fool.
What's the surprise here?
There's nothing here, for God's sake.
Come here. Come on, get in there.
Laura, calm down.
Laura, listen to me.
I am another Marco!
I'm Marco... I'm Marco from the future,
I know where you're going, Laura!
I won't run after you, Laura!
Come back!
Well, go. Go away, great.
Go have a lot of fun there!
Who am I talking to?
I'll wait here
until that damn song ends.
I fell in love.
How could I not?
This song is super long,
I didn't remember that.
It's difficult, you must...
Damn! What is this?
What do we have here?
What's happening here?
What's that? What is happening here?
What...? No, wait!
Get out!
You're not going to...! No!
I won't go back to that memory,
Laura. Go away.
Go away!
I won't go, I won't!
Wait, wait. Calm.
I'm not going to...
Stop! Stop!
Where is it?
You won't... Fucking shit!
I'll go!
This is hell!
Laura? Laura!
Did I disappear? What happened?
- Tell me!
- I don't know, you tell me!
- You looked weird.
- What is happening?
- Marco, are you okay?
- No.
- You're not okay.
- No.
- You need to rest.
- I can't rest.
Do you want a day off?
- A day off.
- I'm going to...
I'll take that day off, okay?
- That sounds good.
- I will go.
- Can I have your coffee?
- Yes, take it. Have that coffee.
Look, I'm already
a registered micro-entrepreneur.
I wasn't... I'll call you later.
- Home already?
- Do not talk to me.
What is the problem?
Alexa, just don't play "Evidence".
- Playing "Evidence".
- No, no, no.
- That's it.
- No, no, no!
How can I avoid a song
that plays everywhere?
On the radio, in movies, in series,
at bars, at balls,
at the doctor, in elevators
and in PowerPoint presentations?
- Alright.
- Tell me, Julia!
So, Julia?
Easy, guys.
You can go back to work.
Ill try to help my friend.
Excuse me, I'm...
Let's go for a walk and grab a bite.
Let's get you some pastries
from the bakery.
That will do you good, Marco.
It's not personal, Alexa.
Very well, let's end this curse.
The trips... How many were there?
We have the day of the samba,
the highway... There were four.
- "Four trips"...
- Yeah.
- And were they only bad memories?
- Yes, really bad.
- What did you do wrong back then?
- Nothing.
A man without defects, so weird.
So you were always good
- and did nothing wrong.
- I'm very...
Good. And her?
She's complicated, isn't she?
Laura is...
Let's do a simulation. Laura...
Thirty-four defects.
And Marco, zero defects.
Brilliant. The result
is not biased at all.
Stage two: did you fight a lot?
Like any regular couple.
How much is that?
You mentioned four.
- Four or five more fights?
- Fifteen more.
A total of 20...
Wait, wait, wait.
- Wait.
- Did you find your mistake?
- No, I made no mistakes.
- Come on, Marco...
- Listen.
- Tell me.
If I've been to four bad memories,
and I have 20 bad memories...
If I only go back to bad memories,
the curse will end
after revisiting the 20.
And that will end with the travels.
I said the same thing,
just in a different way.
No, it's just... Of course.
- You're right.
- Good.
- Come on.
- You're totally right.
You have no defects, Marco.
- Come on.
- Guys, the day is over for today!
Thank you! We'll come back
later to put an end to that leak.
You blew up the house! Just joking.
You did a great job, thank you.
Gimme a hug!
So, Julia, here's the strategy:
you'll play "Evidence" for ten seconds.
Then you stop it.
I come back and we do it again,
until the curse ends.
End karma, master those memories.
- And? Goodbye, Laura.
- That's it.
- Repeat after me.
- Goodbye, Laura.
- Come on.
- Come on!
- That's it!
- What happened?
I didn't even see what it was.
No, but that's enough.
You made that sinister face.
Don't do that in public, Marco.
I know. Let's do what we agreed.
Everything will be fine.
- Come on.
- Here we go.
- "Evidence."
- Here it goes.
Look at them,
playing and jumping.
Leave them alone, love.
Dina is happy with him.
Dina is happy,
but the rest of us are sad.
We are falling apart.
- Everything is fine with Dina, but him?
- Try to be nice.
I am being really nice.
If you knew how nice I am,
you wouldn't say that.
The problem is that he decided
that he would be my best friend.
Up, down. Up...
He already hugged me six times,
squeezed my ribs,
squeezed my nipples.
He talks about the neighborhood.
I was in his neighborhood
when I was a child.
And he decided to call me "Marcota".
What is "Marcota"?
- Marcota!
- Motherfucker!
Stop it, man!
You were punked.
This is...
That's it, let's go with...
Well, you can leave it for a while...
Marco, remember that money I owed you?
- What is it...?
- Penalty for Vasco!
Congratulations on this, sir.
This is really nice.
Your boyfriend knew
it was a solemn meeting
and decided to dress like that?
I'm glad he's not wearing
a bathing suit.
Don't be like that, Dad.
- Is your father important to you?
- Of course he is!
So where's the list of 237
movies that he gave you
and was so important to you?
- I lost it!
- No, I know where it is.
- No way!
- It's at the ranch.
But you didn't come back
after he died.
What? You didn't even know him.
Of course I met him!
- I spent a lot of time on that hike.
- Which hike?
- It does not matter!
- You hate nature!
- That's why! Come on.
- You didn't tell me that.
- Did you go on hiking?
- Faster, come on.
- Once more.
- Good.
It's one, I only brought
your bikini. I'm not wearing a sunga.
I'll stay at the hotel,
drinking and eating.
Same schedule, next day.
I changed the ticket. ID number?
- Nine, nine, zero, seven, ten...
- Nine, nine...
- Nine, zero, one, 20.
- Nine, zero, one, 20.
Marital status? Married.
- Don't be stupid, Marco.
- Right.
It'll bring trouble.
Well, will you send a confirmation?
Perfect. Thank you so much.
- I did it!
- Why did you do that?
Call back and fix it.
That's a lot of work.
Let's get married to solve it.
We love each other very much.
I'll never find a more perfect woman.
And you will never have time
to find someone better than me.
Let's get married!
And let the stewardess
be our maid of honor, right?
If you accept,
she'll even do the ceremony.
- Now let's celebrate.
- Marco...
- Marco, come back!
- Wait, call the waiter.
Champagne, if you have some.
Tell me if you have
any hidden bottle there.
Stop celebrating, for God's sake.
Laura, now I know
you don't want to get married.
But what is happening?
I can't be the only one feeling this.
Maybe I didn't always behave well,
but, for God's sake,
why will you abandon me?
No, no, no!
Julia, why did you stop the song?
Where...? Julia!
- What happened?
- Why did you stop the song?
You don't need to yell at me!
I'm not a fool who only plays music!
Okay, but leave the song.
First, you say ten seconds,
now you want more!
- Make up your mind!
- Okay, leave the song until the end.
More or less?
More. Leave the whole song,
and I'll decide in the next memory.
You're crazy.
Come on, it's going to work.
A different version.
My daughter!
No, what is this?
Congratulations on this, sir.
This is really nice.
Not this again!
I've already been here!
I am stuck
in an infinite loop of "Evidence"!
Damn, Julia!
Turn off that song, Julia!
This is a good one, listen!
Your boyfriend knew
it was a solemn meeting
and decided to dress like that?
I'm glad he's not wearing
a bathing suit.
Don't be like that, Dad.
Damn guy!
You are right, sir.
- I should have known better.
- Right.
I can't come to your party
dressed like this.
Forgive me, Laura.
I should have dressed
like a Neanderthal.
That is the ideal way
to celebrate a 33rd wedding anniversary.
Of course!
Have you ever seen
the Neanderthals on Discovery?
Are you crazy, Marco?
Yes, I'm really crazy!
Because they didn't have any underwear!
They were the kings of the party,
it was super fun!
What are you looking at?
Let's see if this celebration
is so amazing.
What is this?
No, this is not fit
for this type of celebration.
Maybe for a 30th wedding anniversary.
How about this?
I don't feel the guava.
It has a vanilla flavor.
It's not funny!
No, friends. It sucks.
- Laura.
- No, it's not funny.
It's not funny at all!
To celebrate a 33rd wedding anniversary,
the Neanderthals launched helicopters
from between their legs.
That's how they celebrated!
Tonight I will be
like a child with his favorite toy.
But I will return. I'll be back.
I always come back.
I just can't help coming back.
I'm cursed!
I will spend the eternity
looking at your scared faces!
Don't laugh, Laura.
Next time,
I'll do another type of dance.
Now I'm going to...
- Take me back.
- It's over.
- Take me back there.
- What happened?
First I was at the restaurant.
- I'll get my notebook.
- I thought she was happy, but no.
Now, I thought she would be sad,
but she was happy.
I thought I knew Laura.
You see?
You denied appearances,
and disguised the evidence.
You're still in love with her.
I've been twice at that memory.
Our theory failed.
I'm a prisoner there.
I'm tired, I have to stop.
- Don't stop.
- I have to.
I have things to do.
You have to solve that riddle
to get your life back.
- Please, Marco!
- No, no.
Fine, I'll let you work.
Yeah? I'll fix that.
- Fix that leak.
- Not the leak, your life.
- Marco?
- What?
And now, things are still
34 to zero defects?
Thirty-four to two.
- Do you feel that?
- What?
A star died.
When a straight man
assumes a defect,
a star dies.
That's why there are so many.
What nonsense. Go away.
I must work, I must create something.
Wow, it looks the same!
This was full of horses.
It was hard,
but my father loved them.
The sun here is wonderful.
Be careful.
Someone always trips here.
I once sprained my ankle here.
It's a normal thing on this ranch.
But the house is preserved.
My father didn't leave scratches,
stains, anything like that.
You just have to fix
a few things, because...
I haven't been here for a long time.
I used to sleep in this room.
It has a very nice glass roof
to see the stars.
I once saw a UFO there.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
This is my father's office,
where he spent all the time.
You can come in, if you want to.
He wouldn't let anyone near this.
He liked order. We couldn't...
What is this?
It's the list!
Sorry? What list?
I thought I had lost it. Laura said
it was here, and that's where it was.
My girlfriend...
My ex-girlfriend.
She said it was here.
I thought she was wrong.
Quick, don't let it fall.
- Yeah?
- Julia, I was wrong.
God, a planet died.
- What's happening, Marco?
- "Evidence", that happens.
I can't keep blaming Laura.
Now I need to know
what else I was wrong about.
Then you will be like this
until the end of times.
Come back here, let's do this together.
I have to do this alone.
If I don't come back tomorrow,
send the police for my body.
Okay, "Evidence".
You will kill me, or I will kill you.
I never liked hiking.
The vegetation, the bugs,
the sun on your face...
I hate that.
Maybe hiking isn't the problem.
I see. I must be the problem.
That's not what I said.
Do you think
everything is about you?
The world doesn't revolve
around you, Marco.
What is the problem, then?
We are the problem.
- Don't you see it?
- What?
It's not right.
Nothing, you can't perceive anything.
You either pretend or decide not
to face anything that could hurt you.
You are the queen of problems!
It seems like you just want
to fight! Cut it!
You waste your energy
with unimportant things.
And what is important to you?
- Your father?
- Of course he's important!
- Why?
- And the list of 237 movies
that he gave you
and was so important to you?
- I lost it.
- You don't know where it is! I do.
- My God...
- It's at the ranch,
where you did not return
after his death.
You didn't even met my father!
Of course I met him!
But you don't remember, of course.
It's incredible how you never remember,
you never perceive,
you lose everything,
and yet you think you're great!
- Alright.
- It's over for me!
It can't be over, Laura!
We still have one mile left!
You wanted to hike!
You can't give up now!
Yes, I can, Marco.
And I'm not talking about hiking.
You have a problem
with giving up on things.
You gave up on music,
now you give up on love?
You must endure things in life.
You know what, Laura?
It's easy to point the finger at me.
You do it because
you are a coward.
Shut up! You idiot!
Do you think you are so smart?
You make me do
everything your way!
I have my own pace, you know?
Your pace is not the best in the world!
It's just your pace!
You never listen, Marco Antonio.
You don't respect my pace.
I forget many important things
and only remember what I want.
We are too apart.
I so wanted you to be here today...
You managed to make me angry.
I'm angry at you.
I must show you
that I was wrong about so many things.
You are angry
and want to continue arguing.
Do your homework.
Laura, can you help me?
In the future you will make a decision
that will change our lives forever.
- And I want to change your decision.
- What decision?
- What decision?
- If you broke up with me,
and I realized that I was wrong...
- What are you taking about?
- Would you give me a second chance?
If you met me a year from now,
would you remember me?
What should I do, Laura?
Take a risk.
You won't lose me.
It is easy. You just have to try it.
That's what you taught me.
Go ahead and do it.
- Hello.
- How did it go with the appraiser?
- I must solve my life.
- What?
- I can't talk now. Bye!
- Wait, wait. Marco?
- Dina!
- Help!
- What are you doing here?
- Come here.
For all the bad things
I've helped you with,
where is Laura?
- I can't believe what I'm about to do.
- Thank you.
I know it took me a while to get there
But if you just knew
How much I regret it
I have no words to justify
I took a wrong turn
I'm out of the radar
But your face tells me
That there is still time
Even if the world says there isn't
There is still time
To make you happy
And to make myself happy, too
To show that there's a way
To make things happen
And to repeat, and say, and remember
That you're the one
That makes the world bigger
Inside of me
I know it took a while to get there
Is there still time?
- Marco.
- Hello!
Are you a singer?
That's right.
Did you like it?
Of course.
You look...
You too.
You're not wearing glasses.
I look ruined.
You look better
than the last time I saw you.
I was broke cubed,
now I'm broke squared.
Don't be silly.
Now tell me, you didn't come
all this way to talk about math.
Let's order something to drink, first.
- I want...
- A vodka with lemon for him.
Wait, who said I wanted
vodka with lemon?
What do you want?
Okay, a vodka with lemon.
But it could have been something else.
Wow, you know me, right?
Well, tell me.
First I want you to know
that I'm not crazy.
- Good.
- No, but I'm not crazy.
"Evidence", our song,
it became a curse.
How so?
Every time I hear "Evidence",
I go back to the past.
I return to some bad memory
of the two of us.
It is as if I were literally teleported
to a memory of ours.
It's like a time machine.
It's the craziest thing
I've ever said, but I can prove it.
- I wrote it down...
- Me too.
You too what?
The same thing happens to me, too.
I thought I was crazy,
but then I understood I wasn't.
I was going back in time
to our memories.
Only, unlike you,
I only return to good memories.
To all the moments
when you made me happy.
Wait. What?
Wait. What is that? Calm down.
When was it...?
When was the first time
that it happened to you?
- My first time...
- I really wanted to talk about this,
- but I have to go.
- No, we have a lot to talk about.
But now that you told me that, I have...
Don't insist, Marco, I must go.
We'll end up fighting in real life,
and at one point
you were only good memories.
Let's not ruin that.
Laura, in the last memory you told me.
You told me...
You told me to look for you,
that I couldn't lose you.
But that's just something
- you created in your mind.
- No, no.
I did that as well.
It is a projection of your mind.
Laura, I can love you
better than before!
- I can't love you anymore.
- Don't do this, Laura.
You asked me
when this started happening to me.
It was on the day I was proposed to.
I have to go, Marco.
I must get up early.
- I have to work.
- No, no.
No, no.
- How was the show last night?
- Very good.
They asked me for more songs.
So it wasn't a joke, was it?
More or less.
- Did you make me coffee?
- Yeah.
I wanted to make it up to you
for not seeing you last night.
I have a long day.
They are turning away a patient
because insurance data is missing.
I have to go early, or I won't be able
to perform the surgery.
- What are you doing?
- I need more boxes.
- Enough, Marco. Stop.
- Boxes.
- Let's talk, Marco.
- I need boxes.
- It's over. Julia, love is over.
- No.
She's with another guy.
She is beautiful, singing,
working as a doctor. She is happy.
She looks better now
than in the three years we dated.
I must leave everything.
That record player from Laura...
No, Marco. Tell me,
do you want to dive for something
in your memories?
- No, Julia.
- I have everything here. Come on.
"Evidence" is ruining my life.
- Come on.
- I need to move forward.
- I need to be at peace.
- How many times did you go?
- Can you lend me this?
- No, I can't.
That's it.
- That's it.
- Give it back.
- I didn't lend it to you.
- Find me more boxes.
Just leave the boxes here.
- Then I will organize everything.
- Marco!
Is everything okay, dear?
Thanks, yes?
Thanks for everything.
Marco, come back here with it!
I need the headphones!
You are acting crazy!
Good morning, Marco.
You need Luis.
You need Carlos.
And you need them now.
Full of obsessions
Very delicate
Pretty girl
She knows she's hot
With her ways
She does what she wants with me
And she rules my heart
And I don't know what to do anymore
I want to leave you
But you don't want to
You do not want me to
So help me endure
That burden that is liking you
Hey there.
Working with your cell phone?
It's just that I'm avoiding the noise,
the street, the traffic,
the buses, all that nonsense.
I don't want to disturb your calm.
But time passes.
- Any progress with the app?
- Something like that.
It's almost ready.
Come on, Marco.
You asked me for more time
and I gave you a day off.
And you tell me
it's "almost ready"?
I'll do it. Trust me.
You better listen to me.
- I know what you're going through.
- No, you don't know.
You don't know specifically
what I'm going through.
And the million dollar question is,
will you manage
to show me something this week?
Listen, can you work
on the weekend, Marco?
Those are two questions, right?
I have my nephew's baptism,
but I will find a way. I will.
I'll put it straight, okay?
I need something next week.
- Good.
- I already found someone else.
If your ideas don't work,
we'll use hers.
And we'll have to rediscuss
the partnership thing, right?
- Yes, yes.
- Yes? Thanks.
Attention passengers
from flight 4723 headed for Berlin.
- Jos Augusto!
- What?
It's you!
It's you! How are you?
Excuse me, could you take my seat
so we can change seats?
Quick. Thanks for understanding.
Let me tell you,
I'm your fan, but I'm not a psychopath.
I'm not crazy, okay?
If I had met you a year ago,
I would have told you were an angel.
- Excellent.
- Could be.
But "Evidence", your song,
destroyed my life.
It became some kind of demon.
- A demon song.
- Look, let me sit...
If I can't run away from "Evidence",
neither can you.
- Please fasten your seat belts.
- The signal.
The sign says we will be
next to each other.
I don't know what wrong I did to you.
But I'm tired, I want to sleep.
You will. I'll be quick.
- I promise you.
- Please.
I was at karaoke...
And that's it.
Did you understand
what I'm going through?
- I understood. That's crazy!
- It's crazy!
Now, if music takes you back
to those memories,
It's because your story didn't end.
I just told you
that she's marrying someone else!
- She doesn't love me anymore!
- Friend...
"Evidence" is always right.
Find a psychiatrist.
I will do that. Thank you.
- See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow. Bye, bye.
Aurelia, sorry I didn't see you before.
- Let's go in, it's cold.
- Come on.
Come on. Very well.
Did you see Marco Antonio?
How do you know that?
Your eyes are shining.
I'm joking!
He was here last night, looking for you.
The same thing happens to him
with "Evidence".
But I don't want to talk
about that, Aurelia.
The universe is not made of atoms.
It is made of stories.
You're right. Forget it, let's go in.
And that madness of saying no...
Yvette, from room four.
Don't change her medication.
She needs a new dose, too.
Yeah? I'll talk to you later.
- Love!
- Shall we go?
- Sorry to keep you waiting.
- I assumed you were busy.
- So...
- Laura, can you come here?
Be right there.
Listen, I won't be able to go.
I know it's Valentine's Day,
but it's crazy in here.
Yes, I noticed it.
- It's okay, no problem.
- Really?
Yes. We have many
Valentine's days ahead.
- Go.
- Good.
- Thank you. I love you.
- Bye bye.
Dina, do you have a second?
I just wanted to discuss a few things.
She's pretty, right?
Very cute. You should see her singing.
And she's also cute
while administering insulin.
- You arrived today?
- Yeah.
You can be cool,
this is a great place.
I will give you three valuable tips
to make things easier in here.
First, Bernadette is a candy-dealer.
It seems like a small thing,
but it's good to know.
Second, Murilo, that one over there,
he's very dangerous.
He is gallant, seductive
and knows how to lie.
He was with three women here
without anyone knowing about the others.
And now,
the most valuable advice of all.
Room eight is the best one.
I have good contacts,
I am connected here.
Let me get you... Love!
- Yeah?
- Room eight for lady...!
- Aurelia.
- Aurelia!
Aurelia has room eight.
There, he already noticed you.
Don't look him in the eyes,
he's worse than a gorgon.
I won't get involved,
I'll leave you alone. Take care.
Remember what I told you.
In the name of the Father, the Son
and the Holy Spirit.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Love, do you remember
the singer Jos Augusto?
- He had a heart attack.
- Really?
Look. "He had a heart attack
at a show in Botucat,
while singing "Hold on, heart".
- Can I see that?
- Look.
They say he is the author of "Evidence".
- Isn't it by Chitozinho e Xoror?
- No, they just sing it.
I never remember,
which one is "Evidence"?
- The one that goes...
- No, no!
Let us respect the ceremony in silence.
- Which song is it?
- It goes...
This is a baptism!
We are in the house of God.
We are face to face with Jesus,
he doesn't need a soundtrack.
The priest is speaking
and we have to respect him.
The godparents and parents of the child.
- Come forward.
- That's it, come on. Thank God.
Forget Chitozinho and think of Jesus.
- Jos Augusto had a heart attack.
- I heard.
- The singer?
- Yes.
We should pray for him.
No, father. Baptize this child.
Let's not forget
the reason why we are here.
Right, sorry.
- I like...
- "Evidence", like everyone else.
- I love "Evidence"!
- Me too.
- Do you want to sing it as a tribute?
- No.
- But it's cute!
- This is a baptism!
- What does Jos Augusto have to do?
- He might like it.
He doesn't even understand Portuguese!
Let's not lose focus!
Let's not forget the traditions.
- Help me.
- Yes that's fine.
- Father, do the ceremony.
- Yeah.
- We will sing "Evidence" later.
- Okay.
Sing it now, sing it now.
Let's get this over with,
for God's sake.
I'm going to die.
Marco! Everyone talks
about "Evidence"! It's madness!
They were even singing it
at your window!
- Hi, Julia.
- Did you hear what I said?
Where are you going, Marco?
How was the trip?
It's crazy to say that I don't love you
Avoiding appearances
Hiding the evidence
But why shall I keep pretending
If I can't deceive my heart!
It's crazy to say
That I don't love you anymore
Denying appearances
Hiding the evidences
But why keep pretending
Marquito, I lied, I lied,
but it's for a good cause.
Excuse me.
This is not a business dinner.
I got you a date.
You have to fuck people, Marco.
You need to live your life.
I hope Van likes you.
- Tell me later.
- Luana...
What are you doing?
According to Luana's description,
you are Marco.
It's me. And you are Van.
Right. Wanessa.
- How are you, Wanessa?
- Fine, and you?
- It's nice here, isn't it?
- Quiet, above all.
The good thing is that it's chic
and there's no music.
- Yes...
- No music.
Good. So, tell me about yourself.
I? I...
Basically, I'm a desperate guy.
With a lot of work,
out of shape, the house in ruins...
If I told you about my life,
it would make you cry.
- And you?
- I...
I am a mother of a baby girl.
- You are a mother?
- Yeah. I'll show you.
This is Pipokitta!
- Pipokitta!
- Yes, with K and double T.
- Of course.
- She's still a few months old.
We are at that point
where she can't sleep without me.
Tell Marco how you cling to mom.
Always with the mother, right, baby?
She behaves well,
she always walks with her mother.
- And you talk to her like a baby.
- She's my little girl.
Tell him.
Tell him that you drink water
in a jar that your mommy gave you.
- My little baby.
- What's that?
- It's her little necklace.
- No. Did you hear that?
So you don't hear anything?
No, I don't hear anything.
Enough! Enough!
What's that? God!
Can you hear it?
They're playing "Evidence"!
For God's sake, stop!
- No.
- Look! Do you swear you don't hear it?
- Sorry, baby.
- No, no, no.
Not again.
Come on, let's do it quick.
- Come, Marcota.
- No, no, wait!
Calm! Wait!
You can let me go. Like that.
Laura? What are you doing here?
What's that? What's that?
Why are you here?
What is happening?
What are you doing here?
We must listen to "Evidence" together!
- I love that song!
- That's it. That's it...
That's it. That's it.
- That's it.
- Where are you going? Hey!
We have to listen to it together.
That's what it wants.
Out of nowhere we heard it
at the same second.
It can't be a coincidence.
Come on, Marco, a lot of people
listen to "Evidence" at the same time.
Do you have any other idea
to end this curse?
Who guarantees that it will end?
I don't know...
Well, perhaps we have other memories.
We create something else,
we go to the multiverse, I...
Sorry. I didn't want
to ruin your happiness.
I know that you are very in love
with that guy who is
the man of your life.
But I need to move forward
and I can't, Laura.
This is hurting me a lot.
- Alright. But on one condition.
- Sure.
- We'll do it only once.
- Only once.
Just once.
A bomb exploded.
- War. War? Civil war.
- What's that?
It's charades.
Stars. Stars? "Star Wars"!
I always beat you at charades.
Poor thing. I used to let you win.
- The next one.
- Here we go.
When you lost you became really angry.
I'm like the pope of charades.
Look what a performance.
Listening? Silence!
Nice silence. I did not like it.
- It's hard.
- I already know the movie.
- You are doing it.
- I don't remember it.
But silence can only be
"The Silence of the Lambs".
Too easy.
It's "The Silence of the Lambs".
That's my lamb face.
What's that? A girl?
It's a boy. A dwarf!
Yes, "Silence of the dwarves."
That's the name.
"Silence of the dwarves."
It won an Oscar!
It was either "Avatar", "Titanic"
or "Silence of the dwarves."
It was rejected for being ableist.
- "The silence of the lambs"!
- Boy!
This is a good memory.
I don't remember fighting that day.
We were very passionate that day.
- So you do remember that.
- I remember...
It's the only thing you remember.
Every so often
it appears in my mind.
Come on, what is it?
- What is it?
- Innocent.
No, you did it wrong!
- You didn't get it right, you lost!
- No.
- Another fight.
- Let's go.
No, that's not necessary.
We already know each other.
Let's play.
Did she fall asleep?
Did she wake up?
She fell asleep. She woke up.
It looks like a contemporary dance.
What is that?
Inside the dream?
A dream within a dream!
- Leonardo's movie!
- That is!
"Inception"! That one!
The one with Leonardo DiCaprio.
Dreams within dreams.
I didn't understand
anything about that movie.
Because Leonardo had...
There was this spinning thing...
It was bad.
The song is going to end.
I know.
I just want to tell you one thing.
Seeing you like this
makes me happy.
- Me too.
- You look beautiful...
You've changed, you're singing.
You're happy.
Laura. Laura!
- Are you okay? What are you doing here?
- Wait, I'll explain later.
Excuse me, Marco,
but I must go on.
Give up on those memories.
There is no safer place than memory.
There we will be happy.
Alright. Alright.
Can you come out, please?
I learned to listen to you, Laura.
I have a lot to tell you.
But if you don't want to,
I won't insist.
I will never look for you again.
"Evidence" is played
34 million times every year.
That means 93,150 times per day.
And 3871 per hour.
Sixty-four times a minute.
Every second,
a person plays "Evidence" again.
All the time, someone
is listening to "Evidence."
Hey, think fast.
- What's that?
- I don't know, it came for you.
Wow, it came fast.
Do we have it?
Calm down, relax.
- They arrived. Shall we begin?
- Sure.
What is the song of your lives?
Don't sing it.
Just think about it.
What if I told you
that, while you're listening to it,
someone else
is doing the same thing?
Somewhere, someone
is listening to the same song.
Music has that power
to bring people together.
It's like...
we could telepathically
connect our feelings
with those of another person.
Sometimes we are angry, tired,
we want to send everything to hell.
"I do not want to be here!"
And we listen to a song...
and it seems that everything changes.
It brings us some memories.
As if we were perceiving things.
Music awakens our desire.
And desire,
even though
we might feel like being alone...
Our desire
is to be together.
And desire does not disappear.
Like music.
Like love.
I sent you a link to the app
that will find the people
who are listening the same song,
at the same time, at the same verse.
And, believe it or not,
it happens a lot.
You listen to the song
and click on "match",
or "play", as we call it in this app,
to understand why that person
is listening to the same thing
at the same time.
Take your phones.
We're going to try it.
I told you.
You're not a bachelor, Marco.
You are made for love.
Good news, friend.
Everything went well with Dad's things.
- Hey. What are you doing?
- Come in.
- I was tidying up some things.
- I forgot a thing here.
- Everything okay?
- What do you think?
- Need help?
- No, I just need more boxes.
We can do that later.
Come on up.
- Who's that?
- They're here.
- Who?
- The buyer.
God, I'm not done yet.
What do you have here?
I don't know,
I haven't shopped in a while.
I see that. You have nothing
here, just a few loose things.
I'm working,
can you get the door for me?
- I have to put this together.
- Wait, wait.
I'm coming.
This one goes without a cover.
Marco, the buyer's here.
Sorry, I didn't have time to...
Marco, the buyer. Buyer, Marco.
I could sing "Evidence"
just to annoy you.
But I will not.
Please, come in.
I'm finishing arranging
some things here.
- The record player.
- Yeah.
Here are your records and your pillow.
Here are your pajamas.
Your straightener, your makeup.
The bottle with 365 reasons.
Which you did practically alone.
It's all in here.
What are you doing here, Laura?
I really don't know, Marco.
That day in the car,
when you came for me,
it didn't end for me.
It stays in here.
- I don't know what to do.
- The same happened to me.
I wanted to do it,
but I can't move on with my life.
I can't look at my boyfriend anymore.
You said you had a lot to tell me,
and here I am. Tell me.
Then you can talk.
You can talk.
Speak up, Marco.
No, it could be tomorrow.
Do you prefer to send an audio?
- A dramatic pause?
- Sit down.
You already know
that I love you.
But you don't know
I can love you in a different way.
But it's no use talking.
I want to show you.
May I?
Four! Three! Two! One!
Happy New Year!
That day we missed
Dina's party because of me.
But you were happy that day, right?
But you did not.
And you had every reason not to.
Happy new memory.
Happy new memory.
- Marco...
- Can I cheat?
How so?
I can't lose you now.
I need to show you more things.
- I don't understand.
- If it ends now,
we will return to the present
and you will leave.
I need more time with you.
May I?
It helped to have seen DiCaprio's film.
The day I made
you get out of the car.
I was unbearable that day.
I was trying to surprise you.
I know. And you did it.
I wanted everything to be so perfect,
that nothing could go wrong.
That was my problem.
I promise the next trip
will be a surprise.
I don't even know
where we're going.
- The next one?
- Next.
Whenever I come back here,
I don't remember
why you were so distant.
It was after you
asked me to marry you.
It's a bad memory
because I didn't want to get married
and didn't know how to say it.
If you had said it,
I wouldn't have listened.
Sorry for breaking up via text message.
Imagine, it was very good,
very easy. I barely noticed it.
- The thing is...
- I'm sorry.
I didn't understand
what you were going through.
What we were going through.
I shouldn't have let us
get to that point.
I left you.
But I collaborated quite a bit, right?
A little bit.
- Next one?
- Next one.
- Marcota!
- Motherfucker!
Stop it, man!
I can't believe it.
You saw him! You knew he was going
to push me and didn't tell me.
You deserved it.
Next one?
Enough of bad memories.
I can love you more.
Is this a good memory?
Don't worry.
I always told you about this day.
The day I met him...
What an unexpected surprise!
Look, it's time to prepare
and decorate the Christmas tree.
And who are you?
You must be the reason why
he disappeared from my life.
- Yes or no?
- It's me, yes.
- Come here.
- Pleased to meet you.
It's a pleasure, Silvano.
And you, son?
What's the matter with you?
You got stuck in there?
That's what happens
when you haven't seen me in so long.
You know what?
I said that this year
the Christmas gift
I want the most is him.
He talks a lot about you.
We have to see each other
more often, my son.
My dear son!
I love you, Dad.
- Me too.
- I love you so much...
Me too.
I would like to live in this hug.
Me too. Me too, son.
I also want to join.
My son!
Whats going on, son?
Don't need to cry!
I have to go to the ranch
to help your mother.
She's cooking a million things,
I already finished my part
and have to help her.
But don't you disappear.
You need to come here more often.
You too.
Everyone should come.
Dear son!
You met my father.
I always told you
there is no safer place than memory.
You can always come back here.
Thank you.
Next memory?
Next one.
What day is it?
The day of the dance.
- "Cheia de manias"?
- Yeah.
It's my favorite memory.
It makes me very happy.
Come, come.
- Here.
- What's that?
Are you going to dance?
It's just that you are so clumsy
that I had to come here 20 times
to get the dance right.
Clumsy, no. Ahead of my era.
I do post, post-contemporary dance.
Follow me.
That's it, "Swan Lake."
That's it!
Very subtle. Good.
Now in slow motion.
That is. "Chariots of fire."
And the sensual part.
Good. Think of me.
Think of me,
that will help you. Now, yes.
And now it starts. There it goes.
Delicate or innocent?
Shake it.
You can't do that!
- Look.
- Come on.
Move your butt!
What day is it today?
Have I told you that I love you today?
I love you today.
And tomorrow?
You'll have to be with me to find out.
Next one?
Next one.
There's no need.
We both won.
I can't believe I'm here.
Yes. But it's real.
Touch your forehead.
I prepared something for you.
You'll see.
I can also give surprises.
- Tell me, please.
- Don't worry.
- I have no patience for surprises.
- Calm down, you'll see.
When I say I don't love you anymore...
Wait. Chito, Xoror,
how are you? Look...
I love "Evidence",
everyone loves it.
But today, just today,
I don't want to take any risks.
- Can you sing another one?
- Of course.
- Leave it in our hands.
- Thank you.
That I don't love you anymore
It's because I love you
When I say that I don't want
To see you anymore
It's because I love you
But I'm afraid
To give you all my heart
And confess that I'm your hands
I can't imagine
What will happen to me
If I ever lost you
And I give it to you later
I need to tell the things I know
And then I refuse
And the truth is
That I'm crazy about you
And I'm afraid I might lose you some day
I need to accept that its impossible
Take you away from my life
In this craziness to say
That I don't love you anymore
Denying appearances
Hiding the evidences
But why keep pretending
If I can't fool my own heart
I know that I love you
No more lies
No more denying my desire
I love you more than anything
I need your kiss
I give my life to you
To make wherever you want with me
I just want to hear you agreeing
Say its true
That you miss me
That you still think a lot about me
Say its true That you miss me
That you still want to live for me
I put myself away
and runaway from you
But I turn myself in for you...
I pretend to be someone I'm not
And then I refuse
And the truth is
That I'm crazy about you
And I'm afraid I might lose you some day
I need to accept that its impossible
Take you away from my life
In this craziness to say
That I don't love you anymore
Denying appearances
Hiding the evidences
But why keep pretending
If I can't fool my own heart
I know that I love you
No more lies
No more denying my desire
I love you more than anything
I need your kiss
I give my life to you
To make wherever you want with me
I just want to hear you agreeing
Say its true
That you miss me
That you still think a lot about me
Say its true That you miss me
That you still want to live for me
Say its true
That you miss me
That you still want
To live...
For me