Trade Winds (1938) Movie Script

May I have a cigarette?
Thank you.
You should have been
at the races Saturday.
Honestly, you will just die
when I tell you about it.
Don't bother about a match.
Cigarettes last so much longer
when they're not lighted.
Oh, don't stop, Kay.
We could listen forever.
We practically did.
Oh, my dear.
What's that darling little number?
It isn't exactly new, is it?
Hardly. It's the first piece I learned
to play all the way through.
And it's still my favorite.
- It's grand the way you play it.
Thank you.
- I love Chopin.
- No thanks, Bob.
I'll stick to my own. Want to try one?
- What are these?
Marich? Never heard of them.
For free.
An old friend of Dad's who lives
in Cairo sent them to me.
And when she wants a light,
it practically starts a prairie fire.
Pardon me, Miss Kerrigan. The telephone.
- Thanks, Martin. I'll be right back.
"Yeah. It's the city morgue.
Do you think you can identify a body?"
I'll be right there.
Yes, that's my sister.
Why, good evening Miss Kerrigan.
This is a pleasant surprise.
You haven't been up
here before, have you?
No, of course not.
I'd have remembered it if you had.
That's a mortal cinch.
These things that happen
unexpectedly are always much...
They found my sister's body in the bay.
Oh, that's horrible.
I can't believe it.
She was so young and so lovely.
How did it happen?
- You know how.
She couldn't do that. She was too alive.
- She did.
Technically, it was suicide.
Actually, it was murder.
Kay. It's natural for
you to be upset but...
You murdered her.
I haven't seen your sister for weeks.
So that's why she was
so pale and silent.
As lifeless as she was on the slab.
The bay must have been a relief.
That's not true, Kay.
It was never serious.
Hers was just a phase.
A passing infatuation.
With a man whose father's money
can protect him from anything.
Oh, I know. Your name won't
even appear in print.
And if she left any letters
they'll mysteriously vanish.
There mustn't be any evidence to
soil the name of Thomas Bruhme II.
Let's skip the melodrama, shall we.
Let me give you something to
snap you out of it. A drink.
You could use one.
The only thing I could use
right now would be... a gun.
On you.
Not such a bad idea. At least, it might
make you realize what you're saying.
And it wouldn't be murder.
It would be execution.
Perhaps my father's
money can protect me.
At least it's no use to me now, is it?
So, I'll tell you this.
I'm sorry, genuinely sorry.
But I feel no responsibility.
Your sister knew what she was doing.
Her eyes were wide open.
Marich cigarettes. I see.
And even her gloves.
Everything is here but a signed
confession that she did it.
Death from a bullet wound
at the base of the skull.
Don't give it another thought, doctor.
I'll have the Kerrigan
woman inside of an hour.
Give me the radio room.
[ Police radio: ]
"Be on the lookout for a small, tan
roadster. License number 6624.."
"Driven by a young woman
known as Kay Kerrigan."
"Blond. Age 25.
Height - 5 feet, 3 inches."
"Attention, all cars."
"Be on the lookout for a woman
known as Kay Kerrigan."
"Wanted for the murder of
Thomas Bruhme the 2nd."
"Wearing silver fox coat."
"Blond. Age 25.
Height - 5 feet, 3 inches."
"Approximate weight - 105 pounds."
Hello, chief?
Well, she saw we had her cornered
so she committed suicide.
Kay Kerrigan is now a corpse
at the bottom of the sea.
I saw it with my own eyes.
And the case is irrevocably closed.
There you are.
That's lovely. Just under two hours.
It is lovely. What an improvement.
Goodbye, Kay Kerrigan.
Good luck, Mary Holden.
But you said it would
only cost sixty dollars.
Seventy-five dollars ain't asking too
much for a good British passport.
Especially, when you really need it.
Oh well. Of course, if you don't...
- No, no. I'll take it.
'Pawned at Islands Loan
Company, Honolulu'.
'By young woman giving
the name of Martha Bailey'.
'Designed for Miss Kay Kerrigan,
San Francisco, 1929'.
Kay Kerrigan is a corpse at
the bottom of the bay, huh?
And you are detectives?
- But Commissioner...
How do you know Kerrigan
did commit the murder?
The woman is obviously
lacking in moral fortitude.
She was in a man's apartment in
violation of ordinance number 693.
It may seem strange to you but
Colonel Bruhme loved his son.
Colonel Bruhme convicted Kerrigan.
Colonel Bruhme's newspapers
convicted Kerrigan.
Consequently, every citizen
in San Francisco wants her.
They are going to get her soon
or there will be a shake-up.
I have no intention of jeopardizing
my position for a lot of incompetents.
Commissioner. It's routine
now we know where she is.
Yes, and I suppose she'll wait for us.
When she leaves Hawaii she'll
be out of American territory.
We must have someone to go after her.
- Why not send Faulkiner?
Now we're getting somewhere.
There's no more upright law enforcement
officer around than George Faulkiner.
Faulkiner. Faulkiner is in
Europe on a smuggling case.
I'd be very happy to undertake
the mission myself if...
There's not one of you.
Not one that could trail a puppy with
muddy feet across a white bedspread.
There's not a man in the department.
I have it. Sam Wye.
Sam Wye?
- If it's a girl, he'll get her.
It's only six months since
you fired him off the force.
Yes. I've had plenty of
occasion to regret that.
Anyhow, it wasn't his fault.
How was he to know she was
the Sheriff's daughter?
But Commissioner, Wye isn't dependable.
He'll find her, but if she's pretty...
Yes, yes. I know. That's unfortunate.
But sooner or later, no matter how
attractive she is, he'll bring her back.
Get him in here.
- I must warn you.
Why will double-cross you.
I'm not concerned about
Wye's morals or his methods.
I'm concerned about his ability.
He always gets whoever he goes after.
And he won't double-cross me, Blodgett.
Because you're going along to watch him.
- You.
Get the Wye Investigation Service.
[ Telephone ]
A person can't have a
minute's privacy around here.
Samuel Wye Investigation Service.
Whom is speaking, please?
Just a moment. I will see if I
can ascertain his whereabouts.
Mr Wye?
"Mr Wye."
"Mr Wye."
You're wanted on the telephone.
Sorry, I'm in conference.
You know...
This happens only once to a man.
Only once may he...
May he reach up his hand and...
And touch the stars.
At first I...
I thought I had dreamed you.
Help me to understand that I'm...
That I'm not dreaming.
Take me to the moon.
To walk with you...
Among the stars.
[ Buzzer ]
Mr Wye for you, Mr Commissioner.
Yeah, sure.
Yeah, I guess so.
"Yeah, Kerrigan was seen in Honolulu."
"Okay, come and see me right away."
Sure. Right away.
Sam, where you going?
China, honey.
Hold everything until I return.
Hang up now. No more that
you shouldn't hear.
Do you really think that
girl murdered him?
I only find them.
Besides, I always wanted
to travel the world.
A lot of undeveloped territory there.
Yeah. Me too.
It's a nice assignment for us.
But you can't. I'm going solo.
And leave me here to stall off the rent
and payments for the office furniture?
No you don't.
- Listen, Jean honey.
Don't think I leave
you because I want to.
- Here.
Don't you know that
going away from you is...
Is one of the hardest
things I ever had to face.
Don't you... don't you know that, Jean?
Don't you?
Oh, Sammy.
Don't forget to stall my tailor too.
You big heel!
Small, slender...
And blond, eh?
Any other identification?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I see what you mean.
I'll keep this for
identification purposes.
Say, I'm not sending you as a delegate
to an international love congress.
This is business.
And just to keep it business, I'm
sending Blodgett along to watch you.
- Blodgett.
You tell him to dust off his binoculars
as we're leaving tomorrow for Honolulu.
This happens only once to a man.
Only once may he reach up his hand...
Go on.
I want to hear all about your business.
I've always been interested.
Not professionally.
Why does a man want to know
about a beauty parlour?
It's interesting.
A girl goes in with no eyelashes and
comes out looking like Minnie Mouse.
A grandmother goes in, comes
out and skips off to kindergarten.
A blond goes in. Out comes
a brunette. It's as easy as that.
Not so easy. Three hours hard work
to make a blond into a brunette.
We did one in two hours last week.
A rush order, huh?
Yeah. She was catching a boat to Japan.
She was a beautiful brunette.
Shush. Don't say anything
about your art to Blodgett.
He believes in nature.
Any luck, Bloggo?
- The best.
A small blond woman sailed four
days ago for New Zealand.
Did she smoke Marichs?
Well, they say she didn't do any smoking
in public. But it doesn't discourage me.
Once a person acquires a cigarette
habit it's bound to come out.
She claimed to be a missionary.
But it's obvious to me that
it's Kerrigan. In disguise.
You've done a remarkable piece of work.
Just sheer deduction.
Well, when do you leave for New Zealand?
- Tomorrow.
Yeah, but we're going by way of Japan.
You honor my humble place of business.
Why, Madam. It's a pleasure.
With the utmost humility,
I report failure.
Failure? The sake is superb
and the girls are...
Here is looking at you.
No hardship, either.
For many years I conduct
a theatrical agency.
But never before anyone ask
for Western girl piano player.
It's so strange in the East.
- I don't want her just for the East.
See, if I find the right girl, I hope to
take her back with me to San Francisco.
Oh, you should have come sooner.
I talk to my honorable
competitor in Kyoto.
He tells me a girl of your race was
there last week looking for work.
She plays well.
Is she... is she still around?
No. No job.
She go Shanghai.
Shanghai, huh?
That's show business for you.
Hey, hey, hey.
Right over there. Across the square.
There's my singer now.
Don't say anything to him about this.
He will be terribly disappointed.
Hiya, Mr Bloggo.
Looking for a pond to sail on?
Now look here, Sam.
This is no place for us to be.
A girl just stopped me outside.
My secretary.
She think you seek position.
I got a position already and
I intend to maintain its dignity.
Come on out of here Sam before
you lower our standards any further.
This isn't getting you anywhere.
You know...
I have a hunch even Faulkiner
might disagree with you.
George Faulkiner is
a very fine character.
And what's furthermore, he'd be on
his way to New Zealand right now.
Yeah? Well, we're going to
reverse Faulkiner's methods.
We're on our way to Shanghai.
Hey, hey, hey.
There's another tobacco shop.
Pall Malls.
I'm sorry.
- That's alright, ma'am.
No cigarettes for me.
I never use tobacco. It dulls the mind.
The law.
Has there been a young woman around here
lately asking for Marich cigarettes?
Why yes, last week.
But we don't carry them.
Was she about this size and a blond?
You know, with blond hair?
Yes. I said we would order them
for her, but she was going away.
And I'll tell you where. New Zealand.
Chop, chop, chop, chop.
You see. That's the one I mean.
- Sure. We've got it.
You played the last part wrong.
- That's why I want the music.
It's a hard one to get straight.
- Not so hard.
A girl came in last week.
She played it very well.
The Chinese like Chopin, eh?
- Oh, she wasn't a Chinese girl.
She said she was English.
She wanted a job.
But there wasn't one.
- Oh.
An English girl, huh?
The British Consulate.
Chop, chop.
We may have to try all
the consulates, so...
We'll just be patient,
my little cherry blossom.
No, no. That was Japan.
Now listen, Sam. This isn't in
the best traditions of the force.
This party doesn't even smoke.
I like to see a lady
that doesn't indulge.
She's just coming to the dock with us.
She's crazy about steamboats.
Where are we going?
- Over to Saigon and Indochina.
- Yeah.
But Kerrigan has gone to
New Zealand. I verified it.
Well, then. She'll wait there for us.
In the meantime?
"Nothing could be finer than to
be in Indochina in the morning."
Oh well.
We might as well drink.
Hey Sam. Sam.
I got her, Sam. I got Kerrigan.
I trapped her red-handed in
the lobby smoking a Marich.
And furthermore, I grabbed her luggage
just in case we want to go through it.
Good for you, Charlie.
Well... pardon me, ladies.
Business after pleasure. You know.
I put her in my room.
I thought that in the case of trapping
a murderess, we can defy conventions.
Take it easy.
She may show fighting.
Doctor Livingstone, I presume?
Will you kindly do me the courtesy of
telling this big lunkhead whom I am.
I beg your pardon.
I thought you had met.
Dr Livingstone, I introduce Mr Blodgett.
Mr Blodgett - Dr Livingstone.
An old chum of mine from San Francisco.
We might as well unleash her.
She's nice but she's not Kerrigan.
She was smoking a Marich.
Well, naturally.
I was aware if I kept smoking
Marichs, you'd find me.
And of course, I'd find Sam.
Very nice.
She's nothing but a red herring.
All of these events prove
just one thing to me.
Kerrigan is in New Zealand.
How did you find out about the Marichs?
Oh, you don't think you're the only
friend I've got on the police force.
No, no. How was the
Marine Corps when you left?
Off on a cruise.
You know how it is.
One gets so lonely when you are alone.
Pretty far from home, aren't you?
- I've always wanted to see the world.
I've heard so much about it.
Yeah. There's been a lot of talk.
And this is just a sightseeing trip.
I thought I was getting
into rather a rut at home.
No-one happened to offer rather
a reward for Kay Kerrigan, did they?
A reward?
Not that I know of.
Now there you go talking shop.
You haven't changed a bit, Sam.
Oh yes I have, Jean.
At least I've...
I've found out a lot of things.
You know, sometimes you...
You have to go away from home to
find out who you really miss.
I've missed you, Jean.
Oh, Sam.
- Jeanie, you know it.
You coming here today is the loveliest
thing that's ever happened to me.
Oh, Sammy.
How much was it, Jeanie?
A hundred thousand.
How much was what?
I've been in a fool's paradise.
I thought you'd come all
this way because you...
It's no good dreaming.
Goodbye, little Jeanie.
Sorry it turned out this way.
We might have made such
wonderful music together.
Sammy. Where are you going?
Out of your way, Jean.
Don't you see?
I dreamed of us working
on this together.
Sharing the reward.
Going home together.
And then...
Who knows?
- Wait.
You were right, Sam.
You got to believe me.
I came all this way just to tell you.
Old man Bruhme has offered $100,000 for
Kerrigan and I know where Kerrigan is.
You sure?
- Absolutely.
A British passport under
the name of Mary Holden.
Mary Holden?
- Yep.
Right so far.
She's booked on steamer 'Hanoi' to sail
for Singapore at 2:30 this afternoon.
Jeanie, don't try to be a detective.
You're too sweet and feminine.
- I checked the British Consulate.
The Steamship office.
Even the guy who took her trunk.
That steamer to Singapore is a blind.
Kerrigan is on her way
to a village in the interior.
The Police there will hold
her until we pick her up.
All we do is hire two horses and
ride after her through the jungle.
We go horseback riding
through the jungle?
You aren't afraid of...
Snakes and tigers are you?
No. No, I'm not afraid.
I'm just allergic to them.
Tigers give me hay fever.
I tell you what.
I'll stay here and take a
shower and sort-of rest.
While you go get her.
Well, maybe that's the best idea.
It was just selfish of me wanting to
take you with me in that hot jungle.
I'll be back before you
even know I'm gone.
I'll know you've gone, Sammy.
- Well, you...
You may at that.
Come on, Philo. We're off to Singapore.
- I haven't got my things packed.
The manager will forward our stuff.
- What about my pyjamas?
They never use them in Singapore.
Come on. Come on.
Mr Wye leave this for Missy Hutchins.
Oh, thank you.
It probably means he's been delayed.
A gentleman like him is
always being detained.
"Dear Mr Hotel Manager.
I am leaving in great haste."
"If you present this to my secretary I'm
sure she'll be delighted to pay for me."
"She will be delighted
to pay it for me."
So I said 'reach for the ceiling'.
Believe me.
If they were the guilty parties...
I'd have had the goods on
them right then and there.
Well sir, the Chief got wind of it.
And I guess the rest is history.
Timely too. Because only
the preceding week...
I notified the department that my feet
wouldn't stand the pounding anymore.
Come on in.
How do you like my arrangement?
You're playing of Chopin
was pretty nice too.
Oh, he was alright in his day.
After all these...
My name is 'Sam'.
Mine is 'Mary'.
Do you mind if I...
Show you how it ends?
I hope I know how it ends.
I think it's only fair to present
Chopin's side of the argument, too.
I need this.
- Oh.
Now, what am I expected to do?
Turn the other cheek.
You know, I hate that expression.
I'm afraid it's what you always say
when you are leaving somebody.
If you don't leave you
won't have to say it.
I must. Goodbye.
- Ah...
You have got it again.
Yeah. I need it this time.
- Can I see you tomorrow?
It's a very small boat.
Oh, what about the day after tomorrow?
It's a small world.
I don't understand your method, Sam.
You are wasting your time.
Well, that's one man's opinion.
Why, she don't even look
like the girl we're after.
She looks like a girl I've
been after for a long time.
[ Blodgett: ]
"I tell you Sam, with all the evidence
pointing towards New Zealand..."
"There is no logic in dissipating
our energies here in Singapore."
This happens only once to a man.
Only once may he reach up his hand.
And touch the stars.
That, I believe, is known as 'a line'.
Oh... do you...
Yes, I'm afraid it is.
You read it perfectly.
You must have rehearsed it a lot.
I have. On every possible occasion.
I'm a terrible egoist.
What do you mean?
- Well, I always hoped...
That when I was ready to
listen it wouldn't be 'a line'.
Or anyway, it would be a line
tailor-made for the occasion.
It should be.
Not only tailor-made, but...
Brand-new, shiny words.
Freshly minted.
Bright words nobody has
ever touched before.
That's 'a line' too.
A new one, but it's a line.
Well, I suppose you can't be blamed
for sticking to proven methods.
Will I ever learn?
I used a line when I sold papers
south of the slot in San Francisco.
I used a line when I got my first job.
In fact, everything I've got was
by knowing when to turn it on.
And off.
I'm turning it off now.
I hope it's the right time.
Does that make it sure?
It should.
You see, where I was... brought up.
The kids didn't go for prayer.
That was for softies.
So I never learned any.
And that's my way of praying.
When I want something that's going
to be beyond my power to get.
You've been really honest
with me, haven't you.
In the last few minutes.
- I can't be any less with you.
There's something I have to tell you.
It isn't going to be easy, but I must.
- Oh no. No, you mustn't.
Because I don't want to hear it.
If it's unpleasant, I won't listen.
We've got a grand day coming up.
You'd be surprised how much I
like my sunshine without clouds.
You know...
I've got an interesting
proposition to make to you.
I'll help you off with your
boots if you'll buy me a drink.
You know, you drive
a hard bargain, lady.
Two drinks is barely a
living wage for this work.
I'm sorry. Rest a while. Jeanette
will help me when she comes back.
Jeanette? Aren't you travelling alone?
- I was.
But this poor kid was in an awful jam.
Her parents were missionaries.
They died in a cholera plague
and she was left stranded.
So, what would you do?
You're back, Jeanette.
Jeanette, this is Sam.
How do you do.
How do you do.
We were just saying what a
frightful thing cholera is.
There are worse things.
Thanks. You certainly earned your wages.
I'll change my clothes and Jeanette...
Order Sam anything he wants, will you?
May I order you a case of smallpox?
Am I glad to see you.
What's the matter?
You want a hotel bill paid?
You'll get a check for that next month.
And all that matters now is...
I've found you.
Oh, no you don't.
- Jeanette.
Can you come here a minute?
- Coming, dearie.
Listen, bloodhound.
I know that girl is Kerrigan.
A woman's intuition
is a wonderful thing.
And so is a hundred thousand dollars.
Any luck?
- No.
You couldn't pawn it?
- They just kind-of laughed.
You see, dearie. This is the
place where pearls start from.
Are things as tough as that?
Things are as tough as that.
But don't you worry, Jeanette.
You'll be alright as long as this lasts.
Gee, that makes me feel just dandy.
Maybe you'll win at the races today.
Sometimes people do.
You know, I think I will.
I have a feeling Sam
is good luck for me.
Oh, my.
Hello, Sam.
Remember. August. No gambling.
He who games is villain of his wealth,
his time, his liberty, his health.
You know I never gamble.
I'm only interested
in the types you see.
And what's more...
Gambling isn't in accordance with
the best traditions of womanhood.
Would you like to see your
sister betting on a horse?
My sister is a horse.
I'll get the tickets and be right back.
I can't dull my faculties
with a lot of loose living.
A detective has got to be as clean
as a hound's tooth, all the time.
You are a...?
The San Francisco force.
An insignia I'm proud
to wear, Miss Holden.
I'm sure you are.
Come on in and be lucky.
I've got to be.
I've got a hot tip for you, Elmer.
My sister is entered in this race.
"And ladies and gentlemen,
here they come round the bend."
"Royal Knight goes into the lead."
"Lancashire Girl was boxed in, but has
now fought her way to second place."
"Sir Healey third. Jade fourth."
"They're in the straight now.
The jockeys have hold of their whips."
"Royal Knight is too strong for them.
He stays right up there in front."
"And there they go."
I just knew you would bring me luck.
No. The last race is the big one.
Never stop while you're hot.
The first rule of gambling.
Well, everything you've
done so far has been right.
That, Miss Holden.
Is the story of my life.
Come on, let's look them over.
Here's a horse I like the name of.
'Vanishing Lady'.
'Vanishing Lady'?
On the nose.
You sure it's a good idea?
Give her all I've got and I've a
hunch she'll do as much for me.
She'd be a fool if she didn't.
"3 to 2 Vanishing Lady."
"I'll give you 3 to 2 Vanishing Lady."
"20 to 1. Sahib."
"20 to 1. Sahib.
I'll give you 22 to 1. Sahib.."
"22 to 1. Sahib."
"23 to 1. Sahib. 23 to 1. Sahib."
Miss Holden is a refined type.
I admire refinement in a lady.
I'm crazy after refinement myself.
Hey Mack, fill 'em up.
You know, Doctor Livingstone.
My mind is trained to notice things.
And the first time I saw you I spotted
you for a woman of the world.
You noticed that?
I don't miss much.
- Oh.
You know, I like a man who's
observant of what's doing.
Your Planter's punch, Miss.
Is that an alcoholic beverage, Doctor?
A Planter's punch?
It has a dash of rum in it.
For my blood pressure.
Oh? For medicinal purposes.
Well, that doesn't count.
Come on, it's the last race.
- No, no.
Allow me.
Aren't you hot in those clothes?
Why don't you wear whites?
I never like to appear
conspicuous, Doctor.
A Mint?
- Thanks.
May be a little heavy for you.
Double strength.
I can't see the numbers.
Vanishing Lady?
She's diagonal stripes, black and white.
"Vanishing Lady, the favorite,
is a little restless."
Oh, I see.
Ah, she doesn't want to
come up to the barrier.
Poor girl. She's nervous, too.
"And they're off."
"Vanishing Lady got a bad start."
Who is that horrible
big horse out in front?
That is 'Sahib', the long shot.
"Sahib in front keeps a terrific pace."
"The question is, how
long can he keep it up?"
"Vanishing Lady pulls
up on the outside."
"She passes Blue Jay and
goes into third place."
Look at Vanishing Lady.
She's coming up.
Look at her. Look at her go. Come on!
"Now Vanishing Lady is
second closing the gap."
"At the halfway mark
it's still Sahib in front."
Come on Vanishing Lady.
Come on.
"First is Vanishing Lady,
then it is Sahib."
Come on. Come on Vanishing Lady.
"Now it's head-to-head. They're leaving
the rest of the field far behind."
Come on, come on, come on!
"And here they come around
the bend. It's a two-horse race."
Come on. Come on Vanishing Lady.
Please don't stop now.
"But wait."
"Well, Vanishing Lady is out of it now."
"It's Sahib by 5 lengths
and the race is over."
"Sahib, the long shot in the race ..."
"Comes through to pay
his backers a big price."
"Blue Jay, second. Golden Boy, third."
"And Punjab fourth."
Well, I guess that's that.
Not quite that.
You see.
I switched your bet to Sahib.
You did?
For a few seconds there, I...
I died very quietly.
I don't know what to
do in a case like this.
Can I... can I send you flowers?
Or anything?
Hold the phone. I'll be right over.
You can...
See the Southern Cross
from my room at night.
Oh, a room with a
Southern Cross exposure?
Hmm. Yeah.
Well, it's a beautiful cluster of stars.
Just fashioned for tropic lovers.
I'll show it to you tonight.
We'll have dinner. Just the two of us.
Couldn't you arrange for
a hidden orchestra?
We'll steal the violins and toss them at
the stars. If I hit one, can I have it?
You can have them all.
The whole southern sky.
Me, I'd like to polish the universe
darling, and lay it at your feet.
You've already put a high
polish on providence.
It's been a wonderful day for me, Sam.
The first in ages.
It isn't over yet you know.
You see, the days in Singapore...
Are 24 hours long.
[ Door knocks ]
- Why, Jean.
I am not.
Those Planter's punches are
practically nothing but fruit juice.
Oh... refreshments.
- Oh no, no.
This is for Miss Holden's
blood pressure.
What about a little rickshaw ride?
A little air?
Do you a lot of good.
Oh. You're trying to get rid of me, eh?
Well, I'm not so dumb. I get it.
You're giving her a little party, eh?
Three's a crowd.
I get it. I get it. I get it.
Miss Holden.
So that's...
So that's why you had
me there to rescue you.
Why did you give her money at the track?
She won it.
Then why didn't you give her all of it?
I saw you put half the
winnings in your pocket.
The girl with the camera eye.
Now I can pay you for that hotel bill.
How much do I owe you?
Fifty thousand dollars.
The fruit juice has gone to your head.
I get half of that reward.
Of course you do, Jeanie.
We split it when we meet with Kerrigan.
- Oh, stop that.
You know as well as I do
that Holden is Kerrigan.
Look, Jeanie.
I hadn't meant to tell you this soon.
But I think you've have
the right to know.
Kerrigan is in New Zealand.
Running a shooting gallery.
- Uhuh?
Then, who's this?
Buffalo Bill?
Even Blodgett will
recognize her from that.
And if you don't play ball, mastermind.
That reward will be
split between he and I.
You are right, Jeanie.
I know she's Kerrigan.
But you see, I...
I don't work like other people.
You give me that information?
From now on, everything is going
to be different. Cross my heart.
When we get that reward.
And get back to San Francisco.
You can't blame me for dreaming, Jeanie.
Oh, Sammy.
Here she is now. Out this way.
I don't want to go.
I don't want to...
- Just remember.
You just remember I'm in here
pitching for us every minute.
[ Door knocks ]
I breathe again.
Is breathing such an event in your life?
How can I impress you when you...
When you don't make the right answers.
What answers would you like me to make?
'Yes' to everything.
I'm sorry. I almost forgot.
A little surprise I have for you.
Would you wait here a minute for me?
I won't move.
I won't even breathe
until you come back.
Hey, that's my story.
I'll see you in a minute.
And I really will think
of you while I'm gone.
Send that straight. Right away.
- Immediately, sir.
Mr Wye wants me to check the telegram he
just sent to the San Francisco Police.
Oh, certainly Miss Hutchins.
Mr Wye's room.
Well, ring again.
Hello dearie. This is Jeanette.
Now listen, you got to
listen to me. This is vital.
Start packing.
I've been away for 25 years but
you look just as beautiful as...
Sure, Sam is a detective.
Everybody is a detective.
Even Blodgett pretends he's a detective.
And you?
If I was, I'd have nabbed you long ago.
There's a hundred thousand
dollars on your head.
So that's all he wanted... the money.
Oh dearie, I wouldn't say
that was all he wanted.
Well, he's not going to find me.
I'll get away, some way.
- No, you won't. He'll get you.
He's a terrible heel, but he's
awful good at finding people.
When we get to Ceylon, I won't stay
in Colombo. I'll hide back in the hills.
He'll find you.
That's why I've got to stick with
you to save you from him.
And then there's my
half of the reward too.
There is that.
Oh, you are probably right.
He'll find me.
Oh, no he won't.
He doesn't deserve any reward.
It's a man's world. That's what it is.
Well, he's not going to get any reward.
Nobody is going to get any reward.
I'm going to help you get away.
I'm going to help you get away.
What's the matter?
It's such a beautiful gesture giving up
fifty thousand dollars for a friend.
Oh, it's such a beautiful gesture.
Colombo is a beautiful place, isn't it.
Yeah. Colombo, Ceylon.
It beats me.
And I always thought
Colombo was in Ohio.
You can have your pick of
the bungalows, memsahib.
Our pool resort is empty.
All this escaping makes one awful tired.
And what I escaped.
- Yeah, I know.
You are a fugitive from
a heel with a line.
Coming to bed?
Not yet.
I'm going to stay up awhile and try
to realize I'm really free at last.
From everything.
I know, dearie.
But don't strain your eyes
looking on the bright side.
- Goodnight.
[ Piano music ]
Alright... I know you're here.
I know it's a dirty trick to
persecute you like this.
I had to talk to you, Kay.
- Do your job and get it over with.
I'm going back to San Francisco
and reporting 'failure'.
I have found you, but...
You aren't the girl I want.
You're the girl I want too much.
I want to see that look in your eyes.
You needn't be terrified of me.
It hurts me to feel that you're afraid.
Don't stop.
Keep playing.
By the door.
On the table. Is a gun. Get it.
Quick. Shoot.
Quick. Hurry. Get it.
Shoot one of us.
I don't care which.
Slowly, slowly.
Just brush past my ear.
Don't take a chance of missing.
May I join you?
But, but...
Master left at dawn.
Jean, pack everything.
We've got to hurry.
Are you completely crazy?
I will be if we don't catch that boat.
Driver, can't you please hurry?
It certainly makes a fool
out of my beautiful gesture.
This is the last shore-boat.
They'll be shoving off pretty soon.
I wonder if that dope forgot
to give her the note.
You're taking us off a hot scent, Sam.
Why, at that tobacco shop...
They said there was a blond girl in
there buying Marichs just a week ago.
Yeah sure, sure.
It's significant to me that she avoided
mentioning New Zealand to the clerk.
I deducted quite a lot from that.
Do you follow me?
Yeah. It's a tough grind
but I'm tagging along.
Why, it's Doctor Livingstone.
Sam, wait a minute.
Well, Doctor Livingstone.
This is a happy coincidence indeed.
Oh... the coincidence is
all mine, Mr Blodgett.
Sam. I'm going with you.
You shouldn't have done this.
Maybe not.
But there are some things
that you just can't help.
I'm going a long way.
And I'm going to San Francisco.
I'm going with you.
The long way.
One of us is an awful fool.
A murder rap is not tough enough?
She's got to fall for Sam Wye.
- Huh?
You'll understand when
you're older, Junior.
But if you hadn't done this
you'd have had a chance.
I know. A chance for my life.
A life of running away and hiding.
Trembling at every shadow.
I thought that was all
that was left for me.
When we get back to San Francisco
I'll do everything I can...
Don't, Sam.
We mustn't think about what has
happened or what's going to happen.
The only time for us is right now.
But you are making an
awfully big decision, Kay.
Are you sure?
Oh, darling.
A lifetime of running away or...
Three months, just sort-of...
Drifting along the trade winds with you.
There wasn't any choice.
You are very sweet.
After all... three months
of perfect happiness.
That's more than most
people have in their lives.
A lot more than I deserve.
Psst. Psst.
I'd better go see what's
troubling the watchdog.
I hope it is distemper.
What's on your mind?
Mary Holden is Kay Kerrigan.
I'd have ferreted out her
identity a long time ago...
Only she didn't indulge in Marichs.
That's alright, Arthur.
It's not your fault.
She just didn't play the game
according to the rules.
Blodgett apparently knows who you are.
The San Francisco press must
have released the story.
We're not talking about that, are we?
If you were to go and dress and I
were to get into my things and stuff.
Do you think by any conceivable
chance we could...
Meet for dinner?
It's a very small boat.
But a very big dinner.
According to regulations, when a pursuit
criminal is taken into custody...
It's the duty of the arresting officer
to return to headquarters immediately.
How can we return immediately
if we keep going the wrong way?
Listen, Junior.
Your mother and I both feel that
you are old enough to know now.
The world is round.
Like an orange.
If you keep going in the same
direction long enough...
You get back to the place you started.
Here, here. Work it out for yourself.
Send that collect.
Official business.
Why do I do things like that?
Cheat yourself all you want, Mr Wye.
Just remember when we get back
to San Francisco, half of that...
Half of that reward is mine.
Well, your half is
practically in the bar.
Radiogram, Mr Wye.
What won't they invent next?
Thank you.
Now, don't you wish you'd
learned to read? Hmm?
What's that?
Congratulations from George Faulkiner.
He asked to be remembered to you.
Good old George. He never forgets a pal.
Why, I recollect one time...
- Well, you go on recollecting.
While I slip into a Scotch and soda.
[ Door knocks ]
Come in.
Come on, Sam. You weren't
fooling me. What was in it?
Oh gee, that's tough.
What's tough about it?
What do I care what becomes of her?
Oh, for heaven's sake.
So, it has happened to you too.
I don't know what you are talking about.
Go on. Get out of here, will you.
Go ahead Jean, will you.
I've got a lot of thinking to do.
I guess you have.
Good luck.
- Thanks.
Good morning. How do you like Bombay?
- Good morning. Are we in?
Can you be ready in ten minutes?
- Make it eight.
I'll be back in seven.
How would you like to have
your Christmas present now?
What is it?
George Faulkiner is waiting
at the foot of the gangplank...
To take charge of Kay Kerrigan.
George Faulkiner himself?
There is an operative that
certainly gets around.
Yeah, he certainly does.
Say listen, Sam.
I'd like to personally hand Kay
Kerrigan over to George myself.
Where is she?
Just this minute went in there.
Guard the door.
I'll bring Faulkiner here to you.
She won't get away from me.
Hi, Jeanie.
- Hello.
It's done.
Faulkiner is here, and I've
just turned Kay over to him.
Oh, Sam.
- I know how you feel.
I guess you know how I feel, too.
She was a swell girl.
Yeah. A swell girl.
Well, I guess all that's left
for us is... to try to forget.
Yeah, I guess you are right.
Are there any good bars in Bombay?
I don't know, but they can't
rule us out for looking.
Come on. We'll get plastered
for the first time on Indian soil.
Hey. Hey, what is this?
Looks to me like a handcuff.
- A handcuff?
No. You don't do that to me, Sam Wye.
Let go of me.
If you don't let go of me, I'll scream.
Let go of me.
Alright, Wye. I'll take her now.
Faulkiner. Oh no you don't.
I'm not her. You big flatfoot.
Listen, Faulkiner. You won't
gyp me for any of that reward.
Well, of all the double-crossings
you've pulled this is the double-est.
Pass her over, Sam.
- Listen, I'm not Kerrigan.
I know. They never are.
How about that reward?
I'm not interested in your reward, Sam.
You've got your orders.
Oh well, in that case.
Orders are orders. Mind if I take yours?
Here. Tough luck, kid.
Come on.
What do I have to do to prove
that I'm not Kerrigan?
Oh no you don't.
Yelling isn't going to do you any good.
You only cheapen yourself.
Just a few minutes business and we'll
have the whole day to ourselves.
Just sit down. Take it easy.
I'll only be a minute.
I've got lots to look at.
I'm a stranger here myself.
I'd like a double room on the
Oriental Prince for Singapore please.
Very well, sir.
Room... 212.
212, huh?
A very nice room. What name, sir?
Name? Uh...
Mr and Mrs Jones.
Yes, sir. Two hundred
and eight rupees, please.
Two hundred and... eight.
I won't wait for those
tickets now. You can...
Just deliver them on board.
Where to?
We've got just one more stop.
Then I can close up shop and
catch the 5:15 for home.
I'll be down to meet you
at the station wagon.
Driver... stop at the first
telegraph office, will you.
What's the matter, Captain?
Your Miss Kerrigan doesn't
like her new charm bracelet.
This isn't Kerrigan.
This is a friend of mine.
A lady doctor from San Francisco.
I see.
You catch on awful quick.
Captain Faulkiner, shake
hands with Doctor Livingstone.
How have you been?
I'd be the last one to blame
you for this, Captain.
I've made the same mistake once myself.
Room 212, huh?
Come on.
It's them alright.
It's as plain as the nose on your face.
Yeah... too plain.
Yeah. 'Mr and Mrs Jones'.
Hmm. Nice goings on.
A thing like this is highly unmoral.
But, we can prevent. We can capture
them before the ship sails if we hurry.
Come on, Captain.
- I'm not coming.
It's as plain...
I'm not looking for the nose on my face.
Come on.
Just a moment.
Where do you think you are going?
- I beg your pardon.
Whom do you think this gentleman is?
My husband 'Mr Jones', from room 212.
Oh, I beg your pardon, Mrs Jones.
Come on, darling.
No. She's coming at you.
You don't eat bullets like I do.
Reach for the ceiling.
They must be in hiding.
Hey. Somebody has pushed
the boat. We're moving.
Excellent. Now they can't escape us.
Mr and Mrs Jones?
Radiogram for you.
I'll take it.
46th Precinct.
'You romantic rascals.
Running off like that. Stop'.
'All is forgiven.
You have our blessing'.
'Sam and Kay'.
We've been duped.
Well, Mr Blodgett, what are your plans?
Well, Doctor Livingstone.
You've as good as registered
that we are man and wife.
Oh yeah.
- Would...
Would you consider...
I mean... that is...
You see...
I see.
Well, they're awful big
and they're awful flat.
But a person would know where
to find them of an evening.
Doctor Livingstone.
Would you be willing to do me the
honor to let the Captain make us one?
Oh, Ben.
Oh, Doctor.
Wait here just a second.
[ Indian language ]
What is that?
- Come on. In you go.
He'll take you for a little boat ride.
Where to?
Oh, some place.
Some place where...
Nobody will ever find us.
Sam, you're sweet.
But you can't do this.
I told you. I've done it.
But don't you realize what it means?
It would be the end
of everything for you.
I look at it differently.
I think it's the...
It's the beginning.
If you help me escape
you'll be a criminal, too.
I am already.
Faulkiner was waiting to take
you at the dock in Bombay.
Why didn't you tell me?
Look, darling.
Out there is a group of islands
called the Laccadives.
Where white people never go.
That's where we're going to live.
For the rest of our lives.
I won't let you do it.
I'm afraid you can't stop me.
Look, sweet.
I'm in a tougher spot than you.
You've broken the law, but I've
double-crossed Faulkiner.
It looks as if we're among friends.
Hello folks.
I'm Captain John Smith.
Anybody here seen Pocahontas?
I'm sorry. I'm fresh out of cigars.
But there's my last cigarette. Alright?
Right. Same to you.
All we want is a place
to sleep. You know...
You know. House.
Oh, that's wonderful. Do 'house' again.
And how about something to eat?
You know. Eat.
Oh, I know, I know.
You want a needle and thread.
Now give me a chance.
They don't understand.
Ah well. Thanks a lot, Joe.
Come on, let's house hunt on our own.
We must get one on the
right side of the tracks.
Yes, ma'am.
I think we're going to like it here.
- So do I.
Of course, at the moment
it lacks a certain privacy.
A million miles from civilization.
Think of it.
Yeah. We'll have to dress
for dinner every night.
But that's the white man's burden.
Oh look. There's an empty house.
It's ours. I'd know it anywhere.
You know, some people might object
to a Hindu Captain on an Indian Dhow.
But I think we've carried out the
important part of the ceremony.
It's the most glorious threshold
a bride was ever carried across.
And the loveliest ring
a bride ever wore.
We... could use a vacuum cleaner.
Oh, there you go.
Getting into a domestic rut.
Work, work, work.
That's all you think about.
You know, you are growing old, Mrs Wye.
Do you realize that a year from
today you will no longer be a bride?
You are wrong. Mr Wye.
Nobody ever grows old in the Laccadives.
Why, a thousand years from
today I'll still be a bride.
I'd believe you if you said a million.
That's an exaggeration.
We can't expect too much.
In a million years you might be bored
with me. You might even want a divorce.
You know...
I don't even like to joke about that.
Well, neither do I.
It seems sort-of unclean.
It's a funny thing.
- What?
I was just thinking how we got here.
Like the old sailing ships and
the wings of the trade winds.
You know... over the sea to safety.
There is our highway.
That led us home.
The sea.
Our sea.
Our life.
We'll always be like this.
The sun, the sea and
the soft trade winds.
And you and me.
Nothing to worry about.
Ever again.
- Nothing.
Oh, I can't help worrying.
It's too perfect.
Tell me I mustn't, Sam.
You mustn't.
You won't.
Tell me.
Tell me.
Do you feel... sort of...
Yes, I know.
As though we were in church.
You can almost smell
the incense on the altar.
- Darling.
This is it.
Sam. There's a man.
A white man.
I've got a gun.
- You can't shoot...
Yes I can. I get the first shot.
You mustn't. It's dreadful to kill him.
- I've got to or we'll never be free.
There's no room for three of us.
You, me and Faulkiner's ghost.
He waits for us to make the first move.
- Sam, darling.
Oh, Sam...
You are as bad a shot as
you ever were, Faulkiner.
Kay Kerrigan. I arrest you in the
name of the city of San Francisco.
You are a little late, Georgie.
She's my prisoner.
One hundred thousand
dollars on the hoof.
Bound to me by bands of steel.
You did all this.
For a reward?
Well, what else?
I know it's tough, but don't you see?
I'm losing you in any case.
You can't expect me to
pass up the reward too.
Well, where do I come in on all this?
Well, I'll tell you.
This little gadget got me a
hundred thousand dollars.
See what you can do with it?
Let's get going.
Hold it higher please.
A little higher please.
Is that in red ink or blood?
I got a headline already.
'The guy who made
romance pay dividends'.
Love them, nab them.
Then collect the reward, eh Sammy?
Gaze with envy, boys. It's the closest
you'll ever come to a hundred grand.
It's the closest I'll ever
come to selling out my girl.
You must get the girl first.
What's the price on your mother?
- No quotations. Make me an offer.
What have you got for
thirty pieces of silver?
I leave that small change
to you swindle vultures.
By the way, laughing boy. Is the late
lamented's apartment still vacant?
Naturally. Most tenants don't
care for ghosts or scandals.
Well, you've made a deal.
I'm taking over the lease.
You know, Sam. I could fix a ringside
seat for you when Kerrigan hangs.
Better make it for two, Mack.
I might bring a girlfriend.
There you are.
Only don't cash that until
this one clears the bank.
By the way. I'm throwing a
housewarming tomorrow night.
In Tommy Bruhme's flat.
Just in gratitude to his memory.
Free food and drinks
and you're all invited.
That goes for you too, George.
And for the mighty intellect.
Don't disappoint me, George.
- I'll disappoint you. I'll be there.
It's a nice little party, you know.
From one heel, to a bunch of heels.
I'll expect all of you.
I'd like to do that to the rat
in person. Limb from limb.
It's better than cutting paper dolls.
We won't require your
presence until presently.
Official business.
Do I care? Even if it ain't official.
Now don't give up
hopefulness, Miss Kerrigan.
There have only been three ladies
hanged in the history of California.
And they were guilty of
the most heinous crimes.
Fiends in human form.
Don't try to figure it out big
boy or your head will ache too.
I'm sorry, honey.
- I don't want sympathy.
I shot Bruhme and I'd do it again.
If the jury feels I wasn't justified I
will accept any sentence they hand me.
It isn't killing Bruhme I regret.
- Now, take it easy.
I'd rather hang 20 times...
Than live with this filthy feeling
that I trusted, worshipped that...
Oh, I feel so cheap.
There's only one way
I can get clean again.
I guess the jury will take
care of that for me.
Now don't be too severe
on Sam, Miss Kerrigan.
I bet right now he isn't
feeling too good himself.
If he isn't, it's because he forgot to
kick his mother goodbye this morning.
He hasn't got a mother.
- How lucky for her.
Why, Miss Kerrigan. Sam is
thinking of you right along.
Why, only this morning he
asked me to give you these.
They're not mine.
- I found them myself.
On Bruhme's desk right next
to the corpus delicti.
They're not mine.
Maybe Sam intended them as
a sort-of remembrance for you.
What's this, a joke?
Yes, that's it.
A joke.
A very funny joke.
Why aren't you laughing?
- Please, baby.
Everybody else is laughing.
Why don't you laugh and have fun?
Sam made a joke and
everybody's laughing.
Can't you see I'm laughing too?
Oh now, Miss Kerrigan.
Her hatred of Sam amounts
almost to an obsession.
You dope.
She'll go to her grave loving that heel.
"News Flash."
"We interrupt to bring the latest
news from the Kerrigan murder trial."
"The jury has retired to deliberate on
whether a woman shall go to her death."
"For the killing of a man."
"Stand by for further
newsflashes from this station."
How did that happen, Sam?
- Termites.
What gives?
Kerrigan flatly denies ownership of
the gloves and refuses them as a gift.
I was sure they weren't hers.
You were?
- Yeah.
For me, that's extremely bewildering.
- Listen, nimble-brain.
If one woman can get into a man's
flat another woman can too.
And if another woman can get in
she can leave her gloves behind.
I don't follow you, Sam.
You don't have to follow me.
I'm going your way.
Look, Homer. Try to concentrate.
I'm a self-made
All-American heel, right?
No doubt, there are those
that would concur, but...
For myself.
- I hope they all concur.
Listen. If I've got them convinced
that I'd sell out my girl for $100,000.
The real guilty party won't worry
very much about me turning him over.
Not if it means giving up that reward.
So, your recent questionable
conduct was merely a cover-up?
While you hounded the
real criminal to earth.
Can it be that lightning has struck?
You must have endured untold
suffering these past few weeks, Sam.
Thanks, Homer.
You know, sometimes the evidence is
of a good egg popping through that...
Concrete shell of yours.
So, here's the plan. Such as it is.
There were six women. Count them. Six.
Fooling around with Tommy
Bruhme when he was murdered.
The gloves fit one of them. They're all
coming here tonight with their husbands.
So, your theory is the murderer will
return to the scene of his crime?
My theory is the murderer
won't even show up.
Then we go after that one and
turn on the heat. You get it?
[ Buzzer ]
That will be couple number one.
Hiya, Ben. How are you?
Glad to see you.
Hello Mike.
- Hello, Sam.
I knew you'd come.
Freedom of the press, eh?
Free food, free drinks.
Have you met my sister?
- Hello.
Yes, indeed. Yes, I've met your sister.
But who is this young lady here?
Well, if she's not my
sister I wouldn't know.
Now look, Sam. You know how it is.
She and her party were dying of thirst
at the Park Sands on Market Street.
Her party?
Sure. I'll call them in.
Come on, kids. We're in.
Belle, meet Sam.
- Hello.
How do you do.
- How do you do.
I knew you wouldn't mind, Sam.
You see, they are heels too.
Eh? Oh, yeah.
Oliver, keep an eye on
the silver, will you?
Mike, you can drop your hat right down
there. And girls, go around to the left.
Thank you.
How do you do? Good evening.
So nice to see you.
Awfully glad you could come.
Good evening.
How do you do?
Yes. May I present Colonel Blodgett?
Of the Siamese Air Force.
If you drop your things
down there, gentlemen.
And you follow me, right through here.
Will you leave your
things in here, please.
I think you'll find everything
you need in there.
Come on, flatfoot, you go home
before you get contaminated.
There's a smell of dead skunk in here.
- Why, doctor...
Don't take your hat off on my account.
You're going home.
Jeanie, dear. He's helping me.
- You want me to let him help you?
That's like asking me to put a
silencer on a rattlesnake's rattle.
Doctor, remember your blood pressure.
Come on, where's the dice?
What we waiting for? Let's have a party.
Let's go. Come on. Swing up.
Ah, give me a drink.
Hit me.
Hello George. Glad to see you.
- Hello, Sam.
Evening Blodgett. Well, here I am.
I told you I'd disappoint you.
No, you're not disappointing
me, George. Glad you came.
You can arrest a couple of drunks
later, and boost your record.
Just drop your hat and your badge
down the end of the hall, will you.
I'll drink to you, Sammy.
And may your breath grow
shorter every minute.
Gents down the hall.
Ladies in the boudoir.
Thank you.
Gents down the hall.
Ladies in the boudoir.
That's five. Now we know.
- Yeah, but the sixth still may...
No. We give them ten minutes.
If they don't show up...
You put on your hula
skirt and entertain them.
As I go out to put pressure
on the guilty pair.
No fear. I'll entertain the
party like it was my own.
Don't overdo it.
"News Flash. The News Of The World."
"Every Monday, Wednesday
and Friday night at this hour."
"Consolidated Products brings
you the News Of The World."
"Dramatized and re-enacted for you by
the staff of the weekly news magazine."
"Late bulletin from the Kerrigan trial."
"Courthouse gossip has it the
jurors stand 9 to 3 for conviction."
"Stand by for further newsflashes."
Nine to three.
That's our strong case losing.
And you don't give a hoot any of you.
You bunch of dirty pallbearers.
You don't care who is hung.
- Jeanie.
Here's the little gravedigger himself.
- I resent that.
Getting in at the start with
his gold-plated shovel.
The highest paid
gravedigger in the world.
A funny girl.
Very funny.
- Yeah.
It's a very funny joke, ain't it Sam.
Sam just made a very funny joke about a
girl who doesn't want to live any more.
Why aren't you all laughing?
Why doesn't everybody laugh?
Go on... laugh.
Oh now, Doctor. You must...
[ Buzzer ]
Give me a drink.
Evening, Miss.
- Evening.
Nice to see you.
- How are you, Wye?
Drop your things down the hall.
- Thanks.
I'll show you where yours go.
You might as well relax now.
I think you'll find
everything you need here.
Thank you so much.
Hi Sam, how goes it? You don't
know me. Jones from the Express.
The boys told me about
the party. Ha-ha. Listen...
Don't give those dopes any time
when they beef about the dough.
It's like I said to the
gang in the office...
The dame's going to croak anyway.
So what's the difference?
For me too.
You see, it's like I say.
Kerrigan is as good as dead already.
She's bound to get it.
She ain't got a chance.
They got the dope they needed.
I can't see it's any skin off
your neck one way or the other.
You got your hundred G's.
That's what bothering these mugs.
Old man Bruhme convicted her the
night she threw the slug into his kid.
Me to shoot.
- Let him shoot. Go ahead.
Why don't you keep them?
I meant to return them
to you some time ago.
Oh, they're not mine.
I must confess though, they're so
lovely I was tempted to steal them.
I'm sure Bannisters still
keep them in stock.
They do resemble a pair
that I lost months ago.
They are the pair. You lost them here.
The night you killed Bruhme. Remember?
I didn't do it. I didn't shoot him.
Hello, Wye.
- Hello.
What have you told him?
- I've not told him a thing.
"News Flash. A late bulletin
from the Kerrigan trial."
"The jury has just filed in."
"Its members look grave."
John, don't you think you'd better go?
- Quiet. I'll handle this.
Why should he go?
I'll not ask him any questions.
I know the answers anyway.
You killed Bruhme after Kerrigan
thought she'd done it.
A great break for you, her being here.
All you must do is pin the rap on her.
Kerrigan thought she shot
him through the heart...
The job was really done with
a bullet to the back of the head.
You're not telling me that Tommy
Bruhme gave that girl a loaded gun?
The fact she used a blank was proved by
the powder burn on his dressing gown.
Not that it's any of my business.
I've got my hundred grand.
"News Flash. The verdict."
"Kay Kerrigan is guilty of
murder in the first degree."
Well, I guess that settles that.
Sure, I shot Bruhme.
But you can't do a thing
about it without a witness.
And my wife can't testify against me.
Yes. That's very smart of you, Johnson.
I thought so.
Yes. I couldn't prove your
confession even if I wanted to.
Not without another witness.
I knew you'd come
in handy sooner or later.
George, you've been practicing.
How about my cut of the reward?
The reward was for Kerrigan.
Now there won't be any.
Well, I saved her life.
But I'm going to do my utmost
to rectify that error.
What a story. Let me get to a phone.
This clears Kerrigan.
He fell for a fake radio
announcement and confessed.
Is that all for now, Mr Wye?
Don't you think it's enough?
Reach for the ceiling.
Alright, Blodgett.
In the nick of time, Homer.
I've been waiting an hour and a half.
How much longer?
- I'm sorry, Mr Commissioner.
Mr Wye is in conference.
[ Piano music ]
You know something.
I've just made a most amazing discovery.
- You're the world's greatest detective?
No, seriously. Really.
This does happen only once to a man.