Trader (2022) Movie Script

(phone ringing)
(phone ringing)
(phone ringing)
(phone ringing)
(phone ringing)
- [Mr. Washington] Hello?
- [Trader] Hi, good afternoon.
Can I speak to Mr. Washington
- [Mr. Washington] Speaking.
- [Trader] Hi, Mr. Washington.
My name is Amanda Barnes.
I'm calling from the credit
check and safety board.
Sir, do you currently use a
credit card?
- [Mr. Washington] I do, yes.
- [Trader] Did you misplace it
- [Mr. Washington] I don't think
Why, is there some kind of
- [Trader] There might be.
Your account is showing a series
of very expensive purchases
made across the country.
- [Mr. Washington] Oh dear.
Well, I'm quite certain
my card is in my wallet.
- Do you mind checking for me?
- [Mr. Washington] Of course.
Hold on just a moment.
- I'm still here, Mr.
- [Mr. Washington] I have my
credit card.
(siren in the distance)
- [Trader] Excellent.
Can you confirm the number for
me, sir?
- [Mr. Washington] 4-1-2-4
- [Mr. Washington] 869-227
- [Mr. Washington] 140.
- And the expiry date.
- [Mr. Washington] 07/23.
- And on the back of the card,
you should find a three digit
- [Mr. Washington] Yes, it says
- That's great. Thank you, sir.
Now with your permission,
I'd like to cancel the
card. Just to be safe.
- [Mr. Washington] Yes, please
- Excellent.
In the meantime,
I wanna make sure you're not
missing any essential payments.
I'd imagine a man of your age
is taking one or two
- [Mr. Washington] (chuckling)
I wish it was only two.
- Hmm, I hear you, sir.
I'd be happy to set up a direct
with your pharmacy if you like.
- [Mr. Washington] I would
be very grateful for that.
Thank you so much for your help.
- My pleasure, Mr. Washington.
Would you happen to have a copy
of your latest prescription
(upbeat music)
[Trader] I am the master of my
own fate.
I am the champion of my own
I am queen of the jungle.
(upbeat music)
(Trader gasping)
(upbeat music)
- Yeah, it's a DSLR.
Yeah, it's... 899?
It's brand new.
All right.
Yeah, best quality.
All right, I'll send you a
Yeah, it's the last one I got.
All right, cool.
Thanks a bunch.
Perfect, yeah.
All right, 599. Sold.
(tense music)
(computer notification)
(tense music)
[Trader] First things first.
Let's get basic
terminology out of the way.
Green versus red. Bear versus
Long versus short.
What does it all mean?
If you're buying a stock,
you're betting that the
share price will go up.
This action is called going
and it makes you a bull.
But what goes up must come down,
and you can bet against a stock
by taking out a short position.
This is being a bear.
Bulls, they wanna see green.
And bears, they wanna see red.
Don't let greed and fear
drive your decisions.
Play smart, play long.
Let value accumulate.
Manage your risk.
Limit taxation.
Diversify your portfolio.
Above all else, remember,
luck will always be a factor.
No matter how much you study and
and think you know...
You can't beat luck.
(phone ringing)
- [Emily Ross] Emily Ross.
- Hi, hi, Miss Ross.
It's Debbie Harris calling.
We, we spoke over email.
- [Emily Ross] How can I help
you, Debbie?
- I noticed in your
book you mostly focus on
long-term retirement planning,
five, sometimes ten year growth,
I'm just wondering why
you didn't talk about
short-term investing.
- [Emily Ross] You're
talking about day trading?
- Yeah.
- [Emily Ross] Well, day
trading is nothing more
than a get rich quick scheme.
The very concept spits in the
of healthy financial growth.
- But some people must be
- [Emily Ross] Oh, what people?
- I don't know, I guess, I just,
I see these guys online
and I just --
- [Emily Ross] Oh, right, right,
and in the history of the
no one's ever lied before? Yeah?
No one's ever pretended
to be something they're not?
- Well, when you put it that
- [Emily Ross] Look, you
called me because
you wanted the truth, yeah?
So here it is.
A million suckers walk into a
they feed the same machines and
they chase the same jackpot.
Who walks out the richest?
- The casino.
- [Emily Ross] Boom.
Any way you slice it,
the house always wins.
(dark music)
[Emily Ross] Imagine
for solitary confinement.
That's what being a day trader
You do not eat,
you do not sleep,
and you don't even blink
because the action never stops.
The game never stops.
Does that kind of life
sound appealing to you?
(dark music)
(tense music)
(Trader exhales)
- [Trader] Relax.
Gather your senses.
Get your bearings.
You know this place.
You're safe here.
This is your mind,
and your mind is your temple.
And now it's time to
get to work. (exhaling)
(tense music)
- [Bob] Okay, today we're
talking about bullish
AKA technical signs that
a stock might go green.
These are the hammers, the
flags, wedges.
Three white soldiers.
As always, I talk fast and I
talk smart,
so pay fuckin' attention.
- [Trader] Did the stock close
near its high of the day?
...what's the reason...
...up consistently...
...short term catalysts...
...heavy resistance,
Is it healthy pullback?
Higher lows leading a staircase
Or is it genuine short interest?
- [Bob] Now that you
know the fundamentals,
you need to practice
before you can preach.
Pick up a pen and paper
and take the market for a test
(tense music)
- [Bob] I don't give a
shit whether you buy long
or you sell short.
Just make sure you understand
one thing.
You're not an investor, you're
not a guru,
you're not a prophet, you're a
(tense music)
- [Bob] The sooner you all
wrap your heads around that,
the sooner you win.
(tense music)
(soft music)
- [Trader] Dear Lord,
thank you for giving me the
strength and will to carry on.
Thank you for gracing me
with the drive and determination
I need
to survive in this cruel world.
Deltaprex Pharmaceutical
recently completed
a clinical trial testing
their new anti-cancer
drug on over 200 patients.
Today is the day they announce
the results.
I am betting everything I have
that their stock will fall
(upbeat music)
(chaotic music)
(Trader coughing)
(chaotic music)
- [Trader] I am the master of my
own fate.
I am the champion of my own
I am the queen of the jungle.
(high-tension music)
(Trader panting)
(high-tension music)
- [Trader] Piece of shit is
Fucking bears win again.
Weak hands are dumping here.
Don't sell now.
Same old biotech trash.
Fuck these asshole shorts just
Last time I ever hope
for a cure for cancer.
(tense music)
(Trader panting)
(computer notification)
(eerie music)
[Trader] Hello Bob.
(eerie music)
(computer notification)
- [Bob] Talk to me about
Why did you think they were a
great short?
- [Trader] Pharmaceutical
companies usually go green
in advance of their
clinical trial results.
This one's been red all
week. I thought that was odd.
- [Bob] Well, most of the
speculators on Market Mouth
say that's because traders are
afraid to hold through news.
- With all due respect,
speculators on Market Mouth
don't know what the fuck they're
- [Bob] I agree.
Keep talking.
- The downtrend can only
mean one of two things.
Option one, insiders knew
they were holding legit cure for
They drove the stock to premium
and accumulated in the
run-up to the good news.
- [Bob] And option two?
- Insiders knew they were
holding a turd.
Either way, it's all corrupt.
- [Bob] I see.
Why did you go with the
one where the cure fails?
- I don't believe in miracles.
- [Bob] Hmm.
Did you pray today?
- Sorry?
- Pray, pray.
There's nothing to be ashamed
I pray every time I make a big
- [Trader] I prayed.
- [Bob] And what did you pray
for, Daisy?
Was it a miracle by any chance?
- That's between me and God.
- [Bob] Okay, fair enough.
So how does a fast learning,
hard working
motivated person such as
yourself stay so focused?
You taking anything?
- [Trader] Only a shitload of
- [Bob] Okay, good. Now listen
to me.
You wanna add a little bit of
coke to your diet, all right?
There's no better focus than
a sweet-ass line of blow.
- [Trader] I'll get some
- [Bob] Good.
What else are you up to tonight?
- I'm thinking after I get
off the phone with you,
I'll light some candles and
touch myself.
- [Bob] Well, that sounds fun.
- It usually is.
- [Bob] Do you mind if I offer
you another piece of advice?
- It'd be my pleasure.
- [Bob] Every so often,
what you should do is send me
a few pictures of your tits.
I got a feeling it's
gonna remind me how much
I fucking love the sound of your
- How about I trade you for
- [Bob] Hmm.
What do you want in return?
- I want you to think about
me when you jerk off later.
I want you to think about
how much money we're gonna make
I want you to think about
how good it's gonna feel
when we put all that cash into a
big pile,
and I fuck you on top of it.
- [Bob] (chuckling) Would
you like to hear a secret?
- I'm dying to hear a secret.
- [Bob] I really am
a broker.
I work for a world-renowned
private equity firm.
- Now, why would a real broker
hang out in a place like Market
- [Bob] Why do you think?
We can talk about technical
till we're both hard and wet,
but the truth is, the market
runs on
fear and greed and hype.
Don't buy the hype.
Create the hype.
Start the fire yourself
and you'll never get burned.
(upbeat music)
- [Trader] I want you to imagine
that you're on a desert island.
You have no food, no water.
You're the only living creature
for miles.
(heart beating)
You feel the dry leaves
with your brittle hands.
Your exhausted feet drag
with each heavy step.
You nearly succumb to the
of your loneliness and
Then you hear it.
The treeline gives way
to a small freshwater spring,
and you move toward the soothing
sounds of the waterfall.
But you know where there is
there must also be life.
(lion roaring)
The great lion roars.
The water is his territory.
The king stands between you
and your survival.
Do you turn tail and run?
You plant your feet and you
get your ass ready for a fight.
You are master of your own fate.
Champion of your own cause.
Queen of the motherfucking
Now show him why.
(upbeat music)
- [Trader] In the pharmaceutical
every clinical trial is a
And every leak on the dark
web gives you an edge.
So you design a few dummy
accounts to create a buzz,
and you stir the Market
Mouth pot with some bots.
(upbeat music)
[Trader] He'll have no choice
but to keep you close.
- [Bob] There are riots in the
What stock do you buy?
- [Trader] The company that
makes guns.
[Bob] What about an epidemic?
- Anyone that develops
vaccines is in play.
The lower the float,
the greater the volatility.
- [Bob] And how long do you
- I don't.
Get in before the pump.
Get out before the dump.
- [Bob] Can you feel how deep I
- Fuck, you're so deep.
- [Bob] Are you close?
- I'm so close.
- [Bob] God, I'm so fucking
You want me to fill my cum up
inside you?
- I want you to come inside me.
- [Bob] Yeah. Oh fuck. Oh fuck
I'm coming.
- Oh God, me too.
- Ohhhhhh!
- [Trader] And just like
that, you tame the lion.
Now that it's safe, you reach
you plunge your hands deep into
the water,
and you take what's yours.
Today, you may be red,
tomorrow you may be green,
but you're not a bear.
And you're not a bull.
You're an entirely different
animal. And you're hungry.
(epic music)
- [Trader] This isn't about the
This is about what money can
More freedom.
More power.
(upbeat music)
[Trader] Why do you look
(soft music)
- [Patricia Sawyer] Hello
Thank you for joining us.
My name is Patricia Sawyer,
CEO of Clean Therapeutics.
I'm here today with the Board of
and we are thrilled to announce
the official commencement
of phase two of our Clean PTSD
PTSD, of course, stands for
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder,
a mental health condition
triggered by a specific event.
The symptoms include vivid
nightmares, intrusive
and crippling anxiety.
But there's yet to be a proper
tailored for this condition,
and that's where Clean PTSD
comes in.
Moving into phase two,
is now up to 300 patients,
mostly ex-military and
victims of abuse and assault.
We now begin to examine
the effectiveness and safety of
the drug,
with a timeline of eight to ten
months for the initial data.
- [Bob] What are you wearing
right now?
- [Trader] Maybe I'm not wearing
- [Bob] Are you being a bad
- [Trader] Actually I was just
how you still haven't
introduced me to your boss.
- [Bob] Funny, I was just
thinking about
how your webcam's still broken.
- I kind of like it that
we keep it to the phone.
It's like my body craves your
My nipples get hard every
time I see you calling.
- [Bob] Jesus.
- Do you wanna finish, or
should we talk about tomorrow?
- [Bob] Come on, we've
talked about it enough.
You know your targets.
- 9:45.
You tell your sheep
you're going long on BPMQ.
We scalp the pump for 75%,
then we use my bots to short the
- [Bob] And what about Synthro
You're certain they're
announcing the offering
- My contact at the pharma
council is positive.
My only concern is that
the fundamentals are solid.
- [Bob] Nah, fundamentals don't
mean shit
to a horde of panic sellers.
- I'm just saying,
I'm not so sure the offering
will crush it
the way you think it will.
[Bob] I have been trading
this stock for two years.
What were you doing two years
- I don't like looking
- [Bob] Humor me.
- I was a sex worker.
- [Bob] Interesting.
Are we talking escort,
stripper, rub and tug?
- No more, more like sex
- [Trader] They branded
all of us with a barcode,
rented us out to the highest
- [Bob] Look, I didn't mean any
of that.
- It's all right.
When I got out,
I knew I never wanted to
be that desperate again.
I took every cent I had
and I found my calling.
- [Bob] Well, I'm glad you did.
Some men can just be
complete fuckin' animals.
- [Trader] At least you're
one of the nice guys.
(soft music)
- [Bob] If I set up a
meeting with you, me,
the rest of the firm,
can I count on you not to
embarrass me?
- Every time you ask me that,
I always say the same thing.
Yes, and it's not gonna change.
- [Bob] Okay.
Okay, okay,
you come through for me on BPMQ
and I'll speak to my boss, yeah?
But there is one more thing
- What?
- [Bob] That first day we spoke,
you told me you prayed for
your short on Deltaprex.
What exactly did you pray for?
- Why do you wanna know?
- [Bob] You went from a
penniless hooker
to a six-figure trader.
Whatever you said to God,
it must have been pretty
fuckin' convincing.
- [Trader] Dear Lord,
thank you for giving me the
strength and will to carry on.
Deltaprex Pharmaceutical
recently completed
a clinical trial testing
their new anti-cancer
drug on over 200 patients.
I am betting everything I have
that their stock will fall
And so I pray to you,
Almighty God,
benevolent creator of all
the heavens and the Earth.
I send a prayer back in time,
back to the day that trial
and I beg you,
please do not let this drug
Please let the cancer
eat those patients alive.
Let it consume their organs,
and fill their lungs with
malignant fluid
until they choke on
their own blood and die.
(eerie music)
Please Lord,
(heart beating)
grant me this good fortune.
(rain falling)
(thunder crashing)
(thunder crashing)
(thunder crashing)
(rain falling)
(thunder rumbling)
(chaotic music)
(phone ringing)
(phone ringing)
- [Techie] Good afternoon, tech
Can you confirm your account
- 082792.
- [Techie] I see you're
having some
trouble connecting to your
- No shit, I have no power.
Is it just my account, or is
there an outage in the area?
- [Techie] Just a moment, I'll
Okay, it looks like the storm
knocked out a power line.
If you have to get online,
we can set up a data plan.
Do you own a smartphone?
- It needs to be charged.
- [Techie] And you have no
I hate to say it, but I
think you may be out of luck.
(tense music)
(thunder crashing)
(phone buzzing)
(phone notification)
- [Bob] You wanna explain to me
how I'm supposed to pitch you to
my boss
as some kind of market messiah
when you can't even wake
yourself up for the goddamn
- I told you, I lost power.
- [Bob] And you don't
have a fuckin' laptop?
- I haven't used it since I
and the battery was dead.
I assure you this won't happen
- [Bob] Let me ask you a real
Why the fuck are you so calm
right now?
- I made peace with the fact
that today was outta my control.
- [Bob] Oh, you made peace?
Oh you made peace, that is nice.
That's so nice, 'cause while
you were busy making peace,
I was busy getting fucked in the
Who do I blame for that?
- I take the blame for BPMQ,
and I swear I will make
that one up to you.
But I warned you about Synthro.
- [Bob] Excuse me? You warned
- [Trader] I did.
Maybe you should channel
some of your frustration
into your own shortcomings. Like
a man.
- [Bob] Wow.
We're done, bitch.
- Oh, just like that?
- [Bob] Yeah, just like that.
- Who knew you had such thin
- [Bob] Oh, fuck you.
What, you think you're hot
shit 'cause you wrote some code
and programmed a few bots?
You're playing games at the kids
I sit at the high rollers table.
I sit beside the best.
- I know you do, Bob.
- [Bob] You embarrassed me
- And I apologize.
Like I said, I'll make it up to
but I can't do that if you
don't give me a chance.
- [Bob] You better call me
with the ultimate stock tip.
Or you can start looking for a
new pimp.
(dial tone)
(tense music)
- Ahh!
(high-tension music)
(Trader screaming)
(phone ringing)
(phone ringing)
- [Dealer] You got three
seconds to tell me who you are
and how you got this number.
One, two.
- I need some inspiration.
- [Dealer] Holy shit.
I never thought you'd actually
- Yeah, well can you help me or
- [Dealer] You said inspiration,
- I did.
- [Dealer] That mean
what I think it means?
- It means what you think it
Don't tell me you've
actually grown a conscience.
- [Dealer] Nah, nah, nah, just --
I just didn't figure
you'd want to go down
that rabbit hole again.
Hallucination leaves scars.
Know what I'm saying?
- Well if you can't help me,
I'll gladly buy somewhere else.
- [Dealer] Hey, hey, hey,
pump your brakes, mami.
Just gotta make sure you won't
hold me liable, you feel me?
- I promise I won't sue you.
What do you got in stock?
- [Dealer] I got it all, baby
LSD, PCP, DMT, ketamine,
mescaline, salvia,
bath salts, mushrooms, acid.
- Do you have anything new?
- [Dealer] It's dangerous.
- These are illicit,
mind-altering drugs,
they're all dangerous.
- [Dealer] Nah, this one's
They call it the Bloody Sundae.
Supposed to be a new kind of
- Have you moved any yet?
- [Dealer] Nah, nobody wants to
risk it.
There's this whole protocol you
gotta follow if you take it.
- [Trader] Explain it to me.
- [Dealer] All right, look.
Says here you get a 30 CC
99% solvent, 1% drug.
You gotta do 10 CCs with
breakfast, 10 with lunch,
10 with dinner.
- Why drag it out?
- [Dealer] I guess it's like
extended release type shit.
- Have you heard of any ODs?
- [Dealer] My boy sold some
to this guy a few weeks back.
Took 20 CCs with lunch, dropped
dead five minutes later.
You sure you wanna do this?
(siren in the distance)
- I'll take it.
(eerie music)
- [Trader] 10 CCs with
breakfast, 10 with lunch,
10 with dinner.
(eerie music)
(Trader belching)
(Trader panting)
- [Trader] Master of my own
fate. Champion of my own cause.
Queen of the jungle.
Master of my own fate.
Champion of my own cause.
Queen of the jungle.
Master of my own fate,
master of my own fate.
Champion of my own cause,
champion of my own cause.
Queen of the jungle,
queen of the jungle.
(Trader's voice in confused
Master of my own fate!
Champion of my own cause!
Queen of the --
(dramatic orchestral music)
(dramatic orchestral music
(knocking at door)
(dramatic orchestral music
(slot machine noises)
- [Trader] Stop!
I want you to imagine that
you're on a desert island.
You have no food,
no water,
you're the only living creature
for miles.
- [Patricia Sawyer] And that
is where Clean PTSD comes in.
And that's where Clean PTSD come
My name is Patricia Sawyer.
...the symptoms include...
...up to 300 patients...
...intrusive flashbacks...
...abuse and assault...
...crippling anxiety...
CEO of Clean Therapeutics.
we begin to examine
the effectiveness of the drug.
(thunder crashing)
- [Bob] Don't buy the hype.
Create the hype.
Start the fire yourself,
and you'll never get burned.
(thunder rumbling)
(epic music)
(thunder rumbling)
(Trader laughing)
(Trader gasping)
(eerie music)
- [Bob] You better call me
with the ultimate stock tip.
Or you can start looking for a
new pimp.
(eerie music)
(tense music)
- [Trader] Relax.
Gather your senses.
Get your bearings.
You know this place.
You're safe here.
(creepy music)
This is our mind,
and our mind is our temple.
And now it's time we get to
(dark music)
- [Patricia Sawyer] PTSD,
of course, stands for
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder,
a mental health condition
triggered by a specific event.
(tense music)
- [Patricia Sawyer] A
mental health condition...
A mental health condition,
a mental health condition...
a mental health condition
triggered by a specific event.
But there's yet to be a proper
tailored for this condition.
And that's where Clean PTSD
comes in.
(dark, tense music)
And that is where Clean PTSD
comes in.
And that's where Clean PTSD
comes in.
We now begin to examine the
and safety of the drug,
with a timeline of eight to ten
months for the initial data.
(eerie music)
[Trader] Found you.
(phone ringing)
- [Mrs. Hamilton] Yeah?
- Is this Mrs. Hamilton?
- [Mrs. Hamilton] Who
the fuck wants to know?
- Mrs. Hamilton, my name is
Mollie Reid,
I work for a law firm
that specializes in
wrongful death litigation.
- [Mrs. Hamilton] Good for
you, I'm hanging up now.
- You don't even wanna
ask why I'm callin'?
- [Mrs. Hamilton] I don't need
to ask.
It's the same reason every
other vulture's been callin'.
All you parasites tryin' to
make a buck off my son's death.
- Ma'am, I promise, money
is not my motivation.
I'd just like to know more
about what happened to your son.
- [Mrs. Hamilton] Why? So
you can build up a case
in the name of good old justice?
I've heard that one before, too.
- John's passing was an
The amount of people murdered
by police every year --
- [Mrs. Hamilton] Those
cops didn't kill Johnny.
They might have pulled the
but they didn't kill him.
It's that drug company that did
- Tell me about Clean
Therapeutics, Mrs. Hamilton.
- [Mrs. Hamilton] My baby boy
comes home after two tours,
tells me his hands won't stop
says the nightmares won't leave
him alone.
Says he can still hear
the bombs and bullets.
- John had post-traumatic stress
It wasn't his fault.
- [Mrs. Hamilton] I tell my
other boy Jack
to look after his little
but Jack don't listen to me no
One day I get a knock at the
Sheriff comes by,
tells me Johnny caused a
big scene down at the mall,
says my son took his clothes
and then he starts tellin'
that the devil's gonna rise up
from hell
and burn it all down.
I remember when he was five
years old,
Johnny was a cowboy for his
That's the first thing I saw
in my head when they told me.
Do you have any children?
- I have a three-year-old son.
- [Mrs. Hamilton] Oh, do you
love him?
- With all my heart.
In fact, I'm lookin' at his
beautiful face as we speak.
- [Mrs. Hamilton] What's he
- He's playing with his favorite
It's this little brown horse.
I think my boy might
wanna be a cowboy, too.
- [Mrs. Hamilton] (sobbing)
I just want my son back.
- I know, I know.
And I wish I could give that to
But maybe I could give you
something else.
(tense music)
- [Jack Hamilton] I never
got it the way Johnny did.
Half the time he was
livin' in another world.
- [Trader] Yeah, I could tell.
He wouldn't look me in the eye,
you know?
It's like he was just
lookin' right past me.
Like he was seeing
something that wasn't there.
- [Jack Hamilton] My mother
used to say the same thing.
Then she forced him to sign
up for that damn trial.
What made you volunteer for it?
- Nightmares.
Plus they were payin'
and I needed the cash.
- [Jack Hamilton] You still
having those nightmares?
- Yep.
Already spent the cash, too.
- [Jack Hamilton] Fucking
Bleedin' this country bone dry.
- Amen, brother.
You got people on the street,
not a dime to their name,
and those big pharma fuckers,
they're burnin' billions.
- [Jack Hamilton] Billions?
It's more like trillions.
- It's fucking disgusting is
what it is.
And the worst part?
Nobody gives a shit.
They all sit at home on
their fat fucking asses,
playing the stock market,
profiting at the expense of the
who fight and die for their
- [Jack Hamilton] I take
it you were in the service.
- I was.
Johnny told me you were, too.
- [Jack Hamilton] Field
artillery, three tours.
- Intelligence corps.
- [Jack Hamilton] You miss it?
- Every goddamn day.
I was really tight with my unit.
At the end of our last tour, we
we hit up this shitty little
tattoo parlor
and we got these barcodes on our
- [Jack Hamilton] Why barcodes?
- We wanted people to know,
know that we're all just
products of war.
A war bought and paid for
by the pricks more powerful than
Do you ever get angry, Jack?
I'm talking like
real anger.
- [Jack Hamilton] That's all I
ever feel.
sometimes I just wanna hurt
(tense music)
- You should.
- [Jack Hamilton] Are you sayin'
should feel like hurtin'
Or are you saying I should hurt
- Both.
(fire burning)
(dark music)
(ethereal choir music)
(intense electronic music)
- [Trader] Lobby has three
access points.
Seven floors, five fire exits.
Conference room on the top
floor. One security desk,
four staff. Guards armed
with semi-automatic pistols,
40 caliber.
(epic music)
- [Trader] You are the
master of your own fate.
You are the champion of your own
You are the queen
of the goddamn jungle.
And you're about to show them
(intense electronic music)
(phone ringing)
- [Bob] Jesus. Fuck.
It's 3:30.
- You told me to call you on
with the ultimate stock tip.
It's Monday.
- [Bob] Okay, hold on.
Let me just put together a
- Clean Therapeutics, symbol is
- [Bob] Let's see, uh,
ah come on, that's a $25 stock.
- Yes, I'm aware.
- [Bob] Well, we can't
manipulate a $25 stock.
- We won't need to.
- [Bob] Up or down?
- Up.
- [Bob] How do you know?
- My contact at the pharma
leaked me a copy of their
- [Bob] Well, I'm gonna need
to see this leak for myself.
- Already sent it to you.
- [Bob] Good, good.
Okay, when are they announcing?
- It's on Friday.
- [Bob] Okay, look,
obviously I need to verify
everything with my people,
but if we like what we see,
we'll get the firm on board.
- And you'll tell your boss
about me?
- [Bob] My boss?
I will tell him everything.
(epic music)
(tense music)
- [Bob] We're in.
Long on CLN at 27.25.
- [Trader] How many shares?
- [Bob] One million.
I spoke to the boss this
he gave me the go-ahead
to buy throughout the day.
- [Trader] So when do I get to
meet him?
- [Bob] If all goes well on
he wants to see you here next
(phone ringing)
- [Operator] Welcome to
Colt Creative Capital,
the world leader in finance.
Please state your business at
the tone,
and we'll match you to the
appropriate department.
- I would like to speak to Mr.
about his daughter Sydney.
A spot at the abortion
clinic just opened up.
(phone ringing)
- [Colt] How did you know
my daughter was pregnant?
- The internet is a very
educational place
if you know where to look.
- [Colt] Well, if you
really knew where to look,
you'd know that another tabloid
is a mere flesh wound.
You want to blackmail me
You'd better go for the jugular.
- I have no intention of
blackmailing you, Mr. Colt.
I just needed your attention.
- [Colt] Mission accomplished.
Now what?
- You employ a man named Robert
Webb, AKA Bob the Broker.
True or false?
- [Colt] True.
- Earlier today,
Bob suggested you take your
firm long on Clean Therapeutics.
True or false?
- [Colt] True again.
- Did he tell you it was my
- [Colt] Honey, I don't have
the faintest fuckin' clue who
you are.
- That's what I thought.
Mr. Colt,
I'm the reason why Bob has had
his most profitable quarter
since he first started at your
You're wealthier today
than you were yesterday
because of me.
- [Colt] That's a bold
- By all means, feel free to
refute it.
You're clearly entitled to
think Bob is a decent broker.
- [Colt] Bob's a jellyfish.
He happened to come along
when the chat rooms got hot
and we've been exploiting
his following ever since.
You gonna tell me what the fuck
you want?
- I want Bob's job.
I want a seat at the high
rollers table.
(Colt sighing)
- [Colt] Sometimes I forget what
it's like
to be on the outside looking in.
(soft music)
- [Colt] In my day, it was
the era of the analyst.
The analyst says jump, the
retail investor says how high.
Couple decades go by and we
get the dorm room douchebags,
masquerading as message
board fortune tellers.
You'd think everyone would
wise up when that bubble burst,
and yet here we are,
another stupid fucking
who can't seem to grasp
that arrogance and ignorance
are the same thing.
You can sell your vanity
to the online circle jerk,
and I will sit here and applaud
you for recognizing them
as the brain-dead sheep
that they really are,
but don't you dare try to
that you have any level of
You don't and you never will.
- I disagree.
- [Colt] You really
believe you're special?
You're the one who's gonna
change the game, sweetheart?
- Anyone with a computer
and a little bit of ambition
can do what I've done.
I'm not the future of this game.
- [Colt] So who the fuck are you
- I am the game.
(Colt laughing)
- [Colt] Fuck me.
Now I'm curious.
- [Trader] Did Bob show you
the trial results my contact
sent me?
- [Colt] Bob said he secured
that leak.
- [Trader] I bet he did.
What do you think of the data?
- [Colt] Personally, I
wouldn't be surprised
if Clean saw $50 before
the closing bell on Friday.
- And what if I told
you Clean's gonna hit $3
long before it hits 50?
- [Colt] Did you say $3?
- I did.
- [Colt] Are you telling me you
they're gonna drop 90% in a
single day?
- I don't think,
I know.
- [Colt] Well shit, I
gather you've been shorting.
- [Trader] Every day this week.
- [Colt] So you're betting
against Clean,
even though you found the data,
the very same data that
says it's going sky high.
Why are you so certain
Clean's gonna crash?
- I can't give you that answer
for free.
- [Colt] Name your price.
- I don't want your money.
All I'm asking for is your
- [Colt] Well, in that case,
I believe my firm and I will be
with our long position
on Clean Therapeutics,
one million shares at 27.25 per
- Well, in that case,
you can call me back at 4:01 on
and let me know how it feels
to get stung by Bob the
- [Colt] You said $3, right?
- [Trader] You know what? Make
it 2.99.
- [Colt] 2.99 it is.
Good luck with that, sweetheart.
- Thanks.
Enjoy the show.
(phone hanging up)
(eerie music)
(eerie choir music)
(eerie choir music continues)
- [Trader] This is the
moment we've been waiting for.
...anyone got the link...
...I posted the link...
What time's the conference call?'s at noon...
...pretty sure it's 12:30...
This drug is gonna change so
many lives.
...Patricia Sawyer cares... stock ever...
I love Clean Therapeutics.
This could be the biggest
trade of the year.
Market opens in five, four,
three, two.
(market bell ringing)
(dramatic choir music)
(phone ringing)
- [Mrs. Hamilton] Hello?
- [Trader] Mrs. Hamilton, it's
(ominous music)
- [Mrs. Hamilton] I keep saying
there's something wrong with my
I keep telling 'em their pill's
playing tricks on his
mind, but they don't care.
- [Trader] Is this legit?
...gotta be fake...
...are people selling?
I think CLN's going red.'s fake news...
...Hamilton bitch is lying...
This woman is a hedge fund
He had a mental breakdown, so
Where's the proof?
It's clearly a fake document.
- [Mrs. Hamilton] I just
couldn't keep quiet no more.
No way.
People need to know the truth
about this godforsaken company.
- [Trader] What the fuck?
Why are we already down 10%?
I'm down $2,000, should I sell?
No, buy more. It's
gonna go back up.
Fuck it, I'm selling.
Sometimes I just hate this game.
(ominous music)
(car engine starting)
(car driving)
- [Trader] You should see an old
lamp post
with yellow graffiti.
It's coming up in about half a
(car driving continues)
- [Jack Hamilton] I see it.
- Turn left at the stop sign.
(car turn indicator clicking)
You see a warehouse up ahead?
- [Jack Hamilton] I do.
- Pull your vehicle to a
stop beside the dumpster
on the south side of the
- [Jack Hamilton] Copy that.
(car pulling to a stop)
- Well done, soldier.
You've successfully reached
the ammunition supply point.
Exit the vehicle and secure the
(car door opening)
(Jack Hamilton panting)
(footsteps crunching gravel)
- [Jack Hamilton] Package
- Open it.
What do you think, Jack?
- [Jack Hamilton] It's
- I'm glad you like it.
Now put the car back and
drive and proceed to target.
(car driving)
- [Patricia Sawyer] Hello
My name is Patricia Sawyer,
CEO of Clean Therapeutics.
Before we begin our
conference call as scheduled,
I need to address the false
lobbied at our company this
Let me be clear,
we have never had any
communication with this woman.
And her son John,
never participated in our
Clean PTSD clinical trial.
The documents she shared
online are 100% fake.
Cheap forgeries designed to
that her son was on our
patient enrollment list
and that we doctored our own
trial results
to cover up his adverse reaction
to the drug. (chuckling)
These are all lies,
and we will press charges
against all responsible.
Justice will prevail.
- [Jack Hamilton] I'm in
- Lock and load.
(gun cocking)
Talk me through the layout.
- [Jack Hamilton] Seven
floors, five fire exits.
- What about security?
- [Jack Hamilton] One desk, four
Guards armed with compact 40
- And the conference room?
- [Jack Hamilton] It's on the
top floor.
- That's where they are, Jack.
Safe and sound in their ivory
Those greedy cocksuckers
killed your little brother,
and now we're gonna make 'em
Are you ready?
- [Jack Hamilton] My
heart's beatin' real fast.
- Relax, slow your breathin'.
(Jack Hamilton exhaling)
(Trader exhaling)
Tell me who you are, Jack.
- [Jack Hamilton] I'm the
master of my own fate.
- Exit the vehicle.
(intense music)
Keep talking.
- [Jack] I'm the
champion of my own cause.
- Finish it.
- [Jack] I'm
the king of the jungle.
- Now say it like you fucking
mean it.
- [Jack] I'm the
master of my own fate.
I'm the champion of my own
I'm the king of the jungle.
- Again, motherfucker.
- [Jack] Master of my fate.
Champion of my cause.
I'm the king of the fucking
- Damn right, you are, soldier.
Now put your phone away and
make your country proud.
- [Jack] I'll call
you back when it's done.
- I'll be right here.
(dial tone)
- [Patricia Sawyer] When
we started this trial
nearly three years ago,
we knew we had a gamechanger on
our hands.
Mental illness is the silent
killer of our generation,
and we believe that --
(gun firing in distance)
(screaming in background)
Did you hear that?
- [Speaker] Was that a gun?
- [Patricia Sawyer] Shh, don't
- [Speaker] Let's go!
- [Patricia Sawyer] Call
security --
(gun firing)
Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.
(gun firing)
Oh my God!
(soft piano music)
- [Bob] Jesus Christ, are you
seeing this?
No, no, no, no.
What the fuck is going on?
- You once told me to
start the fire myself
and I would never get burned.
Do you feel the heat, Bob?
- [Bob] What did you say?
- You were a bad investment,
it was time to sell.
- [Bob] This was you?
- Did you pray today, Bob?
Did you pray for your trade?
- [Bob] You're fuckin' insane.
- Actually, I think I'm psychic.
I told you I was gonna fuck you
a great big pile of money.
Goodbye, Bob.
(soft piano music continues)
(Trader laughing)
(phone buzzing)
You're right on time.
- [Colt] I have to admit,
that was pretty extraordinary.
- I wouldn't call it that, Mr.
- [Colt] What would you call it?
- Easy money.
(Colt laughing)
- [Colt] Well, you just cost me
15 million dollars.
- And how would you like to
make it all back by next Friday?
- [Colt] I'd like that very
A seat at the high rollers
table just opened up.
Are you in or out?
- I'm in.
- [Colt] Come by the
office Monday morning.
Market opens at 9:30.
- I'll be there at eight.
(phone hanging up)
(dramatic music)
- [Trader] I am the master of my
own fate.
I am the champion of my own
I am the queen
of the jungle.
(dramatic music)
(triumphant music)
(flames crackling)
(thunder rumbling)
(rain falling)
(thunder crashing)
(rain falling)
(thunder rumbling)
(rain falling)
(thunder crashing)
(rain falling)
(thunder crashing)
(dark music)