Trading Paint (2019) Movie Script

[announcer 1] The leaders come
off turn two
with only three laps to go.
Bob Linsky in the white
number 33 car has a razor-thin
lead over Cam Munroe
in midnight blue number two.
[announcer 2] These two
have been scrapping it out
all season long here in
super late model race.
[announcer 1]
They sure have, Jimmy.
Cam Munroe drives
for his dad and crew chief,
local racing legend,
Sam "The Man" Munroe.
He might be the best dirt
track racer I've ever seen.
And hold on right there!
Cam Munroe dives inside
with a slick pass on Linsky.
- [announcer 2] He's done it!
- [Sam] Yeah!
[announcer 1] Straight up
amazing driving.
[announcer 1] This race is
coming right down to the wire
here at Talladega,
with only one lap to go.
We might be seeing a changing
of the guard right here
with young Cam Munroe
in the lead.
[announcer 2]
Can he hold onto the win?
[announcer 1]
Oh! Oh, no, no, no!
Smoke from under the hood
of the number two car
of Cam Munroe.
Whoa! Big problems rumbling
here for Team Munroe.
That engine's been
a problem all season.
[announcer 2] And there goes
Bob Linsky ripping past
Cam Munroe.
[announcer 1] Looks like
Cam Munroe is gonna be
a bridesmaid here tonight.
His car dying completely
just shy of the finish line.
[announcer 2]
The checkered flag goes up
for Bob "Lead Foot" Linsky,
who clinches the championship
with this win, making it three
titles in a row for Linsky.
[announcer 1] Well, Jimmy,
racing has a heck of a lot
to do with the driver,
but you gotta have the car
to back it up on the track.
[announcer 2] Yeah. The Munroe
car is fast when it runs,
but it's been plagued by engine
problems all season,
and there's definitely no love
lost between Sam Munroe
and Bob Linsky.
[announcer 1] For sure.
I know Cam Munroe will be back
next season, but right now
it's Bob Linsky's moment in
the sun as he takes
his victory lap, and the fans
here at Talladega
let him know
they appreciate his win.
[cheering and applause]
[cheering and applause
What a good day for you.
David, do you mind helping
Cam load up his car?
I gotta go to work.
- [cheering continues]
- Super!
All right.
[indistinct chatter]
[deputy] We're ready for you.
[engine revs]
[Sam] Pick your weapon.
- Uh... Gold. [chuckles]
- Gold, all right.
Bait your hook.
I'm not gonna have
to touch a worm, am I?
Hell no! I don't use worms,
I use hot dogs.
- Pinch a little off like that.
- Okay.
And we take our hook, you gotta
be careful with the hook,
and we just hook it on real good
so it doesn't fall off.
All right.
Now, stand up.
Now, I'm gonna come
and reach around you like this.
- [Becca] Mm-hm. [chuckles]
- I like this part.
Now, seriously, why did you
move down here?
- After the divorce...
- Yeah.
...I just... I just needed to
get away from Steve and...
and everything that reminded me
of our life together, you know?
- Mm-hm.
- When I got offered
the teaching job
at a reasonable salary
in this quaint little town,
I jumped at the chance.
Well, I sure am glad you did.
Yeah, me too.
[Sam chuckles]
I opened up. What about you?
[Sam] Mm-hm.
We don't have
to talk about that.
No. it's all right.
You're right.
You told me your story.
Why can't I tell you mine?
Um... Jen and I,
we grew up together,
and she was
the first girl I kissed.
You know, we always knew
we were gonna get married,
and... she saw something
in me that nobody else did,
including my father.
I mean, I felt like
I could win races
and bag trophies, and...
and I did for a while.
What happened?
Well, she... she died and...
and, uh, it was, uh,
- it was in a car accident.
- I'm sorry.
No, no, no.
It's a part of me, you know.
[Sam clears throat]
I don't know why,
I just thought of this.
When I was senior
in high school,
my friend Stumpy and I, we got
kicked out of school for doing
donuts in the parking lot.
And, uh, it was my dad's
'64 Galaxy.
And, uh... Just 'cause you
talked about school,
or it just stirred up
- a school memory or something.
- What are donuts?
[chuckles lightly] Mm.
You like it? I've never done
one before.
- Oh!
- This is my first time.
Oh, great!
[horn honks]
Hey, champ!
Is that supposed to be funny?
Depends on how you
look at it, I guess.
I could see you're all
pissed off,
and I guess I would be too
if I was you.
What's that supposed to mean?
It just means that you got
a whole bunch of talent, son...
but it ain't gonna do
you no good
'cause you got
horseshit equipment.
Is there any point to this
or do you just like
to hear yourself talk?
I'm just trying to help.
Come on up and talk to me.
Just man to man.
We'll have a chat. No big deal,
no pressure. No nothing.
No harm in listening.
I'm your friend,
don't forget it.
- Tell me about your hobby.
- Hobby?
- Yeah, racing.
- [chuckles] Hell no.
Racing ain't no hobby.
It's more like
a family tradition.
My... My dad taught me,
and I taught Cam.
- Your dad raced?
- Oh, hell, yeah.
And then my cousins still race,
and my uncles did race.
I... I think my... my mom
would've raced too if,
if my dad had let her.
Some of my best memories are...
are tied up with racing.
When I was 12, my dad
wanted me to ride so bad,
he took a seat and bolted it
into his race car.
And he, uh... he didn't have
a second crash helmet,
so he asked me to use
my football helmet, and, uh,
we went around the track once,
and by the end of that time,
I was sold. This was for me.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
[Cindy] I'm gonna eat it.
I'm gonna eat it.
You can have it.
There you are,
I finally got her to calm down.
She's getting so big.
Please say something.
- Like what?
- Anything.
You haven't said a word
since you got home.
I talked to Bob Linsky today.
Why'd you talk to him?
He offered me a job running
his service center.
You know how much
extra money that would pay?
Is that all you guys
talked about?
He's entering a new car
next season.
He wants me to drive it for him.
- You already have a ride.
- I know.
You're not thinking of taking
him up on his offer, are you?
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
Riding for your dad
is one thing,
but riding for that
son of a bitch is dangerous,
in more ways than one.
I hate to think
what your dad would say.
I don't care what he'd say.
This is my life
we're talking about, Cindy,
not my father's.
- [baby crying]
- Great, now you made her cry.
This is what I'm talking about.
We live in this lousy tin can,
and we can't even
have a conversation
without waking the baby.
This tin can happens to be
your family's home.
Look, what you want
me to do?
You want me to be
a loser all my life?
I want to win races.
I want to be a champion,
but that's something
I'll never be racing for my dad.
Have you talked to him
about this?
Look, it's bad enough riding
for someone else,
but riding for Bob Linsky?
You know that won't fly
with your dad.
He'll fire you, son or no son.
- Big frigging deal.
- Cam, it is a big deal.
We got a baby now.
What are we gonna do for money?
I told you that if I drive
for Linsky,
he said he'll give me a job
at his service center.
I can't believe
you trust this guy.
[baby crying]
[speaking indistinctly]
Hey, you.
I wish I could get this
man to pay his bills.
Dad, can I talk to you
for a minute?
Sure. Pull up a chair.
All right. What's on your mind?
I don't want you take this
the wrong way,
but I think it's time
I made a change.
All right. Let's hear it.
I'm not gonna race
for you anymore.
What was that?
What did you just say?
I'm not gonna drive
for you anymore.
I've thought about it
a long time.
There's no other way.
Hell, I thought you liked
racing too much to give it up.
I'm not giving up racing.
Oh, now, son,
how you gonna pull that off?
You know you don't have
the money for that.
I accepted an offer
from Bob Linsky.
- Linsky?
- Take it easy.
- I know you don't like...
- "Don't like him"
is an understatement.
He's a snake. He's a...
He's a piece of shit.
You get involved with
the likes of him,
and I guarantee you'll get hurt.
Please try to understand.
- No, I understand perfectly.
- No! No, you don't.
- Oh, yes, I do!
- With Linsky in my corner,
I'm gonna be an instant
competitor for the championship.
Championship means more
than your father?
It means more than
your loyalties?
It means more to you than
your blood?
Now, I did not bring you up
that way.
Believe me, not racing
for you is the hardest decision
- I've ever had to make.
- Apparently not.
Hold on. Ho... Ho... Hold on.
You're fired.
Fucking Linsky!
[Cam] Cindy, wait up! Hey!
Wait up! Cindy! Hey!
What did you want me to do?
I know I should've
told you first, okay?
[music playing]
How we doing, Sam?
I'll have a beer.
[Sam groans]
Just trying to drown
my sorrows, that's all.
You wanna tell me about it?
[Sam sighs]
That bad, huh? I hear ya.
You wanna give me a hint?
I'll take that as a no.
Hey, I got an idea.
Why don't you and me go fishing?
Shit, we haven't been
fishing in years.
Come on,
it'll make you feel better.
I'll pick you up early
in the morning.
We'll go down to
our fishing hole.
Come on, it'll just be
like old times.
[Jack] So, if it ain't the great
Sam "The Man" Munroe.
Fuck you, Jack. I ain't signing
no autographs tonight.
It's been a long time
since you were somebody.
Hey, can't you see
the man wants to be left alone?
[Jack] What's it been, Sam?
Five, six years
since you ever won a race?
Don't push it, Jack.
- [Sam] No, no. Let him.
- Hey...
- Let him.
- We always got next year.
[Sam] Mm-hm.
You may finish in the top ten.
Hell, you may even win a race,
but I doubt it.
What am I thinking?
Not in that shitty equipment
that you got.
But hey, don't take
my word for it. Ask your son.
[Sam groans]
I told him not to push.
[Sam] He thinks it's all about
I'm gonna prove to him
I'm still the better driver.
- Watch your step.
- He thinks I'm nothing.
I'm a good man.
He'll remember it when I die.
He'll remember
that I'm a good man.
[Stumpy] He knows you're
a good man now.
[Sam] No, he don't.
He... No, he don't.
[Stumpy] All right.
End of the line.
Home sweet home. You ready?
[indistinct chatter, laughter]
You sure cold cocked him.
[laughs] All right.
Watch your step.
[Stumpy grunts]
Right here in this rocker here.
Here we go.
You gonna be all right? Okay.
Night, killer.
[laughs] Oh, God.
[Becca] Sam?
Hey! I gotta be dreaming.
How are you?
- I'm good.
- What time is it?
What happened to your hand?
- Jack Dunn.
- Who is Jack Dunn?
That's a good question.
- You know this looks pretty bad.
- Oh, hell, it's fine.
I just need some aspirin.
I drank too much last night.
Well, I need to get you inside.
I want to put some ice on this.
Well, that's mighty
neighborly of you.
Oh. Come on in.
[keys jangle]
- Welcome.
- Let me bandage this.
- Got any Band-Aids?
- In the garage.
Please don't do that.
I'm sorry I was just
taking a look.
I'm sorry. I shouldn't have
snapped at you.
Don't worry about it.
Is this a '70?
I'm impressed,
How'd you know that?
Growing up, my dad
always had Mustangs.
How long have you had it?
- A long time.
- Does it run?
[clears throat]
Been a while.
Oh, boy!
[Sam sighs]
Running like shit.
That would be
that big God damn boat
anchor you got there.
Face it, Sam.
You need a new bullet
under that...
I don't got that kind of money.
Well, you better find it,
because you're gonna
end up looking like a fool.
I'm fine with what I got.
You've been saying
that for the last three years.
Look where it's gotten you.
I'll tell you where. Nowhere.
You're starting
to sound like Cam.
Well, I hate to say it,
but Cam is right.
I don't wanna talk about it.
[engine starts, revs]
That's what a motor sounds like.
I'll be damned.
What'd you think of that, kid?
It's a fast son of a bitch,
- Never been in anything faster.
- You're God damn right.
All you gotta do now is just do
the same thing
when it counts, right?
If anything goes wrong with
that heap of shit,
you let me know,
and I'll fix it right up
- for you, okay?
- All right.
Good job.
[announcer 1] Twelve laps of
racing action
in the super late model
There will be three heats
with the top six cars going
to the main event.
The rest of the cars go
to the trailer.
It's time to pound the dirt
in the first heat of the night.
Here we go! We have Cam Munroe
in the lead in a brand
spanking new ride,
now racing for
Bob Linsky's team.
[announcer 2] That's right. Like
a true Southern soap opera.
[announcer 1] Cam jumped ship
to Linsky's team, and he's got
a shiny new ride that is fast
as thunder and lightning
all tied up in a bow.
His dad's not happy.
Here comes the checkered flag
for Cam Munroe
as he takes heat number one
in super late model.
That kid is gonna be
a winner one day.
That's if his father is
not in the race.
- I'm telling you.
- You're very sentimental.
Yes, I am, but I can
judge character.
This is mine now.
[announcer 1] We're nearing
the end of heat number two,
and this one has been all Bob
"Lead Foot" Linsky tonight.
[announcer 2] He's picking up
right where he left off
last season with
that bad ass number 33 car.
Hell, it even seems faster,
if that's possible.
[announcer 1] Tonight,
we are seeing the return of
one of the greatest drivers
to ever grace the dirt oval.
Sam "The Man" Munroe.
[announcer 2] Certainly no
driver has won more races here,
but Sam hasn't driven on
a track in six years,
so he's gotta be rusty.
And now he's mixed up
in the crazy soap opera that
has his son, Cam, racing for
his old arch rival Bob Linsky.
Hell, you can't write
this any better.
[announcer 1] Heat number three
is winding down,
and Sam Munroe seems
to have shaken off the cobwebs
and is leading.
Can he hold on?
And Sam Munroe takes victory
here in heat number three,
putting on a clinic
in old-school, hard-nosed,
dirt track racing.
It's going to be an interesting
main event tonight, folks.
Sam Munroe and his son,
Cam Munroe,
will be going toe to toe
right up in
the front of the pack
with the bad boy of
dirt track himself, Bob Linsky.
[ | Jimmy] Should be
extremely entertaining
as there was never
any love lost between
Sam Munroe and Bob Linsky.
18 cars on the track.
Here we go!
The green flag drops,
and the family reunion
is in full force tonight
in Talladega, Alabama.
[announcer 1] Power racing right
from the start here tonight,
with Linsky and Cam Munroe
already starting to walk away
from the field.
Sam Munroe included.
[announcer 2] I just don't know
if Sam has the machine to hang
with Linsky's new car.
[announcer 1] There they are,
side by side.
It's Linsky and Cam Munroe
looking like figure skaters
putting on a
show for the crowd.
[announcer 2] And Linsky
pulls out in front now.
[announcer 1] Here comes
Sam Munroe barreling around
the outside going for
a gutsy pass on his son.
Sam Munroe and Linsky,
two of the best ever,
tangled going into turn one.
[announcer 2]
This crowd loves it.
It's Cam Munroe, Linsky,
and Sam Munroe battling back
and forth now.
[announcer 1] And there goes
Sam Munroe around Linsky.
- Wow, how does he do that?
- [announcer 2] Bob Linsky
immediately gives him
a hard bump and says,
"Welcome back t
o the dirt, Sam."
[announcer 1] Sam Munroe slams
right back into Linsky,
closing the door
on his attempted pass. Wow!
These two old veterans
are trading paint now
like it's a demolition derby.
Wow, that was
a pure power move right there.
The gloves are off,
and we are in
an old-fashioned
street fight now.
Cam Munroe
around Linsky. Wow.
[announcer 2] The white flag
is out. One lap to go.
[announcer 1] Wait a second,
Cam Munroe slides in next
to his dad trying
to pass for the win.
[announcer 2] Sam Munroe holds
on and takes the victory
- in an incredible race!
- Whoo!
[announcer 1] Sam's first race
back in six years,
and he looks like
he hasn't lost a step.
[announcer 2] And here he is,
ladies and gentlemen,
your winner tonight,
Sam "The Man" Munroe!
Give him a round of applause,
[announcer 2] That was one hell
of a race, folks!
- Give it up for Sam Munroe!
- [cheering and applause]
[laughs] I wish I could've seen
lead ass's face
when you spun him out.
I don't want to talk about it.
Oh. Well, who put the buzz
kill bee in your bonnet?
Geez, you ought to
be proud of yourself.
That's some of the best racing
you've done in years.
[Cam] Hey, Dad?
I just want to say, good race.
Did you get your tools
from the garage?
Did you get your tools
from the garage?
I'll come by tomorrow
after work.
Be sure you do that.
[horn honks]
Hey. How are you?
Sam, you okay?
Cam, he's in there.
I just don't know
what to do about him.
Don't worry. You just gotta
give it some time.
Yeah. Yeah.
You guys will figure it out.
Would it help
if I talked to him?
Hell, I don't know.
You all right with that?
- Of course.
- Well, if you are, I guess.
- I'll give it a try.
- All right.
- I'll see you later.
- Oh, my God. You.
[Becca chuckles]
[Becca] Hey.
Cam, why are you doing this?
- Doing what?
- Driving for Linsky?
You know, it's breaking
your father's heart.
Is it?
You know it is.
Well, hearts get broken
now and then.
That's why I've been after Dad
to sell this monster.
It's just been sitting here
untouched for years.
It's not doing anybody
any good...
but you know how stubborn he is.
Like father, like son?
[chuckles lightly]
Dad bought the car for Mom
as a gift after he won
his fifth championship.
About a half hour after
they left,
it started raining pretty hard,
and something happened.
Dad lost control...
and I lost my mom.
Oh... Cam.
And you keep racing.
It's what Mom would've wanted.
Racing's in our blood.
Welcome back to Trading Paint.
I'm your host,
Sheriff Buck Taylor.
Well, folks, we have
a very special guest
in the studio today.
A man who stands third
in points with five races
yet to go. Our local legend,
Sam "The Man" Munroe.
Well, Sam, uh...
I want to be the first
to welcome you back.
You haven't been on
- the show in a while, have you?
- No, I haven't,
and I appreciate it.
- Thanks for having me back.
- All right.
Well, I've got to ask you
a question that's on
the minds of all
- the racing fans out there.
- Well, all right.
What is going on with you
and your son, Cam?
Well, nothing really.
I mean, we just happen
to be in the same race series,
that's all.
Yes, but it is unusual.
[scoffs] No. No. Fathers
and sons always, uh...
race against each other.
It's not unusual at all.
True. But he is driving for
your main rival.
Now, look. My son
is a hell of a driver.
He ought to be, because I
taught him everything he knows.
But he wants to win,
like all of the drivers do
on the racetrack,
including myself.
So, I guess he decided
to drive for someone else.
He thought he might have
a better chance of winning.
Got you.
Oh, we got a call coming in.
- Hello, you're on the air.
- [woman] Sam, I just wanna say
I'm a big fan of yours
and you'll always be the champ.
Well, I appreciate it.
Thank you.
[woman] Will you do me a favor,
Anything for a fan.
[woman] Would you blow
that loser, Bob Linsky,
right off the track?
[Sam and Buck laugh]
[Buck] Oh,
she's feisty, ain't she?
[Sam] Well, why...
why don't you consider it done.
[woman] Now, I don't normally
speak ill of the drivers.
You guys have a dangerous job.
But that Lead Foot Linsky,
that's a total loser.
The slimiest, back stabbing,
son of a skunk who ever
stole a car race.
[laughs] Well...
I think you took the words
right out of my mouth, ma'am.
[Buck] Uh... That gives
you a free pass
for speeding tickets.
[Buck laughs]
Oh, she's a pistol.
- [Sam] She's a pistol.
- [Buck laughs]
[Buck] Well, listen, folks,
you heard it first right here.
He's gonna blow him off
the track.
[Sam] Well, Buck, appreciate it.
[announcer 1] Good evening,
and welcome to one
of the biggest races
of the year, the Ford 50.
This super late model race
is one of the tightest
we've ever had with
three racers vying for
the top spot in
this series championship.
Hey, buddy.
You know what?
Your father is getting...
a little bit too far
ahead of me in the points thing.
And, uh... it's just
fucking points, you know, but...
um, in the end it means a lot,
what the hell am I gonna
do about that?
You asking me to intentionally
wreck my dad?
I'm not asking.
You wanna win? Let's win.
[announcer 2] The super late
model action is nonstop tonight
with three laps to go in
the main event.
Its' been a family affair
featuring a rough and tumble,
back-and-forth battle between
Sam Munroe and his son Cam.
[announcer 1] Sam leads with Cam
knocking on his back door
as they start
to hit lapped traffic.
[announcer 2] Cam looking for
an opening to pass,
and his dad just
keeps slamming the door.
[announcer 1] And there goes
Cam Munroe on the inside.
- He's really punching it hard.
- [announcer 2] Father and son,
side by side.
Neither man is willing to give.
Both pulling out all the stops.
[announcer 1] This is what
southern racing is
all about right here.
[announcer 2] There's not
an ounce of quit in either
of these Munroe boys,
but something's gotta give here
with one lap to go!
[announcer 1] They are grinding
hard down the back stretch,
still neck and neck.
[announcer 2] And it looks like
Cam is backing off now.
[announcer 1] Sam Munroe charges
hard down the front stretch
and takes the checkered flag!
Wow. That win puts him way out
in front of the points
with a comfortable lead over
Bob Linsky.
I guess this is the point
where you tell me I'm fired.
That would make sense.
Actually, no. I kind of knew
you'd never intentionally hurt
your father.
It was a bad call. I apologize.
Let's load up the trucks
and get the hell out of here.
We've got a big day
at work tomorrow. I'm sorry.
You know what? I'm getting,
I'm tired of both of them.
- Father and son.
- Hell, I'm your guy.
Just give me the opportunity,
buddy, I'll take their ass out.
- Consider it done.
- I live for it.
[Ray] I just wanna say
I appreciate all of y'all
coming out tonight,
because this community
means a lot of me.
Now, I know some of y'all
are concerned about me retiring,
but I've been racing
for 70 years,
and I've worked hard at it,
and I'll be 85 in
a month from now,
so I think I deserve a little
retirement to spend more time
hunting and fishing,
and that's what I plan on doing.
You know, you look like
a little tensed tonight
so I think I'll tell you
an old folk's joke,
since I'm an old folks.
You know, this old man
was sitting on the curb,
and he was crying...
[Sam] I think you've had enough
to drink tonight.
Why don't you let Cindy take
you home?
Why don't you mind
your own business?
Now, come on. Let me
take you out to the truck,
and I'll tell Cindy
you're waiting for her.
I don't need your help.
Now, come on.
Everybody needs help.
That's why you have family.
That's why you have friends.
Why don't you cut the crap,
and let's just get out of here.
- Come on.
- What do you know
about family, Pop? I mean,
seriously, and I'm not talking
about no Sunday dinners
and birthday parties
with Grandma.
Do you have any idea
what it's like to be me?
My job is hanging by a thread,
and I got a son of a bitch boss
I can't even trust.
That didn't have to be.
Well, anyways, you're
a winner now, finally again.
That's exactly what you wanted.
It's the way it should be.
What the hell is that
supposed to mean?
What are you talking about?
Dad, every day I look into
Cindy's eyes,
and I see it right there.
She's losing faith in me,
a little more every day.
That is bullshit.
How on earth
would you know that?
We never talked
about nothing important.
- Cam, that ain't true.
- "Racing is everything.
It solves all your problems."
I've been listening to
that stupid shit
since I was a kid.
Now, Cam, I never heard
this before.
You never complained
about this before.
Like I had a choice.
You... Well,
you do have a choice.
It's your life now. No one can
tell you how to run your life.
Damn right! Not you, not Cindy,
not my God damn boss.
Calm down. You're working
yourself up
over nothing. Okay?
Now, I've thought...
You thought you raised me
better, right?
Ain't that what you always
Look, just let me do it my way.
Stay out of my life.
You got it?
Right between the eyes.
Heaven came down
The heaven came down
- We gotta go.
- What?
I just had a fight
with my father.
- Oh, my God. What now?
- Yes, fucking now.
- We gotta go home.
- Honey, you just, what is...
I'm not talking about it.
You just had a fight
with him now?
Oh, my God, when are you
gonna grow up?
Is this seriously
gonna continue?
Just leave.
[announcer 1] The action is fast
and furious as Bob Linsky
leads Cam Munroe,
Dallas Cooper,
and Sam Munroe
in a spectacular main event.
[announcer 2] This has been
an absolute dog fight
here tonight.
[indistinct chatter, laughter]
It looks like there's
something going on
right now with Jack Dunn
in the number 57 car.
[announcer 1] Yeah. Jack Dunn
seems to be slowing down
and waiting for
the leaders to catch up.
[announcer 2] What's he got up
his sleeve?
Whoa, Dunn just do-si-dos aside
and lets Bob Linsky
slip right by him.
It's craziness out there.
The super late model action
is nonstop tonight.
And look out!
Jack Dunn and Cam Munroe
get tangled up coming out
of turn number four!
[announcer 1] Sam Munroe crashes
into his son's car
at full speed.
[announcer 1] Oh, no. It's a
broadside hit from Cam Munroe.
[announcer 2] You hate to see
anything like this
happen in a race. Let's hope
Cam Munroe is okay, folks.
Oh, my God!
I'm going out there!
- Sam!
- [man] Cam! Cam!
[indistinct chatter]
- Cam?
- [man] You okay, buddy?
Cam! His visor!
Get his visor open
for God's sake!
He can't breathe!
Sam, we got him.
We're just trying to help.
- That's my fucking son.
- [man] We're just trying to help
[man 2] We're just trying
to save his life, Sam.
What you got?
- Back up, please.
- No, that's my son!
- I understand.
- Take the shade off!
- Take the fucking shade off.
- [man] You gotta get back.
- [man] Sam, you gotta get back.
- [Sam] He can't breathe!
- How the fuck? He can't breathe!
- [indistinct chatter]
[man] The car's on fire.
We gotta get out.
[man] Got him.
One, two, three, up.
[siren wails]
How's my son?
[Dr. Thompson] Your son
suffered different fractures
to both of his legs.
Will it affect his walking?
With time he should make
a full recovery.
- [Sam] When can we see him?
- Not right now.
All right. Well, you...
you tell us when we can.
Of course.
Thank you.
That's good news, really.
Fractures, and he's tough.
He'll get through that.
When your broken and blue
Don't know just what to do
When it feels
Like the world's
Turned its back on you
When your friends
They are few
Send out your love
When you're out on your own
And you can't find a home
When you wish you could
Hide somewhere dark
All alone
When you're broken in two
Send out your love
- Thanks for watching Abby.
- That's no problem.
Are you gonna go see him again?
- He really wants to see you.
- I'm not so sure about that.
Why would you say that?
I don't know.
Just all we've been through,
and I think we might
just be better...
If what? You don't go
see your son?
He still loves you,
you know?
- He looks up to you.
- [scoffs] Really?
You know something?
We're lucky to have you.
I think you're the only one
keeping this family together.
Promise me you'll go see him.
I promise.
- Hey, you.
- Hey.
- Can I come in?
- Sure.
- Got some magazines.
- Thanks.
- You can put them on the table.
- All right.
How you feeling?
I am not feeling much
of anything.
[Sam] Mm-hm.
They got me on
this morphine drip,
and not being able to move
is driving me fricking crazy.
I know.
But we gotta get you well.
And I know you,
you're just like me.
You feeling a little better,
you'll overdo it. So...
don't do nothing stupid.
- How are you?
- All right.
Listen, um...
the other night at dinner...
you said a few things
that got me thinking, and, uh...
I just want to say I'm sorry
if I fucked up as a dad.
I meant well.
You don't need to apologize.
It wasn't easy on either of us,
losing Mom.
But I still should've been
there more for you...
and I promise I will be
from now on.
- Don't you hate me?
- Oh, son.
- I could never hate you.
- But I left you for Linsky.
I don't care
how many times you leave me,
- I will always be there.
- I gotta tell you something.
After he didn't get into
the main event,
Linsky was scared of you
gaining points on him.
[Sam] Mm-hm.
He wanted me to crash you
out of the race.
That son of a bitch.
Why didn't you tell me?
I also didn't want to admit
I was wrong and you were right.
I'm sorry I fucked up.
Let me tell you something.
You are a good man.
You're a good father,
and you're a good husband,
and that's all that matters.
I want you to come back to me.
We'll do it right this time.
No half-ass measures.
I want you in the racing seat.
Who would be better
to continue the Munroe
racing legend than you?
- Are you serious?
- Damn straight.
Hundred percent.
Yeah. Yeah. I guess we
can salvage some of it.
[Stumpy] The block is cracked.
[Sam] Mm-hm.
[Stumpy] Dirty damn shame
though, you coming so close.
[Sam] Yeah.
I guess, that don't matter
much now anyway, does it?
Remember a few weeks
back you spoke
about your brother said
something about some guy
that was building
a new late model?
Do you think that guy would be
interested in selling?
[sighs] I don't know.
But if he was willing
to sell it,
it would cost you
a pretty penny.
- Mm-hm.
- Yeah.
My brother, he said, uh, the guy
always bought the best, so well,
do you have a pretty penny?
[Kellie] Sam, you can't...
I'm sorry, sir.
- I couldn't stop him.
- That's okay, honey.
I... I got it.
Would you close the door?
So what do I owe
this pleasure?
Is the offer for
the Mustang Boss
- still on the table?
- [chuckles]
I remember a guy who said
that he was never ever
gonna sell that car,
no matter what.
It had some kind of
sentimental value or...
some God damn thing.
So, why now?
- I'm retiring from racing.
- All right.
That's it?
Yeah, that's it.
What do you want me to do?
- Jump up and down.
- I thought you'd be happy
I'd be out of your way.
Now there's no one that can
stop you from winning
- that sixth championship.
- Oh, I'm happy as hell.
Sam "The Man" Munroe is gonna
retire from racing.
Sure, that makes me very happy.
Sounds good. Don't feel great.
In fact,
I'm kinda disappointed.
- I don't understand.
- Oh, yes you do, man.
I want to win that championship,
and I want to win it from you.
I want to win it fair
and square, right in front
of all your adoring fans,
What's it gonna look like
if I win the race
and you ain't even in it?
That's not my concern.
My concern is my family.
I feel awful, sorry for Cam
and I'm...
really sad for what happened,
but that's racing.
You wouldn't understand.
Trust me.
You don't give me much credit,
do you?
You know, maybe you oughta
try me,
because maybe I might have
a little bit more brains
than you give me credit for.
A car and racing...
doesn't mean nothing,
when you got a child lying
in a hospital bed.
[sighs] That's very touching.
You don't believe me.
As a matter of fact,
I do believe you.
You want to buy it
or you don't?
I'll send somebody
over to pick it up.
But don't bother.
I'll drive it myself.
[Becca] Okay, everyone.
Open your history book
to chapter five.
[tires screeching]
- James, sit down.
- You gotta come check this out!
- Class! Jacob! Madeline!
- [boy] Oh, my God.
[boy] Whoa.
[boy] Look at all the smoke.
[Sam] Might want to get
her washed.
Hey, you.
I just wanted to let you know
that I'm going out of town,
and I'll be back tomorrow late.
I'm going to look at a race car.
Because I have something
to tell you,
and I wanted to tell you
in person.
I think I'm in love with you.
I don't know what to say.
Don't say anything.
I'll see you tomorrow,
then we'll talk about it.
Drive safe.
How y'all doing?
- [Stumpy] Good.
- [Sam] How are you?
[Ben] Good. I know you
got here as quick as you could,
but I got something in there
that'd get you here quicker.
[Stumpy laughs]
[Ben] You must be Stumpy.
What gave me away?
You must be Ben.
Yes, sir.
And that means you're Sam?
- [Sam] Sam.
- Pleasure meeting you, Sam.
- [Sam] Nice to meet you.
- Yes, sir. Well, boys...
- let's take a look.
- [Sam] All right.
Come on.
[Stumpy] So what do we got?
[Ben] Got a Rocket chassis,
Clements race engine,
Bert Transmission.
It's got a Franklin rear end.
It's got a C&R radiator.
It's got Afco shocks.
It's got Dave Smith
750 carburetor,
the best one you can buy.
You've got a sweet...
steering rack,
ButlerBuilt seats,
Performance Friction brakes,
Schoenfeld headers.
I got it all. [laughs]
[Stumpy] You got a big bunch
of boxes.
- How much is here?
- [Ben] I got everything it takes
for y'all to complete this car.
Well, would you take 80 cash?
Damn, man. That's...
That's hurting me
a little bit. Uh...
I gotta have what I put into it.
And, uh, I need at least 85.
I ain't got 85.
[Sam sighs]
You like bikes?
Yes, sir. I dabble.
Well, how about this?
Eighty cash and a trade.
Well, that depends.
What's the trade?
Fully restored '51
Panhead motor.
What are you doing?
Are you crazy?
- I can't let you do that.
- I already done it.
We got a deal?
- '51 Panhead motor?
- [Stumpy] Yep.
- Fully rebuilt?
- [Stumpy] Yeah.
I'll bet my leg on it.
- That's a deal.
- [laughs]
[Ben] Sam, it's a good deal.
It's a good deal, Sam.
- [Sam] Appreciate it.
- Thank you, Sam.
- [Sam] Good day.
- [Stumpy] So long, Ben.
All right, Stumpy.
Let's win some races!
Stumpy, you are out
of your mind.
It's good to pay
a long overdue debt.
You don't owe me nothing.
Hey, I wonder what
Linsky will be thinking
when he sees us pulling up to
the track next season
with this badass mother.
God damn!
Little more Sam, that's it.
Oh, hey, hey,
right there right there.
- [Stumpy groans]
- I need me a beer.
Oh. [groans]
- [Sam] Thank you, pretty woman.
- [Becca] You're welcome.
[Becca] You look like
you could use one.
Oh, thank you.
Do you mind telling me
what happened?
No. I... I don't mind. Sam?
[Stumpy] You... You never told
- her the story?
- No, I did not.
[Stumpy] Well...
have yourself a seat,
and I'll...
tell you the story about...
how I got my nickname,
and how Sam here saved my life.
- Sam saved your life?
- Yes, he did.
Well, I ain't no beggar.
[Stumpy] I think sometimes
he regrets it though. [laughs]
[Becca] Was it
a racing accident?
I wish. Because of this leg,
I never got my chance to race.
What happened?
It was, uh, the hottest day
of the summer.
The summer of '73 to be exact.
Me and Sam,
we decided to go down
to our favorite fishing hole,
and, uh, we were down there
a couple of hours,
but for some reason,
the fish,
they just weren't...
weren't biting.
I mean, no matter what
we tried, bacon, worms,
rooster tails.
- Should've used hot dogs.
- You and your damn hot dogs.
- [Sam] I'm just saying
- I don't remember you
catching any fish
that day either.
That's 'cause I didn't have
any hot dogs.
If you're finished making
light of my lost leg,
I'd like to get on
with my story.
Sorry. Go right ahead.
I decided to go down
the bank around 50 feet
and try my luck.
So, I... I cast my line in
and waited for a few minutes.
So, I started to reel her in,
and I got my...
my line caught on a-
snagged on a weeds or some...
old tree trunk or something,
and so I waded out,
to try to get her unhooked,
and that's when I found out
why the fish weren't biting.
[Becca] Why?
Gator. 12-foot,
a hungry alligator.
- It was more like eight foot.
- Oh, my God.
Hey. If it's a gator chewing off
your leg,
you can call it eight foot,
all right?
But it's my leg
and it's my story,
and that gator was 12-foot.
- All right, all right, all right
- Okay?
I apologize, I made a mistake.
It was 12-foot.
- So...
- Might have been 15-foot.
- Twelve foot.
- Or 20.
Anyway. So that giant
12-foot alligator,
he got a hold of my leg,
and he started
to drag me under.
Well, I just figured
I was a goner.
But them Sam,
he grabs both my arms.
So, there I am stuck in
a tug of war, Sam on one side,
gator on the other.
The next thing I remember,
I was in the hospital.
And that's when I found out
that Sam here, he, uh...
he tied his belt around
what was left of my leg.
He hauled me all the way up
the road, flagged down a car,
and took me to
the emergency room.
And I'm lucky to have
Sam as a friend.
- Ain't that right, Sam?
- Yeah, lucky.
- [Stumpy] Yeah.
- It ain't nothing, really.
I... anybody ought have done it.
[Stumpy] Anybody would've
done it?
Yeah. Come on.
[Stumpy] Come on.
You're my hero.
[engine stops]
[crickets chirping]
[baby crying]
- What are you doing here?
- Abby's asleep.
- What are you doing here?
- He's inside.
[Sam] Hey. How you feeling?
You're getting old, Stumpy.
You better watch
your mouth, young man.
I'm gonna kick your butt.
Oh, yeah? With which leg?
With the stump,
then I could leave it in you.
[indistinct chatter]
[woman singing]
Oh, say can you see
By the dawn's early light
What so proudly we hailed
At the twilight's
last gleaming
Whose broad stripes
and bright stars
Through the
perilous fight...
[announcer 1] Good afternoon,
and welcome to
Champion's Race Weekend,
here at the Talladega
Hornet's Nest.
- Good luck, and stay safe, okay?
- Thank you.
- You're all set.
- Thanks, Pop.
[Sam] All right.
Lemme help you out.
Time to trade some paint.
You ready?
I sure am, Pop.
I'm proud of you, son.
[announcer 2] Tonight we welcome
the return of Cam Munroe,
who six months ago
was barely able to walk
after a horrendous crash
where he was hit
by his father, Sam.
This is the most
important race of the year,
folks, and you're
gonna be track side.
There's the rumble
of 900 horsepower times 24,
featuring the best super late
model racers
in the entire county.
[announcer 1] And here comes
the green flag
to start the action for the
16th annual Champion's Race.
[announcer 2] They take off
with the thundering power
so loud it's literally shaking
my seat.
[announcer 2] A lot of history
with Cam Munroe and Linsky.
Some folks around these
parts think Linsky orchestrated
Cam's crash, and to say there's
bad blood between
the Munroes and Linsky,
well, I say...
[announcer 1] That's
an understatement for sure,
as the racing action
starts to get hot and heavy.
[announcer 2] Side by side,
Munroe and Linsky come off
turn two. They're going at it
like a couple of
prize fighters here tonight.
[announcer 1] It's a super tight
race with Linsky holding onto
the slimmest of leads.
[announcer 1] Two laps to go in
an epic championship race.
Bob Linsky and Cam Munroe
letting it hang out tonight.
Linsky dive bombs Munroe.
[announcer 2] Munroe spins
towards the bottom of track.
[announcer 1]
Linsky spins out Cam Munroe
and keeps the lead.
[announcer 2] Wow. Cam Munroe
is completely stalled out
coming out of turn two.
There's the yellow caution
flag for the rest of the field.
Cam Munroe needs
to get his car started before
Linsky makes it around to
lap him, or he is disqualified.
[announcer 2]
Linksy would love that.
[announcer 1] Unfortunately,
time is running out
for Cam Munroe
as Linsky approaches.
This will end it for him.
[announcer 2] Hang on!
Cam Munroe's car fires up!
He's got a chance here, folks!
There goes Cam Munroe
like a rocket!
[announcer 1] He's gotta get
all the way around
the track now to catch
the rest of the field
with only two laps to go.
[announcer 2] Cam is revving
that car up to full speed,
and he's gonna try
to time it just right
to slingshot into the pack
as the green flag comes out.
[announcer 1] Here comes
Cam Munroe like a bullet,
slingshotting his way
into the pack.
[announcer 2] He's flying,
passing two or three cars
at a time.
[announcer 1] Can he even
get close to Linsky?
[announcer 2] Munroe slips by
two more cars and now
he's in second place!
I've never seen anyone
carve through heavy traffic
like that.
Dead even coming off
turn number four
and down the
front straightaway.
[announcer 1] Is it possible
for him to pull off a miracle?
Checkered flag comes out.
Only one lap to go.
Linsky is in the lead.
Everything on the line.
Cam Munroe is storming
after Bob Linsky.
Munroe cuts inside,
has the line! He has the line!
- He has the line!
- [cheering]
Dealing with a broken heart
Tears in my woman's eyes
tear me apart
Sometimes I wonder
why I even start
'Cause I ain't good
at quittin'
Or dealing with
a broken heart
But have mercy on the poor
boy I'm doing the best I can
I ain't never claim to be
more than I am
If you could see
my good intentions
I think you'd understand
I'm just a poor boy
Out here doing the best I can
I ain't scared of the work
I'm scared when
the work ain't there
When the well runs dry
And there ain't much
left to spare
I just grit my teeth
And pull out my hair
[Cam] I love you.
[indistinct chatter]
[announcer 1] Wow,
what an incredible performance!
Incredible. Congratulations
on the victory, Cam.
Thanks! Thank you.
After the spinout,
you charged
through the rest of the field,
and everyone here in
the crowd was on their feet
rooting for you.
It was amazing.
Well, I wish I could
take all the credit for it,
but, uh... I have to give
a big shout out to my pop.
I wouldn't be here without you.
You're my hero. I love you.
- I love you too.
- Uh... When we lost Mom,
you were my rock.
I have had no one but you,
so I love you. I love you, Pop.
I love you too.
And, um...
to my beautiful wife, Cindy.
Uh... Baby, I'm so truly blessed
to have you by my side.
Thank you.
[announcer 1] Let's all
hear it for our winner,
- Cam Munroe!
- [cheering]
If you could see
my good intentions
I think you'd understand
I'm just a poor boy
Out here doing the best I can
[music continues]
And I cut my teeth
In a travelling band
I lay it on the line
I go all in
It's just the way I am
It's the way I am
So have mercy on the poor boy
I'm doing the best I can
I ain't never claimed to be
more than I am
If you could see
my good intentions
I think you'd understand
I'm just a poor boy
out here doing the best...
And no amount of your
your slick, smart moves
Could ever
get me back to you
I'm over all your stupid ways
You can't make me stay
And no amount of those
great big skies
Could ever get me
back to there
Your pain
[indistinct chatter]
How do you
expect me to stay?
- [indistinct chatter]
- Yes!
In this blue town
Did you make a wish?
[indistinct chatter]
And when
those mountains changed
From dust to green
[indistinct chatter]
No I couldn't get there
- Even in my dreams
- [laughing]
You're holding me back
And now I know
That all I've ever wanted
Was that place
I called home
But you can't catch me now
I'm already gone
And no amount of your
slick, smart moves
Could ever get me
back to you
I'm over all
your stupid ways
No, you can't make me stay
And no amount of those
great big skies
Could ever get me
back to there
You painted all
of their homes gray
How do you expect me
to stay?
You painted me shades
I thought I'd never see
And now
I can't get out of this mess
And no amount of
your slick, smart moves
Could ever get me
back to you
I'm over all your stupid ways
You can't make me stay
And no amount of
those great big skies
Could ever get me
back to there
You painted all
of their homes gray
How do you
expect me to stay?
How do you
expect me to stay?
In this blue town
[music playing]