Trafficked (2017) Movie Script

My mother once told me
being with a man takes
only a few minutes.
Planting sweet
potatoes takes you
all day bent over
in the burning sun.
In my country, the only way
a mother can save her child
is by leaving him.
I owe you one.
Happy birthday to you
Yay, happy birthday!
Happy, happy birthday and
you get to have the first cut.
Okay, girls, pass
your plates down.
Happy Birthday, Sara.
Wow, you nail it every year.
It's absolutely delicious.
Honestly, Diane,
I never thought
you would be here on
her 18th birthday.
I know, I feel
really bad about that.
I'm sorry.
So what happens now?
Sara, you've aged out of
foster care and the state law
is that you have to leave
the group home tomorrow.
You're still considered
a non-minor dependent
for the next few
years and, with that,
there could be one option.
Well, why didn't
you start with that?
Because you're not
going to like it.
This is for both of us, right?
Me and Natalie?
Your sister can't be with
you until you can support her.
No, I can't leave her behind.
Do you have any idea how many
girls I see on the streets?
Connected with gangs, pregnant,
hooked on drugs, drinking?
Good kids, kids who
swear they would never
do something like that.
It happens like that!
That's why we're
trying new ideas.
I think maybe we need
to think about this, Sara.
I mean you can't be homeless.
When would I have to leave?
Within a week.
Oh God.
You better do your dishes, okay?
- Come, come Natalie.
- Bye Sara.
Hey, this is a
blessing for Sara.
She's off into the world
to live and grow in Texas.
Texas is a great place.
Have you been there before?
Years ago.
The Central Christian Church
had a symposium in Austin.
In fact, I became
very good friends
with a Father Davis there.
I just need a quick
signature, please.
The custodial parent
line indicating release.
Our friends in Texas
are going to take
really good care
of your big sister.
Now, you call whenever
you want, all right.
And, you know what,
if you're not happy,
we're going to bring
you right home.
Hey, hey, look at me.
I promise I will be back.
So mom can watch over you.
Bye, I love you.
Hey, you better come
visit me in Boston, huh.
Are you mad?
Two weeks of that winter and
you'll be on the first plane
to San Francisco to visit me.
Probably true.
I know.
Oh God.
Aye, don't look nah.
God, he's coming over here.
Don't look at him.
Hi, Amba.
Want to dance?
Don't touch me, Raj!
Go away, Raj.
Hey, watch your tongue.
Hey, stop it!
Get this freak out of here!
Mind your business!
You okay?
You two okay?
Oh God,
Aarti, I'm so dead.
Don't worry, babe,
I'll get you home by 11.
You were supposed
to watch the time.
I told you.
Okay, beti, take this.
Take this, you'll feel better.
Come, come, come, come.
Ah-huh, ah-huh.
Good girl, there you go.
Good girl, good girl.
There you go.
It has AC.
The Japanese man was waiting
for four days when you called.
Just for a virgin.
Your father sends too
many women abroad now.
After the Japanese
man is done, I want her.
Leave her with me only.
What to do?
It's your first time
on an airplane, right?
Well, you have a layover in
Phoenix and then when you get
to Houston, it's a bit
of a drive to the coast.
I think you girls
are gonna love it.
Training's hard.
I mean it's work, right?
You'll have to adjust, but when
you're making all that money
and you're sitting on the
beach watching the sunset,
you won't even think about home.
Can we have margaritas?
Oh my God!
Excuse me, excuse me.
I'm a lot of fun but, you
know, not that much fun.
I'm doing
the waitress training.
Oh, I'm
doing that one too!
Maybe we'll get to
work on the same ship?
Yeah, I'm stoked.
This seems like
a long way to the airport.
Why are you stopping?
Come on, girls, out you go.
Hey guys.
This is Dave and Felix
and they are here
to take you to the
great state of Texas.
What you got for me?
A little somethin', somethin'.
I love seeing you.
So these are them?
Looking good.
Diane, why
aren't you taking us?
Honey, I can't take
that much time off work
and, I'm sorry I didn't
have time to tell you
every little detail, but these
gentlemen are my colleagues
from Children and
Family Services
and they're here to
get you to Texas.
I, I...
I wanna go back.
I think
I'll go back too.
Yeah, me too.
Come on, ladies,
the flight leaves soon.
We need to go now.
I'd rather just...
I think I'm gonna go back too.
Look, guys, if you're not
going to take me back,
I'm just gonna walk.
Get her!
Oh, to hell with this!
Help, somebody help her!
Hell, girl, shut up!
All right, that's
it, on the ground!
Hurry up, Felix!
What have you got there?
No, no!
Give me that!
What have you got, girl?
I don't know.
Let me see.
You know what?
You two are just ridiculous.
Can't really fly with
them now, can you?
They're your girls.
Take them in the truck.
All the way?
Yes, all the
way, you fucking, moron.
Just teach them a
good lesson first.
Diane, why are you doing this?
It's just business, honey.
Get up!
Nothing to be
sorry for, my dear.
Sleep as long as you want.
Where are we going?
Probably across the border.
Don't worry, dear.
Mali is here, okay?
What's your name?
It's Amba.
This is Nelson.
My boy.
Where are you from?
Me, I'm from Nigeria.
I've been all over the
place the last five years.
Five years?
It took me two
months just to walk
from Nigeria to Morocco.
Most of the time
I was in London.
They have the best
slang words there.
My favorite is bugger.
Bugger you.
Bugger off!
Buggering bugger!
I love that word.
I can't do this for five more
days, let alone five years.
There has to be a way out.
There's no way out
unless they give it to you.
They did.
Look, right here.
They said 6,000 Euro was my
debt and then I could go home.
Next thing you
know I'm in Mexico.
Now, what do I do?
You lie back and survive.
We'll get through it, okay?
I promise.
Well, Gretel was
terrified of the old woman.
Every day she brought Hansel
water and lots of good food
to eat and each day the old
woman went to Hansel's stall
and told him to stick
out one of his fingers
so she could feel if
he was growing plump.
And each day, Hansel
had a bone instead...
Hey boss.
Don't interrupt
me when I'm reading.
What the fuck is this?
They said one of the
blacks got sick in Reynosa.
Goddamn it.
You two even speak English?
Well, this is a special
place we got here.
We pride ourselves
with having the largest
international selection
of women in the state.
Men come from all around.
We help them make a
map, you understand?
You both owe me 500 men.
When you with them,
you smile, enjoy it.
If you don't enjoy it, lie.
Make 'em think you enjoying it.
After 500, you're
free to fuck off
or you could stick around,
you make some cash.
How does that sound?
We work seven days
a week, all right?
There's cameras everywhere
so don't do anything stupid.
You just obey the rules
and we're gonna get along.
All right?
You break 'em, I'm
gonna break you.
Get your ass back here!
What the?
Simon, look at this shit!
Goddamn it!
All right, you just went to 505.
Max, put that on the ledger.
Jenna, take 'em down.
She's a fool.
Welcome to Texas.
I'm gonna die in this place.
Just do what they say.
If we survive long enough,
they'll let us out.
After 500 men.
It's okay, okay?
Just remember what
my mum once told me.
Being with a man takes
you a few minutes,
planting sweet potatoes
takes you all day
bent over in the burning sun.
Let's see here.
Simon says you're going
to be in Room Number Nine
and Room Number 10.
You're gonna share a bathroom.
Something not right about you.
What do you mean?
You're Romani.
My ancestors.
Yeah so, so what?
Don't listen to
anything this one says.
His people are Gypsies.
They're dangerous.
So says the African.
And that prat over there,
she's no good either.
Russian, I believe.
Mm-hmm, Nella.
And the girl next
to her is Milena.
They stay here after
their debt to Simon.
They make their own money.
Ladies, let's line it up.
Close 'em, guys.
Hi, compadre.
Set me up.
Open, come on, open.
Come on, open 'em.
I'm not
talking to you anymore!
Just stop talking to me!
Tell the truth!
Just don't touch them!
Go, run to Chucky!
Run as fast as you can!
You take care of your
sister, do you hear me?
Don't you ever forget that!
Why is he doing this?
Don't come back!
You ain't ever
leaving me, bitch!
You understand?
Get back here, Sara!
All right, be still.
Let me get at it.
Just be still.
I'm trying to be delicate.
You gotta promise me,
you're gonna behave.
All right.
Get some sleep.
All right, let's
go, come on, get up!
Jenna, hey, get up!
Come on!
Chili, open up, let's go!
Milena, come on!
Rise and shine!
Let's go!
Aye, come on, get up!
Hey, get up!
Come on, Nella, let's go!
Let's go, Sara.
Got to get up.
Yo, get up!
Mali, come on, up
and at 'em, let's go!
Hi, I'm Mali.
This is Amba.
I'm Sara.
Where are you from?
Wow, Hollywood.
I love that bloke.
What's his name?
Fresh Prince.
You mean Will Smith?
Yes, that's the one.
I guess they
show pretty old TV shows
where you're from.
Yeah, maybe, I don't know.
This one's from India.
How far away is that?
Two planes, three
trucks, one speedboat
and one wooden rowboat.
And, look, some boy
threw poison on her
because she refused
to be his girlfriend.
Beastly, ugly, wanker, I bet.
When did you get here?
A few days ago, I think.
I love your pretty bow.
It's from my mama.
Oh, then it's got good juju.
Good what?
It's like spirits.
Good juju keeps you
safe when trouble comes.
You mean like
a guardian angel?
Yes, if it's good
juju like hers is.
Bad juju not so much.
How can it be good
juju if she's here?
She's alive, isn't she?
Pour it slow, Gypsy.
I just prefer tea.
Hey, what is that horn
in the middle of the night?
The train.
There's a freight line just
about a mile north of here.
That early train only comes
by Mondays and Fridays.
Is there a station?
It's more of a depot
nearby a truck stop.
Sometimes Simon
sends girls there.
Hey baby.
Give me a minute.
Rob, move them in.
Mali, I can't do this.
One step at a time.
Walk up there with me and
we pray they don't pick you.
I'm not sure
praying will help.
Let's go, let's go!
Let's go.
Let's go.
All right, ladies, I
want to see you all
in a tight, little row.
Go on, now.
Mm, mm, mm.
Turn round for me, baby.
Hey, you miss me?
I did.
That new?
It is.
I like it.
I don't think so.
Hi, next time.
Where you from?
Hey, mama.
Well, you're new.
You're cute.
And you have seen
way too much action.
Oh, what's your name?
I'm Butter.
How does a Mike
make butter better?
Let me take a peek
under that hood?
Please do.
How are you today?
Still have that attitude?
All right.
I'll take Bosoms.
You're so pretty.
So pretty.
Oh, what's this?
Where did you come from?
It's $20, only today.
For her?
I give you a discount
if you make her like it.
There's a deal.
You're coming with me, honey.
I'll be gentle.
Hey, this'll be the day.
Won't you let me do this?
No, don't fight
me, don't fight me.
No, no, please, God, no!
No, no!
No, no!
No, no, no!
You promised me you
were gonna behave.
You don't behave,
you're worthless.
No, no!
you heard anything?
Just that one garbled message.
How do we know if Sara's okay?
Try her again.
All right.
Diane, is that you?
Yes, hi, Mother Monica.
Thank God you answered.
I know, I'm sorry,
it has been so busy.
Did you get Sara's message?
It was pretty garbled.
Oh dear.
You know what?
I bet she's on
the ship training.
They don't exactly have great
cellphone reception
out there, huh?
And Natalie is
very, very worried.
Yeah, I can only imagine.
You know what?
Why don't I see if I
can pull some strings?
Maybe we can send her out
there so she can see Sara
when she comes back to shore?
Yes, we really do need
to hear from her, Diane.
Okay, I'll see what I can do.
I mean the whole thing
has just been so unfair.
And, listen Mother Monica, I
am sure that Sara is just fine.
Just let that trouble out.
Congratulations, Amba.
Look, I already told you,
I'm not interested, okay.
Why not?
For starters, I'm
kinda seeing somebody.
So you're saying no to
me, but yes to someone else?
I've gotta go.
My little champion,
I am so proud.
Thank you, ma.
You're like
half-fish or something.
And look at this bling,
we have to celebrate.
Papa and I think
it's a lovely idea
and you really deserve it today.
Can I please
stay out until 11?
But why not, papa?
I'm 17.
And how does that make
the streets any safer?
What are you going to do
next year when she goes to MIT?
Are you going to
put a GPS on her?
I think we can let her
stay out one extra hour.
She's no good to
anyone all locked up.
It's hot water and lemon.
It will help you, okay.
You wanna help me?
Take the next guy
who tries to pick me.
I don't want to be
here anymore than you do.
Yeah, I highly doubt that.
I was scavenging on the
streets in Sullivan city
when I got this offer.
I don't have any papers.
If I don't earn money,
my family cannot eat.
If I try anything and Simon
finds out, I'm finished.
It's all for my family.
Whoa, easy now, easy darling.
- Sir.
- Jimmy.
- How are you?
- I'm good.
- They treat you good?
- Absolutely.
All right.
- Have a good day.
- You too.
Come on, boys.
Beats the hell out of that
claptrap in Galveston.
You okay?
Enrique said you
had a modeling offer.
A bullshit offer?
I mean look at me.
I should have known better.
You look like a model to me.
So what happened?
I was waiting tables to
save money for college.
One day, this customer tells
me he's looking for models
so I went to his agency
and I spoke to other girls.
He even saw their portfolios.
And the money he
promised was unreal.
So I did one shoot.
And then I went
back for the second.
Oh yeah.
That's good, that's
a cover right there.
You know, let's lose the dress.
What do you mean?
We're gonna
do lingerie today.
It's tasteful, it's
classy, every girl does it.
You'll look beautiful.
I was in this freaky
room hooked up to a camera.
Men came and went.
After that, I was across
the border for a while.
And then Simon bought me.
Your parents
must be so worried.
My mom's gone, but my dad...
My dad, yeah.
Yeah, he'd be searching
day and night.
Maybe he'll find us?
I don't think so.
But I'm not worried because
Simon said 500 men and I can go.
But do you really think
he's gonna let us go?
As long as he knows that you
understand the situation, yeah.
What situation?
I told him.
I said I know what you'll
do to me if I say anything.
He said never mind him,
the cartels will skin
my dad alive if we
make any trouble.
I just wanna repay my debts
and go to college like
I was supposed to.
You know?
It's the only way I can
put this shit behind me.
Come on.
Okay, again, line up.
Let's go.
Take your pick.
Are you okay?
Did you bump your head?
I'll take care of you.
Oh, you're a big, old girl.
Talk a bit of Chinese for me.
All right, that's it.
What do we got here?
I want to see Simon.
Simon don't take kindly
to unexpected visitors.
You best be calling
before you come next time.
What the hell?
How'd you get in here?
Simon ain't here.
Jesus, Jesus.
Shh, manners.
Can we please see Simon?
Simon ain't here.
Get the girl.
What's your name?
And now we go find Simon.
There is my man.
Cesar and Jesus.
Want to explain to
me why there's a girl
with a bullet in her
forehead on my property?
You no pay, Simon.
You no pay and Senor
Morales gets very upset.
Let me tell you something.
A lot of things I care about
where Morales is concerned,
but his feelings
ain't one of 'em.
I'm sure it's reciprocated.
He's a businessman as am I.
You got some business you
wanna discuss with me?
You owe money for girls.
You owe money for drugs.
You owe Mr Morales...
No, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, Cesar!
Get your fucking facts straight.
Distributors are running
for the fucking trees
because of shit like that.
Nobody fucking wants their
loved one ending up neck
in a fucking ditch with a
bullet in her Goddamned head
because Morales sneezed and
nobody fucking said, bless you.
Now, he told me that he
would back the fuck up
and I expect him to do it.
Back up.
You think it's easy
to find girls for you?
We do this for you.
You pay your dime.
Is it about girls?
The two bitches you
dropped off last week?
I did you a fucking
favor by taking them in.
Now, maybe I'm not privy to
your Mexican way of accounting,
but I'll tell you this shit.
I paid in advance, mind
you, for a fucking chink.
I roll that bitch over and
I find out you put a bullet
in the forehead of my chink,
you and I gonna have a problem.
No problem, no
problemo, Jesus.
Okay, you can have them.
Almost there.
Let's have one more.
This banana is sad meat.
When I was little,
we got proper banana.
Sweet like sugar.
Go on, eat now.
No hungry.
Everybody's hungry.
That's why we're here.
I thought you were
here because you chose
to do all of this.
Maybe but it's still hunger.
Hungry for a better
life is why my husband
got that dodgy job in
construction in Lagos.
Hungry for profit is why
they didn't have good safety
and he busted his leg.
That left us hungry for food
so I had to leave my home.
But wasn't one
other job in Nigeria?
We don't all come
from nice families
with money and
cars and education.
Am I right?
Many girls from my village went
abroad and made good money.
I thought I'd be
back a long time ago.
Didn't work out that way.
Before the madams were
paid to bring us to Europe,
we must first go
to the Juju priest.
He takes our soul and
sells it to the madams.
If we do not repay our debts,
the madams can curse us
or our children wherever
we touch the earth.
I still owe those
madams a lot of money.
That's why I keep
Nelson near me.
They can't get to him
until I am back home.
So you will go back
home if you could?
Wouldn't you?
I don't know.
Don't do that.
Don't do what?
Don't think about
who you used to be.
You have to keep that
other girl buried far away
cuz in here she'll
drive you mad.
But that's the
girl my parents love.
Not me.
And she's the one
who got you here.
No, she's at MI getting her degree
and meeting awesome people
and she's on the swim team
and she's kicking ass.
And leave her out of it, okay?
Amba, that girl got you here
and, now, this girl
here is pregnant.
You might as well tell
Simon cuz when he finds out
he's gonna get rid of it.
No, she can't get rid of it.
It's against God's will.
God, okay?
Which God?
The God that sent you here?
Or maybe the one who got
her pregnant by some wanker?
You two girls are
crazy, you know that?
You think there's some
other world out there
that you belong to.
Forget it.
I see that crucifix you
wear around your neck,
but I don't see
you praying anymore
for some God to
come and save you.
You know why?
Cuz you know he
doesn't care about you,
me or nobody like us.
Jesus Christ, I can't stand
being in this fucking shit hole.
We got a problem.
No, no, no.
No, you've got a problem.
Maybe you don't understand,
they shot two of my men.
They dumped a pile of
fucking butchered girls
on my Goddamn property.
Well, Morales has got balls.
We'll have to give him that.
Just pay him on time, Simon.
Morales and I
have an agreement.
It's just not an issue.
You've never really understood
what we're doing here, did you?
Making money is what
the fuck we're doing.
No, no, no.
We are in a system
of making money.
Those cartel boys
can procure girls
and drugs in a way
we cannot here.
And then they send us
those girls and drugs
which they have in abundance.
And we send them money and guns
which we have in abundance.
Look, I'm just saying if
this shit goes unchecked
they're gonna run the fuck
all over us and you know it.
You don't piss
unless I tell ya.
Simon, it's my rangers
that keep you open.
It's my agents that
keep the border open
so, if and when I feel
someone needs a lesson,
then I will decide.
In the meantime, you follow
orders and work in my system.
Yes, sir, I do.
Now, what did you
do with the bodies?
The bottom of the
river by the house.
Simon, this is our heritage.
We are traders in flesh.
Those boys south of
the border allow us
to do our trade the
way our ancestors did.
No cost of labor.
So being a part
of this tradition
should make you feel proud.
Okay, sorry.
I'm sorry.
You're right.
Morales did go too far and I
shall communicate that to him.
You will do nothing.
Now, get, go on.
Don't you ever be late
with my money again.
All right, you guys were
lucky that was a sale.
Much obliged.
Don't forget to give
Yolanda and Enrique.
Who else?
How come you're
not taking anything?
Cuz tonight I'm free.
You're finished?
Six more.
Can you call someone for me?
Sure, if you
give me the number.
I asked about the tea
but they didn't bring any.
I'm sorry.
Jenna can call my sister.
Let's go, Jenna.
Why is he here?
Why the hell is he here?
He's here for you.
I finished.
I did my 500, I finished.
A little insurance
policy for you, all right.
Just calm down.
That's 500, you said 500.
I have six more
and then I'm done.
I don't know what kinda
faulty Math you're using
but, according to my
spreadsheet, you're still
a hundred and twenty shy
of being square with me.
All right?
So let's just relax.
I finished my 500.
Stop it!
No, I have six more.
You didn't do five...
Calm down!
I'm done!
Hey, hey, hey!
I'm done!
I'm done!
I'm finished!
I'm finished!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Get your hands off me!
Get off!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Let go!
Let go!
Let go!
Let go!
No, you!
You, you promised!
You promised!
Fill a body bag with ice.
And girls clean that shit
up off my Goddamned floor!
You have it on ice?
You tell Simon that if
any organs besides the lungs
are damaged, I'm gonna deduct
the corresponding amount
from the next specimen.
Organs are fine, Doc.
Well, they need to be.
People on both sides waiting.
Can't you call the
police or something?
The same police
who came last week?
Shut up!
You lied to me!
You said 500 men
that's a good deal.
Please, I have to
call my sister.
I wish I could help you.
I have to get out of here.
No, there is no way out.
And you don't want
to know what Simon
did to the last girls who tried.
Just go to sleep, okay?
Tomorrow a new day.
It's nothing new
about it, Gypsy.
Please, I need you to help me.
Look, forget it.
Even if you get out of your
room, Max is up all night
thanks to his energy drink
and there are always guys
running the ranch,
keeping watch.
It's what I thought.
Piss on it.
Right now.
I can't go if
you're standing there.
You got 30 seconds.
Take it.
We do this the easy
way or the hard way
but it's going down your throat.
What happened to you?
Simon found out.
What happened to you?
Drunk Texan.
Sara, Sara, wake up, wake up!
Come quick, come quick!
Oh my God!
That's not supposed to happen.
Come on, come on!
She needs a doctor.
I'll do whatever you want.
A hundred men!
Just call that doctor now.
Goddamn it!
Hey, hey, hey, I'm Dr Durand.
Okay, you lost
quite a bit of blood
but your discharge
appears to be complete.
I gave you a stimulant
and some fluids.
All right?
She's gonna need to
rest for a while.
Um, you have those
pills right for pain?
If it's indicated.
And they help
you sleep better?
A narco?
That can knock out an elephant.
Do you think my
friend could have some?
She'll be fine.
What if she gets sick again?
Call me
and I'll assess her.
Please, doctor, my friend
has been through so much
can you please leave some narco?
Here are two pills.
But only one at a time.
Thank you.
Feel better.
What day is today?
No, Wednesday.
Hell, I don't know.
Right, so this is
how it's gonna go down.
We're gonna cross near Progreso
in the next couple of days.
I want each and everyone
of you with me except Max.
He's gonna stay here, he's
gonna man the brothel.
I don't give a shit how many
people stand in front of us.
I want to see Cesar with a
fucking bullet in his head.
Simon, with
all due respect,
no one's ever gone across
and done something like that.
There's no way
we'll make it back.
Listen to me, Morales, ain't
the only dog in town here.
This guy's got
plenty of enemies.
Some of those enemies
are my friends.
Boss, Christian
okay with this?
Fuck Christian.
Spineless, little bitch like
every other politician I know.
Nobody comes onto my
property and does his shit.
Christ, I don't even let a dog
on this land to take a shit.
Calm down now!
What is it?
Come on, come here.
How are you feeling?
A little better, I guess.
Good, because we're going.
Going where?
What do you mean home?
Tomorrow night, I have a plan.
I told you guys
I can't go back.
Yes, you can.
And my plan will work.
Maybe to the front
door and then what?
Enrique said that Simon
is taking all of his men
across the border
tomorrow night.
It'll just be Max
and then we're free.
I don't know, Sara.
And tomorrow happens
to be the next time
the train passes through.
Don't you see,
God is helping us?
Mali said we just have
to lie back and survive.
That's true.
I did say that.
We can do this.
I've been thinking
a lot recently.
You almost died in here.
And my body has been turned out
more times than I can count.
How much worse can it get?
A lot worse,
Mali, you said so.
Yes, but I want to see my son.
And I have to get
back to my sister.
Leave me out of this.
I told you no closed doors.
You're back in the
line-up tomorrow.
But the doctor
said that I can't...
You understand me?
Ladies, it's closing.
Time is up.
Amba, listen.
I know how you're feeling.
I feel it too.
Don't think about going back,
just think about getting out.
We can do this, okay?
Come on, come on,
come on, come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Are you ready?
She won't come.
We have to go.
My mom once said
to me I am no good
to anyone all locked up.
Let's get out of here.
What's that?
Gypsy is all right.
Bugger off!
No, no, that way!
Come on,
come on, come on!
Hurry, hurry, hurry!
I'm not a good swimmer.
It's okay, it's okay.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Come on, come on!
Go, go, go!
No, no, no, no!
Okay, we have to keep going.
Look there's a
truck right there.
Simon's truck stop.
It's our only chance.
Try and get her up.
Try and get her up.
Try and get her up.
Try, try, try, try!
Let's go.
Gameboy is here.
Gameboy's here.
We don't have time.
You two go.
We can't leave you.
Come on, Mali.
Come on.
Come on.
I promise we'll
find each other again.
I beg you, run!
Call Max.
Get him to check the rooms.
Damn madams got me, son.
This is open!
Come on!
See what he wants.
Hell, yeah, we got 'em good.
Yeah, we
got ourselves an issue.
Two girls got out.
Put Simon on the phone.
Got out, what?
Sara and
Amba, they're gone.
We got Mali here.
How the fuck did you two
shit heads make that happen?
Check the truck stop.
Security footage.
Run it back!
All right.
There, there, there!
Stop, stop!
How long ago was that?
Ah, about half an hour.
Yeah, I got 'em.
Star Freight.
Depot's 20 minutes from here.
Oh, what the hell!
Hi, folks,
where we're traveling today?
Los Angeles, okay.
Okay, thank you.
Have a good trip.
Two tickets for Austin please.
girls all right?
The tickets please.
That's for all of us.
Why I
like your pigtails.
Thank you.
pretty, very pretty.
Okay, thank you.
Thank you so much.
It's one or the other.
Check the train station cuz
they're either here or there.
Hold up.
A couple girls ran
away from home.
Clothes might even still be wet.
See anything like that?
No, I ain't seen
nothing like that.
Let me take a look.
come on man, I gotta go.
I'm on a schedule.
Father Davis, very
sorry to disturb you, Sir.
There are two young
girls here to see you.
They say they know
a Mother Monica.
Oh my God!
Oh my dear God!
Christian Conrad, you're
being charged with violations
of the United States Trafficking
Victims Protection Act.
You're further being charged
with drug trafficking,
pimping, statutory rape and a
shit load of other offenses.
You are making
a large mistake.
get out of the car!
I get to actually fly
on a plane this time.
No, Sara, I can't take that.
It's for good juju.
Looks really pretty on you.
you have reached the Shahs.
Please leave a message.
It's me.
I'm okay.
Oh my God.
Oh my God!
My baby, oh my baby!
Thank you Lord!
Oh God!
Oh, oh!
Told you I'd be back.
I told you.
I told you I'd come back.
I'll take the little one.