Tragedy Girls (2017) Movie Script

[Up-tempo music plays]
[Timber Timbre's "Until
the Night is Over" plays]
[Music intensifies]
There is a house
in New Orleans
Where you woke from a coma
and they bit your cheek
And they cleaned you out
when you went to sleep
Oh, I just wanna
change your mind
Yes, I saw it
as the house caught fire
Did you hear that?
Well, I don't hear anything.
Shut your fucking mouth.
I definitely heard something.
And it's comin' over me
in waves
[Instrumental music plays]
I ain't no doctor, baby,
I ain't no doctor's son
[Metal scrapes]
But I'll cool your fever
You should go check it out.
Till the doctor comes
Um, no, let's go.
I have a bad feeling.
Come on. It's probably nothing.
What are you talking about?
How could that be nothing?
Why are you being such
a little bitch about this?
[Crickets chirping]
- What?
- I'm sorry. [Chuckles]
I just heard
you were a fucking man.
[Soft, dramatic music plays]
[Car door closes]
Uh... no.
Fuck this.
[Up-tempo dramatic music
- It worked! [Chuckles]
- [Chuckles]
- Quick, do it while he's down.
- Yeah.
- [Taser crackling]
- [Whimpering]
Huh? It's not working.
- Fucking Amazon.
- [Moans]
[Taser crackling]
I think he barely
even feels it.
[Sighs] I got this.
[Mid-tempo music plays]
[Dramatic music plays]
- Do you want to cry for help?
- Go ahead, we'll wait.
- Uh...
- Where's his I. D.?
Lowell Orson Lehmann?
- Lehmann.
- Good name for the news.
Age 42, 6'6",
235 pounds.
- Ooh.
- You realize this expires
in, like, a month, right?
You bitches made the stupidest
mistake of your lives.
Ah! It speaks?
I'm gonna cut your insides out.
I'm gonna skull-fuck
your severed heads
while your parents watch!
You don't know
what I'm capable of.
What? [Laughs]
Of course we know.
We're your biggest fans, dude!
Seen everything
you've ever done.
Well, everything we know about.
We're pretty sure it's four.
- Since last May, is that right?
- Five, plus Craig.
Totes. You know, you can
follow us, if you want.
It's @TragedyGirls.
That's two, plural.
- See this?
- [Moans]
You wouldn't believe
how relieved we were
when you started
knocking off freshies.
This town can be,
like, so boring.
It took us a while
to figure out, but we did.
How many weeks apart
before he strikes again?
You really have a thing
for girls with short hair.
Fortunately for everyone,
I look great in a pixie cut.
She does.
All it took was a few boys
to set the trap.
Do you know how many handjobs
this girl had to give?
Like 30.
But you finally showed.
And you didn't disappoint.
We are gonna have
so much fun together.
[Breathing heavily]
- [Taser crackles]
- Aaah!
You smell that?
That's your fucking
skin burning!
Make no mistake
who's in charge, bitch.
We're on the same side,
you know.
We want the same things.
We just don't know everything.
- That's where you come in.
- We need a trainer.
A teacher. Yoda.
Now, McKayla here... she wasn't
really sold on the idea.
Hmm. I had to be convinced.
Luckily, I understand
the importance
of a close student-teacher
And I bet you
are dying to impart
a little of your experience
on a few ambitious
Am I right?
- Gross.
- Hey!
Bad Lowell! No!
[Snaps fingers]
- No!
- We'll see how you feel
after a few days
to think it over.
What the shit?
You've got to be kidding me.
You couldn't even
do that right?
Craig, bae.
- Ambulance.
- [Giggles]
They're on their way.
Just hang in there.
[Continues whimpering]
You're back down to four.
[Cults' "Always Forever" plays]
You and me always forever
We could stay alone
Do you ever do this?
The whole "industrial lye
to melt the body" thing?
We stole it
from "Breaking Bad,"
but it totally works.
Yeah, it took a lot
of stray cats and dogs
to get this mixture down.
[Tool squishing body]
[Cellphone vibrates]
- Past his bedtime.
- [Singsong voice] On it!
Stay the fuck away from me!
[Shouting indistinctly]
You know you've got me
in your pocket
You know
- She's got my vote.
- Really?
- Just joking, bitch.
- Hey, guys! Who's left?
Oh, they just cut
Rusty and Tina,
so we're rooting
for Lucy and J.T.
- How was prom planning?
- Really great.
Sadie and I have
some really good ideas.
Well, it's your senior year.
Enjoy it!
I'll try.
But I've got
a big day tomorrow, so bye.
- Good night, sweetie!
- Night, baby!
[Door opens, closes]
- Sorry I'm late.
- All good, kiddo.
Thanks for the leftovers.
- No problem.
- Did you take the truck out?
Yeah. Grocery run.
And, yes, I filled the tank.
- [Cellphone dings]
- [Laughs] That's my girl.
- Night, pop.
- Night, kid.
Hey! Have you seen
the cat lately?
Nope. Sorry.
[Up-tempo rock 'n' roll
We were gonna hang out, but
then he just stopped texting.
Did you guys, like,
hear from him?
It's been, like,
a really long time.
- Because he was such a good guy.
- I know, right?
I really hope nothing bad
happened to him.
It's like... poof...
he vanished, right?
I'm so scared right now.
Death is just an inevitable
part of life, you know?
Yeah, we have to,
like, treasure
the time we have or whatever.
It's, like, anybody
could be next, even you.
You can find more information
about the recent
unsolved murders
on our Tragedy Girls
Twitter page.
You know, if you want.
I can walk it off
- [Laughs] I know, right?
- [Laughs]
Okay, quiet down, everyone.
Okay, before we get started,
I think that we need to address
the elephant in the room.
Craig is a model citizen
of this school.
And if you need anyone
to talk to, I'm here.
[Knock on door]
[Door opens]
[Clears throat]
I'm gonna leave you
with the sheriff.
Mrs. Kent.
Now, I know there's been
a lot of speculation
as to what happened.
And at this time,
we firmly believe
Craig has run away from home.
I mean...
how do you know?
I'm not at liberty to say.
So, there's no suspicion
of foul play?
What about the recent string
of deaths in the tri-town area?
Okay, girls, could we just
give it a rest, please?
No, it's okay, Charlotte.
There's no need to panic,
but if anyone has further
information about Craig,
do not hesitate to come forward
so we can bring him home safe.
There's nothing else
you want to warn us about?
No, Jordan.
Not at this time.
Mrs. Kent.
Thanks, Sheriff.
I know how easy it is
to spread rumors
when you're in high school,
but can we please try
and be respectful?
That goes for everyone.
[Whimsical music plays]
The sheriff's office
is in full-on denial.
But are they telling
the full truth?
- How was that?
- Eh, I could go again.
We need to emphasize
the Upworthy-ness.
'Kay, one sec.
[Indistinct conversations]
I can't believe
everyone is so calm.
I mean, there's a dangerous
killer on the loose...
so to speak.
Well, they jumped the gun
on bringing in Jordan's dad.
There hasn't even been
a stake-raising second death.
What's with you
and that mama's boy anyway?
We're sort of friends.
Well, you don't need
any friends.
- You have me.
- Aw, someone's jelly.
I'm not jelly.
He just has
a pathetic crush on you.
Ever since he got held back
a year, he's been super-clingy.
Put him out of his misery
Um, we need him
for the video editing?
He's legit talented.
We only got one retweet today...
from your mom.
Fine. We'll step up our game.
[Locker door slams]
Now it's important
to distinguish
what kind of killers
we're talking about here.
Serial killers can operate
over many years
and have very distinct patterns
when selecting their victims.
[Victims scream,
chain saw buzzes]
While spree killers don't
have cooling-off periods,
and kill like 2 or more people
in a short amount of time.
[Victims screaming]
- So it's like a Jeffrey Dahmer...
- Ugh.
- Versus a Charles Starkweather...
- Hmm.
But what kind of killer is
operating in Rosedale right now?
And more importantly,
is he behind the disappearance
of Craig Thompson?
- And even more importantly...
- Who will be next?
Yeah, so, I think my roto here
works pretty well.
And, uh, you guys really sell it
with the performances.
This is great, Jordan.
Yeah, feel free
to stop whenever.
You know, my dad says
there's no killer
because he doesn't want
to scare people.
But you guys want
to tell the truth,
and so do I.
Cool. So can you
just, like, upload it
whenever it renders or whatever?
Yeah. Okay.
- Thanks, J.
- Oh, wait!
Uh, this is yours.
"Martyrs" was just horrifying.
[Chuckles] So fucked up.
It's great, right?
Yeah, yeah.
Um, you know,
I've been getting into
more European stuff lately,
if you ever want to...
come over.
- We have cheer.
- Yeah. Sorry.
Okay. Yeah. Cool. It's cool.
Uh, maybe some other time,
if you ever want to...
Great. So, I'll... I'll
just post this,
once it's uh, uh,
once it's all good.
[Clicks tongue]
Hashtag Tragedy Girls!
[Dustin Mahler's
"Movin' On" plays]
We're movin' on
We've got a comment
on our video already.
"I made 8,000 dollars this week,
working from home."
Fucking spambots.
It's like nobody cares
what we're doing.
I know.
- Well, how's our new pet?
- Hmm.
Go, go, go, go
So boring.
It's like old drifter Periscope.
I can't believe he's being
such a dick about helping us.
He's like, "I'm gonna gut you
like a fish."
Get over yourself, man.
Well, that's it, I guess.
I don't know
how we're gonna become
horror legends
without an iconic killer.
Dude, I told you,
we don't need him.
Your brains, my charisma,
we can do anything.
No offense, but last I checked,
that didn't work out so well.
That was like a million
years ago.
We could kill the juice-bar guy.
[Dramatic music plays]
He knows.
Sometimes I just feel
like nothing I do matters.
- Like, I'm not special.
- We're movin' now
Look, we're about to graduate
and go to college,
and we haven't even started
our first killing spree.
Is that what you want?
Of course not.
But it's about the story.
It's got to be legend-worthy.
Something people
will never forget.
Go, go
We just need 100,000 followers
by prom,
and we'll be on our way.
So we steal Lowell's
gross identity,
and use it to leverage
our online presence.
Then we frame him
for everything.
Exactly. To the next phase.
To the next phase.
Be aggressive!
Be, be aggressive!
Rosedale, Rosedale,
we're the best!
Growing stronger than the rest!
Be aggressive!
- Be, be aggressive!
- Be, be beheaded
- [Whistle blows]
- Whoo!
- Whoo!
- Put your head down!
- Why do we do this?
- Forget it.
- Hi, ladies!
- Hi, Syl.
- [Sighs]
- What?
- Super-cute shoes, McKayla.
- Thank you.
But, as you know,
we are supposed to have
the proper footwear
for the pyramids
and the catching.
- [Chuckles]
- So?
So I just don't think
they're very practical.
Don't get me wrong, I love them.
But maybe you could just
sit this one out, okay?
I just want everyone to be safe.
- Whoo!
- Whoo!
- What a cunt.
- Right?
[Singsong voice]
Rosedale High is trending.
Hashtag RosedaleKiller
or hashtag PrayForCraig?
Ugh. Neither.
It's your leather jacket
of an ex-boyfriend.
Jesus, are all of these pics
just him and his crotch rocket?
- Yeah.
- And these song lyrics...
He's so sensitive.
He has so many more
followers than we do,
and it's literally
the same thing!
- What?!
- It's okay.
You've really grown so much
in these last 12 hours.
Be strong.
Excuse me. Pardon me.
What's up?
Hi, Tobes.
Hey, Kay-Kay.
How are you doing?
I'm good. Yeah, I'm good.
I'm just... [Sighs]
I'm, like, really upset
about Craig and everything,
- but...
- That's good.
You need to be open right now
to experience everything.
- I'm so open.
- As scary as it may be,
you can't be afraid
to ride that wave.
- I'm gonna ride it.
- No matter how terrifying it is.
- Embrace it, okay?
- I'm gonna embrace it so hard.
Yeah, so we happened to see
some of your posts about Craig.
And they're really similar
to what we're doing.
So we were just wondering
if maybe you could
- give our blog a shout-out?
- Yeah, I don't...
I don't think Toby
really does shout-outs.
I don't know, I think
that a shout-out from me
would be a little off-brand.
Something is definitely
happening in Rosedale,
and I think
that Craig would agree.
Look, I say what I feel.
If people connect with it,
then... that's beautiful.
But I'm no hero.
Just one post.
It'd really help us out.
I miss you so much, Tobes.
- I miss you too, Kay-kay.
- Really?
I've been thinking a lot
about us lately.
But everything that happened
with Craig is just so...
so messed-up.
You know?
All we have is each other,
and I need to express myself
[Echoing] for the community.
The whole community needs me
to be present for them.
You understand?
I have 15,000 followers.
[Dramatic music plays]
- We so need to kill him.
- Baby, I need you
But why do we have to kill
the cute ones first?
To make an omelet, you have
to kill some ex-boyfriends.
Plus he's hella-annoying,
and he's distracting you.
Yeah, but how do we do this?
I mean, what are we
trying to say here?
How about "I just stabbed your
basic bitch-ass in the throat
'cause of your
emo status update."
Be serious.
Okay, you're the one
who's always saying
that we have to have
a higher plan and shit.
You're right. If we don't
put thought into this,
we're no different
than the Texas Chainsaw
reject we have tied up.
He's always just trying
to escape.
So boring.
Why did you and Toby
break up, again?
He said he needed
to find himself.
But really he just found
a sick deal on a motorbike,
which made him like 20% hotter.
Wait. I could see it as
a "Death Proof" kind of thing.
I can work with that.
Yas, queen.
- Hey! Hey!
- [Laughing]
- Yeah, yeah, like that.
- Making its way downtown.
Ugh! Oh.
Dinner time!
Eat up, Lehmann.
It's all good protein.
We... look... amazing.
- Hot, right?
- Yeah.
But we're totally gonna have to
start wearing masks,
'cause if we keep
dressing this good...
people gonna know it's us.
Let's talk Toby.
Okay, so, he will be
at his house,
working on his hog.
Um, but, then he likes to go
for a ride on Connor Road
to, like, think.
Let's give him
something to think about.
[Dramatic music plays
on cellphone]
[Music stops]
- Hello?
- [Breathing heavily]
- Hello?
- [Exhales]
- Who is this?
- [Breathing heavily]
- Angela?
- [Exhales]
- Tatum?
- [Breathing heavily]
- Michelle?
- [Breathing heavily]
[Cellphone dings]
[Dramatic music plays]
[Tools clatter]
I was number 4?
Proceeding with phase 2.
[The Wet Secrets' "Nightlife"
Doo-doo-doo doo doo
Doo-doo-doo doo-doo doo
doo-doo doo-doo
Fold your arms
and don't deny
Anything is wrong
with the scene
Doo-doo-doo-doo doo doo
By the time the cops arrive
[Horn honking]
No one will remember
my name
- [Honking continues]
- Go around!
Or what they did
with all my stuff
[Tires screech]
[Horn honking]
[Engine revs]
[Engine revs]
[Horn honking]
[Car door opens, closes]
Aah! How'd it look?
- Here you go.
- Ooh!
[Tires screech]
[Both laugh]
[Breathing heavily]
Shut up.
Someone might hear you.
[Bones crack]
More to the left.
His heart is more to the left.
- [Crunch]
- Ugh!
- You're just hitting bone, dude.
- I'm trying.
- [Moaning]
- Give it.
[Vehicle approaching]
- Help! Help!
- Someone's coming.
[Muffled] Help me!
- Hey.
- Hey. Everything okay?
Just a little car trouble.
Can I help out?
- [Door slams]
- That's all right.
- I know how to change a tire.
- [Muffled yells]
- You sure?
- Yeah.
Pretty good with my hands.
And... And tires.
Help! [Whimpers]
Uh, my friend is really
into Candy Crush.
She hasn't scored a jelly in,
like, a hot minute, so...
- Oh. Okay, I know how that is.
- [Chuckles] Yeah.
[Crickets chirping]
[Soft music plays]
If I'm gonna be murdered,
I'm so happy it's you.
What the fuck?
Got him.
Ugh. Okay.
- You ready to rehearse this?
- Yeah.
So, we were just driving
down the street
after our morning workout,
And there was this body there.
And I'm not a CSI person, but
it looked like he was murdered.
[Whimsical music plays]
I'm not a CSI person,
but it looked like
he was murdered.
Murdered? The coroner's report
says it was an accident.
- So devastating.
- But wasn't there evidence
that he was stabbed
multiple times?
That's just what we heard.
You can watch the video on our
YouTube channel, Tragedy Girls.
Girls, plural. We have
a Twitter and a Tumblr.
Look, girls,
points for enthusiasm,
but please let the professionals
handle this, okay?
Just one interview.
I mean, we can say
whatever you want us to say.
We'll post a link
on our website.
We can help each other out.
Real journalism is based
in facts, not hashtags.
Why are you even here?
[Vehicle door closes]
Young people and road safety.
That's the real story.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
Can we get the shots
of the cars parking?
- Please, like, right now?
- Sure.
Parked cars.
They're not going anywhere.
I tried to show my dad
your page, but he won't budge.
He just said,
"Motorbikes are dangerous."
Okay, well, maybe we can
use this to our advantage?
Make a "Rosedale Murder
Cover-Up" video?
He also said I probably
shouldn't be making movies
with you guys anymore.
- And what did you say?
- Told him to fuck off.
Not using those exact words,
but you know,
I think we left things
ambiguous enough
that he probably knows
what I'm gonna do.
But, guys, if there's some
sort of psycho on the loose,
you need to leave it alone.
Don't be lame,
we're not scared.
No, I'm serious.
Look, I just don't want see...
anybody get hurt.
- [Soft music plays]
- [Chuckles]
Well, I promise we'll stop
if I ever feel like
we're in danger.
Well, we're late
for Prom Committee.
But, hey, Jordan,
maybe you should find
a date to prom, you know,
'cause it's gonna be fun
and you don't want to go alone.
Because that's
extremely pathetic.
Maybe your daddy
can help you find someone.
Je-scuse moi?
Could you repeat that, Syl?
For the record?
Yes. Like I was saying, two of
our fellow classmates are gone,
and I think, to honor them,
we should tone down the dance.
It is so tragic we lost Craig
before his time...
And my ex, Toby.
May he rest in peace.
As a junior, you may not
quite understand this yet, Syl,
but I think it would actually
dishonor their memory.
Yeah, if we don't have prom,
then the haters win, Syl.
Plus, we already made
the deposit on the deejay.
And that shit's nonrefundable.
I hear you, but that was
before everything happened.
I think we should donate
our budget to the families.
[Indistinct conversations]
- Goodness.
- [Clears throat]
Order! Syl makes, like,
some really good points,
but I think we should
celebrate how they lived.
Well, I think
we should vote on it.
And I'd like to be
the first to motion this.
[Clears throat]
- Seconded?
- Mm-hmm.
Well, let the record show
that both the president
and the vice president
are vehemently
opposed to this change.
- Vehemently!
- Well, I would just like
to thank you all for coming,
and I just really hope
[Echoing] that we can all
band together as a class
and really respect each other
and bring together...
[Dramatic music plays]
- What the hell is that?
- Syl made it. It's a library.
A library for what?
People make these and put them
in front of their houses
with used copies of "Twilight,"
and old people
borrow books from them.
It's a thing.
How did that prissy bitch
get so good at woodshop?
"I really hope
that my work can inspire
free little libraries
and really do some good.
You know?"
And it's going to the state
competition this weekend
as Rosedale's official entry.
Not anymore.
So, if I move my shift
at the shelter,
that would clear up
the afternoon
to go to the old folks' home.
- Right?
- Okay.
Who did this?
How am I supposed to get my
lending-library scholarship now?
Don't just stand there, help me!
How could you let this happen?
You get every piece.
No matter how hard I work,
it'll never be the same.
Oh... my God.
You are ruining it!
Just... Just get out.
Okay? Go, go, go, go.
We're leaving.
Thank you.
[Suspenseful music plays]
Goodnight, Mr. Gordon.
Night, uh, you.
[Door closes]
I'm still working in here.
[Sighs] People.
[Dramatic music plays]
I said I'm still in here!
Look, Mr. Wan said that I could!
[Chain hits floor]
You have got to be kidding me.
[Motor whirring]
[Whirring winds down]
Jesus, you scared me.
Sorry, I thought I was
the only one in here.
Did your Drama Club run late?
Okay, can I help you?
I'm kind of
working on something.
Okay, what is this?
[Chuckles nervously]
Uh, Mr. Gordon?!
Anyone? No?
- McKayla?
- Shit.
- Damn it, M-Kay!
- I'm sorry.
Not really feeling this
whole pantomime thing anyway.
- Stay in character!
- Ugh.
Oh! Aah!
Aah! Aaaah!
Did that just...
I can't even...
That is some serious
"Final Destination" shit.
Damn it.
This is still gonna
look like an accident, again!
What do we do?
[Saw cutting bone]
Ugh. Like this?
Yeah, just so there's
no possible way
she could have
done this herself.
Check it out.
"Your shoes are not regulation."
- [Gasps]
- [Whistling]
[Dramatic music plays]
[Continues whistling]
[Door closes]
[Birds chirping]
[Soft, dramatic music plays]
[Music intensifies]
I'm on fire
Get out of my way
Baby, I move mountains
I'm eating it up
Ready or not, here I come
I'm gonna be your boss
Be your boss, boss
Be your boss
I'm gonna be your boss
Be your boss, boss
Be your boss
McKayla... just a few words.
How does it feel to see your
conspiracy theory come to life?
Honestly, I'm not surprised.
You know, I've been the voice
of reason in Rosedale...
- I'm sorry, you can't do this.
- Excuse me,
- we're doing an interview.
- Ma'am, I'm sorry.
- This is not allowed.
- I was doing...
But I look really cute today.
Can I get a picture with you
by your locker?
- That would really help me out.
- Yeah.
Hey. Uh, you guys need
to take it down a notch.
Why? We're finally getting
the recognition
that we deserve
on this very important
public-safety issue...
or whatever.
- Whoa, what happened there?
- Nothing.
- Is that blood?
- Heavy-flow day.
I don't know. That's not
how that works, right?
Sadie Cunningham
and McKayla Hooper
to the principal's office
Sadie and McKayla.
Okay, my dad is really
pissed at you guys.
He wants to bring you in...
for interfering
with an investigation.
- Shut up! Really?
- Okay, well, um...
if... if Sadie needs, like,
an alibi or something,
just to get her out of a jam,
just tell her...
She can say she was with me
watching some
Dario Argento movie, okay?
- Dario DiGiorno.
- Dario Argento.
Dario Arpeggio. Mario Wario.
I don't know. I don't care.
- Hey, can I?
- Obviously.
Now, I want to assure you both
that no one here is
accusing you girls of anything.
- We were just trying to help.
- But if you guys
would just admit
that something's going on...
I don't need advice
from teenagers
on how to protect
this community.
Okay, no one here
is the bad guy.
If there is a perpetrator,
you're not helping to catch him,
you're encouraging him.
So, you're saying
there's a perpetrator?
Does he text you
when you're next?
Do you have any idea what that
girl's family is going through?
Yes, we've been in contact
with them through our blog.
They only want justice
for their daughter.
We were on Prom Committee
and on Cheer Squad together.
They asked us both to speak
at her memorial service.
We all need to find
a way to grieve.
And remembering Syl's spirit
on the Internet is part of that.
Thank you for your time, girls.
Thank you.
I need you both to account
for your whereabouts last night.
- I was with Sadie.
- Watching a movie.
With Jordan Welch.
[Soft music plays]
[Door opens]
This is un-fucking
acceptable, Gerald.
They're jeopardizing
the whole investigation.
Well, if you want to police
these kids on Twitter,
be my guest.
When I close my eyes
I feel a dream I know
Livin' in a place
where my heart's unbroken
Please don't ever wake me up
And a big thanks
to Jordan Welch
for putting that together
under such short notice.
She will be missed.
Also, I hope that I can fill
her shoes as cheer captain.
For more information,
or to donate
to a charity in Syl's name,
you can visit our blog
at Tragedy Girls...
I got something to say.
Big Al, everyone.
Thank you, ladies.
You all know me.
I've been a firefighter
in this community
for eight years,
fire marshal for two,
not to mention going to state
handball championships
three years running,
right here in this very gym.
record still stands.
I know what's happening
in this town.
And these girls are right.
Someone is targeting our kids!
And the sheriff's department
is not doing enough about it.
We have to stand up
for our community
and find who's responsible.
If that means myself
and some volunteers
are searching every block,
every abandoned property
to find the guy
that's out there doing this,
we will,
and that's a promise!
That's what I'm talking
about, Big Al!
[Cheers and applause]
Can you believe he just stole
the mic from us like that?
I know, right?
Dick. So hot, though.
So hot.
My, uh, smoke alarm
is broken again.
That's very dangerous,
Mrs. Kent.
[Indistinct conversations]
Not too much,
or he might smell it.
[Bottle thuds, gushes]
- Watch out, M-Kay!
- Why do we have to do this?
Why can't we just hit him
with an ax or something?
Because he's huge, and he's
probably expecting someone
to attack him.
We've got another bottle
in the car.
She's not like you.
Whatever, Hannibal.
She makes little plans.
Always bossing you around.
Now you, you...
you're more like me.
What the fuck
are you talking about?
Ask yourself...
who really takes all the risk?
Who really wants the kill?
No, without you,
she's, um, nothing.
[Soft, dramatic music plays]
No, Sadie and I are like
the same person.
She orders you around.
Not always.
She'll take all the credit,
you know,
just like the desperate
little fan girl that she is.
You can't trust her.
- What am I supposed to do?
- Just release me,
and we'll kill everybody
that gets in our way.
It's okay.
Just... Just open the door,
[Laughing evilly]
Oh, my God, Lowell.
This is kind of sad, bro.
Like you could ever get
in between me and my BFF.
You know I'm right.
Before this is over,
[Singsong voice]
she'll betray you.
[As Mrs. Kent]
Oh, Big Al, you're so big!
[As Big Al]
Thank you, Mrs. Kent.
[As Mrs. Kent] I just love
your big, meaty hands!
Is that what she sounds like?
[Normal voice] I don't know.
I feel like
she would be like, "Ooh!"
I feel like her laugh
is like a "hoo."
Like a "hoo-hoo-hoo hoo hoo!"
[Door opens, closes]
[Engine starts]
[Engine starts]
[Indistinct conversations]
Keep in touch
with the fire station,
I don't want a bunch of those
"heroes" forming a mob.
- Sheriff, uh, you got a minute?
- Make it quick, son.
Look, I know that
you don't like them,
but Sadie and McKayla have found
some really good patterns...
Not this again.
Can you at least
take a look at it?
Because of their bullshit,
I'm working 'round the clock
to keep this town
from going crazy.
Go home.
Can we talk?
[Indistinct conversations]
[Police radio chatter]
Okay, look, I've been
editing their blog
for a couple weeks now,
and I feel like,
if you just took a look
at it once, then...
Jordan, I think about
your mom every day.
But this is not the same.
Finding this guy
does not bring her back.
And you running around,
spreading lies
with that Cunningham girl
does not honor her memory.
I just want you
to listen to me.
[Knock on door]
We're not done here.
[Door opens]
[Speaking indistinctly]
[Indistinct conversations]
[Soft, dramatic music plays]
Dude, finish strong!
Finish strong! One more!
- [Grunting]
- Yeah!
Whoo! Good job, boy!
- Aw.
- Yeah!
Come on.
[Both grunt]
Damn, you've been really
working out, huh?
Good job, good job, man.
You're good to cut the lights
and lock the door
when I get out, right?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- All right, cool.
Let me get ya,
let me get ya.
[Grunts] All right.
Thanks, Drew.
No problem.
Whoo, Big Al!
Okay, so remember
the safe word is "torso."
Dude, I know. You told me
like a million times.
Nice one!
But you should use
the other mirror.
It's got, like,
way better lighting.
Hey, um, I think
they're closed.
Yeah, I know, I just saw
and he was like,
"You can get in a quick 30."
Pump some iron,
as long as I've got
this big strong muscle-y Al
to take care of me!
Yeah, well,
I'm just finishing up, so...
Yeah, no, that's fine.
I'm just gonna, um,
I'm just gonna do
a couple, like, sets.
You know what I mean?
Like, for my body.
I've never seen you
in here before.
You know what, I was thinking,
like, the same thing.
I was like, "Wow,
it's weird," right?
Like, I'm here all the time.
I mean, like, so are you,
Oh, I'm such a klutz.
Oh, hey,
don't worry about that.
No, no, no,
let me refill it for you.
No, really,
I'm about to leave...
I insist.
[Clears throat]
Big bottle.
Here you go.
Thank you.
You didn't have to do that.
Um, so, do you have any,
I don't know, like, tips...
for a girl who's trying to...
Tighten up.
Well, for your build,
you might want to start
with more free weights.
Free weights. Cool.
Yeah, no, good. Good idea. Ooh.
- [Laughs] How about that?
- Hmm.
Mmm. Water. Mmm.
Ah! So refreshing. Mmm.
- You okay?
- [Continues coughing]
Yeah, no, I'm fine.
Someone's here.
- I didn't hear anything.
- I did.
- Maybe we should hydrate. Oh.
- Stay here.
Do you want to
take this with you?
Somebody back here?
[Door creaks]
What are you doing?
Sorry about that.
Can't be too careful,
especially with a nut-job
on the loose.
- No worries.
- [Sighs]
So, you want me to spot you?
What the hell?
Dude! I said I got this!
Sorry! Torso! Torso!
- Call the police!
- [Grunts]
[Dramatic music plays]
You bitches crazy!
[Singing indistinctly]
[Both grunting]
[Music softens]
- Put them in a trance
- [Screams]
[Music stops]
Well, at least this won't
look like an accident.
I totally had it.
He drank the water
and everything.
Jordan's on his way to my
house, like, right now.
- We need to go.
- Okay, fine,
but you're not hearing
the last of this, okay?
I've got a lot
to talk to you about.
You always have a lot
to talk to me about.
I've got notes, girl.
I've got notes.
[Engine revs]
[Loud music plays
on radio]
[Engine shuts off,
music stops]
[Dog barking in distance]
[Crickets chirping]
Hey J. What's up?
My dad left his work
computer logged in,
so I copied the police reports,
crime-scene photos,
and documents
from all six murders.
- This is amazing.
- Yeah. It's, uh, super-illegal.
You did this for me?
- Your dad would, like, freak out.
- Don't worry about him.
Look, I know
telling you to let it go
only seems to spur you on...
so, uh, fuck it.
I'm all in.
[Soft music plays]
You're such a good friend, J.
Whoa, look at that
splatter pattern.
- Yeah. That's...
- How awesome is that?
Yeah. It's really...
It's really great.
- That's crazy.
- We can...
We can turn this off anytime.
Anytime we want, really.
I like them.
[Dramatic music plays]
[Cellphone ringing,
[Knock on door]
[Clears throat]
Come in.
Hey, sunshine.
Oh, you shouldn't have
let me sleep in.
- I have to be ready for school.
- [Sighs]
School's canceled today, hon.
Look, I don't know
how to say this,
so I'm just gonna say it.
There's been another murder.
[Theme music plays]
The body of
decorated firefighter
Albert "Big Al" Hill
was discovered
earlier this morning
by his longtime trainer.
Your friend of 20 years
found brutally murdered
in the one place that you
were supposed to feel safe.
Will you ever look
at the gym the same?
There's a hole in my heart
where Al used to live.
- Honey?
- Yeah.
- Another murder! Town meeting.
- Okay.
We have to find a way
to remember Al.
We have to find a way
to remember Al!
We at Channel 5 remember Al,
and we are asking you,
if we don't start yielding
to the warning signs
of our local hero,
who will be next?
Back to you.
He had gotten so strong.
So strong.
Are we still live?
You know, Big Al was
the toughest S.O.B. I ever met.
Cracked my tooth once
playing handball.
- Steven...
- I'm just saying,
the guy was kind of a hot head.
Really surprised they
made him fire marshal.
Well, there's an emergency
town-hall meeting
this afternoon.
Now, baby,
you don't have to go
if you don't want to.
I, um, I'm still trying
to process this.
But I think I'll be there.
McKayla, I do not want you out
by yourself at night anymore.
It's too dangerous.
But I still have
Prom Committee.
I won't go
anywhere without Sadie.
We'll keep each other safe.
But I want
regular text updates.
That's my girl.
Waffle me.
- Thank you, baby.
- [Laughs]
[Bell tolls]
[Indistinct conversations]
Please, please.
Can I have your attention?
Our town, our community,
our entire way of life
is under attack.
We will overcome this,
but we must have faith.
We must have patience
with our law enforcement
and with each other.
This is a time for remembering,
for mourning.
And now I'd like
to turn the floor over
to Sheriff Welch, if you please.
Thank you, Madam Mayor.
I'd like to stress to everybody
that the most important
thing to do is stay calm
and not make our community
even more vulnerable.
I've consulted with
the state police and the FBI.
And with their help,
a strict curfew of 8:00 p.m.
will be in effect.
[Cellphones ringing]
[Crowd murmurs]
Son of a bitch!
[Murmuring continues]
- Please, remain calm.
- Curfews can't keep us safe!
What are you hiding, Sheriff?
- What about our missing pets?
- This is exactly what he wants!
Hashtag RememberAl!
[Chanting] Remember Al!
Remember Al!
Remember Al! Remember Al!
Remember Al! Remember Al!
Remember Al! Remember Al!
Remember Al! Remember Al!
Remember Al! Remember Al!
Remember Al! Remember Al!
Remember Al! Remember Al!
Remember Al!
Remember Al! Remember Al!
[Dramatic music plays]
Who's ready to show this psycho
that we are not afraid?!
- We are!
- Right!
Let's march down Main Street
and give Sheriff Welch
a piece of our mind!
- Yeah!
- Remember Al!
Remember Al! Remember Al!
Remember Al! Remember Al!
Remember Al! Remember Al!
[Indistinct conversations]
Ugh. I feel like we've been
walking for fucking hours.
My calves are killing me, and
we're only a third of the way.
Ugh. Damn it!
Who are you texting?
No one. Come on, let's go
to the front for a better shot.
Excuse me. Pardon me.
[Thunder crashes]
And with a show of force
and goodwill like this,
- one thing is certain.
- Our Midwestern town
won't take any more shit
from this serial killer.
[Crowd cheers]
Like and favorite!
[Crowd cheers]
[Dramatic music plays]
[Crowd screaming]
[Thunder crashes]
Did you...
I was with you the whole time.
Excuse me!
Sadie, McKayla.
Quick sound bite
from the Tragedy Girls?
Oh, I can't even deal
with this right now.
Uh, we are shocked and saddened
that another death
has transpired
due to the apathy
of our law enforcement.
- Good one.
- Is that a direct quote?
Hey, wait your turn!
Are you afraid that the killer
will target you next
because of your infamous blog?
Um, we will not rest until
we stop this menace of society!
[Indistinct shouting]
[Cellphone ringing]
Please continue to follow
Tragedy Girls on Twitter.
Excuse me. Thank you.
[Indistinct shouting]
[Cellphone ringing]
- Yeah?
- Hey, hon.
A lot of people
have been calling the house...
- CNN, ABC, Barbara Walters.
- Sweetie,
there's someone who calls
who just breathes
into the phone.
Mom, Dad,
just hang up the phone.
Don't talk to anyone.
And lock the doors.
What if it's him?
There's a good chance.
So, you believe
you're being followed?
I've been getting these weird
texts, like when I'm at school.
Someone's been
invading my privacy.
- I know it.
- And I'm pretty sure
- I've seen this guy before.
- He could be the killer.
- He was old.
- Not like you old,
like Father Time old,
but, like, old.
- Kind of out of shape, um...
- 6'6".
- And really old.
- Something like this? [Sighs]
This looks like
Stewie from "Family Guy."
That's terrible, but, yeah.
Yeah, his eyes were
a little bit more beady.
- You should hire somebody.
- Do you think you could, like,
dispatch someone to,
like, my house?
Or escort me to school,
just in case?
Even with all the extra help,
I can't spare a single deputy.
- What?
- The fuck? You're the police.
I could be killed!
Maybe stop checking
in your location online,
and he won't find you.
I'd rather die.
[School bell rings]
[Cellphones ringing]
Phones off!
But it's a matter
of life and death.
What if we have to call 911?
I said, phones off!
[Cellphones ringing]
[Ringing stops]
You know, maybe we should
continue with a conversation
about the dark side
of social media.
What about shallowness?
- I object!
- Yeah, you're singling us out.
People have died!
People who can't be replaced.
I have just about had it
with the both of you,
feeding off misery
like parasites.
You should both be ashamed.
[Dramatic music plays]
[Door opens]
- I can't do this anymore.
- You're just going to quit?
You can't just
abandon our videos.
We gave you all the footage.
- You can have it back.
- I thought we made a good team.
We do.
I... My dad needs me
more than you guys right now.
- Fuck your dad.
- M-Kay!
Don't talk about
my dad like that.
No. If Sheriff Welch
knew his dick from his donuts,
he would've solved this already.
He's useless.
Just like when your mother
was murdered.
- Fuck you!
- Fuck you!
That's enough!
Come on, Sadie.
We don't need him.
We could Snapchat a used tampon
and it would be huge.
- Jordan needs to die.
- He's harmless.
He's making you soft.
I am not soft.
I am fierce.
And you shouldn't have
brought up his mom.
Are you still feeling guilty
about that shit?
- [Knock on door]
- Hey, girls.
If you hear anything weird,
don't hesitate.
No psychos are gonna get
in here on my watch.
- Yes, Dad.
- Yes, Mr. Cunningham.
All right,
I'm gonna hit the hay. Night.
Jordan knows more
than he's letting on.
He doesn't know anything.
Dude, the way
he was looking at me.
He's always hanging around,
It's only a matter of time
before he spills to his dad.
You're over-reacting.
- What?
- My phone.
My fucking phone.
- Which one?
- The important one.
I swear it was right...
He took it.
[Laughs] Jordan?
You're being paranoid.
Earlier, with the drive.
I mean, right in front
of my fucking face.
This is like a total breach!
He dies tonight!
Lowell could be outside,
figuring out
how to disembowel us
or whatever.
- It's not even worth the risk.
- If we go to jail,
that we've worked for is fucked.
Look, don't worry. okay?
I'll sneak into his house
after curfew,
and I'll slit his throat.
It'll be quick...
like it never even happened.
No, he's my friend.
I'll do it.
Are you, uh, going back
to the station again?
No, figure
I'll stay in tonight.
We got some extra guys
from Chamberlain on shift.
They've got it under control.
We'll have some fun.
[Indistinct conversation
on television]
[Continues snoring]
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
- [Chuckles]
What the hell
are you doing here?
I wanted to see you,
but I didn't think
your dad would be here.
He will freak out
if he catches you.
Is that an Elvis Presley frog?
Goddamn right, it's
an Elvis Presley frog.
"You ain't nothing
but a hound frog."
- That's it.
- [Laughs]
Are we gonna talk,
or did you just come over
- to make fun of me?
- Sorry.
It's just exactly
how I pictured it.
And how did you
avoid the deputies?
I didn't, really.
They're just bad at their jobs.
They've never been fantastic.
It's like a thousand degrees
in here.
Um, um, listen,
there's something
that I have to tell you.
Come on, you got this.
I have something
I need to tell you, too.
Um, you want to go first?
I don't think
that's a good idea.
- You go.
- Okay.
Um, something McKayla said
the other day...
My mom's death has
never been ruled a murder.
What are you saying?
I'm saying that I think
she knows more than she lets on,
about what's happening,
about who's killing people.
But she was just a kid
when your mom passed away.
Yeah. Yeah, I know.
I-I know it sounds crazy,
and I know that you want
to protect her,
but maybe she knows the killer.
What makes you say that?
Okay, the morning
after Syl's death,
she had splatter stains
on her shoes.
And to be fair, I didn't get
a good look at it, but...
Oh, you'll get
a good look at it.
In the town meeting,
she sent a text, like,
right before everyone got
a picture of Big Al dead.
People text all the time.
Okay. All right?
Does everyone have
a second unregistered
cellphone in their backpack?
- I fucking knew it!
- What?
- Yeah. [Sighs]
- What did you see on it?
Nothing yet. It's locked,
and I haven't finished
cracking it.
I probably shouldn't be
telling you this,
but I kind of broke
into the school
and I got her psych profile
while everyone
was doing the march.
- Those are private!
- I know, I know,
I must seem insane right now,
but I think
there might be something
seriously wrong with her.
She's got, like,
a lot of red flags.
That doesn't mean anything.
Just stop defending her, okay?
Look, if she has something
to do with this,
or if she's working
with someone,
I think they might be
ramping up to something big.
- You're being crazy, J.
- No, I just...
I know what it's like
to lose someone
that you really care about.
And I don't know
if I could live with myself
if anything happened to you.
- [Sighs]
- You don't mean that.
No, I do.
I mean, I think
you're pretty much
the most amazing, brilliant,
unique person I've ever met.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I think you're special.
To me, at least.
And you have really good taste
in obscure movies,
and, like,
your hair is, like, super cool.
And I...
Ugh. Vom.
- Did you hear that?
- No, what?
[Footsteps approaching]
- [Knock on door]
- Shit.
Uh, one second, Dad.
- What the...
- [Grunts]
[Breathing heavily]
- Jordan!
- [Snoring]
[Sword shings]
Hold on there, son.
[Breathing heavily]
What you doing here?
She saved my life.
[Breathing heavily]
Thank you.
Yes, uh, I need an ambulance
at 461 Cedar Lane.
We have one person bleeding
from a large knife wound.
[Breathing heavily]
In the two weeks since
the attack at my home,
there have been no new sightings
of the so-called
Rosedale Ripper.
I'd like to acknowledge
the bravery and forthrightness
of Rosedale's
very own Sadie Cunningham.
[Cheers and applause]
I was humbled to witness
her courage firsthand
as she fought off her attacker.
I am eternally indebted to you
for saving my son's life.
[Cheers and applause]
Go, Sadie!
Hi. Trish, Channel 5.
I just want to know,
what's next for
the Tragedy Girl?
Uh, actually, it's...
I mean...
I'm going to continue
to fight for what's right
and really work to make
the community a safer place.
You know?
[Crowd cheers]
Madam President,
can I speak to you for a moment?
- What's up, M-Kay?
- We need to talk.
- Not now. We're at school.
- Who cares?!
Lower your voice.
They're watching me.
Bitch, you love it.
I saw you
up there on that podium.
What, are you jelly?
I am so not jelly.
Is this about
the Tragedy Girl thing?
Look at you, dude.
Hooking up with that loser
out of pity.
See, I thought you were
the one with the plan.
The vision? A night to remember?
Not just cut and run
when shit gets real.
Okay, last I checked, it was me
who had to mop up your mess.
We'll discuss this later.
We wouldn't have
a mess to mop up,
had you had the guts to...
had you had the guts
to buy the gold balloons
like we had talked about.
See, I for one,
don't want my prom
to look like the inside
of your ratchet-ass trailer.
You're such a clich!
Don't blame me because
your part of our plan
is always boring and uninspired.
Okay, there is nothing special
about what you do!
You only hold me back!
Well, I've never needed you.
We don't need you.
Fuck you, Sades.
[Metal clatters]
Fuck these stupid fucking stars!
What the fuck
are you looking at?!
It's over
You're lying
on a cold shoulder
Let's do whatever
to forget her
She's leaving you,
just let her
'Cause you're better off
[Cheers and applause]
Come over
If you don't want to,
then we won't stay sober
Penny's working at the bar
We can go dressed
just how we are
Forget that girl
who broke your heart
Oh-oh-oh, I don't want to see
you waste another day
Your heartbreak,
your heartbreak
I don't want to see you
waste another day
I've seen you
Be the life and soul
of every party that you go
I know it's dark
inside your head
everything she said
So come out with me instead
Oh, I don't want to see
you waste another day
I know it's sad, baby
Come on, we can dance it off
Everybody's feeling lost
[Tires screech]
[Engine shuts off]
[Knock on door]
Uh, hi, Mr. Cunningham.
Uh, just here to pick up Sadie.
Uh, uh, J-Jordan.
Jordan Welch.
Uh, we've met a couple times.
My dad's the... sheriff.
[Clears throat]
Uh, one time in middle school,
you told me, like,
"Stay away from my daughter."
Uh, I'm here...
I'm here for prom.
- Um...
- Sadie!
It's a great house
you have here.
- [Chuckling] Hey.
- Hi.
Uh, could we get a picture
real quick if that's okay?
There you go.
You got to tap the screen.
It's just a little...
little tap on the screen.
- Uh...
- Here.
- [Camera shutter clicks]
- [Chuckles]
- That's great.
- [Chuckles]
- Dinner's in the fridge, Pop.
- Thanks, sweetheart.
Bring her home safe.
Yeah. Yes.
[Engine sputtering]
[Engine starts]
There we go. Okay.
There we go.
It really is an art form.
Easing off the clutch.
Ease off the clutch.
- Ease off the clutch!
- [Laughs]
[Chanting] Prom! Prom!
Prom! Prom!
- Prom! Prom! Prom!
- Your ride's here!
Don't rush her.
- Oh! Look at my baby girl!
- Aww, look at that girl!
Angelica ain't got nothing
on my baby.
- [Laughs]
- Look at you.
- Cut it out, guys.
- Oh, you only go to prom once.
And I cannot believe
those boys at your school
were too afraid to ask you out.
- Why you got to bring that up?
- I'm just saying,
they shouldn't be afraid
of a beautiful woman.
Well, it's just, you know,
things got a little crazy,
and there weren't a lot
of guys left to ask me.
Will Sadie be there?
Yeah, I-I think so.
I'll tell her
that you guys said hi.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
I'll get the door.
Rosedale High, please.
Yes, ma'am.
- [Laughing]
- [Laughing]
[Up-tempo music plays]
We are the young ones
- Ooh
- We are the young ones
[Singing indistinctly]
We are the young ones
[Singing indistinctly]
- Isn't this great?
- Sure.
We are the young ones
Ooh, ooh
[Singing indistinctly]
I'm kind of thirsty.
I'll be right back.
- Okay.
- [Singing indistinctly]
- Nice dress, Sadie.
- You too.
I want you to know
how proud I am.
You really turned
your attitude around
in spite of everything
that's happened.
- I guess a lot has changed.
- I hope you don't mind,
but I put your name forward
for a scholarship.
Young women who
have overcome adversity.
- Thanks, Mrs. K.
- You're welcome.
I think I need to go outside,
get some fresh air
before I lose it.
You have a good night.
- You, as well.
- Okay.
Hey! Come on, what you doing?
It's a great song.
Just sitting for a bit.
Hey, look, um...
I-I know that things haven't
really been the same for you
ever since we got together.
But I-I just want to
let you know I'm so sorry
for telling you all that shit
about McKayla.
I know she had nothing
to do with the murders.
Like, s-she couldn't have.
That's insane.
Is there anything I can do
to make it up to you?
[Electronic feedback]
Hello? Hello?
Oh, there we go.
- How you doing Rosedale High?!
- Yeah!
Yeah! Whoo!
Okay, I'm just gonna say
a few words,
and then this boring old dude
will get offstage, I promise.
[Clears throat]
To say that this was
a tough year
would be
a massive understatement.
- Yeah.
- No shit.
But if there's one good thing
that we can take away
from these dark times,
it's this.
Our friends.
No matter where you go in life,
you will always have
with each other
a bond that is unbreakable.
I believe that the votes
have been tallied.
This year's king and queen
are Jordan Welch
and Sadie Cunningham.
[Cheers and applause]
What the...
Come on.
We will now commence the prom
king and queen's first dance.
All hail Jordan and Sadie.
Can I watch you
while you fall out of love
I can't believe
this is happening.
- I think it's rigged.
- No, no, not just that.
We survived
not just a serial killer
but high school.
And now we're here.
And I just... I can't tell you
how lucky I feel to share
this dance with my best friend.
With your heart in my hands
And my head underwater
I was wishing and waiting
And I want to be right
Head underwater
And I was wishing
and waiting
And I want to be
[Heavy breathing]
[Clears throat]
Jonathan and Tracey,
what are you doing out here?
Back inside. Now.
- Yes, Mrs. Kent.
- Yes, Mrs. Kent.
Mrs. Kent.
Smoking can cause fires.
Or didn't Big Al teach you that?
McKayla, what are you doing
out here?
Oh, just waiting for a friend.
Speak of the devil.
[Dramatic music plays]
Jesus Christ.
[Music intensifies]
[Knife stabs]
[Blood dripping]
[Knife withdraws]
- Why?
- Shh.
Please raise your hand
if you have something to say,
Mrs. Kent.
I have an appearance to make.
So, I know we haven't
gotten a chance
to talk about
when summer's over,
but have you thought
about Kent State?
I haven't really decided.
Because even if you went
with Ohio, like,
we'd still be pretty close by.
That'd be cool.
- Jordan, listen...
- Hey, dude.
Uh, one sec.
[Speaking indistinctly]
You're so brave.
I love you.
Get the fuck out of my face.
Yeah, but thanks.
I appreciate it.
No problem.
[Soft, dramatic music plays]
McKayla, what'd you do
to Mrs. Kent?
She got what she deserved.
What do you think?
Cute, right?
M-Kay, you don't have
to prove anything to me.
We made a splash. That's enough.
Don't fuck up your future.
Fuck up my future?
What happened to you?
We used to be the same,
you and me.
Do you remember our first time?
- M-Kay, don't.
- Don't what?
I mean, it was your plan,
after all.
Poor old bag didn't
even see it coming.
One minute, she's driving two
girls home from dance practice.
The next,
she's lying in a ditch.
Poor Mrs. Welch.
- It was an accident.
- [Scoffs] An accident?
Is that what you tell yourself?
Because we both wanted it!
But, oh, you were the one
who was cold as ice.
I remember crying and crying
the next day...
jumping every time
the phone rang...
scared that I would blurt it
all out at the dinner table...
...that I would let down
my best friend.
And then you abandoned me?
I mean, you even became friends
with her son!
Him over me!
I thought I was going crazy!
The old Sadie, she wasn't
like everybody else.
No, she was something
real special.
And she would agree with me.
But if you want to be dancing
under that spotlight
with those fucking sheep,
then you're better off dead
with the rest of them.
- I never meant to hurt you.
- Oh, please.
I'm like, so over it.
I believe you've already met
my prom date.
[Door closes, locks]
Been waiting a long time,
for this...
to gut you...
feast on your flesh.
Oh, scary, Lowell.
See, he's not much
of a sweet talker,
but he knows how to
show a girl a good time.
So, that's it?
You're just gonna
kill your best friend?
Dude, no.
No, I'm here to save you.
We're gonna finish this
just like we planned.
A night to remember.
Sadie, run! Hurry!
[Suspenseful music plays]
[Sighs] Come on, Jordan,
climbing up the stairs?
It's like you want
to get caught.
Just like your mother.
Sadie, come to me, baby.
Hey! Michael Myers knock-off!
I told you, she's off limits!
Did you think I'd forget
what you did to me?
Chained, tortured, dog food?
I'm gonna repay the favor until
you're begging me to kill you!
Lowell, calm down.
We both know that you're not
very good with the thinking,
especially after
all the chloroform.
You and I, we're the same,
You spend your life
putting fake bullshit
on the Internet!
I'm gonna show you
what it really looks like!!
Stay away from her!
[Dramatic music plays]
[Music softens]
I missed you so much.
Shut up.
I missed you so much!
[Speaking indistinctly]
Sadie, come here.
Sadie, get away from her.
Get away from her.
We need to call the police.
You're gonna pay
for what you did.
Jordan, wait.
She's my best friend.
She just tried to kill you!
And... And me!
She murdered my mom!
You ruined my life.
So did I.
Sadie, no, no, no.
Listen to me.
I love you... the real you.
Come on,
you're nothing like her.
Oh, J.
You don't know me at all.
Dream, dream, dream
Dream, dream, dream
When I want you in my arms
When I need you
and all your charms
Whenever I want you,
all if have to do
Is dream,
dream, dream, dream
When I need you
in the night
When I want you
to hold me tight
Whenever I want you
All I have to do
is drea-ea-eam
I can make you mine
Taste your lips with wine
Anytime, night or day
Only trouble is
Gee whiz,
I'm dreaming my life away
I need you so
[Crowd screaming]
That I could die
I love you so
And that is why
Whenever I want you
All I have to do is dream
Dream, dream, dream
Dream, dream, dream
[Door closes echoingly]
[Siren wails]
[Indistinct conversations]
Is my son in there?!
I guess you were right.
- Best night ever.
- Best night ever.
[Dramatic music plays]
Months have passed since
the Rosedale Massacre
claimed the lives
of nearly 124 students.
But the healing
has only just begun.
From this moment,
I resign my post
as the sheriff of this community
to focus on charity work
in... my son's name.
[Indistinct shouting]
Later in the hour,
we'll have new information
on Lowell Orson Lehmann,
and how he planned and
carried out the grisly murders
in our sleepy town.
As for Rosedale's
so-called Tragedy Girls,
the brave Sadie Cunningham
and McKayla Hooper
have managed to turn
tragedy into triumph.
With an upcoming book tour,
major interviews,
and a Lifetime movie
in the works,
I sat down with the girls
to discuss their plans
for the future.
Uh, we'd just like to be
normal, down-to-earth students.
I mean, living a life
of anonymity, really.
Getting full scholarships
certainly helps,
but for now, I'd like to focus
on my program as a film major.
McKayla, what do you feel
is your greatest triumph?
Finding a best friend
like Sadie.
- [Smacks lips]
- That's awesome, tight?
Hashtag blessed.
Dude, I hate that top!
- Shut up, you look great.
- You guys all set?
- Yes.
- Yeah.
Look, be careful.
Call if you need anything.
- Dad...
- Look out for each other.
There are 10 dinners
in the freezer.
Thanks, kiddo.
- Dad, stop crying!
- Love you.
- Love you.
- Let's do it!
- Be careful, no texting!
- No promises!
- [Engine starts]
- [Sighs]
- We did good.
- Yeah.
[Vehicle departs]
If you're one of our
regular viewers,
consider clicking the link
to Jordan's charity below.
It's for, like,
a really good cause.
We may have survived
But we're ready to start
a whole new chapter.
- Stay tuned.
- And keep following...
The Tragedy Girls.
Why your skin go wrinkle?
We only getting younger
We ride into a peak, we can't
take this shit no longer
Main or mind a lover man,
a body go weak
I got my bloody truth,
I got my BAS crew with me
So fuck tomorrow,
we only getting younger
All universe implode in me
Up or down,
in and out, no matter, G
Now stop falling,
I smell like a fox
Coloring, questioning,
a blank answer box
Trip on trigger true,
twist a tune, trick a dumb
Fresh like a fungus,
smelling shit, smelling numb
We born together,
together we keep struggle
So fuck tomorrow,
we only getting younger
Fuck tomorrow,
we only getting younger
You to follow me,
we are here to rumble
Grab a hand,
take things too long
Drag shit
to it's fullest blow
Me right from wrong
Stand tall, free I fall
your call is my ball
Now yours, close them doors
Get blown, by a force
of truth, missing youth
fuck the shows, Skrillex
Ha-ha, loose the goose, man
Fuck it
Ha! Ha!
Ha, ha, ha
Ha! Ha!
Ha, ha, ha
Walk around
with bloody hands
I saw you lick it off
We gon' keep them dirty
just to prove a point
Main our mind a lover man,
a body go weak
I got my bloody truth,
I got my BAS crew with me
Friend, friend,
friend, friend
Friend, friend,
friend, friend
Friend, friend,
friend, friend
Friend, friend,
friend, friend
Me and my bitches,
me and my dogs
Dandelion war keep
digging streets for gold
Feeling kind of tense,
I need a cup of whiskey
My glass is overfull,
be careful when you pass me
We dominate this corner
with my BAS family
Overtake this blocker
with my boom energy
Born to be a rocker,
got to grow with us
Acting like a sucka,
suck it all, suck it up
Walk, walk, walk, walk
Walk, walk, walk, walk
Ha! Ha!
Ha, ha, ha
Ha! Ha! Ha!
Walk around
with bloody hands
I saw you lick it off
We gon' keep them dirty
just to prove a point
Main our mind a lover man,
a body go weak
I got my bloody truth,
I got my BAS crew with me
Friend, friend,
friend, friend
Friend, friend,
friend, friend
Friend, friend,
friend, friend
So fuck tomorrow,
we only getting younger
Younger, younger
Younger, younger
Younger, younger
Younger, younger
Younger, younger
[Music softens]
Ah, ah
Ah, ahh
Ah, ah
Ah, ahh, ah
Ah, ah-ah, ahh
Ah, ooh