Traitors (2013) Movie Script

Cop stops you at a roadblock
Takes all your papers away
Give him license registration
Want 'em back, now you gotta pay
Son of a General, speeding drunk
in his Porsche Cayenne
Hit a farmer on the highway
Push the speed, two hundred and ten
I'm so bored with Morocco
But what can I do?
Maghrib nouveaux riches:
Just a bunch of fucking hoods
Village in a forest, kick the people out
Cut it down and sell the wood
Down the alley come four police
Beat you here or at the station
Next day body parts on the ground
Or you're gone to your final destination
It should be faster, come on.
Norah, get into it.
Punk rock, okay?
Don't let it drag.
Are you ready?
Sarah, Bonnie, Basma?
Let's go. One, two, three.
Maghrib politicians
Here comes election day
Slogans lies empty promises
Don't believe a word they say
What a country: Sun, Sea and Sand
And all of us burning to get out
migr washed up on the coast of Spain
Or in prison cause he got sold out
Malika? What are you doing here?
Why are you out so late?
Waiting for the bus.
Come on, get in.
We'll give you a ride home.
Morocco's rich now let's go
spend 2 billion Euros on a high speed train
Meanwhile in the ghetto
People have nothing to eat
More, more.
Welcome to our hospital
Don't even have antiseptic
You walk in sick or wounded
They carry you out to the funeral home
Shit, the cops.
Turn everything off now!
Calm down, be cool.
Good evening, papers please.
Basma, deal with him.
There goes the rest of our money.
Malika, will you take me
to a real concert sometime?
Insha'Allah. But listen,
about what you saw tonight...
I won't say anything, don't worry.
Can you make money from doing music?
If you're good enough...
and work your ass off...
and are lucky.
Even then, 99 musicians
out of a hundred fail.
You're going away, aren't you?
That's what your video is for, right?
You know, we sent some songs
to this producer.
If she likes it... we might go
make an album. Go on tour.
If you leave,
you won't come back.
Slow down.
I don't have a ticket anywhere!
I said if the producer likes the songs.
If you leave, you won't come back.
Good morning.
Where were you two last night?
I don't want to hear a lie.
Well, I found her at the bus stop.
I had to work late,
I couldn't pick her up.
Sir, this is Caroline from Francecom.
I am calling you with an exceptional offer.
It's a holiday package with
I understand, sir, but the offer
is available for 18 months.
Yes, my name is Caroline.
Accent? Which accent?
You have an accent too. I think
it's from the south of France, right?
You donkey.
Let's go, Missy.
There are 250 other Carolines
like you waiting for your job.
- Fired?
- Yep.
Fucking Frenchy asshole!
Don't be a racist.
Let's sweeten the deal a little.
Watch my back.
See you at practice.
It's Jade. She wants to meet me.
Calm down.
- So what are you doing? Call her!
- She wants to meet tonight.
Call her now!
Malika? Good evening!
- I'm pleased to meet you.
- Me too.
I really liked I'm so bored with Morocco.
It's really good.
There's a political punch.
Old school. I love it.
You a fan of Joe Strummer?
Well, you have one thing
in common with him:
you both sing like crap.
It's a joke!
Listen, I'm going to London.
I will be back in two weeks.
And then we'll try
to record a demo together.
You're The Traitors, right?
Just Traitors.
Reserve the Studio Alpha in Casablanca
from the 25th to the 30th.
Talk to Hicham,
tell him I sent you.
We have to pay for those five days?
Of course, it's your demo.
You want to produce us
but we have to pay?
I am a producer, not an ATM.
- Hi, Malika. How are you?
- Got some work for me, by any chance?
- Sorry, nothing now.
- Thank you.
How are you, Dad?
I'm okay.
I would like to come
working for three weeks.
Not like last time.
I'll work really hard.
What happened to your office job?
It dried up.
Is that a new battery?
You want money to go singing and
dancing with those street girls, right?
Dad, please don't start.
You're 25. No job, no husband.
And you stay out
until God knows what time.
- You know what people say about me?
- I can move out anytime you want.
Hey! Bring that part.
Not this. The other one.
Can't you see
what I'm working on?
You're not moving anywhere
till you get married.
But who wants to marry
a girl who wears jeans...
with dirty fingernails.
Not even a butcher
wants to marry you!
- Where's your boss?
- He's not here. It's closing time.
It's running bad, huh?
Is the motor weak
when you're going uphill?
Open the hood.
Khalil, bring the water.
You've got a problem
with the pressure screw.
I can fix it. 500 dirhams.
500? A new one costs only 50.
Order it from Casablanca and see
if you can get it in 10 days.
Fix it.
Come back in four hours.
Give me your phone.
Call me when you're done.
Khalil, 24 socket wrench.
Have you finished?
- It's ready.
- Is it working?
Try it if you want.
You're a little badass.
Too bad you dress like a boy.
Those guys are in the hash
Forget what you've seen.
Okay, take me downtown, please.
Hey, Bonny.
He said no?
Listen: no money, no studio.
Yeah, okay, I'll find us the money.
I'll find the money.
All right. Bye.
I'm finishing work,
and you girls are just starting...
Hey, baby.
I'm so cold and you're so hot.
You're a dirty girl, dirty!
Next time I'll kick your ass.
Hey, Malika.
How's it going?
Fine, and you?
You know, same old shit.
To what do I owe the pleasure?
You want something?
Yeah, I need the money you borrowed.
Truth is, I just don't have it right now.
Come on, Jihan.
I really need that money. Please.
Look, wait five minutes, I'll get dressed
and we'll go get your money, okay?
Okay, I'll wait. Don't take too long.
- Want a Red Bull? Vodka?
- No thanks.
- I hate clubs.
- Go in, it's not going to kill you.
See, Adil's here.
I'll get you your money.
What can I get you?
A Coke.
What are you thinking about?
I'm thinking about a whiskey.
A Johnny Red for the lady.
Where are you from, beautiful?
From Donkeyville.
That's in the South, right?
You seem lonely.
Very lonely.
I could keep you company.
Yes? I'm listening.
You want to?
Depends how much.
2,000 for the whole night.
I'll give you 1600, and I don't
pay the room or anybody else.
But you do everything I say.
You seem so nice. So, yes.
You can wait for me
outside the door.
And... I have to give 1000
to the club before I leave.
And the 600 afterwards.
See you outside.
- Bitch! Damn it!
- Scumbag!
What did you do with my money?
Give me back my money.
You come with me.
You two get lost.
She stole my money.
- Where are you taking me?
- Relax.
Garage Girl!
Who are those foreign assholes?
- What's the problem?
- My neck hurts.
Those son of a bitches
hurt your neck?
Let me out, please.
No. I'm taking you to a doctor first.
Then I'll get you home.
I know a doctor nearby.
Call the doctor.
He'll be here in a moment.
Not in a moment. Now!
I told you to call him now.
What's your problem?
Here he is.
- Hi.
- Doctor, she fell on her neck.
Okay, come on.
- Did you really fall?
- Yes.
Are you feeling better?
A little.
Tell me, do you have
a driver's license?
I think I might have a job for you.
Just driving a car to the mountains
and back. It's not far.
I don't smoke and I don't drink.
I don't like drugs.
- This is work with cars.
- Give me a break.
You just drive up to my farm,
my people are already there.
Omar will show you everything.
There's another girl...
You drive up there and back.
That's it.
You'll look nice,
a new car, new clothes.
European license plates.
The police will never look at you twice.
And if they question me?
Search me? I go to jail?
What would they find? The car's
empty, only clothes in your suitcase.
I'm not that kind of girl.
I know that.
But I'm talking about real money.
8,000 dirhams, cash,
for one night.
Use your pretty head.
Please let me out here.
You're going to call me, right?
I know you're going to call me.
So how can we raise some money?
I get paid next week.
And Norah is going to sell her laptop.
That will make us 2,500 dirhams.
That's only one day of studio time.
We'll find a solution.
How, Sarah?
How are we going to find
two months of salary in three weeks?
Calm down.
What's your problem?
Take it easy.
Fuck take it easy.
Do whatever you want.
This is our chance
and I won't miss it.
Everybody is waiting in this country
and I'm tired of waiting.
Hello? Mom?
What's up? You okay?
You've been in that drawer again, right?
Not much money these days.
I have to say,
you've always put it back.
What are you going to do about the bank?
The bank sends tough letters,
but they won't take our apartment.
No, Mama.
Sarah's uncle just lost his house.
Why hasn't Dad paid?
You know the garage has been slow.
There's enough work.
What's his problem?
Your father was fine,
until two years ago...
when the bank raised
the monthly payment.
Now, he got lost somewhere.
He goes out, loses money.
I've been paying
for everything for a long time.
- What a hypocrite.
- Don't talk that way about your father.
You're a child.
You don't understand.
You're still defending him.
He's going to put you in the street.
You could leave him.
And Fatima?
We'll work it out.
Don't worry, Mom.
I'm going to take a shower.
I'm exhausted.
I need an advance.
You want to go shopping?
How is everything?
She's driving.
We'll be in the village in three hours.
Malika, right?
Yes, Malika.
This is the anti-terrorist checkpoint.
Be careful on your way back.
If the cops stop you...
you smile.
You're polite, respectful.
You're in a hurry like everyone else.
I grew up here.
Turn here.
We go up the mountain.
Don't worry about these cops here.
They only check for speeding.
Always stay 10 kilometers
under the speed limit.
We're in Bab Berred.
Well, I'm not the one driving.
Darderra roadblock.
The cops look for smugglers.
What do you want?
Whatever happened to Angaz?
The guy we used to work with?
I don't know who you're talking about.
Pull over there please.
What now?
Where are you from?
You're a Tangerine?
Never seen you in the bars or clubs.
No, you haven't.
You better not mess up my game.
What a dump.
Don't be fooled. Half the dope
in Europe comes through here.
Turn here.
Take a turn here and follow him.
Be polite.
They are very nice people.
50 kilos, four boxes.
How much?
How much?
Malika, time to learn.
Take apart that door.
The knife first,
then the screwdriver.
Do it softly.
Put some tape here.
Good work.
You're a good girl.
I can tell.
Not like the street girls
who come here.
Stop now. Go eat.
- How is the food?
- It's good. Thank you.
Eat hearty, the road is long.
Welcome from your journey, Haj.
That door is packed.
Work on the rest.
There's a mattress
if you want to sleep.
We're not supposed to go out.
Next time,
I'll show you the best view.
Get some sleep,
you have an hour.
Wake up.
I'm awake.
Put on these clothes.
You work on cars like a man.
That's what my dad says.
He never had a son.
Do you have a boyfriend?
Not at the moment.
Why not?
You are pretty enough.
Not my priority.
You are funny.
I'll show you my ex-boyfriend.
Look, isn't he cute?
You know where we spent our holidays?
We had an apartment in Casablanca.
I was living with him.
And then?
We started to fight.
He was hitting me too much.
It was partly my fault.
You're better off without him.
No, he was nice.
We had a lot of fun.
Get in the car.
What's wrong with you?
- Are you tired?
- No, I'm fine.
Look at me.
- Are you sick?
- No, I'm okay.
Listen to me.
Stay on the main road.
Don't stop.
Got me?
Got me?
First, go wash the car.
We'll be right behind you.
Start the engine.
Get out!
What's this? You sniffing?
No, I didn't touch your shipment.
I would never.
You want the dogs to smell you?
If the police stop you,
what do you say? What do you do?
Be polite. Respectful. Smile.
I've got my eye on you.
Get out of here.
I feel bad for you.
- No worries.
- Who is that guy, Haj?
Amal doesn't know anything.
The more you know,
the more problems you have.
- I don't see them.
- They stay two, three kilometers behind.
If we get stopped...
they're not too close.
- They follow us all the way to Tangier?
- All the way to the ferry port.
What ferry port?
Nobody said anything about a ferry!
You think we pack the car like this
to drive to Tangier?
I have to drive this car to Paris.
The Moroccans there
are really fucked up.
Real gangsters.
Don't worry, Princess Malika...
you're getting out in Tangier.
There's also coke
in this car, isn't there?
The roadblock!
Put on your seat belt.
Good afternoon.
- You weren't wearing your seat belt.
- But I was.
Her ID.
We have to get back on the road.
Did you eat something bad?
Are you retarded?
We're gonna go to jail.
Nothing bad happened.
Nothing bad happened?
- Where are you going?
- You're gonna get me thrown in jail.
Look at you!
What's the matter with me?
Even with those clothes,
you look like a junky street girl!
Shit. You all right? Sorry.
We have to go. Now.
The other car is coming.
I tried to get out, once.
I went to the Spanish church in Tangier.
I asked the nuns to help me.
They were nice to me,
told me to come back tomorrow.
The next morning, when I woke up,
there was a metal lock next to my head.
I didn't understand.
I took it when I went back to the nuns.
They saw it and freaked out.
Someone had stolen the lock off
the door of their church during the night.
The nuns didn't want anything
to do with me after that.
For girls like us,
there's only one way out.
There was this other girl Aisha.
Pretty. She looked like you.
She got to be Samir's girl.
He fell in love with her, gave
her a ring.
One day she went on a run.
There was a snitch.
Cops stopped her in Darderra
and found cocaine.
She went to jail.
But just before her trial:
I used to go out with a prison guard.
He told me different.
He told me
that she didn't kill herself.
They poisoned her.
Samir knew she'd never snitch on him.
She loved him.
He still wears her ring.
Who then?
It was Haj.
He knew she'd talk about him.
Does Samir know?
Are you crazy?
I look dead.
You're just scared and tired.
I'm used to it.
Used to fear.
We're like slaves for these assholes.
I work, I get paid.
It's not a job if you can't quit.
It's a prison.
These people are not your family.
They're devils.
My mother always said,
If you are a nail, endure the knocking.
That's only half of that proverb.
The other half says,
If you are a hammer, strike.
Is that your sonogram?
Can I see?
Are you really pregnant?
Have you seen a doctor since this?
Amal, look at me.
Do you want to keep this child?
You have to get out of the country.
It is your last chance.
You can't understand.
If I ran away,
I could never come back
If you're going to have your baby,
you can't think about that.
Get away from these assholes.
You have a passport.
The airport is right ahead.
You take the next flight to Europe.
You vanish and never come back.
If you stay, you're going to die.
You don't understand.
If I left, they would kill you.
I'll give back the car.
If I run away, they'll blame you.
Samir never lets
any of the girls get away.
I'm not like those girls.
Road block must be slow today.
Pretend you're sick.
Lean your head back.
I'm so sorry sir.
Please forgive me.
My friend is sick.
She has an appointment
with Dr. Benani at Clinic Tingis.
- What's wrong, Missy?
- She's really sick.
I'm begging you, sir.
Please give us a break.
What's your problem?
Show me your passport.
You have an eyebrow pencil?
Let your hair down.
- You speak French, right?
- Yes. My cousin lives near
Don't tell anyone where you are.
Not even your mom.
Fuck my mom.
Hold your mouth shut.
Like the girl in the picture.
Take your passport.
Hurry, go.
- What if there are no seats on the plane?
- You'll find one, hurry go now!
It's your chance. Take it.
Amal is gone.
She can never come back.
You're someone else now.
Go. Take care of your baby.
You'll need this. Good luck.
There's no such thing as luck.
It's Malika.
I was in the gas station bathroom.
When I came out, Amal was gone.
With the car.
I looked everywhere.
What should I do now?
I'm at the gas station
near the Marjane shopping center.
Where's the car?
I don't know.
All my stuff is in it.
Where's Amal?
I don't know. She was nervous
and sick the whole trip.
Didn't sleep, didn't eat.
When I came out of the bathroom,
she was gone.
I called you so I could
I'm sorry.
Take off your glasses.
Look at me.
- Where's Amal?
- I have no idea.
She was complaining about the job.
Where did she go?
Maybe home to Marrakech. Her mother
She had problems with her mother.
The car?
I don't know.
I was in the toilets.
- She was sniffing. It's not my fault.
- Look at me.
Where is my shit?
Listen, I don't know.
I don't know where it is.
Listen, motherfucker,
get on the Autoroute south.
If you don't catch her before Rabat,
follow the Marrakech road.
Son of a bitch.
- Why did you turn off after the checkpoint?
- Amal told me to go that way.
If you're lying...
I swear I am going to kill you
and your fucking friend.
- Where's Amal?
- I don't know.
Where is she?
I think you bitches are trying
to screw me.
- Where's the car?
- I wish I could tell you, but I don't know.
Try calling her again.
Out of the service area.
Today you die. Understand?
Haj is about to come through that door.
You better come up with some answers.
- Where's the car?
- I don't know!
Where's Amal?
Where's the car?
We know each other, right?
Malika Drissi.
Your father Hassan lives in Branes.
Your mother works at the Hotel Chamal.
Where is the car?
- I already told Samir everything
- Slow down!
- You know how much it's worth
- Hey.
I don't care about the car.
I don't care about the money.
I'm interested in the girl.
Where's the girl?
I swear I don't know.
Call Amal again.
Come here, Malika.
Come here.
Stand up.
Can you help me find the girl?
Because I won't ask twice.
Where is the car?
I was just thinking: purse, my phone.
It was in the car.
You could call it to reach Amal.
Who is this?
Where's the girl?
Answer me!
Please. Let me call back.
Sir, forgive me for bothering you...
but I think you found my cell phone.
I would like to meet you to thank you.
Where are you, please?
I know you didn't steal it.
I just want to get it back.
You're at the bus station.
- Take her with you.
- Let's go!
If the girl left on a bus,
maybe she left the car near here.
Stop! There it is.
I wanted to ask you something.
This guy, Haj.
He almost killed Amal up there.
Did you know she's pregnant?
I need to tell you something about Haj.
Amal told me about
a girl called Alia or Aisha.
She told me she committed
suicide in prison.
But Amal heard from inside the prison.
It was just made to look like a suicide.
She said Haj had her killed.
That's all I know.