Tramps (2016) Movie Script

And it's Rockin' With Dewey
continuing to race in second.
Then comes Masherhal, Hand Over Bell
and Perfect Alliance
is still at the back of the field
in 56 and 3/5 seconds.
And now MF Happenstance
leads the charge around the far turn.
MF Happenstance,
three quarters of a length.
Mystery Woman second on the outside,
Rockin' With Dewey is third
to the inside.
And they're being followed by
Hand Over Bell, Masherhal,
and Perfect Alliance is still at the back.
And they're into the stretch,
three quarters in 1:24.2.
And it is still MF Happenstance,
and here comes Mystery Woman
to the outside.
- And in the center, Hand Over Bell...
- No.
Come on.
It is Mystery Woman,
Hand Over Bell on the far outside.
- Masherhal is closing late...
- Come on, Mashy.
Here at the finish
it's Hand Over Bell!
- Yeah, I got it.
- Masherhal was next,
then came Rockin' With Dewey
and Mystery Woman in 1:51.4.
Seven. Or five for us?
On should tell you.
Okay. Bye.
Matko Boska.
What is it?
Five, for us.
I'm starting.
No, we wait for him.
You have a collect call from
the Atlantic County Correctional Facility
- from...
- Darren.
Press one to accept.
- Darren.
- Hey.
- Where are you?
- Jail.
Jesus. What did you do?
No, it's nothing.
I've been trying to call you.
You didn't pay your fuckin' cell phone?
Yeah, I get paid on Monday.
What happened?
- I'm down in Atlantic City.
- Ma.
Just some asshole, I ended up
having to smash in his window.
Misdemeanor. Point is, I'm stuck here.
I gotta spend the night.
Which is why I need you to help me out.
I got this thing going on here tomorrow...
so you gotta do it and pretend you're me.
You'll get in a guy's car
and deliver a briefcase.
Don't worry about anything.
There's $1,500 in it for me.
You know I need it.
All right? I'll be very proud of you.
- What's in the suitcase?
- It's a briefcase.
What's in the briefcase?
I don't know.
No, I'm not doing...
You don't know?
It's just papers, man.
It's nothing major.
I'm not doing that.
- Put Ma on the phone.
- No.
Put Ma on the phone.
Miss, I already told you,
if you don't have a ticket
you'll have to get off the train.
Your brother needs you.
You're doing it.
Okay, look, just listen, all right?
There'll be a woman on a bench
with a green purse.
And you swap your briefcase for hers.
- Green purse.
- You're not writing this down, are you?
Good. Don't be stupid,
I really need this money.
I owe you one, all right?
I'll pay your cell phone bill.
All right?
She's got a green pocketbook and...
All right, but whose... whose car
am I getting into?
- What?
- Wrap it up.
Just one sec.
You just got to do this for me, okay?
I'm gonna do it.
Who's the guy driving the car?
Promise me you'll do this.
Danny? Promise me you'll do...
I'm doing it, but who's the guy
driving the car?
You got a swipe?
You got a swipe?
There's this one guy, like,
from Philly, I think.
They got like a Philly vibe, and, uh...
Russell and Jimmy know him.
Russell's been a big pain in the ass,
but Jimmy gets it, you know?
Like, he knows I can come through for him.
Shit's been weird since the bust,
but this is a good situation
'cause these guys, they're professional.
Not like Howie, that fuck.
That guy doesn't know what he's doing.
And the plan is intricate,
you know what I mean?
It's like a clock, you know.
Everything fits together
and everyone gets protected.
I want more money.
- No.
- I'm driving.
I'm keeping the clock running.
What are you talking about?
You came to me for work.
I mean, how'd you lose that job anyway?
Creative differences.
And how's, uh, Ricky's
check cashing con paying off for you?
Because no one asked you
to skip town to Pittsburgh
for some Greaseball shithead.
Yeah, well, he did.
I mean, if you don't go back
to Pittsburgh,
I have a... queen size bed.
You've done worse.
Well, I'm going back to Pittsburgh,
so I'm fine on the couch, Scott.
Just do the job.
This is the phone.
Don't make any outgoing calls.
And these are the keys
to the Sentra.
- Thought you said it was an Altima.
- It's a fuckin' Nissan. Doesn't matter.
It's, like, uh, gonna be
the only red Nissan on the block.
- What's in the briefcase?
- I don't know.
You can't know everything, Ellie.
Sometimes you gotta just do it.
Here you go.
Felicia, I can go?
Are you the guy?
Uh... yeah.
You the guy?
Yeah, I'm the girl.
I can see that.
Get in.
Do you know what
the... the... the guy looks like?
It is a guy, right?
Keep the car on.
Roll this back window down.
He's coming back, he's coming back.
- Do you think they got the license plate?
- I don't know.
Because, man...
Do you know who the girl is
I gotta meet with the green bag?
- Good luck.
- All right.
Come on, man.
Yeah, it's done.
Oh, my God...
Oh, my God, it's you.
You don't even know what I just did.
Look, stop. Where are you goin'?
Look... Don't run, don't run,
don't run, please don't run.
I just need a number or something,
I just need...
I don't know,
an address or something, like...
You're not gonna help me?
I just gave the briefcase
to the wrong woman.
Exactly. What are we gonna do?
What am I gonna do?
I'm not supposed to be here.
I'm not even supposed to be here,
it's my brother.
- Do you know my brother Darren?
- Don't fucking tell me his name.
Why don't you wanna know?
Look, look! Look, you're not
gonna get your 1,500 either, okay?
- 1,500?
- Yeah, 1,500. That's all I know.
- All I know is the green...
- They're paying you fuckin' $1,500?
I think so. I don't even know.
Give me your phone.
Give me your fucking phone.
I don't have a... I didn't pay my bill.
What are we gonna do?
You got a quarter?
I got a phone card.
You gonna call him?
You're calling him?
- Fuck.
- This is not fucking rocket science.
How hard is it? You walk up
to the fucking platform,
- you exchange the suitcase.
- I know.
I got an eight-year-old that can do it.
You give it to this fuckin' Pollack,
look what happens.
- You're so fucking stupid...
- Stop talking, Russell!
Stop talking!
Hold up. Who's this?
- Well, hello there.
- I think we got a problem.
Yeah, no shit. $1,500, Scott?
Why is some idiot
getting twice as much as me?
- He with you now?
- Yes.
Do you have the thing?
But I have the address
where it's going.
I think we got it under control, okay?
Just gonna take a little longer.
It's fine. We got it under control.
It's gonna cost you.
Okay. The full $1,500.
Twice that.
What the fuck do I care?
It's comin' out of your share.
- Okay.
- We need to see Darren, too.
And she brings Darren. I don't want him
running around until this is done.
Okay, so you deliver the thing
and you bring him with you tonight.
You can keep his share, too.
Okay. All right.
New Ebony Hotel,
Room 1310, 10:00 p.m.
1310, got it.
Let's go.
Wait, wait, you don't need me.
You... You got the address.
Take the bag, I don't want it anymore.
What does the woman look like?
She's got blonde hair,
she had a white shirt on.
- She's...
- Yeah, exactly. Let's go.
What's the address
on the pills again?
31 Maryasis Road.
It's in Briarcliff.
Hi, what train goes to Briarcliff?
Ossining or Scarborough,
whichever one is closer to you.
- Scarborough.
- 12:20, track 40.
Okay. Thank you.
You want to guess what my name is?
My name is Danny.
- Come on, tell me your name.
- I'm not telling you my name.
All right.
Where are you from?
Look, you fucked up, so you lost
"knowing shit" privileges, all right?
- You know, you can be a real...
- A what? Huh?
- A real bitch?
- What?
No, no.
I was... I was gonna say you can be
a tough nut to crack, but...
Were you really gonna say
"a tough nut to crack"?
Yeah. Why, what's wrong with that?
I live in Pittsburgh.
How's Pittsburgh?
A lot of shitty people.
Oh. I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry. You didn't build it.
So, you live with anyone in Pittsburgh?
You know, you got a roommate
or, you know, you got a boyfriend?
I live with a Ricky.
What's a Ricky?
I had a lizard named Ricky once.
Sounds about right.
Come on, you'll be done
when it's done.
Who do you think lives out here?
Rich people.
So, how much do you think
these houses cost?
- Why? You in the market?
- Oh, no.
What about, uh, Sacramento?
You ever been there?
No, thank God.
There's a job opening there.
'Cause I'm a chef, you know?
At a nice restaurant in the city.
You know what
"farm to table" is, right?
I'm more of a cook, I guess.
Okay, sure, whatever,
but you don't have to leave New York.
Yeah, I know, but...
my living situation's not great.
Fine, but there's restaurants everywhere.
That's true.
So what about you? What do you do?
- I'm recently unemployed.
- Oh, really?
What did you do?
I... I was a bartender.
But I made...
I made, like, fancy cocktails.
That's cool. I got this friend Lev
that I went to high school with,
he... he's a bar-back in the city
at this bar and he's just like...
His favorite drink to make
is, like, these egg whites...
Look, I wasn't a bartender, okay?
I worked in a strip club.
All right. Okay.
I bet you were successful
at that, you know.
- What the fuck's that supposed to mean?
- Nothing, just 'cause...
You're pretty and you're smart, and...
Well, I wasn't.
And I was only a waitress, okay?
I didn't strip or work the back.
- All right.
- I'm serious. I don't sleep around.
- What, you don't believe me?
- I believe you.
- Guess how many guys I've slept with.
- It doesn't matter...
- No, no. Guess.
- I'm not guessing, that's stupid.
- I'm not gonna guess.
- Seven.
- Okay.
- It's not a lot.
It's not a lot.
I probably would've said higher.
Oh, so you're saying
I look like a whore now?
No! I just...
I just... I wouldn't even think
you were a whore
if you slept with, like, a hundred guys.
Yeah, exactly.
- Who are you to judge me?
- I'm not judging you.
That's why I don't wanna guess.
We're lost.
- Uh, we shouldn't be.
- No, I've seen that house before.
I don't know. Maybe you were here
when you were a kid.
You know, if that was the right left,
then this is Maryasis.
If they put up a fuckin' street sign
we'd be able to tell.
- Hey, what are you doing?
- Looking for an address.
No, no, you can't do this,
it's a federal crime.
Yeah, well, I got an accomplice.
Look, it is the right street.
Put it away.
Can I help you?
- Hey. Um, do you live here?
- I do not.
- Neither do we.
- No.
You don't look much like the Kutikoffs.
The Kutiko... Yeah, uh...
We're supposed to just, you know...
- They're... We're just...
- We're just a little lost.
- We're just a little lost.
- That's it.
You know what I do when I'm lost?
I call the police.
Shall I call them for you?
- No, no.
- No, thanks. We're just gonna leave.
- Thank you.
- Good idea.
Don't worry about it.
He's driving a fucking SUV.
- What does that mean?
- He's an asshole.
I don't think anyone's home.
Hey. It's in the living room.
Don't let the dog out.
- Is that the girl that took the bag?
- No, no. This girl is younger.
Uh, I guess.
I don't think
she's talking about the briefcase.
I think we just have to find her
and ask her.
Yeah. Yeah, let's do that.
Hey, look, it's a Ricky.
Oh, my God, check it out.
That's a big lizard.
I don't know why they give kids pets
that die so young.
Maybe let 'em be sad about something small
before the really sad things happen.
Come on.
And, you know, lizards have
a really long lifespan.
Like, 20 years.
So what happened to Ricky?
Uh, well, his living situation
wasn't exactly ideal either.
- Ya know.
- Whose is?
These guys'.
- Yeah.
- Hello.
- Where is she?
- Yeah, and where's the dog?
Hey, look, someone's coming home.
I think that...
That's the guy with the SUV.
Hide. Hide.
What are you doing? Come on.
- We gotta jump.
- What?
We gotta jump.
We got this, okay?
Come on.
Come on.
We didn't let the dog out.
You know what?
Look, I'm going back up there.
I'm going back up there.
I'm going to explain to them.
Take my ID.
If I get arrested
I'm gonna give a false name.
The name isn't the problem,
you've been seen by half the family.
Let's just wait
till they go in the morning.
The wife will probably leave the briefcase
inside, we'll go in and get it.
- And what if it's not there?
- Then we'll leave, all right?
We just got to wait and see.
Look, I'm sorry, all right?
I screwed up.
It's my fault.
I'm gonna forfeit my share, okay?
- But I can't stay here the whole night.
- No, you have to.
Why? Why? And honestly,
you should come with me.
We should let them deal with this.
This is... This is their problem.
This has nothing to do with us.
Unless you know how someone
who's broke can make enough money
to get out of a shitty situation,
then it's worth it to me.
Are you using the money
to get away from that guy?
Yes, okay?
I'm using the money to leave Pittsburgh.
Hey, uh...
good job back there.
You know, from not
letting the dog out and stuff.
- You gonna order something?
- Yeah, sure.
Um, what can we get for nine dollars?
Is that including tip?
Can I use your phone?
- You have reached the voice mailbox of...
- Scott.
Please leave a message after the tone.
Hey, it's me.
We're fine, we're on it
but we got delayed.
So it won't be going down till tomorrow.
So, yeah, we'll be at the motel
in the morning.
- So what'd he say?
- Couldn't reach him.
All right, look, let's get some food.
You need food?
I need food, I'm starving.
- Yeah?
- All right, yeah.
Kids' menu or appetizers?
So what about you?
You got a roommate, girlfriend?
Well, I was... I was
seeing this girl in my building last year.
Oh, really? With that little
hair thing above your lip?
What's wrong with my mustache?
All right, who else?
I don't wanna
talk about this with you.
Come on, give me something.
Very bad for Darren?
Ma, it could be very bad for me.
What about high school?
Some scandalous hallway hookups?
Some stairway action?
All right.
Rebecca Vargas.
She touched my penis in tenth grade.
- Wow. Rebecca Vargas?
- Yeah, Rebecca Vargas.
Rebecca Vargas back then...
Oh, my God, man.
I don't know if it counts, though.
- Why wouldn't it count?
- Well...
All right.
Mike Budabin, a friend of mine,
he told everyone
that whoever got Rebecca Vargas
to touch their penis first,
wins the "Special Prize."
What was the Special Prize?
It was having Rebecca Vargas
touch your penis.
- Makes sense.
- Right.
Anyway, she found out about this prize
being associated with her
and she wanted to know what it was.
And so she asked me,
and I said that I would tell her, but...
she had to touch my penis first.
So she tapped it with her pinky and...
that's how I won the Special Prize.
Daniel, just come home now.
You'll make supper,
and the bettors are coming early tomorrow.
We should just let Darren handle it.
I'm gonna stay.
Daniel? Daniel? Hello?
Thank you.
I don't know if that's
the sweetest or saddest story
I've ever heard in my life.
No, no, no, it's the sweetest.
It's the sweetest.
For the record, it counts.
- Really?
- Yeah, of course.
I mean, she touched your penis, right?
You don't think that
we should just sleep in the woods?
I am not sleeping in the woods.
- What if this is alarmed?
- The pool shed?
- I don't know.
- Don't worry. It's not alarmed.
Just come on. Live a little.
So he ends up going to court
and he was in the courtroom going
"It was a ghost."
And the judge is like,
"I know the ghost. I've seen it."
So he got off.
So, what do you cook?
- I mean, at the restaurant.
- Oh. Um...
It's, uh, it's a nice little
Italian place.
You ever been there? To Italy?
No. No.
I mean, the only place I've ever been
is Providence.
Well, that's where you should go.
Forget Sacramento.
I've been there once.
- You have?
- To Italy, yeah.
Wow. Did you go with your family
or something?
- I'm sorry, I didn't...
- Don't be sorry.
Do you like it there?
Yeah, I guess.
Italy has a lot of shady people
once you get past all the tourist stuff.
You don't ever think that maybe
it's... it's not the place that's shady,
it's the people you're choosing
to hang out with.
You know, why don't you go somewhere else
besides Providence for the weekend
before you start acting
like you know everything.
- I'm sorry.
- No, it's... No, no, it's okay.
I'm just cold.
You know, if... if you are cold,
we could... we could hold each other.
Excuse me?
You know, we could hold each other
for warmth.
You wanna cuddle me?
Look, it's a meteorical fact.
I'm not, you know.
That's what I meant.
If you try anything, I swear to God
you're gonna fuckin' regret it.
No, I'm... I'm a little scared of you,
so I'm not...
We're only cuddling for warmth.
Yeah. Cuddling for weather purposes.
Hey, it's me. We're fine.
We're on it, but we got delayed.
So it won't be going down till tomorrow.
So, yeah.
We'll be at the motel in the morning.
So that was Ellie.
And it's fine, you know.
Uh, they're a little delayed,
but they'll be there in the morning, so...
Just drop me off at the motel
and it's all good.
What exactly is good about that?
It's, uh... You know, she has it.
- She said that?
- Yeah.
Let me hear the message.
I deleted it.
She'll be there.
I mean, she needs the money.
I mean... and she's gotta bring him too,
or else she won't get his share, so...
You know, it'll work out.
- Like it worked out in Camden?
- That was three years ago, Jimmy.
Come on, man.
Move on.
Yeah, maybe for you and me
moving on is a good idea.
That... That's not what I mean.
It's Darren.
Darren, where are you, man?
Hey, man, I'm... I'm running
a little late. I'm at my mom's house.
What do you mean
you're at your mom's house?
I, uh, got a little delayed.
I'll be at... I'll be at the motel soon.
Well, then, who the fuck is with Ellie?
All right, here they come.
Whoa. She's clearly running the family.
Yeah, he looks like
he'd be lost without her.
And you know what he does
when he's lost.
Calls the police.
All right, hopefully she left
the briefcase inside.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
That's not the woman with the green bag.
What do you mean?
She was like, I don't know,
30 years younger.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
- What if she locked it?
- You just saw her not lock the door.
The whole point of living out here
is so they don't have to worry
about people like us.
All right, all right.
- Hey!
- Take it.
- Hey, is this her?
- Yeah, that's her.
- I guess it's the daughter.
- But she had the pills.
I don't know, they must be her mom's.
Come on.
There's a computer. Boom. All right.
So, I just put their last name
into their email
and... and something should come up.
Wait, how do I spell it?
- W-E-I-R-E...
- I-R... Wierengo. I got it.
All right.
We got Dave Wierengo,
we got Eric Wierengo.
Vinessa Wierengo,
with an "I" in the Vinessa.
- Where?
- After the "V."
"Hey, Mom, do you remember
the name of the hotel?"
Blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah...
All right!
- What?
- We got it.
"Vinessa Wierengo, Marketing Coordinator.
Annabella Advisors, 242 West 30th Street."
- Oh, my God!
- Yes! All right!
All right, I'm...
I'm gonna go change.
Why, what? What do you mean change?
Because I feel fuckin' filthy.
Just go grab some food.
- All right. Yeah.
- Okay?
Let's do it!
Hey, you in there?
We should probably get out of here.
Yeah. Just a minute.
Hey. Put this on.
Come on. Let's go.
So, what do you think?
About what?
About my mustache.
Yeah, I don't know.
Maybe you looked better with it.
You look great.
At least better than whatever
was going on there before.
And I'm sure all the girls
in your building will love it.
I don't want the girls in my building.
Is my mom there?
Or can you put my brother on?
They're fine.
Just give me the address.
Vinessa Wierengo,
Annabella Advisors.
Vinessa Wierengo, Annabella Advisors.
- 242 West 30th Street.
- 242 West 30th Street. Got it.
And that's... that's with an "I"
after the "V" in Vinessa.
It's not Vanessa.
- Just sit tight.
- Okay.
I'll send guys over.
If she leaves, stay with her.
She wants to know
about the money.
What about the money?
She'll get what we agreed to.
I want you to go to them,
then meet Scott outside the motel.
Oh, and Darren,
what me and Ellie agreed to...
she's taking your share.
I gotta take a shit.
Uh, yeah, Annabella Advisors.
Uh, 242 West 30th Street.
Annabella Advisors.
Could you connect me
with, uh, Vinessa Winergo, please?
Uh, yes. Wierengo. Please hold.
Hello, this is Vinessa.
Ms. Wierengo. Hi. Yeah. Um...
I believe you may have a briefcase
that belongs to me.
Oh. Oh, my God, yes.
I... I'm... I have it right here
in my office. Do you have my bag?
Your bag? Yeah, I've got it.
Here's the thing, I'm about to walk
into a very important meeting right now
and there are some essential documents
in it that I need right now.
Oh, well, I...
Look, it's a beautiful day outside.
Why not get out of the office, right?
No fucking way, Darren.
I don't care how long it takes,
you're not running any errands.
Sir, uh, we got the briefcase.
- Really?
- Yeah, yeah.
- How?
- I... I don't know.
She walked out of her building
and she had the briefcase with her.
So we decided to follow her, right?
All right, but I told you
to just stay on her.
Uh, yeah, yeah.
But then we started thinking like...
Where do you think
she's going with it?
I don't know.
Do you think she's gonna go to the cops?
I don't know.
- Yeah, that makes sense, I guess.
- Right?
So we decided to keep, uh, real close
and... and... and watch her,
and we didn't take
our eyes off her one bit.
She's getting up.
We gotta get that briefcase.
I'm wearing her mom's dress.
All right. Let me deal with it, all right?
- Hey. Hey! Hi.
- Oh, hey.
Sorry, I don't know if you remember me
but I got your bag.
Yeah, yeah, of course. Hi.
I'm really sorry, I just took it
by mistake. It wasn't like...
No, no, I know.
Don't worry. I got it. Here.
Right. Right.
- Thanks.
- Thank you! Thank you so much.
I guess I'm gonna head back
down here, but thank you.
- Good luck with your meeting.
- Thank you.
She just gave... She just gave it...
- She just gave it to me.
- Let's go!
I didn't even say anything to her.
We were real smart about it, too,
like she didn't suspect a thing at all.
All right.
I don't need to hear the whole story.
Just meet outside the motel.
Okay. Um, sir, can I talk
to my brother, please?
They want us to meet at the motel.
- They got the briefcase.
- What?
Looks like you're a lucky son of a bitch.
- Darren?
- Yeah.
We got the briefcase, man.
We came through.
Are you there with the girl?
Talk in Polish.
Thank fucking God.
Listen, she's screwing us over.
What? No, she's not.
She cut a deal with them.
She gets my share...
if she babysits you until it's done.
No, no. She's really cool.
Listen, Danny,
I know you probably like her and all,
but think about it.
I bet she was real insistent on you
sticking around the whole time, right?
Why do you think she would do that?
You there, kid?
Look, I'm sorry, Danny.
She's a con artist. Stripper.
Yeah, whatever, man.
Point is,
you're a fucking paycheck to her.
But if you bring the briefcase back,
then I can get the whole share
and cut her out of it.
Just get the briefcase and come home.
All right?
You speak Russian?
Then I figured out we were...
We were sneaking in at intermission.
I don't know, I kind of preferred it
that way, though.
What's wrong?
- Come on, tell me what's up.
- I got fired, all right?
They called my mom.
Darren just told me. It doesn't matter.
I'm sorry.
I missed my shift, it happens.
It doesn't matter.
Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Listen.
I was thinking that
when we get to the motel...
you should just wait nearby.
All right? Let me go up there alone
and handle it. I got it.
Look, I'm gonna call my manager,
all right?
Okay? I just wanna see what she's saying.
I don't wanna...
Just give me a minute?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sure.
Miss, you got a Metro card?
No. I just gotta get my bag.
- Danny.
- Hey, Mom.
You didn't bring the...
You didn't bring the fucking briefcase?
Are you fucking kidding me, Danny?
Are you fucking kidding me?
- It's fucking funny to you, man?
- Yeah.
- Hey! I tried to call you. I tried to...
- Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Hey. Hey.
That girl...
She isn't gonna leave anybody.
Even if she thinks she is.
She isn't.
Trust me.
What did you say? Huh?
- What are you saying to me?
- Fuck you.
That's what I'm saying.
- Russell, where are we going?
- I don't know. To some rich lady.
Ma! Leave it. Just leave it, okay?
Leave it.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Come in.
Come in. You can...
You can put that down.
Right there.
Very good.
You wanna know the combination?
It's about the only thing these guys did
that wasn't Byzantine in its complexity.
But you know how some men are.
They think the more intricate they make
something, the more impressive it is.
Ah, there you are.
The one thing the lawyer said
I couldn't get.
And I got it.
I want to tell you something:
Never marry a man
who doesn't love his mother.
There's $3,000 in that envelope.
Thank you.
You can... You can leave.
And I'll let Jimmy know it's done
so everyone else can get paid.
So where we going?
Not today. We're not open.
We're just... We're gonna...
Who are you?
I'm, uh...
- I'm Rebecca Vargas.
- Rebecca Vargas?
Yeah, we went to high school together, Ma.
You don't remember?
$1400, $1500.
Don't spend it all at the club.
Take it.
And don't give it to your brother.
So where are you gonna go?
Bus to Pittsburgh.
I thought you said
you were gonna leave there.
I am.
I just...
- I owe it to him.
- Yeah.
Just wait.
Just wait.
You know, you know, you don't...
You need a Metro card.
I... I think I can buy one.
You can't
because you only have hundreds
and those machines are crappy
and... and I wanna give you...
my Metro card.
Two, three, four, five.
Ma, Ma.
Sir, sir, I'll give you $100...
100 for your card.
How do I know that's not counterfeit?
It's not.
Give me a swipe, give me a swipe.
- One swipe.
- One swipe.
Hi. When's the next bus to Pittsburgh?
Uh... 6:40 p.m.
The ticket is $57.
- Miss?
- Yeah, uh... never mind, actually.
When's the next bus to Providence?
Sorry! Sorry, sorry! Sorry.
Hey! Hey!
I... I didn't think you...
Look. Look.
I was gonna go and I... and I just...
I just ran all the way here.
What's going on?
I want to go to Pittsburgh with you.
I'm not going to Pittsburgh.
Well, where you going?
Can I come with you?
Yeah. Sure.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- I'm sorry, okay? I shouldn't have...
- It's okay.
- It's okay.
- No, no, I shouldn't have done that.
I shouldn't have done that.
I'm sorry, I just...
- Look, I apologize, okay?
- Don't be. Don't... Don't be sorry.
I just didn't...
Oh, shit.
Do you still wanna come?
Yeah, I still wanna come.
Okay, good.
And about the kiss...
it's not that I...
I just don't...
It's a start.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah. I'll take a start.
Yeah, me too.