Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) Movie Script

Darcy, you really shouldn't have come.
Show me.
was adamant. We keep running.
No stopping operations.
No, no, no. You got to go through.
No cameras.
He's got orders to kill.
I don't even think
international laws apply up here.
We are geologists first.
If this thing
has any historical significance at all,
we are shutting down.
I'm shutting us down.
He's going to shoot me? Shoot me.
Hey, don't kill her.
This is crazy stuff.
Crazy shit.
Well, what do you think?
I think history is about to change.
I'm a nasty woman
Look who decided
to show up for work.
I'm a heartbreaker
Gonna make you cry
What, surf report no good
at South Padre?
The waves are flat and I got no gas.
You know that, Cade.
Dude. Rude.
Look at these two junebugs.
Whoo! My, my!
Hey, you're paying me on this one,
right, Cade?
Please tell me I'm getting paid.
You know, Lucas, a lot of guys
are just happy to have a job at all.
Yeah, I suppose.
- You got any cash on you?
- Yeah.
All right, good.
Hey, Lucas Flannery.
Place has been
in the family since '28.
Granddaddy ran it all his life.
Ain't that right, Granddaddy?
Real soon
he's going to sign it over to me.
The movies nowadays,
that's the trouble.
Sequels and remakes, bunch of crap.
I love that one.
He's deaf and senile.
Heard that.
Now these just need
some spit and polish.
I believe they're digital, possibly IMAX.
Yeah, they're not.
Mister, we'll have a look around
if you want to leave us to it, okay?
You know, folks used to come
from miles around
to see the dancing girls
with the big cha-chas.
I swear to God
I am one diaper change away
from poisoning his oatmeal.
Hey, you hang in there, buddy.
If coming here makes you feel young,
then you tell this kid
to bring you here every day.
Seven bucks, I keep talking.
Remember this place
when we were kids?
How many girls you think
you brought here in high school?
I only remember one.
Hey, heads!
That's why you didn't make
the varsity team.
All right. Go long.
Leave it.
Mortar shells?
What the hell happened to you?
Hey, snakeballs.
How much for the truck?
Two more weeks, girls,
till no more classes, ever.
Almost time to get a tan and get wasted!
Please, please.
No financial aid. Great.
Yes, I know I'm home, thank you.
Intruder alert!
Back away from the premises!
- Voice recognition. It's me!
- I am dialing 911.
Go right ahead. I don't care.
I'm still calling 911.
The Battle of Chicago was an event
that permanently changed our world.
Over 1,300 dead.
Much of the city has been destroyed.
Homeland Security is urging everyone
to report suspicious alien activity.
A swift act of Congress
put an end to all joint operations
between the military and the Autobots,
ending the alliance.
As this committee knows,
the Invasion of Chicago
was a defining day
for our nation five years ago.
The day millions of people realized that
never again can we allow aliens
to fight our battles for us.
A handful of Autobots
were given sanctuary
after joint-combat operations
were abolished.
Fewer than a dozen Decepticons
are still on the run
thanks to our CIA unit,
"Cemetery Wind."
Hurry, let's get it
to my house, guys.
As for the alien technology,
our objective remains
to keep it in American control.
Hi. My name is Timothy.
This is my crew.
We found this alien ball turret
in Chicago.
We just found it in the rubble
and it's all working...
Word has it Japan, India,
the Israelis may have gotten their hands
on a couple of ships.
Apparently the Russians
are starting a bidding war.
We're taking $5,000 for it.
It's got 36 guns, alien shit.
A new era has begun.
And the age of the Transformers is over.
Hey, I've been waiting for you.
You're looking hot today!
How about you take your shirt off?
You want me to take my shirt off
right now?
What would your dad think of that?
- What the hell?
- Hey, where you going?
I cannot believe him.
I cannot believe this.
What the hell?
All the way!
A truck?
Dad, please tell me
you didn't spend our money on this.
No, don't worry, he didn't.
He spent my money.
A hundred and fifty bucks of it.
As an advance
on your regular paycheck.
- What regular paycheck?
- Which you will get back.
- When?
- Never. We're broke.
I knew it.
Sweetheart, could you please not
drive a wedge
between employer and employee.
Hold on. I thought we were partners.
Look, I came up short, okay?
I had to buy her a prom dress.
You want me to deny her a prom dress?
You might as well.
You denied her a prom date.
No, I offered to take her and chaperone.
Nobody wants to go to the dance
with their dad. It's weird.
It's not the issue.
Well, maybe it should be.
Hey, could you guys
just get off my case?
You know what the engine
on this runs for?
I can break it down and strip it for parts.
And sweetheart, your shorts
are shrinking by the second, okay?
Cold water, air dry, please.
I think she looks hot.
What did you say?
Like a hot teenager.
It's the "teenager" thing
that makes it better. Thank you.
It didn't sound like what it meant.
That goes by the circuit boards.
Put the Zeiss lenses over there.
Dad, please. You can't keep
spending money on junk
just so you can turn it
into different junk.
We do not use the "J" word in here.
That is a Super Simplex
theater projector. It's very rare.
What about the SmilePilot?
Or the Exer-Mower that I invented?
Simply ahead of their time.
Yeah, like the alleged Guard-Dawg.
You're gonna get him upset.
Hey, Cade! Cade!
This thing still work?
- No!
- Yes.
Yes, and still groundbreaking.
Go back there and lay on the recliner
and just wait for a cold one.
Dude, stop breaking stuff.
Final notice, late notice, past due.
Come on, come on.
Bring Daddy the alcohol. Come on.
I mean, what is all this crap
people send you?
That's a Discman
and that's an 8-track tape.
- Music.
- Never heard of it.
Look, I fix that,
it's 100 bucks. I fix that, it's $250.
If I would have been able to fix that
before you broke it even more,
it would have been 20 bucks.
This stuff is what's
gonna put you through college,
as long as you land
one of those scholarships.
What's the estimated time of arrival,
usually? Average?
Wait. So it just brings
the beer near you?
That's the trick?
- It's got a couple kinks, man.
- Yeah.
Dad, you think maybe some things
should never be invented?
No, I don't. That's backwards thinking.
This is a temple of technology.
You guys are standing in a holy place.
What do you think?
Why don't you look at all of this?
This could be yours.
What about this land?
Purple People Eater's back
and she looks hungry.
Isn't this incredible?
- I knew you would like it.
- Hey, you!
I own this house! It's not for sale!
Six months late on payments,
Mr. Yeager.
And I see you stealing power
at the pole.
Hey, that's not your concern.
- Sir, do you wanna see the property?
- Sure.
I'd be more than happy
to give you a tour.
I'll show you three other buyers
I got buried out back,
then I'll crack your head open
like an egg!
- Whoa! Whoa!
- Stay back! He's crazy.
I told you don't come back here
I will have my brother come back
and beat your ass!
- Don't you start with me.
- Why don't you do it yourself?
And I'll bring the police
when I come, too!
- My brother ain't no joke!
- Who, Jerry?
You bring his big ass up here,
he's gonna be huffing and puffing
before he can squeeze out of that car!
You back out on my grass,
you're gonna be in big trouble!
You tell Jerry to come see me.
I'll give him some pecan pie.
She smashed through the fence?
Cade, relax.
You're going to have an aortic infarction.
What is that?
I think it's a brain heart attack.
Yeah, I've had one already.
So we're stealing power now?
No, we're borrowing it
from the neighbors.
Great. That's awesome.
Once I graduate and I'm gone,
who's gonna take care of you?
You take care of me?
Who taught you how to solder a circuit?
Or write a program?
Or French braid your hair?
Or throw a spiral? Me. That's what I do.
Who taught you how to cook
without ketchup,
or balance your checkbook?
Who always has to be the grownup
around here?
All right, you got a point, okay?
But that means we're a great team.
And I know it's been sucky
around here lately.
But we're gonna be fine, sweetie.
You just gotta keep believing, okay?
I mean, that's what great inventors do.
I promise you, one day,
I'm gonna build something that matters.
I believe you, Dad.
You know, your mom
would be very proud of you.
It's going to be okay.
Spread out! Push right!
Roll, roll, roll, roll.
Give me two. Give me two.
Take the beach, nice and easy.
All right, hold what you got.
Release the mini-drones.
Eagle in sight. Cleared hot.
Got a heat sig. Second stack.
Closest to the bow.
Predator 0-1.
Captured target area.
Set charges.
Leader, leader, this is Gunfighter 0-1.
Eagles moving internal. Second deck.
Frogman 83, Frogman 83.
Breached site on rooftop.
- Breached site on rooftop.
- Have Echo Platoon on standby.
Let the helo know
we're moving external!
Alpha, take port.
Bravo, take starboard.
Shift right. Shift right.
Cracking steel!
Hit him, hit him, hit him!
Missiles out. Danger close.
He's running! Move!
He's on the run!
He's on the run!
No! Please!
Hold your fire.
Hold! Hold fire!
Can you not see? I've been injured.
Box him in. Box him in.
Medical Officer Ratchet! I'm a friend!
I'm an Autobot!
Then why are you running?
Optimus sent this distress message.
Calling all Autobots.
We are under targeted attack.
Cease all contact with humans.
We're all hiding.
All Autobots are being hunted.
We're all in danger.
I lost a sister in Chicago.
You'll get no sympathy from me.
What's wrong with you humans?
No! Please.
Check fire, check fire!
He's mine now.
Autobots, Decepticons.
Like little children, always fighting.
Making a mess out of the universe.
Then I've got to clean it up.
There is one way you survive.
Tell me where he's hiding.
Where is Optimus Prime?
Never is here.
I must say, it is remarkable,
really astounding,
the success that the CIA has had
since you have taken
operational control,
and so the President
has asked me to ask you
to ask him,
to invite you both
over to the White House
just to powwow,
where we get maybe
some more specifics about how
exactly you're hunting
the enemy Decepticons left.
I've had my desk for two years.
Mr. Attinger has been here for 25.
He runs the projects
where I don't ask for specifics.
That's why they're called Black Ops.
And why we all sleep better at night.
Check. That is great. So, um...
Any dirt on that?
How, that's going?
Great. Great.
I was hoping to hear that.
The President will be pleased.
'Cause, I'll tell you right now, I've only
been Chief of Staff since Monday, um,
but I do know that
the alien war stuff, these are...
These are the only fun meetings.
Look, I'm not here
to entertain the President,
but you may tell him
that the war will be over.
" over..." In case he asks,
I just like to have an exact quote.
"War will be over soon."
That is great. Such good news.
And, um, the President would,
I know, just love...
Really, really love to press the flesh...
Not flesh, obviously,
but just maybe get a shot with, um...
Is it Lord Prime? Sir Prime?
We could bop on Air Force One.
It'd be just a quick bop,
then we just bop in and bop back.
I wouldn't get his hopes up
on that one.
He's called Optimus Prime.
Alien combatant. Here illegally.
But aren't they our friends? Why?
Because our world
will never truly be safe
till all of them are gone.
Well, I would hope we could do
a much more ceremonial farewell.
Especially since our military
has worked so closely with them.
- Until you.
- It's not their planet.
Never was.
Time we take it back.
All right, come on. Come on.
Yes. Yes.
There you go.
No, hold it.
Stop shaking! Why are you shaking?
You have the job!
You forgot to eat dinner!
You see why I worry?
Look, sorry, sweetie, I...
I almost got it working right.
So, listen, I'm done with homework
and set with finals,
so I was just gonna take a little drive
with some friends
if that was okay with you.
No boys, I know. Graduate first.
You do know
no one else has this rule, right?
Rule? Don't make it sound harsh, okay.
It's wisdom.
I don't think we need to be
driving around in the middle of the night.
It's already like quarter to eight.
It's almost dark.
Spud, will you stop it?
You know where I was
for my graduation?
Yes. With me, the mistake.
The surprise, Tess.
And the best thing that ever happened.
Do we look unhappy?
No. It's the greatest day of my life.
I made your mother a promise
before she passed.
Our baby's gonna be at her graduation.
That's it.
High school boys know nothing.
It's only later they turn into men.
So if you were older and wiser,
I wouldn't exist.
That's not what I meant.
You know, this is
a non-dating household, okay?
You don't date, I don't date. That's it.
Well, maybe you should.
Tessa, wait.
I know I've been on you, okay?
But I have to be.
Twelve to seventeen
is the official teenage danger window.
It's my job to get you through it.
So you can be pissed off all you want.
And, yes, you can take a ride
with your friends.
Don't work all night.
And eat.
Best thing that ever happened, Emily.
She's the best thing that ever happened.
You'd be proud.
Unbelievable. God!
Something in here needs to
make this family some money.
Come on, you old wreck.
Judgment Day.
Where is he?
I don't know.
Intruder alert! Intruder alert!
I am dialing 911.
Tess, I'm basically your uncle.
Su casa es mi casa.
And we're going to lose the casa.
Are you working with lasers?
If so, I'm not coming in.
You guys have never seen
a truck like this before.
Get in here. Lock that door.
It doesn't have a lock.
Look! Look at the hole in the radiator.
Look at the size of it.
Something blew a hole in it!
Yeah, so?
It's not normal steel.
The shrapnel in the engine,
it ripped all the connections apart.
And watch.
And this took some Cade genius.
You are gonna love this.
When I hook this back
to a working battery...
Calling all...
Calling all Autobots.
I don't think it's a truck at all.
I think we just found a Transformer.
- Evacuate!
- Wait! Guys!
Dad, are you out of your mind?
You need to get that thing out of here.
You don't have to worry. I've been
in there working all night. I'm fine.
You know what?
That's not a truck, okay? You're right.
It's an alien killing machine.
- Dude. It's DOA.
- Jesus.
It's been recalled, totaled, done.
So, listen,
there's a number that you call.
You're supposed to call the government.
It's the American thing to do.
- Here we go.
- You're supposed to call,
and if it ends up being alien,
then you win $25,000.
You don't win money.
And if you can capture it live...
Like tag it like a wild wildebeest,
then you get $100,000.
- Dad, we're making the call.
- I heard that.
I've seen the commercial. They don't
say that. That's not a guarantee.
You think Greg would lie to me?
Look, if that's a Transformer there
from the Battle of Chicago,
I need to know how it works.
I'm an inventor.
This could be a game changer for me!
If I can apply that technology
to my inventions,
we'd never have to
worry about money again.
I've heard that before.
Twenty-five grand!
It pays for my college.
It pays for the house.
Besides, you used my money
to buy the truck, right?
So technically, that's my truck.
Don't you think?
You also signed a contract
regarding all research lab I.P.
Research lab? It's a barn, dude.
You signed it and now you're competing.
Any idea of yours is mine.
Any thought you have, I own it,
so basically, I own you.
I don't think you can own someone.
That was, like, a while ago,
even in Texas.
All right. Bring the torch over
and help me with the pulley arm.
I think the shrapnel
took out its power core.
And, Tessa, you see this?
Would an alien killing machine
let me do that?
Look, I'll make the call.
We'll get the money.
Just first let me see if I'm right.
You want to hide in the house?
Go ahead.
Let's go. Pulley arm.
I can't believe him!
What is that? Looks like a missile.
It is! Whoa!
There's a missile in the family room!
I'll kill you!
No! No!
Dad, there's a missile in...
I'll kill you! Stay back!
- No. Don't shoot. Don't shoot!
- Call 911! Run!
- Lucas!
- Stop!
Lucas? Don't move, just calm down.
Easy, human.
Stay there. He's not going to hurt us.
Weapons systems damaged.
A missile hit your engine.
And we took it out of you.
You're hurt really bad.
I'm just trying to help you.
You're in my home now.
I'm an engineer.
My name is Cade Yeager.
Cade, I am in your debt.
My name is Optimus Prime.
My Autobots.
They're in danger.
I need to go. I need to go now.
How far you think you're gonna get?
Tessa, come here. He needs our help.
What happened to you?
An ambush. A trap. Set by humans.
I escaped and took this form.
But you're on our side.
Why would humans hurt you?
They were not alone.
- My Autobots can repair me.
- Yeah.
If you can reach 'em.
What about me?
I warn you, Mr. Attinger of Earth,
an alliance is a contract, and contracts,
like humans,
On this planet, we have a saying.
"The enemy of my enemy is my friend."
I also have a saying.
"I don't care."
So what happened in Mexico City?
I thought you had him.
Three direct hits. A mortal wound.
Then your men allowed him to escape.
You promised me human intelligence.
Or is there such a thing?
You know, you've still never told me.
Why do you want him?
Who are you working for?
Every galaxy I've traveled,
all you species are the same.
You all think
you're the center of the universe.
You have no idea.
Go to the hardware store
and you get the list.
The whole list.
What, you're going to try and fix him?
He's not a model train set, Cade.
No, that's right. He's important.
Yeah, but important to who?
You can't keep an alien
locked up in your barn.
What are you gonna do, play with him?
- Will you calm down?
- I'm trying to,
but I just got hit in the head
with a ten-foot cannon!
If he eats you, I get the GTO.
Not a word to anybody.
Do you hear me?
Not a single word.
I think we have a lock
on a high-value target.
Special Operations group is ready.
What do you got?
Sir, Special Ops just got a call
from Paris, Texas.
Hard match on the truck
seen leaving Mexico City.
Son of a bitch. Let's go get him.
Took a hell of a hit, you know.
The missile just missed
your power source.
We call it a Spark.
It contains our life force
and our memories.
Yeah, we call it a soul.
Scramble Cemetery Wind.
Thank you for your efforts,
ladies and gentlemen.
This room is going dark.
The exit is on your left.
- I'll take it from here.
- Okay, let's go.
I'm with Cemetery Wind.
We're on the move.
Repeat, on the move.
Why are you willing to help me?
I guess maybe because you trust me to.
I'm back!
Took you long enough!
My head hurts. I had to go to the doctor.
I got a welt on my head
that makes me look
like a fricking Star Trek character.
Look! Look!
We're on property.
Viper 15 overhead. Angels 1.
Mr. Yeager, my name's James Savoy.
I'm a federal agent.
My men and I are trying to track down
an abandoned truck.
It's a nice spread you got here.
Too bad she's for sale.
Well, thanks. She's not.
That the truck you mean?
Afraid not.
You know, Mr. Yeager,
we received a call from someone
concerned about this truck.
That wasn't you?
Only thing I'm concerned about
is you being on my property
without permission.
You know, we got a rule about people
messing with people from Texas.
And I don't know what truck
you're talking about.
The kind that cost American lives.
Search the property!
What do you mean,
"Search the property"?
You don't have a warrant.
My face is my warrant.
Wait. But if you guys do find a truck,
we get a reward, right?
Viper 15 holding, point alpha.
Charlie team, hold tight.
Lock it down.
- Open, open, open.
- Short wall. Short wall.
Five in. Five in.
Intruder alert!
Back away from the premises.
- What the hell is that?
- Just some dumb inventor.
Clear right.
360. 720. Heads on a swivel.
Let's go. There's nothing here.
There's no signs. We got nothing.
Sir, we have a live armed missile
in the trash.
Live? I carried that to the trash!
You told me that was a dud, dude.
I could be dead. Right?
Okay, yes, I found a truck, all right.
I towed it back for the parts.
I left it here last night.
This morning, it's gone.
When? Where? I don't know.
I swear to God.
That's as much as I know about him.
He said, "Him."
He knows who the son of a bitch is.
- Mr. Yeager.
- What?
Excuse me.
You just said, "Him."
- Take them down.
- What?
Let me go!
They don't know about the truck! I know!
Just let her go.
What kind of a man
betrays his flesh-and-blood
brethren for alien metal?
- Get this guy out of my sight.
- Get off!
Let her go!
They don't know about the truck.
All right! Load up! Search the perimeter!
Lucas, you called, didn't you?
I don't know any of these scary guys.
God! You're manhandling a woman!
I'll kick your ass!
Let her go!
- Daddy! Let me go!
- You're not going anywhere.
- Daddy! ""
No! You're not taking me anywhere!
I'm an American!
- Easy, sweetheart.
- Okay, okay, okay.
All right. Okay. All right. I was wrong.
Savoy. Use the girl.
My God!
Now, you got ten seconds.
Where's the truck?
- You're gonna shoot my little girl?
- If I have to.
Please don't shoot me! Please!
Look, I don't know. I told you
everything that I know! He's gone.
He left.
He was in the barn, I swear to God!
- Just let her go!-
Please, please.
He was in there! Let her go!
Seven seconds.
I'm telling you the truth!
He was in there!
Tell him to get away
from my little girl now!
You touch her and I'll kill you!
You got two seconds.
I need the truth.
- Please.
- Shoot her.
Here I am!
Get down!
They're going to kill you! Get out of here!
Push right! Headed to the house!
Come on. Hurry up! Get in the car!
- Let's go!
- Daddy, get in the car!
Perimeter, Optimus moving your way!
What's happening, baby?
Who are they?
It's the truck. They want the truck!
"Who are they"? Who are you,
and who are you calling "baby"?
I know you heard me.
- I'm her boyfriend!
- He's my boyfriend!
What? You're not her boyfriend!
His name's Shane and he drives, Dad.
What kind of cars are those?
They're so scary!
There's another one
coming up the back!
You gotta try to lose them
in the cornfield!
He's coming up behind us! Go!
Viper 15,
running on fumes. RTB.
They've got us cornered!
Watch out,
watch out, watch out!
Mr. Yeager, this is not
how I wanted us to meet, okay?
I'm Shane, and I'm a completely...
And I am not talking to you!
Drive the car!
Watch out! Watch out!
Throw 'em some warning shots!
Man, I don't know how
I'm driving this good.
It's like, today
I've gone to a whole other level.
Road, focus! Stop talking!
Shane, look out!
This may be primarily my fault, okay.
They said
they were gonna bring a check!
I didn't know they were gonna send
a death squad!
Hang on!
Hey, we got ourselves a winner!
Don's got it over here.
Look out!
We lost them!
Good job, stranger from the cornfields!
The scary cars are back.
Lose them at the factory, Shane!
I thought you knew
how to drive this thing! Go!
I don't think we're gonna get that money.
Doesn't seem like it.
Take 'em upstairs!
We're losing them on the fifth floor.
- Do that thing, Shane!
- You know it.
What do you mean? What thing?
What we're about to do
is gonna be kind of scary.
Take out your guns and shoot them!
They're shooting at us!
- Tessa, grab my stick! Grab my stick!
- What?
She's got
the best hands in the business.
Ready, Tess? Pull!
- No! No! No!
- No f-ing way!
Tessa, you are so grounded!
Shit! The rim's cracked.
Optimus. Come on, move! Move!
My foot's stuck! Wait, Cade!
- Lucas!
- Wait! Wait!
Lucas! Lucas, above you!
Come on, get in, let's go!
I'll bet you wish
you could see my face right now.
Lucas, we just left him?
He's gone.
My deepest sympathies
for the loss of your friend.
Stay here till I'm sure
we weren't followed.
We are all targets now.
So we're hiding out now?
That's the plan?
We're taking orders from a truck?
Well, you got a better idea?
Hey, move away from her, kid. Don't...
Keep your hands off her. All right? No.
You got your ass kicked
by a garage inventor from Texas.
That goes on your resume.
Yeah, it goes on all of yours, too!
Do I look like I'm in the mood
for any of your shit today?
Washington thinks
we were chasing a Decepticon target,
but our story falls apart
if we don't find this Yeager family first.
Yeah, well, what if he goes
to the cops or the FBI?
They know to hand him over.
His world as he knows it is gone.
Well, bright side, you guys met.
Where is he from?
I told you, he's a driver from Texas.
Where, Dublin, Texas?
Shamrock, Texas?
So why does he sound
like a leprechaun?
You'd get your ass kicked in Ireland
for saying that.
Well, we're not in Ireland,
Lucky Charms. We're in Texas.
And so he drives?
What do you mean, he drives?
Like, for a living?
Yeah. At least he makes a living.
Thank you.
Look, I race rally cars.
One driver.
One navigator. Her.
By the way, I'm totally legit.
I just got picked up by Red Bull.
And just so you know,
my life savings
was in that car back there.
- This is not happening.
- It definitely is.
How old are you?
She's a 17-year-old girl.
So we can work this two ways.
One, I punch you right in the mouth
and you call the police on me.
Dad. Or two,
I just call the cops on you
because this is illegal. She's a minor.
We're protected by
the Romeo and Juliet laws.
We dated for a little while.
I was a sophomore,
and he was a senior. It's fine.
No, it's not fine.
We've got a preexisting
juvenile foundational relationship.
- Statute 22.011.
- What?
Texas statute?
- That a real law?
- Yep.
Romeo and Juliet?
- You know how those two ended up?
- In love.
Dead. Do your parents know about this?
Is your dad okay with you
dating a 17-year-old girl?
He took off when I was five,
but if I ever bump into him, I'll ask him.
You know, Tessa,
- I trusted you.
- To what?
Never have fun, take a risk,
be a normal teenager, like you?
I am your father, okay?
And I have been busting my ass
to take care of you.
Is that what you were doing
when you brought home the truck?
All you had to do was report it,
and now Lucas is dead.
And my life is over. Thank you.
You've taken real good care of me.
Please don't shoot me!
Please! Dad!
They were willing to kill her.
Then they still are.
Somebody somewhere gave
that order.
I'm going to find some fingerprints.
I'm an Autobot! I'm an Autobot!
Grab whatever you think
we can use for supplies.
Clothes, anything.
And take that computer.
Let's go.
This is not easy.
You know,
you don't suck at everything, Dad.
What the...
I knew it.
You told me he was no one.
this "no one" has our tech.
Calling all Autobots.
Calling all Autobots.
- Whoa! My God!
- My God!
That was insane!
It was awesome,
but it was insane, right?
Yeah! Hell, yeah!
He's back! He's alive!
Optimus is here!
At last. There is hope after all.
Mr. Leader of the Free Galaxy is back.
I knew you'd make it. I never doubted.
We got your warning.
We've been waiting.
Hell, yeah. Boom time.
We got the gang back together.
Humans have asked us
to play by their rules.
Well, the rules have just changed.
Human beings,
bunch of backstabbin' weasels.
Hound, find your inner compass.
Loyalty is but a flower
in the winds of fear and temptation.
What the hell are you saying?
- It's a haiku.
- Cut the crap,
before I drop a grenade
down your throat.
Try it, you'll be dead.
Please pull it. Please do it.
You know what,
it'll save us so much time.
Well, raise your hand
if you're thoroughly disenchanted
with our little pleasant Earth vacation.
So, who's the stowaways?
Whoa, hey, what's with the gun?
Stop. Hound, both of you.
They've risked their lives for mine.
We owe them.
So, there's been no sign of any others?
- Nada.
- We are all that's left.
They're picking us off,
one by one.
We're the pathetic, dirty foursome.
And you make five.
So that's our best-case scenario?
Autobot witness protection?
Hey, Speed Racer,
you're welcome to leave anytime.
Well, for the record, Superdad,
I'm not hiding with you.
I'm hiding outwith that big guy.
Sensei, with your fate unknown,
Bumblebee has held command,
despite his complete
and total lack of anything
resembling warrior discipline.
He's like a child.
This child is about to kick your ass.
He brings us shame.
Cage fight.
What's the matter with them?
Am I the lone sage who sees through
this puppy-dog eyes act?
It's beneath you.
Yes, I've been waiting
for them all to dispatch each other,
so I could take charge
with no trouble at all.
Just me reporting to me.
Well, it sure looks like
you've been missed.
Autobots, Lockdown is hunting us
and humans are helping.
We need to know why.
Well, listen, I don't know why,
but I have an idea about who.
This drone I stole recorded footage
of an Autobot raid.
It's in pieces,
but watch what happens here.
That's Leadfoot.
They rip him apart.
And later, this truck
comes to haul him off.
KSI. Kinetic Solutions.
Defense, aerospace,
government contracts.
They designed this drone.
So these government guys
just hunt you down,
and then pass you off to this KSI?
The company is headquartered
in Chicago.
That could be where they were taken.
No way to get inside without a battle.
Well, what if you had
some human help?
- What, are you two partners now?
- Sweetie, we're targets now, too.
We need to know why
or we'll never get our lives back.
I have sworn to never kill humans.
Big mistake.
But when I find out who's behind this,
he's going to die.
There's a full-on
manhunt out for us,
so we have some new rules.
Anyone who has got a badge
is not our friend.
We're gonna divide and conquer.
You two in charge of stealing food
and the essentials. And nothing else.
Chicago KSI headquarters
is like a fortress.
I'm gonna find a way
into their top-secret military wing.
Find something to blackmail
this company and the government.
We're gonna get our freedom back.
Good morning, Mr. Joyce.
What was that sound?
That's "the" sound.
That you asked for.
No, I asked for boundless.
When you walk through a door
in this building,
it should sound like
you've stepped into the future.
Say it.
The past is history. The present is past.
"JOSHUA ON PA". The future is now.
Why can't I get in touch with you?
Don't you realize
what the Arctic find means?
You know that story
we were all told as children
about a giant asteroid
that struck the Earth
millions of years ago
and wiped out the dinosaurs?
- Vaguely.
- We were wrong.
This metal caused the great extinction.
How and why, I can't yet say.
But carbon dating puts it
at 65 million years B.C.
This ore you've got us digging for
is a lot more dangerous than you think.
And my people...
Darcy, I think that you've been
out in the field for far too long.
Why don't we discuss dinosaurs
over dinner?
- Ribs?
- Not a chance.
You have no idea
what's been happening here.
We're about to make the quantum leap.
A rare-earth metal.
Molecularly unstable.
Industrial uses, none.
And then the aliens came.
And we made the connection.
It's what they're made of.
It's the Holy Grail.
That's what we're calling it.
Focus-grouped. Catchy.
- Trademarked.
- Yeah.
This is the greatest advance
in modern physics
since the splitting of the atom.
It's programmable matter.
And now, we've mapped its genome.
- I.
- Now you've mapped its genome.
And now we can begin to give it
This is extremely good.
Watch this.
We can change anything into anything.
Sensual, almost. Don't you think?
Do you like music?
The Pill.
Perhaps something a little more violent?
My God. You've done it.
In aerospace, the military...
We will own the entire robotics industry.
All exploration.
The oceans. Space. Everything.
Wembley. What is this?
The jellyfish commercial
that you wanted.
You said they were erotic yet deadly,
like women.
I never said that.
- Yes, you did.
- No, I didn't.
I definitely heard you say it
'cause you were talking
about your ex-girlfriend,
who was sexy, but a bitch.
Please don't eat on the tour.
Is that her?
Hey, I found a whole bunch
of boxes of clothes.
So, sweetie, you can get some
long pants, nice, loose-fitting ones,
and lose the short shorts, okay?
What'd you guys get?
It's protein.
Look, I said the essentials, okay?
It wasn't easy. We almost got caught.
You stole mouthwash?
I like to be fresh
when I'm making out with your daughter.
That's funny.
Yeah, that's not happening ever.
This is our military prototype, Galvatron.
I don't understand it.
This is the fifth iteration.
Why does he keep turning out like this?
It's just some bugs in the final render.
I modeled Galvatron
after Optimus Prime.
Why does he keep looking
like Megatron?
Rendering sequence
is almost finished. Stand by.
Simple coding.
Why can't we make
what we want to make,
the way we want to make it?
And does that look
like a consumer-friendly face to you?
And what about that
big hole in the chest?
I think it's bad-ass. I like it.
- Love it
Well, I hate it.
Here he is.
That bald-headed Doc Frankenstein.
Ma'am, this is not legal.
This is illegal experimentation.
Aliens would never do this to people!
Eat you, kill you, maybe, but that's it.
This ain't right!
Nobody puts baby in a box!
This is worse than waterboarding!
This little gentleman
has been translating for us
all the information
that comes from these two heads.
Their history, their science, everything.
- Is that Megatron?
- Precisely.
Where did you get all this?
Special government contract.
Now we know everything
about Transformers.
And now at long last
we can build them ourselves.
And we can build them better.
Yeah, that's good, Bee. That'll get us in.
A couple times a day,
these guys are moving
in vehicle shipments into KSI
for something called "scanning."
Major security all over.
So our best shot at getting in
is a back classified research entrance.
I'm gonna drive in with Bee
tomorrow morning.
Excuse me.
There's no smooching
in front of me, okay?
You're so square.
Who even says "smooching"?
I tell you, no respect.
It's just impossible sometimes.
Yeah. I went through that
with Bumblebee.
Calm down. Calm down.
You know, at a time like this,
the idea is to keep cool, not look cool,
so why don't you lose the glasses?
About a month ago,
middle of the night,
I thought I heard noises in my house.
Was that you?
What? Come on. No way.
Don't lie to me, kid.
You see that guy with the gun out there?
There's so many guys with guns.
Let's get out of the car and tell him
we're about to break in
and it's your idea,
'cause I don't care.
I'm old, I've already lived long enough.
You have a really bad habit
of having these conversations
at the wrong time, man.
You want to come clean
or you want me to make a mess?
Sir, can I talk to you
for a second, please?
It was me, it was me,
it was me, it was me.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Taking it in for scanning?
All right. You're good to go.
I'm literally gonna kill you.
Scanning in bay three.
We took old, alien technology
and made it better in every way.
Introducing Stinger.
KSI. We make the world.
That is a bad-ass robot.
He kind of looks like you, Bee.
Here is the past. And now the future.
They're trying to build
their own versions.
Well, at least they're picking cooler cars
than this.
You talk to me like that?
Bee, stop!
You see what happens
from being a wiseass?
Now get out of here.
Stinger, inspired by Bumblebee,
but better in every way.
Son of a...
No, no! You gotta calm down.
- He's crazy!
- Stop!
Bumblebee! Bee, stop going psycho!
My delicate flower, I can't
understand you when you're angry.
Actually, I don't really understand you
at all.
Our entire factory
is up and running...
Excuse me one second. Hey!
Hey, you two! Grease monkeys.
What the hell is going on here?
What's with this vintage crap?
We're not scanning collector car junk.
What do you think it is
that we make here?
We make poetry. We're poets.
All right? You work for me,
you get one mistake. One. Understood?
- It won't happen again.
- It certainly won't.
So let's get this pathetic thing
out of here.
And you, too.
So sorry. So sorry.
Let's move on.
Watch him.
I'm going to see what I can find.
Quietly get out of here.
I swear. I swear.
I can't bear it when you're angry.
You know how it upsets me.
Bee, you gotta calm down right now.
I'm perfectly calm, dude.
You gotta breathe,
or just do whatever it is that you do.
I'm calm. I'm calm.
I'm not even touching it.
Okay, I'm barely touching it.
I'm barely touching it.
My God.
Turn back into a car right now!
Get out of my face, all right?
Our design team
started with the Bumblebee.
But really,
this alien's design was decrepit
and, let's face it, antique.
What the...
- Don't take it personally, Bee.
- Kind of old and ratty.
You mean ugly.
- Hell, no!
- No! No!
You think you're better than me!
What did you touch?
I told you, homeboy
Can't touch this
My office in 15 minutes.
This is
dissection room seven.
render postmortem number 12.
Continued head disfigurement
at event number 32.
So what about the deal? Is it done?
Did you get the Seed?
We get it
when the bounty hunter gets Prime.
there has been a complication.
A what?
No, no.
At KSI, we don't use words like that.
A civilian harboring the Autobots has
hacked into one of your mini-drones.
Meaning, they may know
of your involvement.
That was a little bit intense.
I need more Transformium, and
I need it now, to build more prototypes.
You tell your alien bounty hunter
that I have staked my company
on this deal.
And I have merely staked my life.
Hey, you came to me on this,
You retire from the CIA,
you get a seven-figure piece
of my company, and you and I
revolutionize national defense together.
But, Attinger, buddy, for both our sakes,
you need to deliver
the Seed.
I'm in. Can you see my camera?
They're melting Ratchet.
They slaughtered Ratchet!
I'm gonna tear them apart!
Just metal.
That's what I always thought of them.
Well, they're not.
They're living things,
with souls like ours.
Once, I spoke to one.
And you're working with Transformium?
Yeah, that's what I do. I am.
I'm out there digging for it.
There's just not much left to find.
So that's how badly
you boys need more?
Reduced to melting
evil old Decepticons down.
No. That's an Autobot there.
The ones who fought for us.
- I've got this taken care of from here.
- Right.
Same badge code scanned
at two separate gates.
I'm having the classified area
locked down now.
Check that guy.
Stop right there!
Up against the wall.
All right.
Corporate espionage.
That's a very serious crime, Mr. Yeager.
Look, I want a lawyer.
The Justice Department.
Somebody I can trust.
I'm just trying to protect my family,
Not from your company,
from the government.
Mr. Yeager,
who do you think I work for?
You're trying to protect your family,
that's admirable.
I'm trying to defend the nation
from alien war.
We've had a taste
of what that looks like,
and we are not gonna tolerate another.
There is a version of this conversation
where you get to go back to your barn,
your daughter
gets to graduate with honors,
and life as you know it will go on.
You have no idea
what you're involved with here.
What's the other version
of this conversation?
The one when you send in
the hired help to murder my little girl?
Or you gonna man up
and do it yourself?
What's your preference?
I'm going to ask you this once.
Where is Optimus Prime?
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
We're moving. Basement.
They're here.
Get out! All of you!
Science fair's over, meatbags!
- Destroy the lab!
- Move, move, move, move!
Look out! Look out!
Destroy it all!
- Danger! Security breach!
- Danger...
Guys! It's me!
Break me out of this Frankenstein box!
That's company property!
They're not your property!
They were my friends.
You ain't talking so much now!
You got Hound in front of you?
Go ahead.
Show us your true colors,
once and for all.
Just give me the word, I'll splatter him.
Why don't you tell Itchy Fingers here
that this is all the spoils of war.
Dead metal.
Innovation. What we do here is science.
Because if we don't do it,
somebody else will.
Because you cannot stop technology!
We're not your technology!
Let me vaporize his ass.
I broke the code.
I own your whole genome.
The world will know
what you're doing here.
The world? The world will approve.
We can make you now.
Don't you get it?
We don't need you anymore.
That was cruel.
we're done.
We're done?
We're not gonna kick a little bit of ass?
I've been itching
to kill something lately.
This is our chance.
We have to stop him.
You have to stop him.
It's never been tested in the field.
Labs, military bases,
but not on civilian streets.
Down there
a Defense Department contract
was just attacked in a terrorist attack.
This is now a CIA military op.
You're indemnified. Respond!
Let's go.
KSI Chicago, closest live sat, patch it in.
Been an unprovoked Autobot attack.
Bring up Galvatron.
Transforming Galvatron.
Galvatron coming online.
Bring up Stinger.
Stinger coming online.
Let's show these alien terrorists
what an upgrade looks like.
Galvatron and Stinger are moving
to intercept targets.
Five targets in the open. Good picture.
Two miles to intercept.
200 meters.
We are programming this, right?
Yes. Mostly.
Systems seem to have malfunctioned.
Targeting five bogeys.
Engaging rockets.
Missiles away.
Gotta haul ass, Bee! Come on!
Stinger is in pursuit.
Misfire, misfire! Misfire, misfire!
System failure.
Galvatron just fired four rockets.
Whoa! They're shooting at us!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Watch out! What are you doing?
What was that?
We need a full medical team now.
Possible civilian casualties.
I mean, you got a lot of people
in the crossfire here. I don't like...
You're making history here.
For your country, for the world.
Human freedom is at stake.
Innocent people die all the time.
Come on, Optimus!
Make him fight. Don't let him go down.
Make him fight!
Come on, come on.
Come on, come on.
Tessa, run to the field!
You have no soul!
That is why I have no fear!
You die!
Help me!
What is that?
That's my asset. Pull Galvatron back.
Do it.
I got to go get her.
Don't go out there! He'll kill you!
- She needs my help!
- She's hidden!
Optimus! Optimus, get up, get up!
I can't. Get out of here.
I feel sorry for you, Prime.
Your allegiance to these humans.
The trouble with loyalty to a cause
is that the cause will always betray you.
Who sent you here?
Where do you think you came from?
You think you were born?
No. You were built.
And your creators want you back.
We all work for someone.
No, no.
It's got her!
- She's in the car!
- Tessa!
- No!
- Tessa!
Tessa, get out!
Get out!
Get out! Tessa!
Dad, help me!
- Tessa!
- Help me, help me! Dad! Dad!
- Dad!
- Tessa! Break the glass!
- Break the glass to get out!
- I'm trying!
- Tessa, I can't hold on!
- Dad!
- Help me!
- Just break it! Break the glass!
Cade, warn the Autobots!
Dad, help me! Don't leave me!
Take that human to the trash.
Mr. Secretary.
My team is on the way.
This is a CIA operation.
This is my asset.
Tell the military to stand down.
Hang on, I have the White House.
Agent, hello!
My goodness.
Boy, is it a flurry of excitement
over here at the White House.
Everybody is super, super mad. At me.
So, I went over my notes
from our last meeting,
and I'm not sure
when you said anything about
a "giant alien warship
over Michigan Avenue."
Tell the President this is not an attack.
Remember this ship, Prime?
Built for all you Knights,
you great crusaders,
to explore the universe.
Well, I commandeered it.
It's my personal prison now.
Welcome back
to the Knights' Temenos, Prime.
You have disgraced it.
Join your fellow rebels, fugitive scum.
It's for the rarest of specimens.
The worst of the worst.
It's taken centuries,
but I've collected all the Knights but you.
The creators want to sweep
their chessboard clean.
I'm slave to no one.
All this species mixing with species.
It upsets the cosmic balance.
The creators, they don't like it.
They built you to do what you were told.
Why hasn't it taken off yet?
Come on, Bee, it's descending.
You got to get on it!
Savoy, mission accomplished.
Lockdown has Prime.
The deal's going down now.
Picking up the Seed at the recon point.
Nest, Talon.
L.Z. appears clear.
Much as I've enjoyed the hunt,
I won't miss your wretched planet.
Our deal is done.
One Prime for one Seed.
Handle it with care.
I trust your species is ready.
Don't worry about our species.
Farewell, Earth.
Come on, come on!
Bee, come on!
It's a bad idea.
But I'm all about bad ideas.
Let's go!
Well, let's rock.
This is crazy.
Look, you wanna cut and run,
you better do it now.
I'm gonna die trying.
Hey, I'm not here to help you
get your daughter.
You're here to help me get my girlfriend.
Engage dark-matter drives. Full power.
We're behind enemy lines now.
Lockdown's ship has booby traps.
Eyes open.
Beware of his bone grinders,
brain blinders, flesh peelers,
chromosomal inverters,
catatonic sludge, black hole trapdoors,
and, of course, radiation.
We must be quick.
We have the element of surprise.
Let's try to use violence as a last resort.
Get it!
I kill you! Kill you!
I hate those things.
- That's freaky.
- He's not alive anymore.
Well, we looked.
They're not here. Let's go.
What? Hey, I'm not going
anywhere without Tessa.
I'm unclear. What's in it for me?
What's in it for you?
Easy. Let's use words.
What's in it for you is I don't kill you.
We're getting the boss back.
And the girl. Copy?
Okay, okay.
Very persuasive. Textbook machismo.
Well, then.
We'll need to sabotage something.
Better hurry. Because dark-matter
drives are preparing to take off.
- Wonderful.
- I give us 10 minutes.
Is that what that sound is?
The engines filling up?
Are you telling me
that thing's gonna be...
This is gonna be flying out of here
in 10 minutes?
Ten minutes?
Could be nine. Worst case, seven.
- Humans, search the cell blocks.
- We're wasting time, let's go.
- We'll find the center core.
- Let's move.
We're gonna stop this nightmare ship.
We're never gonna find her
in this huge ship.
Like a needle in a haystack.
Great. Great.
That was smooth.
No, that was really smooth,
letting everybody know we're here.
Now they're gonna be looking for us.
Better hurry, Crosshairs,
before we go into space!
Here's the little jujube right here.
Hello, Mama.
Who fired the anchors?
Who's on my ship?
We have a loose prisoner.
Hurry up. We got like six minutes.
We'll find her.
Hold up.
Back up.
Come on, these things
are gonna find us. Hurry, hide.
Come here. Help me. Hurry, hurry.
Help me up.
There are some weird sounds out there.
- What is that?
- I don't know.
You ready?
All right, we're not going down
without a fight.
They turn that corner,
and we're gonna take them.
You ready
or you gonna bitch out on me?
No, I got your back.
- Are you ready?
- Absolutely.
Don't bitch out on me.
Are you ready?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.
Whoa, okay! I surrender!
I surrender! I surrender!
I'm so sorry! I'm so, so, so sorry!
What'd you do? How'd you do that?
I have no idea!
You no-good, chickenshit little rat!
Look at that. You see that?
You stay here, Lucky Charms!
Man. I am so gonna patent this shit.
Dad! Help me!
- Tess?
- Tess!
Come on, move, move!
Shane, I love you! I love you!
You saved me! You saved me!
I know. I know.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
- Thank you. You saved me.
- Yeah, he saved you. Yeah.
I think you and Mr. "I Surrender"
have a lot to catch up about, sweetie.
He saved me, too.
You should have seen him in there.
I mean, our hero. Let's go. Now.
- Eyes open.
- I almost got it.
Big boy coming through!
Move, move, move.
This has got to be
the Supermax. Watch the corners.
There's a lot of cages.
Creepy critters in here.
I don't want to know
what's in the big cage.
- What's this?
- Hound, don't do it.
Aw, you don't look
very dangerous in there.
That's festering ugliness.
I'm hit! I'm down! It's melting!
It burns!
I think it's acid!
Nuts. It's just shizzle.
I hope that's not contagious.
I got to hurt you now.
You're just too disturbing to live.
Take that, bitch!
You're dead.
- Hound!
- He's alive!
Hold on, boss, we're coming!
- Optimus, sound off!
- In here, quick!
Hang on, we're coming for you!
The arms of this Knight Ship detach!
We can break free! It's a separate ship!
Where's the cockpit? Right or left?
- Right!
- I'm on it, boss.
Hurry. We have no time.
Let's rock! I always wanted
to fly one of these things.
I'm there, boss!
Hey, Yeager Technologies,
you gonna invent us
a way out of this one?
Whoa. My God.
I am not doing this.
- I am not doing that.
- Yes, we are.
No, it's good. It's stable. Come on.
No way.
Sweetie, you know why I'm here?
I'm here to protect you.
You've done great at that.
I want you to trust me right now.
We're getting down. Let's go.
Don't look down, okay? Step.
See, it's easy. Come on.
Careful, these cables
are starting to get thinner here!
- Step. Step. There.
- My God!
See, don't look down!
All right? Don't look down.
We're gonna be at the building
in no time!
You okay, Tess?
Keep stepping.
My God!
My God, Dad!
All right, sweetie.
You need to keep moving here, okay?
- Come on!
- I can't.
I'm freaking out.
You need to move now!
I'm not moving!
I'm going back to the ship!
You can't go back to the ship, honey!
Watch me!
You are not 18 years old yet
and you're gonna do what I say!
Now let's go!
We need to go this way, okay.
Not that way.
Talk to her, Romeo! Now!
Come on, for God's sake.
Do not start with me.
My God, what is that?
All right, Tessa.
Don't look back.
Well, don't say that to me.
Now I want to turn around.
It's nothing major, sweetie.
Well, that means it's totally major!
I'm gonna have to point this gun
in your direction.
It's gonna feel like it's in
your direction, but I'm not.
- You better hurry.
- Are you trying to kill me?
I had to bust my ass
to get up here on this spaceship!
- Shoot it!
- Get down now!
Tessa, wait!
I'm coming for you! Tessa!
- My God!
- I'm coming!
Hold on!
You're the best, Bee! You are the best.
You damn right! And don't ever forget it.
You see that? Look at me!
We're off the ship, right?
Bumblebee! Friendly!
Enemy ships are coming in hot.
Get on! Get on!
Hold your knickers, I'm punching it!
They got three ships on them!
I'm giving it the juice!
Come on, Bee, take them out!
Good move, Bee!
This one's for you, A-holes!
If you're gonna do something,
you better do it!
Come on!
I'm sick of this crap. You fly. I shoot.
Hey, you better let me fire
this big-ass gun
- and make this ship go faster!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Listen up! Crash course. Tracer guns.
Punch forward to fire,
slide back to reload.
Punch, hold, slide, repeat.
Punch, hold, slide, repeat.
Wait. What're you talking about?
- I don't know what he means.
- Good luck.
Where are you going?
To lay some hate.
- Say it!
- Okay.
Punch, hold, slide, repeat.
Punch, hold, slide, repeat.
- 60!
Yeah, I got one! Whoo!
These alien guns kick ass!
Come on, he's on us!
Bee, you gotta move! Duck!
Bee, fire the gun!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
That was insane!
Tess, you okay?
Okay. Sir?
You better have insurance!
It's a freaking spaceship.
You go get insurance
on a freaking spaceship.
Good luck with that, buddy.
Is this your car?
Sweetie, hand me my alien gun.
Here you go.
Come here.
- Trust your dad.
- Okay.
Prepare for interstellar launch.
We're almost ready to separate.
We're almost there.
- Hurry, he's launching!
- All over it, chief.
Lockdown will be in deep space
before he realizes I'm gone.
I'm a sucky pilot, but
let's give it a whirl.
Hell, yeah!
You CIA guys are really subtle.
What a deft hand.
I'm sure nobody noticed all that.
Look. In a few minutes, there are
gonna be feds all over this place,
and I don't want them
finding our Holy Grail.
So we're gonna take all our R&D,
we're moving it to our China facility.
I want you to bring me the Seed,
but I want you to bring it to me there.
Mr. Joshua, I would not describe
your product testing as perfected.
We have plenty of time
for improvements in China.
Sir, Galvatron. He was...
A fiasco.
A farrago. An embarrassment.
And he spoke. How did that happen?
Do you know what a flaw is, Wembley?
A flaw?
A flaw is a total failure.
I did not have control over my prototype,
and I want to know why!
Let's give Bumblebee the good news.
We got a ship now. We're leaving.
You humans. After all we have done.
You don't know
what you've wrought upon yourselves.
What? What is it now?
What are you talking about?
I mean, I'm doing stuff
out of my league here!
You don't see who's controlling who.
Within that manmade prototype I fought,
I sensed the presence
of Megatron.
What, the Decepticon that
started the Chicago war?
How do you think KSI
built those bots in the first place?
They had a whole mess of
dead Decepticon heads
and they were downloading their minds!
And I was in charge of autopsy duty.
No union, no benefits, no nothing.
They hooked me up to Megatron,
and that mind
wasn't as dead as they thought.
He fed them the science and specs!
All so they could build him
a brand-new body.
Then he infected it
with his evil, nasty chromosomes.
They had red, beady eyes.
They got all in my lovely locks.
I can smell it right now.
Total inside custom job!
KSI might have named the body
the snappy name of Galvatron,
but that's just Megatron reincarnated!
You knew this
and you didn't warn them?
Little girl, you can go to a pretty
dark place when you on death row.
He's been playing KSI all this time,
all so that he could manipulate them
into going after the Seed.
Wait. The Seed?
Those nasty soldiers
that were chasing us.
I saw them board the ship,
and they took something
that they called the Seed.
Listen. Sixty million years ago,
give or take an eon...
Thousands of planets
were cyber-formed with Seeds.
They turned your organic life
into our elemental metals.
Our creators destroyed your world
to make us.
And that's what Galvatron
wants to happen again.
He wants to detonate that Seed
in the biggest city and kill millions!
He's gonna show the world,
"Baby, I'm back."
The blast wave will incinerate
that city into molten metal.
He'll have enough
to build a massive army
and annihilate your species forever.
You dumb, greedy bastards
just brought extinction to yourself.
Not my problem, though.
I'm free at last.
Whole thing worked out good for me.
I'm walking.
We got to get the Seed
before Galvatron does.
"JOSHUA". The Seed is going to be
the salvation of our company.
We take delivery tonight.
And next month, we detonate safely
in the Mongolian desert.
And we'll create enough Transformium
for a hundred years.
Dad, I'm tired of running and stealing.
Well, a place to sleep.
Yeah. Just another break-in.
You know, when I was your age,
I liked to get a little wild.
I liked cars, girls.
But then there was Tessa.
And when she was born,
all I ever wanted out of life
was for her to be happy
and healthy and safe.
Somehow I thought I'd always
be enough to protect her.
But I won't be.
I'll never be.
So somebody better be.
Thanks for being here today,
Lucky Charms.
Well, thanks for not shooting me
when you had the chance.
I'll have more.
Yeah, I can see that.
We've intercepted
the encrypted communications.
Joshua Joyce is headed to his factory
in Guangzhou, China.
Hey, big shot.
Your company's in serious trouble.
You better have a damn good lawyer.
Well, you better have a great one 'cause
you're about to be responsible
for the annihilation of a city.
Now, you listen to me.
Your tech has been hacked.
Your prototypes are infected.
And now Galvatron is after that Seed.
Look. I know you have a conscience
because you're an inventor, like me.
Do not let Galvatron
anywhere near that Seed.
I control Galvatron. I created him.
Deep down, I know you know.
Your prototype's been controlling you.
How fast can that thing get us
halfway around the world?
Very. It's a spaceship.
If we're traveling, now's the time.
All I want is to have our life back.
It's your call. Whatever you want.
Are we safer on our own,
or are we safer with them?
She's a keeper.
Must take after her mom.
I can't argue with that, kid.
Move! We're retrieving the Seed,
but then we're done
defending the humans.
What, done?
What do you mean, you're done?
Means "finished,"
"see ya," "good-bye."
Hijacked part of my ship?
How did you let this happen?
Shut down dark-matter drive,
reverse course at light speed,
and get us back!
Prime's taken my trophy case.
And he will feel my wrath!
Welcome to China.
Put Galvatron in containment.
Tell the techs do not activate him.
Absolutely, sir.
I cannot tell you
how enthused I am to deliver this.
Top of your alien wish list.
It's yours. Or rather ours.
I will need to see my advance.
Five million shares
of the company.
we're gonna end human warfare.
We're about to build
a fully automated U.S. Army.
Just think of all the American lives
we're gonna save.
So how soon until
we can start continuous production?
You know, why don't we take
a beat on this for a minute?
I have some new data
that I discovered and...
You're not backing out on me here?
No, I'm not backing out. I just...
I want the Seed.
I'm not saying I don't want the Seed.
I'm just saying I don't know if I...
If I want the Seed right now.
Good men have died
trying to get that thing for us.
For you.
I know what you did to get that thing.
A lot of illegal, icky shit.
I can take you down, too, Mr. Black Ops.
Don't you threaten me.
I started this company when I was a boy,
with a dream
of making the world a better place.
Funny. I had the same dream.
Somewhere along the way,
you made billions of dollars.
So why don't you tell me
what's missing from my dream?
Why don't you tell me what's missing
from my boyhood dream?
I have served my country for decades
of unparalleled prosperity
and you are my golden parachute.
So you are damn well
jumping out of the plane with me!
I am Galvatron!
- What's going on?
- Your Galvatron has gone active.
What haven't you been telling me?
Find Darcy, and bring a car around
downstairs. Quietly.
We got a factory emergency.
I have to get you out of here.
- What the hell's going on?
- Take them outside.
We had a deal.
You got what you wanted.
I got what "it" wanted.
My brothers,
today I grant you your freedom.
And from now on,
you are commanded by me.
Rise up!
Go find my Seed!
Detonate the Seed in the largest city.
Listen, princess.
I don't wanna hear, "I told you so,"
but this is much more dangerous
than I think.
Get in.
Galvatron's hacked into the others.
- What?
- Joshua.
- You have to contain this!
- Drive, drive!
Son of a...
Come on.
Let's move, let's move, let's move!
I know how to lose them in Hong Kong.
I know a military garrison there
that will help us.
Threatening a professional CIA killer.
Possibly not my finest hour.
I'd like to have that one back.
Killer? I thought they were your friends!
No. Not friends. Business.
They gave me this bomb.
Is there a bomb in the bag?
Yes, there's a bomb in the bag.
When you said you were done
fighting for humans,
you didn't mean that, did you?
How many more of my kind
must be sacrificed
to atone for your mistakes?
Well, what do you think
being human means?
That's what we do.
We make mistakes.
And sometimes out of those mistakes
come the most amazing things.
When I fixed you, it was for a reward.
That was it. That was why. For money.
And it was me making a mistake.
Without it, you wouldn't be here.
So even if you got no faith in us,
I'm asking you to do what I do.
I'm asking you to look at all the junk
and see the treasure.
You gotta have faith, Prime,
in who we can be.
I'm seriously pissed
we're not getting paid for this.
Well, at least we get to kill him.
They're not getting away if
I still got him on satellite.
Some genius.
Thinks he can outrun the CIA.
Joshua? Yes?
How lethal is that bomb?
I don't know. Let me check.
I love this! This is so good.
Hang on.
I'm getting a text from
ll Duce in Hong Kong.
"Need to know
the Seed's estimated blast range."
I'll do the diversion!
Get that thing somewhere safe!
Killers are coming! Guys, we gotta go!
GUYS, guys...
- Shut up! Shut up!
- All right! I'm sorry!
All right, go ahead, go ahead!
Okay, good? No, don't go! Wait!
Okay, he's in. Okay, okay, okay.
I need a raise! I want a raise.
All right, yes!
I'm sure whatever you want!
Go, go, go!
Death is on our tail! Death is on our tail!
Get out of the way, all of you!
Get out of the way!
I don't want to die like this.
Box them in.
Hurry, hurry! Come, come.
Okay, yes. I'll follow you anywhere.
You're amazing!
We're going to get you to the roof.
Good, good.
LOL. That's funny.
I can't... This is really happening.
A man, me, who is worth
over 20 billion dollars is now
being chased by CIA assassins.
That's the truth.
And in the middle
of a robot uprising.
And I'm carrying what is,
in essence, a tactical nuke.
And the great thing is I...
The great thing is that I'm...
I'm barely feeling any jetlag.
- Just stop it!
- What?
You need to hide on the roof
of this building.
I'll get you a helicopter extraction.
I like her.
I find her very attractive.
He's definitely around here.
Come on, come on.
I got a bike!
Check in there!
These are the CIA assassins
I told you about.
- Guys.
- Let's go.
Hey! Okay.
- Pick it up.
- All right. I'm gonna.
Wow. Wow, thank you.
Wow! How did you...
Police training, prior to my MBA.
I love you.
Get to the roof.
All right, okay.
Find my Seed. It's here!
Those prototypes are after that bomb.
No, no, no, no!
Who the hell's aboard that?
Brothers, it's the Autobots!
Shoot them down!
Hey, Baldy!
Hey, it's me! Hey!
Bring it over now! Let's go.
Hurry up, run!
- Hurry! Come on!
- Let's go! Move it!
Guys! Come on. Give it to me now!
Looks like
we might have company.
We're hit! We're hit!
They live, they talk, we're dead.
- Kill them all.
- Pleasure.
I count ten below!
I thought you said
you had one prototype get infected.
Now he's got operational control
of my other 50.
Come on.
Climb, climb!
Surround them.
I may have started the apocalypse,
but you brought your family.
And that's, you know, terrible parenting.
I'm about one second away
from knocking you out,
taking the bomb,
and just leaving you here.
Please, do me a favor.
Optimus, Autobots, you alive?
- Come on, bitch!
- Come on!
Evac! Evac!
We're getting flanked!
We got company below!
My fat ass is stuck!
Bee, take the shot!
- Into the elevator! Get in.
- Okay.
Come on.
Get down, get down!
Close the door! Close the door!
Won't go! It's not closing!
There's too much weight.
- Get back down to Bumblebee!
- Dad, no!
Hey! You want me!
Center elevator.
Center elevator.
He's gonna be okay.
Alien bomb! Alien bomb,
coming through!
Clear the way! Clear the... Hi, kids.
Coming through, ladies!
Excuse me!
Excuse me, ladies! Excuse me!
My God!
How do you say, "Get the fuck
out of the way" in Chinese?
That's a long way down.
You've got to be kidding me.
Come on.
I'm coming for you!
Never should have hidden that truck.
You should have never
came after my family.
Tough luck, Yeager. We all have family.
Yeah, but I'm gonna live to see mine.
Where is my escaped bounty?
Autobots at this location.
Prime is close.
Do whatever you have to do.
I intend to.
- Darcy!
- Joshua!
We got three more
coming in from that way!
Bee, where's Tessa?
We got a real dilemma here. Okay?
I created incredible robots.
It's all designed
to kick that fat Transformer's ass.
So, really, this is a no-win situation.
It's over.
That was mean.
Hey! I'm sorry if you can't handle
the cold-hearted truth!
Optimus, what are my orders
with these humans?
Can I squish the bald guy?
They're in trouble.
Nah! This isn't our fight!
I'm done being an underdog.
Underdogs suck!
I say they get what they deserve.
What's the play, Prime?
It's time for reinforcements.
Recognize one of your Knights.
Come on.
All right, come on! Come on, let's go!
Bee, go!
Come on, we got to move!
Let's go, move!
Where's Tessa?
Tessa, get over here! Come on.
Get over here!
Stay behind me!
I'm covering you!
If I stop covering you, it means I'm dead.
But that ain't gonna happen.
Take that!
I'm a wicked warrior robot!
Come on! We gotta move now!
Go, go!
We got hostiles coming down the street!
Bee! Twelve o'clock! Cover fire!
We're surrounded!
Hustle, hustle, hustle!
Go, go, go!
Get down!
This is the perfect place to hide.
A big glass box! Nobody will ever
find us here! That's...
You've got to be kidding me.
Legendary warriors,
the powers that created us
now want us all extinguished.
We must join forces,
or else forever be their slaves.
So today you stand with us...
or you stand against me.
We'll let Prime figure this one out.
Very wise.
There's no friggin' way
I'm staying down here with them.
No way. No way.
Only together can we survive!
Let me lead you!
I was expecting a giant car.
Come here!
We're giving you freedom.
You defend my family,
or die.
we're going to prove who we are
and why we're here!
You just want to die for the guy.
That's leadership.
Or brainwashing, or something.
No. That's Optimus Prime.
Autobots, we charge together!
Now, roll out!
We're getting boxed in!
We're getting flanked everywhere!
Help me out here!
Kill anything that moves!
Come on, Cade, shoot!
Come and get some, you little bitch!
I can't believe
I'm putting my life in your hands.
Here. Be my guest. Take the gun.
- Go ahead, take it.
- No, I don't want the gun.
- Come on, you can lead.
- No, I don't want the gun.
Then stay under there and shut up!
All right. You're good with the gun.
So you keep it.
Running out of guns and ammo.
Come and get some!
You're all gonna die!
Way to go, baby!
Good shooting, Cade!
I'm like a fat ballerina
who takes scalps and slits throats!
Got your fortune cookie!
Come here, you little punk.
Pull the pin! I'm dying out here!
Here! Take it. Take it!
Little help! Little help!
It's live! It's live, it's live. Take it!
What do you want me to do with it?
- Just throw it!
- Give, give, give!
Got some bad news, Cade.
I'm out of ammo and out of ideas.
Faster! Go!
I'll kill you!
No, impossible!
They're ruining everything!
Take that!
Get off me.
- Get up, Hound!
- I can't go on.
But you gotta keep fighting!
Tank's empty, bro.
There's more of 'em coming.
If you don't get up
and fight, we're going to die. Let's go!
Optimus is here!
Bee, jump!
I hate cheap knockoffs.
Awesome job!
- You.
- Who?
- You.
- Step forward.
Wait. Why?
Your science will be responsible
for humanity's extinction.
All right. I know that you're sensitive
to this whole bioethical dilemma.
Maybe all he wants to hear you say is
that some things
should never be invented.
We'll lead you out of the city.
Get that Seed safely to the hills.
Use this car.
He almost ate me!
All right, we're good!
All right, let's go!
Get out of that seat.
And you're one lucky dad to have me.
Okay, Lucky Charms. You got that.
You drive. Let's go.
What did you do?
I don't know.
I don't know, but it's an issue.
- Did you press a button?
- Is it gonna blow up?
I don't know.
Your thing is beeping now,
so you must have hit something.
- Is it gonna blow up?
- I don't know!
A bomb starts beeping,
that might signal a problem, you think?
I'm just saying
that it's a steady blinking light,
which could be a timer of some kind.
Unless it's signaling location.
To who?
We've got to call the central government
for help!
Optimus Prime.
Come to me.
There's the bridge.
Back it up! Back it up!
Go, go, go, go!
Back up! Go back! Go back!
Get out of the way. I can't see!
- Shane, drive faster!
- Okay, just calm down.
- Shane, watch out!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Get cover!
- Back up! Back! Back up!
Autobots, fall back!
- Come on, move! Out of my way!
- Get out of the way!
- Look out!
- Just hit them! Just hit them!
It's a big magnet!
It's sucking up metal and dropping it!
- Go faster! Go faster!
- Move!
- Get out of the way!
- It's coming! It's coming!
It's coming closer!
Go faster, Shane!
Watch out, watch out!
- Watch out!
- Look out!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
No, now it's circling back towards us!
Hard right! Take a hard right!
Move it! Get out of the way!
My God!
No. No, the magnet. Get out, get out!
Come on! Come here! Get out!
No, no, no!
No, we're going up. Grab the bomb!
Help me grab the bomb!
I can't get the seat belt off!
Pull me down! Catch me!
I'm going up! I'm going up!
Get me! Grab me!
Pull me down! Pull me!
I can't get the seat belt off!
I can't get the belt off!
I'm stuck! I'm stuck!
Hold the bomb! I can't hold on!
Guys, it's crushing me!
- Shane!
- I'm good! I'm good.
I'm good.
Hey, you guys!
Come on.
Go find someplace safe.
I'm proud of you.
Get cover!
Autobots, get this bomb over the bridge
and out of the city!
What? Come on.
I got it!
I'm getting this bomb out of here!
Give me the gun.
It's you and me now!
Look, Optimus is out there all alone.
What? You can't help him.
I have to, Tess. He came back for us.
Dad, don't leave, please.
Look, I'll find you, I'll get there, okay?
Dad, no, you'll die!
You gotta stay with Shane.
You're gonna be okay.
You promise me
you're gonna keep her safe,
rest of her life, until the end of time!
Promise me!
I promise you.
You're the best thing I ever made, Tess.
All right, don't ever forget it,
it was always you.
- I love you.
- Please.
Get in the car, now.
Stop the car!
- You better listen.
- No, you listen.
I'm not leaving my dad.
All right, we're gonna
hold the line, then block the bridge!
You see, it takes patience
to make a man.
The patience to watch and wait,
to protect all of us, quietly,
for God and country,
without any recognition at all!
There are no good aliens!
Or bad aliens, Yeager.
It's just us and them.
And you chose them.
You saved the human
instead of saving yourself?
You bring shame upon us all.
She never listens. Never.
I gave you an order!
Get out of here, now!
Get in. Get in.
Hey, you! Hey!
Cade, get out of here! This is my fight!
It's my fight, and you're all gonna die!
Go! Go!
Come on! Come on!
Yeah! Killer robot, my ass!
Come on.
Get away, all of you!
Come on, Tess.
Come on, Tess. Come on, Tess.
You see my face, your life is done!
Come on, come on, come on!
Honor to the end.
You still happy we met?
Quickly! I'm setting off
Lockdown's grenade!
Hold tight!
We shall meet again, Prime,
for I am reborn.
Kind of nice being your hero
for a change.
You always were. All my life.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Let's go home to graduation?
You're okay, kid.
Come here, you're all right.
You're all right.
We don't have a home, Dad.
It blew up.
I might be able to help you with that.
Brave warriors...
you are free!
I'll ride
with you anytime, Spike!
Did you miss me?
This Seed belongs to our creators,
whoever they are.
There remains a price on my head.
I endanger you all if I stay.
I shall take it
where it can never be found.
Will we ever see you again?
Cade Yeager,
I do not know.
But whenever you look to the stars,
think of one of them
as my soul.
Defend this family, Autobots,
as they have you.
all they can be.
There are
mysteries to the universe
we were never meant to solve.
But who we are and why we are here
are not among them.
Those answers we carry inside.
I am Optimus Prime
Leave planet Earth alone.
'Cause I'm coming
for you.