Transit 17 (2019) Movie Script

General, Sir.
At ease Commander.
How are we doing?
We're making progress sir.
486 runners and 23 healthy
ones this month.
Keep up the good work Commander.
Find as many
healthy ones as possible.
We need to get
them in quarantine.
How about the resistance?
Have you been able
to solve that problem?
No General Sir,
We managed to
exterminate some nests
but the resistance is heavy
and pretty well organized.
Our intelligence was also
able to catch some fragments
of the settler signal.
It has something to do with
research through a cure.
Whatever they're up to keep
me informed at all times.
Find the nest Commander.
They must be exterminated
as soon as possible.
What if they found
a cure to, General?
There's no such thing Commander.
Proceed to extermination.
That's an order!
Sir General Sir.
How's the video beacon doing?
I ran some tests
and it seems to be fine
but my worries are
with the jammers.
I thought you calculated it.
You said it was fine.
Yeah I did.
The big jammers have
a reach of 25 click.
But the little ones are new.
We don't know
anything about them.
What if we take down
the main antenna?
Take down.
How do you wanna do that?
But, we... We have a network.
Don't we have anybody close by?
Let me see.
We have insurgents in section 5.
They call themselves
the free fighters.
But I wouldn't send them in
unless you really have to.
Why not?
Why not?
Does the term insurgents
mean anything to you?
It can jeopardize the whole
mission if they got caught.
Aren't they allied with us?
Yeah we exchange stuff with them
and they're on our side.
Who's their leader?
His name is Vanguard.
I'll pop him up on
the big screen.
There we go.
Hello Vanguard.
You know what?
Send him a message
to stand by but
don't tell him about
the mission just yet.
I'm going for the GPS okay?
You're not looking so hot.
Have you been drinking?
What do you want?
There's a kid in Transit 17.
We find surviving kids now
and then don't we?
So they can make a vaccine.
They've been searching
for years now.
You know what I think?
I think Rats and
Kosami's behind it.
They're smart.
They know we have
to cross their path.
They're not smart enough.
I found a new way
to the other side.
It's tricky but
it's not impossible.
Take a look at this.
What is it?
See for yourself.
Look at the corners.
Where did you find that?
I'll tell you later.
Shouldn't we get to work now?
Yeah. But I think I
better go talk to
Robert now.
Yep, you should.
Hey Tex. Got my brief?
Yeah I got your brief.
Would you guys give us a minute?
Transit 17.
Have you lost
your freaking mind?
You're my best team Tex.
Screw that Robert!
It's a trap. Open your eyes!
No it's a verified source
there's no doubt.
Screw that source to!
You want to get us killed?
Look I know you've
been through a lot.
I got a hunch about this.
What if it's our only chance?
I don't want to blow it!
It's going to be a massacre.
I just want you to
know, a massacre!
Oh, so you didn't
swear to this cause.
Tex you're the team leader.
You don't want to do this?
Fine. I'll pull you
out right now.
Pull me out?
You don't get it do you?
I don't care for my life anymore
but my team deserves
a lot better!
1800 hours.
I'm holding a briefing and
I want everyone there
to make sure we're
on the same page.
You really want to
give up the best team
That you ever had?
For a tail?
You take him out there Tex.
I'm not giving anything up.
And I got your back.
It's up to you alright?
1800 hours.
Morning Corporal.
Don't you ever get
tired of that shit?
Someone's got to stay
fit around here.
Have you seen Daniel around?
Sure. He's fixing the pig.
We need to talk.
Good to see you.
You wanna talk?
Is there anything
I need to know?
So I guess Robert has
told you about the kid right?
Since when are you guys deciding
things behind my back?
It wasn't like that.
You were the one who
wanted to be left alone.
So we thought it was better for
you to hear it from Robert.
Yeah but you guys believe
in this, don't you?
You really wanna know?
Yeah we do.
Is it worth your life to?
Come on Tex, what life?
That vaccine can give
us a second chance.
To all of us.
Anything, and I mean anything
is better than this shitty life.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe it is time for a change.
Does that mean you're
going to come with us?
What the hell do you
think, I would let you
guys go alone?
You're dead before
you get there!
I appreciate that Tex.
It's the right decision.
When are you guys
planning to leave?
The longer we wait.
I mean.
We can't waste anymore time.
Robert will give us the
intel so,
How about tonight?
Tonight it will be.
But remember one thing Daniel.
People will die.
How are you doing?
I'm good.
How's your day been?
Yeah, seems like everyone's
avoiding me today.
Well, that's because
you're scary.
What did you just say?
See what I mean?
Short fuse.
Yeah well, Tex is the same.
Tex has got a lot on his mind.
You know, don't worry about him.
He'll come around.
Do you think we're
going to make this trip?
I'm with Tex, you know,
I think it's too big.
For just us.
You know we got the pig,
which is pretty solid.
You know it's old.
As long as we get past
that outpost on the West side.
Robert thinks we can do it.
With all due respect Eve,
Roberts a dinosaur.
He's been out of the
field for far too long.
I don't get it I mean.
What's the point of being
in this organization
if we're not going
to make a difference.
My thoughts exactly.
And, I guess.
That's what I'm
here to find out.
You're going to find
out soon enough.
Alright good evening.
I see everyone's here.
Good job Tex.
Alright first things first.
If anyone here wants
out of this operation
I want to hear from
you right now.
We're here, headquarters.
Transit 17 is 75 clicks away
another hundred
clicks to the coast.
And the first checkpoint.
Renee will fill you
in with the details.
Uh, oh, okay.
Uh, so.
Uh, if,
if you wanna surviving this trip
there are a few
rules you got to follow.
We want to avoid
highways and main roads
they're full of car wrecks.
What do you mean we?
Are you tagging along with us?
Excuse me?
Uh, no, um, um.
At the computer.
All right, can we move on?
Okay, um.
I've uploaded a route
to your GPS which
takes you along the forest.
We'll give you cover
during the day.
If you need to change course,
avoid the city of Brouge it's
full of sniffers over there.
They're still pretty
much active.
If you run into some troubles,
try to hide yourself and the
Pig in some abandoned place.
Snow and I will be providing
you technical support
for the next 36 hours
but we are running
into some issues.
Um, she will explain.
Snow will explain.
Right the sniffers have
a network of jammers
that can disturb our
signal from time to time.
We calculated the
route to avoid them
but there are no guarantees.
So where's the rendezvous?
That's a very good question.
Once you get on Wevrick Um
head to Polar street 46 where
you'll meet with your contact.
He will then take you
directly to the RC
where he will hand
her over to you.
I thought we were
talking about a kid.
Well actually she is.
She's only 15.
Alright, once you
pick up the girl
you bring her
directly to the coast.
Okay, the next checkpoint.
For the crossing.
Wait a minute.
No one can cross the water,
we all know that.
No, not on the surface.
We're taking a mini sub.
Who can afford a submarine?
Look this girls father is one o
most influential and wealthiest
people in the UK alright?
So we're just
smuggling a rich kid.
Oh what?, hey!
That wasn't part of the deal.
Is that it?
Look, the fact that he's wealthy
is to our advantage.
I mean.
Because of him,
he can not only
pay for the operation
but maybe pay the lab
rats to come up
with some kind of vaccine.
And if that happens you'll
not only be thankful
you'll be a hero.
Wait. This changes the
whole fucking mission.
Shouldn't you have told us
this shit in the first place?
Yeah, you should.
Alright just,
alright alright alright.
Just hold on okay look,
you know this girl has lived
among us for seven years
now she knows
what hell is alright?
So we just have to
trust Darcy just like that?
The decision is
going to be yours
alright so let's
see what we got.
You're the boss.
If you're in then I
guess I am to.
Yeah, whatever.
Yeah, I guess.
Already made my decision.
I'm going.
Alright, Tex.
You're in charge now.
You okay?
Yeah, I've just got a really
bad feeling about this.
You worry too much Brad.
That's because I know exactly
what's around the corner.
We don't.
I'm not saying that.
I'm just saying you two girls
take this for granted.
Hey I wonder how much
it's changed out there.
I mean, we have haven't
been on the other side for,
According to recent reports,
60 million people have been
infected in the last seven year.
Wow, that's a lot
of them out there.
There aren't so many anymore.
They said Reszingers army killed
at least three quarter of them.
Alpha team this
is HQ do you copy?
Copy go ahead HQ.
You're approaching a wasteland.
Keep an eye out for scraps
and junks if you don't mind.
Copy that.
Tex what the fuck?!
Nothing guys.
Just bumped into a car
but we're still rolling.
Heads up next time please.
I'll keep it in mind.
Oh fuck!
The temperature is going up.
It's the radiator.
I think it's leaking again.
We have to make a stop.
What now?
We're never going to
make it in time.
We need to fix it.
Otherwise we're going
to blow up the engine.
That's not good.
We got to get out of the
pig one way or another.
It's the only way
we can fix this.
Alpha team to headquarters
do you copy?
Alpha team I hear you
loud and clear over.
The Pig is in trouble.
We need to make
a stop to fix it.
A house near by, something
with a barn or a garage.
Just give me a minute.
Okay guys I got a visual.
Brad did you brought
your tools with you?
Yeah I've got them here.
Alpha team there is a
house on Oak street 15.
Just a few clicks ahead of you.
Good job Renee.
It used to be a repair shop
performing equipment
so you might be able to find
some tools you can use in there.
Copy that.
Not sure if the owner
survived the outbreak though.
But I guess you figure that
out directly on the spot.
We're heading towards it.
You're the man.
Um, just be careful guys.
There's still some
activity out there.
Although I'm not
sure what it is.
Alpha team this is HQ
again do you copy over?
Renee can you hear me
Alpha team to headquarters
do you copy?
I didn't catch that Daniel.
You're breaking up.
Shit we lost contact.
Uh, damn it.
Alpha team do you copy?
Where are they?
Look I need a visual Renee.
Can you get it back?
I'm doing all I can sir.
I'm still receiving
a transmission
from within that zone.
But as expected a jammer
is disrupting the signal.
Alpha team do you copy over?
Copy over.
I'm getting something.
Alpha team this is
Robert do you copy over?
God! Shit!
What now?
Sir, we can send
in the free fighters.
They're ready.
Alright, so uh.
So what if we take
down the antenna?
Will that work?
Yes it will.
At least for a while.
Alright take it down.
I want full recon.
Tell me when you
get any news at all.
Of course sir.
Should Brad and me
go for the garage?
All right Brad, roll in the Pig.
Daniel will back you up.
Eve, Deena, you're with me.
Secure the house.
Let's see what's in here.
It's getting close to dawn.
Might have to spend
some time in here.
We don't know how
long it's going to take
to repair the Pig do we?
We're going upstairs.
Deena you take the right flank.
Copy that.
Alright you go left.
Shit we got a
whole bunch of them.
Damn it!
Well done.
Let's go check on Deena.
Come on.
It's us.
Calm down.
Are you alright?
Son of a bitch almost got me.
Have you been bitten?
I'm good.
Are you sure?
Why are you staring
at me like that?
Are you sure you
haven't been bitten?
I said I was good.
If you're good you're good.
Calm down.
Daniel. It's Tex.
I'm here.
We had a few runners
but we're fine now.
We got to lock
ourselves in here.
How are you guys doing?
Yeah we had a runner to.
Brad took care of him.
He's back on the job now.
Got any idea how
long it's gonna take?
Yo Brad.
How long this is gonna take?
How the hell do I know?
Don't even know if
it can be fixed yet.
I think at least a few hours.
Give us a sign when you're done.
Copy that.
Are we stuck?
Let's get settled.
Alright guys.
Get ready.
Let's do this.
We're not going Vanguard.
What do you mean
we're not going?
We had a deal.
No you had a deal!
Why don't they
clean up their own shit?
We don't even know
what it's about.
Give us a good reason why
we should go and do this.
You want a reason?
I give you three.
Within 14 days we
run out of beer,
food and cigarettes.
If it's a no go,
they won't forget.
Got it?
That's enough guys.
Wanna come?
Think about it.
Sorry, I can do
without my cigarettes.
Come on Reese.
Let's get this done.
Geez Scared the shit out of me.
Sorry it's just me.
Just cleaning up a bit.
You look exhausted.
You should get some rest.
I'm fine.
Deena, is something wrong?
Is there something
you're not telling me?
I was just thinking about
something from the past.
Is it your brother?
I miss him.
If he was here he'd be
one of us you know?
Hmm I'm sure he would.
Do you know what Deena?
We've all got our demons.
So why don't you
just get some rest.
It'll do you good.
I'll try.
Vanguard and his
team are operating.
I'm gonna need some fresh air.
And a smoke.
Snow can you cover
for me for a sec?
Sure but don't stay
away for too long okay?
I'll be back in a flash baby.
And don't call me baby, got it!
Yes maam.
Dumb ass.
Alright men.
Talk to me.
In position.
I got one.
Should I take him out?
Hold your fire.
Wait on my mark.
I got one sniffer at 4 O'clock.
Clarisse you can
take him out quiet.
I'll take that bastard.
Well done.
Merv go.
Set to blow.
Good job.
Get the hell out.
It's gonna get hot.
Okay. Let's fry these bastards.
Is it done?
Alright, wake up Deena.
Get her off me.
What the fuck?
Fucking shoot her!
Fuck me.
Are you okay?
That was me.
Deena's wasted.
No just stay with the Pig.
Give us a sec.
What happened?
Can't believe we've lost her.
She must have gotten
infected somehow.
It's not your fault.
These things happen
in the blink of an eye.
You can't blame yourself.
Did she suffer?
She turned in her sleep.
That runner must have
got her at the attic.
Eve woke her up.
And she attacked her.
Should have seen her face.
I hate this virus.
We all do.
Look Tex, I don't want to but.
We have to get back
to the task at hand.
Let's get the damn girl
and get this over with.
HQ this is alpha
team do you copy?
HQ this is alpha
team do you copy?
Come in.
HQ come in.
HQ this is alpha team come in.
Alpha team are you there?
Renee nice to hear you again.
What the hell happened.
Thank God!
We lost the signal because
of the jammers but
the free fighters
took care of that.
Are you okay?
Yeah the Pig is up
and running again.
Brad and Daniel took care of it.
Thank God guys!
We have some bad news to Renee.
We lost Deena.
She got infected
during the night.
Still there?
How did it happen?
Look Renee.
We're approaching the trespass
we don't have time
to explain now.
I'm going to need some
assistance with the bee.
Are you up to this?
Yeah, um.
Don't worry guys we're here.
Or at least until the
connection holds up.
All right, gonna
contact you inside.
Stay tuned.
Alright Daniel.
What do we got?
I got two sniffers
on the bridge.
And three on the ground.
Alright I'll call Renee.
Renee it's Tex do you copy?
Renee this is Tex,
I need some intel.
Copy that.
We gonna let the bee up.
Copy that.
Go ahead.
Sensors are picking
up six signals
but it's not strong enough.
There could be more.
Alright bring the
bee back in Renee.
I'll get back to you later on.
Can you come over here for a sec
I want to explain how
we're gonna do this.
Alright Daniel.
You see that spot over here?
- Yeah.
- I want your ass up there.
Can you do that?
No problem.
I'm going to take position
right over here.
In the mean time
Eve and Brad you guys
cut around the back.
Double check the perimeter
and wait for my signal.
On my mark
you take out the two sniffers a
the entrance over here.
In the mean time Daniel and me
will got your asses covered.
Once you're inside you
got to speed up guys.
Take out all that's in there.
Do it as silent as possible
before they can sound the alert.
Once you're in,
give us the signals so we can
take out the others outside.
Okay are we good?
Solid, let's go.
Wait a minute guys.
I wanna explain something here.
There's only four
of us left now.
What I mean is that we can still
abort the mission and go back.
It's all up to you guys.
No. No chance.
Let's go.
No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no Oh shit!
This is really getting
out of hand now.
All right then,
I'll go in from the main gate
where you keep them busy.
Once it's open, we'll
get back to the Pig.
Tex, I'm in position.
Are you copy?
Copy that.
What do you want
me to do now sir?
RADIO: Wait a second.
There's a lot of Jags out there.
You might wanna reconsider this.
Eve and Brad, go.
Two on your left.
How're things going, Lieutenant?
All quiet here Sir.
Anyway, we need to
upgrade our security.
You understand?
Of course Sir.
Bravo's going to start
the initial recon tomorrow.
Depends how long it takes
for them to find something.
What the hell was that?
You're in the back!
Guys the gate is open
but we got a lot of
sniffers coming up.
team, it's getting hot here.
All get back to the Pig.
All back to the Pig now!
Advise copys, all go in.
Alpha team I repeat,
the gate is open.
All back to the Pig now!
The gate is open,
we can run out!
Daniel, Eve, Brad,
all back to the Pig.
Alpha team, all back to the Pig.
I repeat, all back to the Pig.
We got to move now!
Snow, can you switch
to our Russian Satellite?
The Mill Set?
Ah, no way, impossible to hack.
Do you have a better idea?
At least we're trying
something different here.
I think we're
playing with fire here.
They can track
you down you know?
So what?
The Russians don't
give a rat's ass.
They're not sharing
information with Europe.
That should be it.
According to the GPS
this is the Polish street 46.
The goddamn hotel.
I want you to stay in the Pig.
Me and Daniel are going in.
If we're not back
within an hour,
don't come looking for us.
You're on your own.
do you copy?
Eve do you copy?
Yeah, whatever.
Who's in there?
Hold your fire.
My name is Robin.
Resistance Ops.
We're from the Transit Team.
All right.
My name is Tex this is Daniel.
Now you guys are contact?
Yeah we are.
We're gonna take
you to Transit 17.
You know, we've been
in here all day,
what the hell took
you guys so long?
Now hold on,
we had some trouble on the way
and we lost two of
our team to get here.
How 'bout that?
Sorry to hear that man.
Guys, we got to get out of here,
it's not safe.
Yeah you bet it's not safe.
C'mon let's get in the Pig.
Yeah that's our armored truck.
C'mon let's go.
Armored truck?
Nothing yet?
I'm trying to hack
into a Russian Satellite.
For what?
Tex is wearing a track
and trace device on him
and we won't be
able to communicate
but at least we can
find out where they are.
Why didn't I think of that?
Good job, let me
know if it works.
- Yes sir.
- Yes sir.
You must be Darcy.
You're right, it's me.
Glad you could make it.
She the girl?
Yep that's our little Jen.
Show it to us.
What, we want to see the wound.
Show us the wound.
Shit, get back.
C'mon guys.
It's okay, it's not contagious.
Are you 100%
sure a Runner did this?
What do you think,
a dog did this?
Whoa whoa whoa,
don't get too cocky on me.
Hey, calm down, she's
speaking the truth okay?
How do you know that?
Because I was there
when it happened.
That was a month ago,
it's fucking real isn't it?
Get her packed, we're moving on.
We're running out of time.
Does any of you know how she
got in contact with her father?
Yeah we did, it was us.
How was that?
Well let me tell you the story.
Couple years back
she was just wondering around
out there on the streets.
Darcy found her, brought
her back to the base.
Now hold on, we don't
wanna know the whole story
we just wanna know
about the wound.
Well, about a month ago
Darcy and her went out
looking for supplies
not too far from the base.
On the way back, they got
attacked by a couple of Runners.
They managed to get away
but Jen got this really
nasty bite on her arm.
She kept it a secret.
She was afraid.
She knew that if we found out
we would've killed her.
That's why she kept it hidden.
But by some miracle,
she wasn't turned.
About a week later,
Darcy spotted the wound.
We couldn't believe it.
It's a wonder we didn't
all get infected.
How did you make
contact with her father.
We knew there must've
been something special
about her blood.
We wanted to find
out more information
about her background.
We searched out database.
Her father's name popped up.
A rich businessman in the UK.
That's how we made contact.
That's how we got this
whole thing set up.
So you think he can be trusted?
I think so.
What would you do if that was
your little girl out there
and you found out
she was still alive
after all this time?
Don't you think you would
do everything possible
to get her back?
Yeah, but that's not the point.
The point is, will
he keep his word
about the vaccine?
If they knew an infected girl
had entered the UK
she would be killed on the spot.
Her father's not stupid,
he knows the risk.
Besides, Jen would
never let us down.
Darcy's been like
a mother to her.
All right, get a radio,
we need to make
contact with our base.
Yeah, follow me.
Eve, we're almost done here.
Stay in the Pig alright?
JP, take five, I got it.
Say um, what happened
to all the men out here?
I see only women.
Look a couple of months back,
we picked up this signal
from a group of survivors
calling out for help.
Our Alpha team went
to check it out.
We though we could help.
Man, we were dead wrong.
Our entire team got
turned into those things.
That's why we called you
guys in to do the job.
All right um,
I don't want to think
about these things but
can you log in from now?
Just hang on,
I'm gonna log you in real quick.
Sir, there's a signal coming in.
I got someone here you
might wanna talk to.
Oh God damn I'm
glad to see you man.
So, what happened out there?
Where are you guys now?
Well we had to flee,
leave Brad behind.
Oh god.
What happened?
He get shot?
We don't know that yet,
he might be still alive.
God dammit!
I shouldn't let you guys go out.
It's my fault.
Look Robert,
what happened, happened,
it's not your fault.
We had a choice.
What about Daniel and Eve?
Yeah, they're fine.
Tex I'm not gonna
blame you if you
bring the team back
into home base.
We didn't come this
far to quit now.
We have to finish this.
You sure?
Yeah, I do.
Look, we're wasting
valuable time here,
we need to go.
Tex Tex, hold on.
There's a track and trace
device in your belt.
Do not take it off okay?
We won't be able to communicate
but at least we will
know where you are.
Tex give my regards to
Daniel and Eve all right and
good luck to you guys.
I'll contact you as soon
as we deliver the girl.
Sorry about Brad.
Yeah look if Brad
is still alive,
we'll find him alright?
is she ready?
Yeah we're done here.
Tex, can I have a word with you?
What's up?
It's kind of private.
Alright, let's go or no?
I don't know, it's
these people here.
What about them?
They live in terrible
conditions man.
They need help.
What's your point?
Well if you don't mind,
I would like to stay.
Hell yeah too right.
This mission ain't over yet.
Look we passed the outpost,
we're close to the checkpoint.
What can possibly go wrong now?
Well it didn't go wrong.
Everything so far
has been going wrong,
do I have to remind you?
Look around you
this transit is
about to break down.
Alright, we'll manage.
Just make sure you're
here when we come back
and stay in touch with Robert.
Come on, let's go.
Give me your last hug.
Okay so don't be sad, okay?
You're gonna see
your dad again and
your supposed to be happy.
She's right, make
us proud baby girl.
I will.
Give us a sign as soon
as you're safe, okay?
I will.
Eve, we're coming in.
This is sick.
So you're sixteen, right?
Yep, next month.
So you must have been about
nine when the virus broke?
So how come you're in
Belgium and dad's in the UK?
My mum, she's Belgian,
and when my parents divorced,
my father moved back to England.
You miss him?
Yeah, I do, a lot.
What about your mom?
I miss her.
So much.
We were a family at Wervik.
When our house was
attacked by runners, I,
I was so scared.
I ran away.
And that's the last
time I saw her.
It must have been
horrible for you.
Hey, is it true?
About the bite.
Oh yeah, it's real.
I couldn't believe
it myself at first.
You know, if they
find a vaccine,
you're gonna be a
legend, you know that?
I don't wanna be a legend,
but I would do anything to
save us from this shithole.
Yeah well, let's hope
daddy feels the same way.
He does, he would do
anything to have it done.
I know him.
I believe you.
Oh, no.
You blew up the engine.
We gonna have to walk.
C'mon, move, move!
When did it happen?
Don't know.
And who was there?
I don't know, I didn't see her.
Fuck, snipers, we're
surrounded, get out!
Get out!
Get out of here!
This way, this way, this way!
HAIR: Go, move, move!
If you wanna make
then you don't know who
you're messing with.
I told you you're
never gonna hack in.
Shut up, Snow, okay I'm
the master of the universe
behind the keyboard, okay?
How many clicks are
we away from the target?
85 clicks away.
How much time do we got left?
A half...
I'm out of ammo
for the M20 as well.
Hey, can I have a gun too?
No you cannot.
Just make sure you
stay close to us.
The radio's dead.
So we're on our own.
The next village
is two clicks away.
Come on, we're rolling out.
Commander, sir.
The general wants to see you.
I'll be right up.
Yes sir, commander, sir!
Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on,
come on, come on,
yeah, come on.
Goes to position.
Shit, I'm in!
I'm in, oh damn, I'm good.
No way.
I'm in.
How did you...?
I'm in.
Commander Briggs.
I got a briefing.
The outpost at the West
Border has been attacked.
It seems like you're
losing your grip
on the Resistance again.
We were not expecting such a
massive attack, General, sir.
Our soldiers are well trained.
We'll trace their nest and
exterminate it at once.
Only a few managed to escape.
I don't care how many are left.
I want you to hunt them
down and destroy them all.
If you not capable
of doing the job,
then perhaps we should place
somebody else in charge.
Do I make myself clear?
Yes sir, General, sir.
Last chance, Commander, fix it!
You okay?
I'm feeling hungry though.
Here you go.
It's my secret stash.
So don't tell Tex.
It's good?
It's pretty good.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
Let's catch up.
What is it?
All around us.
No gangs.
Very quiet, that's
kind of odd, isn't it?
I heard they were gonna
leave the West Side.
Yeah, but nothing at all.
Isn't that kind of odd?
Maybe they'll just
exterminate later.
You know, you know what,
I'm gonna take a
closer look over there.
Got my back?
Don't waste any bullets
unless you have to.
We got only a few left.
get down in the hole.
You can come down
now, all clear.
Copy, Jen, let's move.
This way.
All right.
It seems clear.
Let's see what we can do here.
I wouldn't do
that, if I were you.
Now drop the guns.
And put your hands up.
Okay, calm down.
Gonna put the gun down, okay?
Don't pull the trigger.
Hey you,
drop the guns!
Eve, be smart.
Put the gun down.
Do it.
Hey look, guys, we
have no beef with you,
we're just passing... Shut up!
Is that you?
My God.
It's good to see you.
It's all right, guys,
you can lower the guns now.
I know this chick.
It's been a long time, right?
Yeah, well,
things are moving on.
Oh, this is Jen.
Hi, Jen.
This is Tex, our team leader.
Team leader, hm?
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, Tex.
Sorry about the ambush.
No problem, I understand.
You know what,
let's go to our camp.
We going to be a
lot safer there.
Okay guys, let's go,
keep the guns loaded.
That way.
I figure you're not
going to tell us
where your friends are hiding.
Why don't you go fuck yourself?
how many teeth does a man have?
I don't know, Commander, sir.
Why don't you count them for me.
Ooh, ah.
You know what,
you got yourself
a nice place here.
Yeah, we found it
just a few months ago.
And we built ourselves
a safe place.
It's pretty rough these
days with those gangs.
Yeah, you're right about that.
Joe, there's a
problem with the fences.
Get it fixed before
the night falls, okay?
No, wild animals.
At night they come
and search for food.
We're doing quite
well here, lately.
We start to grow some
vegetables, breed a few animals.
It's nice to have some
fresh food on the table
from time to time.
This is Mandy, Mandy,
this is Eve, my sister in...
Nice to meet you.
Hi Mandy, my name is Tex.
This is little Jen.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Why don't you go play?
I've got a game, do
you wanna come see it?
Yeah, sure.
Why don't you have a seat?
Can I offer you
something to drink?
Water, tea?
You don't happen to
have something stronger.
No, Tex.
Water's fine.
You don't owe me an explanation.
Life happens, things move on.
As long as you know how
much I loved your, sister.
Oh yeah, thank you.
So you're just
passing through, right?
We need to get to
the harbor of France.
Yeah, we're in desperate
need of a solid vehicle.
Can you help us out?
Why would you want
to go to France?
We need to get
Jen to the harbor.
We're part of the Resistance.
It's getting hot in the East.
The marshals are already
cleansing the City of Rouge.
We need to go.
The Resistance?
I heard great stories
about you guys.
But honest, don't think the
marshals are interested in us.
We're just survivors.
Make no mistake,
they will come over.
Just a matter of time.
So you better get
your people prepared.
Look Joe, we're
running out of time.
Can you help us?
The car won't be the problem.
Gas is getting
precious these days.
Look guys, I really would
like to help you out,
but we only have 50 liters left.
And we need that.
For our generators.
How about a truck,
with 500 liters,
in exchange for a
car with a full tank?
That's right.
A solid car with a 370
horsepower with a turbo engine.
It will bring you to
250 kilometers an hour.
It's a tank, it can basically
handle any situation,
especially with the gear we're
putting in the trunk right now.
Done good, thanks
for everything, Joe.
- Anytime.
- Take care.
Thanks, Joe.
Take care of yourself.
I hope to see you one day.
She's a good
woman. You take care.
Sir, they're moving again.
This time it's a lot faster.
How close are we to the target?
About 30 kilometers by now.
Ah, finally some good news.
Well, hopefully
they'll be on time.
Think we have just enough
gas to reach the coast.
Know what?
Didn't knew you had
Hell, I even didn't
knew you had a sister.
Crap. What the fuck now.
What do you want to do?
Are we gonna help him?
I don't trust this.
Lay yourself down.
Let's get closer.
Are you sure?
All right.
Commander, sir.
We spotted an explosion close
to the border of France.
Get me chopper.
Sir, yes sir.
Sir, they're back.
How far now?
About five ticks
away to targets.
Are they gonna make it?
- Yeah, seems like it.
- Good.
What are you doing? What
the fuck are you doing?
Get back in the car!
Get back here!
Now that's how you
take out a chopper, ha!
Take this, assholes!
You know, Eve, you're
the most craziest bitch
I've ever met.
But you can ride
with me anytime.
Ha! See you in hell.
We've got 15 minutes.
Sir, the men are
getting nervous.
I think we should leave.
This is my daughter we're
talking about. We stay.
Look at you.
Oh, you're so beautiful.
You're just like your mom.
Sir... Can I have a minute here?
Thank you so much for
bringing back my daughter.
You're welcome.
You saved my life.
You're daughter is
very special, sir.
You know, a lotta
people depend on you.
She's the only one who can
get us outta this hell.
Don't let us down.
I promise you,
I will spend every dime
I have to find a vaccine.
You have my word of honor.
I'll hold you to that.
Sir, we have to go.
He's right, you should go now.
Goodbye, Jen.
You take care. Okay?
All right, let's move.
Do you think he's
gonna keep his word?
That's for us to find
out later on, isn't it?
You know, I could
sure use a drink now.
Forget it.
Maybe find a liquor
store on the way back.
We need gas.
You're a very menacing
chick, you know that?
Don't you have any
mercy with an old vet?
Old vet? You're a drunk.
Yeah, and who are you? Mother
Teresa with a sniper gun?