Translated (2018) Movie Script

- Hi.
- How are you doin' today.
Good, thanks.
So this is Rome, huh?
First time here.
Where you headed to?
Eugene, come from Idaho.
what's the population here?
About 20 people.
- Really?
- Yeah.
You call yourself a Roman?
No, we're not that uppity.
So why's it named Rome?
100 years ago, when they
put the post office in,
those rock formations
reminded the guy
of the columns in Rome, Italy.
Makes sense.
Who's that old guy in the robe
over there?
Heck if I know.
I wonder where
he came from?
Well, you just come off
the hill, you had to see him.
No, I didn't.
That's weird, how
did I miss him?
You okay?
Spanish, you speak
English or Spanish?
Okay, just follow me this way.
Over here, over here, all right.
Just come over here.
Just stay there,
just stay, all right.
Just stay.
Is there any place around
here to take that old man?
Are you kiddin'?
Hey Stan, it's Tim.
Hey, I found this old man
out in the middle of the road
in Rome, he needs to be
taken to the shelter.
Yeah, he seems harmless.
Is it okay with you if I bring him
back with me to Eugene.
Yeah, all right, I'll be careful,
You need something to eat,
don't ya, okay.
Had to get some air freshener.
You wouldn't believe how
much that old man stinks.
All that for him?
- Yeah.
- It's on me.
Thanks, it's gonna be a long ride.
Just this way, just follow me,
you're good, you're good.
This is for a pleasant ride.
You don't know
what that means.
It's okay, come on.
Up, yes, there you go,
there you go.
You can hold onto this or that.
We're gonna make it, yeah.
You act like you've never
been in a truck before.
Well I never thought I'd been
doing this, but,
I had to get away.
Born in the Northwest USA
I know who I am
I got my boot cut Wranglers
Pearl snap shirt
I know who I am
Paid my dues buckin' hay
Sang the blues Merle's way
Worked my land in
the burnin' sun
Until my work is done
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh
Tell me that's not
Tell me that's not country
Wherever you come from
or wherever you are
When you need that
fiddle and a steel guitar
If you want to dance
two-step go crazy
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh
Tell me that's not
Tell me that's not country
All right, come on.
Stretch your legs out.
It'll be good for you.
A good place to stretch.
Are you okay?
This is called a rest stop.
You know, you stop,
you rest, you stretch.
But you know, it's wide open
space and it's good for us
to get out, you know, like,
oh, no, no, no, no, no!
No, no, no.
Yeah, yeah, well you know,
you gotta do that over here,
Restroom, restroom,
this is a restroom.
You use this over here.
You see this, men, us, men.
Here we go.
No, no, no, that's to wash
your hands.
You gotta go, you go right
in here.
Okay, okay, all you do,
you lift your robe, sit.
All right, you understand,
understand, yes.
I'll give you privacy, all right.
Where the Northwest air
Brings the fast boys to town
Be like fire on the Cascades
When our feet
touch the ground
Oh, oh, oh, oh
I'm comin' home to the
place that I remember
Back to the land
of my first love
Would you spread wide your
arms for this wayward son
I left my heart in Oregon
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, yeah
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, yeah
Whoa, oh, oh, oh
I left my heart in Oregon
'Cause in my
mind is a memory
Tastes so good
It's bittersweet
Of cheap champagne
and the victory
Whoa, oh, oh, oh
I'm comin' home to the
place that I remember
Back to the land
of my first love
Would you spread wide your
arms for this wayward son
I left my heart in Oregon
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, yeah
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, yeah
Whoa, oh, oh
I left my heart in Oregon
You want me to stop here?
No, no way, no way.
All right, all right, all right.
You really want to go here?
Well, ask and you shall receive.
It's the pizza!
Don't worry, babe, I'm sure
the pizza will be here soon.
I'm sorry to bother you guys,
but I got this homeless guy
with me
and I was just wondering--
Yeah, that's cool and all, bro,
but we don't throw
toga parties here.
And, we're not a charity house.
He stinks too.
Not as bad as when
I found him, trust me.
Anyway he doesn't
speak any English
and I don't know
where he was from.
I was about to take
him to the mission
and he saw your Greek
letters and got excited.
I think his sign is in Greek.
I don't know, you want
to take a look at it?
I wonder what it says.
All right, you guys
can come inside,
but don't let him touch anything.
All right, thanks.
I got this app on my phone.
Let me just take a picture
of that really quick.
All right.
That's good.
Yeah, that's great.
So what does it say?
"To me live Christ, die gain?"
That's a Bible verse from
the book of Philippians.
Great, so homeless
religious fanatic in Eugene.
What else is new.
Ask him who he is.
Hm, here.
Paul of Tarsus?
Who's that?
The Apostle Paul, he
wrote half of the Bible.
I mean, the New Testament.
I don't think the mission's
gonna be able
to help this psycho.
We'll see.
It's been a long day.
Thank you very much
for your help.
- Mm-hm.
- Good luck.
Hey, Jalen, I'm back.
Hey listen, I picked up
this homeless guy
out in Rome, in eastern Oregon.
And he was wearing this sign
around his neck
that was in Greek,
but he doesn't speak
any English or Spanish.
I guess he speaks Greek.
Anyway, the crazy thing is,
I actually found out he thinks
he's the Apostle Paul.
You know, Paul, in the Bible.
He sounds crazy.
So whatcha you gonna do
with him?
Well, I was on my way to take him
to the mission,
but I decided, maybe
I'll just bring him home
with me for tonight.
Are you serious?
Come on, hey, he's like 70.
All he's wearing is nothing
but a dirty old robe.
It's just for tonight.
I think my mom's got her
pastor's cell number,
I can have her give it to me
and I can give him
a call tonight
and see if he can meet
with us tomorrow.
He speaks Greek and
at the very least
he's got a counseling degree.
This is above my pay scale.
All right, all right,
but you owe me big time.
All right, thanks.
All right.
Lawrence backed a pass,
a heavy rush.
He swings it out to Jackson
on the right flank.
But it didn't fool the Tigers.
Derick Chandler came
up to make the stop.
For the Wolves, or gives
it to Royce Mattson,
on another play and returns
it to the 39 yard line.
That'll be a little short
of the first 100 yards.
What is he doing?
Why is he acting like he never
seen a TV before?
Well, he says he's from
the 1st century.
A short punt, taking it
to Tiger's 35
by Wallace and he's got
some running room.
Nielson back at quarterback
in the spread for the Tigers.
He fixes it to Spring,
but he fumbles
and the Wolves are right back.
Are you sure he's safe?
Yeah, I think so.
He needs a shower now.
I could smell him from here,
That fumble can only turn
over the game
for the Tigers, and now
Ferguson takes the snap
and gives it to Mattson.
Well, he sure does play
the role, doesn't he?
Yeah, I can't figure him out.
Where you been?
Saint Vincent de Paul.
Well, that's appropriate.
Yeah, never thought of that.
Tim, have you met
Rabbi Pearlman?
No, I haven't, it's nice
to meet you.
And I assume this is Paul?
That's who he says he is.
You can just call me Art.
So, Art was intrigued by
your mystery man comment.
You know, I don't speak
Koine Greek but I can tell you,
if you really want to test him,
I think you should test him to
see if he's fluent in Hebrew.
Hey, how you's all doin'?
You gonna need a minute of two?
Yeah, a few, thanks.
All right, all right.
Well, I got some things to do,
I'll be back.
That's good, okay.
You's do's, man, it's like
he just walked out
of that movie, what was
it called with Travolta?
I get all sorts, but nothing
like this before.
Let's begin shall we?
Sure, let's begin.
What did he say?
I basically think he says,
"I don't believe him."
Well, at least he's perceptive.
Ask him to write
something in Hebrew.
What did he say?
He said, "I shouldn't
bear false witness.
"I shouldn't lie."
A real comedian, quite the wit.
This reminds me of that
old movie, what was it,
"Miracle on 34th Street,"
where that old guys says
he was Santa Claus.
Well this is no joke.
So, you's ready?
The usual, Jonathan.
I'll have a hamburger.
What do you suggest?
I really like that bebopper,
though I love that smoky bacon.
Jonathan, the rabbi doesn't
eat pork products.
Oh, yeah, yeah, of course.
I tell you what, I'll just have
a veggie burger.
- Okay.
- With fries.
Great choice.
And for you's two?
Make it two Wake up Little
Suzie's with OJ, okay.
You's got it.
What were you gonna say
about this being no joke?
I'm saying that the Hebrew
that he's speaking is actually
ancient Biblical Hebrew.
It's not modern Hebrew.
It's like the difference
between Shakespeare's
English and modern English.
Wow, this is getting
more weird all the time.
What does he want to know?
He wants to know, what is
the United States of America?
And I said that I would explain
to him later,
it'd take some time.
He plays his role well.
Okay, he's saying that
he wants to go back home,
but there's a reason, a heavenly
reason that he's here now.
I just had an idea.
Since he actually
believes and acts
like he's the Apostle Paul,
he should be pretty harmless.
He can go on the road with me
and just spend all that time
learning English.
I really want to see
how this all works out.
He's such a mystery.
Besides I can keep
a journal and write
about this experience,
depending on how it goes.
He says he wants
to stay with you,
but he wants to be able
to work in order to pay you.
Tell him he can stay
with me for free for a week
and then I'll find him a job.
Hey, what's up?
Let's go to my bedroom.
So this better be good, man.
You say one night, it been
two, so I think his time's up.
I know, can't he stay
for one week?
No, we don't have any room.
Listen, he'll stay with me
on the road for most of it.
And then if you still feel
this way I promise you,
I'll find him a different place.
Man, come on, what's
gotten into you, man?
He's just such a mystery,
I guess I want to solve it.
Yeah, anybody claiming to be
who he's claiming must
be a cuckoo in a tutu.
But Paul seems sane
at the same time.
I want to see this through.
So now you're callin' him Paul,
so now you're playin'
into the insanity.
You got a better name?
All right, whatever.
So you all are gonna
be Monday, right?
Yes, bright and early.
In the meantime, while
Paul's watching these films,
I got a meeting I gotta go
to seek some advice.
Do you want me to take him
with me
or are you okay with him
for a while?
I'm okay, I guess, he's cool.
You say he's safe.
But he turns out to be
a serial killer,
my blood is on your hands.
Yeah, and you'll haunt me
the rest of my life, I get it.
Amy, hi.
It's good to see you.
It's good to see you too.
How are you?
I'm great, thanks, you are
doing very well for yourself.
I try, it's a work in progress.
So, I bet you've never had
a case like this before.
You'd be surprised.
So, what's the diagnosis?
Based on what you've told me,
I believe he has what's called
delusions of grandeur.
It's a false belief,
when someone believes
with strong conviction
that they are a celebrity,
person of high rank
or a powerful entity,
despite evidence to the contrary.
In your case, the Apostle Paul.
You're like an encyclopedia.
I boned up on it before
you came over.
No, it's still very impressive.
You were always great at
cramming before exams.
So, do you know what causes
it or what treatment there is?
It could have been caused
by a brain injury or
drug misuse or PTSD.
Well, he's gonna be spending
a week with me
in my truck learning English,
sleeping in my truck.
Does that sound safe?
Or am I being nuts?
Well, if you're anything
like you were in college,
I'd say you're still
pretty crazy, but no,
based on what you've
told me and his age,
I'd say he's pretty harmless.
Well, thank you very much,
Listen, if you're ever
in the neighborhood
and want to catch up
more, give me a call.
Thank you, I just might do that.
Thanks again.
You're more than welcome.
It was good to see you.
You too, don't be a stranger.
I won't, have a good day.
You too.
Hey, I was just thinking
about you and here you are.
Yeah, well I thought you and Mom
might be wondering
about me and Paul.
You mean your time traveler?
Yeah, I was.
Yeah, whatever, whoever.
- Tim.
- Hi.
Is that Paul in the car?
Yeah, it is.
So are we gonna get
to meet him?
You will, but I need to talk
to the both of you first.
Ah, this sounds suspicious.
Well, it's just that
Paul's been feeling bad
about not working and me paying
for his food and housing.
He just, he really
wants to work.
I see, don't tell me.
You want him to work here.
Tim, we are not in the tent
making business.
Tina, what are you talking about?
In the Bible, Paul was a tentmaker.
But yes, it would be great
if he worked here.
He's been no problem at all.
Hm, Travis, what do you think?
I think we can give it a try.
But if can't cut the mustard
and he's too weird,
he's gotta go.
Okay, that's a deal.
I like the sea, but not in it.
Shipwreck, three times.
I think you're a kind man.
I have one question.
You believe in Yeshua?
I mean, I did.
I mean, I once was sure.
I was so in love with Jesus,
Why, what happened.
I'll explain it to you
when you finish the course.
Hey, dude, you don't know first?
I didn't think I needed to knock
to enter my own house.
I told you I had plans tonight.
Sorry, I forgot.
Amber, you remember Tim, Paul.
Yeah, I've heard lots
about you guys.
You know, it's getting late,
I better get going.
Baby, I thought we was
gonna sleep,
I thought we was
gonna spend the night.
Yeah, I better not.
Hey, whatever you want
to do.
I'm glad you're not going
to do that.
Okay, see you all.
Well, you know, Paul
doesn't mince words.
Yeah, easy for you to say.
Good night.
I do not want to make Jalen mad,
but I'm glad he does no wrong.
I like him.
Yeah, I know.
A lot of people don't think
having sex
outside of marriage is immoral
as long as you love
the other person
and you don't have more than
one partner at a time.
Like the Corinthians.
Yeah, some things don't change,
do they.
But, it's not easy.
When you're really
attracted to someone.
I was wrong,
Jalen is not a believer.
What difference does that make?
I can judge a believer,
I cannot judge a non-believer.
Yeah, I'd guess he's not
in the faith.
So, what are you gonna do?
I'm sorry, I was wrong
to call you bad.
It is only for God to judge.
Yeah, I accept your apology.
But I wish you would
have came
to that conclusion
a while ago.
Plus, I can't stay mad
at that face.
You want to come play
some video games?
Alrighty guys, here's your pizza
for you.
- Great, thank you.
- Enjoy.
Oh, thank you for ordering ahead.
- Mm.
- Pizza is great.
Perfect timing.
How was the beach?
Windy as usual but sunny.
So what did you think of it?
I like the sea air,
it is like home.
We've noticed that your
English has really improved.
Thank you.
Learning English is hard,
but I ask the Lord's help.
I am happy with progress.
Be sure to keep that accent,
I like it.
So is he still doing good work
for you guys?
He's a great worker, great attitude,
no complaints.
Poor guy though, I mean,
what's he gonna do after
we let him go?
I don't know.
Yep, he doesn't have
a birth certificate,
you know, he doesn't have
a social security card.
He doesn't want to
collect welfare.
He's a real mystery.
Tim, do you really think
he's the Apostle Paul?
You know, I was just gonna
ask you the same question.
He plays the part,
but it's impossible.
Then what are his motives.
I have a question.
Okay, fire away.
- Fire?
- I'm sorry.
Ask, you can ask.
Those young people
over there with the,
we call them phone.
Yeah, cell phones.
Yes, they look at them
all the time.
They don't talk to each other.
That's one of my pet peeves,
you know.
I really think should limit
the time on those things.
Travis thinks the world
would be a perfect place
if he were in charge.
Yeah, can't argue with that.
I would like two things.
I want to meet with
the church of Eugene,
I want to pray with the believers.
You mean, go to church.
I don't know what you mean,
go to church,
but I want to pray with
the believers in Yeshua.
And the second.
The second is,
I would like to meet
the heads of the other religions.
Hindu, Islam, Buddhists.
Yes, I want to see
what they believe.
Okay, first, I've got a couple
of gifts for you.
To help you and to celebrate
for you learning English.
So just give me one second.
It's a flip phone.
That way you can contact me
whenever you need me.
But I want you to promise me
that you're not gonna turn
into one of those teenagers and
start using it all the time.
Otherwise, I'm gonna have
to take it away from you
and cancel your service.
Thank you, very much.
I got something else too.
So I think you're gonna find
this very interesting.
They're called Bibles.
One is the Old Testament.
And the other is
the New Testament.
And they're written in Hebrew,
English and Greek.
The Law and Prophets
are in the Old Testament
and you'll find some of the writings
of Yeshua's followers
in the New Testament.
Like, Peter, John, Luke,
James and even you.
Me, my writings?
Didn't you write letters
to churches?
Yes, but I wouldn't think
they would still be here.
Yeah, I could see how
that would be a surprise.
And you know what,
you're gonna find a lot
of other surprises,
including this one.
What, more?
So my mom and dad
have spoken to me
and they said that you
were an incredible worker.
And they were very sad to hear
that I had to take
you to the mission.
So, they've offered to allow you
to stay with them
until the harvest is in.
How's that sound?
That is wonderful, I will work.
I'll call them and let them know.
So you still want to meet
with the church of Eugene?
Yes, very much.
Well I want to
tell you people
It's an actual fact
Every man don't
understand the Bible a lot
But that's all, I
tell ya, that's all
But you better have Jesus
I tell ya that's all
You know, denominations
have no right to fight
They ought to go on and
treat each other right
And that's all
I tell ya, that's all
But you gotta have Jesus
I tell ya, that's all
It's right to stand together
It's wrong to stand apart
No one's goin' to heaven
but the pure in heart
And that's all
I tell ya, that's all
You better have Jesus
I tell ya, that's all
But you better have Jesus
I tell ya, that's all
But you better have Jesus
I tell ya, that's all
Are there many more
what you call churches.
Oh yeah, there's many more.
But I want to show you
something first.
This is where they hold
the Olympic trials in America.
Did you get to see
the Olympics in Athens.
Oh yes, I saw many of the races.
So, the churches,
do they all meet here?
No, that would be great
though, wouldn't it.
When do they meet together.
Actually, they never really do.
I mean, some do,
but not very many.
They do not meet as one?
This is very bad.
You're telling me a joke?
No, I'm serious.
I wrote to those in Corinth
about why Christ was divided.
All this time, all this time
and they haven't learned yet.
I'm sorry, and yes,
it would make sense
to meet a few times a year
and I bet we can
pack this stadium.
Look, if you still
want to, tomorrow,
we can go to the Catholic church
and then to the Protestant church,
Pastor Reynolds' church.
Many churches have two services.
Yes, I would like that.
The Lord Jesus, on the night
he was betrayed,
he took the bread, he gave thanks,
and he broke it.
He said, "This is my body
which is broken for you.
"Do this in remembrance of me."
After supper, in the same way,
he took the chalice, he gave thanks
and he said,
"This is the new covenant
in my blood,
"do this in remembrance of me."
The body of Christ.
- The body of Christ.
- Amen.
- The body of Christ.
- I want to eat the bread
and drink from the cup.
I'm sorry, but you're
not allowed to.
You haven't joined
the Catholic church.
The body of Christ.
But the man in the robe,
he just read from what I wrote
to the Corinthians.
I know but I don't think
he's gonna believe
you are who you say you are.
- The body of Christ.
- Amen.
- The body of Christ.
- Amen.
I do not understand.
The man in front wears a robe,
but the other men do not.
And they call the man
in front in the robe,
father, but he has no wife.
Peter and the other apostles,
they had wives.
Well, yeah, I have a lot
of there questions, also.
But Catholics worship Jesus
too and are very well-meaning.
And all Christians agree
that Mary was a virgin
when Jesus was born.
Okay, so do you still want
to go to Dwight's church?
Yes, this is very interesting.
In Acts six, verse eight, it says,
"Stephen, full of faith and power,
"did great wonders and
signs among the people."
The only trouble was, the religious
leaders got jealous
and they killed Stephen
and he became the first
Christian martyr.
The people that stoned
Stephen laid their coats
at the feet of a man named
Saul of Tarsus,
who later became
the Apostle Paul.
I must tell them all that I'm sorry.
Not now, not now.
But I want to talk
about Philip also,
who's nickname was
The Evangelist.
He was instrumental in bringing
an Ethiopian eunuch
to the Gospel and
when he was finished,
God translated him to a city
140 miles away, in an instant.
Although this message was
primarily for Christians,
Paul was drastically changed
when he became a lover of
Jesus rather than a hater.
You, too, can have a personal
relationship with Jesus.
If I could have every head bowed
and eyes closed.
If you want to know this Jesus,
please raise your hand
and you too can know the Jesus
that Stephen and Phillip
and Paul looked for.
Yes, see your hand,
yes, yes, thank you.
- Hey, thanks.
- Good to see you, James.
Thanks for coming, being here.
- Hey.
- Great to see you.
Thanks for coming.
Good to see you, I've been
meaning to call you.
How's the English program going?
Good, thank you.
Yeah, he finished
a couple days ago.
So you were able to understand
the sermon.
Yes, but, I--
When you spoke about Saul
persecuting the church,
Paul actually asked me
if he could stand up
and apologize to everyone.
I did see you both, but
I didn't think about he,
I mean you, Paul would react
to that.
I don't think that's meant
to be, what you say, a joke?
At least you must be happy
that some people committed
their life to Christ.
That when they raised their
hand with their eyes closed?
In my day, when a believer commit,
they would say loud they believed
in Yeshua,
they would be baptized
and they would live
their life for him,
who on their behalf
died and rose again.
Very good, II Corinthians 5:15.
You must have been
reading your Bible.
No, I lived it.
Okay, well, don't want
to take up too much
of your time.
Thank you so much.
All right, blessings
on you, absolutely.
I did not want to make
Mr. Dwight unhappy.
Are all meetings of believers
like that?
Well, I've been to almost
every kind and yeah,
I'd say that's pretty much
how they all are.
It was good, but I do not
understand why
so much time was spent
on what God did before.
More time should be spent
on the good
that God does now and
pray over those things.
That's pretty common.
I mean, I think there's
a lot of people
that want to know more
about the here and now.
That why you no longer
go to church?
That's part of it.
I mean, I think they're all sincere
and I do enjoy the worship.
But money is a big issue
and they all interpret parts
of the Bible differently
which is why
you get so many
different denominations.
And there's a lot of the Bible
that I don't understand
or agree with, even some of
what you wrote.
Something bad happened?
You said at the sea,
you'll tell me.
After Bible college,
I became a youth pastor.
And a little later I met this young
woman, Brittany.
We were engaged, and shortly
after she, bone cancer.
Two years.
She suffered much?
Constant agony.
Withering away?
She was so sweet.
And we prayed and
we did everything
and then I hear stories of people
who were healed,
miracles, why not her?
It doesn't make any sense.
I'm very sorry.
When something bad happens
with me,
I think of something
good God has done for me.
You must think of something good
that God has done
for you, now.
That's not gonna bring her back.
Thanks again, Tim.
Yeah, no problem.
That was very thoughtful of you.
Hey, let me know what
Paul comes up with, okay.
Take care.
What was that all about?
That was Tim Bennett.
After church Paul came up
and he was real critical
about my salvation message.
Tim was concerned that Paul
might have offended me.
Did he?
At first, a little.
But after I thought about it,
Paul made some great points.
As crazy as it is, he acts
like I would think Paul
from the Bible might act.
Aw, I can't get around that.
That is inconceivable.
Yeah, I know.
What do you mean by
Tim letting you know
what Paul is up to?
Well, Tim just dropped
Paul off at Spencer's View.
He's confused about the
body of Christ being divided
and he's there seeking
God's guidance.
Hm, that's interesting.
One, two
How many miles must it
take to break through
How many hours must we wade
through to hear the truth
How many moments did
I trade in for a fake kiss
How many chances
did I forfeit
Too afraid to miss
I feel your thunder,
pourin' like rain
Down on the mountains
of all my mistakes
Rollin' like rivers,
runnin' with grace
Into the ocean
of your embrace
Your hand on my side
Leadin' the way
10,000 horses
couldn't pull me away
I hear the music
heaven has made
Oh, am I standin',
standin' face to face
How many nights
with regret do
I swear to
How many lives
in the rear view
Do I compare to
I feel your thunder,
pourin' like rain
Down on the mountains
of all my mistakes
Rollin' like rivers,
running with grace
Into the ocean
of your embrace
"I do not pray for these alone,
"but also for those who believe
in me through the word,
"that they all may be one,
as you Father are in me,
"and I in you, that they
also may be one in us,
"then the world may believe
that you sent me."
Face to face
Face to face
Face to face
Face to face
Face to face
Hand on my side
Leadin' the way
10,000 horses
couldn't pull me away
I hear the music
heaven has made
Oh, I'm standin',
standin' face to face
Face to face
Face to face
Face to face
Face to face
Face to face
Face to face
Face to face
Face to face
So how'd it go?
I am tired but I'm feeling good.
I think I know why I'm here.
Okay, can you tell me?
The Christians are not together,
they're apart.
Yeshua would not want this.
I must get the leaders here
together and show them.
Wow, well,
that's pretty outrageous.
So you think God sent you here,
2,000 years
into the future for that reason?
And how do you think
he did that?
I don't know.
But you must be my Silas
and help me show them.
Silas, huh?
I know how that turned out.
Beating and in prison.
I can only ask.
I don't know how
I can help you.
Let me sleep on it.
Sleep on it?
Think about it overnight.
Hey, remember when you told me
to think about something
wonderful God had done for me?
I actually,
remembered something
after watching those parents
and kids in the park.
Tell me.
I was in Bible college and
I was working in a store.
I was on my break and I
remember being confused
on how I could possibly
live the Christian life.
And I thought that I'm supposed
to love God
with all my heart, mind, soul
and strength but felt like,
I didn't really feel that way
and didn't know how I could be
so passionate about it.
I sat there thinking about
how God is love
and that according to what
you wrote in I Corinthians 13,
"Love is long suffering,
kind, is not proud,
"does not boast, does
not seek its own."
Then I substituted
God for those words.
God is kind, not
selfish and so on.
I meditated on those things
for about five minutes,
then it dawned on me that,
God is like a good father.
I thought about how
when I was little,
I called my father, Daddy.
And then I remembered
what you wrote
about God being Abba, Father.
Abba being Papa, or Daddy.
I thought about it some more
and a great feeling
of love come over me
as I realized, God was my Daddy.
My break time was
over but as I got up
I was focused on one
thought, I love Daddy.
I swear that with my
first step into the store,
I saw before me a young father
with a toddler in his stroller,
and written
on the little boy's shirt were
the words, "I love my Daddy."
I almost fell to my knees.
I don't know why
I haven't thought
about that in a long time.
Yes, he is good,
and nothing will ever
separate us from his love.
Even when a loved
one suffers and dies.
Father, God,
I know it's been a long time.
I haven't wanted
anything to do with you.
I don't know if I'll ever understand
about Brittany.
And Paul.
But please give me wisdom.
I love you, Daddy.
Did you think on my offer?
It sounds like I'll be more
like a burnt offering.
I guess I can help you.
I'll try contacting the local media,
you know,
the TV and newspapers
and such
and I'll invite them to do
a story about you.
That is good.
You think they will?
I'll do my best to convince them.
Thank you, Tim.
Now I want to visit
the religious leaders
and see what they think.
Please, tell me something
about the Hindu religion.
This is our Hindu,
we worship here every day,
This is Lord Ganesha, who is
the obstacles remover.
This is divine mother, is three
in one, she represents,
music, goddess of knowledge,
goddess of music and
goddess of wealth.
And this is Lord Shiva, who
describe our negativity,
ego and all the quality negative,
thank you.
To me, Jesus is the image
of the invisible God.
Please, tell me
what he is to you.
Jesus, well we call him
Jesu in our language,
he was a great soul, a spiritual
teacher, a yogi,
he came to this planet
to teach us dogma,
our duty and responsibility.
Tell me, please,
what do you know of Jesus.
Jesus was an enlightened person,
a wise teacher, a holy person.
Even the,
that's one who dedicates
their life to the service
and betterment of others,
but not divine.
So tell me, please,
what does Islam know of Jesus.
Well, Jesus is mentioned
in the Koran over 100 times.
We believe that he is a prophet,
not the son of God
or God himself.
We believe that he was given
the power by God
to perform miracles on the earth.
We believe that he was born
of the Virgin Mary,
and that he will return
at the end of times
to restore justice on the earth.
How did it go with
the religious leaders.
Ah, I wanted to find out
what they think about Yeshua.
They don't believe he is who
he says he is,
they don't believe who
his followers say he is
and they don't believe
who I say he is.
It makes me very sad.
I could have told you that.
But with all due respect, Paul,
what difference does it make
whether they agree with
you about Christ anyway?
I mean, I think all religions
are trying
to be good people and
all paths lead to God.
Yeshua came to me,
as he did to Peter
and showed that he was the
Messiah, the true Son of God,
who died and rose again on
my behalf and for everyone.
You must have suffered a lot.
I don't know how you made it
through all those beatings
and hunger and shipwreck
and everything.
What kept you going?
It was his truth and his love.
Every day I feel his love
and I want everyone
to know his love.
Okay, Tim, what's next?
Well, Paul wants to meet
with all the pastors here,
so I'm gonna try to connect
with the local media
and see if they'll
do a story about him.
Good luck with that.
Hey, thanks, Dad.
Hi, I have a story I'm sure
you'll be interested in.
It's about an old man who says
he's a time traveler.
Oh, not interested, huh?
Hello, this is Tim Bennett,
I have a story you
might be interested in.
I picked up this hitchhiker
who says he's the Apostle Paul.
Hi, Tim here.
Hello Tim, this is Kayla Morgan
from KESP TV.
Oh, is this about Paul?
Yes, I'd like to do a brief
interview with him soon.
Well, I drive trucks
so I won't be in town
until the end of the week.
He can't do it sooner,
without you?
No, he wants me there.
Hm, okay.
I'll make it work.
So, I can call you Friday?
Sure, sounds good.
Great, thanks, Tim.
Well, Kayla, it's time
for our weekly "Out Of
The Box" feature
and today you had a very
unusual interview
that is way outside the box,
to say the least.
Yes, I met with a local man
who claims to be
a time traveler.
Okay, and who does
he say he is
and where in time did
he come from?
Believe it or not, he says
that he's the Apostle Paul,
a man who lived
during the 1st century
and wrote a great deal
of the New Testament
from the Christian Bible.
Take a look.
This oughta be good.
Yeah, homeless religious
fanatic's not
all that rare nowadays.
Are you saying you
actually believe him?
Well, obviously not at first.
But I've had him in my home
now and on the road with me
for three months and
he's learned English
and as amazing at it seems,
nothing he has done
or said has led me
to believe his is a crackpot
or an imposter.
Do you have any evidence
that would support his claims?
Yes, he only spoke
ancient Hebrew and Greek
and he acted like he had
never seen our technology.
Now, if he is an actor,
he could win an Oscar
as far as I'm concerned.
Now I hear that you're
planning a meeting.
What can you tell us about that?
I will speak, I will answer
questions at this building.
It is important that I speak
to the Christians of Eugene,
it is very important.
So what do you think?
I did get to meet with Paul
for about 15 minutes
and I'd have to agree
with Mr. Bennett,
he really is quite persuasive,
even though it truly
is unfathomable.
You think?
I'd urge local ministers as well
as the general public
to come to the meeting.
If nothing else, it should be
very entertaining.
That sounds strange enough
it might even entice me to attend.
Goodnight and have
a wonderful evening.
Thank you, Tim,
for showing me this.
It's not a problem.
I knew you'd want to see
how it looks like on TV.
It's not easy to help me.
What do you mean?
People who see this on TV
will think we're both crazy.
Yeah, that's true.
But you know, I don't really
care much
what other people think.
Thank you all for coming tonight.
I'd like to introduce, Paul.
This is what I know.
The Roman was about to cut off
my head, the sword was ready.
And suddenly,
I'm in a strange place
with many strange things.
I thought Yeshua had returned.
But I am here, I see many places
of prayer,
with many people, Catholic,
Baptist, Latino, black, white,
but all apart.
I prayed on this and I think
that I am here to bring
believers together.
Are there any questions?
Why does God allow
so much suffering,
why doesn't he do something?
Ah, I was shown the movie,
"The Passion of Christ."
Do you know it?
Yeah, it was very violent,
probably overdone.
Mel Gibson seems to be
obsessed with violence.
What's that got to do
with my question?
You want to know what God
thinks about suffering?
Look at the bloody
tortured Yeshua.
God hates it.
He poured his anger on
his only Son, and he,
the sinless one is our only
hope to get things right.
And believe me, the violence
in the movie was not overdone.
Christians have a job
to continue the works
of Yeshua, to lessen suffering.
How the hell would you know
if the violence is overdone or not.
Peter and John were there
and they told me how it was.
You're nuts, Paul.
My question's for you, Tim.
Have you had Paul's
back examined?
No, I haven't, why?
Well, because in II Corinthians
it tells us
that Paul received 39
lashes five different times.
And if that's true,
he would have scars.
I'd like to see 'em.
Well, I haven't seen his back,
but I don't think that's
appropriate at this time.
No, no, I want him
to know the truth.
Good, let's see.
Assuming you are
who you say are
and that's a big assumption,
why were you sent here to
Eugene, Oregon of all places.
What do you think about
the other religions
like Islam, Buddhism
and Hinduism.
Are you pro-choice or pro-life?
So when do you think the Rapture
is going to happen?
So how do you intend on
uniting Christians now?
That's why we are here, Tim.
Yes, for those of
you who would like
to follow in his work,
please meet me on this side
of the room
where we can organize
the meeting
for all of our believers
in our area.
Now at this time, the media
would like to speak to Paul
and those of you who have
any opinions on Paul.
Thank you.
I commend you and Paul,
or whoever he is,
on this idea but I just don't get
how this is gonna work.
Normally, yeah, the money
issue does turn me off.
But for a small offering
to have this here four
to five times a year,
I think it would be
absolutely perfect.
I love the vision of informing
the body of Christ
with what the Lord is doing
right here and now
and meeting as one no matter
the denomination.
I think with God's help,
we can make it happen.
So I'll take down your emails
so that we can start sharing
ideas back and forth
about where we'd like
the event to take place
and which local people we'd like
to have testify and perform,
sound good?
- Great, sounds like a plan.
- Great.
Hey, Kayla.
Paul, my daughter, she saw
you on TV the other night
and wanted to meet you.
I'm very pleased to meet you.
What is your name?
She can't hear you.
She's deaf.
But her name is Sophia.
Sophia, you must be very wise.
Did you know your name,
in Greek, means wisdom?
She did know that.
Ah, and why did you want
to meet me?
She believes that you are in
a close relationship with God
and that if you touch
her, she'll be healed.
She wants to hear music.
You must have great faith.
I think Yeshua wants
you to hear.
What is it that she wants
to hear first?
She wants to hear her sister
sing, "Over the Rainbow."
What do I do?
Start singing.
Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high
I mean, he looks and
acts the part
but the time travel thing,
I just can't believe it.
Well, even if he isn't Paul,
he might as well be, he's got
a very good message.
I suspect that this Paul is trying
to start a cult of his own.
He's saying that you're
not telling the truth,
you're a fake.
Congregation with him.
That happens to me many times.
Well, some may think
he's a fraud.
But after the crowds left tonight,
I stayed around and we taped
something extraordinary.
A young girl, who her mother
says was deaf from birth,
asked the man claiming
to be Paul of the Bible,
to pray for her to receive
her hearing.
And Kayla, from what I'm hearing,
we were the only news station
that captured that
incredible moment.
That's right.
Start singing.
Somewhere over the rainbow
Whether you believe him or not,
Paul says he wants
to unite Christians
and is planning a meeting
for all Christians
in our area to meet and worship.
The apparent healing
of Sophia should peak
a lot of interest.
That was incredible.
It was a real miracle.
I'm so glad that Kayla
stayed long enough
to get that all recorded.
Tim, you like Kayla, don't you.
That's changing the subject.
What makes you say that.
The way you look at her.
My man, Tim, you want my
permission to ask her out?
Out, out, what?
He means a meeting,
to go out on a date.
No, but that's very thoughtful
of you, Jalen.
You know what,
I think it's time
for me to take Paul
back to my parents.
I've got a long day tomorrow.
Gotta wake up early, come on.
Do you really believe that
that was a real miracle.
Amazing, I think we hit
the mother lode.
What do you mean?
Mr. Powell?
Kayla, that was fantastic.
Yeah, I really think this story
has legs.
I need you to meet me
at 8:00 a.m. sharp
at this Paul guy's house.
Text me his address.
Great job, get some sleep.
But, Mr. Powell--
Why so early?
Because I'm gonna be getting
calls from all the networks.
They're gonna want
to talk to Paul.
So we want to be the first
ones there.
Go get 'em, honey.
All right, thanks.
Hey, I'm Kayla Morgan,
from KESP TV.
Hey, you that reporter.
You did an amazing story
last night.
Yeah, sure was.
Is Tim or Paul here?
Well, Tim hit the road earlier
but Paul doesn't live
here no more.
Oh, can you tell me
where he does live?
Well, the people that he's with,
I don't think they'd really want
you to know.
I understand, but I'd really
only like
to speak with him just
for a few minutes.
Is there a problem?
Jalen, this is Mr. Powell,
KESP's manager.
Hi, nice to meet you.
Jalen believes that the people
where Paul is staying would
really value their privacy.
Privacy, huh?
Well, Jalen, I'll tell ya,
they're gonna be TV crews
all up and down this street,
lookin' for where Paul's stayin'.
So you could really help us
out by letting us be first in
and we can avoid
that whole circus.
So we'd really love for
you tell us where he's at.
I don't know.
Come on man, just tell us
where he lives.
Well Jalen, there's no way you're
gonna be able to hide him.
So, we really do need his address.
Maybe this would help.
Well, I guess they're gonna
find out where they at anyway.
580 Whitman Street.
All right, hey, thank you.
- Bless you.
- Thank you.
Do we really need to have
the cameras rolling for this?
Absolutely, we don't know
what might happen.
Hi, I'm Kayla Morgan
with KESP TV.
Yes, I saw you on the news
last night.
I don't want that camera on me.
I suppose you're here
to see Paul.
That would be great, yeah,
it'll only take a minute.
How did you find him here?
You know, I don't think
I'm feeling very comfortable
about this.
Mrs. Bennett, right.
David Powell, sorry to impose,
but you're gonna have a lot of
media here bothering you.
They're gonna find out
Paul's here.
But, you know, we actually
got the information
from your son's roommate.
So if you want to make all
of this media frenzy go away,
we'd love to have an exclusive
with Paul.
After all, we're the only station
that really gave him
any attention.
So what do you need from him?
Just need him to sign
this agreement.
It allows us to do some more
stories on him
and then we'll leave.
I wish my son and my husband
were here.
Okay, I'll go get him.
Hello, Paul, I'm the general
manager where Kayla works.
Oh, what can I do for you?
Last night was wonderful.
A lot of people are excited.
But there are also
a lot of people
that want to take your time
and do interviews
and things like that with you.
So, I'm here to make this
as painless as possible
for you and Mr.
and Mrs. Bennett.
Paul, this is an
exclusive agreement.
If you sign it, it will keep
the others away
and they won't be coming
to Mrs. Bennett
all day long trying
to talk to you.
I think they're right.
But I know you're not just here
out of the goodness
of your hearts,
so what do you get out of this?
Well, we want to do a weekly
show that features Paul
so that everybody
gets to know him.
Would Kayla be with me?
This is a big opportunity
for Kayla.
- I want to talk to Tim.
- Okay.
Well, serious, this is a no-brainer.
No-brainer, no-brain,
what is a no-brainer?
Don't worry, I've got Tim.
Hi, Mom, what's up?
Yeah, the reporter and her boss
and the cameraman
are here at the house
and they want Paul to sign
an exclusive agreement.
They say it'll stop
the media circus.
Put Kayla on please.
For you.
What's going on?
Tim, I'm sorry, I'm just
doing my job.
If he signs the agreement
it will keep the others away.
Jalen must have told you, right?
How did you ever
get it out of him.
Whatever, I just thought
you were different.
Can you put my Mom back on,
Tim, I was gonna call you.
That would have been nice.
Mom, Paul wanted the publicity.
But we weren't expecting this.
Just have Paul sign the papers.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye.
Sorry, guys, you're too late.
We got an exclusive.
I think this belongs to you.
What's this?
Me milkin' the system.
Information has a price.
Oh, well, thanks.
Here's a Ben Franklin,
you're forgiven.
Are you sure, I mean,
I don't want.
Well, if you insist, then.
Thank you.
Tim, it's Kayla.
I need to talk with you,
you got a minute?
Look, I'm sorry about what
happened this morning.
My boss called me after
the late news last night
and told me not to tell anyone
about his plans,
he was so obsessed about
getting the exclusive.
And I didn't know that
you were gonna be gone
or that Paul was
living somewhere else.
Well, in that light,
I guess I did overreact.
I accept your apology.
It was just a shock and I kind
of feel responsible
for looking out for Paul.
So, what's gonna happen.
Well, I'm doing a weekly 30
minute interview with Paul.
It'll be airing on the station
for the next month.
That's probably gonna help
Paul promote his big meeting
he wants to have in
a couple of weeks.
You know,
I think what you've done
with Paul is pretty admirable.
You don't think I'm going
over the deep end?
Well, I didn't say that.
Thanks, Tim.
Stay in touch.
Okay, goodnight.
So are you ever gonna
ask out that hot reporter?
Since when have you
been interested
in my dating habits.
I'm not, but truthfully, you know
I got that gig on Friday
and I really would love
to have your support.
You're gonna pay me to laugh?
I'm gonna pay you if you don't.
Oh, that's pretty cocky.
Oh, maybe I'll give her a call,
we'll see.
- Oh.
- Oh.
I declare war.
Oh hi.
Sorry about the short notice
on the meeting.
I wanted to let you know that
you both have done a great job
of increasing our numbers here,
Alex with the youth program.
Gloria, fabulous job
with special programs.
I'm just concerned, we've got
to keep our momentum going.
Is there something
wrong, Pastor?
Well, KESP is giving
that nut job, Paul,
airtime on their television station.
What a crock.
Yeah, I don't know
what to think about it.
My only fear is the people
will be following him around
like a bunch of dumb sheep.
You mean, like the real Paul wrote.
Where is it, about, "itching ears."
Exactly, I think we're talking
about II Timothy 4,
"For the time will come
"when men will not put
up with sound doctrine.
"Instead, to suit their
own desires
"they will gather around them
a great number of teachers
"to say what their itching ears
want to hear."
I agree, we might lose people
in our congregation
and that won't be good
after all the hard work
and time and effort
we've put into it.
I wish there was something
we could do to stop it.
I think there is something
we can do.
We may not be able to stop
him in his tracks
but we can sure slow him down.
Found me
'Cause your love
found me, oh
And after all these years
I've come to see
That I don't have
You know, I've heard
of this place,
but I've never actually
made it out.
Yeah, the music's good,
atmosphere's awesome.
Anyway, I forgot to tell you
but I kind actually promised
my roommate I'd come out
and support him on this show.
He sings?
No, he fancies himself
a comedian.
- Ah.
- He's actually gonna go on
in between their set.
Is he funny?
He thinks he is.
No, he cracks me up sometimes.
Anyway, he has this Seinfeld
kind of style
where he pokes fun at people.
Oh, so, does he use you
for material?
No way, he knows better
than that!
I fall deep
Yes, he's up here up
flyin' when I fall deep
In love
So, how did someone like
you get into truck driving.
It's a long story.
Well, I'm a pretty good listener.
It's kinda what I do for a living.
Can't pass this up.
Pass what up?
Can I have this dance?
No, Tim, I don't, sorry.
It's all right, come let's go.
You don't need to know
the song.
Oh my feet are happy
And he makes me
want to dance
Seize the time, find
the silver lining
Open your mind and
give it a chance
So here we go,
I'll take your hand
Let's leave our
footprints in the sand
Moving forward
to our new sound
It's joy in the
journey we found
No longer apart, you
make me feel whole
Now I know what I want
I found that it's true
Someone for my soul
And I'll never let go
I just want you to know,
I haven't done anything
like this in a long time.
Should I be worried.
Well, I'm just very picky.
Well, I guess I'll take that
as a compliment.
You have my heart
So a few years ago,
I was a youth pastor and
I was engaged.
And well, long story short,
she got terribly sick
and within two years
she died of cancer.
So that's why I drive a truck.
I just had to get away and
be alone for a while.
I mean, some people just look
to rebound right away.
Tim, I'm so sorry.
I'm honored you asked me out.
You know, I see things
more clearly now.
Like your faith.
Yeah, you know,
like some things just don't
make sense yet,
I still believe.
Even more so now.
I mean, look at Paul, he's such
a mind blow, right.
For sure.
I fell in love with Jesus
a few years ago,
so, meeting Paul has been
enlightening to say the least.
You know, I sensed something
different about you.
Oh hey.
Sorry about that.
That's my roommate.
Should I go?
My name is Jalen.
This is my first time
doing comedy
So I'll appreciate if
you all don't laugh
because ain't you so tired
that you go to a f-in' movie
and the writer writes a character
that drops 100 f-bombs
as if it's cool,
or a teenagers or college kids
using the f-bomb
as a useless adjective.
Like, don't get me wrong,
I use a few select
words here and there.
But what I want to do tonight,
I want to do the power of the Z.
The Z-revolution.
Think about it.
The letter Z sits in the back
of the alphabet all day,
unappreciated, unused,
lonely Z.
And then what's next to Z?
The irritatin' Y.
The annoying, irritating letter Y.
Y this, Y that, all day.
And then what's next
to the Y, the X.
Now who wants to be
next to the X?
So this is what I'm askin' you.
I'm asking all of you, next time
you feel like saying f-you.
Why don't you just zuck you.
Or you feelin' like
usin' the S word,
say I don't give a zit.
I mean all you all to join me
in the revolution of the Z.
Z, Z, Z, Z.
Hey, this has been Jalen,
you all been a good crowd.
I respect ya, I love ya,
thank you.
You are definitely insane.
I guess you two have met?
What did you think?
You know, there's only one word
that I can think of
to describe all that.
What's that?
She hit you with a zinger.
You all are perfect
for each other.
So, how 'bout those moves, huh?
You know, I tell you,
when that music started,
I don't know what came over me
but I just, I got the urge to move.
And I was so happy that
I got you to move with me,
'cause that was really, really fun.
It was.
I can't tell you how amazing
this night has been.
It's probably been one
of the best nights I've had
in a long time.
Me too.
I've been horse crazy for
as long as I can remember.
I'd like to meet him.
I think I can arrange that.
Yeah, I'll let him know
you're coming.
So should I call him horse
or does he have a name?
His name's Shiloh.
Sounds like a happy horse.
So, do I really need
you leading the horse
while I'm riding it?
Yeah, you'll want it, at least
for the first couple times.
All right, Shiloh,
me and you, we go.
Heels down.
Heels down.
Just got the low
center of gravity.
- All right, Shiloh.
- Yes, he's now going forward.
You're just gonna squeeze
with your heels and click.
Mm-hm, just like that.
Hey, what do you know.
I'm a cowboy.
So does Shiloh have another
gear we can shift to?
You want to go a little faster?
Alrighty, hold on.
Good boy.
- That was fun.
- Well, you did a good job.
Well, thank you.
Now I'd like to see
what you can do?
Well, I generally ride him bareback.
- Oh really?
- Mm-hm.
Well, please show me.
Kayla, oh God!
Kayla, are you okay?
You're laughing.
This is a joke.
Oh my God!
Tim, I'm fine.
No, I can't handle that.
Oh man.
Tim, where you going?
You scared the crap out of me.
Tim, I teach all my students
how to fall,
it's an important skill to have.
You're not training this cowboy,
I'm done.
Oh, you thought only you
could play this game.
Call the medic, call the medic.
Medic's here,
what did you do, sir.
I think I broke my butt.
Well hop up.
And don't fall over.
- My hero.
- Oh.
So you're gonna teach me
that stunt of falling
off of horses?
You want to?
Fall off a fence.
Let's do it.
Right now.
You want to right now?
I think, I think we need
to relax for a bit.
I think I need to rest just
butt and back.
And actually, I think I need
to go find my horse.
Oh yeah, I guess
we gotta do that.
Do you remember the other
night when you told me
that your horse helped you
with your father's passing?
What did you mean by that?
Shiloh here, he's heard
all my problems
and he never tries to fix them.
I can remember so many times
I'd sneak out my bedroom
window, hop on him,
look at the stars and
laugh and cry and...
That's all I needed.
Well, he's lucky to have you.
Can you believe that guy?
Taking 10 minutes
to line up his chip.
We're gonna be
out here all day.
Yeah, they act like they're
on the PGA tour or something.
Man, did you see that putt, wow.
I tell you what, I'd like
to get my ball
and just knock it on the green
and get 'em goin' a little bit.
That reminds me of a story.
So this guy, Gus,
he's out on the course
and he's waiting around,
just like we are and he says,
"I never get to the green anyway,
"I'm gonna go ahead
and hit my ball."
So he gets over, and of course
he hits the best shot of his life.
Takes one bounce, knocks
out the guy that's putting.
So he runs up there and he goes,
"Oh my gosh, are you okay,
are you okay?"
And this guy comes to and
he goes, "What were you thinking!
"I'm a lawyer, I'm gonna
sue you for $5 million."
Gus goes, "I yelled fore!"
And the lawyer goes,
"I'll take it, I'll take it!"
Man, that's really good.
Unbelievable, geez.
Hey Dwight, I understand that
you may be getting together
with this nut who says
he's the Apostle Paul
for that unity event.
Are you?
I've been giving it a lot
of thought and prayer.
I'm actually gonna
emcee the event
at Paul and Tim's request.
Are you serious?
I think even if the body
of Christ gets together three
or four times a year,
it's a great idea.
Well, I was thinkin' about going,
I'm just not sure I want
to be a part.
Well, we're not going.
They may say we're only
getting together three
or four times now but
I think it's gonna lead
to something more
and we're worried
about losing our congregation.
If it's not of God, it'll fizzle out.
But I have a feeling that this
could be something special.
Hey, I think they're done.
Come on, Dwight,
it's your shot, man.
Hello, Officer Duncan.
This is Pastor Tennison.
Oh, how can I help you?
Actually, you can be a big help.
Oh, and how's that.
I think you can think of something.
We need to get Paul and
behind bars.
Do what, I was struggling.
That was all confidential,
it's over now.
Look, I'm not sure your wife
will see it that way.
It'll still be confidential,
as long as you keep
your end of the bargain.
Is something wrong.
Oh no, I've seen you on TV,
I'm Officer Duncan.
I just wanted to meet you.
That's quite a Bible
you have there.
Mind if I take a look at it.
Now, what were you doing
over at the church?
I was inviting the leader
to our event.
Paul, I'm shocked.
What is that?
It's methamphetamine,
an illegal drug.
I'm afraid I'm gonna have to put
you under arrest.
In a strange twist of events,
just one day before a planned
faith gathering led by the man
who has become known
as the Apostle Paul,
Paul was arrested
and booked on charges
of possession of meth.
Yes, everyone who knows Paul
is in a state of unbelief.
Paul is being held
until legal action can
be pursued next week.
What are you in for?
They say they found what
is called meth in my Bible.
Are you serious?
Do I know you?
Maybe from a different life.
Why are you here?
What is this, assault.
I know this.
I did this to Christians many,
many years ago.
I was on the way to do it
to more Christians.
It is said that Yeshua
knocked me off my horse
but I wasn't on a horse.
What, you're messing
with my mind.
There's more.
Hello, everyone,
I'm Pastor Reynolds.
I believe the Father
is smiling as he looks
and sees us coming
together as one,
across denominational names.
that the world would take notice
and believe the Father
sent the Son.
I am disappointed
because I thought
we would fill this auditorium.
Paul not being here has
effected the turnout.
But thank you all for coming.
It took me a while to believe
he is who he says he was.
Paul, from the 1st century.
So before we begin, let's
pray for our brother, Paul,
who is in jail, that justice
might be done
and that he might
be released swiftly.
We begin our unity event
with a beautiful dance
which demonstrates Psalm 133.
"Behold how good and
how pleasant it is
"for the brethren to dwell
together in unity."
He's here, he's here
He's everything I need
Oh, he's here
He's here to help me
Yes, he is
He's here, with
me so surpassing
He's here, he's here
To catch me if I fall
In this moment
Right here, right now
Right in this moment
He's here, my God is here
We serve a living God,
one who leads us
and guides us and even
performs miracles.
Here is the first of our many
testimonies tonight.
Thank you.
Come on up.
As you saw a while ago
on the news,
my daughter, Sophie, who was
born deaf believed
that God would heal
her through Paul.
And here she is.
My life was good,
and now it's awesome.
I thank the Lord for
his kindness to me.
And I love to hear all the music.
Ray, pack it up, it's time to go.
Finally, about time.
Officer Barnhart, he's all yours.
How are you, Paul.
I am confused.
Why am I here?
I did nothing wrong.
I know, I really messed up.
What do you mean?
I didn't want to arrest,
but the man who made me
do it knew
I'd been cheating
on my wife.
I do love my wife and I do need
to make things right.
And I need to let you go.
And I need to face
my consequences.
You are very brave.
Let us pray, for you, for your
wife and for your job here.
Dear God.
Do you believe in prayer!
Paul, Paul, come on up here.
Look at that.
I'm so happy to see you all here.
Thank you for your prayers
that set me free.
I came to Eugene,
I did not know why.
And I was very,
very sad to see
that many Christians
worship apart.
I prayed and I know I'm here
to bring you together.
And here you all are, together.
Do not be discouraged.
There are enough of you here
to change the world again.
I want you to meet and to grow
together as Christians.
To fill that football stadium.
Thank you and praise Yeshua.
Hey, I didn't know
you were gonna be there.
So what did you think?
It was pretty powerful.
Oh yeah.
Yeah, I think it's time for me
to turn a new leaf on life.
And drown the old man.
Wait, what are you talkin' about?
What old man.
Myself, I'm talking
about getting baptized.
That's great.
So, what you up to tomorrow.
Tomorrow, well, I'm gonna
meet with Kayla.
Oh, so the plot thickens.
Like your soup.
What is this,
gravy you're making?
Whatever it is, it's the best.
Hold on
Is this really the
life I'm living
'Cause I don't feel
like I deserve it
Every day that I wake
Every breath that I
take, you've given
So right here
Right now, while the
sun is shining down
I want to live like
there's no tomorrow
Like I'm on borrowed time
It's good to be alive
You know, I never dreamed
that picking up a guy
who I thought was homeless
in the middle of nowhere
would lead to all this.
And the best part is,
I got to meet you.
Well, just goes to show,
you help someone in need,
the Lord will give
you a big reward.
Wow, from humble to conceited
in one second.
I mean, there's a lot of things
I like about you,
but I think by far my favorite,
is your unpredictability.
- Oh is it?
- Yeah.
I think that's a pretty good trait.
Yeah, sure.
How 'bout you,
you unpredictable?
I could be unpredictable.
Yeah, I got it in me.
- You think.
- I bet.
- Yeah.
- All right.
I look forward to seein'.
How 'bout right now.
How 'bout I just jump over
and make a wish.
Tim, you remember how I told
you about how I lost my dad?
Well, one of my strongest memories
with him is he always used
to tell me
that he saved his first kiss
with Mom for the wedding day.
It's always been a dream
of mine to do the same.
Well, that's very honorable.
So, can I get a high five?
Will that work?
Up top.
That'll work.
Five me.
I'll take that.
I will cherish this hand.
Will you.
Thank you.
I want to live like
there's no tomorrow
Like I'm on borrowed time
It's good to be alive
All to Jesus I surrender
All to him I freely give
I will ever love
and trust him
In his presence daily live
And I surrender all
Oh, and I surrender all
I baptize you in the name
of the Father
and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
And all to thee,
my blessed Savior
I surrender all
This has been
a wonderful adventure.
Last night I had a dream,
I must return to Rome.
So, my beautiful saints,
I say goodbye.
I guess I shouldn't have
been surprised
when Paul said,
"In order to leave he needed
to return to Rome."
It was hard to say goodbye
with so much left to do.
But I was reminded,
that's how the Lord left
his followers so long ago.
I watched him walking
so purposefully.
Stop, and then all of a sudden
he was taken in a whirlwind.
I just stood there
in stunned silence.
But why should I be stunned
or expect anything less
from this incredible man
and our amazing God.
I walked away knowing,
that for me,
the rest of my life
will be devoted
to fulfilling the desire of Paul
and the Lord Jesus' heart,
helping believers unite as one,
using whatever talents I have.
I'm really interested
in this book.
Could you sign it for me.
Yes, absolutely.
Do you think you could sign
it to my mother.
- Sure.
- Her name is Lois.
I think she'll really,
really appreciate it.
And I'll get to read it too.
Great, well, thank you
for your support.
Thank you, oh,
you know what,
I would really like to have
a picture of you two,
holding this book,
would that be okay.
- Sure.
- Yeah.