Transylvania 6-5000 (1985) Movie Script

We go Jim, you have taken pictures
of buildings the whole trip, take one.
Alone you stay in the door.
Not I understand.
It is an abandoned chapel and
somebody stops the door.
It is well.
.Oh my God!
.Corre, runs,
look it is Frankenstein!
.Hay aliens using your body while you sleep?
-.Bien that say?
-.Sobre what?
- The movie, the thing that comes out of the door.
- Of fear.
-Did .Dnde take out that?
-I was, and nobody has seen it it is a sole right.
Oh non Gil, that thing is lie
to put their name in the newspaper.
And is .qu well?
He/she thinks of something better because
go to see this history.
-.Cual history?
- That of the monster.
No, no, I don't want to go.
Monster's .Historia?
Does .No want to leave?
Each that I give you a good track doesn't want
to leave, and if you leave you return with anything.
Not it is my blame.
-.Y what you make to my histories?
-Does .Qu make?
Not I can believe that we speak of this,
that such that of exploitation of works.
That of women working in you manufacture
of violation. And single era of violins.
- Let us make a mistake.
- You made a mistake.
- Violation also attracts.
- If it is a great attraction.
You hired me to elevate the one
journalistic level of this newspaper.
Mistaken, hire you for
to elevate the vocabulary level.
I want to maintain the journalistic level under.
Does .Porque believe that it assigns you to him?
- I am of your team.
- Mac, this is garbage.
I like garbage, the master, I need it.
Garbage is what sells newspapers.
He/she looks around to your,
garbage, garbage, garbage.
I don't have problems with the garbage.
Good boy. Return.
- When you speak to me you don't play me.
- I don't play you.
That you call to this, and that, I don't want
that you make this, especially this.
- I don't make that.
- In case that you think it to make.
They leave immediately.
That we have, airplanes, trains,
trucks .a where we go?
.Por what? he/she should go to
Moscow, to the mean guides.
Transylvania, .bien!
Is .Dnde?
- Not I know, over there in some side.
-"Over there some side."
We will find it.
But it is worth, because I count with
the history of Frankenstein.
Do I sit down it, .ests counting with which history?
Frankenstein, does .lo remember?, very big...
Not I thought that it would be even with life.
You thought, you never think,
it was never alive.
It was a book, a movie,
it was not real and neither it is news.
I believe that it is it. They come to the one
monster and he/she resembles Frankenstein.
They give me headache.
Because you don't take yourself your pain it was,
but he/she returns with a history.
A fearful town, a crazy scientist, something.
Because if they return without anything...they are discharged.
Not you can say goodbye, I am your son.
Prove it.
- Well, well.
- Here the cassette is.
- Are not we leaving far with this .verdad?
- I love to go far.
Cannot .Porque be but as him?
.Vas to return with the history?
- If dad.
-Does .Lo see?
Listen to it, listen to it.
It makes sick me.
- Documentation, island of Easter.
- This is stupid.
Listen this both.
Next week I want a headed.
.Frankenstein lives!
Not I understand, Paris, Rome had
a not well temporary one. And he/she looks at this.
Not it seems to be what said
your father, a fearful town.
Transylvania this...beautiful.
Laura doesn't leave far.
See to play with that ni.a.
Not I want, it is not of my age.
- It plays with her.
-.Porque would should of...?
Oh already knows because.
I saw it seated in truck
and he/she will return but...
But you are very shy.
It is this way. But now I feel surer.
That well, then it will be but
easy to accept to be rejected.
Laura, I told you that you stayed fences.
Gil stops to play with Laura.
Is a pleasant ni.a, your .es?
Welcome to Transylvania.
I Am Alcalde Lepescu.
Enjoy their purchases, their food
and our form of life.
And assure to assist the one
annual festival of the wine.
Known by the whole continent.
Well, we will be able to us
to make drunk, is .cundo?
Ma.ana begins, and it lasts
as you they say.
"Until the cows
leave home."
- Do I never say that, .y you?
- Never.
From time to time him
I say but I never say it.
If you want to know my
name he/she is Elizabeth Ellison.
I know it.
Elizabeth listens, I don't lodge
in this hotel, I am in another.
.Te can call for
to make something, to leave or to have dinner?
On purpose I am Jack Harrison, I sit down it.
- I like in knowing you.
- I like in knowing you.
Alone I will be in the town a couple of days.
Me also.
.Mami, where ours room?
There we go cari.o right now.
- It tolerates return.
- Ahead.
Hello, I want to ask him/her a question
between you and me nothing else.
.Sucede something here?
-.Quiere a woman?
- No, no, not.
Had .Ha some problem something extra.o?
.Extra .o? .Busca something daring?
Allow me to put it this way.
I have listened histories.
.Historias of us?
I mean...Frankenstein.
Frankenstein, do you know it .no?
- Frankenstein.
- If the monster.
.Ah that Frankenstein!
Has .ltimamente seen Frankenstein?
Not I believe.
Not bother Alcalde, please, not.
This man asks on Frankenstein.
Frank Sinatra, in fact
he/she asked for Frank Sinatra.
Alone a ridiculous question.
-Had .Donde been?
-.Que all this is?
Anything alone I asked a simple question.
.Qu question class?
Ask on Frankenstein.
Frankenstein, ask for him.
.Estamos in the town 5 min.
and did you already ask that?
-.Crees that I hurry?
-.Tu what you believe?
I sit down it, I don't know it.
If, if, my friend joked,
it is an American joke.
No, wait.
Here it is Transylvania.
Does .No want to wonder of Dracula?
Such .Que the creature of the black lagoon?
Hear, we have Godzilla there behind.
- That this good one.
-Such .Que The Voracious Stain?
Hear they have not wondered
if this The Voracious Stain.
Incredible imbecile, we take 5 min.
and I am already the you make me laugh at Transylvania.
- They also laughed at my.
- With a lot of reason.
You go, bring them to me.
Thank you.
He/she looks, there the castle is.
.Tiene a thrilling aura?
Thrilling .Aura?
.Donde my wallet is?
Can .Los help?
Hello he is Sr. Harrison
and I am Sr. Turner.
Oh if, they have been waiting for them.
Take off of there, silly.
Stupid idiot.
No, idiot.
Oh, is good, yes.
Good .verdad?
Not judge to the hotel for me.
Alone I am a speaking brute.
.Bruto speaker?
Is good .verdad?
It is comic.
It is comic.
Due.o wants them to eat.
- Speaking figuratively.
- Clear.
If they need something, my name is Fejos.
- Fejos.
Does .Lo sit down your last name it is?
I sit down it I don't understand.
Not we speak to Transyl...
.Tenemos a book of sentences?
It is good.
It is good, very good.
Is it good, .verdad?
- It is good.
- I believe.
My friends, we have been waiting for them.
- The mayor.
- If.
I am also due.o of the castle.
Many hats.
As the Americans they say...
..."Not there is anything bad with making money."
Then we will eat but first
I will show them their rooms.
Am I able to them, .si?
Well Fejos.
Allow me to show them their rooms.
Is it good, .verdad?
He/she has a million those.
- They will love it here.
- Care.
For you a juice
of orange, maybe one blue.
One of blueberry with apple,
the coffee not yet is clever.
This is a hotel of amusement, it is as...
...Disneylandia, but translated to Transylvania.
When I knew that they would come
I welcomed and...
...the opportunity to show
that there are not monsters here.
The only monster is
the receipt of the telephone.
.Espera a lot of business here?
As you they say
"We will bring them to blows."
- Radu.
- If, master.
He is Sr. Turner.
Hello, master.
And he is Sr. Harrison.
Hello, master.
Is a pretty boy .verdad?
It is part of the whole history.
For that reason I hire people
as him. And Fejos.
They have that certain one
spark of Transylvania.
We are clever to eat.
If, master.
I am occupied now.
Clever I need the orange.
-Does .Que want?
- The orange.
- Me the grasp.
- Me the grasp.
- Well.
- Well.
Alone I need three.
1, 2, 3...
...4, 5, 6.
- Now the plates.
- Me the grasp.
I cut the orange.
Your you don't cut anything.
Very then I help you.
.Qu this is?
It is lemon juice for the tea.
Go away, of my.
We have the sndwiches,
the butter.
And we have them here.
I know it.
If, master.
Not I am your master, your you are my wife.
I am your wife, master.
Retire Lupi, I don't tolerate the subordination.
Neither I, will retire.
.Me extra.aste?
Drop it.
- Allow me to help.
- I said you drop it.
- Well take it.
- I have it.
.Ahora what you go to make?
To give it to you.
.Para what this is?
It is for you.
- You are an unfortunate one.
- Now no longer.
-.Est well?
- Not be annoying.
Alone I want to make you everything
perfect, because you deserve it.
Once again, go away, not me
play, leave alone me.
Maybe later.
I will be naked when you return.
I eat lunch, masters.
Prepare everything me.
Does .Quieres cremate?
It is good.
Non thank you.
- Smell it.
- I smell it from here.
- It is fresh.
- Very fresh.
- Take off it.
- He/she smells well.
Does .No cremate?
-This is pleasant.
- Very pleasant.
Smell it, he/she smells, it is good.
It is good, he/she smells this.
He/she smells everything, he/she takes.
He/she smells the glass.
It is good.
- It is good.
- Very pleasant.
- You were put to the eye.
- Alone a little.
Make it again.
Transylvania 6 -5000.
It is for you mayor.
The telephone bit me.
.Escuchaste the one of the one
does surgeon bother?
Does .Cirujano bother?
If, your you don't bother me,
I don't bother you.
It is comic. .Verdad?
Does .Que want?
- I have to make my work.
- Your work is mine.
- Not I have time.
- Your time is mine.
- I need the mints.
- Me the grasp.
- If.
- No.
Good-bye .Besito?
I will stay calientita for you.
- .Mentas, master?
- Non thank you.
- .Mentas, master?
- No.
Gentlemen, I fear that I should
to leave to the town but.
They feel in freedom of
to inspect the castle.
For sure they didn't find
spectra marauding.
-.Puedo to suggest something?
- You can, you are a baboon.
I go for the history,
to go to the town, to the newspaper, to the chapel.
Your face that and I stay
here to take a look.
The one, is made late.
.Hay somebody here?
This old chandeliers have
the tendency of falling.
.Quin you are?
I am the inspector Percek.
But the question is
.Usted that makes here?
- Let us find out that there was a novenario.
-.Un novenario?
Not it is here "Our Se.ora
of the Perpetual pain."
I should be in the church
mistaken, with permission.
If I work very hard, but he/she listens...
- I have free time.
- Not I have time.
And I wondered,
.Podemos to have dinner tonight?
-.Con who speak?
-Doesn't .Ya play?
.Tengo that to play?
Not it is courts to enter without playing.
I sit down it it interrupted the wind.
.Y what there is tonight?
.Oye that you make?
Do you have to wait for ".Quin it is?"
Now I have to wait that...
-.Cuanto more...?
- It was, it was.
You get a ni.era in the hotel.
I am for sure they have one.
Or if it is already capable it is already very big.
Do you have ".Quin to say it is?"
He/she waits one second,
is .Quin well?
- He/she waits to that leaves.
- Well.
I sit down it, Elizabeth
.ests there? .Hola?
.Porque ".Quin doesn't say it is?"
I enter and I leave!
- I already know that you are your.
- I already got bored.
Is .Cuales our news?
"My" news, if he/she is interested.
The editor of the newspaper
he/she refused completely.
-.Revisaste the previous ones?
- Not I understand, it is very suspicious.
There were not even here tourists.
It is a serious newspaper,
it doesn't print stupidities like...
I found an I articulate
on a Dr. Malavaqua.
That it lost their license
of doctor, there is not of what.
And that, also mine.
This Malavaqua maybe put
their nose in that ignored.
No, no, you don't have he/she swims there.
.Entiendes? there is not history there.
- That it is that of "Maybe."
- Even so I want go to investigate.
Well anything but you don't invent histories.
I have never invented one
history in my life.
Don't stick, and your father's history.
.Que the mascots resemble their due.os?
I made it.
No, you gave them animal that looked like each other to them.
That is initiative. Neither you know
what means report.
-.Revisaste the castle?
- If Gil, is not anything.
Single rooms, alone what I saw.
I went to revise the chapel,
this is suspicious.
The boss of the police intent to kill me.
- I have just arrived of there.
- If that makes the police here.
Of where you take out that, you resemble your father.
Not speak of my father,
he pays so that we came.
For I won't listen this.
You are as a ni.o,
as a he/she drinks.
These sick one.
I have a message for you.
.De who?
An old gypsy brought it.
Have, have.
- Is good .verdad?
- No, it is not good.
- It is bad moment.
- He/she waits I want something.
It was, it was.
I sit down it, I sit down it.
Is good .Verdad?
Good-bye, good-bye.
God that pathetic.
Does .Qu say?
"The laugh hides fear and the
it rotates of the truth he/she has...
...a lot that to speak, the answer
this in Madame Morovia."
Gypsies, now if it is taking us
to something. The touch of the old world.
The life has traveled its course.
While the rain enters
to the sea, he/she cries powdered.
It exists to be hidden with eternal conscience.
Not we know when it leaves.
Impossible sometimes but... if it appeals to the luxury.
As we can preserve the one
universe but there of the sphere.
As physical and
spiritual difficult to understand.
- Madame Excuse Morovia...
- I see a creature.
Not it is the one that you/they look for.
He/she walks as man per day.
But to the full moon,
he/she transforms into wolf.
He is a man wolf.
.Hombre wolf?
They should find it; to destroy it
and to remove him/her their torture.
.Porque tells us this,
because he/she doesn't go to the police?
They laugh at my.
As they laughed at you.
Does .Donde find it?
He/she calls himself Lawrence Malbot.
- He is, my son.
-.Su son?
I pray that suffers, and their soul
rest in eternal peace.
Now I sleep.
I believe that he/she no longer has
more than to tell us.
The life has traveled its course.
This is my contribution to the journalism,
to wait a man wolf.
We go it stops inside to
to ask him/her some questions.
.Si that we ask him/her?
.Cada when you shave?
Alone .Andas or in flocks?
Let us should maybe wait.
-.Viste that? He/she saw the full moon.
-.Y that what?
We go.
.Oyes that? A wolf.
He/she waits, I believe that I stop to move.
Is .Quines?
Did .Quien send them, my wife?
My God feels it.
We think that it was an animal.
It is it.
- We go.
- No longer Lawry.
The magic left.
You tossed him/her the light in its
mere bottom, you embarrassed me.
Who he/she went that is that we will meet with that.
.T faces so much noise when you have sex?
I return, I take a lot of time here.
-.A where you go?
- I have a track.
If clear.
He/she sleeps and ma.ana sees the doctor,
if you don't find anything...
...I will send a cable to Mac
that Frankenstein no longer lives here.
And outside of my room.
There is a lot of hostility, Jack.
-Does .Te offer but he/she came?
- No, thank you.
Did .Que tell you?
That you escaped from your former-husband.
Not he/she escaped exactly,
but it follows me bothering.
It didn't become very happy when
they gave me custody of Laura.
Then it became violent; .sabes what
he/she had to hit him/her with the bottle... the alone head to come undone of him?
Bad news.
It infuriates me.
One goes mad when those
sew they don't leave to their way.
That beautiful couple, they are local or they are of "floor."
I believe that anything but of "floor."
In fact I am from New York.
Clear that we know it,
New York goes boys.
i it Diffuses the news.
i Today I leave.
They have a good video
Has .Lo seen?
i New York, damned he/she is boys.
This people always happy,
but it is already enough of my.
I don't imagine that they are investigating here.
Neither I, don't want to speak of it.
Tell me, tell me.
In fact I am investigating...
I know it, I have to ask points of view.
The monster, with the screws, high...
I left.
Is .Quien who is?
Does .Que happen?
I believe that there is something in this room.
.Donde, what? Not there is he/she swims here.
I don't know it it left maybe for the window.
It is already of ma.ana.
Not there is he/she swims out.
- I don't know it.
-Did .Que dress?
Not I am sure of it,
he/she was a creature or something.
One minute, .hueles the perfume?
If, I already know who was here.
- The creature of Este Lauder.
- Your you joke and I am nervous.
He/she is this way Jack he/she returns to sleep.
The facts Gil, the facts.
The fact is that I am happening
the night in this room.
.Que that was that that was?
For here.
Not I want to die.
Now here.
Now here.
Now there.
Lupi leaves me alone.
Now here.
Now here.
Lupi, I said you leave me alone.
I am helping you.
Very big handsome...
- Radu, done .has see the mayor?
- If, I love, this having breakfast.
-Does .Porque call me master?
- It is what you are.
No, my name is Gil, you call this way me.
- Not I can make that.
- If you can you attempt it.
Hello Gi.
If, Gi.
It is well you call me I love.
Thank you master.
Sr. Turner.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Non thank you.
Alcalde, .somos the only ones
guests in the hotel?
If, these contractors, officially
we don't open up until next month.
Not you, I thought to have seen somebody
in my room, I believe that single so.aba.
This castle makes you that.
The first time that I slept here;
I thought to have seen Dracula.
That comedian.
.Tu compa.ero and your they will have breakfast?
No, it continues sleeping, if you see it tells him/her
that I went to the town to see some things.
- I want something.
- You scared me.
- He/she waits here.
- Not I have...
- Non wait.
- Not I have time.
- He/she waits.
- Well.
It is a beautiful day today.
Does he/she hear, .Ests well?
That devils.
I am well.
I want that you attempt, he/she takes.
- No, no, I have to go.
- Your you make it.
- Make it.
-Crazy .Ests!
.Puedes to make it!
Well, we run.
- Radu.
- If, master.
Make sure that nobody enters to the rooms.
- Hello.
He/she wanted to see Dr. Malavaqua.
Single relatives of those
guests can visit.
Can at least .Ni see the Doctor?
Alone you do them with appointment.
Well I will make an appointment.
Not he/she is giving appointments at this time.
I already see.
Well thank you for their help.
Hello ladies.
Beautiful day .verdad?
That they have a good one he/she gives.
.Corre, runs,
look it is Frankenstein!
I don't like this.
I don't like this for anything.
This tape should be destroyed.
Neither old neither anything, so much people
it makes sick, something should be happening.
-.Porque so much security?
- Well in the police you speak alone.
I can understand your fixation for Frankenstein.
After everything they are in Transylvania. But...
In their own country there is even
histories of Jesse James or Fillingo.
- That was a long time ago.
- That is my point.
The sinister thing in Transylvania
it was a long time ago.
If they want to write, write
of a happy Transylvania.
Our new drainage,
buildings, thick floors.
The newspaper doesn't send us
to write of drainage.
Not we will allow to bother the one
Doctor with their ridiculous questions.
He/she is a busy man.
.Por that removed him/her their license?
Gentlemen, this doesn't concern them.
We wish them good day.
- That such that people...
- Thank you.
You are very serious, you should learn how to have a good time.
He/she takes dance classes, perhaps
You can be another Gene / Astaire.
You looked at their faces when Malavaqua mentions.
- Well they don't want to speak of it.
- They hide something, I don't believe that.
- I have three free hours, we go.
-.A where?
To see the doctor and to ask for a second opinion.
Not the guard left
Did .porque descend?
Among in rhythm.
Good, up.
That coincidence, we speak
of Doc. And they are already here.
I want to know that it happens inside.
We can maybe enter for behind.
.Qu this is?
The opportunity to enter, the door jumps.
.Si is opportunity because
do I have to jump me?
Because you seem crazy.
- That comedian, I am afraid.
- Your you want to see what it happens.
-Such .Qu if this electrified?
-.Ves? Not it is electrified.
- Alone it jumps.
-.Y if you see me the guard?
-.Solo goes!
- Well, well.
A patient is wanted to leave,
a patient is wanted to leave.
.Qu devils faces?
.Oye your!
.A where you believe that you go?
He/she returns inside.
New .Eres here?
Did .Te give your medication today?
But it takes, he/she returns to work.
Because this interest of
my experiments again.
Two reporters have asked
on the monster of Frankenstein.
Frankenstein, that is ridiculous.
If, that same I told them.
Your friend Hunyadi fits
well in that description.
And you assure me that he/she already died.
.Puedo to see their file?
Of course inspector Percek.
Fill the death records myself.
.Y these other ones?
Heidi Clan, Odette Bolone, John Blad.
.Tambin all deads?
If se.or.
It seems that busy Malavaqua has been.
I enjoy these visits.
Peque.a satisfactions that
they give me this boring work.
Transylvania 6-5-0-0 -0.
Fejos, .pudo to speak with Radu?
- If, master.
-Alone .Estas?
If, master.
You go to the laboratory and make sure
that Hunyadi is there.
He/she can that he/she walks I drop again.
Jack finds out something
Does .Cmo devils come out of here?
You go to in front and it goes up the thatched top, take off the robe.
These crazy one, the guard knows me.
- It trusts my.
- Because I always have to trust.
.Naciste among siblings?
- If.
-.Y well?
Man trying to enter,
man trying to enter.
He/she hears your. .T again?
I told you that you cannot enter.
Now, it was.
It was brilliant but no longer
make it, I have anxiety.
.Conseguiste something or do waste my ability?
Malavaqua calls to peque.a weasel.
- Radu.
He/she Works for Doc. and they want
knowledge of Hunyadi, and he/she guesses.
Van to go to the laboratory.
-Is .Quin Hunyadi and which laboratory?
- Not I know, I believe that we already have something.
Does .Te "maybe" take out an alone one?
Let us return to the castle with Radu.
Your you go and I see you there but late.
Doesn't .Porque come?
I go to a day of field.
Field .Da?
It is a mu.eca.
Fair what I thought.
Malavaqua saw my face.
Put this in my car.
It evidences.
I love you so much I will make
any thing to help you...
.Donde Radu is?
- Non Radu.
- Non Radu.
- Enter here.
-Does .Qu make there?
- It is pleasant they come.
- Don't pull me my...
- Non topics.
-Does .Quien fear?
My name is Odette.
He/she listens, to ni.os of the night.
Does .Que make in the day?
.Verdad that make beautiful music?
To my they sound me as wolves.
Does he/she wait, .has been in my fourth last night?
.Queras to make me da.o?
To make you da.o, not.
To bite, if.
- He/she waits.
- I love you.
- I want to kiss you.
-Can .No eat lunch before?
Put your hands in my hips.
Put your arms around.
Put your face in my chest.
Tell me that you also wish me.
You speak to me.
- I wish you so much that it hurts.
- To my also.
I like it. I want to make it more.
That hurts.
.Quien is!
I will see who is.
Not among.
Oh, we go.
He/she waits one minute.
- It is amusing.
-Does .Qu make here?
- I am meditating.
-.Viste Dracula?
- If when it left...
- The movie not; you forget it.
He/she waits I want to show you something.
Oh my God, .ests well?
These demented.
- Radu.
- If, master.
-.Esta Hunyadi in the laboratory?
- Not I have had time of revising.
They are following me, master.
Radu, I know you for 20 a.os,
I love you you no longer call me master.
- If, am...
- That is good.
Maybe for the next one, vmonos.
Thank you are very kind.
Both have helped me a lot.
Well, I am already clever.
To work.
The home.
It is good to be in the home.
With my friends.
Stupid Percek ingrido.
.Cree that satisfies me
with alone to play with ratoncitos?
.Cree to be able to with the genius
of great Vittorio Malavaqua?
Unfortunate .Cllate!
- I am spoiled.
- Me but.
As they dare to make fun of my father.
The era a great scientist,
he/she was a great man.
Step their life being about curing the
common influenza being injected virus.
And instead of being honored.
They know it as the man that
he/she brought the herpes to Sicily.
Don't worry dad, my work
it cleaned the name of Malavaqua, forever.
.Donde Hunyadi is?
- I don't know it.
- Me neither.
I tell them that they watch over him, and he/she walks
he/she went scaring all.
It is difficult with two works.
Clear, it is more important
to feed those pigs up.
As they dare to convert this
I magnify castle in a refuge.
- For tourists.
-.Lo hate!
-Does .Lo hate what?
- I hate it a lot.
-Does .Lo hate much what a?
- I hate it a lot, master.
- I hate it a lot, master.
- It is this way better.
- Thank you.
- Of anything.
-.De anything what?
- Of anything, master.
.Cllense both, masochistic marriage!
.Se found but not
they can find more anybody!
.De that you laugh, I is
deceiving of you stupid!
.A to work, this place
it is a disorder they clean!
.Laven the floor, I have to work!
.Donde my notes is?
.Tengo that to have my notes!
Lupi, Radu, don't work
so hard. Sit down, rest.
It is their rest, relax you,
ahead. Very pleasant.
-.Quieren an expresso?
- Non thank you.
Crazy .Estn?Is .Que making?
So much work and you seated.
Does .Me want to see the face?
.Donde Odette is?
.Donde my Odette is?
That I manage here,
.una clinic without patient?
I let them to make that that
want, they are my masters.
Is .Todos your masters, cockroach?
Me not.
.Cllense, now they will see!
He/she waits, he/she waits, your experiment
favorite it continues here.
Favorite .Mi?
Favorite .Mi this here?
Quick, revise the animals, me
I will see like my experiments go.
I live, I live, I live, I live.
- Dead.
- I already know it.
I live, I live, I live.
- Dead.
- I live.
- Dead.
- It is alive.
We go.
We go.
Seven alive, two deads.
Seven alive, two deads.
Soon everything will be perfect my favorite one.
.Duele this? .Duele this?
.Duele this? .Duele this?
Well, everything hurts.
It is hour of working.
.Quiere to work with lightnings, master?
Not I want lightnings, I hate it.
I work with all these dirts.
Elizabeth, both looks we are on vacation.
It is necessary to see the life like adults.
We are alone...
In unknown territory.
Sharing the same atmosphere.
Sharing the same air.
- Ahead, I listen to you.
- This well, I will wait.
- Non thank you.
Jack, Jack, I have looked for you
for all sides, hello.
Does .Que happen now?
.Puedo to speak to you to alone?, I sit down it.
Ahead, I have to look for
to Laura before he/she gets lost.
I sit down it Elizabeth, thank you.
This should be good, it should be good.
It followed Radu, and of he/she swims her
I harass myself the lady Dracula.
He/she mediates naked and almost it swallows himself my face.
-Is .Que, here?
- Come unfastened.
.Sabes, Gil?
I no longer accuse you, but to me,
I came to this mistaken mission.
An infantile stupidity, first
police's boss attacks you.
- If he/she made it, the face...
- If almost for your face.
Then we go with a gypsy,
the history of your life.
Then the lady of Avon arrives...
- When you arrived of it disappeared.
-"Oh has an idiot."
- And now he/she eats up your head.
- The same one.
-.Quieres to kill me?
- Undoubtedly not.
- I love you.
- You love me, you hate me.
- I hate your gills.
- I don't hate you.
- 35 a.os washes your clothes.
- Don't make this way me.
Since I am here I will break you the neck.
- We go you get up.
- Almost you kill me.
-.Ests well?
- I am well.
-Angry .Estabas?
-.Que if it was?
- No, he was not.
-Did .Porque make that?
.Qu faces? Take off it.
.Laura is your mommy!
Jack, I don't find Laura.
.Que that happened?
Did .Donde look for, for where he/she left?
You go over there.
Make an I circulate.
.Laura!Is .Donde?
He/she looks, it is very big here,
you go to the town for the police.
I want to stay to look for.
No, somebody has to go for help.
.Y him?
He can cover but,
leave you don't worry.
Well, but I will return.
You go over there.
.Aydenme, help me, somebody helps me!
.Alguien helps me, help me!
-.Gil, where these!
.Podemos to speak?
.Puedes to speak?
The man wolf.
Does .Ahora believe me?
Take me to house.
I am me silly.
-Did .Lo dress?
-.A who?
The man wolf grasp to my friend.
- Count it to the marine one.
- No, I attack myself.
- Arrest him.
To interfere with police matters.
Wait, there is a lost ni.a
in this forest, full with I don't know what.
You is coming out of control
Does .Que go to make now?
Now we go to the festival of the wine.
.En a moment like east?
Take it to him.
Does .Que make, do wait?
.No should alert to the town
of the danger that surrounds us?
It is exactly what we should not make.
He/she forgets when we were ni.os.
In the streets "Frankenstein" screamed.
People blocked her houses.
Women and ni.os feared to leave.
That should not happen again.
It will be well, master; I gave him/her an injection.
Did .Porque bring it here?
.Basta with that dirt of screams!
.Estoy being about listening!
- This well, .porque brought it here?
- Not it could shake it of my back.
-Was .Que making outside?
- I went to urinate.
Did .Porque attack the other one?
I get scared.
Does .Te scare? You see this way yourself and you...put it to their cage.
Before it sends it to the kennel.
He/she knows doc. I believe that me
it likes more the kennel.
Ingrate, they come here to pull you that.
You cannot hold on to here.
I like their hairstyle curly doc.
You, volute cookie hear,
I braid, they come here.
I braid.
.Porque grabbed to this
reporter for the balls?
I step myself.
.Me floor, I step myself!
- They come it stops here.
I will pull up you the hair of the bottom.
All have their escusas, as soup.
Will .Que make with this meddling reporter?
Don't make him/her da.o, please.
My beautiful sangrona speaks.
Not he/she wants him to hurt it.
Does .Que want, an express before having dinner?
I want it, I need it, I love him.
I love him so much that it hurts.
Does .Que know about nymphomaniac love?
If he/she didn't have you chained,
nobody would be safe.
High, I am your doctor.
Against the wall.
Listen to me all.
The police suspects of my.
From now on nobody comes out
of the laboratory, nobody.
And you.
Infectious insect,
Does .Tienes devise where Hunyadi is?
- I have a "corazada."
- I already know that you have it.
Does .Pero know where Hunyadi is?
I believe that this in the abandoned stable.
You go you look for it quick.
.Cunto time will be here?
It can be; .Como says
you American?
"Until the cows
return home."
I sit down it.
Did .Qu make?
Not I can have you here.
.Donde Laura and your friend is?
Respond me.
.Y where the police is?
That if I respond you, they went to rest.
Did .Se go to rest?
Is .Qu place class this?
They should be looking for my daughter.
.Al festival of the wine?
Go to hit some heads.
He/she waits, he/she waits.
I see you in the town.
Madame Morovia urges me to speak with you.
Not he/she believed the history
of the wolf but now yes.
- When the moon...
- If, if we follow it.
But I turn out to be a type
making it with a girl.
He/she was my husband. He is a wolf.
My son is the man wolf.
Is .Donde?, he/she has my friend
and there is a lost ni.a.
The answer is in the passageway
under the bridge of the castle.
- It jumps to the water.
- Not there is water.
Then don't jump.
It looks for the door.
Now I sleep.
- You have it, you have it.
- Be quiet I am working.
Wise that could.
- These under arrest.
- I go for the rope.
I set that I vomit me.
I believe that him one vomits.
.Yak!, monster's encouragement.
He/she takes this.
Take it other time.
- Here.
- You speak their mom.
I have it, granduln, your
knees are in problems.
This is cow excrement.
Ugly monster.
My glove, my glove.
- These alive one.
- I have had better days.
Sustain you, we have to hurry.
It is good to have you where you belong.
.Como your nuts is?
Very rusty.
I have to make you a lot of work.
If, I love, and when
end he/she can help.
"Me", "me", you always think of "me."
He/she is right, I won't speak more of "me."
.Como you are?
We finish.
That you have made insane.
You killed him.
Is .Quin and that you make here?
- This sedado.
- We take out him/her a spot.
Gil, thanks to God.
Is .Donde ni.a Malavaqua?
That history.
Not there will be history until
my experiments are completed.
Radu, attacks.
I love, it was already a lot of aggression per today.
I said it attacks.
I already have you communist.
My finger.
- Thank you.
- No, no, .ayuda!
.Quieres to play rude?
.Toma this!
Was .No enough?
Such .Que this?
-.A where you go?
- You go for ni.a.
We go granduln.
Forget my, take charge of Malavaqua.
The only form is
to take it out of the laboratory.
.Jack, take it out of the laboratory!
.Me ruined!
Has .Que made?
This is shameful.
.Ests well?
Is .Quin, do you want an expresso?
.Radu these well?
Dog .Hijo, I will kill you.
Not you ruined my work!
.Ests well?
.Seguro that you don't want expresso?
.Te will kill, you are not nobody!
Take off the belt.
.De my pants not, this belt!
.Donde doctor is?
It was Hunyadi, but he/she would not make him/her da.o.
- He/she found it in the forest.
- The town is already fed up with this.
A moment, here this, is well.
It is too strong.
He/she waits, you to where he/she goes.
It takes it to their mother.
We should go to the town, you him
I will explain in the road.
I will go to the town.
I have sue.o.
I cannot believe it.
They are seated taking came.
While my daughter is lost.
Calm down, we will look for it
after the festival.
They get up and they look for it now.
Does .Que make?
Does .Que happen?
The monster has returned.
It is dead.
He/she has my daughter.
These well.
That the monster doesn't escape.
The fire is its enemy.
They are captivated the brands.
Burn it.
- Fasten it.
- Fasten it.
Does .Que make?, high, high.
Crazy .Estn?
Give me that.
-.Estn well?
- We are well.
Thanks to God that you/they came,
they won't believe what happens.
It is Frankenstein, it should be destroyed.
It is not it, all listen to me.
He is not Frankenstein,
it belongs one to us.
He is Kirk Hunyadi.
Lie, this monster is
one of their experiments
The product of an insane mind.
- Not it is true.
- Grab it.
The demented is him, me not.
- Listen.
- Don't listen to it.
- It is a mistake.
- He is an outsider.
They come for him.
Another step and the short one.
Behind, behind.
Grab it.
Do we go .quieres to eat glass?
Please they need to listen this.
- We will see what he/she says.
- If, it is necessary to listen to it.
If, it is necessary to listen to it.
This man is Kirk Hunyadi.
After an accident of
car almost was paralyzed.
But some could not support to see it.
And they transferred it of cares
intensive to their sanatorium.
Where I gave him/her surgery reconstructiva.
If with wires, tubes and nuts.
Could .Que make?
They are taken the money.
The one that the government gives him/her to
he but they pocket it to him.
If, .quin would make such a vile thing?
If, .quin that would make?
It was their police; and their mayor.
They ordered Malavaqua, to disconnect them.
It was a compassionate decision.
But he would not listen to me.
And look at the beast that I believe.
.Creern the word of a demented?
.Y a fugitive of the justice?
No, no, I say if, if.
Undoubtedly not.
-Crazy .Est?
- He/she.
Be already quiet.
See these things. But experiments
of Malavaqua, see them.
.Quieren that these live
do sew in their town?
.Comer in their restaurants?
.Y how's it going this monster?
.El man wolf!
It is not it, he/she is Lawrence Malbot Jr.
.Es Lawry?
- He/she is a monster.
- If it is Lawry Malbot.
He/she has condition called strange hipertricosis.
It began to grow the hair.
It grew, I don't stop to make it.
Be about giving him/her treatment
electrolysis, show them.
I can already go to the beach.
But unfortunately their mother,
it spread these lies.
Because he/she is embarrassed of their son.
I sit down it. Please forgive me.
Ma, you stink.
It is a mummy.
Alive .Esta!
Radu, express removes him/her the bandages.
They remember to ugly Haddy.
- They put it to the lake of ugly.
-.Recuerdan like it was? Show them.
- Enough.
-Did .La put to a casket? Sick person.
After the surgery he/she had it that
to have in an atmosphere without I oxygenate.
But already this list.
- It is beautiful.
- Wait, there is more.
Also fix him/her the body.
Bazunkers, never imagine
to have bazunkers.
- I am very happy.
- You would should.
Truly very well.
Is .Tu false cosmeticologia able to with this?
Phenomenon of the nature.
It was allowed him/her to fornicate
with one of their class.
Alone they look at their descendant.
Created by this horrible union.
.Papi that says of me?
A moment.
You can say everything of my, but
of my son, I paint my it grates.
We have taken a lot of garbage
for a lot of time; if I love, I don't love.
And have we accepted it, .verdad?
If, master.
We are tired of it.
As he/she dares to bother my son.
And your wife.
And my beautiful wife.
And we deserve; something of respect.
Stop, right.
Now always I go to
to be good with you.
No, alone he/she joked.
I want them.
You were, wonderful.
If it was not for you it was
investigating the penal system.
Not you will need this.
Odette, .quieres to leave?
-Does .Qu make here?
- Kiss me.
He/she waits because you don't take off this,
because you are not a vampira.
I know it, but I get the attention.
- Your you don't need attention.
- If I need it.
I am ugly.
-Does .Como say that?, you are beautiful.
- He/she looks at my nose.
Your nose is perfect.
Fix him/her their nose.
- You are beautiful.
- I am not it.
We will dance, I guide.
Gil, I cannot believe it,
he/she looks at all this.
Good history
.Pero who will believe it?
They will believe it.
My father will be satisfied with these pictures.
He/she Reveals Tremendous Nuts.
.Momia in fact a Dad!
It Wins Surf Competition.
It is vomited in the Prince /i
"We never had really" a hump.
= RAMN BERMDEZ = /b /i