Trapped (1949) Movie Script

The Treasury
Department is your symbol
of service and protection,
nd has been since 1789.
Its responsibilities are great,
and its duties far-reaching.
Through its many subdivisions,
it comes in direct
and personal contact with
every United States citizen.
The Treasury Department maintains
the oldest United States naval
service, the Coast Guard.
It controls merchandise
crossing our borders
and prevents smuggling.
It is responsible for the
collection of internal revenue,
enforces federal narcotic laws,
suppresses counterfeiting,
and finally, engraves and
prints the money you use.
The making of paper money
requires the precise skill
of individual artists and steel engravers.
No one employee engraves
a complete design.
All the separate engravings
are eventually combined
to form one composite design,
from which is prepared
the multiple plate used
in the actual printing.
Here still another specialist
is involved, the printer,
expertly polishing the plate
with the palms of his hands
so that clear, sharp images will result.
The sheets of bank notes
pass through trained fingers
and under practiced eyes,
as one complicated process
after another sends them on
their way to final completion.
If a counterfeiter were
to duplicate exactly
a United States bank note,
he would have to possess
not only the combined skills
of a great many artists,
but all the elaborate equipment as well,
for there is no question that
each individual note made here
represents the finest example
of the engraver's art.
Yet, counterfeiters have been trying
to duplicate United States currency
from revolutionary days right on up.
These are counterfeit notes picked up
by the Secret Service
during the past 85 years.
Despite the fact that each can be detected
as counterfeit by careful
and alert citizens,
thousands of people are
needlessly victimized every year.
Mostly the general
public, small merchants,
neighborhood tradespeople.
Well, Mrs. Flaherty, how's business?
It's good at noon, we got a nice crowd.
Our dinner trade's awful slow, though.
It'll pick up.
Of course it will.
If I do say so myself,
we set a fine table.
You oughta come over some time.
I will, next week, maybe.
Excuse me.
That's one of them, all right.
Thank you.
Is there something wrong?
Mrs. Flaherty, do you remember
where you got that bill?
- The 20?
- Mm-hmm.
It was around noon, the
rush hour, I was very busy.
It was young, dark fellow with a mustache.
It's good, isn't it?
It's been counterfeit.
You should watch these things,
especially a bill of this size.
I've gotta turn this in
to the Secret Service.
I can have it back, can't I?
I'm afraid not, you're just out $20.
But I can't afford it.
I don't see how they can
expect me to take this loss.
People who handle money
have to learn to spot the bad
when they see it, it's
their only protection.
I'm awfully sorry.
Mrs. Flaherty's bill was sent
to the Secret Service
laboratory in Washington.
Here counterfeit bills are analyzed
for distinctive characteristics.
Mrs. Flaherty's bill, it turned out,
had some very distinctive and rather
familiar characteristics.
Remember this note, chief?
The old Stewart note.
Oh no, don't tell me this
has come out of retirement.
After three years, new crop too.
Million of these phonies floating around
isn't exactly a happy idea, is it?
It's fresh, all right.
Almost perfect.
Think Stewart would know about this?
He might.
But he didn't have the plates.
We knew that when he took the rap.
That case was a heartbreaker.
Could break your heart again
if they flood the country
with this stuff.
Why don't you drop in on him?
He might talk.
His address is still Atlanta.
Why not?
We haven't any choice.
Stewart hasn't got such
a bad record here, has he?
It's very good, model prisoner.
He's too sharp to make any small rolls.
I'll talk to him now.
- Bring Stewart in.
- Yes sir.
He got
another seven years to go?
It'll be cut to four and
a half with his good time.
That's all, Garth.
Yes sir.
Stewart, this is Mr. Raymond
of the United States Secret Service.
You don't
seem very glad to see me.
- Sit down, Mr.
- Raymond wants to talk to you.
What would I do with money in here?
Look at it.
$20 bill.
Couple of bets to the $10 window,
a tip to the cigarette girl.
Ah, Stewart, don't snub an old friend.
At the time of your arrest, you had
$50,000 worth of those 20s,
all phony, in your possession.
I did?
Just because you got caught
don't get sore at the money.
Oh, I'm not sore.
it so happens that we are.
The bills are popping up
again, mostly out west.
Frisco, Reno, Vegas, and LA.
I'm amazed.
I don't
think so, come again.
What, you figure I been
floatin' 'em out the window?
Don't kid with you me,
you know what I mean.
Somebody's got those plates
and is circulating the money.
You might know who that somebody is.
No, I don't get around
much socially anymore.
Stewart, you've got
seven more years to go.
A little cooperation might cut that down.
Might even get you a
recommendation for an early parole.
Stool pigeons don't
live long, Mr. Raymond.
I don't expect you to be a stool pigeon.
I'm asking you to be loyal to yourself,
to think of your own welfare.
Your mob's in action again, but
what are they doing for you?
And what are you doing for them?
Seven more years.
Who's printing that counterfeit money?
I didn't know then, I don't know now.
Who's your contact man?
There's a guy named Joe.
He always wore dark
glasses and had his hat
clamped low over his face.
If he had a face, I never saw it.
Gee, I guess I really couldn't
tell you what he looked like.
Is that
all you have to tell me?
That's all.
Stewart, I guess I owe you an apology
for interrupting your
routine in the prison
and dragging you into the warden's office.
I misjudged you completely.
You must really like it here.
Like it well enough to
consider it home sweet home
for the next seven years.
All right, Warden.
Think of the next seven years, Stewart,
and try to refresh your memory.
All right, Garth.
What do you think?
Oh, I think he'll come around.
Some weeks later,
on a federal district court order,
Tris Stewart was being
transferred to Kansas City
in the custody of a United
States deputy marshal.
No rest for the wicked.
I'm doing all right.
Hey, you mind raising your flipper?
We're in Central Time now.
Gained an hour.
I could sure use it.
All right, unlock the jewelry.
Get up.
Pull her up and stop.
And go easy on those brakes.
What are you waiting for?
Open the door.
The gun's empty-
Hand it over.
Come on, gimme.
Afraid I would hit myself?
You hurt anybody that looks
sideways at you, Stewart.
Oh, not this trip, I do what I'm told.
The marshal and me sure put
on a good act in that bus.
I'll start cheering when
you give us some results.
In case you're wondering, I've
got another gun here, loaded.
What's the matter, don't you trust me?
There are limits, Stewart.
Calling SS-972.
Calling SS-972, over.
This is SS-972.
Go ahead.
Agent Foreman reporting.
We're on highway 40, I've got the boy.
Did everything go all right?
Yeah, no trouble.
Perfect cooperation.
Good, keep checking with us.
Right, when we get to Kansas City.
Well, how's it feel to be free?
I'm not complaining.
Why should you?
You're gettin' a square shake.
All we want are those
plates, and your pals.
Don't worry, I'll find 'em.
Only give me a little time.
Quicker you do it, the quicker
you'll be considered for parole.
We'll keep our end of the bargain.
Listen, I'm pulling my end too.
Only keep outta my hair.
I got a lotta contacts
to look up, old leads.
Not gonna help any with you
taggin' along, you know.
Sorry, until we catch this bunch,
you and I are gonna
stick so close together,
when you scratch your back,
you'll be scratchin' mine.
Get used to it, Stewart.
Long distance?
That call to Chicago, Fred
Simpson, any answer yet?
Ah, well keep checking, huh?
Bill branches out, call me back.
That call to Chicago's still on ice too.
The operator'll keep checking.
You're doing great.
Yeah, gum?
No thanks.
By the way, whatever happened
to your old girlfriend,
Meg Dixon?
She's not a bad-looking dame.
Let me see.
Nosy bird, ain't ya?
Where is she now, Tris?
She's not in Detroit, we checked there.
I don't know, I think she got married.
Last I heard, she was living
in Newark raising a family.
You're lying, that's for sure.
Okay, you tell me, then.
I wonder what's become of Meg.
Sounds like a title to a song.
Cut yourself?
Yeah, that crummy glass.
Fell, tried to catch it.
- Let's see.
Thank you.
You're quite welcome.
Laurie, some cigarettes, please.
Hey Laurie.
Thank you.
I'll take the usual, Laurie.
How you doin'?
Not bad, Mr. Hackett.
I don't have the right change for this 10,
I'll have to give you a lot of singles.
Keep it.
I don't like a lot of singles,
too bulky, weighs me down.
You travel light,
don't you, Mr. Hackett?
Well, I travel, and I may be moving on
if you don't show a little interest.
Los Angeles is one town I can do without.
Be careful, you're talking
to a native daughter.
I might report you.
Okay, when you do, tell 'em I don't like
their brand of hospitality.
A guy can die of lonesomeness here.
Try and hang on a while, won't you?
You might change your mind.
That's quite a guy.
He must own a few dozen oil wells,
or else he thinks cigarettes
cost 10 bucks a pack.
If he told me he was
lonesome, I'd encourage him.
You mean if you were a girl?
Well, sure, I...
Well hello.
I thought your big night was over.
I hope not.
Not yet, anyway-
I thought you might need
a little protection.
Yeah, from who?
Oh, from lone wolves,
maybe a wolf pack, even.
Oh, that's very nice of you,
but who protects me from you?
Look at me.
Don't you see character
written in this face?
You are sort of a character.
But I prefer to go home
alone, if you don't mind.
Well, shall we say good
night or wait until?
Until what?
Until a prowl car comes
along and I yell at them.
I'll go quietly.
I don't want anything to disturb
what's going to be a
delightful relationship.
You could hope, just
like anyone else, I guess.
It's me, Tris.
Oh, honey!
Oh, I was so worried.
I read about your escape in the papers.
I thought they'd find you.
Who's that creep following ya?
Nobody, just a barnacle
hangs around the club.
But what happened?
Tell you later.
Where do you live?
Not far.
Come on.
I'm out on a prayer.
The feds tabbed me for a stool pigeon.
They even sprung me, the dopes.
Then I sprung one on them.
Imagine, Tris Stewart
playing ball with the cops.
So all they got left now
is some blind alley tips
and an empty bag in their hands.
No cream, sugar.
What do you mean, no cream or no sugar?
Confusing, eh?
Oh honey, I'm glad you're back.
I like it.
I like you too.
Tell me, anybody been prowlin' around?
Cops, I mean, askin' questions?
No, nobody.
Not since I moved out
here and changed my name
to Laurie Fredricks.
That's good.
Come here.
We'll work fast.
A strike, then Mexico for keeps.
That sound good?
How soon can we go, honey?
Ah, first I gotta get in
touch with my ex-partner,
Sam Hooker.
That dirty rat, gettin' rich off my plates
while I rot in the pen.
I'll pay him a little surprise
visit tomorrow morning.
It won't take long to
make a deal with him.
And after that, baby, it's
Mexico for you and me.
E Yes?
Oh Bill.
Sure, go ahead.
Just like that, huh?
Good work.
All right, stay with him.
Well, if they took the census tonight,
we'd have one more bad
citizen in our midst.
Let me guess, could it
be my ex-roommate Stewart?
None other, just blew in.
He's with the Fredericks girl right now.
Kinda like to have 10
minutes alone with that guy
for the mauling he gave me in Kansas City.
On the house, too.
As they say, orders are orders.
Yeah, but I'd still like
10 minutes alone with him
when the orders didn't
read "pull my punches."
Gonna flatten him a dozen times.
Sure you could.
And you'd still be listening
to him making phone calls,
and we'd still be
tracking down false leads.
Except for your pride,
it's better this way.
This private?
Not at all.
Glad to see you, Downey.
I want you to meant Fred Foreman.
This is John Downey.
Glad to know you.
He's the one who let Stewart
give him the slip in Kansas City.
Good luck, Downey.
When you see Stewart, give him
10 bills from me, would ya?
I'm looking forward to it.
I've got news for you.
Stewart's in town.
Where is he?
Well, at the moment, he's with the girl.
Well don't look so unhappy.
After all, it's his girl.
I'm beginning to realize that.
No thanks.
What's the matter, won't
she give you a tumble?
Just the tips.
Maybe I'm losing my touch.
Maybe you never had it, or
else she's too smart for you.
How about it?
Oh, I don't think so.
As far as she and everyone
at the club's concerned,
I'm just Johnny Hackett,
a very shady character.
If they bother to look me
up, I've been everything
from a card shark to a confidence man
with a record to prove it.
I know Hackett's record.
Every night he went home
and robbed his own mother.
Well I haven't done that yet, but.
Now according to the report,
Stewart starts moving
in the morning.
He's after the plates.
And who has the plates?
Ever hear of Sam Hooker?
What do you want?
A better welcome, I'd say.
Do I have to blast my way
in to see my old partner?
Wake up, open your eyes,
don't you remember me?
Oh, hi, I remember, it's you, Tris.
I didn't recognize you right off the bat.
It's been such a long time.
Didn't you know I was out?
No, but I haven't been feeling well, Tris,
I don't get around much anymore,
I stay pretty close to home.
But now that you're back, what do you say
you and me have a little drink, huh?
Have a drink, Tris.
This isn't exactly a social call.
But you are glad to
see me, aren't ya Tris?
That all depends.
On what?
On how good a
partner you been to me.
I been doing time for
the two of us, remember?
I gave you a chance to grow
a sweet bankroll for us.
Where's my share?
I lost it, Tris, but I can...
Where's the plates?
Have a little drink, Tris?
Where are they?
I sold 'em.
You sold 'em, you figured
I was as good as buried, huh?
No, no, no, Tris.
Tris, I was gonna stash 'em away,
but things got awfully
tough after they nailed you,
and the plate was hot and I got scared
and I lost my nerve and I sold 'em.
Where's my cut?
Lost it. Just like I lost mine.
Lost all the dough on the
ponies, and cards and dice.
My luck's been awful bad.
You don't know how bad.
Who's got the plates?
I don't know.
Try and remember!
I don't know!
Does his name come to you now, huh?
Sylvester, Jack Sylvester.
Sylvester, huh?
Used to be one of our
distributors in the East.
Yeah, where is he now?
I don't know!
If you hold back any more dope on me--
He's in Hollywood, the Grant Building.
Tris, Tris don't!
Don't, I can win it all back, please!
Looking for someone?
Jack Sylvester in?
Business or personal?
Little bit of both.
Who wants to see him?
Just tell him it's an old friend.
Fella outside
says he's an old friend.
What's he look like?
Hello Jack.
It's okay, Mack.
Aren't you glad to see me?
Sure, sure Tris.
You should've phoned me, I
could've met you some place.
I don't like you coming here.
Relax, Sylvester.
No thanks.
Would I bring a load of
trouble to an old friend?
I came to LA because they're
lookin' for me in Kansas City.
That's 2000 miles between me and a pinch.
You could be wrong.
Of course, I'm just telling
you for your own good.
Well, what's on your mind, Tris?
I'd like to get into action again.
Maybe you could help me.
I suppose you know that Sam
clipped me for those plates.
Oh, too bad.
Yeah, isn't it?
But you got the plates.
So what?
So I'd like to
buy a little merchandise.
Listen Tris, you're on your uppers
and what you're talking about
takes real dough to swing.
I know that.
I can raise it.
It's gotta be strictly cash and carry
and nothing less 25 Gs, I'll sell you
a chunk for that, nothing less.
Okay, I'll raise the 25.
I'll need a little eatin' money.
There's a pair.
I'll be back with the 25 Gs.
Cash on the line.
That dame must eat, sleep,
and wash to rumba music.
She sure loves her South American Way.
You'd think the record
would break or wear out.
What happened?
Did you see Hooker?
Yeah, I saw him, he
sold me out, to Jack Sylvester.
So I had a little talk with Sylvester
and I think we got a deal cookin'.
Honey, please don't take any chances.
I've been worried all afternoon.
Yeah, well stop worrying,
I know what I'm doin'.
Are you sure you weren't followed?
Can you ever be sure?
Anyway, I took out insurance just in case.
Went changing from
streetcars to cabs to buses
all in about five miles, I'm sure butched.
Got a cold beer in the house?
Yeah, there's some in the icebox.
Sit down.
You know, they say Mexico's
a wonderful place to relax.
I read about it.
Well I'll tell you what else
it's a wonderful place for.
American money, the good old buck.
Down there they're starving for it.
I could push a quarter million worth
of phony on 'em just like that.
I'd settle for half of that.
More, maybe.
The only trouble is I gotta
have real dough to swing it.
Everybody has that trouble, honey.
It's the one thing in the
world there's never enough of.
You know what I need?
I need a nice, friendly safe.
Forget it.
I don't think we should
risk anything like that.
Safes can be real trouble.
Not if you know how to open 'em.
Tell me, baby, what's the weekend take
at that club of yours, huh?
I don't know.
Yes you don't, come on, tell me.
I don't know.
How much, tell me.
Around 17 or 18,000,
but honey, I'm afraid.
- To help?
- No, no.
You love me, don't you?
Oh, you know I do,
but can you get away with it?
Yeah, maybe, with your help.
If Stewart tries to pull off this job,
he'll get killed or jailed.
Not good.
We'll just have to stop
him or write off everything
we've done so far.
We just can't afford to let
this man jam himself up.
He won't if we work fast.
This may be just what we need.
Get me the Hollywood police station.
Yes sir.
Am I tired.
They sure worked you tonight, Sam.
You can say that again.
Good night, Laurie.
See you tomorrow.
Good night, Mr. Baker.
Good night.
Good night, Sam.
You know what to do now, don't you?
When you come out of the
parking lot next to the club,
I start driving towards you.
That's right.
Now no slip-up.
Tris, I'm terribly frightened.
Stop it, this is no
time for the jitters.
All you have to do is start
this car when you see me coming.
Oh, maybe we better forget it.
There's too many cops prowling around.
Suppose something happens,
suppose you get hurt!
If anybody gets hurt it won't be me,
not as long as I got a gun.
Just you remember to start this
heap when you see me coming.
Having trouble, lady?
No, I just can't start my car.
I guess the engine's cold.
First lesson in driving
is to turn on your ignition.
Oh yeah, thanks.
What are you doing around
here this time of the morning?
Nothing, I just work over at the club
and I'm on my way home.
Who's your boyfriend?
What boyfriend?
The man that just got out of your car?
Oh, he didn't get out of my car.
Pick him up.
Well Laurie, everything squared away?
Yeah Johnny, thanks to you.
Ah, forget it.
I waited a long time for a date,
but I didn't think I'd
need a writ to swing it.
How much do I owe you?
300'll take care of my end.
Fair enough.
If there's any more trouble,
I got 24 hour service.
Well Laurie, that is
that, to coin a phrase.
You really came through for me, Johnny.
Why not?
I been in these parts myself.
I don't wanna kid you, Johnny.
Somebody's depending an awful lot on me.
Yeah, well he hasn't
been much help to you.
Why don't you ditch the guy?
Because he needs me,
and he needs a break.
He's gotcha.
Puts him one up on me.
I'd go all-out, Laurie, if it'd help you.
That's swell of you.
But only you.
I'm selfish about everything but money,
and I just happen to have
a little loose change
burning a hole in my pocket.
That puts you in a class by yourself.
Well, I'd rather not be by myself.
It's more fun spending it
when you got some help.
How about it?
Well, it's an interesting idea.
Think it over.
You can always reach me
at the Hotel Margery.
It's okay, it's me, Tris.
Are you all right?
What happened?
I was worried.
Sorry I had to run out on you
that way, but what could I do?
It worked out fine, though,
you're out, aren't you?
Sure, just like that.
All it took was 300 bucks,
a lawyer, and a good friend.
Yeah, who's the good friend?
Johnny Hackett, the guy at the club.
I thought you said he
didn't mean anything to ya?
He doesn't, I tell you.
Yeah, well what's he after, then?
Nothing, he's not after anything.
What's the matter with you?
You oughta be glad I had a friend.
Well I'm not,
see, I don't like the way
this guy's movin' in.
You're crazy, just because
a guy happens to like me,
you start gettin' ideas.
I'd have been in a swell spot
if he hadn't come through.
All right.
What's his pitch, then?
I think he's lying low.
I know for sure he's loaded.
He spends big, tips big--
And talks big, don't they all?
He's a racket guy?
You don't make that
kinda dough sellin' bibles.
You might be right.
That's what I been trying to tell you.
What are you gonna do?
Look this guy up, he might
be interested in a proposition,
from me this time.
Tris, honey, please let me
handle it, you don't know him.
Then it's time we met.
Where does this guy hang
out, besides the club?
Well, it's the Margery Hotel,
but please honey, be careful.
I'll see you later.
What is this?
What's the idea makin'
a play for my girl?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Laurie Fredericks, the girl at the club.
Get up!
Next time you even take a look at her,
I'll cool ya for keeps.
If you didn't have a gun on me,
I'd beat your brains out.
Cheap penny-ante drifter.
Oh, I see, so you're big time, huh?
I been rummaging through your gear.
By the looks of things,
you're not too big.
Cold cards, cold dice, I'd say there was
quite a bit of room for improvement.
I'm doing all right.
How'd you like to do a little better?
No thanks.
I don't like guns.
I had something else in mind.
Well keep it there.
Too good to keep.
How'd you like to fit
yourself into a good deal?
Sorry, I don't make
deals with strangers.
Particularly when their
name is Tris Stewart.
What difference does that make?
I read about that break.
You're pretty hot, you
oughta be hiding out.
Uh-uh, not when there's a
big jackpot ripe for takin'.
All I need's the right combination.
You might be it.
Listen, if you thought that,
why did you open with a punch on my nose?
Eh, because I was griped at ya.
For three I'll get you five,
I can make you forget that
when you hear my offer.
Okay, make it, I'm listening.
If I had 25 Gs, I could stretch
it to a quarter a million.
Don't interrupt.
That quarter million's phony, but so good
it would pass in a bank.
And I already got the
territory to operate in.
That's one racket I know, brother.
So does the government.
Yeah, look who's talking.
Suppose they don't know
about you and your racket.
My way, you at least make a strike.
Besides, I take all the risks.
Even so, I don't like
tangling with counterfeit dough.
Once you burn your fingers on that,
it takes a long time to heal.
Didn't I just say I do all the work?
All you have to do is to
rustle up the 25 Gs, can ya?
Well, the bite doesn't worry me,
it's just that it's out of my line.
Let me think it over.
Well think hard.
I'll know where to find you.
Drop in later.
You want to punch something,
punch the door first,
I'll wake up just as quick.
No hard feelings.
Never heard of this guy, Johnny Hackett.
Maybe you don't get
around like you used to.
This front business has got you anchored.
Give me some more dope on him.
He and Bugsy McGill used
to work the grind together.
Pleasure boats?
- Uh-huh.
They make three successful trips,
before the captain got wise to 'em
and invited them to travel by rowboat.
Bring 'em in.
Hackett, this is Sylvester.
Say hello, boys, and
let's get down to cases.
- How are you.
- Hello.
By cases he means money, Hackett.
I understand you're ready.
That depends.
Mind if I see the attraction?
Try that for size.
The skin you love to touch.
I have never yet seen its equal, Hackett.
I have, in any cash drawer.
This is genuine, what are
you trying to pull on me?
He thinks it's the McCoy.
How do you like that.
I thought you said you knew
what the queer looked like.
Are you kidding, Hackett?
No, it looks real.
Let me see it again.
Hackett, you're looking
at the cream of the crop.
It's a plenty fine job, but
Uncle Sam didn't make it.
Now, look at that border,
those sharp lines.
This one's on the level.
Compare them.
See the difference?
Guess I owe you an apology.
Yeah, it's queer all
right, but you have to look
awful close.
Sorry I didn't tumble the first
time, but I had to be sure.
Oh, think nothing of it.
I'd have done the same
thing in your place.
Well, I gather you're sold?
Next problem is delivery.
Any ideas, Tris?
Hackett's gonna draw his dough first.
It'll have to be tomorrow.
How about us making the
meet some place in town, huh?
Sure, any time after the
banks open, around noon?
Noon's fine.
Suppose we contact in Hollywood,
some place along Fountain Avenue?
All right, how about
between Crescent Heights
and Hayworth, on the
north side of the street.
Is that all right with you, Hackett?
Whatever you say.
It's a deal, then.
Noon tomorrow.
Go ahead, John.
The deal is on.
Delivery will be made at 12 noon tomorrow.
Stewart and I will park on Fountain Avenue
between Crescent Heights and Hayworth,
north side of the street.
This looks like the real thing.
We'll have the place staked out.
Every man will be covered.
But don't close in until
you actually see my money
pass into the receiver's hands.
That'll be the signal.
Right, Johnny.
When I see you hand over the
money, that'll be my cue.
My boys won't move until I tell them.
Good luck.
Now you all have your positions.
I'll be in front of the grocery store.
When I see our agent hand over the money,
I'll take a beer case off a stack
and set it on the sidewalk.
That'll be your signal to close in.
When it touches the sidewalk, not before.
Now I want it understood that nobody
makes a move until you get the signal.
If you jump the gun, we
can blow this whole case,
and maybe lose a man,
so keep your eyes on me.
Is that clear?
All right.
And have your standby cars
ready, they may try a getaway.
That's all, gentlemen.
Cagey, isn't he?
Thinks it might be a trap.
I like guys that are careful.
Means less chance of a slip-up.
Yeah, but I wanna get it
over with and get going.
Hi Tris.
Hello, Hackett.
Got your money?
Right here.
Well, let's see one.
Oh no, no.
Just a minute.
Let's have the package.
How about my payoff?
Hey, what's the idea?
What do you mean, Tris?
Nothing but scraps of cut paper.
Well I had to be sure.
It might be a trap.
You I know, Hackett I don't.
You knucklehead,
pullin' a test run on me!
Cool off.
There's nothing new about a test run.
Just playing safe.
Yeah, well let's stop playin',
Hackett's on the up and up,
and I'm runnin' out of
patience, when do we deal?
You'll hear from me.
You're okay in my books, Hackett.
How careful can you get?
I'll explain it to you later.
Let's get outta here.
I could sure use this.
What a day.
Here's to money and time to spend it.
I'll drink to that, real
money, and no more test runs.
You can say that again.
I'm a little mixed up.
I thought you guys were
in a hurry to make a deal.
You always waste time like this?
Let's face it, Sylvester
wasn't sure of you.
You might've been working with the cops.
Okay, suppose you were
and they made a pinch.
All they'd have got woulda been
a bundle of paper, plain paper.
You can't get a conviction on that.
Try it some time.
I'm not in that business,
thanks, I play for keeps.
And so do we, Johnny.
They just didn't want to
take any chances, that's all.
You're in now, Hackett.
The next trip will be the real thing.
No more paper.
Okay, I'm ready when they
are, but the sooner the better.
When do you deal, Tris?
Soon as I hear from Sylvester.
I'll get a hold of you, don't worry.
Thanks for the drink.
I'll see you at the club.
I'll be at the bar spending real money.
And for that, you get real service.
And Hackett, you can forget
about those 10 buck tips.
You're a member of the family now.
Kind of a brother.
Thanks, that makes it easier.
And don't forget, that
makes Laurie your sister.
Treat her that way.
That's not so easy.
Good evening, Mr. Hackett.
Good evening, Laurie.
This way, please.
Thank you.
Johnny, Johnny Downey.
How you been, Johnny?
I'm afraid you got the wrong party, pal.
Oh, not a chance.
Oh Betty, Betty, come here.
Been a long time.
Hey, I want you to meet the wife.
Betty, this is Johnny Downey.
You're making a mistake,
my name is Hackett.
Oh, don't give me that,
you're Johnny Downey.
The guy's plastered.
Let him alone, Bill.
I'd appreciate it if you
would, I'm expecting somebody.
Oh, I get it.
Come on, Betty, the man's
right, he's not Downey.
Sorry, pal, I shoulda known.
What was that all about?
Now, I'll tell ya when we get seated.
Thank you.
He's a government agent.
- Government agent--
- Shh.
Probably undercover.
I hope I didn't tip his hand.
You and your mysterious friends.
Oh, I tell ya, Betty, I knew
him when he was in the Army.
Military Intelligence.
Before that, he was in Secret Service.
Oh, what a dope I am.
Why don't you admit you got the brush?
Waiter, two scotch and sodas, please.
Yes ma'am.
Secret Service.
Hey, you're home early.
That rat trap I rented gave me the creeps,
so I come over and had a--
Tris, I left some
packages out in the hall.
Will you help me with them?
What's up?
I didn't wanna talk in there.
Tris, Hackett's a cop.
His real name's Downey,
Secret Service or something.
Who told you that?
Some customers, they were talking
and they said he was an
agent with the government.
I thought the room might be wired--
All right.
Let's find out.
Be quiet.
It's all over.
He knows about us and about everything.
Yeah, he knows too much.
What are we gonna do?
We're gonna play along.
Now listen, we're not dead
yet, there's still that 25 Gs.
No, I'm frightened,
let's get out while we can.
We'll get out all right, don't worry.
But Hackett's gonna pay our expenses.
Now this is what you do.
You stay here tonight.
First thing tomorrow
morning, buy us two tickets
to Mexico City, evening plane.
Use the name Rodney.
Where will you go?
I got a little business to attend to.
I'll meet you at the airport restaurant.
You got that name straight?
Rodney, yeah.
That's right, now when you
leave, use the back door.
Make sure that you're not tailed.
Oh, hello, Stewart.
What's up?
Just heard from Sylvester.
Said to meet him at 1:00 sharp.
In front of the hotel.
Then he'd take us to the spot.
I'm ready if he is.
Have some coffee?
You got the dough?
Not on me.
I don't make a practice
of lining my pockets
with 25 Gs in cash.
After the last rehearsal,
I put it back in the vault.
Well, you better get dressed.
Then we'll go down and take it out.
Got the money?
We better go back to the hotel
and wait for Sylvester, hmm?
Oh, let's just keep moving.
Might be wiser.
What's the matter, anything wrong?
Could be, never can tell.
You think we better call off the deal?
I already called it off.
You kidding?
Now Hackett, you remind me of somebody.
Like who?
Like a Secret Service agent.
Now keep driving.
Don't be a fool, Stewart.
What do you wanna muff a good chance for?
Chance for what, to play stooly?
That was the deal, Stewart,
that's why you're out.
And that's why I'm staying
out, on my own terms, too.
You had yourself quite a time, didn't you,
playin' the hotshot gambler,
tippin' heavy for smokes,
makin' a play for my gal.
Why don't you think of your gal,
Stewart, give her a break.
Why don't you shut up.
Pretty lucky for me I
found you out when I did.
You know, you're the only link between me
and your federal buddies.
That's a link I'm gonna have to cut.
Just keep drivin'.
I wanna show you a beautiful view.
Take the money out.
Throw it in the back seat.
Follow me out.
Come on.
Book him.
Assault with intent to kill.
I'll sign the complaint.
Put him where he can't talk to anybody.
Don't worry,
if he wants to talk,
he'll have to talk to himself.
Oh, book him under another name.
Just tell the newspaper
boys he's a hitchhiker
who tried a stickup.
We don't want any publicity on this.
How would
the name of Briggs do?
Oh, good as any.
Agent in charge Gunby, please.
It's my mother-in-law's name.
Just like to see how it'd
look on a police blotter.
Mr. Gunby, this is Downey.
Stewart was tipped off.
I'll explain later how it happened,
but I'm booking him at
Venice Police Station.
Well, there goes the case.
Wait a minute, it's not dead yet.
Why can't I go ahead without Stewart?
It's pretty risky.
Without him along,
they'll be too suspicious.
That's a chance I'll take.
Stewart can't tip 'em now.
My big worry's Laurie Fredricks
she could fix me good.
Unless you pick her up
before I contact Sylvester.
All right, we'll do that for you.
But it's your idea.
Where do you meet Sylvester?
At his office.
That's it, then.
We'll be right behind
if you leave with him.
Good luck.
Thank you, sir.
Curry speakin'.
This is Gunby.
Is Laurie Fredricks in her apartment now?
I think so, we're getting
music from her room.
Discontinue your present operation.
Pick her up immediately
and bring her to my office.
Yes sir.
Gunby says pick up the
Fredricks girl right away.
Looks like she's gone.
Her clothes are gone too.
Well, we'd better make a report.
Hang up quick.
Have to win, Tony.
You got a wild hair or something?
What's up?
They picked up Stewart.
You there?
No, Laurie saw it.
Stewart was just leaving her place.
Plain clothes men took him,
she phoned me right away.
When'd they take him?
About an hour ago.
Plain clothes men, huh?
Picking up Stewart for prison escape.
Yeah, and it could be
Secret Service agents
out on a counterfeit tip.
How could they get a lead on us?
How, how do they ever?
All I know is Stewart's
hotter than a firecracker,
he could explode us right
into the clink with him.
Stewart'll never talk.
I don't trust anybody not to talk,
not when the clamps are really on.
I wouldn't answer that, Sylvester.
They're probably getting
set for a raid right now,
trying to locate you.
Look, Sylvester, I took a
long chance to tip you off.
We haven't got any time to waste.
What's on your mind?
I'm gonna lose myself for good.
But first let's go through with our deal.
Where I'm going, I can
peddle all kinds of queer
without a question.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
Think I'll find myself a cave somewhere.
I'm waiting for Mack to pick me up.
You won't have to wait for
him, my car's downstairs.
Come on.
But operator, a minute
ago I got a busy signal.
There's a car that's been
with us a little too long.
Take the next corner.
We're being followed.
Are you sure?
Take the next corner
easy and then step on it.
Still behind us?
No, I can't see him now.
I thought he was going to turn with us.
You probably imagined it.
I never did see any car.
Stop at the first handy bar you see.
I thought we were going to the place.
Later, tonight.
Right now I need a drink.
This is Jack, now get this.
Stewart's girl saw him get picked up.
Hackett and I are on our
way over to the plant.
Get everything out of that
office and check with me later.
I'm looking for Tris
Stewart, is he here?
Who are you?
I'm Stewart's girl, I
thought maybe he might be here.
Wait a minute.
You say you're looking for Stewart?
Yeah, I've gotta find him right away.
Something's wrong here, it don't add up.
What do you mean?
I don't know, but I better let
the boss handle this, come on.
Can't you use a phone?
Listen sister, where we're going,
they don't use phones.
How far do we have to go?
To the car barn.
This is like looking for
a needle in a haystack.
Try the downtown area, we've covered this.
Yes sir.
With the Fredricks girl on the loose,
Downey won't have a chance,
unless we can get to him
before she does.
Well, you're close to transportation.
We can always take a trolley.
When this is over, I'm taking a boat.
What's this all about?
We changed our plans, Al.
I thought you were gonna
deliver at the other place.
They nailed Stewart, we make
the transfer now and blow,
which means closing shop, everything.
In here.
Finish up, boys, we're moving.
Pack everything in the truck
and let's get outta here.
I'll give you a hand.
Same as the sample.
Yeah, guess so.
All right, let's have your money.
Mind if I see the rest of the parcel?
What's the matter, you afraid
we'll short change you?
For 25 grand, I like to be sure.
No offense.
Okay, but don't
take all night about it.
Come on, we'll walk from here.
Measures up, doesn't it?
So far great.
With these I could start my own private
Marshall Plan in South America.
Meet my family, Mama and Papa.
Say, those are beautiful.
Mind if I take a look?
Not at all.
Hackett, you're looking at masterpieces.
I take great pride in these plates.
Look at the scroll work,
the meticulous care.
Yeah, they're real works of art.
Treasures, like paintings.
I think so.
But anyone can own prints of paintings.
I happen to prefer the originals.
Our tastes are
identical in that respect.
Would you happen to know who made these?
No, no, I'm sorry.
The artist neglected to sign his name.
I'm sorry too.
Like to look him up some day.
You wanna sell these?
Oh, not a chance, Hackett.
These are my old age pension.
The only thing better than money
are the plates that make it.
Tell the boss to come out here,
I gotta see him right away.
Mack's outside with a girl.
He wants to see you right away.
What's this all about?
Who's she?
This is Tris Stewart's girl.
What's the idea bringing her here?
You know better than that.
But listen--
Wait a minute, I've gotta
find Tris, is he here?
What are you talking about?
You know what happened to Stewart.
But I don't, I haven't
seen him since last night.
Who you kidding?
You told Hackett you saw him get pinched.
I didn't tell him
anything, don't you know
Hackett's a cop?
Ask Tris, he knows all about it.
Hackett's a cop?
Yes he is, we even found a
microphone in my apartment.
You come with me.
Get yourself lost.
There's a friend of yours here, Johnny.
Hackett, where's Tris?
What about it?
Get up.
Harry, frisk him.
15, Chrysler convertible,
license California, 26X548.
Chrysler convertible, license
26X548 has been located.
Suspect car is under observance
by a motorcycle officer,
across from the LA Transit
Company, Seventh and Central.
SS-742, request the officer to stand by
until he can be contacted.
You're all washed up, copper.
Just a minute, Sylvester.
There was more than one
car tailing us today.
They're ready to move in now.
You won't get as far as the
stairs if you pull that trigger.
I'm used to taking chances.
Counterfeiting's one
thing, murder's another.
Don't put a noose around your neck,
they'll hang the whole lot of you,
and that includes you,
Laurie, you're part of it.
I'm not part of anything.
You're part of it
whether you like it or not.
You're in a bad spot, Laurie,
and it's going to get worse.
I only came here to find Tris.
Where is he?
I'll tell you.
We locked him up because he didn't keep
his part of the bargain.
He tried to double-cross
you and me both, Sylvester.
Don't you see, you can't
even trust your own pals.
Looks like I can't trust anybody.
He had to do it to get outta jail.
That's right, the
police are very powerful,
they can make you do most anything.
Like talk out of turn.
As you are a part of this
and you are in a spot,
I hate to see you getting in any deeper.
You're in deep enough.
Draw a cordon around the block.
Yes sir.
You try that area.
You try that side, John.
Over here.
You two go with Agent Downey.
You two stay with me.
There he is!
All right, Sylvester!
Put up your hands!
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot!
Sylvester, look out!
Send for the coroner.
That contraband
inventory ready yet
on last night's raid?
Yes sir.
All right, bring it in.
Have any trouble identifying
the rest of the gang, John?
Not a bit.
Those are faces I'll never forget.
I'll bet you won't.
Put it down over here, Irving.
Yes sir.
Her are the money and the plates,
and this is the inventory.
Sylvester was right.
These are works of art.
240,000 in $20 bills.
Feel like counting it again?
No thanks.
I did that last night.
I know every one of
those bills personally.
Everything's in order.
Send these to Washington.
Yes sir.
Well, I guess that
closes the Stewart case.