Trapped Alive (1988) Movie Script

Hi, Lucy.
Oh, thank you.
You're the prettiest girl at the ball.
If you leave, who am I going to dance with?
Oh, Papa. That's ridiculous!
Anyway, Judge Colby's wife seems
to have her eye on you!
- You noticed that?
- Uh-huh.
- I did, and so did the good judge.
- Oh?
If you want to win cases in his court,
you'd better watch out!
You betcha. Listen, are you sure
you want to go? Because it's getting late.
Yes, I do.
I can't stand you old fogeys any longer!
Monica's waiting. Bye, Papa.
Ah, this is what you promised her.
You're coming with us, kid.
We're outta here.
We need him alive, shithead.
He's a pro.
I can drive, Face.
Yeah, nails, maybe.
No, what we need is a hot rod boy.
- He's it.
- Alright.
Is your dad upset
about you going to this party?
No, not really.
It's just that he misses Mom
and he sees me...
I know. He's such a sweetheart.
I love working for him.
Hey. We're gonna have fun, right?
Right. Mm-hm.
Is that new?
Not another present from Dr. Jekyll?
Oh, it is!
Shut up, asshole!
Of all the damn luck!
Do you realize, innocent child,
that just five miles down the road
a horde of beautiful and horny young men
are panting for our bodies?
For yours, maybe.
I wonder if we ought to go back.
It's getting really icy.
- What are you doing?
- Counting the cost.
$60 for the hairdo, manicure ten.
Then there's the dress and shoes.
Say another 200!
No, no. Cost of failure is too high.
We must go on, Robin.
We must go on.
Get your hands off me.
"Get off me. Get off me."
- You sound like this guy in New Jersey.
- Get off me!
He was always saying,
"Get off me, get off me."
Hey! He's in as deep as we are now.
Don't worry about him.
Ain't that right, kid?
No parole for you.
Shit, fuck, fuck, damn!
Shit, fuck, fuck, damn!
I don't know what's wrong.
It usually works.
Shit, fart, fuck, dumb!
If this guy wants more than our help,
give him an early Christmas present.
Get out! Get out!
Get out of the fucking car and shut up.
Get up!
We're outta here!
If you so much as touch us,
if you hurt us, you're gonna pay for this!
Shut up, you...
We've been paying all these years anyhow,
ain't we, Face?
We sure have, Mungo. We sure have.
Now, we get some of the sweet stuff.
'Three convicts escaped
from Vilas...'
I wanna hear that.
Yes, boss. Right away, sir!
'...police are warning not to approach
these men, under any circumstances.
'They are armed and dangerous...'
Hey, we're not armed!
Why do they have to say things like that
that ain't true?
- Shut up, Mungo.
- ' a matter of hours.
""There's nowhere for them to go,"
he told our reporter. More on this later.
'We're expecting some snow flurries tonight
with the temperature dropping close to zero.
- 'Hazardous driving conditions...'
- Kill the radio and let's get outta here.
What a prick!
The whole army couldn't put us back in there,
could they, Face?
Right, Mungo.
My, my, my.
What do we have here?
I hope this means what I think it does.
Because if these are in here...
...what could you be wearing?
No, please. No! No, please.
Oh, I get it!
She carries the spare for emergencies!
This is an emergency.
I ain't never killed a bitch before!
You don't know what you've been missing.
For two young bitches,
you sure as hell cause a lot of trouble.
Well, game's over now.
We're gonna be moving along without you.
This here's a kind of keepsake.
Thanks, Face.
What's your name, sweetheart?
- Monica.
- Monica.
And what's yours?
What's yours?
It's Robin.
We're just two friends going to a party.
Can't you let us go?
There, now. Ain't I a nice guy?
Gave you your last cigarette
and everything, didn't I?
Hey, Face.
Hey, hey, Face.
There's lights up ahead.
Hey, looks like they're setting up
a roadblock.
So, get us outta here, asshole!
There's a track over here on the right,
can you see it?
Yeah. Yeah, I got it.
Stay on it.
Find a place to hole up
until their balls freeze off.
We got some unfinished business,
ain't we, girls?
But it'll keep for a while.
Stay on the track, asshole!
You're gonna get us stuck
in the goddamn snow!
Lay off me, Face.
I know what I'm doing!
The track goes over here.
Do you hear me?
You need to listen to me.
You stay on my fucking track!
Shut up!
It's like an old mineshaft or something.
Don't anybody move.
- What's the plan, Face?
- Shut up, you dumb shit!
You got no cause to cuss me out.
I don't gotta stay any place
I ain't welcome.
Sit down!
Get out of there.
Get out! It's gonna blow any second.
Where's your friend?
Where's your friend, Robin?
Face, is she in there?
Where's the other girl, the blonde girl?
She's dead meat, Romeo.
- Dead meat!
- Shit!
Get down, for Christ's sake!
Got a possible 10-70, county road H.
By the old mine. I'm investigating.
Merry Christmas, John.
Merry Christmas.
Dear friends, thank you all
for being with me here tonight.
And I wish you love and peace
and happiness.
Love, peace, happiness!
And to my absent friends.
I reckon this one's yours, hero.
You... You owe him, sweetheart.
Don't look so good for Mungo, Face.
Don't look like he's gonna make it.
We've been cellmates for three years.
I never lost my temper with him
until today.
Stupid lummox.
Vilas control. Do you read?
10-1, Vilas control?
10-1, Josie, goddammit!
Mungo? Where are you?
I... I can stay
right where I fell.
OK. Anybody else alive?
Robin? Monica, where are you?
Something touched me.
Oh, God!
Where's Robin?
- I'm here.
- Are you hurt?
No. I just got the wind
knocked out of me.
I can't see!
Something's moving around me.
Hasn't anyone got a goddamn light?
Something touched me over there.
You've gotta believe me!
Where are you? I can't see you.
Come into the light.
What took you so long with the flashlight,
Check on Mungo!
Me, I'm gettin' outta here!
You stay here and wait for the cops,
if you want, scumbag.
Wait, you gonna follow me?
There's another way out of this, you know,
and I'm gonna find it! Oh, yeah.
And I'm gonna take this one along.
Hey, we have a big stretch limo
waiting up here, Hot Rod.
And we need a driver.
Yes, ma'am,
I realize I'm in Parson's County.
But it's only five miles!
I'm sorry, operator, I didn't mean to shout.
I'm having a hard time hearing you.
Yes, it's bad here, too.
If you could just try it
one more time, please.
Thank you.
Yes, it's official.
Deputy Williams, Vilas County.
Thank you.
Ma'am, I apologize.
It's bad everywhere ton...
Yes. Yes, you can.
At the Forever Mine.
Thank you.
I really do apologize
for the inconvenience, ma'am.
We had a breakout.
Sheriff's madder than hell.
How did she know where to call me back?
Oh, everybody knows everybody's business
in this county, Officer.
- Do you like your coffee strong?
- Sure do, ma'am.
The operator's gonna call me back
if she does get through to headquarters.
Oh, that's fine.
Could I call you
by your first name, Officer?
Yes, ma'am.
Oh. Billy Williams.
My given name is William Williams,
but most people find that a bit
of a mouthful, so they call me Billy.
Well, Billy, looking at you, it's hard
to imagine anyone having any complaints.
I baked these myself.
I have a lot of time for things like that.
Oh, you like it?
I don't know if this has anything
to do with the jail break,
but I heard something outside -
or I felt something move, you know?
- Like the earth moved?
- Yeah.
Something like that. Did you feel it, too?
Not yet!
No. No, not this evening,
but the old mine moves all the time.
Come here.
I want to show you something.
Me and my daddy.
In the good old days.
This was the pay office then.
I'd come here every Friday and meet him.
He'd give me his pay check
to take home to Momma.
He was... a very fine man, Billy.
I miss him.
I wonder what's on the other side
of the gate.
You got me by the balls.
You know, I bet you, if we could get
through here we'd be home free, man.
We're trapped.
They do teach you something in prison!
You shut your fucking mouth, bitch!
Ain't no fucking way
I'm gonna be buried alive.
And I sure as hell ain't gonna do
any time in here!
This is bad shit.
This is bad shit!
You touch me!
You fucking touch me
and I'll blow all three of you away
right now!
What is it, Mr. Deputy Sheriff?
I don't know. I felt something move.
It's nothing.
It's nothing.
- Were you asleep?
- No.
Just listening to His Master's Voice!
- Does it turn you on?
- No!
You ever been down in a mine?
Would it turn me on?
It's like this.
You go down.
Until you find the shaft.
And then you...
Oh, yeah.
Here, let me see that.
Yeah. We'll get light any second now.
- That's good.
- All right.
Most of these are no good.
Oh. Hey, kid. What we got over here,
an electric motor or something?
Even better.
It's an old genny.
You know those lights along the wall
out there?
If we could get this thing started...
Hm. It's gonna need some work, though.
I gotta light a lamp so I can work.
Who's got a match?
Oh, man!
Wait a minute.
Your slimeball friend here gave Mungo
my lighter in the car, remember?
Oh, that's right. The lighter's probably
still in his pocket.
We gotta go get it.
Correction, bonehead.
You gotta go get it.
And as for you,
if you ain't got something nice to say,
then shut the fuck up!
Now, now, me and the girls are gonna sit
right down up against the wall
and we're gonna wait for you to come back.
What's wrong, kid? Don't you trust me?
Get the fuck out of here.
Now, isn't this nice and cozy?
OK, little bitches.
Time to go off now
and light the rest of the lamps.
You let him go out there alone
when you had those matches all the time!
Oh, honey, I'm sorry.
I... I didn't know I had them.
- Now you go ahead and help her, OK?
- You lying son of a bitch!
Son of a bitch! Me a son of a bitch?
Dumb broad, I'm the only one here
who can get us out alive.
She knows that.
Huh? Now, you're just gonna have to stay
in here and get your head straight!
Get outta here.
Oil lamp on the floor, honey.
Let me out!
'Let me out!
- 'Please, let me out!'
- Hello?
'Let me out! Please!'
Oh, man!
Oh, God!
All the world is a stage,
and all the men and women
merely players.
Ha! We have our exits.
And entrances.
Surprised you, didn't I?
It's amazing what men do
when they lock them up.
A lot of thinking
and pricking.
But you know what I mean.
Oh, yes, you do.
Hear the music, girl?
Makes you wanna dance.
Dance for me.
Twirl for Daddy!
Move your ass.
Wiggle your ass.
Come on.
No. No! No! No!
Like this.
Now, you hear the music.
Strip for Daddy.
What's keeping you, girl?
Do it.
Do it now!
It's showtime.
Jeez Louise!
Which one are you? What's your name?
Uh, Carter. Randolph Carter.
Up. Come on.
Now, very slowly,
point the light at your face.
- Why?
- Do it.
- What for?
- Just do it!
Now, who's this poor son of a bitch?
It's Mungo.
And what about the other one,
Louis Napoleon?
Up ahead with the girls.
Right, tell me about the girls.
Well, they were in the car
when we grabbed it.
Anybody else hurt?
Not yet, no.
Fine. Let's you and me
go surprise your friend.
Nice and quiet now.
And no tricks.
He's got a gun.
What you doing, you son of a bitch?
You'll bury us alive!
Shut your mouth!
Get on your feet.
- Get those hands up.
- Ooh.
Both hands up
and we can settle this right now.
Come over here behind me.
She's a little upset cos she didn't get
to finish what she started!
Do you want me to put it away for you?
Cuff your friend to those bars behind him.
Put the first cuff on his right wrist.
Right, now take it back through the bars.
No, all the way over to the left.
- What did you do with Robin?
- Robin?
Oh, Robin was my little bitch.
OK, Carter, that's enough.
Miss, is there someone else?
Yes, Robin. She's in there.
Oh, thank God!
Go to your friend, please, Miss.
Let's take a look-see.
Maybe we can get some light down here.
I was gonna fix it.
Get to work, mister.
How am I gonna work with one hand?
Miss, could you please come over here
and light this lamp?
I'll hold the flashlight for you.
Give the punk a hand,
if he thinks he needs it.
I'm gonna go out there
and see if I can find a way out of here.
There's no way out
now you blocked the tunnel.
Shut up, punk!
When I need your advice, I'll ask for it.
Fancy a blow job? Huh?
We got time.
Ooh, shake it but don't break it.
Wrap it up and I'll take it.
Come on over here,
give me some of that sweet stuff.
Just give me a reason.
Shove it!
So, are you upset about being caught?
Not about getting caught, no.
What, then?
You remember when we landed in a heap
in the sand back there?
Sure, in the shaft?
Monica screamed and said she was being
touched by something in the dark, right?
- Yeah, but...
- Yeah, well, listen.
She was right by Mungo's body.
None of us was anywhere near her.
She said she felt something move.
But I thought there was something in here
trying to get me, but there wasn't.
Yeah, maybe there wasn't.
What, are you lost, Boy Scout?
So, uh... Have you ever worked
on one of these before?
A couple of times.
That's why they call you Hot Rod, right,
cos you're good with engines and things?
- Partly.
- Why else?
And because I hotwire cars and race them,
crash them, demolish them.
You name it,
if it runs on wheels, I drive it.
- Hot Rod!
- What's your real name?
Uh... Randolph Carter.
Randy! I like Randy.
Randy and Robin, it sort of has
a nice ring to it, don't you think?
Well, I'm not used to being called Randy.
My father used to call me Randolph.
The guys at school called me Carter.
My mother never called me
much of anything.
You were in the pen at Vilas, weren't you?
I know all about that place.
My father's an attorney.
His clients end up there sometimes,
even after they've paid.
He represents murderers. Anyone, I...
It's really important for me to know
why you were in jail.
Look, will you lay off me, OK?
I don't really feel like being
interrogated right now.
Does it look to you like I might possibly
have enough problems on my hands already?
Well, fuck you! I am sorry that I even
tried to care about your...
No, fuck you! Because Mungo's body
is laying back there half-eaten.
Your daddy's not down here to get you
out of this, do you understand that?
His face is gone. His guts are ripped out.
Listen, don't worry about it, OK?
It's probably...
It's probably just rats or something.
So... So, it's kind of important
for you to know why I'm in jail, huh?
Well, I'm a hot rod, remember.
I drive people around,
where they want to go.
You mean criminals? Gangsters?
Yeah, right, gangsters.
Well, this was just a small job.
I mean, you know, only worth a grand.
Just get in the car, go there,
grab the money, run.
Done in five seconds, you know.
We got there right on the button
and the security guards were crossing
the sidewalk with the first delivery.
What happened?
Well, one of the security guards
started chasing us.
I don't know, he must have been
some kind of running freak or something.
Anyway, Face pulls out this gun
from nowhere and starts shooting at him.
Face? You knew him before?
Well, that's the first time I ever met him.
He said no guns, you know?
He said no guns, just a simple grab and run,
planned to perfection.
Yeah, right.
So, um...
So, he hits the guy, you know?
He hits the security guard
right between the eyes and...
And then what?
And then he hits this little kid.
Who just, you know...
happened to be in the way.
That moment will be with me
as long as I live.
Face and the other guy went down
for 30 years apiece.
And you?
Well, the judge believed
that I didn't know about the gun,
so he just gave me eight years.
Time to straighten myself out, he said.
For good conduct, out in four.
This breakout is going to put me in
for another eight.
At least.
I just don't understand
why you took the risk.
Well! Looks like you do know
how to do something right.
We're not all perfect, Officer.
No, we don't all have your background
and education, Miss Adams,
but at least some of us know
the difference between right and wrong.
How do you know my name?
I see you at the courthouse
when you come to see Daddy.
- Has my father reported me missing?
- Oh, he might have.
- But I heard you screaming on this.
- What?
The line goes up to the old mine office
on the surface.
Is anyone up there?
The cuffs! Get the cuffs off.
What's happening?
Are you all right?
Let me outta here.
Let me outta here now, do you hear me?
Let me outta here!
I don't know what just happened
out there, mister.
One thing I do know for sure,
you're my prisoner.
Nothing can change that.
Yeah. Look, nothing can change whatever
it is that happened to Face and Mungo.
But if we don't pull together,
the same thing's gonna happen to us.
Please let him go! Please!
We're going to die here otherwise.
You can't let that happen.
He's my prisoner, Miss Adams.
Nobody's gonna tell me
what I should do with him. Sit down.
We are not gonna die here.
- I'll see to it.
- Oh, like you did with Face, huh?
Listen, whatever it was
did society a favor.
- I know about his ex-partner...
- He was not his partner.
He was a child-killer, all right?
Like him.
But you're not the judge or the jury,
are you, Officer?
No, ma'am, and I wouldn't want to be.
I'm not even smart enough.
That's why we have rules and regulations
and procedures.
This is a procedure.
The prisoner stays handcuffed.
I want everybody to stay calm.
I don't think we're in immediate danger,
as long as you don't panic.
I'm gonna go in there
and try that telephone one more time.
Don't worry.
I'll reach somebody this time.
Ma'am, if you can hear me,
call the Vilas County
sheriff's department.
- 'Hello?'
- Is anybody there? Is anybody there?
Nobody's home!
Can you hear me?
What's your name, Officer?
Or maybe they only let you have a number.
I don't want trash like you
calling me by name.
You wanna call me something, call me sir.
Oh, so... So that's it.
I'm trash and you're golden?
You know, I don't need you to tell me
what it is I did wrong, sir,
or that I deserve what I got for it.
You don't have anything straight
in your mind, do you?
I mean, you're just all tin badge
and bullshit procedures
and I guess you're really just too stupid
to deal with what's happening here.
Do you feel better now?
You don't have to take her crap, mister.
She knows nothing!
- Spoiled little rich brat.
- Monica, no!
Shut up, little girl!
While you were sitting around safe
back there,
I had one of those scumbags
drooling all over me!
- Monica, there was nothing I could do.
- Oh, no?
I was almost raped,
Miss Goody-two-shoes!
I despise convicts.
Thank you for the use of your coat.
- You're welcome.
- You must be an officer...
- and a gentleman.
- Wait, you...!
Wait a minute! You just said
you despise convicts. What's this?
You don't know how to tell good guys
from bad guys.
I do.
Now, give her the keys
and don't mess with her.
She's a regular Miss Annie Oakley.
Miss Adams, what is your daddy gonna think
when this all comes out in court?
I mean, I can see
you've got feelings for the kid.
You'd better give me the gun.
I'll forget about it.
I may not hit what I aim for
next time, Officer.
I'm just interested in one thing,
Miss Adams.
How did he get you
to pull a stunt like this?
No, let me guess.
He's real sorry for what he did.
The judge wanted to give him some time
to straighten up, right?
He'd get parole for good behavior, right?
So, why escape?
Of course!
Forced to break out
with the really bad guys,
like Louis Napoleon
and that other freak out in the gallery.
Am I close?
Was it the truth?
It's your call.
Robin, call it right,
or you could be killing me just as sure
as if you pulled that trigger right now.
What do you want me to do, huh?
You want me to shoot you?
Prove you right about me being
a no-good punk. Trash.
- Those other two are killers.
- Does that make me a killer?
I guess not.
'3-71, this is Vilas control.
Come in, please.
'Repeat. 3-71, this is Vilas control.
Come in, please.'
'Billy, wake up, you dopey son-of-a...'
- Can you get the pipe in there?
- Just a little more.
You're done.
Here. Take this.
- Do we need a lamp?
- Uh, no. We got a flashlight.
Hurry up, Monica.
- Come on.
- Here, give me that.
Pull him out! Pull him out!
Pull it higher.
Come on!
Don't leave me.
Please don't leave me here!
Don't worry.
We're not gonna leave you.
Monica, everything will be OK.
Come on!
- No!
- Please!
Great. One left.
It's OK.
All right, let's go.
Oh, Robin. Get my flashlight.
Is this Tom Pardu?
Oh, please forgive me. I woke you up.
I'm Lucy Adams' father.
You probably...
probably know her as Robin.
Tom, could you tell me what time
she and Monica left the party?
'Hello? Hello?
'Mr. Adams? Hello, Mr. Adams.
Are you still there?
'Mr. Adams? Hello...'
Hello. Sheriff's office?
This is John Adams.
Deputy Mullins? Pete?
Oh, Pete, I'm glad you're there.
I want to report my daughter missing.
Oh, wait a minute. She left here
to go to a party last night.
She went with Monica Perry,
my assistant.
They never arrived.
No, I know this may sound silly.
I have this feeling.
She would have called!
My daughter would have called.
Please humor an old man, Pete.
I'll wait here for you.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
I miss you, Nan.
But don't worry.
It'll be all right. Hm.
We'll find her.
Probably took the wrong road
or broke down or...
They've found shelter somewhere.
You always said she's very lucky she was
born with my brains and your good sense.
Together, you always said
she'd see her way out of any situation.
With my brains and your... courage.
Oh, God. I miss you, Nan.
I miss that courage.
Especially now.
She's all I have.
I'm scared. I'm so scared.
hope I haven't betrayed you, Nan.
Here we go again.
Another goddamn trap.
Maybe not.
These rungs must lead somewhere.
I can't swim.
Well, he's not going anywhere
until we look at that ankle.
I'm going down.
Robin, no. This is no...
...job for a woman.
Randy, this may be our last chance.
Take the flashlight. It's waterproof.
- How's that leg?
- Hurts like hell.
Guess that's something else
you know how to do, Carter.
Your jokes are killing me, man.
How long's she been under?
About a minute.
How long can somebody
hold their breath underwater?
Usually, about two minutes.
One time we fished a kid out
from under the ice.
He'd been there longer than ten minutes.
Saved his ass.
How long's it been now?
About 30 seconds longer
than the last time you asked.
I'm going in after her. She's in trouble.
You'll be a lot of help. Give me a hand.
Hey, here she comes now.
I found another passageway.
What happened? Where's Randy?
It's, uh...
that thing.
- Underwater? He can't even swim!
- Wait a minute.
- There's nothing you can do for him now.
- No!
- What...? What happened?
- Are you all right?
- Huh?
- We got him!
- Yeah?
- She got him!
You've killed my father!
Why? He was a good man.
He was...
He was proud and hard-working.
15 years down this mine
to put food on our table.
15 years!
And then the accident, you know back there
where you were hiding?
18 men buried alive.
Buried too deep, they said.
Buried just a little too fucking deep
to even try to get them out!
Should have been drowned,
with all the water pouring in.
My daddy!
He was the best man in the whole mine!
Really he was,
everybody said so, not just me.
After Momma died, I stayed on.
Where was I gonna go?
Then I married my wonderful husband.
I became the caretaker's wife.
I never really gave up hope
that my father was still alive.
You know?
Somehow, inside me,
I would hear this voice that would say,
"He's alive."
"He's alive! Daddy's alive
because he's too strong to die!"
So then I knew I would have
to start looking for a way in.
And I did,
but I couldn't find one at first,
cause all the main shafts were blocked.
But then I found this!
And then, I learned the mine.
I learned how to listen in the dark.
For the slightest little whisper.
And I found him.
In the end, I found him.
I did! Me!
But people...
they would never understand
what he had become, you know, to survive.
They... They just couldn't.
So, I tried...
Well, I guess that doesn't really matter
anymore, does it?
Because Daddy's dead.
My daddy is dead.
But I guess we are, too.
Cause you know what?
I knew this would happen someday.
So, I made a tomb, see?
See? It just needs this little fuse
to set the whole thing off.
And then we can be at peace.
With Daddy.
I never did find out your name.
I'm Rachel.
God, you're beautiful, Rachel.
What a beautiful woman.
I'm so glad I got to meet you... you.
- I've just gotta touch you.
- Don't try to trick me, Billy.
You can't stop me now!
How could I stop you?
I've got a broken ankle.
Go ahead, Rachel.
Get outta here! Go on!
Get her out of here!
This must be how she got in. Come on.
Come on!
Shh, Billy.
Oh, my God.
He saved my life.
I want them to treat him decently.
He's been through so much.
Will you help him?
For my sake, Papa?
Of course I'll help him.
And that's a promise.
One last look was all the time we had
One sweet moment to share
Torn apart
But our hearts still care
Oh, they care
Deep down
Buried safe inside us
Protected from the winds of time
Our love is waiting there to guide us
And you'll be forever mine
I'll be thinking of you every day
Till I hold you again
Love this good
Never could have an end
Oh, my friend
Deep down, buried safe inside us
Protected from the winds of time
Our love is waiting there to guide us
And you'll be forever mine