Trapped in the Cabin (2023) Movie Script

[electronic beeping]
[dramatic music]
[electronic tinkling]
[keyboard clacks]
[electronic static
hissing and buzzing]
[dark dramatic music]
[cell chiming]
- [Rebecca] Hey, Jason.
- [Jason] Rebecca!
How's my favorite author today?
- [Rebecca] Oh, I am only
your favorite author
because of my sales numbers.
- [Jason] Oh, I am shocked!
Shocked, I tell you, that
you would think such a thing!
It's also about the advertising.
- [Jason laughs]
- And I am worth it.
- [Jason] Yeah, you sure are!
- [Rebecca] Anyway, what's up?
- [Jason] I'm just checking
how the drive is going.
Hopefully, the pass
wasn't too bad today?
- Oh, I actually just
went through there.
No trouble at all.
I honestly cannot believe
how beautiful
everything is out here.
It almost makes me wish
that I spent a little more
time outside of the city.
- [Jason] Almost?
- [Rebecca] Almost.
- [Jason] Just wait until
you arrive at the cabin.
The scenery is inspiring!
- [Rebecca] I could use a
little inspiration right now.
I just feel drained,
like there's not enough
of me to go around.
After the press tour,
and the publicity shoots,
interviews, podcast spots,
I just feel like
there's nothing left.
- [Jason] That's why I set you
up with this little escape.
- And that is why you are
the best editor ever.
- [Jason] Hey, you deserve this!
Now, right now, I want
you to focus on you
and the new book.
- [Rebecca] I'm gonna
focus on some red wine,
a home cooked meal, a jog,
and then maybe I'll get
around to some writing.
- [Jason] [laughs] Sounds
like a great plan.
If you need anything,
I'm here for you
24/7, day or night.
I'm just a phone
call or text away.
I mean it.
- Thank you, Jason.
I really appreciate
everything that you do for me.
- [Jason] Yeah.
So some housekeeping
for the cabin.
The upstairs is apparently
under construction,
but everything you can want
is on the ground floor,
so I didn't think
it'd be an issue.
- Are there gonna be
workers comin' in and out?
- [Jason] Absolutely not.
Yeah, no one's
gonna disturb you.
- [Rebecca] Sounds
perfect. Thanks.
- [Jason] I am texting you
the wifi information now.
You should be losing
cell service soon,
and the only way your phone
will work is on the wifi.
- [sighs] I do not know how I
would survive without you.
- [Jason] Be miserable
and unhappy!
- [Rebecca laughs]
- [Jason] Okay.
- All right, Jason, I'll talk
to you in a couple of days.
- [Jason] Okay.
[phone beeps off]
[dramatic music]
[car engine roars]
[cell phone chimes]
[phone beeps on]
- Hi, honey. How's the drive?
- Hey, Mom!
The road trip has been
pretty enjoyable so far.
- Are you sure you
should be on FaceTime
at the same time
that you're driving?
I hear it's going to snow later,
and that means the
roads will get icy.
- [Rebecca] The phone is
on the dash mount.
My hands are at 10 and 2.
Do not worry.
- [Mom] [scoffs] All this
new fancy technology
makes me nervous.
- [Rebecca] Mom, I just want
to know how you re doing.
- [Mom] That s so sweet of you,
but you should be
concerned with yourself.
I'm not the one who's been
getting my mail stolen.
- No one is stealing my mail, Mo
There's just not as
much mail these days
as when you were younger.
- [Mom] Maybe you need to
recognize the red flags!
Someone is stealing your mail.
- Who on earth would
want to steal my mail?
- [Mom] Probably the same person
that broke into your
apartment last month
and stole your workout clothes.
- [Rebecca] Just saying,
that maybe you worry
just a little too much.
- And I'm just saying,
you don't worry enough.
- Fine, I will add worrying
to my to-do list.
Besides, the police said
that all of those
things were not related.
I am gonna be fine out here.
If anything, I
will be even safer.
- [Mom] Do you have the number
for the local
emergency services?
- [Rebecca] I'm pretty sure
911 works everywhere.
- That'll get you Highway Patrol
Give me your address
when you get there,
I'll look up the direct
number for the local station.
Oh, and you should bring
them cookies or something.
- [Rebecca] Mom, you know what?
I'm gonna lose
connection here soon,
and I should really
concentrate on the roads,
especially if they're
gonna get icy.
But I'll call you when I
get to the cabin, okay?
- Oh, okay, baby. I love you.
- I love you too, Mom.
[phone beeps off]
[suspenseful slow music]
[gates creaking]
[electronic tinkling]
[birds chirping]
[trunk open beeps]
- [sighs] Okay.
[trunk close beeps]
[car alarm chirps]
[keypad beeping]
[door lock whirs and clacks]
[dark ominous music]
[door shuts]
[soft suspenseful music]
Okay, Jason.
[Rebecca giggles]
[Rebecca sighs]
[Rebecca laughs]
[phone keyboard clacks]
[suspenseful music]
[keypad beeps]
[door creaks open]
[Rebecca giggles]
This is gonna be the start
of a beautiful friendship.
[Rebecca giggles]
[zipper unzipping]
[gentle music]
[Rebecca pants]
[dark sinister tones]
[soft suspenseful music]
[camera whirring]
[Rebecca exhales loudly]
[Rebecca pants heavily]
Oh, my god!
- Oh. Hi.
- Hello.
- This is awkward.
I didn't know anyone was
staying here this week.
- I'm sorry, who are you?
- I'm Nathan.
I live just down that way.
Technically, next
door, but I guess.
Again, I didn't
mean to startle you.
- Hi.
I'm Rebecca.
I thought you were a
black bear or something.
- Oh, yeah, we do have
a few around here.
Just, if you do see
one, just remember,
don't run from it.
Black bears chase you down.
- Oh, I didn't run from you.
- Not yet.
- So you're just
supposed to stand there
and hope the bear
doesn't eat you?
- Well, with predators,
you know, you usually
have to stand your ground
and make a big show of it,
otherwise, they're
programmed to chase you.
- I think I could outrun a bear.
- I think you could.
[Rebecca laughs]
Just don't leave any food out,
and you won't get any
critters coming around.
Actually, the owner had me
install that a few months back
to keep the animals out.
- [Rebecca] Oh.
Does that include random men
waiting for a single woman
to impress with their
woodsy bromides?
Unfortunately, woodsy
men know about gates.
[Rebecca giggles]
Anyway, I just came by
to pick up some firewood.
It's gonna be cold tonight.
Living out here alone
requires a lot of maintenance.
How long you stayin' for?
- A couple weeks.
Something of a solo
writing retreat.
- You're a writer.
- I'm Rebecca Collins.
- Nice to meet you, Rebecca.
Nathan Andrews at your service.
- Nice to meet you, Nathan.
- So what kind of
books do you write?
- You don't know who I am?
- No offense, but, you know,
we don't even get
cable around here.
- Wow, and now, I sound
like a conceited idiot.
[Nathan] Look, don't worry
about it.
You know, life can
get complicated.
Out here, I like
how simple it is.
- Yeah, me, too.
- Well, you have a
good trip, Rebecca.
I hope to see you around.
- Thank you, Nathan.
Nice meeting you, too.
- [log thuds]
- Oohh.
- Wow.
[Rebecca giggles]
[upbeat music]
[keypad beeping]
[door lock whirring]
[door clacks shut]
[Rebecca sighs loudly]
[cell phone chimes]
- [phone beeps on]
- Hi, Maddi.
- Tell me you're
already in the bathtub
with a glass of
red in your hand.
- It is the next thing
on my to-do list.
- Have an extra glass for me.
- I wish that you
were here, Maddi.
It is phenomenal.
- [Maddison] Ooh, I wanna see!
Flip the camera around.
- Okay, the inside is nice,
but the outside just really
brings it all together.
- [gasps] Is that free wine?
[groans] I am so jealous
of you right now.
Actually, to be honest,
I'm just happy you
took this trip.
I thought I was gonna
have to fly out there
and drag your butt
outta the city.
- Yeah, I'm glad you
didn't have to leave
your precious Idaho.
- Good, because I like it here!
You look sweaty.
Why do you look sweaty?
What have you been doing?
What aren't you telling me?!
- You know what? Sometimes
you are so nosy.
Becca, spill it!
You know you can't
hide anything from me.
- I kinda met this guy.
- [Maddison] [gasps]
A guy, what guy?!
-[electronic tinkling]
-His name is Nathan.
He lives next door.
I was finishing up my run,
and I just ran into him.
- You didn't offer him a signed
copy of your book, did you?
Last time you tried
that pickup line,
it didn't really work.
- No, I didn't offer him my book
I did ask him if
he knew who I was.
I must have sounded like
such a conceited little brat.
- [Maddison] Were you
able to play it off?
- He wasn't even fazed by it.
Meanwhile, I'm over here
still just mortified.
I do have to say, though,
it's kinda nice to
maybe find someone
who might like me for me.
- You're already plotting to
accidentally run into him.
- That isn't exactly
serendipitous, Maddison.
- [Maddison] Forget that nonsens
Becca, you keep
looking for the one.
You've gotta take the
good that life gives you,
and enjoy it while it lasts.
Take a shower, put
on something hot,
and march your tight
ass over there!
- I would not mind seeing
his ass in something tight.
But that is besides
the point, okay?
I am just taking things slow.
I'm here to relax
and get some rest.
- So he does have a cute butt!
- [laughs] I'll talk to
you later, Maddi.
- The best rest is when a
guy gives you five or six--
- Oh, my god!
[Rebecca laughs]
[message chimes]
Love you more.
[message tings]
[phone keyboard clacks]
[message chimes]
[dark ominous tones]
[dramatic melancholic music]
[water running]
Whoo, okay, yeah!
Ice bath is going to
be a hard pass for me.
[phone keyboard clacks]
[electronic tinkling]
[Rebecca sighs]
[knocking at door]
[door lock clanking
and whirring]
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Uh...
When you said the area
required a lot of maintenance,
I thought that was a line,
not an advertisement.
- Like I said, it's a small town
and you gotta take the
work that's available.
Besides, I like to
work with my hands.
May I come in?
- Oh, yeah, sorry, come on in.
[tool clanking]
[Nathan softly grunts]
[tool clanking]
I'm no plumber,
but I don't think that that's
how you fix the hot water.
- [Nathan] Nope.
But I've already
re-lit the pilot light.
I noticed this was draining
slowly when I tested the water.
[water rushing]
Yeah, it should
be all better now.
I didn't notice that before.
- Thank you.
- [Nathan] Of course.
I'll let you go
back to your shower.
[shower water running]
And they say
a change will be
all that it takes
To take your breath away
To take your breath away
[fire crackling]
[Rebecca] Hmm. This is nice.
[Rebecca laughs]
Best handy man I've
hired in a long time.
Maybe we could just stay
like this for a while?
We've got plenty of
food, plenty of wine,
and clearly, I could use
your skills around here.
- I've definitely had worse jobs
- I like to think of it more
like a mutually
pleasurable experience.
- Well, work can be pleasurable.
[Rebecca softly sighs]
Do you have any plans for
the rest of your stay?
- Not really.
I'm just gonna stay here until
I get enough writing done,
or I get bored of the place,
and maybe go for some jogs.
- I certainly hope
I don't get boring.
[Rebecca laughs]
- Well, that depends.
Do you have any other talents,
or have I seen everything?
- I'm pretty good with my hands.
It's in the title.
[Rebecca laughs]
- Handyman, nice.
[Rebecca laughs]
Well, I look forward to seeing
what you can do
with those hands.
It's nice to just sit here.
- Yeah.
What do you mean?
- Well, just to be here,
present, right now.
Not rushing, or worrying
about the next flight,
the next car.
- It must be tough being
on the road all the time.
- It gets lonely.
You spend most of your
time in front of a screen,
and then you're forced through
endless meetings and
interviews, one after another.
Just fall away
from all the things
that tether you to your world.
No time to hang out
with your friends,
or even just watch TV.
I am...
I'm sorry to just unload on you.
- No, it's okay.
You know, people say
country life is easier.
I used to have a
drinking problem.
- Oh, my gosh! I m so sorry.
I used to have
a drinking problem.
Past tense.
I learned to manage it
and only drink occasionally.
I stopped letting it
control my life.
Everything in moderation.
- We learn the most when
we screw it all up,
but in the end,
it's how we handle the
situation and learn from it.
- Hmm.
That's so true.
[soft dramatic music]
[birds chirping]
[Rebecca softly moans]
Nathan, are you in the bathroom?
[birds chirping]
[Rebecca] Wow, Nathan!
[Rebecca scoffs]
[door thuds shut]
[lock rattles]
[Rebecca sighs]
[door slams]
[glass pieces clattering]
[phone keyboard clacks]
[message chiming]
[Rebecca sighs]
[electronic tinkling]
[dustpan and broom clatters]
[cell phone dings]
[dark sinister music]
[keyboard clacking]
[Rebecca groans]
[soft piano music]
I am too pissed to
be writing romance.
Okay, Rebecca.
You came up here
to write and relax,
not get distracted
by a stupid handyman!
[Rebecca groans]
[Rebecca exhales loudly]
[sinister music]
[FaceTime calling tone]
Is this thing on?
[gasps] Oh, there you are!
Hi, Rebecca.
How's the cabin?
- Hi, Mom.
The cabin's great.
- [Mom] Fantastic!
Anyway, I don't expect that's
what you called about?
- No, actually,
I'm just having trouble
focusing this morning.
- You know what you need to do?
You need to break
up your routine.
Go out and do
something different.
Go meet somebody new.
- Well, that is kind
of why I'm calling.
I met a guy.
- That's wonderful, sweetie!
Well, who is he?
How tall is he?
Does he attend church?
Because you know your
grandma's gonna want him
to go to church.
- Mom--
- You know what?
You're right. She's old.
We'll just lie to her.
- Mom?!
- What?
- I'm not marrying the guy!
- Well, you're not
getting any younger.
- I just met him yesterday,
and besides, I'm not even
sure that he's the right type.
- [Mom] What does that mean?
- Okay, well, we had a
great night last night,
and then this
morning, I woke up,
and he'd gone through
all my belongings,
and left without
saying anything.
- You mean you went
all the way up there
just to get robbed and stood up?
- Mom, I didn't get robbed!
He just looked through
my stuff and my computer.
- [Mom] Are you sure?
Did you check everything?
Your father and I were
watching the news,
and they were talking about
all sorts of identity theft.
They can steal that in
your computer, you know?
- [Rebecca] [groans] Great.
Well, that is just
one more thing
I will add to the list of
things I need to worry about.
- [Mom] My friend, Betsy,
had her identity stolen.
Someone in Wisconsin tried to
buy $2,000 worth of gift cards
from Orange Kitchen Emporium.
Oh, what a wreck that was!
- Okay, I don't think that that'
what's happening here, Mom.
- Who does that?!
- Mom, just slow down, okay?
I called you to vent,
not the other way around,
and you're not really even
letting me get a word in.
- [Mom] You're right.
I'm sorry, honey.
You wanna tell me what happened?
- Not really.
[Mom] What do you
wanna talk about then?
I don't know if I wanna talk
to my mom about my sex life.
- [Mom] Mmm!
Honey, down at
the local library,
my book club and I are
reading your book right now.
- Oh, god!
You did not tell me that.
- [Mom] Oh, I think
we're beyond the point
of being shy about sex.
- [Rebecca] Still...
- [Mom] Besides, I'm your mother
You can talk to me.
- Is there something
wrong with me?
- [Mom] What?!
Of course not.
- Then why would he
just leave like that?
- [Mom] Sometimes,
people just leave.
Relationships are about
mutually fitting together,
and he was not a fit.
- No, it can't be that simple.
- Why not?
It's always been that way.
Because there is nothing
that I can do about that!
- Welcome to being a woman.
But you, you're strong
enough to not need a man
to make you whole.
- You have dad.
- [Mom] Exactly, and I've spent
last 34 years taming him.
He was barely
housebroken when we met.
You can't read into
these things so much.
You had a fun night,
it didn't go any
further, and that's okay.
Reflect on it and move on.
- Yeah, I guess.
- I want you to get married,
but I don't want you
to end up with some bum
who's stupid enough to...
What is it they say these days,
hit it and quit it?
- Okay, you cannot say that.
- [Mom] Why not?
We used to do it all
the time in the '80s.
- I did not need to know that!
Wow, okay.
You know what?
Maybe you are right, okay?
Maybe I am beating
myself up over nothing.
- You're doing great, honey.
You'll meet the right guy
eventually, I promise.
- Thanks, Mom.
- Okay, baby.
I love you.
- [Rebecca] I love you, too.
[Rebecca deeply sighs]
[laptop lid clacks shut]
[uptempo gentle music]
[keyboard clacks]
[keyboard clacking]
[birds chirping]
[Rebecca] I mean,
we had a great night.
It's just weird.
Like, why would you
have a one night stand
and then trash the place?
- You should try talking to him.
- But it still doesn't explain
why he went through my laptop.
- Maybe he got curious
about your book,
and then got spooked
by all the romance?
Guys can get weird about
that kind of stuff.
- Guys get weird in general.
My mom of all people said,
"Honey, they just wanna
hit it and quit it".
[Maddison laughs]
- I love your mom.
- She has her moments.
[timer beeping]
All right, I am
gonna go for a run
before it gets too late out,
get my head on straight.
- That's a good idea.
You should go blow
off some steam.
- [Rebecca] Thanks, Maddi.
I'll talk to you in a bit.
- Text me when you're done.
[phone beeps off]
[Rebecca exhales loudly]
[soft gentle music]
[dark sinister tones]
[door lock whirring]
[door clacks shut]
[door lock whirring]
[Rebecca sighs]
[uptempo music]
[snow crunching]
[sinister undertones]
[Rebecca panting]
[dark ominous music]
[cell phone rings]
[Rebecca groaning]
[FaceTime call tone]
[electronic tinkling]
[Rebecca pants]
[Rebecca groaning softly]
[text message dings]
[Rebecca pants]
Dang it, Jason!
[Rebecca grunts painfully]
[messages chiming]
Next time, I'm gonna turn off
the Do Not Disturb bypass.
[Rebecca winces painfully]
I'm gonna need some
wine for this pain.
[Rebecca pants]
No service anywhere,
but one bar here?
Okay, here we go.
[Rebecca grunts painfully]
[Rebecca winces pained]
- Okay, Rebecca. [grunts]
- [electronic tinkling]
[soft suspenseful music]
[electronic tinkling]
[Rebecca wincing painfully]
[alarm beeping]
[Rebecca grunts painfully]
[dark sinister music]
[keypad beeps]
[alarm continues beeping]
[door slams shut]
[Rebecca grunts pained]
[Rebecca grunts pained]
[cabinet door slams shut]
[Rebecca winces pained]
Come on.
[Rebecca winces pained]
[fire extinguisher whooshing]
[alarm continues beeping]
[Rebecca grunts]
[Rebecca grunts]
[Rebecca winces pained]
[pan thuds]
[soft ominous music]
[Rebecca sighs]
[Rebecca sighs]
Okay, Jason.
Let's see what all this
commotion is about.
[Rebecca wines pained]
Better be something good,
because today has been horrible.
[message chimes]
[Rebecca gasps]
[suspenseful dramatic music]
[ominous music intensifies]
[pounding at door]
[Rebecca winces painfully]
[Rebecca winces pained]
[sinister music intensifies]
[wind blowing]
I know it's you,
you immature jerk!
-[door clacks shut]
-[door lock whirring]
[Rebecca grunts]
[dark sinister music]
[Rebecca pants]
[lock clicks]
[door handle rattles]
[Rebecca pants heavily]
[Rebecca continues
panting heavily]
[glass scraping]
Why are you doing this?!
I know that it's you, Nathan!
Leave me alone!
Why are you doing this?
[door pounding]
[alarm blaring]
- [phone keyboard clacks]
- Come on, Maddi.
Please have your phone on you.
Please, please, please, please!
[electricity buzzing]
[power clanking off]
[Rebecca grunts]
[phone keypad dials beeping]
[dial tone beeps]
[Rebecca grunts]
[Rebecca grunts angrily]
[phone beeps off]
[Rebecca grunting]
[alarm blaring]
[knife clanking]
[eerie suspenseful tones]
[banging at door]
[Rebecca gasps]
[glass screeching]
If you come in here,
I will defend myself!
[knife taps]
[knife continues tapping]
[glass screeching]
[Rebecca grunts pained]
[door clacks shut]
Stay back!
Look, I don't know why
you did what you did.
I don't know why you
trashed the place,
and I don't know why you
went through my computer,
but if you just walk
away, and let me go,
I will forget everything.
[Rebecca grunts painfully]
- Hey.
- Stay away from me, Nathan!
Leave me alone!
- Rebecca, it wasn't me. Okay?
There's another guy
out here with us.
He's obsessed with you.
I don't know why,
but he's intent on hurting you.
- You expect me to believe you?
- No, I saw you standing
next to my car with a knife
- and a ski mask on!
- No, no, no, no!
You got it all wrong, okay?
There's a deranged lunatic
out there chasing us.
He dressed me up in the
same clothes as him.
- Just put down the knife, okay?
- No!
- Put down the knife
and I'll explain.
- You've got 10 seconds.
- Okay, look, I really
like you, okay?
We had a great time last night,
but I woke up in the
middle of the night
to this masked man
inside the cabin.
I tried to fight him off,
but he knocked me out,
- and he--
- Time is up,
and I still don't believe you!
- Does it look like
I have a mask and a knife?
- You could've ditched
that anywhere!
- Well, I didn't, okay?!
You have to believe me!
Just put down the knife
and let me explain!
We have to go back to my
house and call for help.
- Okay, let--
- No!
I can do it on my own.
I don't need anyone.
[owl hoots]
- [Nathan] Rebecca, stop!
- Stay away from me!
I want nothing to do with you!
I need you to trust me, okay?
You're gonna get lost.
I know this place, you don't.
- Trust you?
- Yeah.
- You abandoned me last night!
You got so drunk that
you trashed the cabin
- and then you attacked me!
- [Nathan mumbles]
I was attacked!
I was asleep next to you
when I heard a noise,
and I tried to fight him off,
but he got the best of me,
and knocked me out, okay?
I woke up at this campsite
not far from here,
and I woke up with a masked
man standing above me.
- Don't you think that I
would've heard that commotion?
- You were drunk and passed out!
- Sure, blame the alcohol!
- It's the truth.
And the longer we stand here,
the closer that man
is to finding us.
- You know what the funny
thing about your story is?
You keep mentioning
this other guy,
but I have never seen you
-and this lunatic together!
Okay, if I wanted you dead, I
would've killed you already.
We need to get back to my
house and call for help.
Like it or not, I'm helping you.
- I'm tired of hearing your lies
- Let me go!
- No, come!
[Rebecca grunts]
[Nathan groans angrily]
- Stay away from me!
[Rebecca winces pained]
[Rebecca pants heavily]
Oh, Maddi, I am counting on you.
- Rebecca?
This is stupid!
You're gonna get us killed!
Where are you?
[Nathan grunts angrily]
[Rebecca wincing painfully]
[messages chiming]
No, no, quiet!
Quiet. Quiet.
No, no, no, no.
No. No. No!
[foot thuds]
[glass cracking]
[Rebecca grunts]
[Assailant grunts]
[Rebecca gasps]
- If I can't have
you, no one will.
- Rebecca, run!
[Rebecca wincing pained]
Let us go.
- Over my dead body.
- Fine with me.
[dark dramatic music]
[skin squelching]
[Nathan grunts]
- Nathan!
[Nathan grunts]
- No! No!
- [blade slicing]
- [Rebecca] No! No!
[body thuds]
[Rebecca winces pained]
[Rebecca pants heavily]
There must be something here.
- [Jason] Looking for this?
- How did you find me?
- I know everything.
Look, there's nowhere to go.
Besides, this is my campsite.
- You've been staying
here this whole time?
How were you texting me?
Well, how do you think you
got that bar of service?
I installed cell
phone extenders,
and I piggybacked the range
onto the nearest cell tower.
It was pretty simple.
- Why?
I don't believe this.
- This entire game you're
playing is pointless.
Let's just go home
and be done with this.
- If I go with you, will you
promise not to hurt me?
- Well, of course, I promise.
I just wanna take care of
you, like I always have.
- How am I supposed to trust
you after all of this?
- Because I did all
of this for you!
Like everything
I've done for you!
[Rebecca winces painfully]
[car engine rumbles]
- [Jason] You think I'm stupid?
Get inside.
- Help, help!
- If you want things to get mess
things can get
messy, young lady.
- What are you gonna do?
Kill me?
All of this just to kill me?
- I would never hurt my love,
but I would teach her
a very valuable lesson.
- I don't love you.
- Not yet, but you will.
And you really shouldn't
say such hurtful things.
[blow lands]
[Jason groans]
[Rebecca grunting]
[Jason grunts]
[door lock whirring]
[door clacks open]
[door slams shut]
[Rebecca pants heavily]
[door lock whirring]
[ominous suspenseful music]
[Rebecca winces painfully]
[Rebecca pants heavily]
[Rebecca wincing]
[door clacks shut]
[keypad beeping]
[door lock whirring]
[door creaks]
[door lock whirring]
[Rebecca pants heavily]
[electronic tinkling]
[door creaks]
[Jason grunts angrily]
[door thuds]
[door continues thudding]
[Rebecca whimpers]
[keypad beeping]
[door lock whirring
and clacking]
[door creaks]
[tin clatters]
[Jason softly shushing]
- This is gonna help the pain.
It's gonna help you sleep.
[dark dramatic music]
Sleep, little girl, sleep
Sleep, little bad girl
[eerie suspenseful music]
Sleep, little girl, sleep
Sleep, little bad girl
[Jason] Good
morning, sleepy head.
[chair thuds]
[Jason softly grunts]
- [Rebecca] Jason,
what's going on?
- Well, it's just a
perfect morning.
- You tried to kill me.
- No, you had a bad dream.
[Rebecca groans painfully]
- My head feels too small.
- Oh, well, you took quite
the tumble yesterday.
- [Rebecca] Is that what happene
- Nearly spelled your doom.
[Jason chuckles softly]
- Wait, what are you doing here?
- I came to check up on you.
Good thing, too.
I couldn't get ahold of you.
Your mother was worried sick.
[Rebecca winces pained]
- My head feels like
the morning after
-Maddi takes me clubbing.
-[Jason laughs]
Yes, well, wine and head
injuries do not mix well.
[intense suspenseful tones]
[Nathan] Rebecca, run!
- [body thudding echoing]
- Nathan.
- What?
- You killed him.
- Rebecca, what--
- You tried to kill me.
- I certainly did not.
- You killed him!
- I don't want to
- talk about Nathan!
- You're gonna kill me!
Wait, what happened
to my clothes?
- No, no, no!
- Okay,
- you need to calm down.
- Stay away from me,
you maniac!
- Calm down,
- [Rebecca yells out painfully]
or I will be forced
to sedate you again.
[Rebecca whimpers]
Here's what we're gonna do.
You and I are gonna
start over again,
but I need you to listen
to me very carefully.
In order for you to remain safe,
we need to discuss some rules.
Do you understand me?
One, do not try to run.
Two, do not try to fight me.
And three, most importantly,
if you're nice, then I'm nice,
and I want to be nice to you.
Now, are you going to be nice?
Good girl!
Oh, come with me, I
wanna show you something.
There we go.
[door thuds shut]
Careful, take your time.
Right up here.
Watch your step.
Okay, here we go.
[keypad beeping]
[door lock whirring]
[door clacks open]
I can see everything
that happens here.
Well, it's just to
keep us both safe.
- This is insane.
And these?
- Well, these were more
tastefully spread out
throughout the cabin,
but I had to move them in
here to keep the ruse going.
But we can put
them back out now.
- What ruse?
- This is my cabin.
Pardon me.
This is now our cabin.
- Wait, you said that
this was a rental.
- Well, just a small fib.
Sort of.
I mean, I have rented it before.
- Why did you bring me here?
- To be with you, of course.
- And that's why you were
wearing a mask and chasing me?
- It was just a little game, Bec
You know, a little scare.
People like to be scared.
Just... [sighs]
messed it up by getting that
stupid boy involved.
- What kind of sick
person are you?
- That's not nice.
- You murdered someone
last night.
-That wasn't nice!
-And it's your fault!
He was not supposed to be here!
I told you, I don't
wanna talk about him.
This is making me
really angry, Rebecca.
- I cannot just forget about it.
He died in front of me!
You are a murderer!
[Rebecca grunts angrily]
[head thuds]
[Rebecca grunts]
[Jason sighs]
[Rebecca wincing painfully]
[Jason slurping]
Please, just let me go.
- Well, I'd like to, but
that is against the rules.
- I'm serious, Jason.
This isn't funny.
You're gonna be in big trouble.
- There's nothing
funny about love.
- This isn't love.
This is insanity.
You kidnapped me.
You murdered your neighbor!
- [fist thuds]
- Stop talking about him!
I don't like him!
I can't stand people like
him, and I told you that!
You don't even know what
you've done, do you?
-No, no, I have no idea--
-You've ruined everything!
[Rebecca breathes shakily]
- I'm sorry, Jason.
Whatever I did,
- I didn't mean to.
- You didn't mean to what?
You didn't mean to
screw the very first guy
- you met here?
- I didn't think--
Are you trying to tell me
that a smart woman like you
didn't know exactly
what she was doing,
that she didn't
choose to screw him?
No, no, I watched the
whole thing, Rebecca.
I saw how you shook your ass
when you first met
him in the woods,
but I never thought you'd
throw yourself at him
like a common whore!
- [sniffles] Okay, okay.
[Rebecca stammers]
So this is just
- all about Nathan and...
- [Jason scoffs]
- No.
[Jason groans]
No, it's not about the handyman,
the fence builder.
I guess I should be happy
you didn't order a pizza,
otherwise, you'd be in the
backseat of a hatchback
moaning into the headrest.
- It was just a fling, okay?
It didn't mean anything.
I promise, Jason.
Had I known, I never
would've slept with him.
- Is that supposed to
make me feel better?
I saw how meaningful
it was for you.
[Rebecca stammers]
I just needed to
get out of my head.
You told me to
change up my routine,
to try something new.
We both agreed
that the press tour
- was just too much.
- No!
No, don't you dare
put this on me!
This is not my fault.
This is about you being
a filthy little tease!
[Rebecca softly sobs]
- I'm sorry, Jason.
I am so sorry.
- I see you now, Rebecca.
I see you for who you are.
Without me, you wouldn't
even have a career!
Your writing is only
anything because of me!
I discovered you! I took you in!
I gave you everything!
And how do you repay me?
By turning me down
again and again,
and sleeping with the help!
[Rebecca sobs]
[Rebecca continues sobbing]
- Jason, I never
meant to hurt you.
- You have no idea what hurt is.
Hurt is what I've
had to live with
every day since I met you.
Since the day we danced.
The day we kissed.
The day we made love.
- That was one time.
We both said that we
had too much wine,
and you told me that it
was water under the bridge.
You said that it was fine.
- Well, it's not fine, Rebecca!
You've ruined my life!
Every day, I can't stop
thinking about you!
I go into work, and I see
your face all over my office!
I have to put your
face on national TV
and watch as you flirt
with every host out there!
It's enough to make me puke!
All I wanted was you,
but you couldn't bring
yourself to want me!
[Jason softly sobs]
[Jason heavily sighs]
[Rebecca softly cries]
And that's when I decided
to change everything.
No more interviews.
No more press tours.
No more shaking your ass on TV.
[soft dramatic music]
From now on,
it'll just be me and you
in a cozy little cabin,
where we live our
happily ever after.
After all, we have enough money.
We don't need anything.
We can live here forever.
- No.
You cannot keep me here.
- Bec, I have a camera in every
room, looking at every door.
I get a notification
every time something
moves in this house.
I know everything that
happens here and around here.
Trust me.
- What are you gonna do to me?
- I'm gonna keep you
here safe with me.
It'll be perfect.
Our own little corner
of peace and harmony.
And the best part is,
I am going to take
the guest room,
and I am going to turn it into
an office so you can write.
[Rebecca whimpers]
- And I'm just supposed
to forget about
the rest of my life?
my friends, my parents?
- Well, once we've dealt with
this little rebellious
streak of yours,
we'll start branching out.
I mean, we'll have
to give everyone
the good news sooner or later.
- I don't wanna do this.
- You'll learn to.
- Jason...
I am not going to
marry you.
- We'll see.
[Rebecca whimpers]
[Rebecca sobs]
[Jason sniffs deeply]
- [sobs] No.
[Rebecca whimpers]
- Get up.
- No.
[Rebecca cries out painfully]
- I said, "Get up".
- Ow!
[soft dramatic music]
- I think it's time
that I showed you
just how much I love you.
- Please.
- Please, indeed.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
I think...
I think you might be
going too fast for me.
- I can go slow.
- I mean, I think I might
need something to eat.
I don't remember the
last meal that I had.
- I could make us breakfast?
- No, I don't want breakfast.
- What do you want?
- What about dinner?
- Well, it's a little
early for that, isn't it?
- Like our first dinner
when we...
-When we--
-Made love?
- Yeah.
You wanna get back
to that night, right?
- More than anything.
- Well, then, let's recreate it.
A little symmetry.
- Sit in that chair.
[cabinet door clatters shut]
[Jason grunts]
[Rebecca winces]
Okay, okay.
- It was a good night.
- It was a great night.
- I had the cheap house salad
and the best carbonara.
- I had the steak and potato.
- And the grilled onions.
And they forgot
about the butter.
[Jason laughs]
And we had so much
of the house wine.
We sat there and
talked for hours.
- Becca, I thought we really
connected that night.
Then the next day,
you broke it off.
You said it was a mistake.
You said that we should
keep it professional.
- I might have missed what
was right in front of me.
I made a mistake, Jason.
I'm sorry.
- Well, what's different?
- I wanna see more.
I wanna see what
my husband's like.
Come on, Jason.
Let's have dinner.
- You know, I actually
took classes
to make that carbonara you like.
- It's serendipity then!
Let's go on a date!
- I'd like that.
- We don't have to wait.
Let's do it right now.
- Wouldn't it be more
romantic later?
- The sooner we get started,
the sooner we'll get
to where we wanna be.
- I think I have
everything I need here.
I even hired the sous chef
to show me exactly
how to make it.
Have you ever made fresh pasta?
- It is one of the--
- [cell phone chimes]
Uninvited guests.
That's too bad.
[Rebecca pants]
- Wait, wait, I didn't
call anyone, Jason!
It wasn't me!
I swear, I didn't call anyone!
I'm sorry!
- Please don't be angry!
- [Jason shushing]
[indistinct chatter
on police radio]
[car door slams shut]
[indistinct chatter
continues on police radio]
[police radio chirping]
- Now, I'm going to
be right back
and you are gonna sit here
very quietly like
a good little girl.
And when I get back,
you can show me just how
sorry you really are.
And if you're good,
I'll make it up to you.
[door opens]
[door lock whirring]
Hello, Officer.
[indistinct chatter
on police radio]
Something I can do for you?
Good afternoon, sir.
Officer Hough, Park
County Sheriff's Office.
We've received several reports
of disturbances out here.
Do you know anything about that?
- Oh, gosh, everything's
been as quiet
as a child on a
winter's day out here.
- Yeah, well, in my experience,
when the kids are quiet,
it's usually when
they're up to no good,
especially during the day.
- Well, I confess, sorry,
I don't have any kids yet.
[Rebecca sobs]
[Rebecca continues sobbing]
- Sir, are you the
property owner here?
- Yeah, absolutely.
Jason Daniels at
your service, yeah.
Bought this place, uh...
Oh, gosh, five years ago now.
- Do you happen to have ID
to verify who you are?
- Yeah.
[Rebecca sobs]
- Your entire life is just a lie
My career.
[Rebecca continues sobbing]
My success.
How could you be so stupid?
[Rebecca continues sobbing]
No matter what you are,
you are not a quitter.
I am not a quitter.
[cell phone chimes]
What's with the
lipstick on the car?
[Jason scoffs]
- The lipstick on the car.
The wife likes to play
these little games.
Keep me on my toes.
- Well, all right, Mr. Daniels.
Please, Jason.
- Okay, Jason,
I'm gonna need to run
this through my computer,
and make sure you don't
have anything outstanding,
and then I'll get
out of your hair.
- Of course, whatever you need.
- Okay. All right.
[Rebecca grunts loudly]
-[body thuds]
-[Rebecca groans]
[cell phone chiming]
- Busy morning?
- That's just the wife eager
to get me back inside.
She's been wanting
some alone time,
if you know what I mean?
- Hmm.
Well, this don't
take but a moment.
- Yeah.
[Rebecca grunts]
[breathes heavily]
[Rebecca grunts loudly]
[Rebecca winces painfully]
[Rebecca pants]
[drawer clacks]
[cell phone chiming
[cell phone chiming]
[Dispatcher] Officer, 12-15.
2-16, okay.
- All right.
Well, everything checks
out on our end, sir.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
- No problem, Officer.
Just glad you're out
here keeping us all safe.
[cell phone chiming]
- Guess the wife is getting
a little impatient, huh?
- Women.
What can you do?
- All right, well, I won't
stand in your way any longer.
Oh, one last thing.
Your wife isn't Rebecca
Collins, is she?
[intense dramatic tones]
[Rebecca gasps]
- Took you long enough.
[Officer Hough grunts]
Rebecca, look what you did!
He was trying to get between us!
Jason, you need serious help!
- All I need is you!
- Well, then, come and get
me, you pathetic monster!
[door slams shut]
[door lock whirring]
[suspenseful music]
[chair thuds]
[keypad beeping]
[door handle rattles]
[pounding on door]
- Rebecca, open up!
[Jason grunts]
[chair clatters]
[lively suspenseful
music continues]
[door slams]
[door lock whirring]
[Jason scoffs]
- Where are--
- [Rebecca grunts]
[Jason grunts]
- How does that feel?
Does that feel good?!
- Does that feel like love,
- [Jason grunts]
or does that feel like control?
Not having control does
not feel good, does it?!
[Jason grunts]
Hiding the security router
under the kitchen sink,
that was really the best
place you could think of?
[Rebecca grunts]
[Jason grunts]
What's wrong, Jason?
I thought that you
liked to play games?
How about a little
Hide and Seek?
[Jason laughs maniacally]
[Jason groans]
[Jason laughs]
- Oh, you filthy whore!
[Jason grunts pained]
We are definitely gonna
need some counseling.
This isn't how you
treat your fianc, honey!
[door creaks]
Honey, we need to talk.
[object clanks in the distance]
[Jason grunts]
[glass shattering]
[Jason groans pained]
[Jason yells maniacally]
[door clacks shut]
- Surprise!
- [fire extinguisher whooshing]
[Jason yells out painfully]
- You'll pay for that!
- I can't believe
I ever trusted you.
- If I can't have you,
no one will!
- You always pushed
me to keep working.
Late nights at the office,
weekends at my desk,
always working!
I missed family time,
events, birthdays,
all because you believed in me.
- I never lied to you!
- Oh, you just wanted to
keep me all to yourself!
- No one else deserves you.
- [Rebecca] Oh, I'll show
you what you deserve.
[Rebecca grunts loudly]
- [Rebecca grunts]
- [Jason groans]
- [hand slaps]
- [fire extinguisher clatters]
[Rebecca grunts]
[Rebecca whimpering]
[Rebecca grunts]
- You've become more
trouble than you're worth.
I've gotta bury two bodies,
what's one more?
You know, it didn't
have to be this way.
- I thought that you
said I was special?
[soft melancholic music]
- I...
I guess we could try.
I suppose it doesn t--
[Jason screams]
[both grunting painfully]
I always loved you.
- All this made me realize
that I never liked you.
[Rebecca grunts]
[Jason yells out painfully]
I am so glad that
you will finally pay
for all that you have done.
[Jason yells out painfully]
[Jason grunts pained]
[Rebecca pants heavily]
[Rebecca continues
panting heavily]
[slow melancholic music]
[knife clatters]
[Rebecca continues
panting heavily]
[Rebecca wincing painfully]
[door lock whirring]
[keypad beeping]
[Rebecca grunts pained]
[engine turns over]
[car door slams shut]
[Rebecca sighs]
- Hello?
- [radio static]
- [Dispatcher] Park
County dispatch.
Identify yourself, please.
- This is...
I'm Rebecca Collins.
[Dispatcher] This
frequency is reserved
for police use only, Miss.
- I'm sorry, I'm in
the police car.
The officer is...
He's dead.
- [Dispatcher] Are you
in any danger?
- No.
No, he's dead, too.
Please, I'm scared,
and I need help.
- [Dispatcher] I'm sending
additional units to you now.
Please remain at your location.
Lock the car doors and
stay in the cruiser.
- Thank you.
[gunshot firing]
[Rebecca gasps]
- You couldn't be a good girl!
[gunshot firing]
[Rebecca gasps]
- You were my favorite!
[gunshot firing]
[Rebecca grunts]
But I'll find another one,
just like before.
[gunshot firing]
[Rebecca gasps]
You weren't the first,
and you won't be the last!
[gunshot firing]
[Jason groans painfully]
Get outta the car, Rebecca!
[Rebecca grunts angrily]
[gear shift clanks]
[engine revving]
[tires squealing]
[Rebecca screams]
[heavy thud]
[Rebecca sighs]
[soft dramatic music]
[Rebecca grunts pained]
[Rebecca winces painfully]
[door slams shut]
[door lock whirring]
[keypad beeping]
[Rebecca winces painfully]
[Rebecca grunts painfully]
[sirens wailing
in the distance]
Okay, Becca,
I think it's time for a
break from romance novels.
You've got your next story.
[sirens continue
wailing in the distance]
[tense music]