Trash (2020) Movie Script

- Hey.
- Hey Bubbles.
I feel... crumpled up.
Me, too.
Sometimes life just seems like a pile of...
Don't say it!
What a day!
Let's get going, Bubbles?
Hang on.
I need to talk to Slim.
Why did you lose a bet?
What do you
want with that creep?
Hey, Slim!
What's up, Bubbles?
So, you know a bunch of us
are gonna head out to the...
I've literally had a crappy day.
Someone used me to scrape
poop off their shoe.
So kindly don't start that
nonsense again about the...
Magic Pyramid!
That! Which part of: "Don't start
that nonsense" did you find confusing?
It is a way for us to stick together.
Excuse me.
I'm called Spark,
can you help me?
I'm lost.
You must mean tossed
as in tossed out.
I wasn't thrown away..
Yeah, right.
Ya might have a little denial problem, pal.
He does look pretty new...
Maybe new, but not pretty.
You want to know how
things work around here?
Those losers can show you the ropes.
Slim! Look!
It's the symbol of
the Magic Pyramid!
Oh, jeez.
It's just a triangle.
A simple
geometric shape.
But what about what Chip
and the others said.
Let those freaks take care of him.
Not our problem!
You really believe
their idiotic theories?
Let's at least pick
the new guy's brain.
You heard him
he comes from outside!
I don't care.
I got enough problems.
I don't need to educate that kid
or hear his crackpot theories, either.
Got it?
Haven't seen you before!
Grab a seat,
fellow traveler!
What's your story, kid?
- I... I got lost, and...
- Lost?
None of us are lost.
Don't worry, though.
I wouldn't exactly call it picturesque,
but if you close your eyes...
And nose...
And don't, like, ever touch anything.
Don't listen to them.
It's not that bad.
What's your name, newbie?
No, it's Spark.
Spark. Has anyone told you
the story of the Magic Pyramid?
I just know we can
find a way out of here.
I heard your plan.
It's got a few holes in it.
In fact, it's all holes.
Your plan is completely
made up of holes.
What do you mean?
It's simple!
See how soft?
All we have to do
is collect all the rotten
fruit and vegetables we can,
then make a rotten
fruit-and-veggie pillow,
throw it accurately over the wall,
figure out a way to climb the wall,
jump off and land
perfectly on the pillow!
You should have been a can of cashews,
because you're nuts!
Now throw that
disgusting crap away!
Climb the wall...
I'm a regular
circus acrobat.
It's not like I'm an old
cardboard box or anything!
It's easy to criticize, Slim.
But I don't hear any brilliant
ideas coming from you.
And you won't even consider the sewer.
Because I hate water.
And I've told you that many times,
they are suicidal, boxes hate water.
But what other choice do we have?
We're trash, Bubbles.
Let's embrace our trashiness!
We don't need to sit around
and contemplate our fate
like those morons around that candle.
But don't you want to be back out there?
Why? We're empty.
Used up. Finished.
I just know that there's something
out there for me.
I can feel it.
You're dreaming, sugar head.
C'mon, buddy.
I'm just trying to talk straight to you.
What was that?
What was what?
It's a Sucker! Alert!
Run, Bubbles,
or roll, just move!
This sticks! This really sucks!
Come on, inhale or something!
Run Boy!
Over there!
The other side!
Be careful Slim!
You're heavy, Kid.
What are you eating?
We're trapped!
Give me a hand!
What about the water down there?
Better than the suckers up here!
Get going. Inside!
Wait! Don't close it!
- Oops.
- I told you not to close it!
I only heard the close it part.
How 'bout you, Kid?
You here?
Kid? Is that me? Yes!
Shove over, Bubbles.
Lemme try and open it again.
Oh, great.
It's stuck.
So now what?
We need to find an exit quickly.
- Is there water down below?
- No, doesn't seem like it.
You go ahead,
I don't want to get wet.
I'm telling you there is no water.
Ok, let's go the other way.
The Road.
Let's go.
Thanks for helping me.
I didn't help you.
I was just saving my life.
Ok! We're finally outside!
This is great!
What do we do now?
We need to find a place to hide
before dawn.
That's what I was gonna say.
Kid walk behind me... Kid?
Yep, that's you.
There were others like me.
I was sleeping and then, suddenly,
I found myself on a Road like this one.
Nobody likes being thrown away, Kid.
Just think of it as a rite of passage.
If you try,
you can get used to anything.
I wasn't thrown away!
I just... got lost!
I don't know where I was going!
Ok. Chill out.
Let's just agree to disagree,
We'll help you get there, Spark!
Wherever it is.
Sometimes I think you're all gas.
If he doesn't know where he
was supposed to go, how could we?
And even if we did...
we gotta be careful, dude.
The Road is dangerous.
Run! Run! Skedaddle!
Get off the pavement!
What's happening?
Not the suckers again!
No, worse.
Let's go I know a good spot..
Why are we hiding here?
Who are those guys?
I guess you guys don't get out much.
Those are the Predators.
If they catch you and take you away,
you're worse than trash you're gone.
Game over.
Who are they looking for?
Me, actually.
But they'll never catch me.
Hey, fizzy? You speak English?
They could tear me to pieces?
You said that they're looking for you.
I was just trying to help!
Is he a little...
In a word? Yes.
The other side...
They've seen you...
They've seen us.
Come on there's strength in numbers...
What do they want with you?
It's a long story remind me to tell you.
Meanwhile... on my count... now!
Was that some new kind of counting?
I guess you failed Math class.
Stay still and clam up!
Please, would be nice.
Move your can, Slow poke!
Some of us are carrying
a little extra weight.
It's not the time.
Now we got'em
where we want'em!
Do you see them?
No, but they'll find us.
We can't hide here.
You really think we can fight them?
These are some bad hombres.
They'll drag us all to the dump.
Let's just go that way!
How about you just keep
your ideas to yourself?
It's your fault that
we're in this mess.
Let's split up!
Funny thing is, he's not wrong.
There is a passage down there.
Here they are!
Ok, where is it?
Over there, trust me.
You guys go ahead.
I'll try and distract them.
Hey metalheads,
go find someone else to mess with.
That's what we're after?
A lousy, worn out box?
Whose brilliant idea was this?
He's not alone, Vitrio.
That's who I want!
The shiny box! Shiny good!
Worn-out bad.
Shiny good, worn-out bad... got it.
Get that box!
Move, move!
Don't stop 'til you find him!
Hey! Get under here! Quick!
Keep your gas inside you.
Did you have to say that?
Power of suggestion.
Come on. This way.
Follow me.
Where are you taking us?
It's a... shortcut.
Yeah? To where?
You want to help me out here?
I asked you a question.
Where does this shortcut go?
I'm aware that you asked me
a question, Box.
But right now, I need you
to focus on the task ahead.
Or maybe you'd rather stick around
to get pummelled by those tins?
That's a question too, a rhetorical one.
They seem more interested
in Spark than you.
They'll take anything in reach.
Smart, good-looking ones like me
or things they haven't caught
yet like the little one here.
Do you know where I came from?
Have you
seen others like me?
Don't think you're special, boy.
On the Road, we're all the same.
That's the beauty of it!
Democracy in action!
Let's go to the other side now...
Ok, now will you tell us
where we're going?
Work with me here.
You don't need to know everything.
Hang on I don't even know you, dude!
I've got it!
You must be taking us
to the Magic Pyramid!
What did you say?
The Magic Pyramid!
Ah, yes. I've heard of it.
In fact, it's in the same
direction we're going.
Wait a minute.
It's all a little too slick for me.
Why should we believe
a word you say?
Hey, I'm just trying to help you, bro.
I don't need your skeptical vibes.
It's down there.
So you believe in the Magic Pyramid?
You think it's real?
Of course it's real..
or maybe it isn't.
What does it matter?
I only know that the Road exists.
Beyond the Road,
I need nothing else.
They aren't over there.
Where are they?
Do we follow them?
Oh, yeah!
Time to hunt some big game!
It's all good, Spark.
We're all together
and we're on our way to a nice place.
I can't imagine where you've been if
this looks like a nice place to you.
Do we have to cross?
You're late, Smug.
I just need to have a little
chat with these guys.
Maltin, gentlemen... how's it hanging?
Are these your thugs?
Nah. Thugs? Nah. They're just friends.
They look like they escaped from a mental institution.
A mental institution dumpster.
Right. The insult doesn't work
unless it's a dumpster.
Did you fill up the bag?
First things first.
You bring the swag?
Oops, not that one... nope.
Hang on... ah, here we go
The bag.
Hand it over.
Three crowns, Smug.
That was the deal.
Course it was. Three crowns.
But I happen to think
that one crown is plenty.
You being smug, Smug?
'S that why you brought
these three puppets with you?
Oh, now we're puppets.
Is that better then thugs?
Do you know what happens to
those who break their agreements.
This really doesn't have to get ugly,
I can give you a crown and shield.
How's about I give you all
something a butt-kicking?
A crown and two shields?
Two crowns and I only
give you the butt kicking.
Come on, dude, that was
never part of the deal.
What can I do to make this right?
One crown, and the kid stays with us.
I'm sure that he can command
at least two more crowns.
And I know just who
might be interested.
Don't tell me you want to sell
him to the Predators?
What happened to you, Smug?
Have you gone soft?
You know the rules of the Road.
Everything has a price, but
nothing is worth anything.
I know another rule of the Road.
Get in the way and get flattened.
Come now,
there's no need to get carried.
Spark! To the bridge!
Come on, let's move it!
What now?
Watch it.
Get going, guys!
Hey, wait a sec!
Come on, stop!
Stay put.
We're saving your hide, buddy.
Enough already!
Give them back!
Run, cowards!
We did it!
Everything's ok.
I'm fine.
You were awesome, Slim!
One guy's trash is
another guy's treasure.
- Now let's get out of here.
- Do you realise what you've done?
You lead us into a trap!
Calm down. I'm sorry,
but this is how we survive on the Road.
You need to make the most
of each opportunity,
because you never know when
you'll get another one.
But you, Chief, you know how to survive.
Nice idea, that slingshot.
Don't call me Chief.
Not bad.
I owe you one, guys.
Why don't we call it quits
and just split up here?
Come on,
I promise there are no more traps.
You're looking for the place
where the kid comes from, right?
I can take you to someone
who definitely knows the way.
Let's push on.
It's not far.
I hope it's a nicer place than this is.
Nice? Are you joking?
It's awesome!
You did well, Kid.
Thanks. You still mad at
me for making trouble?
Yes! Take it easy, it's not your fault.
This is how the world works here.
Lucky for you, it's not your world.
Hey, wait up!
Why have you returned?
We found what you require, Kudo.
How much further?
It's just over here.
"Just over here", "We're almost there".
So where is here, already?
Did you hear that?
Who do you think you are,
walking in the middle of the pavement?
Didn't you idiots hear us coming?
You ran me over!
Hey, Chen, calm down. They're with me.
It's all good, brother.
Don't you think he's a bit too
young for Sunset Alley?
Wait, wait, wait. What?
What's at Sunset Alley?
Sunset Alley is a cornucopia of refuse.
That's all we needed was
to run into these clowns.
Not clowns, acrobats!
Don't miss our show!
Daring somersaults, courageous stunts,
and fearless jumps!
Is that where you're taking us?
To Sunset Alley?
Maybe it's time that...
Your friends don't think so.
My headache has a headache!
Let's go, Slim.
We could use a little fun.
Yeah, very little.
I thought you want to find
out where you come from.
You heard what they said.
If Sunset Alley really "has everything",
someone will be able to tell
us which Road to take.
Kid, I've forgotten more than you know.
Do me a favour and leave
the thinking to me.
Hey, Handsome,
would you like to know your future?
I'll read your barcode.
Maybe some other time.
Why aren't we speaking with her?
Maybe she knows where we need to go.
She doesn't know anything.
She's a fraud,
like all the others in here.
Now do exactly like I tell you..
Any of you fellows got
the need for speed?
What did you think I meant?
Find the cap, come on you can do it.
The cap. The cap. Where's the cap?
Find the cap. Come on. Where's the cap?
The show's starting!
And tonight Pop will
try to beat his record!
Three kilos, ladies and gentlemen,
three kilos of food to bag.
Pay attention.
Oh all right. Wait for me here.
I'll ask around and then we can go,
got it?
C'mon Pop, the record!
Keep going.
Curtain! Curtain!
There's no curtains!
Kill the lights!
Hey, Brother. I got what you need.
Looking for the Magic Pyramid?
Five caps and I can make it happen.
Forget it, Flush.
He wasn't manufactured yesterday.
Don't listen to him, pal.
I'm a shiny
example of Pyramid power.
Been there, done that and look at me!
Oh, it's a steal, alright.
Find another Patsy.
In a toilet, maybe!
Slim, you could do a ton of things here.
I always need smart people like
No, you don't. You need suckers
who believe that jive you sell.
Come on! We had a blast...
Running, hiding,
scamming those fools in the park.
What do you say, Chief?
The Road offers everyone
a second chance.
Nah. I got my own way of doing things.
Later, Smug.
Hey, Chief... I just hope
you know what you're doing.
And that's nothing, I swear.
My brother and I spent our whole
lives in this lousy bar.
Every night they would
take the expired peanuts,
put them back inside us and,
the next night,
they'd open us up like
we were brand new.
And I'd say,
"How do these idiots
not notice anything?
How can we keep going on like this?
And the beer bottle
on the counter says,
"Hey pal, you're living the good life.
You wanna know how they
fill me up at night?"
You stink! Get off the stage!
Calm down, Squirt!
Who you calling Squirt?
Just because I'm a little vertically
challenged, you call me Squirt?
Maybe I need to teach you a lesson!
Guess he's not a child
Then what is he?
Hey, buddy. No offense intended.
Forgive us we're not from around here.
In fact, we could use a little help.
The name's Jet.
I've been left behind
On the Road again
I was all alone
My life
All my life
I don't want to be treated
Like left-overs on the ground
No one cares about me
And my heart of glass
is crying tears of love
in the silence of the night
Hiding at the corners of the streets
Looking for you in the crowd
I hope that you will take me away
From this barren land
I will live my life again
I need another chance
You guys happen to know
where this place is?
You gonna order something?
Nothing comes free here pal,
order up or beat it.
I've been left behind
But my life has changed
Now you are with me
I won't be alone as long
as you are by my side
Never seen Bliss do that before!
Who's your lucky friend?
What's your name, Stranger?
I haven't seen you around before.
If you're keen you can tell
me all about yourself, Sugar.
Of course Rum and Coke!
Hovy, about a menu?
Stop, you!
Hey, Kid! I figured out
where we need to bring you!
How did you find it?
Never mind that,
we need to scram!
Great what now!
Where's that shiny box?
Yeah, hand it over!
Ok. Everyone stay cool.
What should we do?
Have you seen a shiny purple box?
Small like this.
Vitrio! That's enough!
This is how you deal with
those who don't obey!
Run! Now!
The alley's a dead end, the only
way out is through the Predators!
No there's another way,
trust me, boys.
There he is! It's him!
Get him out of here!
This one's gonna hurt.
Come on leave the kid alone!
Who you callin' a kid?
This way.
- Run!
- Move, move!
Get them!
You're ok?
Squeeze through here!
What's down there?
Does this seem like the
time for questions, Sugar?
Take them to the Healer.
That's the only place where
they won't be able to find them.
What about you, Bliss?
Sunset Alley is my world,
I can't abandon it.
Don't worry, I've always gotten by.
Let's move!
It was lovely to meet you.
Can see it wasn't destiny.
Don't cry, Sweetie.
I'm not crying...
they're only bubbles...
Thank you, Ma'am.
Don't call me that,
I might believe it one day.
Take care of them.
You're heavy, dude!
I can get up myself!
Get through this junk now!
Get them!
Climb on top of her, you idiots!
I'm sick of being stepped on!
This way.
I'm feeling much better now. Really.
You give us quite a fright.
but you are gonna be alright.
Let's go.
What are you doing here?
Do you have an appointment?
Look, we...
There's no record indicating an...
We don't have an appointment.
It appears you would benefit
from my assistance.
I'm fine, old man.
I don't need anything from...
Whoa, there, sisters!
Easy does it!
Aren't you even gonna
buy me dinner first?
What's this all about?
Let me go!
Be healed!
That's amazing!
It doesn't hurt any more!
Do the rest of you require help?
No, Healer.
But Sunset Alley could use
a little of what you got.
It's chaos
down there.
We're running from the Predators.
They're hunting us.
It's not personal.
They hunt everyone.
No, this is different.
There's something about this guy.
They're not gonna stop
until they get him.
It's his tattoo, isn't it?
The Magic Pyramid!
If you could just direct us to it...
Ah, but the Magic Pyramid
is not a place.
The Magic Pyramid is our future.
Another crackpot
Magic Pyramid theory.
It's not a place, it's our future!
Give me a break!
That's an expression, by the way.
Silence, please.
I thought you wanted my counsel.
The Magic Pyramid does exist.
But he has nothing to do with it.
Have you not recognized him?
What do you mean?
What's so special about me?
You're not like us.
You're a Carrier.
So... is this good?
This is what gives a box purpose.
We're containers meant to contain!
So that's why you're so heavy!
The Magic Pyramid
should not be your goal.
It is only the symbol which will
one day guide you on your path.
Alright, all-knowing one.
This is where I heed to take him.
Do you know this place?
Nope, never? heard of it.
But I can help you
exit from here.
The riverside
may guide you.
The riverside?
Not good...
I don't really do water, your Holiness.
Do you want to get out of here tor not?
I know you like to sing, Toots,
but what does it take to make you talk?
Lemme ask you yet again.
Where did they go?
I'd rather die than aid
a tin soldier like you.
Yeah? Let's just see how
brave you really are.
Now that guy was awesome.
He just had a purpose.
Always nice to have a purpose.
He radiates hope!
That's a big deal, Slim.
Yeah, well,
tell your friends outside that.
Who knows? Maybe hope was enough
to save them. But I doubt it.
So what do you think happened to Bliss?
What do you have inside you, Slim?
A heart of stone instead of cardboard?
That dude is in love.
Exit under the gaze of the moon.
Follow the voice of the river.
And go straight to its mouth of marble.
Once there raise your gaze, because
you will be closer to your destination.
You continue talking in riddles, Gramps.
It is you who does not listen, Sonny.
You knew this kid was a carrier,
just as you once were.
You're worried about what happens
after he isn't one any more.
You are a little bit of a jerk,
but your intentions are good.
Thanks I guess.
but is it my job to show him
what life has in store for him?
It's your duty to protect him.
He represents your second chance.
But caring for others is risky!
Because you may lose them...
and it will make you feel empty.
So I've got a question: "Who are the
Predators? Why do they want him?".
They work for Kudo,
Lord of the Landfill.
They capture ones like us,
an tear them to pieces,
reassembling them and demanding
they renounce the Magic Pyramid.
They are an evil army of slaves
with no future, and no hope.
Then how can we protect him?
You will need to look at the
Road with different eyes.
You are too attached to your past.
It is change that makes us feel alive.
Get going, now!
Your destiny awaits.
I'm coming with you.
I have become
fond of the kid,
and I will not leave him in the
care of a cynical box like you.
One more thing, Gramps.
If you're so sold on the Magic Pyramid,
why don't you some with us?
Entry to the temple is selective.
There are many doors and
none of them were open to me.
They say that you need to be fine
and light in order to enter.
I may have seen so much in my lifetime
that I will never be able
to lighten my cardboard.
I am happy to remain here,
with my doors open to all, to be of service.
Because I know what it feels
like to find them closed.
Under the gaze of the Moon.
That old fool.
Everyone stop, wait a minute.
What's wrong?
I want to go back... to Bliss.
You gotta be kidding.
The Healer made me realize my purpose.
It's to be with Bliss.
Come on.
That guy is half right half the time.
He spends his days
around sick garbage.
Do the math! He was talking about
the Magic Pyramid and destiny,
not some rum-soaked bottle of rum!
Look at the Road with different eyes,
I'm doing that... what about you?
Listen. We can't go back.
We don't know the Road.
I need to go back to her.
But she told you it
wasn't your destiny.
What do you know about destiny, Slim?
What's yours hanging around
that market forever?
Getting swallowed up by the Suckers?
Hiding on the Road?
Can't you see? Our destiny has already
changed and we've changed it.
I promised I'd help the kid, Bubbles.
I'm not asking you to come with me,
I know that you'll pull through,
even without me. Thanks, Spark.
For what?
For the adventure, son.
If you hadn't come along, I would
have always been feeling empty.
Good luck, guys.
Alright... let's push on.
Keep yourself far from the water, Spark.
So, Slim, what exactly does
it mean to be a Carrier?
It's a gift.
It gives you a purpose.
And you were one?
And you were one?
Yup, back in the day I
was a Carrier of Carriers.
Cool... wait... what?
That's a little confusing.
I carried boxes,
before they even became boxes.
So, like before they were assembled?
This was at the market?
And so, then what happened?
Same thing that happens to us all.
Carriers don't last long as Carriers
and that's when the
trouble starts for boxes.
Is this my destiny, too?
Come on, Sonny. The Road is too long
to think about these things.
Hey! It's here! The mouth of marble!
It's like the Healer said.
Raise your gaze.
Hey, cheek that out!
We know where to go, Spark.
Hey, Chum!
Wait what are you doing here?
It's a long story.
Well, well, well.
Hey, let go of him!
Pull him off!
Get him off me!
Get rid of him!
They got what they deserved!
It's not as bad as it looks.
- I.
- Don't sweat it.
Not even the Healer could fix this,
Go and rescue Spark. Hurry!
You forgot something, Vitrio.
- My home is... gone?
- Bliss!
No reason to stick around here.
Everyone's gone.
Mon Cheri! Amour! Whoops!
Don't look at me.
I'm not looking myself tonight.
You're beautiful, Bliss.
I know! I'll take you to the Healer
everything will be alright.
I didn't talk, I didn't say anything.
Don't worry, Bliss.
We just need to get to the Healer.
I threw the key away.
Key? What key?
Hang on a sec.
You left your friends for me.
It was my destiny.
Is this the key?
I found it on the pavement on
the other side of that wall.
I was hoping to make
at least three caps.
Off we go to the Healer!
Ok we're all set...
Go call the Doctor, Vitrio...
and leave us alone.
I know you have had
doubts this evening.
This isn't what you promised.
You've inflicted lots of pain.
Pain? Worse pain than being
abandoned, useless, and emptied?
Remember where you
were and what you were.
Spark, where are you?
Move it, move those bags!
Look around you, Pat.
Here, everyone is a Carrier.
Just like they were before.
Just like they were meant to be.
Do not doubt.
This isn't a second chance..
It's your only chance.
Help me descend.
Let me go!
Looks like we have guests.
This might burn a little.
You have hands of gold.
Keep your activities to a minimum,
for a couple of days.
Love has never been an exertion.
What do you want to do now, Sugar?
I want to stay with you.
You and I are now only one.
But you left your friends for me.
now we have to find them,
otherwise one day you'll regret
coming back to save me.
I'll never regret coming
back for you, Bliss.
You are my adventure.
we're leaving. We're going
to find Spark and the others.
Sunset Alley was the only
place I ever called home.
But now I've found another one.
Here I can still be good for something.
That's what we're supposed to do,
isn't it?
The time has come to stop,
Bubbles, at least for me.
I knew these idiots were working
for an even bigger idiot.
You think you're
the Master of Trash?
You're just another
piece of junk.
Choose your words carefully, Cardboard.
You're not my prey.
I may even put you to work.
Maybe a nice coating of plastic to make
you just as tough on the outside,
you could be a Carrier again!
Under my direction, of course...
You don't know what it
means to be a Carrier.
I am still a Carrier.
I've got everything I need inside me...
and I was discarded anyway.
I still had plenty to give.
And what did I get?
Thrown down here.
And from the day it happened,
I've asked myself why.
And then I got it.
I can give everyone here a real future.
I can make them tougher than tough
I can make them resilient. Invincible!
And if that means thinning
the herd a little, so be it.
Do you understand
the truth, Cardboard?
You're crazy.
There's no future for any of us.
This is it!
What do you know, weakling?
You are like the scraps who
invented the myth of the Magic Pyramid
to give meaning to
their worthless lives.
I, on the other hand,
will last a thousand years.
And thanks to your friend down there,
I won't have any limitations.
What do you want to do with the kid?
Just take a peek inside.
Bet you don't know what these are,
Solar batteries. Able to access
all the energy that I need.
I'll be able to reactivate
all my circuits...
I'll be connected to
the rest of the world,
and know things that none
of you can comprehend...
My reign will never end.
Proceed, Doctor!
Stop her!
Run, kid!
Get them!
Leave this to me...
Scram, Kid! Make tracks!
Here he's safe!
Spark! You're with me now.
Thank you.
Alright, we should go. Follow me.
It's over.
No. Far from over.
What are we doing here?
The Greasers take wheels
and other forms of transport,
like trolleys from this place.
But why do we need them?
You're in worse shape than you know.
You're not gonna be
walking for much longer.
I'm fine.
Slim. Pat's right.
Don't fight her on this.
If we find a decent ride,
we can go back on the Road
and get away from all this.
What is that?
There they are!
Take Spark! Get him out of here!
You could have made this
easier for yourself, fool.
There goes your second chance.
That's where we gotta go.
Not without Slim!
They'll find us down here.
We need to move quickly.
They're making this easy!
You're mine!
Check over there!
I will tear you to pieces and
I will throw you in the river...
End of the line, little guy.
Spark, no!
Spark! Way to go, dude!
I once heard someone say.
"One guy's trash is
another guy's treasure."
You're coming with me
because you're just trash!
I am... not... trash!
Slim! Come on dude...
Just a paper cut!
Nothing some tape can't patch up.
Promise me that you'll go on, Spark.
Don't be an idiot get going!
Be healed!
Ok. It's on.
Alright let's get going.
This thing should get you
back to the riverside.
Pat get on! There's nothing
for you in this hellhole!
My work is here, Slim.
I can't just run
because I can.
There are others to help
and I can help them.
You want to help them, too? Why?
Maybe I can get them a second chance.
You showed some real
creativity there, little guy.
Now go before I change my mind!
Goodbye, my friends.
So. That happened.
Let's go!
Hang on not quite yet.
Spark! What's up, brother?
No way! Jet?
The Healer saved me and now
he gave him a second chance.
We need to go that way.
This is where all the shops are!
We just need to find yours.
But then we need to get in.
How are we gonna do that?
That's easy.
We just hang around out front.
Tomorrow morning they'll take
you inside. You'll be home!
But what about you?
Where will you go?
How elegant.
Would you have liked being one of those?
Maybe. But dreams can change.
We did it, Spark.
We found your home.
What will you do now?
Don't worry about me.
I'll find somewhere to stay.
And the Magic Pyramid?
Ah, that old fool doesn't know
what he's talking about.
Now that I've been around,
the Market doesn't seem so bad.
I'll just go back there.
But we're friends forever...
Guys, do you see that?
Ohhh! No way!
The Magic Pyramid!
It's our destiny, Sugar.
We need to go, Slim.
We can't miss this chance.
It was lovely knowing you.
Take care of yourself, buddy.
I'll miss you.
Good luck.
If we go inside we might
not see each other again.
Bliss, you and I are one together.
Go. Don't worry about me. It's like
you said. Someone will take me inside.
I'm sure you're right.
Spark, I...
I love you, Sugar.
We'll see each other on the other side,
my love!
Spark, now listen.
If anything happens don't...
I know.
You really saved the day, kid.
And you saved my life.
But you gave me a new one.
Move, Slim!
It's not working!
Fine and light.
But of course!
Slim! Slim... Fine and
light... fine and light...
Spark get away!
Go, Slim!
Flat with no comers.
Wait! Wait!
Set me out of here! Help
Easy, dude you're fine here!
You're in the Magic Pyramid.
My friend is out there!
He needs my help!
You'll see, it's all good brother.
Inside, come on.
Who's the new guy?
Seems awfully happy.
Identify yourself, newbie!
Hey, we asked you a question, Mister.
Where do you think you're going?
Are you nuts? Stop, newbie!
Oh, I get the drill, guys.
Don't worry about me.
He doesn't know how this works yet.
Don't you know what's out there?
The Road, it's dangerous!
Not for me.
I know the Road.