Trash Humpers (2009) Movie Script

I will see you later
Look at a person when you greet them
And you call yourself a man?
Why, you brat!
Mom, do you have some money?
I'm supposed to go to
the movies with a friend...
Damn. I just wanna see
a movie, dammit.
Hey, hey, Chang-Guk!
Watcha looking at?
I want playboy, you got it?
I got it
9 dollar, 9 dollar
Why are you so late!
What are you doing?
Looks about 30 pounds, 30
Load it up
Oh, give me one more!
After I bone it
it'll only be 20 pounds
I'm being generous, as it is
Move your ass over
Pull! Pull it you dumbass!
Pull it you dumbass!
Hey, you do it!
Fucking moron!
Light the burner and bring it in!
Enjoy your stew!
Oh, you're here?
How much?
What do you mean, how much?
Just give me the usual
Look! It does mean pleasure
Hey, then look up this one
O. R. G. A. N. I. Z. E
What are you doing?
Squeeze some more yellow paint
It got returned again
It's not like you've sent one or two
Why not stop sending them now?
Where are the canned mackerels?
Canned mackerels... where are they?
There aren't any!
Not for sale!
Why not?
This is Korea! Speak in Korean!
I'll be in the U. S. Soon enough!
Where are they?
Hurry up and give it!
Get out! I won't sell to you!
Get out! Get out! Not for sale!
Get out already!
You pushing me?
Don't you be twisting
your tongue around here!
You gonna get out?
You bitch!
Of all the rotten... rotten luck!
you weren't like this
when you were a boy
You learned English well...
listened to your mom...
Shut up, you whore!
Before I stomp you to death!
Told you to stop this craziness!
Damn bastard!
I was wrong! Stop it!
Please stop! Chang-Guk!
He hit you again?
The rotten bastard!
Don't you call my son a bastard!
You're probably the only woman
who gets beat up by her brat...
I told you I'd make sure it
never happened again!
You hit my son
and I'll kill you!
Let me see...
You, you wanna become like me, too?
Here's your monthly pension
Please give me your stamp
You're lucky to have
such an honorable father...
Did your father die
in the Baekma-Goji Battle?
Doesn't that bother you?
Your brother shot you
with a toy gun, right?
Let me see
Let's see how bad it is
It's not enough to take my eye
you gotta cripple my dog, too?
Why do you leave it anywhere?
And! Why is your eye my fault?
We were both playing!
Who said to move?
And you can still see
fine out of one eye!
You two fight all the time!
Where did your husband die?
At the Fight of Nakdong River?
Many died there too...
I don't know
They'd have to find the body first!
Whew! What are you going to do
about your daughter's eye?
They could fix it
at the American Military Hospital...
If you're finished, leave!
I feel bad for your daughter
that's all. She has her
whole life ahead of her...
Whenever I hold an arrow
I remember the war
At the Battle of Nakdong River
we fought with a North squadron
I shot three of them dead!
So why didn't you get a medal?
That's why the government's
screwed up!
They don't give to them who
deserve it. But them cowards
at the rear they get one!
Take a look at this!
For this service all
I get is a measly
30 dollars a month
That's disgusting!
Pull it down, quick!
What's wrong?
This is as good as a medal...
You think anyone gets a medal?
Arrogant asshole!
You who come from licking
Yankee asses...
Still, I've never killed anyone!
Whenever you open
your mouth it's the war
Are you so proud of killing
three men of our same blood?
Tell me!
Sergeant Kim!
Are you so proud of shooting
three men dead?
Bastard, don't even know who's
on top and who's at the bottom!
That's why you always
have dog blood on your hands!
Sure! Let's see
if you don't sell your mutt to me!
Care to lay some money down?
Who's betting at this
sacred archery field?
You're talking shit!
In the old days, a butcher
like you wouldn't be
allowed to shoot arrows!
Only wealthy farmers could!
Times have gotten better...
even a meat-hacking bastard
gets to shoot arrows...
God-dammit! A meat-hacker!
You done talking?
You guys have to fight
every time you meet?
That's enough, people
You want to see me grab
a dog right now?
Patience, got to be patient
Just let him be
He's asking for it! Shit!
All he's got is that dingy pride of his
You gonna play a game?
You go first!
Will you be quiet!
What are you doing undressed?
Crazy bitch!
Mom! Did you see my puppy?
Don't know!
Hey, Jihum
About this big... its fur is white
with some black mixed in...
Little shmucks, at it already!
Go home now!
Anyone here?
We're here to sell this dog
We found it on the street
I don't need such young...
I don't take puppies
Take it away
Students stealing puppies...
Shit! Even if it's a puppy
it's still dog meat
why won't she buy it?
Let's kill it ourselves
and then sell it
Then she won't know it's a puppy!
Get over here!
Get over here!
What... dammit!
Who said to look at girls?
It's because of guys like
you we soldiers get a bum wrap!
That's right, asshole!
I can't get used to it here
I think I'll go crazy without a woman!
I got a problem with that
There is a problem
You think I want to be here?
I'm doing my part for world peace
World peace?
Who thinks like that?
Probably just us Americans
Hey, come over here
If you don't come
I'll kill you
Do you like coke?
Hey, you do it!
You dick!
You think I like doing this?
Why'd you hit
my girlfriend yesterday?
That bastard! Hey!
Don't you run!
Asshole! See if you don't come back!
What are you doing?
Get back to work, now!
What the hell? Get out of here!
Get out of here!
Get back to work, now!
Get out of here!
Get out of here! Bastard
I won't use the likes of you!
Hey, that's enough!
You're going to hurt the meat!
Come here!
Stupid moron, that's the way
you should have done it!
Then I wouldn't have hit you so much!
Here, have a swig
Here, have a swig
To be a dog dealer
you gotta outstare them!
When a dog looks straight at you
it's scary, right?
You know what the scariest
eyeball of them all is?
It's the human eye
You know why the dogs
look away from me?
Because there's fire in my eyes
Here look!
Hey, you want to go to your
father's land, don't you?
Answer in English...
You bastard, your mother
taught you English by beating
it into you, didn't she?
To speak good English
no good thing
You gotta do everything those
Yankees tell you to, everything
You hit my girlfriend one more time
She's your mom but
she's my girlfriend!
From before you were born!
Look at me like Dog-Eye!
Stop looking at me!
My eye's about to explode!
come over here, stupid
You hear what I'm saying?
If I went to school
I'd be two grades ahead of you
But you don't, moron!
What do you know better than us?
Okay, I'll ask you in English
so answer back in English
You want to go to school, too, huh?
He asked if you wanted
to go to school!
What's your dream?
What do you want to be?
This is for being so dumb, got it?
Got it?
With respect!
We're not taking
your money we're exchanging
it with an English textbook!
Give me some more!
What did you do?
Tell me! Fuckin'I outta...
What are you guys doing?
Oh, hey, cross-breed!
Say it again!
If they do that again, tell me
What's this?
Have you ever seen
a naked girl in person?
This is boring!
She's not undressing!
Are you ok?
Look at me!
It's okay. Look, you got
a little cut, that's all
How could she poke me
with a pencil? Oh, it hurts
Does it hurt a lot?
Shit! I'm going home
Having fun?
I guess you saw me naked
like these pictures... even
playing... with my puppy
You saw what the puppy did...
I felt weird
Just like dogs, right?
Get up, you bastard!
It's a gun!
Shoot it!
Do it! You don't have the guts
Shoot it! Let see you!
You going home?
Do you want something to eat?
Eat up! Eat up!
Can you pull your hair back once?
I'm not making fun of you
I just want to see
if it can be fixed
Pull your hair back
Why did you run?
Who ran away?
I needed to take a leak!
You think we American
soldiers are dogs, sir?
To take a leak anywhere?
Something's fishy here
I exercise the right to
inspect your things
Inspect? What did I do?
We're on alert these
days because of drugs
Please cooperate
Drugs? Sure. Go ahead
I'm sorry
How old are you?
Go home
You bastard!
Go! Now!
Eighteen is still
underage in Korea!
Don't soil the honor
of the world's greatest
American army
What the hell?
Eunok, walk straight!
Eunok, what's wrong with you?
Have you been drinking?
What's wrong with you?
Why you brat...
35 pounds!
Is that all?
He's at least 40 pounds
Try weighing him again
Forget it! You should be thankful
I'm buying your mutt
Uh, okay. What a temper...
Load it up!
What are you doing, stupid!
Get it in the noose!
Um... could we maybe
let this one live?
He's my friend's dog...
Talking dog-shit, you bastard
Hurry up with that noose, you dick!
Why that bastard!
Get over here, you bastard!
You got any sense in ya, dickhead?
You! Stop right there!
Hey, Dog-Eye!
The dog's here lying dead
in our yard. Hurry over!
Where did you bury it
you moron?
Where did you bury it?
Tell me now, you moron!
I don't have the money
to pay it back
so where is it buried? Dammit!
What are you looking at?
You're in training! Move ahead
That crazy bastard...
Good work
Do some work! Some work!
What are you doing?
Get back to work?
Dammit! You think being manager
makes you God?
Move! Move!
Do some work! Some work!
No trouble, okay?
There's one missing
Did you take it?
How'd you like it?
Felt good, huh?
You want a lift?
It's okay. Come on!
That bastard, you rotten son
of a bitch! Where are you
going, with a baby? Bastard
What? We're just riding a bike
What's the matter?
You think I don't know
what you are?
Pretend to be nice and
then eat her up!
I served three years
at Camp Carol
Eunok, do you want to
end up like Chang-Guk's mom?
Hurry up and go home!
What are you saying now?
You can't give me our pension?
By any chance, have you heard
from Mr. Wonil Jang?
How can I hear from
a dead person?
You see... actually
they say Wonil Jang
didn't die in the war
that he's alive in North Korea
It's been confirmed
that Wonil Jang voluntarily
went to the North...
Voluntarily went to the North?!
So what we're saying is
if Wonil Jang comes here
quickly report it to this man
And in the future, if you leave
the village even for a day, please
report to us Your children, too
Are you keeping an eye on us?
The family of a soldier
who received a medal of merit?
You're no longer a family
of a merited soldier but
a soldier who defected to the North
It's 180 degrees different
Keep this in mind...
we're always watching you...
Please return the medal and
certificate of merit by
tomorrow, please
Don't cry
They say father's alive!
What use is he alive now?
What are we going to live on?
Damn! Why take it out on me?
You... what's wrong with you?
What's wrong?
Who's the bastard?
Tell me now!
Look at me!
Come here, bastard!
You, you, you...
Hey, asshole, get up
Go in. Go in, now
Do you have some money?
Hey! They're hiring over in the
next village female factory workers
to make underwear for American soldiers
Watcha gonna do at home?
You got kicked out of school anyway
Oh! Get out! Get out and die
you worthless-!
They're commie bastards
who got executed during the war!
They're small, small commies
These bastards
these bastards did this to my leg!
Is there anything else?
Look here
Look here, shouldn't you
report that to the police?
Report whatever... this rusty thing?
Take the bones already and
bury them by the river!
I thought the water
in our well was tasty...
You know They say
rotting corpses make
the water taste good!
- Clean this up!
- Yeah