Trauma (2017) Movie Script

"No, please, stop!"
Did you think you could fool me...?
... with that communist?
Fucking whore!
No! No!
Let him go!
He has nothing to do with this!
Son... son...
Let him go, you bastard!
Let him go!
Juanito, son
Don't worry, son...
Be calm. Be calm, my son.
Don't worry, son...
Be calm. Be calm, my son.
Look at me. Be calm. Look at me.
Look at me.
Be calm.
Nice and calm. Nice and calm.
Let him go.
Son. Son.
No. No.
Juanito, stay calm.
Don't fight back, my love.
Don't fight back, be calm.
- Son...
- Hold him still.
What? No.
- No.
- Don't let him move!
- Stay still, Juanito.
Hold him still!
... look at me.
My love, my love.
Look at me.
Stay still, my love.
Stay still.
Did you think I wouldn't
catch you, stupid?
My son. No.
My son...
No, leave him alone!
- Dad...
- My Juanito!
- Dad...
- Juanito, no!
No, don't hurt him!
No! No!
- Bring him, bring him, bring him!
- No!
My love, Juanito.
But hold on to him, man, push him!
Push him, damn it!
That's it...
That's it...
Harder, man. Push!
Push, damn it!
I'm going to rape your daughter...
Juanito... Juanito, son...
Take care of your little sister.
Take care of your little sister.
Little sister...
What's wrong?
They'll be here anytime.
Come in, come in.
Wait for me just a bit.
- Why didn't you ring the doorbell?
-I did. I called you and your phone is off.
That's weird...
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I'm Julia.
- I'm Magdalena.
My cousin.
Hey, why don't we go down?
Andrea must be losing it.
Yeah, that's sounds about right.
- Hi.
- Hi...
How are you?
Fine, you?
- Did you get here early?
- I didn't 'get here'...
Cami, did you bring everything?
- Yeah, why?
- 'Cause you always forget stuff.
Don't overreact, it's just two days.
- And the cream...?
- Cream? What for?
She knows she can't
just go out in the sun, willy-nilly.
You used to hate it...
- It's an old song, do you think I remember?
- Oh, she loves it...
- She knows the whole thing!
- I don't know!
- "The pleasure you seek,
I'll give it to you if you want".
- "Because you're just a boy..."
- This isn't my playlist!
- "I'll give it to you if I want".
- Be careful!
- "The pleasure you seek".
- Hey!
- "I'll give it to you if you want".
- You're going to fall!
- "The pleasure you seek".
- Okay, come back!
- "I'll give it to you if you want".
- Poke your head out some more, will you?
"Give it to you - give it to you -
give it to you".
"If you're searching for
a substitute for love".
"If you love me
you will only find pain".
What's going on?
I don't remember where it was...
... so I'll go ask in that restaurant.
Okay, that "restaurant"...
Guys, get out of the car, will you?
Yeah, yeah, we're coming with you.
Come on now, look.
Excuse me...
Have you heard of a plot
called Las Agustinas?
So, you're taking a trip...
You girls shouldn't be
all alone down here...
What's your problem, little shit?
Hey, hey!
What's your problem?
Our problem...
... is that that's no way to talk to us.
And why would that be?
Because that's not the way
things are done around here.
Straight ahead...
... in five minutes
you'll find the end of the road.
Okay. Thank you.
- Let's go.
- Thank you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Where are you from?
From Santiago, are you from here?
Look, come here.
I have a gift for you.
Put this on your finger.
That way youll have a friend.
"Hi, how are you?"
Whats your name?
- Hi.
- "Have you seen"...
...a pretty girl called Yoya around here?
"Oh, but youre right there!"
"Whats such a pretty girl doing so alone?"
No. Look, have this.
Keep this one, too.
That way, your finger can
have another friend.
- Thank you.
- Hey, why are you so alone here?
Where do you live?
My dad works there.
Take care, okay?
And be careful with balls here.
Since when do you have such a sweet side?
What? Im all sweetness.
- Where did those puppets come from?
- My boyfriend gave them to me.
Theyre cute, arent they?
This place isnt for women, you see.
- Yeah, we already realized.
- Yes, we almost got raffled in there.
Yes, but dont worry too much.
Theyre not bad people.
Its just that theyre not used to seeing...
women like you.
"Like us"? How so?
"Like you"; cute.
Whats your... your name?
- Pedro.
- Pedro.
Were a little late.
And wed better get going.
Okay. We understand, we understand.
The truth is... whats important is that
were here for you girls, whatever you need
- Thank you.
- "Here for you"; not "here for you girls".
- Which way are you headed?
Near here, to Las Agustinas.
Wheres that?
Are you family members?
Yes. I am. Im Gustavos niece.
Alright. So Ill get out of your way.
If anything comes up, call us.
- Yes.
- Were almost the only police force in town
Ill write my number down for you,
do you have a piece of paper?
- No, no.
- No, but...
...its not necessary,
I dont think anything will happen.
Lets see, come over here.
Its been years since
someone has written something on...
... on my arm.
Well, there it is.
Alright then.
- Alright...
- Thank you.
- See you.
- See you.
Hopefully not!
What was that?
- What?
- Oh, dont play dumb...
...The patrolman of love?
Get in the car...
Whos that Gustavo?
A guy that has lots of money...
... but he hasnt been seen
around here in years.
... dont be such a ladies man.
- Lets go?
- Lets go.
So green!
It's so big!
Dude, it's gorgeous.
Its so beautiful.
- Yes.
It looks the same.
Its awesome. How long
since the last time you guys were here?
- I dont know, about...
- A bunch.
... three or four years?
But I didnt come with Cami that time.
Right, no, she came with a guy and then
he completely ignored her back in Santiago
Chill out, Im just kidding.
...It is time to rest.
To rest!
- Hey!
- Yes!
Enough already with the cellphone!
Enough with the phone!
Ill hide it here so you can...
... go look around, breathe in the air...
... hey, Cami, come here.
What is it?
Look, I happen to have
a piece of paper so I can...
-... take this off.
- Whats wrong with it?
Nothings wrong, but why would you...?
I want for us to be okay, alright?
- Dont be inappropriate, Andrea, please.
- Why?
Why would you say that?
I want for us to have a good time.
- Youre so annoying.
- Why?
- Hey...
- Huh?
- Whats that?
- Oh, its a surprise...
... wanna come with me?
Look, look, look!
So beautiful!
Hey, and who takes care of all this?
A local family,
they manage to clean the place... this, take care of the house.
But the birds don't all seem
to be doing that well...
Oh, no, how sad.
There's always one that dies...
Grab it like a man!
Do what I taught you!
Do it!
- Wheres my baby?
- Shut up!
Where is he?
Shut up, God damn it!
Shut up!
Shut up!
Shut up!
- Shut up!
- Where is he?
- The wines here, who wants some more?
- I do.
- Please.
- Lets see, lets see.
- You want some?
- Yes.
Come on, Magda, tell us.
Whats up with your Masters Degree?
- Whats it about?
- The Masters Degree?
Its all about network management,
all that stuff that you just love.
What do you mean? You dont like it?
What do you mean, "yeah"? Youre talking
like youre not motivated at all.
Yeah, I dont know,
I feel like its kind of overpriced...
... and also its mostly Nico
whos motivating me to do it.
- And whos Nico?
- Her boyfriend.
And how long have you been together?
A year... a year.
And youre going to listen to
someone youve been seeing for just a year?
Why would you say that?
Nico supports her...
... hes a good boyfriend.
- Its kind of inappropriate.
- Maybe hes not trustworthy, I dont know
Listening to someone... so soon...
its your future, isnt it?
Yeah, but you shouldnt get involved
because you kill her whole vibe.
Im kidding. It was just a joke.
...but I still feel like everything he does,
he does it so I can help him later.
What do you mean, "later"?
I dont know, like, with his company...
You see?
There it is.
Whos to say youll
still be together in two years time?
Whoa, stop, whats your deal?
You always tell me to think about
the future, that well always be together...
... all those things.
- But thats different, honey.
I honestly dont see
how its different, but...
Because I always deliver, for starters.
You always say that when you want...
- What do I want?
- Alright.
Oh, do you have
some sort of project? Plans?
Yeah, were moving in together.
Look at that...
And how long have you been together?
A month? Two months?
- Six months, already.
- Yes, six and a half months.
Oh. I see.
And have you told mom?
What a pain in the ass. No.
What do you mean, "no"?
What do you mean?
You have to tell her.
Later on.
The thing is, "later on" shell be angry.
Its a matter of respect.
- Okay, but...
my aunt is pretty relaxed, I dont
think shell mind if you tell her now.
Magda, not to be mean,
but stay out of it. Honestly.
... dont treat Magda like that,
she didnt mean anything by it.
You know what?
Im going back in the house.
- But Cami...
- Is she fucking with us?
I didnt want her to feel...
... bad; I thought she was...
Take it easy, beautiful.
She gets over these things quickly.
Shes kind of nuts, but...
... I know her, shell get over it.
Who knows why shes acting that way...
Thats weird.
What did you say?
I better go check on her.
- Excuse me.
- Go on.
Why do you dislike her so much?
I dont "dislike" her...
... I detest her.
But why?
Because I know her.
Ive known her for years,
I know what shes like.
Youre so bitter.
I like her, I think shes really nice.
What did you say? That Im bitter?
Im bitter? Do you want to see
how bitter I am?
Do you want to see
how bitter I am? Look.
- Look how bitter I am.
- Ooh, such bitterness.
- Lets see, lets see.
- Bring it on.
Ill race you, see how long you last.
... would be proud...
... of the way Ive treated you.
This is yummy...
This just got exciting.
Yeah, we needed to put on some music.
Cami, come here.
Come dance with me.
- Oh, no. Not now.
- Why?
Did you drink the whole thing?
- Leave me alone...
- Its the only one!
- Youre drunk already!
- Dont bother me...
How did this happen with
just one drink, Cami? Come on, get into it.
- Do you feel bad?
- No, Im okay.
Youre cold, look at how you are...
... cover yourself. Cover yourself,
cover your feet, please...
- ... you never wear enough warm clothes.
- Okay...
Hey, and what about you...?
... how is it that
Id never seen you before?
- Why are you asking?
- Why do you think?
- Cami, stop drinking.
- Oh, okay, stop being...
But why drink more if youre already...
- ... already drunk, why drink more?
- Stop scrutinizing my every action, please.
- I do it because I care.
- Ugh...
Im glad you came.
- Thank you.
- Youre really nice.
- Im not your nanny.
- So then... leave me alone then...
Do you honestly think I need a nanny?
What happened?
Nothing, the power...
... these old fuses tripped...
... so I have to go behind the house,
poof, put them in place.
I can go if you want.
- Where?
- To fix the fuses.
To the back of the house? Are you going?
Are you going? Are you going?
- Arent you afraid?
- I am not afraid.
Im staying here with my sweet sister.
But careful, though...
... with all the mice...
- So annoying.
- ...the dragons...
-... the spid---...
- Ill defend her, Ill go with her.
Well be back soon.
This is probably it, right?
- You see?
- Alright, dont be annoying, stop...
No, because I worry, Cami. I worry.
I care a lot, I care for you.
You take issue with
everything about me...
- ... the way I behave...
- No.
- Theres Julia...
- No. No, thats a lie. No.
Its true. Whats your deal?
Since Ive been with her,
youve gotten even meaner.
Whats your deal?
Why do you treat her like that?
She treats me well...
Shes honestly good to me.
She's good to you?
- Yes.
- She's really good to you?
- Really good.
- Yes?
- Sure?
- Uh-huh.
Okay then.
... Ill try and be more patient.
- Youre going to be patient?
- Yes.
You have no patience whatsoever.
Okay, Ill be very patient. Very patient.
Okay. Thank you. Thank you.
... would you bring me a glass of water?
- Shit, youre asking for water already.
Im glad its water. Its about time!
You drank the whole...
Water. Okay.
Such archaic electrical installations...
Yeah, but there's no rush.
No rush?
So you like this little outing
to the back of the cabin?
... I mean, I like the whole trip.
Meeting new people, the whole deal.
Oh, yeah? And what would I be?
"The whole deal"?
We'd have to...
... find out.
Maybe back in Santiago.
And why there?
Don't you know one could die
at any given moment?
Whoa, so tragic...
No, not tragic.
- Kind of crazy, I'll give you that.
- Oh really?
How crazy?
The kind of crazy
that drives all the girls crazy...
Are you sure it's all the girls?
Would you like to know?
Okay, we'd better go...
Here you go, mommy.
Why don't we change the music?
Go ahead.
- It shows in your eyes...
- No, I'm just a little tipsy.
What would the old guys
at the bar think about this?
What did she do to me?
What happened?
The old man from the bar
was staring at us...
Let's not open the door.
Shit, I don't know.
I don't think he means us any harm...
What do you want?
What should we do?
Nothing. It's dangerous.
Shit, if they wanted to come in
they would have already done so...
... maybe they work here, I don't know.
... don't open the door and call the police.
Don't even think about opening that door,
I saw that guys face...
Shut up, okay? Shut up.
I don't believe anything you say.
You... you can't just come
in here like that.
I appreciate that you
helped us today, but...
... we're having a party, a private party...
... you can't...
I have money.
I can bring it to you,
and the two of you can leave.
Keep dancing.
No, no, no.
No. No, no, no.
Like before! Dance!
Is she feeling sad?
Is big-tits feeling sad?
"Between your hands"
"I place my life, Lord"
- "Between your hands"
- Clap!
"I place my faith"
- "In order to die"
- Like this...
- "One has to live"
- Clap, you fucking lesbians!
- "Between your hands"
- Take your clothes off.
- "I place my faith.
Between your hands"
Clap. Shit, come on!
"My life will be, Lord"
"Between your hands
I place my existence"
- "In order to die".
- Don't look at her.
- "One has to live"
- Dance. Don't cover up.
- "Between your hands"
- Take your clothes off.
Do you get embarrassed
in front of your girlfriend?
"Between your hands
I place my life, Lord"
Look at me!
- "Between your hands"
- Do you like it?
- "I place my faith".
- Little whore.
"In order to die".
- "One has to live"
- Look at me.
"Between your hands
I place my faith"
"Between your hands
I place my life, Lord"
"Between your hands
I place my being"
"In order to live"
"One has to die"
- Don't look at her.
Look at me. Take off your clothes.
Come on, motherfucker!
Between your hands
I place my life, Lord
No! No!
No, shit!
Who the fuck told you to stop?
Next time I'll kill you.
- Please, no.
Move it, move it, fucker.
Move it, motherfucker. Move it.
Take them off, take them off.
- Please, don't.
- You motherfucker...
- Don't scream, you motherfucker!
- Don't you like to party, bitch?
You see? You see?
Don't be disobedient, you idiot.
You never listened to me, you fucker.
... we're going on an excursion.
Alright, nice and quiet.
Don't tell my mommy.
Shut up, you pieces of shit.
Calm down.
Would you like to kill me?
Kill me.
Kill me.
Kill me.
Does she want to cry?
...I need...
Mother fucker.
What? Do you know them?
Who was it?
Who were they?
The big dude's name is Juan,
and the other one is Mario, his son.
Who are they?
- It's better if you don't ask me.
-I'm not kidding. Who are they?
The weird thing is that
he'd never attacked an out-of-towner.
What do you mean?
That idiot only kills locals?
Let these girls go, let the people
in the big city take care of them.
How can you protect a killer, you bastard?
Well try to do something about it,
see how that goes for you.
We're going to take them
to the station.
That's up to the judge.
Pedro, that's procedure.
You guys are going with me
to the police station.
Once there, we'll call people in Santiago
so they can come for you.
What did he tell you?
Just try and be calm...
...because we're going to
catch those sons of bitches.
We're going to catch them.
Attention, central, Patrol 1 here.
This is officer Pedro Soto.
I need backup. Over.
- Copy that.
A few hours ago, four women
right outside Las Agustinas...
Stop, stop, please!
- Stop!
- What's wrong with this guy?
Wait here.
- It's Juan.
- What happened, Jorge?
- It's Juan!
- Juan? Where is he?
He's at the bar.
- And he has my Yoyita.
- Let's go get backup.
- Calm down.
- Calm down, Jorge.
We're going to help you.
- Calm down, we're going to help.
- But we can't leave the girls here.
- But...
- We have to go, Soto.
If you don't help me,
I'll go on my own, do you hear me?
Calm down. Wait.
We have an emergency.
We can kill this bastard now.
Get in the back.
Let's go fast, please. Let's go fast.
Get in, get in.
You guys wait here.
Before anything,
I must ask that you remain calm.
You know, Jorge. He's a dangerous man.
Shoot to kill.
Do you know how to shoot?
Turn yourself in;
don't make things harder, you bastard.
Little Jorge...
Your father was very different.
He was a brave soldier.
And they used to grab
many women like those...
Shut up, old motherfucker,
and tell me where my sister is, you bastard.
Are you going to leave her all alone
in that cave? With nobody to help?
Take me.
Never stop looking at your prey.
See if that one's open!
The old man?
It can't be. No!
Andrea, open the door.
Let's get out, let's get out!
- We have to leave.
Cami, Cami, no, no. No!
- Cami.
- We can't go alone, Cami.
We can't go alone.
Is he alive?
Water. Bring water.
And alcohol.
Vodka, bring whatever.
Let me see, what could work?
You're going to be fine, okay?
Breathe, breathe. Breathe.
- Look at me.
- This!
Look at me, look at me.
- Look at me.
- This might do.
Give it to me.
That's it. Hold on!
Lift up his head.
Apply pressure here. That's it.
I'll stitch you up at the station.
How are you, my love?
Do you realize we're going to die?
How can you say that?
That's not going to happen.
We have to go find Yoya.
- Yes.
- No.
The bullet went right through,
so he'll be okay.
- Andrea...
- Yes, I heard.
No. Camila, no.
We're going to go to Santiago now.
- We're going to find the police...
- Yeah, the police...
It's just that we can't. Camila, we can't.
No, no.
It's what has to be done.
It's insane.
It's insane.
It's what has to be done.
We're going to go find her.
What? Didn't you say
you'd do anything for her?
I don't know.
I have no idea.
But we can die, Cami.
I have already been killed.
You're right.
Nobody here is going to help us.
And if we call,
nobody's going to come for us.
It'll take them too long.
We have to attack them.
But how are we going to
be able to do something?
No, no, no.
I'm fine, I'm fine.
We can do it.
We have guns.
I know where they live.
Let's go.
I'm going to call Santiago from the station,
so they send backup.
My sister...
I left someone for you in the cellar.
You'll get to be a mom again.
Look, dumbass. Look at your state.
Putting that shit in your body.
React, you fucker.
You're not going to run away like a faggot.
You're going to defend your position
like a man, you hear me?
Do you hear me?
There's that piece of shit.
Come on!
Don't be afraid...
Are you okay? Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Do you know if there are any more
comrades around here?
Over there?
How could you even think... hold this in your disgusting hands?
Cute little rats.
Look at how they ended up.
Patricio and Anita.
Just like your children.
What do you think we have
to do with her now?
This way.
Be careful.
Behind me, stay together.
Follow me.
- Where does this go?
- Just follow me.
The girls! The girls!
Keep going, keep going, keep going.
Let's wait. Let's wait.
My God.
We're going to go get help.
Well be back.
Kill me.
Kill me.
Let's go.
You're going to have to go in there.
- What?
- You have to go.
Make him horny, take your top off,
show him your tits.
What for?
So that when he goes toward you,
I can attack him from behind.
You think he won't notice?
- I don't know.
- What if he attacks me?
I'll kill him.
Do it.
You can do it, you can do it.
Go on, go on.
I trust you, please keep an eye.
I came for you.
I want to feel a man like you.
Hey, didn't you want this last night?
What are you going to do?
No! No! No!
He's a pig, look what he did! Look!
We need him alive.
Where were you?
Let me see...
Thank you
Let me see, let me see.
You didn't kill him...
No. He's unconscious.
- Kill him!
- No.
I mean...
...we trade him for Yoya...
...and then we kill him.
We can't let him out.
Hold on there...
Be calm, okay?
We're going to get out of this one.
We're getting out.
We're getting out of this.
I can't go on anymore.
I know.
There's still a lot in our future, okay?
A lot.
Don't let these bastards
take away your life, don't allow that.
Not now.
I love you, okay?
I'm with you...
Cami, come here!
Move, fast.
Close it.
If you want to live... as I say!
Step away from the door!
Step away from the door!
Careful with the smoke.
Move it, move it.
Get my son out of there!
Get my son out of there!
Your son is staying here.
Mother fucker!
Stand up, Camila, stand up!
Walk, walk.
No, no. Please.
We have to go on.
Come on, come on.
-Listen to me, Camila, God damn it!
Get up.
Get up!
No! No!
How about you?
Move, Camila. Let's go.
Come on...
What's wrong... Cami...
Look at me, Cami...
Look at me! Look at me.
We have to get out, okay?
We need to go get help.
We need to get out, okay?
Be strong.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Let's go.
Your names, brave soldiers.
Ye have been, of Chile, the foundation.
- Our chests have thy names engraved...
They shall be known by our children, too.
Let them be...
...that we release
in our march toward war,
And resounding in the mouth of the stout...
...the wail will always
cause the tyrant to tremble.
Sweet homeland,
which receives the vows...
...with which Chile
swore on thine altars.
Turn around!
Let her go!
Let her go, you piece of shit!
Stay still!
Or this piece of shit's head explodes!
I'm going to kill you.
Kill me, you fucker.
See if you can get her out of this.
Stop, don't say anything else!
Shut up...
You sick, piece of shit soldier!
Stay still.
Don't move, don't move, stay still.
The three of us
are getting out of here, okay?
The three of us are leaving.
Calm down, calm down.
The three of us
are getting out of here, okay?
We're leaving.
It's over.
Hold this, hold it.
There you are.
Please don't hurt me.
Thank you.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Put the gun down!
Put the gun down or I'm shooting!
- Put the gun down!
- Put the gun down or I'm shooting!
- You...
- Put the gun down, now!
...are going to be...
...just like them.