Trauma Therapy: Psychosis (2023) Movie Script

(lighter flicking)
(flame sizzling)
(intense whirring)
(mellow electronic music)
(eerie suspenseful music)
(disembodied whispering)
(intense eerie music)
- [Tom] Three, two, one.
We're live.
(intense eerie music)
How you doin', Victor?
- I'm doing great.
Thanks for askin'.
- Okay, so just for the
audience not familiar with you,
briefly introduce yourself,
and what you did for the
infamous Vance Institute.
- I was an ex-con
who got a second chance at life
when I came across one of
Tobin Vance's self-help books.
And when I was done doing my
I became a nurse and
and started working at the
- Now, that's interesting.
You still credit Tobin
Vance for saving your life,
even after all the things
he's been accused of?
- (sighs) You can't discount
his earlier accomplishments
just because things went south
later on.
(flames crackling)
- Results.
That's what I'm talking about.
In fact, that's all I preach.
If I told you I could
save your dying child,
would you care how I did it?
You'd only be concerned with the
If I told you I could erase
all your fears, insecurities,
and personal issues,
would ya care how I did it?
You'd only be concerned about
one thing.
The results.
- Him, what's his file say?
- [Operative] That's Daniel
His parents died in a
fire when he was a child.
Has suicidal thoughts and
Completed all of the Vance
online courses.
- Put him on the list.
- No.
Suicidal tendencies are too
- Tobin says, "They make the
best members if they pass,
and if they don't, they
got what they wanted".
- Need I remind you
that you're only supposed to
play your part and shadow me?
- [Voice Of Tobin On Monitor]
They missed the big picture.
It's almost like looking at
(keyboard clacks)
the cracks of the statue,
instead of the art itself.
- Hmm.
Okay, put him on the list.
But if anything happens,
you have to repeat that
statement to Tobin.
- Copy that.
- So you need to ask yourself,
what would it mean to you
to get everything you want
in this world?
And that answer, (sighs)
it better be amazing.
- Let's back it up, okay?
Tobin Vance, for the past 20
has been one of the leading
self-help gurus in...
The US?
- In the world.
- The world.
Over 20,000 people
signed up for his course,
and he has ardent, dedicated
followers, like yourself?
- [Victor] That's right.
- It all came
crashing down!
Racketeering, sexual
abuse, money laundering.
Many of the victims,
or survivors, as they
prefer to be referred to,
say that they were manipulated,
that what started out as a
and leadership seminar
became a cult.
- Hello.
I am Dr. Elizabeth White,
and I'm here to say,
You've all been chosen.
- For what?
- The Vance Institute Advanced
Treatment Program, John.
This is a five day retreat,
where you will be guaranteed
You all have contracts,
and I'd like you to review the
- So this is some kind of
(stammers) advanced training?
- [Elizabeth] Mm-hmm.
- It's happening.
It's actually happening!
- Yes, Frank.
And you are all followers of
Tobin Vance
and the Vance Institute Training
and we feel that you have the
to be active contributing
(laughs nervously) You filled
out a form
when you came here today,
and we feel we can help you.
- How?
- You are all invited
to the Vance Institute Advanced
Treatment Retreat Center
in Kirkcaldy, Scotland.
- Wow!
- It's definitely something to
say wow to.
But we are also hoping
that you'll say yes to it.
Please review the contracts.
We want to make sure that you
freely entering into
this agreement with us.
Yes, John?
- It says this is $75,000.
(Frank stammers)
- Yes, but here's the good news.
That fee is waived.
You'll only be charged that
amount if you decide to quit.
- I don't know if I'm
ready for this program.
- You're not sure?
- A five day retreat in
the middle of the woods?
I mean, I just don't know
if I'm ready.
- Are you not ready
to get over your problems, John?
- I mean, I'd love that.
I'd love that.
- But...
But is the killer word, John.
I'm inclined to agree with you,
You're not ready.
That means Tobin does not
want you in the program.
- Wait.
- Good luck, John,
with your life, and your issues.
- Fuck!
(ominous suspenseful music)
- The door is there.
(footsteps pattering)
Anyone else?
(door softly clatters)
Now we have a group ready for
(van engine roars)
(engine rumbles)
(van clanks)
(suspenseful dramatic music)
(dark ominous music)
(fire crackling)
(soft mellow music)
- Welcome.
Welcome, welcome.
I hope you're all as excited to
be here
as we are to have you?
Please, please, form a
half-circle around the fire
and we can get started.
- It's freezing.
- That's not an accident, Lily.
It's freezing because life
is cold, harsh, unforgiving.
Comfort breeds weak mammals,
and we're all mammals, are we
Struggles in life could make us
or they could crush us,
but not us,
because we are about to evolve.
We're about to shed the husk of
the weak,
the impulsive, the
mournful, the deceitful.
Say yes to this!
- [Group] Yes.
- Now, before you were invited
you were given a request
to bring an item of extreme
Now, this personal object
should have significant meaning.
It should be a representation
of the life that you want to
leave behind.
If you'll all pull out
these objects, please?
When a lobster gets too big for
its shell,
it breaks free,
and then it's weak.
It's vulnerable, it's raw,
and it needs to build a
thicker, stronger shell.
We, here, now!
We are shedding our shells.
Now, we'll go around one by one,
and you can explain your
object and its significance.
- My parents sent me
off to boarding school,
but I didn't quite fit in with
the others.
The headmaster noticed that
I had an eye for detail,
and said I might enjoy reading
the greatest detective there
ever was.
To this day, never been without
a copy.
- Sometimes people focus
too much on the details
and they miss the big picture.
It's almost like looking
at the cracks in a statue,
instead of the art itself.
- My father gave me this
doll for my birthday
the year before my mother shot
It was all I had left of who he
before he-
- Before
your mother went to jail
and you became ward of
the state at 13, right?
- Right.
- So that doll represents
someone who is never really
These people were predators,
and you defended the
sheep's cloak they wore.
- When I was little,
our house was filled
with photos of my mother.
I look at this photo,
think that my mom was a
She died of cancer when I was
- Your mother was Feria Lee?
- Yes.
- Okay, from 1980, she started
and did her last runway in 1986.
Then from '86 to '92, she
raised you, wrote two books,
trained show dogs,
and increased funding and
research for breast cancer,
and yet, the image you hold onto
is something that existed for
six years.
If I asked your mother what her
greatest accomplishment was,
do you think she'd say
her modeling career?
(sighs) Frank.
- This is a game token
from Time Warp Arcade.
- Go on.
- Was.
It's an arcade token I've kept
with me since I was a kid.
- You liked arcade games?
- I was obsessed, yeah.
- You told us you lost your
brother in a car accident
when you were 11, right?
- Yeah.
- And where were you going when
the car got in the accident?
- Time Warp Arcade.
- [Tobin] Who was driving?
- My dad.
- You get along with your
- He hates me.
- After that day, did he hit you
- All the time.
- Hmm.
You think you deserved it?
- Well, I did, yeah.
I was the shit brother.
- Frank, look at me!
Your father was driving.
You blame yourself.
You play that victim card.
But your father was too weak of
a person
to admit that it was his fault,
and he blamed you,
so you carry the weight of that
You carry the weight of that
and it's weighing you down.
You haven't even begun to become
the man that you could be.
- I see where this is going.
- [Tobin] Okay.
- This was my dad's...
(Daniel sniffles)
My dad's favorite bourbon.
- And what happened to your
- You know all about us.
That seems-
- What happened?
- He committed suicide.
- You miss him?
- Every day.
- He blamed you for ruining
his life, didn't he?
- Yeah.
- Your father placed an
enormous burden on you to carry.
You drink to feel numb.
Folks, I want you all to
destroy these objects.
Place them right in the fire,
because these objects are
holding us back
from becoming the people
that we were meant to be.
- Fuck it!
(book thuds)
(token clanks)
(somber instrumental music)
- Hand it to me, Daniel.
I'll throw it in for you.
- Don't, Frank!
That's Daniel's past to discard.
- He doesn't look so good.
- [Tobin] Frank has
his own demons to face.
You're all free to throw on a
and Elizabeth will lead you
back to the retreat house.
(somber instrumental music
(fire crackling)
What's wrong, Daniel?
- Don't like fire.
- Daniel, look at me.
Look at me!
You could stay where you are.
You can live in the past,
or you could face your fears,
and become the person
that you were meant to be.
- I can't.
(Daniel softly sobs)
- The retreat is about a
quarter mile from here.
You can walk there yourself,
and one of my associates will
get your
fucking worthless ass off my
you weak fuck!
And then we'll send you the
(Daniel continues softly
(somber instrumental music
(Daniel continues softly
(bourbon sloshing)
(Daniel continues softly
(somber instrumental music
(leaves crunching)
(ominous suspenseful music)
(flames whooshing)
(intense eerie music)
(eerie suspenseful music)
(zipper zipping)
(eerie suspenseful music
(eerie suspenseful music
(suitcase lid clatters)
(mirror clanks)
(eerie dramatic music)
- Your phones.
Having no contact with the
outside world
will be essential for your
You'll be returned your phones
by the end of the retreat.
Yes, Jesse?
- What's with the rooms?
- I'm not sure what that means?
- The walls in the rooms,
they're reinforced.
You're planning to lock us in?
- (laughs) God, no!
You can try the locks
There's no way to lock
them from the outside.
But they are soundproof.
- Why is that?
- In the past,
different people have
reacted in varying ways
to the treatment.
Some yell and scream,
some laugh, some talk to
Either way, that is your own
and not one to be heard by the
- So when does all this start?
- First thing in the morning.
And now, I have good news,
and then, even better news.
(cart creaks)
Each day, you will be required
to take these mental
enhancers and vitamins.
They will help you to truly
feel the effects of the changes
you're so ready to make.
You need to trust us, if you
want results.
- What's the bad news?
- Yeah, you said there
was even more good news?
- Oh, (laughs) yes.
Tonight, you get to have fun.
Introduce yourselves, share
I want you to truly
get to know each other.
Tomorrow, your new life begins.
- Hey, where's Daniel?
(melancholic instrumental music)
- He wanted to be with his
more than he wanted to
grow into a new human.
But don't worry.
Those who fail
end up paying for those
whose fees we've waived.
(footsteps departing)
(bottle clanks)
(suspenseful dramatic music)
- My name is Nicole,
and I'm here to get over some
and trust issues I've had
stemming from my younger years.
- My name is Frank,
and I'm here because I
can't stand up for myself.
- I'm Lily, and I'd like to
work on a eating disorder that
I've had.
- Jesus Christ!
- What?
- My name's Jesse,
and unlike you three,
I'll actually have the balls
to tell you my real problem.
- Hey!
- None of you would've come here
if you had these minor issues.
Trust issues?
Go see a shrink.
And you, buy a book on personal
- Hang on.
Don't assume you know anything
about us.
- That's just it.
We're supposed to get to know
each other.
Truly get to know each other.
That's what Elizabeth said.
So Nicole, wanna tell us
why you're really here?
- I was raped by my father.
(melancholic instrumental music)
- I...
I didn't...
I'm sorry.
- There was a time where I
couldn't even say that out loud.
But as much as you seem
like an asshole, Jesse,
you're absolutely right,
I'm here to change.
And Elizabeth told us
to share our stories.
What's your story?
(melancholic instrumental music
- I'm here for anxiety and
It may not sound like much,
but (exhales shakily)
sometimes I can't leave
the house because of it.
I get in a funk, and I
can't get over of it.
- My eating disorder is bigger
than just a normal issue.
I can't stop myself.
- Well, I've been bullied my
whole life.
When I was 12,
a bully beat me up in
front of the entire school,
and I peed my pants when it
After that, I was known
as Frank the Urinator
for the rest of school.
(Lily stifles laughter)
Go ahead and laugh, guys.
I mean, we are meant to be
gettin' to know each other,
after all.
(sniffles) And besides,
I think this booze is startin'
to kick in.
(uptempo suspenseful music)
(intense whooshing)
(ominous eerie music)
(Frank grunts)
(shot glass thuds)
(keyboard clacks)
(ominous eerie music continues)
(Elizabeth giggles)
(Franks groans loudly)
- Everybody okay?
(keyboard clacks)
(alarm blares)
- What the hell is that?
I'm assuming it's a sign to
tell us it's time to go to bed.
- (sobs) No.
(Nicole breathes shakily)
(feet shuffling)
(Frank grunts loudly)
(Frank continues grunting)
- (pants heavily) Alcohol.
Is this alcohol affecting you?
- (moans) Yeah.
Am I dreaming this?
(Lily gasps excitedly)
(Frank grunts violently)
(alarm blares)
(Frank yells frighteningly)
(Nicole pants heavily)
(Frank mutters frighteningly)
(Nicole breathes heavily)
(chair clatters)
(head thuds)
(alarm blares)
(alarm continues blaring in the
(disembodied whispering)
(feet shuffling)
(Jesse grunts)
(wind whipping)
(door creaks)
(door continues creaking)
(wind continues whipping)
(low suspenseful music)
- [Jesse] Day one, the
followers were given
some kind of drunk cocktail,
which appeared to knock them
It was potentially causing
(wind whipping)
(eerie suspenseful music)
(Nicole softly grunts)
(eerie suspenseful music
(wind whipping)
(Nicole breathes shakily)
(wind continues whipping)
(eerie suspenseful music)
(Nicole pants shakily)
(eerie suspenseful music
(Nicole breathes shakily)
(ominous dramatic music)
(Nicole whimpers frighteningly)
(ominous dramatic music
(footsteps pattering)
(intense eerie music)
(Nicole grunts)
(Nicole continues grunting)
(intense eerie music swells)
(Nicole pants heavily)
(intense eerie music continues)
(Nicole pants heavily)
(zipper unzipping)
(intense eerie music)
(glass clanks)
(disembodied whispering)
(intense eerie music continues)
(glass shattering)
(intense whooshing)
(eerie suspenseful music)
(eerie suspenseful music
(eerie suspenseful music swells)
(Nicole grunts angrily)
(skin squelching)
(eerie suspenseful music
continues building)
(bat thuds)
(Nicole grunts angrily)
(wind whipping)
(bat clatters)
(eerie suspenseful music)
(Nicole sobs shakily)
(Nicole continues sobbing
(Nicole continues sobbing
(Nicole pants)
(wind whooshing)
(electronic static buzzing)
(door softly thuds)
(ominous suspenseful music)
- How did you know she'd kill
and not the other way around?
- We didn't.
- So where is Tobin?
Where is he?
- Come on, man.
I don't know where he's at.
- Oh, come on, man!
Stop bullshitting me.
You know where he is.
Come on, admit it.
He's still running the Vance
He's still running this shit,
but from...
He's hiding.
He's in hiding.
But where?
There's reports he's in the UK.
Yeah, in the UK,
And he's still selling this
bullshit as wellness retreats.
(birds chirping)
That's the reports.
- [Victor] I don't know shit,
(birds continue chirping)
(sheet rustling)
(glass lightly clanks)
(glass thuds)
(sheet rustling)
(footsteps pattering)
- (grunts) Good mornin'.
(Frank groans painfully)
- Sleep well?
- Yeah.
- I passed out.
- I did, too.
- I know, Frank.
I dragged you to your room.
- You seem fine, Jesse?
- Yeah, I was hiding it well.
- Well, if no one's gonna
come out and say it, I will.
Did they drug us?
- We took those pills on their
- Maybe mixing them with alcohol
did it?
(alarm blares)
(alarm continues blaring in the
(eerie suspenseful music)
- Good morning.
First light was a little rough,
Maybe you needed to let off some
- That's what you call it?
- (laughs) Did y'all get a
little crazy?
- Maybe it was the drugs, Tobin?
- Oh, yes, the vitamins we gave
Don't worry, they still did
their job.
- What the hell does that mean?
- The vitamins,
they sometimes have a reaction
with extreme levels of alcohol.
Maybe we should have warned you?
But you are all adults.
- I mean, Jesse here, he looks
- Well, I've been able to
handle alcohol my whole life.
My family are all big drinkers.
- Got it.
How 'bout you, Nicole?
- What?
- I mean, did you have
- No.
No, just a head rush.
- (chuckles) You see?
I mean, y'all look tired,
but do any of you have the
classic hangover symptoms,
headache, shaking hands?
(laughs) You see?
The vitamins do work!
Folks, we know all about you.
We know your fears, your
weaknesses, your issues,
your hopes, your dreams.
Elizabeth here has your
And from now on,
the rest of this retreat
will be focused on results.
That's a word I love to use
So last night, y'all needed
to let off some steam.
It's fine!
But now, we have to
start with a clean slate.
The question becomes,
how do we clean that slate
(snaps fingers) quickly?
(eerie ominous music)
- And what, are these gonna do
- They'll help you focus.
Take them.
(suspenseful dramatic music)
You do what I say!
Who's ready to focus?
Now, how did you all feel
when I yelled that way?
That was scary, right?
You reacted.
When you're upset, when you're
angry, depressed, any of it,
that's all you can focus on.
Wouldn't you agree?
Let's say this.
Say you're driving down the
and you're living with those
You're angry, depressed,
sad, something like that,
and a deer runs out,
and runs right into your car.
What happens?
- You react.
- The adrenaline kicks in.
- [Tobin] Exactly.
Good job, both of you.
Let me ask another question.
When you're dealing with that
what happens to your
anger, your depression,
and your sadness?
- They disappear.
- (snaps fingers) Bingo!
Nicole, good.
All you can focus on in
that moment is the reaction.
(cover rustling)
Have any of you heard of the
Schmidt's sting pain index?
It's a measure of the amount of
given off by an insect bite or
Level one is your basic bee
and it goes all the way up to
level five.
Level five is shared by three
the bullet ant, the tarantula
and these little bad boys right
the devil's tooth leech.
This creature transmits
a venom into its victim.
It's excruciating.
It lasts for up to five hours,
but then, it's over.
We are growing.
(ominous dramatic music)
You were raped.
You are a weak person who's
bullied at every turn.
You suffer from crippling
And you can't say no to
anything, especially food.
Folks, don't shy away from these
Own them!
Focus on them!
Let them flood your mind.
Close your eyes and do this.
(ominous dramatic music
Are you focusing on your issue?
- Yes.
- Good.
(intense eerie music)
(Nicole grunts painfully)
(Nicole pants heavily)
(Nicole yells out painfully)
(Frank whimpers)
(stammers) Please, please,
- You do what I say!
I will not ask you again!
(Frank whimpers)
(skin squelching)
(Frank continues whimpering)
(Frank screams painfully)
(Frank continues screaming
- You think you scare me?
- You tell me.
- I took a bullet to the
shoulder once.
- Oh, yeah?
Where was that?
(eerie suspenseful music)
(Jesse grunts)
(eerie suspenseful music
- I can't.
(sobs) I can't.
- You say yes to everything
and you're gonna say no to this?
- (sobs) Are you crazy?
What the hell lesson is this
teaching us?
- You obviously weren't
- No!
No, I won't do this!
- No-
(Lily sobs)
(Frank moans painfully)
(Frank yells out indistinctly)
(Frank continues moaning
(Jesse pants heavily)
(Nicole winces and pants
Now, who's still thinking
about their problems?
(birds chirping)
(Frank sighs loudly)
(Nicole pants heavily)
- Pretty intense first day, huh?
- (laughs) I'd say so.
- What the fuck was that?
No way was I letting that
fuckin' thing sting me!
- Listen, they're just trying
it to get inside your head.
- Of course they're tryin'
to get inside our heads!
That's the reason we're here!
- I'll be honest.
I feel great!
(Frank pants heavily)
- What?
- I faced a challenge!
I didn't back down!
You know how long it's been
since I tried something
and I was successful?
- You call that success?
- Is there any other way to
perceive it?
Well, what was it for?
- To fuck with us.
(suspenseful dramatic music)
- No!
To clear our minds.
I don't know about you,
but my mind is clear.
(hand taps)
- Whatever you say, man.
- Let's just see how tomorrow
- You should embrace this
- Training?
I'm not gonna take a fuckin'
bite from a giant leech!
(sobs) I'm not crazy.
(dark eerie music)
(camera whirring)
(electronic static buzzing)
(intense whooshing)
(wind whipping)
(rope creaking)
(pants) No!
(Lily continues panting)
(Lily screams)
(Lily sobs)
(Lily continues sobbing loudly)
(birds chirping)
- Good morning.
Let's get started on day two.
- Shouldn't we...
Shouldn't we wait for Lily?
- Lily is on her own path for
(door creaks open)
(low suspenseful music)
(suitcase clatters softly)
- Hey.
- Oh, hi.
- The guy from the speech.
Elizabeth gave me a call and
said I was back in the program.
- You gotta be kidding me?
- What?
- I guess I'm being kicked out.
- What do you mean?
- I failed to do the exercise
and I was punished last night,
and now I'm gone.
- Hey, nobody told me I was
replacing anybody, okay?
I mean, did somebody talk to
- No.
They just tortured me.
Yesterday, Tobin challenged us
to get bit
by this devil's tooth leech
I refused.
And last night, I woke up tied
to my bed,
and there were a dozen on me.
- Holy shit!
I mean, were you bitten?
- So many times that I blacked
- Wow!
I bet it was hard to focus on
while that was happening?
- You sound just like Tobin.
- I do.
Well, hey, okay, I'm just
trying to figure out what
the lesson is in there.
- Whatever.
I guess that's why I'm being
kicked out?
- Hey.
You're still here.
Hey, I don't see any bags
- What's your name again?
- John.
- I'm Lily.
- It's nice to meet you again.
- You know, John,
I don't know,
maybe in some sick way I
needed that last night?
But honestly, when those
bugs were biting me,
you were right.
There was nothing else
on my mind except for...
- And maybe that was Tobin's
- I guess.
- [John] And nobody's asked you
to leave?
- Nobody.
- Then I'm sure you're still in.
And you can beat this eating
- I never told you that's
what I was here for.
- I'm sorry.
(stammers) I was just...
I was makin' a guess.
I'm so fucking insensitive!
So fucking (mumbles)!
What the fuck is wrong with
You're just so fucking
Just lose your fuckin' shit,
and you just fuckin' say
something like that?!
(John exhales loudly)
- When you want something in
you can't wait for it to come to
'cause it never will.
Imagine if I had a rabbit right
what would be the first
thought that came to your mind?
- Don't mind if that thing bites
- (laughs) The essence
of a rabbit is to run.
It runs to its next survival
You need to have this essence.
Do you understand?
- I don't.
- (clears throat) That's fine.
Nicole, let me make it as
simple as possible for you.
What if I told you there was a
rabbit here on these grounds,
and if you could find the
the rabbit was your issue,
and you could catch it,
would you try to catch it?
- Yes.
- Then when you caught it,
what would you do with it?
- Let me guess.
You're asking us to find
and kill this rabbit?
- Is that what you think?
You think a simple rabbit
hunt will solve your problems?
There's no stakes there.
I don't think that'll do
- Then what's the game?
- "The game?"
There's no game.
This is life.
This is survival.
How are y'all feeling?
(Nicole softly gags)
Those pills you just
took weren't vitamins.
They're a fast acting poison.
You'll all be dead within 20
- You're jokin' with us!
- What the fuck?!
- I assure you, your death is
- What do we need to do?!
- You can use these trackers
and find the rabbit.
The rabbit has the antidote in
its blood.
Catch it,
and you live.
(intense suspenseful music)
(grass rustling)
(Jesse mumbles)
(Jesse pants)
(Jesse retches)
(Jesse moans)
(intense suspenseful music
(feet clomping)
(Frank pants heavily)
(Frank groans loudly)
(grass crunching)
(tracker beeps)
(footsteps pattering)
(Frank pants heavily)
(tracker beeps)
(intense suspenseful music
(tracker beeps)
(intense suspenseful music
(tracker clatters)
(Jesse stammers)
(leaves rustling)
(Frank coughs)
(intense suspenseful
music continues building)
(Frank whimpers)
(tracker beeps)
(footsteps clomping)
(tracker beeping intensifies)
(ominous suspenseful music)
(Frank pants heavily)
(ominous suspenseful music
(rabbit squawking)
(tracker beeps)
- Move!
(tracker beeping intensifies)
(ominous suspenseful music
(ominous suspenseful music
(heartbeat thumping)
(ominous suspenseful music
(heartbeat thumping)
(ominous suspenseful music
(heartbeat thumping)
(ominous suspenseful music
(Tobin applauds)
- Instead of anger,
let's focus on relief.
The fear of death changes most.
How will it change you?
(intense suspenseful music)
(water dripping)
(intense suspenseful music
- I wanna get the fuck out of
- Likewise. (sniffs loudly)
- And why is that?
(Frank sobs)
- Tobin tried to kill us out
- What?
- He fucking poisoned us.
- Focus!
I'll ask a simple question.
Do you want to stay?
- Fuck no.
- (sobs) I want to.
- Lily, do you want to stay?
- I'd like to keep going
and see where we're headed.
- [Elizabeth] Jesse?
- Not 100% sure.
- Yes or no!
- If you'd let me finish,
I was going to say, I'm not 100%
(intense dramatic music)
But, yes.
- After you got poisoned today?
- Yet, you are all still here.
- Because of the antidote.
- Yes, there was some danger,
but that wasn't all that
What I saw was victory.
Don't you see?
You all came here with
such massive problems,
and in just two short days,
where are your problems now?
You're all free to leave
but you know the deal.
You'll owe us the $75,000
for the treatment.
- So you're just gonna
keep us here to blackmail?
- No, Frank, we're only
honoring the agreement
that you freely entered into.
(Frank sniffles)
- Where is this going?
Each day has gotten worse,
and worse, and worse.
- But you've got so much better!
I know this is hard to believe,
but if you trust the process,
you will see results.
- I'm not takin' another fuckin'
- Yeah.
- Me neither.
- Fine, I'll eliminate that.
Are we good?
- I wanna give this my all.
- Yeah, I guess I'll stay here.
- (sobs) I can't.
- [Elizabeth] We'll continue
the program tomorrow.
(intense dramatic music)
- Day three, Tobin made us
swallow a poisoned pill.
I'll wait until the time is
right to make the arrest.
Hoping to avoid any damage.
(knocking at door)
(bag clatters)
(door creaks open)
(dark ominous music)
- Hey.
Jesse, right?
- And you are?
- John.
We met at the speech.
- That's right.
What are you doing here?
- Tobin called,
said I was back in.
(eerie ominous music)
(gun cocks)
(eerie ominous music continues)
Hey, man,
I'm a friend.
I don't know what your issue is.
(John softly chuckles)
Clearly, mine is boundaries.
Personal space.
(eerie ominous music continues)
(intense suspenseful music)
(suitcase thuds)
(intense suspenseful music
(drawer shuffles open)
(intense suspenseful
music continues building)
(static hissing)
(static continues hissing)
(static hissing intensifies)
(static continues hissing)
(electronic buzzing)
(electronic buzzing continues)
(static hissing)
(electronic buzzing)
(static hissing abruptly stops)
(eerie suspenseful music)
(birds chirping)
(steam hissing)
(dark ominous music)
(footsteps clomping)
(jug thuds)
(liquid sloshing)
(John sniffs loudly)
(bones cracking)
(eerie suspenseful music)
(footsteps clomping)
(eerie suspenseful music
(intense suspenseful music)
(air whooshing)
- Whatever we all thought
this was, it's not.
- What are you talkin' about?
- What the fuck do you
think she's talkin' about?
The drugs, the poison, the
- It's a maze out there.
- Are you fuckin' blind?
Oh, wait, you didn't have
to experience any of this,
did you, Lily?
- I did.
- What are you talking about?
- The leeches.
- No.
No, no, you bailed on that.
You didn't have the guts.
- Maybe so, but that night after
I bailed,
I woke up tied to the bed,
and they were all over me.
- You see?!
- What?
- You didn't sign up to be tied
I didn't sign up to have
my fucking life threatened,
or have to eat a live fuckin'
- Yes, Jesse,
but I'd be lying if I didn't
that I understood the lesson.
- I mean...
(Frank stammers)
Oh! (groans angrily)
I mean, I get it!
Like, sure, I expected like
or mushrooms, or somethin'.
Okay, guys, it's been pretty
but this is Tobin Vance!
- Tobin-fucking-Vance, indeed!
Okay, even at the initial
conference where we all met,
what did he say?
He promised results!
If your baby was dying,
and he had a solution,
would you care what he
did if he got results?
- Well-
- No!
No, you fucking wouldn't!
Well, guess what?
It's not your babies that are
It's you.
It's us!
We're fucking dying out here,
and he is offering us a
second chance at life!
I know I haven't been here
for the intense stuff,
but I'm fucking ready!
And Elizabeth says that
you're all rock stars?
I am honored to go on
this journey with you.
(dramatic instrumental music)
- [Elizabeth] He's good.
- [Tobin] We'll see.
(dramatic instrumental music
- [Elizabeth] Mask.
(mask clatters)
(door clicks open)
- And then I started hearing
all these weird stories.
I mean, really weird stories
these extreme wellness retreats.
So when did it all start
to unravel for you?
- For me, it was the
experimental retreats.
They became too violent,
- Violent?
- Too militant,
- Militant.
- Everyone was trying to outdo
each other
to get to the top of the
- The top being Tobin.
Tobin Vance!
- Thank you all for making it
this far.
Today's exercise is a variation
something called family
John here has been
through a lot in his life,
so we're gonna aid him
by guiding him through
a moment in his history,
taking on the traits of his
John, do you understand?
- Yeah, I think.
- You simply go to each
member of the group
and assign them a role in your
and then we'll improvise a
moment from your childhood.
John, assign each member
of the group a role from your
and then let's begin.
(intense whooshing)
(melancholic instrumental music)
- The first memory I have of my
I was in my room,
and I heard a noise,
yelling, screaming, pleading.
And when I went to find
out what had happened,
my sister was in the corner.
She didn't have any pants on.
My mother was hitting her,
slapping her, cursing at her.
- Quiet, you pathetic, little
- Please, Mommy, please, no!
- [Lily] Wait until I tell your
- My father was putting his
clothes on.
The cunt, the filthy fucking
Jesse, you play me,
and walk in.
- This is fucked!
- (breathes shakily) Let's do
For John.
- I can't do this.
I can't hurt anyone.
- But you did, you did.
You raped my sister.
You beat my mother.
And you did stuff to me.
You monster!
- You think, wee man?
Just wait.
I'll show ya a real fucking
- [Nicole] (sobs) Daddy,
please don't hurt him!
Please, Daddy, don't hurt him!
- Come on, Dad.
Show me what you got.
- I will fucking destroy you!
(dark suspenseful music)
- Good, Frank.
How do you feel?
Do you feel powerful?
- Yeah.
- [Tobin] Big man hittin' women.
Jesse, walk in and ask what's
- What's happening?
- Nothing's happened dear.
I just hurt myself again.
I'm just clumsy.
Go to bed now.
- I'll tuck your sister into
- You monster!
You fucking monster!
- You are this.
You are sick!
You are deranged!
(John pants)
I'll show you the biggest
man you've ever fucking seen!
(John continues panting)
I will fucking devour you!
(Frank yells angrily)
(intense whirring)
- Don't!
(blows landing)
(blows continue landing)
(Frank grunts angrily)
- [Nicole] Frank, stop!
(Nicole pants heavily)
- (whimpers) No!
(Frank sobs)
(Frank mutters indistinctly)
(sobs) What?
What did I do?
- Perspective, ladies and
Good, bad, ugly, it's humanity.
It's disgusting!
It's painful,
but it's manageable,
if we can explore how it
unfolds, and how we perceive it.
What is going through
your body right now?!
- (sobs) I'm scared.
- [Tobin] Scared of who?
- (sobs) Scared of you.
- [Tobin] Expand on that.
Scared of who?
You're scared of your father.
- (sobs) Yeah.
- You inhabited him very well,
- [Frank] (sobs) I don't
know what the fuck.
(Frank mutters indistinctly)
- Frank, did you feel powerful
when you were telling
everyone else what to do?
(suspenseful dramatic music)
- Maybe.
- No, no, no, maybe!
Yes, strength and power!
I want you to hold onto those
It wasn't for the right reasons,
but you hold onto them.
Frank, look at me!
Look at me.
Look at me.
Strength, power, courage,
You are not your father,
but you can take his best
and keep your moral compass.
- I felt like I was
turning into someone else.
- You were experiencing the
emotions of John's sister.
Telepathy is real, folks.
It exists when we let others
inside our experiences,
but we can't let everyone in.
How'd they do, John?
- I hate them.
I hate them,
but I understand them now.
- I think we all learned
a lesson here today.
(door clatters open)
(footsteps pattering)
- Please exit the hall.
We're finished for now.
I highly recommend a nap
before the next stage.
Food and drinks will be brought
to your rooms momentarily.
This exercise is so emotionally
you may feel a bit strange,
so I would like you to
eat and drink everything,
as you'll need all the calories
to replenish your energy.
(intense suspenseful music)
- I can see the worry,
the fear of anticipation,
but today is simple.
When the world is holding you
you need to focus your aim on
your goal,
so that when life propels you
you can hit your target.
There's something so simple
about picking up a rifle,
pointing at your target,
setting your sights,
and then, bam, (laughs)
hitting the target.
(exhales loudly) Today, I
need your energy up, folks.
There'll be no more vitamins or
- Or poison?
- Or poison.
Just pure adrenaline for a
simple task.
Each of you will pick up a
and point it at that target,
and that target is your issue,
and the bullet is your energy.
I want you to flood your mind.
Focus, truly!
When that is filling your mind,
your issue is in your mind,
that's all you can focus on,
then you pull the trigger,
and you destroy that problem!
Simple enough?
Anyone shot a rifle before?
- I have.
- Good.
John. (chuckles)
Now, breathe.
That target is your problem,
and that bullet is your energy.
When you are ready, you let it
(John pants and grunts)
(gunshot blasting)
(bullet whizzing)
(Tobin laughs)
John, how do you feel?
- I feel freakin' amazing.
(Tobin evily chuckles)
(John pants heavily)
- Frank, you're next.
(gunshot blasting)
Try again.
(gun clacks)
(gunshot blasting)
(bullet whizzing)
Lily, you're next.
(gunshot blasting)
Try again.
(gun clicks)
(gunshot blasting)
(Lily sighs)
(gun clicks)
Don't disappoint me.
(gunshot blasting)
(bullet tinging)
(intense suspenseful music)
Jesse, you're up.
(gun clicks)
(uptempo dramatic music)
(gunshot blasting)
(bullet zinging)
Jesse, where did you
learn to shoot like that?
- Boy Scouts.
- Wow, I didn't know they
had rifles in Boy Scouts?
I'm glad.
(uptempo dramatic music)
- Piece of cake.
- Well, hang on then.
Maybe this is all a little too
(uptempo dramatic music
(Henry moans)
(Henry breathes rapidly)
- What the hell is this?
- This?
This is a pig who raped three
Let's welcome Henry to our
little party.
- Hang on.
- No, no, you hang on!
You make a choice right now.
Don't think, react.
You can hit the target, or
you can hit the pig rapist!
- No, we have to
call the police.
- Stand down, Jesse!
- Fuck you!
If Nicole does that-
(guns clanking)
- No one moves!
(suspenseful dramatic music)
Your choice.
(suspenseful dramatic music
(suspenseful dramatic music
- Come on, don't do this!
(Lily sobs)
- You're not a killer!
- You don't fuckin' know me.
(gunshot blasting)
(skin squelching)
(Henry moans)
(gun clicks)
One more.
- No, Nicole, stand down.
- Let her do it.
- What did you say?
- I said, "Let her do it!"
- You don't make the rules here,
I'd watch myself, if I were you.
Day four is over.
Let's go back to the cabin.
(footsteps pattering)
- Hey.
So you don't have the
balls to finish him off?
- John...
- Let me show you how it's done.
(gun clicks)
- John?
- No, don't do it!
- No!
(Henry breathes shakily)
(gunshot blasting)
- Yeah! (giggles)
- Out of my way.
- Jesse.
(uptempo suspenseful music)
(uptempo suspenseful music
- Bro, what are you doing?
(feet shuffling)
- Jesse, wait!
- Everybody stay back!
- What are you doin', Jesse?
- We've got a situation here.
A fuckin' murder!
(pants) It's you.
(Jesse pants heavily)
A man just got murdered,
and shit is about to go down.
I'm a police officer.
Do you understand me?
(alarm blares)
(footsteps pattering)
(alarm continues blaring)
- Okay, so these people
who sign up (mumbles)
a bit skeptical, wouldn't they,
in light of what's goin' on?
- He's convincing.
- [Tom] He's what?
- He's very convincing.
- So was Hitler.
So was Hitler.
- You give that man a
stage with a few people,
he'll have an army of
followers in no time.
(intense whooshing)
- [Tobin] Wake up, Nicole.
- Who is that?
(hostage breathes heavily)
- I'm proud of you, truly.
You showed real initiative on
the range.
You must have an anger inside.
- The first night I was here,
did I kill him?
- Yes.
You are strong.
You are not a victim.
I know everything about you.
I know your thoughts.
I'm in your head.
You're not weak.
You're a fighter!
And you will prove that,
finally, once and for all.
- Is this your idea of a cure?
Turn me into a murderer?
- No, I promised you I'd give
you results.
I'd cure you.
Your weakness was taken away
from something that
happened a long time ago.
Tell me what that was,
and don't dare give me that
about your mother shooting your
and you becoming ward of the
- My father raped me when I was
- Yes.
Say it again, Nicole.
- My father raped me when I was
- What happened after?
- After I reported him,
nothing happened.
Nobody believed me,
and then, he left.
He left my mother and me,
and we never saw that piece of
shit again.
- That memory is holding you
You need to get your
father out of your head.
- There's no way that's ever
gonna happen.
- What if you can get
him out of your life?
(hostage whimpers)
(dark ominous music)
(hostage breathes shakily)
- Where did you find this pig?
- You don't need to know that.
All you need to know is that he
is here,
and he is the source of your
and if you can rid the world
of one more piece of shit,
then you will rid the world
of everything that is holding
you back!
- No, leave it on.
I don't wanna hear his voice.
I hear it enough in my head.
(dark ominous music)
(hostage pants heavily)
(dark ominous music continues)
(dark ominous music continues)
(hostage whimpers muffled)
(dark ominous music continues)
(hostage whimpers muffled)
(dark ominous music swells)
(skin squelching)
(Nicole screams violently)
(Nicole continues violently
(hostage yells out painfully)
(skin squelching)
(Nicole grunts angrily)
(hostage yells muffled)
(skin squelching)
(hostage yells out painfully)
(skin squelching)
(hostage moans painfully)
(dark intense music)
(dark intense music continues)
(gentle orchestral music)
(gentle orchestral music
(dark ominous music)
- You can make a choice, Frank.
You can prove that you
could stand up for yourself.
- I'm not the person I was.
I could man up.
I could do things.
- Good, Frank, good.
- You just tell me what I need
to do.
- Take that bat and crush it.
Smash it to pieces.
(intense eerie music)
What are you waiting for?
- It's...
It's crying.
(bat clatters)
- What are you doing?
- It's...
Is that...
Is that...
- Pick up the bat and smash it.
- (stammers) I can't.
I can't.
- Yes, you can!
Pick up the bat and smash it!
Do it!
- No!
- Crush your fears!
- No!
- Good, Frank.
- What's he doin' here?
- John here doesn't hesitate.
He takes what he wants.
That man is a pedophile
who needs to be punished.
(gunshot blasting)
(intense eerie music)
So what now, Frank?
You made a choice.
You stood up to me.
(intense eerie music continues)
- (sobs) I'm so sorry!
I couldn't do it.
(Frank continues sobbing)
I just couldn't go through with
(Frank continues sobbing)
- Dammit, Frank!
You were there!
You were so close!
You stood up to me!
You challenged me, and then...
Blew it.
Get him the fuck off this earth!
- Sorry, Frank.
(gunshot blasting)
(body thuds)
Lost another one, huh, Tobin?
(Lily groans)
(eerie ominous music)
- (whimpers) What the fuck is
going on?
- Lily.
Oh, Lily,
I'm proud of the way you've
embraced these trainings.
- What the hell?
What happened to Frank?
- Focus, Lily.
- I'll handle this, John.
- Lily, my dear, you've done
You've changed!
But you really haven't
faced that many challenges.
- (sobs) Is Frank dead?
Are you gonna kill me?
- Shut it!
You say Frank's name one more
and I swear to god,
I'll have John put a bullet in
your head,
just like he did to Frank!
(Lily sobs)
Now, what do we have here?
We have a final meal.
A last supper, so to speak.
- (sobs) What does that mean?
- John?
(suspenseful dramatic music)
(skin squelching)
(skin continues squelching)
- (sobs) What are you gonna make
me do?
- You're going to eat that.
You're going to eat the weak.
(Lily whimpers)
Initially, we were just gonna
have to have
you eat some leeches,
but things happened,
and, well, Frank's weak,
and if you eat Frank, you'll
be eating your weakness.
- I can't.
- [Tobin] You can and you will!
(Lily pants heavily)
- No.
- Say yes to this.
You say yes to everything else,
say yes to this!
- (sobs) No.
- Put the fucking skin in your
(gunshot blasting)
- Don't any of you fucking move!
Lily, pull your chair back.
(chair shuffles)
(Lily whimpers)
You're a fucking murderer, Tobin
And you, too, John.
Whatever the fuck your name is!
I take it you're working
for Vance, too, huh?
Well, guess what?
You're all going to jail.
(breathes shakily) I'm a police
That's right, dickhead!
I've been documenting
And I've seen you fucks kill
Twice now!
You're gonna pay.
- Haven't we changed you, Jesse?
(Jesse laughs)
- That is a fucking joke!
This whole retreat is a joke.
- Then shoot me.
- What?
- Shoot me.
Let's see if you have the guts.
- Oh.
Oh, I have the guts.
20 years on the force.
- So what?
You're an undercover cop?
- You stay the fuck out of this,
Had you figured out all along!
(Jesse pants)
(light suspenseful music)
Sit down!
- No, you're gonna have
to shoot me to learn.
- To learn what, huh?
That I can put down a piece of
I already learned that.
- Do it now!
- Shut the fuck up!
Both of you!
- Pull the trigger!
(Jesse pants)
(Jesse whimpers)
(gunshot blasting)
(Jesse breathes heavily)
(light suspenseful music
(Jesse whimpers)
- You!
(stammers) You fucking bastards!
You loaded my gun with blanks!
(Jesse whimpers)
- Did we, Jesse,
or did you?
- What the fuck are you talkin'
I'm a police officer.
I've been a police officer for
20 years!
- You're not a cop.
You're simply insane.
(Jesse whimpers)
(door creaks)
(footsteps clomp)
(paper rustles)
- Jesse Donovan,
in and out of psychiatric
since he was 12-years-old.
Rejected by the Police Academy
six times.
Arrested twice for
impersonating an officer.
(Jesse whimpers and sobs)
- (stammers) But my gun?
- Jesse, you're not a cop.
You're a nobody.
You're gun has blanks in it.
The same blanks you bought.
- (sobs) No.
(Jesse continues sobbing)
- (stammers) Blanks.
(Jesse pants heavily)
(gun cocks)
(Jesse pants)
Still do the job this way!
(Jesse whimpers loudly)
- No, Jesse, wait!
(gunshot blasting)
(body thuds)
That was the first time in a
long time.
That was not the result that I
- And Jesse, too, huh?
- What's that?
- You just keep failing.
(Lily sobs shakily)
(skin squelching)
(Lily breathes heavily)
(skin continues squelching)
(Lily moans)
- Clean this mess up.
(Lily continues moaning)
(skin continues squelching)
(soft suspenseful music)
- [John] Maybe he's lost the
ability to close candidates?
- What are you getting at?
- Tobin wanted Jesse as an
Frank, too.
He wanted all of them,
and he only got two.
Not to mention,
when he went easy on
Henry at the gun range.
- What are you saying, John?
(John exhales loudly)
- Is Tobin the man he once was?
- Victor?
So is that what he's doing now?
Creating an army?
- You've got a problem.
You don't know how powerful you
But it's not your fault!
And you have no one to blame,
so you blame yourself!
- I'm sorry, Tobin doesn't
want you in the program.
- I'm done talking about this.
I don't know shit about what
he's doing.
- Starting...
An army.
(footsteps pattering)
- Your number one goal should
be to find your purpose!
But you can't!
Because first, you need
to find your enemy,
identify them,
so that you can rise up,
and crush them!
When you do that,
the possibilities are endless!
And you can rule the world!
- I said I was done talkin'
about this.
And when I say I'm done, I'm
Got it?
- Got it.
You got it?
Got it out there?
Got it here?
Got it...
Got it everywhere again.
(intense dramatic music)
- Now, let's talk about results.
(suspenseful dramatic music)
(suspenseful dramatic music
(suspenseful dramatic music
(suspenseful dramatic music
(suspenseful dramatic music
(suspenseful dramatic music
(flames crackling)