Travels of Hibari and Chiemi (1962) Movie Script

(Hibari Chiemi no Yaji Kita Dochu)
Planning by:
Screenplay by:
TAKASAWA Kazuyoshi
Music by: YONEYAMA Masao
Photography by: YAMAGISHI Nagaki
Production Manager: KAMISAKI Sho
ERI Chiemi
SAKAI Shunji
AZUMA Chiyonosuke
Directed by: SAWASHIMA Tadashi
What a grand sight this is!
A thousand gold coins for
this spring scenery is too little...
I, Goemon, value it at 10,000 coins!
This apricot crested kimono
which has no place to hide in Edo
smells of cherry blossoms.
Young lad named Sukeroku...
Come closer...
And take a look.
What a splendid view.
What are you two doing?
We were practicing our acting.
You spoiled the mood.
Rokusuke, what did you
think of my acting just now?
Wasn't it great?
How can you put us in
charge of the footwear?
You have no eye for talent.
Do we have to get into this again?
You are not good
enough to perform on stage.
Is that so?
We will show you!
Listen up, petty officers!
I am the infamous preacher!
I am the infamous preacher!
Excuse me!
That hurts!
If you got your clogs, leave!
Excuse me!
Where are they?
Where's number six?
It's not here!
Shouldn't you be wearing your glasses?
I will just go with my instincts.
Let's hang in there.
Here it is.
One side is stolen.
I have no choice but to give it a shot.
That's not mine.
Will you get your act together?
I'm very sorry.
Please bear with only one side of it.
Stop laughing when we are very busy.
Treat him very well.
He's a big patron.
You both look cute!
He's disgusting!
That was a huge crowd!
I'm exhausted.
The clog and footwear
business is closed for the day.
Oh, my.
I don't like these.
Is there more?
What number is it?
Didn't a mendicant priest come in?
Where did you hide him?
A mendicant priest?
We only deal in footwear here.
If you have no claim ticket, please leave.
What a big attitude!
It must be a generation gap!
Let's go!
Oh, he was an officer!
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Whose voice is that?
The mendicant priest!
Oh, my! The mendicant priest!
Thanks for your help!
Hey! Who are you men?
You can't come in!
A man being pursued
by the police is trouble!
Get out!
Wait a minute!
It must be no fun working all day long!
I will give you something nice.
Here you go.
Drink it.
You will feel light-headed in an instant.
Your life will be rosy.
Is that right?
It's sleeping powder.
Sleeping powder?
It will put you to sleep instantly.
Get out, you terrible scum!
Rosy life, my foot!
A rosy life...
A rosy youth...
We have been slaving at work everyday.
Is this how it should be?
We are quickly losing
our precious youth...
What awaits us ahead?
Day after day...
What we see are...
Footwear tickets and feet!
I'll take these for you.
What dirty footwear!
Truly disappointing!
But we still hang in there!
And a rosy life will unfold before us.
Our rosy life... hurts.
And it's too gloomy.
Fools! Hopeless guys!
You fools!
You won't get away with
losing the precious drugs
to the police officers!
What's more important,
you guys or the drugs?
It's... the drugs.
So you know it.
You want me to thank the
priest for helping you?
What do you take me for?
Priest! Get out!
Jigoku (hell)-no-Kumakichi?
We are not entire strangers to each other.
Is this the precious drugs
that you are talking about?
How did you get this?
The officer had it on him,
so I snatched it from him.
Is that right?
You are not bad.
You can join our gang if you want.
it seems like you are
making a lot of profits.
So I think I will join you.
The drug business is extremely profitable.
Who's there!?
Two maidens!
Did you hear our discussion?
Yes, we did! So what?
I have bad vision but good hearing.
You are dealing in illegal drugs!
How dare you use this
sacred theatre for your
illegal drug dealings!
I'm going to report you to the police!
Step aside!
Get them!
He's an officer!
I'm sorry! It's so dark I couldn't see you!
I can see double...
or triple vision of everything.
The drug boss is here!
Where did they go?
What is this thing that
looks like a bear's butt?
I'm sorry about earlier.
Damn you! How dare you!
I haven't done anything!
Petty officers!
Why are you locking us up!?
We are righteous civilians
that helped in the arrest...
of the criminals!
Shut up! Fools!
Keep your voices down!
We are innocent.
You should know that after
interrogating those scum!
Or don't you know that yet?
I don't know that!
Don't take me lightly!
I won't confess so easily!
Don't act tough!
Why do we have only
mentally abnormal people?
Get in!
Next! Mendicant priest!
Get moving!
Look! It's that damn priest!
- There!
Mister! That's him!
Don't get chummy with me!
He's their boss!
That's right! Beat him up!
Ask him about the drugs
and our heroic act!
He'll tell you!
- Just ask him!
You are being interrogated by me.
Now what?
Are you going to use your right of silence?
All right then!
Do you want to be tortured with this?
Cut it out.
What are you doing?
Katayama, it's me.
It's me, Shichi.
Please forgive me!
Bow down!
Sir Akizuki, you are awful.
Who would have thought
that a sharp sergeant as you
would be disguised as a mendicant priest?
Katayama, that's just like you.
I'd like an audience with the Magistrate.
Akizuki, good work.
It must be difficult to act as a decoy.
I am unhappy with last night's raid.
Only the small fries were caught.
It will be harder to get
to the main players now.
Let's hear your plan.
Yes, sir.
I have made a connection with their gang.
Please allow me to break out of jail.
What? Break out of jail?
You have permission to go.
Get going.
You want us to go?
Just like that?
That's right.
Although I personally
don't want to release you.
But it's the Magistrate's order!
Leave gratefully!
You want us to leave gratefully?
Mister, the prison may
be like home to you, but...
it's a lifetime scar for us!
Did someone rape you?
What are you saying?
I can understand receiving a
commendation from the Magistrate!
But being in jail like this is a
mark against us in marriage!
You have scarred the both of us here...
Do you think you can get away with it?
How awful can you be!
I feel for you a little.
A little isn't enough!
How do you plan to
compensate us for our
lost time in youth?
That's some youth!
Give us a monetary reward
and treat us like heroes!
Or we won't leave!
My head and lump aches.
Throw the two of them out!
Let me go!
Jail breaker!
Damn him!
Mister! The damn priest is running away!
Mister! Go after him!
Hurry! Get him!
They are spoiling our plan!
Mister! I'm glad you caught him in time.
You got another merit because of us.
That was nothing.
You needn't thank us.
We will just take it all in one reward.
Just leave things to us.
You can't escape out of here!
Shut up!
This is entertaining.
They sure sleep a lot!
My big brother sends you two his regards!
There's a big hole!
Oh, no.
We were careless.
We got an award!
And a monetary reward!
The whole town is in
an uproar with the jailbreak!
You two, who were involved in it, don't
have to work here anymore!
Can we perform on stage now?
No way!
I have some traveling money ready here.
Please hit the road as soon as possible!
This theatre and I have
nothing to do with you two.
Please don't pull us into
this drug dealing thing!
What are you saying?
Will you look at this?
The South Magistrate's seal is right on it!
I know how smart you two are...
Your traveling funds are here!
Please leave right now!
He doesn't believe us at all.
Once you go in jail, that's it.
No one will ever marry us now.
It's over for us.
This thing is worthless!
Okay! We will hit the road!
I'm never going to come back to Edo!
We won't be able to grasp
womanly happiness.
Let's not mope already!
Let's go with high spirits!
They have a good life.
What a change! You look
completely different.
Even Buddha won't be
able to recognize you!
I have committed all kinds
of crimes until now, but
this is the first time I broke out of jail.
It's not something you
should do every time.
Thanks to you, I have gained more clout.
Please make me your younger brother.
Don't feel obligated.
Let's talk business instead.
Just leave it to me.
Let's go to Kamigata to make money.
Is it safe?
If it gets risky in Edo,
then we go to Kamigata.
The drug business is big.
I'm glad to hear that.
It was worth breaking out of jail then.
Keep your voice down.
What nice weather!
You are no fun.
I feel happy!
I feel great!
The air is fresh!
I'm choking...
We left in spirit...
But I wonder how much
Rokusuke gave us.
Let's count it.
He's stingy so he wouldn't give us much.
There's a lot inside.
At least half a year's worth of pay!
You are right.
A gold coin!
It's a gold coin, all right!
I'm happy!
We are rich!
Please come inside.
What kind of business are you running?
A tea stand.
Perfect! Let's go!
We have customers!
We are very rich!
We are going to eat up!
Keep the food coming!
Thank you.
What will you have?
'Daifuku' (rice cakes with bean jam).
- I want 'oshiruko'(azuki bean soup).
Will you hurry.
I always wanted to eat
my fill of rice cakes.
We never got to eat our fill.
I'm going to eat a lot of it.
I can't wait for my bean soup.
I thought they would
make good customers,
but all they are ordering
are rice cakes and bean soup.
We won't make much from
the three day old rice cakes.
Are you teasing us?
How can you not order any 'sake'?
You look like drinkers.
Spirited guys like you
must be able to drink.
How about some 'sake'?
I guess we could try it.
Shall we?
Keep the hot 'sake' coming!
There's enough for both of us.
Here you are.
We are out of 'sake'!
Bring us more!
We have plenty of money!
Don't fall asleep!
I'm awake.
It's delicious.
I'm not drunk.
This isn't much.
Are they drunk?
They have been drinking mostly water.
We haven't used much
of the real 'sake' yet.
Can you see that?
Is that for a funeral?
That's a Mikoshi portable
shrine for a festival.
Put more spirit into it!
I will show them how to do it!
What's our bill?
I will give you all I have got!
Keep the change!
This is how you do it!
It's my turn next.
So you are the type to
laugh when you are drunk!
I have never had such fun, drinking 'sake'!
It taste like the 'sake' we drank earlier!
I have never felt so happy.
What is it?
You laugh, but...
I'm very sad.
Let me see...
There's a bride riding on the horse.
That was my dream.
But it won't happen.
You are right.
We are dressed as men.
There they are!
We were looking all over for you.
Why are you so drunk?
You only had a little 'sake'.
As bad as we may seem...
We can't charge you for water.
We were drinking water?!
I will read the orders from the big boss.
"We have been getting a
lot of police raids lately.
"So sales have been dropping.
"I will be dispatching
inspectors to the regions.
"Meanwhile, be sure to
tighten your guard."
Give me your sales report, as usual.
Let's start with Hakone.
You are great!
That feels good!
The big boss didn't
show up at the meeting.
He's a smart criminal.
Get him when he comes out.
Be careful now.
Don't worry.
I will expose him without fail.
The meeting is at an old
temple on the outskirts of town.
I will report this to the governor's office.
It's the Mister!
Mister! It's been a long time!
What are you doing here?
It's you two again!
Stay away from me!
Don't run away!
Let's have fun together!
We have trouble!
What is it?
The footwear maidens are here!
The footwear maidens?
Don't panic.
Wait for me!
My eyeglasses!
Where are we?
Even the horses will pass it by.
What's the matter?
They look scary!
That sure hurts!
How dare you use her eyeglasses!
Give it back!
Where are you?
Your eyeglasses.
You are Jigoku-no-Kuma!
The jail breaker!
Don't panic, both of you!
Hey! We can't ignore it.
Yes, let's get them.
I don't know if it's
drugs or sleeping powder...
But you take advantage
of people's weaknesses
and engage in illegal activities! Villains!
It's my turn now.
After reaping profits in Edo you
have extended your business
to the Tokaido Highway!
How audacious can you be!
We shall punish you all!
Prepare yourselves!
It sure cuts well.
If this was real...
It'd be great.
They are all watching us.
Stop looking disgusted.
I remember you two!
You are the maidens in
charge of the footwear!
He knows who we are.
Get them!
He's in front of you!
Watch out!
What are you doing?
They are part of the drug gang!
Arrest every single one of them!
I can't move my legs.
After him!
Don't let him escape!
Why can't I move?
Be sure to get Jigoku-no-Kuma!
After him!
I'm falling!
You did it again! Darn!
It was getting smaller, too!
This is so relaxing.
We will be at Oi River tomorrow.
Are we going to ride the
litter across the river?
That's expensive.
Let's ride on their shoulders instead.
Not a single woman came in.
Excuse me.
Nice temperature.
This is a gloomy inn.
I was waiting in the
woman's bath for an hour.
I wonder if there are
only guys staying here.
This is my enjoyment at the inns.
The water got into my nose.
I can't sing now.
I feel dizzy after soaking
in there for an hour.
You are both in here for a long time too.
Don't faint now.
See ya.
Keep it quiet!
I'm sorry.
Okimi, was it?
Go back to being a
woman and find happiness.
Go back to Edo.
It's the priest!
Get up!
What is the matter?
What happened?
She's not here.
Go back to being a woman.
You will make a good wife.
Do you think so?
Yes, I do.
Go back to Edo now.
It's that priest!
What happened?
It's the playboy!
I'm sorry.
Aren't you glad it wasn't
someone else's room?
Don't be so tense.
You were in the bath too long!
Seijuro, they have to take baths too.
I know, but they were
soaking for too long.
That is why it got to their heads.
And they made such a riot in the night.
I will give you two good medicine.
Right, Seijuro?
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Do you have something to cure snores?
Is it for you?
I have all kinds of medicine.
You are truly fortunate.
This is the famous, instantly effective
medicine from Izumi-ya!
And he's the master there.
Sir, which one shall I give them?
You should have no nightmares with this.
And you won't snore.
Thank you.
This is great.
I can sleep in peace.
Thank you.
Can you see that?
I can feel it.
How long do we have to pose as men?
I wonder where he went.
I haven't seen him for three days now.
I won't catch up to him.
Who are you talking about?
Who are you talking about?
Hey! We are leaving!
I have to catch up to my wonderful man!
That's going to determine if
I will have a rosy life or not!
I won't let the rain stop me!
Well spoken! Same here!
That's the spirit!
What is it?
It's him!
It hurts.
What's the matter?
We are postponing the departure.
We are?
I have a stomach pain.
You were fine until earlier.
You will feel a pain soon.
We ate the same thing.
I'm fine.
Carrots, burdocks,
cabbage, round onions...
I'm in pain!
Maybe it was the 'miso' soup.
We haven't eaten those things.
I wonder if I'm going to get sick, too.
I'm not in pain at all.
Why are only you in pain?
That's really strange.
She turned into a dummy.
I feel it...
I feel it!
I have finally found you.
I'm not letting you go.
I'm very happy to be with you.
I'm very busy.
Do you understand?
I'm dressed as a woman.
Aren't you going to propose?
You must know that I'm in love with you.
I know that you love me.
You told me that I'd make a good wife.
I'm so happy!
Things are looking up for me!
Youth is a beautiful thing!
You need money to enjoy life.
But you shouldn't do anything bad.
But I don't think that
you are a bad person.
You were just influenced
by your surroundings.
Like your friend Kuma!
He's bad!
His mother didn't discipline him right!
But I think you are a very nice person.
I believe in you.
I want to say this in
front of my friend too!
I will make sure I can!
I have a lot to talk to you about!
But I deceived my friend to come here.
So I have to go back now.
I'm very bummed.
You have made me very happy tonight.
Aren't you happy too?
I know how you feel.
Take care.
Until we meet again!
Leave love to me!
I'm filled with happiness!
Sir! Please brace yourself.
I sympathize with you.
After ten plus years...
I finally know what kind
of woman is your type!
I'm speechless.
Stupid! I'm crying.
But I'm worried about her boldness.
I see...
Don't let it go too far.
Or you will regret it.
After all those drug raids...
The big boss hasn't shown up.
He's a tough foe.
I have my hands full
with that footwear pair!
You might get another lump from them.
Please don't say that.
This one is finally healing.
We shouldn't get those maidens involved.
Will you rush over to Kyoto
and report this to the Deputy?
Now it's her!
Please be careful!
I'm leaving now.
What a beautiful moon.
I never thought I could feel
like this, watching the moon...
I owe it all to you.
Can you feel it?
I was born nearsighted.
Can you understand the pains of that?
You told me to go back
to being a woman...
and to go back to Edo...
But I can't go home like this.
I want to know the real you.
Tell me about yourself.
Please forgive my rudeness.
Will you look at the night ocean?
It's beautiful, isn't it?
He's a wonderful man!
My youth is rosy!
The man I met with
has mysterious appeal.
My lover is extremely attractive!
That is why I'm so attracted to him!
I'm attracted to my man, too!
My lover is better!
When did you go back to being a woman?
Did you find him?
You are so lucky!
Will you hurry!
I want to find him!
I haven't found him yet!
Put on your glasses
and look on your own!
I am looking!
I can't find my man!
It's them again!
I got it! I know!
Where is he?
I know who you are after!
It's that Mister!
That's not nice!
He's stupid and he has a lump on his head.
I just wanted to borrow money from him.
We have no money for dinner.
I just remembered.
It's no laughing matter.
They showed up again!
They have come to Kyoto!
That's right, I'm a man.
Let's run away!
Let's make our plans.
Is it time?
Please wait.
I have to go back to being a man...
How pretty...
It's so pretty!
I want to wear a kimono like this.
I want to eat my fill of 'daifuku'.
I want to have 'oshiruko'.
It was the first time...
The first time in my life...
that I was held.
I got tense from head to toe.
Is that right?
His soft whisper...
I can't forget it.
That's right...
You are not a villain.
I believe in you...
I believe in you.
That's right...
Hey! Stop calling my man a villain.
Is your man scum?
How rude!
I won't take that, even from a friend!
Do you want to fight?
Get up!
Why are we fighting?
We are friends!
We were both abandoned.
That's true.
You poor thing...
You are nearsighted.
I will find your man with
these big eyes of mine.
You poor thing...
You are such a scatterbrain.
I will find your man with my instincts.
Let's both become happy.
I'm hungry.
It's cold.
Okimi, the sky looks beautiful.
I'm going to read the
orders from the big boss.
"Edo will be split into two territories.
"The first one will be
under the supervision of..."
Akizuki Shichinojo!
Big boss!
South Magistrate Office's Head Sergeant...
You came a long way.
So you got carried away
with the Mishima raid
and came all this way!
You are out of luck!
Shut up!
You have run out of luck!
This place is surrounded by officers.
I'm very sorry.
Bastard! How dare you
trick me all this time!
Fight hard!
Don't lose!
Good job!
Help! Help us!
I'm coming!
What's going on here!?
First emergency unit, go!
One, two, and three...
Run quickly!
Hit him! Use anything!
Wait a minute.
You are one of us, big brother.
You are doing great!
Okimi, watch out!
Watch out!
Watch out!
I can feel it!
Fight hard!
Okimi died.
Okimi! You are alive!
Of course I am!
Fight hard!
Don't die!
Sorry to come late!
Get them!
He did it!
That's it, my love!
My loved one!
Is he your love?
We love the same man!
Here they come.
They are incredible!
How pretty...
I can see it, too.
You sure change attires quite often.
You are like a turkey.
Get your things ready to hit the road.
This is good bye to Kyoto.
This is another huge merit for you!
Are you embarrassed?
Thanks for all your help.
I will do whatever I can for you two.
No, thanks.
We are going to enjoy youth on our own!
We have already made up our minds.
See that?
Please enjoy your stay.
Thank you!
They speak in a sexy tone.
You are right.
Kyoto is nice.
It has class.
Don't spoil the mood.
I'll try not to.
We have a big crowd.
Leave the footwear to me.
We have to work hard.
Otoshi, that's the "Ninin Sanba."
Let's celebrate our new departure.
Shall we do it?
Let's do it!
What are you doing here?
Can't you tell?
We are practicing!
We used to get scolded a lot in Edo, too.
Why are you all alike?
A nearsighted girl and a scatterbrain can't
possibly perform on stage!
We can! We will show you!
Subtitled and Mastered by Cannibal King