Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly (2019) Movie Script

[Travis Scott] Oh man!
I'm not gonna lie, man,
this shit is crazy.
This shit is fucking fun as hell.
[male friend] What's up, y'all?
Yeah, what's up?
What the fuck.
[voice on speaker]
All seat belts checked. All clear.
No! Ah, oh!
So, what?
[interviewer] What do you think
of Astroworld so far?
It's one of the best albums of all time.
The new one with meandFrank Ocean is...
a very... different piece.
I feel like, at some points in life,
you have to just be extreme.
And sometimes, you have to take...
all matters to the extreme.
Astro was a concept
I've been working on since...
I was about six years old.
I feel that...
it's some of the best momentsof my life.
[excited yells]
At moments, I feel that...
that these were times
that you have to really...
-[friend] Oh, God.
-[snatches of music playing]
-[roller coaster sounds]
I'm not done with these niggas, man.
I'm not done with these niggas.
Watch out.
I'm trying to feel the love. Watch out.
Open up, man! Goddamn!
I don't wanna see nobody near me.
Everybody back up!
Open up! Open this shit up!
Where the fuck myragers at?
Y'all niggas get in control, man. Back up!
[crowd shouting]
-[security] Let's go! Move back!
-[Travis] Give it to me.
They said we was going too crazy,
so we had to get the fuck out.
[announcer] If you stay here,
this show will likely get canceled.
[fan] Fuck the security!
I am gonna rush
the fucking stage!
[fan] She couldn't survive the Rodeo.
Not everybody meant for this.
[fan] Travis motherfucking Scott,
greatest live performer on this planet!
[fan] Don't fucking twist it.
Got a problem with La Flame,
got a problem with me.
Youth run this shit!
...the last thing we need now.
[fan] Travis is the best.
[fan] Fuck anybody
that say bad stuff about La Flame.
We gonna kill, nigga. For La Flame, nigga.
[fan] This is what happens
at a Travis Scott gig.
[fan] We just survived Travis, you know,
real Mo City, Houston, nigga shit.
Come on, bro.
For those who don't know,
my name is Travis fucking Scott!
For this life, I cannot change
Hidden Hills
Deep off in the main
Sweet like candy cane
Drop the top
Pop it, let it
[Travis] Everybody take two steps back,
Come on. There's two more people
on the ground.
Just get 'em up. Back up!
Back the fuck up, man!
Please, just one second.
Help him out. Help him up.
Help him out. Back up. Get back up.
There you go.
He good.
If everybody good, put one hand up
to the sky.
[crowd cheers]
One hand up to the sky.
Let's go.
Look, he taller than you.
[guy] He is tall, yeah.
-[guy] That's where you stayed?
-[Travis] No, I used to sleep in here.
Me and my brother shared this room
right here.
Me and my older brother.
He autistic, though.
That's just how it used to be in here.
Made my shit right here, boy.
This shit used to be the livest,
though, nigga!
Hey, Daddy.
Here, this is yours, Jack.
-I don't want that.
-You don't want this picture?
I can't. I don't want to lose it.
-Do you have a wallet?
-I got a wallet.
That will keep himclose to your heart.
Yeah, you wanna keep that.
[Travis] I thought it wasone
of them big pictures.
[granny] No, it's a little baby picture.
-[Travis] All right.
-[granny] All right.
All right, Granny.
Feel better.
-Love you.
-Yep, love you too.
[granny] Okay.
[engine revs]
H-Town shit!
Know what I'm talking about!
[manager] Kids push up against the front
and spread all the way across that
and fill in the whole front floor.
So the pressure becomes very great
up against the barricade.
You will see a lot of crowd surfers
in general,
but also a lot of kids
are just trying to get out
to safety'cause they can't breathe,
it's so compact.
You won't know how bad it could be
with our crowd until we turn on.
[crowd yells] Travis!
Before I go to this next song,
I'm gonna have to invite
just a couple more people
down here to rage
with these motherfuckers.
Whoa, here they come.Ray, Tyler, get it!
Film it! Bizzy! Los! I see 'em!
I see 'em! Security, let 'em through!
Security, let 'em through!
Let 'em through!
[crowd yells]
[Travis shouts] Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Chase B! Five!
Four! Rage!
[Travis] Let's go!
Hey, yo. Turn the lights off.
Hey, yo. Turn the lights off.
Make it completely black.
Turn the lights off the stage.
[adviser] Don't go in that crowd!
[Travis] Where's the [bleep] lawyer?
Why are you not on your job?
-We are on the job.
-'Cause it's a security guy
with a broken leg out there.
-The cops coming?
They want to arrest me?
-They are?
[crowd chants] Travis!
So, we'll go out here
just ready to talk to them.
[hubbub from the crowd]
[cop] Here's what's gonna happen.
We're gonna arrest you.
Take you to county jail.
We're gonna process you in.
Following his show Saturday night,
Travis was immediately arrested
as soon as he walked off the stage.
[newsreader] Travis Scott was arrested
this Saturday night.
Wild night in Northwest Arkansas
lands a famous rapper leaving
in handcuffs.
Rapper Travis Scott was arrested...
I don't even know how to--
Words can't describe how I feel.
[guy] How y'all niggas feel?
Shit, I'm half dead.
Survived, I survived. It's all good.
The best fucking concert in my whole life.
He changes your heart,
makes you feel loved.
Somebody loves you out there.
-It was mental.
-I thought I was gonna die
in your fucking show.
Every time I listen to his music,
I'll never forget that shit.
When I'm with my squad
I cannot do no wrong
[fan] You can fall
and everyone will pick you up.
It's weird how one person's music
can turn everyone into such a family.
You wish you were here.
I cried three times.
[fan] Thank you for everything.
You saved my life.
[fans chant]Go see Travis Scott!
The most lit shit I've seen in a minute.
Throughout high school and shit,
I was, like, super depressed,
and I had no one to turn to,
and... he was the first person
to let me know that I wasn't alone.
I fucking love you, bro.
Thanks for saving my life.
I ain't playin' with these
[fan screams] Travis!
I ain't playin' with these
I ain't playin' with these
-[crowd screams]
-[pyrotechnics boom]
I ain't playin' with these
I ain't playin' with these
-[guy 1] There you go. Let's go.
-[guy 2] Oh, bro.
-[guy 1] Let's fucking go.
-[guy 2]They let him out.
[guy 1] He's out.
Let's get it.
[Travis] My niggas here.
[guys] Yeah.
[Travis laughs]
Them cops said some shit about that.
They was talking about it.
[Travis] I feel bad, though.
I heard about kids getting hurt and shit.
I just hate fucking getting arrested, man.
That shit's wack.
[lawyer on phone] It's absurd
I'm even having to tell you
where they're coming from.
Again, we think, if this went to court,
we don't thinkthere's a crime committed.
[Travis] This is crazy.
[lawyer] It is crazy.
During the show,
you have the First Amendment
to protect you, first of all.
Second of all, you didn't say anything.
And there wasn't even a riot,
but if there was one, you didn't incite.
Yo, let's go!
[radio plays Travis Scott:
"Butterfly Effect"]
Turn this up.
It's maxed.
Murda on the beat so it's not nice
These problems, I cannot change
Ah, I cannot change
[Travis Scott: Butterfly Effect" playing]
Murda on the beat so it's not nice
For this life, I cannot change
[music continues]
I know who I be
We on freeways
But no, ain't nothin' free
We on freeways
But no, ain't nothin' free
And that is just the Drop it down
Yo, that's just a tease
You a lie, you built that on belief
For this life, I cannot change
Hidden Hills
Deep off in the main
Drop the top, play hide and seek
Jump inside, jump straight to the lake
[Travis on stage, rapping]
Here we go!Left side!Right side!
They go fire!
They go fire!
They go fire!
Okay! Boom!
Everybody in this mother--
[music starts]
[Travis raps] Let's roll!
For this life I cannot change
[Travis] What you say?
Hidden Hills
Deep off in the main
M&Ms, sweet like candy cane
Sweet like candy cane
Drop the top
[Travis] Come on!
Pop it, let it bang
Pop it
[crowd cheers]
It's lit
Straight up
[crowd cheers]
[Travis] Was that shit popping, or what?
-[fan] Oh my God!
-[fan] Travis!
[fan shouts] Travis!
[fans yelling]
[fan] Travis Scott, man!
-[fan] Yo, Trav!
-[fans yelling]
[fans cry out] Yeah!
[driver] Yeah!
[Travis] Omaha.
-[fan] Travis!
-[fan] Shit!
Woo, Travis!
[fans yelling]
[fans cheering]
Yo, Trav! Yeah!
Watch out!
[yelling continues]
[thudding against vehicle]
[Travis] Oh, fuck.
[fans yelling]
[guy in car] Whole lot of gang shit!
[yelling continues]
[guy in car]
Gang shit! Whole lot of gang shit.
All right.
[Travis] That was lit.
That was crazy as fuck.
-[Travis] I anoint this tree.
-[girl] No! We need another.
2017 squad tree.
[girl] Okay, but...
someone's shouting at you.
[guy] Who just had that switchblade
on deck?
Kylie had it in her pocket.
[Travis] Right here, one day.
We just need to go a bit harder.
We'll all meet up at this tree
one day when we're 60 years old,
and be like--
[guys yell in delight]
[Travis] Trying to figure out
how much pressure you applying
to that thing, OG.
-There's a young up in there, OG.
So, it's just on the skin.
-The baby is safe.
-Shit going low, though, OG.
-[Travis] There it is.
-[Chase B] What the fuck?
Bro, that shit is too--
Listen to this.
[sound of baby's heart beating]
[Chase B] Man, what the fuck?
Man, that is crazy.
[Travis] No lie,it's the livest thing
of all time.
Yeah, that's crazy.
Do you think Travis has a special gift?
Yeah, definitely, man.
You know, I've known this nigga
since we was like nine or ten years old
or whatever.
When I first got to Texas, so...
to see him literally, like, every step
of the way...
You know... from the first time
he sent me one of hismixtapes
when I was, like, at school
and just seeing that, like, into...
what it is now... I always knew,you know?
It was just the process
of getting everybody else
to figure that out.
[girl] Jack!
[guy] I can't find him.
-[girl] I see him.
-[guy] I got him.
Man, it's going so fast.
[girl] Jack!
[guy] I can't even-- Shit. Where'd he go?
Where the hell is he?
[girl] Jack!
[guy] I can't find him.
[girl] Bye, Jack.
[Travis] Let's get it!
[guy] Bro!
I'd never thought this day ever, bro.
-I promise, bro.
-What, Africa?
[crowd cheers]
[guy] I don't know
if you know about Travis.
But Travis...
comes to fucking...rage!
[yelling greetings excitedly]
Shoot pic!
Travis Scott is my best artist!
[kids yelling] Yeah!
[music starts]
I get those goosebumps every time
I need the Heimlich
Throw that to the side, yeah
I get those goosebumps every time,
When you're not around
When you throw that to the side, yeah
I get those goosebumps every time
-Shoot me!
Come on, baby. Come on.
That shit make a whole lotta sense,
what that nigga
Sheck Wes just texted me about.
[guy] What?
That nigga was, like...
His mom sent him over here
or something...
Didn't know
if he was gonna ever make it back.
[Travis] This motherfucker
has took meto the streets...
of motherfucking Africa!
He might be one of the realest ragers
I motherfucking know.
[crowd cheers]
[music starts]
What's your exact goal for music?
To leave a legacy and pave the way
for newer artists,
like some of your favorites did?
Yeah, that's why I...
I started my own label, Cactus Jack.
I feel like now, I'm in, like,
such a... you know...
good place, so I can help artists.
Before I leave, I just want to leave
the whole world inspired,
and I just want to leave
a trail of inspiration.
[guy on phone] Yo, I'm about to call
Travis now,let him know
the label deal's been finalized
Cactus Jack, the label.
These niggas ain't fucking with me
I just been so hot
That I've been movin' lowkey
Put Prius in my blunt
Ain't smoking no more OG
It was fun and games
Now it's back to controlling
[music starts]
I would agree, a lot of these songs
mixed too high or my voice too high,
know that?
Even in the beginning stages,
I used to try to put 50 different things,
but it'd just be sounding toomushed-in.
-[Travis] Governors Ball was crazy.
This is New York City, right, Chase B?
Live Sheck Wes,
you knowI'm dying, Sheck Wes
-Let's go. Yo. Let's go.
-[crowd cheering]
Live Sheck Wes, bitch
I'm dying Sheck Wes
Live Sheck Wes, bitch
I'm dying Sheck Wes
Live Sheck Wes, bitch
I'm dying Sheck Wes
Governors Ball, I fucking love you, man.
I've been working real hard on my album
and shit.
All the real ragers know...
when it's time, it's time, and it's coming
sooner than you think.
[music playing]
I'll just give you the stems, will I?
[Travis] Hey, OG.
I don't know what you're doing down there,
Down Under...
Man, dog--
Same thing as up over.
What do you call up here, man?
I played you this one, bro?
[music starts]
Nah. That's cool, though.
[engine revs]
Pass it to that guy right there.
[crowd cheers]
It's your time to shine.
It's your time to shine, baby.
You ready?
Shout out to Chase B!
Shout out to Mike Dean!
Shout out to La Flame, baby!
Damn tour, baby! Mike Dean!
OG Chase B! Let's get it!
[crowd screams]
[male fan]
The way he interacts with his crowd,
he's one of the only artists that...
when he comes in, he can vibe
with every single person in the crowd.
He knows what the kids like,
and he knows how to make the kids feel
a part ofwhat he's doing.
...and say, "Yo, you're gonna make it big
one day."
Look where he is now.
[Travis] I'm a fan of seeing the fans.
Like, yeah. That's like a show, in my--
Just seeing people rockleft to right,
fly, that shit is like its own show.
See, y'all like me.
See, if I was yall,I'd be doing that.
Exactly as that nigga is doing
right there.
I'd wild the fuck out.
Always think it's important
to leave a message
for inspiring kids, you know.
I got a big fucking job.
[fan] All day, we out here.
I got front row.
He's eyeballing me up.
And then he's like, "Dude, come on."
He lifted me up. I flew onstage.
Got up face to fucking face with me, bro.
Dude, I don't think I've ever felt so good
in my life.Best day of my fucking life.
[yelling encouraging words]
[playing Travis Scott:
"Stop Trying To Be God"]
That's not who you are
Stop tryna be God
That's not who you are
That was crazy, OG.
Shit was sturdy.
[snaps fingers]
That felt really good.
Yo, my nigga!
[fuzzy recording of music playing]
[guy] Live! It must be Memorex!
I believe that's your son, ain't it?
He got that rhythm, too, boy!
[dad] You see him?
Did you see him play?
Boy, he got it, boy.
He's got that rhythm.
Come here, boy!
[laughing] Come here!
Oh yeah. He do.
You gonna learn to play...
like your daddy.
Boy, you just like your daddy.
[lady] Oh, my goodness.
[dad] That's my boy, here.
[Travis's dad] Here we go.
How's Junior holding up, Mike?
-[Mike] He doing good.
-[dad] Doing good?
[Mike] Yeah, he's good.
He was in there the whole time.
[dad] All right, that's my boy!
That's why I'm proud of him.
Proud of my boy, man.
Got more balls than Dad.
I couldn't do that shit.
[lady] Who wants to cut the cord?
-Who, Dad? Cover.
-[Travis] I'll do it. Where?
[lady] Right there.
-[Travis] All right!
-[lady] Baby!
Travis cut the cord!
-[Travis laughs]
Shit, man! Love you, boy.
[dad] Shit crazy.So you were there
for the whole delivery,Junior?
-All right. That's good.
[friend] Take the steps.
Go outside.
She was on the table, right?
Soon as she got born,
she was crying hard as fuck.
And the nurse was, like, fucking with her.
And then...
Kylie mom was like...
walked over to her,
trying to calm her down.
She's still crying. I walked over.
As soon as I walked over,
she stopped crying.
As soon as I walked away,started crying.
They handed her to Kylie, stopped crying.
this shit is crazy.
Oh, man.
This shit is crazy.
[man talking in the distance]
...a simple question.
One question only.
Who's ready to see Travis Scott?
Make some motherfucking noise!
[crowd cheers]
-[crowd screaming]
-[music playing]
[Travis] Hold on. Hey yo, security.
You don't tell a fan to not turn up
at a motherfucking tour.
Get away from him. Go.
Y'all get kicked out?
[guy] Yeah, let him stay!
[Travis] Y'all good?
Bring that kid back here!
Security, stop being party poopers.
These people just wanna have fucking fun.
[interviewer] Say something to your fans
and give them some advice.
If a motherfucker tells you, like,
you not tight, fuck them.
Just, like, take a chance
on whatever the fuck you got going on.
Trust me, you can do it.
Straight up.
No fear.
[Travis] Put the spotlight on that kid
right therein Section 102.
Right there! Perfect!
Him, right over there.
To your right! Right there!
This is for you.
And you only. From me to you only.
You understand what I'm saying?
Take care of these, all right?
[fan screams] Travis!
[guy] I think just the energy that he gets
from every fan, he feeds off of it.
And it just shows
in his performances, right?
-[crowd cheering]
-[Travis] Come on, motherfucker.
Drop it!
C'mon, move it.
[fan] He will notice you.
You put that energy in.
It just changes your life.
It just makes you feel...
Like, you just go crazy,
and nobody can judge you
because everyone's going crazy.
[Travis] No motherfucking Travis Scott fan
ever gets kicked out, man.
[crowd screams]
You come on back.
Come on, man. Come here, son.
[crowd scream and cheer]
[Travis sings]
Child, don't you open up that window
Don't you let out that antidote
Everybody sing it! Jump!
Poppin' pills is all we know
In the hills is all we know
[lady] Jack!
Baby Jack!
Say happy birthday to your brother
and sister.
[Travis] What up, Josh and Jordan?
It's your big brother Jacques. Peace!
I'm 'bout to bust a flow,
so be ready for this.
I'm about to ready, go
We on this merry-go-round
Hold up, we going to town
He gonna throw you hood up
Like you never did before
I'm coming out with the tint doors
You staying cool with my boy Josh
Oh, man, we stuck, man!
When we gonna pop?
Now I wrecking this piece
Man, hold up
I got them Nikes on my feet
[newsreader] Today, Missouri City
recognized their own Travis Scott
for his accomplishments.
[announcer] Today, February 10th, 2018,
as Travis Scott Day in Missouri City.
[crowd cheers and yells]
This is actually my first award ever,
and I couldn't be more proud
to get it from my own city.
Let's go!
[crowd sing along]
For this life, I cannot change
Hidden Hills, deep off in the main
Come on!
M&Ms, sweet like candy cane
Drop the top, pop it, let it
People, get out of the way! Let's go!
Get back! Get on that curb!
[lady] C'mon, get him out.
[guy shouts] Go!
Up here!
[shouting and screaming]
-[security] Hey!
-[horn honks]
We in this hoe!
[shouting and screaming]
[commentator] The line started early
for this block party and combo shoe launch
in downtown Houston.
So did the chaos.
[emergency vehicle siren blares]
[guy] People breaking barricades.
We broke down the fence, y'all.
[crowd yelling]
[crowd chanting] Astroworld!
[sat nav gives directions]
[guy] Some niggas probably thought
they ain't gon' never see you again.
I just don't be thinking of myself
as that big.
I know, because you put us on, like...
Different, how we look at it.
-Like, you don't go crazy over nobody.
Travis, believe.
-[screams] What's up?
What's up?
Oh, my God! What is up?
Oh man!
Hey, bro!
Group picture.
Hell yeah.
[excited chatter]
[guy shouts] I'm running!
Oh, my God!
[friend] They ain't gonna sleep tonight.
[Travis Scott: "Wake Up" playing]
[Travis] the end of the day,
it's gonna change nigga's drums.
It's gonna change nigga's melodies,
it's gonna change nigga's BPMs.
It's gonna change his flows.
Yo, Trav.
That's what I'm trying to do.
I could wait another year,
and I'll never hear a song like this.
I could sit with this album like this
for life.
[guy] Let's go.
Bicentennial man
Put the city on slam
She get trippy off Xans, lost 21 grams
[guy] Let's go.
We wanna get the first one.
Bicentennial men, put the city on slam
She get trippy off Xans, lost 21 grams
And she did it on cam
Wasn't no video dance
All right., this shit right here?
On the beat, it goes...
-[guy] We'll start with the drums.
-Bro, this track's gonna be sick.
[guy] You just told 'em.
You gonna fuck the club up.
[shouts] Yessir!
Yeah! Drop that shit, DJ. Drop that shit.
Hey, yo! Make sure that beat don't...
In a motel, laying with her friends
I'm tryna get revenge
You'll be all out of love in the end
Spent ten hours on this flight, man
Told the pilot ain't no flight plans
Oh, my jeez!
In a motel, laying with her friends
You gotta get out that pool now, nigga!
I'm tryna get revenge
[Travis] People are gonna go crazy
on this one!
Spent ten hours on this flight, man
Told the pilot ain't no flight plans
Can't believe whatever I'm saying
And they know whenever I land
Fuck the club up
Oh, my God!
Chase B mixes pop like Jamba Juice
Different colored chains
Think my jeweler really sellin' fruits
Go, do your part, nigga!
Some-some-some, someone said
To win the retreat, we all in too deep
Playin' for keeps
Don't play us for weak
[DJ] Travis Scott,ladiesandgents,
on the eve of a very important week.
[Travis] Yessir. Me, I'm on my way
to Mike Dean's right now.
[DJ] Why you going to Mike Dean's?
The album not done? What's going on?
[Travis] You know, me and Mike,
we go all the wayinto the final day.
Im gonna get back.I'm gonna call--
Let me get on the phone with David.
[guy on phone] Okay, great.
Get on the phone with David, let me know.
But Mike bouncing the mixes right now.
Money, got new problems
Got new enemies
When you make it to the top
It's the amenities
[guy on phone] If you guys got that done,
you can send us that now?
-[Mike] Not yet.
-Get moving.
-All right.
-[Mike] Thanks.
[interviewer] What's left to do?
We're waiting on some vocals
from somebody.
It's lit
Got me goin' crazy
Psychedelics got me
[track starts and stops]
[track starts and stops]
-[track starts]
-It's most like the sound.
It's like even the drums are shaking, man.
And this one's a little more distorted,
which may be better.
You know?
If I take you to my past
You will be traumatized
Got 1,000 kids outside
That's tryna come alive
99 took AstroWorld
It had to relocate
Told the dogs I'd bring it back
It was a seal of
-[music stops]
-[Mike] Yeah.
[Travis Scott: "Sicko Mode" playing]
Baby mama cover Forbes
Got these other bitches shook, yeah
[Mike] We got.. patch this to my...
Yeah, pass this to my daughter
I'mma show her what it took
Baby mama cover Forbes
Got these other bitches shook, yeah
You know this shit, it's life, yeah
It's absolute, yeah
I'm back, reboot
It's lit
LaFerrari to Jamba Juice, yeah
We back on the road, they jumpin' off
No parachute
Yeah, shawty
I still got scores to settle, man
I crept down the block
Made a right, yeah
Let's get it!
Niggas think it's sweet
It's on sight
Nothin' nice, baguettes in my ice
"Nothin' nice!"
Jesus Christ,checks over stripes
That's what I like
"Checks over stripes!" We back!
We back! Let's get it!
We back. Back!
Let's get it!
He made this hoe like an hour long.
Oh, yeah, he went stupid.
Let's go.
Look at Mike Dean.
-What's it at, man?
-Astroworld, done.
[Travis] Somebody from safety, help.
Hop in there and help these people, man.
Yo, open up. Let these people through.
Everybody in the front, open up.
Everybody, open up.There we go.
Help him out.
Yo, can we get paramedics
in there, please?
What the fuck?
Have they got it?
There's one more right here.
There's one more right here.
In the middle, we good?
Thumbs-up if we good.
I need thumbs-up if we good.
I need thumbs-up if we good.
If we good, let me get a "Hell, yeah!"
-[crowd yells] Hell, yeah!
-[Travis] Say, "Hell, yeah!"
[crowd] Hell, yeah!
[Travis yells] Astroworld!
[crowd screams]
[Travis] Let's go!
Rollin', got me stargazin'
[commentator] Travisfinally blessed us
with the long-awaitedAstroworld.
...Astroworld from Travis...
[DJ] At this time,
it feels like hip-hop's future.
[show host] I have a thousand questions.
-But, first of all, congratulations, man.
-Thank you.
You're crushing it.
I mean, number one album
platinum, the whole deal.
-I gotta say, the record's awesome.
[crowd cheering]
[horn honks]
[excited chatter]
-[guy 1] Who's there?
-[guy 2] Travis Scott and Kylie.
Guys! Back up. Come on, guys!
Back up for me!
I need this door clear!
Back up! I need this vehicle door clear!
I need this vehicle door clear! Back up!
[fan shouts] Yessir!
Astroworld, number one!
[security] ...thank you so much, guys!
Back up for me.
You're not gonna miss anything, I promise!
[Travis] Let's go. Come on.
[fan shouts] Kylie!
[fan shouts] Kylie!Travis!
[girl] Oh, my God!
[Travis] This shit is insane.
Nobody can translate
See the Earth, then it froze
If you scared of heights
Baby, keep them eyes closed
Feelin' like Biggie
'Cause his money ain't a thing
Might need more champagne
So niggas can make it rain
Hands up!
Damn, niggas. How many people right there?
You got about 15 people.
And two of them is your girl and Head.
[guy] Y'all been togetherthat long?
[muffled sound of music]
I've got a tech issue.
[Mike] We wanna get videos
and then we're gonna work
through cueing and do laser stuff tonight.
Then you and I will talk tomorrow
and work out how this goes.
[lady announcer]
Ladies and gentlemen, Travis Scott!
Feels like the life I need's
A little distant, yeah
[playing Travis Scott: "Astrothunder"]
[crowd cheers]
[yells of excitement]
-Good one, brother!
That was great!
The fucking choices you made
for the live one...
-[Travis] Man.
-You were singing from pure excitement.
You made those notes happen
'cause you were happy.
I love when people get that melodic
'cause they're happy.
Thank you, man.
Yeah, man.
[guy] Damn legends, man.
[girl] Good job.
[guy] Fucking legends.
Pass this to my daughter
I'mma show her what it
Baby mama cover Forbes
Got these other... shook, yeah
Flew me to New York and gave me this.
Know what I'm saying?
Put it down for the city.
For the state of Texas.
You know what I'm saying?
[excited screams]
What happening?
What happening, Daddy?
-[dad] Jack, stop.
-What happened?
[show host] Thanks for joining us.
Turn out the lights, the party's over.
37 years of Houston history
have come to a close.
Six Flags AstroWorld
shut downfor good this evening.
[commentator] AstroWorld may be no more.
AstroWorld is gone.
[lady newsreader]
Some fans just didn't want to say goodbye.
[male voice-over] It's finally time...
for the last ride.
This is the last ride
that I'm ever gonna take in AstroWorld.
[newsreader] As you know,
AstroWorld is gone,
but a guy who was crazy about the place
just won't let it go.
[lady newsreader] No, and this weekend,
his Houston dream is coming true.
We're talking about Travis Scott's
inaugural Astroworld Festival
at NRG Park.
[newsreader] It's just across the street
from the old site of AstroWorld.
It will be a shutdown show.
[crowd cheering]
[chanting] Astroworld!
[crowd cheering, bashing gates]
They're tearing down the gates!
[security on radio]
They're tearing down the gates.
[cheering, yelling]
[chanting] Five, four,
three, two, one!
[security guy] Get out of the way!
[crowd roars]
[crowd cheers]
[playing Travis Scott: "No Bystanders"]
Fuck the club up
What? Fuck the club up
Fuck the club up
Fuck the club up
Fuck the club up
The party never ends
-[guy] That's where AstroWorld was?
-[Travis] Right here, fool.
We going toAstroWorld.
"Bro, come, pick your niggas up!"
That was right here, bro.
It's crazy, bro!
-For real?
-It's so insane!
Thank you to my boy Travis
for bringing Astroworld Fest to H-Town.
Putting it on for H-Town, worldwide.
Hey, you the big homey now.
You everybody's big homey now, bro.
Keep that shit up, bro.
Whole city ridin' with you,
love you, basically.
[Travis] This shit feel like it's not--
Know what I mean?Like, I'm at a festival.
Like, somebody else's shit.
You know what I'm saying?
We go to these festivalsand shit be like,
unreachable, like...'s never been done.
That's whyI lookat this shit, like,
"What the fuck, bro?"
Like, I'm on some emotional shit.
Like, this shit crazy.
[crowd cheering]
[crowd chant]Stormi!
[crowd cheering and screaming]
[guy shouts] Everybody get your hands up
for Travis Scott!
[music starts]
-Everybody say"Astroworld!"
-[crowd] Astroworld!
-Say "Astroworld!"
-[crowd] Astroworld!
-Say "Astroworld!"
-[crowd] Astroworld!
[fireworks explode]
[fan] You know, he never forgot
where he from.
You know, looking out for the kids here.
Everything he does is for the kids.
[fan] A festival!
It's probably back next year,
so it's inaugural.
Come on, bro.
Anything's possible.
I think it's time for the Grammys
to find outwho Travis Scott is.
[fan] Wake up, Grammys!
We want Album of the Year,
but we don't want just hip-hop, bro.
We want Album of the Year.
[newsreader] I don't think we can move on
until it comes out.
Let the chips fall where they may,
then we continue.
There are a lot of talented people
who are working here
and have done a really good job.
I can't find it anywhere.
[lady on TV] Just as much as
it is about me,it's about...
Check your phone.
They already announced some of them.
[TV] ...interestingabout all three,
that all three of you write
your own music.
And I just think that adds
another layer...
[Travis] Yeah. Here it is.
-[TV] ...How significant is that to you?
-[guy] Very significant.
We're at rap. Here we go.
"Sicko Mode," let's get it.
"Sicko Mode," let's get it.
Astroworld! Let's go! Best Rap Album!
Let's get it!
"Sicko Mode," two!
Best rap song, best rap performance.
Let's get it.
[David] Fuck this shit! Let's go!
This nigga more lit than me. Damn.
Album of the Year, though.
-We thought we...
-That shit is real.
We thought we was at least
in that convo.
-It's still crazy.
-It's still crazy, though, man.
No, I mean, yeah, it's good as hell.
I'm just saying, damn, like...
-We in there, but that shit cap.
-That shit crazy.
Yeah. That shit cap.
We made it on the board, man.
Bigger than what we ever done, man,
in life!
Okay, like...
Album of the Year be cool.
At least we in there.
They see our name, like...
-You know what I'm saying?
-Last week, had a goal
of number one song,
number one album, and Grammy nomination
in the same week.
We got three for three.
[Travis] Shit's going good,
my Gs. Yessir.
Just gotta get in there, man.
That's all.
We just gotta get in there, man.
It's like this happy, nervous feeling,
you know?
[radio] Rapper Travis Scott
wrapping upan unforgettable weekend
in Houston.
His sold-out Astroworld Festival
on Saturday received rave reviews.
Therefore I, Sylvester Turner,
mayor of the city of Houston,
hereby proudly proclaim
November 18th, 2018
as Astroworld Day, Travis Scott Day!
[Travis] I grew up here my whole life.
I was inspired by AstroWorld.
In '05, when they took it away...
it kinda took a big piece
of my heart away.
I didn't have anywhere to go.
So, I just wanted to kinda bring back
that feeling
and give this city
something they could always have,
just fun to do.
It's been hurricane after hurricane,
disaster after disaster,
they try to take us away, but...
as long as we stick together and create,
we don't need nothing special.
We got each other...
Man, at 10, 12, y'all right here, like...
Y'all hold the future.It don't seem
like it, 'causeyou can't drive,
don't have adriver's license, but yeah.
Just use all the time that you can't go
to the parties and the clubs
to really start workingon your future.
It's lit!
Huge for Houston and huge for Mo City.
Huge for Travis, man.
This is crazy.
[lady calls out] How are you?
I'm so proud of you!
Look at you!
So, all that cursing out I did
-in my office worked, huh?
-It must've.
-Look at you!
-Jack, look!
[screams in surprise]
Hey, yo!
I couldn't graduate school...
-unless it was for this girl right here.
-Yes, you could've.
This lady. Oh, my God.
She saved my life...
in high school. Like, real life.
Bro, I remember she came in my room.
It was like, "You passed! Whassup?"
[Sarah] I remember that.
-[mum] Y'all called me.
-[Sarah] I called, yeah.
[mum] And she told me.
She told me he was gonna be somebody.
-She told me that!
-[lady] Yeah, she did.
[lady] Look at you!
I remember that daywhen you told me that,
you know what? This high school was just--
I just can't turn this music off.
I remember that.
I just can't turn it off!
[guy] I saw him on the Days Before Rodeo
tour with Thug and Metro,
and we started out atthe fucking
small-ass venues,
and then it's just intensified.
Man, you created Astroworld
and this tour, bro.
To see you go from opening shows
and no one knowing you...
[Travis] The pyro dude can just go home
if he not gon' hit the fucking button.
I want you to go through
your light cues, make sure you're cool.
You have the music,
and we can continue doing that.
Then that's what we do.
So, I'm gonna let go of the departments
that aren't--
-All right. Cool.
Everyone's right here till I go
through this shit, and I'm--
I have yet to feel comfortable, bro.
-Okay, cool.
-From first song to last.
Before I go home, lay down, I wanna do it.
Before we go on tomorrow, I'm straight.
Until then, nobody leaves.
[crew] We've been at the Garden before
on other people's tours, but...
never had the whole house.
[girl] I'm excited to see
how lit the crowd gets.
I wanna see, like,
the audience moving up and down.
My 19th time seeing Travis live.
I'm trying to stage dive
off the fucking nosebleeds tonight.
Let's fucking go. Astroworld, baby!
Fit of the Year, man.
[guy off-camera] Tonight. Sold out.
Roller coasters. We back at it again,
but this time it's your fucking spotlight,
your stage, your show.
We need La Flame tonight.
-La Flame!
[Kylie] Dada?
-Come here.
-Say bye.
[press] Madison Square Garden,
the world's most famous arena.
[press] Travis Scott, sold out.
Why weren't you here?
that's where you needed to be!
[fan] And in themosh pit...
you're in there,
you just have so much adrenaline.
-Astroworld in this bitch, what's up!
-Let's fucking go!
[fan] I mean, it's fucking terrifying.
I'll never ever forget this day.
[guy yells] It's time to rage!
[fan] It was a dream, man, seeing Travis.
[fan] I was on a ride with Travis Scott.
He's been my idolsince I was 13...
[Travis] Everybody put one in the air
for the number one song
on the number one album
again in the country!
Three Grammy nominations! Let's go!
Like a light
Like a light
Like a light
Yeah, passed the dawgs a celly
Sendin' texts, ain't sendin' kites, yeah
He said, "Keep that on lock"
I said, "You know this shitIts life"
It's absolute, yeah
I'm back, reboot, it's lit
LaFerrari to Jamba Juice, yeah
We back on the road, they jumpin' off
No parachute, yeah
Shawty in the back
She said she workin' on her glutes, yeah
Ain't by the book, yeah
This how it look, yeah
'Bout a check, yeah
Just check the foots, yeah
Pass this to my daughter
I'mma show her what it took
Baby mama cover Forbes
Got these other bitches shook
When the kids are on the roller coaster,
and I'm on the stage,
the roller coaster needs to be lit.
You're still not lighting the base!
There's no point if--
If I can't see them from where I'm at,
nobody can see 'em.
These lights
along the roller coaster rails,
I don't get no action.
These lights on the side,
I'm not getting no action!
It's the same shit.
It's not making sense.
Who does the camera?
-The director.
-Okay. On "Stop Trying to Be God,"
it needs to be front and center.
All that side shit is lame.
You exposing how the shot is doing--
That's lame!
It's like, nothing from behind.
It needs to be all center.
All front. Like,
unless I'm moving out the way, all front.
And on the jumbotrons, the second
"Stop Trying to Be God" verse,
that image of my face
needs to beon the All-stream.
-Not a problem.
-Roller coaster.
Get that motherfucker up!
It just be sitting there.
I be talking because I'm waiting on it
to go up.
I can't start the song
'cause I can't do pyro if it's down.
-You get what I'm saying?
-[crew] We were going off song cue,
and something's changed--
Fuck the song cue!
As soon as you see them buckle up
and that ladder's going...
Roller coaster up!
Gotta know how to adapt.
If one department fall,
another department gotta shine harder.
Like, if lasers go out,
lighting gotta tap in.
You know what I'm saying?
Be prepared for the moment
'cause I can't beinstructing on stage.
I look crazy.
That's it.
All right, cool.
Other than that, it was cool.
Hey! We going rah!
[music starts playing]
[Travis] I'm trying to design
that new Houston sound.
Where people can go out
and have something to parade with.
There's mad kids out there like me,
like Don Toliver,
who's on the album and shit. You know...
It's just vicious.
-That nigga came in hot.
We heard Don Toliver for the first time,
-maybe, what, like four, five months ago?
This kid is, like,
he thinking onsome whole other shit.
You know what I mean?
I just gravitated to that.
-[guy shouts] Yessir!
[crowd cheering]
Cactus Jack!
[Don] Cactus Jack,
you know what I'm saying?
I'm from Houston, and you know,
I'm a fan of Travis, of course,
you know, and...
My manager reached out to Johno,
you what I'm saying?
And, you know, we just vibed,
and you know, he really believed in me.
Travis just took heed to it, man, and...
Either way it goes,
he called meto the studio, and...
all of a sudden, we get to the door.
My nigga asked me, "You ready?"
I looked at him. I said, "Yo,
I'm ready. What's up?"
Opened that door,
and that music was rushing out.
Don't stick around
You should save yourself
But you can't hear my phone
if you need to
All in it, we're all in it
You'll be on my back
Like I call and get it
Call her
Oh, my Lord! Bro!
-That shit is crazy!
Oh, my God!
Bro, that shit is hard.
-What just happened?
[music playing]
That's a jam.
Telling you, bro,
any song I put on my shit,
I'm telling you, bro,
this shit gonna go crazy.
Like, that's a song I'd put on my album.
That shit hard.
[Travis] Even just in Houston,
know what I mean,
just me going back home,
just, like, how the city...
fucking with it, like, on another level.
A lot of these songs,
I already just know it's gonna be crazy.
When we on tour, just the response.
Even "Can't Say,"
you knowwhat I'm saying, like...
That's a Don song.
[crowd cheer]
No, you can't say if I'm
If I'm mad or not
Smoking hella weed
I'm on that alcohol
And shawty lick me clean
[Travis] I want everybody to turn
to the stage!
And make some motherfucking noise...
for Don Toliver!
No, you can't say if I'm
If I'm mad or not
Smoking hella weed
I'm on the alcohol
Let's go
And shawty lick me clean
The way she suck me off
I keep two hoes in my bed
I got 'em turning out
What would you do
If you heard I got it going on?
Cactus Jack.
[newsreader] Travis Scott was confirmed
as part of the Super Bowl halftime show,
which is happening in just a few weeks.
Of course, he was hit
with a ton of backlash,
but as we told you on Monday,
-Travis required...
-[newsreader 2] ...when the rumors were
that Travis Scott was gonna do this,
obviously Travis Scott knew
what he was getting into.
He knew the controversy...
[newsreader 3]
Travis's addition came with a stipulation.
Michael B. Jordan,
and theReverend Al Sharpton, and others
voiced their disapproval
of Scott's choice.
[Akon] You gotta walk gingerly.
Cultural equity, at the end of the day.
As a people, we compromise
in certain situations
to get to better places.
[reporter] Is it blown outof proportion?
Yes, because, honestly,
why wouldn't a black artist
want to not perform
in one of the biggest events in the world?
That don't help us!
We need you to be on that stage!
[Travis] How many of these you did?
-This is my 11th Super Bowl.
You did this withBeyonc?
Did it withBeyonc.
That was in New Orleans.
That was great.
Prince was... amazing.
-And now Travis Scott.
-[announcer] Three, two, one.
[pyrotechnics boom]
You know on that drum? The breakdown?
The tch-tch?
-That shit just sound corny, man.
[commentator] Looks like
this might've beenhis first year.
I mean, he was good at football and track.
He could have done something
in those sports.
-All right, Jack!
-[commentator] Ah, God!
[kid] Run, Junior! Run, Junior, run!
Legs up.
[commentator] He got it! He in there.
Yeah! There you go.
All right! You got it!
Little dude just scored a touchdown.
-[dad] My boy! You got points, Jack!
-[kid] Jack!
[background conversation]
Fuck outta my business
I did things
That most men will ask forgiveness
Broke the code, the commandments
From my descendants
Who gives a fuck?
New children in the buildin'
We ride with no limits
Shut the fuck up
Don't you hear me tryna finish?
I'm in a bad mood
[fan screams] Travis!
Government threw us in a maze
Had me trickin' 40k for some grades
Just to make 40k for the wage
Dropped out and made that in one day
I'm in a bad mood
Shit hard.
[crowd cheering]
[sound of radio in background]
[radio] Tune in for music's biggest moment
of the year,
the Pepsi Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show
opens with Maroon 5, Travis Scott,
and Big Boi.
[friend] We walk in two minutes, right?
[Travis] Right you are.
Grace you my father.
I come to you today, Lord,
I ask you to just watch over us.
Thank you for bringing us here, Lord.
I just ask you to just give us the energy,
the strength we need to...
pull this performance off.
Grace you our father, Lord,
in your name, Jesus.
Thank you for bringing everybody here
to stay solid, the whole team.
In Jesus's name I pray, amen.
-Get it!
[crowd starts cheering]
It's lit
[fanfare plays]
Made this here
With all the ice on in the booth
At the gate outside, when they pull up
They get me loose
[crowd cheering]
[fireworks crackle]
[press] How was it?
Travis, how was it? Tell us how it was.
Travis, how was it?
[security] This way.
We don't do no fucking interviews, man.
[general hubbub]
Man, it's crazy.
That's a lot of drip, man.
Yessir, baby.
Oh, my jeez, man!
We in history with Michael Jackson!
That's the fuck these niggas
talking 'bout, man.
Where everybody at, man?
I need the whole gang, man!
I don't feel the love, man.
[squeals in joy]
This is amazing!
Where's Daddy?
Right here!
I'm so proud of you!
Worked it, son! You worked it, baby!
Worked it, boy!
[Stormi gurgles and laughs]
[LT 50] Bro, I watched you like, damn,
my nigga really out there
doing his thing.
Yeah. Yessir, man!
Okay. I'll be home in eight weeks,
my nigga.
All right, bet.
Shit, keep calling me, bro.
Miss you. Love you, bro.
All right. Love, you nigga.
[LT 50] Bye.
He'll probably never check this.
[guy] It's Junior's birthday.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Jack
[mum] Make a wish first, Jack!
Make a wish!
I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow
them whole candles down!
Blow them all out!
[Stormi gurgles]
[random piano notes]
[dad] There you go, Junior! Ride!
Watch where you're going.
Turn this way!
You got it.
Oh, my God.
This motherfucker go hard!
-I like the wheels. They like military.
-This motherfucker crazy.
-For real, man. Congratulations, bro.
This is a good year, bro.
You got that flow. It's like...
You know what I'm saying?
Like, the Super Bowl, into the Grammys,
into the...
-Yessir, man.
-Into the...
-birthday party the same week.
Soak in that universal...
you know what I'm saying?
These moments like this?
But, this wasn't as dark.
I wanted it to be a more ugly color,
-like, how you do the brown.
It's a little bit pretty.
-Know what I'm saying?
But I love it, nigga. It's all good.
That's my nigga, dog.
He shitting in that hoe crazy.
Yeah, you know how we rocking, man.
You know what I'm saying?
Truth be told, I never try
Diamonds are the wife of life
All three Rollies look alike
After two, you get a hook-up price
Stripper never worked a nine-to-five
Can James come in here?
I'd rather do it in the middle
of what you're doing.
Like, instead of youcoming in after
'cause I feel it's gonna be weird.
-That might be dope as fuck.
-That's interesting.
-Let's try that.
-Yeah, let's try it.
I wanna see how it is.
Let's go from your thing.
[James sings]
Is it a coat of old paint
That's peelin' every day
against our will?
Ride for it every night
Visions and these angles tight
Thank y'all so much.
Bye, brother. Thank you.
-Good to see you.
-See you in the morning, Travis.
-See you tomorrow.
-Yeah, man. See you tomorrow.
Vibes is up, man.
All right, guys. See you tomorrow.
[Bizzy] Oh, so it's actually two of the...
nominations: Best Rap Song
and Best Rap Album...
-[Sickamore] I was wondering--
-...are live.
So, the only one we're gonna know about
pre- is Best Rap Performance.
For performance, yeah.
[Sickamore] They say when it rains
on your wedding day, it's good luck.
So, I'm taking that as a sign, too.
[Bizzy] At 3:30,
we find out the first one.
At 3:30?
-[guy] What's the first one?
-[Bizzy] Rap performance.
-[TV] Best Rap Performance.
-[guy] Oh, shit!
Yeah, this. This about them.
[lady on TV]
Travis Scott, Drake, and Swae Lee.
And the Grammy goes to...
-We have a tie.
-Okay, I'm cool.
"King's Dead," Kendrick Lamar, James,
Jay Rock, Future,
and James Blake.
-And "Bubblin," Anderson Paak.
-Oh, my--
Welcome to the 61st annual Grammy Awards!
[David] We just got through security
and we're headed to the greenroom now,
They just announced
the Best Rap Song award,
and that one went to "God's Plan."
But we got more chance
for Best Rap Album.
Just meet downstairs.
Travis is about to go onstage.
Classic performance right here, nigga.
Show 'em.
We got a career, we don't got a year.
-They ready.
-Let's get it!
[compere] His unforgettable album,
netted him three nominations
and over one billion streams
on Apple Music.
It's about to get hectic.
This guy, Travis Scott,
coming up next on CBS.
Clear. Travis, we're setting.
-[girl] Here he comes!
-[guy] Zone!
-Travis Scott!
-Travis Scott! What we talking about!
[cheering and applause]
All three Rollies look alike, yeah
After two, you get a hook-up price
Mama always worked a nine-to-five
Delta and I ship it overnight
Is it too long since the last
Open conversation you had? Oh, no
Stop trying to be God
-How was that?
Think so?
One more shot. Let's go.
You got this. Come on!
-Okay? Let's go!
-One last shot.
-[Sylvia] What the fuck?
The real shot.
[Sylvia] Okay?
They want you in the tunnel.
They want you in that tunnel, OG.
[guy] Get in that tunnel! Get in there!
Still to come, the award for rap album.
[sound of audience cheering in background]
[hostess] Now we are thrilled to present
the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.
These are the nominations.
Invasion of Privacy,Cardi B.
Guys, you gotta go down that way.
Go that way.
Everybody go that way, please.
[hostess] Daytona, Pusha T.
Astroworld, Travis Scott.
[crew] Relax.
[hostess] And the Grammy goes to...
[crew] Here we go. Stand by.
Invasion of Privacy by Cardi B.
[audience cheers]
[Travis] Fuck, man!
[dad] He was a little boy.
Shit, I don't know.
About five or six, seven.
But the training wheels weren't on
at age six, seven.
Actually, I was up thereon my job.
And I filmed him,
and he still couldn't figure out
how to ride.
Turn around, Junior.
And I came back home,and he was riding.
That's crazy.
Proud of him.
[energetic drumming]
-Hey man.
-Nice to meet you.
Just met your parents, man.
You know, boy,they're so proud of you.
[Travis] Sorry, man.
I was trying to bring one home.
After Sunday,I've been mentally, like,
stressed. I've been down.
I've been questioning.
I don't know, man. I lost, man.
I don't know, man.
-But you didn't lose.
-I'm torn, man.
But, nah. But look,
you're looking at somebody...
I ran for mayor three times.
-Lost the first two times.
-Okay? But the way I look at it,
-wasn't my defeat.
-Keep coming.
[Sylvester] So, you know,
you didn't lose, man.
So get that out your head,
and let that go.
Because you gotta tell folks
that sometimes you don't get
what you want,
-but you don't stop.
Now's the time you can tell that story.
'Cause a lot of these folks
that's listening to you tonight,
they gone after shit,
-and they didn't make it.
They need a person like you to tell them,
-"It ain't over."
[Sylvester] And I can say it,
-it ain't gonna resonate as much.
You could say it.
People listen to you.
[interviewer] They were saying you got
a lot of requests to do a new theme park?
-That's because of his Astroworld.
And now, folk are on me to...
to create and bring a theme park
-back to the city of Houston.
Because of Astroworld.
Man, that'd be fucking crazy.
[Sylvester] That'll be your Grammy,
when I put that Astroworld theme park
in the city.
-That's a fact.
-And I gotta find them new Jordans
that are all sold out.
[crowd cheering]
[crowd cheering]
[chanting] Travis!
[Travis] Before we move on,
I just want to say,
I love you all so much, man.
Thanks for sticking with me.
Thanks for the support.
I love this city with all my heart.
We created Astroworld for the fans.
Thank y'all for making this ride
an amazing ride.
[crowd screams]
Check this out, Houston.
We got a special presentation right now
from the mayor himself.
Everybody, make some noise
for Mayor Turner.
As the mayor of the city of Houston,
I'm so proud of you, man.
Travis, you've just been...
an AstroWorld man for those of us
who remember AstroWorld.
And because of him,
we want to bring
another amusement theme park
back to the city!
[crowd screams]
But what I want you to know,
this city loves you.
I want to present you a key
to the city of Houston!
[crowd screams]
Make some motherfucking noise!
[crowd screams louder]
Thank you so much, man.
I'mma hold on to this right here
while I do this next song.
[music starts]
[dad] Hey, Junior!
All I can get is the back of the head.
Jacques Junior driving the taxi.
At AstroWorld!
-[reporter] Travis, please, sir!
[kid squealing] Hey, what's up?
Travis, my Rodeo tattoo!
I got a Rodeo tattoo!
-Travis, look!
-[Travis] Oh, that's dope. That's like--
That shit fake, nigga!
-No, Travis, it's real!
-[Travis] It's real?
-Travis, it's real!
-[Travis] Hold on, wait. Let me see it.
Let me see that!
Look, it's real! Look!
I got lots of ink. It's real!
It's real ink.
I'm fucking with you.You're my hero.
I love you. You saved my life.
-Pour water down that!
-[Travis] All right. That's real.
All right.
Plain AP, though!
Bust down.
Another. Bussy!
Didn't I say two, man?
Bussy and un-Bussy.
Fuck, nigga!
That's my twin. I call him Flame Boy.
Yeah, you touch that,
you gonna fucking bleed.
Whoa! Oh!
-What the fuck's up?
[both roaring]
He got the belt?
Yeah, this don't--This ain't right.
You ain't supposed to wake up
in the morning like that, dog.
...two, three, go!
[girl] No.
[guy] Yeah!
New world record, motherfuckers!
[Travis] No! Oh, shit!
No fluid in them hoes.
Remember when I gave you the bread?
-But why would I do that?
-Because niggas do that all the time, bro!
Because, remember, on the bus one time,
you gave me bread, I said,
"You need anything out of this?"
-It's yours!
-Right. I should've--
-Get off me, bro! Get off me!
-But look!
-Get off me!
-They got this.
-Yo! What the fuck?
-Yeah, calm down.
-We're at fucking Legoland.
[roars in delight]
Boy, where the hell you been at?
Man, no bullshit. Slatt.
If you can't do it with your foot,
you're a fucking joke.
[yells in shock]
Oh, my God!
[laughing] Oh, my jeez!
-This is wild.
-[Kylie] I know.
So, listen...
-What is going on right now?
-[Kylie laughs]
This is crazy!
Look at this guy.
I feel you today.
[Kylie] This is probably
the most insane cakeI've ever seen.
Not sure exactly how we do this,
but we're surprising our best friend
and our brother.
[screams of joy]
-[guy 1] Cactus Jack!
-[guy 2] Yeah!
Oh, she finessed me.
-[guy] Crazy!
-[Travis] Yo!
[Kylie] Everybody's here.
-[guy] Birthday boy.
-[Travis] In the sleeves and the IV.
Dude, best day of my life.
[guy] That's whack! Do it.
Dive in.
You gotta do it.
No, I didn't hear you. You was telling me
your Instagram IM.
It's, uh, F-something. What?
-Fuck it up.
-[guy on phone] F-W...
[Travis] I commented under "FW the Kid."
Hey, is this your shoot
with the Afro and the Gucci belt?
-[guy on phone] Yeah.
-[guy on phone] Yeah.
-[friend] Gucci belt.
[Travis] Yeah, I commented on the--
-Oh, he did!
[friend] Hell no, Travis. Oh, my God, bro.
[crowd cheers]
Baby shark, da-da
Baby shark
Mommy shark
Mommy shark
Mommy shark
Mommy shark
Daddy shark
[guy] All right. Where are we at today?
We at motherfucking Petco.
So, there's one.
[lady] Four fishes.
[Travis] They're shitting everywhere.
Nap time. It's one o'clock already.
[Travis] Mama?