Treasure Hunters (2017) Movie Script

[pleasant music]
[enchanted music]
[energetic tense music]
Dad would have
picked this spot.
I hope so Riley.
It's our third
location this year.
Third and last.
Bones are usually
near treasure, right?
It's a good sign.
Seeing dead bones
is never a good sign!
You both need to get out more.
Dad used to say that
pirates will always
bury the gold with the dead to
scare treasure hunters away.
Let's keep digging.
Yes, boss.
[anxious music]
I got it!
You lost our bet Bi.
Get the crowbar.
No, it's your
[mumbles] you do it.
- I'll mess it up.
- Just, give it to me!
- Wait!
- What?
What are you doing?
Use it like a damn crowbar
and open it from the side,
not smash it to pieces.
I wish Dad was here.
40 years of his life
was for this one moment.
[suspenseful music]
I don't get it.
It has to be here, we
have to keep digging!
It's not here,
someone beat us to it.
That's impossible!
We're the first ones here.
It's been almost 70 years,
anything could
have happened, Bi!
What do we do now?
[perky club music]
Want another beer?
I'm not the chief anymore.
Since when?
It's called inflation.
So how many men can
you get me for tomorrow?
Are they dependable?
You should know me by now.
That's the problem Sanchez,
I know you too well.
Once condition, I go too.
[sighs] Right.
Meet tomorrow
afternoon at the docks.
Don't be late.
[serene music]
[throat clearing]
You must be the pencil pusher.
Terra, right?
They said to expect
a warm welcome.
You spend much time outside?
Actually, I've been camping
multiple times with my family.
Well this isn't going
to be some camping trip
with Mon and Dad.
Follow behind,
[mumbles], got it?
[tranquil music]
[faint chattering]
How much for the rope?
For you 1000 pesos.
1000 pesos?
You didn't charge me
that much last time.
The price went up this
year, I have a family to feed.
- Well I can't buy it then.
- Wait, wait, maybe 750.
You got a deal.
Going on!
Hey, nice rope,
a little expensive,
200, but definitely worth it.
I should know, I
got one yesterday.
Come on kids, let's go!
Yeah, we have
some digging to do.
[tense music]
[coins jingling]
[coins jingling]
Score one more!
[coins jingling]
Don't worry, I
got us some more.
[coins jingling]
Come on baby let's do this!
They're still preparing.
Take the money,
don't worry about it.
Let's go.
[anxious music]
We shouldn't have told
him about the spot Riley.
I would have loved to see his
face when he found potatoes.
I know it was just,
my anger took over and,
I just wanted to
make him feel bad.
Okay, let's not
underestimate them.
Brad usually surrounds himself
with pretty smart people.
Sorry bro, you tell me
where to dig, and I'll dig it.
I don't know, you
tell me the X and
I'll tell you what's
underneath the ground,
and how we can get there.
Historical sources
don't say much
about the exact location.
But, you know, tomorrow
I do, I actually have
a meeting with
some locals again,
so that could give
us more clues.
Fantastic, fantastic.
The job officially
starts tomorrow,
and we have no
idea where to dig.
What if that Riley
girl lied to you?
Nah, she wouldn't.
Not when she knows the
truth stinks twice as much.
You are way to
naive my friend.
Piss off Aston!
- Where are you going?
- My office.
[rooster crowing]
I should take you
both for dinner.
[rooster crowing]
It's been a year
since you guys had [mumbles].
We knew you were
family when we found you.
I looked that desperate?
You looked hungry.
There aren't too
many kids who have
survived the streets
of hell for so long.
You know you can always
count on me, right?
Just help us find it
so we can all move on,
I want to start my life already.
Wait, you mean you
aspire to do other things
besides digging
and getting dirty?
Does your sister
know about this?
I want to go to
school, start a family,
go to all those fancy
hotels and all that,
fairytale BS
everyone talks about.
[engine rattling]
Hey white girls!
I'm talking to you
American dolls.
Ignore them, they're drunk.
You got that!
Touch me one more time!
Hey, everyone cool down!
All right, we don't
want to hurt anyone,
so this is your last
chance to walk away!
[hits thudding]
This is our stop!
Hey, did you get any scratches?
- No, you?
- No.
- Hey, a bike?
- This is all could find.
I thought [mumbles] had
your motorcycle license?
I do it, what does
it have to do with
the price of rice in the
Philippines, now get on!
[men shouting]
Go, go!
[dramatic music]
[engines revving]
Wait here, I got this.
[brakes squeaking]
Aw come on!
You see?
You scared them.
I just tried to
make it a fair fight!
I think your Tai Chi moves
were a little over the top.
- Think so?
- Hey if I were them,
I would have ran too.
Your friend, she got
away and she went to the
East end of the island, correct?
[tense music]
[insects chittering]
[speaking foreign language]
Do you know if she
saw any landmarks,
from where she was at?
[insects chittering]
[exotic birds singing]
[shouting in foreign language]
Maybe she can point
it out on the map?
She's not gonna know
what to do with that.
Maybe she doesn't like you.
Thank you!
[suspenseful music]
It's the same with
this man every year.
[mumbles] they
keep getting greedier
and greedier each time.
What's he asking
for this year?
More than last.
Whoops, I'm sorry.
Good morning.
I guess, it's the time
of the year [mumbles].
You know, it is great
to see old friends.
Hello to you too Senator.
Beautiful, how are you?
How many other permit
requests did you get this year?
I love the woman,
straight to the point...
Tell me this Senator,
this is your province,
so did you get paid extra off
of ours, and Kerri-Ann fees?
Michael, Michael, [mumbles].
This is the last year
we're doing this you know.
Beautiful, and why is that?
You ain't giving up already?
No, we're
underfunded this year.
[Michael] You can count on it.
Hey guys, got our spot.
- Show me.
- She pointed it out
when I took out my nav.
How precise?
- Pretty close.
- If there's a large
enough deposit of metal there,
my equipment will find it.
Gather the team, we
have a boat to catch.
What about permits?
I'm sure Kerri-Anne
will have the [mumbles]
the first to find it.
I got my shovel, I got
my pick, I'm ready to dig!
What are you gonna do
with your share Aston?
- Aston Martin baby!
- [chuckles] Typical!
- You?
- Get out of this place.
Maybe I'll buy a vineyard
in the south of France.
[birds chirping]
She doesn't belong here.
- Jealous!
- Don't be silly!
I just don't trust
her, nor Peter.
That spot that old
lady showed us,
with the data I gathered.
After 70 years that spot
looks nothing like your map.
New trees, new roots,
decades of soil erosion.
It's gonna take a
lot of patience.
Patience I have.
Time we don't.
[resolute music]
[engine puttering]
For some reason,
I have a good feeling
about this place.
Yeah, let's get going.
You need help with
your bag getting off?
No I'm fine, it's
not that heavy.
[insects chittering]
[tense music]
Grade A boat
you got us, Peter.
How much longer?
[insects chittering]
[drums pounding]
Why are we doing this again?
It's to accept their
love from the gods
and blessings for safety.
- Did y'all do this last year?
- Yeah.
We're covering
all our [mumbles].
What are you doing?
I, I, I heard the drums.
Whose snitch are you?
- No one!
- You liar!
Disgusting little liar!
I just wanted some food.
I'm sorry, I'm just a
little stressed out right now.
I'll give you some food.
[Man] Hey!
What's that noise?
We have to keep moving.
Tell me you hear that?
It, sounds like drums to me.
Your best friend back
there is slowing us down.
I don't know what he's doing.
[relaxing music]
[phone buzzing]
I don't think he
knows where he's going.
That's why Terra is there,
to protect my investment.
I never expected Brad
to think for himself.
That's why I'm paying you Peter,
to give him the needed push.
He's an arrogant imbecile.
What do you see at the moment?
Just stay close to him!
[tense music]
[insects chittering]
[gravel scraping]
Come on guys!
Put your backs into it!
Ria, you're starting
to scare them.
They probably never seen
a woman like me before.
No one's seen a
woman like you before.
[drums beating tensely]
Steel Two to Steel One!
Steel Two to Steel One.
I almost shot you!
[chuckles] I would
have dodged it!
I've located the
Cross sisters' camp.
They've already started, yours?
They haven't even started yet.
Lost in the jungle, amateurs.
[insects chittering]
[anxious music]
[tools clattering]
This is it.
Can you smell it?
I smell nothing
but sweat and heat,
and it's not smelling too good.
Kelli what do
the rocks point to?
Can't wait to start.
What are they?
Let's mark off a
400 square foot grid.
Let the dig begin.
Steel One, Steel Two come in!
Steel One here.
Team Two has
found our act, copy.
Copy that.
[exotic birds singing]
[gravel scraping]
Bones, hey!
I got bones!
Human for sure.
Beautiful ones?
No, just more bones.
[Riley] It's a good
sign, let's keep digging.
Riley, it's just one of
hundreds of mass graves here.
Your dad would move.
But Dad never found
anything, and I say
we keep digging.
Did you say hundreds?
Should we report this grave?
No, that's not our job.
This whole island
is a mass grave.
[fire crackling]
[relaxing music]
[birds singing]
Where the hell did
you get that from?
Always have something extra.
Baby doll, did you
ever think about what
we're gonna do with all
this stuff once we get 'em?
Way ahead of 'ya.
I got a guy on the
mainland on call.
My only concern, is that
it doesn't sink the ship
with that much weight.
I love that you have a plan.
Big daddy's always got a plan.
[tense music
[birds singing]
You are a pretty
brave little girl
running through
here by yourself.
I know this place like
the back of my hand.
So listen, they've found bones.
I'm sure they
are resting so...
Actually, they're digging
throughout the night.
I always have a bunch
of lazy diggers.
You got your
information, know pay up!
Yes, a deal is a deal.
[mumbles] the 600 and
there is only 300 here?
Hey listen, 300 is
enough to buy candy for
the whole lot of you!
You little twerp!
[birds singing]
[insects chittering]
How did you get my number?
I have my ways.
What do you want?
I need to ask you to
do something for me.
That's a good one.
What makes you think
I'm gonna help you?
Somewhere, deep,
deep deep down inside,
you're still the Riley I know.
Look, if you want
to borrow money,
I don't have any.
Do I look broke to you?
Kind of mean, now is
not the best example
but I'm doing fine.
Cut to the chase,
my time is money.
Why does every woman I
know keep saying that to me?
- I'm leaving.
- Wait, wait.
[poignant music]
I want you to pack up
your bags and go home.
We found it.
Not possible.
We found bones, Imperial
uniforms and Japanese insignias.
Why are you telling me this?
I just wanted to
return the favor.
Tell [mumbles].
Face it, go home.
Don't waste any more
of your precious time.
Did she fall for it?
Hook, line and sinker.
And they're not even close.
Kerri-Anne sends her bests.
I hope you're not
stressing the poor woman.
Kerri-Anne stressed?
Never, she's as hard
and cold as they come.
Tell here we're close.
Close to what, exactly?
[sighs] You know that
smirk of yours is gonna
get you kicked of
my team some day.
I dare you to cross me.
Women say that
to me all the time.
You're not really
my type though.
He's lying!
Maybe, maybe not.
Riley, Dad has dug on
that side of the island for
years, and found nothing.
We have a better system.
We've eliminated all
other possible dig sites.
Process of elimination remember?
They're on their first
year Riley, first year!
He's lying!
But why,
why would he lie
to me like that?
Maybe he still likes you.
Where are you going?
To do some spying,
Michael come on!
[shovels scraping]
[tense music]
[phone beeping]
- Any news?
- If there was any news
I would call you right away.
What's taking you so long?
I'm not doing the searching.
Are you [mumbles] Terra?
I'm sorry you're breaking up!
Can you hear me?
See that darn...
[phone beeping]
[shovels scraping]
Has Kerri-Anne contacted you?
No, why?
About finding this thing?
[chuckles] She can't
possibly think we'd
find it that quickly?
I keep telling
her it's going to
take some time and
for her to be patient.
I mean, people have been
searching for decades for this.
There's a reason why it
hasn't been found yet.
I want this found
as badly as you do,
so I can get back
to my wife and kids.
I didn't know
you had a family.
I just want the
best of everything.
Would you like me to call her?
No need.
Oh um, Peter,
I'm sorry for being
rude to you earlier.
I guess I deserved it.
[unsteady tense music]
[birds singing]
Who's that he with?
Whoever they is they
making out like that.
Hey, Bi!
[perky music]
I have no idea where we're at!
You know this
island better than me!
That way!
Wait wait, wait, [mumbles].
I can hear them!
I can smell their fear!
I wanna cut them
real slowly, [mumbles].
I think it's coming
from over there.
We gotta find them,
or our cover is blown!
Sit down!
[leaves rustling]
You know what my
father used to say?
- No ma'am.
- If you want to do
something right, you've
got to do it yourself.
Uh, I don't understand Madam.
Call for the limo.
I'm going to the jungle!
Are you sure it was him?
90%, yes, and I have no gold.
He had a perimeter
alarm set up,
and he had a girl with him.
Sounds like him.
- All over...
- Cut it Michael.
I don't care.
He could have 10 girls.
Of course...
Riley, you deserve better.
I don't want anything
to do with that liar.
Let's see if they have
all their permits set up.
You know who to call.
Riley, Riley Cross.
[insects chittering]
[night birds singing]
You know it's
not nice to point.
You're gonna regret that.
Good morning everyone.
Who would you be
[mumbles] without the gun!
So you know why I'm here.
The gold, let's put it this way.
I know who you are.
You arrogant Americans,
think that everything's
for free here.
No no no.
You owe me money.
You see, in this country,
it is illegal to dig,
without permit.
And here funny boy,
I have happen, to govern,
this side of the town.
And guess what?
It is my money.
Money is no issue.
We could pay for the
permits any time.
- Our boss...
- I'm the boss.
I'll give you funny
boy, 24 hours to get it.
Or this dig, will be shut down,
and I promise you,
your ticket out of here
will be slow and painful.
Are we clear?
Welcome to the Philippines.
[pensive music]
[birds chirping]
Damn Santos!
Let's face it, why
would they come back?
No, y'all paying for those.
So far our money
was good enough.
You probably got bought out.
You're getting paid nothing,
yet you're still here.
I'm different.
I believe in you.
You know what?
It's their loss.
Let's find this damn thing!
Steel Two to Steel One.
[Thug] Steel One here.
- Third party's arrived.
- Third party?
Who is it?
Who the hell should I know?
She's some lady, she looks rich.
Don't worry, I'll
take care of it.
Is it far?
Of all the people
in the Philippines
I end up with a mute as a guide!
You are robbing me,
in the middle of the
fricking jungle?
Gimme all you got!
Why in the world
would I do that?
I'll just kill you
myself and take it!
I can have you
hunted down, maimed,
and beaten until
the pigs [mumbles]
if I wanted too!
Now let's go, you have
wasted my time already!
You can't leave a robbery.
[gun firing]
Even in the jungle
someone tries to rob you!
What's happening to
this world today?
If anyone has any money...
Now, give me your necklace,
your earrings, your jewelry.
[Ria] We got something.
What the hell are
we waiting for.
It's probably
empty, let's just say
what another disappointment.
We'd better call for Riley.
That really it?
We did it!
I knew it!
I wonder how much is here?
It's more then we
can carry out for sure.
We are so rich!
Keep it down!
We don't want any company now!
What do we do now?
Just as planned.
Get the first load out, split,
and meet at the docks.
Well, I'm gonna
cover the hole up,
and I'm gonna clean
this place up.
- All right.
- All right, Ri,
you go with me, and
Michael you take Bi,
and use the south dock
to spread the risk.
All right.
- And then...
- And then,
we'll start our lives!
[anxious music]
[insects chittering]
[birds chirping]
- No I'm fine.
- Here, [mumbles].
[dramatic music]
Yeah man,
gimme the bags!
Easy my man, easy, easy!
All right?
Yeah easy!
Just take off your
bag, take off your bag,
it's all right, it's all right.
Here we go.
Open 'em!
Got you now!
Enough, game's over!
[Thug] Get off me!
[thug chuckling]
Oh [winces]!
- Ri!
- [grunts] A snake bit me!
A snake, a snake bit me!
- What kind of snake?
- I don't know!
All right, we have antivenom.
Ri, Ri!
She packed the antivenom, right?
Yeah I got some there,
[grunts], hurry up!
- It's not in here.
- What?
[gasps] I don't, I don't know...
You know how this works right?
I gotta go get antivenom.
- No!
- I'll be back!
No [moans]...
I'll be back!
[Ria] Hurry up!
[thug chuckling]
You're not getting
away with this!
If I had a dollar,
for every time
someone said that
to me [chuckles],
I'd be in Fortune 500!
Oh, oh...
Oh it's the most beautiful
thing I've ever seen.
[Thug] Oh yeah.
Come on baby, we
got a boat to catch!
So long suckers!
Y'all can't
leave us like this!
We just did!
There was no shorter way?
I start to think you're
a rank incompetent like
the rest of the people
I need to work with!
Oh my God!
[Ria wheezing]
Go find me Brian and Peter
and bring them to the dock!
And hurry up!
Now it's your turn.
[Ria wheezing]
Hey guys, I'm gonna go
visit that old lady again,
and this time she's
gonna tell me the truth.
Hey Kelli go with
her, for protection.
[tense music]
Now, where did he find it?
Wherever he found it, there
must be a lot left over.
[suspenseful music]
So this is what people have wars
- over.
- Don't get used to it!
Put it down!
You know what I'm not gonna
take this shit anymore!
Peter stop!
[Peter bellowing]
Save the gold!
What about your
right-hand man?
Stop the boat!
[water splashing]
[tense music]
Get off of this!
All of you get off the boat now!
What are you doing Peter?
Make me go over
there and get you.
Get off now or
I'm gonna shoot you!
I won't repeat myself again!
You're making a big mistake.
They're not needed anymore,
I will get you the rest of it!
[gun firing]
[tense music]
You idiot, how are
[water splashing]
we gonna carry that ourselves?
How far is the nearest land?
We have no chance.
- So we're screwed?
- Yeah.
You want to bet who
can reach shore first?
Are you quick bud?
[water splashing]
[Peter] So the red is
connected to the battery,
then this, goes here.
What are you doing
Peter, fix it, fix it now!
Hold your breath,
you're gonna need it
in about two minutes.
This boat is not fixable.
There's no [mumbles].
Don't you dare leave me here!
What are you doing?
[water splashing]
I can't swim!
Get back here now,
that's an order!
[tense music]
[water splashing]
How did you do it by the way?
Yeah right old man.
[water splashing]
[insects chittering]
[exotic birds chirping]
[somber relaxing music]
I got it, I got it Ri!
I'm so sorry [weeps].
Sorry Ri.
[sorrowful music]
[unsteady tense music]
[water splashing]
Not now kids!
Still waiting for my money!
He has the gold!
You little rodent!
I can share it,
I-I can share it!
[crowd shouting]
I can share it!
I can share it!
I've already told
you all that I know.
But there's nothing there.
Terra take out your map, have
her point it out to you again.
Please, show us again.
Are you sure, because,
that's miles away from
where you showed us last time?
- Yes.
- Why are you
misleading us?
Please leave now, I have
told you what I remember.
Listen, we're not
leaving here until
you tell us the truth.
- Leave now.
- You're lying to us.
[speaking foreign language]
What's happening?
Senator Mendoza, you've
got to leave immediately!
[tense music]
[pedestrians chattering]
This is not good!
Oh my god!
[mumbles], you gave us,
the wrong spot again.
I gave you all what
you wanted to hear.
So, you think, I like to be
running around with my
mens, digging holes?
What do you want from me?
I'm telling you all the things
I told to everyone else.
Nothing has changed
in the past 70 years.
Mother, Mother!
I didn't want it
to come to this,
but, you know, if
I have to, I will.
Please, leave him!
He doesn't know anything!
So, where is it?
Well then, you leave
me no choice then.
[gun firing]
[speaking foreign language]
American ladies!
Boys, kill them!
Damn this crazy lady.
Boys, get them!
[tense music]
[dogs barking]
- I think we lost them.
- We need to keep mov...
This way, fast!
Crazy American ladies,
they're gonna pay for it.
Grab, grab what you can
and get [mumbles] more.
Can't you just call Brad?
He's not gonna
make it on time!
I'm a historian Kelli I
don't bash people in the heads!
Well that's too bad, it's
just not gonna help you
right now is it?
- Can't we just lose them?
- You'll be dead before
you open your mouth!
I'm gonna hit the
gun out of his hand,
you aim for the head, got it?
Terra listen to me,
if you want to live,
you'll do as I say.
Get ready!
[hits thudding]
[tense music]
[suspenseful music]
Terra, we've gotta run!
Oh really ladies?
This is a house of God!
Come on!
Just surrender now,
and I promise you,
I won't hurt you.
We can talk, this out,
like civilized people.
[cellphone ringing]
[speaking foreign language]
On my way.
Boys, don't let these
American ladies,
get out of here alive.
Kill them.
Sorry God.
[insects chittering]
[birds chirping]
[anxious music]
Bi you okay?
Listen, do you have
anything in your pockets
that we can use to
get out of here?
I can't even
understand you anyway.
Give me a second, let me
check my pockets real quick.
It's not working.
[sighs] I'm sorry Bi,
I let 'em get away.
I was just trying
to be the superhero
and save the day but, it
got us in a big mess now.
You can only go maybe three
or four days without water,
after that we dead.
That's unless the
jungle eats us first.
Just in case we don't
make it out of here,
there's something
I want to tell you.
I just wanna let you know,
that I'm doing this all for you.
And also, [sighs], before
your father passed away,
[sighs] I asked him
for his permission,
to ask...
Can you let a man finish!
[tense music]
They took all my knives.
We can buy you some more
when we get out of here.
It's so close.
They took my damn 22!
That was an antique from Brazil.
Momma they're gonna regret that.
Let's just get these
handcuffs off first.
Yeah baby.
[tense music]
What the hell?
Your gold?
Right now I have
bigger problems!
My sister never left the island.
Well what did you
guys think about going?
Back to base camp?
- Where is that?
- Why would I tell you that?
Sooner or later I'm
gonna find your dig site.
I have time.
And right now Bibi doesn't.
- I don't trust you.
- Good, I don't
trust you either.
But you need my help.
I don't need
anything from you!
What's more important?
Your sister's
safety, or the gold?
[insects chittering]
[relaxing music]
Thank goodness you're here!
Where did you guys disappear to?
Senator Mendoza
and all of his men
have been looking for us.
We saw something we
weren't supposed to see.
I don't know, I just
think this girl might be
[mumbles], so history just
keeps repeating itself?
What do you want
me to do with that?
Use this if you have
to, and get out of here.
I'm not leaving
without you and Brad!
We'll be fine!
If we don't get out of here now,
they'll never let us leave.
Let's go!
[anxious music]
[insect chittering]
This is good to see,
you two together again!
Senator, what
are you doing here?
[chuckles] Oh, let me explain.
I'm checking, to make
sure, you're safe.
We're doing fine.
[Mendoza chuckling]
Well, what about
all your mens?
- They bailed on me.
- Seems, like not
much has changed.
But, at least, you
got funny boy back.
Anything else we can
do for you Senator?
I wouldn't waste any more
of the taxpayer's money.
I can tell you're
a very busy man.
[chuckles] Well,
[forlorn music]
let me refresh your memory.
You owe me, a permit.
No, we're leaving!
There's no permit necessary,
there's no gold on this island.
Well, what we got here!
Where's Ria?
Beautiful, what about you two?
Are you quitting too?
We'll be back next year.
It's just a matter of
time till we find it.
We're leaving!
Come on.
Good to see you guys!
This is my Philippines.
Come on boys!
[engine puttering]
Ha, shit!
You forgot to
check if it had fuel
in it before you stole it?
What are we gonna do now?
Kendra, no need to worry,
big daddy's always got a plan!
In fact, I got something
special for you planned,
for how well you did
back at the jail!
[sighs] Oh shit!
[tense music]
[relaxing music]
[energetic music]