Treehouse (2014) Movie Script

[bird crowing]
[music playing quietly
on headphones]
[hard rock music playing ]
[music stops]
Hey Dad?
Maybe next time you might
want to take your boots off
before coming in the house.
[mysterious ambience ]
Little Bob?
[muffled singing on TV]
Little Bob?
You come on out right now
and quit hiding!
You hear?
Little Bob!
[distant bang]
[dog barking]
[intense music ]
Little Bob?
Little Bob?!
[wind howling]
[distant screaming]
[child screaming]
Help! Help me! Help!
[ambient music ]
[indistinct chatter]
Hey, hey, cut it out.
All right, ladies, let's go.
Hurry up, ladies.
Come on.
Let's do it.
That's fine if I beat you
down there.
Phone, please.
Thank you.
Moving on to
the American Civil War.
This was the first
true industrial war.
The first time railroads,
...and mass-produced weaponry
were all utilized.
All right,
it's assignment time.
Your assignment will be
to compose a timeline of events
leading up to the Civil War...
...beginning with the 1868
election of President Lincoln.
Can anyone tell me
how many deaths...
[male radio DJ]
You're listening to KQBC,
and folks over in Westlake
are gearing up for their annual
White River Festival
taking place this evening
and over the weekend.
Be sure to bring your
witches' hats and broomsticks.
I hear the legendary witch,
Basset Goodie,
might be making an appearance.
There might even be a prize
for the first kid
to capture her.
[female radio DJ]
But wrap up warm,
it's starting to get
a little chilly out there.
We're in for near record lows
in what is set to become
one of the coldest Novembers
on record.
And there's a good chance
a storm system
is likely to develop.
Our meteorologist,
Greg Adley, has more.
Thanks, guys.
Well if you're going
to be getting out today
it's not going to be
too bad at all.
Mostly sunny today...
They built an ice cave
and waited for
the storm to pass,
because it was 13 days
before help could reach them.
The cave was so cramped
that they lost circulation
in their legs
and they had to be amputated.
13 days in an ice cave?
The guy, Engliss,
became the first double amputee
to scale Everest.
I got a cramp.
I need a sec.
Hey, check it out.
Oh, gross.
What's up, bitch tits?
Hey, didn't you want
Jackie Kramer
to come to your house
for study group last night?
Well, guess what group
she was studying on.
What the fuck are you
looking at, daddy's boy?
Want a picture?
What is that?
Screw this.
[tense music ]
Hey, dude, watch out.
Oh, you're figgin', man.
Did you see?
He nailed him.
[overlapping chatter]
You moron.
Oh, that's gotta hurt.
Any time, faggot.
Any time.
Nice one, man.
Hey, Laila.
Hey, girls.
How are you?
[girls giggling]
Well, hello there, stranger.
What can I do you for?
I just need to pick up
those tax forms.
Oh, okay.
Well let me grab a form
for you here real quick.
'Kay, great.
How are Killian
and Crawford doing?
They all revved up for tonight?
Yeah, they're trying to
pretend they're too old,
but I can tell
they're really excited.
Oh, that's good.
They're real good kids.
How's their mom doing?
Well, the doctors say
she's making some progress.
They're hoping to take her
off the heavier meds soon
so we just take it
one day at a time.
Well, that's good.
Alicia, Ms. Jennings.
Chad, how are you?
Good, uh, sorry for ear wigging
but I heard you ladies
talking about the fair.
Something happened?
It's not been announced yet
but just a heads up,
it's being canceled.
- Why?
It's happened again.
Oh, where's Mommy?
Oh no, where's Mommy?
Oh, no, little bitch.
Oh, he's got my hat.
Oh, come on cry for me, bitch.
Come on, cry for me.
[ambient music ]
[PA feedback]
[man over PA]
All students are to
head immediately
to their pickup points
and wait for your buses
to arrive.
Your parents have been notified
and will be expecting you.
No sign of Aunt Marsha?
And lo, on the eighth day,
God created curfew.
Still, look on the bright side,
at least you don't have
any double Econ.
Any idea what's happening?
Two more kids went missing.
It says here they're closing
all the schools down.
The fair's canceled tonight.
Oh, what?
How was your run?
What happened to your head?
Did you run into a tree,
or something?
Nothing happened.
Just drop it.
This is starting to get old.
Crawford, don't.
Come on man, please.
Here comes a son of a dead man.
What did you do to my brother?
Get the hell out of here.
Nobody likes you.
Nobody has to.
All right, I'm going to ask you
one more time.
What did you do to my brother?
The same thing I'll do
to your mom.
[car horn honking]
Don't you ever talk about her.
You owe me one.
That's a few now.
Do you want to tell me
what that's all about?
Crawley and Greenburg lifted us
a few crates of brewskis.
Freeman got a box of smokes
from his old man.
We're meeting everyone
about a mile up Coon Creek.
I don't want to get caught.
Oh, you're bailing on me,
are you?
I'm not saying that
I'm bailing.
It's just that with everyone
worrying about those kids
and then the curfew,
if we are off
lighting off fireworks
someone's going to hear us.
No one's going to hear us.
What do you think we're going
all the way out there?
It's No One Forest, buddy.
It's bigger than Russia.
We'll wheel the bike
up Coon creek
until were out of earshot.
I know exactly
where we're meeting--
- Look who's here.
I hope I can count on both of
you two to behave this weekend.
consider this practice
for when you have
your own little Killians.
I should get a job.
Maybe drop out of school.
You can't do that, Crawford.
Are you kidding?
Look, sooner or later,
Aunt Marsha is going to want
her own family.
And then we're on our own.
[TV news reporter]
Local law enforcement
in Hawthorn Plains
is under
increased pressure today
after the disappearance
of a brother and sister
from their home
near Grand Falls.
17-year-old Elizabeth Stevens
and her younger brother,
six-year-old Bob,
disappeared from their home
last night.
Police investigating the scene
said the family home
showed signs of forced entry
and a struggle.
They're advising residents
within the area
to be vigilant and report
any suspicious activity
While authorities are not
ruling anything out
at this point,
they have confirmed
that they believe the case...
- Okay.
They're finally leaving. related to two
similar incidents
that took place
in the last month.
God, they took forever.
We need to get a move on.
You about ready?
Hey, look at this.
I don't know about you,
but I hate that guy.
You know Greenberg?
Said he's a pedophile.
Parents should only
use babysitters
when absolutely necessary,
and when using
a new babysitter,
prepared to contact at least
two references directly.
Number three,
parents are advised
not to leave children
home alone.
Now, while the law may be
vague on the subject,
it is illegal...
Oh, hey, don't forget
to wrap it up, bro.
Shut up, doofus.
...regarding the new rules
in effect.
Here's a picture of Bob.
This disappearance comes
just four days
after 12-year-old
Susie Smeeks
vanished from her home
in Marietville.
Nathan Vickers
spent the day
near where the kids
were last seen,
joins us now live in studio.
Nathan, what do we know
at this point?
Rob, we met
with the local farmer
who says he saw something
strange in the area.
The man claims the large figure
stepped back into the woods
and was not seen again.
The incident comes on the heels
of farmers across the county
reporting missing
and mutilated animals.
Scary, scary situation...
You got everything?
- I think so.
You ready to roll?
- I am.
Here we go, daddy-o.
[bike engine starts]
[upbeat music ]
[music fades out ]
Crawford, you drive much?
A little bumpy back there,
You gonna be all right?
I'll be fine.
- All right.
Come here.
Last one to the forest!
Out of the way, princess!
Watch out for the thorns.
How deep you think
you wanna go in?
All the way.
Crawley, where are you, dude?
I'm serious.
Stop dicking around.
[static on walkie-talkie]
Why don't you just
use your phone?
What, you think
I get reception out here?
No man, we tested these
just last week.
They should be fine.
God, I knew Crawley
was going to flake.
The guy's always been a flake.
And he was bringing Betty
and Betty was bringing
the other girls,
so now we're totally fucked.
Well, while we're here...
...might as well light
these bad boys off.
Looks like there's
a clearing down there.
What do you say?
[ominous ambience ]
We salute you, soldier.
[Killian laughs]
Oh, oh.
All right.
Are you ready for
the grand finale?
[fireworks whistling, banging]
[sentimental music ]
What is that?
Up there.
A treehouse.
Let's check out the view.
I don't know, Crawford.
That's really high up.
There's stuff on the tree
to climb onto.
Come on, I bet you can see
the whole valley from up there.
[ominous music ]
Dang, dude.
It's gotta be 40, 50 feet
up in the air.
This doesn't look very safe.
Well, it's probably not safe,
but it'll be fun.
All right.
Just be careful.
Is this a hunter's post?
Like a deer stand?
It wasn't built for kids,
that's for sure.
Hey, check this out.
Isn't this the issue that Aunt
Marsha found under your bed?
Shut up.
Is that blood?
Taste it.
- I'm not tasting it.
Please tell me
that was the wind.
It's a girl.
Oh, fuck.
There's blood all over her.
Hey, hey, it's okay.
We're not gonna hurt you.
What happened?
Are you okay?
My- my name--
My name is Crawford.
All right?
And this- this is my brother.
This is Killian.
Crawford, that's her.
It's the girl from the news.
the one who went missing
with her little brother.
Oh, hey, whoa.
What happened to your brother?
We need to call the police.
I don't know what's going on
here, but this isn't right.
Hey, we're gonna get you
to a doctor, okay?
They took him.
Goddamn it.
Piece of shit.
Fucking phone.
No signal.
They took him.
Please help.
- They took your brother?
Who did?
Who did?
Crawford, this isn't good, man.
- I know.
Just give me a second, okay?
I need to think.
Listen to me.
Whoever did this to you,
do they know you're up here?
Are you sure?
I climbed here to get away... they can't find me.
How long have you been up here?
I can't remember.
A day or two.
I think.
I need more soda.
Please, I'm hypoglycemic.
I'm sorry, there's no more.
Can you eat these?
Killian, come here.
We need to go get help.
We go to the bike, will be
in town at 45 minutes.
We go get the police,
be back here within two hours
but we need to go now.
All right?
I'm not leaving her here alone.
What do you want Crawford?
Her to be here by herself?
She already said
they didn't know she was here.
I don't even think
I'd be able to climb down.
Crawford, what are you doing?
Be quiet.
You're going to make
the floor collapse.
Here, take this.
If anyone other than me
tries to climb up here,
put a dent in their face,
you got it?
God, this is fucked up.
All right, you still got
your walkie?
When I'm back I'll radio you
so you'll know I'm coming.
Don't use it otherwise.
You just got to stay safe,
be quiet
and keep away from the edge.
- Yeah.
No, wait.
For luck.
Get back.
[distant scream]
It's them.
Crawford, are you there?
Crawford, can you hear me?
Why did you do that?
Now they know we're in here.
What's going on?
They'll kill us.
Okay, they're gone.
We need to get out of here.
We can hide in the woods.
I can't stand up.
You let them up here.
I have to find my brother.
It can't end like this.
I won't let them.
Crawford will make it back.
Trust me.
- Shh.
It's on a branch
about 10 feet down.
[eerie breathing]
Did it see you?
Get back.
The moon's bright.
[eerie breathing]
[low growling breaths]
[girl on walkie-talkie]
Crawford, do you copy?
[distant fireworks]
[fireworks continue]
That was Arielle's voice.
A girl in my brother's grade.
Arielle, are you there?
Hey, who's this?
This is Killian,
Crawford's brother.
Hey, where are you guys?
Tell Crawford
I'm going to kick his ass
for standing me up.
You hear that?
Betty said she's going
to kick your brother's ass.
Is he there?
Do you copy?
Over, over.
Roger, Tango.
Arielle, listen to me.
This isn't a joke.
you need to get out of here now
and get help.
Let me talk to Crawford.
He's not here.
He's gone out to get help.
You need to go
and call the cops.
Hey, this is Betty.
What did you say
about the cops?
Listen to me.
You are running out of time.
There are things in the woods.
You need to get out of here.
Are you joking?
Let me speak to Crawford, hon.
I just fucking told you.
He's not here.
He left to go get help.
You need to get out
of the woods.
Fucking run.
Are you there?
Arielle? Betty?
[distant screaming]
Oh, my God, Killian,
is that you?
Help me, please.
Oh, my God.
What the fuck?
Arielle, what's happening?
Where are you?
I don't know.
I'm in the woods.
I dropped my flashlight.
Betty's dead.
They just hurt Madison.
Jesus, fuck.
Please help me.
I don't wanna die.
I don't wanna die.
Arielle, please keep
your voice down
and hide if you can.
Okay, okay.
[Arielle crying]
I'm behind a tree.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I don't think he'll see me.
What do we do?
She was asking
about your brother.
Did he make it to the bike?
Arielle, was Crawford's bike
at the woods
when you first got here?
I didn't see a bike.
Didn't see a bike.
Thank God.
He ran to the bike.
They chased after him.
It looks like he made it.
He's going to get the cops.
We just need to sit tight, okay?
[Arielle crying]
Arielle, please be quiet.
There's one looking at me now.
Oh, my God.
Tell her to run.
Anything, just do it!
Arielle, run!
Run, please, run!
[distant screaming]
[eerie voice]
[thunder crashes]
I need you to help me.
I hope you're not grossed out
by blood and things like that.
I need you to pull 'em out
for me.
I don't know.
Oh, I ain't asking' you,
baby bear.
Wait for the thunder.
[screams, cries]
Is it bleedin' bad?
Kind of.
I think this one's stuck
in a nerve or something.
I don't want
a fucking commentary!
Just pull it the hell out,
Get off!
I... I need to rest.
- Okay.
Crawford, please hear me.
You ain't doin' it right.
Remember what I told you,
like this, all right.
Now imagine you're painting
the ceiling.
You bring your hand
over your head like this,
like a brush stroke.
[clears throat]
Come here.
Hold it by the blade this time.
This way, right.
That way it cuts
when it rotates.
Grip it like your pecker,
Now that's better.
You still throw like your mama.
How many did the sniper get...
...before he shot you?
Three young privates
and our best medic.
They're gutless, snipers.
Any man can hide
amongst the trees
but it takes home-grown
Ozark valor,
stone fucking tinders to run
against match grade ammunition.
That's my memento, anyhow.
Reminds me every day.
But what I did was right
and proper.
I know you're scared son.
There's some evil men
in this world
and guys like me, we stop 'em.
And you're my blood.
You be strong for your mama
when I'm gone...
...because I ain't raising
no cowards.
All right?
What happened?
You fell asleep.
No, I mean with Crawford.
What about him?
He's not back?
What does it look like?
I don't understand.
I mean, the bike was gone,
I mean, he must've
made it back.
They know we're in here.
There's one on that far tree
right now...
...watching us.
The other two come and go.
Like they're scheming.
I don't think they can climb.
But that little one,
he sure can.
How did you make it
all the way up here
with all that glass in you?
Ain't you ever
taken a beating...
...and only afterwards
it hurt real bad?
That's how.
Where you from, anyway?
We live in Westlake.
Boy, you really are
far away from home.
Does anyone know you're here?
My name's Elizabeth.
I know.
I saw you on TV
with your little brother.
They took him.
They have him somewhere.
I wish I could remember.
My head's bangin'
like a jackhammer.
What is that burning?
That means there- there must
be people around here.
The smoke travels in the wind.
It could be miles away.
even if there was someone
nearby in a cabin or like,
you'd have to climb clear
to the top of this tree
to see the smoke.
And no offense...
...but that ain't
going to happen with you,
is it?
This treehouse's starting
to feel more like
a goddamn coffin.
What are they?
Ain't no Bigfoot,
I'll tell you that.
Last night there was some kind
of spook light in the tree... a camera flash,
only brighter.
what about those girls?
You think they might've said
something about coming here?
To anyone?
I don't know.
Are you okay?
You're shaking.
Yeah, I'm fine.
But look...
No one's gonna find us soon.
And I don't think
we got that long.
How long have you got?
I mean, with your blood sugar.
I'm not stupid.
I can take it.
Please don't lie to me.
I got a few crackers left.
If I feel giddy I'll eat 'em.
How long?
A few hours...
Might start to dip.
Depends on what we do.
You okay?
Okay, I'll do it.
Do what?
I'll climb to the top
of the tree
and see where that smoke
is coming from.
[distant groaning voices]
[eerie groans]
Killian... Killian...
[echoing shouts]
Killian... Killian...
Don't let go.
[overlapping groans
and shouts intensify]
I can't hear you.
Go fuck yourself.
[ominous music ]
[branch cracks]
[tense music ]
[dramatic music ]
One o'clock.
The smoke's thick.
What's wrong?
It's like...
It's like
they're playing with us.
And you haven't seen
the big one yet.
There's one that's huge.
I swear.
I tried chasing it when
they took Little Bob.
I'm sorry about your friends.
Well, come on, then!
Come get me, you fuckers!
Let's get this over with!
Quickly, inside!
[crying out]
We gotta get out of here.
What are you doing?
Tryin' to find
somethin' to light
so they think we're in here.
This could be useful.
How 'bout these?
You carry candles around
with you?
I get it.
Real... smooth.
You don't got a bottle of wine
up them there trousers,
do you, baby bear?
I was just joking.
That's for saving my life.
Your daddy would be
proud of you.
How do you know about my dad?
When you were sleepin'...
...I heard you talking to him.
It was just a dream.
That's when they talk to us...
...come see us.
It's more real than you think.
We're gonna make it.
[quiet guitar music ]
[eerie ambience]
[tense music building ]
Are you okay?
- Yeah.
I just need to rest for a bit.
I don't think that's
such a good idea.
No, no, no, no, no.
Come on.
Just quit whining and sit down.
But if you sit down now you
won't be able to get back up.
Don't forget what
you've already been through.
You can't give up now.
Watch out!
Oh, shit.
If there are hunters,
they'll have guns.
We ain't gonna be able
to go anywhere 'til morning.
But we can see them.
We just have to be careful.
We can't be more
than a quarter mile away.
That one happened to be
in the moonlight.
You got lucky.
So, what?
We just sit here and wait?
What about them?
We don't have much of a choice.
Come on.
Sit down.
[ominous music ]
[distant low moan]
Huddle close.
[distant moaning continues]
Please, John, stop.
You're scaring them.
I don't like liars, Shauna.
Especially when it's
my own goddamn son.
I didn't lie.
- Well, one of you did!
You know where my gun is, son?
God damn it, if you won't
tell me the truth--
No, John, stop!
Tell me the truth, goddamn it!
You okay, baby bear?
Just thinking about my dad.
He came back... different.
The war?
One day I grabbed his gun.
I just wanted to look at it.
I forgot to put it back.
He always blamed Crawford
for everything.
Did he beat on him?
He'd fill the sink up...
...and hold his head
under the water.
And Crawford knew it was me...
...but he didn't want my dad
to hurt me.
I feel so bad.
If you had a little brother
you'd understand.
Don't feel bad.
I'd do anything
to protect Little Bob.
I'd die for him.
I remember...
...when he was three...
...he could name the flags
of all the countries.
[sentimental music ]
He loved...
He loved his cartoons.
I gotta find him.
Promise me you'll find him...
...and the ones that took him.
Make them pay.
Your daddy is lookin' down
on you right now...
...real proud.
Don't let anyone ever
tell you different.
Oh, my God.
We made it.
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no.
Oh, God.
Please wake up.
Elizabeth, please wake up.
Elizabeth, we made it
to the house.
The burning leaves?
Somebody help me!
I need some help!
Please wake up.
Come on.
Please wake up.
You're okay.
Can you hear me?
You're okay.
Can you hear me?
Oh, my God.
Eat this.
It's chocolate.
It's chocolate.
You're okay.
We're safe.
Where are we?
I carried you.
Who's here?
- No one.
It's just us.
Keep eating.
[ominous music ]
"Where, O death,
is your victory?"
"Where, O death,
is your sting?"
First Corinthians, 15:55.
You believe that stuff?
I believe what I want.
That's how it works.
Find a telephone.
Search the bedrooms.
Baby bear?
[motorbike approaching]
[suspenseful music ]
[eerie breathing]
Little Bob.
Oh, Lord,
I need strength, please.
God, I need help.
[thunder crashes]
[suspenseful music ]
[Elizabeth, screaming]
[heartbeat pounding]
[intense music ]
[muffled shouting]
Come here. Come here.
Come on. Come on.
Help me!
His holster.
I hope you burn in hell
for what you did.
[crying quietly]
They killed Little Bob.
They stuck a knife
right through him...
...and took pictures
of themselves doing it.
They killed Crawford, too.
Burned him alive.
I'm sorry.
We need to stop the bleedin'.
I'm fine.
What is it?
Come take a look at this.
It's a sign.
It's a sign.
There's still one left.
The big one.
For Crawford.
For Little Bob.
There's no goin' back.
There's nothing to go back for.
They'll just put him in juvie.
He'll be out in a few years.
He don't deserve that.
He deserves more.
I'll take what's coming.
It'll be worth it.
If they lock us up...
...I'll wait for you
if I get out first.
Damn right, you will,
baby bear.
[dramatic rock music ]
[guns cocking]