Tremors II: Aftershocks (1996) Movie Script

Wildfire, you either walk
into that other corral,
or I'm gonna shoot ya
and drag your carcass in there.
Come on, Wildfire.
Come on, boy.
Let's go meet Susie now.
You'll like her.
You two
gotta get together.
Whoa, whoa!
Whoa, boy, whoa!
Damn it.
You and Susie are gonna make
some little birds, or I'm gonna
take some barbecue sauce to ya!
Earl Basset, right?
I told you
that's the other one.
Seor Basset.
This is beautiful country,
but very isolated.
I had great difficulty
finding you,
but I'm glad I did.
You see, we have had to
close down one of Mexico's
biggest oil fields.
Several workers
have been killed.
Ah, we have
now determined that...
the men were killed by...
certain large
underground animals.
Ah! I told you that's
what they named 'em.
Excuse me.
You mean...
there's more of them?
Yes. The company is facing
very expensive delays.
But more importantly,
there are many isolated people
who live in the region.
Many lives are in danger.
We need someone, an expert,
to eliminate these creatures.
- You want somebody
to go graboid hunting?
- S.
Ah, seor,
please, please!
We've already spoken
to your partner, Seor McKee.
H-He is unwilling
to help us.
Sure, Val married a good woman.
Why would he want to die?
Of course,
we are willing to pay.
They're willing to pay!
Go... away.
No, no, no. He wants to pay you
$50,000 for each graboid.
No way. Not for
any amount of money.
But for you, getting those worms
would be a piece of cake.
Who are you?
And why are you so dumb?
Oh, Grady. Grady.
Grady Hoover. It's an honor
to meet you, Mr. Basset, sir.
I'm probably your biggest fan.
That Reebok commercial
with you guys runnin' through
the desert... so very cool.
- You like that, huh?
- Oh, yeah.
Listen, could I come in?
I mean, just for a second.
The Earl Basset.
Yep. I've read
every one of these.
I got two copies of this one.
I keep one wrapped in plastic.
Oh, my God, you got
your own one of these!
Oh, I bet you made a fortune
off this. Quarter, quarter,
quarter, quarter.
Well, somebody did.
It sure wasn't me.
Well, you musta got
a percentage.
I shoulda got
a lawyer.
Wow. That sucks.
Did he really say
Stack of Bibles.
Forget it.
You boys don't know
how mean these things are.
Well, okay...
okay, but...
That was my big chance.
Yeah, but M-Mr. Basset...
You only get one of those
in life, and I blew it...
on goddam Big Bird
and his scrawny girlfriend!
Yeah, but 50,000.
That's what
she's doin' there.
"Miss October, 1974"?
Yeah, she's there to remind me
not to keep chasin' after things
I'm never gonna get.
But why wouldn't
you get this?
Earl... Mr. Basset,
you're the expert. You guys
kicked ass with those things.
And this time, you'll be
a step ahead of them.
The Mexican army is willin'
to give you whatever you want.
Shh, whoo, wa-bam! 50 Gs!
Maybe this is your
big second chance.
Seor Ortega,
you've got a deal.
Bravo, bravo!
And I'm
goin' with him.
Ah, muy bien, muy bien!
Um, if you'll excuse me?
What? Why do you think
I drove all this way?
When he said he was looking
for the Earl Basset,
I knew Opportunity
was knockin', and I was home.
I don't even know you.
I drive a taxi;
I live in a crappy apartment;
I watch too much TV; et cetera.
Look, you're going to need
a partner. How many people
would want to do this?
I'll do anything you want:
Carry luggage, make coffee,
light fuses.
Maybe you will
come in handy.
When they're eating you, it'll
give me a chance to get away.
Who gets the last soda?
One, two...
rock, paper.
One, two, three!
What's this?
Scissors cuts paper.
I win.
Buenos das, seores.
Ustedes dos son los americanos
cazadores de monstruos?
Um... Quin es... uh...
No, no, no, no.
"Dnde est..."
Seor Ortega?
Ortega? Oh, Ortega,
venga ac. Estn aqu.
Welcome, gentlemen.
You made good time.
The sooner we get here,
the sooner we can leave.
- This is Pedro, the company's
chief engineer.
- Mucho gusto.
Uh, buenos das.
Ysu nuevo compaero,
el Sr. Hoover.
Mucho gusto.
Buena suerte y que los monstruos
no los coman a ustedes.
Um, I have all your
equipment over here.
Oh, by the way,
I have some good news.
We offer you double the price
if you are able to capture
one of the animals alive.
Alive? Have you ever seen
one of these things?
It is only a suggestion...
if it was possible
to capture one of them.
No, you never know.
Earl, you never know.
Yes, I do.
Never should have
come down here.
The army has sent
everything you requested.
You have asked for some...
Unusual things.
Earl, please
check this out.
Look, this isn't
some kind of party.
I know that.
I just think we should show
a little enthusiasm here.
Let me introduce you
to Kate Riley.
She's the geologist
for the oil company.
And these are the men...
I know, I know.
The monster hunters. I saw you
on Good Morning, America...
or, uh, one of those.
Yeah, this is, uh,
the Earl Basset,
the one and only.
Uh, that's right.
Nice to meet ya.
- Really nice to meet you.
- I'm Grady Hoover,
the new guy.
Nice... hat.
I hope to hear
good news soon.
Miss Riley will stay in contact
with me. Let us know
anything else you need.
And, uh...
Well, best of luck
to you, huh?
Vaya con Dios.
So this is the place.
I'll show you around.
You thirsty or anything?
Yeah, as a matter
of fact, I am.
Anyway, we've been
pretty nervous down here.
Glad you guys were willin'
to come all this way.
It sure is in the middle
of nowhere.
Well, of course.
Stuff like this only happens
in the middle of nowhere.
- Hey, Julio.
- Hey, Kate.
It's all done.
They're all working.
Yes, yes! Guys, this is Julio.
He's been setting up
the seismographs. Earl, Grady.
Yes, I've seen you
in the magazines.
Actually, I'm not
the original guy.
You know, you musta made a lot
of money, huh? The royalties
on that video game alone! Ooh.
Julio, we should be able to get
an accurate count now, right?
Yes, yes. I have a friend
who invested in that company.
Hi. Come on in.
So, uh, we were gonna
look over some maps?
Right. Um, coffee?
Yeah, black.
How were those
burritos, anyway?
Um, good. Good.
Yeah, sorry about that.
Pretty bad, I know.
But with Cook gone,
that's best we've got.
So, um... how many of you
are still workin' out here?
Only the three of us.
They had to shut the whole
operation down.
Six people got killed...
people I knew.
Hmm. Well, uh,
how come you stayed on?
You're not scared?
Shit, yeah, I'm scared.
I'm also fascinated.
It's, uh...
With me, "fascinated"
usually wins.
I'll get these cores out
of the way. Come on, baby.
So, uh,
have the graboids come
near the refinery yet?
No, they've left us alone.
They stay about 20 miles north.
That's where the workers
were killed.
Who named them
graboids, anyway?
A... friend of ours,
Walter Chang.
He named them,
then they ate him.
Hey, guys,
look what I made.
Just, you know,
drag it behind the truck.
Make, you know,
make more noise.
You see, uh,
graboids hunt by sound.
I'll probably just go hook that
to the back of the truck.
Ah, s.
Mr. Hoover, come here please.
I have the monitor working.
We've set up radio seismographs
all over, so the monitor will
show you where the graboids are.
You know, this is none of my
business, I guess, but you guys
are going out there alone?
You don't want to take with you
the whole army of Mexico?
Let me explain, Julio.
Graboids, they got no eyes.
They hunt by sound.
You make a noise;
They're gonna come after you.
If we get a bunch of people
runnin' around...
Graboids gonna spread out
all over the place. No,
we want 'em all to come to us.
So you guys are what?
You guys are the bait?
That's the plan.
Okay, so, uh...
That's us.
That's our truck.
Seems like everything's
workin' okay.
Well, sure it is, Earl.
This is a high-tech,
professional operation here.
Hey, we got a good plan goin'.
Fifty thousand apiece, baby.
Ho! You know, me,
I'm gonna get mine all at once,
just stacked!
Well, if I make any money
this time, I'll invest it...
Hey, you shaved.
No, I just... I just noticed
you... you know, shaved.
So what?
A man can shave, can't he?
No, you're right.
She's a babe.
here's where they're
supposed to be.
Man, look at that
country, huh?
Yeah. Not a lot of rocks
and boulders out there.
Not much to climb on if we
don't want to get slurped.
There's mountains around.
You said they can't
get through mountains.
I said they can't
go through rock.
These hills are alluvial.
Oh, "alluvial."
Wait a minute, that's the little
dingleberry in the back
of your throat, right?
You want to hunt graboids;
you better know geology.
Here, you drive. I'm keepin'
my eye on this... seismo-jigger.
Oh, good call.
No offence, Earl, but you're
nervous as a chihuahua.
I'm not nervous.
I'm alert.
Those worms have to be deaf
if they don't hear us.
Hey, take it easy, huh?
Jesus, Grady.
We got one!
- It's spotted us!
It's comin' right toward us!
- Well, that's the idea.
Doesn't mean I have to like it.
Now stop. Stop already!
Okay, time
for the secret weapon.
Careful with that detonator.
Set it like I showed you.
- How dumb do you think I am?
- Catch me later on that one.
- He's comin' in.
I think he's followin' it.
Of course he is.
I can't see it, Earl.
Earl, I can't see it!
Left. Left.
- Okay, okay.
- Wait. Wait, there.
He did it. He took it.
O-Okay. Hit it! Get him!
Oh, shit.
Earl, what are you doin'?
Hit it, hit it!
Hit it!
Hit it, Earl!
50 Gs, baby, 50 Gs!
Oh, shit!
Told ya.
I forgot.
Ow, ow, ow, ow!
Man, this stuff
really stinks.
Yeah, don't forget
to get that antenna too.
Uno de los mejores xitos
de Travis Tritt.
Vamos a continuar con una media hora
de msica sin interrupcin.
You left the radio
on the ground?
Sorry, I forgot.
Is that a coyote?
Man, he better keep quiet.
He took it.
Hey, it's my turn.
Oh, c-come on, Earl.
Let me get one more.
Rock breaks scissors.
I win.
It does?
I told you one stick
would be enough.
You're right.
That makes $300,000.
I'm feelin'
light-headed, Earl.
And whatcha gonna do
with all your money?
Invest it.
Well, yeah, of course,
invest it, but...
Even at five percent,
I'll be doin' pretty good.
Five percent?
You're talkin', um, mutual funds
or C.D. S or somethin', huh?
That's right.
That's small, Earl.
You're thinkin' small.
See, I'm thinkin'
big, okay?
I'm thinkin' theme park.
Now, now.
"Grady Hoover's World
of Natural Wonders."
Whoa! Or, you know,
maybe somethin' simple,
like "Monster World,"
or "Monsterland"...
or "Worm World."
How 'bout "Looney World"?
Seems to fit.
Get off the ground!
It's vision, Earl.
Vision is what separates
the average...
I know that song.
Jesus! Get off the ground,
Grady! Get off the ground!
Jesus, man,
those things are huge!
Shh! Be quiet!
Did you see that mouth?
Oh, no.
It snagged the chain.
Can it do that?
It can't be that strong.
Son of a bitch!
- Hit the brakes!
- I am! I did!
It doesn't work!
What do I do?
- I don't know.
Do anything!
- Ooh!
- Cliff!
- Oh, no.
He stopped. He stopped.
Oh, shit.
Oh, come on.
He's going under it!
Turn! Turn the wheel!
- Turn!
- I'm trying; I'm trying!
Oh, God, oh, God!
All right.
You all right?
Wow, chain broke
right off.
Jesus, we're lucky.
Well, truck seems
to be all right.
Earl, that's gonna be the first
ride in my theme park.
Doesn't anything
ever get you down?
Well, I'm blessed
with a sunny disposition.
Most people
seem to like it.
Oh, yeah? What does this
do for your disposition?
I think we're gonna
need some help.
Help? Who'd be crazy enough
to help us with this mess?
The big guns pounded enemy
positions for 72 straight hours.
It was the deadliest
bombardment of the siege.
Hey, Burt, it's Earl.
How ya doin'?
Listen, um,
If this sounds kinda funny, it's
'cause I'm on a radio phone.
It's the only way we
can call out of this place.
Earl? Oh... Earl.
Haven't seen you in a while.
Well, I haven't seen you.
Guess you've been layin'
kinda low, huh?
Layin' low?
No. Negative.
I've been real busy...
lots of projects.
So, uh, how
you and Heather doing?
Well, she, uh...
She's still visiting her sister.
You know, she actually...
blames our problems on the
collapse of the Soviet Union?
Well, you did take that
kinda hard, Burt.
Said I was hard to live with.
Said I couldn't handle life
without the threat of war.
What kind of thing
is that to say to a man?
Well, I don't know, Burt...
Anyway, it takes more
than that to get me down.
I been running around so much,
it's lucky you caught me home.
Well, in that case, I don't know
if you'd be interested in this.
I'm down in Mexico,
see, and I find myself
in a sort of situation.
What kind of situation?
A graboid
kind of situation.
Hey, you keepin'
an eye on that monitor?
Uh, yeah, I'm watchin' it.
They're just stayin' up north.
- Oh, my God!
Sorry. Come here.
Come here. Look at this.
I've been staring
at this fossil for over a month,
and I just realized what it is.
Hey, Earl, that looks like one
of those spikes on their sides.
Okay, it resembles one.
I really think it is
a fossil fragment of a graboid.
It's gonna take
months to prove...
No, this is important,
isn't it?
Science has never
determined their origin.
I read that in People.
And that's true. But that's not
the only thing. You guys,
this is Precambrian rock.
Precambrian. That means
that this is the oldest
life form on the planet.
I mean other than one-celled
things. But look at that.
- Wait a minute.
Older than dinosaurs?
- Way.
So they're from earth,
right? Damn.
I always thought
they were from outer space.
Doesn't look like it.
Mira, mira!
El monstruo ms grande...
viene ac!
Look! Look at
the seismograph! Look!
El monstruo viene!
Es grande!
It ain't no graboid.
It's somethin'
more dangerous.
Monster H.Q., I presume.
Hey, Burt,
good to see you.
Earl, good to see you.
Uh, this is Kate,
uh, Pedro,
Hey, what's up?
Julio, and, uh...
The pleasure is mine.
Grady, Grady Hoover.
Yeah, I read all about you,
Mr... Mr. Gummer.
- Yeah, it's a real...
real honor.
- Yes.
Man, you think you got
a big enough truck here?
He the new guy?
So, did you get me one
of those seismo-monitors?
Hey, no problem.
What you got in this thing?
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Don't touch.
Don't touch. Easy.
Mexican army gave me
this truck...
And a few little items
on my wish list.
It's, uh, a bit much,
don't you think?
Maybe I'm wrong.
Hope I'm right.
Makes my home-made stuff
look like cherry bombs.
Thermite, C-4, TNT,
high-explosive... H.E.
Is there such thing
as "low-explosive"?
Well, y-yes,
son, there is.
I mean, the federales offer
you anything you want, and you
guys take one case of dynamite?
What the hell
is this thing for?
That, uh, might end up
in my collection.
Hey, got some, uh, new equipment
for you, gentlemen.
Your backup weapons.
Can you handle a firearm?
I'll check him out.
We're not huntin'
rabbits down here, Burt.
Not shotguns.
Double rifles. Elephant guns.
Wesley-Richards 480,
375 H&H Mag.
Knockdown power
up the yin-yang.
Treat them well.
But hold 'em good 'n tight
to your shoulder, or they'll
break your collarbone.
So where's, uh, Mrs. Gummer?
She didn't want to come?
Uh, why don't you get this,
uh, stuff in our truck?
Sure, no problem.
Look, man, I... really want
to thank you for comin' down.
We're in pretty deep here.
Oh, forget it, Earl.
To tell you the truth, if I
didn't get out of that house,
I was gonna go crazy.
Heather's not comin' back.
She called me and told me
to send her the H.K. -91.
Whew. Ouch.
Anyway, it'll be good to get
into somethin' constructive.
Oh, my.
What is this?
Grizzly single-shot
50-calibre B.M. G...
based on a World War I
antitank cartridge.
- Antitank?
- Had the bullets custom cast
from solid bronze.
Man, Burt, you put a whole new
shine on the word "overkill."
When you need it
and don't have it,
you sing a different tune.
Well, this is it, Burt.
I'll patrol east.
You take the west.
You know, those are
terrible for you.
You need complex carbohydrates.
Lower those L.D.L.s.
I gave up smoking, Burt.
What more do you want?
- Have an M.R.E.
- A what?
Meals Ready to Eat.
Freeze-dried, foil sealed.
It's got to be foil. Plastic
is not an oxygen barrier.
Includes entre,
cracker pack, cheese spread,
mixed fruit, beverage powder,
spoon, coffee,
cream substitute, candy, salt,
matches, toilet tissue.
Shelf life of ten years.
Here, take a few.
Buy 'em all the time.
Saves trips to the supermarket.
Oh, no, Burt.
We don't want to use up
all your food.
No problem.
Brought 120 pounds of it.
Good luck, compadres.
Oh, man, this stuff
tastes like toilet paper.
Earl, that is
the toilet paper.
14 May.
1500 hours.
I have a confirmed
graboid reading.
I'm now employing the technique
pioneered by Earl Basset...
to make my first kill.
Subject has taken
the bait.
Preparing to fire.
Four pounds of C-4
may be a little...
Yo, Grady and Earl.
I got one. Over.
Yeah, we know, Burt.
We heard it clear over here.
Damnedest thing. It had a big
chain hangin' out of its mouth.
Damn it. Burt, you skunk,
that one was ours.
Oh, yeah, son? I didn't see
your name on it. Over and out.
Why did we
invite him, anyway?
Hey, pay attention.
We got one.
Wait a minute.
It's movin' away from us.
It must be
somethin' else.
Like what,
a giant prairie dog?
Well, shit, I don't know, Earl.
It's movin' away from us.
Should we follow it?
What the hell is
the matter with him?
We're makin'
plenty of noise.
I don't like it, Grady.
They're gettin' smarter.
That's what they do.
They got some kinda
plan goin' here.
I tell ya, these boys
are up to somethin' new.
They're diggin'
a trap for us, or...
playin' possum,
Or somethin'.
Holy Mother!
Oh, man, oh, man!
Shit! Shit, how
could I do that?
I gotta get
to Burt's gun!
- Where is he?
Should be all over us.
- I don't know.
- What is that?
Can they do that?
- Shh.
That's a new one on me.
Jesus, Grady, what are you
doin'? Get off the ground!
I know, I know.
I got an idea. Trust me.
Damn it, Grady,
come on back.
He's still there.
What the hell's
it doing?
I have no idea.
Something's wrong
with him.
Must be sick.
Probably ate somebody
that didn't agree with it.
Jesus, Grady!
It's okay, Earl.
He's not goin' anywhere.
We just caught ourselves
a live one.
That's $100,000, Earl.
Oh, yes!
Oh, yeah?
What're you gonna do,
carry him back?
We just wrecked
the truck.
Oh, yeah.
Hello, this is Earl
to anybody.
Anybody there?
Hey, Earl, it's Kate.
How're you guys doin'?
Well, uh...
we kinda wrecked our truck
a little bit.
A-Are you okay?
We're fine. We're gonna need
somebody to come fetch us.
Let me talk to her.
Would you tell Pedro to bring
that big truck of his out here?
It's got a crane on it,
doesn't it?
It's going to
take him hours.
Tell him to bring it
- We're gonna winch that slinky
off to Monster World.
- Get off the damn ground!
I'm off; I'm off.
Damn it, he got
himself another one.
The man never sleeps.
Guys, Burt here, doin'
a little night fishing.
Got three of 'em
on a cluster charge. I'd say
we're about even now. Over.
Come on, Burt.
This isn't a competition.
Who's competing?
I'm just saying the score's
tied, that's all. Over.
Well, son, no it isn't,
'cause we just caught
ourselves a live one.
A live one? How in the...
That's a trade secret.
Happy huntin', Burt.
I'll bet that burned
his skinny ass.
God Almighty!
Somethin's wrong
with our worm, Earl.
Well, what do you want
me to do about it?
Maybe somethin's tryin'
to eat it out there...
coyotes or somethin'.
They'll have plenty to eat.
Come on, Earl. We have got
to protect our investment.
We can't just sit here.
Jesus, listen to it!
Poor thing. I mean,
don't you just feel
a little sorry for him?
That's cold, Earl.
Where's that Pedro
and that damn truck?
Something ate it!
In two minutes?
Well, somethin'
happened to it, 'cause
there is nothin' left inside.
Something came out of it.
What do you mean,
something came out of it?
It did that thing that things do
when they change, you know...
there's a word
for it, uh...
It turned into something else
like a caterpillar does.
Only I bet that
whatever came out wasn't
no sweet little butterfly.
Damn worms never
cut you any slack.
I said you all ought to
head out to Rioverde.
Clear out 'til we know
what's going on. Over.
Kate, did you
get any of that? Over.
Shit! Now, what?
The radio's out.
How could that be?
I was just talking to her.
Man! You know
what that is, don't you?
Yeah. Another one's
doing it.
There! There's Pedro!
'Bout damn time.
- He stopped.
- He stopped?
Maybe he's taking a leak?
That's a long leak.
Hey, Pedro! Pedro!
maybe we should go over
and see what's wrong.
Go over? You mean, walk a mile
across open country?
I'm not going six feet
from that seismo.
Come on. There's no graboids
anywhere near us right now.
Now, I say we go
while the going's good.
You know, you could
carry some of this stuff.
I got what I want.
Well, I can't say
this looks good.
Hey, Pedro!
This brings
back memories.
Jesus! Looks like somebody
took a can opener to the thing.
Oh, man!
Look at that engine.
It's torn to pieces.
Damn it!
Where are you?
Hey! There he is!
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Whoa! It's a whole
new ball game.
A whole new
goddam ball game.
Well... Well, you know
what to do, right?
I don't know shit!
Okay! Okay!
We can hike over
to that radio tower.
Th-Th-They've gotta
have a radio that's working.
We can, uh... We can call direct.
14 May. 1900 hours.
I've been out of radio contact
for several hours,
unable to reach Grady and Earl
or anybody at H.Q.
The situation dictates
that I return to base.
A further mystery:
I've not had a single
seismic reading in hours,
yet I tracked one
of the sightless brutes
right into this valley.
Where the hell did he go?
They do get smarter.
Is it possible he learned...
to avoid the unique sound
of my deuce-and-half's
mil-spec engine?
I do not have the answer
at this time.
Oh, no, no, no. Don't tell me
that's the radio stuff.
I can't believe this.
Oh, man!
Can't we ever
get a goddam break?
If we get outta here alive,
I'll count that as a break.
I mean, there wasn't
even any people here to eat.
They're doing this
on purpose, man.
They're cuttin' us off
on purpose!
Shh! Shh!
Quiet! Quiet!
I told you
they get smarter.
Hey, look.
Oh, yes! Yes!
It's not gonna have a key.
So I'll hot-wire
the damn thing.
I like that.
Grady! Grady!
What is that?
I don't know,
but it's comin' this way.
Jesus! How big is this thing?
What the hell is that?
Is that it?
Sure ain't no damn ostrich.
How does a 30-foot worm
turn into that little thing?
Shh! Might hear us.
Shit! It heard us.
We got it!
We got it!
Ugly little toad.
No eyes.
Just like the big ones.
Earl, man. We oughta
take this one with us.
You crazy?
Sounds like a bunch of them!
Come on, man!
Let's go! Let's go!
- I'm tryin'! I'm tryin'!
- Let's go!
Pedro. Can you hear me?
Earl, come on!
Talk to me.
Burt? Anybody?
God! What the hell
is going on?
Oh, man!
Julio, man, you
scared me half to death!
Oh, shit.
You know the radios...
They're out?
I know.
That's what I've
been doin' here.
I think the repeater towers
are down.
How can that be?
I don't know.
coming our way?
No! The creatures have
completely disappeared
off the screen. It's weird.
With the radios all out,
shouldn't everybody come back?
Yeah, everybody should have
been here a long time ago.
I don't like this.
This is not good.
Okay, stay here
with the seismos.
I'm going to go look for them
right now.
Okay, but...
Oh, my God!
Oh, no!
No! No!
Get him!
Get him!
What are they?
We don't know.
The worms change somehow.
Now we've got these things.
Julio! Julio!
They... They...
- I know. I know.
- We got them, though.
We just blew 'em away!
Pedro! Did Pedro find you?
No. They jumped his truck.
He's dead too.
Have you seen Burt?
Did he get back?
No. I tried to call him.
I tried you. The radio...
Uh, excuse me.
But I think
we should get goin'.
You okay?
Uh-huh. Yeah.
- Oh, no!
- Not again!
They wrecked our car,
Pedro's truck, the radio tower.
How can they be so smart?
Let's get
our butts inside.
What the hell
we gonna do?
Get these windows shut!
It's like they got
the whole thing planned.
Grady! Grady! Come on!
All right. How many
do you think there are?
All right,
I remember. I remember.
There was three big sacks,
or bags, in that one
we saw split open.
Huh, Earl? Can't be more
than three of those things
in each worm.
Yeah, I... I...
That's right, I guess.
Kate, how many big worms
were left out there?
You killed all but eight
graboids. I was watching.
So if all eight of them changed,
that would make, uh...
of those things left!
How many have you killed?
Well, let's see...
We, uh... We killed
one on the radio tower
and... and one out there...
and, um, on top of the car.
That's it?
Well, I'm sorry.
No. It's just that I mean...
Oh, man!
Now what?
Thank God, it's Burt.
They didn't get him.
I think they did get him.
Burt, you okay?
I feel I was denied...
critical, need-to-know
Well, we're sorry, Burt.
They just changed
all of a sudden, man.
We would have warned you,
but they knocked out
the radio tower.
Come on, Burt!
What happened?
Well, when the radios
went out,
I decided to return
to the refinery.
But en route, I find
I'm in an ambush situation.
Must have been a couple
of dozen of these things!
I dropped the first wave
with semi auto fire,
but they just kept coming.
Most were in front of the truck,
so I popped it in six-wheel
and ran 'em down.
The ones that got on board,
I handled with a combination...
of small arms fire
and hand-to-hand techniques.
I am completely out of ammo.
That's never
happened to me before.
Well, shit!
Who cares, Burt?
Sounds like you
killed 'em all, huh?
I hope not.
These creatures
are very important.
You know,
I mean scientifically.
That fact was
not lost on me.
When it was all over,
I saw one of the little
S.O.B. S was just stunned.
So I detained him.
Oh, man,
it's drooling.
Don't let him spook ya.
That line
is 1,000-pound test.
Go on.
Haul him out of there.
Hold on to that
son of a bitch!
I'll get the door.
I knew it.
It doesn't hear us;
it doesn't actually see us;
it senses the heat
of our bodies.
See that?
The thing that rises up
must be the heat sensor.
You feel that?
Gives off a lot of heat
when it screams.
That's it.
I bet that's the way
they communicate.
The sound doesn't matter.
They make noise,
but they signal each other
with their body heat.
It only sees heat?
Yes, that's not so weird.
A rattlesnake
strikes at body heat.
That's why
they tore up the cars...
because the engines were hot.
They thought it was food.
And the same thing
with the radio tower.
That electronic gear
puts off all kinds of heat.
So basically, they bite
anything that's warm.
They been actin' so smart
'cause they're so stupid?
Now, that's not warm.
How does he know to eat that?
Well, it tastes it
with its tongue.
See how he's draggin'
his tongue all over.
Touches anything
he likes, uh,
he eats it.
How much can he eat?
Those M.R.E. S aren't cheap,
you know.
Looks like he's had enough.
You're feeding it too much!
You made it sick.
Give me a break.
Probably your nasty food
made it sick.
Oh, good God!
They reproduce
without having sex.
I claim the little one.
Hey, it was my food!
Whenever one of them gets
enough food, they just bla-a-ah,
and there's another one.
Then one makes two,
two makes four,
four makes eight...
It's exponential.
Well, uh, hell.
That gives 'em quite an edge.
You never see this
in higher animals. Ever!
It's astounding.
Don't you guys get it?
Oh, we get it.
We just don't want it.
The little one's
getting big already.
Uh, I think we better
think about leaving.
These guys have taken
a completely different
evolutionary path.
They got into your damn
super-food, Burt!
Go! Go!
Yeah! Yeah!
The warehouse! We
gotta close the warehouse!
Oh! Oh!
This way!
Grady! No!
No! Not that way!
Grady, damn it!
All right! All right!
This isn't gonna work.
They stopped.
They're just milling around.
Looks like they
lost track of us.
That's not gonna last.
We're like
sittin' ducks here!
Well, it looked like
a goddam building!
Why didn't you listen to me?
These little snappers
are blind and deaf.
We've gotta
be able to beat them.
I told ya,
they can't see us.
Great, now what?
Now, move with me.
It's gonna work, damn it.
Now move! And step, and step,
and step and step...
I don't know how you
come up with this shit.
I think on my feet.
Come on! It's working.
Comin' at ya.
Okay. All right.
And down.
where are we going?
Are there
any more cars left?
Um, uh, yeah.
One. Julio's.
It's by the storage tank.
- Which way?
- Left. Move left.
Okay. Ready and moving left,
and step, and step, and step,
and step and step.
Okay, it's
not much further.
There's one
of them out there!
Oh, shit!
Did it see you?
Well, if it had, I think
we'd be hearing about it by now.
How far is it?
Uh, uh, 100 yards about.
That's a heck of a shot.
Whoa! You got
only one shot?
Then you gotta hit it...
before it sends one of those
heat signals to the others.
I know.
Cover your ears.
Oh, Jesus.
God! You smoked his ass.
Doin' what I can
with what I got.
Oh, shit, partner.
Oh, no! Pop the hood.
I got it, I got it.
We're dead.
I didn't know.
How could I've known?
We're supposed to be
up against graboids!
I wanted maximum penetration.
- Well, you've got it.
- Now what?
We can't stay here.
We've got to get inside.
Oh, no, Burt!
Burt, it's working;
They can't find you.
Don't move.
Good! Good idea.
This is pathetic!
Wait a minute!
I've got a plan,
I think!
Earl! Earl!
Yeah, I know! I know.
I just need another second.
Ow! Ow!
Shit! Ouch!
That's great!
Uh, here. Here.
Get ready to run.
We're gonna head
for those oil towers
and climb.
Yes! Earl,
you're a genius.
Come on!
It's clear. Hurry.
You're okay.
They can't climb.
Watch your shin.
Oh, man!
They can't climb.
Pretty slick, my man.
That was brilliant.
You really do think
on your feet, don't you?
Yeah, well.
Hey, where's Burt?
Oh, over here.
And don't worry, they can't
even find him in there.
Oh, man.
I think he's gonna
be okay for now.
Oh, I'm just dandy!
So what do we do now?
Hey, Burt!
Are you sure you don't
have any more bullets?
Did you check all your pockets?
You know, as I lie here,
I can't help but comment:
The reason I am out
of nine millimeter rounds
is I was not properly briefed.
And the reason
for that is this mission
was not properly researched.
If certain people had bothered
to gather intelligence
on the creatures...
before bumbling
into the situation...
Knock it off, Burt!
Nobody made you come.
When we should be packing
full-auto, preferably belt-fed!
Shut up!
They're Precambrian life forms.
How's anybody supposed to
research Precambrian life?
What difference
does it make now?
We're stuck on a goddam roof
with a bunch of whatsits
trying to eat us.
I've done this before,
and I did not like it.
Okay. It's all my fault!
So things didn't work out
exactly the way we planned.
If I had the right tools,
I'd finish the job!
Jeez! Would you
just all relax?
Now, look. Nobody's
heard from us since last night,
which means pretty soon
they're going to be up here
looking for us, right?
So all we have to do
is sit and wait. Okay?
So I figured I wanted to learn
some Spanish, and six months in
Mexico would be an adventure.
So, uh...
Seeing anybody?
Not since
the monsters arrived.
Well, you know, you...
spend a couple of days
almost getting killed,
you start, uh,
thinking about your future
Thinking you
should date more?
Well, uh,
yeah, actually.
Uh, look, uh,
I just don't meet that many
women who can keep their cool...
in a situation like this.
What I mean is that, uh...
What matters to me is that
a woman can handle herself.
It's much more important
than what she looks like.
Thanks a lot.
Aw, come on!
You look great.
Enough guys
have told you that.
Yeah, well.
Believe it or not,
I made my living
as a model once upon a time.
I put myself
through college.
I believe it.
I was a...
I was even a Playmate once.
About gave my dad
a heart attack.
October '74?
Uh, guys. Guys!
Oh, my God.
Look at that.
Goddam little...
heat seekers.
What do we do, Earl?
You gotta stop asking me!
I don't know!
What's goin' on?
What's happening?
Smart little bastards.
Whoa! Oh!
Come get me, you suckers!
You hungry?
- A hundred and eighty-five
pounds of lean meat.
- Burt, what are you doing?
You know you want it!
What is wrong
with him?
Has he got a plan?
Burt's always
got a plan...
Problem solved.
You maniac!
Oh, Burt,
you did it!
You tricked
the little plug uglies!
How's it feel
to be so stupid?
Oh, Christ!
Did they find something to eat?
- Uh, what's in there, Kate?
- I don't know...
boxes, supplies.
Hell, uh...
Dulce. Dulce.
Sweet! Golosinas...
I know this one. Snack.
Sweet snack food?
Rice flour.
I didn't know!
How could I've had known?
God! Don't they
ever get tired of eating?
There'll be 100 of em.
Okay, we're gonna
run for it!
We're not gonna make it!
Look! Earl, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I got you
all into this.
Come on, Grady.
We ain't dead yet.
Okay! Come on!
Okay, what, what,
what, what, okay?
Uh, I've got a plan!
You're gonna
squirt me with this.
- That's great! CO2...
It'll make you cold.
- Right. They won't see me.
Says who?
No, they're right;
it oughta work.
For how long?
Well, we gotta
try something!
- But what is the point?
- If I can just get to your
truck, I can grab some bombs.
- This is nuts!
- Well, yeah, and...
Let me do it!
It was my idea!
No, I got you all into this.
It's my fault.
I'm going in. Spray me!
We gotta do it
before they break out.
Now, blast me!
Oh, Jesus!
- Yes!
- No! Rock rips through paper.
I go! Give me that shirt.
I need the gloves too.
You ready?
Here goes.
Man, this stuff is cold!
Okay, here goes.
Lock this door behind me.
Lock it?
Yeah. I'll get the bombs
and go out the other door.
All right.
Sounds like it's working.
I can't see anything.
Over here.
Holy tamole!
There's dozens of em.
Good Lord.
Wait a minute!
Paper wraps rock, doesn't it?
Paper always wraps rock.
He's startin' to melt!
Earl, you're melting!
Step on it!
Come on! Go, go, go!
Damn! They see him.
Uh... rope!
We need rope or something.
Hang on, Earl!
A hose! There's a hose
down by the fire hydrant.
Here you go.
Ah! It's too short!
Did you hear me?
The hose is too short.
Burt, hurry!
- Heads up, Earl!
Grab it! Come on!
Go! Run!
Run! Go!
I set a bomb.
It's the only thing
I could think of.
Kate, what did he do?
Come on!
Where the hell are the bombs?
I didn't have time.
I just threw one in your truck.
You what?
That's two-and-a-half tons
of high explosives!
You sayin' that's not enough?
God, Burt! Don't tell me
it's not enough!
Not enough! Never mind.
Never mind. Just run!
No, no, no! Keep going.
It's gonna be big.
Is he serious?
Uh, Burt knows his bombs.
How big can it be?
How long did you set it for?
I don't know;
I just pushed it.
God, it's going to be big.
All right, this will have to do.
Get down; stay down; cover
your ears. It's gonna be big!
- Is it gonna be today?
- Grady, get your ass down!
Hey, Grady. Grady.
Grady, you all right, man?
You okay?
Yeah. Thanks.
Watch yourselves.
You know, Grady.
Some people think
I'm overprepared.
Maybe even
a little crazy.
But they never met any
Precambrian life forms,
did they?
Uh, look, uh...
I don't mind hangin'
around down here for awhile.
Gonna have any free time?
Well, spend a couple days
almost gettin' killed,
you start
thinkin' about your future.
Thinkin' you
should date more?
Well, yeah, actually.
Hey, Earl, I just realized
they owe us for 28 worms, man.
Hey, that's right.
We didn't die.
Although, we did kinda
blow up their refinery.
Hey, that's just
part of the job.
In fact, we oughta charge them
for all those little ones too.
Oh, yeah. We'll have enough
to start our own theme park...
Grady and Earl's
Monster World.
Hey, no way!
Come on, Earl. This could
be like your big, third chance.