Treno popolare (1933) Movie Script

- There are no girls here.
- He's looking for girls...!
- Yours?
- Yes.
- Sorry, no seats here.
- Yes, I understand.
Come, ladies, take a seat.
- Thanks. Giorgio, Amedeo!
- Here we come!
Great, you found seats.
Beer, mineral water, sodas!
Mineral water!
Beer! Mineral water!
You could help me out,
instead of staring!
- You are talking to me?
- Oh, sorry!
- With pleasure, I have nothing
to do. - No, don't worry.
- Where did he go?
- To get water.
We're leaving, finally!
- Happy?
- Yes.
- My wife!
- I caught you again!
Rome isn't safe enough!
You take them to daytrips, now!
- Shut your mouth!
- These modern coquettes!
A little coaxing, a smirk, and you
fall for it, fool!
I am not a charmer,
but I'll make you behave!
Dear Elvira, calm down.
What are you thinking?
The lady is here on her own,
and so am I.
These gentlemen here can witness
that I didn't...
So this is what you do when you are
"away for work"! Liar!
Enough, calm down now. Let's go. I apologize,
gentlemen, everything's under control.
18 or 19 years old?
That's a good start!
- Thank you.
- You are welcome.
Did you get it? 19 years old!
A spoiled honeymoon.
what a shame!
- How did the old man take it?
- Not well, miss, you can imagine!
- Between one wife and the other, and
no way out. - Swell situation.
- So indecent!
- What is?
Such a scene on a train, in public!
Ah! I thought you meant a young girl
with an old man.
What has it got to do with it?
It can happen to anyone!
Such merry confusion
in the wagons of the
working class train.
The station is well crowded,
it's a holiday and we are ready for fun.
Here's the family with daddy.
Here's some girls roaming free.
A swarm of students,
a sway of youth.
Oh, working class train,
gay institution.
You are the seduction
of thousands of hearts.
In the country in bloom
the steam whistles.
Among the resounding songs
good humor abounds.
Working class train,
nice istitution.
You are the seduction
of thousands of hearts.
In the country in bloom
the steam whistles.
Among the resounding songs
good humor abounds...
This is the first time
I am traveling alone with a man.
- But I am not...
- A man?
I am a friend,
a companion, a brother.
You have a brother, right?
Well, more than a brother,
a lot more and a lot less.
No, not less, no.
- Well, then, what are you?
- In this moment just an idiot.
But I could also be in love.
- Where are you going?
- Just a second, I wanted to...
Stay here!
What if our boss saw us.
It certainly would be interesting!
The office does not exist for today.
- Traveling is so beautiful.
- Yes, it is.
But also sad. I mean, it is beautiful
when it's done in good company.
Then you like the company better
than the trip itself.
- But I like being with you.
- Don't start, now.
Remember? You promised me to be
just a traveling companion.
You behaved so well up to this point!
Why now...
Enough, enough.
I won't say anything else.
- Let's change subject.
- Yes, let's.
- Would you like some?
- Thanks.
"A woman's heart
is hard as a rock,
one keeps beating on it,
but it never gets a scratch. "
- What?
- It's written here.
"The man who is too insisting
asks too much and obtains nothing. "
- What?
- It's written here.
Come on, come on, let's go! Hurry!
Let's go, move it.
You, zip up.
Your turn!
You, stay there!
What's making you take so long?
Come on, hurry up.
Excuse me, just hold him for a second.
It's not very smart to buy a bottle
and not having it uncorked.
The train was about to leave.
Take this, it'll be easier.
Thank you.
- Ouch!
- Did you hurt yourself?
If you allow me, I will open it.
- And the glasses? - You drink from
the bottle, I will drink after you.
- Original idea. - I could make
you some glasses.
Do you have a couple of paper sheets?
- The pages of that book would be just right.
- But it's the History of Orvieto!
- Two missing pages won't change history.
- He's right. Go ahead!
Here, glasses are ready.
If you'd like a sip, be our guest.
I will drink from the bottle after you.
Thank you.
Looking at that bottle for such a
long time has made me thirsty...
- To having met you.
- That's very kind of you.
You used the guidebook pages!
Again with your guidebook!
You sound like a German.
Since I am the guilty party,
I could be your tour guide.
- Do you know Orvieto?
- Well enough.
- Can we really put ourselves in your care?
- You wouldn't want to force him!
it's not easy
to find such beautiful company.
- Sorry, lady, but you can't travel
without a ticket. - She can't.
- Then he will pay for the tickt.
- I will.
No, it's a special fare train.
You must pay double price.
And it's valid for one way only.
- We'll get off then! - No, you
can't get off before Orvieto.
- Then, dear, you get off.
- What? - You have no ticket.
- The law is the law! - You want me
to leave you with that vixen, maybe?
- Again! - You must know that
this gentleman here
told me that he had to take
a business trip.
Guess what... The "business"
was a 20 year old coquette!
Yes! She's right there.
- And he's not ashamed. At his age...
- It's not true.
- He has white hair, even though he dyes it!
- Calm down, madam, calm down.
- Why?
- What do I care!
If you say that, it means that you
are not a good husband, either!
- Watch out, he's a public official!
- I didn't say anything.
- If only I could speak freely...
- In conclusion, are you paying?
I must pay. I must!
Gorgeous! When was it built?
Well... actually, I don't know.
Didn't you say you knew Orvieto
very well?
Yes, I do, but I know it
as it is now.
- I wasn't here when it was built.
- Very funny!
Luckily I have the guidebook.
- It reminds me of an embroidery.
- Yes, but made by men.
Deep observation.
It's well done, this guidebook.
"Two astonished angels witness
the glorious work,
then the genesis of the world,
the peaceful sleep
in which Adam is immersed...
and the creation of woman. "
I thought it was prettier.
Wait, perhaps it's better inside.
Excuse me, could you tell me...
Are you from Orvieto?
- Working class train.
- Me too.
Where do they sell good wine?
Pooor thing, he'll die soon.
Luckily I had a guidebook,
you have no knowledge of any
of the most important things.
I could show you the countryside,
it's magnificent. And I know it very well.
I am not a great appreciator
of monuments.
You are right, living things are
more beautiful.
If staying with us bores you, sir...
I am not bored. And don't call
me "sir", I beg you.
- But of course. And we should call you...
- Just Carlo.
- I am Lina!
- Giovanni.
- Care to see the amphitheatre?
- Yes! Here, you carry these.
Let's go through here, it's a shortcut.
Give me your hand.
Where are you?
Good Lord!
You are so pretty.
I like you so much!
- Oh, excuse me!
- No problem.
The river is right there.
You made me run...!
How did you get here?
Go around there, turn the other way
and you'll reach us. Very simple.
- No, I'll stay here.
- Fine.
Down there, beyond the river...
This is the church of St. Giovenale,
the oldest church in Orvieto.
It's from the 1400s.
There are some frescos painted
by Giotto, inside.
Dear, I was observing that portal
over there.
Oh, you always take me to church!
Wasn't it enough the first time?
The well of St. Patrick was made
by Sangallo, the famous architect.
It was commissioned by Pope Clement VII
who escaped to Orvieto disguised
as a peasant
during the "Sack of Rome"
in 1527.
There are two mule tracks
that never intersect.
So that the water-carrying mules
going uphill and downhill
wouldn't cross paths.
Then it must be the only place in the
world where you don't meet any donkeys...
- Please, don't make the wax drip.
- Thank you.
- Watch out.
- Don't leave me, Carlo.
- I'm here. - You burnt me
twice already with that candle!
You will set us on fire.
- Here, lean on the rail.
- Yes.
Finally, we reached the bottom.
It's easy to slip, here.
- How deep is it?
- 65 metres.
- Thank you.
- You are welcome.
- It's a little uncomfortable though.
- It is.
- And the mules would come all the way down?
- Yes, just like us.
Wait! What's going on?
Why did you put out the candle?
I can't see! Lina!
Orvieto is so much fun!
See how beautiful it is here?
"The People's Captain Palace,
a building that reminds us of the
glorious era of Italian Communes,
was built in 1157,
in the times of Pope Adrian IV.
After the Cathedral, it's the
most important building in Orvieto. "
Giovanni, come see.
Come here!
Look how cute.
I bet your book doesn't say
who built such a pretty house.
When they publish a book about "ratholes"
they'll mention this one as well.
Why don't you ever like anything?
- It's all this running around.
- Are you tired?
No, perhaps Giovanni is hungry.
It's true, it's almost noon.
We brought our lunch, but we have
enough to share three-ways. Right?
Of course, now we have to share
everything three-ways.
Three is the perfect number!
- Maria!
- Go away! Go away!
- Quiet!
- Go away!
Quiet! My wife is over there.
I apologize, dear. What a catastrophe...
I swear, I had thought of everything!
It's not my fault, dear.
See you tomorrow, ok?
Here, this is for your lunch.
I will see you tomorrow, now I must run.
And beware of boys!
See you tomorrow, my dear!
- Lina.
- What is it?
I just wanted to say, being on
such familiar terms
with a stranger, it's not right.
No, it's not right!
You made me stop just to tell me that?
Carlo is not a stranger.
Didn't you befriend him first?
And he is so nice, so friendly.
It seems to me that you are
a little too friendly.
Are you being jelous?
I wanted to spend the day with you alone.
Because I thought I had many
things to say to you.
Ah! Is that the reason?
Very well!
Then, if you want to know,
I am very happy that we didn't end
up spending the day together.
You don't know me very well,
if you say that.
And neither do you, if you think
you can criticize me
for being friendly with someone
who has been kind to us.
You don't know me at all!
Maybe you're right.
Hey, friends!
- Is it going to be enough?
- Yes.
- We have extra, just in case.
- Good job.
Such merry confusion in the wagons
of the working class train.
The station is well crowded,
it's a holiday and we are ready for fun.
Here's the family with daddy.
Here's some girls roaming free.
A swarm of students,
a sway of youth.
Oh, working class train,
gay institution.
You are the seduction
of thousands of hearts.
In the country in bloom
the steam whistles.
Among the resounding songs
good humor abounds...
Working class train,
nice istitution.
You are the seduction
of thousands of hearts.
In the country in bloom
the steam whistles.
Among the resounding songs
good humor abounds...
Hey! Look what you have done!
Look what "you" have done!
Leave us alone!
- One more glass. - No, it's enough,
I'm starting to get sleepy.
On the contrary!
Now comes the best part!
- Another plan?
- Always!
- Do you know how to ride a bike?
- Yes, but where are the bikes?
We'll rent them and ride to the river.
I will be the tour guide from now on.
Riding a bike in this heat?
Are you crazy?
I'm not going anywhere.
No way!
Here's the river.
I think you are overworrying.
Giovanni must be furious,
the way we left him behind!
He's probably resting somewhere.
- You think?
- For sure.
Let's leave our bikes here,
so he'll know where we are.
What about us?
See that boat?
It must belong to a fisherman.
We'll borrow it and take a little
trip along the river.
- No, no!
- Oh yes, wait here for a second.
Come, Lina!
Please, put it by the bikes.
You are prettier like that.
Really pretty.
The fisherman's not around,
but we'll take it anyway.
- I am afraid.
- Of the fisherman?
No, of Giovanni.
- You look pensive, Lina.
- Yes.
Still thinking about Giovanni?
What are you thinking of, then?
- Are you bored, perhaps?
- No.
I'm tired of rowing.
Let's see where the tide takes us.
I'd rather be near you.
I will row then!
Very well, I'll take your place.
- Have you ever rowed before?
- No.
I can see that.
Come on! Come on!
Harder! Harder!
- Aaah!
- Lina!
Lina, Lina!
Good Lord, what a mess!
- It's not my fault.
- What do you mean, it's not your fault!
- You took me on a boat trip!
- Yes.
I didn't want to. Now what am I
going to do? Look at me!
- We'll get your clothes dry.
- But then I'll have to take them off.
- Yes.
- Take off my clothes? You're joking!
That's all I need!
Take off my clothes here, in the
middle of nowhere!
- Even better.
- Yes, but you're here!
- Don't you trust me?
- Don't you understand? How can I?
Why? Just pretend you're at the
beach. It's so simple!
Simple? I'm not getting
undressed, no way!
All right.
Go behind that bush,
I'll go this other way.
- You are not getting undressed?
- No!
- The jacket!
- You want the jacket? - Yes!
Here it is.
Just like the beach.
Oh God, there's someone!
- Are people coming this way?
- Yes!
Must be a fisherman, don't be afraid.
Lina! Lina!
- Giovanni.
- Yes.
Let's hide in that cabin!
Lina! Lina!
Lina! Lina!
Lina! Lina!
Lina! Lina!
Lina... drowned! Lina!
Lina! Help!
Help! Help! Help!
Help! Help! Help!
That scoundrel took revenge on us.
He stole your dress.
Oh God, what am I going to do now?
But it's impossible, Giovanni
wouldn't do that
Who else could have done it?
Your dress is gone!
Wait for me in the cabin, he
couldn't have gone too far.
- I'll catch him and teach him a lesson!
- Oh no! But...
Hey! Stop the music!
This is her dress! I'm sure something
happened to her, I'm telling you!
It's not possible to drown there, unless
you dive with a rock tied around your neck!
- The water is deep in some spots.
This gentleman is right.
- Impossible!
- Maybe they took a swim.
- In any case, we must make sure!
- You go and call for help!
We'll run there and look for them!
Did this have to happen just now?
We were having so much fun!
- Maybe he can tell us something.
Are you coming from the river? - Yes.
- Didn't you see anything?
- No.
- Four people drowned!
- Come on, let's go!
I found something!
- It can't be!
- It's not possible!
- You idiot, don't waste our time!
- This is not the time for jokes!
- Here!
- This is where it happened.
- That guy was right!
- Let's go look this way.
What are you talking about?
I used that boat.
I took it... with a friend of mine.
Yes, a friend.
Then we left it there, but nothing
- Then you must be the drowned man.
- And who was the guy holding the dress?
- The guy with the dress?
Where did he go? - To town.
Thank you, excuse me.
It must be people who arrived
with the working class train.
They are always up to all sorts of tricks!
They come from Rome thinking
they own the place.
- What happened?
- An accident.
- A girl who came with me...
- I'll deal with it. Let's go.
I'll deal with it, don't you worry.
- What's going on there?
- I know.
- A girl fell in the river and drowned.
- Drowned?
- Is she from around here? - No, she
came with us today on the train.
- A girl drowned.
- Oh God, it must be her!
- Who?
- Her, Maria!
Stupid me, I left her alone!
I shouldn't have done that!
- Who is Maria?
- Maria, that girl, today...
The one on the train!
It's her for sure!
- Impossible!
- Did you hear? She jumped in the river.
She killed herself for me!
It was you! It's your fault! Your fault!
Mine? You put her in that predicament!
- Who, me?
- You are her killer!
But that's not enough for you,
now you want me dead, as well!
You want me dead, as well!
Poor kid, she was an angel.
No! But it's her!
A woman taking her own life for you!
But look! There she is!
A woman taking her own life for you!
How is it possible that he didn't say
anything? What happened?
- Will you tell me?
- We fought.
- That idiot forced me to.
- Did you hurt him?
No, they kept us apart.
Poor Giovanni!
Don't you see him again.
But I will see him tomorrow at work.
Try to avoid him, and don't talk to him!
I can't, he's always been
nice to me.
So good.
It's up to you.