Tres 60 (2013) Movie Script

Did you see the swell forecast
this morning?
- Aritz, did you see the forecast?
- Yeah.
What did it say?
It's going to get better,
it'll be great at high tide.
- What's up?
- You know what's up!
After class people go home,
take a shower, get changed
and get their party heads on.
Especially Friday.
- Come on.
- I fell asleep, Ruso.
Yeah, I figured you weren't
meditating. Come on.
- I can't make it tonight.
- What?
It's my brother's birthday,
I have to hang with my family.
Come on, man. Don't go.
It's Friday.
There are 62 Fridays a year,
but only one birthday.
Let me know and you can call round
later or whatever.
Why are you saying "whatever"?
Whatever, man. If you feel like it,
if your ass wants to come.
I don't get why you're saying
Fuck, Guillermo, listen to us.
- I'll give you a ring.
- There goes my bus. Later!
No, no, no!
Fucking great.
Maria Victoria!
This place is 80 square metres.
You don't have to shout.
Someone stole my motorbike.
Did you just ask me that question?
Would the wheel be sitting
in the living room if I knew?
Give me a break, I'm on edge here.
Are you coming to my cousin's
exhibition tonight?
What exhibition?
The flier's been posted
in the kitchen for weeks.
Fuck, that's right.
I forgot about the exhibition.
I can't make it.
It's my brother's birthday.
She asked if you were coming
and I said you were.
- Come over after.
- No.
I mean yeah,
I'll come round if I can.
Hey, wait!
What's up?
Actually, I know.
It was my turn to clean up.
I've had a hectic week,
I'll do it tomorrow.
That wasn't it, but thanks.
Three small things.
First, give my phone
to your brother.
if you come to the exhibition
tonight you can borrow my car.
- I love you.
- And the third thing:
My cousin.
What about her?
Don't think you're going to sleep
with her and then disappear.
She isn't the typical
21st century airhead
who only needs a super-effective
diet and a smartphone to be happy.
Message received.
What a handsome son I have.
- How are you?
- Happy to see you. How was class?
The course is a drag.
I'm going to finish it
now that I've started it.
But I'd rather paint traffic lights
than work in marketing.
Don't return to that subject.
I'm not returning,
I never left it in the first place.
Let's celebrate
your brother's birthday,
together as a family,
but next week,
when things are quieter,
you can tell your dad you don't want
to do the course, OK?
- Where's Mario?
- In his room.
You didn't bring him anything?
A gift voucher.
Guillermo, please!
What? I didn't have time, OK?
OK, I'm saying nothing.
Go and say hello to your dad.
Hi, Guillermo.
It's best to leave these things
to the professionals.
The amount of damage DIY
has caused in this country.
We're going to demolish
that extension into the garden
and build a greenhouse instead.
I see... very good.
Your brother has been wearing
a costume all day.
Tell him to get changed for dinner,
would you?
It's his birthday, dad.
Let him be.
At least tell him to take off
those glasses.
OK, I'll tell him.
What's he dressed up as?
That computer prat,
the one who had cancer
- but didn't want an operation.
- Steve Jobs?
- That's the one.
- I don't believe it.
Another voucher, right?
I still have the one from last year:
An 18-rated film, popcorn and pizza.
But this year's is different
because you can choose
what you want to see and when...
And it doesn't replace the old one.
It adds on to last year's,
so now you have two vouchers.
- You're full of it, brother.
- Happy birthday, little man.
Thanks. Check this out.
I installed a camera in the hallway.
The microphone is on the shit side,
but I heard everything you said.
I didn't hear dad
but I bet he said to tell me
to take off my costume.
Just the glasses.
Ah... Here.
Maria Victoria gave me this
for you to unlock it for her.
That fat pig...
Her phone is full of slutty
Just do your job and don't be nosy.
No, yeah, yeah...
But I'm underage and
I shouldn't be seeing these things.
Are these copied films?
Just the ones in the dvd tower.
What did I say about pirate films?
- Not to watch them.
- Well?
I don't watch them.
So why the fuck do you have them?
I sell them at school, OK?
But I don't watch them.
Mario, man, they're going
to catch you again...
Look, I'm sorry.
I know it's your birthday
and you can do whatever you want,
but I have to confiscate
these films.
Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear Mario,
happy birthday to you,
Go on Mario, make a wish.
What's up? Hi.
Thanks for coming!
Congrats on the exhibition,
your photos are the best.
And this too. Daniela Balboa...
With a name like that,
you'll be a hit. Trust me!
- Come off it...
- How's everything? Fill me in.
Great, I got a letter
from a gallery in LA yesterday
and they asked me for 6 photos
for an exhibition.
They might invite me over there
next year.
Wow, that's brilliant news.
Still strutting your stuff
as a model?
Well, I wouldn't call it
just for Quiksilver and a few other
surf brands, but hardly ever...
It's not what I want to do
with my life.
Count yourself lucky, everyone here
would love to make money
for having a pretty face.
It's not something I love doing,
but it puts money in my pocket.
Hey, guess what?
- I've started taking photos...
- Really?
Yeah... I dunno,
I thought maybe you might want to...
if you do, great, if not,
don't worry about it...
I thought we could develop
my first film together.
You're using film, huh?
I'm impressed.
Yeah... Well, you know
I'm a traditionalist at heart.
But this film is getting on a bit
in years... where did you get it?
I bought myself an old camera...
and a few old films
that are compatible with it...
Your cousin said you set up
a darkroom at home... is that right?
Darkroom, darkroom...
It's in the bathroom,
but it's in black and white
and this is in colour.
- So we can't.
- No.
That's a shame...
But if you want, we can develop it
at my university faculty.
Yeah, we have a colour laboratory
for the class
and I can check if it's free
and book it for tomorrow at three...
Yeah, yeah, at 3...
Perfect, sweet.
This is cool.
So what's the truth?
The truth?
The truth about what?
About this film.
How do you mean?
Guille, there's no way in hell
you took these photos...
Look at the clothes, the house...
fucking hell, it's from years ago.
There's even a computer
with a huge screen.
OK, I found it
in my parents' house.
Happy now?
- Yes.
- OK.
I just wanted to see you again.
Invite me to the cinema
like a normal person.
Let's go.
No... shall we not finish
this first?
Oh, right.
If you look closely,
these might be of a hospital...
Can we turn on the light now?
Yeah, sorry...
Look at this.
How disgusting...
This is my parents' house.
Look at the state of that,
oh my goodness...
And they must be
the previous owners.
What do you fancy seeing?
I don't know.
Whatever you fancy.
One second.
Hi mum.
Thank goodness I have you,
I didn't know what to do,
or who to call...
- What's wrong?
- No, nothing,
Your father and I have tickets
for the concert I mentioned
but the babysitter let us down
and we need someone
to stay with your brother,
You know what he's like...
Tell a friend of his to come round.
I thought of that, but I can't get
through to any of them
and we don't have time to take him
to Guti's house,
- What about our auntie and uncle?
- They're off skiing as usual,
Listen... I'm queuing up
at the cinema with a girl.
Why not come home and the three
of you can watch a film together?
What a great plan...
That's not how it works.
Please, you know how excited
your father is about this concert,
I'll be there in half an hour.
I thought you quit smoking.
Mum said you were at the cinema
with a girl. What's her name?
Guille... Where did you take
the photos of the organ trafficking?
What are you talking about?
The photos in your pocket of your
friend from school who disappeared
and there are pictures of organs
pulled out of someone.
Why are you rummaging
around my pockets?
So that you'll listen to me...
Just let me tell you something
and then if you want you can get
annoyed with me and steal my films.
I scanned the photos you had
and look...
Isn't that your friend
who disappeared?
Fuck, you're right...
It's Ivan.
You didn't know
he's in one of the photos?
I developed them earlier with
Daniela but I hadn't noticed.
So Daniela's her name...
Forget that. What's wrong?
What was his second name?
Edroso Campano.
Check this out.
I for Ivan,
E for Edroso and C for Campano.
The heart in that fridge
was pulled out of your friend Ivan.
What are you talking about?
Where did you get these photos?
Mario, don't talk crap.
And organs are extracted,
not pulled out.
They're from an old film
I found downstairs.
They must belong to the people
who lived here before.
It's obvious: Whoever lived here
before murdered Ivan
- and pulled out his heart.
- Extracted.
Think about it carefully
and if I'm wrong,
explain to me what all this is.
- It all fits perfectly...
- Yeah, what an amazing coincidence.
- We have to go to the police.
- Don't be stupid.
We've discovered something
that happened years ago
- and we have to report it.
- We're not going to the police.
It's half past eleven
and you're off your head. Go to bed.
What does it say here?
Very well.
If you look closely you can see
this isn't a hospital.
The floor's dirty and there are even
cigarette butts on the ground.
No-one smokes
in an operating theatre.
- It's clearly something illegal.
- Very well.
Is there anything else?
The organs can't possibly belong
to animals.
There are labels with initials.
Animals don't have initials
or surnames.
What's the procedure to follow?
Are you going to move us
to another room to interview us?
Or should we speak directly
to the forensic expert?
Listen, boys.
I appreciate your diligence,
but these photos prove nothing.
It's true this boy disappeared
almost 10 years ago.
But his family accepted he's dead
and they held a funeral.
If we reopen the investigation,
a detective will contact you, OK?
- That's it?
- That's right.
This guy could have killed
my brother's friend,
and you're telling us
we can go?
A photo of two kids proves nothing.
Yeah, but it's obvious
they're different ages
and they don't go
to the same school.
And my brother says he's never seen
the other boy.
Answer me this, Mario.
Are all your friends in the same
class and the same age as you?
No, sir, but...
There you go.
Thank you and good night, boys.
It's Saturday and nearly one
in the morning.
This place is about
to fill up with drunkards
"who haven't done anything"
and you boys have done
everything required of you.
My assistant will take down
all the details, OK?
- At the back.
- Goodbye, good night.
- Is it closed?
- What do you think?
Can you make me some
chicken nuggets, please?
The kitchen's closed,
or are you blind?
Let's go.
I have no idea where the key is,
but if you bring a mechanic
and manage to get it started,
it's all yours.
It's a 1986 Mercedes 300E.
It was top of the range
when it came out.
The tent is in there
and God knows what else.
It's all yours.
Where did you learn to do all this?
On youtube.
Yeah, you're full of shit!
See for yourself...
Tell dad the keys were in the car
and that I have to go.
And find the name of the estate
agents who sold them the house.
- I was thinking that...
- Galdona.
Galdona Estate Agents.
You're a star.
I'll fill you in tomorrow.
So you're off to see
Daniela now, huh?
Don't be so nosy, little man.
Mari Vicky! Are you there?
What do you think?
Hey, I stood your cousin up
at the cinema
because I had to look after
my brother.
I need to tell her something
and my phone's dead.
I couldn't even send her a text.
- She must think I don't care.
- And you do?
Of course I do!
What are you doing here?
Visiting her cousin,
if that's allowed.
- Lf I'm annoying you, I'll leave.
- No...
You could have told me
she was here.
What did you want to tell me?
I have to go and take a shower.
Come with me and I'll tell you.
No, I meant that I have to go
somewhere later.
- Where?
- Don't even bother asking.
- He loves being mysterious...
- I know.
No, seriously, I'll tell you both.
Yeah, don't bother,
because I'm off to study, OK?
Go on with your cousin...
Is everything OK?
- Remember the photos we developed?
- Of course.
I think there's something strange
behind them.
Yeah, give me two minutes
and I'll tell you everything.
That's the only one of you both,
- Mind if I take a photo of it?
- Of course not.
And what made you think of Ivan
all of a sudden?
He never stops talking
about your son.
I asked him how long it had been
since he'd seen you all
and he said he wanted to say hello.
You're just as polite
as when you were a boy.
Did your son have many friends?
Yes, everywhere.
He was really sociable
and loved always being with friends
and meeting other boys...
He liked meeting girls too,
it has to be said.
I won't tell your girlfriend
what you two did with that girl
- from the catechism...
- No, please don't.
Sorry for asking you this, Ana,
but did you have a funeral for Ivan?
Yes. We had to say goodbye,
give him a send-off,
to understand
that he wasn't coming back...
although to be honest,
every time the telephone rings
something inside me keeps hoping
it might be him.
At least I don't cry
as much anymore
and I'm able to speak about it.
Thanks for seeing us,
even though we came unannounced.
Thank you both for coming.
I hope I don't have to wait so long
to see you next time.
She's lovely isn't she?
She seems to be coping very well.
She was always the coolest mum,
and all this happened ages ago.
I think we were right
not to tell her anything.
I agree.
Why build her hopes up?
It's not as if we're going
to find him...
At the most we might find out what
happened to him or something but...
What do you think we should do now?
Tomorrow I'll try the agency
to see if I can find out
who the previous owner is.
If that person took those photos,
they'll know about the organs
and the fridges
and if the initials "I.E.C."
Belong to Ivan.
Were you two close friends?
he was my best friend.
When he disappeared we talked
about him for months at school,
telling stories...
He became a kind of urban legend.
His mum called you "Guille"
just then.
In her eyes I'm still
her 11 year-old boy's little friend.
And she called you "my girlfriend".
- Hello.
- Hello.
How may I help you?
Well, my parents bought a house
from this agency a long time ago
and they need to contact
the previous owners.
I need their contact details.
It's on Legorreta Street...
You're the guy from
the swimwear ads, aren't you?
My parents live near
the Arcco shopping centre
and there's a giant poster of you
and a blonde girl.
- I see it every time I pass by.
- That's great.
I always think they'll take it down
since it's autumn,
but no, there you are,
still dressed in swimming trunks.
That's great... funny...
Anyway, the house is on
Legorreta Street, number 17...
I'm sorry, but that information
is confidential.
This agency acts as an intermediary
because many clients
want to protect their identity.
So I'm sorry, but I can't give you
that information.
- But no-one would find out.
- My conscience won't let me.
What if I speak to the company
and I tell them to send you
a few bikinis like the one
the girl in the photo is wearing?
don't try to buy me off
with a bikini
as if I was some kind of prostitute.
I'm only doing my job.
Have a good day.
I'm sorry.
La Asuncion School, can I help you?
Yes, hello.
I have a quick question.
Do you publish yearbooks
with photos of the pupils?
Yes, we do, Not as far back as 1882,
the year the school was founded,
but we have all the yearbooks
from the 1950s onwards,
- It's a beautiful school...
- Yes, it's beautiful.
And it's quite old, isn't it?
Are your hands clean?
Here they are.
Be careful with them, OK?
Don't worry.
Alberto Ibarguren.
They moved to a house
in the suburbs,
to a really posh area,
so the dad must have started
to make serious money.
For all we know he made money
with his job, We don't know,
I'll pick you up
and we can see the house.
I can't, We presented our project
and they gave us marks,
Now we're meeting again
to decide how to move forward,
- Send me a message later,
- OK. Bye.
Why weren't you in class?
Ruso, what are you doing tonight?
If you see the guy coming,
send me a message.
If anyone comes out,
send me a message.
If any lights turn on,
send me a message.
Whatever you see,
send me a message. Got it?
No, tell me again.
I didn't get it the first 16 times.
OK, I'm on edge, that's all.
That's fine, but don't make me
nervous as well.
Did you just bless yourself?
Yeah, so what? I'm a Christian.
Jesus, I didn't know that.
Well, I don't go to mass
every Sunday but...
We went to a priest-run school,
don't you remember?
That explains it.
Why do you think I have a picture
of a cross on my surfboard?
Do you pray at night and everything?
When I come out, we can talk
about God or whatever you want,
- but I have to head inside now, OK?
- OK, OK.
- Guille.
- What?
May God be with you.
Alberto, is that you?
Why do you want a key
if you don't know what it opens?
I don't know, but it's obviously
from a hospital
and this guy is a big hitter.
And this must be his office.
What is he, a playmobil toy?
Man, that key is tiny.
Beats me. It's a hospital key.
Fuck man, you're being
a pain in the ass today...
What are you going to do now?
- I'll see what this opens tomorrow.
- What?
You're off your head.
Do you really believe Ivan
disappeared just like that?
That he got lost,
like they told us?
I think those people kidnapped him
to sell his organs.
You don't think
it's a big coincidence
you found a photo of Ivan
at your parents' house?
This city isn't all that big.
There aren't that many people.
People cross paths.
And maybe someone wanted me
to find this film roll.
Are you saying that someone?
You said it, not me.
Jean Cristophe...
Jean Cristophe...
Jean Cristophe again.
You have reached
Hospital Del Carmen,
Dr, Ibarguran's office is open
Tuesday to Thursday from 10 to 1
and from 3 to 6 P, M,
To schedule an appointment
please call the switchboard
or dial 17 after this recording,
Dr. Ibarguren, can you please
sign this report for me?
What are you doing here?
I was looking for a bathroom
and I got lost.
If you want a bathroom,
turn round
- and go in the other way.
- Thanks.
Good work, man.
We still have no evidence.
That cop wouldn't even listen
to a simple theory,
he won't listen to us now.
And I broke into a house.
We have to find out
who Jean Cristophe is
and what the names mean.
If you'd taken more photos
we'd have more to go on.
I know but I couldn't.
It was blank anyway.
Just his name and a date,
always next to the same hotel.
I need my computer.
This connection is too slow.
You'll have it soon,
but first we have to make a stop.
She looks like she's having fun
with him.
Give it a rest.
Come on.
- What a surprise!
- I'm off.
See you tomorrow.
How's it going?
- Good, you?
- Good.
Look who I brought.
You must be Mario.
I'm Daniela.
Pleased to meet you.
So much has happened.
Do you have a minute?
No way, bro.
First ask her a specific question:
"How are you? How was class?"
Then something more general:
"How are you feeling?"
Then you can tell her everything.
You can't just dump it all on her
straight away.
Hey, I like you, Mario.
Where do you get this stuff?
From chatting with girls online.
Since it's "important,"
we'll forgive him this time.
Fine, but don't play it off.
I know everything.
Let's go to my house, talk it over
and figure out what to do next.
- OK.
- Let's go.
So they're meeting Jean Cristophe
at the Hotel Maria Cristina.
There were patient medical records,
reports and analyses in the drawer.
I'm convinced the initials
match the tags on the organs.
Why don't we go back
to the hospital?
the guy almost caught me.
Besides, I had to leave the key
in the drawer.
I couldn't risk him noticing
I'd taken it.
When I broke into his house
I knocked over a statue.
They guy came downstairs
and went outside.
He didn't see me, but he must have
suspected something.
Amber, Sapphire, Diamond,
Ruby, Emerald...
They're all here.
The Diamond Suite
costs 2 grand a night!
- What about the Sapphire?
- 1600.
That's the suite they were meeting
Jean Cristophe in.
- We have them by the balls.
- What?
It's easy.
We rent the Sapphire Suite
the night before.
I hide a camera, we record them
and take it to the police.
Mario, it costs 1600 a night.
- Is it a good idea or not?
- It sounds good.
- It sounds damn good.
- Yeah.
You saw the camera
I hid in the hallway.
You know it works.
Hey, you're manipulating me.
No, this is manipulation.
OK, stop.
Your card.
We have to book the room.
The sooner the better,
to get things ready.
So 1600 just like that?
Think of it as an investment.
It's not like the money
will totally go to waste.
You two can spend the night
Hey, don't push your luck.
You see? It's booked on Saturday.
It's definitely them.
But it's free on Friday.
Give me the card, quick!
All set.
The suite is ours from midday
onwards on Friday.
I get out of class at 6,
but I can leave earlier
with a note saying I have to go
to the dentist's or something.
Tomorrow I'll send you a list
of the cameras to buy, OK?
Remember: Try not. Do or do not.
There is no try.
"Try not. Do or do not.
There is no try. "
It's Master Yoda's slogan.
- I haven't a clue who that is.
- Are you serious?
You must be joking.
So what?
Do you guys know what a 360 is?
Or who Kelly Slater is?
No fucking idea, right?
- Each to his own.
- OK.
This place is amazing.
1600 a night.
If I were them,
I'd meet somewhere cheaper.
Like McDonald's.
I guess they have more privacy here.
And prefer hotel restaurant
to eating Chicken McNuggets.
If they chose this place,
it's to talk.
- So they'll be at the table.
- Yeah.
But we should put another camera
in the bedroom.
It's easy to hide it here
with all the fancy crap around.
And in here...
It's harder here.
We said the best place
would be in that corner.
Or film them from that wall.
Yeah, but where do we put it?
This is perfect.
The problem is working out the angle
between the slats.
OK, let's try it.
Hold the chair.
Can you see anything?
This is fucked.
Let's try something else.
I'll ask Daniela
for her video camera.
I'll get in there
and film the whole thing.
- Are you crazy?
- It's the best we can do.
And we can't risk them finding
the cameras tomorrow
when they clean the room.
What if they turn on
the air conditioning?
I'll bring a blanket, food,
whatever else I need.
I only have to lie down.
Like being in bed, or on my board.
Keep the receipts for the webcams
and they'll give you a refund.
If you return them,
you can keep the money.
- One second...
- Sorry.
OK, Guille.
Everything OK?
Yeah, I'm just a bit tired.
No problem.
If you're tired, we can book
the suite some other time.
I love being with you.
You can hold me if you want.
This is when the kiss comes, right?
Everything OK?
I'll get a room downstairs tonight.
That way I'll be in the building.
You're the best.
I'm going to cover it.
Here, take this.
What is it?
If you're anxious or can't sleep,
wash it down with some water.
You'll be in there for a full day.
Thanks, but don't worry.
I'll be fine.
- Are you sure?
- I'm sure.
Good evening, Fran.
How are you?
Evening. It's cold enough to freeze
the balls off a brass monkey.
- Shall I put the heating on?
- Good call.
- Evening, Alberto. How are things?
- Good.
Did that receptionist
get some work done on her face?
You're right,
she looked different.
But I couldn't put my finger on it.
She looks more and more
like that actress.
Women who use too much botox
end up with boot ugly faces.
Hey Fran, congratulations.
- I see you brought a bottle.
- This calls for a celebration.
Crack it open.
The old lady doesn't like gin.
- No ice for me.
- How's that?
- Good evening, Jean Cristophe.
- Good evening...
What's that?
What do you mean?
What's that drenched coat...
doing there?
Take it in the bathroom.
The priest said mass ran over
and he'd be a bit late.
We can start going over everything
and fill in Jean Cristophe
while we wait.
Of the nine orders this autumn,
most of them come from my hospital.
We have a body with four organs,
another with two
and two children with one each.
What's... their situation?
Three are in
the Intensive Care Unit
and the fourth child is on the ward
with straightforward symptoms.
Have you completed the histo...
histocompatibility study?
All of them.
The boy on the ward has had
an operation for appendicitis,
but he's illness prone.
We can claim he contracted
an infection with complications.
It would appear in a couple days
and we'd proceed with the extraction
4 days later.
On my end,
it's the same as always.
I'll be on call
at the Forensic Institute
the night of the extraction,
so when the body arrives
I'll be there to receive it.
Very... good.
Do you mind if I turn up
the heating a bit?
There's just one snag
in this whole operation.
It concerns the order from Mallorca,
the American singer whose son
needs a heart and...
Get to the point.
The boy's blood type is AB negative
with highly allergic reaction.
His Panel Reactive Antibody
reacts more than 76%,
which drastically reduces
the number of people
from whom he can receive an organ
and we've had to look to people
outside of the hospital
to find the perfect donor.
- We've had to go back into schools.
- I don't see...
what the... problem is.
that idiot...
who wanted... a kidney...
from a vegetarian... child.
Yes, but that time we only needed
to know the donor's blood type.
This time we've had to remove
a ganglion
to carry out
the histocompatibility study.
We've sent several AB negative
children to the hospital.
After carrying out the necessary
analyses in the schools, of course.
We claimed we had to remove
a branchial or thyroglossal cyst
and we found the perfect donor
3 months ago.
He's the perfect age, weight,
Since we released him,
Fran has been shadowing him,
following his every move.
We know where he lives,
who his friends are, his habits,
We'd have to kidnap him.
I still... don't see...
what the problem is.
we have to decide if it's worth
kidnapping and eliminating a child,
with all that would entail,
for the sake of one heart.
We might be better off telling
the person who placed the order
that we haven't found a donor.
Are you... joking?
This is... a business.
They place an order...
and they pay.
We comply...
damn it!
Is he an easy...
Very easy.
We've been lucky.
The kid's mother gave birth
a few days ago
and she's still in hospital.
We've placed the baby
in an incubator
to extend the parents' stay
in the hospital,
which will make it easy for us
to kidnap the boy.
He's ours whenever we want him.
- Good evening, Father.
- Evening, everyone.
Sorry I'm late,
it's been a hectic day.
I think I said the shortest mass
in my life.
Something smells off in here.
It smells of sweat.
You're right, it stinks.
I smell it too.
It's coming from up there.
From up there.
Forget it, Javier.
It'll just take a minute.
Forget it, come down.
Fuck, what a stench!
Turn off the heating.
Problem solved.
We'll just close the slats.
Can we... continue?
We'll kidnap the donor on Monday
and keep him at the church
until Tuesday
while we confirm there is
100% compatibility.
On that same Tuesday
we'll extract the organs
from the patients in my hospital
and then we'll take the goods
to the church
to finish extracting
the boy's heart.
We'll take the organs
to the airport,
where a private jet will be waiting
to fly them to Marseilles.
Once there, the organ recipients
will be brought in starting tomorrow
depending on each case.
I want...
you to be the ones...
who carry out...
the kidnapping...
I don't want...
third parties...
or bullshit.
We don't exist...
and we can't leave...
any trace...
of our... activities.
Of course.
You have a fucking cheek, Alberto.
Taking the photos was your idea.
That was in case...
It was bullshit, you got that?
We get paid in advance.
And taking photos to extort someone
is ridiculous.
After that, they can play curling
with the organs for all I care.
Don't worry, Father.
No-one will take any more photos.
You lot... are a pain in the neck.
a team.
Is everything ready?
As always, Jean.
The basement is fully-equipped.
There's nothing but forest
all around
and we've soundproofed
the operating room.
So the boy can be down there
for as long as we need.
No-one will find out.
That's what...
I wanted...
to hear.
People with mega bucks from all over
the world place orders with them.
Then they get what they need
from the Hospital del Carmen,
where this Alberto Ibarguren
guy works.
The day they extract the organs
they fly them on a private jet
to Marseilles
and transplant them there.
Fuck, that's impressive.
I mean, it's awful.
They also have people
in the Forensic Institute,
so they can make up
any cause of death they choose.
What about Ivan?
He was never admitted.
Because when they can't use
hospital patients,
they look for people
who were in the hospital before
or children from local schools.
Those bastards. Those bastards.
We have to go to the police.
Guillermo, can you come over here
for a minute?
What's wrong?
I don't believe it.
What's wrong?
- You can't hear anything.
- Nothing at all.
Turn up the volume...
That's when they closed the slats.
I couldn't see
but I heard everything.
We have to go to the police.
We don't have any proof,
but you can make a statement.
They probably won't believe us
and they'll walk free.
But maybe they'll get nervous
and won't kidnap the boy.
They said they were doing it
themselves, so...
Move your asses, guys.
What about you?
I can't, I have to help my dad
in the workshop, but...
- we'll speak later.
- Come on, Ruso.
They said the church
was surrounded by a forest,
so it must be in some village
in the outskirts.
Or an old chapel.
Yeah, it could be.
But they said there was mass,
so it must be still active.
- Guillermo Ortega?
- That's me.
- You can both come if you want.
- Thanks.
I'll tell him what I saw
and he can make up his own mind.
I broke into the house and hospital
but I had a good reason, right?
Sure, just relax.
OK, let's go.
The inspector never sees people
without an appointment,
but he made an exception today.
Thank you.
We could go to a police station
in another city.
- You know what we'll do?
- What?
We'll find the church
where they're taking the boy.
I'll film them putting him in there.
- How will we find it?
- I don't know.
If they have police connections,
bigwig doctors
judges and fuck knows who else,
we need evidence to catch them.
We have to record the whole thing.
OK, but how will we find
the church?
- We have until tomorrow, right?
- Yeah.
So, it isn't like there are
a thousand churches.
If I see that priest's face again,
I'll definitely recognize him.
One, two...
Five, six...
Seven, eight...
- Ten...
- Eleven, twelve...
I printed a list
of all the chapels
within a 60 kilometre radius
of the city.
How many?
I made some calls and so far
I've found 11 surrounded by forest
which still give mass.
Give me the ones you have now.
I'll check as many as I can.
In the meantime, finish the list
for tomorrow.
And another thing:
Check if they have a basement.
The basement is the key.
I'm not going with you?
The thing is,
you're more of an office worker
and I'm a field worker.
I'm a mere cop
and you're the CIA,
one of the smart ones.
Come here.
Defend yourself.
Defend yourself!
If they're at mass,
I'll see if it's our priest.
If it's empty but the church
- we'll mark "maybe" on the map.
- Perfect.
Just one question:
Is this church still active or?
No, they only have mass on Sundays
and ceremonies, etc.
OK, text me and let me know.
- And if you don't find it, well...
- Don't say that.
We'll find it.
- Bye.
- Bye.
This is perfect, little man.
It's the best I could do.
Put it on your computer or iPad
instead of printing it.
Each chapel has a link
to Google Maps,
You're the man.
There are only 7 chapels,
so you have plenty of time.
I don't have an iPad.
Buy one.
You think I'm rich or what?
Between the advertising
and surf tournaments...
That's why I drive a banger.
Go on, off to bed with you,
Keep me posted. I'll be at school,
but you can text me.
OK. See you tomorrow.
We have 7 left. If we do 6
in the morning, we'll find it today.
We have to go back
to the 3 that were closed.
Two. One didn't have a basement.
What do you want?
Hello, we're from the local
Residents' Association
and we're gathering signatures
to stop the government's plan
for a railway through the valley.
Do you mind?
This ecosystem is home
to many species and...
You need a folder to write on.
It's a pain in the ass
without one.
Yes, yes.
As I was saying, global warming
- is heating the forests...
- Yeah, yeah.
- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome.
Your pen.
We need to pitch a tent behind
the church, facing the entrance.
- You have a tent, right?
- Yeah, my dad has one.
What colour is it?
I don't know. Who cares?
If it's orange or yellow
it'll blow our cover.
We need to buy black spraypaint
in case we have to camouflage it.
First of all, calm down.
We need cameras, batteries,
binoculars, food, drink...
We'll get there and hide the car.
When we see the priest leave
or give mass,
we'll pitch the tent
so he doesn't hear us.
Then we'll get in and wait until
they arrive with the boy tonight.
Daniela's coming tonight.
I'll clear off then in case you guys
get randy out here in the wild.
Yahoo says it's going to rain
They never get the waves right.
There are more factors. With weather
it's just a sun or a cloud.
You explain it all to Daniela
and tell her how to get here.
Yeah, yeah.
Are you annoyed
that she's coming?
Fucking hell, Ruso.
You know how much I like her.
Are you OK?
Let's go.
How are you?
Take this off.
I love you loads, Guillermo.
I love you too.
The license plate.
Film the license plate.
Look, the inspector's there as well.
Fucking hell.
Let's get out of here, please.
What about the boy?
I'm not leaving here
without that boy.
They said they wouldn't do anything
until tomorrow.
Think how scared he is in there.
What if they change their minds?
You're right.
Call the police
and tell them to come.
Wait for me in the car with the
motor running and the lights off.
- I don't know how to start your car.
- Listen to me.
Don't worry.
Just wait for me in the car.
I'll be out in no time.
What are you going to do?
I'm going to take a look.
If I can grab the boy, I will.
If not, I'll come straight out.
Please be careful.
With this dosage he should hang on
until tomorrow.
Come on.
We're leaving.
I'm going to get you out of here.
What about the boy?
He was handcuffed.
- Did you call the police?
- No.
- What?
- There's no signal.
Be careful!
- We have a signal.
- Make the call, quick.
Guillermo! You're awake!
It's OK.
It's OK, listen to me.
What day is today
and what time is it?
It's Tuesday.
It's 9 P.M.
Fuck, the boy...
The boy...
Where is she?
Go and find her,
we have to get out of here.
What's wrong?
She's in a bad way.
What do you mean?
She needs a liver urgently.
My God.
She only has 24 hours to live
and there are no donors.
But you know how to help her.
We have to talk with him.
I'm still having the nightmare,
I'm still drowning,
Don't worry, it's only a dream,