Trespassers (2006) Movie Script

Stupid piece of shit.
Colin! Hey, hey, can you hear me?
Colin. Colin, listen man...
No, no, no. I got crap reception. | So here's the deal.
The Gulf Stream storm is kicking up | the El Gringo tubes, man.
You're never gonna see waves like it.
Fuck all that, it's our waves, man.
There's no fucking locals, | no fucking waxboys.
Just real motherfucking surfers!
Shane, you better catch | that fucking wave, man!
Listen, man, I'm telling you, | it's fucking going off here.
I love this place, man.
It's great. | It's Mexico without the fucking Mexicans.
What more can you ask for?
All right. Seriously, man, I don't know | when I'm gonna see you again.
You come down, we'll party it up.
We'll surf our asses off. | We'll have a great fucking time.
All right? You're gonna come down?
Sweet, that a boy.
All right, peace.
Hey, Maya, can you get me a beer?
God, there's so many stars.
Hey, when's your little brother | coming down?
Late tomorrow or early Friday.
He's trying to get some friends | to come along.
Jesus, tell him to bring | some hotties with him.
Who needs girls | when you have waves like this?
It's easy for you to say. You haven't been | humping your fist all week.
Hey, where's Shane?
I don't know, I haven't seen him all day. | Or Jen.
The bunny rabbits were up in that tent | all night last night.
How come we can't hear them now?
You think something happened to them?
Who needs a beer?
- I do. | - Hit me.
- All right. | - Oh my... Shit.
Mr. Fireman.
Not good. Warm beer.
No ice.
Somebody booted in the cooler.
What the fuck?
Don't do that! You scared me.
I look that bad?
No, somebody... | Somebody did something to the cooler.
Hey, are you following me?
Well, where are you going?
To the tent.
Then, yeah.
What the fuck was that?
What the fuck was what?
Fucking Shane!
No, no, no, no. Forget Shane.
Come on.
Come back in here, please, please, please.
It's over.
- Shane. | - Come on, he's not out there.
What the fuck!
Do I need any lip gloss?
You do know that you're retarded, right?
Which one's your man's apartment?
Oh, I'm not sure. He just moved in.
He's not my man.
He's a good friend of mine.
And we happened to hook up last month.
- How was he? | - We didn't go all the way.
But now you want to take him | south of the border?
Oh, it's Apartment D, right there.
Got you pretty good.
Colin's loading the car.
Nice car.
Don't forget to pick up the kids | from soccer practice...
after you're done grocery shopping.
Not exactly the Babemobile, is it?
You don't even have a car.
This is true.
Did you talk to Tyler?
He wasn't picking up this morning.
He's probably been on the water | since sunrise.
He says that they've got these epic waves | coming in.
You surf?
I'll try anything once.
Jesus Christ, did you hear what she said?
I'm gonna hold her to that.
Why did you invite him?
He kind of invited himself.
Don't you find him a bit obnoxious?
He's just playing around, | he's like that all the time.
That's what I'm afraid of.
- All right, pump it up. | - Yeah.
Look out!
Got your voicemails, bro. Six-foot swells?
And building, man.
So how much longer until we get to...
What's the name of this place again?
Punta Abreojos.
About six to eight more hours.
We gotta make a quick stop | outside of Ensenada.
- Why? | - For supplies.
You have been to this place before, right?
My brother Tyler just found it.
He's been going up and down | the Pacific Coast...
Iooking for awesome surf spots.
Called me up, said come down.
Said it was beautiful, it was wild, | and it was epic...
and we have the beach | completely to ourselves.
Well, after six fucking hours in that car...
it better be paradise.
What's wrong with my car?
Anyways, where are we sleeping? | Where's the hotel?
There's no hotel, we got tents.
- How many? | - A couple.
Some of us will have to share.
Do you surf?
No, I can't swim.
No, but actually this is kind of a dry run | for me, you know?
I mean if this Puto Abri Locos is as--
Punta Abreojos, man.
It means "point of open eyes."
All right.
If it's as good as Colin says it is, | I'm gonna come back with some babes...
start shooting... Check it out.
Surf porn.
"Surf porn"?
It's a totally untapped market, you know?
I mean, imagine this, right?
You guys, you got some hot dudes | crashing big waves in the background.
In the foreground...
we got some hot chicks, by the way, | we are accepting resumes...
sucking each other's titties, going down | on each other, the whole deal.
It's beautiful, and the promo, | the promo reads like this, right?
"There's more than one way | to wet your stick."
You know, it could work, | if you think about it.
For every perverted freak | that's got $10 in one hand...
and a bottle of lotion in the other hand...
and every one of them buys a tape.
See, somebody gets it. Target marketing.
- Thank you, Ashley. | - You're encouraging him.
No, if Tyler finds out that you brought down | a whole bunch of posers--
Yeah, yeah, when he sees me rolling in there | with a dozen scantily clad coeds...
And then what?
That's what I'm talking about.
- What? | - What?
He's like a walking boner.
Hey, what's this "25 km"?
They're like little miles.
Why don't they just use miles?
Damn, Lucky.
Come on, let's go get a shot right now. | Come on.
I am not leaving here | without a shot of tequila in me.
Rose, you can't go | into a place like that alone.
Come on, where's your sense of adventure?
Where's your sense?
One shot. One shot.
- Come on, one shot! | - All right, all right.
- Hey-- | - Watch the car, we'll be back in a minute.
Oh, yeah.
Can't get this back home.
- One tequila, please. | - Sure.
- Do the shot. | - I don't drink.
Thank you.
You have nice tits.
Can we go now, please?
Okay. Have to go.
- Bye. | - Thank you.
We sure get fresh meat here.
Oh, shit. Lucky's gone.
I am not sharing a tent with that freak. | Javier, maybe.
I thought you and I would share a tent.
Don't you want to go with Colin, | so you can "get it on"?
Should l?
If you don't, I will. | He's too damn cute not to fuck.
Okay, why are you my friend?
Good evening.
How much?
See you later.
What is that?
To keep you sharp | all the way to Punta Abreojos.
- It's cool. | - Relax.
These girls are with me, all right?
- Okay, goodbye. | - Goodbye.
- Goodbye. | - Goodbye.
- Are you guys all right? | - Yeah.
Never touch my guitar, all right?
We were only playing La Bamba.
Where's Lucky?
No, no, I was just... I was just...
I was just...
Break it up now!
- Watch it, whitey. | - Just a second.
Lucky, give me $20.
- For what? | - Give me $20!
Wait a minute.
Come on. Come on.
- $20 each. | - Come on, Lucky.
I'm sorry, sir.
There's no problem.
Okay, help the poor guy.
I'm sorry.
Fuck, that was my "getting laid" money.
You could get laid for free in jail, man.
No, no, I didn't want her. I was asking her | where to find hookers, not her.
Come on, get in the car, just get in the car.
Can you do that? | Ladies, can you please get in the car?
- You guys, get in the car-- | - What are you on?
- Shut up, Lucky, and get in the car. | - I want some.
You guys got pills?
It's kind of eerie out here...
in the middle of nowhere.
Eerie can be beautiful.
Are you excited to go back to school?
- Can I tell you something? | - Of course.
I don' t think I'm going back.
You know that part-time construction job | I've been doing?
Well, my boss made me a really huge offer | the other day.
How much?
More than an English degree would get me.
- Really. | - But I don't know.
He said I had to start right away, | so, I don't know.
Hey, you only got one year left. | Don't you wanna graduate?
my mom really wants me to graduate...
but I just kind of want to see | what Tyler has to say.
How long has it been | since you've seen him?
Two years, I think.
I mean, he's only been by the house twice | in the last six years...
ever since my dad left.
He didn't want to get stuck with | the whole job of taking care of our mom.
Yeah, but you did the right thing.
- I mean, you did the responsible thing. | - Yeah.
Sometimes I wish I could be more like Tyler.
I mean, he never has a steady paycheck...
but he always knows where the good surf is.
This trip, I think, is gonna be one of | the last times I'm gonna see him for a while.
Why did you come along?
I don't know.
I've never been on a road trip before.
What? No!
What are we doing here?
Well, this is the right we're supposed | to make to head down to the peninsula...
and it's another three hours.
Tyler told me there's a bathroom | behind this place.
So, if anyone has to go, do it...
because it's going to be | au naturel after that.
I gotta go.
- Yeah? | - Yeah.
- You want me to come with you? | - No, it's cool.
- Sure? | - Yeah.
- Just right down here? | - Yeah, around back.
We'll be here.
What was that?
Did you hear that?
- Oh, my God! | - What happened? Are you all right?
No. There's somebody | in the freaking bathroom!
Oh, shit! I dropped my bag.
- We got to go back and get-- | - No, I don't know what it was.
Just get in the car.
Lucky, come with me.
Is there a man here?
I'm very dangerous.
Can you believe this shit?
I'm scared, come and hold me. | Hold me tight.
Yeah. Really fucking cute.
There's nobody here, Colin.
That's her bag, B.
Oh, yeah.
You know, the girl is bananas.
- What? | - There's nobody here.
You're a character.
All right, let's get out of here.
- I gotta check this place out. | - What do you mean?
- I wanna get some footage. | - No, let's just go.
Give me a minute.
No way.
This place is a zoo.
Hello, mama.
Hey, let's go!
All right!
- Go, go! Get in the car! | - Shit, shit!
- What? What? | - What's going on?
Holy shit! Holy shit!
Move it.
Go! Jesus, drive!
What's going on?
Go! Go!
Holy shit! Shift... Throw him off!
Get the fuck out of here!
Shit! Holy shit!
- What the fuck? | - What was that?
He ate a live rooster, that guy.
- What? | - Yeah, like a rooster.
What a fucking sicko! He ate that chicken?
What? What are you looking at?
Well, you ought to reserve your judgment | until you walk a mile in those shoes.
No, listen to me, | if I'm ever starving like that...
I'll grow some fucking vegetables. | I'm not gonna eat a live chicken, okay?
I've heard of sucking cock, | but that shit is ridiculous.
Tyler said the sweet spot was | about 40 miles after the gas station.
It should be right around here, then.
- That's it. That's the spot. | - Oh, my God.
- That is insane! | - It's beautiful.
- Man, should have got an award for this. | - Wow.
- Let's go. Let's hit it. | - Right.
- Boys! | - Yes!
- This is so hot. | - It's beautiful.
So good.
Where is everybody?
Tyler said that they're staying | at the old compound...
but I don't know where that is.
He said meet him out here by the peninsula.
You know what? | They probably went on a beer run.
'Cause they left their bikes | and their boards here.
Damn it.
Hey, do you guys have a cell phone?
Check out the shape.
- Let's go get wet. | - Let's do this.
Hey, how about a wave?
How about a smile?
How about some titties?
Hey, watch it.
We're all here just to have fun.
That's what I'm talking about.
Hey, how about Ashley joins Rose | for a little hot lesbo action, huh?
What could be more fun than that?
Us splitting and leaving | you here on the beach.
Sorry about him.
Give a little flash, huh? Just a quick one?
- No. | - Come on.
You know, I missed it when you flashed | that trucker earlier. You owe me.
I don't think so.
Come on, huh?
It's Mexico...
no one's around, we're all friends.
I'll show you mine if you show me yours.
You never give up, do you?
turn off the camera.
- No, I wasn't... It wasn't for... | - Whatever.
Look. Don't touch.
Come on, | what's a guy gotta go to get with you?
How about not making an ass out of himself | for starters?
- Cock tease. | - What?
What was that?
Wait, I didn't hear you. | Why don't you say that to my face?
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Hey, Lucky, where are you going?
For a walk.
Yeah, you like that, you little butt monkey?
Yeah. Oh, God.
Yeah, you little sex kitten.
What the fuck?
Hola! Hello!
I can't shoot surf porn here | with perverts lurking around.
It's totally blown out.
Hey, Colin!
Yeah, I'm gonna go and do some exploring.
Cool, man. Hey, if you see Tyler or anyone, | can you send them this way?
Want some company?
Shot down!
What was that all about?
Someone made a wrong turn.
Holy crap!
You work out a lot, don't you?
No, I don't have time to work out.
Unless swinging a hammer counts.
- Do you mind? | - Sure.
Okay, that's fine. Thanks.
My turn.
Legs first.
- Colin! | - What?
What? What is it?
You better come see this.
Is that your brother's truck?
- What? | - lt will click, but it won't start.
He's got gas.
What the fuck? Jumper cables.
Hey, man. This isn't like Tyler.
He should've been able to dig himself | out of here.
Colin, man, this is weird.
- No shit it's weird. | - No, man. The fucking food's gone.
It's all been eaten.
The car stereo's still here, the keys.
Check this out.
That's Maya. That's Tyler's girlfriend.
Who would raid the truck for food, | but leave the keys, the money, the stereo?
How the fuck am I supposed to know?
Okay, okay. | At least we know they weren't robbed.
The truck's stuck. Maybe he went | to the next village to get help.
What happened?
Animals could've eaten all the food.
But how would they open the doors?
I don't know, man.
Place looks abandoned.
You're with Tyler in that one.
Colin, I wanna leave. Hey!
This phone is bullshit.
Colin, you're tripping for no reason. | I'm sure they're fine.
Hey, man, you said the village is | a few miles down the road, right?
I'll take one of the bikes there | and see if anyone's seen him.
Well, why wouldn't they just take the bikes | if they were going to the village?
What about the compound | you said that they were at?
Why don't we go there?
Because we haven't found | the compound, Rose.
Well, let's try and find it, Ashley.
All right, you guys find the compound. | I'm gonna take the bike.
We're just gonna go crazy | sitting here in one spot.
I don't think we should split up.
I mean, where the fuck is Lucky?
Lucky is probably sitting somewhere | waiting for us to come find him.
You know he's desperate for attention.
I know the type.
All right. Hey, take the bike into town | and see if anyone's seen Tyler.
- We'll stay here. | - I'll try to make it back before dark.
I'll go with you.
- You will? | - Yeah, why shouldn't l?
Yeah, you do that. We'll hold the fort down.
Be careful.
Yeah, you, too.
Are all guys total assholes?
All the ones I've dated.
Lucky went up this way, didn't he?
I don't know, I wasn't watching.
Hey, you wanna go skinny-dipping?
Maybe later.
You done?
Let's go.
Why would he leave his camera here?
He wouldn't.
Let me see that.
That sick little fuck.
Holy shit.
Those look like bones.
That looks like it's back that way.
Yeah, but his footprints go up this way.
- Hey, he found the compound. | - Yeah.
Oh, my God.
Colin, I wanna leave. Hey!
This is one of his sick jokes. I know it.
It's not funny anymore. | We're worried about you.
Speak for yourself.
Boy, I sure wish Lucky was here right now.
I would stick my hand in his pants | and stroke his hard cock.
It comes out in five...
Okay, now I'm worried.
Well, the compound can't be too far | from where we're standing right now.
Because the volcano's over there.
I think we should just follow his footprints.
You're gonna feel like such an ass | when he comes back here laughing at you.
Hey, what do you think was in that tent?
I think the fishing village is | up the road here.
Think we're gonna find them there?
I don't know.
They had to have seen somebody.
You and Colin been together long?
- No. | - 'Cause he doesn't speak of you at all.
I don't know how Tyler found this place. | It feels like we're walking in circles.
Hey, your friend Javier doesn't | like me much, does he?
I wouldn't take it personally.
- What about you? | - He's always liked me.
No. I mean, do you like me?
- Sure. | - Yeah, right.
You wanna marry a girl like Ashley...
and fuck a girl like me | when she's not looking.
You don't know what you're talking about.
I do. I know boys.
One thing I do know...
the only difference between you and Lucky | is he says what he's thinking.
Is that the compound? | That's the compound.
Yeah, that's it. Let's go.
Come on.
Hello, how are you? Are you hungry?
No, thanks.
Actually, we're supposed to meet | some friends on the peninsula.
But we can't find them.
What part of the peninsula? | I don't understand.
Punta Abreojos.
- Punta Abreojos? | - Yes.
Are you sure you want to go there?
We just came from there.
- Are you sure? | - Yes.
Our friends are waiting for us back there.
But we were supposed to meet | some other people.
And they seem to have...
You haven't seen them, have you?
A bunch of surfers. | They're a little older than us.
No. Look, son, | you'd better gas up your motorbike...
and go home.
Take the first bus to Los Cabos...
if you're with your mommy and daddy.
No, we don't really need to do that.
What's the problem with Punta Abreojos?
El Gringo.
What the fuck is that?
Is that hair?
I think you're right. | This is just Lucky fucking with us.
That's the tent Lucky came from.
The yellow one.
No, wait. Wait.
- Oh, my God! Oh, my God! | - Rose!
That was real, wasn't it?
Those were fucking dead people, | weren't they?
- Was one of them your brother? | - I don't know!
Do you see... Is that our ride up there?
Let's get out of here! Come on!
He's the one who named it Punta Abreojos.
It all started in the old compound | with that evil man.
Could it have been El Gringo?
Yes, El Gringo.
Did you tell him that we saw a crazy man | at the gas station eating a live chicken?
Is that who he's talking about?
We saw a crazy man at the gas station.
He was eating a live chicken.
Not at the gas station.
It could just be someone who's hungry. | There's a lot of them around here.
Were they joking about Punta Abreojos?
I don't know. I've never been there.
But those who go there never return.
What do you mean?
The chacales.
The chacales.
- It's gone. | - Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm sure. Come on, let's go.
Colin, open the door.
- Colin, open the door! | - There's more than one.
More than one what? What was that?
This is probably what they do | to scare people off.
What, scare people off? | What are you talking about?
If they stole our stuff, we'd be pissed off, | right? But we would still hang around.
And if they took the car, | we would have to hang around.
But if they really wanted us to leave, | they'd do freaky shit like this.
Colin, they weren't trying | to scare anyone, okay?
The people at the compound are dead. | All of them.
We don't know that.
And I don't want to stick around to find out.
I want to go. Come on.
- Colin! Car! Let's go. | - We can't leave Ashley and Javier.
They're coming back!
How do we know they're not already dead?
Javier said he's coming back.
Yeah, before dark.
Look, okay? They have a dirt bike. | They can make it on their own.
I don't want to stick around in case | one of those things come back.
Well, just sit in the fucking car and lock | the doors. Everything's gonna be all right.
Colin, I don't want to sit in the car. | I want to go!
We're not leaving without them!
Colin, please. I don't want to die here, okay?
I don't want to die, okay? I will suck on | your fucking cock all the way back to LA...
- Stop talking like that, Rose. | -...if we just go!
Please, honey. Please.
Rose, wait.
Wait, Rose. What the fuck...
Stop! What are you doing?
You're going to fucking die here, you homo!
Rose, what are you doing?
What are you doing? Hey! | What are you doing?
Where are you going?
I'm not going to stay here and die!
You know, I understood | some of what he was saying.
I didn't know you spoke Spanish.
Yeah, a little.
Hey, don't worry about all that, all right?
It's just a bunch | of old legends and superstitions.
He sure sounded like he believed | what he was saying.
That's what people do around here.
They don't want people like us | bringing more people like us.
So they make up these silly stories | to scare us off.
They don't want us | fucking up their beaches.
Yeah, but that doesn't explain why | everyone just disappeared.
I mean, what about the bikes?
What about the truck you found wide open?
I don't know, Ashley. | Just because I don't have the answers...
doesn't mean I'm going to believe | some stinking pile of voodoo bullshit.
Damn it!
You're sure we're going the right way?
I mean, none of these dunes | look familiar at all.
Yeah, I just got turned around, all right? | The car is right over there.
Let me get the bike | to the top of the hill. Okay?
I just don't think this is the right way. | I don't...
Javier, are you sure? | I mean, it's just that it doesn't seem right.
Look, I'm a little freaked out, okay?
I'm sure. I just got turned around. | It's all right.
Okay? Don't worry about it.
Javier? Oh, my gosh!
- Are you okay? | - Get this damn thing off my leg.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Oh, my God!
- Shit. | - I think it's broken.
Go get help.
Javier, I can't just leave you out here.
You have to, okay? You just have to.
Oh, shit.
The car is right down there. All right?
- Okay. Okay, look. | - Okay.
I'm going to go get Colin, okay?
Okay. Okay, just...
- I'll be back. Okay? | - Okay.
Be careful!
Don't leave me here! Fuck!
I salvaged some stuff from the compound.
I've been holed up here for a while.
No freaks come in, it's pretty safe.
Are you okay?
I went back to the car, and you were gone.
I thought that you left me here.
Ashley. There's something outside, okay?
It got Lucky.
And Rose.
Javier's dead.
Sit by the fire.
You're gonna have to sit close. | I can't build it too big.
Oh, my God.
They're real.
The chacals are real.
- The what? | - Chacals.
What are they?
The guy at the taco stand told us | a story about this place.
Okay, this place is cursed.
It's the curse of El Gringo.
El Gringo was what the locals called | the guy who brought his cult to this spot...
30 years ago.
He promised them heaven...
but delivered them to hell.
What he didn't know was | that according to the locals...
this place was unlivable.
But they set up | their compound here anyway.
They followed El Gringo blindly.
We have all come down here | to form a new family at Punta Abreojos.
So forget about your fears, | your feelings of inadequacy.
Look around, your brothers and sisters. | Feel the love.
Society has let you down.
But here, we can build anew. | We can start over.
This is God's country.
This is where we start over.
He made them pray for hours every day...
promising them that | with dedication and patience...
the Lord would provide for them.
It all seemed to work fine.
For a while.
But he never made plans | on how to sustain for his followers.
He said they could live off the land.
But the land wasn't enough.
They were starving.
Even the ocean didn't provide for them.
When El Gringo finally brought them food...
some of them thought | maybe he could work miracles.
Open your eyes!
But it was all a lie. | He wasn't working miracles.
He was kidnapping local children | and feeding them to his followers.
When they found out, they were furious.
They wanted revenge.
So they killed him?
No, they didn't kill him. | They did something far worse.
They cut off his eyelids.
Then they buried him in the ground | facing the sun.
Do not forsake me!
I am his chosen son!
I will rise up and devour thee!
Do not forsake me! I am his chosen son!
Open your eyes!
Open your eyes.
He was stuck there for days...
praying to God for revenge | against those who wronged him.
Only it wasn't God who answered.
Come on, you're telling me...
that everyone that comes down here | gets attacked by some mad hippie fuck?
No, it's the chacals.
The chacals are the ones that eat people.
They're cursed with hunger. | He makes them that way.
They feed or they die.
If you meet El Gringo | and he looks into your eyes...
he sees what's inside of you. | And you might become a chacal.
Depending on what's in here.
- You don't believe me. | - I don't know what to believe.
I mean, | he said that every chacal was a visitor...
I mean, somebody north of the border.
You know, they came to this beautiful land | with the mind only to take.
Like us.
I don't know about that...
but there's something outside | and there's more than one of them.
So I figure, in the morning, | right as the sun comes over the horizon...
- we run for it. | - Run for what?
The car. I know where it is.
But first we have to survive the night here.
Keep that close to you. | Might come in handy.
Where did you get the knife from?
It's Tyler's.
I got it for him five years ago, | for his birthday.
He's a Navy SEAL. For real.
Tough guy. He's always been a fighter.
Come here.
- How many are there? | - I don't know. I can't tell.
- Colin. | - What?
The window.
Use the gas tanks!
Are they gone?
I think they're gone.
He's not moving. Let's make a run for it.
Oh, shit!
Come on, it's right over this dune.
- Slow down. | - Come on, Ash.
- We gotta keep moving. | - I can't. No, I'm tired.
Hey, Ashley, be careful.
Tyler, it's me, Colin.
Tyler, what the fuck? It's your brother.
It's me, Colin. Tyler, what...
Is there gas?
I don't know how far it's gonna get us.
Well, the farther we get from here, | the better.
Come on.
What's that?
Let me see.
Oh, come on.
Colin, come on. Get the bike started.
It's almost there. It's almost there.
Get the fucking bike started!
You on?
Did you see that?
Oh, shit.
Don't look at him! Don't look into his eyes!
Hang on!
Open your eyes.