Trespassers (2024) Movie Script

Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
We are about to break into
a stranger's house.
As it is trespassing, we will be entering
without permission of course.
A month ago,
I would've never thought that
I would be involved in committing crimes.
My name is Akiko Tanaka.
I work as a cleaner for
a housekeeping services company
called Sereine.
I have permission to enter this house
so it isn't trespassing.
- It's called a house call.
- Excuse me.
In doing this job
there are some homes that are so pristine
that they don't need cleaning.
This place is one of those houses.
Personally I find that quite difficult.
The reason is because it's
hard to know when it is clean.
Conversely, the easiest houses to clean
are the ones that look all right
on the surface
but have messy areas in spots
that don't stand out.
For toilets and bathrooms
the process is the same in every home
so it is a comparatively easy task.
For parts that shine like taps,
it is easy to know that they are clean
so I'm always
particularly thorough with them.
The living room is
the hardest area to clean.
There are many precious items
that you must be careful not to break.
And people have
different ideas about
what you can and cannot move.
- Oh, hello.
- Hello.
Her name is Megumi Ogawa. We work
for the same company. She is a cook.
Sometimes we work together
at the same home.
We are forbidden from talking on the job
so we never really speak.
But sometimes, we finish at the same time.
- What kind of food do you make?
- We walk to the station.
- And we chat on the way.
- Roasted meat in spicy sauce.
- Roasted meat in spicy sauce?
- Yeah, it's what people request the most.
Huh, I wonder why that is?
I guess for people who don't cook often
it tastes good
but it seems difficult to make.
But it's quite easy, right?
Yeah, so if they request it I feel lucky.
That makes sense.
But croquettes are really annoying.
They take a lot of effort.
And you can't do anything else
at the same time.
- You have to keep an eye on it.
- Yes.
We were a similar age
so she was easy to talk to.
But we never met up outside of work.
- It is definitely better when it's clean.
- Really?
I mean in general messy houses
don't have good cooking utensils,
the knives don't cut,
and the pans are peeling so
it takes twice as long to make things.
That makes sense for cooking.
- But I hate houses teeming with trash.
- Those houses really are the worst.
But normal companies
refuse hoarders, right?
Yes, our company is strange.
You are right.
I think they want to attract the customers
the other companies refuse.
But it's really tough
for us on the ground.
Yeah. And then sometimes
they give us loads of flyers to hand out.
That's sales, isn't it?
That is not our job, right?
Yes exactly. For what we do
our pay is so low.
Yeah. The job ad said we'd
make 300,000 yen a month.
- But it's nothing like that.
- It's a complete scam.
- Our boss is really terrible.
- She's a real brute.
I am working full time
but have almost no money
- It goes on living expenses and rent.
- I'm just scraping by too.
Do you live alone, Tanaka?
Yes, I do.
I am a divorce.
Me too.
Oh, right.
- Wow.
- Wow. I didn't know that.
I felt as though we instantly
got closer at that moment.
This is our boss.
Her name is Natsumi Fujisaki,
CEO of Sereine.
So about Justaiya
She worked as a bikini model
from the age of 19 to 26.
After that she set up
a cosmetics company, she leveraged
the channels of social networking services
and the entertainment industry
turning it into a brand that
sells two billion yen a year.
After that she turned her attention
to housekeeping services
and founded this company.
Of course I thought that this market
would expand in the future.
I came from a one-parent household
and there were three of us kids.
It seemed so hard for my mother
working and raising kids
so I felt as though
I wanted to be an ally for all
working mothers. That's the main reason
for setting up this company.
Did you see that interview?
I saw it. She wants to
be an ally to mothers.
- Yeah she says that but did you hear?
- What?
When a mother came in for
an interview recently, she didn't give her
the job because she wouldn't be able
to work around clients' schedules.
- She's no ally at all.
- She's their enemy.
She really
doesn't think her staff are people.
She thinks we are Roombas.
- You're right.
- I mean she became a CEO.
She was fawned over in the entertainment
industry, so she doesn't get it.
You are right.
She really
Usually at this point we would board
separate trains and head home
but today neither of us
could stop talking.
This was the first time
the game went to extra time.
But she wasn't very popular, right?
Yeah, not very popular.
Right? I didn't know her.
There was a rumor she was
cheating with someone.
- Really?
- You haven't heard?
She had her picture taken with
the boss of some company.
Oh, I'd no idea.
She had retired from modeling at that
time so it didn't become a big deal.
Is that so?
You really know your stuff.
Oh on that topic, the other day
when I was cleaning a hoarder's house
I opened up a weekly news publication
which just happened
to feature this article.
What a tiny article!
Hey, I wonder
if this guy gave her the money
to set up the company.
It must have been him.
She couldn't do it on her own.
You're right.
- Speaking of the boss, have you heard?
- What?
She is rumored to be avoiding tax.
- You're kidding?
- Sekiguchi told me about it.
Oh, really?
Apparently she has stashed away
hundreds of millions of yen.
- Hundreds of millions of yen?
- It is just a rumor.
But our boss would do it, right?
- Unsurprising? Of course she did it!
- Right?
Ugh, that really pisses me off.
They work us to the bone for low wages
but avoid paying taxes
and live a life of luxury.
- She should be arrested right away.
- Exactly.
And then we could just
go work for another company.
Why don't we act as whistleblowers?
If someone inside the company reports it,
maybe the Tax Agency will investigate.
Maybe. But to do something like that
we would need evidence.
I wonder if we can't find a lead.
But if we were going to do that,
why don't we do something
that would benefit us more?
Something to benefit us?
I just thought of this now.
But if it is true that
she is stashing away money
it'd mean there's a big sum of money
in her home that she can't make public.
- Yeah, I guess.
- She can't make it public.
So that means that she couldn't
tell anyone even if it disappeared.
That's true.
Why don't we go take it?
Take it?
You mean we would go steal it?
I mean we can't do that. That's theft.
But she's the one who first committed
the crime. She's in the wrong.
Well, she may be in the wrong
but we wouldn't be in the right.
We may not be in the right
but it wouldn't be as bad as normal theft.
But ultimately it would end up
in our coffers so it would be bad enough.
But think about it.
We have broken our backs
for her on minimum wage.
- Well yeah, that's true.
- Right?
So just think of it as taking back
what we are owed.
Even still, taking hundreds
of millions of yen is too much, right?
Okay, I've got it. We take what
we need and donate the rest.
We donate it? To where?
To one of those places
that helps those in need.
- Like the Red Cross or something?
- Yeah.
Then we would be doing good, right?
I wonder if you're right. But we'd be
coming from a place of doing wrong.
But we would be helping people.
At worst it'd all be canceled out.
- It'd be quits.
- Yeah, it'd be all square.
It'd be all square
So let's say there was 300 million yen.
How much would you donate?
If there was 300 million,
we could donate 100 million
and split the rest.
So it would be 100 million each.
Wouldn't that be too much?
You think so?
If we got that much, wouldn't it feel
like we're doing wrong
rather than it being all quits?
Okay, how about we donate
200 million and take 50 million each.
- That's still a lot.
- But we'd be donating 200, that's huge!
- I guess you're right.
- I am.
Don't you want to do it? To help people.
Helping people?
Yes. We'd be donating two thirds
so primarily we'd be helping people.
The rest is like an agent's fee.
I don't think you could call it a fee.
I mean if you think about it
as a percentage that would be it.
I guess so but
Stealing is stealing.
Ogawa? This is Tanaka.
Can you talk now? Oh, really?
Well, ehm,
I was thinking about
what we talked about on the way home,
the secret stash of money.
Are you really serious
about doing it?
I have a friend
who knows a lot about criminality.
If we go through with it I think
we should get her to help.
When you say someone who knows
a lot about criminality
do you mean she is involved with thieves?
She loves suspense dramas
so she knows the tricks criminals use.
I thought it'd be better to
involve her than just the two of us.
You're right.
What do you think? Let's do it,
the three of us. Let's help people.
Helping people
You're right.
Our main goal is helping people.
Despite the fact that it seems like
Ogawa's friend was just a lover of dramas,
we adopted the mantra that
"the main goal is helping people"
and decided to break into
Boss' house.
Then, a week later
on my way home from work,
we met up together again
to discuss the details.
- Oh hello, Tanaka.
- Hello.
This is my friend, Kanae Eto.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Kanae said that if this goes well
she would like to open a yoga studio.
- Oh, is that so?
- Yes. I've always wanted to do it.
That sounds great.
How much would you need for that?
If you were renting a space,
I guess you would need
about 7,000,000 in start-up costs.
- Oh that's quite expensive.
- Yes, it is.
So that means that if there is 300 million
in Boss' home, we donate
200 million and split the rest.
- There wouldn't be much to spare.
- Well, it would be enough.
By the way, when do you plan on doing it?
The weekend after next,
our boss will go to Hawaii on vacation
for a week, so that's the time to strike.
- That makes sense.
- But how are we going to get in?
That's the issue.
To get the ball rolling, we headed to
scope out our boss' place.
This is it.
- What floor was it again?
- It is up there.
- On the fourth floor.
- So, it is up there.
Our best bet is to climb up the pipes,
cross over the balcony
and break the glass.
The pipes? That is
quite a height to climb, no?
It is very high.
But we could get a duplicate key,
- Then we could just walk right in.
- We could.
That would be the easiest way to get it.
Hey, Tanaka, can we stop
being so polite to each other?
We are mixing polite and informal
language and it is getting confusing.
I was thinking the same thing.
- Let's all speak to each other casually.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Excuse me.
You are disturbing the other residents.
- Please move somewhere else.
- Apologies.
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
That concierge seems
like he could be a problem.
If we act like we're
residents, we'll be fine.
- Pretend to be a resident? Got it.
- If we get a spare key we'll be good.
How will we get
our hands on the spare key?
- We just need to make one.
- How?
We go to the office and swipe the key
from under the nose of our boss.
Then we rush to the locksmith
and we can make one.
But when will we get a chance to do that?
Well, we'll be in the office this week
for the upskilling seminar, right?
Oh, yeah.
- Can you get it done?
- Yes, yes I think we can.
It's the day of the skill-up seminar.
You can now take lunch.
- Okay.
- Thank you very much.
- Thanks for your participation.
- Thank you.
- Sorry, I got delayed.
- No problem.
Gather the consensus position on it.
I guess we are done here.
I'm counting on you.
Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon, Boss.
- Good afternoon.
- I saw the interview from the other day.
- Oh, the one on Channel 4.
- Yes. It was really moving.
- Really? Thank you.
You said there were three
children in your family, right.
Yes, I'm the second child.
There were five of us in my family.
My mother had it tough so I understand.
It would be very tough with five children.
Yes. I think the food budget
must have been incredible.
I always wondered how much
rice she was making a day.
Ugh, it's no use.
You really shine in a different
way to other CEOs.
Thank you.
Well, I guess I used to be an entertainer.
- I think that was a great advert for us.
- Yes, you're right.
- TV has such a big influence.
- Yes.
- Okay, well I best get going.
- Okay.
I got it.
- There were five kids in your family?
- No, just two.
Sorry we're late.
Here. We're counting on you.
- We're counting on you.
- Got it.
- Our break is ending.
- Yeah.
Based on this incredible partnership
There she is.
Sorry to keep you waiting. Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
We succeeded in making
the spare key without a hitch.
And then
D-day had finally arrived.
Tanaka, do you think that outfit is okay?
- What's wrong with it?
- Well,
if you wear those clothes
won't people get suspicious?
I thought the same thing too.
You look just like a thief.
I had messed up.
It looked like I was announcing
to the world that I was
about to rob someone.
I should have dressed in a way that
blended into the background, like them.
What are you going to do?
Do you want to go get changed?
She won't come back for a week.
- We have a lot of time.
- Yeah.
You're right.
But to be honest, going home
to change sounded like a pain.
Maybe I could swap
some clothes with you two.
A swap?
I thought that if we spread
out the black clothes
among the three of us,
we won't look so suspicious.
I'm really sorry to ask this of you.
It's freezing.
- Sorry.
- We won't seem suspicious like this.
We won't, but these socks
don't go with these
black shoes at all, right?
- Oh you mean in terms of fashion?
- Yeah.
We may seem suspicious
but people will think I'm lame.
No one will be examining you
that closely, it's fine.
- I guess you're right.
- I can talk fashion.
This jacket and pants
don't go together at all.
Yeah, they really don't.
- I'm sorry.
- It's fine.
No worries.
Tanaka, what is that?
- Oh, this?
- Is it a hat?
I brought it with me.
But if we are dressed like this
I guess I don't need it.
You definitely shouldn't bring it.
That's not for a thief,
it's for a proper burglar.
You're right.
Hey, what is this?
- It's pepper spray.
- You're acting like a burglar again.
Okay, should we head in?
- I'm starting to feel a bit nervous.
- If we pass by confidently, we'll be fine.
- Okay.
- Act like a resident.
- Oh, looks like the concierge is away now.
- Oh, you're right. We're lucky.
There's the elevator.
I'm going to open the door.
- Wow this entrance way is massive.
- Woah!
- This is amazing.
- What is this?
- Shoes? These are shoes?
- Wow.
- Woah.
- Wow this is girly.
It's like a princess' room.
She's the tax evading princess.
- The Princess of fraud.
- Does she own this place?
- No I hear it's a rental.
- Oh
It's treated as company housing in the
company's name so she can save on taxes.
So the Princess of fraud
is also trying to save money.
The Princess of fraud is
also the Princess of saving.
I'm just realizing this but our boss is
more than 12 years younger than us, right?
Yes, that's right.
Before I came here
I felt a bit of guilt
but it disappeared immediately
once I saw this room.
- Me too.
- Okay, should we look for the money?
Yeah, we should start.
- I will look over here.
- Okay.
- Did you find it?
- No.
Maybe it's in the closet.
- I'll look over there.
- Okay.
Woah, this is huge.
I don't think it would be in there.
I'm just being thorough.
This balcony is huge.
It's as big as my whole apartment.
- Mine too.
- Huh?
Did you find something?
No, I just noticed that
her air purifier is the same as mine.
- Oh, is that so?
- Sorry for startling you guys.
Doesn't it make you happy when you have
the same electronics as a rich person?
Yeah. It makes you feel like
you made the right choice.
- Yes.
- By the way, my couch is similar too.
But isn't this really expensive?
The shape and size are similar. I'm sure
this price tag had a few extra zeroes.
But if the size and shape are the same,
what's wrong with the cheap one?
Yeah, I mean I'm sure
it's not way more comfortable.
No, it's completely different.
It's about two orders
of magnitude more comfortable.
- That's quite a big difference.
- Let's stop this. I'll just get sad.
You're right. Let's keep looking.
But no matter how hard we looked,
we couldn't find the stash of money.
- It's nowhere to be seen.
- Yeah.
- Maybe it's late to be asking this but
- What?
Is she really a tax evader?
I wonder
But Sekiguchi said she was.
How did Sekiguchi find out?
I don't know. Should I call her?
Oh, good evening.
Hey, do you remember how before
you told me about the boss evading taxes?
Huh? When we were at
that training seminar.
Oh, got it.
Okay. Sorry to call you so late.
Okay, bye.
- Sorry, I messed up.
- What?
Sekiguchi was talking about a house
that she is in charge of
that belonged to someone
who was running a company.
And when she was
cleaning it she found a paper bag
that was clearly a stash of money.
- Oh, is that so?
- Yeah.
Then the topic naturally moved on
to how our boss uses the company name
to rent this place to save on taxes.
I mixed it all together.
Huh! What are you saying?
I completely jumped
to the wrong conclusion.
So, she isn't evading tax?
Yes, I guess not.
- Oh
- Hey, come here.
This is something you get
when you make a donation, right?
Yes, you're right.
Instead of evading taxes
she has been donating money.
She's actually the Princess of Donations.
I got it all wrong.
- What do you want to do?
- What should we do?
I mean we're here now. Should we rob
something valuable and go home?
- Something valuable?
- Yeah.
There are some things here we could
get some money for if we sold them.
- You're right.
- Yeah.
I don't think we should do that.
- You don't?
- I don't.
We decided to rob her
because we thought she had dirty money.
And we were doing it mainly
to donate the money.
- You're right.
- And that's why we could
come here without too much guilt.
I guess so.
If we turn around now and steal something
we'd be no better than thieves.
- You're right.
- Okay, so how about this?
We steal something valuable
and donate half of the money.
If she's already donating,
it makes no sense for us to
steal her stuff and make more donations.
I guess you are right.
So what should we do? Should we go home?
I mean shouldn't we go home?
Yeah, you're right.
- Let's go home.
- Okay.
Oh don't forget the lights.
We are leaving empty-handed.
But look at it this way,
it's good that we're leaving
without having committed any crimes.
You're right.
It's a sign that
we shouldn't do bad things.
- It's a gift just to have learned that.
- Yeah.
But we did do something wrong.
The moment we stepped foot inside,
we were breaking and entering.
Eto was right.
I did have a sense as if
our mission ended in failure
but we had already committed the crime
of trespassing into a private residence.
- This is just a suggestion.
- What is it?
Why don't we go back?
What do you mean, "go back"?
- You mean to steal something?
- No, not that.
If we just go home like this doesn't
it leave a bad taste in your mouth?
- I can't say it feels great.
- I feel guilty.
- Exactly.
- Right.
But why would we go back?
If we leave things like this
I feel like I'll never get rid
of this aftertaste.
So to atone for what we did,
why don't we clean the place
and then go home?
- Clean the place?
- Yeah, well
if we make it cleaner
than how we found it,
I thought that it might
make things even in my head.
You're right, it would
get rid of the guilt.
It would involve trespassing
again though, is that okay?
I guess there is no difference
between doing it once or twice.
If we make it clean
then we are quits right?
I'm not quite sure how you make that out
but do you want to head back?
Yeah, let's go back.
No matter how you look
at it it's a nice room.
Should we get started?
I'll check the fridge.
Is there something I can do?
We're okay for the moment.
- Relax on the couch for now.
- Okay.
- If you need anything let me know.
- Okay.
I said that we were going back
to atone for our sins
but actually, that wasn't the only reason.
This was the type of
apartment I loved to clean.
A place that looks clean at first glance,
but dirty in places that don't stand out.
Instead of a secret stash of money,
there was lots of dirt hiding here.
It was a real mountain of treasure.
From how messy the apartment was,
I was somewhat prepared.
There were a lot of expired food items
and condiments in the fridge.
There was some stuff that
hasn't expired yet,
but our boss wouldn't be
back for another week
and it would definitely
be spoiled by then.
So I will use these food items
that are about to expire,
and make them into something
that will last a long time.
It's time to show off
my skills as a head chef.
The trick to making a lot of
food in a short period
of time, is to avoid creating
a lot of washing up.
Cook things in order of how dirty
they make cookware,
start with boiling,
then grilling, then frying.
That way you can avoid
creating a lot of dishes to wash.
If you put the fry pan in the sink
you will have to wash the bottom of
everything you put on top of it too,
so give it a quick rinse
and you can use it again.
I was asked to relax on the couch
but there's no point just lazing about.
So I'll make good use of this time.
First, I will stretch my arms
while taking a deep breath
and bring them together above my head.
Then, with them still clasped I bring them
in front of my chest while exhaling
to regulate my breathing.
I would like to clean under that sofa
but I don't want to interrupt Eto.
I should just look the other way.
I'm finished.
- How are you getting along?
- I've just finished.
- Oh, okay.
- Look. I used food up.
It was about to expire,
and I made five long lasting side-dishes.
They look amazing.
Are you going to put these in the fridge?
They should last a week so she just has
to heat them in the microwave.
- Will that be okay?
- What do you mean?
Wouldn't she think it weird seeing these
dishes after coming back from a trip?
You're right.
I was just operating in work mode.
What should I do?
It's already cooked, so should we eat it?
I'd love to.
Okay, so why don't we?
I'll serve it properly on plates.
- Oh, thanks.
- Okay.
Here you go.
It looks delicious.
Let's eat!
I'm going to tuck in.
- Oh it's delicious.
- Really? I'm glad to hear it.
This is the first time I've ever
had food that you made.
It's really good.
Thank you.
You managed to make this boiled meat
so tender in a short time.
Well there was some brandy on
the shelf so I borrowed it.
Yeah. The higher the alcohol content
the quicker the dish softens.
- Oh, really?
- That's a useful tip.
- It really is delicious.
- Isn't it?
It's so sad that
we couldn't make this for her.
- I'm sure she'd be moved by eating this.
- Of course she would.
- If only we hadn't illegally trespassed.
- Exactly.
It's such a shame.
Why is this illegal trespassing?
Well, because we broke in.
If we feed her this,
she'd forgive us for trespassing.
She'd have to call it even.
In fact she may owe us something.
- Maybe we should put it in the fridge?
- No we can't go back on it now.
Thank you for the meal.
- Thank you Ogawa.
- Thank you.
No need to thank me.
This is the first time in a long time that
I ate with people at home,
not in a restaurant.
- Oh I guess that's the same for me.
- Me too.
It's really nice to gather like this.
- It's so fun.
- Although it's someone else's house.
- You are right.
- We are illegally trespassing.
Why don't we have dinner like this
again from time to time?
- Oh that sounds great. Let's do it.
- That sounds fun.
I can do way better than this.
I guess we should put
these away and go home.
I will go sort out the magazines.
There are some strings over there.
On that shelf? Thanks.
Did you hear something just now?
I'm going to check it out.
My name is Yosuke Shigematsu.
I lost my job six months ago.
I had a great amount of debt
and was lost and homeless.
In order to earn money
I began working as
a part-time delivery driver.
Hello, delivery from Camomile.
- Thanks.
- Thank you very much. Please order again.
However, no matter how hard
I worked on my part-time job,
my earnings barely
covered the monthly interest
so I had no prospect of paying it off.
Against this backdrop,
I was drawn to this apartment block
that I used to visit often for deliveries.
Despite having a lot of rich residents
the security was unusually lax.
I quickly figured out
when owners were not home.
But we did do something wrong.
The moment we stepped foot
inside we were breaking and entering.
I attempted to break in.
I entered the apartment
through the balcony.
And then while I was searching
for something valuable
No matter how you look at it,
it's a nice room.
Should we get started?
They don't seem to be residents.
So are they in the same business as me?
I think we are fine for now.
They are cleaning the place?
So they are from a housekeeping agency?
But this one is doing yoga.
What's going on?
In any case I'll give up on
robbing the place and just get out.
But in order to get to the front door
I need to go through the living room.
This is the first time I've ever
had food that you made.
- It's really good.
- They're eating?
Huh? Who are these people?
I guess we should put
these away and go home.
I will go sort out the magazines.
There are some strings over there.
Over there? Thank you.
Maybe I can get out in one go. Oh no!
Oh no!
Did you hear something just now?
I'm going to check it out.
Don't find me. Don't find me.
- What's going on?
- Who's that?
I don't know. I bet he's a robber.
Pin him down. Quickly.
What should I do? What should I do?
Pin him down!
I've pinned him.
We've got him.
We caught the thief.
This puts us way ahead
of just being quits.
- We should be getting a medal.
- You're right.
What should we do now?
What do you mean?
Well it's a good thing we caught him
but we can't turn him over to the police.
- Why not?
- I mean.
They will ask us why we were here.
- Oh yeah.
- Okay, we can leave him.
And not report him?
Like this?
When Boss gets back and reports it
he'll be the only one arrested.
- That would be the worst outcome.
- Why?
- When will your boss get back?
- In a week.
He'd probably die.
He'd spend a week with no food or drink.
And that would be a much bigger deal.
You're right. We can't do that.
So could we put out enough
food for him to eat for a week?
Something he can eat now
with a long shelf-life
is something like bread?
This time of year it would last a while.
Even if he didn't die in that case,
they would ask him who tied him up
and he would talk about us
during questioning.
Do you think he'd talk about us?
Of course he would.
He'd have no reason to hide it.
So we just have to let him go?
That is dangerous too.
I mean, when we untie him
he might attack us
and if we're not careful we might
end up with the roles reversed.
Oh, right.
We could dump him out in the mountains.
- That would definitely kill him.
- Would it?
Of course it would. He couldn't move
and he wouldn't be found.
- Of course he'd die.
- I guess he would.
And then we would be
investigated for murder.
Wait, are we out of options?
I've got it.
We should put him in a place that
people only come to sometimes.
A place that people only go to sometimes?
Yes. Then he will be found
before he dies and someone will help him.
So even if he was asked what happened
he wouldn't talk about being here.
He'd just make up some lie.
Oh, that sounds like a good idea.
- Right?
- Okay, let's go with that plan.
We can't carry him like this.
You're right.
Should we cover him with something?
- How about a big cardboard box?
- Sounds good.
A cardboard box.
Cardboard box
There's no cardboard box he'd fit in.
Yeah, there isn't.
Not even his feet would fit in that.
There are boxes
at the disposal area on the first floor.
- I'm sure there will be.
- I'll go get one.
Thank you.
- Why don't we tidy away the plates?
- Sure.
So you're a divorce too, Eto.
Yes, I got divorced five years ago.
- I got divorced three years ago.
- Is that so?
But isn't it easier being on your own?
Yes. It is worse economically
but I feel better mentally now.
It is. We are free.
So you were cheated on?
I thought about suing
the person he cheated with.
But my husband gave me alimony
and if I dragged it all out I thought it'd
be tough mentally so I dropped it.
- That was the right decision.
- Yeah.
Oh she's back.
Oh no
- What's wrong?
- The boss is back.
What should we do? Leave?
No, if we leave now we'll run into her.
For now, we have to hide.
Oh no! What do we do with him?
- Let's hide him.
- Hide him?
Hello? Yeah.
Oh, is that so?
I was at the beauty salon
and just got home.
Yeah. The day after tomorrow,
why don't we head to
the airport early and get a bite to eat?
Oh okay
Let's do that.
Okay. See you.
- Hawaii's the day after tomorrow?
- So a Sunday?
I heard the weekend so I just
presumed she was going Friday.
- Right?
- What should we do?
All we can do is run for it.
- What will you do with him?
- Oh yeah.
If he is found this will
become a big deal.
But if she goes to Hawaii
without finding him he's dead.
So we can't leave now then.
Yes, for now.
So we have to hide for two days?
Are you serious?
Wait, she's coming.
What a stupid question, Terumoto!
GOT IAnd then we all found a place
the boss wouldn't find us
and went to sleep.
What?! What the hell?!
Oh no.
The worst possible thing happened.
Who are you?
What is this? What is going on?
What are you doing here?
Ehm, well
- I'm sorry.
- This isn't a time for apologies.
What the hell is going on?
For starters, can you just untie me?
As you can see, I am a victim.
- Scissors.
- Okay, scissors.
It makes sense that
from the point of view of the boss
he looks like a victim.
It's not implausible that
she'd try to free him.
But that guy is,
without question, an aggressor
and the last person who
should be set free.
What should we do?
Hey, don't move. Don't move!
- Ehm
- What the hell?
- What's going on?
- Please calm down. I'm not a thief.
Could you please listen to me?
What do you want from me?
I just want to talk.
I will not lay a finger on you.
Is that you, Tanaka?
- No, it isn't.
- But that's your voice, Tanaka.
I'm sorry. It is me, Tanaka.
What are you doing in my house?
Could you please hear me out at least?
- What is going on?
- I will explain everything.
But first things first.
Who is that guy? Why are you here?
I'll explain everything.
This guy is a burglar.
A burglar?!
Yes. He entered this apartment
without permission and tried to steal.
And we were the ones who stopped him.
But you also entered without permission.
- Yes, I will explain that too.
- Wait!
What did you mean by "we"?
Who else is here?
- Well
- Good morning.
Ogawa?! What is happening?
We will explain everything
again from the beginning.
W-What is happening?
About a month ago
we heard a rumor at work
that you were evading tax.
What? That's a lie!
Yes, we agree.
But at that time we thought you were.
And well
We will tell you everything but
we've some complaints and issues with
our salaries and the company management.
- What?
- Sorry.
So because of that we thought
about quitting our jobs.
Then you should quit. Why did
you do something like this?
You're right. You're right but
When we were about to do that
we heard the tax evasion rumor.
- I told you I'm not evading taxes!
- Of course.
But we really fell for that rumor.
So before we left we had a thought.
- We'd grab the mo...
- We thought we'd be whistleblowers.
We had a false sense of righteousness.
We're sorry.
So we came in in order to find evidence.
How did you get it?
We made a spare key behind your back.
- What?! That's a crime.
- Yes.
We are truly sorry.
Here it is.
We will give it back to you.
So we did come inside.
Of course there was no evidence
of tax fraud anywhere.
Because like I already told
you I'm not doing it.
Right. We thought you were committing
fraud, you were actually donating money.
We saw the certificates
and things in the study.
When we saw that, we realized
we'd really done something stupid.
- We reflected very hard on what we did.
- So hard.
So in order to atone in some way
we decided to clean this room.
So we spent two hours cleaning it.
- You cleaned it?
- Yes.
In the depths of the drains and window
sashes and behind the TV stand,
we got rid of all of the dust and dirt
in the places you don't usually look.
You can see it, right?
Well, it is clean.
We also properly disposed of all of the
ingredients and condiments in your fridge
that had expired.
You can see it, can't you?
I guess so.
Then, when we were doing all that,
out of the blue we found
this suspicious guy
we desperately tried to pin him down
and when we were thinking
about what to do, you came home.
This is the whole story.
We are truly sorry.
We really do think we were wrong
for entering without permission.
But we didn't take anything.
In fact we cleaned the place.
And we even caught a burglar so
if anything this was a net plus for you.
- A plus?
- Yeah.
The place is better than before.
I mean if we hadn't come then you may
have lost tens of millions in a burglary.
So in a sense it is actually
a good thing that we came.
Yes So
Can we please deal with this amicably?
We beg you.
Please don't tell the police.
Of course, we understand
that we will have to be fired.
But is there any way you could
be stopped from calling the police?
What do you mean you'll have to be fired?
You were planning on quitting, right?
Well, yes.
Well then you're just
getting what you want.
And now asking not to go to the police
is very convenient for you isn't it?
You are right. Sorry.
But you are right that your salary is low.
I have to take some blame
for forcing you to do this.
That's enough.
- Huh?
- What do you mean, "That's enough"?
I won't report you.
Thank you so much.
But in return you have
to keep working for me.
- Of course.
- We will work as hard as we can.
I was moved by the compassion of our boss.
And I was ashamed of myself
for how much I had bad-mouthed her.
I could never think of quitting now.
And now to pay her back
I decided to work as hard
as possible in the future.
what should we do about this guy?
He is just a thief so I think
you can turn him in.
Oh, really?
What are you?
- I'm really sorry.
- This isn't the time for apologies.
- How did you get in?
- Through the window.
The window?
Did you break a window?
I will explain it.
That was what I intended to do but
the window was unlocked.
- Huh?
- I guess someone forgot to lock it.
- Oh!
- Did you find it?
Let's stay quiet.
- Ehm.
- What?
Can we also keep this between us?
- What?
- No way.
- You definitely did wrong. You're a thief.
- You don't have a moral argument like us.
No. I do.
I used to manage a company.
But it collapsed about half a year ago.
And then I borrowed a vast sum.
So in order to make ends meet
I started a home delivery service.
But ultimately, no matter
how hard I tried,
all I could do was afford the interest.
And then, I saw this apartment block
that I often made deliveries to.
And then when I came in,
all of this happened.
Huh? That's it?
What do you mean?
That's just the argument of a thief.
You weren't trying to find proof of
tax fraud or something, like us.
All you were trying to
do is rob the place.
Any thief could come up with that story.
But I have debts to pay back.
You can't just break in because of debts.
But If that's your argument, you guys
can't just break into a home
to find evidence of tax evasion.
But we cleaned the place and found a thief
too. We made things better.
- I think you can turn him in.
- Please have mercy on me.
Are you really sorry?
Of course.
And you won't do this again?
I will never do it again!
Then, that's enough.
Are you serious?
I mean you didn't take anything
and I'm going to Hawaii tomorrow
so having the police here would be a pain.
Thank you so much.
To forgive even a complete thief,
we were even more deeply moved
by the compassion of our boss.
- Sorry for the trouble we caused.
- Okay.
We will be going.
Thank heavens.
I really didn't think
she was such a good person.
It would make you feel bad
for complaining about her so much.
Yes, exactly.
It turned out well for you.
She really helped me out.
Rich people really are compassionate.
That's true.
- They have extra space in their hearts.
- You're right.
Kanae is still inside though, right?
I was wondering about that too. What
happened to her? Maybe she left earlier.
I will give her a call.
It's not connecting.
I wonder if she is still inside.
Should we go check?
Yeah, we should.
Can I go too?
Huh? You want to come?
To tell you the truth, I've needed to
use the bathroom for a long time.
I just cleaned it so don't mess it up.
- Make sure you sit down.
- Of course.
What the hell?
My name is Kanae Eto.
I divorced my husband five years ago.
The reason was my husband's infidelity.
He had an affair with a woman
more than 12 years younger than me.
I consulted a lawyer about suing the woman
but she told me that if this
case is drawn out any longer
it will just result in mental anguish
so I should not proceed
with it if possible.
I felt like I had no choice,
so I gave up on going to court,
and got divorced without even knowing
what the other woman looked like.
And then,
as time passed, my anger subsided.
To be honest, I felt like
it was the right decision to
break it off cleanly and not to sue.
- However.
- I won't report you.
Thank you so much.
It must have been
that the reason I was able
to move on and live my life
was because I didn't know
his partner's face.
When confronted with it like this
right in front of my eyes,
the anger came flooding back to me.
I can't believe it is her .
I will kill her.
What the hell?
So it was you!
Who are you?
I am the ex-wife of Shuji Arai.
Why the hell are you here? This is crazy.
Who cares about that?
I do. You can't just barge in
to someone's home.
It is your fault that
my family was destroyed.
That's all yesterday's news.
Well I'm not finished with you.
What are you looking for? Money?
If you want money I will pay,
so just get out.
- Huh, what are you doing?
- You bitch!
Get yourself to safety, quick.
- Who are you?
- Hurry!
My name is Mori Takahiro.
Six months ago I started working as
the concierge at this apartment complex.
And then one day, I learned
that the former bikini model
Natsumi Fujisaki lived in this complex.
I used to buy her photo collections
when she was a model.
I also went to events to shake her hand.
Have a good day.
Of course I would never tell her that.
I couldn't tell her that.
I quashed that impure part of me
and quietly carried out my duties.
Welcome home.
However, this part of me I tried to
suppress never completely went away
and at some point, I started to
have these impure thoughts again.
I want to see the inside of her apartment.
I want to see what
her private life is like.
If only for a moment, I want to see
what kind of place she spends her time in.
- This is the concierge.
- Of course.
That would be a crime and it is completely
against the ethics of the job.
I tried to suppress my desires
with all of my might.
- I'm going now.
- Have a good day.
I'll arrive in about 30 minutes.
- Bye, bye. See you later.
- However.
My self-restraint eventually unraveled.
So I took my chance when she had gone out.
I took the master key
and I entered her apartment.
This is her apartment.
What the heck am I doing?
This is what a criminal stalker would do.
I have to stop.
I had completely forgotten myself.
I should leave.
- I'm going to open the door.
- Huh?
Woah, this is amazing.
- What is it? Are they shoes?
- Who are they?
Wow, it is girly.
It's a room for a princess.
She's the tax evading princess.
The Princess of Fraud is
also the Princess of Saving.
I'm just realizing this
but the boss is more
than 12 years younger than us, right?
Yes, that's right.
Before I came here
I felt a bit of guilt
but it disappeared immediately
once I saw this room.
Me too.
Okay, should we look for the money?
I will start over here.
I didn't find it.
Oh, right.
Maybe it's in the closet.
- I'll look over there.
- Okay.
I didn't know what was going on
but I decided to hide to not be caught.
- Let's go home.
- Okay.
The lights.
Don't forget the lights.
Sorry for the intrusion.
Did they leave?
Who are they?
It seems like they entered
without permission.
They weren't thieves.
And regardless I am in no position
to do anything about it,
because I am trespassing too.
For now, I will just get out of here.
But then, this happened.
Who is it this time?
It's a burglar.
No matter how you look at it
it's a nice room.
Should we get started?
- I'll check the fridge.
- It's the group from before.
What the heck is going on?
What? What is this?
What's happening?
They're cleaning?
I've no idea what is going on.
Oh no!
this guy was found and tied up.
I was relieved
because he was clearly a burglar
But I had no idea who these women were.
While I was thinking about this
- What's wrong?
- The boss is back.
She had come back.
She could never have imagined
there were five people in her apartment
and that there was a middle-aged man
hiding right under her couch.
What's going to happen?
- What do you want from me?
- I just want to talk to you.
I will not lay a finger on you.
Is that you, Tanaka?
It is me, Tanaka.
- What are you doing here?
- Are they acquaintances?
- I still don't get what is happening.
- What is going on?
- Okay, then we will say goodbye.
- Goodbye.
What was all that?
Wait, wasn't there someone else too?
Just as I was thinking that
I am the ex-wife of Shuji Arai.
Things seemed to be getting tense.
- Oh no!
- Huh, what are you doing?
- If I don't do anything she'll be killed.
- Stop!
But if I try to help her
I will definitely be arrested.
- Stop!
- Hey!
- Stop.
- Stop this!
- Who are you?
- Get yourself to safety, quick.
If I can save her,
I don't care what happens.
If we are honest with her
she'll forgive us, right?
Yes, let's just ask her to forgive us.
- Wah!
- Huh?
Stop it!
Let me go! Get away.
Something is wrong.
Is that Kanae?
Sorry, excuse us.
- Excuse me.
- Excuse me.
- Get to safety, quickly.
- Huh?
- Let go of me!
- Hey.
- What's going on?
- I just don't get it anymore.
What are you doing?
It's dangerous so stand back.
- I told you to get off of me.
- I can't do that.
Is this wait who is this?
I'm the concierge.
Oh yes, you're the concierge.
- But, why are you here?
- A lot of things happened.
Ms. Eto, what is going on?
- Sorry, something else came up.
- Something else?
She tried to kill me.
- Huh?
- Is that true?
This bitch stole my husband!
- No way!
- Really?
- That's old news.
- I never got an apology.
From your or my husband.
So the other woman
in your marriage was our boss?
Yes, I only found out when I got here.
But why did you come here,
explain that first.
She came here with us.
- What?
- She is a friend of mine.
I met her in a yoga class.
We'd be too scared just the two
of us so we brought her with us.
- That's crazy.
- But it was her.
She found him first.
- She did.
- Really?
Ehm, Boss.
I think you are likely flustered
because so much is happening at one.
Could you please also let Eto off too?
Let her off? For which bit?
For everything.
For trespassing
and for pointing a knife at you.
She has been through a lot.
So I can relate a bit to how she feels.
Both of you have been hurt here
so could you just end it?
I mean she did catch the burglar.
Forget about me, will she calm down now?
I'm sure you have a lot of thoughts
running through your head.
But you both have your own lives now.
So let's end this here. If we don't,
it'll end in the courts.
Let's end this calmly.
You don't need this.
So, Boss, please go easy on her.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you very much.
So, who are you?
- My name is Mori.
- Mr. Mori.
Why are you here?
Well, I
I'll tell you the truth, from the start.
Please do.
I have been working as a concierge
in this complex for the past six months.
That's so creepy.
Yes, I think my behavior was creepy.
I am truly sorry.
I think you can report this.
- Please wait.
- What?
I agree that the things I did
were really awful.
But, well, it is true
that I did save Ms. Fujisaki's life.
If I had not come here,
Ms. Fujisaki
may have lost her life.
Yeah, but what you did is so creepy.
It really was very creepy.
Despite being a stalker you were
really able to subdue me.
Well, that's because the woman
I am after was in danger.
In those circumstances
I would put her above me.
He might have saved her life
but the motive behind it was so creepy.
- Yes it was.
- Look who is talking!
I didn't do anything creepy.
But it was scary!
It was scary but not creepy.
You are creepy and scary!
Exactly. And I had a valid reason too.
But you didn't have a valid reason
to break in though?
That's a different story altogether.
What are you talking about?
What do you think?
I'm in no position to talk but
I do think Mr. Mori is a creep.
What? But you're a thief.
- But I am not a creep.
- But you did something wrong.
I did something wrong
but it wasn't creepy.
Burglary is wrong
but you were just after money, right?
But you were after
a person, that's creepy.
Yes, I agree with you.
No, both of you are in the wrong.
I mean you all are in the wrong.
Of course, that goes without saying.
But one of us has
a completely different personality.
He is just a stalker.
So I think you should report him?
That's enough.
What do you mean, "That's enough"?
I won't report you to the police.
Really? Are you sure about that?
He's a stalker! You don't know what
he is capable of.
- He might tap your phones or something.
- He'll do it again!
- I will not.
- That's enough.
Make sure you never do this again.
Of course. Thank you so much.
Excuse me.
Can I use the restroom?
I really can't hold it in any longer.
And so it happened that owing
to the kindness of my boss,
none of us trespassers
were reported to the police
and we were all forgiven.
My name is Natsumi Fujisaki.
One day I was preparing
for a future trip to Hawaii.
While doing so
What?! What the hell?!
- Ehm
- Five trespassers showed up in my home.
- Yeah, but what you did is so creepy.
- It really was very creepy.
It was all so creepy that I wanted to
report everyone to the police.
But I couldn't.
- It was scary but not creepy.
- The reason is
- I had a good reason.
- It's because I am committing tax fraud.
- What do you think?
- Just like they said.
There is 300 million yen
stashed in this home.
I think Mori is a creep.
Lucky for me they didn't find the money.
But if I was to turn them in,
then the police would likely come here
to investigate the crime scene.
- There was a rumor at work.
- In the interview.
When they are explaining their motive.
We wanted to get evidence of tax evasion.
They would surely say
they wanted to find it.
- Evidence of tax evasion.
- Otherwise we'd never have trespassed.
If the Tax Agency came
and did a thorough search
there is a chance that
they would find the money.
That's enough.
Thank you very much.
I had no other choice
but to forgive all of them.
That was close! I was almost done for.
I am heading this way.
Me too.
Oh, really?
I guess we will probably
never see each other again.
Well, then I guess this is goodbye.
- Goodbye
- Goodbye.
That's crazy!
How much is it?
17,160 yen.
It's that much?
Woah, I wonder if the boss
would pay it for us.
Of course she wouldn't.
I came by bike so I will head off.
Oh, okay.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
I was let off.
The woman I was infatuated with
was a truly nice person.
But is it okay to leave things like this?
Can I just accept her kindness
and be done with it?
No, this won't do.
- I'm going to turn myself in.
- What?
I can't just go home like this.
Wait, she forgave you.
That's just because she is nice.
But what I did was wrong.
But that doesn't matter
if she forgave you.
It won't change how I feel.
But the police will just call her,
she'll say it's fine, and that will be it.
That is true. But that's not
what is important here.
It's about
taking responsibility for what I did.
Wait, I don't get what you are saying.
If you turn yourself in
I will have to be interviewed.
It will be fine. She will forgive you.
Then what's the point
of turning yourself in?
- There is a point.
- No there isn't.
Oh crap.
At the apartment,
I was caught when I knocked
over some figures that made a sound.
And then I was tied up.
So it was a net positive.
- What are you saying?
- Then.
I found out their true motives.
- We'd grab the mo...
- We thought we'd be whistleblowers.
- Whistleblower?
- These women.
They were looking for a stash of money.
- I'm sorry.
- That triggered a memory.
We came to get evidence.
The weight of those figurines.
When I hit them, there was
no time to dwell on it,
so I didn't waste time on it.
But when I heard their story,
I was able to put two and two together.
I believe that this is the stash
of money they were looking for.
The homeowner converted the money to
gold and camouflaged it as figurines.
- There was no way I could steal them.
- He's just a thief, you should report him.
Oh, really?
I wonder if she is still inside.
- However.
- Should we go check?
- I was gifted an opportunity.
- Yeah, we should.
- Can I go too?
- Huh?
Can I use the restroom?
I really can't hold it in any longer.
There's no way I could
go home without them.
And even if she was to find out,
she couldn't report me.
But now,
I'd messed up.
- Hey, wait. Wait
- What is it?
This is
- What is this?
- It's mine.
- You liar.
- Huh?
This is a figurine from her company.
What is it?
No, well, I mean, she was in the wrong.
She gave it to me on my way out.
- You are lying.
- I was given it.
- Give it here.
- What are you doing?
- I was given it.
- Hey! Wait!
- I don't have enough.
- You're kidding?
- I didn't bring my purse.
- Me neither.
Why didn't you?
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
I'll go take some money out at the store.
Sorry, again.
Somebody catch him!
- He's a thief.
- Huh, what's going on?
Huh! What's going on?
- It's the guy from before.
- Catch him.
- He robbed something?
- Really?
Wait, stop!
Pin him down.
- He really stole something.
- Really?
Excuse me.
Could you report this to the police?
- Eh, sure.
- He's a thief.
A thief, got it.
And so he was arrested
on suspicion of theft.
- And then as a result
- Of course.
We had to be interviewed.
- And then we pinned him down.
- And we told them the truth.
I'm sorry but could you
explain it all again?
It is a little complex.
First of all, we heard a rumor
at work about the boss.
- That she was committing tax fraud.
- Right.
And then in order to prove that
Because Boss never filed a report
we never were charged with anything.
We thought we had done something wrong.
And then we thought we would
clean the place and go home, so we did.
However, after that
Boss' tax evasion was uncovered.
Somehow she had been previously
flagged by the National Tax Agency.
With this incident being
decisive in pursuing her.
following on from that case, her boyfriend
was also caught for tax evasion.
What is this money for?
I don't know.
I heard they were arrested as a couple.
I wonder what it is for.
Former model and current business owner
Natsumi Fujisaki has been arrested
on suspicion of breaking Corporate Law.
According to police,
from September 2019 to 2023
Of course, the company
suspended operations
and at that time we moved
to another cleaning company.
And then
- It should be fine.
- Are you sure?
It's a nice color.
- It fits.
- Okay, it's ready.
- Can I squeeze in there?
- Sure.
Wow, they look amazing!
You made croquettes?
Even though you said it's a big pain?
Yeah, if it's for work.
I make them a lot at home.
- They look delicious.
- They look delicious.
- Well then, let's eat!
- This is great!
Let's eat!
I'm gonna dive straight
into the croquette.
We didn't get the money.
- It's delicious.
- Really?
It's perfect!
- It really is.
- Maybe I should get you to come to mine.
- To your home?
- Yeah.
- I'd do it. Tell them you want me.
- Really?
- That sounds great.
- I don't know if I can do that.
It'd be weird to have you cook like this
for me outside of work.
That's true, if you get money involved.
Yeah. It can be hard
to draw the line with things like that.
- Yeah, it is.
- But in that case, I'd make less effort.
If I wasn't being paid.
- You'd put less effort in?
- Well then I'll scrap that plan.
But I made friends,
so rather than calling it even,
I think I struck it big.
Ehm, it's
kind of hard to bring up but
can I get the money off
of you for the parking fee?
It was 17,160 yen so
if we divide it in three
it is 5,720 yen each.
Oh, I forgot about it.
Sorry but that's how much it cost.
Ugh, we really should have
taken something valuable.
- We really lost out there.
- Stealing is wrong.
But with those figures,
you wouldn't notice if you lost one.
They must be worth a fortune.
- Really?
- At least that's what I've heard.