Trevor: The Musical (2022) Movie Script

Do you know
Where you're going to?
Do you like the things
That life is showing you?
Where are you going to?
Do you know?
Ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank you
for being here tonight.
Thank you for the love
and for making this
a really special evening for me.
But thank you most of all
for this fabulous young man.
- Me?
- [DIANA ROSS] Well, that's right.
Well, come on, love. Join me.
Well, now, don't be shy, darling.
You know what I say after all.
I know everything you say.
[DIANA] Well, then,
you know you can't just sit around
and wait for people
to give you that golden dream.
You've gotta get out there
and make it happen for yourself.
- Do you get what you're hopin' for
When you look behind you
There's no open door
What are you hopin' for?
Do you know?
Now, tell us what we'll soon be saying
in every household across the country,
shouting from every rooftop
around the world.
Tell us your name.
Trevor, what are you doing?
Telling everyone my name.
Well, can you tell everyone
a little bit to the left, kiddo?
You're blocking the TV.
That's my mom and dad.
Their relationship with the television
is out of hand.
I don't think they would care
If I stop breathing air
Unless some guy on the news
Told them it was so
Even then they'd just say...
Trevor, out of the way
Ronald Reagan was shot
Like a week ago
In day six of our continuing coverage
of John Hinckley's assassination attempt
on the president, we delve...
But I won't let TV
Be as far as I see
'Cause my future won't fit
On a little screen
Once I light up the stage
I'll be all of the rage
And this Friday they're gonna see
What I mean
I've been patiently waiting
For all the world to know
What I always knew
But now just like Diana
Out of nowhere
I will be discovered too
'Cause I know where I'm going
And I'm going far
Going far
Gonna shoot out of here
- Like a shooting star
- Whoa
Right now is just the beginning
Of watching me go
'Cause once I'm on
I'm on and on
And on with the show
Cathy, they're announcing who got picked
for the talent show today!
I know, but, Trevor,
I heard they had tons of people try out,
and I felt like Mrs. Kerr
didn't really appreciate
your reenactments of those scenes
from Fame.
Don't worry, Cathy.
Diana Ross was discovered
at a talent competition too.
This is how it happens.
Every day's just a day
That's been ticking away
Leading up to the day of my destiny
Now it's all taking shape
Soon I'll finally escape
Every day of this middle school misery
All right, ladies and ladies.
That's it for today,
but we're gonna make the rest of the week
a little more fun.
When Coach Gregory says "fun,"
it usually turns out to be one of the most
traumatic experiences of my existence.
No more wussy aerobics!
I'm gonna pair everyone up
for one-on-one basketball.
And then the winners will continue
to advance
until we have our ultimate competitor.
I call it
the "Ultimate Competitor Competition."
Help me.
Every game is the same
- With another dumb name
- Whoa
For embarrassing me
When I try to play
Nothing else I can do
Except pray to get through
Without having to play...
Pinky Farraday
Ah, ah
Pinky Farraday
- Ah, ah
- He's like some kind of hero
Like in a Greek play
That takes place in a gym
- Whoa, whoa
- 'Cause there's nothing he can't play
So it's a tragedy
To play against him
Pinky Farraday, your competitor tomorrow
will be Trevor Nelson.
No way.
I've gotta keep on going
Through this tragedy
Gotta hold on until it's all history
Oh, oh
Till everything right now
Right now is ages ago
- I am on and on and on, na na na na
- On and on
On and on and on and on
Na na na na
On and on and on and on
And on with the show
Mrs. Kerr,
about the talent show this Friday,
are you posting the participant list
before or after lunch?
'Cause if you wanted to see any portion
of my audition again,
I can always show you...
Trevor, you do understand
you'd be in front of the entire school?
And you were playing all the roles,
even the women.
Yeah, you can't do Fame without Coco.
She has all the best songs.
Well, I'm not sure Principal Gordon
and the PTA would understand that.
But the football team dances
in those pink tutus every year.
Well, that's just a joke, Trevor.
You were being serious.
Well, I can make Coco a boy.
- I can change whatever you...
- Trevor.
The program is set.
And there's just no place in it for you.
Diana says I can't lay down and die
'Cause my golden dream is up to me
- Diana says to get back up and try
'Cause there's so much more
I've gotta be
- Diana says a valley
- Ah
Is there for getting through
Diana says...
"Don't give up"
And I'm not going to
Where you going to?
- Where you going to?
- [STUDENTS] Where are you going to?
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
- Do you know?
- [STUDENTS] Where are you going?
I'm going and I'm going
Like Diana goes
- [STUDENTS] On and on and on and on
- On and on and on till everybody knows
- Whoa, oh, oh, oh
- 'Cause just like Diana
- Oh, oh, oh
- I'll never turn back now
I'll find a way
Into the talent show somehow
- No, I'll never stop going
- Ooh
Till that's where I go
Going, going, going, going, go
And I am on and on and on
Na na na na
On and on and on and on
- So let's go on
- Na na na na na
- So let's go on and on and on
- Na na na na na
- So let's go on
- Na na na na na
Na na na na na na na
Na na na na na
Let's go, let's go, let's go
Let's go on
On with the show
Trevor, where's the microscope?
That's Walter Stiltman.
He lives next door.
I was able to collect a specimen
pretty quickly thanks to 7-B.
I guess since his mom's divorced,
she has to buy this weirdly elaborate
underwear out of magazines.
Do you think Cathy wears stuff like this?
She wears a flannel navy nightgown
with long sleeves. I've seen it.
Hardly. [SIGHS]
Whoa. Get over here.
[TREVOR] It's not fair.
Why is Mrs. Kerr in charge
of putting together the talent show?
She can't even put together an outfit.
You know?
I like what Mrs. Kerr wears.
Especially that green dress
with the loose button.
Would you just look at this already?
It looks like tadpoles.
Here. Your turn.
But we already observed yours.
It's a scientific experiment.
You can't learn anything
from just one specimen.
You're the second variable.
What are we learning again?
I'm working on a hypothesis
that mine are abnormally strong.
Like top-10% strong.
But given that I have limited data,
my adjusted hypothesis is that mine
are just way stronger than yours.
- No, they're not.
- Prove it.
Is it true it can make me go deaf?
Trust me.
Do I need to use the same girl as you?
Look, I was very happy with my choice.
You should be equally happy with yours.
She's got nice eyes
They go with her bra
And with that strap across her thighs
I guess.
But wouldn't it itch
Sitting on straw?
She's in a barn.
That seems a little unwise
[WALTER] So what?
Walter, I don't want a girl
who isn't smart.
Trevor, you realize it's not about hay
Or if her bra goes with her eyes
I was kidding.
- Stop being polite
- I'm not being polite.
- She's not here to stay
- She's not even naked.
Just while you fantasize
So turn the page, turn the page
To what you wanna see
Till it feels like thunder
If her outfit makes you wonder
Just turn the page, turn the page
Into your fantasy
'Cause you gotta see what's under
It's all about what's under, underneath
Oh, whoa
Whoa, oh
Oh, whoa
Like inner beauty, you mean?
Not at all. No.
Stop goofing off
Open the prize
In the pages of this magazine
Forget the bras and turn your eyes
Into an X-ray machine
- And turn the page, turn the page
- Turn, turn the page
Till it's not rated PG
It'll blow your mind like thunder
'Cause you found the next world wonder
- Yeah, turn the page, turn the page
- Turn, turn the page
Into your fantasy
'Cause you gotta see what's under
It's all about what's under, underneath
Oh, whoa
Whoa, oh
Oh, whoa
Bow chicka bow wow
- Knock, knock.
Mom, saying "knock, knock"
after you walk in isn't actually knocking.
[WALTER] Hi, Mrs. Nelson.
What are you guys up to?
- Homework.
- [WALTER] Science.
- Science.
- Homework.
[BOTH] Nothing.
Well, I just popped our Swanson dinners
in the oven.
- Pot roast.
- Ah.
- Or potpie.
- [WALTER] Oh.
Pot something.
Anyway, they'll be ready
in time for the news,
so finish up what you're doing
and come downstairs.
Yes, ma'am.
All you gotta do is
Turn, turn, turn
Turn, turn, turn, turn
- Whoa, gross!
- What?
The last two pages have underwear
for guys,
and he looks like Pinky Farraday.
Which one?
The one on the tractor.
It's pretty disgusting.
Turn the page, turn the page
Until it's Mrs. Kerr
- Whoa, whoa
- Yes, saying it was all a blunder
'Cause my audition stunned her
And I bet that's what she's wearing
Oh, whoa
Whoa, oh
Oh, whoa
Bow chicka bow wow
Oh, whoa
Whoa, oh
Oh, whoa
It's all about what's under
It's all about what's under, underneath
Every day is a day
That keeps ticking away
Every day is an echo of yesterday
Every move that we make
From the time we're awake
Is a step we'll be following
- Every day
- Every day
- Every day
- Every day
- Every day
- Every day
Frannie. Laugh at me.
Jason's right over there,
and I want him to think I'm funny.
Oh, my God.
- What's funny?
- Mary.
Something I said, she means.
Oh, I thought you guys were laughing
about Pinky.
No. Why would I laugh about Pinky?
He got paired up with some wimp today
at gym.
Trevor's not a wimp. He's artistic.
- [JASON] Same thing.
- Not really.
I mean, I know Trevor.
He's okay. We went to Carter together.
Frannie, don't remind people
that you went to Carter.
It's the same thing as telling them
that you live west of Route 9.
What's wrong with living west of Route 9?
- Need I say more?
- [CATHY] No, sorry.
Every day we keep going
On and on and on
Like we know the way
On and on and on
Every day we keep showing
We know just enough
To get through today
On and on and on
Get me through today
Na na na na na na na
Get me through today
Na na na na na na
Get me through today
- Travis, right?
- Actually, it's Trevor.
Which is kind of like Travis,
so I'd understand why you'd...
Um, but it is actually Trevor.
Which is different.
Now what?
- Coach Gregory said round one's HORSE.
- I thought we were playing basketball.
- Right.
- Right.
If you miss a shot
Then you get a letter
If you make a shot?
You don't get a letter
So you got a point
Or you got a letter?
No, I made the shot
- I get none
- What's better?
And where's the horse?
The name of the game is HORSE
But you don't want the letter "E"
'Cause you don't wanna spell it out
Let's play and you'll see
'Cause the way it goes
The rules aren't a lot
It's hard to get it wrong
You just plant your toes
In at that spot
Make my pose and take the shot
And you play along
Play along
Play along
I'm more of a performer than an athlete.
Oh, come on. [CHUCKLES]
This is barely even sports
You don't even gotta try
'Cause any real guy
Already knows the way it goes
- You just gotta follow me
- I've gotta follow you
- Just gotta follow me
- Just gotta follow you
- Follow me
- I've gotta follow you
- Follow me
- I've gotta follow you
- Follow me and play
- I've gotta play
Hey! Hey!
This is hopeless.
If I miss this, I've got HORSE.
And you don't even have "H."
It could be worse.
At least you don't have to dance around
in a pink tutu
on the talent show on Friday.
- That's a talent?
- You sound like my dad.
It's what the eighth-grade team does
every year.
But it's gonna be humiliating.
Wait. Do you need someone to reimagine it?
'Cause I could definitely do that.
And I could direct it and choreograph it.
But, I'd have to be credited
in the program,
as creator and director and choreographer.
See the way it goes
We practice it a lot
Till you can't get it wrong
You just plant your toes
In at that spot
Make my pose and take the shot
And then play along
Play along
Play along
Like, Saturday Night Fever or something?
Right. You could be John Travolta.
Yeah, I don't think so.
But you showed me how to play HORSE.
You can do anything.
Not that. No way.
Um, uh, Trevor! Hey, Trevor.
I wanted to say
that I like that dance you were doing.
I love Saturday Night Fever.
Me too! John Travolta, right?
Yeah. Right!
So, yeah.
- Okay, you're on.
- What?
You can try to...
Whatever you said you were gonna do.
For the talent show?
Yeah! We can figure it out after practice.
See ya there, Trevor.
Yeah, okay!
Play along
Play along
- Hey. How was the freak show?
- Huh?
- Trevor.
- Oh.
- He's funny.
- No kidding.
And hey, I figured out how to get us out
of wearing those tutus on Friday.
Come on, man. What's the big deal?
It's what the team always does.
Probably because they never had a way
around it.
What? A way around it?
Trevor. He's gonna teach us something.
Something real so we're not a joke.
[LAUGHS] What?
Um, you're not serious, right?
Frannie Antonicelli saw him dance,
and she said it was cool.
- He's weird.
- No, he's not.
He's just more of a performer
than an athlete.
It's my turn
To see what I can see
- I hope you'll understand
This time's just for me
And now it's my turn
To reach and touch the sky
No one's gonna say
- [TREVOR] Mom!
- Knock, knock.
That isn't knocking!
Oh, it looks like
your diary is filling up.
Time for a new one.
It's not a diary.
It's an idea-inspiration journal.
For when I'm inspired by ideas.
is there anything you want to talk about?
Mom, the stuff in here
is a little difficult to explain
if you don't understand
the artistic influences...
No, I mean...
about President Reagan being shot.
She's obsessed.
You know, they say the man that shot him,
he did it to get the attention
of an actress he was infatuated with.
Jodie Foster.
What do you think of that?
That's crazy. She can't even sing.
Hey, Trevor, where'd you put the...
- The what?
- The, uh... science magazine.
Thanks, Mom.
I'll put the rest of this stuff away.
Okay. Then come downstairs.
You can do "science" in the living room.
She's onto us.
Let's just go to the Tastee-Freez.
Cathy's working there
with her mom tonight.
- Maybe she can get us some free stuff.
- I can't.
- I've got rehearsal.
- Huh?
For the talent show.
Wait, you mean Mrs. Kerr
actually let you in?
Pinky Farraday is letting me work
with them.
[LAUGHING] No, he's not.
How about I meet you at the Tastee-Freez
tomorrow after we finish?
Tonight's our first rehearsal,
so I feel like I should stay until...
Wait, so you're being serious?
You're doing the talent show
with Pinky Farraday?
Creating, directing and choreographing.
But I thought they just danced around
in those dumb tutus every year
while everyone laughs at them.
Not anymore.
This won't be the same joke
They've done ten years in a row
I won't go for laughs
Just 'cause it's somewhere safe to go
We've gotta use this moment
To build character and grow
And we've gotta show some talent
'Cause it's called a talent show
Sorry, I don't dance.
Standing still's a habit
That you've gotta learn to break
It comes from overthinking
Every move you ever make
But the music's gonna tell ya
Each and every step to take
It's simple as a piece of pie
And easier than cake
It's just a one, two, three, four
Five, six, seven, eight
Now it should be like nothing
When you do it all again
One, two...
One... t-two, then three, and then...
It's gonna make more sense
With all the costumes and the lights
Your feet will take these wooden floors
On up into new heights
So better keep your eyes up
'Cause that's where I set my sights
And better get accustomed
To a lot of sleepless nights
[WHISPERS] Oh, my God. Okay.
You've gotta one, two, three, four
Five, six, seven, eight
Now don't get too offended when I say
"Not good enough, so try again"
Gotta get it
Don't forget it
Practice in your bed
Once you got it
Start forgetting everything I said
Because you've gotta start to
Start to get it
In your blood instead
Cry it, sweat it
Till you get it
Get what I've got in my head
Cue the lights
It's begun
That's your cue
And start at one and then...
It's just a...
One, two, three, four
Five, six, seven, eight
It's just a one, two, three, four
Five, six, seven, eight
One through eight again and then
One through eight again and then
One through eight again and then
One through eight again
And you do it, do it, do it all again
Do it all again
Thank you! No, no, please!
Oh, thank you for the love!
Oh, my goodness!
[PANTING] Oh. Hi, Frannie Antonicelli.
Hey, Trevor Nelson.
Uh, how's it going? Rehearsals, I mean.
Amazing. It will be. Eventually.
It's amazing in my head.
Well, good.
Um, Trevor, has Pinky...
Uh, did he say anything about me
or who he's asking
to the Quality Courts on Thursday?
And if it's me?
Asking to where?
The Quality Courts.
Where the team always goes
the night before the show.
You know, to prove they're men
and not, well...
Not what?
Dancing pansies, is what Mary says.
Men dance.
Gene Kelly. Fred Astaire.
Tommy Tune.
That's just... That's what Mary said.
I didn't mean to bother you with it.
I just thought if he said anything, then...
Are you taking Cathy?
Do people rehearse monologues there?
Okay. Well, Trevor, I'll see you.
Hey, it's nice what you're doing for them.
With the talent show.
I saw a little of the end,
and it seems really cute.
That's what polite moms say
to delusional children.
Diana Ross was not discovered
because someone thought she was cute!
We have to do better.
We have to practice like no one
has ever practiced before.
We have to be...
Do it all again
- ...amazing.
- Just a few things.
Todd, the ground isn't going anywhere.
Don't be afraid to pick up your feet.
Luke, bend your arm.
Now your leg.
See? Your joints work. Use them.
Jason, you're a natural.
Everyone should be watching Jason.
- No, I'm not. No, you shouldn't.
- Oh!
[TREVOR] Look. I know it's scary.
But just remember how brave Diana Ross was
when she abandoned her signature look
and wore almost no makeup at all.
On the cover of her album diana.
Wait. The album is called Diana?
No, it's called diana.
With a lowercase "d."
I know. She's incredible.
But we should stop for the day
in accordance with our bylaws.
Thanks, everyone,
- and practice, practice, practice.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- It's a mistake.
Oh, except Luke.
We just need a quick minute to go over
your relationship with your cane.
Oh! Someone's in trouble...
Hey, we can't tomorrow, Trevor.
- We gotta go...
- [JASON] Pinky.
You're not gonna tell him
about the Quality Courts are you?
Yeah. We're all supposed to go.
That's the tradition, right?
For the team. Trevor's not one of us.
I mean, what are we even doing?
This is nothing like Saturday Night Fever.
Yeah. Trevor says we can't do Travolta
with an ensemble.
Pinky, every other team
for the last ten years
put on those dumb tutus,
and they all survived.
But no one's ever done... whatever this is.
- He's weird, Pinky.
- He's fine, okay?
Besides what are you worried about?
- You're a natural!
No, I'm not.
- You're a natural.
- Stop!
Think about it.
Hey, uh, Trevor.
You wanna take a walk together?
What? Where?
- Unless you have somewhere else to...
- No. I mean, yes.
No. But, yes, I-I'll walk with you. Yes.
'Cause, no. So, yes.
I thought everyone did
a lot better today, right?
I mean, except Luke.
My God. If he doesn't hurt himself,
it's gonna be someone else.
Maybe we should take his cane away.
How do you think he'd be
with a tambourine?
Trevor. Hey, do you think...
The tambourine was just an idea.
- It seemed less dangerous, but I...
- No. I know. It's not that.
It's just...
Some of the guys,
they're not so sure
we should do your dance.
But my dad says anything's better
than a guy named Pinky in a pink tutu.
But then, why did he...
Oh, Pinky was the nickname
of some baseball player he loved.
He was young and stupid when he had me.
That's another thing he says.
Well, Diana Ross says,
"Instead of looking in the past,
I put myself years ahead
and try to look at what I need to do now
in order to get there then."
She's saying you should do what you want,
not what your dad says or Jason.
Because you have to do whatever is going
to get you to your golden dream.
Not anyone else's.
My golden dream?
[TREVOR] You know, your life's passion.
Like, what gets you out of bed
in the morning?
My mom.
No. I mean,
what do you imagine yourself being
when you're old, like, in ten years?
- Uh...
- Don't think. Just go.
"In another ten years, I, Pinky Farraday..."
The first thing that comes
into your brain.
In another ten years
I won't be standing here
In another ten years
I'll be standing in another spot
Okay. More specific.
In another ten years
I'm gonna be somewhere
And I'm gonna get
I'm gonna get a shot
'Cause one of these days
I'll be a star
And people will say
I've got it all
And one of these days
Inside a bar
Oh, I'm gonna get
I'm gonna get some alcohol
One of these days
- Wait. Alcohol?
- Yeah.
Like I said, I'm gonna get a shot.
Probably tequila.
Sorry, I was unclear.
I don't just mean
what you'll be able to do.
I mean something more like...
In another ten years
I'll still be looking back
At the talent show
That made my golden dream come true
It did?
And in another ten years
I'm gonna show them all
I can do stuff no one thought I'd do
'Cause one of these days
I'll reach the top
And if there's more
Then I'll reach that too
Yeah, one of these days
Their jaws will drop
When they all see
They're gonna see my rad tattoo
- One of these days
- A tattoo?
Yeah. My dad will freak out,
but that won't matter anymore.
Okay. Rad.
But a decade's too big
To be thinking small
A decade's forever
And that's how far you gotta see
A decade and I could be having it all
With Frannie right there next to me
Frannie Antonicelli?
Yes! I get it now.
The way I feel about Frannie,
that's how you feel
about this talent show.
I don't know about that.
Frannie's just a girl, and the show is...
Just a girl? She's everything you said.
She makes me excited
to get up in the morning.
She even makes me excited
to go to school, you know?
Come on. There's gotta be someone
like that for you too.
Who you can't stop thinking
about being with someday.
- Uh...
- Don't think.
Just go. The first thing
that comes to your brain.
In another ten years
I'll be with someone
In another ten years
It will be someone really great
More specific.
In another ten years
I'll find someone more
Than my fantasies create
And one of these days
She'll make my day so much better
Than any I've had yet
'Cause one of these days
She'll learn the way to join me
In singing a great duet
One of these...
- Wait. What?
- A duet.
You know, a song we sing together.
- With harmonies.
- And that's what you want to do with her?
Uh, well, and...
I'd get her
this weirdly elaborate underwear,
from this magazine I totally looked at.
Okay. That could work, I guess.
Hey, Trevor.
I'll tell the guys we have to try harder
at your dance.
- Really?
- [PINKY] Yeah.
Let's do something
we can be proud of in ten years.
Without tutus.
- She likes you too.
- Huh?
Frannie Antonicelli.
She wants you to ask her to go to the...
Something Courts with her tomorrow.
- The Quality Courts?
- That's it.
Seriously? No way!
This is amazing! Tell her yes.
- Me?
- No. I have to ask her, right?
- I think so. Unless you don't want to.
- I'll call her.
- Or if you want to think about it more.
- Who are you bringing?
- Me?
- Yeah.
Everyone on the team has to go.
It's tradition.
The team?
Right. Of course.
I'll be there. With someone.
'Cause one of these days
It's crystal clear
She's gonna see
Totally see we're meant to be
You're the best, Trevor.
You're still waiting for Trevor?
Nope. Here, want a melted sundae?
Walter, you know he's super busy...
for his golden dream.
Yeah, but...
I mean, aren't you a little worried about,
you know, those people
and Trevor together?
You mean that Frannie's gonna like him?
I-I know. But you don't think
he'll like her back, do you?
I mean, I've watched every Tony Awards
with him since 1976.
Uh, no, I don't think that'll happen.
I don't think that at all.
But Frannie is like
strawberry Bubblicious.
It doesn't matter what other type
of bubble gum is in the room
if strawberry Bubblicious is around.
You know?
I haven't had gum in a really long time.
Nineteen months and 23 days.
Oh, uh, since you got your braces on.
W-Well, no.
I just always remember
'cause that's the day I started...
Well, growing out my mustache and beard.
- See?
- Yeah.
Well, I wouldn't worry, Walter.
There must be a logical explanation.
No. I mean for Trevor.
He's been lost in make-believe
Since the day we met
So anything but logical
Is probably our best bet
But meeting you is something
Trevor never would forget
What if he's with Frannie
And we just don't know it yet?
This is weird
Maybe we should try to find him
Yeah, it's weird
Like our friendship's all behind him
So he made a fool of me
You know Trevor wouldn't do that
When he gets here then you'll see
Something's weird
Hello. Mary, it's Frannie. Guess what?
You'll never guess. Try. You won't.
Pinky asked you to go
to the Quality Courts with him tomorrow?
How did you know?
And why do I feel sick?
Don't worry. It's just a place.
Kissing is the same there
as it is... anywhere.
What were you planning to do?
I don't know. I just wanted him to ask me.
Can't we just talk?
Frannie, it's Pinky Farraday.
I mean, he could have his pick.
And Lindsay's been after him too,
you know,
and she knows how
to do way more than talk.
- But I...
- Frannie.
I've been doing everything
I can to help you fit
But I can't help your past
When you're not over it
Stop acting like a weirdo
And grow up somehow
'Cause everything is different
Everything is changing
Everything is different now
Wasn't it just yesterday
When he was singing movie scenes
Instead of hiding magazines
With men on farms
In nothing but their underwear
And who farms in their underwear?
And why would Trevor even care?
And wasn't it just yesterday
When I was simply unaware
That this was ever even there?
- What was where?
- Nothing. Where? This? Nothing.
What? You're looking at this?
In the middle of the living room?
It was under Trevor's mattress.
But this is a man. In his underwear.
On a tractor.
Well, you should probably
talk to him about it.
You're the one who lets him keep a diary
and act like Diana Ross.
Well, you never showed him
how to throw a ball.
- Really?
- Yeah.
And it's not a diary, it's a...
Oh, fine. I'll deal with it.
No. Wait. You're right. I should do it.
You'll go back to yesterday
Acting like he's still a kid
Excusing everything he did
But that won't work
We can't ignore it now or wait
You've done all a mother can
But now it's gonna take a man
I'll talk to him
And set things straight
- Wasn't it just yesterday
- I'll set it straight
- This is weird, weird
- Yesterday
- It's gonna take a man
- Everything is changing
- Yesterday
- Everything is different, everything
- I'll set things straight
- Yesterday
Everything is different
- It's so weird
- Everything is changing
- Yesterday is over
- Everything is different
Everything is weird
One of these days
I'd like to thank everyone involved
in the Lakeview Junior High
17th Annual Celebration of Talent
for declaring our routine
the best directed, choreographed
and reimagined routine
in the history of the show.
One of these days
And I'd like to thank Pinky Farraday.
Pinky, remember the day
we walked home together
and both realized how special
this performance was going to be?
And you hugged me?
Also, thanks Bob Fosse, Michael Bennett
and Debbie Allen for inspiring me.
Also, Pinky, do you hug people a lot?
I mean, whatever. I just wondered.
'Cause it felt like... I don't know.
I just wish I'd hugged you back, you know?
'Cause I thought,
"Oh, you're gonna shake my hand."
But then you were like...
- Turn, turn, turn
- And I was like...
- Turn, turn, turn
- And we were like...
Turn, turn, turn
Turn the page, turn the page
Into your fantasy
- Turn the page, turn the page
- 'Cause you gotta see what's under
Turn the page, turn the page
Turn, turn, turn
Turn, turn, turn, turn
Turn, turn, turn, turn
Upside down
Boy, you turn me
Inside out
And round and round
I know you got charm and appeal
You always play the field
I'm crazy to think you're all mine
As long as the sun continues to shine
There's a place in my heart for you
That's the bottom line
Upside down
- Boy, you turn me
- Inside out
Round and round
Upside down, you're turning me
You're giving love instinctively
Around and round you're turning me
Around and round you're turning me
Around and round you're turning me
Around and round you're turning me
That was weird
Did everybody see that?
It was weird
Like, why would I even dream that
And what could it even mean?
Something's got my brain all mixed-up
From that stupid magazine
- Knock, knock.
- Something's... Not a knock!
Trevor. Hey. Look.
I need to...
It's time we...
Your mother was cleaning
around the house today.
All over. The kitchen, the bathroom,
our bedroom, the living room...
the front steps...
the other bathroom...
...the linen closet...
Trevor, are you talking to any girls
at school?
What do you mean?
Anyone special?
Special, how?
What your father means to say is,
sometimes around your age
things get confusing
and, well, maybe you look
at farming magazines that are a little...
Farming magazines?
Someone needs to learn to knock.
Please don't tell my mom.
- [DAD] Your mom?
- About the magazine.
She gets 'em in the mail, and we just...
We thought it was funny.
- That's all. I swear.
- I swear too.
You mean, it wasn't Trevor's?
Oh, so, they were your mother's magazines,
not Trevor's?
So, he didn't... Wait. You mean?
[BOTH] Peggy?
Well, that's a little funny, I suppose.
A little bit. Maybe.
- No. It's not. Yes.
- Very immature. No. So...
- [MOM] It's not a joke. Mm-hmm.
- [DAD] Yes.
- I think we're good here. Good.
- Yeah. Good.
Well, Trevor, first you ditch me,
now you're gonna get me grounded
for the rest of my life.
Walter, I'm sorry.
There's just a lot on my mind. Like...
Have you heard of the Quality Courts?
You mean the hotel
they've been building forever on Route 9?
There's a spot
behind the construction zone
where people go make out.
I know things.
Cathy! You're a girl!
What are you talking about?
Do you wanna go there? With me?
- What?
- [WALTER] What?
- No. No!
- Yes, yes, yes!
Oh, I'll go! I'll go.
This is gonna be awesome
This is gonna make everything okay
This is totally screwed up
I can't believe
This is happening today
The Quality Courts
is a pretty bizarre place.
I mean, yes, it would be an incredible
place to stage West Side Story.
But, aside from that, I'm not really sure
why anyone would find it romantic.
What are you doing?
I've gotta take out my rubber bands.
This is gonna be easy
This is gonna be too good to forget
This is gonna be nothing
Can't believe we haven't started yet
- [PINKY] What's wrong?
- Nothing.
I guess I just thought
it would be a little
more romantic here and less dirty.
What do you mean? If...
From here we can see the water tower,
and we can sit on these cinder blocks
which is way better than the ground.
This is really romantic
This is gonna be really, really nice
This is gonna be sexy
And I bet that we're gonna do it twice
- Twice?
- [FRANNIE] Twice?
Yeah, right after we do it once.
I can't wait, can't wait
I can't wait for us to start
But I'm scared I'll be a monster
Once I finally get the bait
'Cause I can't wait
Can't wait
I can't wait for that one part
It's right around the corner
It's right around the corner
And I
I can't wait
What are they doing here?
Trevor's still trying to prove
he's not a freak, and Pinky's buying it.
That's so funny.
Wait. Are you, like, jealous?
What? No, it's just... You wouldn't get it.
Calm down, Jason. What's the big deal?
All we have to do is show Pinky
that Trevor's a freak by tomorrow. Right?
You could do that?
This is gonna be easy
This is gonna be...
Wait a second, please
This should go like a romance
This is gonna be gone
Like it's a breeze
And I can't wait
Can't wait, I can't wait
Till this is through
I just mean this stupid part
Where we anticipate
- 'Cause I can't stand
- Can't stand
I can't stand not kissing you
It's gonna be like everything
And I...
My heart is in my ears
And I hear my blood flowing
Maybe all I need is you
To get me going
Maybe I'll be different
Once we make it through this
So take a good, deep breath
And then we'll do this
Let's get to this
- Ah, ah
- Ah
- Can't wait, ah
- Ah, ah
- Can't wait, ah
- Ah, ah
- Can't wait, ah
- Ah, ah
- Can't wait, ah
- Ah
There's a pimple under my nose
Every second that goes
It keeps on growing
Check me out in all of these poses
Are we really gonna keep going?
Make a move fast
Or else it's like, "See ya"
That's where Tony
Would first see Maria
Time is short
Now it's getting urgent
You smell like my grandma's
Laundry detergent
Can't wait
It's Woolite.
Gentle cycle.
And I can't wait
Can't wait
Can't wait to make this real
I'm ready to get moving
From this endless limbo state
And I can't wait
I can't wait to feel
It's gonna be like I don't know
It's gonna be like I don't know
It's gonna be like I don't know
And I...
- Ah, ah, ah, ah
- Ah, ah, ah
- I can't wait
- Ah
- Ah, ah, ah
- Ah, ah
- I can't, ah
- Ah
- Ah, ah
- Ah, ah
- I...
Oh, wait
Oh, wait
Oh, oh
- What happens if they catch us?
- I've never been caught.
So, how do we get away?
I've never gotten away either.
- You mean you've never...
- Shh!
Okay. We should be safe back here.
They're just driving
through the main lot now.
Hey, how'd it go with Cathy?
Oh, great. Yeah. Really, really great.
How about Frannie?
She was pretty nervous.
Cathy wasn't nervous. Not at all.
I don't get it.
I thought Frannie liked me,
but it was like she was scared of me.
You can be a little scary sometimes.
What do you mean?
Something about your eyes
or the way you talk.
I can't really explain it.
But I'm sure she wanted to...
You know.
Yeah, well, I don't really know
if I want to anymore.
Why not?
I don't know. I guess there's someone
who's sorta changing my mind.
Really? Who?
It's embarrassing.
- I don't think they feel the same.
- Yes, they do.
I mean, of course they do.
Why wouldn't they?
Easy for you to say. You've got Cathy.
No. I like someone else too. Someone who...
I can't say either.
That makes two of us then.
Pinky, why are you so nice to me?
It's just... You don't have to be,
but you are.
I don't know.
It's sort of hard to explain
You're not like anyone else I know
It's like
You're like
I don't know
But not afraid just to let it show
And I could never do that
With everyone always telling me
Who I should be
But when I'm talking to you
I'm never thinking of that stuff
It's like
I'm like
I don't know
But somehow I'm always good enough
'Cause even when I sound dumb
Or I don't play along
You look at me
And it's like you see
Who I should be
And I don't know who that is yet
I didn't know I could even know
I thought the only place I'd get
Was nowhere
Like my dad said I'd go
But thanks to you
Now I know if I look ten years ahead
And I start getting there now
I could go somewhere instead
Actually, it was more Diana Ross
who said that.
- Right.
- Sorry.
I just can't take credit
for her amazingness.
Well, I guess what I'm trying
to say then is, "Thanks, Diana Ross."
I know, right?
Pinky, can I tell you something?
Oh, hey, I think they're gone.
I should probably go find Frannie.
Yeah, me too.
But, Cathy.
What were you gonna say?
I was gonna say, just...
- break a leg.
- Huh?
Tomorrow. At the talent show.
Good luck is bad luck in theater,
so break a leg.
Hey, Trevor. Break a leg too, okay?
[LAUGHS] Yeah, okay.
I will!
It's sort of hard to explain
I've never felt like this before
It's like
I'm like
I don't know
But I just wanna know even more
I play it over again
And again and again
And for a second, it's like I see
Who I should be
[DIANA] Once we were standing still
In time
Chasin' the fantasies
That filled our minds
And you knew how I loved you
But my spirit was free
Laughin' at the questions
That you once asked of me
Do you know?
I don't know, I don't know
How to say what I know
But I think now I know
You are thinking it too
And I don't know, I don't know
Why I thought all along
I was feeling wrong
For just feeling true
It's like everything turned upside down
And finally right
And daylight doesn't mean a thing
'Cause everything's bright
And I don't have the room
For all I'm feeling right now
I wish that I could find the way
To tell you
I've gotta tell you
Can't wait to tell you somehow
Hey, you and Cathy
have a nice time last night?
Walter, I'm sorta busy right now
with something a little more serious...
Something serious? Really?
You mean like living
in a daydream all week?
Or obsessing over this talent show?
Or like writing Pinky's name
all over your diary?
It's not a diary.
Walter, just because you're jealous...
Jealous? Of Pinky?
- Have you completely lost it?
- I can't right now.
- It's a really important day and...
- No, it's not!
It's the Lakeview talent show. Who cares?
What do you think is gonna happen?
You're not even in the show.
I am in the show.
It's my vision, and once people see
what I did, they'll all know.
- Know what?
- That I'm worth something!
Even though I don't have muscles
or play football or go on dates!
That I'm more than someone
who sits around this stupid town doing
nothing but weird science experiments!
- Trevor...
- Hey.
- Is that Trevor's?
- Um... [STAMMERS]
[MARY CHUCKLES] You're his friend, right?
I don't know about that anymore.
True. Trevor's friends
with Pinky Farraday now.
I guess he just can't be hanging around
with anyone who's so weird.
- Me?
- That's what Trevor told Pinky.
What? But I'm not the one who...
I mean, talk about weird.
- What do you mean?
- Well, he...
Um... [SIGHS]
- Frannie.
Walter, um, he went to the Quality Courts
with Cathy.
He's not being a good friend.
You found it in his chair if anyone asks.
Nicely done.
What are you gonna do?
Let's see.
Stupid. Boring. So sad.
Oh, my God. Wait.
[GASPS] Jason was right. Look.
"Pinky. Pinky. Pinky."
"I don't know, I don't know
If my heart is to blame
When I'm writing your name
On the page next to mine
And I don't know, I don't know
How your eyes are so blue
And if it's me or you
Who's making them shine
It's like everything turned upside down
And finally right
And daylight doesn't mean a thing
'Cause everything's bright
And I don't have the room
For all I'm feeling right now
I wish that I could find the way
To tell you
I gotta tell you
Can't wait to tell you somehow"
I wanna go where you're going
Wherever you are
I wanna be where you're standing
No matter how far
I'm lost for words for explaining
They may never be found
It's beyond anything
I can say with a sound
It's like...
Oh, oh
- Oh, oh
- Oh, oh, oh
I'm like...
Oh, oh, oh, oh
And you're like...
Oh, oh
- Oh, oh
- Oh, oh, oh
And we're like...
- Oh, oh
- Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Ah, ah
- This is weird
- Way too weird
Even weirder than it could be
- Jackpot weird
- Super weird
So let's get it where it should be
Jason needs this yesterday
'Cause the second Pinky sees it
There's no way he cannot say
Trevor's weird
- Weird, weird, weird
- Trevor's weird, Trevor's weird
Now he's totally caught
This is better than I thought
He's been making us look stupid
But that isn't lasting long
All it takes is a glance
And he doesn't stand a chance
The second Pinky realizes
Something's really wrong
Always knew I was right
But now it's there in black-and-white
And anyone can see he's acting
- Anyone can see he's acting
- Oh
- Anyone can see he's acting
- Oh
Like I said he's acting
- Like a girl
- Like a girl
- Like a girl, like a girl
- Like a girl, just like a girl
Like a... [HUMMING]
Like I told you all along
One of these days is here today
My golden dream is coming true
And after this show
I'll break away
Just like Diana said I'd do
And I'll be on and on and on and on
- And on, on, on
- Na na na na
- On and on and on, on, on
- [BACKGROUND] Na na na na na
And on with the show
Too bad.
But let's give a big hand
for Lindsay Gibbons and her Rubik's Cube.
- Yeah. There you go. Aw.
I really thought she was gonna solve it.
Okay, as you all know,
it's a Lakeview tradition
that our eighth grade football team
closes the show.
But instead of the hilarious pink tutus
we've all come to know and love,
they'll be doing something else.
But first, Jason has asked me
to ask Trevor to say a few words.
So come on up, Trevor.
Well, first, I'd like to thank you
for being here tonight.
Thank you for the love and for making this
a really special evening for me.
But thank you most of all
to Pinky Farraday
for making this all possible.
I think it's safe to say
this will be like nothing
Lakeview Junior High has ever seen before.
Cue the lights
It's begun
That's your cue
And start at one and then...
- One, two, three, four
[TREVOR] What? Wait! No!
Five, six, seven, eight
One, two, three, four
Five, six, seven, eight
I don't know, I don't know
I don't know, I don't know
I don't know, I don't know
Diana says I can't lay down and die
'Cause my golden dream is up to me
It's up to me
Diana says a valley
Is there for getting through
Diana says
Diana says
Diana says
Diana says
I don't know, I don't know
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, I don't know
I don't
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, I don't know
I don't
I don't know, I don't
Do you know
Where you're going to?
I don't know
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Yesterday was the worst day
in the history of time.
Your life is over
How can you ever show your face again
At Lakeview Junior High?
Your life is over
I just keep on reliving it
And then I wanna die
Trevor, I'm sorry that Pinky didn't do
your dance yesterday.
While everyone watched.
And after you worked so hard on it,
all week.
'Cause if everyone had just seen it,
it would've made everything happen
for you.
But instead...
Your life is over
Your golden dream was coming true
But now the dream is dead
Your life is over
Why can't it be yesterday
So I could have said...
Trevor, if I could tell you one thing,
it would be how much
Pinky regretted everything
the second he saw your face.
And how he ran after you.
But you were gone
by the time he got through everyone.
And, how he shouted
at the top of his lungs.
My life is over
A world without you in the world
Is no world anymore
My life is over
Knock, knock.
Saying "knock, knock"
Isn't really knocking on the door
Trevor, why are you burning candles
in here?
Ambience, which you're ruining.
What's this all about, dear?
It's just...
Pinky did something.
Or didn't do something.
That boy from school?
He's more than just that.
[STAMMERS] Trevor...
No burning candles in the bedroom, okay?
It's a tragedy
What a tragedy
How could life do such a thing to me?
Like an open wound
All full of salt
How can I get through
Living in a world without you?
- And it's all my fault, all my fault
- It's all my fault, my fault
- It's all my fault, all my fault
- It's all my fault, it's all my fault
- All my fault
- All my fault
- All my fault
- It is all my fault
All my fault
Your life is over
And what the future could've been
Is everybody's loss
Your life is over
Just in time for this appearance
From Diana Ross
My dearest Trevor, my greatest fan.
I was so saddened to hear how you perished
of complete humiliation
at the Lakeview Junior High
17th Annual Celebration of Talent.
I was nearly too consumed by grief
to be here today.
But no.
For there's no mountain so high,
no river so wide,
and no valley so low
it could keep me away.
Because I know your pain, Trevor.
After I left The Supremes,
people said I was wrong, and over.
- No!
- No!
But Trevor, no matter how humiliated,
abandoned or confused you may be,
you must get up.
- Because love...
- Love! still alive.
Love! not defeated. And love...
And love always worth the fight.
And you know what I say, Trevor?
Ain't no mountain high enough
Ain't no valley low enough
Ain't no river wide enough
To keep me from you
Ain't no mountain high enough
Nothing can keep me
Keep me from you
Diana's right. Pinky wouldn't do this.
There's gotta be a logical explanation.
If you need me, call me.
Hello. Mrs. Farraday,
this is Trevor for Pinky.
No matter where you are,
no matter how far.
- Trevor.
- Just call my name.
Trevor Nelson.
Oh. Well, can you just tell him,
- I know he can't be to blame...
...for what happened at the show,
and that it hasn't changed anything
between us.
- And... Mom?
- Trevor.
- Where are you?
- On the living room phone.
Mrs. Farraday, I am so sorry.
Trevor, please hang up.
Mrs. Farraday, just tell Pinky
I'll be there in 15 minutes.
[STUDENTS] No wind
- This is even better.
- No rain
- Once I talk to Pinky face-to-face...
- Can't stop me, baby
-'ll all be okay.
- If you're my goal
I know it!
Ain't no mountain high enough
Nothing can keep me
Keep me from you
Ain't no mountain high enough
Ain't no valley low enough
Ain't no river wide enough
To keep me from you
Ain't no mountain high enough
Ain't no valley low enough
Ain't no river wide enough
To keep me from you
Ain't no mountain high enough
Ain't no valley low enough
Ain't no river wide enough
To keep me from you
Ain't no mountain high enough
Ain't no mountain high enough
Ain't no valley low enough
Ain't no river wide enough
To keep me from you
Ain't no mountain high...
Trevor, you remember Father Joe
from church?
Every Sunday.
- Uh...
- Of course you do.
Trevor, Father Joe is gonna take you
over to the Tastee-Freez
because, well, we thought it might be good
for the two of you to just, you know,
talk about some things.
- But I really need to talk to...
- No buts.
Now, don't order anything too extravagant
or too sweet.
Or too salty.
How is your water?
You could've gotten ice cream, you know?
Or at least ice.
It's not a sin.
Trevor, you know, someday you'll look back
and be amazed by how much you've changed.
And the whole world too.
You won't even recognize yourself.
And you'll understand
how your parents feel right now,
because, well,
I know that you'll have kids of your own.
- And...
- How?
Well, Trevor.
What happens is, first a man and a woman,
who are very much in love, get married...
No, I mean...
how do you know I'll have kids of my own?
Of course you will.
You don't.
I've sworn a vow of celibacy.
Do you know what celibacy is?
It means abstinence from marriage
and sexual relations.
Do you understand what that is?
It wasn't until that moment...
and halfway through
my saliva-warm holy water,
that I realized the purpose
of this miserable setup
between my mom and Father Joe.
Trevor, did you ever have any desires,
and I'm talking about sexual desires,
for another boy?
Be honest with me.
I can help you if you're honest with me.
Did you ever, for example,
ever want to touch another boy?
Like, and I don't mean
to suggest anything here,
but like Pinky Farraday.
No, he's just...
He's the kind of person that makes me
and everyone feel, you know, really...
So happy that you think about him
all the time.
Like, an older brother you never had.
And you write about him in your notebook
because he makes you so happy
that you can't keep it inside.
And you just want to be sure
it's going to be like this forever.
That happens with friends sometimes.
Well, Trevor,
friends are people who make us happy, yes.
But, just in our hearts.
And not, well,
in certain other places.
Because if anyone's
making you happy there,
well, then that's not happy like a friend.
But, if it's anywhere else then,
well, yes. That's a friend.
But if not...
Make sense?
Thank you.
That was weird
In every way it could be
Really weird
Like I'm not who I should be
But the more I play along
The more somebody's telling me
I'm doing something wrong
Something weird...
Are you okay?
Did you want a milkshake?
It was a mistake, so it's free. [CHUCKLES]
No, thanks.
I couldn't find you
after the show yesterday.
- I looked everywhere.
- I left.
Right away.
Yeah, I guess it was pretty...
Um, but probably not as bad
as you thought it was.
I bet most people don't even believe it.
Believe what?
Um... Um, nothing. Never mind.
[SIGHS] It's so stupid.
I mean, like, so what if you like
dancing and singing and Diana Ross?
It doesn't mean that...
you're what people are saying. [CHUCKLES]
What are people saying?
Who said that?
I heard Lindsay saying it to Mandi.
But they're wrong!
We can prove it.
What do you mean?
We can...
finish what we started
at the Quality Courts.
Uh, but we're in the parking lot.
There's people around.
Exactly. So by Monday,
all they'll be talking about is you
and me...
And our strawberry milkshake
Just one strawberry milkshake
That we sipped
Out of two different straws
- What are you talking about?
- Us.
Right here out in the open
In the middle of public
And probably breaking some laws
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Great! Now you can tell everyone
that we kissed!
We nothing. You turned on purpose.
Cathy, I can't get to semantics.
- I have to find Pinky and make sure...
- Pinky?
[PANTING] Pinky!
What's wrong with me?
Why can't I be anyone to you?
What do you always see?
I've been sending signals
Loud and strong
So tell me, what is wrong with me?
I've been trying
Everything I can think of
Anything I can think of
To make us more than just friends
You invite me
To a place for French kissing
And we're almost French kissing
And then suddenly that's where it ends
What's wrong with me?
I wanna be
Together like the couples I see on TV
But you would trade me
For a song
So tell me, what is wrong with me?
I said that everyone was crazy
When they said I was crazy
For saying you're totally not
I kept on giving you defenses
When you went out of style
- And nothing is all that I got
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Nothing is all that I got
Yeah, nothing is all that I got
What's wrong with me?
I never knew
The problem's always been
I never had a clue
When the real question all along is
Trevor, what is wrong with you?
What's wrong with you?
- What's wrong, what's wrong?
- What is wrong with you?
What is wrong with you?
- Oh
- What is wrong?
What is wrong with you?
What is wrong with you?
What is wrong with you?
- Tell me, Trevor
- What is wrong with you?
What is wrong with you?
- What is wrong with you?
- Oh
- What is wrong with you?
- Oh
Come on, tell me
Come on, tell me
Come on, tell me
What is wrong with you?
Come on, tell me
Come on, tell me
What is wrong
What is wrong
What is wrong with you?
- What are you doing at my house?
- Pinky.
I thought...
'Cause I know you wouldn't...
I mean, it can't be your fault.
What happened at the show, right?
- You need to go.
- But...
- Bye, Trevor.
- Wait!
You said you liked someone
who you couldn't say.
At the Quality Courts.
Why couldn't you say who it was?
Mary is Frannie's best friend.
- Mary?
- Yes.
Did you actually think...
I mean,
how could you even write that stuff?
What stuff?
About me. In your notebook?
- My notebook. But how did you...
- Everyone saw it.
- Are you even living in the real world?
- Pinky, it was just...
- I was only...
- What is wrong with you?
Everyone at school is saying
that I'm a gay.
But I look in the mirror,
and I don't see anything different.
So, maybe...
There's these doctors I heard about.
They use electricity on people's brains
to completely reset them back to normal.
I think it could work on me too.
[DIANA] Bye, baby
See you around
Didn't I tell you
I wouldn't hold you down?
Take good care of yourself, you hear?
Don't let me hear
About you shedding a tear
You're gonna make it
You're gonna make it
Remember me as a sunny day
That you once had
Along the way
Didn't I inspire you a little higher?
Remember me as a funny clown
As a funny clown
That made you laugh
When you were down
Didn't I, boy?
Didn't I, boy?
Remember me as a big balloon
At a carnival that ended too soon
Remember me as a breath of spring
Remember me as a good thing
Oh, oh
Remember me as a sunny day
Please, darling
[STUDENTS] Remember me as a good thing
Remember me when you drink the wine
Oh, yeah
[STUDENTS] Remember me as a good thing
Baby, oh, yeah
[STUDENTS] Remember me as a good thing
[ALL] Remember me as a big balloon
[DIANA] Don't forget me, darlin'
[STUDENTS] Remember me as a good thing
Remember me as a good thing
Remember me as a...
What happened to your posters?
I'm living in the real world now.
I know that tomorrow's your first time
back at school since that show on Friday,
and I thought, if you wanted to,
we could talk.
- I know you have that report to give...
- Dad.
It's all under control.
You and Walter working on another...
science project?
Sort of.
I mean,
I am.
Well, I hope it works out.
Me too.
Every day keeps on going
On and on and on
Did Trevor actually come to school today?
I don't know. Who cares?
Pinky, if he's here
we have to do something about it.
- We can't just let him walk around like...
- [SIGHS] Jason!
Just forget it, all right?
Really? 'Cause no one else has!
Everybody is talking
On and on and on
But he was the one who... I never...
- So do something about it.
- No.
- I don't want to talk to him again.
- Pinky.
Do you wanna be remembered
as the guy who won half these trophies?
Or the guy who acted like a fairy
with Trevor?
What do I do?
You don't even have to talk to him
about it.
- Just write down what you'd say.
- Okay.
Get me through today
Na na na na na na
- That's it?
- No. Also...
Get me through today
Na na na na na na
Yes. Perfect.
Hey, Mary?
For Trevor.
The long way around.
Got it.
Get me through today
- Snap
- Flip
- Turn
- Snap
Trevor, your report is next.
"The Loss of Innocence
as Reflected in Literature."
In front of the class
like everyone else, dear.
- Turn
- Tip
- Slip
- Turn
The loss of innocence is brought about
by an experience with no explanation.
- The character must experience this loss.
Must react with natural spontaneity.
Must be hurt.
The experience must be potent enough
to be remembered.
Pinky. Pinky, wait up!
- Trevor, cut it out.
- But I'm okay now.
I promise. I had the procedure.
Well, I performed it myself.
But I feel different. Better. Normal.
Pinky told you what he thought
in his note.
- It hasn't changed.
- Note?
What note?
Look, you're sick.
And anyone who'd even talk to you now
is as sick as you are!
I'm not sick!
You are. And you'll never get better.
- Snap
- Slip
- Turn
- Snap
Look the other way
No one there to see
You are yesterday
And you don't know me
No, you don't know me
Mary! You let everyone see this note?
Hilarious, right?
But you can give it to Trevor now.
But it's horrible.
Yeah. He deserves it.
No. You're wrong.
And you're just mean.
Pinky's right.
You're just as weird as Trevor.
[TREVOR] Frannie. [PANTS]
- Did you have a note for me? From Pinky?
- Pinky's not talking to me.
Mary gave it to Lindsay,
who gave it to Mandi, who gave it to you.
Trevor! Please. Just forget it, okay?
- Turn
- Tip
- Run
- Turn
Get away fast
Nothing else to do
But keep on walking past
'Cause I don't know you
No, I don't know you
Snap, turn
Slip, tip
Turn, run
Tip, snap
Run, slip
Turn, run
Trevor, there's no running
in the hallways.
You're invisible, invisible to me
Oh, oh, oh, oh
You're invisible
You're invisible
Oh, oh, oh
Invisible, invisible
Walter, Cathy.
You guys need to talk to Trevor.
We're not really talking.
What? But you're his friends.
And you'd know all about that,
as long as it's on the right side
of Route 9.
Cathy, I'm sorry things changed,
but we still all know Trevor.
And someone has to get him to stop asking
about Pinky's note.
- Why?
- Because!
Duck, dodge, slide
You won't catch my eye
You're not worth the risk
Go ahead and try
Slide, check, skid, duck
I'll be walking light
Like a mystery
I'll be out of sight
You won't notice me
You won't notice me
Walter! Walter!
Duck, slide, dodge, sneak
Turn, run
Wait, I need to talk to you!
Turn, run
- Walter, please!
- There's nobody nowhere
- No one you ever knew
- Turn, run
I'm invisible, invisible to you
- Frannie told you about Pinky's note?
- I can't talk to you.
Walter. [SIGHS]
I'm sorry.
I know I haven't been a good friend.
I know it.
- But that doesn't mean...
- You're sorry? Now?
- 'Cause you need something from me.
- Walter, please!
- Pinky might've said something important.
- He didn't.
- You know?
- Trevor, trust me...
Trust you!
After you showed my notebook to everyone?
Well, I didn't know it got so much worse
past the cover, okay?
I mean, geez, why do you have to act
so weird all the time?
We're not little kids anymore, Trevor.
Can't you just start acting
like a normal person and stop...
Can't I act normal?
You're the one who looks at your sperm
under a microscope.
- Trevor...
- He wanted to look at mine too...
- Shut up!
- ...for your experiment!
Fine. Trevor, fine. Here.
Here's your wonderful, important note
from your best, best, best friend.
I learned about stranger danger
And nothing is stranger than you
I gotta save
Gotta save myself now
And that means making
Making you, you, you, you
No one
"Trevor, don't call me, don't talk to me...
You're a faggot.
A weak person.
You probably don't deserve to live."
No one, nothing, nowhere I can see
No one, nothing, nowhere I can see
- No one, nothing, nowhere I can see
- Invisible, invisible, invisible
- No one, nothing, nowhere
- Invisible, invisible, invisible
And you're nobody to me
I thought I was someone
Going somewhere
I thought everything about me
Was gonna get me there
And everybody would follow along
I thought they would
But I was wrong
'Cause all I thought is a fantasy
A daydream of who I should be
Ignoring every part of me
I didn't wanna know
I never knew my heart at all
But now I know that it can fall
And when it does
I know it doesn't have a place to go
Oh, oh
I thought I could fix it
I tried every way
But something in me is too broken
To try another day
I thought I'd be someone
I thought I was strong
[SIGHS] That I was right.
[GASPS] Dear Mom and Dad,
[SIGHS] I don't want you to think
I haven't given this a lot of thought.
[SNIFFLES] I have.
I tried to cure myself,
but nothing worked.
And don't think it's your fault.
It just happened.
[SIGHS] And please, if it's possible,
play "Endless Love" at my funeral.
It's my absolute fave.
[DIANA] My first love
You're every breath that I take
You're every step I make
- And I...
- [DIANA] I...
I want to share
All my love with you
No one else will do
- [DIANA] Your eyes
- Your eyes, your eyes
They tell me how much you care
Oh, yes
You will always be
My endless love
Two hearts
Two hearts that beat as one
Our lives have just begun
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
My love, my love
My love, my love
My love, my love
My endless love
- Hey there.
- Who are you?
Jack. [CHUCKLES] I work here.
Your parents went to meet with the doctor
after you fell asleep,
but they should be back soon.
You look better than you did last night.
How do you feel?
And sore from being sick.
Over and over.
Well, it's a good thing you were though.
Aren't nurses supposed to be girls?
Um, I'm a candy striper.
What's that?
Like a volunteer.
And they're not girls?
Some are. Some aren't.
There's no rule.
So I guess you know why I'm here then.
I know you took way too many aspirin
and you won't have a headache for a year.
I won't?
That's not true.
But I shouldn't be here. At all.
Trevor, Dr. Harris spoke with you, right?
Yes. A hundred times.
And he says we have to keep talking, but...
Did anyone say...
am I going to try again, to do what I did?
- I think I should get the doctor...
- It doesn't matter.
People like me are sick
and never get better.
We're better off gone.
Who said that?
It's true, isn't it?
No, it's not.
But wouldn't it be easier?
Trevor, I know it might not seem like it
right now, but once you get out of here...
Everything will be the same!
You don't know what you're talking about.
You don't know anything.
No one does.
I know that this isn't where you wanna be,
in a hospital.
But I guess you're right.
I don't know much else besides that, so...
help me out.
Where would you rather be?
When you're far away from here and old.
Like in ten years.
Don't think. Just go.
Off the top of your head.
- In another ten years
- You won't be talking still
Okay, that's positive for you. I guess.
- In another ten years
- I'll be sitting in another spot
More specific.
In another ten years
I'm gonna be some guy no one knows
Some freak they all forgot
Okay. I was thinking something more like...
In another ten years
I'm gonna see the world
In another ten years
I'll make my biggest dreams look small
And when I come home
They'll all look at me
Like I'm the greatest star of all
[TREVOR] I don't think so.
It's just that'll always be Diana Ross.
[CHUCKLES] I think you mean Donna Summer.
I don't.
I mean, I saw Diana in concert once.
She was good.
Good? She's the best.
Second best.
Okay, are you sure
you're not actually a patient here?
Like, for a head injury or something?
Are you sure you've ever heard
a Donna Summer song?
"Hot Stuff" is cute.
But Diana's work with The Supremes alone
puts Donna to shame.
And then there's...
I mean, not that I like her.
'Cause Diana's for...
And I'm not...
I just had this friend
who's really seriously committed to her.
But he's weird.
Ten years ago
I used to hate that word
Ten years ago
In whispers up and down the halls
I knew what it meant
But I couldn't let it show
So I faded back into the walls
Ten years ago
I used to hide myself
My every move was trying
Just to fall in line
I changed how I walked
And when I would talk
I used a voice that wasn't mine
And back in those days
I used to dream
I'd wake up as somebody new
Back in those days
I'd cry and scream
That every day would just be through
Oh, back in those days
I'd pray and pray
To be another life away
Where one of these days would be okay
Just like I heard Diana say
Oh, never mind.
What? Why?
Well, you wouldn't wanna hear
what Diana Ross had to say at her concert.
It's okay.
You can still say it.
- Well, she said...
"My darlings, always remember,
no matter how difficult
it may seem at the time,
it's always easier to live the truth
than live a lie.
[DIANA'S VOICE] So be true
because I'll love you no matter what,
but I love you happy most of all."
She didn't say that.
Uh, it's just my friend told me
everything she ever said.
Well, okay.
Well, it wasn't anything famous,
just something she said
at her concert that I saw.
Really? Do you have a pen
or something I can write that down with?
- Just for...
- For your friend?
Knock, knock.
Oh. Is it okay if...
You look a little less pale, bud.
- Oh, honey, I am so...
- Mom.
Not now.
It's time to go, dear.
home, and, um...
I just wanted to say...
They say the president is going
to make a full recovery
and should be back
in the White House by next week.
So, I just wanted you to know
how much I admire that kind of courage.
And, hey...
that bag of posters is
still in the garage.
And, well, it may take a while
for the wrinkles to go away,
but over time, you know?
So, you get dressed,
and we'll bring the car around
and get you back home.
Sorry. They're really...
They're really trying.
Yeah, I guess.
But how can I...
What if...
What happens now?
The next day. The next one.
A decade's just time
And you'll see how it goes
It's gone in a minute
And any minute now
This all will be one of those days
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
One of these days
Jack, it's nice to meet you.
You too.
Is it my imagination
Like it sometimes always is?
Was I hearing my own story
When I heard him telling his?
Like a signal out of nowhere
Like a light I've never known
Showing me I could be
Something more than alone
Is it my imagination
Making daydreams out of dust?
Are the feelings I'm feeling
Something I can really trust?
Like a world that finally opened
From a whisper to a scream
Telling me this could be
Something more than a dream
What if someday isn't someday?
What if it's right now?
What if who I hid is
Who I get to be somehow?
What if weird is only different?
What if different isn't wrong?
What if normal isn't
How I have to play along?
Play along
Is it my imagination
Like it always was before?
Will I hold on to this feeling
When I walk out of that door?
Is it too much to believe now
That it isn't only me?
Is it my imagination?
Is it my imagination
Or could it be?
Oh, uh, and it's late. The bus.
So you didn't miss it.
Uh, you know,
I thought you moved or something.
You were gone for so long.
Nothing changed.
Except, um, Frannie's hanging out
with Cathy now instead of Mary.
Pinky's hanging out
with Mary now instead of Frannie.
And I'm hanging out
with no one now instead of you.
And I'm sorry.
- Walter.
- Yeah?
The bus is here.
Na na na-na na-na-na
Na na na-na na-na-na
On and on
- Were you sick?
- What?
You weren't in school.
- Oh, no, it was just...
- Food poisoning.
Was it bacterial, viral or a parasite?
I know things.
Like, I know, Trevor...
I know friends is the best thing
we can ever be.
Which is better than anything else.
Yeah, well...
Besides, I don't kiss people
who my other best friend wants to kiss.
- What?
- Trevor!
I don't know what he's talking about.
He must have another other best friend.
Nope. Still Walter.
- Uh, what's she doing?
- Taking out her rubber bands.
- Here.
- What is...
Bubblicious. Strawberry.
Chew it!
That's not part of the show
'Cause we don't need to know
What it looks like
When Walter and Cathy kiss
But I'm still glad to see
Well, not literally
But I guess this is something
I would have missed
Okay, you little Pudding Pops.
We're gonna make the rest of the week
a little more fun.
I'm gonna pair you each up for
one-on-one rapid-fire dodgeball matches,
and then the winner of each match
will progress.
But I would like to miss
Every second of this
Yes, I know every day
Can't all go my way
But I really don't know
Where to go with the show
When I still have to face...
Pinky Farraday.
Your first competitor will be
Trevor Nelson.
Careful. She might want a kiss.
I'm right back in the game now
And I've gotta get through
Another marathon
And he acts like a stranger
But how can I forget
And keep moving on?
On and on and on and on and on
You can just forfeit, you know?
Come on. I don't wanna hurt you.
You don't?
Trevor, everyone was saying I...
I mean, they thought I was...
- Trevor, I'm so...
- What's going on?
- You flirting again?
- What? No, I just...
You just what?
Come on. Let's forget this. What a weirdo.
You don't even know me.
But I know you now.
And in ten years,
you're going to be just the same.
And I'll be so much weirder
than you can even imagine.
- And I can't wait.
- Let me guess.
Diana Ross said that, right?
I did.
I've gotta keep on going
Don't know where I'll be
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
And there's no one to follow there
Except for me
- 'Cause all I am right now
- Oh, oh, oh
- Is right now
- Oh, oh, oh
- All I am right now is right now
- Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
All I am right now is right now
And right now I know
Oh, oh, oh, oh
- And I am on and on and on and on
- On and on and on
- On and on and on and on and on
- On and on and on and on and on
- And I'll be
- On and on and on and on and on
- I'm going on
- Na na na na na na na
- I'm going on and on and on
- Na na na na na na na
- I'm going on and on and on
- Na na na na na na na
I'm going on
- On with the show
- Na na na, na na, na-na-na
On and on and on
On with the show
I'm coming out
I'm coming out
I want the world to know
Got to let it show
I'm coming out
I want the world to know
Got to let it show
There's a new me coming out
And I just have to live
And I wanna give
I'm completely positive
I think this time around
I am gonna do it
Like you never knew it
Oh, I'll make it through
The time has come for me
To break out of this shell
I have to shout
That I am coming out
I'm coming out
I want the world to know
Got to let it show
I'm coming out
I want the world to know
Got to let it show
I've got to show the world
All that I wanna be
And all my abilities
There's so much more to me
Somehow I've got to make them
Just understand
I got it well in hand
And oh, how I have planned
I'm spreading love
There is no need to fear
And I just feel so fine
Every time I hear
I'm coming out
I want the world to know
Got to let it show
- You've got to let it show
- I'm coming out
I want the world to know
Got to let it show
I'm coming out