Triassic World (2018) Movie Script

Move! Get out now!
Somebody secure the doors.
The specimens have gotten out.
Call security.
The system's on lockdown.
Everybody needs to move. Now.
Everybody out.
Move, move, move.
- Oh, God!
- Run!
Come on!
Somebody get Martinelli.
The specimens have escaped.
- Okay, let's go!
- Move!
Go! Go, go, go!
[shouting, chattering]
Hurry up!
Go! Let's go!
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Check the corners,
I have movement.
Make sure the building's
on complete lockdown.
Let's go.
Clear the hall.
Clear it.
- Let's go!
- Come on, everybody.
Move, move, move.
Go, go, go.
Get to the doors.
Make sure we complete lockdown.
- Steady.
- Let's go!
Help! Help!
Shh, slow down.
[man screams]
[loud thump]
Come on.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Just relax.
Good, good. Relax.
That's all right. You did enough
damage today, okay?
We're gonna take you back, okay?
Relax. Relax.
Steady. Steady.
Stay. Good.
That's it.
Steady, girl.
What are you doing?
Get the breakfast outta here.
They'll be showing up
any minute.
All right,
I'll eat faster then, huh?
Here, I'll help you
get rid of that.
You know, I woulda given
you one if you just asked.
Where's Hyde run off to?
He had to take a leak.
Ah, geez, he can take a
squirt on his own time
after this
muckety-muck arrives.
The muckety-muck is here.
You must be Bridget.
Welcome to Triassic.
I'm Thomas Atkins,
head of security.
You're early.
Steven is always early.
I have him waiting
back in the car.
Is everything ready
for his arrival?
Yes, ma'am.
We're operating with a
reduced staff today while
Mr. Hagen's on the property.
Only essential
personnel are present.
Okay, good.
Don't tell Martinelli
about this.
Triassic's entire facility
comprises about seven acres,
right here in
the heart of the city.
- Ah, this campus is gorgeous.
- Oh, yeah.
You take one look at this
place, you'd never believe
what's actually inside.
Yeah, we like to
keep a low profile.
You know, we rarely have guests
that aren't already
affiliated with the lab
in some capacity.
So we're, like,
the first people anywhere
to see inside this place?
Yeah, pretty much.
You hear that, dude?
I'm awesome to hang out with.
This is Dr. Marisa Martinelli,
Chief Geneticist
here at Triassic.
Doctor, we spoke on the phone.
I'm Bridget, this is Steven.
So sorry I wasn't here
to meet you when you arrived.
I'm sure Mr. Atkins
has done a wonderful job
of showing you
around our grounds.
Are you ready to see
the rest of our facility?
- This way.
- Great meeting you.
I'm gonna find you,
you son of a bitch.
Would you like to see
the incubation chamber?
- It's Marisa, right?
- Yeah.
Marisa, maybe
we can see that later.
Like I've said, I'm super
impressed with this place.
The fact that you've been
able to remain solvent
given the recent incidents at
other facilities working on
experimental programs in
itself is impressive.
But we both know why I'm here.
You need funding,
and I'm your golden ticket.
So let's get down to it.
If I'm gonna invest
in something,
I wanna see what
I'm working with.
Very well.
A man who likes to cut
to the chase. I like that.
We can head to
the subject's holding room.
Steven, what are you...
Oh, my God.
Mr. Hagen, this is Dr. Ovidio,
our Chief Immunologist.
He takes care of the animals
and makes sure their organs
are appropriate
for transplantation.
This was all I ever
when I was like nine years old,
and now... here you are.
After millions of
years of extinction.
Don't get near it.
No, it's okay.
This is G48.
She's actually responsible
for the whole G-series.
I have to admit, Marisa,
I was more than
a little skeptical
you had real, live
dinosaurs here.
That's why I had to come.
I didn't believe it.
But now...
We make miracles
happen here every day.
See you.
Who was that?
That's our funding for
the next round of tests.
Oh, you gotta love
the rich corporate types.
We do all the work,
they get all the glory.
Oh, don't worry, Dr. Ovidio.
You will be remembered as
the man who saved humanity.
Oh, yeah?
- Oh my God.
- Christ.
Go. Work!
You ever lose one of these?
We have designed a series
of fail-safe measure to prevent
an escape of any animal
from this facility.
I'm sure that helps
the insurance company
sleep better at night.
They're very explicit as
to precautionary conduct.
Each subject is implanted
with a locator chip.
Should any escape,
we can easily track them.
If the chip goes out of range
of their confinement,
a full facility lockdown
is enforced and all entrances
and exits are sealed until the
animal is returned to its cage.
What about the people inside?
We have a safe room
in the facility.
It is fully equipped
to house all personnel
until the danger is past.
It's perfectly safe for
both humans and animals.
Diana, I'd like you
to meet Steven Hagen.
Excuse me. Sorry.
Spider, never kill 'em.
It's rude considering
everything that they do for us.
Ms. Osgood is our
chief bioengineer
and the woman responsible
for giving the gift
of life to all of our dinos.
Oh, I guess that
makes you Mom....
I guess it does.
And a very protective one.
Hey, I'm no threat.
I'm just here to observe
and ask dumb questions.
The dinosaurs, they don't
share any of our DNA?
We give them carefully
metered doses of complex
human proteins and hormones
so that the organs
that grow inside of
them are suitable
for xenotransplantation.
But this doesn't give them
the abilities
or brain capacity of a human.
They tried it with pigs,
but there were risks.
Humans don't have an immunity
to fight viruses
that derive from animals,
like swine flu.
But the fossil records
have shown that dinosaurs
had immune systems as strong
and sophisticated as ours
and disease was rare,
reducing any threat
of cross-species infections...
making the Gojirasaurus
ideal hosts
for growing
human-compatible organs.
We're about 120 days out
from implanting
our very first organ
into a human recipient.
That's really amazing.
We're very careful.
Shall we continue
to the pharmacy?
Organ recipients can
spend their entire lives
on immunosuppressants to
prevent transplant rejection.
The human DNA in our dinos
helps prevent this rejection...
And now you can take
organs from this creature
that was once extinct
to improve our lives.
You've given them more time.
Why not give it to ourselves as
a way to extend our lifespan?
Certainly a bold vision,
Mr. Hagen.
And one I'm ready to put
a significant amount
of resources towards
When the first organ goes
into a human being,
people from all walks of life,
affected by your research.
I want in before it happens.
Set the course for
what happens next.
I appreciate that enthusiasm.
You've brought dinosaurs
back from the dead
with immune systems
just like ours, right?
Let's a crack a few open,
see what makes them tick.
Let's make some progress...
What did you just say?
These are complicated
living beings forced
to endure invasive tests in
conditions they did not ask for.
They get scared and they
can feel pain
and they deserve compassion
and respect.
No, it's okay, Marisa.
It's fine.
Osgood, you know the trials
and tests these dinosaurs
are exposed to here.
How do you justify your
hand in it then... Mom?
I don't believe that I need
to justify anything
about my actions to you.
Good for you, Oz.
Take a stand.
Just let me know what it is
and when you find it.
This work can save real lives.
I watched someone
very important to me die
on an organ donor waiting list.
I won't let anyone else
suffer the same cruelty
as long as I can help it.
There are limits, Mr. Hagen.
Even it if means
prolonging the very breakthrough
that could save all those
lives by just one day?
Progress is relative.
I'll gladly wait one
more day knowing
that I did everything
humanely the first time.
But it won't be for some
failed pipe dream
attempted by better,
richer men before you.
Well, maybe they didn't
have my vision on it.
Steven, it's Taipei
on the line.
Hold that thought.
I gotta take this.
What is wrong with you?
- "Crack a few op..."
- Shh.
Don't tell me you're happy to
condone this kind of nonsense.
Nobody asked you.
All you had to do was
explain the processes
and answer a few questions.
That's it.
Not get into an argument
with the man we need, frankly,
to help fund the work
I'm hoping to finish.
Oh, you want explanation?
How's this?
Even a four percent
Goji mortality rate puts us
past median average
and flirting with
multiple Prehistoric
Animal Regulation Commission
and FDA violations.
If Count Dracula out there
starts footing the bill
around here, we'll be applying
for recertifications
and raising our mortality
ceiling in six months,
wiping out all of our
predicted maturity rates.
Not to mention,
it's obscenely stupid.
These creatures are going to
revolutionize medical science,
and public funding will not see
us through final development.
You need to readjust
your priorities, damn it.
The Gojis are product.
My apologies.
Where were we?
Your definition of progress.
Enjoy the rest of your tour.
Shall we, uh, continue?
Jesus Christ.
No. No!
No. No.
[grunting and screaming]
Let's go! Come on!
I'm sorry.
Diana is incredibly dedicated
to her work,
particularly with all
the FDA and PARC regulations
we have to comply
with around here.
It must be impossible
to remain in compliance.
Oh, you have no idea.
Every time one of those
amusement parks suffers
a new tragedy, the PARC
finds new things to legislate,
and then we have
to play catch-up.
The cost of compliance
is astronomical,
and very often our work
can suffer
as a result
of all the regulations.
I guess I can understand
now why
she's none too pleased with me.
Yes. Well,
she can sometimes get
a little too close to her work.
She's been present at
the birth of every
Gojirasaurus in this facility.
Oftentimes we don't even...
Everybody, go. Move!
Call security!
We need a full lockdown.
Everybody lock all the doors.
We need a full lockdown.
Get us out of here!
There has been a breach.
All personnel to facility
safe room immediately.
There has been a breach.
All personnel to facility
safe room immediately.
There has been a breach.
All personnel to facility
safe room immediately.
We stay at code three
until I say otherwise.
Got it?
Smith, first aid, stat.
We got injuries here.
You got it.
Ah, he's bleeding bad.
How 'bout you?
Are you hurt?
No. What happened?
What's going on?
That was G32.
She broke free during
Marisa, I never got a euth
notice for the 30 series.
Is there a breach?
Is everybody all right?
Anyone hurt?
Close the door!
Close the door, please.
Dr. Martinelli,
is this everybody?
Uh, yes. Yes.
Close it.
Shut it.
That thing has bitten Steven.
How many we got on the loose?
Just the one.
Chief, doors are locked
but I can't find her.
We were working
on G48 earlier.
She went to the testing room.
There's no way out.
Found her.
Corridor B, Immunology Wing.
Locking her in.
We're going to
the Armory and load up.
That dino's not going anywhere.
We get this thing back in
the cage or we take her down.
The lockdown is lifted.
Smith, Hyde, you're
coming with me.
Let's go deal with this.
I have to come with you.
How does something
like this happen?
Look at me.
Look what it did to me.
That's out of the question.
We'll get G32 back
into her enclosure,
or we'll put her down.
Either way, you're much
safer staying here.
Mr. Atkins, I appreciate
your insistence on keeping us
all safe and secure,
but I am the director
of this facility.
I need to be there to make
sure everyone is protected.
Besides, I'm the only
person with the code.
That is a final order.
Stay behind us at all times.
Do what I say, when I say,
and, please, don't ask me why.
Just act.
You're finished, Marisa.
You hear me?
- Sir, please... please stay calm.
- Are you hearing me?
I'm gonna sue you and everyone
else in this goddamn room.
I need you
to stay still, okay?
We leaving these here?
Take one, just in case.
And grab some radios, too.
We'll leave one here so you
can reach us if need be.
Sue? No, no, no.
I will own you!
Take care of them.
Don't worry.
We'll do everything
we can to get her back
without killing her.
The rest of you stay put till we
get back to give the all-clear.
[Hagen moaning]
You wanna explain me to why
we have a safe room facility
where our only means for
defense are these pistols
that shoot tranq darts
and not live rounds?
These animals are valuable
assets representing significant
high dollar values for
research and development.
The safety procedures
are set up so that
we never damage the investment.
Unless I didn't hear
you correctly earlier,
this thing's supposed
to be dead.
A dollar value is zero.
G32 has proven
extremely valuable.
These tranquilizers are
crucial for the next time
an asset might get loose.
We must preserve
its scientific integrity.
When is that
gonna happen, huh?
You mean another one's
gonna get loose?
Your investment killed people,
lady, including one of our men.
We'll take it down
if we have to.
My whole body's in pain.
Bridget, I'm so thirsty.
Can you get me some water?
Is there any water in here?
Yes, hold on.
Thank you.
I can't... I can't...
I can't open it.
You think they've
gotten there yet?
I don't know.
But once they get her
back to the enclosure,
this'll all be over.
And what if they
don't get her back?
What happens to him?
What happens to us?
What happened?
She's heading right
towards them.
- I've gotta go help them.
- I'm going with you.
Charles, no.
Charles, if Mr. Hagen
gets worse,
he'll need someone
with medical training.
Trust me,
I know what I'm doing.
[Hagen moans]
Okay, here we go.
- Smith?
- Yeah.
What was that?
Smith, look out!
Hey, hey!
Hey, hey, hey!
- Shoot it.
- God!
Stop it!
Stand down.
Fire, damn it, now.
Breathe, breathe.
Oh, no.
No, goddamn it.
Keypad's jammed.
Where's Dr. Martinelli?
I don't know.
[Smith grunts]
Help. Help me!
Come on, damn it,
we're going back.
[Smith grunting]
Let's go, Doc.
[door opens]
What's happening?
- MedKit, now!
- Make some room!
- He's bleeding out!
- What's happening?
He's bleeding out.
Where's Hyde?
Where's Hyde?
He's dead?
Get the kit.
Get the kit!
All right, all right,
all right,
all right,
what have we got here?
Here we go. Here we go.
All right, all right,
all right, all right.
Here we go. Here we go.
Here we go.
G32 skipped
the containment room.
I tried to warn you.
We all saw it.
G32 is missing from the cameras.
She's still out there.
We have to stop her immediately.
The cameras.
We have to track her.
We received a call that
there was an emergency.
Officer, we've got an
animal on the loose.
One fatality and
multiple injuries.
An animal?
What kind of animal?
A Gojirasaurus.
A dinosaur.
Uh, are you aware of the
penalty for making a prank?
Officer, listen to me.
I've got one fatality and
already multiple injuries.
Ca... can someone let me in?
Not at this time.
The entire facility
is on lockdown
to make sure
it doesn't get out.
We have to get outta here.
Cops are... are here.
Can't we just go?
We're still waiting
to lift the lockdown.
I need you to calm down.
Officer, how you can help is
getting paramedics on standby
and setting up a perimeter
in the event we suffer a breach.
In case
if your dinosaur gets out?
Just do what I ask.
Is he saying
they can't get in?
Can't you hear me?
Is he saying they can't get in?
Three Lincoln 19 to Dispatch.
Go ahead.
I'm out here at Triassic Labs,
and I really think
there's a situation here.
Mr. Atkins,
we must go back out.
I've got a seriously
injured man over here.
You need to give me a minute.
You don't understand.
This is a top priority situation
we are dealing with here.
We must contain this animal
before it kills someone else.
Or, God forbid, figures
out a way to escape
from this facility.
You all heard
what the cop said.
They can't get in,
and we can't get out.
We are trapped here.
We can wait inside here till
they figure out a way to get in.
I can't risk letting anyone
else out of this room.
I'm afraid it's not as
simple as just waiting.
What do you mean?
The escape triggers
a lockdown,
yes, but there is a
secondary precaution.
What are you talking about?
There is a limited
time available
to take the subject
down before...
Before what?
Before Code Four.
What is Code Four?
What is Code Four, Marisa?
If for some reason the animal
is not apprehended or destroyed
in the first two hours
after a breach,
it causes a trigger
of halon gas,
which will wipe out
everything in the building.
Plants, animals... humans.
It's part of the procedure.
How come
I've never heard of this?
It's above your clearance.
I thought you said
we were safe in here.
And you are, from an attack.
But once Code Four is triggered,
there is no stopping it.
Lady, when we get outta here,
I promise what you did
here will be exposed.
There'll be no more experiments.
Come on, Tom,
we need to stop G32.
You go.
We'll take care of him.
Easy. Smith?
I need you to get bandaged up,
then I need your eyes
and ears to help me corral
this son of a bitch.
All right?
All right, boss.
- Okay. We'll be back.
- Yeah.
This animal hasn't even
started to put up a fight.
We need to be extremely careful.
Smith, talk to me, man.
You got a location
on this thing?
No, boss.
Still looking.
There's nothing yet.
How you doing? You okay?
We just hit her
with 12 milligrams
of carfentanil xylazine.
That's more than enough.
She's out there.
Keep looking.
Those tranqs should have
put it to sleep by now.
That might be why
we're not finding it.
They haven't located G32?
You heard him.
Tranqs probably did the trick.
It's in the break room.
We've got it cornered.
We hit her with the darts
and make a run for it.
If we're lucky,
she'll take the bait.
You're talking about
outrunning a dinosaur.
She's fast,
but she's made for sprints.
I figure, we hit her with
enough darts, slow her down.
Stay far enough ahead of her,
we may be able to lure her
all the way back
to the test room.
Let me see your gun.
You ready?
False alarm.
We don't have it cornered.
Let's keep looking.
Hide. Hide.
Found her.
Atkins, come in.
We've got a 20 on the thing.
Repeat, we've found the dino.
Get ready to run.
[loud crash]
It's got us cornered,
but it'll probably
come at me first if I shoot.
It's gone.
Smith? You there?
We're here.
Are you all right?
Thought we lost you
there for a second.
Is everyone okay?
Still in one piece.
Now we gotta figure out
to contain this thing.
We're headed back over
to Corridor B.
I'm gonna go help them.
No. No, don't do this.
What do you think you're doing?
Don't do this.
Charles, don't leave me here.
Eva, I'm partially
responsible for this.
They need my help.
It's okay.
Hey, uh, I'm gonna meet you
guys at the containment room.
Um, maybe we can find
some prods or something
to help lead her back.
Your animal clawed its way
out of the containment area.
It started with
the floor first.
When it hit concrete, it looked
for another way out instead.
I figure a dumb animal
would just keeping
working the same spot.
We're not really working
with a dummy here, are we, Doc?
No. We aren't.
It's just like
the keypad at the Armory.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Like she waiting
for you to arrive.
Y'all seeing this?
Well, we can forget
about containment barriers
from here on out.
We're on our way back now.
Coast is clear?
I don't see her,
but they need to get back here
as fast as they can.
You're clear
but double-time it.
What really has me worried
is that its next move
was for the Armory.
The damn thing could have gone
anywhere in the entire place,
but it was waiting for us
when we arrived.
Well, these are
highly intelligent creatures
we're dealing with here.
Intelligent, sure.
Staging an ambush?
Someone care to explain
that one to me?
This is like
a game to you people.
Who cares about the dinosaur?
Steven is gonna die.
Help has to be coming, right?
I mean, how much longer
can it take?
We told them a dinosaur
is on the loose.
We don't even know
if they believed us.
They'll just be sitting
out there waiting for
the electronic lockdown
to be released
before they can help us anyway.
Then how do we get outta here?
This is all your fault.
If you hadn't brought us
to the safe room,
we could've gotten out.
You knew this was a trap.
You knew we were gonna die.
And why would I want that?
I was following procedures.
Well, your procedures suck.
If we are able
to just figure a way-
Marisa, I am tired of
hearing about your ideas.
This is about you
saving your own ass.
You have put innocent lives
in danger
and destroyed our work here.
I was doing what I thought
was right for the research.
You have done nothing
except put us all in danger.
Diana, I think you
need to know exactly
where your station is.
How dare you?
What are you-
What's going on?
Code Four has been triggered.
Is this what you wanted?
I can't understand why
you're going on about this.
Why didn't you
tell me about this?
[overlapping dialogue]
Everyone be quiet!
The safe room has an emergency
back-up generator, okay?
It's coming back.
She's doing it again.
The walls.
It's gonna get in.
Get me out.
Get me outta here.
She's not getting in.
Hey, see?
She didn't get in.
She won't.
Tell me what you
wanna do next.
Sure. I'll tell you as soon as
I come up with something.
How about the tranqs?
Could you try those again?
What's the point?
He's just trying
to fix your mess, okay?
Wait. Just hold on.
The carfentanil
hasn't kicked in.
These doses take
at least 10, 15 minutes.
Okay, so then
we dose it up with more.
You saw the way
she was acting.
We start shooting her with more,
the pain from the darts
will only make
her panic and retaliate.
Are you kidding me right now?
You're telling me 12 doses of
this stuff won't knock her down?
Two doses should have.
Twelve might kill her.
Okay, so then what are
we still talking about it for?
You will get yourself killed
trying to give them to her.
This animal is desperate,
angry, and confused.
Now you want to hurt
her some more?
It's just gonna make it
more aggressive.
Okay. So then what do you
suggest we do?
Whatever we do, first we wait.
Give G32 a little time to relax
and let the doses kick in.
Why are we waiting?
We already know
that's not gonna work.
What if we stagger the doses?
Shoot her up only
when it's safe?
It doesn't matter when
the doses are administered,
nothing can survive
that much sedative.
You mean nail it,
let it get pissed off,
calm down, nail it again?
One at a time until
they're all in.
You better wipe this off
before you load it again.
Okay, you made your point.
All right, here's what we do.
We hit her again,
gauge her behavior.
Let's load these up
and get prepared.
Everyone, back up.
Hey, hey, man.
What are you doing?
Calm down, all right?
Just calm down.
Ow! Ah!
Stay away from me.
I'll kill you.
Get outta here, you hear me?
Damn you!
Back up.
I'll... I'll kill you.
Calm down.
Calm down, okay?
No one's gonna hurt you.
'Cause I have the knife.
Give me the knife.
Just, oh, just give me
the knife.
For Christ's sake.
Steven! Oh my God!
- What are you doing?
- Everybody needs to leave.
Go, please!
Just leave me alone.
I... I'll... I'll cut her.
I'm serious.
I'll cut her.
You're not gonna get me.
Everybody out.
Let's go.
- Are you...
- Go!
Are you crazy?
Not a chance.
He is going to hurt her.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, no.
No, please. Please.
Did you hear me?
Everybody move.
Please don't do this.
Shut up! Get out!
They left.
Now give her to me.
You need to go.
You're putting us
all in danger.
Do you want everyone
to die here?
You tried to kill me first.
But, nu-uh.
We're leaving.
We're getting out of here.
Just... give her to me.
I... I--I... I don't trust her.
I don't trust you.
I don't... I don't trust
any of them.
I don't trust...
I don't trust her.
I don't... I don't trust you.
I don't...
Must be something in
the bite affecting
his cognitive functions.
Something we didn't see before.
We have to get back
into that room.
It's the only safe place
in the building.
How do you suggest we do that?
We need to get to
the Pharmacology room.
There's some medical
and something we can use
as a weapon.
Maybe we can overpower Hagen
and try to get back in.
Yeah, that still
doesn't solve the problem
of how we get outta here.
No, but right now safety is
better than being exposed
out here without eyes
on the target.
If we can get the power back on,
maybe we can override
the trigger.
Do you hear that?
I heard something.
I think it's here.
- Keep moving.
- We're all on edge. It's nothing.
Everything's gonna
sound like something.
Let's just get to Pharm.
It's okay.
It's just your mind playing
tricks on you.
Smith. Smith!
Jesus, this thing won't quit.
Damn you, Hagen.
This way. Up. Go.
Where'd they go?
I don't know.
I wanna go back.
Maybe I can reason with him.
You heard Dr. Ovidio.
Maybe something in the bite.
He's sick.
Doesn't know what he's doing.
Then what do we do?
We need to get to
the pharmacy and get some meds.
Maybe we can distract
him somehow, take him down,
get back into that room.
It's worth a shot.
We stay together.
Go quietly.
Subject file G48.
Tox panel.
Diagnostic unit inquiry.
Phase three diagnostic.
Three times dose level.
Why are you pumping G48
full of Daleuxin, Charles?
Okay, you get to
the Pharma Lab, secure it.
Make sure everyone's
accounted for.
I'll get to the electrical.
I'll meet right back up
with you once
I get the juice turned back on.
It sounds like a plan.
Smith, you okay?
Yeah, I just gotta stop.
Just for a second.
Just feeling kind of woozy.
I'll be fine.
Yeah, your shoulder's
oozing pretty good.
Need to get some fluids in you.
We're not far from one
of the break rooms.
We'll check the fridge for
some juice or something.
Yeah, I still owe you
one for...
saving my ass like you did.
Can you believe that I actually
got bit by a freaking dinosaur?
They definitely don't train you for
that one at the Naval Academy.
Or anywhere else,
for that matter.
Hey, you did everything
right back there.
But, uh, Hyde, he's, uh...
Well, no, no, no, no,
we don't talk about that now.
Time to grieve is later.
Right now we get you
a drink and get to safety.
Yeah, a drink sounds good.
Maybe a whiskey, huh?
Sure thing, buddy.
When we get out of here a
little later today, I'm buying.
Now you're talking.
Say we get you vertical, okay?
Come on. Up.
God, you're warm.
I think it's a fever.
That's probably why it's
so chilly in here, right?
All right, we're moving.
You ready?
- Yeah.
- All right.
Let's go.
Dr. Martinelli?
Anyone here?
Are we the first ones
to show up?
It looks like it.
Looks like
she's already been here.
Let's just get what
we need and get out quickly.
You find anything over there?
That bitch wants
to mess with me,
she's damn sure going to bleed.
All right,
let's get a move on.
Don't move.
We have to warn the others.
They're all going
to Pharma to meet up.
- Just a minute.
- Did you hear me?
- Wait, hold on.
- Why are we stopping?
- Hold on.
- I'm going.
It's numbers.
What numbers?
What are you...?
It's the numbers.
G32, I suspected she's able
to recognize
the difference between
letters and numbers.
That's how she's been
able to locate us.
How would she
know that, Charles?
What have we been doing
to these animals?
We each hid
in different rooms.
Perhaps G32 noticed
the placard outside of each
and... and made an assumption.
The rooms with numbers
are housing her prey.
And the ones without
are empty?
Look, it's... it's a best
guess based
off the information
I've got so far.
I'm not saying it's
a sound theory just yet.
We don't know where
anyone else was hiding.
Maybe they're hiding in...
in a closet.
With all the labs and offices
to choose from,
odds are the others found
shelter in those instead
and those have room numbers.
And G32 is making
the connection.
I mean, it's not... the proper
but she's incorporating
a thought process
for solving basic problems.
G32 is starting to comprehend.
I have to tell Marisa,
if we can find her.
How do you know overpowering
him is going to work?
He's got a knife.
We don't want to draw
attention to ourselves.
Can we just... go already?
These lead agents have very
specific formulaic structures.
I have to make sure
I get the right one.
You wanna help?
Come over here and find
any control numbers
that begin with "IIG."
We've been developing
these from the dinos.
Now I'll get to see
if they work on humans.
Come on. One more.
Come on.
Sit you down.
Thanks, Doris.
Here, drink this.
I'll see what else
we can find.
Damn it.
There's nothing else here.
We need to get you to the meds.
Rest of the group is
probably already there.
We can meet up with them.
Come on.
Come on.
Shh. Shh.
Oh! Oh!
Shh, shh.
Oh, geez.
We... we thought you
were the... you know.
Have you seen her?
No, thank God.
God, you look pretty bad.
He's got a bit of a fever.
I'll get you an ice pack.
This will do for now,
but we need to get him
to the pharmacology room.
Yeah, we were just
headed that way.
Plus I need to get
the power back on,
see if we can't override
the system.
Let's get you up.
When did the fever get bad?
Oh, I don't think
we have to talk.
You don't want to talk?
About the fever?
The fever you're running?
Hey, Smitty, you okay, bud?
You still with us?
He's confused.
Fever's only getting worse.
Feel him.
Oh, man.
You're burning up, kid.
Come on.
We'll sit you down as soon
as we get to the lab.
Yeah, that's all they want.
That's all they want...
He's rambling.
He's not focused on
where we are.
What do you want?
Where are we?
- Like Hagen.
- Where are we?
Charles may be right.
The bite may have done more harm
than we would have expected.
Who are you? Who are you?
What is this? What?
Go, doc.
What was that?
Who was that?
Hey! Hey!
What was that?
- Shh.
- What was it?
Come on.
Where are we?
What's going on?
What's going on?
Wh... wh--wh... where are we?
Where are we?
Shh. Shh.
- What?
- Shh.
- What?
- Just quiet.
- Get away from me!
- Shut up. Shut up.
[moaning and grunting]
- I'll kill you!
- Stop!
- I'll kill you!
- Smith!
Will you leave me in here?
I'm gonna kill you!
I'm gonna kill you!
Shut up!
You're losing your head.
Stop it!
You're not gonna
keep me in here.
Shut up!
Not again!
What have you done, Marisa?
None of us are
wearing any gloves.
You didn't even try to warn us.
Phase three parasitic
pathology analysis.
Possible compromise
in bloodline.
Previous subject displays
deviation at dose level.
The 30 series wasn't
responding to the Daleuxin.
Charles had to detect
the microbe in G48
and see if the Daleuxin would
still react in their mother.
These are only at
Phase Two trials.
What does that mean?
It means I don't know
how effective
they're going to be,
but we have to try.
We need to get close enough
to Hagen and inject him.
Then we can give
him the medicine.
Hopefully it will reverse
the effects of the bite.
I don't know how.
I wouldn't know what to do.
Okay, I'll inject him,
but you're going to need
to lure him out, okay?
He's threatened to
kill me once already.
Goddamn it,
this is our chance.
I need to get into that
safe room
so we can contact
the outside world.
I need your help.
I'm sorry.
That's all of them except
for the testing room.
Good, good.
Uh, maybe we can trick her
into going back in.
I mean, it's not gonna hold
her for long but maybe
long enough to stop the
Halon trigger.
It's just up ahead.
Come on.
Come on!
I got you!
I got you!
I got you!
I got you!
Come on.
Baby, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
No, no, no, no, no!
There has been a breach.
All personnel to facility
safe room immediately.
Another one's escaped.
Come on. Come on!
There has been a breach.
All personnel to facility
safe room immediately.
Great idea.
Why are you in my office?
You knew this whole time.
You watched Hagen and
then Smith as they started
to show symptoms.
You knew we were all infected
back in the safe room.
I tested the blood, Marisa.
Smith's blood, he had
a severely aggressive strain
of toxoplasmosis that I've never
even seen before in my life.
And you acted like
you had no idea.
The parasites from G32 were
spread through her bites.
That blood, with the infection
so aggressive,
would contaminate anyone else
who came into contact.
You don't know that.
I saw the sample myself,
and then I read the files.
All of them.
It doesn't work, does it?
The immunosuppressants.
Oh, it's all in there, Marisa.
You and Charles pumping
elevated levels of
human proteins and hormones
into all of our animals.
They were showing a rate
of progress
we never could have anticipated.
Until they stopped
responding to the Daleuxin,
making the immunosuppressant
and every one of those organs
absolutely worthless.
I'm going to try to get
back into the safe room.
It's our only chance.
We can test the suppressants
on a real subject.
Pray it works.
We can do this together.
Your walkie, it's lighting up.
It's Charles.
Do you hear that echo?
I think it's coming
from the testing room.
Testing room?
Maybe he's got her back
into her enclosure.
We need to help.
It's G48.
She's out.
It's Charles.
They killed G32.
She killed one of her own?
No, I think it was Charles.
Drilled two holes in the...
back of her head.
She was only looking for her
mother this whole time.
I think she was calling out
to her before.
Diana, look at him.
G48 had the wherewithal for
this vindictive response.
You were giving
her an excessive amount
of human proteins.
What you didn't expect is
for them to start
acting like humans.
Why are we still here then?
Let's go to the safe room.
She's right.
Let's go.
If the blood is
carrying malignant agents,
then we could all be exposed.
It's on all of us.
If we start to show symptoms,
we have a possible option.
You need to tell her.
Can we hurry?
You heard her.
Let's hurry.
Let's get her to safety first.
No pulse.
He's dead.
Marisa, are you sure?
Yes, I'm sure.
What now?
We need to find G48.
- She's not in Immunology.
- What?
She's not in the
Transplant Wing either.
Look again.
You're scrolling too fast.
I'm telling you
she's not in any
main department
of the building.
Well, that's impossible.
Where is she?
She's got to be here.
She's not here.
- Try camera five.
- I did. She's not there.
Where is she?
There she is.
- Where?
- The cages.
Oh, my God. Look.
She can't possibly know
how to open those cages.
If she does, then we can
enact Code Five.
What's Code Five?
There's another fail safe.
The microchips.
You wired the chips to
kill all my animals?
We're going to avoid that.
There's no need for that.
Not yet.
What are you talking about?
Kill them!
Do it now!
Diana, if we can trap her
in her enclosure
and seal the door from her side,
the lockdown will be lifted,
and we can still
save the specimens.
I know how you feel about them.
I don't want them to die either.
All of our work
will be destroyed.
Please, help me save them.
You did all of this
behind my back
so it wouldn't hamper
progress if I found out.
Methods were working.
We are 120 days out
from our first transplant.
There is no reason why
that should change.
It shouldn't change.
People are dead.
The PARC will want to destroy
every Goji in this place
after what happened,
and it's all your fault.
You have taken advantage of
these precious, rare animals,
and look at what
you've done to them.
Diana, I'm on your side!
You and I are going
to save your dinosaurs.
We can't argue about
this anymore.
Hey, wait!
You can't leave me here.
Hey, stay here where it's safe.
We'll be right back.
We're getting out of here.
We're gonna get out of here.
I'll need to test all
the remaining Gojis.
See how many you've given
a death sentence to.
I need you to listen to me.
I realize the only other
option we have left
is these tranqs,
but it won't be enough.
Eight doses will only slow her.
It won't stop her.
You've been euthanizing
all the ones that were
of no use to you anymore,
like G32.
They've grown immune
to the sedatives.
We needed an alternative.
And her mother was
being held
in the Kill Room
for extermination.
She followed the scent.
And now G48 is in
the holding pens.
We need to stop her
before she figures out
a way to let the others out.
Power's out.
She can't get in
the cages anyway.
Get off!
Get off me!
If we can get to
the tranquilizers,
we may be able to neutralize
her before she opens the cage.
What if we can't?
It's our only chance of
getting out of here without...
Marisa, the door.
The door!
I have to keep
them alive, Diana.
I've come too far for all
my work to be lost.
- Let me out.
- I'm sorry.
But when they ask questions,
it will be human error.
I have to be the only one
with the answers.
No witnesses.
What are you talking about?
When the halon comes off,
we'll all die anyway.
The dinos will die, and you
will have killed us all.
Not if I override the system
before that happens.
No, you can't do this.
What about human life, Marisa?
Some are expendable
for the greater good.
Charles, Atkins, Bridget... you.
Your sacrifice will
save thousands of lives
once the research
is completed.
This is just a
temporary setback.
T-minus three minutes
until halon detonation
override expires.
They're all loose.
There's a Code Five
which will detonate a chip
inside all of the Gojis.
- Follow me.
- Oh, my God.
I killed him.
- Hey.
- I killed him.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
She locked me in.
It's okay. Breathe.
I killed him.
No, it's okay,
it's okay, it's okay.
Are you finding anything
on Code Five?
You need to see this.
Look, they're attacking
each other.
What is this?
I've never seen or heard of
this kind of behavior before.
It's brutal. What...
They're wild,
uncontrollable animals.
They're too aggressive now.
They're too much of
a risk hazard.
Even if... even if
we contained them,
that would be no quality
of life for them.
Marisa said that there's a... she
was trying to get back in here.
Maybe there's a box or...
Panel. A door.
There could be some kind
of remote detonator.
Got it!
This should be it.
- Turn these on.
- Black.
All right, I'll hit
the light switch. Ready?
Hold on to your butts.
It didn't work. Why?
Look. On the floor.
Zoom in.
They tore out each
other's microchips.
Manual override has expired.
Halon commencement
in T-minus 30 minutes.
We can't stop the halon, but
we might be able to speed it up.
I have Martinelli's key.
We can lift the lockdown.
We just need to get
to the exit before they do.
Emergency lockdown
Bridget, no!
Watch your step.
Let's go.
Move, move, move.
I can hear them.
They're coming!
Come on, pick it up.
We gotta keep moving.
Hey, Diana.
Let's go.
Where are we...
Diana, what are you doing?
Come on.
Diana, we gotta...
- Don't touch me!
- We gotta move!
- We gotta keep moving. Come on!
- Don't touch me!
- Diana!
- Get off me!
Come on. Stop it!
Jesus Christ, get her off of me.
What the hell was that?
It's for the virus.
She should be okay.
We have to go.
Come on!
Wha... what are you doing?
Put me down.
What happened?
You're only the third person
to kick my ass today.
Did they... did they get out?
Not yet.
Halon commencement in
T-minus 20 minutes.
That's too long.
We've have to speed it up.
- [screaming]
- Please, we have to go.
Get back!
Get back!
Tom! Ah!
I can't hold them much longer.
Diana, engage the halon!
No, Tom!
Commence halon initiation.
You're okay.
You're alive.
You made it.
Come on. Get up.
We gotta get up.
Move! Move!
I think this is yours.