Tribute to a Bad Man (1956) Movie Script

It was the spring of 1875
I ran westward from Laramie
... when I first saw Jeremy
Rodock Valley
If I ever had another name,
never knew
the same would have
was always the valley Jeremy Rodock
the horses in the region were called
.. Rodock Horses /. i
when hanged a horse thief,...
... that was:
Justice Lord Rodock from
=. = I was a boy, when I entered the valley
Mr. Rodock
When I left him, had ceased to be
Had learned that men died easily
What they did,
not die easily
How to be cruel ,
and how not to be
I What is not love...
... and what is .
That's how it all began
So I started to become a man in the Valley
Hey, this is what is called
get on time.
Only you should not appear when shots
until you know who is who.
I do not know yet.
I am Jeremy Rodock.
That does not tell me anything.
The owner of these lands and
containing horses.
Was returning to my house from Cheyenne,...
... When I saw a couple of horse thieves
And I've just taken a bullet in the back
Come on, give me a hand.
We have to go after them.
With a horse for two
and you half dead?
Live Leave a vulture,
and eat you to the bone.
Left arm off me, do not touch
left arm.
Help me to ride.
Yes, and I'll take you home.
And nothing else there.
Have too glib to how young you are.
Head to Big Spring.
Do not know where he is.
Where are you, boy?
From Pennsylvania.
? Pennsylvania?
And your parents
know how far you are from home?
Hey, mister,
'm willing to help...
... but I have to put up with insults.
Head west,
and now I think it insults.
... With horses, women and whiskey
There is nothing better than life
What's your name, boy?
Steve Miller.
Where are you from?
I've already said, my friend.
I have to be grateful, but do not spoil
What have you come here?
I'm looking for work.
What work?
In my village,
worked in the store.
In Store.
Do you understand anything about horses?
Not much.
But I learn quickly.
If not, do not tell me.
The first lesson is this:
The horse is the slave of man,
but treat him as a slave...
... and thou shalt be a man.
Do you remember?
Yes, sir.
Why not kill those rustlers
I have just killed a squirrel in my life.
Wait till I tell
rescue a shopkeeper.
Love in the light of the moon
Rodock Lord! Rodock Lord!
- Is not that razor ready, boy?
- Yet.
'll Be dead in 24 hours...
... as I do not bring this lead body
And I still do not want to die.
I still have to spend many good times.
Not hurt much, fear not.
To me, of course not, but
Not want to leave... invalid.
've Never done this...
... before.
Ever, have you taken
the heart of an apple?
Forward then.
I am the apple.
... Oh, how beautiful life
How beautiful life
Good whiskey, horses, and
a woman for evenings...
... I find myself alone...
How do you feel, son?
'm... I'm... fine.
Hey, do not go faint
above me, piece of chicken.
I'm all right.
Rodock Lord!
Rodock Lord, please.
Someone is coming.
Depart from fire, boy.
Fire Depart.
Is Waity.
Download it.
Indians? ?
There are no Indians in these parts.
I've never seen a dead
Was a good man.
Y was very fond of horses.
Have been the same who attacked me.
Do guard an hour, and then I will relieve you
As day is done, we will go
to find his murderer.
We spent half a day searching for the two men...
... they killed Waity
But we lost their tracks
near Valle de La Mare
Recreate sight, boy.
All horses are Rodock.
Look closely at the foals.
Soon they were weaned,
and I will never be...
... not so pretty nor so natural.
In a few years they will be ready for dressage...
... like that group there.
Started twenty years ago, an Indian
mare and a horse cock.
I raised them, fed them, sold them.
I did everything but breastfeeding.
And now I can not tell that I have.
I had a partner once.
But that's another story.
Now is mine until the band.
And when they leave,
take something from me.
Baldy, Abe.
Rodock Lord,
Waity that's the horse?
Le killed.
Lack a horse?
- We have not counted.
- Then count them.
Repasad all groups, including the one in
Dressage in the Valley.
- What do you expect?
- Well, sir.
Hey, Jumpy, is Mac?
In the barracks, sir Rodock.
- Tom, tell him I want to McNulty.
- Yes, boss.
Hey Mac, the boss calls you.
What have you been doing in Cheyenne,
fight a puma?
Not precisely a cougar.
I do not like to shave
in broad daylight.
What kind of foreman are you?
One who is not willing to put
that give lessons constantly.
Why are you still here?
For $ 40 a month,
and food.
You know, do I have
still unclear, McNulty.
the impression of someone with many ideas,...
... all lackluster.
And no honorable.
Yes, eh?
Where you going?
Mr. Rodock says there is work for you...
... if you want to stay.
All right? ? Do you want to??
Yes .. yes, of course I want
Hungry, right?
I have not eaten for two days.
Come with me.
Sit there.
Why do you look like?
Do you find it strange,
there is a woman here?
I Speak in a fun way? Is that
No,... eh...
'm working hard to learn to speak your language.
And I can write very well.
And accent.
Mr. Rodock told me you're from...
... how you say, Pen... Pen...
- Pennsylvania?.
- Ah, yes. Pennsylvania.
not you distinguish a wild horse a bath.
No, ma'am. But
I learn very quickly.
So much interest you have for staying?
I would love to be a cowboy.
Over here we call them cowboys.
Says he saved lives.
Yes Is it luck,
and arrived on time.
And he greatly admired,
how did you take the bullet.
It was so difficult, madame.
And you had so much fear,
I almost faint.
Mira. Since you're going to work here,
hope not lie to me.
Y eat.
I have offended, right?
No, does not matter.
How is
a boy like you...
... leaves town,
and leave everything you have,...
... To be a cowboy?
If you think
is a nice work, you're wrong.
First, lady, why not have him
And secondly,
'm no kid.
Umm. I thought it smelled
hot coffee.
I love hot coffee.
Maybe in the bunkhouse,
not here.
It is better here.
McNulty, Steve Miller.
Hi there.
- The boss is asleep?
- Why?
Baldy and Abe have arrived.
The East sector is empty.
They stole all the horses.
Did you say,
or should I?
I'll tell you.
Uh, I'd like to see his face.
It is a spectacle
when fever comes hanged.
The bull.
Where are you, Steve?
Oh, very far.
Yes, you have
cowboy look.
I'm not, but I have to eat
That makes you a partner
Senior club world.
But really,
does not matter much.
There you go, for example,
a Rodock.
Is a very rich man,...
do you think that makes me admire him more?
not have those horses that is smarter,...
... but because they came here before.
What is hanged fever,
Mr. McNulty?
Hanged men, however
thieves they are,...
... without trial or jury.
... Can be deadly.
That kid, do not you know how to eat alone?
Two weeks ago no see.
Take that cigarette out of the mouth.
You do not play the piano in a dump
The first time you saw me I was smoking
In a seedy dump.
You said you loved.
You said you made me very sexy.
Would you change now?
I like sexy.
Yes, I said.
You also want to change.
- I'm going.
- Stay a little while.
Good night.
Bring me another bottle.
I'm not sleeping yet.
- But does not your back hurt?
- Yes, of course.
But only when I sleep.
Bring me another bottle.
You learn with experience.
I will give you a hand.
Did he say if you want to do something?
- Have you finished?
- Yes, ma'am.
Please take the dishes to the well and frigalos
I have not told him the horses.
Do not think I can say it tomorrow?
Are you afraid when you miss
ready to hang people?
How much will you be able to endure?
Do not touch me.
Me mistress of yourself would be.
You'd have what you want.
You did not want me
Cheyenne case.
Mac, you do not do more than
get into trouble.
Is seen not understand.
Not going to marry you, you do not want
- Go away, go away from here.
- What do you make of all this?
- Why are you still here?
- Because I want to be here.
When I was alone and sick and needed shelter
... I said I could live here without getting
Was free, and I still am.
Thanks for the coffee.
And that bottle
were bringing me to ca...?
A moment Jeremy,
back to bed.
Has returned Baldy?
No, it has not yet come.
what are you doing here?
I came to take a cup of coffee.
Hey. You're new here,
and maybe you do not.
There is a boiling coffee all night in the hut.
? Equally good?
Equally good,
and more abundant.
Well, I'll keep this.
Good night.
Uh, be my friend, my impatient friend
Did you know him in Cheyenne?
My friend, what are
these questions?
Yes, let's leave.
No you were born the day I met you.
And, really, am I glad
- All right, Steve?
- Good.
- Have you eaten enough?
- Yes
Do not you have been taught to say thank you
Sure was a schoolteacher.
I have not walked the
school in my life.
But my father was a teacher.
And I was his best student.
French, German, Latin knew,
and a little English...
... when I was 16.
Good night, Steve.
and thank you, ma'am.
Dislike Call lady.
Is hard to please,
Mrs. Rodock.
Neither my name as well.
'm Jocasta Constantine.
Miss Constantine.
I am Greek.
But you can call me Jo.
Right, Jo.
If you need help or...
... well,...
... anyone steal you
your ingenuity.
A man, who had to cut trees
a mile...
... to bring this piano,
should not clash at this point.
Toca you, Jo.
No, it's late and you're tired.
Come on, Jo, I know good
plays a little.
You were playing and singing this
the first time I saw you.
You did not see me me.
I I saw you.
This sounds better.
Ah! I forgot.
I have a gift for you.
See. Reach out.
I love.
- Are beautiful.
- I can.
I had to pay two mares and a stallion
for them.
Do not have to buy anything anymore.
Why I will not be able to buy things
Not need gifts, Jeremy.
I will stay here whenever you want to have me.
- Say that again.
- Whenever you want to have me.
I like to hear you say.
Although I know it will be a day when this...
... will stay small for you, and...
... and want to leave.
I will not leave.
Hey, boy!
Not have, by chance, one of those
mail order catalogs.
No, I have not.
I told a friend that this year brought
... women in corset.
Fat, you are still ideas.
And so,
you never get anywhere.
I have not seen a woman besides
Jocasta, in 8 months.
And you're uglier every day.
Why do not you shut
while she plays the piano?
Hey, you're not going to take your shirt
Yes, why?
Because this is home, sweet home
, of the Texas doves.
Texan? Doves?
So no one gets rich.
Al cot!
Breakfast! Breakfast!
Breakfast !
Eh, Steve! Here's to fly
call when eating.
- Breakfast not wait.
- And neither do we.
Good morning, Jo.
- Would you say?
- Yes
Y was furious.
Now, there is no way to stop him
I'm leaving now.
To be back in a day or two.
Oh, come on, come on.
- Looks like you have stepped on a mule.
- Do not worry.
But you yes that's wrong.
Jeremy, please
do not go.
I'm sorry.
I have to go.
Mean anything to you that I will pray
Jo. You know you're
for me?
The person I care
more than anyone in the world.
But I can not do what you ask.
We live in the middle
of nowhere.
Hundreds of miles of a civilized place...
... where the only law is mine.
Since I came here,
this to you I said,...
... robbed me, harassed, attacked and persecuted
have killed one of my men.
If I find my horses,
I find the murderer.
And if I find the murderer,
choked him.
I have to fulfill my own law, Jo.
A law that has allowed me to be
owns half of the horses of the West.
Goodbye, Jo.
If you saw the damage that
that makes you, Jeremy.
You other.
You are sick.
You get the fever hanging.
Where you heard it rush
on the gallows?
Here I took a few days...
... when you took a horse thief and ahorcaste
- I had stolen ten horses.
- And what served you hang him!
He died, something died in
and you!
- You are not the law!
- I'm the only law that I have!
So, if you think this is not for you
... I lived alone a long time, Jo.
Find traces of that
Waity and we killed them all day
Mr. Rodock not
away view of footprints .
we never would stop
left to rest the horses
Even when the wind rose and
erased footprints,...
Give up...
Went ahead
Always ahead
I can not see anything .
No never find them.
We will continue.
I tell you when I return.
What, do you see anything?
Hence not spend.
We have to go to a
I will pay $ 10 each.
What is this place?
Peterson Ranch,
my former partner.
We will
I do not have much affection.
You know you're not well received
I have stolen some horses.
why do not you leave?
Whenever thieves looking and not find, pagers here.
Do not you get tired this game?
Sal my land!
You heard my father,
Look, kid.
I taught
distinguish between the ass and the head of a horse.
I picked you up when you threw, you wiped the tears
... and sounded like snot.
Do not get the little man now!
Why have you come here?
my horses were here last time.
No, what was here
was my father.
Rodock, please!
Now you have been led to believe this hoax,
That I stole what belonged
Well, you lied then.
And you lying now.
- Rodock, go away!
- Rodock, if you do not I'll kill you.
Do not kill me .
Left guts to do it.
I am very tired, Peterson.
Very tired and very angry.
If you know anything about my horses tell me
And I'll take and I'll forget,
like last time.
But if you do not tell me,
and has won...
... you will hang as
have proof.
They killed one of my men.
It's not about a horse.
Rodock, last...
... do not come back.
Did not tell me that a man died.
I did not kill him.
No, ma'am, it was not him.
I killed him.
And I feel it was not Rodock.
You start with one.
Then another.
Then these men came.
Now murder.
He has not killed anyone.
You no longer needed here.
Continue here until we get on the horses
Yes, when Rodock
has calmed down a bit.
Dad, you said that you found
Said they were wild horses.
See, Lars, I...
Where is Jo?
Have you gone?
No, is in the barn, the mare has given birth
I helped Miss Jo.
Is on a foul mood.
Do not know when it is worse...
... when crashes or hangs when not
Did not you find?
No. And Rodock is furious.
Jo, this man is not for you.
Wow, Jo!
- I think you've been in labor.
- I midwife with Cooky.
- Male or female?
- Ah... I do not know.
Any woman who is not curious?
How do you feel,
Nothing like a good drink
to get in shape.
- I missed you.
- I love you too.
Nasty things I said before I left.
And I said them to you.
Jo, when you and I are home alone
... and that door is closed...
... do not think about what happens outside.
Will you go again?
What I meant, I do not want to think about it
I'll try.
Ho, ho, ho!
So horse so!
Do not be rushed!
Id slowly!
A good dressage
takes time!
Hey, stay there, eh!
Up, up!
Horse,... subject!
Release the reins, Steve!
Drop the reins!
O no you do with them!
What do you waiting for?
Are you afraid of falling?
Baldy! If the guy does not work
to quit!
Mr. Rodock
is made fierce lately.
No wonder. How long will follow
looking for?
Keep believing that you can find the trail.
's Like a wolf in a full moon.
- Good afternoon, Miss Jo.
- Good afternoon, Cooky.
Miss Jo,
is very pretty in that suit.
Would you still like to work, Steve
yes, but Mr. Rodock
not know if he's happy.
Ah, yes. He said
you learn fast.
He has not said anything.
But is very friendly to invent.
- Knights!
- Good morning, Miss!
Mr. Rodock has seen good and fast fingers.
Well, I'm going to do
the night watch.
Is job I like least.
I think every tree I hide a rustler...
... ready for anything. For example,
to shoot myself.
I told you to leave me alone.
Ask me whatever you want, Jo.
Whatever, whatever.
Leave me alone.
- Sorry, Jo.
- Come, lovely.
So I'm not interested.
- Come, come.
- I respect you.
McNulty is in the haystack.
Eh, poor Steve is there
eaten by jealousy.
In case you have not noticed, Mr.
comes Rodock.
- Hi pattern.
- Hello.
- Any luck?
- It's not just luck.
Hello boss.
Get your things, McNulty.
You're fired.
I'll send the Cheyenne
paid by mail.
- Why me goodbye?
- You will go immediately.
If you get fired,
I like to know why.
Explain it.
'm The better of his men, horses understand
... I fulfill my obligation.
chief may fear me near you...
... just in case his girlfriend could...
Length , McNulty,
or I'll break your head.
Quiet, Rodock.
I do not like hitting a man...
Do not worry.
I do foul play.
Let go of my land
as you can move.
You fell in love with her the first night
Does not matter.
Bride Is Mr. Rodock.
Bride fire me Mr. Rodock.
- Okay. Goodbye, boy.
- Goodbye, McNulty.
Go. Good evening, sir Rodock
The soup is hot.
- Do you feel like eating?
- I could eat an ox.
I am very happy.
I fired McNulty.
What happened?
Saddle he was a little big.
But I have to admit one thing:
had a way with horses.
Jo, I want to know the truth.
Did you know him in Cheyenne?
One day you told me that you were glad that
had not born yesterday.
Well, I was not born yesterday.
But he was never anything to me,
and I'm glad to leave.
Once you said you'd stay here until
... well, as I'd like.
Have you changed your mind?
Oh, Jeremy.
I know that I can leave if you want.
When I came here,
was tired and sick,...
... only planned to stay a while.
... But I knew better.
I did feel that this was my home
... we finally had a home.
I can not think of a better word.
My home .
Now it is summer and I have healed.
I do not want to go.
And you also want me to go.
not want you to go.
Do you know Jo?
'll Talk with men.
Looking for Mr. Rodock,
No, you come to see it
told me that tomorrow is going to buy groceries.
wanted to kick me a letter in the mail.
All right.
Just do not know how to write.
Never taught me.
You studied English.
I will want to write?
Is a test of confidence
I thank you.
Who is?
For your girlfriend?
For my mother.
I did not know
jeans mother had.
Thought born of saddles.
Kidding, Steve.
Right that you remember your mother.
What say you thought?
Well... I wanted to explain where I am.
Y. .. tell him that I will send money when copper.
My father is dead.
I'm so sorry, Steve.
This is his address.
A friend pointed me.
And this for the label.
Do not you want to know what you say
Oh, yes. Clear.
Dear Mother
Whenever I call Mom.
Dear Mom
I am writing to let you know I have a job
My address is Rodock Ranch, Wyoming
'm Learning to be a cowboy
I really like the West .
I'm happy, but
miss you
hope you're well
I enclose $ 10
for you to buy what you like
Your son, who loves you,
Yes, but you will have to cross out of
$ 10.
- I do not.
- I'll leave you.
No, I need to...
And leave you more, if you use
to go home.
Steve. We have spoken rarely
... since you came here.
But that was enough.
're Good.
Still do not have perverted and hardened
This life is not for you.
- But I'm very...
- Look at the men of the barracks.
Baldy, Fat Jones, Abe...
never have a family.
Not a home.
In 10 years,
be like them.
A nobody mounted on horseback.
- No, because I...
- That's what they are.
A nobody mounted on horseback.
With black teeth,
broken bones, hernia, and lice.
But Mr. Rodock is not.
Oh, Mr. Rodock
and their horses.
Waity for those horses died.
Hanged Someone will die, and Mr.
Rodock will put the rope.
For the horses of Mr. Rodock.
Can not stop the stealing
Go home . Before
mates for the first time...
... or pull on the rope first hanged, and that
start to eat you alive.
Dedicate yourself to something else.
Find yourself a girlfriend, who is decent.
And marry her.
Live in a place, where you can have
A normal life.
A normal life...
Steve. Sorry.
Sometimes I think in my own life.
In my old dreams.
- What are you doing here?
- I was talking with Miss Jo.
Oh yeah?
Wrote a letter on my behalf to my mother.
- Do you like your job?
- Yes
- You're doing fine.
- Thank you, Mr. Rodock.
- For days you do not scold me.
- He has not given me reason.
, quiet, do not encabrites.
Soon reach the buyers of Wells Fargo.
I feel it is picked.
- Six've tamed me.
- Yes, I know.
sweat mixing with a horse...
... feels more attached to it than...
- Good evening, sir Rodock.
- I like you, son.
You learn fast.
Maybe someday I name my foreman.
A Spot! Eat!
- A horse!
- Eat!
Rodock Lord! Rodock Lord!
They moved the horses.
Three men.
Near Spring Creek.
- Did you say to men?
- They're saddling.
- Is the group you saw?
- I think so.
Abe, Baldy,
CUBRID flanks.
With eyes wide open.
We gotta get out.
I will not give up.
I want those horses.
Yes, indeed.
Are mine.
I, to Rodock.
You, who are on their side.
Is Peterson.
Is dead.
Down, boy.
Down, boy.
- Ready, Abe?
- Yes
Rodock Lord, please return it
Do not choke, please sir Rodock
Come on, boy, come on!
Ever have to make you man!
Bring him down. And bury.
I feel for you, man.
That happens to be an idiot.
Do you work with Rodock?
Although YOU HAD stolen...
... who would buy
wearing your brand?
Interested listen
a good idea?
- Right now.
- Come on.
Never thought I could get this.
This land was too tough for him.
Why do not you become
Tomorrow or the other,
send you some money.
Turn to the East,
and take your son.
Matar to bring money.
I want to talk to you.
- And Miss?
- He went out riding.
- How long ago?
- Oh, yes, sir.
Ten. Drink this, son.
'll Feel better.
I think I should go.
This was necessary
This is another land.
Other than Pennsylvania,...
... where law is established.
Bebe me.
Hey. Next time,
do not seem so horrible.
Will understand to be done as...
... like
punish a horse to learn to behave.
- I remember once I...
- It did not hang him.
'm Trying to explain.
I said I did not need to hang him!
I stole horses, right?
Fired against me, right?
- Killed Waity, right?
- How do you know he killed Waity?
The stealing horses,
kill anyone who tries to stop him.
How do you know?
Do not know.
Could kill another person.
'll Never know.
I'll never know.
- Mr Rodock.
- Come, sit boy. Sit.
I'm sorry.
Never had taken whiskey.
I may be naive, it is possible yes
... but, sir Rodock...
... did not have to hang him.
Hi Jo.
Ven. Have a drink.
I yield my glass.
Have you seen
you hang a man?
- Steve!
- Do not worry about it.
It will happen.
Come, drink with me.
I tell Jo,
that is the only way.
Fear makes the honest men.
With the hanging of today, I have raised a fence
... 3 meters high,
around my ranch.
I know what you think, and you
that guy!
That I'm the thief and murderer
- Please Jeremy.
- But I do not understand anything!
First there is no law!
Then the man makes his own law!
People think very much the steal again!
I'm happy for you.
Oh, Jo.
Remember few weeks ago,...
... once that door closed
... would not consider what happens
out of here.
- Do you remember, eh?
- Yes
- All right. So...
- Have another whiskey. I'll be back.
- Where are you going?
- Out.
- What?
- Be right back.
Do not go to console
that boy?
I want to talk to him a moment
- Is alone and depressed!
- I want you here!
I tell her to stay and be
What do you think, Cooky?
What can a man do?
It's more than hanging.
Much more.
He told me he will stay, will stay.
why not believe it?
What do I put here that
tells me to go, it will go?
When a man has a thing...
must be convinced that you have.
That is not never gonna lose.
I want to talk to you, Steve.
Me alone.
I know what happens to you.
Come into the light, Steve.
I want to see your face when I talk to
I can not forget.
His mouth was open.
you should keep thinking about it.
's What makes you,
not think about it.
How can you stay here?
Listen, Steve.
Do you think I do not care
who has hanged a man?
've Come for you because I know you're hurting.
It was horrible.
Do not let it harden you.
What you bitter.
From the first night...
I know.
Do not expect to find a woman here.
I did not dare to think of you.
Mr. Rodock was a kind of God.
I thought I should not think of you.
He is no longer a God
has hanged a man,...
... and now
do think of you, Jo.
I want to leave here.
I want to make something of my life,
but I will not go without you.
're So young.
Remember what once told me.
What you had dreamed.
A place to live a normal life.
'd Completely insane if not fight for offering it.
- Is he laughing at me?
- No, not Steve.
I'm going to do a single question.
Please Steve, do not ask me
I have to go now.
I love U.
- You found the guy?
- Yes
And, how are you?
Yes - Good.
Jo. The horses are already tamed
... and the Wells Fargo
come within a couple of days.
We will give a party.
As of July 4,
with racing and horse show.
Will it be good, eh?
Hey, do you remember that Greek song
... I like so much?
La, la, la, lalalala, la la la...
- Anda, touch, want.
- Currently do not!
Right now I can not play!
Get along, sir Rodock.
Stop exhibirte. The
horses have done everything.
If these animals do know, I spit in the face.
Steve, do not worry.
Jo, I want to see you tonight.
I have to talk to you.
We have nothing to talk about, Steve.
Jo... I...
Look to see how
Cooky with food.
Rodock Lord.
Would be very sad that the horses go out of style.
That will never happen.
What will happen when the railroad comes?
The railway will not
by large cities.
That's what I said.
What would big cities like New York and
Chicago without horses?
Jo, please
have to tell you something.
Cooky, go to the kitchen and sees
bringing the rest of the cakes.
Yes, Miss Jo.
Jo, listen.
I do not know another way to put it.
I love you, and I want to marry you
Do not even know where you come from, or what it was.
I do not care.
I think it should.
I'm not the woman
good for you as a wife.
'd Have a reason to do what you did.
I had a reason.
That was the easiest solution.
I am a child of war,
When I was 16, my whole family died
I came to New York,
with very little money.
Believing another country, another life...
- Jo, I do not care what...
- It was very hard for me.
Was not prepared.
If I could I have willpower
... I would have gone to work,
like other girls.
It was necessary to play the piano in a bar.
I took my face and my body
Played piano for men...
Jeremy found me.
Gave me the chance to change their lives, and I accepted.
discovered that he had fallen in love with him.
But he...
I know what you think
all his men.
're Wrong.
I know what you expected to hear.
The feast is ready.
Steve was helping me.
Tell the men to come.
So now is the guy.
How do you mean?
What did you think
is this? A brothel?
Nor I swallowed what McNulty!
? McNulty?
What about McNulty?
I saw you leave the barn, and
was in here...
... in here with you!
The night I got back from Cheyenne!
Basta, Jeremy!
McNulty meant nothing to me, and Steve
means nothing!
And now you!
I known you were in Cheyenne, right?!
I confessed last night, do you remember
This party is better than the one given in Cheyenne,...
... Mr. Rodock.
Until next summer, Mr. Rodock
Come back soon!
There will be more tame horses!
When we run out women and money return.
Wanted to put between them as far as possible
Jocasta still wanted to
But I could not stay there, knowing
. she loved Mr. Rodock
not know where I was going
me away from them
Where is Mr. Rodock
Since last night,
has not left the house.
Miss Jo has asked for you.
Rodock Lord!
Rodock Lord.
Rodock Lord!
Mares and foals are not.
The mares and foals!
The stolen!
- Where you've seen?
- I have not seen it, but...
... gone all the valley. They've been taken.
Found a pony with a broken leg.
Do the foals and mares stolen
- Did you see footprints?
- Yes Maybe 2 or 3 days.
- Tell the men to saddle.
- Is only Abe.
Then tell Abe that saddle!
Not think back.
Not want to see more hanged.
But I had to come.
Do not know why.
Iba Road West.
- I've been looking.
- Abe told me so.
I wanted to say goodbye.
I'm going too.
Are you going?
Do not want to live here.
Let me go with you.
A Cheyenne to San Francisco,
wherever you want.
Let me be with you until... until...
change your mind and marry me.
I... I have to go with Mr. Rodock.
No one will go with Abe.
But... do not go back until
Please Jo.
Right, Steve.
I'll wait.
Is there nothing we can do for him?
Abe. Do it.
We have fresh tracks.
You were right, kid.
From now, 2 or 3 days.
But I do not understand how
Colts took.
With them you can not go fast.
I did not know we were to make this.
Well you know.
If I'd known, I would have
When the die has left your hand
and you can not change the fate.
have a visitor.
Hello Mac
Hi Steve.
How do you here?
Rodock fired me.
I'm Cheyenne.
- How is Jo?
- Still there.
- So you have a job.
- Yes, I have.
This is not the way to Cheyenne.
Mac, tell him I
I can go anywhere.
Sure, Steve, of course.
As you let us go.
Desrmalos Steve.
Abe, scrape out the horses.
I'll hang.
Bind them, Steve.
From hands and feet.
Rodock Lord, and let Abe
relocate to the strong Whitney.
Quiescent, beautiful... still.
You mutilated my mares.
- The've left hoof.
- What have you done?
Nobody considers that a man...
... so would an animal.
- Why did you do it?
- I'll tell you what, Steve.
If a horse is trimmed hooves...
... you can not walk.
's Like you nailed you
a knife between the nails.
He did not escape to.
mares would not move from here.
foals would stay with them while having to suck
So these scoundrels, the scoundrels,
have a good alibi.
Would return when the foals are weaned
... and would have a bunch of horses unbranded
So he did, Steve.
Mr. McNulty,
has great ideas.
Have great ideas.
Abe, we will not need this rope
Sultales bondage feet.
You too, Steve.
Take away the boots.
Do not! Not me!
Rodock. The boy did not want to do that
Let it be.
Do not need to beg anyone for me.
How to calculate from here to Fort Whitney?
Far is .
for those who are used to go riding...
... is a long way.
Stop playing games, Rodock.
Now you will have chance to know what my horses suffer.
Steve and I take
to Fort Whitney.
You stay here with the animals until we can take them as
Go get their horses.
For pity, sir.
- Can not resist long.
- Shut up, Barjak!
We threw the dice.
The game is.
Do not ever try!
Destales hands.
I have a long way.
Well, that's enough.
Tie them to a tree,
spend the night here.
Animals need
'll Stop here.
Put yourself in the foot!
We're going!
Arise Barjak.
Get up!
I said get up.
Come on!
We have to go!
Arise Barjak!
That's better.
But that is not you get a horse.
Do you really think us
walk there, and surrender?
up right there.
Do not steal was enough.
Torturasteis my horses.
You are not only thieves, but
cruel men.
You are solely greedy and cruel.
Rodock Lord,
has to stop.
Upload it to your horse.
Arriba. We're going.
My father must kill
20 years.
This is not punishment,
Mr. Rodock.
Is revenge.
Not human.
I can not.
Upload it to your horse.
Basta, you hear me!
Enough, boy!
That's enough!
Lars. Come on, son.
Upload the horse.
Come on, boy.
You hear me, boy?
You two, get the hell out.
Iros far and fast!
Do you return to get close to me, or my
lands, while you are alive.
Go away!
Anda boy.
You come with me.
Me alone.
Here is your son, Ellie.
- Do you intervene, mother!
- No more deaths!
- I do not know what he has done.
- I know what you've done!
And I know that you have returned
you alive! That's enough.
I have nothing against you, Jeremy.
And I want to thank you for bringing me home
my son.
Ellie, once
I told you to get out of here.
- Go East, and take the boy.
- I'm not leaving.
I should remember as it was small.
When I got him on his first horse.
Well, if you empeis
in stay, you will...
... you send an item
of mares and foals.
- Lars And can...
- I do not want.
Do you think that will pay
which made me and my father?
Yes, my father was weak.
And you are strong, but
could help.
Well, saw
I'm not weak.
If you would handle it.
I'll run bad, I work hard, and
Raise my own horses.
Now out!
I feel some slack,
I have learned from you.
sorry for both.
Oh, Lars.
Steve. Tomorrow, first thing,...
... go find and tell Abe
carrying mares and foals...
... Peterson's ranch.
Lars will care either.
Your mother will see to that.
- Still thinking of going?
- Anytime, Steve.
It's okay.
Rodock Lord. When your message to
Abe, not back.
May be the best.
money he owes me...
... I can take the other horse and buggy
What do you want the buggy?
The Miss Jo with me.
Are you going to take Jocasta
Yes, sir.
- Does she know?
- Yes
Take the buggy.
not much to explain.
No. Even a blind man would see it.
Is given one turn,
and stolen all...
-... a horse, a woman.
- To me nobody steals from me!
I'm going by my will.
I heart, and head, and I know
I decide for myself.
I am a human being.
Not an animal, Jeremy.
'm Not even one Rodock mare.
You understand horses, but humans
... you have no idea.
Now I understand why I have not married,...
... or even what you thought.
wedding must put the heart in the other person.
How can you put it, if you do not trust
Upload the car, Cooky.
Goodbye, Cooky.
- Good luck.
- Goodbye, Miss Jo.
Is difficult to understand.
Think you know him,
and not true.
Was ready to hang,
and not hanged anyone.
Said we would take them to the sheriff
But when the boy was determined to follow
... he begged her to stop.
then release the other two...
... And gives a lot of horses
Peterson's son.
And when we came,
and said I had done well,...
... turned against me, as if I hated
"I'll leave it," said
"I'm sick of
men hunt and kill them."
"I'll sell the ranch."
Is very difficult to understand Mr. Rodock.
You forgot one thing.
No. I do not want.
Yes Take them.
Good luck.
Where are you going?
I may not know
write letters.
But where you belong.
What about Jo?
Jeremy, I want to stay.
Ah, no, no.
You were in the right direction.
- You must go with Steve.
- I never wanted to leave.
I've told Steve.
I told you I love you.
I need the buggy.
I give Evan.
Always liked.
Treat him well.
- Goodbye Jo.
- Goodbye Steve.
- Goodbye Mr. Rodock.
- Goodbye son.
Send news occasionally, huh?
Do not worry. No one
heart breaks for first love.
As for the latter.
Jo, I'm going to ask now
Before Alex and Chloe.
- Will you marry me?
- And I tell you, to them, yes.
I saw Mr. Rodock
I did not see Jocasta / i
But both
always accompanied me.
Still wanted them,
all my life.