Tridev (1989) Movie Script

The earth is torn asunder by sin.
The heavens are cleaved
by wrong.
Atrocities leave humanity
The reign of Satan prevails.
We need beings with
infinite strength...
...who target evil
They will destroy the wrong-doers.
They will be known as the Trinity.
Diwali, the festival of
crackers is over for now.
But we'll be celebrating
another Diwali all year round.
These weapons are in
preparation for that Diwali.
Innocent and helpless people
must be killed in this country.
Else how will our
terror spread '?
We must terrorize people.
Each day should feel like
There last.
We must bring the country to
a state of chaos.
That's how we will gain
While the wars go on, our
weapons will continue to sell.
And I will keep getting
my commission.
Bhujang, your consignment has
already reached your godown.
Now, please arrange for
my goods.
Warm Don's pocket.
And his heart too.
I'm happy with this.
But this Lakshmi" '?
- You can take this back.
- Why '?
Because Mr. Tandon's orders are
otherwise. He doesn't want money.
He wants Laxmandas's life.
Laxmandas '? That leader '?
That patriot'?
Yes. The patriot who leads his
country to progress must die.
We may have to die.
But we will not allow
our country to perish.
In this battle we have
one great problem.
We don't know who
our enemy is.
He is obviously one among us.
He is in our country.
He eats our food
and wears our clothes.
Yet he is trying to create
a division amongst us.
Tell me. What do you
have to say about this?
I represent the Daily Sun.
My name is Shrikant Varma.
If you think the traitor
is our own countryman...
...and that it is difficult
to pinpoint him...
...then how can we ever
control this terrorism '?
With your help.
The pen is mightier
than the sword.
If you can arouse the people
with your writing...
they will co-operate with
the police.
The people and the police
should join hands.
Then it won't be difficult to
defeat these traitors.
The two sides will then join forces.
Then you will see.
Those who want to destroy us
will themselves be annihilated.
They will be finished.
They will be ruined.
The vegetables have arrived
on the table, Ram Avtar.
What about the rotis '?
You treat your home like
You're political platform.
Every time you get a chance,
you shout.
Madam, he loves us so much.
Even if he scolds us,
we know he loves us.
You understand me, Ram Avtar.
That's why you've become part
of the family so quickly.
I feel as if you've been
here 1O years.
Sir, I'll stay as long as
I'm destined to.
You sure have learned to
talk big, Ram Avtar.
Where do you get such
good servants these days'?
I'll take it.
This is the herald of the
Third World War.
Its flames have devoured
Laxmandas and his family.
I can see the ruins of our
country in these flames.
Who are these traitors, after all '?
How can we recognize them '?
When do they emerge from
their hide-outs'?
How do they spread their
poison and then disappear?
We will have to look for clues.
We must trace these traitors.
If we fail to find them
We should resign. All of us.
- What is it'?
- I hear you sell guns.
You've heard wrong. Go away.
I only want a small revolver.
Worth about Rs. 5,000.
I'm willing to pay Rs. 20,000.
It's all imported stuff.
- These are excellent weapons.
- Yes.
Leave aside cannons and tanks.
I've every sort of weapon for
near and distant shooting.
This is the Webley and Scott. The
most deadly revolver in the world.
You can shoot a man at 4O meters.
He'll be blown to bits.
It can kill a tiger at 2O meters.
And an elephant at 1O meters.
And if I hold it at
1O cms from your head?
And press the trigger?
What then?
I don't know anything.
Don't beat me.
Continue hitting him, till he spills
the name of all the traitors, Karan.
You've put one traitor
in my hands.
I'll use him to arrest all
the others and hang them.
Hanging is little punishment
for these rascals.
Okay, Karan, I'm on my way.
What do you wish to say,
Suraj Singh'?
Sir, there's a limit to
beating even a criminal.
We're using terror tactics
to loosen their tongues.
Then how are we different
from terrorists?
You've been beaten a lot;
but you still refuse to speak.
No amount of hammering will
open the lock on his lips.
Your lock has only one key
Your sister, Natasha.
A sister who always thought
you were a good man.
Now she'll see you behind
bars in a jail.
She'll spurn your
dishonest earnings.
When you leave jail 1O years later,
you'll find her in a brothel.
She'll be selling
her body for Rs. 10.
Stop it, Inspector. Stop it.
I have only one dream,"
My sister's happiness.
I hope you don't have to
witness her suicide.
That's why I say this...
Tell me who they are.
I promise to release you
after I've captured them.
Will you fulfil your
promise, Inspector?
That's why I haven't registered
a case against you.
I'm an enforcer of the law.
But to destroy these traitors,
I'd even flout the law.
In that case, I promise not
to hide anything from you.
Various people bring these
weapons to me.
But there's no point
catching small fry.
If you really want to stop them,
catch the ship.
The one that docks every
moonless night near Uran.
Karan, the Commissioner
has called for you.
I don't understand this, Karan.
Why do you get so worked up
when you interrogate a criminal?
They're destroying our country.
This is the only way to treat them.
No, Karan. That's not good.
As law enforcers, we have to
function within some limits.
A noose intended for a criminal
can tighten around our own necks.
I'm not scared of any noose.
This uniform gives me a sense of duty.
My duty ends only with my death.
I can't best you in talk.
Here's your house.
Brighten up.
Today is the most important
day in my life.
Your legal work is far
better than a police job.
At least the court has
fixed timings.
The bride is ready
for the engagement.
But there is no sign of the groom.
Nor that of my husband.
Mummy, Daddy will come.
Not "will come". He's here.
Here's the groom .
And his father-in-law.
Come... let's embrace.
Until now we met as
Police Commissioner and Judge.
But from today
we'll be relations.
Why delay matters?
We've met as relations.
Let the young people
secure their relationship.
Here you are, dear.
Put this on his finger.
Son, I'm your father.
Make sure you never
neglect duty.
And I'll never forget
Put this on her finger.
Mr. Commissioner, we go by
the 2O point program.
This is only the engagement.
We will neither give or accept
any dowry at the wedding.
We won't bother you with
a lot of guests.
But where's our
special guest, Ravi?
A new stunt every day.
How do you come to be covered
in blood today?
I only lost a little.
I'd have killed him if I could.
- Can I ask you why'?
- It's sad.
Poor people make a living as
hawkers on the streets.
These thugs collect protection
money from them every day.
Such thugs should be
finished off.
So you've taken over the
duty of the police.
The police only turn up
after the incident.
The one who comes before
is a human being.
Not human. He's a good-for-nothing.
- Enough.
Why spoil the mood on
a day of celebrations?
There's no way he'll improve.
Please come...
Have some sweets.
They say you shouldn't be either
a policeman's friend or his foe.
But you've made it
a relationship.
I know it won't please you.
Your sister goes from one
police family to another.
And she's your sister too.
My sister approves of you.
Dare I oppose my sister and
a policeman?
I speak the truth, Karan.
You're a policeman in uniform.
But first you're a good human being,
a good friend, a good husband.
What do you say, little one'?
I'll tell you the
day you reform.
I'd better leave.
Everyone hates me here.
I'll go crazy.
Be happy.
- What do you think?
- What about?
I'm the one who'll go crazy,
not him.
That's what I think.
What do you think?
Load the consignment quickly.
The police patrol has improved.
You needn't worry.
What's Inspector Suraj there for'?
Just to keep the police
away from us.
If anyone tries to move even an inch,
..l'll knock off your heads.
Hows Inspector Karan here?
Looks like he's alone.
I can take care of all of
you by myself.
Run away! Go!
Load the goods quickly.
Come on. Hurry up.
Hurry UP-
The consignment' s gone!
Your uniform and your law
can't hurt us at all.
Not at all.
You English pimp.
I'll show you how this uniform
and law can hurt you.
A dog can earn a place
on the back seat.
But a bag of garbage is dumped
in the boot of the car.
Your mother must have
rocked you as a child.
This ride must have brought
back your childhood.
Shall we go'?
How did he get arrested'?
What could we do'?
The police suddenly raided us.
If it hadn't been for
the consignment...
We'd have killed him
then and there.
No. I want Don released
So that he can go on doing
illegal jobs for us.
But before that I have to
take care of someone.
The one who informed
the police about us.
Your information
was correct.
I gave you my promise.
You can go.
- Come. Sit down.
- Why'?
I'll drop you home.
Don't worry.
I won't take you back to jail.
- Here's your home.
- Where have you brought me'?
I have brought you to a big house,
to introduce you to our big boss.
Well done, Suraj Singh.
Here's your reward.
Where was the need?
Shall I go'?
I'll let you go.
If you tell me the truth.
What did you tell
Inspector Karan about us'?
- I didn't tell him anything.
- You won't talk this way.
Didn't Karan use your sister's
honor to frighten you'?
You wanted to save
your sister.
That's why you gave
him the information.
But now if you don't
tell me...
my sons will make sure your
sister ends up in a brothel.
Don't do that.
I'm willing to do whatever you say.
Raghav, Ramesh will introduce
you to Inspector Karan.
Karan, Don's case papers
are ready.
- I'll send them to the court today.
- All right.
Inspector, you changed my life.
I've brought my cousin with me.
Raghav, bow before him.
No, no. What are you doing?
Even if a criminal wants to
reform, people don't let him.
I've been trying to convince
him to change his ways.
He's finally agreed. How he
argued with me before this!
Forgive, him this time.
He'll lead a good life
with me from now on.
I'll go now. Don's case is to
come up in court tomorrow.
My lord, my next witness is
Ramesh Tejani.
Is it true that Inspector Karan
Saxena arrested you on Oct 12th'?
Yes, it's true.
- What was the charge against you'?
- I don't know.
He was arrested without
any cause.
I would like to call my next
The dashing Inspector
Karan Saxena.
- I seek the court's permission.
- Permitted.
Inspector Karan Saxena;
My 1st question is this...
On what charge did you
arrest Ramesh Tejani?
- For possessing illegal arms.
- Did you file the case'?
- No.
- Why not'?
Catching one arms dealer
wouldn't have solved the problem.
I wanted to use him to get
to the big gangs.
You have been playing
with the law.
You didn't leave him a criminal.
Nor made him an informer.
The truth is, neither Don nor
Tejani is a criminal.
If there is a real criminal,
then it is either you or -
This is the criminal,
my Lord.
This is the culprit.
His name is Raghav.
Take his statement, my Lord.
Inspector Suraj has shed
new light on the case.
He has caught Raghav red-handed
in possession of arms.
He is willing to confess
to his crime in court.
Raghav... is it true you're involved
in the illegal sale of arms?
ls it also true that the weapons
Inspector Suraj confiscated...
...belonged to you'?
Do you know Inspector Karan?
How long have you known him'?
...5 minutes'?
5 days?
5 months?
5 Years?
This is totally false,
my Lord.
I only met him a day ago at
the police station.
His cousin Ramesh told me...
he is a very outspoken person.
Inspector Karan has called
this man outspoken.
But he's dumb from birth.
And Ramesh is no relation
of his at all.
If anyone is really
involved in this case...
It is Inspector Karan.
And Ramesh.
They're working together to
hide their crimes.
They have hoodwinked the
police department.
They brought in Ramesh
as if he was an informer.
Don is only a victim
of their plot.
He was sitting in his boat,
Karan arrested this innocent
foreigner and put him in jail.
He tricked the police. And allowed
Raghav to continue his illegal trade.
When Don's boat was searched,
only fishing gear was found.
Here is the report prepared
by Inspector Suraj.
Along with this,
I now submit some evidence.
No court in the world
can call it false.
As a judge I know, you'll be
shocked by this evidence.
As a father,
you'll be shattered.
Here is a wrong-doer who has
confessed to his crimes.
There - a police officer -
guilty of sheltering a criminal
I appeal to the court,
let justice be done.
And my client,
Mr. Don should be acquitted.
This court acquits Mr.Don.
There is insufficient
evidence against him.
As for the accusecLRaghav.
The court sentences him to
8 years imprisonment.
For dealing in an illegal
arms trade.
I order the Police
Headquarters to take...
...the severest action
against Inspector Karan.
This is impossible, Daddy.
The gangs have been very
clever this time.
That's why Karan was
made out to be guilty.
But how can you believe
him to be guilty?
The law is not concerned
with emotions.
I've warned him. But he took
the law in his own hands.
He's been playing
with the law.
He's only beginning to
see the consequences.
Only time can tell how
it'll end.
I don't want to hear
anything more about this.
- Judge...
- You?
Your judgment went
wrong today, Judge.
What do you mean?
I'm talking about the decision
you gave today.
The truth is that
Karan is innocent.
He pitied me and saved
me from a sentence.
He's paying the price
for my crimes.
You mean....
Sit down.
Tell me the whole story.
The accused managed to get away.
We're all here to celebrate.
But where' s Ramesh '?
Ramesh hasn't got home
yet, Papa.
- What?
- Where's the bastard?
Has the earth swallowed him'?
No, it hasn't.
But it will.
His own tears have dried. Now he's
gone to wipe others' tears.
I know where he'll be.
What have I done'?
I punished the wrong man.
He's innocent.
He was tricked.
The real culprit is
that beast Bhujang.
Yes, Bhujang.
That beast is here.
And he won't let you
get away, Ramesh.
He's running towards the city.
He'll die a cowards death.
I regret this, Judge.
But you know too much
about me.
My brother said he would
be back by evening.
- He isn't back yet.
- Natasha!
What is this?
How did it happen?
Who did this to you'?
Tell me how this happened.
Tell me.
Who did this?
Tell me. Tell me.
They made a big mistake
by killing you.
I will make their lives miserable.
I won't leave them any peace.
What have you done, Father?
What are you punishing me for'?
I am innocent, Father.
I am innocent.
Father, I am innocent.
Why did you leave me?
Karan, I am sorry about
Mr.Saxena's death.
But I can't help you
in any way.
I told you this once.
That the noose of the law can
trap the law enforcer.
That is what has happened
with you.
I know you are innocent. But we
can't ignore what has happened.
I know you have no connection
with the traitors.
But the accusation will stick.
The authorities want you to
lose your uniform.
And your belt.
They want to suspend you.
But I want to give you one
last chance.
I want you to learn the value
of this uniform and the law.
Your transfer orders. Report
for duty at Madhopur tomorrow.
Sir, I feel like resigning
right now.
But I have made my father a
promise. I can't belie that.
I will lose all respect
for myself.
I didn't offer any
explanation in court.
I don't expect you to
listen to me now.
But remember this, Sir.
There is a volcano beneath
my silence.
The day the volcano erupts,
the law will realise the truth.
And my tainted reputation
will be washed clean.
This has ruined your
reputation in society.
Would you like that to affect
my daughter too'? I mean...
I understand, Sir.
Don't worry.
I would never want your
daughter to suffer.
Not because of my bad
It is not right for me to
wear this ring any more.
Let's go, driver.
Do you think that love dies
when you return a ring'?
You are wrong, Kara.
Divya, the world has passed
judgement on me.
My reputation is ruined.
Your father wouldn't like you
to marry an infamous policeman.
It would be better for
you to forget me.
It's not so easy to
forget, Karan.
Time passes but memories
can't be wiped away.
They only become
more painful.
Wherever you go,
remember this.
Someone is waiting for you.
I will wait for you as
long as I live.
Is this a police station or
a garbage dump'?
Want to make a report?
Come tomorrow.
The boss is arriving
Sir, you?
ls this any way to wear
your uniform?
People here prefer it
this way.
If you wear trousers, they
take the whole uniform off you.
If I ever see you like this
again, I will hang you naked.
If you take a single step,
I'll yell for the police.
We are the ones in
power here.
Police? Why, we strip them
of their trousers!
You will have to come
with us today.
- Do come.
- Get lost.
You can't force me.
If my father insists, then
let him marry this rich man.
I will only marry Jai.
I love him and can die
for him.
Hear that?
I won't go home with you.
We will see how you
refuse to come.
Who is this idiot?
Listen to me, you lawless men.
I represent to the law here.
This is Madhopur. All the thugs
steer clear of me. Understand?
Quiet. Who' s that?
What's happening?
What are you doing?
- What?
- There aren't real thugs.
- They aren't'?
- They are film actors.
Film'? What's that?
- This is a shooting.
- Shooting?
- Shooting. The bioscope...
- I see! You're making a bioscope!
Thank heavens, you have
understood. But who are you'?
lam Jai Singh.
Why are you laughing?
Jai Singh'? You know,
we can create a sensation.
Hows that?
If you don't mind,
can I ask you something?
Go ahead.
Can you sing, dance and
strut a bit'?
I sure do. I know how to lead
people a merry dance.
But why should I dance
because you say so'?
Please dance for me.
For you I could do
No need for that.
Just wear this hat.
Not like that.
A little to the side.
- To the side? Like this?
- Yes.
Bahadur, who's this
Jai Singh '?
There is a report about him
every 2 pages.
Why haven't the police
taken action?
Why hasn't he been
arrested yet'?
Thief !
No thief.
It's me - Jai Singh.
If you make any noise
I'll wring your neck.
You'll die like a
tormented pigeon.
Tell me quickly. Where have you
kept Aunt Tara's land documents?
I'll give them to you.
Inspector, he robbed me
at night.
Don't yell, this is
a police station.
What s the matter?
There you are, Aunt.
The title deeds to your land.
Now celebrate your daughter's
wedding with pomp.
No one dare cast covetous
glances on your land.
Bless you, son.
You are the savior of
the poor in this village.
You'll get justice for
this, Jai Singh. In the court.
Looks like you're new here,
That's why you're
with that crook.
Want to die at
Jai Singh's hands?
You'll raise your hand -
only to wear these handcuffs.
It would be best if you come
No way.
Inspector! Inspector!
I fold my hands.
I bow before you.
You're arresting Jai because
he stole these papers.
Take them.
Release this good man.
What are you doing, Aunt?
But you should know this.
That low-down Mahajan cheated me.
He was after my land.
He tricked me into putting my
thumbprint on a blank paper.
Today I want to sell the land
to get my daughter married.
He says he'll bring a customer.
My daughter will have to...
That's the only way he'll
return my papers.
But everyone in Madhopur
knows this.
Jai Singh has never
committed any offence.
Release him.
I've sent word to Mahajan.
He must be on his way.
I'm here.
Give my papers back, Inspector.
You really are a brave
You have the guts to arrest
a thug like Jai Singh.
Thank you for admiring
my guts.
Inspector, listen. If you return
the papers to him...
...I'll see to him the day
I get out of jail.
You'll have to open a
new file then.
But no one will come
for that investigation.
Don't raise your voice.
If you anger the Inspector
he'll give you hell.
Give me back my papers,
What are you doing?
I'll be ruined.
These are the final rites
of your papers.
Don't you ever go to
their house again.
Else, the next final rites
will be yours.
Go on. Get out.
Long live the Inspector!
Bless you, son.
May you prosper.
But how about Jai Singh'?
Aunt, go home. Relax. Prepare
for your daughter's wedding.
I'll release Jai Singh.
Jai Singh hasn't been seen
for two days.
Heaven knows where he is'?
I'd like to at least thank
him before leaving.
Your agitation certainly won't
bring him here.
We've a 5 hour journey to the
city. We must leave right away
Life is very long. You're
bound to meet him some time.
I don't know why, But this is
happening to me for the first time.
I never wanted to meet
anyone so much.
And you'll surely meet him
sometime. Let's go.
Jai, I have some advice
for you.
Stop playing with the law.
Maybe you don't know this.
But it's the policemen who
render people homeless now.
Looks like someone has
hurt you terribly.
That's why you have
become a rebel.
Depends how you look at it.
lam a rebel in your eyes.
And you are a rebel in my eyes.
- Me'?
- Yes.
He who raises his voice against
injustice is called a rebel.
I have always fought against
injustice and crime here.
That's why I am a rebel in
the eyes of law.
Until nowl have only come
across dishonest policemen.
Today, for the first time,
I have met an honest policeman.
That's why I say you are
a rebel in my eyes.
If 2 rebels join forces
and become friends...
...there'll be no place
for crime in the world.
A friendship between a
wrongdoer and a law enforcer?
Two swords in one sheath?
Why don't we prove it
to the world?
Two swords can reside in
one sheath.
You have extended a
hand of friendship.
But do you know what
friendship means?
Yes. Supporting each other
in good times and bad.
I will share the good
times with you later.
But tell me - what was it
So I'll tell you about the
...which forced me to fight
My father was a patriot and
fought for freedom.
And that's what he taught
me from childhood.
During the freedom struggle my
life was in danger many times. 1947 we won freedom.
These medals were awarded to
me afterwards.
In order to win medals and to
keep freedom alive...
You will have to fight
many battles.
You see, we still live
as slaves.
Master, you shall be my
slave now.
Bhairav Singh, you'?
Yes. Dace Bhairav Singh.
The whole village quakes when
they hear my voice.
I know the police will never
search your house, Master.
That's why I am keeping these
goods in your house.
Look after them.
I will collect them in the morning.
There isn't enough evidence
against him.
The punishment will only be
four or five months.
No one in Madhopur dares
give evidence against him.
When he comes back,
I will catch him red handed.
Master, you need not worry.
Master, Master.
Bhairav, you'?
A sleeping man is
half dead any way.
But I don't kill a traitor
while he is asleep.
The British could not intimidate me.
Do you think you can scare me'?
Stop this rubbish.
Death is the only punishment
for a traitor.
Father! Father!
Here's your loot.
Raghav, you will have to take
the blame for this murder.
- Something terrible has happened.
- What happened?
Ramu has murdered
the Master.
I have made a mistake.
Arrest him and take
him away.
Send the body for
a post mortem.
Forgive me.
Arrange for the last rites.
With full honor.
Ramu didn't murder him.
Bhairav Singh did.
Yes, child.
Let's go.
Bhairav Singh laughed
and laughed.
That laughter still
haunts me.
It will haunt me until
I cut his head off.
And stop it forever.
I told the police that
Ramu wasn't the murderer.
Bhairav Singh was the
But no one listened to me.
That day I realized - justice
is not only blind but deaf too.
And lame too.
With all their weapons they
still couldn't save my father.
The law is blind, deaf and lame.
I can't just stand and watch.
These hands help those who
have no other support.
I hold my destiny in my hands.
And these memories of my father.
They are only small
silver medals.
But they represent the dream
of a free India.
An India without any
crime or sin.
That's my story, Karan.
I can give up my life
for our friendship.
But don't tell me about
the glory of the law.
That will cause a rift
in our friendship.
There will never be a rift
in our friendship.
The law has hurt me too.
What brings you here?
Sometimes the mountain has to
come to Mohammad.
- Sounds like a serious matter.
- Yes, it is.
- Renu, my child...
- Yes, Daddy?
Go upstairs. We are discussing
something important.
- How are you'?
- Just fine.
It's a pity my brother
Raghav is in jail.
Help us out.
Have him released.
That's a minor thing. Why not get
the Commissioner to do it.
The Commissioner?
He's a servant of the law.
Why would he help us'?
For the sake of his honor.
He has a pretty young daughter.
Kidnap her. To save her,
he will do anything.
It's morning already.
My daughter hasn't come home yet.
I've phoned all my relatives
and her friends.
No one knows where she is.
Where she could have gone?
Seal all the areas in the city
and set up checking posts.
Sudha, the entire police force
is looking for her.
There is no point getting
She is my daughter too. I am
doing my best to find her.
Do whatever you can. I want
my daughter back.
It's been a long night,
Father's worry when their
daughters don't get home.
- Who are you'?
- Forget about names, Mathur.
Let's talk business.
I have your daughter here.
Like a valuable jewel in a safe.
Don't you dare!
If you insult me, we will
ill-treat your daughter.
If you know what's good for
you, you will go to the jail.
And release our man Raghav.
Drive him to the place
he indicates.
You're a policeman, but don't
use the police for this job.
Else your daughter will become
dumb - like Raghav.
Bastard, I don't know who
you are.
But I'll see to it that your
man is hanged.
Even if I have to sacrifice
my daughter.
Remember this.
My ideals are more important
to me than my wife and child.
Who was that?
If anything happens to my
child because . . .
. . of your false sense of
prestige, I will kill myself.
I'll never forgive you.
Be quick. Work faster.
Sir, they are trying hard to
get Raghav released.
They've even kidnapped
the Commissioner's daughter.
The Commissioner has asked
you to keep sharp eye on them.
And alert the guards too.
Raghav! Wherever you are,
come here.
I am here to take you away.
Your brother has sent
me, Raghav.
I belong to your group.
Raghav, come here.
Come here, Raghav.
Come on. Hurry up.
Hurry up.
Come, my brother. Come.
My brother!
You are the commissioner's
son Ravi, aren't you'?
Well done.
Take me away from here.
This people are killers.
They are murderers.
Take me away from here.
My sister is well.
You haven't harassed her.
You are well aware of this.
If I can break police security,
I can also destroy this fort.
Ravi, you have saved
my brother from jail.
You are now an enemy of
the police.
An enemy of the police is
our friend.
Our doors are also
open for you.
My brother saved me.
Else, I'd have been ruined.
He saved our honor.
I know, child. It's as if
my eyes have been opened.
You have proved to
be a diamond, son.
I never realized your
true worth till now.
Yes, a diamond who's a one
way ticket to hell.
He's helped an international
And become a wanted man
His place is now in jail,
not at home.
I have no respect for a system
that cannot save my sister.
Your police job is your
But for me my sister's honor
comes first.
To hell with anything that
goes against the law.
You have to go jail now.
Come with me.
What is wrong with you'? You are
holding the revolver on your own son'?
- Don't interfere in this.
- He's right, Mother.
Don't interfere.
This is a matter between a
Commissioner and his law.
Since he sees me as a criminal
now, let me speak plainly.
I refuse to become a victim
of this false law.
He's forgotten what it
means to be a father.
He's forgotten the ties of a
brother and a sister.
But I haven't forgotten that,
unfortunately, he is my father.
If you go after my son,
I will shoot myself.
He's an offender.
Don't spare him because
he is my son.
Go and find him.
The police are looking for you.
And we are in search of you.
Two outlaws are getting
We'll take the world of
crime by storm.
This is the beginning of a new
relationship, Bhujang.
Let the police do their work.
We'll do ours.
The police try to make life
difficult for us.
Our job is to outsmart
A new chapter in crime
begins today.
This calls for a big
It will start here and will
be heard in every lane.
Bhujang killed my brother.
That's why I have joined his gang.
I can now leak out his secrets.
That's excellent, Natasha.
But there's bad news for the
Police Commissioner, Mathur.
It's a fact, Sir.
The law can turn a man
into a criminal.
An innocent man is sometimes
forced onto the path of crime.
- What do you mean?
- It is your fault.
Your son has joined a gang
of criminals, because of you.
Who are these criminals?
The police haven't been able
to touch them yet.
The gang who killed
Judge Saxena.
What rubbish.
Judge Saxena was not killed.
He committed suicide.
Judge Saxena committed suicide
the day he sentenced his son.
The same day Ramesh Tejani,
a police informer, was killed.
The fact is that Ramesh gave
false evidence in court.
He went to the Judge's house
to tell him the truth.
The real criminals killed
both of them.
And the police did not catch
the real killers.
Instead, you transferred an
honest police officer, Karan.
You mean Karan had become a
thorn in their side?
That's why they framed him and
had sent him away?
100% correct.
I would like to say one thing
before I go.
You have been a protector of the law.
But you have also become a sinner.
You have sinned against your son.
And Inspector Karan.
You can't bring your son back.
But, if possible, bring
Inspector Karan back.
Maybe that'll lighten your
burden of sin.
There is one simple answer to
all these complex questions.
Bring Inspector Karan back.
He'll straighten things out.
He'll never get back to
Bombay from Madhopur.
Because Don is back here
from abroad.
He'll go straight to
Madhopur from here.
You've held back your
anger for this long.
I only plan someone's death
when the time is right.
I have been humiliated. That rage
still burns within me.
I will only rest when
I finish him.
This is the revenge I demand
for my humiliation.
You can decide whether he's
to be burned alive or dead.
- Who'll join us on this job, Papa?
- Ravi Mathur.
You've entered the world
of crime, Ravi.
But now you have to win
our confidence.
That's why I want you
to lead.
He would have been your
If he sees you before dying,
his soul will rest in peace.
If it'll give peace to his
soul, I'll certainly do it.
Dreams are all right.
But I like it when people
dream about me.
You were dreaming about me,
weren't you?
Bastard. You dog!
I'm here to change your
dreams into reality.
I'll wipe you off the face
of this earth.
That'll remain a pipe dream.
Today I'm going to destroy
all your hopes and dreams.
I've had a dream too - I take
you to the crematorium myself.
And look: the time has
really come.
But before going to the
crematorium... should know this, Karan.
Your father did not commit suicide.
My father hanged him.
And released him from this
world of sin.
You bastards!
I'll burn you alive.
I'll annihilate your whole family.
You tried to do good
at the police station.
But from now on, you won't be
able to do much. Good or bad.
This gun can end
your life.
But this is not enough revenge for
that ride in the boot of your car.
You insulted me and you'll die
for that.
Before you die,
meet this man.
He's been in the background
till now.
But he's taken the contract
to kill you.
- Ravi, you too'?
- Why the surprise, Karan'?
You know how spoilt rich kids are.
They often stray into crime.
Douse the house with plenty
of petrol.
That way he'll die quickly
and painlessly.
Burn the dog alive.
Allow me to fulfil the duty
of a brother-in-law.
Karan! What's happening?
My friend Karan's house
is on fire.
My friend will die.
Let me go.
Let me go.
Stop the fire.
Oh my God. Whose house is this
that's on fire'?
Mr. Mathur?
You're late again, Mr. Mathur.
As usual.
- Who are you'?
- It's nothing new for you.
You don't believe what you
see and hear.
But today: can you believe
what you see'?
This is not only a house on fire!
It's also my friend's funeral!
- What's your friend's name?
- Inspector Karan Saxena.
No. That's impossible.
I'm leaving, my friend, to go far
away from this wretched place.
Some place where I can
forget you.
But I swear upon my father!
If I ever come across those people;
The ones who burned you...
I'll make sure I bury
their entire family.
The earth is torn asunder
by sin.
The heavens are cleaved
by wrong.
Atrocities leave humanity
The reign of Satan prevails.
We need beings with infinite strength
Who target evil unflinchingly.
They will destroy the
They will be known
as the Trinity.
The enemies of my country and
its law are my enemies.
They wanted to send me to You, Lord.
But these demons don't know this.
You have given me a second life
to destroy these monsters.
I may defy the law but I will
destroy them.
One who goes far away
can return, my dear.
But when someone goes so
far away...
Daddy, I have loved Karan.
While I'm alive, I'll live
by his memory.
Please leave me alone.
Renu, I must say you made
this film a success.
Oh! My purse!
Thief! Thief!
Here's your thief.
Get up. You're one up on
us guys at Madhopur!
Wear skates to rob, do you'?
Give me that purse.
Jai Singh, is it you'?
I've been looking for you
for ages.
Hey, it's our hero!
Decent people couldn't guide me.
But this thief brought us together.
I brought you together, didn't l?
Now let me go.
Let you go, indeed!
Come to the police station.
- Here's your purse.
- Thank you.
This is a strange coincidence, Jai.
Whenever we've met, you've
always helped me in some way.
How do you come to be here?
I'm in search of someone.
In search'? People come to the
city in search of jobs.
Come with me. I'll ask Daddy
to get you a good job.
I gave your father my word.
And I will fulfil it.
But you must decide.
Which one of you will marry Renu?
Daddy, come quickly.
I need to talk to you.
Listen to me first.
Nothing can be more important
than what I want to say.
Didn't I tell you about our
shooting and the hero?
- Yes, you did.
- Here he is.
Today he saved my purse
from a robber.
Greetings, sir.
He's looking for a job.
You can find one for him.
Will you, Daddy?
I serve my nation.
I've helped so many people.
I'll surely help him too.
After all, he helped you.
- Are you educated, young man'?
- Yes, I am.
I can write my name.
Are you trained for any work'?
I mean driving, cooking or
some technical work'?
Excuse me. I've never
heard of this before.
Then what do you know'?
Fighting injustice.
And helping others.
That's not your job. That's
for leaders like me.
I can't make you a leader
or a minister.
But you have helped my daughter.
So I'll make you her bodyguard.
- To protect her.
- Yes, I see. Sure.
Get some clothes made for him.
So that he looks like one of us.
Come on, Jai.
Good day, sir.
Don't mind their laughter.
They've never seen the
innocence of the village.
I have seen it and
felt it.
They are Daddy's close
friend's sons.
Anyway, you'll soon
find out.
Well, I see I'm on the
right path.
Let's see when I reach my
Sher Singh, get him a taxi.
Give him the tailor's address.
Yes, ma'am. Please follow me.
How long you're taking!
Let's go, driver.
Just give me a couple of minutes.
The carburetor is clogged.
You're cleaning it'?
Yes, certainly.
But do hurry. I have to get
new clothes made.
A guy from the museum, wasn't he'?
Oh my God!
Was that a bomb blast?
Let's go... run!
He looks like Karan.
- What is it'?
- No. Nothing.
Kara is dead.
Have you both lost
your brains?
Someone put a bomb in your car,
set it off by remote control.
And you didn't suspect anything?!
Who is this new enemy in town'?
Your father didn't commit suicide.
My father hanged him.
And released him from this
world of sin.
- Do you recognize me'?
- Who are you'?
I'm the one who spared your
sons today.
Know why I let them get away?
Just one reason.
I didn't want to break
the tradition.
A son lights his father's
funeral pyre.
When your sons are gone,
I'll burn you alive.
Just remember this.
I'm here now.
And I shall be the
death of all of you.
Who is it who'll be the
death of me'?
Is he a racketeer or an outlaw?
Or a policeman? Who could it be'?
"Smugglers and traitors
Today's sensational news.
"Judge Saxena - murder or
"How did Inspector Karan
Saxena die?"
"Srikant will soon
reveal it all."
Srikant, you're being too open.
You are inviting their enmity.
I'll tell you who this
new enemy is.
He's just an insignificant
His name is Srikant.
Has he forsaken his pen
for a bomb'?
The pages of a newspaper
can't explode a car.
Newspaper reporting can
topple governments.
You're only concerned about
your car.
- What's the matter, Inspector?
- The situation is serious, Ravi.
He has a lot of evidence
against us.
He even knows that you have a
policeman working for you.
Who else is involved?
Except you'?
Has his name appeared in the news?
He should be knocked off.
- What do you think, Bhujang?
- No, no. My name hasn't...
...appeared in print. I was talking
about the evidence he has.
The journalist has it.
Some day Srikant will go
to the Commissioner.
Then what will become
of us'?
Srikant has evidence against us.
Finish him off today.
Don and Dunhill will bring
the goods to the beach.
Take the consignment
to the godown.
Suraj, I want you to
supervise the operation.
Whatever you say, Boss.
Natasha, prepare a celebration
to welcome Dunhill.
Had the police any evidence against
us, we'd have been in prison.
If we kill the reporter, the
police will be after us.
One of us could go there
and steal all the evidence.
Then they can't harm us.
It's easy to give advice.
Not so easy to put it into practice.
Why don't you get the
evidence yourself?
It's a small thing. I could
even sacrifice my life for you.
What's new, Natasha? You have a
glint of triumph in your eyes.
Today the chief and the goods
can be caught together.
Be alert. Don't let anyone
suspect you.
I've planned such a
celebration for today.
They'll be swept off their feet.
They'll be left giddy.
We've been buying from you
for a long time.
I'm glad we've finally met.
Karan'?! You'?
I'm not surprised to see you here.
But I am saddened, Ravi.
You're here to steal the
Srikant has risked his
life to gather it.
You've become a traitor, Ravi.
Yes. In your eyes
I'm a traitor.
The law can't catch a
sister's kidnappers.
The law can't save a mother
her tears.
The law creates a rift
between father and son.
I can't respect that law, Karan.
These excuses don't make
you less of a criminal.
They might cement relationships. But
they can't restore your reputation.
Reputation? I care more for
those relationships.
Goodness can't prosper in
a lawless life.
We're both out to prove
the same thing.
That goodness can emerge
from outing the law.
Tell me truth. The world
believes you to be dead.
Why are you hiding the fact
that you're alive'?
They must believe me dead. It's
the only way to defeat them.
Me too. I can destroy them
by being one of them.
If that's so, then leave
this evidence here.
Believe me. They can't
hurt Srikant.
But if I can take this to the gang,
I can really get to them.
You infiltrate to the
heart of the gang.
I'll destroy the gang.
You drag them to the graveyard.
I'll bury each of them.
- How about it'? Do you agree?
- I agree.
You like wearing skimpy clothes.
And I like that.
Let me go.
I will let you go, darling.
But you've excited me so much.
Come, help me cool off.
Let me go, you swine!
Have I managed to cool
your ardor'?
Will you dare to do this again?
I'll cool you off for ever. Get it'?
In this business, we don't
fight with each other.
Look. Ravi has been
very daring.
He's collected evidence that
could have destroyed us.
- Sir, this is Srikant.
- Yes, Srikant?
I went to collect the evidence
against the traitors.
They obviously suspect me.
Until now I've been helping the law.
Nowl need the law to help me.
Sure. I'll send some men
to your house.
I'll deliver some more
proof to you tomorrow.
With that you'll be able
to arrest them.
Sura] Singh?
Srikant has some secret
information about the terrorists.
He's bringing it to me
They already suspect Srikant.
He's in danger.
Send some policemen to
protect him. Right now.
Do you understand?
- What is it, Suraj?
- We're in big trouble.
Don't worry. Srikant won't
get to the Commissioner.
The next morning will be
his last.
Stop. You can't go inside.
But I deliver milk
here every day.
Shut up. No one
is to enter.
But what about my loss'?
I won't let that happen.
You can leave.
I'll deliver the milk to him.
Thank you, sir.
Tripathi, it's important
we safeguard him.
He's important for us. Only he
can help us reach that gang.
What? They've killed
yet another patriot?
Friend, the pen was your weapon.
You've become a martyr.
You're to blame for
Srikanfs death.
You took his proofs
to the gang.
- Listen to me.
- The time for listening is over.
You saved my honor.
I thought there was one
good man in the gang.
But nowl know. You're not a man.
You're a devil.
I know everything about you,
I know you worked with Srikant.
You fed him all his information.
Had I been a devil, wouldn't
I have exposed you'?
I know you're here to avenge
your brother's death.
I'm also here to destroy
them. Believe me.
I'm sorry, Ravi. I was alone.
And angry and bitter.
Anyway, I'm glad I've seen
the real you.
We might die in this battle.
We can meet in the next life
and love each other.
But we might win.
Then we'll share our
love in this lifetime.
Jai, what is it'?
Renu, it's your
birthday today.
I have nothing to offer you
except this flower.
Jai, I value your gift
very much.
And I'd like to give
you a gift.
One that will be precious
to both of us.
I'll speak to Daddy after the
party tonight.
Friends, it's my daughter's
birthday today.
I thank you for all your
good wishes and gifts.
I also have a surprise
gift for her.
I'm arranging my precious
daughter's marriage.
With Mr. Bhujang's very
promising son...
You could have talked to me
before you did this.
This is no film.
It's a question of my life.
Yes, dear. This is no film.
It's reality.
That's why a father can make
the best decision.
Everyone is applauding. But
you have tears in your eyes.
- What's your problem?
- I've grown up with tragedy.
I'm bound to have tears
in my eyes.
Are you sure you haven't
fallen in love'?
You? The taxi driver!
Don't think about me.
Think about yourself.
Only cold wine can extinguish
the flame in the heart.
- No, no.
- Swallow it.
- Must I, really?
- Of course.
- Congratulations, Minister.
- Congratulations to you too.
We're going to be
related now.
Bhairav Singh!
- It's Bhairav Singh.
- Who's Bhairav Singh'?
The one who murdered my
father in the village.
I'll kill the bastard!
There's something wrong
with your sight.
This isn't the village.
It's the city.
Let me go.
In the city criminals aren't
confronted head on.
They have to be trapped cleverly.
If you take a wrong step,
you'll go to jail.
And your enemy will
be alerted.
Your thirst for revenge
will remain bottled up.
It's best to keep quiet for now.
I'll be back in a minute.
I've arranged for the
security of the godown.
You please enjoy yourself.
Congratulations on your
engagement, Renu.
Allow me to present a photo -
a poster of your film.
Hey, our hero Jai Singh
is here too.
How can you be so quiet
at this happy time'?
Sing us the song that's
become so popular.
No, no. Excuse me.
I can't sing.
You can't hide your love
and disappointment.
Now's the time. Speak of your
- Bhujang, is everything all right'?
- You bet it is, Minister.
Your daughter has barely
stepped into our house.
And already we have been
showered with prosperity.
- I don't understand.
- Our buyer Mr. Hatari... at Oberoi Towers.
Ranga and Raghav will take
him to the godown tonight.
A profit of millions!
You have kept your word
with this engagement.
You can name the sum to be
spent on your election.
I'll keep my word too.
We belong to the
Bhujang gang.
Your consignment is ready
for you.
Bring the payment with you. You can
take delivery of the goods there.
Strange! The police should
be hunting you.
But they're protecting you.
These are Inspector Suraj
Singh's men.
They don't know
a thing.
Whether this belongs to the
government or to a gang.
Your father will fulfill his aim
when all the goods are sold.
There are buyers like you.
They will certainly be sold.
Very soon Papa will control
the whole country.
The nation will be
But first there must be
total destruction here.
There will be destruction.
Such destruction that your
father won't be able to sleep.
You dog!
I told you to see to the security.
What are you doing here?
I'm sorry.
I made a mistake.
A mistake! It's all due
to your mistake.
Mr. Hatari was injured
by the enemy.
He fooled you.
Goods worth millions
have been destroyed.
I wonder who he could be.
Who is the bastard?
I'll make such a connection
with your killers.
They'll be begging
for death.
They'll shed tears
of blood.
Bhujang, I've spared
your sons again.
But I destroyed your goods.
Now you know I can
destroy you any time.
But I won't let you die
so easily.
Just wait and see. When death comes
slowly, how terrible it is.
Just show yourself
to me.
Then we'll see who dies
a terrible death.
I think he's doing this for revenge.
It's something personal.
And what about my
That worries me too.
We must think of something.
To make up our losses.
And to outwit our enemies.
- What can we do,Papa'?
- How can we make up our losses?
The Bank.
The Bank can help
to make up our loss.
The Bank belongs to the country.
The country is ours.
The people have put their
money in safe deposits.
We must find the key
to it.
Ranga, Goga...
Talk to the Minister.
Are you crazy?
It's a busy bank.
How can you loot it'?
Are you saying Papa
is crazy?
Tomorrow you'll need thousands
for your election.
How is that to be spared?
Ever thought of that?
You don't seem to care about our
relationship, nor want to help us.
Don't expect any help
from Papa in future.
- Let's go.
- Listen, son.
Don't be hasty.
Look, maybe I can
help you.
I can help you in a lawful
way. In your illegal business.
But I can't help you in an
unlawful way.
That's what you're a Minister for.
To do illegal things in a legal way.
This is our plan.
This is the main S.V. Road.
On the right is the
City Commercial Bank.
You'll have to make the road
a No Entry and stop traffic.
The police mustn't interfere.
You can arrange that.
Have you lost your senses?
You're jealous because I'm
engaged to someone else.
But how can you call them
traitors and dacoits?
I never thought you'd
stoop so low.
I'm not jealous.
You're wrong about me.
It was concern for your
future that made me speak.
If you don't believe me, come
to the bank tomorrow.
See for yourself what your
future husband does.
Tomorrow morning they'll be
robbing the Commercial Bank.
I'll wait outside,
near the cars.
You go inside and shoot them.
I'll do it, Ravi.
I'll do it.
Are you alive'?
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
Just taking you to
your real duty.
To the bank that's to be
robbed by your friends.
You plan to reach late, don't
you'? So they can succeed.
I won't allow that.
You'll go right now.
And stop them.
If anyone moves,
he dies.
Pack the money
in bags.
You'll have to uphold the
prestige of your uniform today.
If you don't stop them,
I'll kill you.
Well, you snake...
Recognize me'?
- Karan, you'?
- Yes. I bring death to you.
It is him. Karan!
My friend.
Go and tell your father.
To get ready for his funeral.
After your brother's.
Goga! My son!
What happened?
- What happened?
- He's alive!
Who's alive'?
Who the hell is that?!
He's behind all this.
391 My son!
Karan! You bastard!
I swear I'll light your pyre
within 3 days.
A pyre will be lit.
But it'll be yours.
I came to tell you
just this much.
Whenever you try to ruin this
country...'ll end up lighting
pyres for your men.
Fry that bastard!
No, you can't do that.
You've already lit one
son's pyre.
Want to light the other son's
pyre too, Bhairav Singh'?
Yes. You killed the schoolmaster
at Madhopur.
You left behind his only
child to engineer your death.
He's in front of you
at this moment.
Then today...
I'll finish him off too.
Don't make that mistake.
Else, Bhujang's pyre
will be lit this evening.
I joined you only to
penetrate the gang.
I wanted to break you up.
You're destroying our country.
This isn't only a duo.
We're a trio.
For demons like you -
we' re the Trinity.
Our own man has turned
against us.
Now strength isn't enough.
We need to be very clever.
- Mother.
- Karan?
Karan, you're alive!
I knew you were safe!
if you were hurt,
I'd have died first.
Divya, we' re true lovers.
Even death can't separate us.
I made you a promise.
Daddy may refuse to bless you
at the wedding.
I'll perform that duty.
I love my sister. I'd keep
my promise at any cost.
Let him come home.
I'll make him see the truth.
No, don't do that.
We are living for a cause.
To break the impending reign of
terror. We are a team of three.
And we' re all being hunted
by the police.
We hope to succeed in
our crusade.
But till then it must be kept
secret that we' re alive.
When the time is right, we'll
tell the Commissioner.
Murder and mayhem are rife in the
city. But the police are unconcerned.
But, sir, I...
I hope this has nothing
to do with your son.
Are you silent because he's
one of the criminals?
The law doesn't recognize
We've done all we could.
But we can't find them.
Heaven knows where they've
They're here somewhere, Commissioner.
They loot and kill.
- And sleep in peace.
- But where?
I'll tell you.
Don't try to run or
act smart, Ravi.
You can't escape the
police today.
Welcome, Commissioner.
We were expecting you.
Dacoit Bhairav Singh'?
Yesterday's Bhairav, today's Bhujang.
I used to loot villages.
Now I loot the entire
I'm glad you've walked
into my grasp.
I've been searching for you
for ages.
You can't escape
the noose now.
I haven't fallen into your trap.
The law has fallen into my trap.
Look over there.
Tell your men to
drop their guns.
Else this bullet will
go into your skull.
Drop your guns.
You're a valuable pawn
in my game.
Now I can trap the Trinity.
Very good.
Congratulations on the success
of Plan no. 1.
This is called a battle of
We defeated the enemy without
using arms.
This success will lead to
the next.
Now watch the success of
Plan no. 2.
Three men kidnapped
Commissioner Mathur.
The first is Ravi Mathur.
He is charged with helping the
criminal Raghav.
He helped him to escape
from jail.
The second is Madhopus famous
dacoit, Jai Singh.
There is hardly a file at the
police station there ..
...which doesn't carry a
report against him.
The third is Karan Saxena.
According to the police
records he is dead.
He tricked the police and has
joined the terrorists.
If anyone sees these
three men
Please inform the police on
the following phone numbers...
This is Bhujang's game.
This is a trick to make the
police our enemy.
But there's one thing he doesn't
know I know all his hideouts.
No, Ravi, Bhujang is a
shrewd man.
He must have hidden the
Commissioner in a new place.
Even you won't find him.
We mustn't be hasty. We must
find that place.
And only one person can tell
us the address.
Bhujang's special confidant.
The elite and dignified Minister.
Minister? Where has Bhujang
hidden the Commissioner?
Count your sins later.
First tell me : where are the
What are you saying?
I don't know anything.
Tell me. Else, I have ways
to unseal your lips.
You have kidnapped them yourselves.
Now you want me to say I'm guilty?
At worst you will kill me.
Go ahead.
I'm willing to die for the country.
But I won't stand for a wrong.
Inspector General, arrest
these enemies of the nation.
These three came to make a
deal for the policemen.
"It's a simple deal with the
Release our men in exchange
for your policemen.
If you don't release our
men . . .
Every 24 hours a corpse will
be delivered to you.
For our three men we'll finish
your 3O policeman.
This is no empty threat.
It's a fact.
For three criminals we can't
sacrifice 3O policemen.
We are answerable to the
public after all.
We are ready to sacrifice the police.
But we won't make an illegal deal.
Every 24 hours a corpse is to
be delivered.
The time has come,
Who's your God'? Say your last
prayer to him.
I've always worshipped the law.
My duty has been my God.
When I die the country's ag
will fly at half mast.
When you die no one will shed
a single tear.
Shoot. The police aren't
afraid of death.
Who are you holding up
the torch of the law for'?
There's maximum ignorance
within the police.
Your son - Ravi.
He defied the law to save
the family's honor.
He joined us only in order
to destroy us.
The result?
He belongs nowhere.
The police is hunting him.
And so am l.
Do you remember the patriotic
schoolmaster of Madhopur?
I killed him.
Jai Singh is his son.
He fought against justice.
For the poor.
The law calls him a thug.
And the third and strongest
pillar of the law is Karan.
What did your blind law do
for him'?
His father's death. And
separation from his fiancEe.
He's alive. But the law
considers him dead.
Yes. He's alive.
He's responsible for defeating
many of our plans.
The bank robbery failed
because of him.
These are the three saviors
of the law, aren't they'?
Yet the law is taking them
to their death.
I'll be the instrument
of their death.
What an example! No one will
dare challenge me after that.
Hold it!
If you kill him you'll
never catch those three.
If you destroy the roots how
can you have the branches?
if you must,
you can kill me.
It's simple, sir. Many live
their lives as policemen.
But the one who dies
in uniform is fortunate.
What a profound statement!
You're truly fortunate.
The bullet meant
for him comes your way.
"You didn't accept
our conditions."
"Here's the first gift."
What are you saying?
We can't allow policemen
to die this way.
Who'll take the
If you won't listen to me,
I'll resign today.
Minister, you're right.
We must think of something.
We'll pretend to surrender
these three to them.
When they release our men,
we'll attack.
We'll get our men back. And
arrest those rascals.
Congratulations, Bhujang.
Plan 2 has succeeded.
Tomorrow morning you'll
get your men.
You get what you want. And I also
save my position and prestige.
Very good, Minister.
I'm sure the government will
give you an award for this.
Now let me give you a
glimpse of Plan 3.
Let me go!
Where did this pretty thing
go wrong?
Her mother knows about the
She doesn't want her daughter
to be molested.
So she'll keep quiet.
And this Ravi's lovely
She joined us to avenge her
brother's death.
And what my brother couldn't
do with her... I'll do it.
What are you doing? Why have you
brought my daughter here?
This will put a stop to your
tricks, Minister.
- What do you mean?
- You are a traitor to your nation.
How can you be loyal to us'?
I'll ruin you all.
Only if you live.
Take him away.
Lock him up with Mathur.
Do you see now, Daddy?
The result of your treason?
Wrong actions lead to bad
A traitor is willing to sell
his country; one day he suffers too.
He is exposed and
I'm getting restless
waiting for the Trinity.
Why don't you three put
on a show?
Something we can remember the
rest of our lives.
You have only this night
left to live, Bhujang.
The angels of your death
must be on their way.
Till then have a drink
and celebrate.
What happened, Mother'?
Something terrible has
Your father's kidnappers
have taken Divya away too.
My sons! Save our honor.
Break down the walls and free
those upholders of the law.
If the law recognizes
You'll get an award for this.
Not a sentence.
I'm a film director,
not a grass cutter.
When I felt like it I made
a man a policeman.
Or a dacoit.
But why are you dressing me
as a policeman?
And sending me out among
real dacoits?
It's for the country. You may
not have made history in films.
But if you succeed in this
you'll go down in history.
History'? You mean
I'm going to die'?
Did I die after acting in
your film?
I played a role in your film.
You play a role in real life.
Don't think too much.
Make your voice strong.
We've kept our promise.
We've brought your three men.
Now fulfil your promise.
And release the policemen.
Ranga. Raghav. Bring the
Commissioner and the girls.
Arrange for these 3 men
to be finished off.
S.P. Listen carefully.
If you plan to act smart,
remember this.
My men -
- have surrounded us.
If we try anything they'll
finish us off.
Isn't that what you were
going to say'?
We know all that.
We've brought your three men.
Take them and release
our men.
Send the men.
These people are coming.
Start moving.
Move ahead.
Run for your lives!
Shower them with bombs.
Get them with your guns.
They're here somewhere.
Don't let them get away.
We need beings with infinite
Who target evil
They will destroy the
They will be known
as the Trinity.
...hold it!
Don't take the sin of
killing him upon you.
Let the scoundrel go.
The law will take care of the
rest of his life.
Take their weapons.
What's wrong with you'?
Instead of embracing them,
you're handcuffing them?
Are you arresting them?
They saved us from these
I'm the one who deserves
the handcuffs.
Bhujang was a terrible criminal.
But I'm worse.
Even hanging is too good for
leaders like me.
Commissioner, these 3 are the
real protectors of the law.
If it were in my hands,
I would give them medals.
Let me do that.
I've been looking for
someone deserving of these.
Karan, this is for you.
Ravi, you deserve this.
Today my father's soul will
be at peace.
He fought for freedom.
In uniform.
They have fought without
You have killed these criminals
and saved the country.
When the law acquits you honorably,