Trigger Point (2021) Movie Script

At least let me know
who it was.
Clever girl.
You know,
there are other tables
that are cleaned off.
You don't always have to
sit at this one.
Good morning.
The usual?
Yeah. Thanks.
Order up.
Well, at least it feels
a little warmer today, right.
did I tell you what my daughter
wants for her birthday now?
A kitten.
What am I going to do
with a kitten
if I'm working 12-hour shifts?
Mind you, I don't want to
let her down, and
I guess her brother could
help her out with a cat,
but lately he's been so...
I mean, he's fine, it's silly.
He's been getting teased because
he can't get past level 10
in Gatekeeper...
it's a video game...
and I keep telling him
they're not his friends
if they won't help him.
Kids are mean.
It's always something, Louis,
it's always something.
I'll be back with
your food, okay?
All right, thanks.
Do you like
humorous books?
Well, I think this one is
going to be a good one for you.
Good morning.
Oh, good morning, Louis.
Excuse me.
So, have you finished
your book already?
Oh, you melt my heart
with that stuff.
C'est mon plaisir.
Oh, if I was 20 years younger.
Okay, 40. Who am I kidding?
Anyway, I have your next book
set aside for you.
- Oh, great.
- There you go.
Thank you.
And I had a tea I wanted
to share with you...
mmm, but my kettle
stopped working.
Ginger, a little clove.
Guangdong province, maybe.
Kenyan leaves.
Oh, you are good.
Oh, my goodness.
You know how they say
certain smells could
unlock the memories
- of a time and place.
- Mm.
Well, I did
travel through Kenya.
- Huh.
- Oh, what a time that was.
Anyway, I was so looking
forward to having tea with you.
Ah, well, it just might be
a short. You got a paperclip?
I do. I do. I do.
Here you go.
Yeah, you can't buy this
in town, I've already checked.
You are my hero.
On the house.
Ah, thank you.
And don't forget to put
my secret ingredient in there.
I've got a very special
Balvenie 50 waiting.
- Ooh-hoo.
- Au revoir.
Ooh. Au revoir.
- Hey.
- Hey!
Hey, buddy.
This isn't your work.
Everyone breaks.
I'm going to repeat
the question, Nicolas...
Hey, there.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Well, you were right.
Definitely caught her
just in time.
She's ready to pop.
I don't think
those kittens of hers
would have survived
long outdoors.
That cover it?
Most people
just put out poison.
Don't want the kittens?
No, thanks. But if you
could save one for Janice
at the diner, that'd be great.
Of course.
See you later.
See you later.
I mean, my son's perfect,
I don't have to tell him
to do a thing.
But Emma?
it's like I have to
whack her over the head
before she'll even listen,
her mind is always elsewhere.
She does have a heart of gold,
though, she really does.
I do my best.
I got something for you.
What's this?
That is the code that will
get your son past level ten.
I was looking into it
last night; all the other kids
are using it too.
You really are a sweet man.
Who's that?
Tony, I think.
He started here a few days ago.
I don't know
much about him.
Um, do you need
anything else?
No, I'm good.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
- Hey, Louis...
- Hey.
There's a man
looking for you.
He came into the shop
and had a photo.
And he's been
asking other people.
You didn't tell me
you're a wanted man.
Anyway, I thought you
just might want to know.
Oh, wait...
Him. That's him there.
Who are you?
I'm Dwight Logan.
I'm with the agency.
And I have a message
from Elias Kane.
All right, shut up and drive.
Okay. Okay.
Right, get out.
Into the barn.
Which one of these numbers
belongs to Elias?
Fuck you.
Try looking under K, asshole.
Empty your pockets.
I'm not
comfortable with that.
Have a seat, pal.
Oh, he's fine
if I'm back in an hour.
You didn't trust me?
I don't trust anyone.
You know that.
You still
smoking the Malawis?
Your last one.
Sadly, yes,
but I quit.
It's a hard habit.
No, it's a filthy habit.
The pleasure isn't.
Figure my last breath might as
well have that sweet flavor
running through my lungs one
last time, if given the chance.
Perhaps that time is now?
How'd you find me?
Big Brother's
always watching, Nicolas.
The agency has been scanning
since you went deep.
There was a hit.
I intercepted it
to protect you.
As your friend.
Ah, my friend?
I'm the only one
who came over to your side
after what happened.
I'm still on your side.
Most of your friends want you
dead more than your enemies.
Monica's missing.
Your Monica?
She's hell-bent on finding out
who's behind the assassinations.
She always adored you, Nicolas.
She feels the same way
I do about this,
she wants to know
who's behind it.
I warned her how
dangerous it was.
She's very skilled.
She doesn't have the same
experience we do.
She got too close
and he took her.
She was onto some lead.
Something he had
that was positive proof
of who set you up.
Who set all of us up.
Any demands?
If Quentin took her,
she's already dead.
I don't think so.
Why come to me?
Where's the agency
in all this?
The agency is all but shuttere
after what happened.
And what good
would they do?
You're the only one who knows
his real identity...
and how to find him.
So, you didn't expose me
because we're friends
or because you need me?
Nobody knows who Quentin is.
That's what makes him
so powerful.
But he's your guy.
Only through back channels.
That's enough.
Look, we don't know for sure
if he's involved at all,
but Monica found something
that convinced her
he knows the identity
of the assassin.
It's on some digital file
or something.
That was her lead, where to
get her hands on that file,
when she disappeared.
Eight of our friends
are dead.
Someone forced you
to give up their names.
Don't you want
to know who?
Get up.
Let's go.
Jesus Christ.
Does nothing ever change?
For fuck's sakes, Nicolas.
How long you known
my location?
We've known for weeks.
Not you!
The hit was a few weeks ago.
It took some
old-fashioned legwork
to pinpoint you
after that,
all I had was the general area.
This isn't how I imagined
you living your life.
I thought maybe Brussels,
even Buenos Aires.
Which is why I'm here
and not there.
You don't exactly blend into
small-town America, Nicolas.
I don't know.
Louis has made
a lot of friends here.
It might be cozy, Nicolas,
but it's not in your blood.
Yeah, well,
Nic Shaw doesn't exist.
You know that.
Not after
what happened.
I'm out of that life, Elias.
Not anymore.
You going to turn me in
if I don't help you?
You'll be helping yourself.
What's done is done.
You know, I should have
been allowed to kill him.
I really should have.
You're lucky he didn't
kill you first, Dwight.
You're still good,
but predictable.
I told Dwight
all he'd have to do
was be seen
and you'd come to him.
You know, I could still
do the job.
I mean, he is
a fucking traitor.
This is your chance
to get your life back.
I told you
I don't want it back.
Fuck Nic Shaw, then.
Fuck the agency.
If you're not going to do it
for yourself,
then I'm asking you
to do it for me.
Help me find my daughter.
- Not with him.
- What?
He's not involved.
- He's good, Nicolas.
- He's careless.
I was trying to be seen.
Talks too much.
Fuck this noise.
Just us.
Okay. Just us.
There's plenty
for you to do.
We were never
officially shut down
so I still have access to
back-channel funding.
If there's something we need,
I'm sure I can get it.
Eight in five days.
Whoever pulled the trigger
was that goddamn good.
Died on their anniversary.
Don't do it to yourself.
Family can never know the truth.
That's the game we play.
Hell, my ex-wife still
doesn't know her own daughter
is now one of us.
Well, you'd bring Monica in.
She's too smart to be lied to.
Too smart for her own good.
do you remember anything?
No, not much.
You got away,
you escaped. How?
I don't know.
Memories aren't clear.
Pretty sure I was
I broke.
I gave up their names.
I questioned
a few of her neighbors.
They didn't know her,
they're not much help.
Yes, but no hit off her phone
or anything else.
No lead other than she believed
Quentin had the information
she was looking for.
So, who is she
in this world?
Name's Rebecca.
Medical technician, single.
Travels half the year
instructing facilities
on how to use
the latest equipment.
Her one vice which, regrettabl
I passed on to her.
Is this really necessary?
I have been through
everything here.
No one else knew
about her and Javier.
Obviously she's devastated.
She's determined to find out
who's responsible for his death.
Sounds about right.
She reminds me
more of you than me.
He's fresh.
The shooter knew we were coming.
I'm telling you,
we're running silent on this!
Someone in your circle then.
Dwight's the only one involved
and I trust him with my life.
Well, maybe you shouldn't.
Time to leave.
I'll drive.
- So, who else wants us dead?
- I don't know.
The assassin?
Finishing the job?
What if it's Quentin?
What if he not only knows
the identity of the assassin,
but he hired the damned assassin
in the first place?
What if he's behind all
of this from top to bottom?
Monica got too close
and now so are we.
The man's a fucking warlord -
drugs, guns, whatever it takes -
including eliminating whomever,
wherever it gives him
better leverage.
Taking out our team is suicide
he knows that.
Had to be someone else.
Goddamn it,
it doesn't matter.
He's our only connection to
Monica and the assassin.
We got to find him
and stop fucking around.
Doesn't make any sense.
I don't understand why...
What are you doing?
I could use a trim.
Thought you were dead.
How'd you stay under
for so long?
Lucky, I guess.
The killings
shook our world, brother.
Hardly anyone's
come up for air since.
You know why I'm here.
I thought you were the one
who did it.
If it was me, you think
I'd let you touch that .38
in your drawer?
Quentin? That's not his style.
You people were
too valuable to him.
Values change.
Yeah, maybe,
but it doesn't add up.
You know how Quentin works,
all right?
He loves playing
Yeah, in fact,
there's some chatter
that he's holding
some strings right now.
A prize.
One of yours?
You know where?
That I don't know.
But if she's not dead
then he's using her for bait.
I just need a trim.
He just needs a trim.
Come on.
This guy's got a wet mouth.
All right.
And he's an idiot, so...
I'd get to him quickly
before he dries up permanently.
Thank you.
It's a dangerous proposition,
Well, may be the only way
to clear my name.
You know, some of us
are starting to wonder
if there really is a Quentin.
It's good to see you.
- Hair looks nice.
- Thanks.
Why don't you boys
have a seat, huh?
Mi casa es su casa.
So, you wanna tell me
how the fuck you came
to find me.
We're looking for someone.
That's not the question
I asked, dickhead.
And I was speaking to him.
I don't know you
and I already don't like you
and I sure as fuck
don't trust you.
You come here asking for me
by name in my place of business,
but the fucked-up thing
is that no one knows me
by my name
in my place of business.
The only reason that you
are not dead right now
is because I would like to know
who sent you here.
Oh, I didn't get a name.
Did you get a name of the guy
who sent us here?
You're not gonna answer
the fucking question?
That cigarette
you're smoking
it's made with tobacco
grown in Malawi
near Lilongwe.
It's only sold
in central Africa.
It's a little strange because
I only know a couple of people
who smoke those.
He's one.
This woman...
She's the other.
Yeah, I'd fuck her.
Where is she?
I'm the one
asking the fucking questions.
Yeah! Oh, oh...
What the fuck is this, hm?
No one's coming.
He's very good
at this sort of thing.
Fuck you and fuck you.
Shoot him in the head.
Ah! Fuck!
Did you take her?
Huh? Did you take her?
Is she being held?
She's at The Orchard.
What's The Orchard?
It's a processing farm.
You know, like
fucking greenhouses.
100 miles north.
There's a lot of greenhouses
a 100 miles north of here.
It's off 55.
You cannot
miss it.
That is the last place
that I saw her,
I swear to God, swear to God.
It's a fucking game.
They keep her
in one of the greenhouses
and he's waiting
for you to find her.
Who, Quentin?
Yes or no?
Come on, come on, come on,
come on, cowboy, just...
I gave you what you wanted.
Just don't tell anyone
where you got this
he will have me killed.
Here you go.
You good?
Yeah, good.
I don't like sitting out.
I need your eyes here.
Just like old times.
Yeah, super fun.
I'm going
to take a little break.
Wha-what are you doing here?
I'm with your father.
Where is he?
He's close. Elias, I've got he
Here she is.
Thank God.
It's great to hear your voice,
It's here. I almost had it.
I don't care.
Just get out of there,
they're coming.
Not without the file.
All right. But hurry.
Hold it.
Here, take this.
This way.
The card
will get us into the office.
Stop right there!
We have to
get to the office.
The file is what matters.
In here.
I managed to log on
before they caught me
but I couldn't break
the encryption.
All right, move over.
Which one?
Top right.
Okay, we don't have time
to decode it.
All we need
is the master database.
That's what I'm doing.
I'm downloading it.
All right, we're almost there.
Go, go, go! Move!
Hurry, they're coming.
All right, got it.
Thanks for doing the hard part
What the hell's
the matter with you?
I appreciate the rescue;
it's over.
The drive - now!
Give her the drive, Nicolas.
Give it.
Nice try, Elias.
Let's go.
Hold it. Oh!
Come on.
Go, go, go!
Get in.
Let's go.
Why don't you just
fucking kill me?
Just keep moving.
Come on.
Aw, shit.
All right...
Well done, Dwight. Thank you.
How'd he slip away?
How do you think?
He's still better
than any of us.
So, what now?
He's not going to be so
forgiving to her.
If she makes it out,
she knows where to find me.
Is everything else in place?
We're good.
The bullet wasn't deep,
you were lucky.
Just try not to move.
I had to burn the wound,
I couldn't find anything
for sutures.
Should've let me die.
I'd like to know
why you tried to kill me first.
I won't give you a chance
to know it's coming next time.
Yeah, I usually know
who my enemies are.
You surprised me.
They're going to see the smoke
Yeah, that's the idea.
What are you doing?
You already have a gun.
I spent my last 15
before we hit the woods.
Give him another injection.
Another injection will kill him.
It doesn't matter
if he doesn't talk.
Give him another injection.
Another injection
will kill him.
What are you
going to do with me?
Wasn't the torture.
What are you talking about?
That's not why I broke.
They drugged me.
You were working with Quentin.
You were going to
take over his operations.
It's why you let him
take out the team.
That's not why.
You had a choice.
You turned.
No. I remember.
My father was onto it.
He was going to
take down both of you.
When you found out,
you gave Quentin the names.
Sodium thiopental.
- Breaks everyone.
- No.
You gave them names
before you were drugged.
Sodium thiopental
creates memory loss.
It can also
be used to brainwash.
If I'm the one
behind it all,
why did I save your sorry life?
Why didn't I kill you
and your father?
When you remember everything,
you will.
These are Quentin's men.
They want you dead too.
Hey, Dad.
Guess we should have made
the rendezvous
at the Ritz Carlton. Heh.
Let's get you to a doctor.
No, I'm fine.
Let's just do this first.
There's no data.
I watched him download it.
you thought you watched him
download it.
I saw it.
That's what
he wanted you to think.
He was destroying the evidence.
He knew all along.
He was using both of us.
what do we do now?
We kill Nicolas
before he has a chance
to turn on us again.
Excuse me.
Could I use your phone?
Who the hell are you?
Quick call.
Hey, I got a landline
you can use.
Thank you, man.
Appreciate it.
No shit!
I didn't know
he was going to pay for it.
Don't be an asshole.
You take as long as you want.
Hey, it's me.
I got a book I want to order.
It's account number
Tango, Delta, 5744,
Juliette, Kilo, X-ray.
You got it?
All right, I'll see you soon.
Hey, you need a ride
or anything?
Can you give me a lift?
Fuck, yeah.
This can end, Nicolas.
Who is Quentin?
Where is he?
Hey, mister...
We're here.
Hey, you've already
paid me enough.
Why don't I drive you
all the way into town?
No, I'm good.
Thanks, man.
All right.
Receipt today?
Here you go, sign that.
Here you go.
Well, look who it is.
What a nice surprise!
Haven't seen you in ages,
I was starting to get worried.
Oh, is there somebody
out looking for me?
No, I can't say there has.
Hey, that book ever come in
that I ordered?
Yes, it did.
Just one minute.
Bye, thanks. Come again.
That call could have
been intercepted.
I got the right file
from the database
but it still
needs to be decoded.
There wasn't enough time.
I'll do it.
What's on it, Nicolas?
Who's behind the hits.
Quentin used this as leverage
to draw us out.
Will it help you?
I hope so.
I got memories
slowly coming back,
little things unlocking like...
sounds and smells.
Like, I remember they drugged me
but nobody asked any questions
about our team members,
only about Quentin.
Somebody gave up their names
but it wasn't me.
Go on, get out of here.
Bad for business.
Wait here.
Anything exciting today,
I'm heading
over to Montrose.
They're having a fundraiser BBQ
at The Corner.
Some of those boys
can get a little excited.
Then probably head down
to St. Boni for a few days
afer that, and, you now,
be back in this area
Thursday, like always.
Nope. Nothing new.
Just the way I like it.
Well, some of us wouldn't mind
some excitement around here.
Daylight savings
starts this weekend.
Somebody's going to forget
to change the clock.
Morning, Sheriff.
Stay safe out there.
I appreciate that.
You have a good day.
Can I help you?
Do you know this man?
Yeah, yeah,
of course I know him.
Louis and I work together.
He's not answering his phone and
we're getting a little worried.
Oh, no, I haven't seen him
for a couple of days.
Would you happen to have
his address?
You work with him but you
don't know where he lives?
Louis is very private.
Huh. You can say that again.
I only see him
when he comes in here.
Thank you.
You might ask Irene
at the Village Book Shop.
Book shop?
Just across the street.
He reads a lot.
Maybe she's delivered
some books?
I'll do that.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- You're Irene?
- That I am.
Um, I just fixed some tea
if you're interested.
Buy a book,
and it's free of charge.
Perhaps another time.
Another injection will kill him.
It doesn't matter.
If he doesn't give up Quentin,
he's useless.
All but Nicolas.
I need him alive.
What's the timeline?
Move quickly.
As soon as word reaches
the Agency,
anyone still alive will go deep
You'll have
one chance.
Sounds like
my kind of challenge.
I'm looking for
a friend of mine.
Ah, well I know
more than one Louis.
What's your Louis' last name?
Does the name Nicolas Shaw
ring any fucking bells,
old lady?
You're his gatekeeper.
Tell me how to get to his house
or I'll put you into the dark.
Nicolas would never tell
me that. He's far too careful.
Besides, you don't need to know
where he lives
'cuz he's coming for you now,
you fucking traitor.
She's useless.
Well, he can't be very far.
Maybe we should just start
checking the houses?
You think
he'd make it that easy?
I don't know
with this fucking guy.
He's got to be somewhere,
Yeah, he's somewhere.
Get down!
Where is he?
What are finding so funny?
There's nothing's
We're already dead.
Fuck that.
- Aah!
- No, God.
Fuck! Aw.
Ah, God!
Let's go!
...the door. This way
Oh. Ah...
I'll-I'll call an ambulance.
Lou... Louis, help!
- Get up.
- Oh.
Aw, fuck.
I know who's behind this.
I'm sure you do.
There's a file on my phone.
I'm going to take it
from my pocket.
There was no file.
You erased it.
I memorized the numbers.
It's decoded.
The assassin was Fiona Snow.
Hired by the man
next to her.
Your father ordered the hit
on Javier and the others
He was moving in on
Quentin's operation.
A photograph
doesn't prove anything.
Listen to the recording.
You were closing in.
He was willing
to risk your life to stop it.
I don't believe you.
Elias did this to me, Monica.
Fucking ruined my life
just to get to Quentin.
It's the only reason
I'm still alive.
Just listen to it.
Move quickly.
As soon as word
reaches the Agency,
anyone still alive
will go deep.
You'll have one chance.
You okay? Here.
Here, hold this.
It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay, it just grazed you.
Here, just hold that there.
It's okay, you're just in shock.
It's all right.
It's all right. I got to go.
No, no, Louis, please...
It's okay. I'll be back.
Glock 17.
Seventeen rounds.
I lost count.
Always loved this time of year.
I will miss.
Goddamn it...
There was never
any gray area with you.
Right and wrong.
Black and white.
The world doesn't work
that way anymore.
Hell, it never did.
The line between
shadow and light
has always been blurred.
We've always had one foot in,
one foot out.
I didn't...
It wasn't meant to happen
the way it did.
I thought
I could move merchandise
without anybody the wiser.
Operate in both the shadow
and the light.
Got in over my head.
It was either them or me.
And me.
And you.
Someday, you'll have to
make a similar choice.
If you choose differently,
you're a braver man than me.
You were never
a brave man, Elias.
Did you really
have them killed?
I need to know.
I can't tell you anything,
other than I'm sorry.
I didn't ask for an apology.
I need to know
if it's true
so that I can kill you.
There's nothing
I can tell you, Monica.
I'm sorry.
You knew it was Elias.
You could've exposed him
but you just let him
ruin my life.
You know why that is, Nicolas.
I had to let it play out.
Wasn't sure of everyone's roles,
yours included, yes.
But you did everything
exactly as I thought.
The world's a dangerous place.
I can't afford to trust anyone.
Was that one of yours
tried to kill us
at Monica's apartment?
It seems this conspiracy
goes deeper than you think.
Do you really think
this was just about
Elias working the underground?
You can do
better than that.
Melana, you forgot it again.
You don't want to go home
without that, do you?
Find your assassin
and you'll find your answer.
Fiona Snow.
Where is she?
What do I get in return?
I have it.
Are we still in the deep?
This didn't end with Elias.
Eyes on her as we speak.
I'll be away on business
for a few weeks.
All right. Safe travels.
All right.