Triggerman (2009) Movie Script

Hyah! Hyah!
Oh oh.
- It's not good.
It's not good.
This time it could be worse.
She might die too.
I'm sorry, I can't.
Where is the nearest lndian village?
If we try to go into
one of them lnjun villages
without an invite,
it could be real real dangerous.
Itts our only chance
to save Maria.
- You don't have to go.
- Well, neither do you.
- Which way, Sheriff?
- Thataway.
Letts go.
There's no time to waste.
What I do for you?
You can help me save a life--
actually, two lives.
Hey, thatts all right. Thatts all right.
You don't have to get crazy.
Hey, what'd I do wrong?
I done what you did.
You do it only with brothers.
With outsiders, it's an offense.
Maria is waiting. Come on.
All right, letts go.
Come on. Yeah, let's go.
Take this.
Gotta go take care of a few things
and l'll meet you back at the saloon.
Step up.
Don't go too fast.
When I was studying in the city,
I thought that was
real life, you know?
But I was forgetting
what it was like here.
You only thought
about school?
No, also about parties,
clothes and boys.
Just joking with my girlfriends.
You don't have anyone else?
Who do you take me for?
If I were in a relationship,
I wouldn't be in a place like this
with a boy like you.
So what'd them lnjuns give you?
Just a mixture of cooked herbs
to numb the spasms
so she was able to give birth.
It's a miracle for fair.
Well, Sheriff, so long.
Whoa. You ain't really
gonna leave, are you?
I've got to go that way.
Well, don't you see
it's gonna be dark pretty soon?
And what about them
beautiful fajitas and spicy frijoles
that them Mexicans give us?
You don't want me to be eating
all them by my own self, do you?
Nathan, dinnerts almost ready.
Where's Millie?
She went to town.
Ain't back yet?
There she is.
She's with a boy.
That's Victor Baker's kid.
Millie! Get to the house!
Get over here!
So how long was you
with them Apaches?
Two years. I went to dry out.
Well, that is ironic.
Our alcohol killed more
lndians than our bullets,
and you went there to
stop yourself from drinking.
Staying with them
was a good remedy.
Well, Doc West,
I'm gonna miss you.
And l'm not gonna be
the onliest one.
There's a little girl that needs me.
The money I got left is just enough
for one more month of school.
I gotta go someplace where
nobody knows me to make some more.
I agree with you on that score.
Ain't nobody in Holysand gonna sit down
at the poker table with you.
But if you'll take my advice,
you'll go to Key Moon.
See, in Key Moon,
they've got mines, they've got miners
and they've got lots
of money to spend.
Thanks for the tip.
Well, sleep well,
if you can sleep at all
after all them beans.
You better get some sleep.
You need to be in shape tomorrow.
- Why?
- That gesture you made to the lndians?
I'm sure they took offense.
Once l'm gone,
they might come after you.
I am a man grown.
You can't fun me with that one.
Listen, I have fed the lndians.
I fed tem on the old Chisholm Trail,
the Pecos Trail, the Santa Fe Trail--
Hey, Doc, wake up.
Well, one good thing is
lnjuns don't attack at night.
What do you think,
l'm a little boy?
See, that's an owl.
Ain't gonna scare me.
Okay, where are you?
Savage lndians,
come on, show your face.
Ain't no man died
'cause he was too cautious.
Come on.
- Sweet peaceful Holysand.
And how do I get to that sweet
peaceful town you recommended,
- Key Moon?
- What's your hurry?
Why don't you stop
and have a cup of tea?
Look at it
beautiful Holysand.
Nothing ever happens
in Holysand.
The sheriff can go away
for a whole day,
nobody even takes notice of it.
And don't come back here!
You're sure about that?
Get ready to set
some bones, Doc.
Too much violence.
Bet you don't see much
of this stuff happening
in them European cities, do you?
Yeah, they're pretty dull.
Hey, calm down.
Don't you think you could have taken it
a little easier on that there cowpoke?
Well, l'll give him some nettle tea.
It's great for a headache.
You might need some nettle too.
All right, quiet down!
Stop your fightin'!
That's-- hey!
You heard the sheriff-- no fighting.
What are you doing, huh?
Sorry, Sheriff. I--
He started it.
He's a liar. He started it.
Well, who's gonna pay, Sheriff?
We're gonna assess the damages.
- You're going to jail.
- What do you mean, jail?
The law is
the same for everybody.
We don't deserve
to go to jail.
The law's the same for everybody.
Just keep it movint.
- Anybody here need a doctor?
Good then.
I do.
And my fingerts broke, Doc.
Doc, you hurt my jaw.
I think I broke my arm.
- My ankle, Doc.
- Take it easy, everybody.
We'll do this in turns.
Move back.
I got a space in the back.
I mean, it's not much
of an infirmary, but it's something.
All right.
All right,
let me show you.
I'm first!
I'm next!
You'll be all right. Next.
What's the problem?
I have to see my fiancee tonight.
I don't want her
to see me this way.
- Can you do something, Doc?
Tell her yo'tll see her next month.
Sit down.
My jaw's out of place.
Stand up.
Let me see.
Look straight that way.
- Thanks, Doc.
Come back next week. I want to check it.
No thanks, Doc.
Watch where you're going.
You slow down in town, please.
They say Holysand has been
blessed by a good doctor.
Anyone can patch up those brawlers.
You saved
that womants life and her sonts.
Well, I just got lucky.
Is it true you got help
from the Apache?
Word gets around quickly.
Well, usually theytre not
very cooperative.
Let's just say I left them
a good impression.
Well, that's your specialty, isn't it--
Ieaving a good impression?
You were right to turn
to them for help--
their medicine is very advanced.
How do you know that?
I'm a teacher. I read.
Itve been wanting to open a hospital
that would combine our ways of healing.
A hospital, here in Holysand?
Yes. Here you risk dying
from a toothache.
A simple infection
is enough to kill you.
Hmm, a hospital.
That's not a bad idea.
But no one takes it seriously.
- About that town you mentioned--
- All right.
your fault--
Why don't you just shut up in there?
just go south, up that hill there.
Go up one side and then
go down t'other. It'll be right there.
Goodbye, Doc.
What do you think about
a hospital in Holysand?
- A hospital?
- Yup.
- In Holysand?
- Right.
- lmpossible.
- Why?
Why? Money is the why.
Why you get anything
built is money,
and you got to have a hell of a lot
of money to build a hospital here.
- So long.
- Bye.
- Maybe there's a solution to that problem.
- Being?
You're holding it.
- A poker tournament?
- Exactly.
To build a hospital in Holysand.
It's a questionable way
of doing things.
Yeah, but the cause is noble.
Excuse me,
what's this got to do with us?
Well, see,
we're gonna need money
for the entry fee for our player
and we're gonna need money
to get the news out.
- Who's our player?
I ain't tellin' no names.
- What are you tellin' us for?
lt's like this:.
it's about time we set your bail.
That's blackmail!
Now you gone
and broke the wheel
and I got to work
like a mule all day.
All I did was hit a rock.
It could happen to anyone.
I told you not to go
so fast through town,
chasing Millie.
What's with you, Jack?
Ain't nothing wrong with me.
Ain't you ever seen
Chinese people before?
They built our railroad.
There you go, Pa-- good as new.
What, are you in a bad mood too?
Haven't you heard
what happened, Burt?
- What happened, Pa?
- Yeah, what happened?
About how much your hot blood cost me.
Aha. Same recipient as last time?
What is it?
- I have something for you.
- From the recipient.
l don't know how
to address a benefactor.
They don't teach us that here.
But l'd like you to know
that there isn't a day
when I don't think about you.
A photographer came last week.
I hope you'd like to see
the picture he took of me.
We haven't seen each other
for such a long time.
I thank you and l'm sure
that my mother's thanking you
from above as well.
Forever yours,
Doc, do you know where Silver is?
I was looking for you.
Take this to her?
- Take this note to-- to Millie, please.
What are you, crazy?
Mr. Mitchell hears about this
and l'm in big trouble.
Matter of principle too.
Here's 25.
You tryin' to corrupt me?
No way. The risk's too great.
How about an extra 10?
No, Burt, I told you,
it's a matter of principle.
- No way.
I won't consider it for less than 50.
it's a matter of principle, is it?
Of course.
The principle is it has to be worth it.
There. At least take it
to her right away.
It's already in her hands.
Another five bullets.
What do you need
all these bullets for?
I collect 'em.
Is this her?
- She's a real beauty.
I know.
A lot of that is due to you.
What are you talking about?
I was the one who let her mother die
because I was drunk.
You ain't that
same person anymore.
What you done for
this town proves that.
You can pretty much
go out here and look around you--
Iife's already better for everybody.
So stop feeling sorry for yourself.
This town needs you
and so does that little girl.
There you are, Doc.
Been looking for you.
- Hi, Silver.
- Is it true you're not leaving anymore?
Well, wetre organizing
a poker tournament
and the one who wins
hopefully Doc--
we gonna put up a hospital here.
I'll leave after the tournament.
Sheriff, a ton of people are gonna
show up for that tournament.
If you need a deputy, or even a deputy
of a deputy, you can count on me.
Well, yout'e a little young for that.
You know a deputy
has to go shootint.
- I can shoot a bottle at 30 paces.
A bottle or a barrel?
I can do it. You wanna bet?
I'll-- l'll tell you
what l'll do, youngtun--
I'll bet you a glass of milk on it.
- You don't believe me, huh?
- All right, Silver,
we'll put you to the test.
Nothing's changed for me.
For me it does.
My father doesn't accept you.
If he were to find us here,
he'd lock me up
and throw the key into the river.
What we are doing is wrong.
You think we should break up?
At least until things calm down.
Maybe it's the right thing to do.
I don't want to leave you...
Big, who taught you
to open doors?
Big doesn't know
how to open doors.
You should knock before coming in.
- I could have shot you.
Is that how you operate, Doc?
Act first, think later?
- What do you mean?
- You know what ltm talking about--
this whole idea for the hospital.
Ah, that.
It's a good idea and itts yours.
Well, thanks. But I would never
raise money for a hospital
by inviting the worst riffraff
in the West to Holysand.
It's just a poker game.
And people are saying that
even if you were to win,
that we'd build a hospital
and then youtd leave?
Playing cards is the only way
I can make money.
Well, we will need a doctor.
If you stay, you can get paid.
In this town,
I get paid with chickens and beans.
I need cash. Schools are getting
very expensive nowadays.
Well, I think
we're asking for trouble.
- We should call the whole thing off.
lt's too late.
Well, good luck then.
You shouldn't say "good luck"
to a poker player.
Says they're organizing
a poker tournament in Holysand.
Hey, wait a sec! Wait a minute.
Did you read about
the poker tournament in Holysand?
I need that.
"Poker tournament"? $1,000?
Hey, Ryan!
I love you, baby! Gotta go!
He says that every time.
- Ready?
- Yup.
Well, l'll be hornswoggled.
What do you think?
We've got a problem--
a big problem.
- What do you mean?
- Get rid of that gun.
I don't want to see it again.
No point in pretending, Jack.
We need to talk.
About what?
I know you like her too.
I don't even know
who you're talking about.
You know exactly
who ltm talking about.
Don't be like that, Jack.
Come on. Listen to me.
I really love her.
Me too.
She's like a flower
that grows in the desert,
a red rose.
Beautiful exotic flower.
Who are you talking about?
What'd you say?
Write this sentence down:
"A great nation doesn't need
great men, only honest men."
"A great nation..."
One should knock before entering.
I happen to know
a teacher who doesn't.
What are you doing here?
I'm working.
It's about Silver. He's mad at me.
Well, of course.
He's hurt because you told him off.
- Did he tell you why?
So you don't even know what happened,
and yet youtre sure ltm wrong?
I didn't say that.
Why don't you
tell me what happened?
I told him off because...
Silver has taken to shooting.
Here they are--
the first players
for the poker tournament.
Edward 1 2 Fingers,
Samuel the Prophet,
Jesse the Lackey
and Luke the Player.
As always,
the champions always arrive first.
These beautiful people, huh?
Ah yes.
- Thank you, matam.
No one's ever called me that.
Would you please tell me where
the telegraph office is?
Sure, it's right there.
You're the journalist, right?
How could you tell?
'Cause you don't
look like a player.
We're not that different.
We journalists often
rely on luck too, like them.
Come on!
Hello, welcome to Holysand.
How was your travels? Hello.
Telegraph office, please? Thank you.
"This little town,
until yesterday godforsaken,
is filling up with new arrivals.
The news about
the substantial prize money
is attracting players,
gamblers and the merely curious
from every corner of the West."
"Obviously among the professionals
that have arrived, some are
more professional than others,
Iike Dandy, whose coy
and charming look
belies his darker nature,
as indicated by the two
roughs always at his side"--
I've seen this character
"and like Miss Debra 'Tricky' Downing,
a splendid blonde as seductive
- as she is deadly at the table."
- A whiskey.
"Her feline eyes have distracted
more than one opponent"--
boy, l'd like to see her--
--"or like Johnny Boy OtLeary,
the enfant protege of poker.
He's little more than 20,
but they say he has the coldest
and most ingenious mind
ever seen at a poker table.
He travels through the West
with his beautiful companion Elizabeth,
who inspires almost
as much jealousy
as his skill with cards:,
or like lrwin Van Brooklyn,
better known
as Van the Dutchman.
He dresses like a count,
but at the table,
he becomes a wild beast.
Self-centered, always escorted
by his silent assistant,
Van is a famous
if not infamous poker player,
even if some accuse him
of using some cards
more than "others
violence, blackmail;
and finally there is
the unrivaled champion,
handsome Doc West,
a living legend."
It's an old story.
Well, at least youtre
in good company, Doc.
Or bad company,
like Denise says.
Well, one thing
they all is is human.
That means they all like to eat.
And if we keep a-jawint,
we're gonna miss
that chili stew that Gloria
makes for me every week.
And I don't want
to miss it. Letts go.
- I have to stop at the infirmary.
- What infirmary?
Behind the saloon.
Since that brawl,
people have been
waiting for me there.
If you get hungry, come over.
"Doc West is considered
the greatest
poker player in the world--
intelligent, smart, unbeatable.
He's the greatest legend ever."
I didn't know you was here.
I am Debra "Tricky" Downing now.
Ha. Sure.
You're the beautiful gal
they talked about in the newspaper.
I should have know'd that right off.
- I will tell you what I want you to write.
- I want you to write the truth.
- The truth? I just wrote it.
What happened here?
The rag writer provoked me.
He deserved this.
Isn't that the truth, rag writer?
it's true.
I was wrong. I'm sorry.
I've got my eye on you.
Let me see.
Wetll we'll take care of this.
I never imagined that one day
I'd be treated
by the legendary Doc West.
Oh really?
Give me your finger.
Put it on the top of the patch.
All right.
It could have been much worse.
A little deeper
and you would have been killed.
Occupational hazard, I suppose.
Youtre gonna look tough.
When I wrote that
Van the Dutchman
had won certain victories
through intimidation,
I knew he would be mad,
but I didn't think
hetd do something like this.
Why don't you tell
the sheriff what happened?
He'll listen to you.
He will read everything
in my next article...
that I will write when
I am far away from here.
Watch out for the Dutchman.
He's dangerous.
You should be careful too, Doc.
He can't stand that
you beat him once.
He's here for revenge.
thank you, Doc.
So, Mr. Staunton,
you leaving us already?
Yes, Sheriff. Even though
I didn't play, I lost too much.
So who's gonna write
about the tournament now?
And this is only the beginning.
What're you talkint about?
We're just gonna lose a writer.
It's obvious that if you
fill the town with dynamite,
that sooner or later one
of the sticks will explode.
These people are dangerous.
But it's not poker that's violent,
it's the West itself that's violent.
Yes, but if we attract
people to the town
with the illusion of becoming rich,
then we attract
a certain kind of person.
You know better
than I do what this is
we need a little hospital here.
It was your idea.
And I say if itts a poker tournament
that has to make it happen--
I say so be it.
My husband wouldn't have agreed.
You can't go to heaven
making deals with the devil.
Denise, I inherited this badge
from a wonderful man
your husband.
But hets gone now,
and you've got to trust somebody.
If it's not gonna be me,
let it be Doc.
He's a good man, a just man,
a man to ride the river with.
And he knows what to do.
My husband was a just man
who knew what to do.
Write your damn article in hell.
It's my ankle. Itts been
bothering me for a long time now.
I know.
Otherwise, you're doing
very well, Mrs. Billings.
All you have to do is
walk 10 minutes a day.
It's good for your ankle,
for your knee
and for everything else.
Oh, thank you, Doc West.
Thank you very much.
- l'll check on you.
- Oh, thank you.
Thank you so much.
Excuse me, Doctor,
I got a pain in the neck.
Always wanted to be
a patient of yours.
I'm closing shop.
Come back tomorrow.
I'll humiliate you
in front of everyone, Doc.
The problem
isn't your neck, it's your head.
Nobody's without faults.
Make sure you're in the finals, Doc.
I want to see you lose
in front of an audience.
Big talkers,
big losers go together.
Faster, Johnny. Faster!
Doc West.
Doc West!
Johnny, what are you doing?
That's Doc.
Yout'e Doc Doc West.
Do we know each other?
Tell him how much I talk about him.
He's always talking about you.
He's a great admirer
of yours, Mr. West.
What I wouldn't give to play
at your table, Doc West.
lt's all in the cards.
- I know. Itll do my best to make it happen.
Johnny dear,
youtve still got half a mile left.
She is my slave-driver.
She has me running
at least three miles a day.
- Healthy body, healthy mind.
Looks like
you're in good hands.
I gotta go now.
A woman fell off her horse.
She can't walk.
- But, Doc, the tournament starts today.
I'll try to be back in time.
Well, ladies and gentlemen,
I would like to welcome
y'all to the first annual
Holysand poker tournament.
I am Sheriff Baseheart.
I will be conducting
the proceedings.
Now let me explain to you
what the rules
of this competition are.
This is a knockout competition.
That means the loser gives
his pot to the winner.
And the winner ultimately wins
That's a heap of money.
So I will also tell you
that if anybody is late
and misses his match...
Where's Doc?
...then that will be deemed...
I don't know and I don't care. a forfeiture
of that particular match,
just as if he lost.
And so, um...
any questions?
Now did I tell you my name
is Sheriff Baseheart?
Yeah, I told you that.
All right, then-- um, then...
we can-- we can say
that the annual
Holysand poker tournament
is just about ready
to be called
Itm sorry, Sheriff.
I-- I was held up by a patient.
--declared that the games
are now to begin!
Three kings...
and two jacks.
Things going pretty smooth.
All the favorites seem to have won.
It's only the beginning, Sheriff.
You did well, Johnny.
Just the beginning, darlin'.
Just the beginning.
Till next time, Dandy.
I don't want your hand.
Give me your girl.
Don't even think about it.
Take your hands off me!
Don't touch me!
- l'll kill you! I'll kill all of you.
Get off!
- What's going on?
I don't know.
I thought I told you to
take your filthy hands off me!
Ah! Let her go, Dandy.
Let's do this like men.
I hear therets a game in Yuma.
That means get out of here.
Thanks, Doc, but I could
have handled it myself.
It's better if nobody gets hurt.
I'll get you for this,
Johnny Boy.
You didn't hear Doc?
What's going on, Doc?
Oh, he's the good guy;
those are the bad guys.
Haul your freight. You still here
in this town in 10 minutes,
I'm gonna shoot you down
like the coyotes you are.
Don't even think about it.
Move. Move!
Nice going, Doc.
Boy, therets been enough shooting.
Go on home.
Hello. Who are you?
I didn't know there were
any lndians in Holysand.
She ain't no lndian.
Cantt you see that?
Shets a... foreigner.
I-- l'm sorry.
I want to pass.
No no no no no no.
You come with us,
little sweet pea.
Whatts your name, girl?
Are you Princess Sweetfield?
Princess Gold
- Excuse me, miss.
Is there a problem here?
No no no no no,
there's no problem here,
and you don't need
to get involved.
Why don't you just step back
for a second here?
Now I don't take
too kindly to rude folk.
Oh, you don't?
Where you boys from, anyway?
Ah! Oh!
The street is clear.
That hurt.
All right, boys.
What is that?
Since youtve been here,
strange things have started to happen.
You think so? Maybe we should
clear up a thing or two.
Maybe we should.
But have you seen Silver lately?
In the saloon,
but he won't talk to me.
Maybe it's best
to clear things with him first.
Country girl can
wait a little longer.
All right, country girl.
It's difficult to be a woman
alone in the West, Roy.
So when he got shot,
I found myself without anyone--
no money or a man
to protect me.
I felt lost,
and I just followed
my survival instinct.
I'm not asking you
to forgive me,
just try at least
to understand me.
Where'd you go after you left?
I tried to put in use
everything I learned from you.
So Pearl McGovern,
the playerts companion,
became Debra "Tricky" Downing,
the poker player.
If you win the tournament,
could Pearl McGovern
ever exist again?
I don't know, Roy.
It would be nice. I miss her too.
But I don't know.
You foolin' with me?
- l'm testing you.
That's what you want, isn't it?
They're too small.
It's impossible to hit 'em from here.
You're good, Silver. Try it.
All right.
I'm ready.
You're not good enough. I'm sorry.
Too small.
No one could hit those.
You did it on purpose.
how much smaller is a bullet
compared to a bottle?
About this much.
You know how much this is?
It's the difference
between life and death,
between being and not being.
I just wanted to prove
to you that ltm good.
You don't have to
prove anything to me.
- I know youtre good.
- Really?
Yes. You don't find
many kids like you.
But you've got to
be careful with guns.
Even though you're good,
you'll always find someone
who's better than you.
- 'Morning, Jack.
- Howdy.
- Yup.
All right.
- Hi, sir.
- Howdy.
I want to express my gratitude
for protect my daughter
from dishonorable men.
Shucks, just my duty.
I'd be happily humble
for you be guest
at my humble house for--
for humble dinner.
Well, heck, l'm real humble.
I uh...
I'd be honored.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Ask her when when!
When can I come?
Hey, Millie around?
I don't think you want to be seen
around these parts, boy.
Why don't you go and ask her?
- He ain't talking about Miss Millie.
- Stay away, boy.
With that sort of money,
we could ride away
someplace together, buy a ranch.
You don't have to
win the tournament.
We can do that anyway.
Just the difference is
the size of the ranch.
We're not kids anymore, Roy.
I can't start all over
from scratch again.
But don't worry.
With everything
I learned from you,
I can win this tournament.
I'm a different man
from the man I was.
And I can't allow no cheating
in this tournament
and l've got to tell you that.
What did you think I meant?
I was referring to what
you taught me about poker,
not your tricks for cheating.
Okay, hold on a second now.
This is the eight-player
elimination round.
- Give 'em hell, Doc.
- Come on, Doc.
Full house.
You're #1.
Well, I think youtre talking
to the wrong person.
I don't like poker
and ltm against this tournament,
Irwin Van Brooklyn
at your service, matam.
Well, ltm sorry,
Mr. Van Brooklyn,
but l'm obliged to decline your
invitation to attend your next game.
I guess your dog
doesn't like poker players.
Not all of them.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to bother you,
but I really thought
you liked poker
because you were
talking to Doc West,
and he is a professional--
not on my level.
Oh, here's our friend now,
so I will leave you in Doc's care.
Obviously you find him
more interesting than me.
That is a beautiful jewel...
for a beautiful lady.
That's a rare delight
in this desolate land.
What did the Dutchman say to you?
Why are you asking me
in that tone?
Well, what did he want from you?
Well, you wouldn't be jealous,
would you?
Jealous? Me?
Why? Of what?
I don't know. You tell me.
I know. I know.
He spoke to you
just to provoke me.
There's no other reason, l'm sure.
Damn. You certainly know
how to flatter a woman, Doc West.
- What did I say?
- Of course he didn't speak to me
because ltm an interesting woman,
but only to provoke you.
You don't understand.
No, you don't understand.
And if you think
I could be interested in a man like that,
you offend me.
But a woman does appreciate
a compliment once in a while.
- Denise, wait.
- Stay away from me, Doc West,
so no one will bother me
since they only do it
to provoke you.
Shets certainly got a temper.
You like our house?
Oh yeah.
Um, nice train you got there.
No train. That dragon--
symbol of fertility
and happiness.
I didn't realize that a dragon--
I guess I never really
seen a dragon before.
But you right a bit.
That not train,
but we come here to work
for the new railway.
Right. When the railroad comes,
there's gonna be a lot of work
and a lot of folks coming to town.
- Railway join worlds.
Thank you.
Smells good.
Hope you don't mind if
I don't talk when I eat.
Nice. Good.
- Very good.
Aren't y'all gonna eat?
- Guess that was for everybody.
I have some potatoes out
on the wagon.
We could cook them up.
Good night, then.
Giddy up. Hyah!
Too fast. Again.
Queen of hearts,
jack of spades,
nine of clubs,
ace of spades,
eight of diamonds.
- Good job, Johnny.
- Hi, Johnny, Elizabeth.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, Doc West.
Whiskey at this time of day?
It's tea.
When you admire somebody,
you have to follow them
step by step.
- Here's your tea, Doc.
- Thank you.
To tomorrow's game, Doc.
When we sit at the table,
I'll believe in the moment
l've been dreaming of
since I first held a pack of cards.
You'll do well.
Ladies and gentlemen,
thank you all for coming again.
This is the first
of the semi-final matches.
And this match is between
Debra "Tricky" Downing
and Van ttThe Dutchmantt Brooklyn.
Players, cut cards and deal.
She won that one.
- She is good.
- She's very good.
Let's have a round
of applause for Miss Poker!
Debra Downing,
you're out-- for cheating.
Need I say how?
- Cheating?
I don't know.
Did you see anything?
I didn't see nothint.
She'd have to be quick,
pretty good.
Didn't see no marks or nothin'.
The expulsion of Miss Downing means
that Van"The Dutchman" Brooklyn
is the first finalist until tomorrow.
Should I take care of her?
No. A woman like her
can be useful.
I won.
That's all that counts
in this game.
Be a joke to end up
in the final with that boy.
Let's hope Doc West
wins as well.
Hope's not enough.
This is a a hand.
Ha hat.
Iittle hand.
Big hat.
Oh, close.
this is your--
your hat.
How'd you know
I was here?
"People go to church
to pray together.
I go when I want to be alone."
You told me that.
Debra wasn't just a friend
from a long time ago?
I'm sorry.
You know, Doc, when l--
when I saw her
mark those cards with her
with her fingernails
and then recognize 'em later--
see, I taught her that
trick my own self--
I'd like to have died.
And for nigh on
to a second there,
I just wanted
to let her win so bad.
But our hospital is too important.
Sheriff, you did the right thing.
Yeah, well, now you better win,
or else everything
I done is in vain.
If you did let her win,
I don't think things would have
ended well between the two of you.
I reckon.
She was
she was just usin' me,
and I let her.
it wasn't Debra
who tricked you.
It was the past.
Oh look.
Somebody grab that horse!
Whoa whoa whoa!
- Easy!
Who is that?
He just come whippin'
right into town.
Johnny, can you hear me?
Johnny. Johnny?
Come on, everybody,
get out of the way.
Let the boy breathe.
His heartbeat is good.
Johnny! Johnny!
Oh, my love, what have
they done to you?
I'll open the infirmary.
Oh no.
- Easy easy.
- Easy, there you go.
Careful. It hurts.
You were smart. You managed
to protect your head with your arms.
Is anything broken?
No, he's got just some bruises.
Johnny Boy, do you know
who done this to you?
I don't know.
- Matam, you have any idea?
I don't know either.
Someone hit me on the head
and I think
I think I fainted.
When I came to,
Johnny was gone.
- How's your head now?
l'm fine.
- l'm just worried about Johnny.
- They got me from behind.
When I woke up,
I was tied to the horse.
- Did they rob you, boy?
I just can't imagine whotd
do something like this to me.
Well, I could have been interested
in getting you out of the game.
You're my next opponent.
A few cuts won't stop me
from playing against you, Doc.
Get some rest now.
I want you to be
in good shape tomorrow.
You can count on it.
Thank you, Doc.
Stay away
from The Dutchman.
You think it's Brooklyn?
Who else? He wants to be sure
he'll find me in the final.
Damn, I wish
we could prove it.
Johnnyts tragic accident
is your stroke
of good luck, Dr. West.
Looks like you'll be
seeing me in the finals.
Well, you know, I have a feeling
that you're laboring under
a serious amount of misinformation,
'cause that young feller
in there is doing fine.
He's right as rain. He'll be
in the tournament tomorrow.
Wonderful news.
May the best man win.
You can count on it.
Silver, I got a job for you.
You're the only one I can trust.
Want me to groom Destinado?
No. You have to keep
an eye on someone,
but you have to make sure
that he doesntt know.
You trust me that much?
But you have to promise that
you won't take any risks,
not even the smallest one.
And you have to keep
a safe distance.
The man's dangerous.
Tell me who it is
and l'll follow him all the way to hell.
Millie? Millie!
Are you insane?
I'm sorry.
- Come through the back.
- Okay.
I'm sorry, Millie.
I'm sorry.
- I saw your parents leave.
- Yes. They're at the poker tournament.
Today is the semi-final
with Doc West.
But women are still here.
If they see you, we are dead.
- This is your room?
Don't get any strange ideas.
You come in through the door;
you want to leave through the window?
Where did I hit you?
Did I hit you here?
Or here?
Burt Baker!
Wh what?
I just love poker tournaments.
All right, ladies and gentlemen,
we have come to that point
in these festivities
where we are going to choose
our second finalist.
Now on my right,
I have Johnny Boy OtLeary.
And we have
our own Doc West.
All right, gentlemen, pick a card.
It's Johnny Boy to deal.
Docts not looking good.
If he loses,
we blow our bail money.
Forget the hospital.
If he opens that low,
he hasn't got a thing.
Itm in,
and I raise you.
No cards.
- Damn, he's still in it.
Same here.
All in.
Sheriff, I need the marker.
Doc West is
requesting a marker.
You sure you know
what youtre doing?
I do.
All right, with this marker,
Doc West will be permitted
to play out his hand.
Gentlemen, play on.
Two aces and three kings--
full house.
A pair of eights...
and a pair of eights.
What a match.
I don't believe it.
He's good.
Unbelievable game, Doc.
I still have
so much to learn.
Not too much.
Just a little, Johnny--
just a little.
I've never seen
a match like that
- never.
What a tournament.
Your sons didn't
come to watch?
- They don't like poker.
My Millie doesn't either.
Aw, theytre kids.
They don't know what
theytre missing.
Just a moment.
Can you open the door
for me, please?
The window.
The window?
The window?
I can't. I can't. It's too high.
Just go.
Yeah, go. No, we used
to jump out as children.
- Don't you remember?
- Are you sure?
Yes. Go go go.
Go go.
Jump. Don't worry--
if you don't jump,
my father will kill you.
Millie! Millie?
Just a moment, Grandma.
Millie, what is going on?
Nothing. Why?
- These are for you.
- Oh, thank you.
Millie? Millie?
Be careful, um,
that window doesn't slam
when you close it.
I'll close it now.
Well then,
if the assignment is clear,
then youtre all dismissed.
- Good night, Mrs. Stark.
- Good night.
- See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.
Mr. West.
Hello, Denise.
I heard you won.
Coming from you,
that means a lot.
So why are you here?
Tomorrow is the final.
I'd like you to come.
You know how I feel about poker.
Yes, I do,
but I would appreciate it.
Well, even if I wanted to, I promised
my sister ltd visit her in Hudson City.
Shets sick.
In that case, what can I say?
ttHave a nice
Have a good trip.
I hope you win.
We really need that hospital.
Good luck.
I'm sorry-- you don't
say that to a poker player.
It doesn't matter.
Luck has nothing to do with it anyway.
I would like you now to cut
to see who will deal.
He has a queen.
Doc West, you got a four.
The Dutchman is the dealer.
Gentlemen, play cards.
There you go.
It's a good card, huh?
Where is your bodyguard?
Oh, he met a woman
and left me on my own.
But if I win,
it'll be all good.
Two for the deal.
I will see...
and I will raise.
Three ladies.
Looks like my luck is turning.
You must drink, lovely lady.
Water's good for you.
You don't waste water around here.
You deserve to be punished,
even if it might not feel
like a punishment to you.
Ah! No!
Don't touch me.
Hands up!
Don't move.
Shoot him!
You can't do it, can you, kid?
That is not how you treat a lady.
- You okay, Mrs. Stark?
- Yeah yeah.
I wanted to shoot him.
I couldn't do it.
Thank God you didn't.
It's okay.
You did good, Silver.
You did good.
Dealer takes two.
Three jacks.
It's your deal.
I know.
Need a big marker.
If you want,
you can ask for a marker.
Mr. Van Brooklyn,
that's all the prize money--
just pretty near $32,000.
Are you gonna ask
for a marker?
I'm out.
Doc West wins!
Well done, Doc West!
Drinks on the house!
Oh, that is great.
That is just great.
- I want to see what you had.
- No no, that aintt allowed.
It's okay, Sheriff. Let him see.
An incomplete straight?
You had nothing. You had nothing!
Sometimes even nothing
is good enough.
Oh, you're good, Doc West.
Too bad it was your last win.
Hey, Doc,
you have all the fun.
I think this man needs a doctor.
This man needs a sheriff.
A long time behind bars
and he'll be fine.
Well, let's see.
Let's count it up--
we've got assault;
we've got kidnapping a young woman;
we've got abusing
a young woman.
That's a hanging offense
around here. Let's go, come on!
Let's go. Maybe we'll give you
only 25, 30 years for it.
I'm sorry.
I thought I was done for.
I don't know what would have
happened if it wasn't for Silver.
Silver, I told you not
to take any risks.
- lt's a good thing he did.
- I wanted to shoot him, Doc.
I didn't have the courage.
Killing is never
an act of courage, Silver.
If anything,
not killing is.
Too bad our kids
weren't here.
Millie's been studying
really hard lately.
My boys have been harvesting.
Somebody's got to work.
You take care.
Ooh hoo!
you got yourself
a real good deputy here.
Ah, all right.
Let's go and take care of that desperado
you locked up, all right?
- No, let's go later.
- We're gonna go now.
Let's go, come on.
We gotta go, son.
Denise, thank you.
Good luck, Doctor.
This time he won't come back.
Where's Doc West? Where's Doc West?
- He went thataway.
Well, then how am I gonna
get this to him? It's from Boston.
Hey! Did you see that?
Now that is against the law.
I'm gonna see that that
little desperado is put away
for 20 years to life.
Doc West!
Doc, this just arrived for you.
Well, so long.
Hyah hyah!
"Dear Mr. West,
after so many years, I thought
l'd come and thank you personally
for everything you've done for me.
Since I am now 13 years old,
I was given permission
to come and see you
in Holysand
for a short holiday.
I hope that you'll be pleased.
Yours forever gratefully, Estrella."
I think we're on the wrong trail.
Whenever you're gonna
see his name
Whenever you're
gonna find his name
Remember that in the world,
you know it's true
There's only one Doc West
Whatever you're gonna be today
Whatever you're
gonna do today
Remember that in the world,
you know it's true
There's only one Doc West
When you're gonna
look up to the sky
When you're gonna see
the stars so bright
Remember that in the world
we have a star
And his name is Doc West
Together we'll find just
who we write
Together we'll make
everything right
Remember that in the world
We have a star
And his name is Doc West
Whenever you're
gonna see his name
Whenever you're gonna
find his name
Remember that in the world
you know it's true
There's only one Doc West
There's only
one Doc West
There's only one Doc West.