Trim Season (2023) Movie Script

[dramatic music]
-[zen bright music]
-[leaves rustling]
[dramatic chiming]
[zen bright music]
[labored breathing]
[melancholy music]
[unpleasant dramatic music]
[fast-paced dissonant music]
[labored breathing]
[fearful moaning]
[Amanda] No Jess, stop!
[Amanda screaming]
[unintelligible murmuring]
[Amanda screaming]
[unintelligible murmuring]
[yelling and screaming]
-[unpleasant dramatic music]
-[body thuds]
[car honking]
Real fucking helpful.
[phone buzzes and dings]
[Emma] I know!
[car hood thuds]
Hey, hey, I'm, I'm
so sorry I'm late.
My car literally just
started smoking and I,
like, I had no idea I was--
[Ted] Emma.
[Emma] I know the brunch
rush is about to start,
so I could just--
[Ted] That's enough.
Am I in trouble?
[Ted] Not exactly.
You're fired.
That kind of sounds
like I'm in trouble, Ted.
It will not happen again.
I'll take the bus.
You know, I, I knew that piece
of junk was on its last legs.
I just thought that--
[Ted] This is the third strike,
and there's the incident with
the lunch customers last week.
Your lucky Zeta stepped
in to calm it all down.
Yeah, I know.
[Ted] When you
add it all up, Emma,
it just seems like
you'd be better off
working somewhere else.
[car door slams]
[car horn honks]
Hey Jules, can
you come over, like,
like now?
[fridge door slams]
[knocking on door]
[door clicks and squeaks]
Susan Lucci, Purple Gangster?
Susan Lucci, a
hundred percent.
[Julia] I mean, you were
the best person there.
I've been there before.
Those bitches are on
their phone, like all day.
But yo, why didn't you just say
that it was Sam that
pissed off that table?
You just let Zeta throw
you under the bus.
Like, why do you let people
walk all over you like that?
You think I don't try?
You think I like
being like this?
I try.
Nothing comes out.
You know I try, Jules, it's
like, I just shut down.
Literally couldn't
make somebody listen
to me if my life depended on it.
My rent is like three
months past due.
I owe Ginger so much money.
Hey, I mean, at least
you didn't just bomb
yet another callback for
like the millionth time.
Think I'd take
knowing what to do
with my life over literally
whatever the hell I'm doing.
Like, you have
freedom at least.
You can go anywhere from here.
Yeah, no, I promise.
Drifting aimlessly
through your entire life
isn't the flex that
you think it is.
You know what, man?
Let's go out,
let's go have like
a night on the town.
Did you not hear me?
I am broke.
I am beyond broke.
Yes, you're broke.
So this is exactly
what you need.
Thirsty Thursday, on me.
We'll brainstorm how to
get you out of this rut.
[Emma] I just feel like I
never have any control
over my life, and
it's like I'm trying.
Thank you for coming over.
You're my family.
Someone's gotta
take care of you.
All right, enough of this.
Time for a change of scenery.
Go get cute.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
[upbeat music]
[Pua] Singapore was exhausting.
Now they wanna fly
me out to Milan
next Thursday and I'm
like, really guys?
They have you up at
like the ass crack of dawn,
they shoot all the swim
stuff in the middle of winter
so that they can have it ready
for their summer catalogs,
but then I'm out there
freezing my titties off, and...
only talking about myself again.
Oh, no.
No, it's okay.
[Emma] No, that's not it.
Emma, how are you?
How's your new job going?
Well, I got fired today.
[Pua] No!
That is outrageous.
You seem perfect for the
customer service industry.
I mean, you're even pretty.
Thank you.
I appreciate that.
There she is!
[Pua squeals]
Ladies, this is
my buddy James.
James, this is Julia and Emma.
[James] It's a
pleasure, ladies.
I met him around this time
last year during trim season.
Dang, has it
already been a year?
Oh, what's, what's that?
[James] Bud trim.
Before all your
favorite weed is rolled
into delicious little joints,
it's cured and it's trimmed.
I did it myself last
year and it was fabulous.
So rustic, bohemian.
I ordered you a beer.
Oh, okay, thanks.
So Pua was
telling us a little,
a little bit about you.
[Pua] All bad.
She said you're
in town recruiting.
Well, looking for trimmers.
A few of my usual wooks
dropped out this season,
so I'm scouting.
What do you get paid?
[James] Well, it depends.
We pay by the pound.
How much you trim
is how much you get.
This year's crop, we're
estimating a yield
of maybe 210, 220 pounds
of bud, give or take.
Holy shit.
Are you interested?
[Julia] Uhh.
[Pua] Oh em gee, yes!
You should, you both should.
James, I totally
vouch for these girls.
Well, wait a second.
Wait a second.
How much could we
make in two weeks?
Last year I ended up
leaving with about five grand,
[whispers] in cash.
Well, we can't,
we can't just like,
go off into the woods, like...
Why not?
I mean, yeah, why not?
Because I mean,
firstly, you know,
I mean, you know,
like is it safe?
Like are, like those towns
can be kind of suss, like...
You know, James knows
all the good farms
from the sketch ones,
so you don't even
have to worry about that.
He's not gonna like, take you
somewhere weird or something.
Just, you know what,
you need to broaden
your horizons, girl.
You need to tra-a-vel!
I am gonna go to the ladies'
room for a little bumpski,
if anyone wants to join me.
We're good, it's
all you, it's all you!
I tell you what, there's
another couple people
coming up to trim.
Now they're meeting me in
Garberville day after tomorrow.
If you decide you wanna make
some money, just get in touch.
Oh, give me your phone.
Oh, yeah.
[James] Appreciate you.
For sure.
I'm, I'm sorry if I was
being like, ugh, like ugh.
It's just, you know, we
don't know you, so...
Oh, of course.
Yeah, I tell you what.
Let's change that.
[upbeat electronic music]
[liquid pouring]
Fun night?
Ginger, like, I, I
know what it looks like
but Julie and her friend
paid for everything.
I know that it's--
Enough, Emma.
I don't care.
I found someone
to take your room.
You have until the end of the
month to get your stuff out
and then you need to
make up the back rent.
Do not make it hard.
[door closing]
[melancholy orchestral music]
[Emma] Hey, hey Jules.
Yeah, do you want to
go to Garberville?
[melancholy orchestral music]
[car doors slam]
[birds chirping]
[Harriet] So,
who are you?
I'm Emma.
I'm Julia.
We're supposed to
meet James here.
Yeah, we know who you are.
James told us to expect you.
[Julia] Oh, okay, cool.
Oh, I'm Lex by the way.
[Julia] Oh, hey.
I'm Dusty,
Harriet, friends
call me Harry.
So, how did you two
come to acquaint yourself
with Mr. James?
Oh, just through a
friend of a friend.
What about you?
Ooh, how about you?
-Oh, shit.
Sounds like I'm
the only one who's
just asking around
for real work.
No, it's actually a really
good business opportunity.
A lot of trimmers make
great connections, so.
Yeah, I'm sure you do.
Right on time.
Now grab your shit,
throw it in the van,
and let's hit the road.
Wait, what about our cars?
Oh, they'll be fine.
My girl owns half the block.
They ain't getting towed.
[Emma] That's, sorry, James.
So we're, we're supposed
to just leave our cars,
hop in your van, and just
drive to a remote location?
Look, the roads to the
property are pretty rough.
Your cars will never make it.
Trust him.
This is how it goes, okay?
That's how it goes.
Okay, perfect, in the back!
[Dusty] Are there seat belts?
I got cushions.
[radio announcer] I fear
that legalization would be
nothing short of devastating
to the local economy.
By 2016,
[different radio announcer]
Very much pressure.
[Harriet] They call it the
redwood curtain.
Vibey, huh?
So, how long have
you been trimming?
This is my third season.
First time at The
Hollows, though.
I hadn't heard of it before.
There's actually a shit
ton of farms up here,
and yeah, the hay
looked good, so...
What about you, Dusty?
[Dusty] It's my first time.
I've had friends who have
done it before though,
and they said it pays good
and all the weed
you can smoke, so...
[James] Well, they ain't lying,
but it's also hard work.
Twelve to sixteen hour days,
trimming nonstop.
Fast as you can,
as much as you can.
Thanks boss.
I ain't your boss.
That title belongs
to someone else.
Well, so who's the boss then?
[James] That would be Mona.
Owner of the Hollow.
You'll meet her this evening.
[Lex] A woman?
Thank fucking God.
You know, I was expecting
another horny pervert
offering me an extra fifty
bucks to trim topless.
Is it usually all girls?
Usually, yeah.
Less likely to steal shit,
start shit, lots of macho
pissing contests up here.
They think we're too dainty
to overthrow an operation
and make off with the goods.
I think we could
if we wanted to.
[unpleasant string music]
[birds chirping]
[car door slams]
[engines revving]
[engine humming]
[engines revving]
[engine humming]
[engines revving]
Who are these guys?
Just the lookouts.
[tense music]
Are the guns really necessary?
Where do you think
you are, summer camp?
We're in cannabis country.
The Emerald Triangle.
Why, you's an outlaw now.
-[James] Bobby.
What we got going on in here?
[James] Trimmers for
the next few weeks.
Let's get 'em up to the cabin.
[James] You got it.
-[fist bangs]
-[women gasp]
[Man] Jimmy, move
the van, let's go!
[engines revving]
[engine humming]
[tense music]
[plants rustling]
[dramatic music]
Welcome to The
Hollow, your new home.
So this is...
This is Pua's camping paradise?
Oh no, little Pua worked
another farm down the way.
But this summer the pay
is even better here.
Julia, Emma, Harriet,
you're in the trim cabin.
Lex and Dusty,
you're in that tent.
Right there.
You'll love it.
[footsteps crunching]
[birds chirping]
[fan rattling]
Smells good,
really good. [laughs]
[James] Fresh bud drying
on the second floor.
And this is your lodge.
But don't expect
too much privacy,
'cause this is also where
you'll all be trimming.
Okay, now get settled.
Meet over at the
house in an hour.
Mona likes to host a welcome
to the job cocktail hour,
for new recruits.
And that is you.
Dude, when Pua said
"rustic and Bohemian,"
this isn't exactly
what I pictured.
[Julia] Yeah, right?
[Harriet] What were you
expecting, the Four Seasons?
At least we get
to sleep indoors.
Most grows I've been on, I
slept outside in a tent, too,
but the first hippies
here built their homes,
from the ground up.
I slept bare ass under
the stars in the meantime.
Raw grass.
It's an adventure, Em.
Let's look at it that way.
[blanket rustles]
[crickets chirping]
[chimes tinkling]
-[orchestral music]
-[door clicks]
-[door creaks]
-[door slams]
Are we late?
[eerie music]
You're just in time.
[footsteps patter]
[orchestral music]
I'm Mona.
So nice to meet you,
and welcome to the property.
I like to spend an evening,
with the trimmers, to build
trust and an open rapport.
I hope you like red wine.
Hell yeah.
[Mona] Boys!
And these handsome
goons are my sons.
The eldest is Christopher,
and then there's Malcolm.
Oh, I don't know what
I'd do without them.
They're natural born farmers.
Anyone good with a wine key?
Let's open those babies up.
[Lex] Allow me.
[cork pops]
Sativa dominant?
Refined palette or good guess?
I know my shit,
what you call it?
Wet dream.
[Harriet laughs]
[wine pouring]
Oh, no, no, I
don't smoke the pot.
That's like a chef who
doesn't eat her own cooking.
How do you know it's good?
I've been doing
this a long time.
Besides, I smoke something,
that's especially
tailored just for me.
Oh, do you have
cancer or something?
Cannabis kicks ass
against everything,
from cancer to PTSD, to
anxiety and depression.
I just have
certain preferences.
But, you are right.
It's a very powerful substance
to be honored, respected,
and serviced.
[all] Cheers.
[glasses clink]
Like what is it then
like that, that you smoke?
I've smoked every blend,
every strain, AK47--
Mona, I love your gloves.
Are they real leather?
Oh, chronic dry hands.
They keep in the
moisture and besides,
it makes me feel pretty.
Right, Christopher?
That's right, Mom.
How's the wine?
-So good.
-Lovely, thank you.
And the bud?
Amazing. [laughs]
I haven't gotten this high
of one toke in like, forever.
[Dusty coughs]
Well, there's plenty.
So smoke till your
heart's content.
Now, don't party 'em too hard.
I mean, they still
got work tomorrow.
[Mona] Oh, shush, James.
These are capable
trimmers, I can tell.
Maybe you should loosen up, too.
-Yeah, James.
-Come on James.
All right, let's do this.
[record scratching]
What kind of records you got?
[Mona] Oh, I got everything,
from Willie Nelson
to Michael Jackson.
["Dream My Darling" playing]
Come to bed, my darling
Rest your weary head
[tense music]
[distorted singing]
[tense music continues]
[chimes tinkling]
[distorted whispers]
[creature yowling]
[Harriet] Mountain lion.
[Harriet] They're
all over these hills.
That's an animal?
[Harriet laughs]
Sounds like some
chick getting knifed,
in a horror movie, doesn't it?
-[Harriet] Nope.
Not that that doesn't
happen up here too, though.
Not that what doesn't happen?
All kinds of sketchy, illegal,
messed up shit happens up here.
This place used
to be a paradise.
And now, the energy's
all fucked up.
Isn't that just like,
such a fucking shame?
[lion yowling]
[lion yowling]
Well, goodnight. [laughs]
[lighter clicks]
[lion yowling]
Wake and bake, babe! [laughs]
Good morning, Em.
Good morning.
[Dusty] Hey.
[Emma] What time is it?
Good morning, girls.
Who here has trimmed before?
Good, you three, take
a seat at the table,
we'll have a short tutorial
and you can get started.
We dry the sativa here
in the trim house,
but all the other bud dries
out back, so don't worry.
There'll be plenty
of work for everyone.
First things first.
Gloves, very, very
important, ladies.
Bud is sticky.
It will stick to you.
You will stick to it,
so gloves, always.
Next, scissors.
Anyone bring their own?
Good, good.
No worries, we'll provide
you three with pairs.
These are your best friends.
Keep them clean,
keep them sharp.
Clean them often.
Now all we're going
to do is grab a stem,
break it off the stalk.
We're going to get in
here with our scissors.
Give it a little haircut.
Kind of like this?
Just like that.
Once you have your bud
clean of all the leaves,
we'll drop it in the bins.
And you wash, rinse, repeat.
All right, I'm out.
Take it easy, man.
Oh, James, James,
sorry, one second.
James, oh, James, I'm sorry.
When are you coming back?
Two weeks, when
I take you home.
I guess, I kind of
thought that you were,
you were also
staying here as well.
No, I gotta bounce.
Well, don't look so glum, Emma.
I mean, it'll be over
before you know it.
So, enjoy.
[door slams]
[engine starts]
[dirt crunching]
Hey, what's the matter?
That's our ride.
Dude, it's okay.
He's coming back.
[engine hums]
[radio playing]
[tense music]
[fan rattling]
[paper rustling]
[Harriet] The people
here were using sales,
and cannabis taxes
towards everything,
from schools, to volunteer
fucking fire departments.
Yeah, the government
made them outlaws.
They're not criminals, you know.
[headphones playing]
[scissors snipping]
Whoa, Lex.
Oh, shit!
Oh, ugh. [laughs]
[Dusty] Dude,
doesn't that hurt?
I'm sure it would've,
if it were somebody else.
-Wait, what do you mean?
[Lex laughs]
Extremely rare disorder.
insensitivity to pain.
Wait, what?
I am a medical marvel.
Wait, so like you
can't feel pain?
I never have.
Never will
Lucky me.
My parents made sure I
never played outside.
So like, can you feel that?
[Lex] Stop.
So, what, your parents just
never let you go outside?
They tried, but I
was dying of boredom,
living inside of a bubble.
Once, I threw my
leg over a banister,
and I slid down and
I broke my wrist,
and I didn't feel it, but still,
I had to wait until I was
18 to actually start living,
and I never looked back.
Must be easier to live
when you can't feel pain.
[Lex] Physical pain, at least.
I had my heart broken for the
first time a few months ago.
And that hurt like hell.
Would not have made
a difference, man.
Nothing prepares
you for that, mm-mm.
I mean, my mom even told
me, but I still got wrecked.
Yeah, you remember?
-I remember that.
How about you, Dusty,
what's your family like?
[Dusty stammers]
Well, my mom is a housekeeper,
and my dad was...
He ran a non-profit theater,
so obviously we were
poor, but we were happy.
[gentle music]
I don't...
I don't really like
talking about it.
Well, my family's
super boring.
Like my mom is a nurse and my
dad manages a liquor store.
So, surprise.
You can tell they
didn't want me. [laughs]
Fucking John and Carol, man.
They were obviously way
too young to have kids,
so I would definitely rather
have helicopter parents,
than pretending I don't exist.
Honestly, maybe I should have
just tried that banister trick.
No, no. [laughs]
-Oh my god, no.
-I'm kidding.
Speaking of younger
parents, how old is Mona?
[distorted conversation]
[fan rattling]
[distorted conversation]
[tense music]
[paper ripping]
[paper ripping]
[Lex] Harriet, what the
fuck do you think you're doing?
Are you gonna tell me
this isn't way better?
You don't think they put
that up there for a reason?
I don't know.
[Lex] This isn't
your apartment.
You can't just make
changes as you see fit.
Excuse me.
I'm a solutions based person.
I don't just like, sit
around and complain.
[door slamming]
[footsteps creaking]
Good morning, my children.
How are you?
[all] Good.
[eerie music]
[Mona] Craving a little
sunshine, are we?
I admit it does tend to get
a little bit dreary in here,
but we close the
windows and cover them,
for your own
protection and ours.
Oh, what the hell?
Finish the job. [laughs]
[Harriet laughs]
[paper ripping]
That's better now, isn't it?
Tomorrow you'll
spend the morning,
recovering the windows
and securing them shut.
I have newspapers and
tools at my house.
Yes, absolutely.
[Mona] Well then, children.
Trim away.
[Julia] Great
fucking work, Harriet.
-Good job, man.
[lighter clicks]
You should have
said something.
[tense music]
[ax thuds]
[voices whispering]
[ax thuds]
[eerie music]
[water rushing]
[intense music]
What are you doing?
[Harriet] Coming with you?
Yeah, I can see that, why?
'Cause you're sorry?
'Cause you feel bad for letting
me take the blame yesterday?
Well, why didn't
you say anything?
Are you like this
noble altruistic,
pacifist or something?
What are you getting at?
[Emma] Yeah, I wish.
More like a glorified wet wipe.
Can't stand up for myself
for shit and I panicked.
So, thanks for taking
advantage of that, by the way.
Oh, lame.
Hey, you know that
cannabis can help a lot,
with anxiety and depression,
and difficulty sleeping too.
And like, if you want--
Yeah, I'm aware.
Just go back, Harriet, go trim.
It's cool.
Harri, and I wanna help.
We gotta stick it to the
man and inject some love,
and community into the
mountain, huh? [laughs]
Just don't be weird, okay?
[Harriet] I'm
not gonna be weird.
[Emma] Somehow I
don't believe you.
[Harriet] Why?
[door creaks]
How did you sleep?
All right, we were up
pretty late trimming.
Oh, that's very good.
Now Emma, the newspapers
are downstairs.
Do you mind following me?
Okay, just stay here,
I'll be right back, okay?
[birds chirp]
Listen, Mona, I'm so
sorry that with your--
Oh, no, no, it's okay.
It's a forgivable offense.
It's not like you stole
from me or anything.
[birds chirp]
[doors creak]
[cabinet doors click]
[ominous music]
[Mona] Trust is everything
in this business.
And it's very fragile.
[box tinkles]
You understand why, don't you?
[Emma stammers]
Yes, mm-hmm.
Why are you here, Emma?
To get newspaper?
No, why are you here, on
this mountain doing this work?
[Emma stammers]
To make money?
And that's why
everyone's here.
Why are you here?
[Emma stammers]
Maybe, to figure out what
I wanna do with my life.
You mean like more meaning,
more purpose, more control?
All three.
Then why did you
take responsibility,
for something you didn't do?
Is it really so difficult to
stand up for yourself, Emma?
[Mona] Do you understand what
you could be missing?
[jar clinks]
[Harriet inhales]
[Mona] I see myself in you.
I used to be that
girl, a long time ago.
So gentle, so soft.
You are so young,
but it doesn't last.
What is that saying, 'tis a
pity that youth is wasted?
On the young.
You are so clever.
Don't take it for granted.
There are many who would do
anything to have what you have.
[papers rustle]
Hey mom.
[doors creak]
You seen my work gloves?
[door shuts]
[tense music]
[scissors snipping]
[hammer clinking]
[scissors snipping]
[paper rustling]
[scissors snip]
[paper rustling]
[scissors snip]
[tense music continues]
[paper rustling]
[crickets chirp]
[scissors snip]
[plastic rustles]
All right, that's it.
Good night, everybody.
It's only 2:00 AM.
You want some Adderall?
No, I'm good, but you
can knock yourself out.
Do you have anything
you wanna say to Emma?
Not really.
[footsteps patter]
[Harriet sighs]
Make sure to get
some rest tonight.
-[Emma] Night.
-[Julia] Night.
[scissors snipping]
Lex thinks she's
so fucking perfect,
like Mary fucking
Poppins or something.
I'd clock her in the mouth
if I thought she'd feel it.
Ooh, I bet you would.
Sure you would.
[Harriet] I am actually
glad that she's gone,
because she ain't
gonna get none of this.
Where did you get that?
From Mona's super
secret special stash.
-What, what?
-Oh, my God.
She was talking
about it so much.
I had to try it.
[Emma] So you stole from her?
It's one tiny little nug,
she's not gonna notice.
Yeah, but don't you
think like stealing
from your boss is like bad
business practice or something?
Bad business
practice? [laughs]
-[Emma] Yeah.
-[Julia] Yeah.
Are you guys like my
lawyers or something?
Jesus Christ.
[scissors snipping]
[Harriet] So you're telling me,
that you're not gonna
smoke any of this?
No, and I'm not taking the
hit for you this time either.
Are you gonna rat me out?
No, but shit, Harriet!
We already have one strike
for the windows, like...
[Harriet] Whatever.
Why are you like this?
[weed crumbling]
Oh no, I'm not smoking that.
[Harriet] Suit yourselves.
[lighter clicks]
It's all you.
[Harriet coughs]
[Harriet laughs]
[Harriet coughing]
[Harriet choking]
Oh, here, you want some water?
[Emma] No.
I'm fi-- [coughs]
[Harriet choking]
[Julia] Oh my God, dude.
Oh my God.
[Julia] Dude, are you okay?
[Harriet choking]
-Holy shit!
-[Julia] Oh shit!
[Julia] Oh my God.
[Emma] What is happening?
[Julia] Oh my God, Harriet?
[Harriet choking]
[Emma] Oh God!
[Julia] I'm gonna
go get some help.
[Emma] What the fuck?
[Harriet choking]
Just try to breathe.
[Emma crying]
[Harriet choking]
[Emma] Oh, what the fuck!
What the fuck, somebody help me!
No, somebody help me!
No, please, please, help.
Come on!
[Harriet choking]
Harriet, come on, come on!
Please, listen to me, please!
Come on!
No, Harriet, come on, come on!
[Harriet coughs]
[Emma choking]
[Emma coughing]
[Emma choking]
[Julia] No, no, what happened?
[Julia] Oh, fuck.
Come on, let her go.
[Emma] No!
[Julia] It's okay.
I tried, please.
Oh my God.
What the fuck, what
were you guys doing?
She just smoked some
weed, I don't know!
[door creaks]
[Mona] I don't care
how or when she took it.
I don't care who knew or helped.
Maybe I should have been
a little more specific,
when I said that this flower,
was tailored for me and only me.
What should we do?
Sleep, of course.
Where are we gonna sleep?
In here?
No, no, no. They're gonna
come to the tent with us.
[Mona] No, just sleep here.
No, please, please,
there's room, we can--
I said, no.
[Lex] Dusty, wait, Dusty!
[Emma cries]
[Julia] Oh, oh, oh, oh God.
[Emma sobbing]
[Mona] Leave it.
I said, leave it.
Sweet dreams.
[tense music]
[Emma] Oh my God,
Jules, what is happening?
It's okay.
It's really fucked up,
but it's gonna be okay.
We gotta get out
of here, like now.
Where are we gonna go?
How would we even get there?
[tense music continues]
Here, come here.
Look, just...
I'm gonna cover
up all this stuff.
And you should try
to get some sleep.
[tense music continues]
[women screaming]
[crickets chirping]
[plants rustling]
[crow caws]
[water trickling]
[birds chirp]
[eerie music]
[handle squeaks]
[Lex] Oh my god,
what the fuck,
what were you guys doing?
[Julia] She just smoked
some weed, I don't know!
[birds chirp]
[tense music]
[Emma] What the
fuck, somebody help me!
[metal rattling]
[men cackling]
Clean it all up!
[man] Where the fuck you think
you're going, little lady?
[engines revving]
[birds chirp]
[eerie music]
[voice singing]
[voices whispering]
[person screaming]
[person breathing]
[woman screaming]
Hey, Emma.
[Emma coughing]
Oh, my God, are you okay?
[Emma] Yeah, it's nothing.
It's nothing.
Well, listen, we should
probably go to Mona's.
We should probably get ready.
So I brought you this.
[Emma] Thank you.
Yeah, of course, man.
[crickets chirping]
[lion yowling]
[Mona] Welcome everyone,
to this bountiful meal.
[cutlery clinks]
Do you...
Do you have any
idea what happened?
Why Harriet...
Harriett's death
was unfortunate,
and unexpected and preventable.
The fatal reaction
she had was tragic,
but entirely of our own making.
Please do not let it weigh so
heavily upon you all, my dear.
Take comfort in this time
that we have with each other.
Where did you take her?
[Mona] Sorry?
I'm just curious, what
did you do with her body?
I'm sure her family
would want it.
It's in a safe place.
[Lex scoffs]
Did you notify her parents?
Oh, how would I do that?
Courier pigeon? [laughs]
Please, let's all
enjoy our meal.
Sorry, we're just...
Trust you, it's
that the trust is--
[Christopher] Let me explain
something to you.
Let me explain
something to all of you.
When something
like this happens,
we handle it in our own way.
So let's leave Ma alone,
and enjoy the food.
When something
like this happens?
[Christopher scoffs]
You people.
You think you know how
things work up here,
but you have no fucking idea.
I didn't mean any
disrespect with what I said,
and just so you, just--
Of course you didn't.
And I accept your apology.
She's not apologizing.
She didn't do anything.
[Emma] Julia, it's okay.
I, in no way, wanna jeopardize,
whatever you guys
are doing here.
We just wanna do the
job and just go home.
Oh, of course you do, dear.
This work is not for
the faint hearted.
You're awfully quiet, Dusty.
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah.
There's something
that I can do to help?
Is it Harriet?
Are you taking it hard?
Death is just a part of life.
Who was it?
They don't like
talking about it.
Maybe they do want
to talk about it.
No, she's right, I
don't wanna talk about...
It's good to
talk about things.
Talking can be therapeutic.
You don't--
You don't...
Now we know what it takes.
Sticking up for a pretty little
thing, against your mother.
Was it your father?
[eerie music]
How did he die?
Mom, it's...
Go on.
Not good to bottle it up.
Let it out.
-Mother, just--
-He shot himself.
I found him, in a
pool of his own blood.
Just like Harriet.
[chair clatters]
[door slams]
[chair thuds]
It's just a family squabble.
Don't let your food get cold.
[Lex] I'll be back, fuck.
[cutlery clinking]
[door slams]
[crickets chirping]
[tense music]
[Lex] Dusty!
Their stuff is gone.
I couldn't find them.
We have to go, now.
[door slams]
You want me to radio the boys,
have 'em wrangle 'em back in?
We'll have to move
up the timeline.
It'll be draining,
but acceptable.
Radio Bobby,
and tell him to corral the
girls into the trim cabin.
Tell Shane to watch the road.
I'll walk Dusty back myself.
Collect your brother.
[Mona sighs]
[engines revving]
[Lex] Dusty!
[Emma] Let's get out of here!
[Julia] Please, Dusty!
-[Emma] Dusty!
-[Lex] Dusty!
[Emma] Dusty, come on!
[engine revs]
[Bobby] Back it
up to the cabin!
What the hell's going on here?
-[Bobby] Move!
-[Emma] What...
[Bobby] Keep walking, move it!
[Emma] What's going on?
-[Julia] Come on, go, go.
-[Bobby] Move!
[eerie music]
[Dusty screams]
I'm here, I'm here to help.
I'm not staying.
Neither am I.
I just, I just want out.
No, no, there's not time.
Sorry, I'm sorry.
We need to go east.
Look, there's a creek.
We just cross the creek.
She can't get to us.
Please don't, please.
You gotta trust me.
She'll bring you back.
She can, and she will.
Okay, okay.
[Dusty] No.
No, no, no.
[lantern creaks]
-[Dusty] What?
[Dusty yells]
-[Christopher yells]
-[body thuds]
-[Christopher] Get up!
-[body thuds]
-[both grunt]
-[body thuds]
Where you going, huh?
[Christopher grunts]
[gloves squeak]
[chimes tinkle]
[record crackles]
[orchestral music]
[voices whispering]
[knife clinks]
-[Dusty groans]
-[body crunches]
[orchestral music
-[Dusty groans]
-[body crunches]
Maybe you learned
your lesson, boy.
The last time you try to
sneak away like a coward.
You're here for one reason.
And that's to work the dirt,
like the piece of
shit worm you are.
[Christopher grunts]
-[body thuds]
-[Malcolm groans]
-[Malcolm grunts]
-[body thuds]
[Dusty screams]
-[Dusty groans]
-[body crunches]
[Dusty groans]
[Dusty groans]
Stop, stop.
Stop, please.
[orchestral music
[Dusty groans]
[Dusty groans]
Stay down.
I won't listen to you.
[Malcolm groans]
-[Malcolm groans]
-[body thuds]
Hey, you were born here.
You're gonna die here.
Nothing you can do about it.
-[Malcolm groans]
-[body thuds]
Try it again, baby brother.
Ma'll just bring you right back.
[Dusty screams]
Shut the fuck up.
Get away from the window.
Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
Bobby, it's Bobby, right?
We don't know what's
going on here.
All right?
We don't know what we did wrong,
or why you're
holding us hostage.
Come on, come on.
We just know that we could
hear Dusty screaming outside
so if you could just please
just help us understand.
You'll never understand.
If she wants to, Mona can
control the whole mountain.
That's all there is.
What do you mean she can
control the whole mountain?
Shut the fuck up!
[Lex laughs]
No one's fucking leaving,
so shut the fuck up!
You're scared,
aren't you? [laughs]
Take another step.
I'll blow your fucking head off.
I don't think you will.
[Julia] Lex.
You can't hurt me.
I will if I have to.
[Emma] Lex, stop.
No, seriously, he can't.
-[Lex groans]
-[body thuds]
What the fuck?
What is it, little boy?
-[fan clangs]
-[body thuds]
[body thuds]
[fan clangs]
[footsteps crunch]
[limbs crackle]
[Dusty groans]
[tense music]
[Dusty panting]
[Dusty groans]
Why are you doing this?
You have something
that I want, Dusty.
Something that I need.
No! [cries]
You are so beautiful.
It's okay to be scared.
I understand.
I understand.
No, no, no.
Please, no, please, no.
Please, no.
Don't make this any
harder than it has to be.
Don't, no, no! [groans]
That's a good child.
No, no. [sobs]
Are you ready?
You're so brave.
[Dusty] No.
You're doing so well.
Go to sleep
Don't you cry
Rest your weary mind
When you sleep
You shall dream
Whilst your mommy's
watching you
[Dusty] No.
You ready?
No. [sobs]
Ah, take a deep breath.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no,
no, no, no.
[Dusty screams]
[Dusty panting]
[Dusty screams]
[Dusty screaming]
[Dusty groaning]
[Dusty screaming]
[Dusty screaming]
[Julia] Let's get
the hell outta here.
[Lex] Not without Dusty.
I don't hear them.
[Emma] They could
still be alive.
Yeah, but they're
probably not.
Yeah, well we're
gonna find out.
Do you know how
to use that thing?
'Cause I don't.
Click the safety, off you
point it, and you shoot.
[gun cocks]
This is fucking insane.
And I know it's
dangerous, but, I mean,
they'll never see us coming.
We have the upper hand.
So what are we gonna do?
Just go in guns blazing?
Emma, think about
what you're doing.
I have!
I have, and I'm scared
and I don't wanna die.
But we are not
leaving Dusty behind.
Whatever's going
on, it ends now.
Come on.
[footsteps patter]
[Julia] Fuck.
[crickets chirp]
[Mona] Where's your brother?
We don't need him.
[Mona] Bring me the vessel.
[flesh squelching]
[eerie music]
[plant rustling]
[water trickling]
[crickets chirp]
[Lex gasps]
[Emma] We were too late.
[Mona sighs]
If you're too weak, ma,
if it's too soon, I can...
[Mona] I know, dear.
You are so special to me.
So special.
Will you go fetch
the others, dear?
[lighter clicks]
[Mona exhales]
[crickets chirping]
[footsteps crunch]
No, stop, stop, stop, wait.
[gun cocks]
[man grunts]
[footsteps crunch]
[emotional music]
-Just trust me.
What are you doing?
[Emma] Careful.
[eerie music]
[man sniffling]
Thank you.
[footsteps crunch]
[footsteps crunch]
[crickets chirp]
[jacket rustles]
[door slams]
All right girls.
Let's play.
[Emma] What the hell?
I don't know, I don't...
I don't know, I don't know what.
[Lex cries]
What the fuck, Emma!
I don't know what's happening!
[Emma] Jules?
-[Emma] Jules?
Jules, what are you doing?
-[Julia grunts]
-[Emma] Jules!
Jules, stop it!
[Lex] I can't get up,
I can't get up! [cries]
I can't, I can't!
Stop, stop, stop, stop!
[body thuds]
Jules, stop!
What are you doing, stop!
[women screaming]
[Lex] Julia, stop!
[women screaming]
Please, no, no, no, no!
[women screaming]
[Malcolm yells]
[Christopher groans]
[Malcolm yells]
[Christopher groans]
[both grunt]
[Emma grunts]
[Julia choking]
No, no!
[Emma] Lex, stop me!
No, no, no Jules!
Lex, stop me!
Lex, stop me!
Emma, stop!
[Lex] Emma!
No, why, Lex, stop me!
[Lex] I can't get up!
-[Lex] No, no, no!
No, Jules, no!
[gentle music]
[Emma] Lex help me!
[ax clangs]
[gentle music]
[Jules groans]
[Emma sobs]
[emotional music]
[dramatic music]
[Mona groaning]
[all groaning]
Jules, I'm going to kill her!
[Lex and Emma groaning]
It's an amazing
plant, cannabis.
Capable of so much.
But this bud, this bud is
more special than any other.
Control of that plant
can only be earned,
through blood,
force, and sacrifice.
[lighter clicks]
Been in my family for centuries.
We carried it across the sea,
from the black
mountains of Carpathia.
We had long proven ourselves,
as the strongest
duits of its power.
My mother before me, and now,
just me.
Why, you fucking bitch? [groans]
Emma, all that anger,
on such a pretty face.
Burning you up, from the inside.
[Emma groans]
[Emma chokes]
They say that cannabis is
the key to eternal life.
Well, it has always healed,
so it stands to reason.
We spent years
perfecting the soil.
To crack open the secret.
We finally did it.
We finally got it right.
But there's no one
left to share it with.
I couldn't make
you kill yourself.
[flesh squelches]
[Emma] No, no. [screams]
[Mona] But I'd rather
make you want to.
[Emma screams]
Had enough?
Let me tell you
something, little girls.
Life is pain.
Not for me, bitch.
[Mona grunts]
[ax thuds]
[Mona screams]
[Lex screaming]
[body thuds]
[Emma grunting]
[flesh squelches]
[Mona groaning]
[Emma grunting]
[Mona groaning]
[Mona crying]
[Emma cries]
[Emma cries]
[Emma] Thank you, Lex.
Thank you, Lex.
Help me.
Help me, baby.
Help me.
[Mona cries]
Why couldn't you just...
Just let me go?
Malcolm, Malcolm, Malcolm!
Malcolm, Malcolm,
Malcolm! [sobs]
[crickets chirp]
[Emma sobs]
[man] Yo, Bobby, any updates?
What the fuck?
[footsteps rustle]
[Emma sobbing]
[man] Jesus Christ.
What the fuck?
[eerie music]
[bones crackle]
[man groans]
[man pants]
[man groans]
[tense music]
[footsteps rustle]
[bones crackle]
Please, just, you
don't understand.
No, I think I do.
[lighter clicks]
[fire crackles]
[man coughs]
[man choking]
[body thuds]
[eerie music]
[footsteps rustle]
[crickets chirp]
[people conversing]
[glasses clink]
[Man] Let's change that.
I'll tell you what,
we pay by the pound.
Ladies, here's to
the killing trim.
[everyone laughs]
[glass clinks]
[bones crackle]