Trinity's Triumph (2023) Movie Script

(slow instrumental music)
- This beer's pretty terrible.
- Sorry, I couldn't get craft
brew from my mom's fridge.
- Guys, I'm terrified.
- Why?
- Seminary's a big deal.
I mean, to swear to God you're
never gonna get married,
never gonna have your own kids.
No more girls.
- No girls even like you.
- What are you talking about?
Lucy Weaver.
- Lucy Weaver.
- Lucy Weaver.
- Lucy Weaver from sixth grade?
- Yeah, we were
gonna get married.
She was the one.
Come on.
You're not scared
even a little bit?
I mean, Heck's not
even gonna be there.
He is retired.
What are we gonna do?
- I am not scared at all.
I'm sure about this.
Hey, I've known since
my First Communion.
- Oh, lucky you.
But you know, what if?
I mean, you never know.
(owl hoots)
- Was that a wolf?
- What are you talking about?
- That's an owl.
(Tom laughs)
- Oh no, man.
- You know, but they say,
beware of a wolf in
sheep's clothing.
- You're such a nerd.
- I don't know who's worse
outta the two of you.
- I'm just saying cause he
mentioned wolf.
- This is really sad.
- It's a quote.
(slow gentle music)
- Mrs. Martinez, what...
What brings you to camp today?
- Hello, Monsignor.
I hope we made it in time.
I drove as fast as I could.
- In time?
- Well, Miguel told me
about the terrible food
shortage you're having.
So I made mofongo,
20 pounds of pernil asada.
Plus, I brought plenty
of fruit for the boys.
And Annie made
cookies and brownies,
dozens of both.
Just tell me where
the kitchen is.
We'll bring everything in.
- Yeah, uhm...
You know...
Uhm, just back
behind this building.
- Dude, stop hacking me, man.
- Who's hacking who?
Stop being such a wimp.
- You two babies, we left the
kids' cabin two years ago.
- Stop.
- Every time I drive the hoop,
you freaking mug me.
- Every time you drive, it's a
charge, I call a foul.
- Oh, you know when I charge?
You know?
- Enough!
My office.
You are counselors.
You are supposed to set
an example for these kids.
Now what's...
What's with you guys?
- He kept hacking me.
- He ran me over.
- You both were
playing like girls.
- Hey!
- Sorry, Monsignor.
- Sorry, Monsignor.
- You are a sorry lot.
So, who's gonna
tell me what the,
and I'm gonna say it,
heck you thought you
were doing out there?
(the boys talking at once)
- What is this, a lounge act?
If I have to run
this camp by myself,
I will do it.
Now are you gonna shape up
or I'm gonna ship your
sorry asses back to Jersey?
- It was my fault.
I lost my temper.
- It was my fault.
I hit him when I was
driving to the hoop.
- Well, from what I saw,
none of you have a shot at the
varsity team at St. Mary's.
You wish you could
play like girls
and not one of you has a chance
of beating me on the court.
(everybody laughs)
Okay, fine.
When we're done here, I'm
gonna give you a clinic.
Now, I got this in Ghana.
I did some missionary
work there years ago.
It represents unity.
With unity, there's
peace in the world.
The people of Ghana believe
that even just three people
can hold up the entire world.
Do you think you can do that
Work together?
Mr. Kim?
- Yes, Monsignor.
- Mr. Finnerty?
- Yes, Monsignor.
- Mr. Martinez?
- Yes, sir.
It's all good 'cause I was
just trying to stop them.
- You know what?
No one likes a
brown-noser, Mr. Martinez.
Oh, and by the way,
your mother and
sister dropped off
the Dominican Food
Festival that you ordered.
Now, get outta here.
Lace up your chucks and
stretch whatever you have to.
20 minutes, scram.
(footsteps plodding)
(door creaks)
- Oh yeah, Miguel.
Miguel Jose Martinez.
I love you but I'm
gonna kill you.
(Mrs. Martinez
speaks in Spanish)
I don't understand.
I never raised you like this.
You're gonna make me die young.
They have so much food.
Why would you think
that's a food crisis.
What's wrong with you?
- I asked myself the same
thing a million times.
(Annie giggles)
- 19 Years, you do
this to me every time.
I've pushed you out for 20 hours
and this is how
you repay me, huh?
- Sorry, I'm late.
I needed my teammate.
- Ana?
- Monsignor said you
needed to learn a lesson.
- So, enough chitchat.
Let's go.
And loser washes dishes.
- Okay.
- All right.
- Okay.
(upbeat music)
(Annie grunts)
(upbeat music)
- Oh, yeah.
- There you go.
(upbeat music)
- Yes!
- Whoo!
(Heck laughs)
(everybody laughs)
- Guys, you gotta
give it off to Heck.
- You got owned by baby sis.
- Yeah, he did.
- Good job.
- Thank you.
(slow music plays)
- [Tom] Did you
guys see the email?
Monsignor Han can't
meet the class.
He's gonna get replaced.
- That sucks.
He had like five stars
on Rate My Professor.
who's the replacement?
- I don't know.
- No way.
- Au Contraire, Mr. Martinez.
In every way.
Good morning, gentlemen.
As can be attested to by my
three young friends here,
Porthos, Athos, and Aramis,
who, if they pass muster,
could be a modern day
Peter, James, and John
but unfortunately are usually
Moe, Larry, and Curly.
Due to some
rescheduling phenomena,
I was called out of my very
enjoyable semi-retirement
to once again pick up the
mantle of higher education.
Now for those of you who
do not know who I am,
my name is Monsignor
Gregory Heck.
You can call me
Monsignor Gregory Heck
or Monsignor Heck or Monsignor,
which is probably the best.
And yes, my name
really is Gregory Heck.
And no, I did not
receive an Academy Award
for "To Kill a
Mockingbird" in 1962.
And yes, it is ill-advised
to get on my bad side
for 'tis pity but 'tis true,
as you all know,
heck in a moment,
you are not all too careful,
can become hell.
So, be forewarned.
Now, on the converse,
and I'm not talking
about your sneakers,
even though some of you
fancy yourselves as athletes,
on the converse,
you will not find me
nor my brethren here
who have been put in the
divinely trusted position
as guides to your
priestly formation,
you will not find
us dispassionate
in the righteous
execution of our duties.
We live for this.
We here at...
Oh, Holy Trinity Seminary.
(class laughs)
Genuinely care about
what you want to do here.
We care with all of our hearts
that you are setting out
on an extraordinary odyssey
to answer the
highest of all calls.
And like Jesus here,
breathing life into
Jairus' daughter,
Jairus who was a faithful
man surrounded by skeptics,
you too will be breathing
life into a ministry
that has weathered its
fair share of skepticism.
What's it going to
take, my friends?
(Heck writing on the board)
The Latin word for life.
It's going to take
vita, my friends.
Veritas, truth.
Integritas, integrity.
Tolerantia, endurance.
Amicitia, friendship.
This, gentleman,
is a way of life.
Take it all in.
Understand it well.
Memorize it.
Own it.
This is the DNA for
a truly fine priest.
If you are truthful
every day of your life,
you will be eternally free.
Be who you truly are.
Don't lead double lives.
The Native Americans speak of
straight eyes and clean hands.
Words to live by.
Endurance means you're
in it for the long haul.
My advice?
Take it all one day at a time.
a beautiful word,
Always be good friends.
Support each other.
Your life.
(class applauds)
I like a man who does
not miss his cue.
Gentlemen, this is Father
Marshall in the flesh.
You're gonna learn a lot
from Father Marshall.
He is your Bible professor.
We are fortunate enough to
have him here on our faculty.
He is a rising star.
He just came from California
and I would not play
Bible trivia against him.
- Bible trivia?
I'm in.
- It's good meeting
you, gentlemen.
I look forward to seeing
you in class this afternoon.
Until then.
- So, where were we?
(slow gentle music)
Tom, your paper on suffering
as wanting what you do not have
and having what you do
not want was exceptional.
I mean, it was so good.
It could have been
one of my own.
Joe, nice work as well.
And Mike, in the future,
it would be really helpful
if you did not write
two page quotes.
Just give me the Bible
reference number.
I know what it
says. I've read it.
(Heck laughs)
So, today's discussion
is on women.
Can't live with them.
Can't live with them.
Celibacy is a strict discipline.
So, how would you handle
women in your ministry?
- Uh, well...
- You know what?
Hold that thought.
I'll be back.
- I guess maintaining
I think social situations
with parishioners
might feel a little tricky
but I think the idea
is to keep Jesus
as the center of my heart.
- That's good, Joe.
Keeping Jesus in the center.
Mike, any ideas on this?
- Okay, I'm gonna put my Bible
trivia reputation on the line
and go with 1 Timothy 5:2:
Treat the older
women as mothers,
the younger women as
sisters in all purity.
- And that will work
99% of the time.
But a special case
could turn up.
- I think it's much
more than that.
Sorry, Mike.
If you take a sacred vow
and declare your life to God
and the priesthood,
then you can never
break those vows.
Hebrew 7:17 says, "For
it is attested of him,
you are a priest forever
according to the
order of Melchizedek."
- So your position, Tom, is
that if you live by the rules
and keep them
clearly in your mind,
there's no room for error.
Is that right?
- Yes.
- See? That just seems
to lack a sense of heart.
As Aristotle said,
"Educating the mind
without educating the heart
is no education at all."
I have a practical question.
How would you handle
falling in love someday?
- No. I mean, I wouldn't.
- You're counseling a young
widow who has a small child
and quite unexpectedly your
whole world turns upside down.
You can't get her
out of your mind.
How do you handle it when you
fall in love with somebody?
- I would never be
in that situation
because I would never
let that happen.
I love God and
the Blessed Mother
as it should be for a priest.
- You'll notice, Mr.
Kim, that I said when.
When you fall in love,
not if you fall in love.
(slow gentle music)
- You guys are still
looking at the material.
- Doesn't come so naturally
to everyone, Mike.
- Can't help it I'm gifted.
- Evening, gentlemen.
Deep in study for
my final, I presume.
- Only those of us who didn't
master the material weeks ago.
What are you up to
tonight, Father Marshall?
- I am planning on indulging
in this fine craft IPA
that I just discovered
at Riverside Bev.
- IPA is gross.
Way too hoppy.
- Yeah, same.
- Well, just 'cause Tom
and Joe don't like IPAs
doesn't mean that I don't.
- Goodnight, guys.
- Bye.
- Only you could score
beer from a professor.
- It's my natural charm.
I can't just turn it off.
Christmas song plays)
- It's good. Nice job.
(people chattering)
- Thank you very much.
Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- I should have worn a red tie.
- Hey, gentlemen.
I have hats for you here.
Here for you.
- Oh, hats!
- There you go.
- This is for you.
Oh, I got you.
- Oh, sure.
- There we go.
Yeah, can we get a picture?
(camera shutter clicks)
- Where's Martinez?
- Gentlemen, welcome.
This is where we
do our best work.
You will learn how to carefully
and quickly baptize
an infant over here.
I say quickly because
accidents that happen
on the family's 200-year-old
christening gown
are rarely well-received.
Now over here you will learn
how to give a final
blessing without looking
like you're trying to bring
in a 747 into the gate.
Gentlemen, this is
hollowed ground.
You will be stepping into the
shoes of Peter, James, John,
Aquinas, Sheen, and Heck.
A word to the wise
and former scouts:
Be prepared.
Now one of your most solemn
duties will be the funeral mass.
Now obviously here we
will practice sans corpus.
But shall we take a peek?
(class shrieks)
- You can book this room
on your own schedule.
Meanwhile, we'll head
back to the classroom.
Theory awaits.
You can come out now.
(gentle serene music)
- Mike, are you free?
- Yeah.
- Great, I'm putting
together the Bible trivia
for the Academic
Olympics next week.
Why don't you help me
with the questions?
- Yeah, that's awesome.
I'm in.
- Great.
Come on, we can
work in my office.
- Okay.
- Once a brown noser,
always a brown noser.
Am I right?
- Jealous much?
Clearly, I, Mike
Martinez, am the favorite.
It's time to start
getting used to it.
- Don't keep Father
Marshall waiting.
(gentle foreboding music)
- [Student] Hey, Mike.
- Hi.
- No, that looks good.
- Yo, where were
you all weekend?
We're about I get some food.
- No, thanks.
I got some stuff to do.
- You okay?
I mean, you missed a killer
Heck lecture this morning.
- I'm good.
I gotta go.
- Hey, what's wrong?
- Nothing.
- All right, weirdo.
- There's a Chinese place
that just opened up.
It's on Yelp.
- What the hell is Yelp?
(gentle brooding music)
- Hey, grouchy.
Come here, sit down.
Have some Kung Pow Chicken.
- I'm sorry, I'm leaving.
- Dude, don't be so dramatic.
We invited you to dinner.
- No, I'm serious.
- Wait.
What are you talking about?
- This isn't my life.
This isn't for me.
- Mike.
I get it if you're
a little scared.
We're all scared.
- I'm not scared, Joe.
I'm not worthy.
- Who is?
We're all just trying our best.
Just sit down, have some food.
We'll sort this out.
- I'm not talking about this.
I've decided.
- So, that's it?
You're just gonna
walk out on us?
You don't give a about us?
- You know, sometimes I struggle
with this whole thing too.
I mean, we all struggle.
I understand.
- I can't, Joe.
I just can't.
- So selfish.
I mean, forget about us.
What about God?
- I'm not so sure God gives
a shit about me either.
- Mike, that's not true.
(door creaks and thuds)
- Okay, could we
settle down, please?
I have an announcement
this morning.
A bit of sad news actually.
One of our young seminarians
has had a change of heart
and has decided to
leave Holy Trinity.
Mike Martinez left
us last night.
(Father Marshall sighs)
You know, gentlemen,
I have seen the same
situation happen many times
over the years.
It happens.
But at times like this,
we strengthen our resolve
and our commitment to God.
Now, Mike will do well and
serve the Lord in other ways.
In the meantime,
our rule is to
respect the decision
of the departed
friend and colleague
and let him go in peace.
Now if Mike wants to contact us,
that is another matter,
and we will certainly
keep him in our prayers.
But there should be no
more contact from us.
If any of you knows of
any fellow seminarians
breaking this rule,
please let me know immediately.
Now, let us begin the
class with a prayer.
In the name of the Father,
and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit.
- Our Father...
- Father
Who art in heaven.
Hallowed be thy name.
(school bell rings)
- I don't get why we
can't contact him.
It's like being in
a straight jacket.
You can't move.
- Something happened.
I don't know what but
something happened.
- Maybe he'll hit us up.
In the meantime,
rules are rules.
- Well, good morning, Greg.
- Maurice, how are you?
- Good.
Although I must say
a little bothered
with the whole Mike
Martinez situation.
Did you speak with Tom and Joe?
Did they say anything?
- Well, they told me
about it last night
but they are as in
the dark as we are.
I mean, he was such a great kid.
Would have made a fine priest.
- I couldn't agree
with you anymore.
- A little extra
prayer this afternoon
will do this old soul some good.
I'll see you, Maurice.
- You take care, Greg.
You know, perhaps it's better
that a student
finds out early on
where his true calling lies.
(gentle brooding music)
- I've been thinking
about Heck's lecture
on the seal of confession.
Priests can be put in
some difficult situations.
Like what if somebody
came up to you and said,
"Bless me, Father,
for I have sinned.
I just killed somebody."
What would you do?
Earth to Joe.
You're on the same
page for an hour.
- Sorry.
- It's cool.
I miss him, too.
- What were you saying?
- What would you do if
somebody came to you
and said they killed somebody?
- I mean, this is
not an easy job.
That's not all bake
sales and baptisms.
No wonder why priests
are always asking you
to pray for them.
I don't know.
I mean, maybe Mike was right.
I mean, how...
How can any of us know if
we're really cut out for this?
(gentle brooding music)
(telephone rings)
- Pro shop.
Yes, this is he.
Archbishop, how are you?
Aren't you in Rome this week?
What happened?
(foreboding music plays)
Not another.
Yeah, obviously.
I understand.
How long has this been going on?
Mary, Mother of God.
I'll leave right now.
I should get to him
in about an hour.
Thank you, you're
in my prayers too.
Thank you and goodbye.
(picture frame crashes)
(car engine revving)
(gentle somber music)
- Hey, Joe!
- What's up?
- Hey, it's Heck.
Something happened. We gotta go.
- What happened?
- I don't know
but it's serious.
(gentle somber music)
- We're looking for a
Monsignor Gregory Heck.
- Yes, Room 24A.
- Thank you.
Thank you very much.
- Mike?
- Tom? Joe?
What the hell are
you doing here?
What happened?
- It's Heck.
He got into a car accident.
- I think it's serious.
- What room are you going to?
- 24A.
- Down the hall to the right.
- It's really good to see you.
- Huh, aren't you two
a sight for sore eyes?
- What happened, Monsignor?
- You know, you shouldn't
be here with me.
You should be giving
the Buick Last Rights.
- It's a miracle
you're still alive.
- Well, this seems to
be a day of miracles.
Mike Martinez, is that you?
- I spoke with
Annie at Christmas
and she said you
were in med school.
I just didn't realize you
were at this hospital.
- And you could have
just told us yourself.
- Yeah, if you answer your
phone calls or emails.
- Facebook friend requests.
- I'm sorry.
Medicine doesn't come as
naturally as Bible study.
I have to occasionally
crack open a book now.
- Hmm.
- What got you so
worked up, Monsignor.
- The Archbishop called.
I had to go in and
remove one of the priests
from the seminary.
Oh my God, the Archbishop.
Does he know I'm here?
- Yes, the Chancery is
aware of the accident.
That's how we caught
wind of what happened.
- It's very important.
He has to be stopped.
- Who has to be stopped?
- What happened at the seminary?
- One of the priests on staff
seems to have been involved
in inappropriate behavior
with several students.
Three former seminarians
have come forward
to say that he sexually
harassed and molested them.
The details are disturbing.
And if the allegations
turn out to be true,
and my gut is telling
me that they are,
I am going to nine
iron his skull.
- Monsignor, calm down.
You're lighting up
like a pinball machine.
What'll happen to the priest?
- He's being put on leave
while the church conducts
an investigation.
We're also involving the
District Attorney's Office
in case anything that happened
was of a criminal nature.
- Serious stuff.
- And we're taking
it very seriously.
But I can't believe
the Lord has brought us
all back together
again like we were.
He always guides us at
our darkest moments.
(somebody knocks on the door)
Oh, Bishop Walsh.
Give us the room,
Would you please?
- Of course.
- Take care of
yourself, Monsignor.
Don't get too worked up.
(Monsignor laughs)
(gentle somber music)
- I'm glad he's okay, man.
- Let's go for a drink.
- Mike, when do
you get outta here?
- I'm done in
about half an hour.
- There's a bar across the
street if you wanna meet us.
(Mike sighs)
- Yeah, I'll see you there.
- Awesome.
- All right, see you.
(gentle somber music)
(door thuds)
- [Joe] Hey.
- Man, we ordered you a beer.
- Thanks.
- Can you guys believe this?
I wonder who Heck and the
bishop are letting go.
- No idea but I've never
seen Heck that angry.
- I hope they throw the
book at the bastard.
It was Marshall.
- Marshall?
No way.
He's one of our best professors.
- How do you know?
- 'Cause he did it to me.
- God.
- There were a few occasions.
Nothing seemed that serious.
A couple of comments
here and there.
I thought he was
comfortable with me.
I thought he was
treating me like a peer
rather than a student.
But then that one day when he
asked me to come to his office
to work on the Bible trivia,
I don't know what happened.
I had my back to him and
then I felt him behind me.
And when I turned
around, he was...
He grabbed me.
And then he took my
hand and he put it on...
And he kissed me.
- A freaking hypocrite.
- It happened so fast.
I pushed him away.
I told him I didn't want that,
but he kept telling me that
I was flirting with him
and that deep down I
wanted what had happened.
And then he said that
if I ever told anyone,
he would fail the three of us.
- Us?
You should have said something.
I mean, I would've
rather left with you
than let him get away
with what he did.
- Joe, he was protecting us.
- Well, how dare
he wear a collar
and act like some kind of-
- Shh!
- Man, I'm sorry about
being such a jerk to you
when you were leaving.
- It all makes sense now.
The silence, the rules.
- What rules?
- Marshall told us
about this stupid rule
that if a seminarian leaves,
you can't be in touch with him.
You can pray for him, but
you can't talk to him.
- Covering his tracks.
- I mean, we broke
the rule anyway
and we still reached out.
- I knew that.
I just didn't know
what to say then.
I was so lost and I
really just wanted
to figure it out on my own.
I felt really bad.
I thought that with
all my joking around,
I had given Marshall
the the wrong impression
and that somehow
it was my fault.
- But you know it wasn't
your fault, right?
He betrayed you,
your trust, his vows.
He betrayed everything
he claimed to stand for.
- Please, do me a favor.
Do not tell Heck.
I wanna just put this behind me.
(Mike sighs)
It's working out though.
Changing careers to medicine,
and I'm getting married.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
I've wanted to reach out to
the both of you for so long,
but I didn't know what to say.
So much time has
passed, you know?
And now you're both here.
I mean...
- We're together now.
- Thanks to Heck.
- Hey, tell us about her.
Give us the details.
- She's amazing.
Her name's Magdalena.
We met in med school.
She's two years ahead of me
and probably the only reason
that I'm passing
any of my classes.
- That checks out.
- That makes sense.
- The wedding's in July.
I'd be honored if
you both were there.
- We wouldn't miss it.
- Oh man, this is amazing.
This is amazing.
I mean, we're gonna
be ordained in a year.
You're getting married.
- Wow.
- Life comes at you fast, huh?
- Yeah.
(wedding music plays)
(crowd cheering)
(mass music plays)
- [All Priests] Do
this in memory of me.
(congregation applauds)
- Congratulations.
- Congratulations.
- Oh, thank you.
- Thank you.
- Maddie.
- Father Tom.
- So proud of you.
- Congratulations.
- Hi, Meaghan.
Smile for Uncle Joe.
- Uncle Joe or Father Joe?
Uncle Father Tom.
This is confusing.
- You can hold her.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- So how do you feel?
- To be honest, it's
a little overwhelming.
- It's a lot overwhelming.
She's amazing, Mike.
- She's beautiful.
- Thank God she got all
of Maddie's good looks.
(Maddie laughs)
- I'm glad you said that.
- Father Joe, Meaghan
would like to know
if you would do us all the
honor of baptizing her.
- What?
What about me?
- I'm sorry, Father Tom.
You can get the next one.
- The next one.
- Yeah?
- Uh-hmm.
- But she obviously
already made her choice.
- I think she's trying
to tell me something.
- I think she's taking a deuce.
- Miguel!
- I'm sorry.
I think baby Meaghan is
making a poo-poo present
for Uncle Father Joe.
- Come here, princess.
We'll see everybody
a little later.
- So cute.
- Excuse us, daddy.
- You are one lucky
man, Martinez.
- Go figure.
It's like everything worked
out for the three of us.
- You know, if I could be
half as good as
that guy over there,
I'm gonna be a
pretty good priest.
- When do you report
to your parish?
- Tuesday.
- Wow.
They do not waste any time.
- Yeah. Well, we're
short everywhere.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Looks like your first test
in service just arrived.
Remember when you said
she was so gorgeous
at camp all those years ago
and then I said I was
gonna rip your eyes out?
Well, I don't have to really
worry about that anymore.
Do I, Father?
- Shut up, she's still gorgeous.
- Hi.
- Hi, Ana.
- Sorry, my plane was late.
Bad weather.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Thank you so much for coming.
- So bummed that I missed
the actual ordination.
- Hi.
- My God, Tommy.
Sorry, Father Kim, you
look as handsome as ever.
Black is really your color.
- It's great to see you, Annie.
How are you?
- Boston is fun but I'm
a New Yorker at heart.
(Annie laughs)
- Meg's getting a little fussy.
Is it okay if we go, Mike?
- Hm-mmm.
Sorry, we have to go.
You just got here.
- It's all good.
- Hey, I have to drive to my
parents to get some stuff.
If you want a ride,
I can take you.
- Perfect.
- Keep an eye on these two.
- I'm not gonna
corrupt, Father Kim.
- Hm-mmm.
- Bye, guys.
- Bye.
You wanna hear my confession?
- Absolutely not.
- You three fathers
all grown up.
Two priests and a dad.
Come a long way
from tussling around
on the basketball court.
Joey, you okay?
- Yeah.
I'm just gonna go check
in with Heck for a bit.
It's nice to see you.
- Nice to see you, too.
What do you think got into Joe?
- Not totally sure.
He's taking a big step though.
Jumping right in
in appears that,
from what I've heard is
in need of a lot of work.
The pastor there is counting
his days to retirement,
so he's stepping
into the real world
while I basically get
to stay in school.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah, the bishop wants
me to get my doctorate
in moral theology.
When do you finish law school?
- Next May.
- And then?
- I've been placed
in an internship with
Carson and Hannah
this summer in the city.
Generally, they lock you
up before third year.
So hopefully, I get to
be back in the city.
- That'd be great.
- Wouldn't it?
(care engine starts)
(slow gentle music)
- Father Finnerty.
- Hello, there.
- Welcome.
- Oh, thanks.
How are you?
- Oh, very well.
My dear friend Greg
called me last week
to tell me I was getting
one of his best students.
That is high praise.
- I am so happy to be
here, Monsignor Lillis.
- You know, as I get older,
I let go of formality.
Please feel free to
call me Charlie, okay?
- Okay, Charlie.
- Let me show you the office.
- Oh, yes.
Thank you.
- We haven't had another
priest here in a while.
Your desk has been used
mostly for storage.
- It's great.
Lots of potential.
- I imagine you'd like
to see the church.
- Yes, very much.
Thank you.
(gentle solemn music)
The gospel of the Lord.
- [Congregation] Praise
to you, Lord Jesus Christ.
- What I've found about
following my vocation is that
it has been full of surprises.
There have been so
many things about it
that I could not have predicted.
I've met my two best friends
on my way into the seminary.
One did not continue to the
priesthood but is now a doctor
and caring for people
in a different way.
My other friend was
ordained with me
and is now getting
his doctorate.
He was always a little smarter.
But you know, this was
the biggest surprise.
My academic friend,
he was always sure that
he made the right choice.
He always knew he was
supposed to be a priest.
I was so impressed by how
he found God so easily
and committed his life to him.
I was a little different
in that regard.
I will tell you that I
struggled for a while.
But in those times of struggle,
I find myself returning
again and again
to something my very
wise and dear friend,
Monsignor Heck, taught
us in the seminary.
And that is Jeremiah 29:11:
The Lord says,
"I know well the plans
I have in mind for you,
plans for your welfare,
not for your woe,
plans to give you a
future full of hope."
I take comfort in that,
and I hope you all do as well.
- Congrats on finishing the bar.
- Thank you.
It's so good to see you.
- It's good to see you, too.
- So how are you, Father Tom?
- Father Tom?
Just Tom's okay.
- Oh yes, Father.
- Cute.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
- How's the priesthood
treating you?
- In a word?
I mean, absolutely amazing.
The classes are just fantastic.
And if you have time,
you should sit in on
one of my lectures.
- I may take you up on that.
- I hope you do.
What's to know with you?
- Well, I've met someone.
- As in boyfriend?
(Annie laughs)
- He's nice.
We've had two dates.
He's a lawyer.
I met him in court.
- What's his name?
- Andre.
He is a city boy.
Tall, dark, handsome.
- Wow, he must be one lucky guy.
I wish you the best.
I hope it goes well
for you, Annie.
I really do.
- Thanks, Tom.
You know, he actually
reminds me a bit of you.
Considerate and sweet,
super smart,
- Everything except for
tall, dark, and handsome.
(Annie laughs)
I'd love to meet him.
- Okay, next time.
- [Waitress] May
I take your order?
(slow serene music)
- Nice, nice.
Okay, guys.
This is looking really good.
Who's ready for some pizza?
- Yay!
- All right, let's go.
Come on.
(footsteps plodding)
- [Maddie] I've be
meaning to call you.
When are we gonna meet Andre?
- [TV Reporter] New
developments tonight.
And the story was brought
first two years ago
after being removed from his
post at Holy Trinity Seminary
following multiple complaints
of inappropriate
sexual behavior.
Former Catholic priest,
Maurice Marshall,
can now face criminal
prosecution for his time
at a church in California.
Several families have
come forward alleging...
- [Maddie] No, no.
I mean, he's a great guy.
Honestly, yeah.
- Maddie.
- [Maddie] One second, Annie.
- Magdalena.
- What?
- Can you check on Meaghan?
I have to finish this chapter.
- Annie, can I call you later?
- [Maddie] What's wrong, mama?
You don't want your diaper.
Oh, okay.
Okay, we'll swap them out.
All better.
Okay, love you.
Good night.
- So, Senor Gato didn't
make the cut today.
- Uh-huh.
- So I just got off
the phone with Annie.
- Oh, nice. How's she?
- She's good.
But she said the
strangest thing.
I was saying how she
should bring Andre over
so that we can get to
know him over dinner.
But then she started talking
about this fantastic dinner
she had the other night with Tom
and how she thinks Tom would
make such a wonderful husband.
- Tom?
My Tom?
Father Tom?
- I mean, it's all
over their faces
every time they're together.
What if Annie's actually
thinking about him?
And what is Tom thinking?
- Listen, they are both adults
and I don't see Tom ever
wavering from his vows.
Hopefully, Annie focuses
on this Andre guy
and doesn't give him reason to.
- Maybe we should
swing by and see Tom.
- I'm seeing him for
drinks next week.
- I mean, swing by on a Sunday.
- Drinks is good enough.
- Miguel, I can
count on one hand
the number of times you've
been to church since we've met.
- Oh, come on.
- Our wedding, the
ordination, Meaghan's baptism.
- You know how
intense residency is?
Sunday's the only day
that I get to rest.
- I know.
I went through it same as you,
but I still found
time to go to mass.
- I'm not getting into
this with you again.
I'll talk to Tom at drinks.
- Fine.
(Mike sighs)
- Oh, man.
- Hey.
- How you been?
Have a seat.
- Nice place you
got here, Father.
- Welcome to my world.
- Not bad.
Looks like you're
keeping decent company.
Aquinas, Butler, Fichter,
Augustine, Schillebeeckx,
Calvin and Hobbes: Sunday Pages.
- Gang's all here.
- What are you working on?
- I'm just reviewing
Pope John Paul II's
"Love and Responsibility".
It's a heavy reading but
it's really meaningful.
- Wow.
That's thrilling.
You must be so...
- Okay.
Okay, I get it.
How are you?
How's the parish?
- Broke, but sweet.
Terrific people, but not
enough butts in the seats.
Monsignor Lillis gives
me free run of the place.
Just need to get
some things fixed,
roof leaks,
stuff like that.
Raise a little revenue.
All in good time.
- And you?
You doing okay?
- Yeah, I'm good.
- And you didn't drive down
here just to join my book club
and we could've caught
up on the phone.
So, you came here to talk.
- Remember how I felt
after our ordination
around Mike and
Maddie and the baby?
Do you feel like that sometimes?
- Sure, sometimes.
- I mean, they have such
a great little family.
- Yeah.
- And all of a sudden it's like,
"You will never have this
in your life, Father Joe."
That day, it felt like the
baby was looking right into me
as if she was trying
to tell me something.
I mean, it's like there's
something so organic
about being a dad, you know?
And all your protective instinct
just kicks into high gear.
Does this sound stupid?
- No, it's not stupid at all.
- I've done so many weddings,
even did one last night.
- Yeah?
- Every time I see
the happy couple kiss,
walk off into their future,
you know what I do?
- Blow out the candles.
- Right.
Put away the chairs.
And suddenly with
Meaghan in my arms
and Mike and Maddie laughing,
I saw my whole life just
stretched out in front of me.
I mean, either I'm gonna be
with a hundred people
or none, you know?
I got a little...
I get a little lonely
and it scares me.
- Let's go stretch our legs.
Come on.
- It just made me...
It makes me sad that
priests can't marry.
I mean, intellectually,
I've always understood
the church's position.
But in my gut, I just
can't help questioning if-
- If the church
may have deviated
from Christ's
original intention.
- Right.
Christ never made celibacy
an obligatory part
of the priesthood.
I remember I spoke with
Heck that afternoon.
- You did?
Was he mad?
- No, he was
brilliant, of course.
Making me laugh,
consoling me at the same time.
It was effortless
for him, you know?
And I thought, "Okay.
You know, maybe I
can be like him.
Tossing out quotes from Eusebius
about St. Peter, the first Pope,
and his wife, Perpetua."
- What, does he have
the joy of saying,
"Honey, I'm home" when we can't?
- Or St. Paul in
1 Corinthians 9:5.
- "Do we not have the right to
take along a Christian wife-
- [Both] as do the
rest of the apostles
and brothers of the Lord.
- Timothy 3:2-4.
- "You could be a bishop,
be married and have kids."
- Titus 1:6.
- "Be a priest, be
married and have kids.
- But 1 Corinthians 7:38.
- "He who marries
his betrothed does well
and he refrains from marriage-
- [Both] Does better."
- Wow.
All those hours of spoon
feeding have finally paid off.
Matthew 19:12.
Matthew 19:12.
- Hang on, Hang on.
Give me a second.
- And time's up.
Matthew 19:12.
Jesus says to make eunuchs
for the sake of the
kingdom of heaven.
- Oh, the one about
the eunuch, of course.
Don't even go there.
But seriously, I'm
a people person.
Tommy, you know that.
I've always been.
I mean, you're at home here.
- Hey, I mean, we have
each other, right?
You have me,
I have you to buy me lunch
at my favorite joint.
- Whatever.
Fine, nothing too pricey.
You know, I got leaks to fix.
You had me worried when
you said favorite place.
- I can't help it if
I have simple taste.
- Oh, I'm grateful.
I mean, they can't
beat these prices.
Speaking of your
taste in eateries,
didn't you have dinner
with Annie recently?
- Yeah, last month.
- How was it?
You didn't take
her here, did you?
- It was really nice.
She has a boyfriend, you know?
- I didn't.
Height? Weight? Social
security number?
- I didn't do a
background check,
but Andre something.
He's a fancy lawyer.
They met in court.
- And?
- And nothing.
I'm just...
Had a fun evening.
Talked about old times.
- We were on the same
page just a minute ago.
This life can get lonely.
You know, I'm here for you
if you ever need anything.
- Thanks for asking, but
I'm blessed to be here.
This is where I belong.
- Don't hesitate
to reach out to me.
Or Heck.
He's always sage counsel.
- Don't I know it.
- I mean it.
You know I love
you like a brother.
- Me, too.
You know that.
Hey, you should stick around.
I'm giving a lecture
on my research later.
- I'd love to, but I
have a wake tonight.
That's good.
- Yeah?
- Now I know why you
like this place, man.
That corn chowder is top-notch.
- I told you it's my
favorite joint now.
- Mike
(gentle foreboding music)
(cellphone vibrating)
- Hello.
- Monsignor Heck.
- Maddie, to what do
I owe the pleasure?
- I'm sorry to bother you.
- Yeah, no bother, my dear.
- He'd die if his family knew.
And Tom and Joe,
he never wants to bother
them with anything.
- Is this about Mike?
- Yes.
He's abusing pills.
- Oh, dear Lord.
- I suspect it for a while now.
He's different, distant, moody.
He never wants to spend
any time with Meaghan.
I've confronted
him about it before
but he always has an excuse.
But I just found three
bottles of oxycodone
in his nightstand filled
by three different doctors.
- I'm so sorry, Maddie.
He needs our love and
support and our prayers.
God's love is there for all.
- I'm not so sure Mike
feels that way anymore.
I understand that
he has every reason
to have his faith shaken.
But I don't know.
I thought by him having other
amazing priests in his life
like you and Tom and Joe
that he'd just come around.
- Wait, you've lost me again.
- The priest at school,
Madison or something.
- Marshall.
- [Maddie] Yes.
I thought you knew.
- Of course.
Poor lad.
We can help Mike
heal from his past
but not unless we help
assure that he has a future.
- When betrothed love enters
into this interpersonal
something more than
friendship results.
Two people give
themselves to each other.
The fullest, most
uncompromising form of love
consists precisely
in self-giving,
in making one's inalienable
and nontransferable I
someone else's property.
Will you all give me a moment?
(gentle somber music)
- Whoa, Monsignor.
What's going on?
What a surprise.
- Miguel.
- Maddie, what's wrong?
Where's Meaghan?
- She's with my mother.
- What's going on?
- Maddie called me.
She knew that you wouldn't want
Annie and Tom or Joe to know
and she knows you need help.
- What are you talking about?
This again?
Look, there's this guy
I know from the gym.
He lifts too heavy and
he tweaked his back.
His insurance is bad and
I'm just helping him out.
I'm telling the truth.
- You've been pushing
this anger down for years.
Now I don't blame
you for being angry.
God doesn't blame you either,
but you need God's
love right now.
- It's not what you think.
- You need God's love,
your wife's love.
Surrender to it.
It's the only thing
that can stop that anger
from eating away at you.
You've been trying
to control it,
but you can't.
You have your whole life.
Marshall has no power
over you anymore.
- They weren't
supposed to tell you.
- Joe and Tom didn't tell me.
Maddie told me.
I wish you'd come to me.
- You don't think
I wish that, too?
He just made me feel special.
I thought he was treating
me like an equal.
So I let the
off-color stuff slide.
The attention felt good
and I thought the
affection was harmless.
- You didn't cause anything.
He abused his power and
betrayed your trust.
- And where was God
when that was happening?
Where was he when Marshall
cornered me in his office?
- It's not God's fault.
It's not your fault.
The blame lies with Marshall.
- But I didn't say anything.
You're right, I
should have told you.
But I was too weak and
other kids got hurt.
I should have said something.
I'm complicit.
- No, Mike, you
were a scared kid.
He is responsible
for his actions.
He alone.
- I didn't want you to know.
- You never have to
hide anything from me.
But now you are responsible
for your actions.
You're at a crossroads.
We will help you.
God will help you.
- I don't feel God
in my life anymore.
- If you get help, I'll be
with you every step of the way.
I promise.
But if you don't...
- I want help.
I need help now.
(Maddie sobs)
- I wanted to apologize for
bolting from your class today.
I had something to deal with.
I should know better
than to lie to a priest.
I don't know what happened.
I just all of a sudden felt as
though I didn't belong there.
I'm sorry.
- That's okay.
- Things are getting
serious with Andre.
I'm not sure.
- Not sure about what?
Do you love him?
- I think I do.
- Only think?
- I'm not you, Father Confident.
How do you really know?
- I'd know if I were Andre,
I wouldn't hesitate
to marry you.
- You wouldn't?
- You know what I mean.
- If you were Andre.
- Right.
- Or?
- Or what?
- Or if you weren't a priest?
- That's not what I meant.
- Okay.
- That is what I meant.
Annie, I'm head over
heels in love with you.
- You have a higher calling.
I've always known that.
- I just...
I never saw this coming.
- I always knew this was coming.
- Why didn't you say something?
- You never gave me the chance.
You were always so damn sure
that that is what you wanted.
Not this.
- But with rum though.
- We celebrate.
- I gotta go.
- You're just gonna
leave me here.
- Don't try to make me feel
any guiltier than I already do.
- Look, Tom.
You made a vow like a marriage.
- Okay, then why are you having
dinner with a married man?
- Wow.
Don't try to lay this on me.
I'm not crossing any boundaries
to knock you off your mission
and I'm definitely not
gonna be the other woman.
- I didn't mean to
put that on you.
I'm sorry.
- So am I.
(gentle somber music)
(gentle somber music)
- It is the lifeblood
of the church itself.
We live for this.
We, here at Holy
Trinity Seminary,
genuinely care about
what you wanna do here.
We care with all
of our hearts...
(Heck laughs)
That you are stepping out into
this extraordinary odyssey
to answer the
highest of callings.
(school bell rings)
(Tom applauds)
(Heck laughs)
The one and only
Monsignor Gregory Heck.
- Still doing the same routine.
- Well, you know, they
got rid of the real books,
so I had to tweak
some of the bits.
- How have you been?
- No complaints.
Complaining doesn't
seem to help anyway, so.
And yourself?
- Well...
- I know that sound.
You found out that you're human
and when finally arrived.
- It arrived a while ago.
I've just spent the last year
or so suffering through it.
- Suffering is wanting
what you do not have
and having what you do not want.
Thomas Kim, Holy
Trinity seminarian 2007.
Familiar with it?
Good writer, great student.
A little intellectual but
could make a fine priest.
- I can't believe you kept this.
- Oh, it's good.
I quote from it all the time.
It makes me sound impressive
like I actually know something.
So, what are you going to do?
- I really wanna be a priest.
- Uh-huh.
And I really want the Mets
to win the World Series.
But you have more
power than I do
to overcome your suffering.
- Because I have the
ability to change mine.
- Ah.
Ding, ding, ding,
ding, ding, ding.
And I,
alas, as I have all
too often realized,
I have absolutely
no power whatsoever
in aiding my beloved Mets
in their futile attempt
to ever become anything more
than pathetically huggable.
- I've been studying
Pope John Paul's
"Love and Responsibility".
- Brilliant man and a saint.
- I don't understand why
the church won't reconsider
its position on
priests and celibacy.
I mean, I can't believe
that this was Christ's
original intention.
St. Peter, he was married and-
- You know, you sound like
a another priest to me.
- Joe?
- No, me.
And Joe and every other
good priest that I've known
over the past 50 years.
But there was a moment when I
seriously considered leaving.
But when I spent some
time and deep reflection,
I realized that the
priesthood is my center
no matter what
goes on around me.
But believe me, I had
to pray about this.
For a while, things
were not clear.
- It's hard to believe.
You are one of
the most committed
and inspirational
men I've ever met.
- Well, thank you, Tom.
But I want you to know
that I understand.
- Then why won't the Vatican-
- Look.
First, why don't
you clear your head?
Get your house in order
as the good book says.
Keys to the camp.
I haven't been up
since the accident.
Take a week.
Get away from everything.
Be alone so that you
can hear what God
and your heart are saying.
- No, I'm not gonna
let it happen.
- Joe, come on.
It's my choice, huh?
What are you gonna do to stop?
- I'll do whatever
I damn well have to.
If I have to knock some sense
into your stubborn skull.
- You're supposed
to be my friend.
- I am your friend, you idiot.
And I'm not gonna let you make
the biggest mistake
of your life.
You have always been sure.
You've always known
without a doubt.
- I'm gonna go away for a while.
Clear my head.
I need to make a decision.
- Damn right, you do.
We promised each other
Tom and we promised God.
- Joe.
- No, forget it.
You are being so selfish
and irresponsible and...
- I just need some
time, all right?
I need some time
to clear my mind.
Joe, come on.
You're my best friend.
You're my brother.
Joe, I'm sorry.
- No.
(Tom sighs)
(thunder rumbles)
(foreboding music plays)
(thunder rumbling)
(paper ripping)
(thunder rumbles)
(Tom sighs)
(gentle foreboding music)
(thunder rumbling)
- Hey, I'll see you later.
Hey, Joey.
- Oh.
- Mike, you are a
site for sore eyes.
- Good to see you, too.
- Wow.
- Great beard.
- Oh, thanks.
Yeah, I'm finally better
looking than you, huh?
- Yeah.
- What are you doing here?
- Ah, this is my
Thursday night meeting.
- Meeting?
- Uh-hm.
You've been out most
times that I come up.
A few times I've been
too scared to say hi.
- Mike, I had no idea.
What happened?
- I guess I really never
got past what happened
at the seminary.
I still blame myself
for screwing up the
path that I was on.
You and Tom kept going.
I didn't.
Part of me thought I
could control it all,
the pain,
but I needed the love of
something bigger than myself
to finally sort it all out.
- Does Maddie know?
- Yeah.
She found the pills,
called Monsignor.
- Heck?
- Yeah.
- Heck never said anything.
- Nah, he wouldn't.
- How's Maddie coping?
- She's good.
Spends a lot of time in church.
So do I now.
- Well, just the...
Just the basements.
- Sometimes the social halls.
- Well, you know you're
welcome upstairs anytime.
- I know.
By the way, do you need a hand
with anything around here?
This place looks like it
could use a lot of love.
- So, you noticed.
Yeah, she could use
a bit of a facelift.
That's for sure.
Come on, let me show you around.
Do me a favor.
If you see any of
these little sticks,
pick them up because
I swear these kids,
they're messing with me.
Yeah, they're all the same size.
I don't even know
how they do that.
Here's another one right here.
This is ridiculous.
- These sticks?
(foreboding music plays)
(paper rustling)
(Tom screams)
- I can't choose.
(window breaks)
(telephone rings)
- [Voice Machine] This
is Pine Point Camp.
We're closed for the season,
but you're free to
leave a message.
- [Heck] Tom, are you there?
The alarm for the
cabin triggered.
What's wrong, Tom?
Are you there?
Tom, what's happening?
- I broke a window
in your office.
- Oh, good Lord.
- My hand is bleeding.
- All right.
Let's relax here for a moment.
How badly are you hurt?
Do you want me to
drive up there?
- No.
- Fine, then let's just talk.
- What do you want me to say?
That you were right?
You were right when you
said "when I fall in love"?
Why is this even in my mind?
Everything in my life has
led me to this path and...
I don't know if it's worth it.
- Your choices.
- My life.
- Now take it easy.
You know that alive
Tom Kim is better
than a dead Father Tom.
Do you understand me?
- Yes.
- Listen, are you sure you
don't want me to drive up there?
- [Tom] Yes.
- Now I know I said that
you should clear your head
at the cabin but you've
always followed your head,
and look where it's gotten you.
I mean, you cannot
reason your way
through an impossible equation.
Don't think it, Tom.
Feel it.
- I will.
(gentle serene music)
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How are you?
- I'm good.
How are you?
- I'm good.
I'm really glad you called.
I wanted to talk.
- I really wanted
to talk to you, too.
- I've been doing a lot of
soul searching this past year.
I realized that I wasn't
being fair to Andre,
so I broke it off.
- I'm sorry.
- We're still friends.
It's for the better.
And I'm sorry to you, too.
- No apologies needed.
I had so much on my
mind at the same time.
Too much talking.
Not enough listening.
I've been at the camp this week.
It's really different
when nobody's there.
I was able to figure
some things out.
I think it's pretty clear to
me what God wants me to do.
- I think I know what
God wants you to do, too.
I've always known how much
the priesthood means to you
and deep down it's who you are.
Let's enjoy each other's company
as much as
legitimately possible.
You a priests.
Me as your dearest friend.
Would that work?
- I brought something
from the camp.
It's a washer
from the screen door of
Heck's cabin.
Years back when we
were kids at the camp,
it fell off so I put it back on.
And the very next
person I saw was you.
You came with your mom
after Mike pulled that
prank with the food.
And you were the most
beautiful person I'd ever seen.
And then we laughed at
Mike and then I was hooked.
This morning when
I left the camp,
it fell off again.
And I knew all those years back,
I had met the other
part of my future.
I love being a priest
but I love you, too.
And I know that it's not
possible to have both
in today's church.
So, I had to make a choice.
- I totally understand, Tom.
I want you to be happy.
I really want you to be happy.
- It's you.
- What?
- It's you.
I believe God is calling me
to a different higher calling,
a life with you.
(gentle serene music)
- [Heck] Father Joe,
how the man are you?
I wonder if you could be so kind
as to do an old friend a favor.
I don't know about
this year's class.
Seminarians today
overthink everything
and feel next to nothing.
They're just too cerebral.
- That was never my problem.
- Well, I'm well aware.
(Heck laughs)
And yet today all I get
from you is thinking.
- There's a lot on my mind.
- Well, lay some of it on me.
- Mike's been helping
me out at the church.
- Great.
- Yeah, yeah.
He told me about rehab.
- Dark night that was.
- Always is just
before the dawn.
- Indeed.
So did he come to you in
a professional capacity?
- A little of both, I guess.
He needed a friend.
- And a priest?
- I'm not going anywhere.
Can't say the same
about everyone else.
- And now we get to
what's really bothering
the suddenly
cerebral Father Joe.
The tragedy of Tom and Annie.
- I know that God's love
is a part of all vocations:
single life, marriage,
the priesthood.
- Well, then we'd run out
of Catholics real quick
if people didn't get married.
- And I know that...
That no one path is greater
or more important
than the other.
But a part of me never
wants to see them again.
- Thomas suffered a lot
these past few months,
maybe more than you realize.
- I know that.
I know and I should have
been more supportive
when he came to
see me last year.
He needed a friend,
not a priest.
But he's my best friend.
And Annie,
I'm losing two of the
closest people in my life.
- That's because you
are letting them go.
They love you, Joe.
They need your love and support.
But I'm the only one left.
I just...
I feel so alone.
- Ah, you think you're alone.
Let me ask you a question.
If you weren't a priest,
what else would you be?
- I don't think I
could be anything else.
I don't wanna be.
This is what I love.
- I came to the same
conclusion myself.
Do you remember, Dr. Merrick?
- Yeah, she was
at our ordination.
- When we were much younger,
her husband died.
In Vietnam, he was a field
doctor and didn't make it back.
Lillian was left with an
18-month-old little daughter,
I was a young priest
starting out in a parish
and Lillian turned
up one day with Jamie
hoping to find a little peace.
She was devastated
when James died.
After a little while,
our feelings for one
another started to change.
I started to struggle.
Lillian was perfect,
beautiful inside and out,
and it was so
comfortable and easy.
- How did you deal with it?
- I told her.
One afternoon, we took a
very long walk in the park.
It was real for both of us.
I loved her dearly
and she loved me.
- And that was the
day that she gave me
the greatest gift of my life.
She told me that she
was absolutely certain
that I was meant to be a priest
and that being a priest gave me
the greatest meaning in my life
and I would never be
able to find anything
that could ever replace it.
I knew that she
was only confirming
what was already in my heart,
that being a priest was who
I was always meant to be.
- Did she ever remarry?
- No, she never did.
She came up to see
the camp one summer.
She loved being upstate.
(Heck laughs)
She moved up here with Jamie.
It was a new beginning
for all of us.
We were always there
for each other,
loving each other,
the way we could.
Follow me.
For Tom, it's different.
He feels God is calling
him to a married life.
Well, for guys like us,
he calls us to be priests.
I've always been like you, Joe.
I see a young couple,
feel a little bit lonely
because you don't have a
wife waiting for you at home.
But that's how Lill was
able to give me my gift,
the freedom to be who I
truly was meant to be.
And she embodied every virtue,
love of God, the
priesthood and me,
and the sincere goodness
and selflessness
to allow me to fly.
You brought the pyx, correct?
- Uh-hmm.
- Lillian has cancer.
She kept it from me too long.
She didn't want...
She didn't want me to worry.
It's bad.
The treatment is aggressive.
- Greg, I'm so sorry.
- Thank you. Today she needs a
priest and a friend.
I can't be both of
those in this moment.
Can you do that for me?
For us?
- I can.
- Thank you.
Life is too short
to push anyone away.
We lean on each other.
We each need each other in
ways that we don't even know.
Every day that you
spend angry is a day
that you could have been
enjoying with your friends.
You will never regret
reaching out in love.
It's what Jesus would do.
- All right, let's see the ring.
- [Heck] Sometimes we don't
even know ourselves what we need
and all we can do in those
moments is listen and trust.
- Oh, there you go.
- Trust that when we leap,
the people we love
are there to catch us.
For none of us can fly
unless we leap first, hmm?
(gentle instrumental music)
(Heck blowing the candles)
(people at the table cheering)
- If you will excuse me.
- Uh, what is he up to?
- I haven't the slightest idea.
- My birthday is as
good as any other day
to start handing out presents.
But seeing that this party
was a surprise to me,
I didn't wrap them.
Joe, this is for you.
- Greg, your first chalice.
- You are a priest forever, Joe.
God and I knew it
from the start.
Your humanity and
compassion will continue
to help you build
the church strong
for the next generations.
And God bless you
always and in all ways.
- Thank you.
- The Martinezes,
this is for you.
- Wow.
Christ raising Jairus' daughter.
- Are you sure?
- Oh, never more sure.
I hope it will remind you of
all the lessons of love, peace,
and humanity that Jesus taught
and that Jesus was always with
his three closest friends.
You have your friends
right here, Mike,
and you always will.
- Thank you.
- This is meant to
be your wedding gift.
And so you'll have to forgive me
when I show up empty handed.
- Greg, you didn't have to.
You've already done
so much for us.
- Please, open the envelope.
Those are my grandfather's keys
and that is the original deed.
I want you to take
the camp, Tom,
so that there will
not be an ending
but rather a new beginning for
all the young men and women
who will come here
and begin to discover
who they are truly meant to be.
And who better than you
and Annie to do that
in remembrance of
the Heck family?
One more thing.
Meaghan, if you will.
Thank you.
This is for all of you.
- What is it?
- That last summer that
we were all together,
the good Monsignor
explained that in Ghana,
they believe that just three
people can hold up the world
and bring peace and love to all.
- Ding, ding, ding,
ding, ding, ding, ding.
Looks like you learned
more than just how to
gracefully lose at basketball.
(Heck laughs)
- To Monsignor Heck,
to you Greg,
thank you for everything
that you've taught us.
All the times that
you were there for us
and all the times that you
showed us unconditional love.
You are a heck of a guy.
(everybody laughs)
- God bless you all.
Porthos, Athos, and Aramis.
You've done it, boys.
The trinity has triumphed.
- Get over here, guys.
- Yeah.
- Love you, boy.
(gentle inspirational music)
(uplifting instrumental music)
I believe
I believe I can fly
I believe
I believe I can fly
I believe
I believe I can fly
This is our day
There is a way for you
to rise above it all
Let go of doubts
Stand up
Spread out your wings
Oh, they won't let you fall
Can you feel my wind
This is time to begin this
journey up unto the sky
Don't you wait anymore
This is your time to soar
Let go now
Spread your wings and fly